Edith Roller Journals: September 1976

Transcribed from her handwritten & typed journal notes by Don Beck (September 2009)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-4 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-4 (131)

The text transcribed here from Edith Roller’s notes has some missing words or lines due to (1) unreadable, poorly xeroxed text or (2) unreadable writing. Blanks are left in the text for these areas.  [?] indicate questionable readings.

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 September – 1976 Wednesday

Late getting up again.  No breakfast again.  However we have the monthly staff meeting at 8.30 and I ate a couple of doughnuts. [At Bechtel]

The topic for today’s meeting was uranium enrichment, specifically, Uranium Enrichment Associates, of which the president is Jerome W. Komes,  a Vice-Chairman and Director.  UEA is a partnership of Bechtel, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. and Williams Company.  Speakers were Komes and Ashton J. O’Donnell, General Manager of UEA.  UEA is proposing that the government award a contract for uranium enrichment to them instead of production’s remaining under government control as at present in 3 existing plants.  Some of the highlights: the proposition is for a long term risk.  It will be 8 years before it begins to pay off.  Several billion would be raised aboard.  Overseas customers would take ½ of the production. Japan, Western Europe, and Iran have already expressed an interest.  Iran, for instance, wants up to 30% of the capacity.

The main point at issue was, Komes said, a government guarantee that their technology which will be used will work. An ___ of language, the Nuclear Fuel Assurance Act, has been focused to accomplish this.  The accomplishments so far, on condition to this quantity have been

Got of a coop arrangement draft of a sub-contract, establishment of corporate intention and credibility, receipt of letters of intent for potential output, development of conceptual design, selection of site, procurement of site of operation, study of power supply, ___ with nuclear regulatory commission, preliminary anti-trust discussion, discussion with additional partners development of financing plan, development of financing sources.

There will be  some  US partnerships.  These will not have access to designed materials.  ___ ____ ___ 10 to 25 years.  ___ will pay 3
[unreadable part of page]

… to make it suitable for fuel.  Uranium which could be used for weapons will not be produced.  To bring it to weapons level would cost several billion dollars more.  All countries have available uranium which is the 11th most prevalent element.  The plant will produce the equivalent to 2 million barrels of oil a day.  The operation will have a favorable effect on the US balance of trade.

Komes did not have much admiration for most members of Congress nor people in government, thought they were mainly anti-business.  His contempt for the “environmental freaks” was greater.  He said he and his associated believed they were serving US interests, as we are now dependent on others for 40% of our petroleum needs.

The meeting was ended about 10.30.

I put a short draft of a letter on MagCard for John Stewart.

Ate my lunch at my desk,

About 1.00 I left to get some of the inoculations needed for the trip to Guyana.  I told Dor I was going to Kaiser to get shots for my allergy which made her somewhat contrite, as she had suspected her chain smoking might be responsible.

I took the Geary Street bus to 10th and Geary.  Then I took s shuttle bus to the US Public Health Service Hospital at Lake and 15th to get a yellow fever shot.  IT was free and took only a few minutes.

I then took the bus to Kaiser and at the Drop-In Center at the Medical Center, got a small pox vaccination. I had to wait here for some time.  I left about 4.00.  Took the bus home arriving about 4.30.

I slept until 6.00.

Prepared dinner and ate.  I curried eggplant with onions and tofu.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Brother Farris with Magnolia took me to the Temple at 7.30.  I returned one of those large spreads for Rocki Breidenbach to sell a the flea market.  One my mother had had and Edna gave it to me when I was in Colorado.

I checked with Vernell as to whether any housing had been found for me. She said “they are looking for something suitable.”

During announcements I complained about the noise in the back, suggesting security take some names and bring people on the floor.

Jim came on the podium at 8.50 during testimonials.

Greg Watson was released from jail today.  He gave a moving testimony to Jim and warned the young people to watch their behavior.  Jim said getting him out required much leg work as well as meditation.

Jim said 50 million fundamentalists were getting organized to make “Christian reforms.”  They will reinstate segregation, put the Bible in the schools.  These people are racists.  We’d better be moving.

England is selling anti-aircraft missiles to Guyana, though the US was opposed.  The US won’t be able to threaten them.

Erma Winfrey was for the second week in a row high on the list of pamphleteers.  She is a senior who had been crippled with arthritis.

Jim, repeating an order which went out by telephone message, said we were not to talk to doctors about healings.

Jim took the offering.  _____ asked me to participate.

Jim, referring to the poison which devastated a town in Italy said the US was storing similar poisons, burying them in earthquake country or putting them in silos in cyclone country.  “This country is crazy.”

It is time to patronize our own doctors. Stop going to Caucasian doctors.

The Temple ___ ___ ___ ____ group in the p.l., including ___ ___ ___ for $15,000.

Slides of the p.l. taken by Gene Chaikin.

Jim emphasized the necessity of all those in the outer communes to help with the chores.

He read the names of those who distributed newspapers this week.  Names were taken of those who will distribute newspapers tomorrow.

Vance Smith was sent by a senior to the grocery store.  A mad man started beating on him.  Would have killed him if Jim hadn’t worked a miracle.

Stephanie Jones slipped away and got extra sleep when she was supposed to work at night. She doesn’t wear the braces Mother Jones got for her teeth.  Jim ordered her to wear them.  She is to work 2 nights.

Jim wants talk about astrology stopped.  No one is to talk about the paranormal except Jim.

Jimmy Jones has also been removing his braces.  He got one night’s work.

Cassandra Minor continues to show a good attitude.

2 boys made fun of Vance on account of his injury.  One was John Gardner who, because he had been up before is to work all night.

Pam Moton (Bradshaw) has a good attitude and is doing good work.

Annie McGowan, who works full time at a care home, makes preserved to sell.  She has raised $3000 on projects.

Bruce Turner has been made a counselor.

Cardell Neal and Mike Clark were commented for their work on offerings.

Jim asked, “Is this pregnancy week?”  Two more girls were reported pregnant.  Jim inquired whether the congregation wanted the matter handled publicly or privately.  Those wishing public discussion were in the majority but Jim overruled.  The situation will be discussed in government tonight.

Emma Hill was tops in pamphleting.  Erma Winfrey was second.

After a brief meditation period, the meeting was dismissed about 12.00.

Brother Farris took me home.

I washed dishes.

Read Freedom at Midnight by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre.

Went to bed at 3.00.


2 September – 1976 Thursday
John Stewart brought in some revisions for the 2 contracts on the Saudi Arabian airport and Dor gave them to me.  I worked 2 hours on them, finishing by lunch.  After lunch I ran off another draft on the letters put on MagCard yesterday. [?]

Called Lor [friend from SF State] at home.  She said she was meeting Carol at he airport at 11.00.  She told me she invited Barbara Peas for Monday to celebrate her birthday rather than on 5 the 11th when she is having a party for Mike and Patty X, who are having a baby.  She suggested I get a small present.

Ate my lunch at my desk.

Went to the bank, deposited my check and got cash.  After paying my rent, which went up $10 to $140 this month.  I am going to be short this week.  I wanted to pay Dr. Fudgen $75 but can’t do it on this week’s check.  I deferred his payment so that I could get cash to pay the Temple bus fare tomorrow

I stopped at Shell Pharmacy and bought a little hand mirror with back of Florentine leather for $1.00 for Barbara.

Worked on Wednesday’s journal entry.

Marquita had worked through his lunch hour, as she had asked Dor if she could leave at 3.00 to make props for the Labor Day weekend.  Dor is more lenient with her now.  I think she is afraid to arouse Marquita’s bad temper again.  Dor is annoyed that Marquita won’t proofread and lets errors get by on work she turns in.

AT 4.00 Galbraith brought in a long item on power of attorney in connection with Venezuelan contracts which he wanted put on ATS.  Dor started me on it.  It required an unusual format and changed back and forth from single to double spacing, which caused considerable difficulty, as did several insertions.  Dor decided to take it over from me in r to work out the technicalities.  I was late in getting out.

Consequently I had to wait for a bus and was half an hour later in arriving home.

I paid my rent and gave Joyce Heitmeier my notice to leave at the end of the month.

I exercised.

Took my laundry to the laundromat.  I had mostly underwear.  I did some mending while waiting for my laundry.

Had dinner and washed the dishes.

Did personal and household tasks and washed my hair.  The water was not very hot, so I heated extra water.

Washed my girdles and stockings by hand.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.30.


3 September – 1976 Friday
I forgot about my time card this morning.  Dor always leaves hers until the last minute and I wasn’t reminded about it.

I worked on journal entries.

Ate my lunch on he PG&E steps.  The day was cooler.  Went to the post office to get Marie some stamps.

Marquita had some work to do on the MagCard and she used my desk most of the day.

Dor had ordered a print-out of the work she had done on Galbraith’s  power of attorney documents last night. This is a general document designed for use in whatever situations arise in Venezuela.  It presented numerous problems in format and she still had to work out some solution after she had done this she turned it over to me and I put in 3 hours in the afternoon on it, just finishing at closing time.  IT was slow work, but I learned several new techniques.

Marquita too had a job when required more knowledge of the MagCard than she had.  I think she, like me, was disturbed because Dor was not concerned that we got out on time the night before the Labor Day weekend.  Marquita was going on a camping trip.

I was a little late but caught a bus fight away.

I finished parking.

I prepared dinner and ate.

I phone Magnolia who didn’t know whether Brother Farris was coming to take us to service or not.  I called Pearl Gray, but she wasn’t going to church.  I decided I’d take a taxi if necessary.

Magnolia phones a little before 8.00 that Marshall Farris had come.  I had just finished washing the dishes, but had not rinsed them.

I brought my luggage into the Temple.

Rides were being arranged. Announcements were made.

The children sang.  Some of them showed off, singing to each other to shout into the microphone.

Testimonials.  Eric Upshaw used to have seizures.  When Jim called out his mother and asked if she had a son named Eric.  Since then he hasn’t had a seizure, can do anything, works as a roofer.

Jim sent a message that at the testimonial dinner we were to refer to him as “Jim”. For a month we are to practice saying “Jim” instead of “Father.”

Jim came on podium about 9.00.

Though Congress is supporting the President’s emergency powers but he can have them again upon demand.

Jim took an offering by sum.  I was not afraid to participate.

Marie Lawrence given complete freedom in LA.

Jim: those having babies.  ___ were allowed to have their babies, and would have a deformed child and she was not.  Don’t check who is married or not.  Don’t parade your marriages nor relationships as they don’t amount to anything anyway.  Only one marriage counts, that to this cause.

Film of “The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman” which had been on TV, with Cecily Tyson.

Between second and third reels, Jim took another offering.

All those studying back must report for security and clean-up duties.

Meditation and healing.

New members admitted.

People with offerings came to the altar.

Meeting out about 12.30.

No. 3 was to be used as an offertory bus, so I had to find another bus.  I got on No. 4 which was for families I got a seat toward the front.  Chris Johnstone was beside me.  She and Mary Wotherspoon arrived late from Redwood Valley.

I ate my food.  I went to sleep before the bus left at 2.30.  We were last to leave, probably because we waited for the Redwood Valley people.

I got up at the first rest stop and ran.  The other buses had gone.


4 September – 1976 Saturday
Woke at 8.00 when we arrived at Buttonwillow.  Ran, washed, ate my food and brushed my teeth.  We had arrived about a half hour after the other buses.

Just before boarding the bus I saw Claire Janaro and talked to her about Liz Forman.  I told her I had wondered whether those of us who knew her well might help by appealing to past memories.  She thought that if Jim had not been able to persuade her, no one else would be effective.

