Edith Roller Journals: October 1976

Transcribed from her handwritten journals by Don Beck (September 2009)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-5 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-5 (121)

The text transcribed here from Edith Roller’s notes has some missing words or lines due to (1) unreadable, poorly xeroxed text or (2) unreadable writing. Blanks are left in the text for these areas.  [?] indicate questionable readings.

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 October – 1976 – Friday

Put my timecard in.

Made some corrections in the contract of Philippe Lamy which took only an hour,

The rest of the day I  worked on my journal entry for Wednesday which was very long.  Put it on MagCard.

I ate lunch at my desk.

Went to the post office and mailed letters to my sisters.   ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ for the Fresno Four.  Under separate cover I sent them copies of an issue of the Temple newspaper.

At home I prepared dinner, ate and washed dishes.

Magnolia called me about 7.30 saying Marshall was there.  It took me about 15 minutes to get ready.  We arrived at the Temple about 8.00.

Announcements were being made by Dale Parks.  He asked for volunteers to deliver newspapers, got mostly seniors.  He then asked for volunteers to clean the Temple tonight.

Dale took the offering.  I participated.

Testimonials, following which children sang, “Freedom.”

Mother came on podium at 9.00.

She took another offering.  There had as yet been no change on the floor.  The lack of organization distressed her.

She had the children sing and was firm when they started to shove.

One of Jim’s tapes.

Anther offering.

Meeting ended about 11.00.

Home with Marshall.

Bed at 12.00.


2 October – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 8.00.

Rheaviana called and arranged to move me today.  She said she would be around with a truck and a crew about noon.

I packed all day.  Had one trouble. Some honey leaked in one of the boxes getting on most of the other cans and jars, on my clothes and even the rug.

Listened to Jim’s broadcast.

Ate a meal about 1.00.

Dick Tropp phoned and then came to see me.  He had 3 letters for me to write for the Temple.  One was to Dick Nolan, a  SF Examiner columnist, concerning something said about Jim by a Sun Reporter columnist, Tom Fleming.

I continued packing.  Rheaviana phoned again in the middle of the afternoon and finally called about 5.00 that she was on the way over with a pick-up truck in a few minutes.  I waited downstairs.  Ray Jones was driving.  4 young men, one of them Preston Wade, came to help.  They loaded everything quickly.  I was not even able to get everything nor sweep out and vacuum the place well.

Ray got off at the Temple and Rheaviana drove up to the Geary Boulevard apartment.  It is 1029 Geary, between Van Ness and Polk.  We parked in the alley.  Everything was put on the elevator and unloaded in my apartment, No. 47, which is on the 4th floor.  The boxes were put mostly in the closet in the bedroom.  Rheaviana gave me keys.

Though there was a Temple service, I didn’t go.  I dressed and went out about 7.30 and walked around looking at the neighborhood.  It seems an interesting and diverse area with numerous people on the street.  I ate dinner in a restaurant.  Had prawns with soup, salad, baked potato, peas and carrots, and tea.

I unpacked a few boxes.

Went to bed at 12.00.  I slept on the couch in the living room as my bed and room were too cluttered.


3 October – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 9.00.

I typed on the Temple letters for Dick Tropp.  The typewriter and extension cord worked fine on the electrical outlet in the apartment.

Prepared breakfast.  I had an egg and toast.

I didn’t go to the Temple service today.

At 10.00, I went to my old apartment.  Took the Geary bus to Marina and walked the rest of the way.  I had left some cleaning material and took some things.  Borrowed a vacuum cleaner and broom from Mrs. Heitmeier.  Called Lor and had a healthy talk with her, telling her about my move.  Cleaned the apartment thoroughly, washing shelves and refrigerator and stove and sweeping floors.  At 2.00 I took time to go to the Hayes Street Coop to get bread and fruit, but not much was available.  Continued cleaning until 5.00.  Packed up my items which I had left on Saturday.

Saw Mrs. Heitmeier and gave her my new address.  Paid her at a daily rate for 3 days rent, $14.01.  She told me the cleaning deposit was $100.00  The owner had to approve a repayment and it would be sent to me if it was approved.

I took a taxi.

Stopped at the Temple and delivered the three letters to Dick Tropp who was in the law office.  There was going to be an evening service and Terry Carter was in the office waiting to receive and record a call from Jim.

My key to the building wouldn’t work.  Last night and tonight another tenant let me in but a woman from the office came out and helped me. She said her name was Ruth and she was very pleasant.

I prepared a meal, ate and washed dishes.

Straightened up the apartment.

Read the newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 10.30.  Slept in the bed having cleared the room of the objects which had been in my way.


4 October – 1976 – Monday
Up at 6.00.  Encountered some difficulty finding what I needed to get breakfast.  Put up a lunch and dressed, but left the apartment close to 7.30. And I was at work on time.

Dor had dome some more work on her reports over the weekend but was not up to date yet.  Betty needed them for a meeting and was disappointed the Dor did not have last week’s.  She took the rough materials and put Brenda at them which disturbed Dor. Actually Brenda had problems arriving at the necessary information was not through by noon.

Work poured in. All of us were at the machines all day, Dor and Marquita at ATS and I on MagCard.  I put in 6 hours on another deposition in a US vs. Bechtel court case.

Had time to make only a few notes for journal entries.

Jim Mansfield came in at 4.30 with a man from Mining and Metals, Donald Greenfield.  They wanted extensive revisions in the Suez Cement contract , as well as considerable new material.  They inquired whether they could have a print-out in the morning, but Dor was not in a mood to work late.  They later left word that tomorrow morning would be time enough.

After work, I took the bus to the Coop to buy some fruit and a few other things needed.  Had an ice cream cone.  Made a few purchases in the new Coop basic food store.

