Edith Roller Journals: April 1976

Transcribed from her handwritten/typed journal notes by Don Beck (March 2009)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-2-A-8 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-2-A-8 (109)

The text transcribed here has some missing words or lines due to (1) unreadable, xeroxed text or (2) unreadable writing. Blanks are left in the text for these areas.

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 April – 1976 – Thursday

Betty phoned me about 7.15, said she would pick me up in about 15 minutes.

Two of our boys were distributing our Temple newspapers while I stood on corner waiting for Betty.  They gave me one.  It is very well done. Concentrates on service to the people.

Traffic was heavy.  She parked in the 75¢ lot; we had about a 4 hour [?] walk to the office.

I still had some traces of my cold and had a very hard day.  Spent most of my time on revisions of 2 of Maggie’s projects done earlier.  The first especially required difficult techniques and I had to call on Dor for help several times.  Her method of instruction does not help me learn, as she explains too fast and then makes the correction herself.  I need to be given the procedure and then left on my own to work it out.

My raise took effect on my last paycheck; I didn’t realize it, as making my monthly medical insurance program reduced the amount I received.  I get $191.55 per week.

I ate lunch and walked to the bank and got cash.

O’Neill left tonight on a ten day vacation to New York. His parents are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.  He was very busy on last minute jobs for Garb and had to get xeroxed a large amount of materials which couldn’t be done alone until Garb had looked at it.  This would require overtime and he couldn’t find anyone to stay as all the secretaries had rides home.  I told him I would rather not stay but if he could find no one else to do it, I would; however Garb would have to approve not only overtime but also dinner and taxi money.  I don’t know what Garb decided to do, but O’Neill notified me I wouldn’t be needed.

Went home with Betty who was going to Marin City to see her daughter, gave a ride also to John Breman, her boss.  I got home a little later than usual.


Did personal and household chores and washed my hair.

Prepared dinner, etc. washed dishes.

Washed underwear. Had more than usual, as I had washed last week on Tuesday instead of Thursday.

Read Theodore Roszak.  Ate some tuna with 2 slices of homemade bread.  I am trying to be careful of my diet this week to see whether I can lose a few pounds.

Went to bed at 1.30.


2 April – 1976 – Friday
Betty gave me a ride again.

I got my time card in.

Didn’t have much work in the office, which is usually the same on Fridays.  I had one memo, requiring indentation, which I put on the Mag Card.

Wrote on journal entries and wrote a letter praising Jim and the Temple for humanitarian works.

Ate lunch sitting on the PG&E steps, as the day was rather warm.

I checked with Chuck Stiles and phoned several rent-a-car companies about charges for Saturday and Sunday to buy my groceries and take my guests to and from the Temple. The cheapest is about $7.00 a day plus so much per mile and paying for gas used.

Betty Barclay wanted to wait to start home after some of the traffic had disappeared, so she didn’t start home until 5.15.

I went over to see Christians, taking with me the Coop Newsletter, as Vernetta is interested in their bargain prices.  I hoped that they would want to drive there tomorrow and would give me a ride.  In that case I probably would not rent a car.  Vernetta decided they could not go, as Jim had stressed participating in a march and rally for Dennis Banks at Civic Center, starting at 11.00.  Seniors could go directly to Civic Center at 1.00.  I had an argument with Vernetta about whether I ought to go or not.  I claimed I did not have time, as I had to buy groceries and clean my apartment for guests.  Also I told her my feet have been giving me trouble.  She finally said it was not for her to judge how much anyone can do.

I prepared a meal, ate, and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 10.00 to 12.00.

Read until 1.30, when I went to bed.


3 April – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 9.00.

Phoned the Continental Company and arranged to rent a car.

Ate an apple.

Went down and bought both Saturday and Sunday newspapers.   It was drizzling.

Phoned for a taxi.

Left a little after 10.00

The taxi took me to the rent-a-car company.  The far was $3.00 and I gave the driver a 20¢ tip.  The car, which I picked up around the corner, was a gray Chevrolet Nova.  The charges are $9.00 a day, 6¢ a mile and buy your own gas.  Had to give a $40 deposit.

I drove to the Coop and shopped for my groceries.  At 11.00 I came out to the car and listened to the temple broadcast.  I spent a little over 2 hours at the Coop and since parking validation only covered 1-1/2 hours I had to pay $1.10 more.

Took groceries upstairs and put them away.

Prepared a meal, ate and washed dishes.

Cleaned up the apartment.  Just vacuumed and dusted.  Did not scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Slept for an hour.

Had some vegetable juice. Dressed.

Left for the Temple service at 6.30.  Entrance was through the back door.

I got a good seat.

Jim was on the podium while announcements were being made.  Told of apathetic response to offering at Banks Rally today.  No one gave except the Temple.  Should prove to us there is no hope in America.

Jim took offering. Repeated instructions for tomorrow.  Don’t discuss politics.


Jim presented Richard Boyle running for State Senate, a journalist by profession.  Has been in Cambodia.  He spoke of winning freedom as people did in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Introducing Malcolm X film, Jim reiterated only mistake this great man made was to be baited into a rivalry with Muslims, giving the CIA the chance to murder him and blame it on Muslims.


Malcolm X film shown again.

Jim said parts of the film are cut out.  Jim mentioned lack of security in his case.  We have learned to protect ourselves.  Nation of Islam did not harbor those who assassinated Malcolm X.

Question:  What led to his death?  Went over the incident of “chickens come home to roost” and statement made about Elijah Muhammad’s illegitimate child by teen-age girls.  It is a mistake to let internal rivalries give enemies their chance.

I excused guests who had come for film.  Explained as a means of getting rid of an agent.

Another offering.

Jim cited one incident after another of violation of freedom by the establishment.

After healings, meeting dismissed at 12.00.  I saw Beulah [Pendleton].  There were so many people in LA who wanted to come that the buses didn’t have space.  She and Dwayne came with Maxine.  Dwayne was sick and vomited in the car.  He had eaten and drunk too much.  She had Vicki and Stephanie with her.

We got home about 2.00.

Beulah and Dwayne slept on the bed, the 2 girls in the hall and I slept in the closet.

I made some Sanka and toast and peanut butter and toast and jam.

Went to bed at 3.30.


4 April – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 8.00.  We had for breakfast apple juice, eggs, hamburger patties, toast, Sanka and carob milk.  I had the girls leave the dishes, as we wanted to get to the service as soon as possible.

We left at 9.30.  Service was at 10.00.

Jim was at the door and we didn’t have to go through search, nor sign meditation sheet.
No seats were left on ground floor, on account of huge crowd and sections being saved for Muslims and other visitors.  Beulah and I went to balcony.  Jim came up to balcony and had me move downstairs, as white people were needed to integrate the audience.

Laurie Efrein and Dick Tropp played classical music on the piano and cello.

Tim Stoen presided, introduced Dr. Karl Irwin, who gave the invocation.

The New Birth Dancers (the Temple girls who do African dances) performed.

Tim introduced Jim who introduced the choir, which sang, United We Stand.”  The congregation sang “Lift Every Heart and Sing.”  Norman Ijames sang  “Sing a Song of Freedom.”  The congregation sang “Born Free.”

The visitors, about three rows of them , had been coming in with their Temple companions.  I was not sure which of them was the reporter whom Jim considered a threat nor which was the reporter from the SF Examiner whom he had invited.  Jim introduced some of the guests: Willie Brown, District Attorney Joseph Freitas, Dennis Banks, and a representative of the Nation of Islam.

Jim said he had been asked to “sermonize.”  Ordinarily he did not preach but answered questions, saying he preferred to respond to what was on people’s minds.  This he did now.  Some of the questions concerned his attitude concerning hell (he believed God would not be less kind than he, a human being, is), euthanasia and capital punishment (he was extremely cautious about giving people the right to end life and was opposed to capital punishment).  What made him work so hard and what was his view of his role in regard to human service (these he movingly explained how he felt about the intense suffering which others endured, such as the mother in Ethiopia with dried up breasts whose baby was starving.  “I’m a human being like her and my children have enough to eat, why should I be privileged?”  He received two questions about healing.  The first was a white woman who complained of a pain in her neck and back whom he had healed.  Though he explained that he did not like to emphasize his healing ministry, there was no doubt that some people have such gifts.  There is not accounting for why some people are healed and others are not,  He thought compassion for some whom nevertheless he had not been able to heal.  The second person was a black person who also had back pains.  Jim asked her if she was not jealous because he has healed a white person and she had not been healed.  She said Yes.  He was able to heal her.  He added that he had had to make an effort in this case, but he could not heal a white person and leave a black on in her pain.

Jim dismissed the meeting at 1.00, saying that those who wanted to speak with the newspaper reporter could come to the platform.  The rest of the congregation should file downstairs preparatory to paying a visit to the Nation of Islam he said the children could go out and play which gave them much delight.

I found Beulah again.  The congregation lined up in separate rows, male and female.  We left around 2.00.  Most people left their purses behind in the Temple.  Beulah and I put ours in the trunk of my car.

The Muslim service was extremely boring, consisting of prayer, a long sermon dealing with incomprehensible theology, and some remarks about marriages, betrothals and births, plus a display of a man’s suit for $85, I think made by a member or members.  Jim and the leadership arrived toward the end and Jim was introduced.  The speaker had emphasized the new tolerance of the Muslims on race questions and was friendly toward Jim and the Temple visitors.  The Muslim meeting ended about 4.00. Attendance had been rather sparse and I noticed few children.  I didn’t want to stay at the Temple for the meal which was being served, as the crowd was too large and I had no problem as I had the car,  I invited Beulah to come home with me but as I had little that I thought she would like, I proposed going to Geary and getting some Chinese food,  This matter had not been settled when we met a Temple member, Evelyn Benefield, who had our purses in her hand and asked if we recognized them.  She had found them in the park.  They had been removed from the trunk of my car.  Evelyn wouldn’t turn them over to us without consulting the Temple authorities.  We checked the car, which had no obvious signs of having been broken into.  Nothing else had been taken.

We went back to the Temple and spent an hour trying to find our purses.  We had been told they had been turned in to Gene Chaikin, but when I found him he hadn’t heard of the incident.  I also talked to Tim Stoen. Told Jim McElvane about the theft and he came up to look at the car. Finally we found Evelyn again and we cleared it with security to get the purses returned to us.  Both purses had been emptied out.  Beulah got back most of her belongings except for $8.00 which the thieves took.  I lost the $5.00 which I keep for emergencies in my wallet, what change I had, about a dollar’s worth of stamps, my Temple membership card, my apartment house keys, my bank record, though not my checks, my little notebook, my compact, my pen had been ruined.  My personal papers were intact in my wallet.  With Evelyn, Beulah and I returned to the park to see whether we could find additional items.  Mostly we found pieces of paper from my notebook scattered around.  One of the Temple young people told us he had seen some small boys playing with the purses, not knowing they were ours.

I had some food at the Temple.  Wrote a report on the theft for McElvane.  Beulah had to leave with Maxine and didn’t have time to turn in a report. We went back to the car so that she could get her luggage.  I drove home, because I wanted to see if Mrs. Heitmeyer was there.  She was home and gave me duplicate keys, but she was not favorable to the idea of getting my lock changed. She said the apartment house was being sold and no repairs were being made. I cleaned up had a cup of Sanka and returned to the Temple.

