Edith Roller Journals: June 1976

Transcribed from her handwritten journals by Don Beck (August 2009)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-1 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-1 (109)

The text transcribed here from Edith Roller’s notes has some missing words or lines due to (1) unreadable, poorly xeroxed text or (2) unreadable writing. Blanks are left in the text for these areas.  [?] indicates questionable text.

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 June – 1976 – Tuesday

Dor phoned that she would not be in until tomorrow.  She wanted to take care of some business affairs.  She sad she had been much comforted by all the expressions of sympathy she had received.  The office sent a beautiful display of red and white flowers.  An informal service was held in which people who had known her son spoke a few words about him.

Dor told me that her daughter-in-law who was going to have a baby needed her to look after the other child and inquired whether I could change my vacation date. She wants to go on 24 June, which would interfere with our planned family reunion.

I had very little to do all day.  I finished all my journal entries for May.  Then worked on my list of expenditures .

At lunch time, after eating my lunch at my desk, I saw a film made in Canada for the firm constructing housing for the Alyeska project in Alaska.  It had some beautiful scenery.

After trying to reach Dor [Edith’s sister] several times during the day I finally got through to her when she got home.  I told her I would probably have to change my vacation plans.  She said August would be better for her anyway and we both thought that Mabs [Edith’s sister] might be cable to come then and it would probably be convenient for Edna [Edith’s sister].  They’d have to pay my fare both ways.  Actually I think the Temple work trip might be rather hard on me and if I can get permission from the Temple to go, I could take 5 days or so.  I’m thinking of taking one week starting the 14th.  The financial worry of course would be shared.

Dor plans to take a seminar in Arizona sometime after Paul’s wedding and then help Madelyn O’Hare catalog books in Texas.

When I got home I phoned Bob Christian.  I thought they would be going to the Temple to register their child for the summer trip, but Bob said they were not going to send the children.   He did not say why not.

I phoned the Temple and gave the message to Gina Severns.

I exercised.

Prepared dinner, ate, and washed dishes.

Made lentil soup for lunches.

Made corrections of the 1 to 15 August journal section.

Quit working at 11.00 and read Where the Wasteland Ends, Roszak, Theodore until 12.00 when I went to bed, getting to bed earlier than I formerly would have.


2 June – 1976 – Wednesday
I expected to see Dorothy in the office this morning, but she did not come at all, neither did she phone.

I had no work until late in the afternoon.

I completed my list of expenditures for May, except for a few items I have to look up at home.

Went through a few personal papers.

Ran off on the MagCard as correct version of the reading given by Yvette Muldrow [at church], “I Beg Your Pardon, America” and xeroxed some copies.

Ate lunch on the PG&E steps.  The day was warm.  Lay down in the sun for a while.

About 3.30, Rita asked me to take some dictation, as John went to get some therapy for his back.  She merely wanted a draft.  I didn’t quite finish before closing time.

On getting home, I lay down for an hour, but could not sleep soundly.

Prepared food and ate.

Dressed for the service.

Christian took me to the service about 7.45.

Preliminary announcements, rides etc.

Jim on podium at 8.45.

Jim started an offering.
During this, Jim told of seeing Moscone, put pressure on him for jobs after rudeness to black people, Sister Shular and others.  Got more, and I believe, 7 paying less than $10,000.

Picture of plane.  Think he said in China.

Information on proposition.  Vote for Hayden and Mendelsohn.

Ray Godshalk and Walter Cartmell.  Commended for repairing intercom cable.

Doswell insisted on making statement.

Meditation workers commended.

Jimmy and Tim (Jim’s sons) working hard laying cable under church.

Tyrone Duncan very responsible in public.  Doing a super job.

Muslims giving us a meeting hall in Chicago.  Jim inquired how many have friends and relatives in each city.  Announcement will be sent there.

Sharon McCall always cheerful in the kitchen.

Don Davis scavenging.  Gets everything from wigs to food.

Sue Harms takes responsibility on housing.

Buddhists going to convert Mendocino State Hospital to site for communal living.  Don’t believe in work, but beg from door to door.  If all (10,000) come, there will be more of them than Ukiahans.  Get all their food from central supply in San Francisco.  Sino-American Buddhist Association.  Campus  will be called Wondrous Enlightened Mountain.

Doswell speaking again.  Jim said don’t expect to not be sick for awhile .  Keep your work habits right.  You’re going to feel like you’re going to die.

Another offering.

Christa Amos.  Went with Danny Marshall to his home.  Gone without permission for several hours.  She says she thought she was special.  Danny said he had fatherly feeling.  Jim warns him all relationships have sexual basis.  Channel it right.  This girl not in need of attention.  Don’t feel guilty for what is in mind.  She train ourselves to love those who need it.  All children are beautiful.

All children lined up to pass Doswell to see what his powers could do.  He justifies this method of discipline as we don’t have good behavior and can’t establish rehabilitations camps.

Jim: his own sex drive strong.  Women without socialist character do not turn me on.  Get your dick going with your head.  Get your head lined up with your vagina.  Don’t be led around by your ass.  Jim says Christa should think about herself.  Instead of stealing, think: you’ll go to jail.  Gail Watkins in jail because I wouldn’t bail him out.  Discipline: you are to report to child’s supervisor or play with other children., help in kitchen one day.  Marshall raise $100.  He said he thinking of raising $150 every 2 weeks.

Pauline Groot and Debbie Schroeder.  Good tutoring with children.

Wanda King consistent in looking after communes assigned to her.

After a brief meditation period, Jim dismissed the meeting about 12.00.  He called for everyone who felt they should give something more to come up to the altar.  I came up with $3 as I had not made the usual bus contribution that I would have if we had gone to L.A.

Through some misunderstanding Vernetta was late in getting out to the car.  We got home by 12.30.

Washed dishes.

Read for half an hour.

Went to bed at 1.30.


3 June – 1976 – Thursday
Spent 2 hours doing a job for Rita and 4 hours on a contract for J.R. Mansfield, Continental Forest Industries (a paper mill in Georgia).  Put then both on MagCard, the latter for entry on ATS.

Tonight did my personal chores and washed clothes.


4 June – 1976 – Friday
Worked all day on the Mansfield contract.

Went to the bank on my lunch hour, deposited my check and got cash.


5 June – 1976 – Saturday
Slept until 9.00.

Cleaned up the apartment, including scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Listened to the Temple broadcast at 11.30.  This was on “Freedom” and concerned mainly invasion of privacy.  Participants besides Jim were Mike Prokes, Dick Tropp, Ava Brown, Vera Young, and Lois Ponts.

I ate a meal.

Had intended to take BART to Berkeley today to use the rest of the free ticket Maria Katsaris gave me and buy some nuts and other items that are unobtainable at the SF Coop. But I did not need these items badly and I decided the trip would take too long.

I went to the little neighborhood coop on Hayes St. and bought lettuce, celery and tomatoes for donation to the Temple.  Prices were very cheap.

Walked up to Sears and applied for a Sears credit card, as I had received a letter saying I would get a free certificate for $5.00 which I could use whether or not I was accepted for credit.  I used it immediately to buy some Emeraude cologne, paying only 33¢ tax.

I slept for 2 hours.

Ate a snack.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Went to service on bus hoping to get there early so as to get a ride for Godshalks whom I expected to take home and however, Viola sent me a note they wouldn’t be coming with me.

Wesley Johnson, after giving announcements

Jim on podium at 9.00.

Much congregational singing.

Chris Lewis’ nephew Shawn Baker sang.  Showed great talent.

Jim: passed around pictures of new plane we have located in Indo China as he had at the last meeting.  Took offering to get the money for it.  Have to have it by the 28th.  4 engine jet.

Don Beck went to sleep while driving.  Car totaled but he was not injured.

Chris has banned all films which contain violence.  Will exclude revolutionary movies, e.g. on Angola, South Africa.  Don’t want to have blacks in inner city.

We got notices in newspapers around the city after joint meeting with Muslims.

Julie Wideman sang.

I know what’s ahead for me.  The darkness of Golgotha’s brow.  MLK, John Brown went to stand where Malcolm stood.  Didn’t effect anything from man.

Some went to follow their own author.  My faith is planted in most high god. Socialism makes no difference that traditions are around me.  People interested in youth, talent. Very few interested in character, principle.  I expect trials and tricks.  As long as I breathe, socialism is alive and well.  I expect the closest to me to fall.  My faith is in God, socialism. Don’t care what the Mayor thinks of me.  My faith comes from Marxism, d.m. [dialectic materialism probably].   Don’t worry about your pastors.

I owe no man.  Have nothing hidden that I won’t be glad to have revealed.

You have the only one who can love you.  I’m crucified but revolution lives in me.  I’m not discouraged because Martin was shot, because Malcolm was shot.

Congregation sang “He Is Worthy to be Praised.”

Jim: some ask, why don’t we go to the p.l.?  Want to stay to fight while there is a glimmer of hope, not lose some who aren’t willing to sacrifice, who have to eat, have to sleep.  Well, for these and I want to have those who will carry on the work.

Jim started healings.  Healed a woman from cancer.  Then took a second offering.  Healings continued.

