Edith Roller Journals: March 1976

Transcribed from her handwritten & typed  journal notes by Don Beck (October 2008)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-2-A-7 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-2-A-7 (111)

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 March – 1976 – Monday

Dorothy was back but she didn’t feel very well all day.  She seemed quite pleased at the way in which I had carried on in her absence and that there was no backlog of work.

I spent a good part of the day on Garb’s workload, putting it on the ATS computer and running of a copy.

At lunch time I attended Weight Watchers with Mary Cochina, although I didn’t think I would attend more than once.  I wanted to get their menu suggestions.  They charge $2 for each meeting (Bechtel pays a dollar) and $4 registration fee.  Each person was weighed, then there was discussion on people’s problems in staying with the diet.

About ½ the women were present.  Mary isn’t following their diet exactly though she has lost considerable weight.

Tonight I received a note from Dor [Edith’s sister] enclosing some documents she wants me to sign before a notary, concerning the cemetery lot Mother owned.  The girls want to get it transferred to Edna as executrix of her estate.  A letter from Mabs to Dorothy was enclosed.  She had had a bad time with an allergy caused by mildew and mold in her basement while trying to clean it out.


After dinner tonight I worked on my journal.  Have finished typing the 1 to 15 June entries.

Read Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore for an hour.

The “In Conversation” program was not presented tonight.

Went to bed at 1.30.


2 March – 1976 – Tuesday
Had to make corrections on the Garb workload and run it off again.

Dorothy felt better.  She worked on the Word Processing Center reports which Betty is eager to get.

I ate my lunch at my old desk which had not been moved.  Both Bob and John were out and it was quiet.   Borrowed a SF Chronicle from Nora to read the editorial page and some of the SF Examiner as requested by Jim, but have not found it on the doorstep yet.  Herb Caen’s column had an item concerning Jim.  Caen said he was modest and soft-spoken and would not like to have the item appear as even the best-intentioned publicity can be detrimental.

Maggie Fleming brought in a big job which listed in chart form the people having power of attorney on behalf of Bechtel.  Dor worked out the requirements then had me start to put the input on MagCard at the ATS machine.  I worked on it for a couple of hours in the late afternoon.

Northern California got heavy rain and snow yesterday and temperatures were very low.

At home I exercised.

Leo McActahy returned my income tax forms.  According to his calculations, I should get $114.74 back on my federal tax (without my medical expenses he said I would have owed about $54) and $82.02 from the state.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

I proofread my journal entries for 1 to 16 June and made calendar entries.

Again, “In Conversation” was not on the air.

Read Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore .

Went to bed at 1.30.


3 March – 1976 – Wednesday
I spent all day on Maggie’s project on the powers of attorney.

At lunchtime, I went to the Bicentennial lecture on the “American Issues Forum” at the PG&E building. Took my lunch with me.  Don Scoble from SF State University was there today and I asked him questions about people I had known in the Administration building  He said Genevieve Deeds had retired and was working in her travel agency.  Elizabeth Cheda is still working for Vice-President Garrity but is planning to retire in a year or two.  Don had two children.

The lecturer was a professor of marketing who spoke on advertising and public relations.  He was very dull and I was very sleepy.

Betty Vasil consented to notarize my documents on the cemetery lot.

I mailed the income tax forms McActahy had sent me.

Dorothy started to feed my MagCards on the powers of attorney reports into the computer as I left the office a little late.

I slept from 6.00 to 7.00.

Ate dinner.

I was not ready when Bob Christian called and told him I would come on the bus.

I dressed.

Had to wait along time for a bus.  The weather was clear today and warmer.

Jim was on the podium when I arrived around 7.45.


Jim called for those who knew anyone in Oregon.  One Indian was freed. Need 50,000 signatures for freeing Banks.

Don’t buy anything cheaper than market value.  Pot to set up black people.

Elihue [Ellihue] Dennis cost us $1000 to get out of jail though warned by Father.

Cheryl Mitchell (20 swats) nasty attitude.  Didn’t show up for job at the garage.
John Gardner (50). Got in fight at school.
Tom Bogue (50) never turns grades in.  Got F. Jim said he was doing better.
Cornelius Truss (10) got F at school and didn’t turn it in.
Chris Cordell has bad attiude in morning going to school. Fooled around , missed ride. Wanda Swinney (50) fired for insubordination from hospital. Get another job in 2 weeks.
Wayne Pietla not in service over weekend.

Patti Chastain (30) talked on job to Mike Rozynko.  She confessed she expressed frustrations which reflected on the office.  About how Candy Cordell went out of its afternoon music program.

Tobiana good attitude.

Marvin Wideman has hostile attitude with ushers.
Michael Miles (50) also hostile.  Threatened folks in the dining room and hit someone.

Brian Davis stayed in SF for weekend.  He says rebellious.  He told woman he was staying with he was too tired.  Artie Smith said he not doing chores.  Council recommends he be separated from church.  He understands why we have to go to church.  Jim says this makes his behavior worse.  Jim: If we let anyone do their own thing, we have had it. Bryan admits he doesn’t help the cause any.  Most of those speaking on case advocated he go back, including Liz [Forman].  He got 50. Jim let him stay.  Has brains and ability to be a socialist.

Todd Klingman called teacher a filthy word.  Principal getting ready to throw him out.

Cornelius Miles responded at 4.00 to pick up some sisters at work.  Went for them willingly.

W. Pike up last week never turns up for work. Afternoon supervision last week, drinking wine, dismissed from church for 3 months, back again if raise $1200.

Brenda Cobb.  Teacher writes great pleasure to have in class.

Martin Amos still not doing his work.  Gets 20 whacks.

Harris [Constance or Dottie] girl.

Phyllis Houston got 30 for not getting report in in time on Tommy Bogue and Tommy Kutulas before they were punished.  Good workers in garage.

Pam Bradshaw.  For not fulfilling responsibility getting students to school.

Kim X___ not associating with black members of church at school.

Those violating order not to eat on Rick Cordell’s bus. Names read and they were disciplined.  Jim: no more eating on buses. Have to take care of the buses.

Marvin Wideman dismissed from church.  Dependent on conference with mother.  Mother Jolene, proposed relief away from church to rest.  She received more recognition in former church.  Jim explained that socialism behaves differently from capitalism.  Jim says you’ll feel new while losing weight.  Jim says Marvin put out of church because we can’t handle him if his mother goes out.

Volunteers for choir are needed, especially youth needed for 20th and 21st, be present, good appearance for guests.  Those who dropped won’t be punished if get back in.
Loretha Buckley. Hold people up getting to school.  Jim said lots of trouble lately  Has to lose weight.  She makes big fuss over spanking.  Jim wants her to take it better.  Report she has bad attitude about losing weight.  Jim says lose 5 pounds in week or we’ll wire teeth.

Betty Moore.  Vivian Gainous reported she told young man with whom she had been associating the details of her confrontation.  Vivian said she said she was going to see him anyway.  Others testify she wanted his sympathy .  Said Gina Severns confronted her.  Jim: we  can’t have a propensity to deal differently with those who are insane.  I think you’re nuts.  Jim can’t understand her motivations.  She thinks she should leave the church for a time, leave the children here.  He asks her who she’s close too. She says Liz Forman and Joyce Parks.  Jim on mental difficulty, usually manipulative.  People can get cancer out of resentment.  She given 75 and to get counseling and advice from Liz and Joyce.  Jim admires way she takes pain like a grown up.

Jim took another offering.


Meeting ended before 12.00, about 11.45.

Christians took me home shortly.

I washed dishes. Read Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore.

Went to bed  at 2.00


4 March – 1976 – Thursday
Overslept until 6.50 and didn’t eat any breakfast.

The powers of attorney documents came out very well.  Dor made a few corrections.  I finished putting it on the Mag Card.  Then the daft to Maggie to proof.

Ate my lunch at my desk and went to the bank and deposited my check. While outside I took my glasses off , as Father says the sun is good for our eyes.  The say was pleasant. I had written a short letter to Edna.  Mailed back to her the notarized documents on the cemetery lot.

In the afternoon Fred Abbott brought in a contract which he wanted tonight.  The corrections were too difficult for me to do and Dor worked on it.  She gave me an appendix which involved tabulation to put on Mag Card which I started before I left.  I think Dor expected me to make more progress or to stay to finish it.  She said she would finish  the project tonight.

I exercised.

Did personal and household tasks and washed my hair.

Ate dinner.

Washed underwear and a few other items.

Read Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore.

Went to bed at 2.00.  Was very tired.


5 March – 1976 – Friday
For the third time this week I overslept or got up late and so didn’t have breakfast.

The office was in a state of bedlam most of the day.  Both computers were busy all day and several people came in to put documents on ATS.  Dor took Kate Walker to task for using the computer for correspondence.  Kate has difficulty with some office procedures and I believe didn’t know how she should have used MagCard instead.  There was no meeting of the minds between the two and Dor referred her to Betty Vasil whom Kate did contact.  Betty came down to talk over the matter with Dor but I didn’t know the outcome.

Maggie brought corrections for the powers of attorney documents but Dor had me wait to do that, as I was assigned first to a long memo from Phil Bernal on a revision of a purchasing form to be put on MagCard.  While I was waiting to get instructions on that I balanced my checkbook.

Bernal’s memo was a revision of a draft and was in very haphazard form.

I spent most of the morning on it and during the afternoon had to make corrections and revisions in it which involved techniques I had not sufficiently mastered.  I became nervous trying to get it done by closing time and a little irritated with Dor’s instructions.

In addition to working hours overtime, against Betty’s wishes, Dor takes a self-sacrificing attitude which I find unnecessary and harmful.  She eats lunch at her desk, never goes out and I find doesn’t even go to the bathroom when she needs to.  Late in the afternoon her feet begin to swell, a condition she acknowledged was probably brought on by not going to the bathroom.

I was most annoyed when she pushed me to finish Bernal’s memo, even if I had to stay overtime.  I was finally allowed to stop only when Bernal’s secretary informed us the memo would not be prepared for distribution anyway.

