Edith Roller Journals: May 1976

Transcribed from her handwritten and typed journal notes by Don Beck (March 2009)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-2-A-9 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-2-A-9 (143)

The text transcribed here from Edith Roller’s notes has some missing words or lines due to (1) unreadable, poorly xeroxed text or (2) unreadable writing. Blanks are left in the text for these areas. As well,  [?] indicate questionable words.

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 May – 1976 – Saturday

Got up at 8.00.

Sorted the items which I was sending to my sisters. Took Magnolia’s cart to the Haight Ashbury, mailed the envelopes to my sisters, bought lettuce and celery for the Temple Sunday dinner.

Took the cart back to Magnolia’s house.


Shirley Wong [from work] and her husband picked me up promptly at 11.00.  Shirley’s husband Randy works at the post office. he drove to Burlingame in half an hour. The house is a big two story structure behind locked gates.  We decided to park outside the grounds and wait until others arrived.

Guests were escorted through the house by Casper (Cap) Weinberger.  Mrs. Weinberger, whose first name is Jane – She is a big aggressive type of woman.  To a patio where we stood and conversed.  A punch of fruit juice and rum was served. Wives and husbands had been invited. Practically all the Legal and Insurance Department employees came, about 75 people in all.

Weinberger’s son, Cap, Jr., his wife and little girl were present.  I talked at some length to Cap, Jr.  He graduated from Harvard, majored in communication. He had at one time worked for NBC and in communications for the state government, but is now operating his own firm which handles communications for private enterprises.

Met Bob Garb’s wife Linda.  She is a public health physician, manages clinics in San Francisco.  The Garbs have a three year-old.   We helped ourselves to food in a line passing through the kitchen and out the door into a recreational area with swimming pool.  Tables had been set up and caterers hired.  The luncheon consisted of salad of chicken breast and rice with white curry sauce and numerous kinds of food and coconut.  I was at a table with Nicci Nichols, Bob O’Neill, John Foster, Marie Crivello and others.

I went to speak to Dorothy Stokey, who had come in later.  Also saw Betty Barclay who was also late.  Wongs were about the last to leave.  Randy was taking photos.

I got home a little after 4.00.

I slept from 4.30 to 6.30.

Ate some macaroni, tomatoes and cauliflower.

Dressed for the evening service.

Christians called me at 8.10 and drove me to the Temple.  Bob said he had been informed he should go to Chicago tomorrow.

We arrived about 8.30.  Rides were being arranged.

After preliminary activities, announcements were made concerning the Chicago Trip.  The selected participants are to leave tonight about 1.00.  Food is being provided.  Luggage will be put under seats.  Those taking medication must bring it. There will be only one meeting.

Jim entered on the podium but took no active part at first.  He seemed sorely preoccupied.

African dancers had a new dance.

Offering.  In last offerings Jim has been giving a freighter, if not, an airplane’s our aim.  While taking offering Jim asked for volunteers to distribute newspapers tonight at 7.00.  He demanded that all children go.  Names were taken down.  Those who deliver newspapers are to get more and better food.

The Black Velvet Dancers (young men) danced and sang.

Tape of former sermon played.  Like some of your husbands, he was here yesterday, he’s coming back tonight, but he’s never here.  Their Lord was here 2 Thursdays, years ago and is coming soon.

Jim says everyone must be in seat at opening time or work it all night.  No persons without specific authorization are not to wander up and down, not to be in halls or other rooms. Complaints of a certain situation which permits some to take certain privileges. he referred to customs in some societies.  It’s that intellectuals must serve in the fields.  We are engaged in a fight for survival.  We cannot be anarchistic and hedonistic.  All investigative agencies are being given more power.  “I proved my lovingness by being there when you need me” but somebody must take hold.  The authority of the working class must be established.  He appealed to both those who believed in God and those who believe in the power of the mind.  If you’re not religious, you can see the most revolutionary acts are achieved.  Atheists are more responsive than anybody because I have made a powerful political meeting here.  There is only one group organized to take on the system.  I am the epitome of principle.  I want the religion to realize that if you believe in God, you are looking at God tonight.  If you are a socialist you know I am.

Jim meeting king from Arabia on Monday.   In the church to set the captives free.  I have invaded the church.  God is love.  You can’t have love without equality.  Equality is socialism.

Of Howard Hughes’ will, I am going to tie up that will a long time, because I am not going to let the Mormon Church have 125 million dollars.

Nation of Islam elevated the white spook to a black spook.  Prefer a black spook to a white one.

Jim threw in some profanity and obscure language.

Story of Joe Wilson.  Jail doors opened; record disappeared.

Soviets investigation of psychic.  Hope to be able to stop our missiles with mind power.

You can’t love me because I have to be too much of an authority.  You don’t want me to meddle with your fricking life.

Superstitions such as Mary’s virginity have caused our oppression.  Black people are so oppressed because they believe God doesn’t love us.  That bullshit God has got to go.  Black in misery believe their condition is God’s will.

He calls attention to those who will get upset at talk of “Fucking” and truth about God.  Won’t mislead you, it gets mighty discouraging when I still hear that bullshit.  Pray for me.

He told the buzzard skit story…
“I believe that wherever a drop of rain falls a flower grows.” Which is alright if you’re living where the rain falls.

“In the darkest night a candle glows.”  That’s a lie too, because no candle glows.

“I believe that for everyone that goes astray, someone will come to show the way.”  Not in Harlem because I’m in San Francisco.

“The smallest prayer will still be heard.”  A child is being beaten every minute.  Child abuse is the commonest crime.  800,00 young boys are forces into prostitution.  Catholics won’t let us into night ministry. And we’re going to be down there.  It’s a God-damned lie.

Why are some deformed, lack cerebral ability.

I have no delusions.  If I had a strike, you might stay a few days but if I didn’t heal myself, you’d be looking for a new leader.  I know how mean the world is.

He told the story of the ambassador’s wife in Brazil.

He’s sick of people who come up here and want a cloth for their “nature.”

Herb Caen is a socialist at heart, a closet socialist.

Patricia Hearst fucked with one man after another.  Sings about all of them like a canary.  And She’ll get out in a year, but it won’t be safe for her  to walk on Main Street.

Cleve Davis.  Wife Debra back with him again.  Coward, sell-out, fink.

God is dying all over the world.  People’s power emerging everywhere.

Harriet Tubman and the Bible.

People are tired of their living conditions.  Something is going to start.   You can feel it every time you go through a ghetto.

Declared with Love Life,  a lot of you are here because you think I’ll cause you to drop dead.

You that don’t express yourself honestly are going to suffer for it.  Everyone who believes there is a loving God, stand up.  No one.  I’m going to read about some of you in the obituary column.

Call to join the Temple by revelation.
Meeting dismissed at 1.30.

Took home Ray and Viola Godshalk.  I had promised Viola last Wednesday and Beulah Pendleton had come from LA with a child, Sheila.

Bob had a full load.  I got a ride for Ray and Viola with Marshall Farris and called a taxi.  But before it arrived, Bob came back for us.

I put Viola on the bed, Ray slept in the hall, Beulah and Sheila slept in my sleeping bag and I slept on blankets.

I had some Sanka and toast with peanut butter and toast with jam.

I went to bed at 3.30


2 May – 1976 – Sunday
I got up at 8:30.

Prepared breakfast.  We had honey dew melon, fried eggs, beef bacon, toast, jam, Sanka and I gave Sheila carob milk.  Ray helped me in the kitchen.

I washed dishes.


Viola told me the Beam convalescent home, which had been leased had closed.  Viola is living at Mom Taylor’s commune.  She rooms with Mom Taylor.  Viola said Lela Murphy and Marceline LeTourneau room together. Both have independent means and buy extra food for themselves, which they eat behind closed doors.  The communes which used to serve their breakfasts and lunches now come to the Temple for three meals a day, which causes considerable expense and personnel transporting people and trouble going through security checks.

I called a taxi to take us to the Temple service a little after 11.00.  With tip the charge was $2.45.

Most people were in their seats by 12.00 and the early activities were conducted more expeditiously than usual.

So many new offering workers have been recruited that I told Cardell Neal that I didn’t think I was needed in San Francisco.  Today an offering bucket was not brought to me.

Jim came on the podium at 1.10.

After the choir sang he took an offering by sum, though Dale Parks had taken it with inadequate results.  Jim stated that 1700 prisoners have been released through our efforts.

Black Velvet Dancers and African Dancers performed.

Tape of former sermon given on day after all members of black family murdered in New Jersey.

After complaining of religious atmosphere, Jim called for some jazz rag notes and break up this shit.  Many got up on stage and danced.

Question: (1) Brother Mercer.  Reports of asbestos in drinking water.  Jim: no doubt true, results of capitalistic statement that several million people will die in India and this must be accepted, for 60 days all on Temple telephones were taped.  Hired by Kinsolving.  Undoubtedly paid for by CIA.  Wouldn’t have been known except for one worker who told.  She was threatened by loss of job.  Children are dying of lead poisoning in every city.  People are freezing to death because of collusion by oil companies.  MLK [Assassination]  if you can’t believe this, it’s because you’re getting put off with a little bounty.  Bay of Tonkin incident was a big lie.  We’re already getting threatened because of our newspaper statements.

Joe spoke directly at visitors.  They should have been better prepared on what to expect.  I hate church with a passion.  All the generals, big executives have socialism, but they don’t want you to have it.

People going to Chicago left at 2.30.

Jim covered a number of subjects for newcomers including four letter words, bait  (how many healed), King James Bible.

Woman who said she didn’t cuss because she depended on him to do it for her.

I don’t feel anything but hate for those who hurt other people.  I don’t use violence because it doesn’t work.  CIA teaches people to do anything in defense of capitalism, on Angela, one of the most honest, kindest people I’ve ever known.

We take care of people who pray to God, think I am the anti-Christ.

On Women’s lib.

Advice to greeters: tell them what kind of honest person I am.

On Jesus: let a woman anoint his feet with oil worth a year’s wages,

I’m going to kill this god-damned shit so we can do something else.  Work on newspaper, rescue children who are being prostituted because they don’t have a father. I can’t do anything about this religion addiction, don’t know how to reach them.  Suggests classes for them, give them back on lies in the Bible.  They won’t even admit they think the Bible has no lies in it.

We have a problem.  The young (not actual little young but atheist) and the traditionally theological, who have just substituted me for God.

Sometimes regrets he didn’t just go along with religion and healing fame and not try to teach.  When you straightened people out they don’t respect you.  I feel like I’m dying of shit.  I’m drowning in it.  I going to break this up.  Why can’t we get a socialist movement?  We’ve got to follow somebody.

Jim decided to give another 15 minutes to trying to explain the logic of anti-religion.  Went through lies in the Bible.

Jim insists on those who still believe in a loving God asking him a question. All he gets is defenses.  No one will ask a question.  Jim calls them hypocrites.  Can’t help but be changed by what they have heard.  Do not come back but will suffer from not facing the truth.

Savannah Williams mother died when she was 7, questioned why he allowed it.  She asks does he believe in resurrection after death.  He says he’ll raise her if she dies.

One guest finally asks about members who speak of the Lord and Jim Jones at the same time.  Jim: You are right. Don’t mention the two together, another was confused about using name of Jesus and Jim.

Jim says blasphemy to call on Jesus, as well as Jim.  Nothing more substantial from visitors.


Jim took another offering, giving special blessing to those who give.

Service was dismissed about 6.30.

I started to walk home, was over taken by Georgia Lacey who was going to get gas in her car.  She took me all the way home.

Today I am starting a fruit juice, buttermilk and fruit diet until Friday night in order to take off a few pounds.  I have vegetable juice, buttermilk, a tangerine and an apple.

Started back, walking at 7.30.  Though the evening meeting was scheduled for 7.30, I thought they could not start before 8.00.  I took about half an hour.

Rides were being arranged.

Lee Ingram reported only a few young people passed out newspapers.  All those who had not done so were called on the floor.  Jim was very angry.  Called them “God damned lousy assholes.”  Each was asked to give an excuse.  This newspaper might mean your freedom or not.  Jim said he hoped that the fascists would torture him so that they would go hungry.  They are too damned lazy.  One girl had pretended to have crazy fits.  Jim said “It ain’t nothing but orneriness.”  She tried to pull a fit before important guests.  When prevented she said  “Fuck the cause.”  Pat Holland, Jerry Rhea’s girlfriend, accused by Penny Kerns of bad attitude.  Jim said he never had seen a smile on her face.  Jim had names taken down of those whose excuses passed.  Many had left numerous newspapers at one address.  Jim passed along the line to ascertain which had lied.  Guilty ones to work until 3.00 those who had lied, to 6.00.

Jim said he had seen many other kinds of misbehavior: stealing, sex play.  Each has to bring in $25, allowance reduced until they have paid.  A special bus to come from Redwood Valley to work on Wednesday, newspapers to be passed out every night at 5.30.  Jim said those who were faithful should see “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Jim: John Maher [Delancey St.] says Peoples Temple is the most talked about group in the city.  Everybody respects them for their power. Newspaper is a brilliant idea.

Mary Griffith singled out for additional misbehavior.  She is still stealing.  Jim’s decision: send her to the p.l. [promised land] to work or she’s going to be in serious trouble.  She is going to be out of the settlement proper, meanwhile report to Temple every night this week.  She stole money from Zippy Edwards, a coat from Judy Ijames.  She is to sleep one hour, work all night, sleep another hour and  go out on buses.

Newspaper distribution to be made in Redwood Valley and Ukiah.  Volunteers will meet tomorrow with Rita Tupper to map the area.

Jim took offering.

Jerry Rhea.  Jim asked him if her had told his mother she didn’t need to send him money because he was communal.

Hugh Doswell.  His child Anthony manipulated to get out of service.  Hugh excused him by saying he had kidney problems.  Hugh’s own behavior in service is affecting his child.  Jim requested him to stay away from his child.

Commendations given, including all of Jim’s sons.

Billy Jones. 20 whacks. Work all night
Thurman Guy. 20 whacks,  with other youngsters out of hand on bus from LA.
Mickey Carroll. Acting up and crying 10 whacks, work all night.

Gloria Rodriguez, Tim Clancy, for excellent work on publicity.

Some Los Angeles young people to be disciplined for misbehavior by standing in front on bus all night.

Clarence and William Klingman in difficulty again Clarence got 30 whacks, same discipline tonight as Mary Griffith.  William got 10 whacks.

Jim left pulpit.  Jack Beam took over Jerry Rhea case.  He is to get money back from mother and make $200 a month.

Jack took another offering.

Jim came back to say farewell.  Greater love hath no man than I have for you.  Left at 11.00.

The meeting was dismissed soon after.

Christians took me home.