Drove back to Temple and arrived in service at 7.00. Service had been in progress half an hour.  Rides were being arranged. I offered to take some people home.

Met with McElvane and Lee Ingram on theft incident.  Their chief concern whether church involved.  Assured them nothing about the church in notebook which was taken.  They advised me to get a post office box and pay for having my lock changed.  Decision not to go to police as culprits probably kids and strong possibility that the trunk was not locked.

Names called of LA people to see whether they are returning tonight or staying to help on an emergency project.  Heavy pressure on people to stay.

Norman Ijames chastised those who would not stay.  Jim entered on podium and discussed in regard to LA people, how many in readiness to follow instructions and march protest when called?  Fervent appeal to those who are not willing.  Count made.  Jim said need 500 people at least.  Jim mentioned many who stayed out today, smelt a little danger. We face serious crisis, point of conspiracy nationwide, to destroy black people.

Jim: handful of Indians acted disgracefully, afraid of publicity.  Didn’t back Banks.

Report from Harry Williams about possible water shortage due to failure of Hetch Hetchy system.  Recommends saving water.

Danny Beck, Dov Lundquist, another little boy caught stuffing up toilets and destroying equipment.

Jim took an offering.  Receipts were off this morning.

Back to the little boys.  They spend too much time in the hallway and in the bathroom,  They were throwing rocks on the parking lot today.  Ricky Cordell also threw rocks.

Commendations: Nawab Lawrence picked up trash in Redwood Valley.

Brian Davis has good grades.

Searcy Darnes doing well in all studies.

JC Williams for getting many signatures on petitions.

Dov has been suspended from school three times in two weeks. Numerous other children, some large, reported for rock throwing.  On suggestion of a member they are all to write a statement about their offense at those times.  The “bathroom bandits” are to do 2000 …

Willie Malone stood up to say her was suspended from one school, going to get suspended from another.  Motivation questioned.  Reported he misbehaved in balcony during service.  Jim told him to straighten up.  Jim said they had electric shock equipment in exam room.  Tracy Stone who hit another in back to be he first.  His screams were heard in the auditorium.   Two others got the same, one a girl, who hadn’t turned herself in for throwing rocks.

Discussion returned to question of those staying back from LA.  Only a handful have to work.  Yet small number staying.  People started to give excuses.  But Jim cut them off.  He paid honor to those who ware staying.  Bay Area people were told we would be reached if we were needed.

Jim performed some healings.

He dismissed the meeting at 11.00.

I gave a ride to Rose of Sharon and another.

Got home a little before 12.00.

Did the breakfast dishes.

Read for an hour.  Went to bed at 2.30 after falling asleep in my chair.


5 April – 1976 – Monday
I returned the Chevy Nova to Continental this morning.  I had put only 20 miles on the car which at 9¢ a mile was $1.80.  The charge $1.20 for gas.  With the rental charge of $9.00 a day and tax, the total I paid was $22.37.  Betty Barclay offered to come down O’Farrell and pick me up after I turned the car in.

I had scarcely any work today. Dor was doing some difficult jobs on the computer. After finishing the memo I started Friday, I spent most of the day finishing the weekend’s journal including some of which I put on Mag Card.

After eating my lunch I walked up to the bank and deposited $10 from what I received back from the car rental to cover the check I gave to the temple on Sunday.  The bank gave me a new check register and cover.

The day was cold and drizzly.

Betty didn’t start home till 5.30.

My state income tax came in the mail. $82.08.

I exercised.

Prepared dinner and ate.

Got a temple message from Diane Louie that electric typewriters were needed for a project tonight.  She asked if they could borrow mine. As I thought they were coming for it right away, I decided to get a little typing on my journal done.  No one came for the typewriter and I typed from 8.50 until 12.00, did six pages.

Washed the dishes.

Cooked some wheat berried for breakfast cereal.  I forgot about them while I was reading and burned most of them.

Read the newspapers.  I am having a hard time keeping up with them as I used to read them going and coming on the Muni bus.

Went to bed at 2.00.


6 April – 1976 – Tuesday
Again had a day with very little work coming in.  Dor put me on the computer to make a few incisions in an Armco Contract for Fred Abbott.  She was busy on complicated computer work.

I made my journal entry.  I constructed my check register as nearly as I could and went through all the items that were recovered which had been in my purse.  Some addresses and phone numbers from my notebook had been saved and I copied them into my new book.  Most of my March record of expenditures had been saved.

At noon while eating my lunch, I saw the film in the employees’ film series, which was on the construction of suspension bridges.  I took the keys Mrs. Heitmeyer gave me to the hardware store and had duplicated made and bought a new key holder.  Together these cost me $3.09.

I listed the different items I lost and will keep a record of what I pay to replace them.

Betty left on time tonight as she was going to Marin County to see her daughter.  She drove by way of the Embarcadero Freeway to Broadway, up Broadway, then on Webster and up Geary.

As we crossed the block in which Peoples Temple is, she told me of visiting the Temple about two weeks ago with her companion.  He had heard about it through John Maher, who was a guest that day.  They didn’t arrive until 1.00 and never got into the service. A committee of white people talked to them. They were told there were no seats, but she thought they may have been excluded because she had a small knife with her which they took from her.  She was astonished at the security measures but seemingly wasn’t offended. Betty dropped me at Masonic and Geary and I walked form there.  I stopped at Petrini’s and bought some chicken livers and chicken backs, as I was short of protein sources this week.

I got home about 6.00. On account of the walking I had done, I did not do all my exercises but jogged.

Prepared and ate dinner.
As last night, I left the dishes and typed 2 hours in my journal.

Cooked kidney beans for tomorrow and made soup from bean sprouts and other ingredients.

Washed the dishes.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00.


7 April – 1976 – Wednesday
The strike continues.  Talk of a general strike.  Betty picks me up each morning.

Again, no one gave me any work until late afternoon.

After making my journal entry, I spent most of my time practicing on the Mag Card, using the instruction book.  I was trying to master the use of the index return and the track link so as to be able to revise copy.

At noon I went to the PG&E building to hear the SFSU American Issues Forum.  Last week I had missed Urban Whitaker because I had stayed out sick.  Norma McCoy, child psychologist, was the speaker today.  She spoke on changing family life.  Statistics she gave showed the rapid fluctuations that have given place in the areas of the role of women, care of children, increase in suicide, homicide, delinquency among the young.  She took a largely pessimistic view.  Her special field is sex differences.  I ate my lunch during the lecture.

About 3.00 Betty Vasil brought in a xerox job on which she had several of the secretaries working.  I had to xerox an entire file of some 288 pages.  The case concerned an alleged violation by Bechtel of federal safety rules on a construction job.  I had to use a ditto machine on the 22nd floor and use supplies of other secretaries.  I barely finished before the close of the work day.

Betty Barclay waited tonight of the traffic to thin out, so we didn’t leave the office until about 5.15.

Received my federal income tax refund tonight. $114.10.

I didn’t have time for a nap. I got some dinner and changed clothes.  Christians phoned at 7.30 and took me to service.

Rain was pouring down.

Tried to find out from several people how to get a new membership card.

Testimonials were heard.

Jim came out, in an ebullient mood, starting with, “Everyone say ‘Shit on church.’”  He paid tribute to the people who had been wonderful in getting our newspaper out.  We distributed a half million copies this week.  He said our enemies have made us mean.  He told of the Doukhobors in Canada who maintained their freedom though on one occasion they had to strip all their clothes off and appear nude in protest against restrictions.  “Jesus was a radical son of a bitch.”  He spoke of the difficulties which the enemy had put in our way this past week or so.  All black leaders and progressive whites had begun to suffer oppression.  Playboy had made a mockery of Cecil Williams.  He told Jim he couldn’t get any of his congregation to write letters for him.  Jim told him, “We’ll write for you, Cecil.”  Liberals are no good.  They won’t back you up.  Even some of our own people have deserted us.  If it hadn’t been for the people from LA, this auditorium wouldn’t have been filled tonight, as it usually is, because “some of  those folks stayed home.”  He told of the disgraceful behavior of the Indians on Saturday in connection with Dennis Banks.  They wouldn’t ride with blacks, had to sit with people of their own tribe. Dennis Banks told the newspapers “not to hurt this man.  He’s the only friend I’ve got.”  The appearance of our newspaper and the seniors who were climbing hills and steps to deliver it made a big impression on newspaper people.  Jim was lavish in his praise for “you good motherfuckers.” who worked.  William Kuntzler, liberal lawyer who had defended so many liberal leaders, told him on Sunday, “I’ve been so lonely.  I wish I had a family like this.”

The congregation demonstrated triumphantly, singing and shouting and Jim leading them danced.  Then he turned his back on the audience and went down quickly from the podium.  I had a seat beside Magnolia.  I told her perhaps Jim was ill.  He came back in a few minutes with tears in his eye, said “I hate to see that some of you are not here.”  I made a plastic covering for some pictures from the SF Chronicle which showed a middle-class black man being beaten up by whites in Boston and stabbing him with the standard of an American flag. Jim had it passed around through the congregation.

Jim said we wouldn’t go to LA this weekend while we were under fire.

The offering was taken.

Jim gave commendations.  JC Williams and Pauline Groot for their work on the newspapers.  Colton Henry for hard work.  Vernell Henderson for her help in the communes.  Clifford Gieg for his work in the carpentry department and his socialism attitude in the Temple.  He’d the head of his class.  Maya Ijames who was sweeping the stairs “because they needed it.”  Joe Beam [Helle] who takes a security task on himself to guard the stairs. Connie Fromm for many extra services.

A film was shown called “African Drought” about the famine conditions in a former French possession in equatorial Africa.  Children, starving, being eaten up by flies, were depicted.  The desert is encroaching further each year.  The original grass has been replaced by American advice with a type which is not drought resistant.

Jim warned of what might result if a general strike is called in the Bay Area.  America is beginning to fall apart.

Judy Merriam and Frances Johnson did dishes for the crowd which came from LA.  Bobby Stroud is very cooperative in the commune.  He is thinking of marine biology as a career.  Frances Johnson was also commended for work on the distribution of newspapers.

KGO-TV sent us two drug addicts for rehabilitation and Joe Wilson has been doing a wonderful job with them.

Mary Ann Casanova is tireless in her attention to children.  Maud Perkins has given exceptional service in two areas: sewing and in the Redwood Valley kitchen.

Tobiana Stone was brought on floor.  She has been behaving badly, gets spankings, she missed the children’s meeting and lied. As she has been good before, she gets a break from Dad: “Be good and straighten up.”

A large amount of beef has been purchased for the Temple.

Jim was dismissing the meeting early as we have three big tasks ahead of us.  The meat has to be cut up, newspapers delivered and letters written for a possible emergency and be ready to go.

Diane Lundquist will be opening up a store in San Francisco on Divisidero.  She has maintained a good attitude through severe changes.

I volunteered to take home one of the guests from LA, although at first I had thought it would be too much for me while I was working.  A woman, Lavana James, who had once stayed with me in Redwood Valley, asked to go home with me.  I told her to get her luggage and wait for me downstairs by the front door.  I checked again to see what to do to get a new membership card.  I was told to see Yolanda [Yulanda] Williams but couldn’t find her.  I also tried to find some transportation to bring Lavana to the Temple tomorrow, as I assumed she would be coming back to help deliver newspapers.  All cars are being used to deliver newspapers so I did not have an success.