I was most disturbed because I did not have time to learn the new MagCard techniques and no time for a break in order to do a few personal tasks.  I did eat lunch at my old desk and I put my peanut plant which Lor had given me in a pot lent to me by Dor.

I left the office half an hour late.

I exercised.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes. Spent the evening hours catching up on journal entries. Read newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 2.00.


6 March – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 8.45.

Finished my journal entries.

At a piece of grapefruit.

Took a bus about 10.30 to do my shopping.

Went to Cost Plus first and bought a pot for my peanut plant, a saucer and a little pottery gift for Dorothy.

Shopped for groceries at the Coop.

Took a taxi home.

Put my groceries away.

Prepared and ate a meal and washed dishes.

I had a box of prepared mix for whole wheat bread. which had been on sale.  I baked it today.  The process took 2 hours.

I cleaned the apartment.

Took a nap while the bread baked.

The bread came out very good and I ate some with buttermilk.

I was not ready when Christians called at 7.30.

I washed and dressed.

Got a bus about 8.25. Was carrying a bag of t.p. and groceries.  I had bought for the Temple.  Had trouble getting off the bus at Fillmore and smashed the tomatoes but some passengers helped me and they will be usable.

Came into the Temple about 8.45.  The congregation was singing and then the choir sang.  Archie took the auditorium to task for not trying to understand the words of the songs but only reacting to the rhythm.  There were complaints that the words could not be understood, with which Marcy agreed.  Anita Kelley read the words of the 3 songs sung tonight.  The choir repeated the songs.

Jim was on the podium at 9.30.

Jim: America is only nation in world except Spain and Brazil which refused to sign Genocide Treaty.  Senator Mansfield resigned saying there is no hope.  Says he feels worse than what he started.   His liberty slipping away every day.

Jim took an offering.

Marie Lawrence was freed without serving a day in prison.  Bus left here at 3.30 the other night. They said Father, you’ll never make it, but we walked in 5 minutes before judgement.  Mike Prokes made another lane of traffic by the side of the road.

Skit.  Burlesque about birth of Jesus, pretty loud character.

I don’t enjoy being revelator or revolutionary.  It is hard to give up myths long-engrained, in first place, story makes no sense.  Worried about effect on guests.  Mistake to let those people in  because  heavy baptism evidence in Bible, its that story is not time.  Matthew and Luke both say Joseph was Jesus’s father.  Won’t even bother with this stupid story if it weren’t for other teachings in the book which contains it.  Black people are accursed, condones slavery.  We’d be lost today if we did what Jesus did.

Jim went over the errors in the Bible and the oppression on the blacks and all the poor, the white man’s religion.  You say: you’ve taken away my Jesus, what should I do?  Come to me, I’ll heal you; I’ll get you out of oppression.  We’re building a heaven on earth.  You’re programmed like a damn robot.  If you’d been through the hell I’ve been through, you’d hate the Bible as I hate it.  This Jesus was created by the rich to oppress the poor.

Bob Houston fell on the curb at Fillmore Wednesday night with his glasses on and could feel the broken glass going into his eye but when he got  up it had been healed.

Jim took another offering.

Revelations.  A woman was healed of cancer, which had metastasized throughout her body, including her brain, which had caused crippling.  Helen Love was saved from a heart attack which would have taken her life tonight.  She told me she had been in the hospital for several days.

Service was out at 12.00.

I went up to apply for someone to come home with me but  no one was assigned to me.

Christians took me home about 1.00.

Read newspapers. Went to bed at 2.30.


7 March – 1976 – Sunday
Up at 9.00. Listened to an interview with George Wallace on “Free the Nation” on CBS.


Had breakfast: half grapefruit, broiled chuck steak, fried egg, toast.

Decided not to wash dishes but to press clothes for next week which I did for better than half an hour.

Service was at 12.00 today.  Christians called about 11.45 and we got to service on time.

Norman Ijames back from a world-wide trip in connection with plane we want to buy.  Conscious everywhere of Jim’s protection in contrast to corruption he saw.  Also visited p.l. [promised land = Jonestown].  People there spoke of food growing faster than they had ever seen.  Only spot of heaven in this earth.

Norman took offering.

Tape of former sermon.

Jim on podium at 2.10. was in communication with the p.l. for 1-1/2 hours

If you’re in a church in which the minister speaks from notes, you’re listening to one who has not been sent.

One thing Nation of Islam does have is their own names.  Ties this in with names Baptist, Methodist, in 10 more years the Africans are going to throw out every Baptist and Methodist.  If your son is arrested tonight they’d put bail at $50,000, you won’t have it, but as a group, we’ll raise it.

Question “I.” Change in Communist Parties in Europe, unified with liberals antagonism with Russia.  Jim: he that wanteth souls is wise.   When the showdown comes, it will be found that Soviet Russians will unite against American imperialists.  I have predicted that in 5 years all European countries will be socialist.  Comments on those who were shocked by his use of the word “ass.”

Question on W.D. Muhammad’s mentioning debts owed by the Nation.  Jim said he didn’t understand why he did it.  Dirty linen should be washed at home (in Portuguese) the maps all picked up this item instead of anything favorable which he had said.

Jim spoke on the benefits of hybridization among people.  But we want to deny our mongrel background.  He asked once how many people in the congregation were Indian?  90% claimed they were Indian.  When he is asked to what tribe he belongs, he replies, “the nigger tribe.”  He told about his stupid French Pyrenees dog Contessa.

Question on Nixon’s effect in China.  Jim had no doubt Chinese profited.  They probably put something in his tea which caused him to tell everything, that occurred in the U.S. during his term of office.  Why do you think Ford and his advisers were so angry at his going there?

A second offering taken by Jim.

Healings.  Jim called out a woman for healing and during the revelation discerned that she was Huey Newton’s relative.  He showed his surprise.  She told him if she could talk to him after the service, she had a message for him from Huey.  He said she could and then, knowing that law enforcement agencies would want to know where Newton was he stated that he could not be forced to tell anything he would not.

Meeting ended at 4.30.

I ate downstairs  with the seniors, sitting beside Helen.

During the break, “The Grapes of Wrath,” starring Henry Fonda was shown.

The evening service started about 7.30.

Jim came on podium about 8.10.

Singing and choir.

Kathy Tropp send in which having turned herself in for a serious offense and named her own punishment.  Jim agreed.  She took whipping without flinching.

Clarence Klingman kicked Tobiana. Reason: see if real dad will take him.

Jackie Fountain.  Sloppy record keeping, is always hostile.  Jim decides 25, as not been up for some time.

Clarence Klingman dad does not want you, if he can’t behave, call the police.  Clarence tries different reason to get out of whipping.  Jim says no relative wants him,  He will make one more call.  Turn up at Sister Williams where he is to stay.  Decision: box 7 rounds with Mark Sly. Mark gave him some severe punches while Jack Beam stayed behind him with paddle to make him stand up.  He kept saying he didn’t feel well, had the flu.  Jim read the report that Sister Williams can’t send him to the store because he steals so much.  Linda Mertle boxed the last round. For complaining he was made to take several hits while being held.  10 extra whacks at end.

Bonnie Stahl.  Whines and complains. Dawdles over meals.  Complained when taken pamphleting she was tired.  She tried to take advantage of mother’s position as counselor.  Children gave many more instances of her bad behavior.  Jim gave 2 rounds and 10 whacks.  She was fought by [little] Mary Wotherspoon and then by a black child, Chris Lewis’ daughter.

Martin Amos. Bad behavior in school and at home.  Box black girl 2 rounds and 10 whacks, Finish with black boy.

Jim: In Fresno area if you see any Purifoys, be civil and ask no questions.  Some are in and some are out.

After a healing and meditation period, the meeting was dismissed about 10 minutes before 11.00

Christians took me home along with Valisha Williams, with  whom Clarence Klingman is to stay.  She is the hostess on bus 3.  I remember staying with her in SF weekends when I came down from Ukiah.

I washed dishes. Read newspapers.

Went to bed about 1.30.


8 March – 1976 – Monday
Got up at 6.30.

Before I left for the dentist, I tried on some clothes which had been
too tight for me.  Some I can wear now.

Took the bus to my dental appointment at 9.00.  Dr. Fudgen put the new crown in.  At my request he did not use novacain. He was through about 9.45.

That day was overcast.

After arriving at the office about 10.15, I finished the Bernal job.  I continued to have trouble with it and had to make more corrections.

I ate lunch at my desk.

In the afternoon Dor had me make corrections on the computer in the Powers of Attorney for Maggie and then feed the Mag Cards I had done into the computer to finish the job, a new technique for me to learn.  My nerves were still on edge and Dor made me nervous, so I was exhausted at the end of the day.  O’Neill received word that 7 messages were being sent to home from New York and Dor had me store and order them.  I was fifteen minutes late getting out.

I exercised.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Worked on my journal from 9.30 to 12.00.  I made corrections on the 1 to 15 June section, then started to read the 16-30 June section.

Read Newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00


9 March – 1976 – Tuesday
The office didn’t get much new work.  Maggie found some errors in her Powers of Attorney documents and I corrected those on the computer.

Dor brought up the question of supervisory tactics in an indirect manner, namely by referring to the problems of directing the work of Kate Walker and Frances Olson.  I said as we get older we have a tendency to “get set in our ways.”  Dor took exception to that explanation, insisting on her own adaptability.  I gave her a few frank comments on my trouble Friday afternoon, mainly that she was too fast for me and that I wished time to benefit from procedures new to me.  I explained my difficulty as a result of mostly a lack of visual imagery and physical dexterity.  She was not very sympathetic but the air was cleared somewhat.

Bob O’Neill had told me yesterday that Valita Robinson was leaving. She has never liked working for Barney Johnson.  Annie Malang is taking her job.  Annie’s boss, Ralph Talbot is being transferred to Paris.  Tom Thomson has already left for Kuwait.

I worked on journal entries, listed my expenditures for January and on the MagCard typed up my contributions to the Temple (except for small items such as donations and food purchases.)