I read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.00.


3 May – 1976 – Monday
Finished list of engineers in various states for Maggie, started in a compilation of engineering rules and regulations of the various states for her.  Put these on MagCard for entry into ATS.

At lunchtime I went to Bechtel library and looked up electric portable TVs in Consumer Reports.  The latest information I could find was 1971 and so was not too helpful.  They said quality control was a problem and recommended thorough tryout on individual machine before guarantee expires.  A TV which works on a battery as well as electrical current may be available.

I ate my lunch on PG&E steps.  Had buttermilk and an orange.

Betty left on time.  She said Braman had been particularly demanding and also offensive.  She has talked to Betty Vasil about making a change.

I exercised.

Had vegetable juice which I heated, soft-boiled eggs, honey dew melon.

Typed in my journal 8.30 to 11.30 and did pages.

Read newspapers. Had some grapefruit juice and 2 apples.

Went to bed at 2.00.


4 May – 1976 – Tuesday
Had a hard day.

Did some memos for Maggie.  She asked me not to correct any of her memos.  I think she resents me as an English teacher.  Dor told me to leave her work strictly as she wrote it, even if glaringly incorrect.

I continued with Maggie’s project on engineering rules and regulations.

At noon Dor went with me to see the film in the employee’s series, “A World Within a Grain of Sand.”  It was about the Corning Glass Company and was not as impressive as we had hoped.

In the afternoon Rita Schuman brought in some straight typing, a Consultant Agreement and Dor put one on it.  I did it on MagCard.

Shirley Wong had made arrangements to have her husband take me home on Tuesday and Thursday to save Betty from having to go out of her way on nights she goes to Marin County.  Randy picked me up at 5.00.

I exercised.

Had vegetable juice, an egg and fruit.

Typed in my journal from 8.00 to 11.00.  Finished typing and proofed the 17 to 31 July section.

Read newspapers.  It was cold today.  I had fruit juice which increased my feeling of being cold as there was not much heat in the afternoon.

Went to bed at 2.00


5 May – 1976 – Wednesday
Had another hard day, though not as bad as yesterday.  Finished the consultant agreement for Rita, ran it off and proofread it.  Then continued with the ATS work on state engineering requirements.  Dor was busy too and Nicci helped her with a tape.  I had a hard time getting the letter written to KFAX congratulating them for the Peoples Temple Forum program on Saturday.

Various versions about Chuck Stiles’ new job are circulating.  He told Dor and me that he was going to supervise 38 persons and was going to be very severe.  If they don’t shape up, they can leave.  Betty told me he was hired to head the Word Processing Unit, with hours form 9.00 to 4.00, a chance of overtime and an increase in salary but one cannot always believe all that Chuck says about himself.

At lunch I went to PG&E building to a SF State College lecture in the Bicentennial series.  The speaker was an English professor named Arkin.  His topic was “Rugged Individualism” and he used Mark Twain as an example, although I felt he just wanted to speak on Mark Twain.

During the afternoon, I took a break and tried to straighten out the weekend’s journal entries which were confused.

The weather was cold today.

Betty waited one half hour to leave tonight.  I got home at 6.00.  I decided not to try to sleep.  I had an egg, vegetable juice and an apple to eat.  Dressed.

Vern took me to service about 7.45 with Lorenza.

After rides were arranged, testimonials given and after the congregation and children sang, Jim entered at about 9.00.

Jim while we sang. Told some details of Chicago trip.  King of Arab nation.  Many healed.  Some coming out.  Met with Nation of Islam leader. Wonderful response from auditorium.  Jim gave them the whole truth.  If some of you would be willing to go in my stead and let me go to take the truth to others.  It’s a shame how indifferent some  are here.  Forget your selfish life, take on the Christian life.  Wish I’d stay there but have to come home and take on the little bitty, picayune problems.

Offering.  Jim disappointed at apathy.  Kept asking.  Take on another $1000.  Complained of trouble that developed when he was gone.  He had warned of accidents.

On floor Tommy Bogue, John Gardener, Brian Davis.  Brian, John and Tommy went off without permission to go skateboarding.

Karen Carr misbehaving at school. Threatened a teacher.  Studies and grades poor.  Ernestine X.  Karen has been in constant trouble. Laveria Doswell is part of the problem.  She asked to be separated from Hugh.  She took him home with her.  Jim questions her on her ambivalence.  Hugh has been sitting with children against orders.  He said he didn’t understand what he was to do, was trying to think how to write a note.  Laveria left her child unattended.  Esther Dillard, her mother, tried to blame Karen’s conduct on Laveria.  I think Karen and Ernestine are a little jealous and they wouldn’t do right no matter what influences they have. Ernestine. Can’t tell her anything.  Won’t say where she’s going or where she’s been.  Jim: though no excuse for her behavior, my decision is to move these girls to another jurisdiction.  We’ll see if their behavior improved,  They are to work all night.  Ernestine gets 3 hours off.  Tight schedule and weekly report.

Hugh was given specific instructions on how to deal with his child.

Jim Arthur Jones.  Teacher says his behavior is unacceptable.  Teases other children.  Turned [sic]

We’ve got to improve newspaper circulation from report was week old.  Got a good report today from teacher.

Ricardo Arterberry stole money from Chris Kice’s purse.  Took some money the previous week.  He’s to work tonight, to get 10 whacks.  Further reports on his misbehavior, among there he told outsiders he would get a beating at home.  Jim increased work to two nights and whacks to 28.

Tommy Bogue not back from newspaper district though Jim had said they should be back by 10.00.  Brian and John were put on floor,  Brian’s grades are good.  Brian and John told truth, Tom lied.  Jim enquired whether something could not be arranged for place for children to play in the yard.  Though John and Tommy had plenty of room to play in the Valley where they got in trouble all the time.

Jim pointed out danger of leaving grounds, can’t let then get by with this.  Work till 4.00, Tommy until 7.00.  They had plenty of opportunity to talk to council on problems.

Preston Wade commended as host on bus.

Irra Johnson excellent work for supervising work in kitchen.

Karl Smith.  Got special reading award.  Other two Smith young ones got candy also for being good in school.

List of children passing out good number of newspapers.

Tom and John had work load increased for another infraction which Jim did not mention.

Tom Grubbs request some tools for education. Jim okays.

Jim took another offering.

Sang “Deep River.”  Comparison of our situation to era of Moses.  In those days the people didn’t look for a p.l.[promised land] in the sky.  The Jordan was a real river.  Moses was probably content that he didn’t get to the p.l. as long as his people did.

Gill Scott Herron- from Yvette Muldrow, speaks on record “I Beg Your Pardon, America.”

Jim healed some people.  Meeting dismissed a little before 12.00.

I took letters to KFAX to Dick Tropp who approved it.

Had to wait a while for Vernetta.

Got home at 12.30.

News on Muni strike is encouraging but settlement depends on a decision by supervisors.  Had some grapefruit juice, an orange and cranberry and grape juice.

Read newspapers.  Went to bed at 2.00.


6 May – 1976 – Thursday
I worked the whole day in Maggie’s engineering requirements.  I took breaks twice on which I made notes on the week’s journal entries.

Chuck Stiles spent considerable time in the Center working on the ATS.  He has put in his resignation.  He expressed his hatred for CJ Galbraith, his supervisor.

I phoned the Smith-Corona firm to ask about their portable electric typewriters and particularly to inquire about a battery model.  They don’t carry it anymore.  I called the Royal Company again.  They don’t have a battery model.  They referred me to the General Office Equipment Company.

I ate at my desk.  Walked up to the bank, deposited my check and got cash.  Then I went to General Office Equipment and looked at the Adler portable electric, made by Royal in Germany.

Went home with Betty as Shirley was not going home and her husband therefore would not be coming downtown.  Betty left at 5.30.  She didn’t go to Marin County tonight.  Betty is applying for the job as Galbraith’s resigned.

I exercised.

Did housework and personal chores, washed hair.

Had vegetable juice, an egg and fruit.

Washed my underwear, 2 blouses and a tablecloth.  Didn’t get through until after 12.00.  I wanted to work on balancing my checkbook which was not straight since my purse was taken, but I was too tired .

Read newspapers. Had broth made from a bouillon cube and an orange.

Went to bed at 2.00.


7 May – 1976 – Friday
After I put my time card in this morning, I worked the rest of the day on the engineering requirements documents.  The office was very busy and several people brought more work in to Dor.  She was particularly irked at Fred Abbott who brought back a contract with picayune changes, which she had just revised for him yesterday.

Chuck and Bob O’Neill were also in to work on the ATS computer.  Nickie Morris helped Dor out as she has for the past few days, as her supervisor, Chuck Gaden is in Venezuela.  She is fairly good on the ATS and today Dor had her put some of the engineering regulations materials on the MagCard.

O’Neill told us the Chuck was in with Betty Vasil for about an hour telling her all that was wrong with the office procedures.

I made a few notes for journal entries on my break.  I never really take a break but use any spare time to do some personal work.

Ate lunch quickly at my desk and then walked over to the Safeway store on the other side of the Embarcadero on Jackson.  Bought some oranges which I’ll need to continue my diet another few days after the weekend.  I gave the clerk one of the new $2.00 bills, and I think her deliberately gave me change for only a dollar, but I had been nervous about these bills and noticed it.

Betty had some work to do for about half an hour after closing time and thus didn’t drop me off until a little after 6.00.

I straightened up the apartment, finished packing, had some bouillon, an apple and some whole wheat cereal.  I ate for lunch some food I had left in the refrigerator so that it would not spoil.

People who had been to Chicago made comments.

Jim was on the podium at 9.25.

Told about Arab leader he met.  Told extent of all creeds expressed with our church, will be visiting us.

After accident to Edith Cordell predicted by Jim, Lowell McCoy is making a good recovery though his skull was crushed.

Hotel we had in mind, owner changed his mind.  Burned with considerable damage and he won’t be able to get what he asked.  We have another available.’

Jim took offering.  Put great emphasis on getting pledge for another $1000.  He was very stern, predicted dire results to those who wouldn’t take it on.

Jim says we’ll take another trip in June. Put your name in if you want to go.

Jim said he gave people whole truth about religion and socialism.  Can do it there because they have enthusiasm and are receptive.


  1. Annie McGowan has problem over helping to take offering in Chicago.
  2. Gun control
  3. I asked about nuclear initiative.  Proposition 15.  Jim says he favors restraining.  Expediency is name of capitalism.  Yes on 15.  One young man told about lack of safety measures in nuclear installations.  I told of a woman in Ukiah who suffered miscarriage from leak in Washington Street.  Officials bribed her.

Jim noticed Billy Jones playing.  Brought him up report he did well newspapering.  Jim gave him another chance.

One of our nurses sent up a note about black women put under heavy sedation and tubal ligations performed without their consent.

Indian friend asked about leaflet against Senate Bill No. 1, supposedly circulated by Communist group. Jim suspects it may be provocation by FBI.  He recalls Black Panther cartoon suggesting killing police in papers.  Giving all attention of police to danger threatened them.

Indian friend asks about controversy over Venezuela, free or not?  Jim say president is socialist but military still have some power.

In answer to question from Joicy Clark about killing of MLK, Jim pointed out FBI was instrumental in getting him moved to a motel where he could be more easily  killed.  The truth still not about role of FBI and CIA in all the assassinations.

Jim: looks like we have choice between Reagan and Carter.  Some names which will shock you are coming out for Carter.  He didn’t go to breakfast this morning with some leaders because he knew they were going to come out for Carter.  “Stay away from these politicians, they’re all horses —–.”  Never will vote for Reagan nor for Carter.  Sick city, sick people who vote for sick people.

Jim said response to newspaper in.  No people even upset by mild stands we took. People don’t want to think.  People don’t care; some are hopeless.  He says going prevent debate between Christian viewpoint and atheist.  On grounds we need to know what atheist believes.

Bob Christian asks about Nation of Islam stand.  Jim:  they don’t know a thing about politics.  They respect us because we came to defense of one of their leaders and because we save money and have a p.l. [promised land].  They’re in debt.  They tried to keep me from meeting this sheik.  He gave them 1 million dollars.  Know what they did with it?  Going to buy new temple. They’d be broke without a few Arabs.  I’m going to get to know all their Arab friends.  Who the hell needs a temple in times like these.  They drove up in a fleet of Cadillacs.  Sheik is building free housing for his people.  Moses a hell of a prophet.  Led his people to the only place in the Near East that doesn’t have oil.  The Christians have Jesus, all he could do is get hung on a cross. he has done nothing for us either. Calls Jesus a stupid son of a bitch.  My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?  I’d shit on you spit on you and piss on you.

Above for benefit of guests.  The workers go around and give Letter Killed to those who don’t clap.  Waiting forward on hotel negotiation.  His version of 40 years in desert.  Only 40 minutes.  Went around in the aisles.  He gave hilarious sermon on Judges 1:19.

US only nation falling for this stupid stuff nowadays.

He castigated Jesus for his mock surrender, as long as you have breath, you should spit in their faces.

Jim gave information on dangers of plutonium.  We should have been studying this instead of reading the Holy Bible.

After healings, Jim had all come to the altar and give something,  We were dismissed about 12.30.

Went to the Christian’s car and got my luggage, then put it on bus No. 3 and with Velysha Williams’ help got a good seat in the front.  June Crym was my seat mate.  The bus was terribly crowded, as I heard we were one bus short.  I went outside and ate my food.

Talked with Vern Gosney, who has a job with Fred Furth.  He says Furth is an unpleasant, ambitious man, not a sincere radical, flaunts his wealth.  The Temple is not backing him, though some of our members are supposed to give that impression, to avoid Fred’s vindictiveness.

Saw CJ Jackson and asked to talk with him.  I had intended to do so ever since he took the offering on the bus 2 weeks ago.  Had a long conversation with him.  My main points were that he talked and preached too long which interfered with my sleep and this I resented pressure being put on me after I had given all I could spare.  He emphasized the difficulty of knowing how to appeal for offerings and that the quotas were set by Jim who knew what money was available.  I told him I thought praise was more effective than scolding.

The bus left San Francisco about 2.00.  I slept well, not even getting off at the first rest stop.


8 May – 1976 – Saturday
We stopped at Buttonwillow at about 9.00 for an hour.  I ran, ate my food, talked to Viola Godshalk, telling her about Beulah Pendleton’s life.  Spoke to Rheaviana about going communal when the new hotel is available.  I shall make a written application.  I talked for a few minutes with Jerry Wald who is attending school in the Valley.  He is now 18 in the 11th grade. And wants to quit school and get a full time job.

Read the Friday newspaper and The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Victor Mahrchetti and John D. Marks, for an hour, then slept.

We arrived in LA at 1.00.  The weather was lovely.

