Edith Roller Journals: February 1-15, 1976

Transcribed from her typed journals by Don Beck (October 2008)

RYMUR 89-4286-HH-2-92 through 89-4286-HH-2-116, Public Relations-PT Journal

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal

1 February – 1976 – Sunday
I got up at 8.30.

We had for breakfast eggs, bacon, cinnamon toast; and I ate an orange.

I sewed up a shirt for Von, as he had burned his other shirt. Von had been dropped off last night about 1.00 after pamphleting.

Beulah’s husband came and we left for the Temple service about 11.00 after getting all the children ready. The service had started when we arrived. Jim was on the podium at 12.15.

A tape of a former sermon was played.

Jim reviewed the present political situation. Last night all the black leaders of a certain group had to be moved to an urban center; more be could not say. When we go we’re going to take with us a little bit of America that belongs to us. Roy Wilkins of NAACP says there is no hope of avoiding a race war. Mayor Bradley is being framed; he told Jim so, though he hasn’t done that much. Jim told of the attempt to pin a drug charge on him last week, which he thwarted.

The offering was taken.  Several paid their $1,000.

In a question period, (1) Jim first answered a question from a woman who, he was told, thought that what Jim preached seemed to be against the Bible. She was from the Apostolic Church. Jim quoted inconsistent statements in the Bible, read lies which are in the Bible. “You are saved by the foolishness of preaching.” It Is wrong to think devils can do miracles. He turned to the story of the ancestry of Jesus and the conflict in gospel stories about it.

(2) A man wanted to know what Jim meant by “I am the beginning and the end.” Jim answered that anyone can be what he thinks he is. The only judgment Jesus made was based on feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and so on,

(3) If Ford is sending troops to Angola, why doesn’t he send troops to South Africa and Rhodesia?   Jim: The missionaries in South Africa took away the people’s freedom. In Angola the Americans are trying to back a racist regime like that of South Africa. The CIA is recruiting white men in England to fight in Angola.

(4) Is there eternal life? Answer: The soul is eternal; you can have immortal life. Jim referred to his bringing people back to life.  But it we are not careful, the white man is going to get us to put heaven way out front and neglect the good life for people in the here and now.

There was a healing session.

Jim took a second offering.

Several were called by name to be admitted to the church.

The service was dismissed about 4.00.

I ate at the senior’s table.

The buses left Los Angeles about 3.30. I read Friday’s newspaper. After the offering was taken, I went to sleep.

We had a long break at Buttonwillow at 8.30. I ran. Rick Cordell came on the bus to take a special offering. He said that many who had pledged for the laser beam protective device for Jim had not kept their pledges, and Jim would not take the money from the general fund for the purpose. Rick appealed to us again. I gave an additional $5.00. I questioned Rick about the protection provided for Jim’s food and drink. He said investigations were being conducted of both inside and outside security.

The buses left Buttonwillow about 10.00.

At the rest stop about 1.30 we were all told to get off the buses. We learned that bus No. 10 back about eight miles had lost a wheel. Bus No. 12 went back to help, and the passengers on 12 boarded the other San Francisco buses. Children filled the aisle I held Billy, June Strain’s child, on my lap.

At the stop I did some running. I spoke to Rheaviana about moving to a commune, telling her that I was under a good deal of pressure on my job and didn’t have the time to dispose of my belongings. I asked her to mark my file, “Not Ready.” She said eighty-eight people were moving up from Los Angeles into communes.

Although I was somewhat cramped, I went to sleep again, as did Billy.

We arrived in San Francisco at 4.30. Rob Christian was waiting for us, took me with several others home.

I unpacked. I pressed clothes for an hour.


2 February – 1976 – Monday
Dorothy was occupied all day entering changes in the insurance report and secrecy agreements report on which I had done some preliminary work; she said it was very monotonous. She did not have much other work to do.

I transcribed some drafts, a letter and two short memos, from a tape of John Milu whose secretary has just left. They were on labor discrimination matters.

At noon I went to the meeting of the Bechtel Women for Affirmative Action. They had as guest speakers two women from the National Association of Women in Construction, who described the organization. It is open to any female employee of a company having construction as a major part of its business. Thus secretaries, administrative assistants, accountants or such firms are eligible. Attendance was very sparse, a number of men were present. The speakers disavowed any dedication to the women’s liberation movement, which drew a reaction from the chairperson.

I ate my lunch during the meeting.

I spent the afternoon on the MagCard.

Dorothy was in a chatty mood and told me something of her background and life experience. She was adopted at the age of three, knows nothing of her origins. Her adopted parents were Irish Catholics. .

At home I exercised.

I prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

I read newspapers for an hour.

I went to bed at 1.30.


3 February – 1976 – Tuesday
I had little office work to do. I practiced some more on the MagCard.

I started a letter to my sister Dorothy.

Dorothy Stookey continued in a talkative mood. She told me of hearing and rearing six children, of her divorce, and her daughter’s suicide.

I ate at my desk. I was too late to go to the employees’ film. I went out to buy a typewriter ribbon and some emory boards. I bought an ice cream cone.

At home I exercised.

I prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

I typed in my journal from 9.00 to 11.30. I proofread the 16 to 31 May section.

I mended underwear while listening to “In Conversation.” Nat Hentoff  interviewed Hendrick Smith, New York Times correspondent, was interviewed about a book he has written on his experiences in the Soviet Union, called The Russians. He made observations on such subjects as corruption and inf1uence and juvenile delinquency.

I read newspapers for an hour.

I went to bed at 1.45


4 February – 1976 – Wednesday
The weather turned cold today and rain was predicted by nightfall.

I didn’t have much work to do this morning. I continued with a letter started to Dorothy on the MagCard but made a mistake when putting corrections in and wiped out the material already on the card, had to start again. I made some changes.

At lunchtime I went to the PG&E auditorium to hear one of the lectures in the Bicentennial program put on by San Francisco State University. The speaker was Roberta Johnson, a political science professor whom I did not know. She spoke on the state of minorities, particularly on women’s liberation. In the question period, some men in the auditorium disagreed with her about the desirability of a new role for women. Not many people were in attendance.