Late in the afternoon, I got a request from Ron Hartsough for overtime work.  I stayed 3 hours, taking dictation from him on a Calttex contract.  I typed a telex and a draft and revision of a letter, plus some xeroxing.

Took the bus to Powell St. and ate at another restaurant featuring cheap steaks –paid $2.81.  With my steak I had a baked potato, salad with Thousand Island dressing and buttermilk.

Got home about 9.15.

Typed in my journal from 9.30 to 12.00. Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.50.


10 March – 1976 – Wednesday
Slept a little later this morning as I didn’t have to put up a lunch and decided to have only grapefruit juice for breakfast because I would be having a big meal at lunch.

The weather was cold and overcast with rain threatening all day.

This morning I had no work to do and the office was peaceful.  I made yesterday’s journal entry.  Ran off the list of Temple commitment payments made.  I have been keeping this since the Temple adapted the policy of not having checks made payable to it, as I need an accurate record of my contributions.  I then continued work on the list of  January expenditures. Dor is working on the reports she’s supposed to get in but she doesn’t concentrate on them very well and frequently stops to converse.  Today she was complaining that she couldn’t get done with the reports because of interruptions.  Bob O’Neill had suggested she might be able to work in an unoccupied office and she might ask about this possibility.

Bon O’Neill was working on a contract on the computer and was distressed when Garb gave him another which had to be put on MagCard today.  I offered to do it and Dor  approved.

Charles Smith brought in a draft of a memo which he wanted done before he left for the luncheon in honor of Stephen Talbot and Tom Thomson, about twenty minutes. It was single-spaced, in technical language and I thought I would have difficulty in making t out, so I told him I could do it but asked him to read it to me while I took it down in shorthand.  I intended to miss the beginning of the party which I didn’t mind as they were having drinks first.

However, Dor, who had been out of the office returned and Bob Arena came by looking for Smith, as they wanted to get a taxi to get to the party.  Arena and Dor advised Smith to leave the memo until after lunch.  I asked if I could come in the taxi with them.

The luncheon was at Benihana’s of Tokyo.  Bechtel paid for it, including as many drinks as people wanted. I hade pineapple juice.

In the banquet room we were seated facing each other and the cooks worked in the center where we could see them prepare the food.  We had shrimp, steak, mushrooms, squash, onions, bean sprouts, served with rice and sauces.

Plum wine was served with which to toast the honorees.  Tom had already left but Nissi and Annie, who had made the arrangements, put a teddy bear to stand in for him. Farewell gifts had been provided.  Short speeches were made, including one by Ron Hertsough who is going to head Ralph’s unit.  The party was over at about 2.00.

I walked down with Shirley to take the Geary bus back to work.

Dor had not gone.  Her feet are giving her trouble and she doesn’t have a good pair of shoes.

I resumed work on Smith’s memo.  He finished dictating it and I put it on MagCard.  However I had difficulty with it.  After I had finished it he brought it back with more changes.  I was frantic, as I still had O’Neill’s contract to finish.  However, he told me tomorrow would be alright for it. I got away from the office only fifteen minutes late.

I slept almost for an hour.

The collector for the Examiner woke me up.  I told him sometimes I didn’t get my paper and I had decided to discontinue it.

Christians went to the service early as Bob has been laid off.  I had almost finished dresing and didn’t need to eat.

Dale Parks presided over congregation service.

Leona Collier. took offering

Dick Tropp showed film “China — The land of Isolation.”

Dale took a second offering.

Junior choir sang.

Deanna Wilkinson led the congregation singing and took a third offering,

Tape of Jim’s sermon.

C.J. Jackson, Rick Cordell helped conduct the services.

Curtis Winters sang.

Dale Parks said he had received a phone call from Jim in Washington.  Where he had gone to receive an award from Vice President Rockefeller as one of the outstanding revelations from Jim.

The congregation on being dismissed at 12.00 filed past and touched Jim’s picture.

Christians took me home.

I read newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 1.30.


11 March – 1976 – Thursday
Didn’t put up a lunch nor have any breakfast, as I planned to eat out again today, joining Gail Carney and Norma Bondoc in taking Valita Robinson out.

I finished Bob O’Neill’s contract.

Joined the girls at 11.45 and we walked up to Orsi’s on Bush Street– it is an Italian restaurant, was very crowded.  The others had cocktails; I had a glass of wine.  For dinner I ordered oysters but did not think them exceptional, with them had spinach and rice.

Norma works for Fred Abbott; Gail for Ron Hartsough.  Both said their bosses treat them badly, are inconsiderate and demanding.  Gail had wanted Valita’s job which Annie Malang is getting and she was bitter about this, resentful of Annie.  Valita told about Barney Johnson’s treatment of her, apparently he gives her no consideration and she finally decided to quit.

We were late getting served, but when I got back Dorothy was no unhappy with me.

During the afternoon, I had a chance to do some personal work.  I finished listing January expenditures, listed proposed expenditures for the rest of March.

Did my exercises tonight.

Did personal and household chores.  Washed my hair.

Had a casserole dish with zucchini and cottage cheese and an orange.

Washed my underwear.  Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00.  Very tired.


12 March – 1976 – Friday
Got breakfast this morning and pt up my lunch.

Turned in my time card and request for reimbursement for dinner when I worked late Tuesday night.

Betty Vasil called me in and told me I was to get a $60 raise per month, to $830, effective the paycheck following the next one.  She told me not to tell Dor.  “These things go better administratively if no one talks about them.”  Betty said she appreciated my attitude, that I was very helpful to her and to the company.

I did several memos for Maggie on the MagCard on recommendations to the Exec Company.

At lunch at my desk.

Went to the bank, deposited my check.  Then went to PG&E and paid 2 more bills.  I have lost the original bills and received a notice last night.

The afternoon was quiet.  I wrote a letter of recommendation for Hilda and a letter to Vice-President Rockefeller, as requested by the Temple, thanking him for his speech made at the awards service, for the nation’s religious leaders.

I worked on yesterday’s journal entry, trying to put it on MagCard.

About 4.15 Bob O’Neill, who is floor warden for the department, came to tell us there was a bomb scare and security had ordered the building evacuated by 4.30.  I went to the bathroom and got some water to put on my peanut plant, which is doing very well.

The bombing threat was phoned in to Mr. Johnson’s office.  Valita took it.  The bomb was supposed to go off at 4.45.

I left exactly as 4.30.

When I got home I finished packing, ate dinner and washed dishes.

Christians phones shortly before 8.00 and I hurriedly finished dressing and went to the Temple service with them.

Dale Parks, helped by the other assistant ministers, conducted the service.

A special feature was an African dance by the girls, Yvette Muldrow reciting “I Beg our Pardon, America.”

Several offerings were taken and finally Dale had to raise $500 more, which Jim said was available in the congregation.

Karen [Layton] asked me to go upstairs and help with some important letters.  A number of members were writing to Mayor George Moscone and to the SF Chronicle concerning the appointment of Jim to the Human Rights Commission, which will be announced tomorrow.  My letters won praise.

The service was still in session when I got downstairs.  Dale was giving revelations received from Jim, among others, Vernell Henderson was saved from being stabbed on her way home tonight.

The congregation filed past and touched a picture of Jim. The meeting was dismissed at about 12.30.

Bob Christian had already put my belongings on the bus.  Seniors, then others adults were allowed to board bus number 3 first, so I got a good seat in front.

We are not permitted to eat on the buses any longer, so I went outside and ate my sandwich and tangerines.

The buses left about 2.30 and I slept very well all through the night, awakening only at the first rest stop.  The bus was quiet and though she was on the bus I did not hear Marie Lawrence.


13 March – 1976 – Saturday
The buses got to Buttonwillow about 8.00 and we had a long break as repairs had to be made to one bus.  It was a warm, sunny day.

I ran, washed, and ate my food.  Talked to Pat Keeler, formerly Elaine, about changing her name legally. She told me about her early life.  She hated her father and mother, ran away from home, was committed by her mother to a mental hospital where she stayed from age 13 to 24, was mistreated by the black inmates which caused her to hate her own race.  When she came to the Temple she at first only associated with whites until she realized she was the only black among 18 whites in a commune and saw the absurdity.

Told several people about my raise including Joyce Shaw, Sharon Amos, and Lisa Layton.  Joyce thought the salary is very good.  We also discussed the philosophy behind the word processing center at Bechtel’s and Bechtel’s alleged complicity with Arab discrimination.

I read the Marchetti and Marks book [Marchetti, Victor and Marks, John D. The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. New York: Dell Publishing, 1975] on the CIA for about an hour.

Slept the rest of the time until we arrived in LA.  We stopped to fuel up the buses before going to the Temple, the first time I have known them to do this.

We were late. Arrived at 1.10.

I changed clothes. No light in the bathroom.

Didn’t get into service until 2.30.

Johnny Brown took an offering.

Mother came out to preside over the meeting.  Said Father was looking after the Family’s interests in the p.l.

Elihue Dennis testified, grateful Jim got him out of jail.

Mother told how Father got Marie Lawrence released.  We wouldn’t individually have had the money but even if we had we wouldn’t have the power.

Mother announced Jim’s appointment to the Human Rights Commission in SF.  After testimonials, Mother took the offering again.

The LA young people performed an African Dance.

Choir sang.

Mother expressed her devotion and loyalty to Jim.

Tape of former sermon of Jim.  Mother stopped it in the middle and took a third offering, then continued the tape.

Teeth wiring choir.  Herb Caen wrote about it in his column.  KGO wants choir to sing for them.

Mother announced that $1000,which Father said was here, had to be raised and she started a count down.  She got $700 of it but became impatient at the slow process of extracting it and quit at this.

Revelations from Jim were given,

The congregation filed by to touch Jim’s picture and robe.

The meeting was dismissed about 6.00.

Beulah’s husband took us home.

For dinner Beulah gave me liver, rice, and gravy and a small slice of cake.