I waited a long time with Lavana for Bob Christian, feared that he had gone.  But I believe he was taking others home.  Though I told Lavana not to move, she went back to look for a blanket.  Bob already had a load and to told him to go on.  I didn’t know how we were going to get a ride.  Glenn Hennington took us.  He is in charge of transportation for the Temple. He said he would get only an hour’s sleep tonight.

We got home about 2.00. Lavana was tired after two trips from LA and delivering newspapers for two days, so she didn’t want to return to the Temple tomorrow.  She is 75.  She said she went back to LA on Sunday evening because she didn’t have enough underwear with her.  On Monday people were called and asked if they would return to San Francisco.  She suffers from arthritis and her legs were giving her trouble.

I washed dishes. I had some toast and peanut butter and toast and jam and Sanka. Lavana had gone to bed on my bed and I slept in my sleeping bag on the floor.  I went to bed about 3.00.


8 April – 1976 – Thursday
Was busier today.  Did an expense account for Maggie on the Mag Card which is not well adapted for filling out such forms.  Later Maggie brought in a job concerning information on all the consulates in San Francisco.  This took me most of the afternoon.

I ate my lunch at my desk, then went to the bank and deposited not only my pa check but my state and federal refund checks and got some cash.

I phone Lavana to see how she was.  She slept late, had had some breakfast.

Betty left right at closing time but got on the wrong streets going towards the Golden Gate Bridge.  So I was dropped off a little late at Geary and Masonic.  Betty is having a bad time again with John Braman, who is very demanding and at the same time badly organized.

I walked home, as Betty wanted to get over to Marin County to see her daughter as soon as possible.  Stopped at Petrini’s and bought some fish so that I would have more food for Lavana this week.

Got home about 6.00.  Lavana had done her washing and washed my underwear.

I made bread stuffing with mushrooms to cook with chicken back I had bought the other day.  For vegetables we had asparagus an d had tangerines for dessert.

We ate after I had washed my hair,

I called for tomorrow.  Ryn had left.  Her writing on her thesis was not entirely finished and Ryn still had some of it for editing.  I told her I had a guest for an indefinite time.

I read newspapers.

Went to bed about 1.30.


9 April – 1976 – Friday
Betty started a little earlier than usual this morning to get in before the traffic grew heavy and because Mr. Breman had a deadline to prepare for.  I got in well before Dor and made some progress on Wednesday’s journal entry which I had started on Mag Card.  Betty Vasil left word she wanted to see Dor when she came in.  She had increased the pressure on Dor to get the required records in.  When Dor came in she had to go to a room by herself and finish the preliminary reports Betty desired.  These she needs to prove the accomplishments of the Word Processing Center to the new management, namely Casper Weinberger.

I finished the cover letter for Maggie’s list of Consulates.

Almost forgot my time card but did it then.

I did a memo for Breman.  Betty was tied up in another point if this rush job.  Did several other memos for Maggie.

Abbot brought in a revision of a contract while Dor was out of the office,  He told me he didn’t need it until early next week.  However, when Dor came in she wanted me to make the changes this afternoon, which she thought I ought to be able to do in fifteen minutes.  I worked on it, was a little afraid I had entered my tabs incorrectly and that the job would come back to us with indentations all wrong.  Dor helped me finish.

Betty didn’t start home until late.

Lavana had dinner ready when I got home. We ate.  Lavana had mended my underwear today.

Christians gave us a ride to service.

Jim entered with Angela [Davis] whom he introduced.  She spoke of organizing to seek freedom.

Jim took offering.

He said he would take a trip to Chicago 2 May next with W. Muhammad.  Hold meeting for our people there, some 200.

More newspapers will be delivered tomorrow.

Letter writing to: SF Examiner, SF Chronicle and President of Stanford University (who hired Angela) tonight and all day tomorrow.

Another offering.


Come to altar.

Service ended at 12.00.

Christians took us home.  The car was packed with riders.

I had some toast, peanut butter and jam and read newspapers.

Lavana and I went to bed, I at 2.00.


10 April – 1976 – Saturday
Slept until 9.00.  Lavana had been up since 7.00 and I had vaguely heard her moving around.  She had made herself some breakfast.  I had a piece of grapefruit and a piece of toast.

I got into my trunk and got out my spring clothes and put away my winter clothes.  Also got out some clothes which Lavana could mend, take up hems and so on.

I tried them on and decided what I could wear and which needed taking up or mending. We listened to the Temple broadcast at 11.30.  This was the first day for the new format, which is a public forum.  Today a panel consisting of Jim, Mike Prokes, and Dick Tropp, conducted discussion on two topics: euthanasia, inspired by the Quinlin case and the conviction of Patty Hearst.  Jim took the points of view already touched upon in services and the panel expanded on them.  The philosophical level was high. Lavana went to sleep.

I ate some leftovers.

At 12.30 I took Magnolia’s cart which I had phoned for and went after earlier and shopped for groceries.  I got meat at Larry’s market on Divisadero and fruits and vegetables at two stores on Haight.  Spent about $15.00.   Also bought lettuce and celery for the Temple.

There had been some showers all day, but the sun had come out.

Lavana had had a nap while I was gone.

I lay down at 3.30 and slept until 6.00.  Lavana mended my clothes and cooked dinner,

We had meat loaf, broccoli and I ate an orange. Lavana did the dishes.

Dressed for the service.

Christians took us to the Temple at 7.45.  Although we were a little later, I got a good seat.

We saw Jim coming down the stairs about 9.00, but Marcy said he had to leave on an emergency and she took charge of the service.

Marcy took an offering.

Dale Parks read a list of some 50 names of people who had been working on projects (probably the writing) who were to come to the Gold Room after the choir sang.  HE connected the announcement with the emergency on which Jim had been called.

Marcy said first offering was disappointing.  She took another.

She told of a seminar she had attended this week on “Death and Dying.”  Only three of some 200 had ever lived with an elderly person.  Asked how many wanted to live with an older person, none did.  They thought it was an insult to be asked such a question.

Tape of Jim’s played.

Jim was back at 10.10.

Jim: some call dialectical materialism, God, Christ, anointed revolution.

(1) proposal in Illinois:  Give families on welfare $3000 to live for three years.  Jim: shows inhumanity of capitalism, proposal that legislation be passed to put to death anyone over 80  ___ having victories everywhere.
(2) Woman found that medication she was taking was dangerous.  Her doctor says pharmacist did it.  Jim says take her to attorney.  Good case for suit.
(3) Patty Hearst deciding to inform on revolutionary group.  Jim: anyone who tells on anyone is a rotten fink.  A society absorbed in revolutionary ideal, life means nothing. People bargain for their lives.  I would slit my throat before I would tell anything on anyone.
(4) Attempt to repeal Senate bill that legalized sex freedom between consenting adults, so much venom in backers.
Jim: Supreme Court had made such terrible decisions lately that were already in state of fascism, spoke against finking.  Recalled Rosenberg case.  Her brother suffered as result of finking on her.  Bring out anyone who talks against the cause.
(5) Muslim discipline. Can’t we file out the same. Jim: some things better. Double line exits a good idea but their leaders live above these members.  They have fervor.  We swallow them up 50 times. Advise security to study their system.
(6) Jesse Jackson, who is he? Jim: a sell out fink who supports capitalism, Carter who favors ethnic purity. Jackson opposed Abernathy who is socialist.  Angela indicts the system, is perhaps naive, too optimistic.  Dennis Banks hasn’t learned difference between socialism and capitalism.  Jackson said we don’t need social champions; need increase of holy spirit.

About attacks against us, had we not gotten those newspapers out, we wouldn’t be sitting here tonight.  Cecil Williams reported saying, “Fuck the church.”   He’s right, church needs a good fucking.  You can’t bring forth unless you get fucked.  I think the church needs to get raped and killed.  The enemy doesn’t want Williams to move toward socialism and live up with us.

He expedited a subject: you don’t have the time to be fucking around like a god damn dog, can’t learn to live under capitalism.

Not going to stop using such words as fuck until the Christians stop saying “Kill those Niggers,” such as Christians, going to continue to cuss them.

District Attorney Freitas and wife arrived at this moment.  Grace Stoen brought word, when they came in.  Jim defending Cecil Williams.  Church ought to get fucked, get  pregnant and bring forth, fascism will always attack those who work against the establishment.  Jim complimented him.

Freitas: I was way down town and heard him talking.  Good wife never been here.  She heard him too. Means a great deal to know that as an elective office you have Peoples Temple and Jim Jones in back of you.

Jim: we won’t be in the court for some petty crime.  We want to end criminal injustice.

Choir and Melvin Johnson sang: “Stealing in the name of the Lord.”
Yvette did “Beg Your Pardon, America.”
Little girls sang “Git Away”

After the Freitas left, Jim took another offering.

Healings followed.

Come to the altar. Only those who had something to give.

Service out at 12.30.

Christians took us home right away.

I had some toast, peanut butter and jam and Sanka and read newspapers. I have many days’ papers stacked up to read.  It is hard to make any progress as Lavana talks while I read, though she saves me much time by the work she does in the apartment.

I went to bed at 2.00.


11 April – 1976 – Sunday
I woke up at 7.00.  While I was taking my bath, Lavana got up.

Lavana got breakfast while I continued to look through folders for my unpaid bills and bank statements.  Did not find them, hoped they were at the office.  I sorted and threw out much out-of-date material.

Wrote 2 letters as requested by the Temple.

Lavana had gone to sleep again and I lay down too, as Bob had said he would take us to service about 11.45.  However, he called, saying he was leaving at 11.00.

As today was Open House and the Muslims also were visiting, special seating arrangements were in effect.  I was put in one of the seats toward the front reserved for white people, so as to integrate the auditorium well.

Jim opened meeting a little after 12.00.

Little girls from LA did “Message to Jacklegs” and a new one, “We’ve Been Cheated.”

Jim said some of the staff was off on missions.  Later I learned the Democratic groups were caucusing to choose representatives to the nominating convention.  Jim said that between 5.00 and 7.00 we had to visit a senator; he asked who would go.

Angela was bombed this week but no one was injured, showing efficacy of being in this orbit.

Jim took offering.

Jim referred to article in national magazine which defamed Cecil Williams.  The enemy intended to do a hatchet job on us the same week, but “after seeing what they did” the reporter had rewritten the article four times.  “Let them rewrite it eight times until they get it right.”

Another set of newspapers will be delivered.  Children and young people will work during Easter vacation getting them out.  We need even more letters to have ready if something is published against our interests.  “They will get so tired of reading letters they’ll never write anything again.”

The choir sang.  The congregation sang.

The Muslims arrived.

The girls did “Message to Jackleggers” again.

Jim read announcement from Nation of Islam concerning the joint convention in LA on 23 May in which we will agree on common action.  Jim explained our stand on spiritual healing.

Jim appealed for letters to the magazine, which had defamed Cecil Williams.  He described the attacks on black leadership which are occurring all over the city.  Legislation has been proposed to kill the aged over 80, sterilize all blacks.  Speaking of the charge that Williams advocated “Fuck the Church,” Jim said the church needs to be fucked so it can bring forth child.