I had to finish my lunch when I got back to work, as eating was not allowed in the auditorium.

I tried to continue with the letter to Dorothy [Edith’s sister], but Dorothy Stookey started to talk again on the subject of religion and philosophy of life, The family which adopted her raised her as a Catholic, but in her teens she became dissatisfied with the church’s teaching, She tried various denominations and finally joined the Mormons in Utah. She doesn’t attend church any more, said she could not have positions of leadership on account or her smoking, but she agrees with them in general. She thinks Americans are not aggressive, believes that one’s situation in life is part of God’s plan, thinks it is laudable to acquire wealth, and so on.

At the end of the afternoon I made some corrections on another contract of Fred Abbott but did not get through.

I did not take a nap when I got home, as a Temple message came last night that the Temple would be on the air tonight from 6.00 to 7.00.

I didn’t know whether it was to be on radio or TV.  I listened to KGO on the radio and heard nothing. I phoned Magnolia about 6.30 and learned that there was an item of about ten minutes on TV concerning the attempt to keep Marie Lawrence from going to jail. Marie and Jim were both shown.

I ate a quick dinner, dressed and started to wash dishes. Magnolia called me when .-Marshall Farris came to pick her up, and he gave me a ride also. We arrived at the Temple about 7.45.

During the offering Jim wanted to know when people were paying their $1,000 pledges; if not within a month, they were to write why on an envelope.

Commendations were given.

Martin Amos was brought on the floor. He is irresponsible. He loses things such as his coat and books. Of Socko, he said he could beat her ass;  he had to fight her and raise $10 pamphleting.

Evelyn Wideman has not been responsible with the membership books, on which she works. She has not returned some files.

Doreen Greaves brought in a good deal of money holding two jobs. She has had a wholesome attitude.

It was announced that Ruby Bailey had been engaged in religious practices. She became ill and died. Jim said, “Don’t ever go back and join another church.”

Christine Bates is showing a better attitude.

It was reported that Yvonne Hayden had behaved worse than when she lived with Jewel Wilson, who beat her up when she made a misstep.

Ron Crawford is doing good work. Be needs improvement in his chauvinistic attitude.

Martha Klingman is trying to learn shorthand. She will help in a Temple office.

Lois Ponts did a courageous and loyal thing.

Tommy [Beikman] Kutulas has become alienated, has been out or service. He’s feeling sorry for himself when his [guardian] parents, Danny and Edie, broke up.

He admits he associates with honkies, ignores his brothers. He talked about leaving now that he has his car paid for. He wrote an apology, wants to be in a commune. It was agreed that he would stay in the Valley until the family property is sold.

Jim said that some young people went out to help with adults. They would die to get back. We are in communication with them.

Ron Sines wants to adopt a black child.

Difficulties with Ken Norton were reported. Jim said his reactions were juvenile. He admitted he was hostile and childish. He contributed to the destructive behavior of Stan Gieg. Jim said he must bring in $100.

A reported use of witchcraft by Rosita Lewis and involving also Etta Thompson in connection with Norton resulted in a hilarious episode.  Jim joked about Rheaviana’s piss bucket, which he said was heard instead or anyone practicing witchcraft.

The case concerning Yvonne Hayden was not heard, as Jim wanted to wind up the catharsis session and go into healing. The bus had to leave promptly at 12.00 for Los Angeles, as Marie Lawrence would be in court tomorrow at 9.00 and Temple members would be with her. There was to be an hour’s government meeting before departure.

After one revelation, which was a cycle, Jim closed the meeting. requiring the congregation to come to the altar.

Jim announced that all must pamphlet each day for seven days next week.

I left with Marshall Farris and Magnolia at 11.30. It was raining.

I finished the dishes. I read for an hour.

I went to bed at 1.30.


5 February – 1976 – Thursday
The rain 1ast night turned into snow, and all over the Bay Area snow was lying on the ground. In my neighborhood there were still snow flurries when I came out. The nearby hills got severa1 inches. It was quite cold and remained so all day.

I had much free time today. This week I have been able to do considerable personal work. I finished the letter to Dorothy using the MagCard charged the time to training.

Dorothy went over the corrections I had made on the computer in Abbott’s contract and found numerous flaws in what I had done. In most of them I had merely done more work than was required, but in other cases I was not aware of the results which I would have obtained. She typed up a critique which I studied.

In order to fulfill the requirement to pamphlet every day for seven days, I will have to put time in during my lunch hour on weekdays. Today I took vegetable juice instead of soup in my thermos and saved my orange until later.

I took my check to the bank, deposited it, and got some cash. Then I pamphleted on California street. Perhaps because of the cold but also because people have been over-solicited by Temple workers by now, I received only one quarter. We have to reach only twenty people a day, and I spent less than half an hour.

I rearranged material in my desk. I spent a little time on journal entries.

At 3.00 I took dictation from Ron Hartsough and typed a Telex and two letters for him, mostly haying to do with the London office. I finished a little after closing time.

Betty Barclay gave me a ride home. She stopped by her house because she wanted to give me some suite she no longer wears. She had three good wool knit suits which I can probably wear. They are all light beige or yellow. Betty has bought a little one-bedroom house on Twin Peaks and is sill moving her furniture in. It is attractive and the location is good. The Twin Peaks area was pretty under the snow. I got home about an hour late. I didn’t do any exercising.

I prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

I tried on the suits Betty gave me. One fits well. I’ll take out the hem of one and let it down. The third suit is too tight and too long. I’ll have to lose weight to wear it, and it will have to be taken up.

I washed my underwear and several outer garments.

I did a few personal tasks but did not wash my hair. It continues to look very nice. I took my bath, ending with cold water, as I always do, though I heated the bathroom first with hot water, as the temperature was low.

I read newspapers.

I went to bed at 1.45.


6 February – 1976 – Friday
I was about fifteen minutes late but Dorothy was even later.

After preparing my time card, I did not have much work to do and spent most of the day practicing on MagCard. I have reached new material which I had not mastered before.

At lunchtime I ate at my desk. I went to the bank to get my bank book which I had forgotten.