Beulah had experienced further tragic events with the Malone child.  The 17 year old had escaped from custody and came to her for refuge.  She didn’t have the heart to turn him in.  She fed him and let him sleep in the garage, expecting the police to come for him any minute.  They had an argument because he refused to walk a few blocks to the store.  He left and very shortly the police picked him up for stealing.  The 15-year-old girl had become enraged at her mother and in the family’s absence had smashed all the windows in the house.  She was taken by the juvenile authorities.  Beulah said Donna stayed on the street, smoking and selling marijuana and stealing, neither girl attended school.

I sat in bed and tried to read the CIA book, but was too sleepy to get far.

The two younger Malone children were brought over to Beulah, as they can’t stay in the house.

I went to sleep about 11.00.


14 March – 1976 – Sunday
Woke up at 7.40.  Sat in bed and worked on journal entry.

For breakfast Beulah gave me cranberry juice, an egg, sausage, bacon, toast.

Beulah’s husband took us to service.  we arrived at 11.00.

Mother came on podium at about 12.20.  She gave reports from the p.l.  Jim fell 60 feet, while rescuing a bird, was unhurt.  Sharon Cobb went along and gave medical exams to all.  None has a medical problem.  Mission is working toward financial self-sufficiency, Harvested  crop of  yams which sold to government.

LA junior choir sang and danced to “We’re Going to Get Away.”

Tape of one of Jim’s sermons.

Mother had taken three offerings, now spoke of people holding back.  Had Johnny Brown take one by count down.  Stopped after calling $30-$20 amounts and getting a poor response.

Mother spent some time talking about those who threatened suicide.  She could understand this as she had been very suicidal and didn’t want to live in a world where there was so much injustice in spite of coming from a white middle class family with all the advantages.  If it had not been for meeting Jim she wouldn’t have stayed on this earth.  But Temple members have no excuse for talking of suicide.  “”The children need you.”

Marcy tried again for an offering.  We were $1000 behind.  She went through the Temple and collecting mostly people’s change, when she still had to raise $750.  The hour was getting later, she expressed her indignation and again quit.

Revelations from Jim were given.

Marcie said he would be back on Tuesday.

The meeting was dismissed about 5.00.

I ate at the seniors table.  We had a meat and rice dish (the seniors weren’t given much meat), salad greens, corn, bread, 2 cookies and punch.

I changed clothes.

While waiting for the buses to leave, I finished reading the article in Time magazine on “Doonesbury.”

The buses left about 6.30.

As soon as the offering was taken, I went to sleep.

At the stop at Buttonwillow, I ate my lunch Beulah had given me some chicken and ribs and bread and an orange.

I fell asleep again and slept soundly all the way home, not even getting out at the second rest stop, as I didn’t want to disturb Pat Martin, my seating companion, whose arm was giving her trouble with bursitis.

We arrived in SF at 3.20.

Christians took me home.

I unpacked and went to bed at 4.30.


15 March – 1976 – Monday
I intended to get up at 5.30 and press clothes but slept until 6.00.

I put up my lunch, dressed.  At breakfast, then pressed clothes for about 15 minutes.

No one brought us any work today and I was free to take care of some personal matters.  I brought my journal up to date and worked out the list of January and February expenditures.

Ate lunch at my desk.

Had called Joyce Rozynko about the offertory dress for the Temple which she said she would make for me if I got the material.  This is to be a light weight dress for summer to replace the one which I lost at the Temple.  She gave me the pattern number and advice on the kind of material.  Maggie suggested I got to New York Fabrics, near the Emporium and I took a bus up there.  I bought 4-1/2 yards of 2 shades of blue acetate, $7.41.

Dor did some shopping too and was later than I getting back.  She brought me a St. Patrick’s Day confection which was very sweet and which I would rather not have eaten.

In the afternoon Ron Hartsough came in to ask whether I would be willing to work overtime for him on a regular basis, as his secretary, Gail Carney, was not always available.  Dor told him we would have to consider the matter.  She talked to Betty Vasil, who later came down to see us.  Betty said she had talked to Ron and told him such an arrangement on a regular basis could not be approved, although he could use me in an emergency.  She said he needs to plan his schedule better and her could use recording equipment to dictate after hours.  Dor calls Hartsough a “playboy” and I though perhaps he had something more in mind for Gail, which might account for his bad treatment of her when she turned him down.

At home I exercised.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 9.30 to 12.00.

In spite of the sleep I had yesterday on the bus, I was exceptionally tired and my ankles are still swollen.  I believe the reason was the long time I was on my feet taking offering yesterday and having no exercise at the rest stop.

Read Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore for an hour.

Went to bed at 1.30.


16 March – 1976 – Tuesday
No work came in this morning.  I finished putting on MagCard the lists of January and February expenditures.  Rewrote my letter to Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, as I had made an error in the earlier one.

Ate my lunch at my desk.

I didn’t feel very well today and thought I might be coming down with the flu, as my stomach was giving me some trouble.  However, it was more likely I was still suffering the results of not having enough exercise on the weekend and my stomach pain was probably caused by eating the confection given me yesterday by Dor.

In the afternoon under Dor’s direction I put an attachment to a contract for Giblin in which some complex tabulating had to be worked out.

Gail Carney came in to tell me Ron Hartsough was expecting me to work for him too.  I told her to let him know I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to go home.  Dor advised Gail how to deal with Hartsough who was intent on getting his own way.  Dor informed Betty Vasil.  I didn’t hear anything further from Hartsough.

At home I exercised.

For dinner ate mostly leftovers and finished early.

Typed in journal from 9.00 to 11.30, doing 6 pages.

Mended a blouse and put a hem in a skirt.

Read Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore for an hour.

I took a bath.  It was late and I was very tired so for the first time I didn’t finish with cold water.

Went to bed at 2.00.


17 March – 1976 – Wednesday
I felt well today.

I had considerable work all day.  I did some memos for Maggie on MagCard.  In the afternoon I had a tape to transcribe for Charles Smith, an analysis of a contract about living quarters for workers in Rock Springs, Wyoming.

At lunchtime went to the PG&E building to hear the San Francisco State University lecture in the “Issues and Answers” series.  The speaker was Ray Miller, who had talked before on subsidies and regulations.  Today he spoke on “Inflation.”  His talk was very well organized and clear.  At the end he answered questions.  Some of the points made were the tremendous extent of military expenditures in the world, the ability of huge corporations to create demands by advertising, and the demand of the underdeveloped countries as greater share of material benefits.  Though he mentioned the possibility of problems getting out of hand and breakdowns which might result in nuclear war.  He did not think disastrous changes were inevitable.  He admitted to being worried about the economic situation in Italy.

I ate my lunch during the talk.

I asked Dor if her reference to Hartsough’s being a “playboy” implied that he might have expected sexual favors from Gail.  She said she did not consider this likely, if only because he couldn’t get away with it.

The weather changed today and had turned cold by the time I left the office.

I had to wait a long time for a bus.

I had some bread and cheese when I got home.

Slept from 6.00 to 7.00.

Bob Christian called that hey were getting a ride with Brother Marshall Farris.  They were leaving at 7.30.

I dressed and had time to eat only some tangerines.

I had expected Jim to be back but the others didn’t think he was here and Dale Parks conducted the service, so I gave up hope of seeing him before Saturday.

I brought my dress material and Joyce measured me.  I had phones her during the day and she told me to get a zipper, thread and facing for the hem., but I didn’t have time tonight.

Dale made announcements concerning this weekend.  Many changes will have to be made because of the large number of guests and the many speakers we are having.

There was much congregational singing.

Dale announced Jim was at the airport.  He would be coming right in.  He started to take the offering, saying we should get that out of the way.  However, Jim arrived in the midst of it, a little before 10.00.

Shouts and applause greeted Jim.  He then left the podium while the offering was continued.

When he returned, we sang several more songs.  Jim remarked on a number of different topics.  Out mission is trying to become self-sufficient.  Our agricultural production is outstanding.  We have just harvested 60,000 pounds of yams, which were sold to the government.  He left the p.l. at 11.00 last night.  “Our bodies are still in the jet stream.”  All the people in the country are socialists, united, with no differences between them, such as backing China or Soviet Russia.  Among our own group there is a socialist class every Tuesday.  No one is sick amongst them.  Guyana denies admission to anyone who’s been in South Africa, even if a sports or movie star.  They are faithful to principle, the CIA has been trying to interfere with them but has not succeeded.

Progress in our mission has been phenomenal.  Dorms have been built for our students so that they can live and eat together.  There is a mattress provided for almost every member and clothing, sheets.  All supplies are inventoried.  $300,000 worth of food and clothing is ready.  Jim got on the radio and revealed the infamy of the CIA to the entire socialist world.  They had had three days of catharsis during his stay.  Pop Jackson built walkways to and from our installations to protect our feet against mud.  “Let’s get there, why don’t we?”  He indignantly inveighed against those who were too proud to ask people for money.

He took another offering, during which he gave an amusing account of how so many spare parts and other equipment which was needed immediately that the plane could hardly get off the ground.  His serious point was to convince us if he would risk the lives if his people and have enough faith to know that the plane would not be in danger.  Then we should venture out to bring in more money.

He gave several commendations, among them was William Klingman, who was praised by his teacher.  Cornelius Truss and Mark Sly had done good work.  Lee Ethel Young lost the most weight this month.

Jim mentioned a “white bitch” who had gone out and done some harm to the Temple while he was gone.  He said he was mediating on her.

One disciplinary case was handled, a young girl, 12 years old, impeded a teacher in a hallway and when confronted had called the teacher a “bitch.”  She was asked what she should get.  She suggested 35 swats (as a clever compromise between the 25 and 50 people were suggesting, which Jim said showed how bright she was) and raising $100 in 2 months.

Jim mentioned that he met the vice-president, “which they say was an honor.”

Jim is to receive his appointment to the Human Rights Commission tomorrow.  He was not flattered by the appointment, which was not as good a one as he was led to think he would get from Moscone.

After performing one healing, Jim dismissed the meeting at 12.00.

It had been raining when we got out.

Marshall Farris took us home.

I had some toast with peanut butter and with jam.

Read Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore.  Went to bed at 2.00.