I dressed, putting on my new dress which Joyce delivered to me last night.

Service at 2.00.

Announcements. Pamphleteers are to eat at 4.30 and start pamphleting immediately after.  Only those who have pledges or discipline to fulfill are to pamphlet today and tomorrow. Others who are able to go shall distribute maps which will start at 5.00.

Testimonies of 3 who went to Chicago.

Jim: I was thinking about the power which is available to your God , both in the seen and the unseen realm.  Told of fire which damaged property of capitalist who refused to sell to us.  Something else opened up.  Hotel with seven stories, room with phone and showers in each room.

Indications of major earthquake in October.  Urge you to get together in San Francisco until we go to the p.l.  Also, use your energy to pamphlet and distribute newspapers.

Jim took offering, calling for $100 pledges.

Then asked for pamphlet and newspaper distribution volunteers.

Trip to 14 June, St. Louis, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Chicago, Canada.

Jim: on Chicago meetings.  Money taken in.  People who want to go to San Francisco and the p.l.

Muslims here tomorrow.

Jim plans for Rolls Royce for seniors.  He from his bus will step out and escort seniors.

Tells of finding Arab leader.  Told of Moses for 40 years wandering to find p.l.  40 miles only spot in Near East which had no oil.  I could get drunk and wander around in the desert and do better than that.

Expatiated on Judges 1:19.  “Drove out” the inhabitants of the mountains.  Could not drive out the inhabitants of the plains because they had chariots of iron.   Made the situation ludicrous.  Speaking in tongues mocked.

He talked of ___ ___ of Nation of Islam. $5 million dollars in debt and going to build a new temple.

40 miles in 40 years.  I know some tied piss ants the could do better than that .  Moses was so tired he dropped dead before he got there.


Jim decided to give dispensation and allow people another opportunity to pledge $1000.  Took another offering.

Continued with healings.


People pamphleting or newspapering left.  Family of 7 we have to take in.  Come to altar with a dollar or better, a $5 or a $10 dollar.

Meeting out at 5.15.

Beulah’s husband took us home along with Lee Ester Dillard and Earlene Watkins along with several children.  We dropped off Lee Ester.  Earlene came with Beulah.  She is a senior originally from LA who used to be in Ukiah, then moved to San Francisco, is now in Mom Taylor’s commune.  She wants to get out of that commune because she is on the second floor of which Christine Bates has been made head.  She can’t bear Bates.

We had juice, rice, chicken giblets, gravy and cornbread.

I sat down in the living room and worked on journal entries while three of the children read a book aloud.

I heard a report on Beulah’s radio that the Muni strike was over.  I then read the The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Victor Mahrchetti and John D. Marks book in bed until about 11.30 when Beulah came to bed and I went to sleep.


9 May – 1976 – Sunday
Up at 8.00.  Bathed and dressed.

Willie Malone and Von Smith had come in late last night.


Service at 10.30 today.

Beulah’s husband took us to the Temple.

When we entered , the ushers had left a large part of the auditorium unoccupied.

Hugh X took the offering. Jim entered while it was being taken and emphasized its importance.  He also told the auditorium to fill up the vacant areas.

Rousing congregation and choir singing which raised vibrations.

Muslims arrived about 12.00.  Seats had been vacated in front rows.

Shirley Smith sang “Imagine” (There’s no heaven…)  The San Francisco young men performed a tribute to oppressed mothers, as this was Mothers’ Day.

Little girls did Jack Leg Preacher and “Get Away.”

African Dancers performed dance of liberation.

Jim said we were going to have a demonstration of spiritual healing.  Film taken by a Hollywood producer. Influence people. Film followed by showing panel discussion between Jim Jones, Sheriff Hongisto, Willie Brown and other San Francisco leaders.  Sound of latter part not available today so Jim had it discontinued with portion showing slide show from Nation of Islam.

Melvin Johnson sang “Stealing in the Name of the Lord.”

Jim asked the Muslims not to be misled by references to Christianity.  We are not Christians.  We are closer to the Nation of Islam than any group on earth.  He remarked on Judges 1:19.  As they sneaked up on us, we have sneaked up on King James.  We’ve got to come out from under the oppression of the white man’s religion.  Introduced the Nation of Islam, representatives form the Nation of Los Angeles.

He spoke on Jubilee planned for 23 May. Said problem not one of color but mind.  We’re going to upset the West Coast, Nation of Islam and Peoples Temple are going to cause an earthquake in Los Angeles.

Jim said Wallace D Mohammed should be president. That’s the highest I care to go.  Praised him.  Local ministers introduced. Letter paid tribute to mothers.

Jim spoke on unity.  There had been some mention of difference of opinion about place for Jubilee.

Two weeks from last Saturday showing of  “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” for those who have been honored.  Arrangements did not work out yesterday.

(1) Are we going to merge with Muslims?  Jim: glad some of these jackleg preachers are worried.  Keep them worried.  We will never lose our identity.  We will be true to our concept that there is no God but what we see.  Jim spoke of those who like healings but don’t like reality.  White oppressors will use you to bring slavery back.  He referred to those who were nervous about his attack on religion (people had been asked to bring as many guests as possible).

Juanita Davis.  How you are going to die. Lay there 38 days.  See if you’ll call on an unknown God.  You’ll be deader than a door nail. Note had been sent up about a woman bad-mouthing me.  Never did this before.  Dishonorable to disagree behind somebody’s back.  Africans who worshipped cow reviled.  But who is more sensible?  Those who worship an unknown God who won’t give you a thing?  It were not dangerous, I would let you believe in your fantasy.  Jim told of the murder and bloodshed caused by the Bible.

The way some of you visit your cousins and aunties in L.A. you’re going to be up shit creek anyway.

Not one of you with a black skin haven’t been discriminated against on account of the color of your skin.  I’ve been getting rid of God for a long time.  Apologized for speaking so long.  I feel such a great burden.

Met Mohammed Ali.  Saw him talk to a little man like a dog.  Heard him say he would vote for Ford.  Ford don’t mean nothing to me.

Had hassle over common bills with Muslims for Jubilee.  Not going to pay anything to be pretentious.  We don’t owe anybody a penny.  Told of his economies.  Don’t sleep in fancy hotels. He spoke of black preferring to patronize whites.  Some of you need to have a better image of yourselves.

Religion caused our disrespect for yourself.

Told of humorous episodes in his childhood when he got back at men, racist preachers.

Rockefeller gives money to buy Bibles.  “It’s nigger control.”

He said there were 40 or 50 guests today.  Some are furious.  Don’t get nasty with me.  I’ll lay you low.  If there’s anything I can’t stand it’s one of those holiness hypocrites.  And some of you don’t want to hear the truth.  He singled out one woman, told her to get right or get out.  Your God is dead, if he was ever alive.

Spoke of those insensitive enough not to care about one person who might be saved, if only one person, it’s worth it.

You’re not going to starve; you’re not going to concentration camp because I’ve alerted you not to believe in anything you can’t see.

I am the resurrection and the life.  If Jesus has got so much power why doesn’t he prevent death?

Woman who came yesterday gave us 7 children, to take care of and went back to the Church of Christ.

As long as we live in America, we’ve got to be fruitful and multiply.  The day is coming when I’m going to issue an order which will shock you.

Asked for questions.  Got two personal ones.

Healings in midst of which Jim took another offering.

People taken into church.

Jim had asked food to be put on the buses.  We were to leave immediately.  He had a TV appearance at 1.00.

Touch altar.

Service out at 4.50.

I changed clothes, stood in a long line to go to the bathroom.

Filled plates had been put on the table for us to pick up as we went out.

The buses left at 5.45.

I read The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Victor Mahrchetti and John D. Marks.

June Crym took the bus offering.

I slept an hour or so.

We had only a 15 minutes break at Buttonwillow, left around 9.00.   I was a long time in getting to sleep again.  Rose of Sharon who had sat behind me had objected to my putting my seat back, had moved and was sitting behind June.  June had cramps from her period and was not resting well, but did not want to make an issue about her seat.  Nonetheless, I spoke to Rose at the second stop.  She was stubborn, told me to mind my own business, although I reminded her that Jim had decreed we could not have our seats back.  We were not allowed off the buses at the second stop.

We arrived in San Francisco at about 1.00, having made the trip in a little over 7 hours.

Jim’s TV appearance was scheduled for 1.45 and we were urged to see it at home or to come in to the church and see it in the Gold Room.  The Christians decided to see it at the Temple.

The program, which had been previously taped, was Jim’s appearance on Cecil’s half hour “Vibrations.”  Cecil was quite admiring of Jim and Jim used a low-key approach in answering his questions.

On getting home at 3.00, I unpacked, then went to bed.


10 May – 1976 – Monday
Had set the alarm for 5.00, intending to press clothes, but when it rang, I shut it off and did not get up until 6.45.

Betty called about 7.15 and inquired whether I was going to work by bus.  She said she was going to take public transportation.

I had only grapefruit for breakfast and took for lunch tuna fish and an orange, continuing my diet for 2 more days.

Dor had to do some other work before she could furnish me some more MagCards to continue Maggie’s project on engineering requirements, so I had most of the morning free.  I finished journal entries for the weekend, balanced my check book and sorted personal papers.

Ate at my desk.

Marie lent me her Muni pass and I went up to the General Office Equipment Company and tried out the Adler Electric portable typewriter.  The machine had pica type and I ordered one with elite type which they said they’d have to get from San Jose.  They indicated they’d give me a discount for cash.

As soon as Dor gave me more cards, I continued with the engineering requirements project.

Went home on the bus.

Did my exercises.

Had some food – an egg, vegetable juice, grapefruit and an apple.

Pressed clothes for an hour or so.

Worked on my journal from 9.30 to 12.00, making corrections.

Read newspapers and had a snack, grape fruit and cranberry juice and an orange.

Went to bed at 1.30.


11 May – 1976 – Tuesday
I finished typing the remainder of the Engineering Requirements project. Dor had ordered a print-out of the work done so far and I proof read it.

I did not have much other work to do.  Attended to several personal matters; wrote and mailed one page letters to my sisters telling them of the Temple’s plans.  I hope to be accepted for the trip and to be able to combine it with a reunion with them in, perhaps, Chicago.  I asked Eddie if she might be able to pay my air fare home.

Wrote a memo to council on the behavior of Rose of Sharon with regard to June’s putting her seat back.

At noon saw the Energy Forum film, “Ganford or Bust” which described the journey of a Panamanian vessel carrying a nuclear reactor component from Chattanooga, Tennessee, down the Mississippi.  Through the Panama Canal, along the Western coast of the US to the Columbia River and thence to Hanford, Washington.  The scenery was beautiful.

The weather had turned warm. On getting home I ran in the park for fifteen minutes.

I continued on my diet through dinner tonight, except that the only source of protein I could find was some cheese.

I weighed myself this morning and tonight and have lost 3 pounds.

I put the coleus plant Dor gave me, which I have been keeping in water, in a pot tonight.

I made calendar entries of the 16 to 31 July 1975 journal section, finishing it.  Then I read the 1 to 15 August 1975 section.

Read newspapers and had some juice, an orange and nuts, going off my diet.

Went to bed at 1.00.


12 May – 1976 – Wednesday
This morning I baked a loaf of bread which I had bought on sale.  It was frozen and rose during the night after I had taken it out of the refrigerator.  I had 2 pieces with butter.  I put up a lunch and canned beans and an orange.

Did a couple of memos for Maggie.  These had minor errors which I would have corrected had I not had instructions from Maggie to make new changes in her work.  Dor told me to write a memo on the subject and put it with copies of Maggie’s work which Dor would give to Betty Vasil, so as to cover ourselves in case of complaint about our work.

Jim Mansfield brought in a contract of which he wanted 2 clean copies by Friday.  He merely wanted it typed but Dor decided we would put it on the computer.  Although I could have done it all by Friday, leaving Dor free to work on her reports, she didn’t know what else we would get in, so she took half and gave me half.  Wanda Rendle was free because her supervisors, John Stewart, is in Saudi Arabia and she did the appendices.  Dor worked directly on the computer and Wanda and I put our sections on MagCard for insertion on the computer.  I started with my section at 10.30 and was finished by 3.00.

At noon went to hear the lecture on the American Issues Forum at PG&E.  Today’s speaker was Kay House, of the English Department, who has specialized in science writing and is also active in Early American studies.  She spoke on American ideas of success and devoted most of her time on Benjamin Franklin, his precepts and practice.

I called Lor to see whether she would be free on Friday.  The academic year is coming to an end and she is trying to finish her work for her photography class, will be tied up Friday.  She is having trouble with her dentures and has not been able to eat any solid foods.  I told her of my plans to go on the Temple trip and see my sisters if possible.  We are going to try to get together on Memorial Day weekend.

Betty gave me a ride home.  We left a few minutes early and I was home by 5.30.

I slept for an hour.

Had a quick meal and dressed for the Temple service.

Christians called me at 7.45.

The audience was restless, as it usually is when the weather is hot.

During the preliminary activities, ministers had usual difficulty in getting pledges for food for the weekend.

The McCoy boy, who suffered serious head injuries in the accident involving Edith Cordell, was able to be in service tonight.

Jim came on podium at 9.15, starting to take an offering.  He appealed for loans which would be well secured for an animal refuge center in difficulties, were threatened with having to close.  Jim by revelation perceived they were in difficulty and offered a loan.  Ten minutes later the owner of the property would have come into possession of assets for one dollar and would have made thousands.  Owner Tom Plant is going to get some unfavorable publicity in the press, or we will give him some in our publication.

Jim emphasized again giving $1000 towards hotel and personally wrote names down of those who gave this sum or lesser amounts.

Jim expressed himself on subject of pregnancy for benefit of those who were intending to take advantage of his remarks on weekend on necessity to see that honkies didn’t have more babies than we.  Idiots who shouldn’t bear children are always the ones who hurry to get pregnant.  He warned that none should consider it who already have had a deformed or defective child or suffer from diabetes.  Homeless children should be adopted.

Juanita Davis is in hospital as predicted.

A film, “Made in Chicago,” on white, black and Chicano groups of young people trying to better race relations, was shown.

Charles Garry, attorney for Black Panthers, saw Jim on Cecil Williams show, was impressed and his wife is coming to our meeting.

Commendations were given:  Poncho Johnson is doing better; Carl [Karl] Barnett is showing gratitude for being gotten out of prison by deeds and actions; Doxsee Swaney is doing good work in the Redwood Valley kitchen.