I pamphleted for less than half an hour until I had asked twenty people for donations. I did better than yesterday, perhaps because the weather was better.

Betty Vasil came in to discuss with Dorothy overtime she had worked, charging it to the secrecy agreements report for Galbreath.  Betty told Dorothy that she was not to put in overtime without permission, and that this particular job was routine. She wouldn’t have given permission for working overtime on it. Dorothy couldn’t understand the limitation on her will to get the work done and even after Betty left she so expressed her feelings on the subject.

When I got home I exercised.

I prepared and ate dinner and washed the dishes.

I made calendar entries from my journal and made corrections, finishing the 16 to 31 May section.

I read Kerényi for an hour. I went to bed at 1.30.


7 February – 1976 – Saturday
I got up at 8.3. I wanted to get an early start so that I could pamphlet for half an hour.

I left the apartment about 10.00. Showers had been forecast but only a few drops of rain fell.

I intended to pamphlet at the Coop. I surveyed the store and its surroundings so as to select the best place to ask for donations. Since there is no one entrance to the Coop, I first went over to Cost Plus a block away, but not many people were coming in, so I went back to the Coop and stood at the door near the roof parking lot. I solicited donations from about 11.30 to 12.00. Though traffic was not heavy, people were on the whole friendly, usually asked questions about the church, and were generous. One woman told me about seeing the article concerning Marie in the San Francisco Examiner. One young man gave me what change he had but said he was a Buddhist and did not want to read our literature. I collected $4.71.

I then shopped for groceries. I spent less than usual.

I took a taxi home, arriving about 2.30.

I put my groceries away.

I prepared a meal and ate and washed dishes.

I cleaned the apartment quickly.

I lay down for half an hour and slept, got up at 5.45 and phoned Christians [Rob and Vernetta], though I did not expect them to be going early.  However, Rob had the day off and picked me up a little after 6.00.

People had come down from the Valley, as well as from Los Angeles and Fresno.

The showing of The Pawnbroker, featuring Rod Steiger and directed by Sidney Lumet, began shortly. Dick Tropp made explanatory remarks. The sound was bad but better than usual, and I followed the development of the plot fairly well. I understood the picture better than I had when I had seen it before. Both Dick and Jim, who commented later, emphasized that the ghetto environment was little short of a concentration camp already. Everyone was lonely and money was the only thing having any meaning.

The regular service began about 9.30.

Jim reported Senator Cranston on Nixon’s threat to push the button and start a nuclear war, of which Jim had told us at the time. The threat always can be carried out. In spite of favorable publicity which the Temple has received, a gang of three hundred gathered In Ukiah with baseball bats and would have attacked the Temple but for Jim.

Jim spoke again of Ruby Bailey’s alienation from the Temple. She has joined another church, clung to the Bible. She left the Temple service early.

While taking the offering, Jim pressed those who had pledged $1,000 to get it in. If we do not have it in within a month, our protection is seriously threatened.

Jim was angry because Congress voted not to allow any member to tell what the CIA and FBI do.

Jim asked if there were any questions. (1) Someone asked about Nixon’s visit to China. Jim said China was pleased Nixon opened relations with them. China wants to show she dislikes Ford’s policy. Nixon is just one crook among many.

(2) Valor inquired about the Russians In Angola. She read about it in Newsweek. Jim responded: There should be some sympathy with what made Patty Hearst a revolutionist temporarily. Some of you are so capitalistic that your children would do the same if exposed to such influence. The CIA was premature in its terrorism which is only justified when people are united. Hearst cannot get his daughter free without a group. Valor said she read that the Cubans didn’t want to go to Angola, but Castro made them. Isn’t Castro a dictator?  Jim described his experiences in Cuba in pre-Castro days. He and Mother took captured young girls out of houses of prostitution owned by missionaries. Jim said Mrs. Hearst is beginning to wake up. Nobody is secure under capitalism. He told what Cuba had achieved since Castro has been in power. “If you don’t need me, I’ll go there tonight.”

Jim discontinued the question period and preached: I feel bitter at eating food in America because every bite comes from some black, brown or yellow We should refuse to pay taxes. I would fight tonight it some of you weren’t afraid. You’re just here for the healings. He spoke of the difficulty of getting any news favorable to the Temple in the newspapers. How long do we have to wait?  I’m not stopping until these bastards are cleaned out. He said thirty banks are in trouble.

Jim expatiated on those who say things are getting better. “They” love us, he repeated sarcastically. Why aren’t there more white people in this church?

He spoke of the difference between those who drink or are addicted to heroin and those addicted to religion. At least they get something out of it. “Religious folk don’t get nothing.”  Be commented that those who are going to heaven “better hope you go at noon. If you go at midnight, you might go to hell.”

On unhappiness in life, he mentioned his mother:  I wished she had played hookey when she played nookey. Of course, rubbers were just tissues in those days. To a woman who looked “funny,” “I’d like to have a dollar for every rubber you’ve had in you.”

“The last orgasm I’d like to have is death if I could take you all with me.”

Jim remarked that there were many guests here tonight. He dwelt on the errors in the Bible, offering the yellow book he had prepared showing the errors in the Bible.

“To bring people into this world is a cruel thing to do.”

If somebody hadn’t torn up the Bible, your ass would still be tied to the cotton fields. You’d still be getting off the sidewalk for white people. You still couldn’t eat in restaurants.

We used to have a church half white, half black. White people don’t come any more. There is bigotry at the heart of this nation.

Speaking on preachers screwing other men’s wives, Jim said, let’s wait and do our screwing when we get our freedom. It’s a poor time to be screwing when you’re about to lose your ass.

Jim combined healings with taking another offering.

The meeting was dismissed at 12.00.

I saw Rita Tupper who told me her youngest son, Larry, was now with her. He is in the fifth grade.

Beulah had not come today. Judy Flowers assigned to me for housing a woman from Fresno, Ethel Prewitt. After an hour’s wait, Christians took us home.

We bad some toast, peanut butter and jam.

Ethel does domestic work, owns her home in Fresno, has four adult children, three of whom live with her. One is married and has two children.

She had been a member of the same church as Mabel Davis, Deliverance Temple.