18 March – 1976 – Thursday
The weather turned colder today and we got a little rain.

I was very busy all day, spending most of my time on the agreement and covering memo for the living quarters in the Idaho Power Company project at Rock Springs, Wyoming for Charles Smith. His knowledge of punctuation and sentence construction is not extensive and he makes changes time and again.

I ate at my old desk.

At home I exercised.

Did personal and household chores and washed my hair.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Washed underwear and my offertory dress.  I was late getting through and was very tired.

Read Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore.

Didn’t go to bed until about 2.30.


19 March – 1976 – Friday
Spent most of the day putting Charles Smith’s contract for the Idaho Power Company on the MagCard, as he made more changes.  He was quite satisfied with the completed covering memo and contract when finished.

The office was very busy, with both ATS computers busy all day.

At lunch I took the bust again to the New York Fabrics Company and bought a zipper, thread and hem interfacing which Joyce needs to make my offertory dress.

After work I took a bus to Mission to Third St., then took the Kearny St. bus to the Coop, doing my shopping too so that I can take my laundry to the laundromat tonight.  I spent about $30, including food for the Temple.  Took a taxi home and arrived home about 7.30.

Put my groceries away. Prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes. Read newspapers.

Went to be at 12.30.


20 March – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 9.00.

Phones Magnolia [Harris] to ask if I could borrow her cart to take my laundry to the laundromat.  She had to pick up her own laundry, but phoned me when she got back.

I had a piece of papaya.

The reason Christians don’t have their car is that it was repossessed surreptitiously.  The car was taken the evening of the day the payment was due, although they had made the payment to Houston, would not have reached the agent in SF.  They had reason to believe the police were involved. They got the car back, but the gas tank which had been locked was damaged.  he car is now being repaired.  Christians will try to get reparations.

Took m laundry to the laundromat.  It was a warm sunny day.

Put my laundry away.

Prepared a meal and ate and washed dishes.

Cleaned the apartment including scrubbing the floors.

I took a nap from 4.45 to 5.45.

I phoned Christians as I had forgotten when we were supposed to arrive at the Temple tonight.  I thought it might be 6.00 but Bob said it was 7.00. However, he said Vernetta had a houseful of people to take to service, so I said I would take the bus.

I dressed.  Ate an apple.

Took with me lettuce, tomatoes and paper cups I had bought for the Temple.

Got a bus at 7.00.

Members entered by back door tonight.  There was a long line but it was moved efficiently past attendance and meditation sheet.  I had a long wait until I got a seat but finally did.

Norm took an offering.

Miller Bridgewater testified and “He Touched Me.”

Jim on the podium at 8.45.

He took another offering.

Choir sang again.

Frances Johnson’s dance group gave a number on a slave ship crossing.  The African dancers put on two numbers.

Norman Ijames sang, “A Simple Song of Freedom.”

Supervisor Bob Mendelsohn, running for State Senate, Moscone’s secretary, asked for our support.

Chief of Police Charles Gain spoke of relating as human beings.  Spoke on crime. Increasing underlying social and psychological conditions, needs influx of federal monies to alleviate problems.  Police, community relations. Trying to find out what each neighborhood wants so police identify with the people.  Grateful for Jim Jones’ church.

Guests left at 10.00.


Jim: Miss Hearst convicted.  Shows not even the rich are safe.  Feels it will encourage terrorists.  Only socialism which brings equality will keep us safe,  We weren’t silent about democratic socialism before Supervisor and Chief of Police.  Jim’s voice and tone man on right saying I bet she is guilty shocks him. Bloodthirsty if you think you are safe you must be some kind of damn idiot.  Money spent on overthrowing governments.  $9 billion spent on CIA actions since 1975.  Revolution  is coming here.

Soviet Russia has been on the side of the poor people wherever there has been a revolution, American has been against it.

If you say you’re Christian and not a socialist, you’re a hypocrite.  To guests he emphasized this.  If you want to be in church with out spot and wrinkle, you have to be against self-aggrandizement, selfishness of capitalism, if you’re in this consciousness, you will never die.  To those who came to judge, ___ ___ they will be damned “because you didn’t believe.”  He spoke of seeing God.  In March 1976, you haven’t seen God, because you’re selfish, you want money.

Jim preached about Jesus’ teachings.

District Attorney Freitas arrived.

Jim. No alternative to be socialist. Nation very rich and large; ruling class will bring tyranny, so we must have a socialist government.

Freitas spoke.  Said he thinks invitation share some of agony of last weeks proof of prostitution pledged to protect people against violent crime.  Had to set priorities downgraded prostitution.  It was conveyed that SF has been an open city.  What is next is to face problems of human behavior should help them get out of, lack of self esteem may be the reason. With limited resources we have, provocation is not the answer.  People aren’t rehabilitated in county jail.  Media has demonstrated before hipocracy has showed me great agony.  There will not be a double standard in my administration.  Truly wish to be protector of the people, feels the congregation understands him. He departed.

Jim spoke on building up connections.  These people come here because they know I move you more.

Question: . Black woman told her Baby got 8 million.  Jim says that’s ridiculous.  It was $100,000. Think Baby too cold to risk.  Should have stuck with Hallinan who has best doesn’t pay to be a fink,  Same question  general for the right to push the nuclear button? Jim: Yes several generations have been mentally unbalanced. Capitalism, competition cause mental distress.

Jim performed healings.

The congregation came to the altar, for the first time in a long time Jim asked that the audience be cleared as quickly as possible for a government meeting for housing Jim told the seniors to retire to their buses so they could be dropped off at their hosts’.  We left the auditorium at 12.00.

I had seen Beulah before the meeting but didn’t know where to find her.  Many people were looking for their guests.  I saw Vicki Johnson who said Beulah was getting her luggage  from the bus and would be waiting for me at the front of the church.  I went in the church , at first didn’t see her, but eventually we found each other.  I had seen Bob Christian who said he had Vernetta’s car but already had a load and would have to return.

Beulah and I decided to board her bus as I had no other way of getting transportation.  She had had Dewayne Salas one of her grandchildren with her, as well as Vicki.

We had a 2 hour wait before the bus left with two other buses.  We went first to one of the communes the other side of Geary and there was another long wait.  IT seemed that one of the communes said they didn’t have room for more guests.  Reheaviana Beam appeared and after another long wait, we were transferred to another bus.  I thought most of the passengers were to be taken to the Page Street commune.  Lue Ester Lewis wanted me to take her in with 2 children and I consented.  She sits in my section for offering taking in LA.

Beulah slept in the bed.  The rest of us found places on the floor. The others went to bed at 3.00.  I ate some chicken Beulah had brought and some toast and jam.  And I had some snacks.  I went to bed sat 3.45.


21 March – 1976 – Sunday
Woke up at 9.00.  Bathed.

Prepared breakfast while the others dressed.  For breakfast I gave my guests apple juice, hamburger patties, fried eggs, toast, jam, Sanka, carbo milk for the children.

The two children with Lue Ester were two little girls, Lisa Williams and Lawanda Mitchell.  Lisa is her only child.

We had difficulty getting everybody through the bathroom.

Vicki washed the dishes.  One of the girls was supposed to help her rinse but I don’t know whether she did or not, as I was dressing.

We agreed it would be good to get tot he Temple early.  I had Vicki leave the rest of the dishes.  I called a cab.  We left at 11.00.  Service was scheduled for 12.00.

We entered the Temple by the back door as we had last night.  Though the line was not long, the auditorium was already nearly full.  I was given one of the ushers’ seats.  I didn’t have my head scarf, thought I had lost it during search or sign in.  Bought one from the women from LA who was selling them, as I couldn’t be seen taking offering without one.

The service started at 12.00.  Preliminary announcements were made.  A telecast was being made downstairs.  KGO had wanted to broadcast the “Wire Choir” — those who are trying to lose weight by wiring their teeth.

The choir sang.

Jim introduced the first speaker, Fred Furth, who as an attorney had represented us in the Examiner matter.  He is running for State Senator, has always represented liberal causes.

Next was Harvey Milk, who Jim said, had had the courage to back the gay movement.  Milk said he had dedicated his life to building bridges between people.  He is running ad a State Representative, asked for our backing.

Jim took an offering by sum.  When I came back, my seat had been given to someone else.  Many guests had come in and those of us who gave up our seats were told to come down front and sit on the platform, which I did.  It wasn’t comfortable but I had an excellent view of the rows of distinguished guests and by craning my neck could see the speakers.

I had a particularly good view of the young women who presented their African dance and Frances Johnson’s group who presented their dance about conditions on the slave ship.

I was particularly interested in watching Angela Davis who was sitting on the front row.  She paid very close attention.

Jim presented a series of speakers:

Dennis Banks is being moved to Oregon where he faces charges.  Jim said it is likely the Oregon government will be more favorable to refusing extradition of him.

Willie Brown, expressed his opinion on whom to support for president, after observing all the candidates his advice was to vote “no.”  He spoke about Cesar Chavez and the Labor Relations Board.

John Maher of the Delancey St. Foundation, a white man.

A representative of the Nation of Islam.

Sheriff Hongisto was very emotional about the situation which had developed regarding Chief of Police Gain.  He spoke of the issue concerning Gain’s banning the American flag from his office, which had been used by the media and the rank and file police to stir up discontent.  He said the press knew about the flags two weeks ago.  He could only speculate what their motive is in revealing it now.  He warned he powerful forces were trying to get rid of Gain.

Jim led the congregation in singing “A Mighty Fortress is Our God,” inviting the audience to pay attention to the way in which we changed the lyrics to indicate that socialism is our god.

Jim spoke briefly, right away he used the word “shit.,” saying the Bible is full of it.  He joked that he meant that the Bible uses a word which was even dirtier in their language: “dung.”  Hongisto particularly seemed to enjoy this and other cracks about religion, which Jim made, for he ran the gamut, i.e., I graduated from a cemetery, I mean seminary.

Jim then presented Angela Davis.  She is slender, with rather light skin and hair, but with an Afro,  Her voice is soft and her accent cultivated.  Her scholarly background is obvious.

At this point I was offered a seat three rows down.