Jim going to fly.  Has other things to do half way around the world.  Meet you on the 18th.  Come back on the bus.

Important to tell people of the TV program which shows our healings.

Had people come to altar with money to take care of 2 children we are taking in.

Meeting out about 11.45.

Long wait to get transportation. People were putting down blankets all over the floor, so it was hard to get through.  I had located a ride with Don Jackson but got separated from Beulah Pendleton and Lela Mayfield who had asked me for housing.  At 1.00 when building was closed to all except those staying all night and lights turned off, Don found us a ride with one of the security guards.  Beulah had asked for counseling with regard to Willie Malone after he was suspended from school.  LA council had deliberated on the matter and Johnny Brown had taken charge of the lad and put him under strict control,  Beulah said the matter was to be on the floor in San Francisco on Sunday evening. Jim sent Beulah a cloth tonight for congestion in her chest.

Beulah and Lela went to bed.  I ate some toast and chicken Beulah had brought.

I went to bed a 2.30.


6 June – 1976 – Sunday
Up at 8.30.

Breakfast: grape juice, pancakes, fried egg with beef bacon.

Lela. from LA.  She says she’s 66.  Has done domestic work and sewing.  Has a house in which she rents rooms.  Last night she told of experiences she had with rooms to indicate the problems encountered with elderly people living communally.

I washed dishes.

Called Yellow Cab, they didn’t come for a long time.  I cancelled, got Veterans Cab at 11.45.

Service to be at 12.00 and crowded with 4 rows set off for guests, but I got a seat.  Jim had spoken of having an opportunity at 11.00 for people with musical talent to make a presentation.  This was being done when we came in.

Johnny Brown took an offering.  After a congregational song he took another.  Jim came on podium at 12.00.   And took a count-down. Mentioned our plane.  Necessary because of increased restrictions on blacks, bans on black films.  White men influence on South Africa.  What will they do in the city where they have majority.  Now Reagan wants war in Rhodesia and Panama past racist behavior of U.S.  Unemployment and inflation.  Capitalism can thrive without war.  Black people not having it any more. There will be 2 years of terror and annihilation.  We have dumbest blacks anywhere, because they let the Bible in,  We’re in bad shape when 89% of blacks for Carter.  Somebody told him and says on downstairs, could hear Jim.  He doesn’t care.  That’s your problem.  I’m already tortured with politicians.  New ownership of Herald Dispatch.

87% of our people would walk right into a concentration camp, if preacher told them to.

Jim: not fond of this.  Front rows given to people just because they come from outside.  Make them sit by us.

Chris’s nephew sang as guests entered.

Jim: We are very hesitant about politicians.  Giving 2 party says its last chance, as far as PT is concerned.  Carter and Pussy-footing Gov. Brown.  For Governor as long as Brown for him.  Ethnic purity not acceptable. Furth we backed.  Have not had a positive stand on busing.  Want to hear yes on 15.  Wouldn’t think so much of Furth had I not known him before.

Introduced Furth.  He reminds us he behaved in a difficult.  If you give  me the opportunity to serve in State Senate, I’ll not reach for others offices.  Gil put peoples views first, thanks us for help.

Willie Brown. Have faith in him and Carlton can explain why we should support Governor Brown.  If it were just for Jerry Brown, I wouldn’t be for him.  Voting for him because of black man who will be president if Brown moves on.  Jerry has to prove he reflects all of us.  Never say anything bad about somebody performing by what he can do, the Jerry Ford.  A man with Brown’s advantages ought to have same kind of community as Jim Jones has.  He has credentials as evidence of community.

Brown’s failure to come when he agreed, a mark against him.

Jim refers to people who come with politicians.  One label as if they didn’t want to be touched.

Jim:  If you stand up for anything, you’ll soon be on your way to jail.  If you haven’t been bothered, you haven’t bothered anybody.

Ragtime, band number.  Jim had left podium with Prokes.
African Dancers.
Congregation singing.

Jim:  Brown never given an official invitation.  Jim tells him.  Talked to Jerry Falk.  Found him very sensitive .  Jim told him black people very paranoid.  He says no one wants to insult Jim Jones.  Nor a black leader like Goodlett.  Is at other end of state has to fly East to try to stop Carter.

Tom Hayden. Founder and leader of students for Democratic Society.  Has proved his commitment.  If you haven’t come up against the establishment, if you haven’t been harassed you should be ashamed of yourself.  Which as you have never had before that his man is elected.

Haydn. Impressed with your efforts.  Need leadership that puts goal of life above money.  Issues is leadership.  Names several issues.  Had achieve them. Create a new leadership and a creditor for political integration.  Support leaders that have no ties to power brokers.  Establishment want to go to 1950’s because that was the best time it was quiet in the ‘50’s.  He says developing momentum.  UFW out in force.  Give your time and energy between now and Tuesday. Could have an upset.  Not even remember before.  He’s leaving a campaign worker, Steve Margolis, to let us know how we can help.

Guests left.  Empty rows were filled up. 2.00.

Jim: More on Brown’s not being told of our invitation.  Even black people betrayed us.  Can’t trust any of them outside this body.

Question:  Opinion of Martha Mitchell.  Jim: she talked too much.  May have been injected with mydoma [?].  She had unique ability to tell truth.  Quite conceivable they killed her.  Sad she died alone when she had 2 children.  Indictment of capitalist system. Not uncommon at all.

Even Muslims don’t understand much any more how we are imperiled by white America.

Only two white people came though Brown’s presence advertised.

White America has already proven itself a murderer.

We ran black people out of here today by the dozens.  He sent word, “This meeting is for field niggers only, you assholes.”

Furth. A millionaire represents us?  When the sun stops shining.

Jim: Mendelsohn’s campaign, Mayor Bradley helped us with Moscone.  Told again of meeting with Moscone. Letter came out for Prop 15.  Give us jobs.  Individual note for Mendelsohn.

Question: On farm workers.  Chavez. Our friends?  Jim: don’t know.  Most people working with system  become corrupted.   Trouble with even Hayden, didn’t hear Hayden say he believed in Socialism.  Why is Chavez on TV so much.  Because he doesn’t say anything.  Only people’s ownership of means of production and distribution will solve problems.  All the time we see more and more concentrated in hands of the wealthy.  Can’t find a farm not in the hands of a giant corporation.

Teaching for those who think they are rich:  In depression you’ll lose you home because you can’t pay taxes, social security, going bankrupt, with this inflation system won’t last.

Muslim paper, Los Angeles Times wouldn’t print Angela Davis’ name because she said too much.

You can learn a lot if you listen.  You’ll get depressed .  Better to be depressed and wise than optimist and a fool.

Jim spoke of advantages of being communal.

Dr. Marsh.  They’ve got him on 9 counts in Ukiah.  He may lose his license.  He’s killed several people.  If you did that you’d go to the gas chamber.

The poor much be together.  We have to put our money together for the important things.

Woman wants to know how to vote.  Jim: it doesn’t matter much.  Prop 15 will be defeated.

Bradley has been scared back into being a house nigger.  4 of his deputies convicted.  LA police can do anything.

Jim took another offering. Determine whether we have another meeting.

Don’t appeal to peoples decency, appeal to their fears.  People don’t act because they are doing right but because of rewards and punishments.  Justifies doing this to save their lives.

Anytime you see me in this suit.  You’ll know several ass-holes are coming.

Have to work and fight for what you want, if you depend on my power, I’ll lose it.

For guests, Jim tried to give some teaching on the Bible, the unknown God.

Jesus is our trouble.  That’s why they’re voting for Carter, because he believes in Jesus.

Justification for any legal means to get money.  I wouldn’t hurt anybody.  Some of you still young but don’t know how to get any money.  People who already working and paying commitment shouldn’t do it, but those of you who come every two months just to be healed, bring some money.

4.30. Kill or cure meeting.  Jim says.

People living communally, don’t give that body with out taking up with us.  But people who belong to other churches and come to get healed, for some green stuff.

Don’t bring me any more white people unless married to a nigger or adopted  a nigger.  Woman who came with Furth looked even whiter when she talked at a black person.

Offered to answer any question.

Man with little brother a hero [?] doesn’t want to help himself, anything to do?  Can try to expose him to our ___ ___kids.  Usually sensitive people sees fault.  Have to want to be helped.

Two societies separate and unequal.  White people ready to kill, black people not so ready to retaliate.  Black people very tolerant.

Time on the Bible.  The Bible is the greatest cancer of our society.

Valor says Carter denied he believed statements in Bible about woman not working in church.  Jim says he heard him on TV saying Bible was errant.

Jim thinks he talks out of both sides of his mouth.  You’re in error if you think you can trust him.  He’s a dangerous man, as tricky fox.  The only man you can trust in politics is an atheist.  Religion is now a fad. Reagan and Ford both calling their new birth.

Hope Carter is a liar.  If he really believes it he really means bad news for you.

Eldridge Cleaver got born again.

Testing day.  Some of you antsy.  Got rid of some of you today.

Details on Mafia contact.

Jim left podium at 5.30.  Took a call from Governor Brown.  Jim came back with tape taken from telephone call.  Confirmed that he had not knowingly broken commitment will make other arrangements.