We went to bed at 2.30, Ethel in my bed.


8 February – 1976 – Sunday
I got up at 9.00.

I prepared breakfast: grape juice, eggs, hamburger patties, toast, jam and Sanka. I washed dishes.

Ethel’s outlook seems to be regret that the rights blacks won in the civil rights movement have not been enough. Now they have to give all that up, abandon their property. She kept saying it was hard it you owned your home. I gather that only one daughter is interested in the Temple. I advised her to see the Temple attorneys about turning her property over to the Temple.  Jim had indicated that people are transferring ownership of their houses but continuing to live in them.

I went down to buy a Sunday paper. It was raining lightly.

Christians made a late start and we didn’t get into service until after 12.00.

Jim was on the podium at 12.40.

A tape was played of a former sermon.

The offering was taken.

Jim denounced Neva Sly. She left Jim’s mother without care after giving her a double dose of medicine that would have killed her without a miracle. Neva had been drinking with bigots, was on the point of leaving when Jim caught her. She had better go five hundred miles away.

We will not forget our enemies. Her husband and son stood fast.

Jim became angry at some who did not stand when he was talking about black freedom. He demanded to know how the greeters let them in. We are naturally suspicious when people sit silent when we are standing and applauding. Black people always do the work or the honky, as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s mother was killed by a black man.

Jim said the system is not going to let any more black leaders arise, according to Jet magazine.

A woman who is going communal asked it she has to give up her poodles. Jim: We can find some place for your poodles. But the time will come when our children will have to have priority.

Jim explained why we turn people away. They support Wallace, would be willing to go to concentration camp, would submit to a dictatorship because the Bible says, “Servants, obey your master, obey those who have rule over you.” The Bible will be used to put you back into slavery.

A second question: How long will Kissinger keep his job? Jim:  Kissinger will die much before his time.

A third question: Where did the prayer, “Our Father,” come from? Jim analyzed it phrase by phrase, concentrating on the words “Lord, kingdom, heaven, forgiving our debtors, leading us into temptation.” (He, God, Devil.) I don’t give nobody unconditional power and glory for one day, let alone forever.

Hugh Doswell was called up. He took Jim’s car, tried to take the children away. He was feeling numb, as Jim stated. Jim said, “In a little bit, you’re going to fall over. Jim advised him to talk fast. Hugh begged for another chance to exist in this wonderful organization, live up to his responsibility. He had wrecked his wife’s car, threatened to leave. Hugh cited the progress he had already made. Jim said he had a childish tendency to challenge authority. This is called anarchy.  Jim caused him to go down, said for his children’s sake he will let him live. He will be resurrected.

Jim took another offering. He decreed that all should give something.  He severely demanded that commitments be paid in at least a month.

Healings were performed.

Those who were invited to become members came up; Jim healed many of them. Jim said there had been eighty visitors today.

The meeting was dismissed at 4.00. Jim had raised Hugh Doswell. Hugh was for the rest of the day very white and silent.

I took a bus home. I prepared and ate my meal. 1 looked up the clothes I had to give to the Temple and to Goodwill (those not good enough for Temple people to wear). I made lists of the former, in order to give them to Millie Cunningham and Carolyn Looman, who might know people in the communes who could use them.

I took the bus back to the Temple. The evening service was scheduled for 7.00, but when I arrived at 7.35, the members were still downstairs.

Presumably the Planning Commission was still meeting upstairs. strict silence was imposed, even on children. I worked on journal entries.

A little before 9.00 we were told we could come upstairs.

No clue was given us as to what the long Planning Commission meeting had been about, except that all children living in any Bay Area commune were requested to come to the Gold Room with their parents and supervisors. Some problem may have arisen about their schooling.

Rides were arranged.

Jim took the offering.

A complaint was made about the way the telephone is answered in the Temple. These speaking on the phone were ordered to be polite and cooperative.

Several more sisters have had their teeth wired in order to lose weight.

Each told how much weight she had lost. Sue Noxon has lost seventy pounds.

Patty McCoy was commended. She is an example to the children. She passes out envelopes during the offerings.

Vivian Gainous was called up. She had been away from work for three weeks. She said she was working in a different building. Jim asked that she bring a verification of days worked on her office letterhead.

Irvin Perkins was called up for smoking and fined $100. He had talked to Ron Talley about Ron’s being called on the floor. Jim asked him whether he had told Talley that he might be on the floor tonight.  (Ron was not in the meeting.) :Irvin said no. He had smoked with Ron.

Pam Bradshaw said she and Ron went to a park in his car. Jim said Ron runs from one woman to another, then lets them down. She admitted that it was not the first time with Ron. Jim said he doesn’t contribute anything to the cause, begs money on the street for his own use. Jim said she often had a look of hostility on her face. She was questioned about her attitude on supporting his weakness. There was a discussion of Pam’s marriage with Russ Moton which was for reasons of convenience.

She admitted she wanted companionship. She said she wanted to stay, can’t exist without Father. She promised to stay away from men. Jim: What basis is there for thinking you’ll change? He said he was hurt and disillusioned.

He gave her another chance. Claire said Council is going to set up strict regulations for her;  she’ll have no time alone.

Talley had left the meeting. A delegation went after him, but he refused to let his own sister in. Jim said he shall be banned from entrance without his permission.

Pam had to go four rounds with Linda Mertle. She took a beating. Jim said: I guess I still do believe in you.

Jim talked about the pain of watching the fight. “I cannot wish that any of us will be hurt. I hate these fights.”

Los Angeles members left.

Johnny Yates wanted to know what to do when someone comes up on you without warning with a weapon (a shoe heel). The accused woman is the woman whom Jim cured of bone cancer. She said that Johnny stepped on her foot and didn’t apologize. Gerry Brady Bailey reported that she is very bad-tempered with relation to the man who is her companion. Jim said to Johnny: You are dealing with a senior;  don’t retaliate with violence, but report the situation.

Jim said he was meeting the Mayor and several other prominent leaders at breakfast tomorrow. He was obviously exhausted. Jack Beam said both the women should remember from what Jim has brought them. Johnny was healed by him as well. Jim said all relationships depress him. They’re death. Couples are alliances for treason. “My love will not reach you if you put a piece of flesh between you and me.”

