U.S. Addresses for People Emigrating To Guyana

The list below is of addresses in the United States where members of Peoples Temple lived immediately before emigrating to Guyana. The original Temple document (RYMUR-89-4286-2018-x-5-a-26a through 26dd) – which was released to this website from the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act – listed people alphabetically. The purpose in presenting the document in this way is to show how many people in the Temple lived communally or at least shared living space with people not related to them.

The list does not reveal who created the list, nor does it indicate the purpose for which it was compiled. However, the list includes passport numbers, it indicates the dates of entry into Guyana, and it includes handwritten notes of “expiration” (either of the individual’s passport or of the visa under which the individual entered the country).

The list is undated, but was likely compiled in late August 1977 (the latest date of entry into Guyana is 26 August 1977, and people known to have gone to Guyana in September 1977 and afterwards are not listed). The list also includes between 675 and 700 names, fewer than the 1200 who eventually made their way to Jonestown for some length of time. For that reason, not all of the people who died on 18 November 1978 are on this list (and numerous people on this list survived).

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U.S. Addresses for People Emigrating To Guyana. (pdf)