A young white man, who is new, had reported that someone sitting in the security section has refused to embrace him when congregation has been told to greet their neighbors.  The persons concerned were brought on the floor, including a security guard, a woman, who had told the young man that this was a security section and he couldn’t sit there.  The young man, who is new and was much offended.  Jim said he was a radio announcer (perhaps one of the KFSO personnel we had taken on for cure of drug addiction).  Jim emphasized the need to show affection.  Touching has an effect upon health.  He has to be the authoritarian, the people have to show kindness to compensate.  Those wearing a uniform have a responsibility, should show more concern than anyone else.  The woman who had refused to embrace the young man was not in uniform: he had no way to know the section was for security. Her husband who is a white man, stated that he had told her she should show more warmth to others and not pay so much attention to him in public.  Their last name is Davis.  Jim said this was a good socialist statement.

Jim had received birthday cards.  Said he could not accept them nor birthday presents.  Doing so gives and advantage to those who have money.  It would have been all right to honor a special day with the understanding that Jim gets none of the proceeds.

Commendation.  John Haynes is a hard worker.  He drives the LA pamphleting bus and supervises the most active young people.

Several young men were put on the floor for bad conduct at the Muslim temple, among them John Miles (not present tonight), William Klingman, Marvin Wideman, Rory Macon [Bargeman], Billy Jones.  Marvin had helped carry some heavy equipment into the auditorium.  His case was dismissed by Jim.

Dee-Dee Macon does weekend security.  She and Wanda Swinney made changes in their commune, had a barbecue for the children and failed to notify the kitchen.  She was reminded of the necessity of doing so in such cases.

Billy Jones was said to be making progress.  He has been cleaning bathrooms.

Stephen Jones on the floor.  When questioned about his schooling by Maria Katsaris, he struck her.  What can excuse the violation of the rule that we are not to use physical violence against each other?  Jim asked.  Maria explained what occurred but Jim said she minimized and covered for him in order not to hurt Jim.  Jim explained this actually cause him more pain.  Stephen admits there is no excuse for his behavior.  He had been an ass-hole.  Jim said you need to see yourself as an ass in order to make change.  All of Jim’s sons have been neglecting school.

Jim spoke of the effect on some of severe punishment.  An example was Louetta Brown who had received severe punishment, about 150 whacks and now performing in an exemplary manner.  What will work for some won’t work for another.  Jim said he had been an ass too.  One sin he had committed was bringing children in.  His children had cared for him, but kindly deeds will be for nothing if you don’t follow the rules.  To Stephen he said, you have a good mind but are not using it. “You are going to pass.”  You are going to be up all night for three nights studying under supervision.

The person who tortured and killed he Guevara was killed in Paris after 5 years.  It made Jim think of Joe Hill.  “I never died,” said Joe.

Louetta Brown had been sent for to receive praise.  Jim told again of the way in which she had been punished.  She turned over her child to another to raise.  What she had been through made her strong.  She worked hard at Chicago, going up and down stairs until exhausted.  Marcy told all the boys no more excuses for poor report cards.

The question of Lew’s car came up. Danny Curtain [Curtin] had something to do with this issue and he was questioned  Danny went to the ranch without telling anyone except Ken Norton.  Danny has a Mustang and Lew got a Mustang, imitating him.  Lew has been in three serious accidents and wouldn’t have been saved without Jim.  He can get himself shot, a minority person with a flashy sports car.  Jim said Lew has a job, is a hard worker.  He got the car with $800 from insurance on another car which had been wrecked.  He had given an extra $200.  The seller was trying to cheat him by claiming he still owed him $100.  The car was also in poorer mechanical shape that had been represented.

Danny behind Lew’s back had expressed scorn for Lew, and Jim made him repeat what he had said.  Jim asked if the two are attracted sexually.  Lew took up scuba diving because Danny did it.  Lew’s relations with Terry [Carter], his girl friend, were discussed.  He had tried to manipulate her.  Lew wouldn’t admit homosexual feelings.

Attention was shifted to all males in the congregation and an effort made to convince them that all are homosexual.  CJ helped in bringing a bearded young man up who had a problem,  Jim worked with him to bring his sexual feeling out.  Jim said he was scared of him because he doesn’t understand himself.  He’s got a deeply hidden problem.  The heterosexual who can’t even embrace a man has a problem.  “I don’t have any faith in any of you mother fuckers who won’t deal with your homosexuality.”  What we need is a socialist personality.

Attention was turned back to Lew.  Jim: You may think you’re kissing the succulent lips of a rose petal and you’re just eating shit.  Lew admitted his homosexual feelings.

Jim said he never sucked anyone’s dick, but if someone gave him $5000 tonight he would do it.  What he hates is not the penis but the attitude men have, letting women wait on them.

Jim complained about those who intrude on him, make demands on him all the time, in contrast to those who are considerate.  He would like to be ale to spend more time with the latter.

Jim tried to discourage all sexual relationships.  The only reason is high money for the cause and they should not know who you are.  This is hard to do.  Check with him first.

Referring to the offer of the Mayor to put him on the Human Rights Commission, he turned it down.  What he wants are paying jobs for his people.

Making a disposition of the cases regarding his sons, Jim said all are to study three days and three nights.  Lew has been gypped on the car.  He ordered the leadership: get some of the brothers and see the seller.  Talk to him about taking the car back and returning the money.

To set at rest as to where Chris Lewis is, Jim said he was on a mission.  For those who had doubts, he told the workers to get his voice on tape and bring it for the weekend meeting.

Jim decided that all his sons were to pamphlet.  He had already said they had to put money earned into the commune, just like everybody else.  The boys had previously not been allowed to pamphlet for fear of their being kidnapped, but Jim said there would be sufficient guard to take care of that fear.’

Danny offered to study all night and also pamphlet.

William Klingman’s case was dealt with.  Martha, who has been put on Council, says he has shown a little improvement.  Lee Ingram says he has volunteered to distribute newspapers.  Maryann Casanova says he has improved in Junior Choir.  Debbie Schroeder says he is acting better, still talks back.  Jim gave him an extra hour of work.

More commendations.  Scott Thomas and Don Casanova [Scheid] do good work on the public address system.  Cheryle McCall has been serving well, doing secretarial work in connection with the newspapers.  Don Jackson has been helpful in supervising newspaper distribution.  Eliza Jones does good work at her concession stand.

Rory Macon [Bargeman] was dealt with.  Don Beck says he dresses sloppily for service.  Jack Beam says he has worked well with the groceries and in publications.  Jim gave him 30 minutes straightening up the church after service.

Von Smith has gotten involved in work projects in his commune.

Stephen got 3 days of hard physical work for using violence.

After a brief meditation period, Jim dismissed the meeting at about 2.00 o’clock.

I went home with the Christians.

I washed dishes.

I read newspapers and ate some toast with peanut butter and toast with jam.

Went to bed at 4.00.


13 May – 1976 – Thursday
Dor and I proofread the Saudi Arabian contract as revised from the computer center and she made corrections.  Mansfield brought a companion contract in and Dor, Wanda and I worked on it.  Wanda did very nice work on the MagCard.

Although I was on the Saudi Arabian contract (which concerns building a military airport at New Riyadh) most of the day.  I had time at intervals to rewrite Wednesdays long journal entry, filling in omissions.  I put it on MagCard.

I could only bring an orange with me for lunch so I bought a hamburger with French fries at the cafeteria and brought the tray into a conference room where at 12.15.  The American Issues Forum started a series at Bechtel with SF State University professors as speakers.  Today’s was Peter Carroll, history professor , whom I had heard previously at PG&E. he spoke also on “The Dream of Success” and used Benjamin Franklin as his example of American values.  He had an original and quite radical outlook.  The auditorium was good-sized compared with that at PG&E and there was lively discussion afterwards.

Betty offered to phone me in the morning and give me a ride if Muni went back on strike.  If a matter before the judge on removing two propositions from the ballot is decided in a way detrimental to the unions, they may strike again and stop Muni service.

I took No. 5 bus in order to go to Petrini’s as I needed food for tonight, fell asleep and rode past my stop.  Bought $3.63 worth of groceries.


Did personal and household chores and washed my hair.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes. I defrosted the refrigerator and washed the interior and cooked some lentils for lunches.

Washed underwear.

I was late getting through tonight because I had lost time shopping and it was 12.30 before I fell asleep over the newspaper, did not wake up and get ready for bed until 2.30.


14 May – 1976 – Friday
Had some more work on the Saudi contract but didn’t have a very hard day.

At noon I went to the General Office Equipment Company.  They had the Adler typewriter in but when we tried it out, We found the keys had not been properly set yet.  The manager told me he would deliver it Monday.  He gave me a 5% discount.  The original price was $249.50.  I paid $251.87 [with tax probably].  I gave him a check.

Went to the Coop on the bus and shopped for groceries.  Took a taxi home.

Put the groceries away.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.00.


15 May – 1976 – Saturday
Woke up at 8.30.

Went over to Magnolia’s to borrow her cart, as I had decided to take laundry to the laundromat.

Had a piece of grapefruit.  Cleaned up the apartment.  It wasn’t difficult because I had done a thorough job the last San Francisco weekend.

Listened to the Temple broadcast.  A considerable number of staff were introduced and told about having been healed by Jim, though Jim had explained that spirit healing was a minor concern on the coming Jubilee in LA of Peoples Temple and the Nation of Islam, to which the public is invited.  The advantages of cooperation between different religions was stressed.

Went to Petrini’s and bought laundry soap and yellow onions which I had forgotten yesterday.

The weather was very warm again.

Took my laundry to the laundromat, got through a little after 2.00.

Prepared a meal.  Had whole wheat noodles with cheese sauce, salad with cabbage, radishes, onions and cashew nuts, and an apple.

Put away my laundry.

Slept from 5.15 to 6.30.

Dressed for the service.

Before the service names were to be taken of those who wished to go on the summer trip.  I wanted to arrive before the service started.  I phoned Christians to tell them I would go on the bus.  Vernetta said someone had borrowed their car and had not returned it yet.

I took the bus and arrived at the Temple about 7.45.  Turned in the food I had bought for tonight’s dinner.

Registered for the summer trip.

I was going to ask for a ride for Godshalks and myself, as Viola had asked if she and Ray would stay with me tonight. However, I saw Ray who said they were staying with someone else.  While taking the offering, I saw Vernetta, who said they all had come on the bus, but the car was back now.

Dale Parks took charge of the service and took the first offering.

Jim appeared on the podium at 9.15 but did not speak.  The service continued with singing and a tape of a former sermon.

Jim engaged in long private conversation with Grace.

When he returned to the podium he said there was a grave emergency. he took offering by sum, calling first for pledges of $1000.  Faith to give money.

Reneé Davis asked if she could come home with me.  Statement on tape from Chris Lewis.  I could not hear the words.


Come to the altar.  Jim asked Sister Andrews to sing “His Eye Is On the Sparrow”

Out of meting at 11.15.

We had to wait a long time for Christians.  The delay was probably connected with getting their car back and out of the lot.

Home about 12.00.

Reneé bathed and washed her hair.

We had toast and jam and I read a little in the newspapers.

Reneé slept in my sleeping bag.

We went to bed about 1.00.


16 May – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 9.00 and bathed.

Called Reneé to get up, but she was slow.

Prepared breakfast: cranberry and grape juice, sliced beef, fried eggs, toast, jam.  Made carob milk for Reneé but she didn’t care for it.

A number of little things went wrong all morning.  I spilled towels in the bathtub, spilled juice on the table and on Reneé’s clothes and spilled coffee in the kitchen.  Had to rinse Reneé’s blouse and press it dry.  She was slow in dressing and did a mediocre job with the dishes. She tries to be polite, though.

She doesn’t like school in Ukiah, says, “The people aren’t nice.”  As friends she named Tiny Solomon and another black girl.  In the household (commune) besides Bob Davis and Liz Forman are Jim McElvane. Kevin Davis, Chris Buckley and another boy.

I dressed.

Bob Christian was late n leaving for the service.  He had taken Vernetta at 9.00 for a greeter’s meeting.

Helen Love saved me a good seat.  The service was in progress when we arrived.

Jim on the podium at 12.15.

He took an offering.  We must raise money to get the hotel for communal living, so that we can save people in LA from the worst cataclysm he had already predicted. This as reinforcement for demand for $1000 pledges.

Much emphasis upon standing and applauding loudly when Jim appears.  Necessary to show that we are together.  It is not for him but to save our necks.

He spoke on celebrating founder’s birthday.  Some people will only give to the leader.  We should have a day to collect money.  Doesn’t care what happens to him. Started alone and will finish alone if necessary.  Have a feeling that others will be with me.  We’re going to fly away.  Won’t be with me.  We’re going to fly away. Won’t say where but we can guarantee it won’t be to hell, but from hell.

KuKluxKlan had burned about 20 crosses so far.  Doesn’t matter if you have a Cadillac, in fact, if you have a Cadillac they’ll attack you sooner.  Nothing stupider than buying white man’s product.

Jim spoke of expenses for joint rally.  He got out of paying many expenses.  They had incurred on getting into Disneyland.

Need a little budget talk, “nigger” talk. You can bargain for anything.  Told of buying buses when they already had the check.  Go to court.  Nobody wants to fuss with me.

Want to do a little investigating in South Africa where they’re fighting in Rhodesia.  Guerrilla warfare has started there.  If you were all as frugal as me we could buy out Rockefeller in a year, but you’re not frugal.

Canada and Mexico not safe.  The US will take the over.

We have those who misuse their power, are not kind, who eat better, of all shades.

This economy is going to fall apart.  Holding it together until election.  Speaking of CIA and FBI, if white people will wipe out their own people, what makes you think they won’t wipe you out?  They’ll turn poor whites against the blacks.  About the black people who sat white people treat them nice.

I never met anyone so stubborn as some of you are.  You won’t admit you can’t stay here?  Power.  Why the district attorney hiring Tim Stoen to handle voter fraud? Power.  With that power it is essential to get out of here, what makes you think you can save your house?  There is either a depression or war.  Capitalism breeds depression and war.

Question period. Cut back in food stamps.

  1. Vern Gosney.  Any way to prevent landlord’s rigging the rent?  No not until a revolution.  Can’t stop it without a socialistic administration.

Join the church
Service ended at 2.00.

Christians were going home.  I intended to go with them, waited for some time, but thinking I had missed them, I went with the people who were taking Magnolia.

Radio station KDIA conducted a panel discussion with Jim and the Nation of Islam leader, who told about the coming Jubilee. Several other Temple people were present and spoke.  Guests and comments were telephones in.  The program was an hour long.

I ate my meal while listening to the program.

I mended a dress and started to put a new hem in my offertory dress, as it was too long.

I phoned Christians and got a ride back to the temple for service at 6.30.

Rides were arranged.

Choir did a number of pieces.