Talley had arrived. He was charged with using drugs. He had been with Diane Lundquist in a hotel and was thrown out. Instances of his leading women to expect marriage were cited. Ron admitted he had manipulated people, used the church structure to do what he wanted to do. He is lazy. Debbie Blakey gave him, an able-bodied man, money to pay his rent. He said his workman’s compensation hadn’t come yet. Jim: There is no excuse for two counselors (Debbie and Grace) giving money to this man. He hasn’t paid it back. This is going to be used against us.

Archie said he should turn his car over. Michelle Wagner said she had had an affair with Ron. She said her relationship with L.C. Davis is over. Michell seemed to be complaining that Jim had her watched.

Jim asked if some of her behavior did not justify his trying to keep an eye on her.

Ron had to fight David Gainous and Ken Norton. He was thoroughly beaten by Norton. He said that he had been a poor representative of socialism and would do better. Jim, apparently referring to both Pam and Ron, said he was puzzled why it took physical punishment for them to decide to do right. He had become increasingly sad and tender, in contrast to his rather terrifying aspect in the morning when he denounced Uncle Toms, felled Hugh, and predicted ill consequences from insufficient offerings. He was suffering from the prolongation of the meeting.

After a brief healing period, Jim ended the meeting at 12.50.

Christians left soon. Vern[etta] has had an operation on her foot and wasn’t working on the concession stand. Conversation in the car was on the compulsory seven-day pamphleting period, which most interpreted as starting tomorrow.

I read Kerényi for an hour.

I went to bed at 2.30.


9 February – 1976 – Monday
I was early in getting to work today and arrived before Dorothy who was late on account of trouble with her son’s car. I finished journal entries for the weekend.

I made changes in an inter-entity agreement for Rita. 1 worked on the MagCard instruction book.

At lunchtime I drank some vegetable juice and ate an orange at my desk and went out to pamphlet. The weather was quite cold. I tried the Embarcadero first and had no luck, so I moved over near Embarcadero center, but I could not get any money. I was gone longer than I should have been, and Dorothy seemed displeased when I got back to the office.

O’Neill had brought in two contracts from Garb on the International Airport Hotel Bechtel is building for Saudi Arabia, with a cover memo.

I started to put the contracts on ATS and worked on one of them until past closing time. Dorothy advised me on the commands I needed for the title page and first page.

I exercised when I got home.

I prepared and ate dinner and washed the dishes.

I made corrections and calendar entries for the journal section of 16 to 31 May, finishing this section. I started to read the June entries.

I mended underwear while listening to “In Conversation.”

I read Kerényi.

I went to bed at 1.30.


10 February – 1976 – Tuesday
I spent most of the day on the two contracts for Garb concerning the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia International Hotel Project, which I finished putting on the computer. This is the first time Dorothy has had me enter an entire contract.

I intended to drink my juice quickly and get out pamphleting on my lunch hour, but I was too busy. I decided not to go. I went instead to the post-office and bought some stamps.

During the afternoon I had a chance to read more of my June journal entries preparatory to typing them.

In order to get my pamphleting done for the day I went after work to California street. I solicited contributions for only fifteen minutes, enough to ask twenty people. I made about $2.00. The weather was pleasant. I took another half hour going and coming – I had to go back to the office for my basket with my day’s supplies, so I was late getting home.

I exercised.

I prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes. I also put food in the oven for tomorrow.

I started typing the June entries. I finished five pages.

I pressed clothes while listening to “In Conversation.”

I read newspapers. I had bought a San Francisco Chronicle. I subscribed to the Examiner as requested by Jim but have not found it on the doorstep yet. Someone from the Circulation Department phoned me after I had complained, and promised me it would be delivered.

I went to bed at 1.45.


11 February – 1976 – Wednesday
I made some corrections in Garb’s Saudi Arabian contract on ATS.

I didn’t have much more work to do, and Dorothy again began talking, which prevented me from doing any more work on my journal entries. She gave me more details about the Mormons. She is particularly interested in their theories about the afterlife. She explained to me why the Mormons do so much work in genealogy.

I ate my lunch at my desk. I wanted to get through early so that I could pamphlet, but I have difficulty leaving Dorothy. However, I did succeed in going out and solicited contributions on California Street for about fifteen minutes. I did especially well, taking in $3.25. The day was warm and sunny.

A new legal assistant brought in some typing, a project requiring legal citations, about 4.15. Dorothy divided the material between us. She gave me some which was already typed in draft and kept the part which was in his handwriting. I wanted to leave on time but was fifteen minutes late.

I slept from 6.00 to 7.00.

I ate the food I had prepared last night. I dressed for the service.

I wasn’t ready to go with Magnolia and Marshall Farris; I went with Christians at about 8.15.

They dropped me and the children at the Temple and they went on to pamphlet, as Rob had not been able to earlier.

I got into the service about 8.30. I couldn’t find seats up front for Bobby [Christian, Jr] and me and had to sit toward the back with groups of noisy children and young people. They eventually moved upstairs and the atmosphere became more peaceful.

Jim was on the podium at about 9.30.

Jim said two cases in the news throw light on American justice. The Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, Jewish, was connected of fondling the genitalia of a police officer. But Billy J. Hargis, a right wing evangelist, admitted relations with four boys. He didn’t face any charges. The Los Angeles police tried to entrap us in the same way as the Deputy Mayor had been. Mayor Bradley’s other deputy was arrested for drug possession.

The offering was taken.

Commendations were given.

Children had been left at school after closing time, the person responsible was not there on time. The principal called the Temple. Jim said the person responsible was disciplined. We had trouble getting children into schools outside of the districts they live in. The school system made special provisions for us. The responsible coordinator had to bring in $500 in four weeks, and one person who was partly responsible had to bring in $100.

An enemy of ours is lying over at Sutter Street “resting.”