She said Liz got her share of the inheritance. She thought the family may have put pressure on her.  Liz came back and announced she was leaving.  Claire said Jim was very forgiving and if on left and caused no harm, he or she could come back but Liz had caused much trouble.  She particularly mentioned that she had frightened Garry Lambrev, telling him we were going to exterminate him.  Liz acted insane.  Like Bonnie Beck, Claire said Jim had given Liz many special privileges.  She got everything and didn’t have to contribute anything (I presume she meant money). We just had to recognize she had this vicious streak in her.

I read Radicalism in America.  Then slept until, we arrived at LA at 12.20.

We were told not to wear security uniforms nor head scarves.  I didn’t know whether offertory uniforms were included so I wore mine.

I had time to bring journal entries up to date before service started.

Had a conversation with X  who said she and her sister Muriel X were very unsettled about going to the p.l.  She complained about the way they were treated by the black people in LA, was apprehensive about living communally in San Francisco.  I tried to reassure her and advised her to write a note to Jim about her insecurities and ask for a consultation with counselors.

Service started at 2.00.

After rides were arranged, the assistant ministers had a hard time getting to volunteer 3 cars to be used in pamphleting tomorrow morning.  Andy Silver said some made as much as $20 distributing pamphlets at all.   Night groceries on Sunday morning.  Three cars were finally provided.

Norman took the offering and I participated.

Choir sang.
Congregation sang.
Norman started the second offering.
Jim came out at 4.30.

Sorry about heat. Closed doors. Reason: Jackson a threat in the case involving custody of children.  Court case.

Late because Grace Stoen is back.  Jim was hearing her report. She had been in p.l.

Moslem Jubilee.  They face lien on property.  Our buses will run until the Jubilee in which we will participate.

NAACP are being sued by government. They can’t pay and are going out of business.

Question period.  Jim on Rhodesians to be admitted to US if they give blacks their rights.  Jim: You see what they’re doing?  Want to fill the country up with fascists.

(2) Swine flu virus.  We found out legionnaire a CIA plot which went away.  Don’t accept swine flu shots unless cleared.

(3) Why haven’t they organized a civilian defense force and underground shelter?  Summary seems to be provided only for big-shots.  Jim: you are talking about imperialism.  Did you ever hear of a dog who took care of his fleas? Difference between Soviets and Chinese.  Don’t care about people.

Jim spoke on threat of gonorrhea which can’t be treated.  Chinese has no gonorrhea nor syphilis.  No ____

(4) Black people killing black people in South Africa?  True?  Jim: Everywhere whites pick one group which think themselves better.  Zulus think they are better  mulattoes[?] here.  But mixed people in South Africa are demonstrating for freedom.

War between black and white inevitable.  You’d better be where there are more blacks than whites.  If you don’t think you ‘re in trouble in America, you’re stupid.

(5) Gas from trees? True? Jim: enough of everything.  But you don’t’ make profit where there are no shortages.

Tom Grubbs.  Gave up $16,000 job to live in p.l. [promised land]


People came to altar as he called sums out.

Meeting dismissed about 6.00. Front doors were closed.  We were told Jackson was out there.  I went out by back door.

Going up steps to the bus to get my luggage saw Chris Rozynko.  He’s taking electrical engineering and doing construction work for Temple.  He graduated from State but did not go on for study of law as he intended.  Council told him we had enough lawyers.

Beulah got ride for Earlene Watkins and me with Geneva Smith .

We ate. Had hamburger meat and rice.  I also ate a banana.  Then had some cake and later some watermelon.

Beulah intends to move to Pittsburg [California], where some Temple members car looking for a house for her.  She is taking 5 of the Malone children: Willie, Dwayne, Sheila, James, Chris.  Mother says she’s coming too.  Beulah says she is not going to bother church to move her.  Will rent a U-Haul.

I read a few pages in Radicalism in America.

It was very hot.  I went to sleep about 11.30.


5 August – 1976 Sunday
Up about 8.00.  Bathed and dressed.

Breakfast: Toast, egg, bacon, sausage and an orange.

One of Beulah’s relatives drove us to the service.

I put my luggage on the bus, keeping with me a paper bag with a change of clothes, book etc.

Again, security was not in uniform and women are not wearing head scarves.

A woman created a disturbance in line this morning, screaming and eventually leaping onto a police car.

The church was again shut up.

I went downstairs for water.  When I got upstairs, announcements were being made.

Norm said that all San Francisco and Redwood Valley members were to be at the church tonight at 8.30 to distribute newspapers.  He asked those who would be there to sand up. Names were taken.  Response was poor.  Norm said all apostolic members were on a list and she’d be there unless nurses specify a reason why not.

Norm took an offering by sum.

While choir singing  Jim ___ ___ heard from ___ ___  security hurried out.  Brief ____ choir went on singing.  Sharon spoke to Norm who went backstage.

Jim entered on podium 12.45.  Shortly went backstage.

Jim: planning big rally in Chicago with Muslims where one brother in trouble.  Kansas City, Detroit also.  For about a week.  Jim not satisfied with number.  Has to be first …October 4 and 5 in Chicago 6 & 7 in Detroit. Back here by 10th .  $150 charge.

Move against black people in this country going on right now would make you nervous.

Jim took another offering by sum.

Angela Davis in North Carolina now with some of our people.

Question period.:
(1) On the 2 ___ ___ for the Carter campaign it has disappeared what do you think happened?  Jim: I never ask whether a rattle snake will rattle.  Nothing to choose in political realm.  At 4.00 on radio heard that only 30% of people going to vote.  Might be just the time for socialism to get out.  I think revolution can’t be ___ ___ must continue to stand ___ up ___ we believe.  Election complex ___ gonna be screwed.  ___ Carter ___ anything to maintain power of the institution.

(2) How electoral college works?  Jim: They vote as people want as long as Democrat or Republican.

(3) Do they have swine flu vaccine?  Jim:  Don’t know why you worry.  Of course American capitalism is capable of holding back anything to make someone rich.  US Department of Health doesn’t impress me,  It denied blacks with syphilis treatment, experimented with them like rats.  Why do you all of a sudden wonder what the US Government is going to do to people of color?  I don’t expect anything of a buzzard except to pick only flesh.  We are a nation of stupid sheep and cowardly dogs.

(4) A sermon on Jane Pittman. She told the story, till Jim stopped her.  She was full of empathy.

(5) Eugene Debs. Ran a Socialist ticket.  Jim: Got 1 million votes.  Who running now as a socialist?  Jim: ___ fragmented particularly don’t know why people didn’t __ ___ ___ very dangerous now with atomic weapons.  Country has adopted certain socialist measures.  ___ ___ still very powerful.  A nation made a serious step towards  establishment ___ ___ the military would declare a state of emergency, establish a dictatorship.

(6) Man thinks many people believe in socialism.  Jim:  more closet socialists than closet homosexuals.  But this government going to be most repressive than anywhere ever known.

(7) Do you think Kissinger’s concern can change the situation in Africa?  Jim: Do you think he has any concern?  He wants to safeguard the minerals there. See the handwriting on the wall. Wants to be able to trade with the government which is established.  Kissinger is a realist, a very depraved mind.

Jim: A black sister asked why the white people will be driven out of Africa?  Do you know what black people have done through in Africa?

National Council of Churches now has an atheist as its head.  Sent money to Angola.

NAACP being sued for nearly 3 million.  How much effect will it have?  Jim: showed her no hope.  No capitalist country which has not persecuted it minorities.  Socialist countries do not.

(8) Kissinger asked for help by the whites?  Jim: he won’t decide to help that white government because he knows the white government is as dead as a dodo bird.  American corporations not going to give up easily.  But we are outnumbered 12 to 1.  Racism arising on an appalling basis.  It is not safe to be black in America.  The ruling class will not give up easily because they know they’ll face war crimes trials.  Everyone who lives here is immoral.  The only way to be moral is to fight or leave.  This country is in a mell of a hess.  Where did all our white people go (in this church)?  He went over the miracles he had done.  Don’t the white people want to be raised from the dead?  They’d rather die than be resurrected beside a black person.

Jim expounded on religion.  Belief in a benevolent god in heaven.  Bible.  He launched into exposition of Bible.

Why you don’t want to believe me?  You’re too damned cowardly to face reality.  You believe in God because you have no god damned heart.

Many people wanted to leave.  Security tried to hold them back.  Jim said to let them go.

Finishing Adam and Eve story.  If you believe that, you’re either stupid or you’re weak.

(9)  How can you expect to counter in one hour all the theology that fills countless rows of blacks.  Jim: I have the testimony of millions of them.  I have the misfortune of living in America.  It takes a depression to overcome the belief in God.  In answer to your question, you don’t speak the truth based on whether anyone listens.

Some were healed and Jim sent the nurses to others.  Membership was opened up but Jim made no great effort to persuade visitors to come.

The service was dismissed about 4.00.

I ate downstairs.  Did not have very long wait inline.

Changed my clothes and boarded the bus.  I had a new seat mate, a senior named Ida Albudy, who is moving from LA to San Francisco.  She has had nursing experience and wants to get a job in a hospital,  She was very talkative and wanted to tell me her problems and experiences, particularly about her decision to put to sleep her pet dog who was 11 years old, because she would have to leave her alone or with strangers.  I finally indicated to her that I wanted time to read and to sleep.  She claimed she sleeps only a few hours a night but I doubt whether she slept on this journey as little as she thought.

I buses left about 5.00.  I read Radicalism in America.  Tried to sleep a little but did not succeed. We saw big lightning flashes in the bus windows and the children were impressed. Later I learned there had been a big thunder storm in LA.

Some rain had fallen in Bakersfield and we had only a short stop to go to the bathroom.

McElvane came on the bus to take an offering to help support the trip to Chicago.

The hostess, Marilee Bogue, took the names and ages of everybody on the bus and asked whether they were working on a paying job tomorrow. All others are expected to distribute newspapers.

We left Buttonwillow about 9.00, had a stop at 12.00 and arrived at San Francisco at about 3.00.  Ida had not got off the bus since we left LA.

I had asked Lisa Layton for a ride.  She had trouble with the car and someone thought the filling station had perhaps put water in the gas.

I got home at 3.30. Unpacked.

Went to bed at 4.15.


6 September – 1976 Monday
Labor Day.
Had set the alarm for 7.00, hoping to get clothes pressed and some work done on my journal because I would be late tomorrow.

I pressed clothes for an hour or so.

Then prepared a meal, ate, left the dishes.

I had phoned Lor about 9.00, got Carol, who said her mother was still sleeping.  Lor called me about 11.00.  She said she and Ryn were planning to meet Barbara Peas at the entrance of the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park at noon.  I was to come also.  Carol was going to have lunch with her dad.

I did not have time to work on my journal.

Took the McAllister bus and transferred to No. 10 which goes into the park.  I rode past my stop and got our on Lincoln, was preparing to walk back when I met Lor and Ryn who had just got off the bus from Park Merced.

We had tea and cookies at the Japanese Tea Garden and exchanged news.  Ryn has her fellowship at the University of Oregon for another year, will be teaching probably two classes and get about $5000 while she checks for a  job. She is qualified to do college teaching in most English and humanities subjects.  Barbara has been in SF about 2 years working at jobs obtained with the help of the rehabilitation agency.  She is applying for a job as an interviewer with the disabled.

We thought of seeing what was at the de Young Museum but since the museums now charge 75¢, we decided to go instead to the Academy of Sciences.  Ryn and Barbara wanted to see the Aquarium.  We looked around the anthropology exhibits.  Then Ryn and Barbara went to the Aquarium and Lor and I had a snack in the refreshment room. (I had an apple turnover and hot chocolate.)  Lor paid both my entrance fee and for the snack. She and I sat in the courtyard and talked. The day was a little chilly for me, but Lor enjoyed it.  I told her of my trip to Colorado and gave her news of all my sisters.

We met the others at 3.00.