Prokes tells of riot in park in Philadelphia.  Thousands of whites including Klansmen against blacks.  Our car drove through advance party workers, was protected when mob attacked them.  Mob dispersed.

Jim took offering to make up for tonight, if we don’t have a meeting tonight.

Jim emphasized that no one should hesitate about going on trip because of fear of riots.


People admitted to the church.

Jim expected for more contributions, asking people to step up to the altar.

Service out about 7.00.

I saw Sharon Amos and mentioned I was giving my IBM electric typewriter to the Temple.  I intended to leave word for Tish Leroy but Sharon needs one for her work and wrote down the details, will send someone for it.

I decided not to eat downstairs but to go home.  Said goodbye to Beulah. Brother X gave me a ride home.  It was cold and windy.

I got a meal, ate and washed dishes.

Read for an hour.

Went to bed at 12.00.


7 June – 1976 – Monday
Continued typing on Mansfield’s contract for Continental Forest Industries.  Dor fed my MagCards into the computer to finish the contract for him.

O’Neill brought the Workload for Garb’s unit in to see whether I could do it.  IT needs retyping.  Dor had me put it on MagCard, which I did for the rest of the day.  The computer went down just before closing time which prevented me from staying late to put the cards through.

O’Neill says Rita Schuman is going to be changed from Garb’s unit to the Power group. Philippe Lamy and Steve Butler are joining Garb’s unit.  O’Neill said both Rita and Mary want to keep John Foster and he didn’t know hoe that would come out.

At lunch I went to see what I thought would be a new film on the power problem but it was the film I saw at Bechtel’s previously on nuclear “shut down” in their effort to deflate Proposition 15.  They were showing it 6 times yesterday, but getting practically no audience as far as I can tell.

I ate my lunch in the assembly room.  I went outside to get a little sun and read my paper on the PG&E steps.  I talked to ____ Larkin who told me Chuck Stiles tried to make an appointment with Casper Weinberger for lunch so that he could tell him all that was wrong with the department. Gene discouraged him and he saw Betty Vasil instead.  He also wrote to Anne Sugrue, who was Galbraith’s secretary before, in Alaska.  Chuck goes to work in his new job 4.00 and probably doesn’t have to deal with people.  Dor told me he was in the same law firm as Teresa Castalon.  Gene had just heard about Dor’s bereavement.

At home I exercised.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.  Made some split pea soup for lunches.

Was not ready to work on my journal until 10.00 and typed only an hour.  I typed only 2 pages but am trying to get to bed earlier now-a-days.

Read Roszko for an hour.

Went to bed a little after 12.00.


8 June – 1976 – Tuesday
I went to the polling place to vote before going to work.  AS suggested by Jim I voted for Jerry Brown as presidential candidate, for Tom Hayden against John Tunney, for Bob Mendelsohn against Fred Furth, for the nuclear initiative and for child care in SF>

Took the Masonic bus to Geary and the Geary bus downtown.

The computer system was down all morning and I could not proceed with Garb’s workload.

I worked on journal entries.

Monday evening before I went to bed I noticed an obstruction in the vision of my right eye.  It was still apparent today.  I got through to the Kaiser eye clinic and got an appointment for tomorrow.

At noon I saw the Energy Forum film, “A Question of Balance,” which showed various forms of providing electric energy, with some discussion of advantages and disadvantages of each.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.  I also prepared food for tomorrow night.

Typed in my journal for an hour or so, stopping now and then to listen to election returns.  In most cases, the people and propositions I was for lost, except for Brown who got a big vote in California.  Hayden lost though Tunney was nominated.  S.A. [S.I.] Hayakawa will run against Tunney in November.  Bob Mendelsohn beat Furth.  Both the nuclear initiative and the child care proposition lost.

I read newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 12.00 or so.


9 June – 1976 – Wednesday
There was very little talk about the election results at the office.

Betty Vasil told us she was very short-staffed and asked if I could help out Ron Hartsough whose secretary was out.

I made corrections on Garb’s workload and ran off a clean copy for O’Neill.  Then did a short piece for Hartsough, routed some materials for him.  He did not really need much help, just wanted to feel he was getting some secretarial attention.

Ate my lunch at my old desk.

Wrote yesterday’s journal entry.

Left at 2.30 for my appointment a Kaiser with Dr. X  Tornandé.  Took the Geary bus, walked over to O’Farrell and to the Medical Building.  Sat in the waiting room and eventually the nurse dilated my eyes.

Dr. Tornandé started to exam me about 5.00.  I told him of my past history of a detached retina.  He was extremely thorough.  Concluded nothing serious was wrong, that the wavy line I saw came form the normal aging process, sloughing off of tissue.  He wants to see me again in two weeks.  If I have any unusual symptoms, I am to come in on an emergency basis.

Dr. Tornandé was not through until about 5.30.  I had to wait a long time for a bus on Divisadero, got home after 6.00.

Ate a quick meal.

Dressed for the Temple.

Bob had to go to the Temple early; Magnolia, Vernetta and the child and I went to the buss arriving about 8.00.  Rides were being arranged.

Judy Ijames read long list of people whose papers for the trip had not been completed, though Judy had been in the church every night.  Many were not present.

Bob Christian said that while the trip is on meetings will be held in each Temple Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Do not go out of area.

Cars will be taken down to LA to bring back members who aren’t going in the trip. Slight response.  People who aren’t going on the trip.  Slight response.  People who not going on the trip must put the newspapers out.  Francis Johnson made an appeal for help, starting with tomorrow, as distribution had fallen off.  Cars needed while trip was on.

Left congregation singing, tape of a former sermon played.  On Gnosticism.  Jim on podium at 9.15.

Jim took an offering for payment for plane.  30 and 60 day pledges.

Carter is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, says Time.  Wallace turned over his delegates to him, undoubtedly he will play large part.  Then Mayor Daly [Richard Daley] did likewise.  He will get favors.  Jim concerned about Jackson, he is a neo-fascist.

Julie Smith who wrote the article in the Chronicle, says she is frightened. Wave of right-wing mentalities sweeping the nation.

Jim sat at Moscone’s table last night with Janet Shular.  Wanted protection that when they came for us they’ll take him too. Hoped that some would think she was my wife.

Prop 15 won only in SF, lost in rest of state.  Hayden lost, the one million people inclined to be socialists voted for him.  Hayakawa won, victory for the right wing.

Mendolsohn won.  These elections are so close, a thousand people make the difference.  He owes us his election.

If you met the people coming in the door, you’d know that there is a separation taking place.  Question of sincerity and superficiality.  Do not object if someone is excluded whom you bring, as we know better than you do.  When people are excluded, nobody is embarrassed.  There are infiltrators everywhere.  Mertles stole tapes and writings but Jim went in and got them back.

Commendations.  Patty Powell, straight A’s. Kim Dutra, works consistently in needs program.  Larry Tupper. 6th grade reading in 5th grade, also Jimmy Cordell.  Jeff Wheeler. academic award.  David Chaikin, Marvin Janaro, school award.  Doris Johnson, Chris Buckley.

Colton Henry, Michaeleen Brady testified. Apostolic home said for had no money.  But SF his P.O.Box where he receives government check, paid Michaeleen Brady $50 for going to hotel.  She told on him.  Barbara Kemp got nothing but didn’t tell.

Jim asked why Barbara gave it away.  Asks black sister to take note that black sister did it for nothing.

Michaeleen Brady says she felt guilty because she didn’t turn the money in.  Barbara didn’t ask anything because he had already paid the white woman. Barbara is Eliza’s daughter.  Congregation is angry.  Barbara and Michaeleen describe Colton’s performance.  Jim says there is a sermon on this: black women sell themselves short, black men have been selling them short.

Sex between white and black is a compensation for feelings of inferiority.  Starts with insecurity.  We need to watch and know what it is.

Used the church station wagon, church paid for the gas.  Admits he has been getting checks ever since he got out of service, hasn’t turned any of them in.  Gets Social Security from Army, says he didn’t get unemployment.  He never told the commune he got the government checks.

Jim says he can’t let checks go by.  Report that children saw women’s panties, dirty kotex beer cans, cigarette.  Cigarettes were Michaeleen’s.  Proper demonstration from Jim to demonstrate from Barbara’s companion, Pat.

Cars will have to be checked in and out.

He lives apostolically, all his income comes in.  Only thing he works hard.  Michaeleen got money for cigarettes from Colton. She and Pat are not broken up.  She told him.  Jim: he wants a white woman so much he’ll take her anyway he can get her.  Colton better watch his back side.  Colton is 62.

Jim asks real reason Michaeleen told on herself she told Pat to make him jealous.  He said she should tell it.  Jim says if she had been a black woman, he’d break her head in.  Jim says he’ll get you Pat.  It’s his turn.

Jim says Michaeleen seems a pampered person.  Black women will resent that.  White woman take advantage of economic power 2 lack men.  Michaeleen has improved in work patterns.  Both will have to wonder what I am going to do.

Jim says have to see children.  Have some standard of dress and are made to take care of them.