Angela gave a long speech.  She said she was grateful for the help given her by the Temple.  The bulk of her talk was on her work on behalf of prisoners.  She gave details about the numerous people in jail on account of their relationship to progressive causes. North Carolina is a particularly bad state.  She asked us to write letters and to join a demonstration to behalf Labor Day in Raleigh, North Carolina.  She emphasized the necessity of all standing together.

Jim said we would try to send a delegation to the North Carolina rally.  He took an offering, the proceeds to go to the cause of the prisoners for whom she was working.  I gave $5.00.

Jim healed several people while the guests were still present.  One woman had a cancer removed from her body.

Jim dismissed the meeting at 5.30.  The meal was being served outside.

I got a ride to Hayes Street, where I took the bus which came along quickly.

Was home at 6.00.  Nevertheless had only time to eat.  Had hoped to press clothes.  The evening meeting was scheduled for 7.00.

Did not start back until 7.10.  I brought Beulah’s blanket which she had forgotten. I had found my scarf at home, had to wait for a bus for 30 minutes.  Arrived at the Temple at 8.00.

Service had not been in progress long. testimonials were being heard.  Jim was on the podium.

Rick Cordell took the offering.

A group of little girls sang “Git Away” with gestures.

Jim gave a series of warning, rather than bring the culprits to the floor.

To those in communes who bear tales or tell lies.  Blood relationship doesn’t
count.  “We’re going to see that everyone works out his own plan of salvation.”

Those who think they can have affairs with outsiders: write how you’re going
to make recompense.

Anyone abusing a child sexually (a man): cease.

A Minster’s son, who has shoplifted, impregnated our seed: you will keep the rules.

Jim spoke of today’s meeting.  Angela had said: Let me count this church my church.  We got TV pictures of all the officials today with their hands  up in salute.  This represented insurance for the future.

After a brief meditation period, Jim dismissed the meeting, urging all who felt they should to give anything, preferably $3.00, to come to the altar.  Most of the congregation went up.  The meeting was out at 9.30.

I talked with one of the LA women who had been on the bus last night.  She said they had never gotten any lodging and had to stay all night on the bus all night.

I had a long wait for the Christians.  Then Verneta was held behind the concession stand until 10.30.  I had a talk with Gene Chaikin, who got himself some bread and peanut butter from the kitchen.  He doesn’t mind living and working in the same place, as he gets to appear in court and so on, though he admitted he doesn’t get any exercise.  He missed the agricultural work in the p.l. which was the kind of work he would have chosen rather than law, had he known more, “but I’m good at the law and this is the way I can serve right now.”

Bob said he came back for me last night.

I got home at 11.00.

Finished the dishes. Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.00.


22 March – 1976 – Monday
In the morning we didn’t have much work.  I finished up loose ends on my Friday and Saturday journal entries and started to put the Sunday entry on MagCard.

As Karen Jese, the receptionist, is filling in for Annie Malang as Mr. Johnson’s secretary, for a few days, Betty Vasil asked me to sit at the telephone for an hour or so before lunch.

Tried to call Lor at her office.  She wasn’t in, so I tried her home as I know Ryn was expected this week.  Ryn answered the phone.

Between calls I had a conversation with her.  She has a draft of her Ph.D. thesis which Lor is going to help her edit this week, which is Lor’s spring vacation.  Today Lor was out with her two grand children, whom she is taking care of for Rondel.  I told Ryn of my work assignment, my raise and of the weekend at the Temple.  I am to go over for dinner Thursday evening.

The secretary supposed to take the noon duty on the telephone had not been informed, so I stayed and answered them, at my lunch and read the paper.

Maggie brought in a revision of a Bechtel instruction which had to be put on MagCard as a draft. When approved it is for Casper Weinberger’s signature.  A very strict form has to be followed and it involved the use of several techniques I have not mastered, so I had a great deal of difficulty with it.

Was fifteen minutes late leaving the office.


Prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.  Had mostly leftovers so was through early.

Typed in my journal from 8.50 until 11.30.  Did 6 pages.

Read Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore for an hour.

Went to bed at 1.00.


23 March – 1976 – Tuesday
Got up at 5.30 so as to allow time to press some clothes.

Put up my lunch, dressed ate breakfast.

I had purposely avoided talking about the Patricia Hearst verdict with Dor.  Bob O’Neill inquired how I felt about it when Dor was not in the room.  I told him I was of two minds about it.  I thought her life was ruined in any case, but I did not think prison would help anyone.  On the other hand, as far as legality went, I believed she was guilty.  Later I heard Dor discuss the case with Chuck Stiles who has had much courtroom experience. As I suspected, Dor was much gratified by the decision.  Chuck believed that Patricia would get a reduced sentence in return for giving evidence against the Harrises.

I pressed clothes for half an hour.

Continued with the MagCard work on the Legal Department Instructions.  I had more difficulty with it and Dor had to help me several times.  Finally after working on it nearly 3 hours, we ran off a clean copy and delivered it to Maggie.

At noon I went to a film of a Phil Donahue TV show featuring Dr. Meyer Friedman on stress as a cause of heart attacks.  To my surprise attendance was very slight.

Most of the afternoon I spent transcribing a tape of Charles Smith on mobile homes for the Idaho Power Company project at Rock Springs, Wyoming.  It was an 11-page draft, double spaced, but except for length presented no problem.

I exercised.

Prepared dinner, etc. and washed dishes.

Washed clothes as I expected to go to Lor’s tomorrow after work.  I washed underwear and some louses and dresses.

The message from the Temple …

[notes for the day end here.. Either a page is missing or Edith never finished the day’s notes as usual — e.g., no time stated when she went to bed, etc]


24 March – 1976 – Wednesday
Got up at 5.00 and typed in my journal for an hour.

Had no work this morning.  While Dor put a contract on ATS, I wrote a letter to Defenders of Wildlife, showing them I had renewed my subscription and sent hem a check.  Wrote a letter in MagCard to Dor [Edith’s sister] thanking her for sending me some material on Frank Sinatra. I mentioned that I never heard from Mabs [another sister] supposed she was still angry with me because of the incident involving Dor herself, as I might be leaving for foreign parts soon, I hoped she might suggest to Mabs that it was foolish to persist in boycotting me.

At lunchtime I went to PG&E building for the SF State College “Issues and Answers” program.  The speaker was Dr. Arthur Berger, expert on popular culture who has written several books on the subject.  He explained the meaning of the terms by giving examples.  Television received the greater part of this attention.  He spoke of the cynicism bred in youth when they learn they have been lied to and of the commercials which teach people to use products that are harmful to them. He answered questions for a good part of the time.  One older man in the auditorium differed with him claiming that in past eras people were just as deleteriously as today.  I talked with him later and his point seemed to be that the preacher and the parent upheld the establishment as big business does now.

Dor these past few days has been less friendly and also more inclined to argue, I don’t know for what reason.

This afternoon I worked on journal entries.  Had not yet finished putting Sunday’s entry on MagCard.

About 3.30 Charles Smith brought a revision of his memo on mobile homes for the Idaho Power Company job in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  He had made both additions and deletions.  Although I had no assurance he would not change it again, I started to type it on MagCard.

Left a little early so as to be sure to get on my bus.

Lay down for a nap at 5.45.  Received a call form Magnolia that Marshall Farris would give us a ride about 7.00.  I go t up at 6.30, had really not slept.

Ate a leftover dish and some cheese.


Lor called to “dis-invite me” for tomorrow night,  Ryn’s material needed so much work that they didn’t have any spare time.  I told her that it would have been very difficult for me too.

Marshall Farris with Christians and Magnolia came by for me at 7.15.

I gave Joyce the materials needed for making my dress.  She has much sewing to do and is suffering from a kidney stone.

Announcements dragged on tonight.

Among testimonials, Bob Stroud, now grown, he was in the military service.  Put in for conscientious objector status.  Was disapproved by counselors of his company, including his commanding officer.  He was released with an Honorable Discharge and gets a year of schooling.

Dale Parks took offering.  Jim sent word to put it all in now.

Dick Tropp showed a TV picture “A Day Without Sunshine” on agriculture laborers in the Florida citrus orchards.  Dick was trying out a projector which put a TV picture on a full size movie screen.  The workers live in miserable conditions and are paid very small wages.  The workers are black, Chicano and poor white.

Practice on labor songs led by Jim.  Information on future activities: meeting weekend after next, bring as many guests as possible.  Mayor Moscone will be present.  So will representatives from the Nation of Islam and afterwards we will visit the Muslims. An offering will not be taken on Sunday.

Meeting tomorrow night to support DA.  Roosevelt Junior High School.

Jim: Standing together, not talking about activities.  Don’t worry what anyone says about us.  The Establishment will attack us because they see power.  Jim is a friend.  Don’t let it bother you.  This church and Jim Jones are the best friends I have.

[Commendation:] Julie Cordell Carol Kerns, Searcy Darnes, Bryan David, Wesley Breidenbach, Lois Ponts (letter outstanding), Pat Symington (letters), Teresa King (extra work).

Marcy got letter of appreciation from 3 Native Americans in ___ ___ for what we have done for AIM [American Indian Movement].

School teacher says Martin Amos has improved.
Loretta Brown. Has nice attitude with people.
Bertha Cook. Moved here pulled three security 3-hour shifts.
Bruce Oliver. Impressed someone at bake sale.
Tommy Moore.  Straight A’s.

Jim gave instructions for conduct and dress art the meeting tomorrow night.  We are attending on behalf of Freitas, who Jim reminded us, has to bring any charge which would result in trying anyone.  He insisted that we must go.

He spoke of the changes that have been instituted in our dress, speech and manner of referring to him.  Warned us that we could expect attacks in the press but that no one would hurt us physically.  If questioned we are to say we believe in God and God is Love.  We can credit Jim with preserving our health.  We are not to give our addresses (this seems to be designed to protect the status of those who live in communes.)

There was a healing period.  The service was dismissed at 12.00.  We were asked to clear the auditorium quickly as a meeting would be held.

We were asked to sign downstairs petitions requesting an investigation of political tortures in Uruguay.