We took the bus to Park Merced.  Lor bought some film and ice cream.  We then took the No. 17 to her apartment.

Barbara had told us of the residence she lives in and I was interested in it as a possible living place if the Temple has not found me space in a commune by the end of the month.  She pays $185 a month for her room and 2 meals a day, except on Sundays.  She shares a bath.  It’s on Hyde Street near Sutter.  I took down details.

We had some sherry, then ate dinner: chicken breasts, rice, salad and ice cream with wine.

Barb opened her gifts.  It was her fortieth birthday.

Carol had come home but she had such a headache and went to bed.  She has had a busy day seeing friends and relatives since arriving from Canada last week. She and Lor shopped for clothes yesterday at Park Merced.  She returns to the University of British Columbia in 2 days for her senior year in forestry.

We looked at some slides of British Columbia taken by Lor and Ryn.

Barb and I took the bus about 9.15, changing at the tunnel to a street car going down Market.  Barb took the bus on Van Ness and I caught a Hayes Street bus.

On the bus at the corner before I got off a young black man tried to filch my purse but I noticed him in time and with the help of a man passenger got it back.

I arrived home about 10.00.  Phoned Lor to tell her I was safe and told her about the attempted theft.

Washed dishes.

Went to bed at about 11.00.


7 September – 1976 Tuesday
I intended to get up at 5.00 so that I would have an hour to work on my journal but I didn’t get up until 5.20.  After I had put up my lunch, dressed and had breakfast, I had time only to type one page in the journal but I left the typewriter out so that it would be ready tonight.

Marquita didn’t come in.  She phoned that she had been late in getting back from her camping trip and hadn’t had any sleep.

The print-out of the power of attorney document I worked on Friday came back with some errors.  I had made in changing from single to double spacing.  I sat at the machine and Dor gave me entries so that she could explore what had happened.

John Stewart brought in some changes to his Saudi Arabian airport contracts which I made, while Dor continued to work on the Galbraith job.  She spent in all about 4 hours straightening out the matter.  In my opinion, it would have been easier to erase the incorrect parts and enter it again.  In the end she found that her system was also incorrect.

The day was so warm that I ran in the park when I got home.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 9.30 to 11.00, finishing up 4 more pages.

After bathing, I read newspapers and finished the chapter I was reading in Radicalism in America.

Went to bed at 1.15.


8 September – 1976 Wednesday
Marquita was in.

Dor explained to me the method of alternating double and single spacing on the ATS.  This was in connection with the work done on the power of attorney documents.  Marquita had some typing to put on MagCard which she worked on all day.  Dor had some revision to make to one of the Venezuelan contracts.

In the morning I had no work. I brought journal entries up to date and prepared a few items to turn in to various people at the Temple.

Ate lunch outside on the PG&E steps.  The weather was exceptionally hot.  The temperature reached 91º in the city and was up in the 100’s in Marin County and on the peninsula.

Betty Barclay was out.  Braman came in for secretarial assistance and I took his dictation of 2 memos, transcribed them, xeroxed enclosures and prepared envelopes.

Because Marquita has dropped her hostile attitude (Dor told me that Marquita was unpleasant because she didn’t get along with her sister who was visiting her) and I assumed that relations between her and Dor were improved.  However, Marquita told me today she still did not like the job and probably wouldn’t stay.  Besides, transportation from Contra Costa County is too expensive.

I got home in good time.

Slept from 5.30 to 6.30.

Ate a quick dinner.

Magnolia had a tooth pulled and wasn’t going to the Temple service but Brother Farris came to see how she was and gave me a ride.

We were told no uniforms were to be worn and Marshall was told to go home and change.

During announcements, perhaps because of the heat, there was much noise in the audience.  Dave Garrison got a very poor response when asking for contributions of food for the weekend.

Laurie Efrain and Norman Ijames announced that neat street clothes, no uniforms. No long dresses, are to be warn on the trip to Fresno.

Jim on podium at 9.00.

Four newsmen trying to reveal corruption in the government are staying in jail forever.  They won’t reveal their sources.  People who don’t want to go to the p.l. saying they want to stay in America and fight, never are present when we go to fight.  Pressure first on members to go.  All young people have holiday tomorrow, Admission Day.

Jim told about contributions received from New York and Detroit after we had meetings there.

All our young people to go to Opportunity School, socialist school run by Yvonne Golden.  Those who aren’t in it were brought to platform to explain why not.  Some did not know about it.  Others, their parents wouldn’t consent.  If latter were Temple members Jim going to talk to them.

Those going to Kansas City, asked to stand.

Jim: afraid to suffer under dictatorship are newspapers.  Whole business is right of reporter to conceal sources.

Jim: (Taking offering) only choice we got is Mr. Clumsey who stumbles over his dogs and Mr. Pumpkin who tears down black peoples’ homes and smiles like a pumpkin on Halloween.

Film, “To Sir, With Love,” with Sidney Poitier, was shown.  Chief character is a black engineer from Guyana who teaches slum children in London and wins them over. I have read the book.

After first reel Jim took another offering.

Commendations.  Ethel Bell, a senior who works in care home in Church.  Jan Gurvich.

After second reel. Names were taken of those going to Fresno on Jim’s insistence.  People hate authority, won’t cooperate unless you’re firm.

Ending of picture particularly unsatisfactory from socialist point of view.  Jim said the teacher did not use his opportunity to teach cooperation instead of competition.  I thought the whole philosophy was phony.  The ending which had been added to the book was typical commercial film promotion of false values. I mentioned clothes and food.

Dorothy Buckley on floor for stealing.  She was accused of taking someone’s iron.  She has stolen before.  Work all night and pay $30 the iron cost.

Robert Paul and Loretta Brown.  Whereabouts rented room for sex. Jim recommended excommunication.  Congregation agreed.  Later Jim modified the punishment.  If they leave the children in the commune and make financial contributions to the cause, they will be permitted to return after 6 months.

Vance Smith wants right to leave premises alone in spite of what happened to him.  2 nights and $25.

Karen Carr, Tony Linton [Lacy] and several others noisy on bus No. 6 coming back from LA.  Work 2 nights.

Danny Beck twisted knuckles of Martin Amos which required surgery.  Jim says he is sadistic, cruel.  On suggestion of a member he is to write 1000 times why he did it and pay $30.

Jim read names of those who distributed newspapers.

Jim read names of those who didn’t come to put out newspapers although not working.  Penalty: work all night.

Several children on street unsupervised.

Martin Griffith and Tyrone Duncan gave Cassandra Minor a hard time at concession stand.

All those brought up had work punishments meted out and supervisors were appointed.

The meeting ended after a meditation period at 1.00.

The front part of the building was closed off because of cleaning being done in preparation for the Testimonial Dinner.  I had trouble finishing Marshall Farris for my rides, finally went out to the car.

Got home at 1.30.

Washed dishes.

Read the newspapers.

Went to bed at 3.00.


9 September – 1976 Thursday
The workload increased in the office today.  Dor was at computer and Marquita on MagCard most of the day.

Braman had some dictation and kept me busy all morning.  This consisted of a memo and 3 letters, the last of which was a draft, all on patent matters.

Ate lunch quickly at my desk.  Then took the bus up to Market to the Emporium where I bought a present for the baby shower for Patty and Mike.  I looked at all kinds of baby clothing but prices were so high I bought a set of toys for the bath.  I got it gift wrapped, intended to buy some stockings as Berkshire was having a sale, but found that this was at Macy’s and not at the Emporium.

Maggie brought another affidavit for Sonatrech to be done in both English and French.  Dor gave me the MagCard as we had done previously and I tried to use them but had a good deal of difficulty.  Some details had been omitted and others were erroneous.  I had to do much retyping.  This took most of the afternoon.

Marquita had more to say on ___ relationships.  She said, “It is Dor I dislike about the job.”  She thinks she is mean and prejudiced as in the matter concerning the girl with whom her son lived.  I agreed that Dor is very reactionary.  Marquita says she is going to talk to Betty Vasil about her lunch hour, which is her biggest complaint.

After work I took the Geary bus to Macy’s and bought 8 pair of stockings, which with tax cost $11.93.  It was very hard to get on the Geary bus.

I got off at the Temple.  I brought for Patti Chastain a receipted utility and telephone bill, which she uses in order to get her state aid ___ ___ ___ ___ address __ ___ I didn’t see ___ ___ __ with Tim Clancy.  Sharon Amos, Lee Ingram and others were listening to the radio which carried news reports of the Temple demonstration in Fresno.

Took the Fillmore and then The Hayes bus home. Arrived a little before 6.00.

The day had again been very hot.  Up to 92º in San Francisco.  I was tired and expected that Joan Pursley might call.  She is looking for work and I said I’d give her Pearl Gray’s number, so I decided to do my washing at home.

I did household and personal chores and washed my hair.

Prepared and ate dinner and washed dishes.

Bertha Cavit phoned with the Temple message.  She strongly urged all who possibly could to go to Fresno tomorrow to participate in the demonstration.  I tried to convince her that I had no vacation time left and it would cost me money to take off a day which I could not afford.  She also was urging people to go on the Kansas City – St, Louis – Detroit – Chicago trip.  But for the same reason I can’t go on this one.

Washed my underwear, my offering dress and a skirt.  It was nearly 1.00 before I finished.

I read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 2.00.


10 September – 1976 Friday
On my lunch hour went to the bank, deposited my check and got cash.  I had gone over my financial situation and planned expenditures I would have to make for the remainder of the month.  As I’ll have to have money to pay rent in advance for my new housing and will have to be careful.

Marquita brought up again the question of her lunch hour.  She said she was going to ask Betty Vasil about it.  I was afraid Dor would decide we should each take a late lunch hour every other week, so I joined in the discussion.  We couldn’t see the reason for requiring someone to be in the office over the lunch hour.  To prevent Marquita from going to Betty directly, Dor called her and got permission for both of us to go at noon, as Dor stays in the office the entire time anyway.  Betty thinks our services should be available throughout the day.

In the afternoon had to work on the Litigation Report for George Petty’s group.  This is a revision of one previously made and it was exacting work transferring materials from one form to another on the ATS.  Dor did the basic work, then had been turning the computer entry over to Marquita and now to me.

I took the bus to the Coop after work. Bought an ice cream cone.  I decided to buy relatively few groceries and see whether I could get them home without taking a taxi.  I had my bag which I take to work also.  I carried that and 2 bags of groceries.  I took the Kearney Street bus to Market and First.  Then transferred to a trolley going up Market, had to transfer again to the Hayes Street bus.  Rain was threatening but only a few drops fell.

I prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

I went to bed early, by 12.00 determined to get up early and do some work on my journal.


11 September – 1976 Saturday
Got up at 8.00.

Typed in my journal from 8.30 to 10.30, finishing 5 pages.

Went to buy produce from the Haight Community Coop store.  I had to make two trips as I forgot tomatoes I had selected the first time. Also bought some grapes.  The total bill, including vegetables for the Temple, came to a little more than $5.00.

Weather foggy but was clearing by the time I got back.  Listened to the temple broadcast. Ethnic weapons and danger of genocide discussed.

I prepared a meal, ate and washed dishes.  Had defrosted the refrigerator.

I cleaned the apartment, going over the floors quickly and putting things away.

I lay down at 4.00 to rest for half an hour.

Dressed and caught the bus at 5.00, an hour later than I intended, to go to Lor’s for the baby shower for Patty and Mike.  I transferred to an M car which I tool to the San Francisco State stop.  Walked across to Lor’s apartment.

Most of the guests were there already, saw young couples who are friends of Patty and Mike, some of whom had worked for Lor and Patty’s mother.  Dor and Ryn drive up from Moss Landing.  Some talk was of the “Running Fence” built by Christo in Marin and Sonoma County.  Those who had seen it were impressed by it.  Lor served several different kinds of beverage.  I had lemonade.  Food served buffet style was turkey, cheese, bread, crackers, cottage cheese and several different kinds of cake, the last brought by the guests.