Tape of sermon given in LA, probably from last Thursday or Friday.   LA one of the most wicked cities in the US.  refers to attempt to start a riot at the Temple.  Hauled our people off to jail.  Jim went down to see about his people. Arrested him.  Fascism is here already.  Father can do miracles but why should it happen, when we had a warning?  If I drag you out of a pig sty and you drag your fat ass back into the pig sty, I should leave you there.

As long as you obey my commandments, you’ll be all right.  I don’t like it but I’ll do it because it’s right.

On the Jubilee, will cater to their ego.  We won’t attempt to build our own program.  The intelligence level of this place is higher than most places.  They won’t grasp some ideas.  They may get out to find the society that they can’t get out.  Caught between a truth bringer and a personality cult.

Jim took offering.

CIA was saying.  They’re with those Peoples Temple.  When we get away, they’ll come and see the Muslims, ask why did you appear on the same program?  If you flatter some people’s ego, you can do anything.  Don’t know what they have to go back to.  After seeing our liveliness, still be hard to go back to listening 5 and a half hours to somebody on the telephone.

Jim described preaching to the Muslim leaders.  Convincing them to fight for homosexual rights.  Picked up on their leaders statement comparing whites to adults and blacks to children.

We’ve met people an will meet more people in news conferences this week.  We’re not paying for anything.

Commendations.  Angelique Scheid.  So cheerful while passing out newspapers.

Mark Gibson got all A’s.

Velysha Williams excellent hostess on bus.  Provides seats for seniors.  Gives people best of attention.

Janet Tupper.  Good attitude with working with Junior Choir.

Todd Klingman on floor. William Klingman out of control at school, going to be suspended.  Threw something at school and hit another child.  Mike thinks he should be put in some other place.  Martha Klingman agrees.  Congregation voted for 50 whacks.  Jim gave him also all night work, with one hour’s sleep.

Dov Lundquist, Anthony Doswell, Paul Pettit. All in choir so bad have to eat last serving.  Mark Rose, Searcy Darnes, Tyrone Cartmell.  Bad attitude.  Hugh Doswell, Nawab Lawrence.  Dov got 100 whacks on first day of new school refused to go on a field trip.  Special teacher had to be assigned to stay with him. Eliot Tardy, Wayne McCall second group got 50 whacks and had lesser work assignments.  Monica Doswell, Irvin Perkins. Third group got fewer whacks and lesser work assignments.

A number of young people put on a breakfast for YWCA.  Raised $197.00 for the cause.

Chris Buckley turned himself in.  No one else had.  Jim sent him back to his seat.

Jim took another offering.

The meeting was dismissed about 10.30.

Christians took me home.

I washed dishes. I finished hemming my dress. Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.30.


17 May – 1976 – Monday
I spent all day putting a contract for Garb on ATS.  It was the portion of the contract for construction of an international airport which involves work inside Iran.  It was good practice for me, as I haven’t done much on ATS for some time.  Garb is taking a day off on Friday and O’Neill was overloaded.

At lunchtime I went to the “Energy Forum.”  Hugo G. Simens spoke on “Food and Energy,” in which he emphasized the necessity of using large amounts of energy in order to increase food supplies so as to help under-developed nations feed their growing population.  But he didn’t say much about the responsibility of wealthy nations to cut their consumption of resource.

I was on the computer past 5.00 tonight in order to finish the Garb contract and order it from the Computer Center.

When I got home I exercised.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 9.00 to 11.30.  Finished 5 pages.

Read a message from the Temple that people were needed to come and help write letters on an important subject but I told the caller I had had a hard day and had much to do at home, so would not be able to.

Read newspapers

Went to bed at 1.30.


18 May – 1976 – Tuesday
At 8.30 the Legal Department had a meeting of secretaries in the conference room.  A MagCard typewriter with more capabilities will soon be available.  Management has approved the replacing of our IBM Executive typewriter which most of the secretaries do not like with Selectric typewriters.  But the Executive typewriters will not be replaced until they are ten years old.  Dor discussed the aim of having the secretaries enter contracts on MagCards for entry on ATS instead of working directly on ATS.  Resistance to working on the MagCards seems to be waning somewhat.

O’Neill brought in another Iran airfield contract, this one the portion involved with work outside the city and again I spent the day on it.  It was particularly frustrating because the basic contract I had changed for the contract yesterday had to be used again for this one and many items deleted had to be restored.

The office equipment company didn’t deliver my typewriter as promised, so at lunchtime I had to go for it.  It seemed to be in good working order.  I carried it to the bank where I got some money, then I carried the typewriter to the office.  I tried it out and find it has a 3-prong plug which won’t fit my electrical outlet at home.  I’ll have to replace it or get an extension cord to fit.

I took the typewriter home at the close of the day.


Prepared dinner, ate, and washed dishes.

The Temple message said that the emergency necessitating the Wednesday night meeting in Redwood Valley had been resolved and we would meet in San Francisco.

I typed in my journal from 9.00 until 11.30, finishing 5 pages again.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.00.


19 May – 1976 – Wednesday
Was late getting up this morning and did not get any breakfast, but I took a grapefruit to work and ate it there.

I made some corrections to the two Iran contracts and had a couple of memos besides which I did quickly.

At lunch time went to PG&E to attend the Public Issues Forum.  The speaker was Dr. Eugene Gratovich, of the Music Department, whose subject was “The Pursuit of Happiness.”  He was accompanied by a young woman music student and together they gave examples of some American music, compositions by a colonial composer, by Benjamin Franklin and Charles Ives.  The audience was particularly interested by a quotation from Thomas Jefferson indicating that Colonial musicians of the servant class were in demand.  Dr. Gratovich played the violin.

Dorothy’s attitude was even worse than yesterday.  She directed me minutely over details but would not allow me to ask questions.  Her voice was sharp when she talked and she was even short with others who came in.  In the afternoon I found that she had two contracts to put on the computer which presented unusual difficulties, and only overwork may have been the reason for her bad disposition.  I have at times for the past few days had a headache  (very rare for me) which I think is caused by eyestrain.

I phoned Kaiser to get an appointment for an eye exam but was told to call next week for an appointment in July.

I wrote several journal entries this afternoon.. Wrote a letter of recommendation for Christine Cobb, who wants to be accepted for nursing school at SF City College.

Left on time tonight and got home by 5.30.

Slept for an hour.

Ate a quick dinner and dressed for the Temple.

Christians were late in leaving for the service, but it had just got under way when We arrived at 8.15.

Preliminary activities.

Congregation singing.

Jim on podium about 9.00.  More singing.

Jim quoted Marlon Brando in Time, May 1979.  The world is doomed.   Has island retreat in Pacific.  “Healthy and no respect for things that can hurt you.”  Some do not understand the necessity of fear. Dictatorship of the proletariat near.  Fear is beginning of knowledge of God.  Fear of losing the protection.  Brando is not going to be safe enough.

Governor Brown will be here 6 June.  Though it’s an LA weekend, we’ll be here.  Carson is a very dangerous man, a man without principle.  Very small hope.  All the elements destruction are here.  Nuclear threat.


Showing of a film , “Three Thousand Years and Life,” which was about a prison in Massachusetts whose inmates established socialism and directed their own affairs competently and peacefully.  State take over.


Marilee Bogue. Mark Sly.

KGO addicts treatment finished.

Bob Houston goes to different communes on odd jobs.

Teresa King consistent hard worker.

David Chaikin had been fighting.  Appeared he had a personal grudge against girl.  He was reported resenting being called a “nigger lover.”

Jimmy Joe Cordell, David Chaikin, Larry Tupper cursed at school.  David has been a model on the ranks.  He says he is frustrated about school work.  Richard Janaro says he can ask for help when he needs it.  Other Kelly Grubbs.  Jim dismissed Larry and Kelly because they were not up before.  Claire says four have formed an unintegrated gang in classroom,  Jimmy Joe did not pay penalty from last inspection.  Jim increased punishment.  Four not to speak to each other for 2 weeks.

Michael Smith very patient when left 3 times by his ride, covered well for her. Melanie Briedenbach was to give him ride.

Added to council.  Barbara Hoyer, Don Jackson, Sylvia Grubbs, Francis Johnson.  One other….

Tommy Moore behaving well.  Didn’t yield to pressure from Tommy Bogue who wanted to visit relative outside of church.

Brian Davis and Tom Bogue went to visit Tom’s aunt.  Came home stoned on weed.  Brian cut school.  Brian went to mother’s.  Recommendation: they should go live with mother and aunt.

Lee Ingram said Brian responded sarcastically to Tommy Moore as to whether he wanted to be in church.  Brian said he thought Tommy was joking.  Counselors believe he is lying.  Tom Bogue says he hostile.  Peter Wotherspoon says both have slapped Jim and church in face.  Brian has been neglecting work though he spoke to teacher.  Jim asked them what makes them think they have a right to live without obeying our rules.  Counselors berate them.  Jim said Tommy won’t go to his aunt under our nose but to Alesha.  They are to work all night and next night and get up to go to school.  Brian’s parents not here.  $100 fine.  Must separate.  Reprieve is conditional.  Jim dismissed case.

David Swinney. Misbehaved in Muslim Temple.  He’s black, must be adopted. he had been assigned 50 whacks.  He fought with a brother.  Jim says he used to help us teach by boxing.  He got 50 whacks and work all night.

Cheryl Mitchell.  Good study habits, achievement in school subjects.

Jim read names of pamphleteers in order of sums brought in.

Jim took another offering.

One person was healed publicly.

The congregation came up to the altar, each person touching Jim’s hand.

The meeting was out at 11.45.

The Christians plan to drive to LA on the weekend, asked me if I’d like to go with them.  I accepted, as the buses will be very crowded.  They need riders to help with the gas.

Christians took me home at about 12.30.

I washed dished.

Read newspapers and ate a snack.  I have not been able to read anything except newspapers since the city workers’ strike.  During the strike I could not read my paper going to and from work and now I seem to be busy at most lunch hours.

Went to bed at 1.15.


20 May – 1976 – Thursday
Dor’s heavy load continued.  She was however in a slightly better mood.

Carolyn Thon brought in 21 pages of a list of job applicants which had been prepared in connection with the suit of the government against Bechtel.  She wanted the errors corrected, using Dor’s typewriter and correction fluid.  This took me a good part of the morning.

At noon the lecture in the American Issues Forum at Bechtel was given by Samuel Elkins, drama instructor, who spoke on “The Pursuit of Pleasure.” he defined the meaning of live theater and gave specifics to illustrate what is in his opinion developing in drama in this country at the present time.  Ate my lunch while listening to the lecture.

I drafted a letter to the post office in Greely, Colorado, concerning a small amount of money which I left in Postal Savings there, when I graduated.

Nicci (Mary) Nicholas is quitting Bechtel.  She is going to work for a computer firm in its legal department.  Shirley Wong is also leaving the file room and transferring to another Bechtel office.

John Braman told us Betty Barclay went home ill and he needed someone to take dictation and type a letter.  I did it for him. I put it on MagCard and made him a draft, which he changed.  Part of it had to be retyped.  I worked on this 20 minutes past quitting time.

Read a letter from Eddie [her Sister] addressed to all us sisters but with a specific note for me about plans for the summer reunion.  She says she and Dorothy intend to pay for my ticket and she thought they might pay some of my other expenses, as I will have to take some vacation without pay.

I exercised.

Did personal and household chores and washed my hair.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.  I had raw vegetables, baked squash and a casserole made with eggplant, meat substitute, tomato sauce and onions and an apple.

I washed clothes.  As has been the case for several weeks.  I was late in getting finished, I was not through until 12.30 though I had a rather light load.

Read newspapers.  Was extremely tired.  For about a week I have had an almost constant headache, very rare for me, centered in my left forehead.

I didn’t get to bed until 2.00 o’clock.


21 May – 1976 – Friday
Didn’t get up until 6.30 this morning and was 10 minutes late leaving the apartment.  I called Dor from the lobby before going to pick up the ATS print-outs so that she would not worry.

I still had my headache which stayed with me all day and I was also coming down with a cold.  I took some calcium given to me by Cathy Costello but it had no effect.  I might have proposed going home but Betty Vasil came in and said several secretaries were absent and I knew Dor expected to have a heavy day.

Dor continued work on her contracts but no work came in for me.

I wrote a letter which I prepared for each of my sisters giving them the dates we plan to be in Chicago.  If permitted to go on the Temple trip east I planned to take 2 extra days in Chicago for the family reunion.

I wrote to the Greely post office to see if I could get the money which I had left in my Postal Savings account in 1937.

I ate my lunch quickly at my desk, then walked up to New Montgomery with Betty Barclay to the post office.  I bought stamps and mailed my letters.  I went on to pay my telephone bill.  Stopped at General Office Equipment where they gave me an adapter for my typewriter and a spare ribbon.  I then went to the bank, deposited yesterdays check and get some cash.  Paid my utilities bill.

In the afternoon I caught up with a number of person items, such as listing my expenditures and getting pencils and paper ready for the week end.

At 3.45 an hour before closing time, I asked Dor if I could leave early as I had no work and my head was still throbbing.  She let me go.

I was home by 4.30. I took an hour’s nap.

Packed for LA trip.  Prepared dinner and ate.  Dressed for the service.

I hadn’t done the dishes yet when Christians called at 8.15.

At the beginning of the service, which was sparsely attended at first, those of us driving or riding with Ava Brown and pay what would have been our bus fare.  Out of this drivers were to be compensated for gas purchases on the trip.

As had been announced earlier, a written excuse had to be given to Jim by all those not going to LA.  These were collected

Jim came on podium.  Read announcement from black newspaper about Muslims’ intent to buy Peoples Temple property in Redwood Valley.  Jim said 3 Muslims showed themselves in the Valley, were magnified first to 15 then 88.  He got calls from the district attorney, sheriff and many others.

Our emphasis in approach to Muslims is to get resources together for survival against fascism threat.  Jim met with a Rabbi this week , he agreed that we should get together.

Penny stated and Jim confirmed, that Mormons have bought KRON station from the Examiner.

Jim advice to women lay down on your own terms.  Get his property and bank account turned over to you before you lay down.

Rabbi expected America to act just the same as Nazis.  Jim: comments on penalty to be paid by young men who stabbed Deputy Mayor in Boston; they only have to apologize.

If he let himself think about how some people act, not doing anything to help the cause.  I’d kill about 50 people.  It wouldn’t do any good.  They have no conscience aren’t going to work anyway.

Jim took offering.

Questions: one on Prop 15.  Jim says he is going to vote Yes.  Explained how dangerous these reactors are.

Jim:  Dennis Banks freed from all charges in Oregon.  He’s the only Indian to come over here and give us thanks.

We won contest in numerous agricultural crops in the p.l. [promised land], some that won’t grow any place else in the tropics.