I had 2 heavy loads and carried them around for some time before I found the bus stop.  Took the No. 19 and got off on Geary.

Prepared and ate leftovers and washed dishes.

Put away kitchen utensils, silver and so forth in the kitchen, trying to get it in order.

Read the newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 11.30.


5 October – 1976 – Tuesday
Because of the infrequency of Muni buses, I spend as much time getting to work as before

I telephoned PG&E and Pacific Telephone and had service discontinued.  Put in a change of address to the post office.  The three of us in the office spent the greater part of the day  on the Manfsield Suez Cement contract.  I typed a portion n MagCard for ATS.   We ordered an express print-out.  The Mansfield and Greenfield had wanted it by noon, by the time we ran off copies on the xerox, it was 4.00.

I had some time to work on journal entries.

The noon films were, “The United Way is People,” which showed interviews with recipients of aid and people on the street expressing their views and “The Faces of the Sea,” about the life of Maine Fishermen.  I ate my lunch in the assembly room.

The temperature these days has been very warm.

I had seen Viola Godshalk when I left the building in the morning.  She had been waiting for a ride to the Temple with Bob Houston, who didn’t come.  I told her I’d drop in and see her after work.  She shares an apartment with Rocki Breidenbach.  The apartment was filled with knick-knacks, almost all of which are Rocki’s and Viola says she keeps bringing in more, including plants.  She had pictures of her family displayed.  I asked Viola how she got money to buy so much, as communal members are not supposed to have private funds except an $8.00 a month.  Viola didn’t know, In addition to the disorder in which she lives, Viola is handicapped by lack of transportation,  The person who usually gives a ride is on the Temple trip. She has been going for treatment to Laguna Honda.  She had no way to go to the Temple to eat so was making herself some pancakes.  Rocki had borrowed a Temple car but had to return it.

I prepared my dinner, ate and washed clothes.

I put away almost everything in the kitchen, working until 10.00.

Read newspapers until 11.00.  I was so tired I didn’t even make a Sanka but drank quantities of water, as it was very hot in the afternoon.

Then went to bed.


6 October – 1976 – Wednesday
Dor gave me no work to do today.  She spent most of the day on the computer herself, working on 2 items which she considered too difficult for Marquita and me.  One was another litigation report.  Butler has decided on another format which had to be worked, but in addition, the copy was difficult to work from.  The other item was a tale of contents to the Venezuelan metro contract, which Galbraith wanted in an unusual and time-consuming format.  Either of these items she could have shown us how to do, but Dor has a tendency not to delegate work.

Marquita did have an ATS job part of the time.

Dor told me Jim Cromin ___  who used to be responsible for the litigation report, was unhappy because it has been taken over by the legal department, who are having so much trouble establishing a suitable format.

I may buy a floor lamp and a half size mirror for the apartment and I got advice from others as to where I might get the former.  At noon, after eating my lunch at my desk, I walked up Mission to 3rd Street, where Kate Walker thought there were some second-hand stores, but I found they had only office furniture.  I was told, however of a lighting equipment store on Mission between 6th and 7th.   Kate offered to help me bring a lamp home if I found what I wanted, as she has a car.

When I got home tonight, I washed and mended my dress.  Started to the Temple for dinner and the Wednesday night meeting.  I got a ride with Tom Partak, who had brought Chris Kice down to stay with Elsie Ross who is ill.  When we arrived at the Temple, I found that almost everyone had left for the Democratic Rally at the Civic Center to watch the Ford-Carter formal political debate.

I was given a plate of macaroni salad, frankfurter and pudding, the first meal I have eaten as a communal member.

Got a ride with Claire Janaro who with several others had driven down from the Valley to the rally.

Sat with Doreen Greaves.

Crowd predominantly of common people. Cheered progressive statements.

Moscone presided.

Marcy was on platform.

Cecil Williams gave invocation.

John Tunney said a few words.

Willie Brown took up a collection.

Carter and party arrived about 8.30.  Governor Jerry Brown introduced Carter.

Rally ended 8.49.

Came back with Claire.  As I got in car was greeted by Betty Barclay who was going to offer me a ride.

Service at Temple.

Bob Christian handled rides.

Wesley Johnson gave announcements

I helped take offering.

Comments from service on events tonight contrasting Ford and Carter with Jim Jones.

Tape of Jim’s sermon.  I may not be good looking and I may not be intelligent businessman but I do know I am a worm in the honkeys’ ass.  Time is coming when it won’t be safe to be black in this country.  Minorities don’t last down through history.  They are wiped out and left to die on the desert. (apparently given in LA).

Mike Cartmell took another offering.

Marcy on podium about 10.45.  She tells of introducing her to Rosalyn Carter who introduced her to Jimmy.

Wesley took a count-down offering.

Marcy gave revelations from Jim.

Meeting dismissed at about 11.30.

Joyce Rozynko took me home with others.  She explained to me some of the procedures, such as getting lunches.  This one will give me some problems unless I can use a variation.

I ate some toast and jam and read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.30.


7 October – 1976 – Thursday
I had no work again today.

Finished all journal entries including the one for Wednesday 29 September which was quite long.

Marquita and I had a conversation about Dor’s keeping us unoccupied and not passing work along.  I have had 2 entire days to be charged on my time card as administrative overhead.  Marquita also thought it was unfair that she has to do all the Litigation Reports, as they are tedious.  Marquita, when unhappy, first gets moody and then angry.

I ate lunch at my desk.  Went to the bank. I intended to cash a check for personal needs and give my salary check to the Temple, but I forgot and deposited it.  I went to the post office for more change of address cards.