We are one with the Nation of Islam. Christians and the Bible are our enemy.

Jim introduced the leader of Nation of Islam who spoke.  He used as text, the People’s Forum Newspaper.

The Muslims left at 2.00.

There was a healing session.

The church was opened for new members.

Jim had the congregation, touch the altar.

The meeting was out at 3.00.

Everybody was supposed to go to the Muslims today, including children.  We formed a double line.  Women left their purses behind.

We entirely filled the Muslim temple, arriving about 3.15, we were supposed to stay only 45 minutes.  The Minister taught from the Bible. The meeting lasted until 4.45.

As we were supposed to be at the political meeting at 5.00, we had no time to eat.  I returned to the Temple sand changed clothes and got my purse back.  I walked up to the political meeting which was held at the Eastern Star building at Turk and Fillmore.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Some tables at the sides of the room were occupied by Temple members (security guards and name takers were in uniform, with the exception of headgear).  Chairs had been placed for the rest of us who came in. Hardly anybody was present except Temple people.  Wine was being served, which we did not take.  A few minutes later cold drinks and pieces of chicken were served.  Fred Furth was the host.  His workers were passing out literature for his campaign for State Senator.  He was talking with various people. A band, composed of Mexican instrumentalists, played for dancing and many of our people, especially the young, got on the floor.  Bob Christian asked me to dance.  I sat beside Don Beck.  The Becks are living at East House in the Valley with the three children who were in their home in Ukiah: John Gardener, Jackie Fountain, Danny Beck.  Don is still teaching kindergarten.  Carol Stahl and Tom Grubbs are also still teaching in the area.

Mike Prokes introduced Furth for a short speech about his candidacy.

Just before we went back to the Temple a little before 7.00, more guests began to arrive.  I was told they were from Cecil Williams’ church.

At the Temple the line for food was still long.  I got a plate and a place to sit at the table and even got a dessert.

I was in service a little before 8.00.

Marcy was present.  The congregation was singing.

Jim. We are aware of some situations which need counseling.  We have been too busy but your time will come if you’ve done something to be ashamed of.

Jim spoke of the increasing encroachment of the opposition as he took the offering,  Many of our people are caught up in the capitalist world, adults as well as children,  He noticed it especially in the food line.  We ought to strip down.  Each could put $15 in the Temple; besides you’re hurting your health.

Newspaper distribution starts 8.00 tomorrow.  Young people from LA had better be here.  Don’t think you came for a joy ride.  The LA seniors have been angelic.

The brother form Fresno played ragtime seven numbers.  Couples danced.  David Garrison started with Mother ones.  Don Sly and Brother Mercer were good.

Commendations were issued. Frances Johnson for work in the kitchen.  She was willing to do any job.  Young Rick Cordell won a talent show.

Jim: We do not have enough letters. Get them from children too.  People must stay tonight.  He took names of those who would stay.  “Time is running out to avert disaster.”

Jim answered questions.  Most were on newspaper delivery.

One was on cash-win program.  Could some of our people appear on them.  Jim said all of them are arranged.

Jim is to be on Cecil Williams’ TV program, “Vibrations,” next Saturday at 4.00.

Jim said if any newspaper attacks us, cancel subscriptions immediately.  Don’t buy the paper; don’t advertise in it.

Garrison asked about Kissinger’s threats if Cuba continues intervention in Africa.  J: Kissinger huffs and puffs; his huffs don’t matter much.

Jim called all Redwood Valley children, 12 and over to come down and give names to make sure they work.

Rory Macon [Bargeman] (Dee-Dee Macon’s son) was said to have a negative attitude and not to have worked this week.  Janet Tupper was also hostile.  Jim spoke of the sacrifices he makes, working night and day, making friends of the Mayor and District Attorney.  “I don’t do it for myself.”

The LA people left.

The meeting ended, after revelations, about 11.00.

Christians took Lavana and me home.

I had something to eat.

I went to bed about 1.30.


12 April – 1976 – Monday
We started out very busy this morning.  Had no time for journal entries.

In the morning typed two items for Carolyn Thon.  In the afternoon, started to type a long Legal Instruction for Maggie.

At lunchtime I walked up to the telephone company office on New Montgomery, Betty Barclay had showed me where it was.  I hadn’t known an office was close enough to avoid paying postage.  I always mailed checks before.  I paid charges for two months.  bought stamps at the post office across the street.

Betty stayed an hour to work on her income tax. Then she took me home.

Lavana had dinner ready.  We had short ribs with vegetables.

Lavana did the dishes.  She had spent the day doing some mending on my underwear.

I phoned Christians to find out if she could get a ride to the Temple tomorrow.  Bob, who is still laid off from his job, said he was going in about 9.00, would pick her up.

I worked on my journal starting at 8.30.  Finished entries for 1 to 15 July ’75.  Proofread the section.   As my floor lamp has a frayed cord, my light wasn’t very good and Lavana had none.  However she doesn’t read much.  She went to sleep.

I quit at 11.30.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.30.


13 April – 1976 – Tuesday
Lavana got up early this morning, as Bob was taking her to the Temple.

I struggled all day with the Legal Department Instructions started yesterday, setting the tabs was my problem.

At lunchtime went to Energy Forum film on nuclear research.  I didn’t understand it kept going to sleep.

I broke my thermos filler at my desk.

Gail Carney’s husband has several job offers, two from Bechtel and they may not go to Boise.

Betty left on time after work.  She let me off at Turk and Masonic.  I walked to the drugstore in the Petrini lot. I bought a filler for my thermos.

Betty told me Chuck Stiles is looking for another job.  Although she knows he is already getting more pay than the other secretaries.  He is perpetually aggrieved.  Betty herself has been having a bad time with Mr. Braman, who insists on supervising every detail.

Lavana phoned at 6.00.  She was at Christians.  I let her in.  She had spent the day making sandwiches in the kitchen.

We each ate what we wanted.  Lavana washed dishes and I tidied up.  I don’t like the way she does dishes.

Lavana started to pack.  She intends to go to the Temple with Bob in the morning and stay there, leave tomorrow night with the buses.

I worked on my journal, made corrections and calendar entries for the 1 to 15 July section.

Received a call from the Temple.  Everyone was requested to come to the Temple to write letters.  Also the Temple wanted to borrow any typewriters which were available.  I offered to lend my typewriter, if they would come after it.  I didn’t want to go for letter-writing, as it was 10.00 o’clock and I have to work tomorrow.  I hurried to finish my journal corrections but no one came for the typewriter.

I took a bath, read newspapers and went to bed at 1.00.


14 April – 1976 – Wednesday
Worked most of the morning on the Legal Department Instructions and finished it with very little help from Dor.  Then I did two short memos for Maggie.

At lunch I went to the SFSU lecture in the Bicentennial series. The speaker was an educational psychologist X [name to have been filled in later], who spoke on accepting risks in an era of rapid social change.  His main thesis was that it is not good for us to demand that every experience be pleasurable.

After lunch I did an express report for Maggie, much work was coming into the office and Dor started to put a contract on ATS for Rita. A revision of a legal instruction.  I had done previously was requested.  Dor was going to do it because of the trouble I had had with the one finished this morning, but because she was so busy she gave it to me.

I had started to work on journal entries but was unable to continue.

Betty waited until the traffic diminished to start home tonight and I continued with my work on the legal instructions.  Dor showed me how to get more material on a card which was seemingly full.

Betty and I left at 5.45.  She stopped at the post office to mail her income tax return.

I got home at about 6.15.

I ate leftover meat and vegetables, green beans and a salad.  I washed and changed clothes.

Christians called about 7.45.

We entered by the back door again.  Word was passed around that people with red scarves should take them off, probably because of extra people from LA, some people were still eating.  There was considerable confusion perhaps because people were tired from the writing and delivering of newspapers.

At the outset of the meeting Jim indicated we would have a visitor.  He said there should be no political words used, such as socialism.

An offering was taken hurriedly.

Jim interviewed Walter Heady, John Birch member, as one of our strongest friends.  Heady showed Katanga

film concerning UN’s participation in overthrow of Tshombe backed by the Communist bloc.

Question period.  Heady attacked income tax, upheld private enterprise.  US is no longer operating under constitution.  Our troubles are result of socialistic control.  p.o.[post office ?] an example.  UN is horrible thing.  His slogan, “Get us out of the UN.”  It is intended to destroy sovereignty of all nations.  People like Rockefeller will run the resulting country.  “Things don’t happen by accident.”  Rockefellers control practically all the big companies.  We could have won in Vietnam in any six week period had we been allowed to do it.  Henry Kissinger is selling this country down the river.  Following fall of UN, a whole string of Communist victories. Rhodesia and the Union of South Africa are not as racists as the press would lead you to think.  Communists are having trouble keeping control in Red China. Communism always results in just a few governing and having all the property and masses are kept down.

Heady left at 11.45.  Jim: he fights all the forces which are the common enemy. The Rockefellers and IRS.  He doesn’t realize that only sharing will prevent big capitalists from running everything.  There isn’t any free enterprise in this country.  I don’t believe in these politicians.  Heady lives more simply than some of the black politicians who claim to be socialists.  Jim: The film was all wrong.  None of the candidates are any good.  Jimmy Carter backing ethnic purity.  Abernathy and ML King Sr backing him Andrew Young another black leader selling us out.  We need to get ourselves together and sell everything and get our asses over there in the p.l. where we can have freedom.

Some of you are holding back.  You’re going to feel so guilty.  No one is going to follow us into the jungle.  We ought not to be there.  We are a people born out of due season.  There will be no protection as long as you stay here.  Must we wait until we can’t take anything with us?

Jim with great vehemence stated that he did not want those outside to know who he is.  We have a pearl of great price which we shall keep from the swine.

Starting to take an offering, he demanded sacrifices.  Now is the time to give up houses and lands, husband and wife who won’t stand with you when they come to throw you into a concentration cam.  He asked for pledges for another $1000 from those who had already turned in the first $1000.  He asked for expensive jewelry, furniture, silver and so on.  Some donations of this sort were made.  He received no great response from the people who seemed very stolid.  By revelation he knew that everyone should give and extra $20.  I pledged $20 above my commitment for May.

The newspapers we have been delivering have for the time being prevented the attack which was to be made on us.  But the attack will come, sooner or later.  We have succeeded in softening it at the present time.  Young people were to report downstairs in the dining area for assignments for tomorrow’s delivery which will start at 7.30.  The press is to be moved to San Francisco on the weekend.

There were healings.

The service was dismissed at 11.50.

Talked to Phyllis Chaikin.  I assumed she was in Redwood Valley, but she told me she is “house nurse” in the LA temple.  She said the grandparents thought that it was very strange for a Jewish family — for her to be in LA, Gene in San Francisco and the two children in school in Redwood Valley.

I talked to a few other people downstairs, bought a ticket for the Friday night youth group dinner and entertainment from my caller, Beulah Cavit.  I’m still having trouble finding out how to get a new membership card.  I saw Yolanda Williams who told me Mike Rozynko was wrong that I had to get a slip from her.

Christians brought me home at 12.30.  Vernetta was considerably puzzled by Walter Heady.

I washed dishes.

Read the newspapers.

Went to bed by 2.30.