Possible remedies. Castration suggested by Jim’s power or by doctor.  Michaeleen is to work 16 hours a day.  Eliza needs Barbara Wednesday, Friday and Saturday when we’re here.  And be used on newspapers all other times.  Jim says people are going to watch whether Colton is sick or had accidents to see what judgment .  Work hard to satisfy the people.  Jim will remove his protection so that people will see what happens.

Instructions on telephone cells.  Take full information. Be courteous.

Colter to close P.O.Box, send checks here, close bank accounts.

Jim read letter from city prison.  Greg Watson.

Sister who spoke to a woman, Judy Gillespie, said you knew her son Bobby Stroud.

Cliff Gieg. Good work on electric piano for trip.

Jim took another offering.

Magnolia Harris for two periods has been highest in pamphleting.

Brief meditation period.

I had been very tired and nervous during the first part of the meeting, suffering from the effects of my eye examination, but as the dilation wore off I returned to normal.

Meeting dismissed about 12.15.  Jim solemn mood, told us to leave reverently, thinking of 3 miracles.  “I have a reason.”

Vernetta, the children and I waited for some time for Bob.

I got home at 1.00.

Washed dishes.

Had some toast with peanut butter and with jam and read the newspaper.

Went to bed a little after 2.00.


10 June – 1976 – Thursday
I did a memo for Maggie this morning.

Then had time to finish yesterday’s journal entry.

Dor is very busy this week, working on contracts for Mansfield and Galbraith, which are to complicated for me.  Gablin brought one in which called for only straight typing and she gave me the letter half to put on a MagCard.  I worked on it the rest of the day.

Ate lunch at my desk.  Then went to the bank to deposit my check and get cash.

When I was doing my exercising Chris Lucientes, who had spoken to me Wednesday night.  Called and asked if she could come for the typewriter which I am giving to the Temple.  She works with Sharon Amos.  She and a young man arrived shortly.  I give them a glass of fruit juice.

I did personal and household shores and washed my hair.

Prepared and ate dinner.  Among other items I fried pancakes, using the rest of the batter from Sunday, washed dishes.

I was late so I washed only clothes I had to have for the LA trip, including my offertory dress, as I’m taking next week off.  Finished about 12.00.

Packed my suitcase for the trip.  Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.30.


11 June – 1976 – Friday
Pressed my offertory dress before starting for work.

Got in my time card and one for next week.

We had a very difficult day in the office.  We had three contracts to revise and get express print-out.  Dor did those for Galbreath (revision had been made in such a way that figuring them out was time-consuming)  and Gablin.  I revised the Continental Industries  Contract (for a paper mill in Florida) of Mansfield and typed appendices.  Put the new material directly on ATS.

I managed to write yesterday’s journal entry and phoned Kaiser to make another appointment with Dr. T.  X, but did not find time to take care of any other personal matters.

Ate at my desk so that I could get back to my work quickly.

Dor became quite testy as the day wore on.  She had planned to go to a state office on Market Street to see about taxes on her son’s estate.  He had pledged his personal possessions as surety for the money he owed on his motorcycle.  He had some nice furniture which will all be forfeit if Dor and Byron do not make the $120 monthly payments.  The motorcycle would have cost him in all $4000.

I got the print-out of the Mansfield contract and Dor got Galbreath’s contract.  When I left at closing time she had still to run off Gatlin’s at the computer.

I stopped at Petrini’s and got some pumpernickel bread at the bakery.

Prepared food and ate.

Finished packing.

Christians did not phone and when I called then I got no answer.

After I had dressed and finished the dishes, I phoned for a taxi.  Saw Bob at the Temple.  He said he had been working on the newspaper and was also not going to LA and I might not be able to get back.  He directed me to Ava Brown.  Ava was quite disgusted.  She said people were supposed to check on transportation on Wednesday night, but did not.  Now people wanted rides.  I told her that I hadn’t known what we were supposed to do.  She put my name on the list.

Jim on the podium 9.25.

Jim said he would be part time on the trip, part time to guard against devils who are two-legged, breath through the nose and shit through the ass.

Supreme Court handed down another bad decision no explanation needed for firing you from a government job.

Jim spoke before Black Teachers Association.,  Some of those people, especially the young, could not get past me fast enough.  Language he used many of our young people out there don’t want to know.

The church is the asshole of existence.

When I cuss etc. everything goes up including my dick.  You may not like my cussing but your ass is over here because you know that we have more power than you (to guests).

Jim can fly back by jet or walk out if he need to.  Can get back if you cause any shit, if you’re messing with my people no one will have to kill you. You’ll kill yourself.

Jim took offering.  His blood taken an same time.

Jim spoke of _____ who was arrested yesterday.  He always said the Lord would take care of him, he knew important white men, but they took him anyway.

Question period.

(1) Mexican woman.  Why can’t we have our own school?  Public schools are terrible.  Jim: because we aren’t going to be here very long.  People can learn in [?].  Costs too much.

(2) Where are the parents who died before they could know you?  Jim: where they want to be.  If they were good parents, I make them come back as a baby.  This is called reincarnation.

(3) Lin [?] asked for more information on reincarnation.  Jim: not important for socialists.  He who seeks his life shall lose it.  He who loses his life shall save ir.

Carolyn Wells asked about voting.  Jim: Unless I do some things to change him, vote for Ford before Carter.  Better to have a dumb ass than a connecting ass.

(4) I think heaven is a state of mind.  Jim: Yes and its also something that has to be built, when poverty and war are abolished.

(5) Pauline Groot asks about Mao being sick.  Jim: he’s old; has had many burdens – doesn’t claim he can stop the aging process.

(6) Woman worried because not into the cause enough.  How can she do more.  Jim: all should feel that way.  Call you Father and he will take you through anything.

Jim asks everyone in fourth row to ask a question.  First they went on asking personal questions, finally one who wanted sweep the kitchen, somebody took it away from her.  Jim says do it, most times no one will take it away from you, next time they won’t.

(8) Erma Winfrey asks about lunches, such as to make cookie.  Jim: all right, if coincides with the teachings.  Do first what you’re told to do for her and learn to laugh more freely.

(9) Love Joy.  Why did somebody tear up her bed?  Jim: If you follow my teachings, no one will tear up your bed.  She says she knows his teaching.  He tells her to spit on the Bible.

(10) Is sin on earth causing earthquakes?  Jim: What is sin?  She says lying.  He explains, it depends.  Earthquakes caused by man’s disturbing the elements.  In that sense, it is wrong.  Don’t use the word “sin” as it’s a religion word.  The only sin is to know what Father wants you to do and doeth it not.

Don Jackson.  Are African countries having trouble with people hanging on to religion? Some do; some not.  In p.l. [promised land] getting rid of it.

Some young people giving Francis Johnson a hard time delivering papers.

John Gardner had to be awakened to attend service.  Billy Jones.

Jack Beam says Billy one of those who helped load 30,00 pounds of foot for trip.  Much impressed the owner of store.

John Gardner worked only about 15 minutes.  Penny says he give Bonnie Beck a hard time. Joe Beam Helle in charge of back door says John missed security shift.  Refused to accept a fine.  Jim says CJ take him over for the trip and make him work.  Not give Joe Beam any more trouble.  Another supposed to be called up is going to have an accident.

John Stoen, 3 years old, says some people voted for Tunney instead of Hayden [sic, but makes no sense]

Michael Francis getting teeth straightened with church paying expenses.

Meditation period with a cycle revelation.

Jim put much emphasis upon everyone coming to the altar with all that they knew they should give.

The meting dismissed slightly after 12.00.

I had been informed that I could ride with Dave Garrison to LA.  I saw him after the meeting.  He wasn’t leaving until 9.00 in the morning.

Went with Christians about 1.00.

Ate a salami sandwich which I had put up for a snack before leaving for LA.  Read Roszko.

Went to bed at 2.00.


12 June – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 7.oo.

Ate an orange, pita bread and tuna fish.


Made yesterday’s journal entry.

Dave Garrison phoned at 9.30, picked me up about 10.00.  Other passengers were Mrs. Garrison’s brother, Lawrence.  Anita Garrison and we picked up Don Jackson, who is living in a commune on Bush Street.  We left the city about 10.30.

I stayed awake until we got on highway 5, then slept for a while.

I had been a little worried because I knew Dave was exceeding Jim’s 50 miles an hour limit and was not surprised when a CHP officer stopped him and gave him a ticked for driving 70.  He and Don argued with the officer, who threatened to arrest him for interfering with an officer, but he let us go on.  Afterwards I told Dave and Don that even if Dave was not doing 70, he was going faster than 50 and we were lucky not to have had an accident.  They should save their revolutionary fervor for a more worthy purpose.

I got some more sleep.  We stopped twice, once to go to the restroom and the second time to get gas.  I gave Dave $10.  The others bought snacks and soft drinks.  I ate my sandwich, orange and vegetable juice and bought a Pepsi Cola.

I saw Dave give Anita a $5.00 bill when she asked for money.  I wondered how Dave escaped being communal as Jim had said all in positions of leadership had to be communal.  Anita, although working in the Temple was better than she used to be, was barely civil to me.