In the afternoon I wrote a memo to Betty on Dor’s condition and work habits.  I told Betty I feared for her mental stability.  I marked the memo confidential.  Told Marquita that I had written a memo to Betty on the office situation but did not show it to her.  One of my motives is that when Betty sees my time card tomorrow, she is likely to notice that I had 30 hours of administrative overhead.

A few minutes after I delivered the memo to Betty, Dor took in to show her the latest litigation report the office had received.  She wanted to show Betty how sloppy the material was.

I have noted or overheard remarks of several others in the department concerning Dor’s unreasonable behavior.  She reacts to unusual requests in an uncompromising way which offends people.

Dor asked me to take the forms for the United Way, for which she is one of the canvassers, to the people on her list.

I did my laundry in the washer and dryer in the basement of the apartment house.

Prepared and ate some food and washed the dishes.

Did personal chores.

Washed my hair.

Read newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 1.30.


8 October – 1976 – Friday
Betty told Dor, as Dor reported to me, that she should give work to be done on the machines to Marquita and me, that she did not want to see one of us idle while Dor was on the computer.  Dor split up the Litigation Report about which she complained among the three of us.  It turned out to be not so difficult as it had at first seemed.  I spent 5 hours on the report.

Ate outside on the PG&E steps.

After work I tore up some packing boxes to throw down the garbage shoot.

Went to the Temple by bus about 6.45.  Dinner had not been served yet, as the Temple was fumigated today.

I took upstairs my week’s pay to give to Terry Carter.  She wasn’t in the office and Carolyn Layton said she would give it to her.  Several people were counseling Nawab Lawrence.  I also left the last journal section for Tim Stoen.  I talked with Carolyn about the journal.  She assured me the manuscripts would be taken to Guyana with us.  She mentioned that some day we must get at editing it, as it will be the record of the movement.

When I went downstairs, food was being served.  Joyce Rozynko told me of her difficulty in getting some plates to take to some ailing members at the Herman Street commune.  Some children in the line were noisy and she tried to curb them. The service began about 7.45.  Dave Garrison and Wesley Johnson presiding.

There was so much disorder and noise that Leona Collier from the podium had to address the congregation and insist on an attitude of reverence.  She decided to seat children with adults.  I had 2 children beside me.

The children were allowed to come to the platform to sing.

Tom Adams took the offering.  He told how Bob Stroud was saved from fire while welding.

Three children and 5 adults testified

Miller Bridgewater sang 2 songs.

Rob Christian took a second offering.

Don Beck gave his impressions of the promised land.

The Gospel Singers sang.

Tim Stoen took another offering, after speaking about Jim’s leadership.

Dick Tropp spoke on the overthrow of the democratic government in Thailand and establishment of a military dictatorship.  He played a tape of Jim speaking at the testimonial dinner.

Wesley came out to raise some $300 more to make the budget.  He succeeded with what people promised to bring tomorrow night and a large contribution from himself.

(I kept no further notes for this date-Edith)


9 October – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 8.00.

Went to the Moulin Rouge, an attractive petite restaurant, about a block down on Geary, for a good breakfast.

Took the bus to Bechtel to get my clipboard which I had forgotten.

Then took a bus up Market to Powell Street at 10.00 and went to the Marinello School of Beauty, where I had a permanent.  I asked for a tight curl.  I had 2 good operators, a Filipina and a young man from Bolivia.  The charge was $15.50.  I was through about 12.30

I went home on the bus, ate a couple of apples and a cup of Sanka.

I then took the bus to the Coop and bought several grocery items, mostly fruit, besides shampoo and hair rinse.  It was quite difficult walking to and from the bus with my paper bags.

After I had my purchases in the apartment, I went out again to buy tomatoes at a shop on Geary at Hyde, as the Coop tomatoes have been too expensive.  I also bought some grapes.

The day was pleasant and sunny.

I drank some Sanka and read the Sunday paper for a few minutes.

Had a nap from 5.15 to 6.15.

Dressed for the Temple service.

Caught the bus about 6.30 to go up for dinner.

The quantity of food was small thought the food, roasted chicken, green beans and chocolate pudding, was very good.

I had a talk with Viola Godshalk.  She and Rocki were moved from the 5th to the first floor.  4 are in their apartment instead of 2 and she will share a room with another person.  She said she finally spoke to Rocki about keeping such a clutter in the living room.  Unfortunately lost her ____.

The service began at 7.30 with making ride arrangements announcements, congregational singing.

Harry Williams took the offering.

Testimonials, among which Marcy told us of plane which blew up from a bomb placed on it.

Marcy had all the children line up and march to the front to sing their song.

Bob Christian took another offering.

Tape of one of Jim’s sermons.

Dick Tropp reviewed instructions from Jim to remind us of what happened in Thailand this week.  The democratic government which the city had enjoyed for 3 years was over.  Thrown over by a fascist dictatorship in a matter of hours amidst horrible brutality.

The offering was inadequate.  Mother decided to come down and take the money.  She became indignant about those who don’t give in his absences.  She collected $300.

Marcy announced that Jim had speaking engagements in New York.  Would be back after this unless appointments were arranged for him that were necessary for the family’s protection.  The others on the trip are on the way home.

Marcy gave some revelations from Jim.

We again filed up to touch Jim’s robe.

Meeting was dismissed at 11.30.

I had a ride with the same 3 women with whom I went home last night.

Straightened up the apartment, putting in better order the boxes which I have not yet unpacked.

Intended to read for an hour but dozed off in my chair and didn’t get to bed until 3.00.


10 October – 1976 – Sunday
Up at 9.00.

Showered, ending with cold water.

Breakfast: orange, ground turkey meat, toast and Sanka, washed dishes.