I told Ryn and Lor of my intention to move in to the residence club in which Barbara lives.  I knew she had some complaint about the water pipes and learned form them the drinking water was being contaminated by leakage from sewage pipes.  No one, not even the Health Department was taking any action.  Lor and Ryn warned me to look into the matter.

I took a bus to the Temple about 8.00.

Arrived at the Temple about 9.00.  The congregation was just greeting Mother Jones.

Norman took the offering, helped by Marcy, who appealed to people’s honor.

Jim came on the podium at 9.30 as the offering concluded.

Choir sang “I’m Going Away and I Won’t Be Troubled No More.”  Emily Ballard was hysterical.  Jim said we could understand this sister’s agony.

Choir sang it again.

Jim: doubly depressed about America.  Told by newsmen it is beginning of conspiracy.  Concealing information from the people about corporation. John Roselli dead after saying he knew who killed Kennedy. No one will go to a newspaper.

Mrs. Carter invited Jim tonight to see her.  She wouldn’t hesitate to put us all in concentration camp.  Where I go, all of you go too.

Jim read list of need for construction in p.l.  Took another offering.

Some of you who talk about how much you love America, how sorry you feel about America’s blacks, you weren’t marching with us.  Those who tell you how you love America, you went to fight for freedom in America, you didn’t come with us.

Fresno one of most dangerous places in America, much hate.  Wanted to put us in jail or kill us.

Questions. Carasco inquired about law approved by Brown.  Jim: you can’t trust those leaders.  You can’t trust a leader who wants the job in China and Cuba if you seek an offer you don’t get it.  A person who wants to be a leader should be barred from being a leader.  He read some of the law.  Minimum sentences still very high.

We could do far more to help everyone if we were in another city.  Nothing is good in this miserable city.  It’s all hell.

On Mao’s death.  Jim: every time a great leader dies there is a problem.  Their life revolved around him.  Natural they have some trouble.  They’ll come through it.  Won’t turn against socialism.  No country having tested it ever turned back.

Don’t talk to me about love and peace and talking your way to socialism.  Allende tried it. You have to kill fascists to get rid of them.  I want to be with people who’ll fight for freedom.

Love enough not to be careless with those who depend on us for protection.

If it had not been father’s demonstration some of you wouldn’t have walked out of there alive.

Question: On getting new ideas accepted in p.l., they’re open to suggestions and welcome our participation.  Possibility we can even hold office and retain American citizenship.

People were healed, new members admitted, contributions taken instead of coming to the altar.

All those who could write letters were to meet after service.

The meeting was dismissed about 12.00.

I saw Ora Pearce, who had had her hair done and looked very nice. She was very happy, had just got a job for $500 a month.

As the buses didn’t go to LA on account of the Fresno demonstration, Beulah was not here (I then thought).

Marshall didn’t have room for me, so I looked for another ride.  Kaye Gibbs got me a ride with Lee Robinson, who was taking her home.  I got home at about 1.00.

I read newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 2.00.

I had barely got to sleep when my doorbell was rung.  It was Patty Cartmell who had been sent to Richmond for housing.  She had the little boy, Tyrone, with her.  The people said they didn’t have room and she had to come back to San Francisco.  I gave her and Tyrone scrambled eggs and toast.

Patty slept in my bed and Tyrone in the hall.  I slept in my sleeping bag.  We went to bed at 4.00.


12 September – 1976 Sunday
Up at 9.00.

Prepared breakfast: cherry juice, steak, pancakes and syrup-.

Patty asked me about Dor.  I told her of my family reunions and described my efforts to improve their attitude to the Temple.  We talked about Liz Forman.  She thought Liz’s self centeredness was the crucial point.  She said Jim told government workers 8 months ago that he expected her to be traitorous and gave her every concession possible, perhaps, in the hope to dissuade her.  Patty thought she may have been to blame for Brian’s leaving.  She resented the way which Liz “put down” Bob Davis.

Patty had to be on the door at 10.30 and left shortly before that.

I did the dishes and dressed.

Magnolia called, telling me Marshall would give me a ride to service at 11.40.

I got into service at almost 12.00.

CJ Jackson announced that we would go to Fresno again on Friday, the day the judge will make a decision.

We were asked to write letters on the break between services to the four defendants, as they felt “so alone.”  Staff members will be available in the Gold Room to help.

The offering was taken.  I participated.

Jim on podium at about 1.00.

____ service.  Singing, shouting, dancing.

Some enemy agents tried to get in claiming to be from DeLancey Street.  Jim said check.  DeLancey Street never heard of them.

Healings.  Jim took another offering.

Jim said every meeting to be cancelled,  After we eat, we’ll write letters.  WE were out about 4.00.

I saw Beulah in auditorium.  She said people came up from LA to take part in the Fresno demonstration.  She was here last night but went out to Pittsburg to see the facilities there.

I took a bus home.  Had along wait for a No.5 on McAllister.

I prepared food and ate.

Lay down for half an hour.

Went back to the Temple about 6.00.  Many of the young people had gone out to distribute newspapers.  A table had been set up in the Gold Room with Carolyn Looman and others to help with letter writing.

I delivered to Dick Tropp my Indian films which I had brought from Lor’s.  I helped people write letters and wrote one myself.  We were supposed to write to the judge presiding in the case of the Fresno Bee Four and to the newspapermen themselves.

Downstairs I saw Jack Beam and enquired of him if the Temple could move my effects at the end of the month, even if I moved into non-communal housing.  He suggested I talk to Rheaviana, who was in the room about possible space in a commune so I did.

Rheaviana said the Temple was acquiring apartments in 2 more buildings and she thought I would be accommodated.  She asked for my preferences and I told her of my need for privacy in order to type.  Although I’d have to have a roommate, there would be a living room and kitchen and I gathered that I could work in the bedroom.  I told her I didn’t want to placed with a talkative senior.  The place she had in mind is on Geary at Van Ness.  There would be good transportation.

I left about 8.30, got home about 9.00.

I typed from 9.30 to 11.30 in my journal.

Made some candied popcorn and read Freedom at Midnight for an hour.

Went to bed at 1.00.


13 September – 1976 Monday
I spent all day on the Litigation Report on the computer.  Though I made a sample entry for guidance, I still found it nerve-wracking.”  I ate lunch on the PG&E steps.

Marquita tells me that she doesn’t like the job at all.  In spite of having got her way about the lunch hour, she has only scorn for Dor.  Dor was gone from the office for some time and we believed she was seeing Betty.  She had had some difficulty with Kate Walker over Peter Hughes’ work and this may have been the subject.

Dor has been evidencing insecurity lately over her authority.  Today when I was merely joking, she made a remark to Bob O’Neill implying I was trying to usurp her role of receiving incoming work.  He understood the significance of it.  She over-supervises us at the machines and does many jobs herself, which she could delegate.  Marquita and I both know that she should be working on her record-keeping.

Close to the end of the day I had only 2 more entries to make and decided to enter them before going home.  I ran into difficulties and had to make some changes.  I was annoyed and Dor came over to help.  I wound up staying an hour.  Dor was unsympathetic.  I felt very tired of frustrated, especially because we do not get overtime in such situations.

I had to take a trolley to Third Street to get my bus.

I decided not to exercise.

I prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Worked on my journal from 9.30 to 11.30.  I finished typing the 1 to 15 October section and proofed it.

Read Freedom at Midnight for an hour.

Went to bed at 1.00.


14 September – 1976 Tuesday
Maggie brought back the French version of the Sonatrach contract on the MagCard.  I had made some mistakes but Philippe Lamy had also made some minor changes, one of which I didn’t notice until I was almost through.  I spent 3 hours on this.  Also made some corrections on the Litigation Report.

The rest of the time I spent on journal entries.

Saw a film in the Employee Series, “Europe for All Seasons” at lunch time.  It had shots of various European cities with background music but no dialogue.  I was only 20 minutes long.

I finished my lunch on the PG&E steps.

I left the office half an hour early, although I don’t think Dor liked it very much in spite of the hour’s overtime I put in last night.

I got home at 5.00.  Ate some bonita, cracker and a green pepper.  Took the bus to the Temple arriving at about the set time, 6.00.

He buses were already almost loaded. Seniors had all the seats so I had to stand.  Actually I decided to sit on the floor while we waited.

The buses took us to the newly opened Democratic campaign headquarters on Market Street opposite the Towne House.  The place is a bare hall and with our people was crowded shoulder to shoulder.  I worried about our seniors and handicapped people.  The speakers’ stand was at one end and I could barely see the heads of the people there including Jim.

Candidates were introduced by the Chairman, Agar Jaicks.  The emphasis was on Prop 14 for the Farm Workers and legislation to benefit “the people.”  Besides ourselves the Chicanos seemed to be the only groups represented.  Cecil Williams as well as Jim were asked for a few words.  Williams spoke as a supporter of the Democrats with the necessity of their caring for the common man.  Jim mentioned specifically causes, such as cutting military expenditures, ending CIA intervention with other governments and finally put in a dig at the Supreme Court.  We gave him a tremendous ovation and the chairman acknowledged that we were 65 or 70 % of the audience.  Rosalyn Carter arrived a little late, was introduced by Leo McCarthy who was in turn introduced by Bob Mendelsohn.  She paid a sentimental tribute to her husband.

The meeting was over about 8.30.

I went home directly on the Hayes Street bus.

I washed dishes.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 11.00.


15 September – 1976 Wednesday
Made a few corrections of the Litigation Report but we didn’t order another print-out.

We had very little work in the office.

At noon I saw videotapes of “Time of the Tar Sands” and “One Weld of the Alyeska Pipeline.”  The first, lasting a half hour, was about the Syncrude project in Alberta , Canada and was quite interesting.   The second was not as good.  Nora came to see the films too but was late and there was such a crowd that we didn’t get together.  I ate my lunch during the showing.

In the afternoon Maggie brought in some documents to put on MagCard.  Though they were relatively simple, Dor insisted on experimenting with them and when I had a slight difficulty with her instruction, she became quite irritable.  Thinking about her irascibility later, I again began to worry about her mental stability.  She has been showing many signs of insecurity lately and her generally unhealthful lifestyle cannot be helpful.  I may discuss the matter with Mary and perhaps confide my impression to Betty.  For both Marquita and me, life in the office bas become quite unpleasant, even when the workload presents no specific problem.

I left for Kaiser at 2.30 to get more shots.  I told Dor I was getting inoculations for my allergic conditions.

I arrived at Kaiser a little after 3.00.

I was taken care of rather quickly.  The doctor, asking where I was going scheduled me for a typhoid booster, a tetanus shot and polio immunization.  The nurse, however, said I should not get the polio until a month after the yellow fever shot.

Though I left Kaiser about 4.00, I had difficulty with bus transportation and it was 5.00 before I got home.

I slept for an hour.

Prepared a meal and ate.

As I had been warned, my arm was very painful all evening.

Went to service with Marshall and Magnolia about 7.40.  They had gone early to the meeting last night and got a seat very near Jim.  Marshall said he was watching the security guardians who were watching over Jim’s safety.  He thought they observed the speakers rather than observing the crowd.

Although the group in the auditorium was small, the noise was devastating and requests to the workers to control the children seemed unavailing.

Volunteers were asked to help stuff envelopes for announcements to be sent for our out-of-state meetings.

Norm asked those to stand who will go to Fresno on Friday.

Jim on podium about 9.00.

Jim said he dined alone with Mrs. Carter.  He educated her on socialism.  She was too passive with respect to her husband.  Jim had names taken of those going to Fresno.  The progressive school is going to go as a field trip.  NY Times going to cover again.  Time and Newsweek will also.  Cecil kissed posterior, “I told them what we wanted.”