Diane Lundquist, Alan Swanson, and Garry Lambrev were brought on the floor. Diane was not here Sunday. Alan told her her name was mentioned. Garry did also. Diane had called Grace. Diane said she was with Talley, but no sex was involved. Alan and Gary were fined $100 for gossiping. Diane had to pay $100 for giving support to Talley. Diane said she gave Ron $10 and thinks she should pay. Jim said he doesn’t punish for honesty. Jim asked Garry if it were true that he refused to [move] into a commune in the Valley. Garry said he couldn’t move out at the time on account or a play be was rehearsing. He kept putting the move off. Dorothy Worley said he tied up the phone at the relics shop.  Garry said he was talking about the play. Helen Swinney said be complained about being pushed.  Alan also procrastinated about entering the commune. He admitted his reasons were selfish. Garry and Alan’s relationship was questioned.  Garry said it was not a sex relationship, but mental. Jim: You can carry on your mental relationship in a commune, can’t you?

Connie Frohm has an excellent record in the county.

Inez Wagner does magnificent job on the Justice Committee.

Mark Boutte is acting as if being on Council entitles him to  throw his weight around. He was given a penalty.

Esther Mueller (who acts as housekeeper of the parsonage at Redwood Valley) couldn’t pay her bus tare, and remarks were made about it. She has been with Father since Indianapolis days, has been communal for years. Next to Edith Cordell, she is the oldest member. Her family was going to put her in a mental hospital. She has been raised from the dead and saved from cancer. Jim introduced her so that all members will know who she is.

Dorothy Buckley is taking responsibility with the young people in Redwood Valley.

David Smith complained that his children didn’t get enough for Christmas. Annie McGowan helped Nat Swaney after the loss of Maxine.

Bob Rankin and Jerry Rhea had a fight. Rankin was not in the service. Jim ordered that no one tell his name had been brought up.

Dee-Dee Macon bas made great progress. She confronts her children about their errors.

Lee Ingram went to sleep and lost his job in PG&E.  His companion suggested he move to the city, work at two jobs and raise $1,000 in a week.  Jim said he’s too old and too ugly. Lee offered to hold two jobs and do church work as well and raise $500 in two weeks. The offer was accepted.

A report was received that Rocki Breidenbach is sleeping with a pet lovebird, which caused a good deal of fun. She seems happy. Jim said the case was dismissed.

Yolanda [Yulanda] thinks her mom should be on council for all the shit she puts up with from Harry Williams. Her mom is Rosemary Williams.

Chris Buckley has improved one hundred percent since he and Bryan Davis are apart.

Kevin Davis is improving miraculously. He had epileptic seizures. Yolanda said Harry constantly talks or complains since Rosemary got her teeth wired. When she goes to Los Angeles he worries that she has a boy friend. Jim said Harry has been doing good work around the church, lets him off’. Rosemary was put on the Council.

Vern Gosney and Diane Lundquist were called up. Both are gay. They crossed racial lines for the sake of demonstrating integration. But she said she didn’t reckon with “his being a bigger bitch than I am.” Vern countered that she wanted a sexual relationship. She would have stayed in Talley’s room if she hadn’t been kicked out. Jim perceived that Diane was on drugs. She told him they were diet pills. Jim said they are speed, can be extremely dangerous. He said she was going to be brought off them. She gets them from Dr. Marsh in Ukiah;  he has given drugs to many people. Diane is to stay in the Temple for treatment. David Smith said that the Christmas problem had been solved. Jim assigned him a $50 penalty for gossiping.

It was reported that Joyce Shaw doesn’t come to church on time, misses meetings. Vivian Gainous said she uses any excuse. Joyce admitted the charges, said she has started a new job from 9.00 to 5.00, will be in services. Joyce proposed that she raise $400, which was accepted.

A number of young men were brought up for involvement with drugs. One had a pistol, it was broken, but he should have thrown it away. One named Kenny, sold pot and barbiturates. Jim had gotten him out of jail. One was behaving really badly at home and at school. Jim assigned penalties to all. They have to be at church tomorrow and Friday for pamphleting.

Jim took another offering.

Jim read a letter from Becky Beikman in the promised land. She has lost one hundred pounds. She told of animals and new buildings, including a garage. We will have our own theater. She named recent movies that had been shown.

Jim said he can tell where you are in consciousness by how far you slip toward the back row.

Kenny had to fight Joe Wilson.

I turned in the last journal section I had done to Grace Stoen and left the electric clock Dorothy had given me for Andy Silver. A Temple message had said he needed one with an alarm

Diane Lundquist was knocked out.

The meeting ended after healings about 12.30.

Jann Gurvich asked if she could stay all night with me. I told her yes, but she would have to come home with the Christians, as Marshall Farris, who was giving me a ride, had a load. I got home about 1.00. Jann later phoned me that she couldn’t find the Christians and went home with someone else.

I did the dishes. I read newspapers. I went to bed at 2.45.


12 February – 1976 – Thursday
I worked all morning and about two hours in the afternoon for Ron Hartsough. His secretary was ill. I worked from dictation and already typed material on a proposed contract of a Bechtel affiliate, C&I Girder, for an ammonium nitrate plant.

I ate quickly at my desk. I had vegetable juice and an orange. I took my check to the bank, deposited it and got some cash.

Then I leafleted on California Street but did not do very well, although the day was beautiful. I worked only fifteen minutes.

I practiced a short while on the MagCard.

Hartsough also wanted someone to work overtime and Dorothy asked me if I wanted to do it. I had to wait for Hartsough to return from a meeting at 5.15. He gave me some items which had already been drafted, gave me some dictation and xeroxing to do. He signed a letter and a memo before he left.

I finished at 7.00. I took the bus up Geary. I had a steak sandwich and a soft drink for $2.72. We can collect $2.50 for dinner with two hours or more of overtime.

I took the bus home, where I arrived at 8.30.

I had a letter from Dorothy. She is secretary of “Women Strike for Peace.”

I did some personal chores and washed my hair.

I phoned Lorraine. She and Dorothy Carnie are going to visit a friend near Sacramento on the weekend. I told her what news I had.

I washed my underwear.

I packed for the Los Angeles trip. I was listening to “In Conversation.”  I read newspapers. I was asleep about an hour in my chair. I got up and went to bed at 2.30.