Jim: on population.  Rapid increase.  Not going to be any food. Fooling with nuclear devices has caused drought.  Millions will die before end of year.

Jim: I don’t know anybody I hate so much as a god-damned social worker.  If Christ is coming and reigns for a 1000 years, I’m going to get me a few social workers.  I’ll say the Holy Ghost moved on me.

Charlie Touchette had had a bad fall, in the p.l., which would have caused him grave injury, but he was unhurt.

The service, after healings and the coming to the altar of every one, was dismissed about 12.00.

I returned with the Christians to their house where they loaded the car.  We left at 1.30, at our lunches on the road.  Bob drove all the way. I sat in the middle in the front seat next to Marshall Farris.  Vernetta, Lorenza Tucker, and the child were in the back seat,

Marshall said his wife was not a member of the Temple. She was attached to her friends in the Baptist Church.  His brother Edward and his wife had stopped coming to the Temple services very much.  Marshall has retirement income, is a mechanic and works most of the time on Temple cars.

We were discussing some of the older women who came to the Temple from the Peace Mission and I gave the Christians some details about the early Father Divine movement, Jim’s contact with them , the trips back to Philadelphia, and his efforts to give a refuge to their members who wanted to come with us.  I told them of Father Divine’s celibacy rule for members and of Jim’s experience with Mother Divine.

I slept quite well most of the trip, even though the others in the car were talking.  Bob didn’t talk much, and Marshall also went to sleep, but Vernetta and Lorenza hardly slept at all.


22 May – 1976 – Saturday
About 6.00 we stopped at a restaurant which was 35 miles from LA to go to the bathroom.  The weather was nice.  We arrived at the LA Temple around 7.00.  Only Sheila Jones, daughter of Lu Ester and a man, Richard Clark, neither in uniform, were on security duty and seemed to us inadequate to the job.  The Christians had hoped to clean up and rest at the home of an elderly member who lived near by but found she had been evicted.  They went inside the Temple to telephone friends or relatives.  Marshall had to be at the Annex for choir rehearsal at 11.00.

We went to see an aunt to Vernetta’s, in her 80’s, who had recently burned herself and been in the hospital. She had never been to the Temple.

We cleaned up and ate.  I had my food with me.  The aunt made coffee for the others.  Lorenza went upstairs to lie down and I soon followed her, but I had trouble going to sleep, probably because of the coffee I had drunk in the car.  My headache had started up again.  Christians stayed downstairs.

I got up about 12.10 and dressed for service.  Read the Friday newspaper I had brought with me.

We left for the service about 1.15.

I went through security check and put my luggage downstairs.  Had an ice cream cone.

Applications for the summer trip were being taken downstairs.

Service started a little after 2.00.

Norman took the offering.

Penny testified, as she had in San Francisco where the doctors found that the masses had disappeared.  However a growth was found in her intestine, but this too disappeared.

Jim came on the podium at 3.15.

The choir sang.

Tape of a former sermon.

Jim took another offering.

Jim gave a rousing sermon.  He denounced the Muslim’s religious beliefs while he made a strong appeal to give another $1000 for a hotel.  The ideas of Marcus Garvey had been perverted.  He attacked religion and held up the necessity for atheistic socialism.  Why are two blacks murdered by police every day in LA?  Because the Bible says “Obey those who have rule over you.”  Religion is the greatest deception ever foisted on man.  Christ was found in church only twice.  The first time they threw him out; the second time they threw him out.  In order to show that I have power, I have to do more than any of your fucking gods.  Don’t confuse me with God.  I am a liberator, he is a fucker-upper.  He’ll fuck up your wife, your husband.  He’ll fuck up your children.  If you love a little dog, he’ll fuck up the dog.

God created everything, good and evil.  Lice, fleas, bedbugs, syphilis, arthritis.  You say the devil created these.  God created the devil.

Jim left the podium for some time.  Norm continued the offering with poor results.  Jim returned when Norm was down to $5.  About the interruption,  He said he had saved several lives.  Someone told me she had seen him with what looked like a fountain pen and it is possible he took a weapon away from somebody.  He continued the offering and the sermon.

On the Muslims.  He is not going to accept their religion or any religion.

Apropos of what I didn’t catch, he told of Dr. Finkle recommending that someone with long hair and a beard stick out his tongue and “go to a masquerade party as a hemorrhoid.”

You never will have my power.  I was born with this power. Some people can sing.  I was born to put a whammy on people.  It is a great responsibility.  I never use it in wrath, to get revenge.  I give a lot of grace.  The only people who don’t like me are those who have something to hide.  He singled out a man in the auditorium.

You never would have put my whole body on a cross.  You wouldn’t take me in one piece.

Nobody’s blood ever saved anyone.

I am sorry for the dissertation, but there are more guests her than admit it.  One woman admitted she was a guest, but others are guests and lied.

Jim finished the offering.

He went on to a discussion of the creation.  He would have spent more time on making woman than on man.  God created the devil.  It would have been impossible for him to have more power than his creator.  Thus God is responsible for having evil in the world.

Us niggers have to have more babies than honkies.  We have to admit we’re not doing it for the sake of the child, but we have to prevent extermination.  When you had a child, you did it out of selfishness.  You know you’re a horse’s ass.  God had brought in 4 billion.  He’s more of a horse’s ass than you.  You have to be a selfish bastard to hang on to religion, a selfish bitch.  A feeling person will hate God.

To those who claim Universal Mind is God, Jim said:  Mind is impartial, indifferent.  He hadn’t noticed Mind doing good to people until it was combined with his body.

You’ll get what you fear.

I don’t want to be wanted.  Every day more people want me. No one ever loved you but me.  He made vivid comments on so-called love between husband and wife.  There won’t be love until we come to socialism.  Religion and capitalism teach us to be selfish.

Jim said he hated to preach.  His kidneys and bowels tense up after a meeting.  But there is a reason for coming to church.  You stay away, you’ll commit treason.

I don’t like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus.  Jesus was a hypocrite.  He couldn’t fuck a woman, so he let a woman wash his feet.  He went on to a detailed discussion of Father Divine, especially regarding his sexual rules and his own violation of them.  He made women put their mouths to him, claiming her was their God.  He named Valor and Helen Love as two who had to have sex with Father Divine.  I’d give a thousand dollars if I could fuck right now.  I haven’t the time.  I hate that son of a bitch (Divine).  I have not fucked for pleasure.  If tonight someone’s going to commit treason.  I’d either fuck ‘em, suck ‘em, or duck ‘em.  With people who threaten the cause, what would you do?  I’d rather have killed them.  Some of you fuck me with your mouth, talk me to death.

Jim told how he had sex with one who was going to commit treason, another who slit her wrists.  He described our summer trip to the Peace Mission and how Mother Divine tried to seduce him on the tomb of Father Divine and not succeeding, made him leave in the middle of the night with numerous child.  It was odd that he discussed these matters just after I had been describing these aspects of the Peace Mission and our visit in Philadelphia to the Christians.

Jim asked how many would fuck for $5,000.  He asked for a vote, who would and who wouldn’t?  Three said they would not.  Elderly woman whom Jim raised from the dead said it was wrong.  Jim asked “Who said so?  The white man’s Bible?  Valor said it was distasteful to her.  Jim: it isn’t based on what you want, but your duty.  One thing, you two are honest.  Some of you sit there and you’ll go home and talk.  He agreed with Valor that $5,000 was not enough, she should get $15,000.

Mabel Dodge said she wouldn’t do it.  She has too much respect to commit adultery.  Jim said she had committed a sin, she judged him.  She is more righteous than I am.  He offered her an opportunity to get out of it.  She asked that he forgive her.  Jim wanted everyone to leave it there.  Say nothing to her.  Only I know whether she’s telling the truth.

Jim expressed his attitude about sex clearly: if you’re laying with some woman, with some man, tonight or tomorrow without knowing you’re serving the cause, you’re outside my spirit.

Several women told of having to sell their bodies to feed their children.  One spoke of living with guilt and of now feeling a new sense of freedom at the knowledge of having done nothing wrong.

Jim dismissed the choir for practice for tomorrow’s meeting.  He rebuked them for being noisy. “When I have been teaching on a human level, I have to show my power because people are not moved by character but by power.”

There was a healing session.  Then Jim took another offering.  The response was poor.

I saw Beulah among the group who had come in to fill up the choir seats.

The meeting was dismissed at 9.00.

Jim asked everyone to come up and lay a contribution on the altar.  There was a rush to the door.  Jim had the door closed, insisted on people’s passing the altar and going out the side door.

Joyce Parks brought me a cloth from Jim.  He said pressure was building up behind my eyeballs.  I would have gone blind.  He wanted me to get more rest.  She said Jim was very fond of me.  I went to the altar and gave $3.00.

I had to wait quite a while for Beulah who was helping out at a concession stand.

Her husband was in a bad humor that he had to wait so long for us.  When we got home he was still fussing.  She told him to go home.  I asked her what was his name, as I had never heard it.  She said he merely was called by his initial, R.D.

Earline X came along with us.

For dinner we had chicken, peas and rice.  I ate a banana and an orange.

As it was late, I went right to bed, didn’t even try to read.  Beulah followed soon after.  IT was about 12.00.


23 May – 1976 – Sunday
I got up at 6.45.

Breakfast: orange juice, fried egg, bacon, biscuits.

House full of children getting ready for service.  Von Smith came in late last night after pamphleting.

Beulah arranged a ride for me and Earlene. We were picked up at about 9.00.

Choir members came in, many with white robes.  Jim said: What did you do, go slumming for choir robes?  He decided how their scarves should be adjusted.  Red scarves were donated by other members so that all choir members could have one.

Jim conducted a healing service.

Several of the seniors were to ride with Jim in a hired Cadillac (I don’t know what happened about the plan to use a Rolls of one of the members.  Probably a security decision.  I was surprised when I was selected.  Joyce Parks took us through the staff door and put us in the car.  There were three black sisters, Mom Taylor, Annie McGowan and another whose name I don’t know and two white sisters, Valor St. John and myself.  We waited until Jim dismissed the service and got in the car.  Two security guards were with us.  The driver of the car, who is accustomed to driving prominent people of all types, told me “these are very easy people to work with.”

We seniors were deposited at the side and Jim was taken to the back entrance, undoubtedly for his safety, so that the impression he wished to make was probably lost as the Muslims didn’t see him drive up with the seniors.

I helped Mom Taylor who was not able to walk alone.  She had been told to keep the group together, but Valor and Annie apparently resented her tone of authority and did not wait for us.  We did not even know where they were seated.

Our workers and the Muslims were co-workers on all tasks, although the security search seemed to be conducted by Muslims alone, and their ushers seemed to predominate.

We were seated at 12.15.

Our Black Velvet troupe performed; our choir sang two numbers with Norman Ijames and Melvin Johnson as soloists.

In the ladies’ room, I was told that the African dancers whom I had expected to see were not going to perform.

There was a long wait, then at 1.45 the 23, 1976 got underway.

Mike Prokes introduced Tim Stoen, who introduced Joseph Freitas, S.F. District attorney, and Carlton Goodlett, as President of the Black Newspaper Publishers Association, who both spoke briefly.  The next two speakers were Kenneth Hahn, L.A. County Supervisor and a representative of the Islamic Foundation.  Mayor Tom Bradley of  L.A. spoke, then Angela Davis who described the racial situation abroad and in the city, out particular emphasis upon North Carolina.  A woman representative of the Sikhs spoke, then Lt. Governor Mervin Dymally, acting Governor of California.

Jim spoke for half an hour, giving unity in the struggle against racism as our chief motivation.

Wallace D. Mohammed spoke from 3.40 to 4.45.  He was as dull as ever.

Either Sharon Amos or Karen Layton sat in the row in front of us during the meeting and Mom Taylor told them how Valor and Annie went off on their own.  Karen said Valor was losing interest in the cause.  She “loves America.”

We were kept in our seats for the final prayer.

Sharon Amos got Tom Adams to escort us to the back, and we got into the Cadillac for the return trip.  After some time Jim joined us and we were whisked away.  Elaborate security precautions were taken.

Jim asked where Valor was.  I said she and Annie got separated from us but the third lack sister said, “They separated themselves.”

We were among the first to arrive at the Temple at 5.15.  The rest of the members followed us in the buses, but it seemed that a good many went home instead of coming into the auditorium.  I changed my clothes.

Everyone to whom I spoke expressed massive boredom with Wallace D.’s speech.

The session upstairs started at 5.45.

There was much praise of Jim.  He remarked: “It probably means this looks good compared to what I just saw.”

Jim said we were glad for the opportunity to show the white world we’re together.  He said his kidneys were affected by the bad vibrations.  We didn’t show enough enthusiasm.  We didn’t follow instructions.  We were intimidated by the Nation of Islam, some of us admired them, applauded then more than we did our own. “You’re going to repay.”  Security almost got in a brawl.  Dennis was one of them.  I have not come to be misled by carnality.

He continued with a critique of Wallace D.’s speech.  He didn’t state any specifics of how to create a new earth.

Dennis’ other, who is an usher and offertory worker posted opposite me, began to wail in front of Jim’s platform; he told her to be still.

In the ensuing offering which he took, people seemed to be trying to make up for their disloyalty.  Dennis did not help with the offering.

We were dismissed to go to the buses at about 6.00. Lunches were to be picked up downstairs and taken to the buses.

I got my lunch, waited for the Christians.  Finally Bob came for me.  They had got downstairs and outside early.  We went to their aunt’s house where they loaded their belongings. This took considerable time.

I was very tired and wanted to sleep, but Vern and Lorenza were not very sympathetic.  Vernetta couldn’t understand why I was tired, when Jim had healed me.  She wanted me to act as hostess and keep Bob awake.  Farris wanted to sleep also.  I insisted on getting some rest, though I said I would hostess later.  Vernetta says she doesn’t sleep anyway when Bob is driving and he wouldn’t accept help with the driving, though I offered.  I did sleep most of the way.

Vernetta had been assigned to help count the offering with the Nation and had observed how our people did not stand up to them well, many appearing to envy them.  Jim had told us the Nation tried to make a separate offering at the door which we would not share, according to the agreement.  He stopped this and we came away with half the “take,” though we did not pay half the expenses.

At one point about 2.00 o’clock about half an hour after leaving a gas station near Calistoga, we saw a car with the hood up and one of our buses stopped.  Bob and Marshall found that bad points were the cause of the trouble.  Bob went back to see if he could get some.  Although we couldn’t get the right size, Marshall, who does mechanical work on Temple cars, said he could have enabled the car to go to San Francisco.  The bus was still there, but they had towed the car back to the station, which would require someone to come for it tomorrow.  We lost about an hour

We got into San Francisco art dawn, took Marshall home first then Lorenza and reached out homes about 5.00.  Bob had hoped to get home about 2.00.  He said the children could sleep for about an hour, then had to get ready for school.  I don’t know whether Vernetta intended to go to work.