Bus will leave for Fresno at 3.00 in the morning.  Buses will go on to LA.  Those who have to get back to San Francisco for work will be taken care of.

Jim’s picture will be in Newsweek.  The amount of publicity you have gotten is worth thousands of dollars.  We’re the only friends the press has.  The wisest thing I have ever done in terms of protecting the body.

Jim read Newsweek items on Carter’s racial project.  Gave details.  That’s America 1976.

Interference with press is a conspiracy of the courts to bring the country into line.  Plains, Georgia, is one of most racist cities in the country.

More details on what he told Mrs. Carter: concentration camp, ethnic weapons, etc.  told her Jimmy had better side with people as military industrial combine might get him anyway.

Supervisors going to give Jim a plaque at testimonial dinner praising him as a distinguished citizen.

Jim addressed the progressive school on opening day.  Jim got Yvonne Golden off all charges against her.  All the students cheered him when he gave a very strong sermon.

Offering, which Jim took.

We saw a film, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World when it came to a stopping point, Jim asked the audience to vote whether to see the end or see it later, they voted to see it later.

Sylvia Grubbs.  Saved from paralysis or death from a stroke.

Jenny Cheek has a snake living in her yard.  They leave each other alone.

There has been some stealing in the communes.  There is much waste.  This costs us money as items must be replaced.  Ruby Carroll, Pat Hess and Rheaviana Beam were appointed to work on the problem.  All belongings and clothes must be marked.

Amanda Fair, Gerry Bailey and the Sneads raised $328 in a flea market project.

Erma Winfrey was again first in pamphleting. Helen Snell was the highest on Sunday.

Anyone who took pamphleting money and used it on himself must write it up.

Elliot Tardy was praised by the teacher for the program he had made his speech improved and his  ___ ___ in, although it was believed they would not.

Bob Davis was praised for his work on construction and the stand he took when his companion proved traitorous.

Jim read the names of those who have been driving children to school during the bus drivers’ strike.  Teresa King took 2 shifts.

Clinton Brown let his station wagon be used for transporting school children.  He is another man who stayed put when his companion left.  It is rare for the man to be the loyal one, but we have two men who did. One white, one black.

William Klingman picked up candle drippings at our vigil in Fresno.

Sharon Kislingbury and Diane Lundquist have complained because they are left too long alone with children.  Jim agreed.  He asked for volunteers to help with the children.

No special ___ are to be given to anyone in ___ people. If you want assistance, you must go through Council.

Several children had been brought up for misdemeanors.  They waited on stage for their cases to be taken up.

Jim took another offering ____ what was doubtless an interruption, he said, “I do not like to be interrupted while taking an offering.  It’s my pet peeve.”

As foretold by computers 9 ½ million people will die in LA when drinking water and food supplies give out. All minorities will perish.  The whites will raid minority neighborhoods and tear their houses down to get firewood.  Only the rich who have retreats in the mountains will survive.

Michael Daniels called Amanda Tardy retarded (because of her name). This case was dismissed because he helped get children quiet,

Ricardo Arterberry told his teacher to cut his dick off, spit on people, the food from the first grade tray.  He is a battered child.  Working all night has done no good,  Willie Mae Gentry suggested that he stand on one foot for 20 minutes then 20 minutes on the other. Jim accepted the suggestion.

Nawab Lawrence spent money he found,  He was also assigned to one foot punishment. Jim threatened to send him to a school which will give him strict discipline.

Rondell Carroll cries all day when he doesn’t get his way.  He eats too much.  He was given the foot punishment.

Lisa Johnson behaved badly.  She was also given the one-foot punishment.

The advance crew was appointed for the out-of-state trip.  It is to leave September 21.  The Muslims are giving their mosques for our meetings.

Jim asked for the use of station wagons and vans from people in the communes for the trip.

Tom Fitch offered his truck and it appeared other offers were made.

Jim said the swine flu vaccine approved by him would be given at the Marina Junior High School on 9 October.

Jim took the altar offering.

After a meditation period and healings (Sister Dillard was one of the healed), Jim dismissed the meeting about 12.00.

Marshall took home 3 seniors besides Magnolia and myself, including Helen Love.  Jim saved Helen from a brain tumor after the Sunday service, she told me.

I got home at 1.30.

Washed dishes.

Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 2.15.


16 September – 1976 Thursday
Since it was the 16th today, I decided to be very cautious about my relations with Dor, and even if she behaved very peculiarly, it would not be a good time to speak to Betty about her.  I got into the office well before Marquita and adopted a cordial, conversational attitude towards Dor which she reciprocated and which was extended to Marquita when she came, so that we passed the whole day without any flare-ups.  Besides we had little work coming in and weren’t under any pressure.

For some reason, the computer center did not give us print-outs of the Litigation Report I transmitted yesterday and we had to order an express print-out.  Aside from that the only other jobs to come all day was to run off some notary forms from Maggie.  Dor had put the form on MagCard yesterday when I was gone.

I filled in yesterday’s journal entry, figured out my finances for the week and sent a check for $75.00 to Dr, Fudgen.

Ate my lunch and took the bus to the bank to deposit my check and get cash.

When I got home, I exercised.

Took my laundry to the laundromat.  Mended a blouse and started to put the hem in one of the skirts given to me by Claire.

Did household and personal chores.  Washed my hair.

Prepared dinner and ate.  I had steak curried and a salad.  I also put food in the oven for tomorrow night.

It was midnight before I finished eating.  I decided to leave the dishes as I was very tired.

I went to bed at 12.30.


17 September – 1976 Friday
Both computers were busy all day.  Dor and Marquita worked at them all day and I had no work to do. After writing yesterday’s journal entry, I looked through all my papers to find any items on Bechtel which I want to send to Tim.  I cleaned out my desk drawers.

At lunch time I went to the telephone company office and paid my bill for 2 months so as to catch up.  Then did the same at PG&E.

In the afternoon Dor started me on another Litigation Report.  For the first time I made an entry (on a Litigation Report) from the beginning.  I worked three hours on this including time to run it off, as it was a short one.

Relations at the office were again smooth though Dor persists in doing work at the computer which I believe could be delegated to me, instead of doing her cords.

When I got home tonight I had an hour’s nap.

Prepared and at a quick meal.

Marshall and Magnolia gave me a ride to service at 7.40.

Very few people in the auditorium.

Those going to LA were counted.

We had no music but sang an opening song.

In the testimonial period, many of the children ran forward and in an ______ manner began to shout into the microphone, in an unseemly manner.  Many of the adults objected to this demonstration ___ I got to my feet to denounce their behavior.  Frances Johnson backed me up and proposed that they not approach the platform for a month [?].

The Fresno Four were released today.

More singing.

Offering taken.

Another count made of those going to LA.  Names were taken of those who could give some time to security this weekend.

Disorder prevalent tonight.

Wesley expressed sorrow at lack of respect shown.  Mother could not be present because of investigation of a nursing home.  It breaks her heart not to be with us.

Some soloists including Miller Bridgewater and Yolanda [Yulanda] Crawford sang.

Archie took second offering by countdown.

Announcements made that buses to LA coming from Fresno by 3.00.

Tape of Jim.

Leona Collier asked Wesley to take another offering in effort to make the budget.

Those going to Fresno were asked to bed down on the main floor.  Strict security procedures would be maintained so as to be sure no children were out on the staircase without adult supervision.

The meeting was out at 11.30.

Marshall took me home.

I washed dishes.

Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 1.00.


18 September – 1976 Saturday
Got up at 8.00.

Worked most of the day sorting my belongings and packing.  I started with business papers, throwing out those which are obsolete.  Then went through papers written for classes at SF State.  Creative writing papers.  Destroyed everything which I felt did not have any potential.  Threw away copies of letters written except those from my foreign travels.

Went out to buy the morning paper.

Prepared a meal and ate and washed dishes.

Continued my packing.

In mid-afternoon I went to the Hayes Street Coop and bought a loaf of bread.  Met Magnolia there and we walked back together.  She said she was going to speak to Rheaviana Beam about the possibility of turning her apartment into a commune.

Bought the Sunday paper.

I pressed clothes for 2 hours.

Ate a snack.

Made corrections in my journal finishing 1-15 October section and started to read the 16-31 October section.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed about 2.00.


19 September – 1976 Sunday
Got up at 9.00.

Bathed, dressed.

Had for breakfast: orange juice, vegetarian bacon, egg, toast.

Went to the Temple with Marshall and Magnolia. At 10.40.  Took with me some stationery hand-painted by Sybil Clark for Rocki Breidenach to sell at the flea market, plus the latest section of my journal to leave for Tim [Stoen].

Marshall and Magnolia had forgotten to listen to the Temple radio program yesterday, reminding me that I had forgotten it also, both the morning and night broadcasts.

A very small group was present.  Most of those present Friday had gone on to LA, including a good many children.

Wesley Johnson presided.

Leona Collier took the offering.

Marcy on podium at 11.40.  ___ ___ the struggle she has been waging at the Post Street Convalescent Rest Home.  She ___ mistreatment of patients.  There are ___    No hope for the capitalist system.  People who care about others do not hold the purse-strings.

Testimonials were heard, including one from Erma Winfrey, who was robbed if her pamphleting money by a man with a knife who threatened her, but she escaped with her life.

Much disappointment expressed that so few have sold tickets to the testimonial dinner.  Some didn’t realize they were to be sold to outsiders.  But the truth seemed to be that people hear what they want to hear and do what they want to do, as Mother said.

Mother took another offering.

Mother had the children come up to sing.  She was told they were not to be on the platform for 30 days because they acted up Friday.  Marcy decided to let the matter be dealt with Wednesday night rather than make all suffer for what a few had done.  The children behaved in a very subdued fashion.

Mother took another offering, as she said what was taken so far had fallen short of what Jim said was here.  She had until 8.00 in the morning before she had to be anywhere else.

Apostolic Singers  sang “Let It Shine.”

Tape of a former sermon of Jim’s.

Marcy came down into the audience.  She said she had to collect $1500..  She got $285.  Some $68 additional was taken. Pledges taken but not counted.

She dismissed the meeting at 2.30.

I took a note for Tim and put it under the door of the law office.  I wanted to let him know I was moving into a commune.  I couldn’t find anyone to take the journal section.

Downstairs I found Rheaviana in a little room marked “Custodian.”  She was taking care of Jay Warren [Parks, adopted child of Dale and Joyce Parks] for Judy Ijames who went to LA.  The baby was cross and naughty.  He had been spoiled by too much attention.

Rheaviana took me to see the apartment in the building in which I am to move.  It is on Geary between Vann Ness and Polk. All the apartments have not all been prepared yet, so she will put me in the one with Edith Cordell and X  are to live with X.  It had a small kitchen, two closets, pleasant living room and good-sized bedroom.  One person could sleep in the living room.  I might be able to use the bedroom as a work room and do confidential typing there, locking my manuscripts in my trunk.  Rheaviana doesn’t know yet whom she will put in with me.  I asked Rheaviana a number of questions.  We then went up to se the apartment Mom Taylor has with three other seniors. This is a 2 bedroom apartment and they have it decorated nicely.

Rheaviana said it was necessary to move Pat Grunnett and the children she cares for into the Page Street residence, since it is so difficult to find landlords which will take children, so the seniors there had to be moved to the Geary Blvd. building.

We agreed that I will be moved next Monday night after work.  There is no parking space available during bus hours.  After 6.00 Rheaviana can park in the alley.

Transportation should be better for me both to work and to the Temple, as the Geary buses run frequently, they run all night and I won’t have to transfer.

Rheaviana took me home.