After getting my time card in and finishing details concerning Bartsough’s work, I did not have much work to do. I practiced on the MagCard, was able to do some personal work. I brought journal entries up to date and recorded expenditures for the past several days.

At lunchtime I ate at my desk, then went out to buy a paperback to read on the weekend trip, as I had lost The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison on the bus. A shop on Mission was having a sale, and I bought a hardback for $1.75 plus tax, Theodore Roszak’s Where the Wasteland Ends: Politics and Transcendence in Postindustrial Society. I also bought a paperback: The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Victor Mahrchetti and John D. Marks.

About 4.15 the office received an overload request for the typing of a three-page letter agreement and cover letter. I proofread with Kate and ran off some xerox copies; I finished only about 5.00.

On getting home, I prepared and ate dinner, finished packing, dressed. I had washed the dishes but had not rinsed them when Rob called. It was about 8.30.

We got into the service about 9.10. I was in charge or the two children again, as Rob and Vernetta went pamphleting. The congregation was singing.

One of Jim’s tapes was played.

Jim was on the podium at 9.45.

During the offering people were asked to give the date they will have their $1,000 within the next fifty-three days.

Jim conducted a question period. One man asked about a group which had some literature and tapes concerned with cleaning up the courts. Jim was not very optimistic about advocating any improvement unless it involves socialism. He asked to see the 1itereture. He was against spending money for the tapes.

The most interesting inquiry was that of Rev. Edwards: The Muslims are now professing loyalty to the system, will back Mayor Daley. Jim said they may have had to do this to be safe. However, you can walk with the devil but you don’t need to kiss his ass. Some changes they are making are promising. They are getting rid or some religious superstitions and are willing to admit white people.

Discussion of the Muslims led Jim to talk about the Bible, sprinkling his discourse with obscenities.

“go hell is in here tonight?” be inquired. “Some people are not even cracking a smile.”  He perceived a young person who thought he was wrong to talk against God. He talked to her individually. “You’re too young to be holding on to God.” Jim had saved her dad from jail.  He explained that he’s not the creator, but a savior. He told her how the white man used the Bible to keep blacks in slavery. He’s not angry with her. “It doesn’t upset me that you don’t understand the first time you’re here.” She was Lee Ethel Young’s granddaughter.

Later I learned that her dad is Alonzo Evans, lee Ethel’s son, who was a heroin addict. He doesn’t come to the church anymore.

The questions resumed. (1) Is Marlon Brando sincere? Jim: He probably feels guilty because he has Indian in his background. But he doesn’t come out and say the only way Indians, blacks and poor whites are going to get freedom is redistribution of wealth. He won’t come out and say this. That’s the trouble with the Muslims. It they’ll come out and say capitalism is the enemy, 1’d join them tomorrow. But they are schizophrenic.

Jim had been on the air to Guyana and said the CIA had better leave them alone. He had so much power that his voice got on commercial radio waves. He said, better not let anything happen to Guyana or you’ll have to deal with all of us. The prime minister there has guts; he banned American films that feature sex and violence.

Jim had predicted the M.P.L.A. was going to win In Angola, and they have. France and England have recognized the government. They are right on the border of South Africa. As soon as you see the white man has no bullwhip, God, to terrify them, you’ll see he’s just the same as you.

Jim had fun with Judges 1:19: God was with Judah and drave out the inhabitants of the mountains but was not able to drive out the inhabitants of the valley because they had chariots of iron. He also jested about the Noah’s Ark story: -it rained for forty days and forty nights,” Jim healed some, The meeting was dismissed at 12.30.

Rob decided to get a seat first before getting our belongings from the car. New covers have been put on the bus seats,

I shared a seat with Barbara Kemp, mother of Rochelle –“Socko.” She and the other youngsters had their things in a disorderly state, had spilled over into my area; and I misplaced my mittens. However, they were found for me in the morning.

I ate my sandwich and orange.

Bus fares were collected.

The bus left about 2.00. I slept soundly, only awakening at the rest stop.


14 February – 1976 – Saturday
We arrived at the breakfast stop at 8.00, left at 9.30. I washed, ran, ate my food, brushed my teeth. It had rained and the grass was wet, but the temperature was warmer than it has been.

I talked to Mike Klingman, told him about my job. We discussed the trouble Bechtel is having because of its involvement in discrimination against Jews and the state of Israel on its contracts in the Arab states. Mike is still in the valley but was with his family for the weekend.  Martha has found a job, secretarial, with a lawyer, and is learning shorthand.

I also saw Tim Stoen briefly. I told him how I was doing on my job.

I started the book I had bought yesterday: The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks.

I slept.

We arrived in Los Angeles about 1.00. It was cloudy. I dressed.

I saw Rita Tupper.  Larry, her youngest son, is with her now. She worries about how he is adapting. This was his first Los Angeles weekend. He is eleven, in the fifth grade.

Perhaps because of sparse attendance, perhaps because or the bad weather, the service was late in starting.

Jim was on the podium at 3.10.

Karl [Carl] Barnett, whom Jim got out or jail, testified.

Jim said Ebony magazine has an article on blacks who support Wallace: Medgar Evars and many others. Medgar Evars expressed his belief in capitalism, believed slavery was a good apprenticeship.

Taking the offering, Jim said people were slow in getting their $1,000 in. He insisted it must be paid at the latest in fifty-three days.

He told the congregation of Hargis’s raping boys and the deputy mayor of Los Angeles being convicted of fondling a policeman’s privates. He described the life of black jackleg preachers. Church is the easiest place to be a crook and not do any work.

Don’t tell your blood kin of joining a commune and bring them down on us. He was tired of meeting with kin who are only afraid of losing a little bit of money. He had had one such experience in which he gave the woman her money back and told her to keep her membership.

The tape of last night’s sermon was heard. Jim explained about the young girl who was terrified at his attack on God. “We’ve been brainwashed. Dangerous emotions created by the white man will be our downfall.”  He continued the tape with his comments on Noah.

Jim spoke of the illogic of such beliefs. “and that God up there doesn’t look after the good people down here.”  He talked seriously about the teaching of the Bible. If Harriet Tubman hadn’t torn it up, we’d still be in slavery. We’ve got to get rid of the Bible or the whites will use it to lead us back into slavery.