15 April – 1976 – Thursday
The weather has been cold and windy though sometimes sunny, for the past few days.

Finished Maggie’s Legal Instructions.  The week went well, though Dor helped me with a few details of spacing on the page.

I ate lunch at my old desk.  Walked to the bank, deposited my check and got cash.

Dor was still on the ATS.  She was having trouble with the system.  She had nothing she wanted to turn over to me.

This was Gail Carney’s last day. I understand her husband is taking the Boise assignment.  The other secretaries did not let me know if they were taking Gail to lunch and I did not inquire, as I really can’t afford to participate.

I copied on Mag Card the recitation given by Yvette Muldrow in the Temple called “I Beg our Pardon, America” a number of words  and phrases I can’t make out.  I made corrections including the insertion of a phrase I had missed.  This was good practice on the Mag Card.

I phoned for information on the Royal Electric Portable typewriter I want to buy, checking various outlets for the best price.  Found that Sears handles one made by Royal, sold under their own name, at a price much better than the “sale price” quoted to me by the store on Mission St.

Betty left half an hour late.  She wasn’t going to Marin County tonight.  When I got home I took Magnolia’s cart back to her.

Having gotten a late start, I was late with all my activities tonight.  I did personal and household chores, washed my hair, prepared and ate dinner and washed my underwear.

Read newspapers.  I was so tired I fell asleep while reading.  Did not go to bed until 2.30.


16 April – 1976 – Friday
I had very little to do all day.  Dor was quite busy on ATS jobs for Rita Schuman and Ron Hartsough which she did not think she could turn over to me.

I got my time card in, then spent most of the day putting on ATS the copy Yvette Muldrow had made for me of her recitation, “We Beg Your Pardon, America.”  There were a number of gaps where I could not make out the words or phrases so I xeroxed a copy for her so that she cold fill them in.

Ate at my desk. I was very sleepy and had arranged with Cathy Costello to lie down in an unoccupied office for an hour, provided I kept the matter conference. However, Dor was in a conversational mood and started talking about religion and immortality and I could not conveniently get away.  She did suggest I take some time off, because most of the staff was doing so in observance of Good Friday.

I went down to look at the Royal typewriters at the store on Mission but they were closed.  I browsed in a book store for an hour or so.

Betty was giving Dor a ride to the train, as the latter’s son was working on his car.  We left at closing time.

I had a half hour’s nap at home.

Christians took me to the Temple for dinner and entertainment put on by the SF Youth Group.  They called it “A Night in Guyana.”

Communal people were getting their dinner in the back room when we arrived about 7.00.  Those who had purchased tickets were served at tables in the main room.  Young people came to each person and accompanied them as food was put on their trays.  Guests were not served in order and I had to wait a considerable time before getting my dinner.

The menu was turkey, dressing, green beans, salad, cranberry sauce, rolls and choice of cake or sweet potato pie and punch.

After eating we went upstairs to see the program.  Several skits were presented.  The African dancers performed and the young men in new suits did several musical numbers.

When I told Lisa Layton about my transportation problem for Tuesday, she offered to come after me.  She will get on the Bay Bridge from downtown to get to her job at the UC Library in Berkeley.

The program was over about 11.00.

When I got home, I read for an hour.  Went to bed about 1.30.


17 April – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 9.00.

Started to straighten up the apartment.

Went to Magnolia’s and borrowed her cart.

Prepared some food and ate it.

Phoned for Lor to tell her about the new format of the Temple broadcast. She said she would try to listen.  She has been very busy.  Dorothy Carnie is coming on Easter.  I told her my news.

I went up to Haight Street.  Stopped at Volunteers of America second-hand store and bought 2 pairs of shoes and 2 bras.  Cost of all was $2.50.  Then I went to the grocery and bought mostly produce.  Made another trip to Perini’s and bought groceries.  I had expected Lavana to be with me longer.

Put groceries away.  Washed dishes.

Finished cleaning the apartment.

Ate a snack.

Slept for 2 hours.

Got up at 6.45.  Dressed for the service.

Pressed my coat and a bedspread.

Christians picked me up at about 7.45.  We entered through back door.

Offering taken by Rick Cordell.

Film, “Joe Hill” shown.  Jim made comments throughout.  He took an offering between sections of the film.

After the film an inspirational period followed in which Jim put emphasis on his role as God.  He continued this attitude during the revelation period during which he performed spectacular healings.

Another offering was taken.

The meeting was out about 12.00. I saw Viola Godschalk [Godshalk] and offered to take her home with me.  She told me Jim had sent for her to come down to the city. The new clinic has treatment facilities which may be helpful to her crippled condition.  She will be staying at Mom Virginia Taylor’s commune.

As she had 2 bags and a sleeping bag and cannot walk without help I asked a security guard to get a young man to help her while I carried her luggage.  He designated Marvin Wideman whom I did not recognize then.  Marvin showed his distaste for the task.  I should have taken the time to explain to him about the service he would be performing, but I thought he would have a feeling of pride at having helped a handicapped person and I was in a hurry to go outside.  I went ahead.  I found that Tom Partak had come up and Marvin, according to Viola, instantly left her to Tom’s care.  Viola said he had been very disinterested and barely took her finger.  When Maud Perkins had suggested to him that he was going too fast, for Viola he said, “Shut up, you bitch.”

Christians took us home.

We had something to eat.

Viola said both she and Ray had been very unhappy at Mary Wotherspoon’s, as they felt Mary took advantage of the patients and of two black seniors from LA who helped with the work.  She demanded too much of the latter, Viola said, and the food was unappetizing and inadequate, as Mary was attempting to make as great a profit as possible for the church.  I suspect Mary on her side had probably had trouble with Viola who may not be well adapted to living in a communal situation.

We went to bed about 3.00.


18 April – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 9.00.


Prepared breakfast: grapefruit, pancakes, egg, sliced beef.

Viola told me more of activities of people in the Valley.

I washed dishes.

Wasn’t ready when Bob called about 11.20, as I had been slowed up by Viola’s conversation. I took another ten minutes.

At the gate to the parking lot, 2 young men were provided as escorts to Viola to help her in getting across the yard.  I took her bags to the clinic we now have back of the stage. Although it was not clear where she would stay during the service as the clinic is used all day.

Though it was open house today, I found a good seat.

When Jim came out, he told of an article coming out Monday. He took an offering, preached on resurrection.  Jesus never did anything for Harlem and Watts.  Told what he does for the people.

Ragtime played while people danced onstage, including six preachers.

Tim Tupper Jones introduced LA children, who did:
“Get Away,” “Jackleg Preacher,”
Choir and band sang and played.
Kenya Dancers – little girls.
African Dancers
Black Velvet, Do It Again, Smile, We Have Each Other and a song
Dedicated to children.


Join the Church

Touch the altar.

We went downstairs without returning to our seats.  I had to go back for my coat and missed Pearl Gray, who was going to give me a ride home.  Christians were going home but I didn’t know where the car was.  I started to walk, got as far as Divisidero and Turk when the Christians overtook me.

I ate leftovers.

Pressed clothes.

Lay down for half an hour an dozed.

Came back with Christians at about 7.00.

Films had been shown during the break and “Night and Fog” was just ending.

Jim came on the podium.  LA people are to return unless they are distributing newspapers.  Jim directed the organization of the newspaper distribution.  Children are to work after school.  Several cars were already being used.  Others were called for.

Those who hadn’t written letters were told to write them now.  I volunteered to help.  One I helped was a 13 year old boy who did very well except for misspellings.

Report on security personnel sent up to the Valley to guard our property.  Various young men up for various misdemeanors.  Arthur Davis was one, Gary X [Johnson] another.  Jim read an excerpt about the printing and distribution of Uskra in Russia. Tom Fitch, George Holsam.

In the midst of this inquiry, Jim took a second offering.  The first had been taken while I was helping people write letter.

LA and Bakersfield people left.  Jim urges everyone to stay who possibly could to continue delivery of newspapers.

When the LA people left, Jim asked for young people in back to move forward into the first three rows.  They were reluctant and slow to obey and he became furious.  He was obviously extremely tired and sad because what he does for us is not appreciated by so many.

Danny Beck, Elliott Tardy, Clarence Klingman.

Billy Jones [Dean] had been nasty when asked to work going to bed.  Attitude poor on newspaper delivery.

Clarence Klingman won’t obey, talks back.  Danny Beck combed hair in sink and won’t clean it out.  Hassan Smith and Elliott guilty of same.  Barbara Smith, his mother, is said not to give him any structure.  Carol Stahl says he sleeps through every service.  Jim orders him moved from East House.  Jim decided these children should with a toothbrush, soap and water and clean all steps, showers etc.  All night adult supervisors, if any trouble do it again tonight.

Emmett Griffith, Jerry Rhea and companion found together in balcony 4.00 in morning of youth groups program, Emmett has very bad attitude though Jim has him in mind for great responsibility, has fervor, potential as bulldozer operator, in p.l.  Jim says he must prove himself, because everyone will think this is the way to get privileges.  Clara says he is needed in high school as leader.  He wanted to be down here. He told him to straighten up and prove himself.

Jerry Rhea admitted his fault, promises to change his behavior.  Doesn’t have outside job, his commitment should be stronger.

In a brief meditative period, Jim saved Mabel Johnson from going by a stroke tonight.

The meeting was dismissed at 11.00.  I learned from Maude Perkins that Melvin Wideman had been the young man who was so uncooperative about helping Viola last night.  Christians left promptly.

I washed dishes.

Ate a little custard pie made by Vernetta and read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00.


19 April – 1976 – Monday
Dorothy phoned that her son had had to do some work on the car so she would be later.  She didn’t arrive for an hour.  She was very nervous and tired all day.  She said she had worked in her garden and done some macramé.

O’Neill was ill and Garb gave us both work.  I did a memo for Casper Weinberger’s signature with two pages of attachments which were time consuming.

The weather was warm.

At noon I ate at my desk, then went to the office supply company on Mission and examined the Royal portable electric typewriters.  They carry two of different carriage lengths.  They quoted the different prices.  I paid my utility bill.

Went home with Betty at 5.30.


Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from about 10.00 to 12.30.  Read newspapers.  Ate some toast and salami.

Went to bed at 2.00.


20 April – 1976 – Tuesday
As Betty Barclay had to appear in court today in connection with financial matters involved with custody of her daughter, I had arranged with Lisa Layton to pick me up.  Lisa came at about 7.45.  Tom Adams was with her, going to Berkeley for his classes. I had Lisa drive down O’Farrell, on to Market and then to Beale, so that she could get on the Freeway.

I was busy all day, had scarcely time to make Monday’s journal entry and didn’t get any time to fill in loose ends on some previous entries.

Had to type over one page I had done for Garb, as I had erased the Mag Card.  Worked several hours for Braman.  Typed several pages and had to xerox copies and send out in mail.  His directions are never very clear, either.  Made some corrections on a contract for Fred Abbott and at the end of the day some corrections on a contract for Rita Schuman on which Dor had been working all day.  As usual Rita’s work had been more terrible than anyone else’s.  Her instructions are not complete, and she continues to made changes.

I ate lunch sitting on PG and E steps.  The weather was warm.