Brother Farris took us home.  The weather was very cold, but rain which had been predicted, did not come.

I washed dishes. Read newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 2.30.


25 March – 1976 – Thursday
We were quite busy today, partly because one secretary was out with the flu, and I had to do some more of the work I had done work for Charles Smith, whose secretary Nissi, had been down with the flu last week.  I spent all afternoon on a long memo for Steve Butler, putting it on MagCard.  It involved technical problems which I have still not completely mastered. Dor worked on the computer and also had to type a contract.

I planned my expenditures for the rest of the month and at noon after eating my lunch I went to the bank and deposited my check and got cash.

Took Magnolia’s cart back to her.  She was not at home yet but Christians were just finishing their dinner.  They offered me a hamburger, a Pepsi Cola and a dish of pudding.

I started my packing for tomorrow night.  Brother Farris picked me up at 7.00 to go to the meeting at Roosevelt Junior High School on Arguello off Geary which Jim had asked us to attend.  It was a discussion meeting held by Mayor Moscone on the proposed city budget, the first of two meeting he planned to hold in the neighborhoods.

A large number of Temple people attended.

Moscone in the chair attended explained that items in the budget would be discussed in turn.  Anyone who wished could address himself to any item,  Afterwards, comments on the budget as a whole could be heard.

At this point 2 men seized the microphone and insisted on expressing their point of view on the process as a whole, insisting the procedure was a farce.  They represented the Labor Party and denounced the mayor and his colleagues as exploiters of the people.  Some shouted at them angrily, more clapped their hands to drive them out and Moscone advocated ignoring them, saying they would get tired and leave.  This they did fairly soon.

As there is a deficit of $62,000.00, Moscone is proposing that all departments cut back.  Arguments as the discussion proceeded were on behalf of increases for each office.  When the assessor’s office was considered, feeling was high as homeowners assessments were increased last year.  One woman said: “Take the rich off welfare.”  She wanted a higher payroll tax, municipalization of PG&E and to tax banks and insurance companies now illegal.  Another woman proposed a service tax on high-rise buildings.  One man proposed a variation of a commuter tax.

A member of the Civil Service Commission, when that office was discussed, wanted more jobs for minorities.

When the District Attorney’s office came up, our reason for being there was evident, as several of our people lined up at the microphones.  Each presented a particular point of view based on his or her profession, advocating more funds for the DA’s office. Those who spoke were Carolyn Looman, CJ Jackson, Lee Ingram, Dave Shular, and Jack Beam.  Some people not connected with us also spoke, one saying the problem was not prosecution of crime but jobs for young people, especially minorities.

Shortly after the discussion on the DA’s office was over, word was passed around that we could leave, but not all at once.  And it was about 9.30.

Marshall Farris took us home.  I got home about 10.00.

I had time to do household and personal chores and wash my hair.

Read newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 2.30.


26 March – 1976 – Friday
Got my time card in.

Typed a 2-page letter for Maggie, putting it on MagCard.

The memo I had drafted yesterday on labor relations was brought back to me with corrections.  Dor showed me how to make the more difficult ones.  Nevertheless I had some difficulty.  However, the memo looked very good when finished. I worked on it until the last hour of the working day.

Ate lunch at my desk.

Walked over to a variety store on Market where I turned in a coupon for a free bar of candy which I ate.

I worked a little on journal entries.

When I got home, I finished packing.

Prepared dinner.  Ate.

Put up lunches for tonight and tomorrow morning.

Magnolia called me that Marshall Farris was coming for us at 7.30.  So I left the dishes, dressed and walked up to Magnolia’s.  Brother Farris took us to service except for Vernetta who stayed back to wash her hair.

After rides were provided, announcements made, testimonials heard and the congregation sang, Dale Parks took charge of the meeting. He  took an offering.

The choir sang.

Jim came out about 9.45.  Led labor songs, starting with “Joe Hill.”  He took another offering.

Films from the p.l., taken by Mike Prokes on the recent trip, were shown.  Many more buildings have been built, crops planted and harvested.  Many supplies have been stockpiled and Jim was shown with food, tools, bedding, clothing and so forth.  All staff are well.

Jim spoke now of only our seniors and children going to the p.l. and the rest of us staying to fight for freedom.  He also mentioned the surprise we might have next week.  He said we wouldn’t believe the interest the CIA took in our having Angela Davis at the Temple.

After performing some healing, Jim had us come to the altar.

The meeting was dismissed at 12.00.

Bob Christian had put my belongings on the bus.  It was very cold, but I got off the bus and ate my lunch.

I must have gone to sleep about 2.00.  The bus didn’t go until about 3.00.

I got off at the rest stop and ran.

Slept soundly all night.  My seating companion was Eliza Jones.


27 March – 1976 – Saturday
We arrived at the breakfast stop at 8.30 and didn’t leave until 10.30 am, an unusually long stay.  I washed, ran, ate my food and brushed my teeth.

While eating, I talked with Helen Love and Lisa Layton, both of whom are now living in communes in SF.  Helen is with Rose of Sharon and one other person. They are very close to the Temple.  Lisa is in a commune on Fillmore, which has separate entrances for each floor.  She drives to work in Berkeley at the University Library.

Talked with Bobby Stroud.  He had graduated from high school in Sacramento.  HE said he had enlisted in the Navy “to get away from the scene.”  He realized he had made a mistake and got in touch with the Temple.  He had been communicating with Jim since his family left Ukiah when he was about 12.  He came to SF and with Temple attorneys planned a pleas of conscientious objection, which succeeded.  He was in the Navy 8 months, was on a ship and in France, Italy and Spain.

Read Friday’s newspaper and a little in Marchetti and Marks on CIA, then slept until we got to LA at 1.00.

Dressed, which was relatively easy because there were so few people.

Service was at 2.00.

Mike Prokes gave an announcement that 7 buses have to go to SF this weekend and if possible stay through the week to meet an emergency which concerns the freedom of black people.

Eric Upshaw testifies concerning the time a policeman shot him.  The bullets went through him and he was uninjured.

Jim was on the podium at 3.15.  He started by singing “Sixteen Tons.”  He repeated the order concerning next weekend.  All must be in  SF.  It is a testing.  He asked for a show of hands of all those who would be there.  Any one who has an excuse, and Jim could think of no excuse good enough, must have write it to Jim.

On 23 May there will be a joint rally with Wallace Muhammad.  We will get equal billing and equal media coverage. W. Muhammad had called Jim and it was he who suggested a joint rally.  He came to us, after this everything will be nationally known.

Troubles are happening but if you stand up, nothing will happen to you.

CIA has blocked the third plane from being purchased.  Guyana will help us get it.

Jim spoke of the films we have of the p.l.  They prove that those who say we are not going to take everyone to the p.l. are lying.  The films will be shown in LA on Thursday.

Jim said he knows by revelation a terrible thing that was going to happen next week, but by being together we will keep it from happening. At next Sunday’s meeting many dignitaries will be there and one important enemy.

Jim asked if there were any questions. One concerned Angela Davis.  Jim said the opposition tried to do her in this week but didn’t get it done.  The questioner had heard a black minister attack her on the air — his name is Claude Evans.  Members of the audience gave various reports on Evans who regularly opposed all progressive measures and backs City Hall.

Healings were performed.

Jim determined that all should come to the altar with an offering.

The meeting was out about 5.00.

Beulah had arranged a ride home for us.

She gave me dinner: baked chicken, canned corn, toast and cake.  The two children, Willie and Dwayne, ate at the Temple.

I tried to read the CIA book but although it was early cold not stay awake.

Went to bed at 10.00.


28 March – 1976 – Sunday
Slept soundly.

Woke at 8.00.  Bathes and dressed.

We had for breakfast, fried egg, drop biscuits, sausage and Sanka.

Beulah had an argument with her husband.  He tried to order her around in her house and she told him she didn’t need him nor the $50 a week he gives her. She said, “I want peace and quiet in my house, that’s why I left yours and left yours black ass behind.:  He came by this morning and asked for a cup of coffee, asked whether she had a ride to church.  She was very cool to him.

Beulah gave me 6 pair of nylons which were among the effects left by a former employee.  They have a seam at the back, now out of date, but seem to fit me if I fold over at the top.

Our ride came for us at 10.30 and we got into service when announcements were being given.

Security guards name changed to “guardians of the faith.”

All going to SF next weekend bring sleeping bag or blankets.

Rides were arranged.

Jim on podium at 12.00.

Songs of freedom and brotherhood.

Jim: Angela Davis, she wanted hence forward to call me her pastor.  She had to call on us three times during the week.  Told of meeting next weekend in which will white ball those who want to whiteout, white list and white ball us.  In LA 3 of Bradley’s deputy mayors arrested.  All black officials are terrified.  Roy Wilkins of NAACP resigned in despair said there would be a race war.

Jim preached on evil of the Bible.  The letter killeth, but the spirit makes alive.  We don’t have to come to church to be killed again.  The black book is the poison bottle.

Carter is leading Democratic candidates.  He is Southern Baptist.  Backs Wallace’s racist pals. We turn away black people every day who they would support the President even if her was a racist like Wallace or Carter.  Bible is their reason.  I would not preach against the Bible if it did not teach us to submit to injustice, give us an excuse for not working for freedom.  Referred to the Rizzo case. Superior Court says police cannot be restrained from doing whatever they choose.

The blacks in Africa are woken up and are throwing out whites by the thousands.  We’re going to have Africa for the blacks.  Africa had a highly evolved civilization before Christianity got in.  The white missionaries in the black neighborhoods came with black faces of jackleg preachers, in spite of white mercenaries paid for by America, Angola won its freedom.

Jim preached while taking the offering about conditions in the world, thrust to the black population and its leaders. Emphasized the importance of standing together.  Don’t believe any of the lies told about the Temple or its leaders.

Question period.
(1) Why is US threatening Cuba for helping Africans?  Jim: Because the US is white racist society.  Cuba, since its liberation supports freedom in other nations. Another question: Don’t you think dark races will come together?  Jim: Yes, but nuclear war is coming. Before this comes to an end, US will try to stop Soviet Russia by atomic bombs.  Only the rich will have underground shelters.  Conditions will be primitive, even though the black races will win in the end.  That’s why we have the p.l.