J1m claimed superiority to Jesus, who said, “My god, my god, why have you forsaken me?”  He wouldn’t say that;  he’d spit on the nearest soldier.

His own gifts are human, paranormal. “I can put one person’s mind into another body, I’ve had it proved.”  Religion is the opiate of the people. You’ll always sit back and say, “God won’t let it happen.” The Jews were God’s chosen people, but two out of three died in the gas chambers.

Jim told of God’s creation of Lucifer, who led away one-third of the angels. God fouled up. “Some of you get nervous when I say that.”   He said religion was used by the ruling class to control us. “They” steal, “they” lie, but they tell us niggers, “Nigger, don’t lie.”  They kill all he time, but “thou shalt not kill.”

“Father isn’t God, but he’s the saviour.” You’ll never be free as long as you wait until you die to get your rights.

Jim led the congregation in singing, “The Old Bullshit Religion Ain’t What It Used to Be.”

Jim took another offering.

He performed healings.

The Temple was opened to new members.

Rides were arranged, as this had not been done early in the service.

The service ended at 6.00, an hour later than usual.

Beulah found me immediately, and her husband drove us home.

For dinner Beulah bad spaghetti with meat sauce, and I ate a banana.

Beulah told me Donna Malone had run away from her and went back to her mother. Donna said she hated Beulah because she made her go to church. Beulah said she insists that everyone who lives in her house must attend Temple services.

One of Beulah’s grandsons, one of the Malones, now seventeen, phoned her from juvenile detention home tonight, wanting her to come to see him. He has been in trouble since he was twelve, has been into drugs, has snatched purses, struck people, has been in numerous institutions. Like Donna, he has been shifted from home to home. Beulah said she has missed work and missed church in order to go to see him. She has consulted with the juvenile authorities who have been very sympathetic. Next year he will be subject to adult treatment.

Beulah has a number of exquisite dresses, most of them two-piece outfits with mini skirts, given to her by one of the women she works for. Most of them looked brand new. They were size nine and eleven, and she wondered if I could wear any or them. I tried them on;  most were too small, but I kept a sweater-blouse and one of the two-piece dresses. I am not likely to wear the mini-skirt, but I can wear the top with a (white or black skirt.

I read The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Victor Mahrchetti and John D. Marks, but I was very sleepy.

I went to bed about 11.00.


15 February – 1976 – Sunday
I was up at 8.45. I dressed and packed.

Beulah gave me for breakfast two tried eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, an apple and an orange. I took a piece of chicken and a rib for lunch on the bus. I broke off a piece of filling from a tooth while eating.  I’ll have to see the dentist.

I suggested to Beulah that she put an ad in a black newspaper and attempt to sell the clothes we looked at last night. She said she might try selling them through Eunice Stanford, who had arrangements with a second-hand store.

Beulah told me of the woman whom Jim had got released from jail in Texas — I think her name is Lisa Gibson. She had stolen her children from the custody of Pauline Simon, where the Temple had placed them. Beulah’s husband had had car trouble, was late in arriving. In the meantime, Beulah called her daughter who came by to pick us up.

We arrived in service about 11.30.

Jim came on the podium at 12.00. Today was an open meeting.

The African dancers performed.

Jim spoke: As long as we are not acknowledged for what we have contributed to this country, this is not our country. We had better look elsewhere. I’m surprised at the faith some of you have in this system in view of the scripture’s statement that the love of money is the root of all evil. Nowhere else is money worshipped as it is in this country. If you don’t perceive the injustice of this system, you must be some kind of fool. He cited the support black leaders were giving Wallace, the number of sell-outs we have. The churches do not have Christianity unless they teach liberty. We have a place of refuge for those of you willing to take advantage of it. I’m afraid many of you will be like Lot’s wife; you’ll look back.

If Jesus drove out his enemies with a whip, we may have to drive them out with a gun. Everyone who comes after him should do greater things.

We are angrier than Jesus. I hate Wallace. You cannot be lukewarm about Wallace, love him but hate his works. It you touch one of us, we’ll kill you. I expect no one to stand with me, but when I go down I won’t go down alone. I will take many of our enemies with me.

Saying he had no fear, he addressed himself to agent of the system.  We have a way of relieving you of a boil on your bottom. Let us be on our way. The Temple is negotiating for a jet plane seating two hundred, which will take us to a country which has the courage to defy the CIA. Those on the front lines of freedom are retreating. The Nation of Islam now announces that they will support Mayor Daley. We had better prepare to get out. My fuse is burning. I will not pledge myself to support a CIA or a Wallace. Unlike Elijah Muhammed, I will not leave my movement to be made a mockery and an infamy. I will tear it up before you destroy it. I would rather have death than make some compromise. I am sick of your food, your air, your water.

This day choose which you will have, socialism or selfishness. I expect you to disappoint me. I am looking In the faces of Judases.

During the offering Jim continued to preach. He said he could have everyone in the room arrested by an action he would take. He was making certain that no one could sell out. He would take his seniors to the promised land, but he would take a vacation twice a week to help in struggles for freedom.

There was a healing session after the offering. New members were taken in.

The congregation came to the altar.

The service was dismissed at 3.00.

I ate dinner at the seniors’ table.

The buses left the parking lot at 5.00 but we sat in the buses until 7.00, when Jim’s bus arrived to lead the caravan out. I read the CIA book while waiting.

The bus offering was taken. Andy Silver, who was  on our bus, made a special appeal. and I gave an extra. $2.00 over the $1.50 I had given already.

We had only a short break at the rest stop, but all were instructed to get out and jog, especially senior citizens, as Jim had had a revelation about someone’s having a blood clot. I talked with Joyce Shaw, who told me she was working with Rheaviana on moving people into communes.

When the bus started again, I bad some difficulty about getting to sleep at first but did eventually. I woke at the second stop and ran. The buses arrived in San Francisco around 4.00. Christians took me home.

I unpacked, had a cup of Sanka, then went to bed, setting the alarm for 8.00 o’clock.


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