I Prepared a meal, ate and washed dishes.  Packed some more items.  Sorted out my clothes.  I have mostly big items left which I will [back next Saturday.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.30.


20 September – 1976 Monday
Did not have any work for the first 3 hours so I worked on the weekend’s journal entries.

At 11.00 James Mansfield brought in his express account.  He has been in Saudi Arabia working on the Jubail and other contracts.  The express account which Dor assigned to me, was ____ involved conversion of English pounds and Saudi Arabian riyals to dollars, although he had done a thorough preliminary job, I spent the rest of the day on this and used Dor’s IBM Executive typewriter ____ it is easier to handle figures in columns than on my MagCard typewriter working on the calculator in the file room I learned how to do division.

I ate outside. Then went to the stationery shop[p and bought an ink cartridge for my pen.

I had not quite finished the required exp[?] account at the end of the day.

At home I exercised.

Prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal, beginning with the 16-31 October section, from 9.30 to 11.30.

Went to bed at 12.45.


21 September – 1976 Tuesday
This was the second day this week that I didn’t have time to eat any breakfast.  I was also late to work today.  I was very tired all day.

I finished the Mansfield express account.

Made a few contact changes for Garb, out a notary form on MagCard for Maggie.  This was at the end of the day and Dor was impatient because I didn’t stay to finish it.

No film was shown today.  Ate lunch outside.

Word got around the office that Carol Emory had resigned from Bechtel.,  She had recently been reassigned from Bechtel Power Company, which may have displeased her.

Worked on journal entries.  Surveyed my finances for the rest of the month. Since I won’t be paying rent, I will have some surplus saved to pay for whatever I need to adjust to communal life.

I toyed with the idea of sleeping a couple of hours when I got home, then eating, working on my journal and read newspapers.  But I decided to follow my usual routine, except that I promised myself to hurry so as to get to bed on time (12.00).

I exercised.

Had dinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 9.30 to 11.00, finishing four pages.


Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 12.15.


22 September – 1976 Wednesday
Was busy practically all day.  Just had time to make notes fro yesterday’ journal entry.  Finished Maggie’s notary form, then had a long job for Sutter’s section, copying on MagCard a deposition in  court case, USA vs. Bechtel.  This involved some interesting tabulation calculations.

Ate lunch on the PG&E steps.  The day was cooler with intermittent sunshine and ____.

Did you not find out from anyone what was back of Carol’s resignation. Maggie said it was for “personal reasons.”

In the late afternoon Teresa Castalan came to visit with Dor, said she had business in the neighborhood.  She has quit her job wit the law firm, said they were worse than Bechtel.  Doing legal work now for an insurance company.  She had lost weight and changed her hairstyle.  Dor did not like the latter.

I had an hour’s nap.

Ate a quick meal.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Marshall and Magnolia gave me a ride to the Temple at 7.30.  We arrived at 7.45.

Bob Christian was just finishing getting transportation for people.

He then asked how many were reading the Temple newspaper “The People’s Forum.”  He got little response partly because there was so much noise that they couldn’t hear him, perhaps also because unless they distribute papers they don’t know how to get one.  He went on to ask for volunteers to distribute them.

Wesley introduced a few who had articles to sell.

Norm took the stand. Said many were trying to sneak in at the testimonial dinner under cover of all the well-known people who will be here because they know they should have been here all the time.

Testimonials.  Including one by Brother Mercer who told of being interviewed by a reporter in Fresno.

Norma took an offering.

Jim on podium about 9.30.

Film is “In Cold Blood.”

After first part, Jim read commendations.  ____ them long list.  People who stayed up late to write letter: read names.  People who lent cars for newspaper distribution.  Jim asked for more to stand.

Wayne McCall (10) doesn’t do chores.  Von Smith. Trouble in commune.  Rich[??] ____ ____ fire alarm a school.  Mark Gosney curses.  Senior.  Mark Rhodes. Naja Darnes.

Jim offers the leader of Chilean government who was who was blown up;  we heard him here.  We told him he wasn’t safe in this city.  Also ___ names I didn’t get.  They’re  to do 2 sessions at 4 hours each.  William Watkins for violation gets 4 hours.

__ ___  another child misbehaved ___ ___ bus stop  Larry Tupper has ___ ___ every day since school began.

Considerable discussion about Von’s behavior. Given __ 4-hr sessions.  Jim: Mother wants him back now, he’s big and strong, to work for her. Jim warns him he may have to leave us.

Children’s workers to meet tomorrow, discuss work structure.

Erma Winfrey ___ ___ ____

Lillian Alexander in ____ ____.

Jim: Killing of Chilean.  Very sad and ominous event.  Such bombings of socialists ____ military takeover.  He was tortured to get him to sign paper that no American corps involved in Chilean takeover.  Jim talked with  him an hour and a half.

Jim: nobody but us in line in Fresno (taking another offering).  Should have been protests around Chilean consulate, would have joined but not starting protests by myself.  Jim prophesied Fresno Four would be released.  Judge’s mind was changed, only because of Father.

Larry Schacht got 94 in his studies.  In some subjects, got highest grade.

Jim reviewed some of his major predictions.  Don’t forget what Father knows. “I’ll tell you, a most serious thing, these bombings.”

Jim: spoke of people who threaten to leave. Because tired, under pressure.  Somebody has a tantrum around here everyday.  Had to talk with someone today for 3 hours. What would happen to this place if I left?  Interfering with children’s instructors.  There’s going to be a parting of the ways.

Teachers and lawyers discussion Friday of day care center.

Last reel of picture shown, skipping middle section.

Questions: (1) Deaths of Chairman Mao and Premier Chau En-lai [Zhou Enlai].

CIA have anything to do with it?  Jim: I doubt it.  Both in their eighties.  Firm control and unity in China.

Jim: Kansas City trip important.  Number of Muslims beginning to standup for freedom.  First group to hold our own meeting in a mosque.

More commendations.

Marie Lawrence shows appreciation for Father’s saving her from going to prison.  Takes on cleaning and other responsibilities in San Francisco commune.

Rob Gieg took out pamphleting bus though just returned from Fresno.

Dymally called the other night wanting our help.  His very life is in danger.

Radio broadcast very strong.  Station getting a lot of flack.

Many more socialists will go down (referring again to the bombing of the Chileans.).

A final offering was taken.

After a meditation period during which Jim healed some people, the meeting was dismissed at 12.00.

I learned from Patty Cartmell that the letter I had rewritten again for her got to her in time (I gave it to Carol Stahl Friday night), but I had forgotten to sign it.

My name was on a list to get instructions for some letters to be written.  I saw Dick Tropp in the Gold Room and got the details on 3 letters the Temple wanted written.

Went home with Marshall and Magnolia, who also took Helen Love and Rose of Sharon.  I wanted to watch the debate between Carter and Ford tomorrow night on Magnolia’s TV, but she wants to go leafleting.  Jim had not mentioned the debates at all.

Washed dishes.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.30.


23 September – 1976 Thursday
Spent most of the day typing on MagCard a list of Bechtel entities now in operation.  I was classified as confidential.  It was hard to do.

The office was very busy.  Dor and Marquita were both at the computer all day.

I remarked to Marquita that I had been fearful about Dor’s mental stability and was on the point of saying something to Betty about it, but had not and then Dor’s attitude in the office seemed to improve.  Marquita said, “Do you know why?” and told me that on Thursday or Friday she had spoken quite plainly to Dor.  She told her she didn’t like to be over-supervised.  The conditions has improved, she still didn’t like Dor.  As soon as she and Denise Price (with whom Marquita is friendly) have been at Bechtel 6 months and entitled to such leave, they are going to take some time off and look for other jobs.

Dor disappeared from the office before morning without saying where she was going.  We speculated she was seeing Betty Vasil.

At lunchtime I went to hear the program of the BWAA, today chaired by Lynn Schoembs, who introduced the speakers on a panel on “Job Stress.”  They were Dr. John Turner, a consulting psychiatrist for Bechtel and Nessa Loewenthel of the International Orientation and Dependent Services.  Most of the presentation centered about the difficulties of adaptation to overseas jobs, but during the short question period, the audience showed a desire to talk about stress in their work in general.  The room was full.

During the afternoon, Dor gave us some information which she said we would have to remain silent about and not ask any questions.  She had been conferencing with Betty, who apparently also gave her a warning which she was not supposed to pass on.  We were to be really careful for the next few weeks as we were being scrutinized closely.  I think this concerns the functionality of the Word Processing Center.

At home I exercised.

I intended to listen to the first debate between President Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter on the radio while I did some mending but I received a call from Magnolia that she had changed her plans.  I could come over and watch on TV.

She had her set in the kitchen. Magnolia got her dinner while we watched and gave me some apple juice and a hard boiled duck’s egg.  Marshall arrived and watched the ending.

The presentation by both candidates was dull with only a few sparks of intelligence.  The sound went off with in a seconds of the end when Carter was about to reply to a question on plans to reform the intelligence agencies.  I left before the program was resumed and heard the rest on radio.

Did some personal chores.

Prepared dinner and ate and washed dishes.

Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 12.15.


24 September – 1976 Friday
Had little work in the office this morning.

At the end I spent a couple of hours on ATS, making a few changes. And then ordering a print-out of one of Galbraith’s Venezuela metro contracts.

Ate my lunch quickly and went to the bank.  I bought a new change purse and a lipstick which was on sale at the Shell Pharmacy.

During the afternoon I wrote 3 Temple letters for Dick Tropp, to Rosalyn Carter, to the judge in the Press-Fresno case and to KFAX about the Temple program.

Getting home, I had to do the chores I had put off last night.  Took my laundry to the laundromat and mended underwear while I waited for it.  I afterwards washed my hair.

Then I ate and washed dishes.

Washed my girdle and stockings.

By the time I was done, it was after midnight.

I read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 1.30.


25 September – 1976 Saturday
Got up at 8.00 and started packing, beginning with my cosmetics and toilet articles.  Sorted out a great many which can go to Rocki for sale at the flea market.

Listened to the Temple broadcast at 11.30.  Instead of having a panel discussion as usual, Jim spoken increasing violence in our society, with a starting point the bombing of the Chilean socialist leader.

Joyce Heitmeier came in to see me.  She wanted to assure herself that I was ready to move.  She also remarked that “this time” she hoped I would leave the apartment clean so that I would get my deposit back.  I can’t think this remark applied even to the apartment I occupied just before I moved to Ukiah, but my previous one, which had been smoked up by the fire in the building, at least 8 years before had reminded her that the rug and the walls were in very bad condition when I moved in.

Went to the drugstore at Petrini Plaza to buy some labels, so that I can mark the content of the boxes as I pack.  Then went to the Hayes Street coop and bought produce for a week.

Prepared a meal and ate and washed dishes.

Continued packing.

I vacuumed the floor so that the place would not be too dirty, if I had guests tonight.

Lay down for an hour’s nap at 5.00.

I dressed and left for the Temple by bus at 6.30, arriving at 7.00.  The testimonial dinner was scheduled for .30 and I wanted to avoid the crowd.  However, the line of members was already stretched around the corner.  We entered through the front door.  There was no security check.  Guests were admitted as they arrived.

Jim was being interviewed by Channel 5 in the ___Room  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ had with Laurie___ ___ ___ where some ___ ___ ___ well as guests.  I was put at a small table with a black sister, Mabel Dodge.

The entire auditorium was filled with tabled.  Centerpieces had been made by Kathy Tropp and Patti Chastain.  Jim, Marcy and prominent guests were at a long table against the wall, with the speakers stand and microphone  at he table in front of us, among others, were Charles Garry and his wife though I did not recognize Garry at first.

The food was prepared and served by our staff.  One young woman in red tops and black pants served.  Other young people at the tables with guests.

We were served appetizers, salad, roast beef, baked potato, carrots and peas, cake and coffee.