I phoned Glenn Hennington for a ride home.  My idea was that I might accompany him in whatever transportation he had.  However, he phoned me back in the afternoon, having arranged for the commune car to pick me up.  It was driven by Peter Wotherspoon.  I was to wait at the Wells Fargo Bank from 5.00 on.  After I had been there for some time, Carolyn Looman came.  When the car finally came about 5.30, Judy Flowers and 2 others besides Peter were in it.

I exercised.

Mrs. Heitmeier, to whom I had reported my frayed lamp cord, although she had been negative about getting it repaired, came up with tape and took care of it.  She told me the apartment house has been sold and the new owners were going to rent the apartments unfurnished.  She said she had been asked to stay on as manager, but didn’t know whether she would.

Ate dinner. Prepared food for tomorrow.  Cooked the oxtails I had bought with vegetables in an oven casserole.

Did not start work on my journal until late but finished 4 pages about 12.30.

Read newspapers.  Went to bed about 2.00.


21 April – 1976 – Wednesday
Betty phoned a little after 7.00 and I told her I wouldn’t be going to work this morning as I had a medical appointment.

I ate breakfast and dressed.

Walked to O’Farrell Street to the Kaiser Medical Building for my appointment at 9.20 with Dr. Charles Herbert.  I was first examined by Dr. Herbert.  To him I explained the two matters which were troubling me: the cramps I get in the legs at night and the discharge from my throat.  He ordered a number of lab tests.  I had an electrocardiogram.  Samples of blood and urine were taken and a chest x-ray made.  Sometimes I had considerable waits and 3 times I had to remove my clothes and put them on again.  After I had seen the doctor, I had phoned Dor to see how busy she was.  I could have finished the required tests another day.  Dor told me to continue.

I got through at 1.00 o’clock.  Had intended to take a taxi to the Bart station on Market, stopping to eat my lunch at the park on Turk Street. Took Bart to Montgomery Street, then walked to Bechtel’s arriving about 3.00.

Betty Vasil had brought some jonquils for Dor and me, in observance of National Secretary’s day.

I had made some errors in the ATS corrections I did Tuesday.  Dor had corrected those on Rita Schuman’s contract, for Rita wanted a printout today. She kept making changes in the document.  I corrected the errors in Abbott’s contracts.

Betty took me home, starting half an hour after the close of business.  I got home about 6.00.

I distributed to each of the apartments in the building a copy of the latest issue of the Temple newspaper, putting them under the doors.

Ate some of the food prepared last night.

Changed clothes.

Christians left for the service about 7.45.

Got a seat easily as attendance was sparse yet.

Announcements and testimonials were heard.

Jim took offering during which he told of receiving a box with white flowers and a threatening letter telling of what had happened to others.  Attempts have also been made to bribe him to desert this family so that it can be destroyed.  Others in the commune have been receiving harassing phone calls.

Jeanette Kerns has been cleared to go to Iran on a job.  The Shah is one of the worst enemies of the people.  She, he knows, had to tell everything she knows about everybody in the Temple, including her mother.  She will have to inform on everybody she encounters in Iran, but even this will not save her.

Jim described the treatment given to finks by those who use them.  Hitler had the Jews who sold out other Jews castrated and marked. “Everybody hates a fink.”

Jim had been out in the neighborhood talking to the people.  He found more respect than he sometimes receives “in here.”  He told how some communalists take advantages in wanting reimbursement for all kinds of luxuries they should do without.  Administration is going to be stricter.  Also in work performed, some do much and others are getting by without serving.

He complained of rudeness in the kitchen among the workers, rudeness to people in the food line and negative treatment received by some who work all night and haven’t time for regular meals.

Little Ronald Campbell was brought on the floor.  Even after being up all night with the toothbrush, he bit a little girl today.  Jim assigned him to work again all night.  Jim had Dave Garrison bite him so that he knows what it feels like.

Rochelle Kemp would not get up to go to school on time.  This is a pattern with her.  Jim’s decision: she’ll stay here, work all night.  Jack Beam says same applies to Jim Arthur (Jimbo) Jones [Bishop].  He himself has to wake him up.  He also has to work all night.

Poncho [Gary Johnson], one of the security guard, on floor.  He thinks he’s above menial tasks.  Had been assigned to pick up paper which had blown against the fence.  He was defensive.  Jim says at least 3 witnesses against him, don’t debate.  Ted [Holliday], security supervisor, says he’s selfish, lazy.  His mother, Mary [Johnson] Rogers, attacked him verbally, then started slapping him.  Wouldn’t stop when ordered by Jim.  Anita Kelley says she is to blame for his attitude.  She makes negative comments while working in the kitchen.  Jim says her attitude is brusque, an involved discussion took place between her, Mrs. Garrison, Millie Cunningham and Tish LeRoy about who said what about whom.  Jim said: too much gossip, not enough talking to each other.  In one instance, different accounts of what had been said could not be straightened out. Jim got a revelation that the one who is lying will be the first to have a stroke.  Poncho had been assigned to work all night.

Jim repeated his warning about suicide.  Anyone committing suicide will go back 500 generations, 10,000 years.

More letter writing has to be done tonight.  Jim had the names of those who had not written their letters.  They are to stay and write them.

A young white man had heard Claudia X, who had broken a tool while rehearsing for a skit, how to get out of paying for it.  She had reported him.  Jim assigned him the pamphleting penalty.  Jim spoke of infiltrators who are found in every organization.  We much report anyone noticed doing anything suspicious.  The infiltrators are always the ones who incite to radical behavior.  They usually leave when required to work.

Rory Bargeman (Macon) was on the floor again.  He has a bad attitude, bad grades, he’s uncooperative at school and home, dresses badly.  Jim said: this minute he’s out of Redwood Valley, stays here, works all night tonight and tomorrow.

Rita Cordell and Joyce Johnson were brought on floor for bad attitude.  Jim became infuriated at “honkey look” on Joyce’s face, as if “you’re better than us,” “as if your shit doesn’t smell.”  “There ain’t no alabaster ass in here.”  They are to be on Saturday night detail in LA.

Jim displayed a pornographic magazine which was found in he publications office in Redwood Valley.  He expressed astonishment at the content.  Said the “dicks” portrayed were plastic ones added to photographs of the people depicted.  He said: Don’t take this kind of thing to Redwood Valley.

A man from LA had done only one security shift..  He says he came up only to pass out newspapers.  He didn’t come up to work SF people ought to do.  Jim: get his toothbrush, he’s to work tonight.

The new edition of the newspaper is to go out Friday morning.  Names were taken of those who will distribute it.  Jim said we have to put out 70,000 papers a day.

Jim:  We’ll have no trouble makers in any school.  If you cause trouble in SF, we’ll transfer you to the alligator farm.

Jim took a final offering.

After a brief meditation period, the service was dismissed at 12.10.

Christians left immediately.  They told me the house they live in is being sold.  They may have to move.  If they do, they’ll move into a commune.  The rent is being raised.  They didn’t know whether Magnolia would stay.

I washed dishes.

Read newspapers.  Fell asleep in my chair and didn’t get up and go to bed until 3.00.


22 April – 1976 – Thursday
When Betty called this morning, she asked whether I could be ready fifteen minutes earlier, as she had a deadline for a letter.

I started to put on a Mag Card for Maggie, a list of requirements for the different states for the practice of engineering.

Other than that I was not very busy.

I went to the bank on my lunch hour and deposited m check and got cash.

Betty brought me home about 6.00.  I exercised.

Did personal chores and washed my hair.

Ate dinner.

Washed underwear and packed for the weekend trip.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.30.


23 April – 1976 – Friday
After getting my time card in, I did not have a minute to myself all day except at lunch.  I spent the greatest amount of time on Maggie’s project on regulations concerning engineers’ work in the various states.  I did a draft for Carolyn Thon on proposed legislation to prevent discrimination in foreign assistance programs.  Took some dictation from John Bramer on a patent matter and proofread a seven page agreement with Chuck Hedeman’s secretary.

Ate lunch on the PG&E steps, then set in the sun without my glasses so as to get the sun which was warm.

Betty did not leave after work until about 5.30.  While waiting I mentioned Betty’s income tax problems to Dorothy, found she was not very sympathetic.  She used to sit near her and heard her on the telephone, thought she had her mind too much on property and was interested in getting as much as she could from her ex-husband.

Betty meant to get on the freeway and leave it at Fell Street, as she has been doing lately, but she made a mistake and we had to go around by Monterey.  She stopped at her house to get her mail and showed me what she had moved in to each room.  Then she drove me home by way of Laguna Honda and Lincoln way.  I got home at 6.30.

I finished packing, packed food and ate and dressed.  Had to leave the dishes.

Bob Christian phoned me that his car was being used at the church, that Brother Marshall Farris would give us a ride.  I hurried and was ready to leave with then at about 7.40.  I took along with my luggage ac can of apple juice to give for the Chicago trip.  Supplies were requested on the message last night.

Not many seemed to be in service tonight.

Jim was on the podium at 9.10.  Led us in congregational singing.

Jim took offering.  His words were inspirational.

Everyone is expected to deliver newspapers.  We are giving them baby food to start with, but later on the fare will be stronger.

A film of the organizing of black workers in Detroit was shown.  The sound was not very clear.

(1) Can we trust Tom Hayden?  Jim: Better than Tunney, but you can’t depend on traditional parties.

(2) The man who wanted to ask about witchcraft when the reporter was here tried again.  Jim stopped him, annoyed after having tried twice to get him on the subject.  Remarks on “stupid religion.”

(3) Possibility of coalition between back and white workers.  Jim: not much yet but if they get their heads beaten in together it would help.  The only way for the workers to win is to overcome racism.

(4) Joicy Clark asked about statement about Ford being stupid.  Jim said he doesn’t have a very good memory but then the American people don’t have a very good memory.  Red-baiting is a real danger.  Cited Rockefeller, suggestion to Jackson’s staff member being a con.  Reagan’s charge that Ford soft on communism,  I cannot see an orderly transition to socialism in this country.  Can if the people were united.

You have no choice.  Cleaver and Patty Hearst aren’t safe.  Cleaver now in jail, though he sold out.

(5) Progressive Labor Party sincere?  Jim: Trouble with all these parties they unwilling to follow one leader.  Go 40 different ways.  We have been more successful than any of them.  Got out many more political prisoners.  Socialists unwilling to face defeat.  Unfair to tell people America is sure to become socialist.  They have to have an alternative.  That’s why I built a p.l. Some won’t work in the church. While the church is the obvious place to work, the leadership is always on an ego trip. They won’t separate the silver from the lure of capitalism.  Some of you are wearing diamonds.  Some of you still smoke.  Don’t trust anyone who can’t stop smoking.  Some of you would sell out if you couldn’t eat for two days.  He spoke of teeth wiring.  I’ve got a damn bitch in here who can’t even lose with her mouth wired shut.  He talked of sex.  I don’t trust anybody to fuck.  Bring the money back except me.

Last night Mayor Freitas, Sheriff here talking about how good Jim Jones is.  Got it on the record.  Jim explained how he got politicians to talk about Jim Jones.  Use it on TV when the newspaper attacks.  They thought they’d talk about community problems. Sheriff wouldn’t go away.  His life is empty.  Why I turned down Human Rights Commission post.  They just talk.  Want Planning Commission, an airport Commission.  Get jobs for you.

Talked about Coca-Cola revolutionaries.  Why should my older people go to jail on account of lazy, good for nothing young mother fuckers.