24 May – 1976 – Monday
I unpacked, then went to bed, having decided to call in at the office at 8.00 and say I was going to the clinic to see about my eyes.

I slept 2 hours.

Called Dor at 8.10.  She wasn’t in yet.  I spoke to Cathy Costello and told her I was going to the doctor.

Washed dishes that were left from Friday night.  Had some breakfast: grapefruit and cereal.

Pressed clothes for the next two weeks.

I phoned the office at about 11.30, told them I was back from the doctor’s, could come in if I was needed.  I spoke to Cathy Costello again as Dor was not in.  Cathy told me Dor’s son had had a motorcycle accident, was not expected to live.  Cathy told me to stay home, as she thought others could handle the office work.

I prepared a mean and ate and washed dishes.

Baked the other loaf of bread which I had bought at Petrini’s.  I had set it to rise according to directions.

Around 4.00 I went out to walk to get some exercise.  Took with me several framed pictures which I wanted to give to Beverley Livingston and Garry Lambrev who were running a shop to sell items that Temple people are giving up.  Some of these pictures I have had since childhood.

The shop is on Divisadero between Oak and Page.  It wasn’t open yet but Beverley and Garry saw me at the door.  Beverley is going to sell only antiques and I am sure she will keep my pictures.  She and Garry each have living quarters in back of the shop. We talked about giving up possessions which have an emotional value to us.  Beverley has a doll she is attached to.  I told them of my Dancing Shiva.  I am also hoping that I will be able to ship some books to the p.l.  Beverley and Garry thought that more than likely we’ll have to leave with nothing more than the clothes on our backs.

I went up to Haight Street wanting to buy some handkerchiefs in the second-hand shop but found it closed.

I got home about 5.15.

I planned to take an hour’s nap, but I slept three hours.

I ate a meal.

Read Roszak’s book for the first time in a long time.  During the Muni strike and afterwards I have not been able to get anything read except the newspaper.

Went to bed at 2.00.


25 May – 1976 – Tuesday
Got up at 6.00 and went to work today.

There was very little work in the Center.  Marie was handling ATS materials and controlled work on one of the difficult contracts.  J.R.Mansfield brought me some Xeroxing to do.

Dor phoned Marie and talked to her at length.  Marie told me some of the details.  It was Dor’s youngest son, Jeff, who lives with her.

His motorcycle went off the road near Belmont Saturday night and turned over.  He was with out a helmet apparently.  He was semi-conscious when brought into the hospital but died yesterday.  His organs will be donated for medical research.

I worked on journal entries.

I still felt some pressure in my head.

At my lunch at my desk.  Said the film in the employee’s film series called “Trans-Alaska,” about the Aleyaska Pipeline.  I didn’t remember whether it was the one I saw last year.

I phoned Dor [her sister] at her office, using the Bechtel tie-line, confirming my plans.  She says Edna [her sister] is going to pay my fare and she will pay Mabs’ [her sister].  The date is agreeable to her.  She will be attending Paul’s wedding on 19 June, but will be home by the 26th before leaving again for Arizona.

When I got home, I ran in the park, as the day was nice.

Took an hour’s nap.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 10.00 to 12.00

Read Roszak.

Went to bed sat 1.00.  On nights when I am home, I plan to go to bed at 12.00 unless I have had a nap, when I will go to bed an hour later.


26 May – 1976 – Wednesday
I was late this morning, as I examined my typewriter in order to find the model and serial number to send it to the Adler Company so as to put the warranty in effect.  Except for some Xeroxing left for me by Kathleen, who was going on vacation, I had no work that came in.

I called Lor [friend from S.F. State].  Had been afraid she was ill as she hadn’t been in when I called you.  She said she was alright except that her dentures still didn’t fit her. I inquired whether I could visit her Friday night but she said she was going to be tied up all Memorial Day weekend.

Worked on journal entries.

I filled out the typewriter warranty and prepared it for mailing.

I ate my lunch at my desk.

Went to the PG&E for the American Issues Forum.  This was the last in the series.  John Edwards was the speaker.  He has the topic “The Pursuit of Knowledge,” but he discussed “wisdom.”  His treatment was very general and dull.  His view was that the American experience had been exceptional “because it works.”

Maria let me have her Muni pass and I took the bus to the pharmacy in the Shell building where I bought a perm wave set and some rouge.  I walked back to the office.  The day was very sunny and warm but I did not feel very well.  Perhaps walking was not beneficial to me as I was still feeling the effects of last week’s crisis.

I called Mabs on the Bechtel tie-line.  She said she couldn’t get away from her plants [?] at this time of year.  And can’t come to the reunion.  She could hardly take the time to attend Paul’s wedding.  She hopes to be able to visit Chicago, Denver and San Francisco in August.  I told her a little of my recent activities.  When I told her of Jim’s curing my headache and saving me from blindness I felt a definite chilling effect.  She said she was having trouble with an allergy caused by mold and mildew.  Miranda is still working on organic gardening but the job ends soon.  Matthew wants “to make a change.”

At home I took a nap for an hour.

Ate dinner and dressed for the Temple.

Christians took me to the Temple about 8.15.

Jim came on podium about 9.00 during testimonials.

Bus accident at night.  Went off the road, would have gone into a tree but for Jim’s power.  There will be a bus coordinator to check out the buses, said this one the tires were not sufficiently inflated.

Jim: outside revenge [?] has no concern nor rational purpose but in this group we have a protection which passes comprehension.

Spoke again of Anthony Brown who committed suicide.  Corporate ___ determined she shouldn’t have powerful position.  He had had an opportunity to join us.

We have here something beyond the ordinary social dimensions.  If you give yourself  to socialism you will not die by accident or in a sick bed but you will determine your destiny and can die where and when it will best serve socialism.  I believe this whole heartedly.

Jim took offering calling for $1000 pledges.

Jim read commendations.

Film of Jubilee.

Tommy Bogue went to sleep on bench at rest stop and bus left without him.  Driver Irvin Perkins and hostess (unknown) were fined $150, also his sister who was responsible for him.  (Later it was found that Irvin Perkins was not the driver.)

Michael Francis nearly strangled a girl in school and was suspended.  Said he felt like killing someone.  Jim dealt with him firmly.  He said girl insulted his mother.  He couldn’t handle his anger.  Jim says he handling it now.  Jim said he could not only be put in juvenile hall but sentence deferred and he would be killed when 17 or 18.  Jim says pay no attention, wait, smile like a Cheshire cat.  Don’t get anywhere until you fight together.  Need to use your brains. We all want to kill someone,  If you’re smart, you can get back at them.  He admits he’s jealous of Contonia’s brother who staying with mother.  He’s jealous of his sisters.  Jim perceives the relationship bothers him, suggests he be encouraged to come to Council.  His teeth cause him trouble.  Jim wants these taken care of (he has buck teeth).  Jim says boys and girls should play together.  Haven’t been up for many months.  $25 in 2 weeks.  Work at newspaper until go back to school.

William Klingman.  Same behavior at school. Suspended.  Jim asks why does he cat like this always results in his working all night.  He was riding on back of trolley car, Dorothy Worley reported.  Different situation suggested for William. Penny offers to supervise him during services and in L.A. for a month.  William used “shit” in school.  Mother says he calls everyone “fucker” including the principal. Jim says you can cuss here but not in school. Teachers are usually rigid frigid.  Says he wants to move into the church.  Jim says can’t move you when you’re acting up.  Has to raise money pamphleting.

Jimbo Jones misbehaving in school.  On verge of getting expelled, of flunking.  He was moved from church to commune.  Jim asks him what he’s trying to get.  He says he wants back in church. he says he wanted to be praised in church for good work at school.  Tracy Stone and Hughie are in lots of trouble, according to Joyce.  Vernetta talks about Jim.  Jim says needs more hugging.  Jim says he was moved to commune because he looked sloppy at school.  Agnes is partly to blame.  Jim tells him she’s a bad mommy, though a good nurse.  Jim wants her in Council.  No strangers to be present and present all the time.  Any physical punishment has to be approved and only the bottom spanked.  Have to raise $10 and sit with Penny too.

The hour was getting late.  Jim said sometimes we spank, sometimes we box, but sometimes we need to talk to the child.  We would do more of it but some of you look so bored.  “Weren’t you ever a child?”

He took another offering.

There was a short meditation period.

The meeting was dismissed about 12.30.

I saw Contonia and arranged for her to give me a perm Friday night.

Talking to Garry Lambrev, I found that he has a car and I proposed that he help me Friday bring home boxes in which to pack my books from the storage company.  I will call him.

Christians took me home.

I washed dishes.

Read for half an hour.  Went to bed at 2.00.


27 May – 1976 – Thursday
When I got to the office, O’Neill told me John Foster, who works for Mary Catalina and Rita Schuman, went home on account of a bad back.  Mary wouldn’t have so much work, but Rita needed some help.

Rita first gave me a long agreement to type.  IT concerned hiring an outside counsel to represent Bechtel on a project in Iran.  The Bechtel entity is to be incorporated in Panama.  I put this on MagCard and ran it off.  Rita was quite pleased with it.

At lunch time I ate at my desk, then went to the new Embarcadero station of BART, which is opening today.  I wasn’t there for the ceremonies but walked around the station, got a free Coca-Cola and an Indian delicacy which was handed out by the Anjuli restaurant, collected much descriptive material.  Marie had given me a free ticket but I didn’t use it.

Walked up to the bank, deposited my check and got cash.  The day was very beautiful.

In the afternoon Rita gave me a cover letter for the Iran materials.  Garb was to get it.  She also dictated a memo on an equipment rental agreement, which I put on MagCard.  Her instructions as usual were unclear and I wasted much time on this.  She was in a hurry for both items and asked me if I could finish them before leaving.  I stayed an hour overtime, had to open up the Xerox room and wait for the machine to warm up.  Then I found she had not waited for me and that Garb didn’t need the Iran materials for another month.

When I got home at 6.30, I decided not to exercise.

I didn’t have to wash my hair but I did other household and personal chores.

As I was preparing dinner, Tim called, wanted to come to see me in about half an hour.  I ate dinner in the midst of which I received the Temple message.  Bertha Cavit asked me if I was going on the Temple trip. I told her I had applied but had not been informed whether I was accepted.  She said the fare for adults was $275.  I was disturbed because I didn’t know whether I was to be allowed to go or not and because there was no indication that people who paid last year for the trip that was cancelled would be allowed to go on this one with charge.  Mostly I was tired.

I ate dinner.

Tim phoned that he was delayed.

I did the dishes.

Started my laundry.  Had washed my underwear and started to rinse when Tim arrived.

He stayed a couple of hours.  I told him about Jim’s healing me and of my recent activities.  Tim has been about one of five who working in the District Attorney’s office at the Hall of Justice, while finishing his work for Mendocino County.  Last week he started full time in San Francisco.  He is prosecuting cases, which he doesn’t like.

Tim told me a little more about Attorney Franklyn Brann, but he had not known him personally.  He said the newspaper stories which had led to Brann’s suicide were inaccurate.  The reporter had not checked the facts.

After Tim left, I finished my washing.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00.


28 May – 1976 – Friday
Turned in my time card.

Did not have much work to do.  Many people took the day off.  I ate my lunch at my desk.

Left the office at 12.0.  I used the free BART pass Marie had given me and rode to Mission and 16th.  Had to walk to 20th and Harrison, about 8 blocks, to the Bekins office to get some cartons in which to pack my books.  The day was hot and I had not allowed enough time.  I bought 10 used cartons for 50¢ apiece; new ones cost 95¢.

I had to wait so long for a taxi that I could have made my appointment at Kaiser at 1.40.  I phoned the doctor’s office and got another appointment.

Went to the Coop.  This time taking the Powell Street cable car and shopped for groceries.  I also bought items to contribute for the Temple trip, as well as for Sunday’s dinner.  Took a taxi home.

Unloaded groceries.

Prepared and ate a snack.

Took Muni to go to Contonia’s to get a permanent.  I intended to stay all night as I did not want to come home late on public transportation, so I packed a suitcase.  I had heard on the radio that a man was holding a bus hostage on upper Market Street. When I boarded the street car on Market the conductor informed the passengers that we would be transferred to shuttle buses and taken to our destinations.

I got off the shuttle bus as 18th and Noe and walked to Contonia’s, stopping to buy her a newspaper and myself a Dr. Pepper.

The trouble was on 17th  Street rather than Market.  The police and fire trucks had traffic blocked off at 17th and Noe.  There were various rumors as to what had happened.  From Contonia’s windows we had a good view.  The crowd dispersed about 9.00 o’clock. (The paper the next day said a man had shot through the window of his estranged wife’s apartment and had held her hostage, but a police officer finally persuaded him to hand over his gun.)

Rosita, Contonia’s sister, arrived.  She stayed last night also.  She is unhappy in her commune.  Her roommate gets up early and turns the TV on.  She goes out and sits on park benches.  I asked her why she didn’t join Contonia’s commune (no one lives with Contonia at present). She said the Temple did not want her to climb the 3 flights of stairs.  She brought food from the Temple for Contonia.

We decided to wait until tonight to do my perm.

I listened to a part of the TV program, a panel on both sides of Proposition 15.

Contonia says her mother, Mary Lewis, is back under the influence of Jessie Lynchner.  I never see either of them at the Temple any more.

I slept with Contonia.  Rosita in the other room. We went to bed about 12.00.


29 May – 1976 – Saturday
I got up at 9.00 and Contonia’s followed soon after.  She made some oatmeal for me.  The Temple give the communes some items for breakfast.  Rosita got up and left.

She gave me a perm.  As usual it took a long time.  At one point she got off on the wrong set of directions and I was worried that the perm would not take but as the hair was subjected to the waving lotion for a longer period of time the result was a tighter wave.

We listened to the Temple broadcast at 11.30.

Contonia had a number of complaints about the Temple leadership: rudeness, indifference, cruelty to children, getting others to do their work while they slept.  Lee Ingram was one she mentioned.  She said that after keeping Michael working at the Temple all day long after his assigned punishment had been completed, Lee Ingram sent him home alone at 1.00.  Michael is 12.

Contonia finished with my hair about 1.00.  I paid her $15.00.

I went down to the Modern Times bookstore and looked over their stock.  I bought a paperback to read on the trip.

The weather had turned cold.  I took a street car and transferred to the Hayes Street bus.  Got home about 3.00.

Prepared a meal and ate and washed dishes.

Cleaned up the apartment but only superficially.

Slept from 5.00 to 6.30.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Christians phoned about 8.00 and left about 8.15.