Took the bus to the Temple.  Dorothy Brewer was on the bus.  She said in addition to working on a job, she is taking a technical course and can’t find time to study, as the 3 women with her talk to her all the time.

We were about half an hour late.

The crowd was larger than any I had seen since the trip started.

Dave Garrison took the offering.

Mother Jones on podium about 1.00.

Marcy told as she had hope of going back to the Methodist Church in Indiana she had attended as a child and in which she and Jim were married.  She explained her philosophy of doing something about other’s misery instead of leaving it all to God and introduced Jim Jr. as her son.

At start of testimonials, children sang.

A long line of people testified.  Some sang and some talked.

Guy Young took second offering but Marcy told again of bomb placed on plane meant to kill Jim.  Marcy told of Sandy Parks who left the cause because of involvement of her husband.  She just operated on for cancer of uterus and vagina may lose her husband because of it.

Commendation for Patty Pettit who instead of shoving around Ever Rejoicing ___  ___ helped her up.

Marcy answered our questions on her life with Father.

(1) Jim’s first evidence of some ____ ___  her sense of responsibility it would place on him.

(2) Marcy’s feelings about treatment she received on adoption of Jimmy.

(3) Did you develop you consciousness about social injustice from your association with Jim?  Answer: yes.

(4) Tell about your time in Brazil ___ children and putting ___ ___ ___

(5) Mary Wotherspoon, Jr. (little Mary, child).  How did she and Father meet.   I was a nurse and he was an orderly. Helped me prep the body for burial of a young girl who died of trichinosis.

Video tape of a sermon Jim gave in August.  Crew was being trained.

Wesley with Bob Christian’s support took offering.  Marcy suggested contest between the two.  Bob’s side won.  Over $500 was raised.

Marcy gave revelations from Jim.

Congregation filed up touching Jim’s robe.

Service dismissed at 3.30.

Communal people were served dinner.  Those who are not communal could be served on payment of $3.55.  Dinner was very good: ham, spinach, Jell-O with peaches.

I decided not to stay for the evening service and went home on the bus.  My watch had stopped and I couldn’t get the time.  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___that it was an hour. Then it was…???

Pressed ___ ___ ___

Typed in my journal for 2 hours.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at about 1.00.


11 October – 1976 – Monday
Had only a short expense account to do for Mansfield and a power of attorney for Maggie on MagCard.  Nevertheless I didn’t even finish Sunday’s journal entry.  Marquita and Dor were doing some typing for one of the new attorneys.  His handwriting was hard to decipher and his grammar questionable.

I left about 10.00 for an appointment with Dr. Schaupp for my regular gynecological exam.  As Lor had told me, he has closed his Stonestown office.  He had found no problems.  I asked him about the advisability of my continuing to take premarin, in view of its supposed carcinogenic properties.  He thought the risk was outweighed by the benefits.

I ate lunch on PG&E steps. The day was quite warm.

Went directly to the Temple as I wanted to eat early and get home to work on my journal.  Many of the sisters were folding Temple newspapers for delivery.  Food service started about 6.00.  Had gone upstairs and gave Jean Brown information about a possible job opportunity for one of our girls as a Medical Assistant for Dr. Schaupp.  I had to wait for her to wait for corn bread to bake.

The meal was too heavy with starch, since there was a big helping of rice with beans.  I found it unpalatable.

Many of the young people left to distribute newspapers.

I gave to Dale Parks to give to Joyce Parks a note about what vitamins will be authorized for me, as I learned only vitamin C is supplied to all communal members without a revelation from Father.

When I got home I typed in my journal for 3 hours with a break to wash dishes.

I read newspapers and ate a salami sandwich.

Went to bed at 1.00.


12 October – 1976 – Tuesday
Dor gave both Marquita and me a pro forma contract from Rita with annotated section which by an “edit” command can be excluded from the print-outs.  Marquita had done some of this annotation previously, but it was my first experience with it.  Dor is quite proud of the procedure which she says she adapted for the department’s needs from the basic instruction.  The 2 documents needed revisions which involved several different types of annotated entries, as well as the usual type of revisions.  I worked on this document 5 hours before and after lunch.  I then had about an hour’s work on a revision of a short Galbraith document.

Had very little time to work on journal entries.  Did yesterday’s entry.

At lunchtime I went to see a film in the energy series called, “The Road to Energy” with Bob Hope.  It was a Texaco film which showed various actions of the oil industry, the main effort being directed to telling the viewer how expensive it is to search for oil and that environmental considerations are always in the company’s mind.  At my lunch in the assembly room.

I intended to go home for a few minutes before going on to the Temple tonight, but it was well that I didn’t.  The family had arrived from the trip in the morning.  Large numbers were in the dining room and food service started about 5.45.  The meal was very good.

It seemed that papers listing our personal needs were to be turned in later but I didn’t want to wait.

I worked on my journal, finishing the typing of the 16-31 October 1975 section, proofed it.

Read newspapers.  Went to bed at 12.00.


13 October – 1976 – Wednesday
The Schuman pro forma documents were done by both Marquita and me came back with some errors in them.  I corrected mine in about half an hour and ordered an express print-out of both documents just before lunch.

In the meantime I had taken some dictation from Philippe Lamy, an amendment to a Reynolds Metals contract, which I put on MagCard.  I made him a draft and at the close of the day had not yet received it back.

At lunchtime I saw a Canadian Film Board picture (out on video tape), “Wet Earth, Warm People” showing experiences of a group of white people among the people of Indonesia.  Ate my lunch in the assembly room.