I stayed awake when we went over the Grapevine, then dozed again until we reached LA.

We drove into the Temple grounds at 4.30.

Luggage was being put in the Annex.  I changed clothes and was in the Temple at 5.00.
Preparing for early dismissal, Jim had just let the children file out.  The congregation was going to the altar, with donations.  Applicants were admitted to membership.

I had found a seat near Beulah.  The service was out about 6.00.

After a brief wait, we were taken home by X Harvey, whose car was packed.  Beulah, in addition to the children, who usually stay with her, was housing Earline Watkins, Von Smith.  She was supervising Billie, son of Betty Moore. Armondo Griffith, brother of Emmett Griffith, Jim Arthur Jones came with ____.

We got home about 7.00.

We had dinner.  I had a beverage, rice, chicken giblets and gravy and biscuits.

Beulah told me Jim had had a question period in the service before our arrival, selecting a particular row and requiring everyone in it to ask a question.  Most questions had been very good, Beulah said.

I read an article on events in Rhodesia and Union of South Africa in Newsweek, then read the CIA book by Victor Marchetti and John D. Marks [The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence].

Went to sleep about 11.00.


13 June – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 8.00.

I had a talk with Von Smith about his attitude.  He rarely speaks to me, is lazy, slouches around and won’t carry his share of responsibility.  Beulah had been complaining of him last night.  I told him if his attitude didn’t improve, he could look for someone else to improve on and that I would report him to his commune.  Beulah had him help with the dishes.

X Harvey came for Earleen and me at 9.45 and drove us to the Temple.  I put my luggage again in the Annex, was in the Auditorium by 10.30.

Service started at 11.00.

Attempt was made to get loans of cars for driving from LA to the Valley for the Fourth of July.  Response not very good.  Rides had to been found for a few people who had no way to get to San Francisco.

Rides were arranged.

Congregation and choir sang.

Johnny Brown started an offering.  Before it was finished Jim came out at 12.40.

Jim asked for donations of cheap watches, such as Timex, which would bring many times their cost in the p.l.  The response was generous.

Jim:  took another offering by sum.

Awards made, mostly scholastic achievements of young people.

Question period:  He rebuked a person who inquired about a personal problem with reference to the trip.  This is a time for matters of truth, not personal concerns.  The truth shall set you free, those of you who live in a morass of personal selfishness, you will never be free.


Jim had people come up to the altar as he called out amounts.

The service was dismissed at 4.30.

Those who were going on the trip had to stay and get their bus assignments.

I found that the kitchen staff had put up lunches for all on the buses and also for those going back to San Francisco.

I changed my clothes and took my luggage out to Dave Garrison’s car, expecting that we would get an early start but found that Dave had been assigned to take back a young woman with a child. She had 2 children but someone else was going to take the other child.  However, she had to get the child from their father and we waited several hours for her to return.

In the meantime, those going on the trip loaded the buses but they too were kept a long time.  Three cars, including a van, were coming down from the Publications Office in San Francisco and were hours late in arriving.  Some members, such as Carol Stahl, had to get back and intended to go back in these vehicles.  It developed that Dave would have to take them if the Publications Office cars did not come and I might have lost my seat, since I’m on vacation next week.

I stood up or sat in Dave’s car most of the afternoon.  Read Friday’s newspaper and conversed with different people.  Watched Jim and his staff who were conducting business in the yard.

I talked at some length with Vern Gosney, CJ and David Smith.

I told Vern about the incident involving Von Smith this morning.  He said Von was not living in their commune (Shaw-Houston).  He gave so much trouble and was such a bad influence on the younger children, that he was transferred to the Temple commune last week.  He had been guilty of serious offenses, including threatening an adult and damaging property and lastly had had a bad fight with Mark Cordell.  (Von had scratches on his face but had lied about their cause).  I told Vern about the speeding incident involving Garrison and he advised me to write it up.  He said the Garrisons made up deficits in food over the weekend from their personal funds, were touchy and “diplomacy” was needed to handle them.

David Smith told me he was working on the apartments belonging to the Temple.  They are being renovated with the plan to sell them, as members are being moved up to San Francisco.  Gladys is living in a commune in San Francisco.  Their younger children are with Pat Grunnett in the Valley.  Kirtas is in the Shaw commune.  Vance (Kelly) had been with Mary Wotherspoon in the Valley, but this arrangement did not succeed and he is now in the Temple as is Von.

CJ asked me about my plans to go communal and I told him my intentions in this respect.  He left his job with the arbitration service and is working with Dave Garrison on constructions jobs.  He makes almost as much money and likes the atmosphere better.  Beside his skills, he is learning will be more useful in the p.l.

Finally 2 cars arrived from San Francisco with the Publications staff.  Patti Chastain, was in one, told me the van had made a wrong turning.

About the time the van arrived so did the young woman, Melissa Jackson, with the 2 children.  The final arrangement was for Don Jackson to help drive someone else’s car and Dave took Melissa and the children besides me and his brother-in-law.  Whom he went after.  Anita went on the trip.

The buses which had been waiting for the Publications staff prepared to leave.  We left before then, at about 7.30.

Don and I had eaten our lunches before starting.  Dave forgot to meditate and when he could get off the road I insisted on his doing so.  He did not keep his speed down to 50. And Melissa even spoke to him once.

I did not sleep well because I was nervous about Dave’s speed.  We stopped twice, went to the bathroom and got gas.

Once when I was dozing, I woke when Melissa spoke of Marilyn Watson and Debbie Heneke.  They had lived in the same commune but she said they were gone now.  She did not know where they had gone nor if Ora Pierce had left the church too.  She said Marilyn’s companion had not been able to hold jobs.

The Highway Patrol pulled him over, said he was going between 65 and 70, but Dave was conciliator and the officer did not ticket him.

About a hundred miles from San Francisco, Dave let the brother-in-law drive.

We got $3 more worth of gas, for which I paid on Divisadero.

I was dropped of at 2.30.

I unpacked.   Then went to bed at 3.00.


14 June – 1976 – Monday
Slept until 10.00.

Prepared and ate a meal and washed dishes.

Walked up to Haight Asbury where I had a registered letter at the post office.  It was from an official of the Government of Sharjah on behalf of Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi. A letter was enclosed to Eugene Chaikin whose address they did not have. He wanted to thank him for the numerous letters received from the Temple congregation.

I bought 3 pounds of cherries fro $1.00 at the produce store.  At the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop.  I bought a pair of white walking shoes for 75¢, 3 handkerchiefs for 10¢ each and a pin to keep my coat fastened for 50¢.

I stopped by the neighborhood coop on Hayes St. to see what hours they were open.

It was very warm today reaching 86º.

Made yesterday’s journal entry.

Ran in the Panhandle for 15 minutes.

Baked a loaf of frozen bread and ate 2 slices of bread and margarine.

Listed my expenditures for June.

Slept for an hour.

Typed in my journal from about 10.00 to 12.30, finishing 4 pages.

Had some toast with peanut butter and with jam.  Read the newspaper.

Went to bed at 2.00.


15 June – 1976 – Tuesday
Slept until 9.00.

Ate some breakfast.

Went up to the neighborhood coop and bought a few vegetables that I though were cheaper there than at the Northpoint Coop.

Took the bus to Bechtel’s to see a film in the employees’ series:  “I always Return to the Himalaya,”  which was mostly about Sir Edmund Hilary’s work among the people in the Himalayan area.  The shots of both the people and the terrain were fascinating.  It also showed some beautiful scenery in Alaska where he was camping and climbing with his family.

Took the California St. cable car and transferred to the Powell St. Cable car to go to the Northpoint Coop.  It stopped at Hyde and Beach Street and I walked to the Coop.

The day was very hot.  The temperature reached      [appears she meant to fill it in later but never did.]

Bought an ice cream cone.

Shopped for groceries.

Took a taxi home.

Put my groceries away.

Prepared and ate a meal.

Slept for an hour.

I did not exercise as I had tired myself out walking and carrying the grocery bags upstairs and my feet were swollen from the heat.

Typed in my journal from 7.00 to past 12.00, taking a break to wash dishes and bathed.  I finished 9 pages.

Ate some toast and jam and nuts and read the newspaper.

Went to bed about 2.00.


16 June – 1976 – Wednesday
Up at 8.00.

Ate breakfast.

Took the Haight bus to the Embarcadero and from there I took BART to Berkeley, using the rest of the ticket I had received at the opening of the Embarcadero station.

In Berkeley I took the bus down University to the Coop food store.  Bought a few items which I could not get at the Northpoint store.

I had a hamburger and root beer at a shop across the street from the Coop.

Than at the National Foods store, I bought some more items, particularly several kinds of nuts which I can’t get at Northpoint.

Took the bus again up to BART and the BART home.  Reached the Embarcadero about 3.00 and got home on the bus about 3.30.

The day was lovely, cooler than yesterday.

Lor [friend from SF State] was still not at home.

I prepared a meal and ate.

Lay down to sleep for an hour.

About 6.30 Lor called.  She said they had just got back.  They were planning to go to Chinatown and on the ferry tomorrow and would like me to go with them.  She will call me about 8.00 tomorrow.