We arrived about 8.15 [sic]. Security check was very brusque and I didn’t get upstairs until 8.30.

Hazel Dashiell ____ took ____.

Jim took offering.

Two rows saved in front for guests.

Jim: on integration.  All candidates, Carter, even Brown won’t stand on racial issue.  Once had 16,000 white people.  Loyalty at core of America.  Prove themselves.  “I like white people.”

Jim on guests, especially white ministers.

Choir: “Bridge on Troubled Waters” and “United We Stand.”

Yvonne Golden.  Teacher, freedom fighter. [Principal of Opportunity High where most Temple children attended school.]  You are a beauty and being led by a wonderful man. Capitalism in US.  Arrested and booked on three felony charges.  [Incident with] Nazi Party members at Board of Education meeting. Check from Peoples Temple.  Power to the People’s struggle against capitalist structure for betterment of all.  Humanitarians are not found every day.

Jim: People frame you on other charges.  People now after you, you’re not doing anything.

African Dancers put on new number.

Richard Boyle.  Running for State Senator Moscone’s seat.  Jim said he is for socialism.  Wrote a book on Vietnam.  He spoke on persistence of _____/ Rhodesia.  ___ gaining following.  South Africa will be liberated.  This country.  His methods.  Got people registered to vote.

Jim said I don’t share his optimism, but will continue to vote.  If we start a revolution, the only ones who will come will Peoples Temple.  Southern California [?] has handed down the most restrictive rulings.

Jim: on next guest, lesbian.  Police caused riot in L.A. because we signed petition that homosexuals be employed by government.  Singer Miriam Ben Schalom. [discharged from Army Reserves after declaring she was lesbian; she fought it]

She evaluates her situation. Harrassed [Harassed] now, not getting pay increases nor promotions.  Appeal for straights and money.  She says she not left or right (question on socialism).  She favors unity.  People who love one another. She discussed religious affiliation.

Jim says will see she gets an honorarium for support.  He wakes up those who have gone to sleep.  They will frame you as a homosexual.   Harrassment [Harassment], institution that in socialist countries comes out of exploitive society. Castro took strong sand against persecution of homosexuals.  A society has to be a human being.

Reverend Charles Sherrod, black SNNC Committee.  [Agricultural Cooperative] New Communities Inc. (a Southwest Georgia Co.), had 6000 acres of land.  Working for economic self-sufficiency.  A non-alienating system.  Necessity of numbers sticking together.  This many people together on Saturday night.  So many of us.

Jim: support anything that helps us get back what is ours.

Jim: no documentary that there is any physical punishment of homosexuals in any socialist country.

Sick of politicians.  Will help that young woman get her day in court but when she sues she not see socialism or capitalism she is some kind of a dummy.  You either don’t think or you’re a god damned coward.

1600 are not going to solve the problem.  Have to get control of means of production.  Don’t wait for Furth, Mendel or Boyle.  Nobody with any sense would go into politics because you’re not your own man.

Jim offended because Miriam called him a fundamentalist.  Ought to want to get religion on until atheists have equal time.

Angela Davis and Yvonne Golden are my kind of people.  (Yvonne stayed).  System gives you a choice between half an asshole or a whole ass hole.

Boyle lost my vote when he said God bless you and this woman with her “she God.”  I don’t want no he, she or it God.  “Know no man after the flesh, not even Jesus.”  Human consciousness is the final author.  When you have seen me, you have seen God.  Bible is full of lies.

Boyle never mentioned socialism.  What does this little white man know of what we’re going to do in South Africa?  The week Moscone was drunk [?], met some black and treated them worse than the KKK.  He’s mot come through with jobs.  I wouldn’t take his appointment to HRC.  Willie Brown’s wife supposed to be appointed to Act Com [?] but he didn’t do it.  Herb Caen said he was a phony.  Unless he gives you new jobs, his name is shit on my list.  District Attorney did hire one of our men.  He’s going to go after some of the rich guys involved in voter fraud.  More going appeal to those black women.

Warning against shop lifting.  Stores got black people hired to watch black,  Going to get you.  Don’t get back what they’ve stolen from you in nickels and quarters.

Jim bemarvels the mixture we get:  healings, politicians.

More on the lesbian.  Jim not introduced [?] in anything done for fun.

Jim on Bible: for religious people who come for healings.

Debbie Evans.  Had wrong leg cut in surgery at Mt. Zion Hospital.  No good Samaritan there against Jim’s orders.  Illustrates that capitalism to blame for everything wrong.  The rich get proper care.

Jim complains of screening committee not asking searching enough questions.  The first time I said “ass” one went gulp.

Jim will take care of Debbie.  Will have several thousand dollars because we are going to sue.

On people who say they don’t need Peoples Temple?  To those who will only come back when sick or call upon Jim when in prison, don’t come back.

Meeting ended with healing and another offering.  It was 2.00 o’clock.

Beulah had come.  Godshalks wanted to come home with me but I didn’t have transportation.  Tried to arrange with Garry Lambrev to bring them but this didn’t work out.

I lost track of the Christians coming out the door, thought they were behind me and waited a long time for them.  They were ahead and Bob came back for me after some delay.  Sleet was coming down.

Beulah went to bed.  I ate some toast and chicken she had brought.  Went to bed at 4.oo.


30 May – 1976 – Sunday
Up at 9.00.

Breakfast: orange and grapefruit juice, hamburger patty, egg, toast.

Told Beulah of last week’s events.

She told me Willie Malone was suspended from school, is a big worry to her. She had turned in a note to the temple in LA but so far nothing had been done.   I helped her write a note to Council asking whether the case could be put on the agenda tonight.

Brother Christian took us to the Temple at 11.45.  Service was at 12.00.

As we had guests again today, preliminary business items were taken care of, including two offerings.  Three rows in front were saved for guests.  I got a seat at the side in front.

Jim on podium at 1.00, took offering, five $1000 pledge.  Prepared us for the day’s events.

Introduced Charles Garry.  197[6] San Quentin trial 16 months.  Treatment of the accused.  America has come a long way down the road to a police state.

Three band, solo and choir numbers.

Jim: concern with civil liberties.  Tribute to Charles Garry.  Re: Angola. Political attacks Tanzania Emma Heziz [?]

Offering for Angola people.  Jim guaranteed $500.

Introduced Frank Brann’s widow.  Jim assumed guilt for not knowing him better.  If  [he] had known the work that goes on here, he might not have taken his life.

Zimbabwe. Pan African Congress.  Still necessary for us to kill in order to become men and women.  South Africa is not a free and independent nation.  South Africa is an occupied territory as much as Norway was during World War II.

Africa National Organization.  Wail imprisoned and torture.  Spoke for Zimbabwe (Rhodesia).  “In as much as you did it not to me, you did it not to me.”  The people of Zimbabwe are prepared not only to die but to kill for what they believe.  We do not have time to praise the Lord.  We are hungry, We are sick.  One million people in concentration camps.

Southwest African Peoples Organization. Nambidia [variant spelling of Namibia]. Held by Union of South Africa.  Hawange.

Jim: I am a pacifist.  But cannot expect people to sit back and see their children die.  I am a pacifist today but I am not going to see men commit suicide one by one.  Danger of nuclear war being unleashed by racists who know what is in store for them. Denunciation of those who sleep during these talks.  You’ll be next. The Bible.  Jesse Jackson.  Jackass Carter.  Poll says 87% of blacks are in Carter’s campo.  We’re in a hell of a lot of trouble.  If you think what we’re talking about is remote, you wait until the reaction.  Asses defend their home base.  Refers to press coverage.  Governor Brown next week won’t cover problem.  Some of visitors FBI.  The FBI can go straight to hell.  Internal Revenue: take your tax exemption and stick it up your ass.  Warning lose ours, not going to accept unless takes this phallic symbol and other do-nothing churches, refer to Angola in UN. [Someone] spoke of fights for freedom.  Intervention of imperialist aggression and appealed for help from freedom-loving people and governments.  Political independence regardless of aid received.  Devastation by Portuguese.  Efforts to build a new society.  Agriculture and industry development.  Establishment of a popular government.  Elections.

Jim introduced Rev. Glenda Hope of Genesee Church.  She said she was glad to be here.

Jim started a healing session.  He told guests they might be introduced in knowing SF Examiner reporter who dashed out of the building like a shot after he had made his statement on tax exemption.

4.00 Guests left.

Jim: How did that Examiner reporter get tin here and out of here without greeters ever getting his name? Taped every word.  Deal with it tomorrow.  Who let him in? Real fed up.  Who talked to him and passed him at the door?  Question of greeters staying out of service after guests came upstairs.  Penny complained of Dick Tropp’s attitude and of security dragging her away.  Penny as fault as admits it.,  She intruded when police were at door.

Greg Watkins downtown was accused of snatching the purse of a 90 year old woman.  Will give him a lawyer but not bail him out.  Last time we ever show up.

Jim. No one has a right on their own to change the collective organization.

Dealt with Penny’s charge that McElvane let Doswell out of building and told Penny he wanted to be there and let him stay there.  Doswell last night threatened to leave.  Jim told him he sick of him, his threat and intimidations.  McElvane did take some action on Penny’s complaints.  Threatened to take child away in spite of their mother.  Penny said he said he going to settle with Jim once and for all.  Doswell said he wanted to get out of way some things that were bothering him.  Jim: necessity of organization.  People of your caliber don’t understand kindness.  You have taken more time than any ten members.  Jim: the next time you die you won’t be in my presence.  Jim: worked his spell.  “Go home now.”  Jim taught his children to be rebel with out a cause.  Long argument over Hugh’s statement.  Jim repeated he would die on his own time unless he sees some great improvement.  Have to make an example of you.  Jim:  He took a car, drove at reckless speed and totaled it, was unharmed because of Father.  Jim: justify of use of his power to defend this group.  He is under the most terrible judgment of anyone who has ever stood here.  Jim said no one was to remind him what he was to do.

Jim said that there would be no evening meeting if we would give in an offering what we would have given in Sunday evening offering.  The offering was taken.  I went on platform when they were short of workers.

Jim had continued healing.

We were dismissed about 6.00. McElvane announced meeting would be held immediately of security, ushers and greeters.  Vernetta, who is a greeter, would be among them so Christians won’t be going home.  I decided to eat in the Temple and then go home.

Beulah and I went downstairs together.  The tables for seniors were already filled.  Upon insisting, I succeeded in getting plates for me and Beulah and we sat on the floor.

I left for home at 7.30.  Though I could have taken the bus, I decided to walk as it was still light.

I ate some watermelon and nuts and read the Sunday paper until 11.00.

Went to bed but listened to the radio until 12.00.


31 May – 1976 – Monday
Today is Memorial Day.

I slept until 8.00.

Made yesterday’s journal entry.

Got out my boxes of books.  Put all the books on the bed an sorted them into a group that I wanted to sell and a group I wanted to keep.  The latter group I divided into 2 categories, the first consisting of those I wish most to save.  In the end I have only 2 boxes.  I want to ship if possible to the p.l., plus a box of Russian books.

Worked for three hours in the morning, then prepared a meal and ate and washed dishes.

Went out only to buy a newspaper.  The SF Chronicle had a report on yesterday’s meeting, telling of the African dancers statements that they had to fight for freedom but Jim was called a pacifist and did not quote his tax exemption remark.

The weather was very pleasant.

I worked until 5.00 o’clock.  Did not go through my personal papers, letters, former journals, nor teaching materials but should think at most I would have only two boxes of these.

Received a Temple message that all those applying to go on the summer work trip must come to the Temple tomorrow night from 6.00 to 11.00 and fill out forms.  All who are not communal must have their money, $275 for adults.  Besides, new requirements were made for food which is to be brought for the trip.

I tried to sleep 2 hours but was agitated about the above restrictions and could not get to sleep.  I lay down for an hour.

I had a snack.

Worked two hours on my journal, finishing typing the 1 to 15 August section and proofed it.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.30.


May 1976 Journal References

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Film: Made in Chicago
Film: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Film: Three Thousand Years and Life African Dancers
Black Velvet Dancers
Junior Choir
Jack Leg Preacher skit
Stealing in the Name of the Lord skit
“Deep River”
“Bridge Over Troubled Waters”
“Get Away”
“His Eye Is On the Sparrow”
”I Beg Your Pardon, America”
“United We Stand”

Mom Taylor’s Commune
Beam Convalescent Home
Gold Room [SF Temple]
p.l. = promised land
Peoples Temple Forum broadcast (KFAX)

Trips/Joint Meetings
Muslims at LA service May 9, 1976
Chicago Trip: May 2, 1976
Southern California Spiritual Jubilee w/Nation of Islam May 23, 1976
[Cross Country] Working Trip  June 76




Edith’s Sisters/Friends
Eddie [Edith’s sister Edna]
Dorothy [sister “Dor”]
Mabs [sister]
Matthew [nephew?]
Miranda [niece?]
Paul [nephew?]
Lor [SF friend from SF State]


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The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence by Victor Mahrchetti and John D. Marks 1975
Film series: A World Within a Grain of Sand
Film: TransAlaska
Lecture: Rugged Individualism
Lecture: The Dream of Success
Lecture: Food and Energy
Lecture: Pursuit of Happiness
Lecture: Pursuit of Pleasure
Lecture: Pursuit of Knowledge
Aleyska Pipeline
Bechtel Library
Computer center
Consultant Agreement
Engineering Requirements Project
IBM Executive typewriter
Legal Department
Saudi Arabian Contract
New Selectric Typewriter
Riyadh Airport Project
Word Processing Unit


Non Temple Names
Arab King
Prof. Arkin, SF State
Dennis Banks
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LA Mayor Tom Bradley
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Southern California Spiritual Jubilee
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SF Related
American Issues Forum at PG&E
Anjuli Restaurant
BART: Opens May 27, 1976
General Office Equipment Company (SF)
Human Rights Commission (SF)
KDIA (panel Jim and Muslims)
Kaiser Health
Modern Times bookstore
Mt Zion Hospital
SF Muni Strike
PG&E steps [Bldg]
SF Chronicle
SF Examiner
SF City College
SF State College Lecture:
Bicentennial Series
“Vibrations” Cecil Williams radio program

Calif Cities
Haight Ashbury
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San Jose

Boston, MA
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Greely, CO
New York, NY
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New Jersey

Nambidia [Namibia]
Saudi Arabia
Union of South Africa
Zimbabwe [Rhodesia]


Adler Typewriter
African National Organization
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Black Panthers
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Church of Christ
Consumer Reports
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Guerrilla Warfare
Gun Control
Nation of Islam Jubilee
Judges 1:19
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Mormon Church
Nation of Islam
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Southwest African Peoples Organization [?]
Soviet psychic studies
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