More on sex.  Advantage woman has man can’t think about it and washing at same time.

On Jesus and Mary.  Believe in God. Trouble with blacks.  “God must not like me.”

“Why does this happen to me?”  Got to get God out of their minds.  The almighty should have left his dick in his drawers.  They’re letting all these god damn gurus come over here from India.  Teach there is no reality.  Matter doesn’t exist.

On the Bible.  Poison.  Went through creation story, pointing out its absurdity, explained he had 15 new people, hadn’t taught this for weeks.  Some here think Jesus is coming, say “pray for me.”

After a healing session, Jim dismissed the meeting at about 1.00 o’clock.

We were delayed a long time as the buses were blocked in the parking lot.  When number 3 did get out, it was driven up in a different place than usual and I was late in getting on. Young people already boarded and since there was a hug crowd because of Jim’s demand that everyone not working should got to LA.  I had a hard time getting a seat.  Marie Lawrence displaced a young person next to her.  Thus the relationship between us was improved.

When people were settled on the bus, I got off and ate my lunch.

The buses did not leave until 4.00.


24 April – 1976 – Saturday
We arrived at Buttonwillow at 9.30, having made exceptional time.  I didn’t run as we were warned the stop might be short.  I washed, at my food, brushed m teeth.

The buses left at 10.30.  I talked with CJ [Jackson] who took the offering.  He is leaving  his job with the arbitration service next Wednesday.  Didn’t give any details.  He is going on the Chicago trip.  He and the family are living in the Temple commune.  Paulette is taking care of a girl baby, Georgia, whom they may adopt.  CJ spoke in general terms of adaptation to communal life.  I read the CIA book for an hour, then slept until we arrived at LA at 1.00.  Marie slept most of the time and we had little conversation.

I dressed.

Went to the annex and spoke again to Mike Rozynko about getting a new membership card, as I had been told I needed no card by both Yolanda Williams and Tish LeRoy.  He consented to take the picture and hold the card until he had consulted Tish.

I got into the service while announcements were being made.

Jim entered about 3.00.

During testimonial, massive joy at testimonial of young man, Elihue [Ellihue] Dennis, who was saved from a jail sentence by Jim.  His mother, Orde Dennis, who ushers at head of the right aisle collapsed in gratitude.

African Dances.

Jim read statistics on calamitous world economy.  Nation is faced with food shortage of first magnitude.  Next winter when the people are hungry, racism will rise.

Offering.  American people are apathetic, indifferent and stupid.

Question period.
(1) Earthquake in LA predicted by Bureau of Reclamation.  Bakersfield will be a lake and thousands will die in LA area – true?  Jim: yes, why do you think I’ve been centering my people in San Francisco.

(2) On economic situation in US.  Jim: true, very bad.  War and war industry. Means unemployment.  Will have to have a dictatorship.  Machines can do the work of people. Only one thing to do with excess population, kill them and that’s exactly what they’ll do. 85% of the people in this country think blacks should not even be here.  Wait until the banks close.  Telling you desperately get your money in the commune so that we can put it into the p.l.  But most people are stone-headed and trust in the Lord.  Jim explained Jesus’ doctrines, that I am the only God there is, if you’ve seen me, you’ve seen God.  People alone are God.

(3) Brother Mercer. Question on Kissinger in Africa.  Jim: He’s the State Department clown. People just laugh at him.  He might get killed.

(4) Why are we showing old pictures like Scottsboro case? Jim: whipping up prejudice on purpose.  They’re be more of it.

(5) One sister who went back to old church, is sick.  Should she meditate for her? Or let her go down the drain?  Jim: get away from anybody who has once seen this heavenly manifestation and goes back.  Ichabod, the glory of God has departed.

(6) Mother Taylor.  Plan to revoke auto licenses so they will be compelled to ride the buses.  Can they?  Jim: They can do anything.  If they took you tonight, they wouldn’t bat an eye.  Doesn’t trust a German who was alive in Nazi era. We need to get away from these people and more than that, from these stupid blacks.  All black leadership has endorsed Jimmy Carter.

Jim explained our underground fight against press in SF ___ intended to come in for the kill. We have some control of officials in SF.  Bradley is frightened here and can’t do anything.  Reviewed earthquake threat.  We should be in one place and of one accord.  I’ve warned you enough, you should act.

Healing period broken by another offering.

New members came up.

Congregation came to the altar.

Meeting dismissed at 5.45.

Saw Lavana James who wanted me to come home with her, but I told her Beulah [Pendleton] was expecting me.

Beulah, the children and I got a ride in a car of a woman who was taking Debbie Schroeder to her home.  Debbie said she was living with Martha Klingman and the Klingman children on Buchanan Street.  She said the 2 younger children didn’t give so much trouble when Clarence was not there.  However, Valisha Williams had told me she couldn’t handle Clarence and sent him home.

Beulah gave me dinner: chicken gizzards, rice, gravy, small peas, and I had an orange.

Tried to read the Friday paper but couldn’t stay awake.

Tonight the clocks are set back for daylight saving time.  I went to sleep about 10.30 standard time.


25 April – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 8.00.

For breakfast had toast, beef bacon, egg.  Beulah had beef bacon for the first time after I had spoken to her about eating pork.  She doesn’t like it.

She told me Donna Malone had stolen a radio from a man’s house.  She has a brother and sister in the custody of juvenile authorities.

Sitting in the sun on the porch, I worked on journal entries.  The weather was very pleasant, except for some smog.

Beulah lent me a turban as I lost my head scarf on coming in the Temple on Friday night.

The driver who brought us last night came for us.  When we arrived at the Temple, although there were a number of young men, no one helped Debbie with her luggage.

At the opening of the meeting Norman [Ijames] made announcements concerning the visit to the Muslim Temple today.

Jim was on the podium at 12.00.

Jim warned of economic collapse and major earthquake danger in LA.  We should enter in SF. Necessary to go to p.l. sure.  All black leaders selling us out such as supporting Jimmy Carter, who has never repudiated his remark about “ethnic purity.”  Some in this room have been informers, finks.  They will get you in the end.  Eldridge Cleaver is in church tank in Alameda County.  It’s not safe to be a fink in a prison.  Once you’ve started on the highway to freedom there’s no turning back he invented those who are disloyal now or who want to desert to repent and we will forgive you.  “it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living god.”  He may choke you.  Celebration of Jim as God as followed.

If thou wilt be perfect, sell all.  You will not see God until free from all impurities, attachments to family, houses and money.

While taking the offering, Jim tried to recruit a busload of LA people to come back to help with newspaper distribution.  Only 21 were achieved and he decided they should come back with us instead of on a special bus.

Healings, including several cancers.

Another offering, then he continued healing.

Reception into church.

Jim asked all who were not communal to come to the altar.  Communal people could leave baby the side door and go directly to the buses.  We would not return to the temple after going to the Muslim service.  Bag lunches would be put on the buses.  We left the Temple about 3.00 and arrived at the Muslim Temple about 3.30.  Left our purses and coats on the buses.  The Muslim Temple would not hold all our people and we were seated gradually, as space was made for us.

The greater portion of their service was a recording of a sermon which had begun before we arrived.  About all I got from it were references to Old Temple figure.

At the end Jim was presented and he talked for about 2 minutes, emphasizing this dislike for the Christian religion.  The title “Christ Church” in our name was, he said, “a masquerade.”

Their service was over at about 5.30.  We boarded the buses.  I changed my clothes on the bus.  We did return to the Temple because we didn’t have enough bag lunches for all and to allow us to go to the bathroom.

An offering on the bus was taken by Lee Ingram who said a crisis had arisen which necessitated Jim’s going back immediately after the Muslim meeting.  He did not say whether he was driven or flew.  Because of the crisis extra funds were needed.  I gave a dollar which I had intended for the bus offering.

The buses left about 6.00.  I read the CIA book.

Another offering was taken by C.J. (Jackson) to whom I gave three dollars.   I tried to sleep but the bus was terribly crowded; the children in the aisle brushed up against me.  Babies cried.  I did not succeed in getting to sleep before we reached the rest stop at 8.30.  We were told we had 15 minutes only to go to the bathroom.

When we boarded the buses again, we had received a message from the staff that (1) we were in a serious crisis and would have to take another offering and (2) as many as possible should go to the Gold Room when we arrived in SF at 3.00 and work on letters.  C.J. took charge of getting people to volunteer for both.  He gave us a long speech about sacrifice on the battlefield which was much overdone.  I had already given more than usual and felt my work would suffer if I missed sleep from 3.00 to 6.00, especially since it was obvious I wasn’t going to get much on the bus.  I did not give or pledge more and did not sign up for letter writing.

Later word came through that 2 articles about Jim and the Temple were appearing in the Monday paper exactly as Jim had predicted, that they were on the whole favorable and only those who had not written previously should go to the Gold Room to do so.

I managed to sleep 3 hours at most on the rest of the journey.  Marie changed places with me to ease her arthritis, but she moved a great deal.

We arrived at 3.00.

Christians took me home.  We joked about C.J. and my feelings improved somewhat.

I washed Friday’s dishes and unpacked.

Went to bed at 4.00 and slept well until my alarm rang at 6.00.


26 April – 1976 – Monday
Got up at 6.00.

After Betty dropped me this morning, as usual I bought a Chronicle.  On the second page found the articles about Jim and the Temple, as described by Jim except that I saw no refer to the individuality of our members which he had mentioned.  In general I thought the articles of our members which he had mentioned.  In general I thought the articles quite friendly, with no apparent attempt to emphasize any elements which would arouse hostility.

Spent three hours on Maggie’s Mag Card job on professional engineering requirements of the different states, finishing the list itself.  In some cases I had had to improve Maggie’s English and I had taken a good deal of trouble to make the format attractive and logical.

I transcribed the dictation Breman had given me Friday.

Ate lunch at my old desk.

Worked on the weekend’s journal entries, though I had been able to get most of them nearly complete.

Ron Hartsough asked whether I could stay for 15 or 20 minutes.  I consulted Betty Vasil who suggested I keep a record of the time I spend and accumulate it.  As it happened it took me an hour to get the dictation down and transcribe it to Mag Card and run it off with the copies he wanted.  He also wanted distribution copies put in the inter-office mail.  Betty had to wait for me.

The craft workers’ strike still continues and with it the Muni is also not running, so I have the attendant disadvantages.  Most important is not to be able to get to the Coop for grocery shopping then three nights a week Betty doesn’t leave on time and I lose as much as an hour.  Not getting my paper read on the bus coming and going, I have to read it at night and usually do not finish it.  I have to walk to the bank and do not get errands done for which I need transportation on my lunch hour.  I depend on Christians completely for transportation to and from the Temple and cannot do either earlier or later than they do, should I have some special need.  One way I have not suffered is in the matter of expense.  I give Betty 75¢ for parking fee every other day which works out to less than a Muni pass or paying  Muni fare.

Prepare food, ate and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal for 9.00 until 11.30.  I made good progress.

Read newspapers.  I was very tired.

Went to bed at 11.30.


27 April – 1976 – Tuesday
Wrote a cover memo for the list of engineering requirements of the various states for Maggie.

Just before lunch Dor had me start entering a contract of the National Iranian Oil Company for Fred Abbott on Mag Card for later transfer to ATS.  Though Nora and I intended to see the film in the employees’ series and we wanted to get there on time, but Dor kept me until I had reached a stopping point.