At 3.00 Dor, Marquita and I met with Betty Vasil to discuss the office procedures and our differences.  Betty allowed each of us to express our opinions.  Dor was very defensive and made complaints about both of us, in my case that I conspired with Marquita against her. She explained her assignment of work and the fact that I was not given much on the computer, alleging that I was slow and she made a practice of mentioning lateness of arrival and conversation in the office against both of us, while ignoring her own culpability in these regard.  Marquita and I put the emphasis on her tendency to give minute and unnecessary work directions and I mentioned her habit of giving out work at the end of a day and her failure to appreciate the passage of time. Betty said, as she had previously told Dor, that Dor was to give Marquita and me operation of work before she did any herself, leaving herself free to handle administration and talk to anyone bringing in work.  Betty thought some progress had been made and promised a meeting again next week, workload permitting.

I went home, washed and took the bus to the Temple.

Saw Phyllis Houston at the bus stop.  She had just moved to San Francisco.  She had been driving to LA every week and worked in the garage 2 days a week.

Took the bus to the Temple and had dinner.  I tried to find people who could answer some of my questions.  JoAnn Davis said she had sent vitamins to Rocki Breidenbach for people in our commune.  I went up to the law office and saw June Crym who told me the routine which was followed with respect to the week’s needs, getting prescriptions filled, breakfast supplies and so on, but she advised me to see Terry Carter who would put me on the communal rolls.  I went upstairs to find Terry but saw Vernell and Maria first.  Vernell said she would see me later tonight.

Announcement that meeting tomorrow night at the Temple on social security, welfare, medical with Laura Efrein.

Lee Ingram warned that too many complaints had been received against children misbehaving at school.  Any child so reported will be dealt with severely. All students in Opportunity School must be on Temple bus at 1.15, 3 times a week to distribute newspapers.

Bob Christian took the offering.  I was not asked to participate.

Security meeting mandatory for all security personnel form San Francisco, Los Angeles on Thursday night,

Harry Williams asked new members who came back on the trip to stand and the congregation greeted them.  LC Mitchell told of being cured him of heart trouble after he had fallen from the roof.

Norman Ijames led some congregational singing,.  He took a second offering

Following testified concerning the trip, CJ Jackson. St. Louis, Kansas City, Detroit, Chicago.  Jim had trouble with his throat and was in pain but spoke endlessly.

The new people were introduced and spoke .

Reverend Edwards.
Dale Parks took another offering.

Tapes of Jim’s ____ This undoubtedly one of sermons given and trip can’t referred to church in which group were meeting it very frankly deals with the topics of the Bible, its promise of heaven in contest with the actuality of the p.l.

Wesley Johnson took an offering by sum in an effort to make the budget.

Dale gave revelations from Jim.

The congregation filed up to touch Jim’s picture.

The meeting was out at about 12.30.

Lela Murphy and I, with several others were supposed to go home to 1029 Geary with Johnny Mae Yates, but she had to take another load first.  I went out to bus No. 12 with Lela to get her suitcase. Picked up my lunch for tomorrow – unhappy because it contained white bread and bologna sandwiches which we had had for dinner.  Had waited throughout the service for Vernell to talk to me about communal procedures, as I have made no progress at all in getting breakfast supplies nor my month’s allowance.  I saw Rheaviana who still has not given me a key for my mailbox.  All the above activities were frustrating.  Johnny Mae did not come to take us home until about 1.30 and I was on the point of taking the bus with Lela, who seemed to be behaviorally disturbed.  I was worried on account of the lack of sleep.

I did receive my vitamins from Rocki Breidenbach who was distributing them in our building.

I ate a piece of honeydew melon.  Got to bed at 2.10.,


14 October – 1976 – Thursday
In the office we worked on the Litigation Reports on the ATS.  Marquita had an original entry one.  I was revising one. At lunch time I went over to California Street where at the Chartered Bank of London the Magna Carta was being displayed.  This was the last day and there was quite a long line, but it moved fast.  I got several copies of the Magna Carta and of an amusing item on colonial days which I brought back for Dor and Marquita.

Dor had been holding herself in and the work went smoothly until the end of the day.  Dor left the room and I took advantage of her absence to call Lor whom I had been trying to get throughout the day.  Marquita sprang to my machine to try to help me.  Dor returned and was upset because Marquita had thought my material was original entry and had inserted unwanted material.

Dor said angrily, “Neither of you know enough to help the other.” Dor was shaking and her voice was edgy.  We finally decided to delete, store and end.  I was out 15 minutes late.  Saw Betty Vasil in the elevator and told that again I couldn’t get out of the office on time.

I went to the Temple to eat.

Washed clothes downstairs in the apartment building.  Talked to Jewel Wilson who has moved up from Los Angeles. Did personal and household chores and bathed.  Packed for the Los Angeles trip.

Read the newspaper. Intended to go to bed at 12.00, but I fell asleep in my chair and didn’t wake up until 1.00.


15 October – 1976 – Friday
Was later this morning.  Dor had picked up the print-outs.

Marquita was angry about last night’s events and told me “that bitch has branded all _____ about getting even with us.”  Dor started ___ captiously speaking that neither of us knew enough to help the other.

She started explaining to me what further had to be done with the Litigation Report.  I asked her to let me do as much as I could on the other MagCard.  The job was very difficult, as corrections had to be made, new entries made and closed cases moved to a new section at the end.

At lunch time I went to the meeting of the BWAA. A communications consultant Chris Schneider, spoke on “Communication as a Skill.”   ___ ____ was ___ ___ and she seemed to me quite ____ ___ and ____ info and ____ .

Dor went out to lunch with _____ .  Some work had come in which she had left for Marquita.  It included some ____, some typing and material to put in the mail.