Guests were requested not to smoke because of the fire hazard and for health reasons.

Mike Prokes was master of ceremonies.  He introduced Willie Brown who introduced the speakers.  Mayor George Miscode was first.  Bob Mendelsohn presented a ____ ____ ___ ___ by the Board of Supervisors.  ___ ___ ____ ___ ___ ____ he and Jim were being praised by the IRS.  Joe Freitas spoke.  He referred to the fine work Tim Stoen was doing for him.  “Send me ten more Tim Stoens.”  Marks presented a resolution about Jim, seconded by the State Senate.  A Leader of the Disciples of Christ was next. ____ Morell, a representative from the diplomatic service of Guyana, told how happy his country was to have our church members working in the country.  Merv Dymally, Lt. Governor, who was from in the Caribbean, paid his tribute.

Mike Prokes stated how he had joined the Temple when he had come to make a TV documentary on us.

Willie Brown introduced ____ who gave a great ovation.  Jim introduced Marcy who was enthusiastically applauded.

Jim said that as long as Cecil Williams had mentioned the IRS he would ___ ___ ___ they demanded that to keep our tax exemption, we had to limit our selves to “praying, preaching and singing.”  His reply was , “The hell I will!”  Spoke of the feeling in the city.  He didn’t know whether it was _____ or ______ he described the Temple experiences in Fresno while marching for the four newsmen.  He pointed out the hundreds of black people out there for 4 white newsmen who were present with their wives.  They were introduced. Referring to the IRS thrust concerning the Temple tax exemption, he stated that we would be glad if all churches lost their exemptions but as long as the phallic symbol which had displaced housing for poor people had their tax exemption, we were going to keep ours. “If they take away ours, we will march around their building till they take away theirs.”

Jim invited Brother Ratliffe to play some boogie and there was some dancing on the platform.

Jim sent guests home and convened a business meeting.  Since many members hadn’t eaten, those who had eaten were directed upstairs.  Those who had not were seated at tables.

Jim: were very successful.  We’ve seated  publicly John Birchers with black Panthers.  Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver were present and Bob Houston told me he got a picture of Walter Heady shaking hands with Eldridge. You’ve done something very strategic. All sorts of pleasant break throughs.  People ____ up here. Freedom is indivisible.  Newsmen will back us up if we’re in trouble.  Marks: ___ ___  through Senator _____, us on IRS matters.

State Speaker: a decision on admission to ___ colleges and universities don’t have to give  ____  admissions to minors.

Let’s see if the IRS will win next ___ I don’t think they’ll call us in after this demonstration of brotherhood.

____ doing our own ____  catering and to rent a room downtown.

Want the news service here ___ ____ mention that it was __ ___ ___ at Fresno.

Dymally says he wants to build himself a house,.  He ____ ___

We’re like wasps building our nest that if you mess with your nest, we’ll attack you like wasps.

Return to candidate debates.  What have you to choose?

The Deputy Ambassador flew from Washington to be with us tonight.

Jim took offering by sum.  ___ ___ of money to  ___  dishes, silver, table etc., brought in.

On following instructions one remembers called him “Father” while he was talking to a TV reporter.  On revealing where your treasure is.  Go tell no man as I said.


Meeting dismissed about 1.00.

Rides and housing were handled by Dick Tropp.  Went slowly as most people downstairs by that time.  I got a ride from Beulah, who was there and myself with Girlie _____ she persuaded me to take 2 more women, Eunice Stanford and Martha Sandler.

We had some Sanka.  Beulah had my bed.  The rest of us in sleeping bags on the floor.

We went to bed about 3.00.


26 September – 1976 Sunday
I got up at 9.00.

For breakfast we had casaba melon, eggs, toast, jam and Sanka.

Beulah plans to move up on 19 October.  She’s bringing Willie, James, Chris, ___ and Sheila.  All are Malones.  Their mother is not coming.  Beulah said Debra Bluitt is now on a psychiatric ward.

I got a ride for my guests and myself with Marshall Farris.  He didn’t stop until about 11.45.  Service had started about 12.00 but everything was moving slowly.

Mother was on the platform at 12.45.

Norm started to take the offering.

Jim came on the podium at 12.55.

Mother interrupted Norm to complain about her security at night.  For service the security never had the doorbell and she had to use the doorbell to the house last night.  Jim asked up her

If anyone wanted to get to him, the only way they could do it was through those he loved.  Mother is on the road every day earning money for this church.

Jim went on to discuss his disappointment at last nights offering.  He didn’t understand people’s complacency.  He was tired of having to take 3 offerings and he was indignant because he wouldn’t give to his assistants what we give to him so that his energy could be saved for other needs.

It wasn’t for him, he’d rather fight.  This offering is a test what we give right now will decide our future.

While we offertory workers stood he went on to discuss the falsity of the Bible for 40 newcomers.  Then he spoke of his power to heal.  He talked for an hour.  I was very tired.

Jim performed healings.

He admitted new members.

The meeting was dismissed at 3.45.

I got a ride home with Marshall and Magnolia.  Magnolia had left the dinner last night before the food was served.  She was constipated.  She still didn’t feel well.

I ate some food.

Then I packed non-perishable foods and kitchen utensils, leaving out only what I needed for 2 days.  Washed dishes.

I had planned to miss about an hour of the evening service which was set for 6.30.  I caught a bus at 7.40 and arrived at 8.15.

Jim in a severe, angry mood was taking the offering.

He insisted that those who could go on the trip and haven’t registered she’d go to the Gold Room and register.  “You have just seen the dictatorship of the proletariat in action.”  “People are governed by fear, not love.,”  He had been putting down names as he called the sums for the offering, whether of those who would receive retribution or hidings.  He demanded the immediate return of guns stolen from the Temple.  If they were not returned, the guilty person would be shot by the gun he stole “and I will not be there and no one will be able to connect me with it.”  Those who criticized or gossiped concerning the testimonial dinner or Temple facilities must write a letter of apology.

Without any public healing, he suddenly dismissed the congregation at 8.45.

I talked briefly with Vernetta Christian, Vernell Henderson, Dick Tropp and Don Davis.  Gave Vernetta a funny little piece I had found for the children to play with.  I asked Vernell if it were necessary to go through any formalities in connection with joining a commune.  I wanted to be sure I was complying with all Council procedures, as Jim had issued warnings about those who by-passed council in arranging transportation.  Vernetta seemed happily aware of my status, said I had no obligations except to turn over my pay checks and turn in my list of needs.  Gave to Dick Tropp the cartoon book put out by the assistant teachers’ union about Hayakawa during the SF State strike.  Consulted Don Davis as whether glass jars could be recycled to the profit of the church.  He said one could not get enough to pay for hauling.

I took the Geary bus to Masonic and from there walked home, arriving about 9.30.

Read the newspapers.  Ate some toast and jam.

Went to bed at 11.30.


27 September – 1976 Monday
Did a little work on the week-end journal entries.

Dor had me put a short contract on MagCard for entry on ATS for Fred Abbott.  It’s been a long time since I did ATS work on MagCard and I had to relearn the techniques.  I worked on it for 5 hours.

The weather was bad with a little rain as I ate my lunch inside in the office and Dor and Marquita were at the computers.

I took the Geary bus to the Temple after work to meet Rheaviana who was to move me to my new apartment.  I couldn’t find her and waited a long time.  Dinner was being served to the communal people.  Finally Jack Beam found me ____ ____ she was upstairs ___  ___ ___ She said the people now in my apartment had not moved yet.  She was not sure the apartment would be ready this week, and agreed with my proposal to ask my landlady if I could pay another month’s rent and plan to move next week.

Joyce Rozynko invited me to see the publications Office.  Down stairs is the printing machinery.  Upstairs the art work is done and Karen Layton and Terry Carter handle letter writing for Jim. Bright cubby holes for special purposes have been constructed all over.  Some Temple members were asleep on the floor in various places.

I took the bus home.  Had a long wait in transferring to the Hayes St. bus.  Got home about 6.30.

I asked Joyce Heitmeier about staying another week.  She thought the owner would have no objection.

Prepared dinner.  Had to find some articles I had packed.  Ate and washed dishes. I finished about 9.00.

I expected Tim to call anytime after 9.00.  I pushed boxes out of the way and straightened up the apartment a little.

I looked through my stack of old newspapers to find a letter which the SF Chronicle printed from Edith Delaney on the Fresno Four.  I couldn’t remember the date.  Edith would like to have a coy.  I found it without too much trouble.

I read newspapers until 11.00 and not having heard from Tim, decided to go to bed.  I decided he wasn’t coming.

Tim rang the bell and woke me at about 1.00.  He stayed about an hour.  He wanted to know about my new living arrangements, who would be my roommate, about my job, my thoughts about the Testimonial Dinner.  We said that only Jim Jones would have been able to bring people together of such diverse backgrounds and have no hurt feelings.  Tim has been working long hours in the District Attorney’s office and has time for almost no Temple  work.  I told him about developments at Bechtel and showed him some documents I had duplicated for him.

I spoke about Liz Forman to him.  He said she was insane (I think he meant literally), believed it had something to do with her extreme fastidiousness. He said that for the last 6 months this abnormality had been building up in her.

After Tim left I had a can of sardines and some crackers and cheese.

Went back to bed at 3.00.


28 September – 1976 Tuesday
In contrast to yesterday, very little work came into the office today and I had nothing to do and don’t believe Marquita had much.  I spent most of the day bringing journal entries up to date.

Dor put my MagCard work through the computer.  She said it was satisfactory.

At noon went to see the film, “Mediterrania,” in the employees’ film series.  It had some very good shots of the area.  Koh had come up and persuaded Dor to go with her to see the film.  I ate my lunch in the assembly room.

The weather was rainy but warm.

Dor told me, in connection with the administrative problem previously discussed, that many of the attorneys, according to Betty, are complaining about the deterioration of secretarial skills in the department.

I got off the bus tonight at Hayes Street Coop because I wanted to get some fruit and some bread.  I bought a honey dew melon but they were out of bread, so I went to Petrini’s and bought a loaf of French bread.

Did my exercised.

Prepared and ate sinner and washed dishes.

Typed in my journal from 9.00 to 11.00.  I had to get into my trunk where I had already packed my journal materials.  Typed 4 pages.

Reads newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 12.30.


29 September – 1976 Wednesday
We were very busy in the office today.

I made a revision of a Garb contract, which took about an hour.  Then put on MagCard a coal mining contract for Schuman, which will be fed into the computer.  Schuman won’t have it all until tomorrow.  Wants it for Friday morning.

Ate at the office.  Then went to the post office to find out what it would cost to sent the latest copy of The People’s Forum to my sisters. Learned I can send it cheaper by first class, as there is a minimum 14¢ for printed material.

Dor told me in confidence that Weinberger brought in an efficiency expert to examine the procedures of the department.  The person is Virginia Duncan, who, we were told, was his secretary.  Betty Vasil had told Dor she had to have a report on the services of the Word Processing Center tomorrow morning.

When I reached home, I slept an hour, ate a quick meal, dressed for the Temple.

Magnolia phoned at 7.30.  Marshall took us to the Temple at 7.45.  we arrived at the Temple about 8.00.

Announcements were being given.

Jim came on podium at 9.00.

He extended commendations:  Kaye Rosas for doing a longer security shift when her replacement was delayed.  Cassandra Minor helped at breakfast.  Michael and Karl Smith found $48 lost by a member, turned it in.  Carrie Duncan lends her car continually.  Dorothy Buckley helped an elderly woman on the street.  Gail Chaikin works hard in publications and in delivering newspapers.  Mayor Moscone mentioned the excellent service at the dinner. All the servers were congratulated.  Many had called after the dinner wanting membership. One person said she would like to be a member but couldn’t spend as much time as “you people” do in church.  Jim said, seemingly jocularly, that perhaps we should provide an opportunity to be a limited socialist.