I called Christmas and got a ride for tonight.

Washed the dishes but did not rinse them.

Dressed for the Temple service.


Congregational singing.

Marcy came on podium and presided over the service.  She told of 2 miracles: Stephen on his bike had run into a moving car and was unhurt.  Jack Beam and Walter Jones in a semi-truck on the trip had been involved in an accident in which the semi was totaled, but they did not get a scratch.

I helped with the offering.

Tape of one of Jim’s sermons.

Marcy: TV program on “The Unfinished Child.”  Whose mothers did not have sufficient food, no prenatal care grow up mentally deficient.  She thinks publicity deliberate.  She wants nursing staff to plan menus for the communes.  Our young people will be physically prepared to replenish the earth.

After 2 offerings, the contributions were lower than what should be taken on a Wednesday, got over $125 more.

Jim had transmitted information which resulted in the healing of one woman.

The meeting was dismissed a little after 11.00.

Christians took me home.

I rinsed the dishes.

Ate some dates and read Roszko.

Went to bed at 12.30.


17 June – 1976 – Thursday
Had the alarm set for 7.00.

Ate some breakfast and made yesterday’s journal entry.

Lor didn’t call until about 9.00.  She said she and her guests planned to visit Chinatown and to go to Sausalito on the ferry.  We arranged to meet about 11.00 at old  St. Mary’s Church.

I listed expenditures for the past week.


I left the apartment about 11.00, went to Petrini’s and bought a bottle of good California wine to take to Lor.

I took the Divisadero bus, then took the Sacramento bus to Chinatown.  I thought that St. Mary’s Church was on the Chinese park and playground and walked around it first looking for her.  I didn’t see her and looking at my map, discovered that St. Mary’s was about two blocks away.  I walked to it but Lor was not there either.  I was afraid that there was some misunderstanding.  I went back to the park, didn’t see Lor, and returned to the church.  I read the paper and drank Sanka which I had brought in my thermos. Lor found me a little after 12.00.

Lor’s visitors were Mary, her sister, Russell, Mary’s husband, their son Michael and Michael’s girlfriend Joyce, from Reno.  They had all spent several days at Moss Landing with Dorothy Carnie and had gone to the Monterey Peninsula.

They were late because Lor had not been able to convince them, particularly the young ones, how long everything takes in the city.

We waited for some time for Michael and Joyce who were riding the outside elevator at the Fairmont.  Mary and Russell waited on the corner for them and Lor and I ate cheese and salami sandwiches, grapes and bananas which she had brought and drank some wine.  The others joined us and had some lunch.  Then they walked around Chinatown while Lor and I talked and went over to Portsmouth Square.

Lor told me Michael and Joyce were very square in their attitudes and racially prejudiced.  Michael is 22 and has been studying law.

When we got together again, we took the cable car to the Embarcadero and then took the ferry to Sausalito.  The weather was lovely but the fog began to come in.  I was going to return as I had to go to the Temple service tonight.  Lor and party were planning to sightsee in Sausalito and return on the next ferry, Lor persuaded them to go back on the same ferry and visit the Cannery and Fisherman’s Wharf instead.

We went in the Hyatt Regency and looked around.  Michael and Joyce rode the elevator there.

I left the others who were taking cable car to the Cannery and went home on the Hayes St bus.

Prepared and ate a meal.  Had hoped to get a nap, as I was very tired, but didn’t have time.

Went with Christians to the Temple service at 7.30.

Crowd more sparse than last night.

Dale Parks presided.


During testimonials, Hazel Dashiell told of her gratitude to Jim.  Dale explained the miracle by which she had gone earlier than the appointed hour for surgery to remove a growth from her abdomen.  Had she waited poison would have spread through her body.  Neither she nor the surgeon understood why the operation took place when it did.

A young woman performed a dance pantomime.

Reverend James Edwards spoke, took another offering.

Showing of p.l. films again.

Wesley Johnson took a last offering.

Homes had to be found for five puppies whom someone had left at the Temple.  Homes found for all but one.

Tape of one of Jim’s sermons.

The congregation came up to the altar to touch Jim’s rob and make contributions.  It was surprising how many people found $3.00 to put in, though at the last offering it seemed that no one had any money left.

The service was out about 11.00 but I had a long wait for Christians.  Bob is handling the newspaper distribution at the Temple during this period.

I got home about 12.30.

Read Roszko.

Went to bed about 1.30.


18 June – 1976 – Friday
Got up at 9.00.

Ate some strawberries.

Took Muni to the Junior league second-hand shop in Filmore, “Next-To-New” looking for a light spring coat, as the linings are in bad condition in the ones I have.  Although they were having a half price sale the price was still too high and I didn’t see any I liked.  I went to Polk Street and went to the Blind Babies Bazaar and found one I liked for $5.  Also bought 3 pair of panties and 3 table glasses.

The weather was overcast and considered cooler than it has been but the sun came out before I got home.

I prepared a meal, ate and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal for 3 hours, finished typing the 16 to 31 August section and made corrections.  At 5.00 I took 15 minutes.

Vernetta phoned that she and Bob had to be at the service early.

I dressed for the service.

Had to hunt for my Muni Pass.  Forgot what coat I was wearing,  when I finally remembered, I found the pass in the pocket.

To Temple on the Muni. Arrived about 8.30.  Again the number of people present was small at first but increased as the evening went on.

Bob Christian had opened the service.

Ava Brown took the offering.

During the testimonial period, the children san as they have been doing each night this week.

Mom Taylor spoke on the senior citizens and urged those who hadn’t been coming to their meetings on Temple to come.

Christine Cobb and Guy Young spoke briefly.

Wesley Johnson took offering by count down.

Terri Buford came out to tell of call from Jim in Philadelphia.  2.00 there.  Had finished service.  People with tears in eyes to see him again.  Terri said she leaving in minutes with shipment for Guyana, asked for special contributions to send the supplies.  Some $200 was raised.  I was not sure whether the money was for shipping costs, the supplies themselves, Terri’s expenses or something else.

Tape of Jim’s sermon. Addressed to those who don’t’ know who he is.  Given in Bakersfield.

Leona Collier gave a message from Jim.  A candle and picture of Jim were put on a chair at the altar. Each was to touch Jim’s forehead with the peace sign and give a contribution.

Meeting over about 11.15.  I left with Christians in about an hour.

Read Roszko for an hour.

To bed at 2.00.


19 June – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 9.00.

Did a few personal and household chores and washed my hair.

Listened to the Temple Forum on the radio.  The topic was on “The Aged” and was an excellent discussion on the care of the elderly in this city and the Temple’s attitude on this subject.

Prepared a meal and ate and washed dishes.

Walked over to the cleaners with the coat I bought yesterday.  Pressed clothes to have enough for two weeks.

Took a nap for 2 hours.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Called Lor.  Her guests had left this morning.

I expected to go to the Temple service on the bus as Christians had said they would probably be going early but I got a ride with them.

We arrived at Temple about 8.30.

Dale Parks took the offering.

Marcy on the podium.  Call from Jim 1.00 this morning.  Has been in the p.l.  From what he said of project there, we will be there soon.  Marcy said she was sad over events in South America, but glad the people there were awake.

Florence Brown and Yolanda [Yulanda] Crawford sang a number.

Marcy said $450 taken in offering, $350 from one person.  Can
T do anything with such offerings.  Took another.

Children sang “Get Away” and “I Thank You, Jim.”

Tape of Jim’s.  Don’t remember hearing.  Teaching from the Bible, especially “Slave, Obey Your Master.”

Marcy feeling of futility working in world out there.  I walk out and they resume what they had been doing. Love of money in the system works against care for each other.  Speaks again of brain damage through lack of nutrition.  Why can whites control so many blacks in South Africa.  Because so many damaged by lack of nutrition.  Yet they are standing up.

Free lunches for children under 19 announced.  Only a few stood up.  Many of our children are on the trip.  Need all children to show up to keep grogram growing.  Parents slow to volunteer.  So were teenagers.  They were lined up and names taken.

Wesley started the offering by count-down.  Discouraged over how poorly people gave in Jim’s absence.  Marcy came down going through congregation with a bucket.  Got mostly pennies, a few dollars, one $5.00.  $102.65, a little more received from the choir.

Marcy gave revelations received from Jim.  Among them, Marshall Farris was saved from a heart attack.

Debbie Evans received her BA in nursing.

Marcy said Jim had taken 2 boys to the p.l.  One of them was Tommy Bogue.

Service was dismissed a little after 11.00.  Christians left for home shortly.  I got in at 11.30.  I went upstairs to get my thermos bottle to lend to Vernetta, who was going to do security duty at the Temple at 1.00 and wanted to take some coffee to stay awake.  I met Joyce Heitmeier who was waiting for the police.  Several nights ago the front door was broken into and she had been disturbed by “some winos” tonight.  The locks are being changed and she gave me a new key.

I read newspapers for an hour.  Went to bed at 1.30.

Paul’s wedding was scheduled for today.


20 June – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 8.30 in order to go with Bob to the Temple for the Father’s Day breakfast at 9.30.  Ministers and counselors were supposed to be there at 9.00.

