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In August 2003, the website “Alternative Considerations of Jonestown and Peoples Temple” was re-designed to make it more user-friendly. The initial design by Kevin Hozak, then a Religious Studies major at University of North Dakota, served the site well for five years. Growth and expansion of the site, however, necessitated a re-configuration in 2003 – upon the 25th anniversary of the deaths in Jonestown – which was completed by Elizabeth Parker, a Graphic Design major at San Diego State University.

This online Archive preserves material that once appeared on the website but has been updated or superseded by later items. It gives a valuable glimpse into how the site has changed over the years.

  1. Previous Home Page superseded by Welcome.
  2. Previous Contents Page superseded by “About Jonestown.”
  3. Previous Invitation to Contributors superseded by “This Site.”
  4. Previous List of Authors’ Credentials superseded by author information attached to each article.
  5. Previous “What’s New” Section superseded by “History of Site.”
  6. Previous Statements of Purpose: Initial Statement; First Revised Statement; Second Revised Statement; superseded by “This Site”.
  7. Kevin Hozak, “Reflections on Jonestown.”
  8. Scott Lowe, “The Strange Case of Franklin Jones.
  9. Letter from Scott Lowe, Department of Philosophy and Religion, University of North Dakota, introducing the site at its debut in February 1998.
  10. University of North Dakota Honors Student Media Reviews.
  11. Program for 1998 Memorial Service for those who died in Jonestown.
  12. 25th Anniversary of Jonestown and Peoples Temple.
  13. Archived links.
  14. Archived news.

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