The film was called “Paint” and showed a history of man’s development and use of this material since caveman days.

I spent the afternoon on the Mag Card and in the last hour started to feed the cards into the ATS computer.  Betty wanted to go early, as she had an extra errand to do in Marin County, but again Dor was reluctant to let me go.  I did get away as soon as one page was played out.

Mailed a loan payment and a deposit to the Coop Credit Union and sent Leo McClatchy  a check for $20 for making out my income tax return.

Betty has been exploring different routes and the one which seems to work the best is to go up Harrison to 7th and then on to the freeway, coming off at Fillmore.  We made it last night by 5.30 which was extraordinary, as we had 3 long blocks to walk to the parking lot.

In various conversations throughout the day, mostly with Dor and Betty, I learned of bad feeling between Nora and Shirley Wong, both working in the file room and circumstances concerning Wanda Randle, John Stewart’s secretary. Stewart is in Saudi Arabia for 6 weeks or so and Rumor has it that Wanda may become Hartsough’s secretary.  Chuck Stiles tried to fan Betty’s jealousy over what probably would be a promotion.

I exercised.
Prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Typed in journal from 9.00 until 11.00.  Was working on a difficult portion and did not make very good time.

Mended the blouse Beulah had given me.  Some of the seems had ripped.

Read newspapers.

Fell asleep again in my chair and did not go to bed until 2.00.
28 April 1976 – Wednesday
I finished feeding the contract on Mag Cards into the computer under Dor’s direction.  Dor then showed me how to put the heading, cover page and table of contents in.  I learned the system fairly well.

Dor held me up for a half hour or more while she discussed her intense aversion to homosexuality with an electrician working in the office.  This discussion arose out of a newspaper item concerning the murder of a homosexual in the Castro district and her remark to the effect that it was “good riddance.”

I went to the PG&E building for the SFSU Bicentennial lecture, which was given by Peter Carroll of the history department.  He spoke on the sense of belonging.  The talk was philosophical and non-controversial; no questions were asked.  I ate my lunch while listening.

Although Dor had no new work to do, she spent no time on her records.  Part of the time she worked on puzzles and part of the time she talked to me. I didn’t have any work to do either, but couldn’t get much done on journal entries or anything else.

Betty didn’t leave tonight until 5.30.  Wanda Randle in her supervisor’s absence in Saudi Arabia had been unavailable for 6 hours or so yesterday.  Betty had been the occasion of this coming to the attention of Betty Vasil and Bob Garb.  Wanda learned about it and expressed her displeasure to Betty.

I was home by 6.00.

I prepared and ate dinner.

Dressed for the service.

Washed dishes but did not rinse them.

Christians called at 7.40.

Few people were in the Temple when we arrived.  Many members were delivering newspapers.  Others were out on special assignment.

Rides, announcements, volunteering of food for Saturday and Sunday, testimonials.

Bob Christian spoke of the newspaper article, which was intended to destroy us but through Jim’s power said nothing but good contents predicted by him.

Supreme Court upheld law against grandmother keeping grandchildren.  People can have only their own children.  36 states have such laws.

Jim declared that people in communes must be in services and go on Temple trips.  Don’t tell me where you’re going and then ask for protection.  If you don’t want to be in the army of the free, go out and be in the army of the oppressor.

Commendations.  Joe Wilson.

Gertrude Nailor-letter writing and other projects.

William Klingman- school work good, but attitude needs improvement.  “C” in citizenship.  Grades  in honor category.  Jim admonished him to bring his conduct up to the level of his grades.

Clarence Klingman.  Continues to give us problems. Lousy attitude day after staying up all night.  Attitude bad about passing out newspapers.  Bad example for brothers.  Going first year meaning nasty honky reports.  Jim had him kneel and kiss feet one hundred times of Debbie Schroeder, whom he had bad-mouthed.  Work again all night. Didn’t volunteer to pass out newspapers. Penalty for Clarence, clean spots out of rugs, wash chairs and stove.

Tommy Moore found $30, turned it in.  Jim gave him $2.

Chris Johnson.  Works with animals, does three hours security every day.

Gloria Rodriguez taking responsibility in publications.

Michael Francis acting up in class.  Teacher wants to send him to another school.  Jim warned him he is headed for jail.  He is to box and work all night in the Valley.

Isaac and another child about 4 or 5, misbehavior.  Jim decreed 20 whacks, 5 nights to work on knees cleaning. One got in a woman’s purse and got 10 more whacks.

Valisha Williams.  Solid “A’s” in high school.

Rondell Carroll. Bad attitude in services.  Little girl took bandages off, picked scabs off, spit her medicine out.

Little boy had impetigo, rubbed other children though told not to touch other children.  They’re all to work.

3 boys ran through Gold Room yelling “Fire!”  One was Rochelle’s child previously up.  Another was Tyrone [Cartmell] adopted child of Patty and Walter Cartmell.  Spanked.

Jim took another offering.

Bonnie Stahl still misbehaving.  Cries when mother has her.  Richmond spanked her tonight. Parents agree she shall be moved to another home.  She goes to Mary Wotherspoon’s and has to work Saturday night.

Patricia Petit has been bad.  She gets spanking.

Michael Francis had to fight.

Do not ask to give protection to any one not a member.  If they can make a spiritual contact, well, but if they really want my protection, they’ll get in here.

Crops in the p.l. continue to come in in abundance.

Consultant from Ministry of Agriculture came through and saw us in California.  Brought word from Minister Reid. Had flown over our land: best he has ever seen.

Piglets born, another litter expected.

Chickens coming in next week.

Greg Watkins. Derelict in guard duty. Hiding out.  Testimony that his attitude is bad.

Bay Guardian reporter we’re helping to guard.  She’s working on gang in Santa Rosa and has been helping on this assignment.  For this reason Jim merely gave him 4 hours extra duty.

Some in commune taking advantage of older people and black people.  Stop immediately.  Have to get individual clearance to stay out of meetings and home from trips.

Jim appealed for more contributions to be given.  Taking offerings is hard for him and if her had to do it for himself, he wouldn’t do it. “but it is for you.  I have to keep thinking of ways to get you to give what you should give anyway.”

Some members are visiting different cities to arrange for broadcasting of our TV program.  We are looking for an apartment house for more housing of our members.  More people will be moving up from LA.

He healed one man standing behind me.

Dismissed the meeting at 12.00.

I took to Carolyn Looman a newspaper being distributed by a woman’s group concentrating on better employment opportunities for women, gave Grace an envelope for Tim of documents I had saved for him.  Took back of my offering bucket which the workers had not collected. Talked to Garry Lambrev who is in SF now.  He is going to run the new second-hand or specialty shop in Divisidero.  Saw Mike Rozynko and got my new membership card from him.

The press has been moved from the Valley and the machines are in the Temple.  Newspapers are being handled out for delivery.

Christians had been waiting for me and Bob was coming back for me.

I got home about 12.30.

Finished the dishes.

Ate some nuts and tuna fish and toast. And read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00.

29 April 1976 – Thursday
Pressed clothes for half an hour.  I had only a piece of grapefruit and did not put up a lunch.

I worked on ATS, making corrections on Abbott’s National Iran Oil Company contract.

Went for lunch with Dor to a place I had seem advertised.  It is on the second floor in the Shell Building called, “Out To Lunch.”  It features organic vegetables and home cooking and offers a selection of foreign specialties.  It is decorated with plants and is comparatively spacious.  I had an Italian dish, tortellini, and Dor had a Greek dish, moussaka.  The vegetables were particularly tasteful.  The cost was not excessive.

I deposited my check and got some cash.

In the afternoon Rita Schuman brought back a contract on which Dor had been working for the last day or so.  She wanted some more changes. Dor let Nicky Maris do most of these as she had time to spare and had had ATS experience.  I typed on Mag Card 2 pages to be inserted in the contract.  As it turned out, Dor was not too pleased with Nicky’s work.

Betty left the office on time.  She said Wanda Randle is now working for Ron Hartsough.  Betty let me off at Sears and I looked at their electric portable.  The Royal on which they had quoted me a low price was disappointing.  They had some much better appearing machine at prices approximately $269 to $299.  I decided to consider the matter further.  The store was about to close anyway.

I walked home.

Continued pressing clothes until I had enough for a week or two.

I did personal and household chores and washed my hair.

I ate dinner.

Washed underwear.  I was very late and tired.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.30.


30 April – 1976 – Friday
Started a long project for Maggie, listing the responsible engineers for Bechtel projects in each state in alphabetical order, using a separate page for each state.  This required not much typing but continual attention to indentation.  I put this on Mag Card.

I wrote a 2-page letter to send to my sisters and organized material to send with it.

Ate my lunch at my desk.  Went to the post office and had the material weighed which I am going to send to my sisters.

In the afternoon I got some time to assemble the material.  In addition to the 2 page letter (which I ran off on Mag Card) I prepared a copy to send to each sister of the recitation given by Yvette Muldrow which I had corrected and put on Mag Card and xeroxed copies of the Temple newspaper items about Jim and the Temple.

Had to do my shopping and house cleaning tonight because of Weinberger luau tomorrow.   Borrowed the cart from Magnolia and shopped at Petrini’s.  Bought mostly cans of vegetable juice for a diet I’m going on next week.


Cleaned house.  Did a thorough.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed.  Very tired.


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PT Activities/Events
A Night in Guyana program [Youth fund project]
African Dances
Temple Broadcast: Sat 11:30am
East House, RV
Lift Every Heart and Sing song
Kenya Dancers
Visit to Muslim Temple Service, SF (April 4, 1976)
Visit to Muslim Temple Service, SF (April 11, 1976)
Visit to Muslim Temple Service, SF (April 25, 1976)
Visit to Muslim Temple Service, LA (May 23, 1976) [planned]
Message to Jackleggers
New Birth Dancers
Newspaper Distribution(s)
p.i. = promised land
Peoples Forum
Specialty Shop, Divisadero
Theft 4/4/76 from Edith’s Rented car
Trip: Chicago 2 May for Service, w/W Muhammad [planned]
United We Stand song

Temple Members in JT



Non Temple Names
Dennis Banks
Bay Guardian Reporter
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Richard Boyle (running for State Senator)
Peter Carroll, Hist Dept SFSU Lecture
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Shah [Saudi Arabia?]
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Andrew Young

Edith’s Sisters/Relatives


Bechtel / People / Edith Work
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Consultant, Ministry of Agric, Guyana.visits SF
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National Secretarial Day
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SFSU American Issues Forum (weekly at Bechtel)

Bay Guardian
Peoples Forum
SF Chronicle
SF Examiner
Playboy Magazine (Mocked Cecil Williams)
KGO-TV (sent us drug addicts for rehab)

[Temple] our TV Program
“Vibrations” Jim on Cecil Williams TV show April 18, 4pm

“African Drought” film
Joe Hill Film
Katanga (UN Video)
Malcolm X film
Night and Fog film
“Paint” at Bechtel employees series film

Nation of Islam


Places US
Alameda County, CA
Bakersfield, CA
[San Francisco] Bay Area,  CA
Bay Bridge, SF, CA
Boise, ID
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