I started to show her how to prep materials for mailing when Dor returned.  The ___ material was for J.C. Stromberg, new to the ____ department, a high-ranking official.  He and Betty Vasil came down to explain the material was urgent so I got off the computer and typed a long memo for him, while Dor did the xeroxing and mail distribution.  We finished the “job” on time.

Dor’s attitude improved during most of the afternoon and I was allowed to continue my work on the Litigation Report unimpeded.  I did not finish before closing time.

I finished packing at home and put up a lunch for tonight.

Took my luggage to Rocki’s apartment for her to bring in the van, as she said she would last night.

Went to the Temple by bus at 6.30.

For dinner we had roast chicken, macaroni salad, fruit.  Sat beside Jean Brown, who isn’t teaching now.  She is working at the Housing Authority.

Vernell was there and spoke to me, said she would see me about submitting my needs on Monday night.  I asked her what I could do about getting a lunch on week days.  She said to speak to Irra and perhaps I could get some supplies to make my own lunch.

I turned my check over to Vernell.

Service started at 7.30.  Dave Garrison opened it.

Frances Johnson explained the new policy of placing children among the adults in the audience and requested people to be cooperative.  The aim is to cut down on noise and confusion during the service.

The Gospel Singers presented 2 numbers.

CJ Jackson led some congregational singing.

Wesley Johnson made announcements.

Bob Christian handle rides.

Dale Parks took charge of the meeting and after leading a song took another offering.

The ministers testified: Guy Young, Dave Garrison, CJ Jackson, Bob Christian, Wesley Johnson.

Norman Ijames took another offering.  Contributions seemed very poor tonight.

Diane Wilkinson sang and played “Summertime.”

Tape of one of Jim’s sermons.

Wesley took another offering.

Two young girls in my area had been very inattentive, talked throughout the offerings and were unresponsive to my appeals to them.  I finally, with the help of a security man, took their names to turn in.  I was met with a hostile attitude.  Some neighboring women, to whom they had given trouble, let me take their names as witnesses.  Later I learned from others that they were form LA and had behaved badly on the bus.

Dale Parks gave revelations from Jim.

The congregation filed up to touch the altar.

The meeting ended about 12.15.

Vera Talley and I tried to find Rocki and the van, to get our luggage, and wandered around a long time in the parking lot and among the buses until she finally arrived.  I believe her son, Wesley, had had the van.  It was especially difficult to get a seat on the bus because I was late but bus 12 had space for me next to Viola Moton.

I ate my lunch.

Viola had a tendency to talk all the time, but I went to sleep shortly after the buses left at 1.15.

I got up at the first stop, went to the bathroom and ran.


16 October – 1976 – Saturday
We arrived at Buttonwillow at 7.15 and stayed about an hour.

I ran, started my lunch.  Viola Godshalk had told me last night she’d like to speak to me, so I found her and talked with her.  I been afraid she had had more trouble with Rocki and was going to ask if she moved in with me as my room mate.  Although I like Viola, she is a rather talkative and looking and after her transportation and perhaps other needs might be time-consuming, but I would have found it hard to refuse her, especially as she and Ray Godshalk had been good to me when I was new in the Temple.  I had been right about trouble with Rocki.  Rocki had been rude and unfriendly with a black woman in her 80’s and Viola had argued with her.  Later, however, Rocki had apologized to her.  Viola said she didn’t want to trouble the Temple to move her when they had so much to do.

I read the newspaper, then slept.

We arrived in Los Angeles at 11.15.

I changed clothes on the bus.

I had enough time to eat breakfast at the Temple.  Had shredded wheat and a pair of cinnamon roll.

Sat in the back of the Temple and wrote in my journal.

Had a picture taken for a membership card in the annex, as I had lost my previous one.  Mike Rozynko is still in charge of the operation.

The service started at 2.00.

Rides were arranged.  Attendance seemed sparse and responses came slowly.

Norman asked for a special contribution, everyone to handle a need which had to be taken care of immediately.  Response seemed good.

Rob Christian asked for food donations for tonight’s dinner.  Norm made an appeal for help in distributing the Temple newspaper today and for pamphleting.

Norm described the ___ ___ in the p.l.

Norm took offering by sum.

Johnny Brown testified.  He said on this trip Jim preached as he never had before, particularly in Chicago.

Other testimonials.  Mary Wotherspoon was raised from the dead on the trip in Harlem , New York.

Another offering taken.

Choir sang.

Another offering.

Tape of Chicago sermon.  Pentecostalism if practiced would save the world.  Muslims in Day of Pentecost had all things in common.  No church manifested int.  People do not ever get ____ of life.  Explanation of holiness, unselfishness.  When you see him you will have to be like him.

Jim’s coming soon referred to throughout the service.

Johnny Brown gave revelations from Jim during which he made another appeal for offering.

Congregation comes to altar.

Service out about 6.15.

Saw Beulah.  She said she was all packed, ready to move to San Francisco and hoped I could find another place to stay.  I was resigned to staying in the church.  Few people stayed to offer rides. A woman volunteered to take Lela Murphy and me.  Several others probably did not get places to stay.  I saw downstairs Tom Fitch and Betty with 5 weeks old baby who apparently had to stay in church.

Lela and I ate downstairs.

Our hostess, Nina Saunders, took home besides Lela and me, her grandmother, Lillian Johnson, her friend, Newhuanda Darnes and the little 6 year old Naja Darnes.

We got home around 7.00.

I read in Radicalism in America for a while.  Went to bed at 9.00.  Lela and I had a bed and room to ourselves.


17 October – 1976 – Sunday
Up at 7.30.  First in bathroom.

Breakfast.  Plenty but starchy: hot cereal, toast, grape jelly, fried potatoes, gravy, cinnamon rolls, Sanka, with orange juice for young people.