Further commendations: Gary Tyler in P.A. room making tapes, Keith Wright was dependable in making tapes.  Jim read the names of consistent letter writers and of those who transport children to school.  Bertha Cook and Gertrude Nailor for good service in the children’s program. Jim read the names of children who were helpful working with the babies; Angel Cassanova was among them.

Jim talked about the care of children.  Experts said if a child as early as 18 months was not given security and a sense that his needs will be taken care of, he will never be able to give love and security to others.  We’ve inherited children who’ve been beaten, neglected. If we sacrifice our children we may as well cast ourselves into the sea.  If you don’t love children, you don’t understand socialism.  You are not in my spirit.  Don’t scream at them, but talk to them.  There have to be rules but be sure that those rules have a foundation in love.  Don’t take out the hostility with which you were treated on them.

Elise Scott doubled everybody in pamphleting.  Erma Winfrey was next.  Jim asked those who don’t have their passports yet to raise their hands.  Why don’t you?  The majority don’t believe what Dymally said: Black people are not safe in this country.

Arrangements were made for the church to receive people’s welfare and social security checks while they were on the trip.

Many members of the communes were not turning their checks in.  Jim had their names taken.

Jim took an offering.

Jim read a list of those who haven’t turned money in or don’t have jobs.  They were brought to the floor and questioned on why they haven’t turned in money that they get, on getting jobs and work they do or could do for the Temple.  Marjory Davis, companion of Don Davis, was first.  She claimed a medical problem prevented her form working.  Jim: a great many people manipulated their health to suit their interest.  This creates justifiable hostility.  She was told to get disability verification from a doctor and collect insurance, then start to work in the kitchen tomorrow.  Marjory said she would prefer to get a job.  Council will consult about this.

Joe Wilson said he wants to work in the kitchen, get a part-time job.  Jim wants his mind used in public relations.  Joe was counseled on controlling his temper.

Jim spoke in general on violence.  Don’t use corporal punishment of children without involvement of the office.  Be inventive to find other means of discipline. Violence can’t teach people to be non-violent.  When someone threatens our movement, we may have to take another attitude.  I can’t live in a shouting match, a brawl.  I’m not going to live in the midst of a fight.  If you want to, you can leave.

Joe had struck Leslie, his companion.  She spat at him.  Jim said light-skinned blacks have a way of acting superior, that has to go.  We don’t look at skin color, we look at the attitude of the heart.  The marriage of Joe and Leslie not going well.  They are separated and the child, Jakari, is being cared for by Alice Inghram.  Leslie left the commune without clearance because of the fight with Joe.  She was questioned about her threat to leave the church.  Joe took Michelle Touchette to the movies.  Jim reflected that Joe was a good friend of Stephen and Michelle is Stephen’s girlfriend.  Stephen was sent for.

Stanley Clayton has a bad attitude, no job turns in no money.  Jim said some of you are so hostile when not in my presence, you come off so meek before me.  Someone said he has been a leech since being in the church.  Archie can’t get s nickel’s worth of work out of him.  Questioned as to where he gets money to buy special food. He said he gets it from a man outside of church.  Since the latter is 21, Jim asked him how he persuaded him to give him money, does he do something sexually with him?  He goes to his place and “finds” the money.  Jim wanted him under strict supervision and then continue work wile on trip.

Cynthia Davis was dealt with next.  She lost her job.  She said she works at the Thrift Shop.  The decision was that for the time being, she is to continue in the Thrift Shop.

Barbara Smith has no job, has no reason for not getting a job.  She picks up children at school.  The school is upset because the children are picked up late.  She is to pick up the children on time, look for a ob, until she finds one work on publicity.

Louella Brown said she signed up for a Homemakers job.

Thelma Jackson was asked:  When are you going to work?  She said she is getting experience in a clinic and going to school before she can get a job.  She is studying as a medical assistant.  It was suggested she put in time at the church. She can be used in public relations.

Emma Hill is a teacher’s aide.  She hasn’t got as job yet.

DeeDee Macon works at the church, passes papers.  She put in applications, hasn’t got a job.  She spent no time looking for a job this week.  It is reported that she is very cool and unfriendly in her household.  Her children are in and out of the house, don’t show a good attitude with those living there.  Anita Kelley said they mirror her attitude.  “Right now the church is supporting you and our children.  Don’t be choosy about what kind of work you do.”  Jim: Help in the kitchen tomorrow.

Mary Shavers hasn’t been looking for work too hard.  Start to work in the church tomorrow, said Jim.  Look for a job when you return from the trip.

Barbara Farrell was said to have a total lack of responsibility.  She is no looking for a job.  She is going on the trip, is to look for a job on her return.

Frankie Grigsby.  She did work in the kitchen.  She said she has been throwing newspapers. She went to Fresno.  She is going on the trip.  She is to report to kitchen tomorrow and look for work on return.

Jim gave some advice on those who can get disability insurance.  If a doctor finds you disabled, puts you on disability, don’t after your healing go back to the same doctor who found you disabled.

Leon Perry (who drives a truck).  Marie told him we need proof of income and proof of expenses.  We want to see bills.

Chris Cordell.  He is 19.  He said he got involved in church projects.  Don Davis said he hasn’t seen him recently on newspaper distribution.  Anita said he has had to be coaxed out of bed.  Jim wants him employed at the church.  He is to work in photography.

Joe Johnson said he reports to the unemployment office. His attitude has been hostile.  Don Jackson: we expect you to start looking for a job on you return from the trip.  He said the nurse said he had a medical condition. Jim was annoyed by his attitude. He put in a request for $60 for clothes.  It has been reported that he makes much of his health.  He threatened Robin Tschetter.  Eric Upshaw said he took his mom’s medicine to get high.  She was on the platform.

She is 40, has 14 children, is pregnant.  Jim said her chance of bearing a deformed child is 1 out of 2.  She told Jim she wants the child.  Jim and the nurses try to persuade her to have an abortion, though she is very late in her pregnancy.  Jim said she won’t die if she follows Father’s will now.

Two little girls were put on the floor.  The black child took a pill on the dare of the white child.  Jim explored her attitude.  She is the daughter of Marie Lawrence, Dee Dee.  She has bragged about taking pills.  Jim: nobody ever wins with drugs, the drug always wins.  He vividly described the torture addicts go through.  Drugs are made by the man to destroy our brains so they can get richer.  The drug traffic represents to me every God damn thing they want to do to us.  He suggested that the child should see some of the people who come to us trying to kick the drug habit.  Lisa was the name of the girl who gave Dee Dee the drug. Adults were cautioned about leaving drugs where children can find them.

A long discussion about the kitchen operation was set off when Cheryl ___, a young woman who works in the kitchen was brought up on the floor.  Jim had learned she upset his mother, Lynetta Jones, who has been very ill, by telling her how unhappy she was in the kitchen.  She had said she was expected to do slave work.

Jim had appointed a consulting committee to survey the kitchen operations.  Martha Klingman was brought in to help.  Much food had been wasted.  Martha said the food rotted because the kitchen workers didn’t cook it.  The workers thought Martha had been assigned to organize the kitchen staff.  Trouble had developed between black and white and between different personalities.  Jim said “I didn’t appoint a bunch of consultants to get this kind of hell.”  Jim was suspicious about Martha’s attitude to black people.  “If you’re white, don’t throw your weight around.  Black people have had too much shit.”  Making a revolution has to be done with black people because white people don’t want to make a revolution.  White persons should not be placed in a position of authority.

Autocratic attitude of Tish LeRoy came into discussion.  Irra Johnson was involved.  She and Cheryl seemed to have thrown their weight around when people came in to help.  Many people were given the impression they weren’t welcome to work in the kitchen. The seniors were pushed aside so that the young women could do the work during the summer.  Jim found much violation of socialist principles.  We don’t want to carry bossism into another land.  Socialism means equality.

While discussion was going on, Jim dealt with several crises in Fresno and L.A.  Jim said:  One thing we never should do here is to displace older people.  Younger people should be learning form the older ones. He gave these as his conclusions:  Some of you don’t like anyone who is in authority.  Irra has been the authority.  Irra has come a long way.  Socialism is respect for people.  Some of you who are older don’t respect children.  Many children run over older people.  We have to have some people set an example, get ego out of the way.

He mentioned that he thought Pat Hess and Ruby Carroll were at swords’ points, didn’t want to be in the same car.  Pat said it was Tish she didn’t want to ride with.

Jim said it is very hard to relate to all of this.  Religion is no help. Socialism could do it if we had the structure.  You had better develop this consciousness, because you don’t trust anyone to take my place.  You have to learn to take criticism.

Archie Ijames said: When people dispute Jim, you’re only trying to find an out for yourself.

Jim’s decision: consultants are to meet with kitchen personnel.  He prescribed openness for all involved.  Irra is to organize and coordinate.  Bring black people more and more into leadership.

Attention returned to relationship between Michelle Touchette, who is now present and Joe Wilson.  Michelle denied there was anything between her and Joe.  Stephen, who was also now present, said personal problems had kept him from giving much attention to Michelle now so he didn’t blame her for associating with Joe, but he reminded Joe that he was a married man with a child and it didn’t seem proper for him to be seen with another girl.  Jim remarked this was a very responsible statement.

Leslie said Joe falls back on white sisters when under pressure. Joe said he and Leslie don’t have the same life styles.  Leslie is with her mother, Inez Wagner.  Jim advised her to break fro her mother.  Frances Johnson questioned why she left communal living.  Archie asked whether she wanted protection.  Jim said we want someone to cover for us.

Jim solicited 6 people staying back from the trip to go to the Valley for security.

Money ($73) collected by Terry Carter is missing from her room shared with Michelle. The person responsible had better return it before Jim had to turn his attention to it.

I had sent a note up to Jim telling him that hearings were to be held concerning raising fares on Muni.  I wondered whether Temple members should go and protest.  I didn’t know the date.  Jim said, sure go and protest.  No one knew the date of the hearing.

Two complaints about bus drivers were heard.  L.C. Mitchell driving a bus from San Francisco to Los Angeles, complained about keeping the required 50 miles an hour speed limit.  Phyllis Houston was accused of starting up without notification to other buses.  She said she didn’t hear Sister Dennis was having trouble. Jim dismissed the case because it was not clear,

A child, Nita Green, left the Temple Saturday night, told no one where she was going, went to another house and spent all night.

Instructions for loading luggage and passengers for the trip were given.  Luggage has to be brought to the Temple Thursday night at .30.  The buses will load beginning at 7.30 Friday and leave 9.00 on Friday.

During the trip meetings will be held in each Temple on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Mother will be in the service Friday.  She will then go down to L.A.

Another offering was taken.  Jim made a great effort to persuade people to give.  We feel the effects of giving or not giving.

The meeting was dismissed at 3.30.

Brother Farris too me home.

I did dishes.

Went to bed at 4.45.


30 September – 1976 Thursday
Dor was up all night working on the office reports which Betty wanted for a meeting at 10.00 today.  She finished those for 2 weeks in September.

I took a MagCard for entry into ATS portions of the Subj ______contact for Mansfield worked at it for 5 hours.  Dor and Marquita were on the ATS.  We had a heavy day with several deadlines.  Rita Schuman kept bringing in work until later afternoon.

The area had a thunderstorm with showers.  The weather cleared by closing time.

I ate lunch inside. Then went out to the bank, made a deposit and got cash.

Finished my letter to my sisters on MagCard and ran copies off.

At home I exercised.

Did personal and household chores  and washed my hair.

Ate dinner and washed dishes.

Washed my underwear by hand.

Read the newspaper briefly.

Didn’t get to bed until 1.30.


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