Who is Entitled to Unclaimed Property from the California State Controller’s Office?

The following individuals, or their heirs, are entitled to recover property held in escrow by the California State Controller’s Office. Their dates of birth are indicated in parentheses. If you think you are eligible to claim this or other property, check the California Controller’s website for unclaimed property, https://www.sco.ca.gov/search_upd.html, or write to the Controller of California, Bureau of Unclaimed Property, P.O. Box 942850, Sacramento, CA 94250-5873.

BEIKMAN, Rebecca (11/29/1940)

BLAIR, Ernestine H. (8/9/1917)

BROWN, Luella (6/1/1919)

BROWN, Ruletta (12/26/1953)

BRYANT, Lucious L. (6/23/1925)

CATNEY, Georgia M. (10/26/1917)

CHAIKIN, Eugene (12/18/1932)

CHAIKIN, Phyllis (5/6/1939)

CUNNINGHAM, Mildred S. (12/25/1904)

DASHIELL, Hazel F. (12/16/1899)

DEVERS, Daryl A. (12/6/1955)

EDWARDS, Irene (7/23/1921)

FIELDS, Shirlee A. (12/15/1937)

FITCH, Maureen (6/13/1949)

GOODSPEED, Claude (6/13/1905)

GRIMM, Ronald W. (1/16/1937)

GRIMM, Susan L. (3/4/1941)

HALL, Heloise (12/7/1911)

HOUSTON, Phyllis (3/26/1944)

JOHNSON, Birdie (4/2/1892)

JORDAN, Fannie (8/6/1913)

JONES, Jim (5/13/1931)

KING, Leola (4/2/1913)

LEE, Daisy M. (12/5/1956)

MUTSCHMANN, J. E. (12/27/1947)

NORRIS, Claudia (5/1/1956)


PONTS, Lois A. (1/21/1927)

PROBY, Bessie M. (11/23/1915)

ROLLER, Edith (12/18/1915)

ROZYNKO, J[oyce?] (6/2/1924)

RYAN, Leo J. Teen Health Clinic

STALLING, Lula (9/23/1924)

SWINNEY, Cleave (4/5/1911)

THOMPSON, Etta (2/22/1904)

TOUCHETTE, Carol J. (5/14/1933)