Nina a little fussy about housekeeping but remarked that we were “congenial.”  She used to work for a millionaire in the East for years in charge of everything.  Then she was a worker in dietician’s office in a hospital, had much responsibility.  She had drawn away from old religion realizing people were supporting their preachers in luxury.  She was very independent, afraid of giving it up in communal living.

We left for Temple at 10.15.

Lela told me Mother LeTourneau was not well, son came to get her, she with him now.

Talked with Muriel Yaley and Mildred Madison.  Muriel just had another operation for tumors in the bladder.  Mildred was questioning why? When Jim cold cure them with a wave of the hand.  Hey said they were uncertain about moving to San Francisco.

Rob Christian opened service at 11.00.  He announced our Father in the body was present.

Jim appeared a little after 12.00 during testimonials.

Rick Cordell told of some episodes of the past few weeks.

Choir sang.

Rejoicing and congregational singing.

“I have just returned from heaven.”

We won the case involving the custody of children.  He didn’t get children and has to pay child support.

From June to 1 October, 8 new buildings, lake stocked with fish being constructed.  Met government officials.  All American projects closed down.  Referral to Cuban [Cubana Flight 455 October 6. 1976 near Barbados]  plane brought down.  Caribbean brought closer together.  Several people rounded up who were involved.  Jim prevented from getting on that plane.  Left there Friday night.  Instead of people demoralized, big gatherings in Havana and in Guyana in show of solidarity.  Couldn’t have been more help.  Kill off of socialists, draw all other socialists together.  Plan to murder Castro and plan foiled.  Venezuela cooperated.  Tuesday Jim will meet Mondale.  Political system wants our support.   Jim going to warn Carter of CIA threat. They will kill other presidents.

Guyana officials say American economic system about to collapse.  Will lead to ___ ___ ___ of moving much more promptly our elders need to relax.  Some people didn’t come to church, offerings fell down.  Have to buy freighter. Will move ___ food supplies we ant to sell, will come right to our property.  Will carry 200 people.  No mosquitoes bite us in the p.l.  Americans were expelled.  They were growing opium.  We could use generator.  We need more equipment.  Jim saw what Grubbs could achieve if sent to p.l.  Has set up socialist work study program.  Darren Swinney didn’t know his alphabet, now reading a 4th grade level.  Tommy Kice remarkable improvement.  Ronny Beikman couldn’t see relationships. Now doing math.  Have thoughts of educating children of rich to raise money.  Marrian Griffith child straightened out.  ____ who is well and won’t steal anything.  Tommy Bogue was using drugs there, made fudge in p.l.

Need $30,000 for freighter, with $50,000 for engine.  We are going to get smaller airplane.  Government will cover medical expenses and all travel for those over 60.  Government wanted to make 60 retirement age.

Need diesel generators for back-up.  Have to store food so no one will ever be hungry.  Government will give us fish to stock the lake,  Pop Jackson has built 3 miles of walkways.

Need vehicle, Toyota land Rover. $11,000 to go shopping, to go fishing, have to have at least 10 in the end.  Workers have learned by revelation to repair generators.  Mike Touchette is best bulldozer operating in the country.  70 acres cleared for our housing.  We need a market in town to sell our produce.

$200,000 for steam generators.  A man, white member died agonizing death while Jim gone.  Took off while Jim gone and was crushed to death with in a few hours.  Woman had a stroke because she questioned what Father did.  You’d better stay thankful and stay where you are.  Have to have a freighter.  Have to build a dam for lake.  Philip Blakey licensed as Captain by Guyana.  Licensed as to bring in our presses and have our own newspaper.  People who want to come can send us some money.

Jim took the offering, starting about 3.00 o’clock and continuing for an hour.  HE described the items in the p.l. which were needed and pledged with the people to give or pledge the sums necessary.  He had budgeted all we will need for a year, including ____.  Among other items were archery sets for fishing and hunting, as well as the generators for the freighter.  He included many illustrative details.

Revelations were dramatic.

The meeting ended about 4.30.

We had dinner downstairs.

We left LA at 6.00.

I read Radicalism in America.

About an hour or so out of LA, the buses came to a halt and we heard over the intercom concerning an accident that had occurred.  Police were mentioned and Jim’s voice came over.  Asking someone if he was hurt.  We learned that someone had thrown something, into the windshield of the lead (Jim’s) bus.

The police had come; the buses went on their way after reporting the incident.  Some had been slightly injured by shattered glass but Jim said hospitalization was not necessary.

I slept.

When we had a short stop at Buttonwillow, everyone was allowed to look at the bus.  The missile thrown had not made a hole and was apparently not a bullet but had hit the glass with terrific impact.  I saw Mike Prokes, the driver, and Karen Layton, who had been cut with glass, got it in their eyes and swallowed some, and had been cut and covered with blood.  All wounds had healed and only some effect on Mike’s eyes was visible.  Mike had been miraculously able to park the bus safely at the side of the road. (Jim told us later that his son Steve had also been struck by the glass but it was also all right.).  Jim had been standing near Mike but had moved a few minutes before.

I had Viola Moton as a seat partner again.  She told me all about a son who plays in the movies and whom she saw in Los Angeles.  However, she stopped talking after a while and I had a comfortable night.

I ran at the last rest stop.

We arrived at San Francisco about 4.00.

I went home on the bus with Dorothy Brewer.

I lay down until 6.00.


18 October – 1976 – Monday
Marquita went home ill.

I am working on the Litigation Report, making final corrections.  Did a memo for Fletcher on MagCard.  It was on labor relations.  He was annoyed because some xeroxing done under Dor’s instructions was carelessly done.

Dor was very tense all day.