Christians were little late in leaving.  We arrived at the church about 9.15.

Christians told me the other boy taken to the p.l. was Jimbo Jones.

We had juice, fruit cocktail, coffee, sausage, scrambled eggs and either toast or pancakes.  Most of those present seemed to be seniors. The younger people were serving.

Service was to begin at 10.45 but didn’t start until 11.15.  Dave Garrison opened it.

Wesley made announcements.

Julie Wideman sang.

Leona Collier took an offering.

During testimonials, youngsters sang “Get Away.”  I had seen the little girls practicing the routine that goes with this in the ladies’ room.  They have taken to this piece.

Jack Beam back.  When we’re in the socialism frame, we’re invincible.  He doesn’t give us what we want, he gives us what we need.  If I had got what I wanted, I’d have killed my damn self on trip with 45,000 pounds.  Wreck in Arizona of semi.  Jack tells of incidents leading up to accident.  Insisted on taking Eleanor, daughter, with him.  Didn’t meditate.  Walter Jones is on trailer.  Rig crashed upside down.  Battery acid and fuel oil running all over them. Jack could not move a toe nail.  Only his hand moved and he turned off switch.  Smitty kicked out the walls of the sleeper and freed the others.  Their clothes eaten off.  No Mark on their bodies.  Our people unloaded the food.  Highway patrol said he had never seen people so courteous.  Glad accident happened because of impression we made.

Jack took offering, asking people to stand with gift or pledge.  Emphasis on replacing the semi.

Tape of Jim’s.

Wesley took another offering.

Suzanne had message from Jim.  Wants us to be in meeting tonight at 6.00 when he is in meeting at 9.00 in New York.  She gave revelations.  One was for Magnolia to prevent a heart attack.

The congregation filed past Jim’s picture.

Service was out at 3.30.

I went home with Christians.

Prepared and ate a meal and washed dishes.

Christians were late picking me up for the evening service.
Wesley had just finished arranging rides and made announcements.

Dale Parks, presiding took an offering.

Florence Brown and Yolanda Crawford sang.

Tape of Jim’s.

Wesley took another offering.

Marcy came on podium at 7.30.  Jim wanted all congregation to synchronize at 7.45 to guard against accidents of which there had been a great many recently.  We put our arms around each other and meditated for 2 minutes.

Congregation came to the altar and touched each of 3 pictures of Jim.  Out at 8.00.

I had a chance to speak to both Don Jackson and Dave Garrison.  Told them I was going to turn in a report on the incidents which occurred on the weekend’s trip to LA.

I mended clothes for an hour.

Went through my accumulated papers and sorted them out.

Made some popcorn and a syrup of brown sugar for it.  For some reason much of the corn did not pop and I bit down.  Kernel which broke off either a piece of tooth or a filling.

I read the Sunday newspaper.

Went to bed at 1.30.  Although I was very tired, I did not sleep well.


21 June – 1976 – Monday
The weather was cold today.

I returned to the office.  Had no work to do until the middle of the afternoon.  Dor was working on an annotated contract form.

I wrote a report for Council on the Los Angeles trip with Dave Garrison.  My conscience would not allow me to leave Garrison’s driving habits unnoted, especially since in every service Jim has relayed instructions on keeping speed below 50 and meditating the full 2 minutes.

I planned my expenditures for the rest of the month.

Balanced my checkbook.

At lunchtime I saw a half hour film, a monologue by Bill Cosby, on “Prejudice.”

I ate my lunch.

Went to the bank, deposited my check and got cash.

About 2.00 Dor gave me a secrecy agreement report to put on the ATS for Maggie.  Betty Barclay in my absence had put it on MagCard and I fed it into the computer.  There were numerous technical details to remember.

When I got home I exercised.

Prepared dinner and ate and washed dishes.

Worked on my journal from 9.00 to 11.00, finishing the 16 to 31 August section and making calendar entries.

Read Roszko for an hour and went to bed at 12.00.


22 June – 1976 – Tuesday
Worked all morning putting the security agreement from the MagCard into the ATS computer and Dor had received a print-out of what we had done yesterday and found that putting the formatting signals in was too much work so she decided we should put them in unformatted mode.  This meant watching every line to see what was entered correctly and I found it even more nerve-wracking then what I had done yesterday.

I planned to leave for my check-up of my eyes by Dr. Paul Tornambe at noon but did not get away until late.  My appointment was at 1.45 but the doctor had told me to come earlier so that my pupils could be dilated.  I arrived at the medical building about 12.45 and the nurse took care of me.  I ate my lunch while I waited.

Dr. Tornambe again checked me thoroughly and found no problem.  He thought it was unnecessary to get my glasses changed, as I have 20-20 vision with these.  My left eye is weaker but the other makes up for it.  Dr. Tornambe wants to see me again in approximately 4 months.

I went by Dr. Fudgen’s office on Sutter St. and made an appointment to have my broken tooth taken care of.  Paid $50 on my account.

Got home about 3.00.  Phoned Dor that I was not able to come back to the office.  She had not expected me.  It was her last day before leaving for Utah to be with her daughter, but she said she would leave me instructions and she would be at home until evening tomorrow where I could phone her.

Had a letter from Edna [Edith’s sister].  She wants to have the reunion in Denver.  She thinks August will be a more convenient time.

I slept for more than 2 hours.


Prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Read the entries in the next section of my journal, 1 to 15 September 1975.  Started to type them.  I worked from 9.30 to 12.00 and did 3 pages of the new section.

Read the newspaper.

Went to bed at 1.30.


23 June – 1976 – Wednesday
Dor, although not leaving for Salt Lake until evening, was not going to be in.  I planned to phone her for any instructions she had.  However I was late for work and she was talking to Marie while I came in.  She told me where various supplies were and me other necessary information.

I typed some documents for Maggie on Power of Attorney, which took me all morning.

Ate lunch at PG&E steps; it was very hot.

Ran off the report I had made on the trip with Garrison to LA to turn in to the Temple.

Got my coat which I had left at the cleaners.  The charge was $1.90.

Arrived service about 8.45.

Marcy tells of experiences on her job which show how vicious the system is out there.  What love of money will do.

I helped take what was apparently the second offering.

Tape of Jim after he had returned from the p.l. the last trip.

Marcy told of trip she and Jim took some 16 years ago.  Stephen was 8 months old.  Country was under British rule at that time.   Leaders of country are black and Chinese.  Jim showed great love to choose a country for you where majority people are black.  Marcy laments because “some of you” are so lethargic.

Wesley Johnson took offering by count down.

Religion from Jim: Christine Bates and Queen Esther Moss.  Bates saved from heart attack which would have taken her life; Queen Esther and her twins (grandchildren?)  saved from Jim.

Meeting dismissed about 10.00.

Chris no eager to hurry home.  They dropped me off about 10.45.

I washed dishes.

Read Roszko for an hour.

Went to bed about 1.00.


24 June – 1976 – Thursday
I had some computer work to do for both Maggie and Rita, but John Braman wanted to dictate a memo as Betty Barclay was in court with reference to her financial settlement.  Betty Vasil told me to do Braman’s work first.

I then worked several hours on Maggie’s document on engineers liabilities in the various states.

Kathleen Goodman is leaving in two weeks who is to take a job in a law firm.  I gather is has more favorable hours than we have here.


Did personal and household chores but did not wash mohair.

Ate dinner and washed the dishes.

Washed underwear.

I was late as usual on Thursday night and was very tired.  Read.  Didn’t get to bed until 1.30.


25 June – 1976 – Friday
Put my timecard in.

Had to make extensive revisions in the Copperhill contract for Rita.  I was on the ATS machine most of the day.

After work I took the bus to the Coop.  Had an ice cream cone.  Bought only one bag full of groceries.  Can get produce at the little neighborhood coop tomorrow.  Took the bus home.

Put my groceries away.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Typed 2 hours in my journal.

Read an hour.

Went to bed at 1.30.


26 June – 1976 – Saturday
Got up about 9.00.

Went up to the little neighborhood coop on Hayes Street and bought fruit and vegetables.  Their supply was excellent and prices low.  I even got tomatoes at a reasonable price.

Bought a Saturday and Sunday newspaper.

Cleaned the refrigerator and put my produce away.

Listened to the Temple broadcast, the People Forum.  The main theme was the obligation of Christians to concern themselves with relieving suffering and caring for others.

Ate a meal.  I had strawberries with honey, baked tomatoes stuffed with wheat berries, tofu and onions and a salad and carrots.

Cleaned the apartment which was very dirty.  Had to put in a new bag and had trouble making it stay in and there was also something wrong with the electrical connector.  Scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom.  Didn’t get through until past 4.00

Lay down and slept until 6.30.

Phoned Christians to find out when they were going to service.

Ate some cherries.

Typed in my journal for half an hour.

Christians took me to service at 7.30.  I lent Vernetta my thermos to take coffee while on security during night.  I let her have it the other night.  Lorenza Tucker was with the Christians.  Sometimes she has been sleeping at their house.  She has been very touchy with me, resents not getting attention.

Attendance at service was very sparse.