(2)  Woman wants to know where to find a paper.  Jim: enunciates policy of not answering personal questions that require revelation because I’d have to be undemocratic or be fair and answer all.

(3) Press announcement over radio.  Jim: trouble is brewing.  if he puts his hands on Cuba, this will be nuclear war in 24 hours.  Another question: What is happening to our young people.  She means black youth ; noise and violence in buses.  She thinks other races don’t do it.  Jim says: not a black phenomenon. Young feel restless and bored, can’t get jobs.

(4) She wants seniors to write down what has happened to us and if can’t write, get someone one else to write it.  Jim: agrees, write it for our seniors we’re sending out.  Don’t let our children forget our past.

(5) Question about severe punishment for felonies.  Will this spread to northern states.  Jim: yes they’re only waiting for final word from Supreme Court. And I can tell you they’re going to reinstate the death penalty all over the US.  Another question.  About swine flu epidemic.  Jim: yes, get your vaccination now.  Don’t wait until September on purpose so blacks will be last to get it.

(6) Social Security. Someone told her you can’t get check if you live in a foreign city.  Jim: It’s a lie; you’ll get it in Guyana.  We hope we won’t have to go but we won’t submit to its diametric principal, to have our people blown to dust by nuclear war.  Suffer from devaluation of money.

(7) What is fascism?  Jim: the rule of money.  The rich have everything, control the city, put everyone in concentration camp.  This disagreeable of them.  Another question: Wallace advocating socialists should be put in jail. Jim: Last time he got negative and said he’d run down all protestors with his car. I thought he should be shot and he was.  He’s not going to be president.  I’ve made up my mind.

After the healing session Jim had the congregation come to the altar.

The meeting was out at 3.30, very early.

I ate downstairs, changed clothes.

Went to the bus, had some time to read the CIA book before the buses left at 5.30.  I continued to read until the offering was finished.

Then slept until we arrived at Buttonwillow.  I ate my orange (had not taken a lunch from Beulah’s), ran.

I read a little more until Eliza Jones said my light kept her awake.  Went to sleep about 12.00.  I slept until we got into SF except for getting out and running at the second stop.

We arrived in SF at 3.00.  Christians had a ride with Lisa Layton, but Lisa didn’t have room for me.  I waited at the parking lot only a little while to see whether I could get a ride, then went over to the corner of Geary and Fillmore and caught the Geary Boulevard bus in about ten minutes, got off at Masonic and walked home.  Arrived home at 3.35.  The night was mild and my luggage not heavy.

I washed the dishes left Friday night.


Pressed some clothes.

Lay down for half an hour but did not go to sleep again.


29 March – 1976 – Monday
Betty Vasil talked with Dor directly after her arrival this morning. Told her she must finish reports on Word Processing Center, even if she has to work somewhere else undisturbed and I handled the office as if she were out ill.

She worked on reports.  I didn’t have much work.  I put my journal entries in order, used the MagCard for some, and practiced on MagCard for the rest of the day with the instruction book.

Ate lunch at my former desk, then went for a walk in the sun along Mission Street.

Exercised tonight.

The SF Examiner representative called to persuade me to reinstate my subscription.  He offered me $1.00 off for two months.  I told him that problem is that the paper is often missing from the doorstep.  He promised to get the boy to deliver at about the time I get home.

Prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Worked on my journal from 9.30 to 12.00, proofread the 16 to 20 June entries and made calendar entries made correction, finishing the section.

Read newspapers.

Have a slight cold and am quite tired.  May have put too much strain on my legs b running yesterday at rest stops, walking home and jogging tonight.  Took extra amounts of Vitamin C.  Rubbed my legs tonight with Jim’s oil. 

Went to bed at 1.30.  During the night awoke with sharp pains in my right leg.


30 March – 1976 – Tuesday
Was busy most of the day, mainly on items for Maggie.  Dor had me work on the MagCard on the ATS computer as she had to use my typewriter.  I did one item for Carolyn Thon from her handwriting on a proposed Senate Bill to finalize firms which participate in boycott of Israel.  I made copy for Tim.  In the afternoon had difficult job for Maggie which presented indentation and underlining problems.

Had little time for personal work.  Mailed a check to Coop Consumers Union.

Called Lor.  Found she was in class all morning.

Gail Carney told me her husband is taking a job in Boise, Idaho; he is a systems analyst.  They will be leaving on 15 April.  Hartsough has not asked me to do any overtime last week nor this week.

At noon saw the film on the Employees series, which was about an experimental project to explore the feasibility of piping oil from Prudhoe Bay to Edmonton, Canada.  It was very short.  I ate my lunch in the Assembly Room.  Then took a short walk.  The day was sunny and warm though with some wind.

My head cold was worse and my bowels loose today.  Took more Vitamin C.  Told Dor I might not be in in the morning.

Did not exercise when I got home.

Slept an hour and a half.

Called Lor.  To my surprise I got Ryn.  She is taking a week off, as they had problems with the thesis.  I told Ryn I planned to come over to see Lor on Friday.  She called me back and said they were too busy.

Prepared dinner ate and washed dishes.

Mended underwear for an hour or so.

After my bath, read July 75 Journal entries to determine any problems.

For a snack while reading the newspaper I had some vegetable juice  with unflavored gelatin.  My weight had not gone down and I have decided I must control my diet more rigorously.  I weighed 137 this morning.

News reports told of strike of municipal workers at midnight.  Muni being picketed and is not operating.

Went to bed at 3.00. Setting alarm for 7.30 as I planned to stay out until noon.


31 March – 1976 – Wednesday
Radio confirmed that Muni not running.  Weather was drizzly. I phoned Dor at 8.10 and we agreed that I would take the whole day off, as I have no way to get to work in the afternoon.

The sun came out shortly.

I wrote up journal entries for last two days.

Ate some grapefruit and toast with tuna.

I used the other half of the box of bread mix I had bought on sale at the Coop.  Put the bread to rise.  I also put a casserole with eggplant in the oven to cook.  Baked the bread after it had risen.

Typed in my journal, starting the new section, 1 – 15 July 75.

To Dor I had mentioned the possibility of getting a ride to work with Betty Barclay.  Dor spoke to Betty who called me and arranged to pick me up tomorrow.

Ate dinner about 2.00,having some of the newly baked bread and washed dishes.

Ran in the panhandle for fifteen minutes.  The sun was out, but it was quite windy.

Slept for a little over an hour.

Had a soft-boiled egg, a tomato and apiece of papaya.  Brother Farris came for the Christians.  Magnolia and me to take us to service about 7.30.  I brought with me my movie camera to turn over to the Temple (an announcement had been made that we wanted to turn in all cameras) and the latest journal section to give to Tim Stoen plus some other materials for him.

The congregation was unusually noisy during the arrangement for rides and announcements.

Lee Ingram answered that tomorrow the Temple newspaper, The Peoples Forum, will be distributed, high school and college, are cleared to stay out of school and adults not gainfully employed will also work on this project.  100,000 papers will be distributed in the greater Bay Area.

Jim gave instructions for behavior on Sunday.  A woman columnist will be here.  If asked questions, don’t define religious beliefs or politics.  Would have been an onslaught to the jugular vein, burned Angela, made difficulties for Goodlett,  Brothers and brother-in-law of W. Muhammed set up and put in jail.  Jim’s power and wisdom have so far protected us.  Don’t give full name. General strike may take heat off us and is ___ to disrupt and bring military in .  Deemphasize religion and healing.  Don’t call Jim God. Liberator is last name. Don’t get stuck with words commune and socialism.  The rich want to break this power used for the poor.

The unions are beginning to see the truth.  Teamsters are mad against leadership.

Don’t be paralyzed by anything that happens. Go out by two’s, scatter, follow orders of Stoen, Buford, Kelly [?], and Ingram.  He will leave sealed instructions if anything happened to him.

Clap for your leader,  You’re not doing me any favor– you’re saving yourself and your children.

The persons immediately after Angela’s visit showed its colors as instruments of capitalism.

Delancey Street was entered last week, broken up.

Jim rehearsed positive questions and answers.  Raised from the dead?  I’ve seen some that looked mighty dead, don’t call me no Jesus.   Ill slug you in the fuckin’ moth.

Say I believe we should help all people who are being persecuted for their political beliefs.

Can you comment?  I’m against all forms of  X___ [left by Edith to fill in later]  opinion.

Jim gave us some details on the enemy reporter who will be here Sunday.  She has blonde hair, a Southerner.  He arranged for a friendly reporter to be here also. He will write a supportive story if she attacked us.  We are to dress conservatively, not to salute, avoid excessive demonstration, stand for no one but our leader.

Jim inveighed against those who are our worst enemies, those who go out from us, they do us more harm than he CIA ever could.  He insisted that we should never forget them.

After healings, Jim had the congregation come up to the altar.  The meeting was over about 1.00.

Brother Farris took us home,

I read for an hour.  Went to bed at 2.30.


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Where the Wasteland Ends Roszak, Theodore

Radio program “In Conversation”
Radio program “American Issues Forum”
Film “Grapes of Wrath”
Film “China — The Land of Isolation”
TV video “A Day Without Sunshine” on agricultural workers
KGO radio SF

Nation of Islam

South Africa
Soviet Union

Boise, Idaho
New York
North Carolina
Rock Springs, WY
Raleigh, NC

Benihana of Tokyo  Restaurant
Cost Plus
Delancey Street Foundation
Human Rights Commission
“Issues and Answers” SF State program
New York Fabrics
Orsi’s  Italian Restaurant
PG&E Building
SF Roosevelt  Junior High School
SF Panhandle
SF State University

AIM – American Indian Movement
Civil Service Commission
Defenders of Wildlife
French Pyranees dog
Genocide Treaty
Idaho Power Company
Labor Relations Board
Pepsi Cola
Rizzo Case
Prudhoe Bay to Edmonton pipline
Supreme Court