Two children did “Jack-Leg Preacher.”

Marcy came down just as child assembled to sing, “Thank You , Jim.”

She took another offering.

She said Jim had walked out of one meeting hall with few people because the manager kept adding items for which the Temple was responsible.  Found a Methodist Church for nothing.

Apostolic Singers did a number.

Marcy led congregation in, “He Din’t Have to Do It, But He Did.” Stories of Jim’s early years.

Tape of Jim.  Question period afterward revealed Governor never heard he was to be here.

Marcy says she wanted us to remember the last thing he said.  Lots of work to get security we have.  You who are here deserve credit, you are the true followers but we must not be satisfied where we are.  We must attain the goal Jim sets.  She expresses amazement at acceptance of her, white blue-eyed woman, especially black ministers.  Nobility in leaving the church system.  She spoke of those who are too critical of each other.  Grieves Father when you don’t love each other enough.

Mary had Wesley take a count-down offering.  He was helped by a little boy with disfigured face to whom Marcy gives special attention.  He took one side of the hall and Wesley took the other.  Some $600 more had to be reached to make the budget.  $407 was taken up.  Marcy praised both for working with each other.

Jim sent a message concerning the healing of persons.  One was Mabel Dodge, who was saved from a severe heart attack.

Marcy dismissed the service about 10.30.  I spoke to Bob Houston, whom I have not seen much lately.  He said he had been doing extra work on the railroad.  His regular job now is as a counselor at Juvenile Hall.

Christians dropped me off at home at 11.00.

I typed another half hour in my journal.

Read the Sunday paper.

Went to bed at 12.30.


27 June – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 8.00.

Bathed, ate breakfast and dressed.

Heard the “Face the Nation” program on the radio.  Senators X [Gary Hart] and [Richard] Schweiker were interviewed on the investigation of the CIA and FBI activities in relation to the [“fatal mistake the Warren Commission made” about the] Kennedy Assassination.

Typed for an hour in my journal.

Christians took me to the Temple service at 11.00.

Bob Christian opened the service, Wesley Johnson presided.

The Apostolic Singers gave two numbers.
Janet Shular took the first offering.
Children sang “Get Away”

Kay Henderson spoke on the opening up of opportunities for women through Jim’s attitude.  Our women are active in counseling sex discrimination.

Suzanne [Jones] took another offering.

Singing of congregation, soloists, and groups.

Leona Collier took another offering.  Instructions of office to write on envelope, “I don’t have any money” if you don’t put anything in.

Tape of Jim’s.
Bob Christian did an energetic job leading the congregation.

Suzanne.  Message from Jim.  Successful meeting with the Muslims.  It being shown a video tape in Muslim temples across the country.  Jim took off the cast of arm of a counselor who had arm broken.  Jim removed the bandages from a girl’s shoulder.  She had been stabbed and the blood was crusted.  He has been received across the country not only for his _______ power but his revolutionary and communal message.

Jim has made important contacts for our benefit across the country.

Wesley took another offering by sum, as budget still not made.

Suzanne conveyed blessing sent by Jim.

Service dismissed about 2.30.

There was a dinner at the church for $2.50 but I didn’t want to spend the money.  Also needed some rest.  Went home with Vernetta.  Bob had to stay with other ministers and counselors.

Ate leftovers and washed dishes.

Weather very hot and my feet had swelled and hurt.  Lay down for an hour.

Returned to the Temple at 6.00 with Vernetta and Lorenza, who had come with her.  Had another wrangle with Lorenza just by asking a question which she took as an affront.

Saw Pauline Groot in the rest room.  She had job as nurse’s aid in a convalescent hospital.  Also is keeping up with some classes in which Chris Kice is enrolled, as to be able to brief her when she returns from the trip.  Chris is enrolled in nursing school at City College.

Very few at evening service.

Bob and Wesley presiding.

Congregation singing, first offering, testimonials.

Tape of Jim’s played.

Wesley took second offering.

Marcy arrived, after having been probably in LA for that temple’s Sunday morning service.  She had talked to Jim last night and gave further details.

Suzanne conveyed one healing from Jim.

Marcy stood on platform with some of the children as the congregation walked past and touched Jim’s picture and robe.

Service was dismissed at about 8.20.

I talked with Garry Lambrev, who told me his sister Ginny still behaving erratically.  She didn’t follow through on Temple membership.  She was lavishing her monthly checks on a black with whom she lived, then moving in with her parents.

Went home with Christians at 9.00.

Ate a snack.

Sorted papers for an hour.  Brought journal and record of expenditures up to date.

Read Roszko.

Bed at 1.30.


28 June – 1976 – Monday
Had a frantic day.  Was on ATS for a good part of the day, mostly with revisions of Rita Schuman’s Copperhill contract.

Had to order an express print out and then she found more errors so had to revise and order copies for tomorrow.  Also did 2 revisions on MagCard of a legal instruction for her.

Ann Malany brought me a contract from London for revisions, but the copy she gave me did not have numbered lines and she did not have time to look for the one I needed, so I could not proceed with that job.

I made some revisions for Maggie in her document on engineers’ liabilities in the various states.

Mailed my credit union payment and deposit.

Dr. Fudgen’s office phoned me that he could see me today at 11.30, so I left the office at 11.00.  Dr. Fudgen looked at my tooth, said I have chipped off part of a tooth as well as lost a filling and I would need another gold crown, cost $159 plus $21 for the x-ray and exam today.  His accounting clerk talked to me about payment.  I told her I had been paying $50 a month.  She said they would like payment in 2 months but I had a feeling she was merely going through the formalities.  For some reason she seemed embarrassed.

I took the bus back to Beale Street, ate my lunch at the PG&E steps.

The weather was a little cooler today and a breeze set in.

I ran in the park tonight.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 9.15 to 11.00.  Had a little trouble toward the end with the typewriter, but believe it was caused by the adapter plug on my extension cord.

KDFC went off the air at 10.30.  For the last few days it has been going off early or coming on the air late, with no explanation.

Read Roszko.

Went to bed at 12.15.


29 June – 1976 – Tuesday
Had some free time this morning.  Worked on journal entries and listed expenditures.

I left at 2.00 for an appointment at 2.40 at Kaiser with Dr. C.  Herbert.  He had the results of my lab tests.  Said they were all satisfactory.   He did not examine me at all.  Did not even take my blood pressure.

I went home.

Slept an hour.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 9.00 to 11.00.  Had better luck with my typewriter.  Believe the trouble is that the adapter plug doesn’t fit tightly enough.

Finished Beyond the Wasteland by Theodore Roszko [Unable to find Roszko,etc. Most probably : Theodore Roszak, Where the Wasteland Ends], but believe I will read through it again, watching for the names of books I may try to get.

Went to bed at 12.15.


30 June – 1976 – Wednesday
I turned off the alarm this morning and went back to sleep.  Didn’t get  up until 6.40.  Put up a lunch but didn’t get breakfast.  Bought a doughnut on the way to work.

I did the revisions on the 2 contracts given to me by Ann Malany for Occidental of Scotland.  The changes were not too extensive nor difficult, except for some columns of figure which had been xeroxed from copy in ink and were hard to make out.

At lunchtime I saw a film on the building of a ship, replica of  the original Mayflower and called Mayflower II, and its journey from Plymouth, England, to Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Galbreath brought in a contract for the Caracas, Venezuela, subway system.  It was a translation from Spanish.  It was double spaced and had an unusual format which Galb wanted left as it was.  Marie helped me set it up.  It presented all kinds of technical problems, which slowed me down considerably.

The weather was cooler today.

After work I slept for an hour.

Ate dinner.

Christians called at 7.30.  I asked them to wait for me 5 minutes while I swallowed the last bites of food and put on my dress.

Some members are back from the trip.  Back from another mission, Norman Ijames, was on the platform and spoke to us. World outside is so sick it is stewing in its own juices.  Norm told of being in a country under martial law.  Jim will save us from concentration camps which will be established in this country.

Norm took an offering.

Marcy on podium at 8.40.  She insisted that those who were able go to those who were elderly or crippled.

Marcy said testimonies would be heard from those who were on their feet before she had finished speaking.  Most of those who responded were seniors and children.  A young man described conditions at Santa Rita jail where he was confined and [Mattie] Gibson gave her comments on her experience in a Texas jail.

The children sang two numbers

Marcy made several references to those who claim Jim as their leader but who haven’t been here.

Marcy described her experience in jail in LA.

Marcy took another offering.

Tape of Jim.  Ended with Jim’s adamant continuing to talk when told newspapermen  present . Marcy gave instances of his courage through the years.

Wesley took count down offering.  Response poor.

Press release rally for Eldridge Cleaver.  Although we don’t approve of his position, he has suffered harassment through the years.  We support anyone’s right to free trial.

Garrison, helped by Marcy, asked for volunteers to bring food for the members returning from the trip on Saturday.  The response was generous.

Marcy conveyed a protection from Jim to one person.

The meeting was not dismissed until after 11.00.

Christians took me home.  Vernetta demurred as usual when I told them I wouldn’t be going to services Thursday.

I washed dishes.

Read for an hour.

Went to bed at 1.30.


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