Had lunch in the office.  Bought a birthday card for Mabs [Edith’s sister], though her birthday was 3 days ago.

Tonight I got off the bus at Hyde and bought some grapefruit at the stand there.

Went to the Temple about 6.30.  Talked with a number of people.  Sharon Amos has a job as legal assistant in a law firm and is also learning office procedures.  CJ Jackson and I discussed the international situation.

The day for putting in for need in the communes has been changed from Monday to Tuesday.

I typed in my journal 2 hours from 8.30 to 10.30.

Read the newspaper, having some grapes.

Went to bed at 12.15.


19 October 1976 – Tuesday
I spent all day on another litigation report, making revisions.  Butler’s office seems to be trying to finish these in time for the annual seminar of the department which starts Thursday.

Dor is still tense and Marquita is better.  Marquita says she is waiting until she can take sick leave and look for another job after 6 months on the job.

I ate lunch in the office as the weather is cool.

When I got home I exercised for 15 minutes.  This is the first day I have done my daily exercises since moving except for running at the rest stops on the LA trip, although I had a good deal of physical activity while moving and unpacking.

I changed my clothes.

Went to the Temple on the bus.  I knew that the members who weren’t working had gone to the Democratic rally for Mondale at noon.  I had the impression there wouldn’t be a communal meeting.  I was later for dinner and they were out of everything but macaroni with frankfurters and fresh peas but these were good.

I heard there was to be a communal meeting at 8.30, the hour probably chosen because the young people were pamphleting.

I went to the auditorium where in the back the “needs” procedure was taken care of.  The individual fills out forms and submits it to his or her counselor listing the items desired with estimated cost.  On Wednesday night the money will be provided.  Receipts must be retained.  A separate form is filled out for food times, which are furnished from kitchen supplies.  Vernell Henderson is my counselor and she showed me how to make out the forms.

I had had a call from Renee LeRoy in Dr. John Shaupp’s office asking whether I would be able to send anyone to her from the Temple for a part-time job as a Medical Technician, as I had mentioned the possibility.  I had turned in the request to Jean Brown when I first received it.  I spoke to Vernell about it and she suggested I tell Thelma Jackson, who is just finishing a Medical Technician course.

Christine Bates told me she was to be my new room mate. Rheaviana had shown her the apartment this afternoon. Christine is a senior who has been in rather frail health.  She is a quite _____, hot-tempered person but hard-working, used to be in charge of the vitamin stand. She may be hard to get along with.  Liz Forman in her early days in Ukiah shared an apartment with her and they had some stormy incidents.

The communal meeting opened at 8.30, Lee Ingram presiding.

Announcements were made.

Jim came in at 8.45.  He gave pans of pop corn to the children who passed it to the auditorium.

Lee spoke on the proposal of all for seeing that food was not wasted. He said people were avoiding work by hiding out in the communes, even missing meals.  All had to be on hand at 8.00.

Jim spoke of those who attended the political rally today.  Some were more interested in getting autographs than in making known they were members of the Temple.

Jim met Governor Brown and John Tunney.  Carter is offering a government post to Jim.  He had a possibility of being appointed ambassador to Guyana.  It would mean $40 or $50,000 which would be turned over to the cause.  Jim said he can’t see any other post in government which he wanted.

Jim mentioned the attack on the bus Sunday night and described how Steve was hurt.

We’ll support Carter.  Jim told Mondale of events in Guyana.  The US is trying to squeeze a socialist country out of existence.  The CIA brought down the plane in the Caribbean.  78 young people were murdered.

Von Smith (and Vance?) are being sent out.  Von was involved in drugs.

Bob Houston was the man who went out while Jim was away and who was killed within a few hours, crushed by a train.  Jim was not responsible; he had removed himself from protection.

Jim said that in the p.l. he didn’t need to raise his voice once.

Jim said the bombing of the Cuban place had united the countries located in the region.  A plot to kill Castro was uncovered.  Cuba denounced the treaty under which it had agreed to send plane hijackers back as the US had not kept its word to stop terrorist attacks.  The US had threatened Russia and was told “Don’t threaten us.”  144 million would die in the first strike of a thermonuclear war.

Jim mentioned equipment we need in the p.l.  We need a noodle machine and restaurant  equipment.  We will buy another freighter.  We are moving from a big to a small airplane. A freighter can move 200 people.

Jim estimated 500 people will go to the p.l.  We have 300 communal people.

We need at least 10 Toyota station wagons.  We need to raise $550,000.  When we have I, we’ll see the church and apartment buildings.

A school for our children has been set up by Tom Grubbs.  It is better than the government seeks which are better than American schools.  In the p.l. they told us to send four of our worst problem children with a supervisor and they will straighten the children out.

Jim had worked on a budget for the p.l.  $44 was planned for food per person, $100 for clothing.  We need $360,000 a year for 500 people.  This doesn’t cover equipment.  We ought to do everything in our power to get what we need.

New people who had joined us on the trip were asked to say a few words.

A young person, Bertha X, 16, was brought on the floor.  She took off without permission.  She said she had never seen anything loving from Father.  She had been involved in questionable activities.  She wants to go to her grandmother.  Her mother thought this arrangement would be hard on her grandmother.  The mother is not communal  The girl has been up many times before,  The mother said the girl had bruises, said she had been beaten by the counselor.  Questioned, Bertha admitted she had hit her own arm and that she could always manipulate her mother.  Jim recalled that she said she had always hated her mother.  Jim said: the next person who criticizes me behind my back can pack.  Bertha was asked whether she wanted to stay.  She replied she doesn’t want to be communal, chose to go.  Jim is therefore sending her to her grandmother.  Linda Mertle said she had been with Bertha, now had no tie to her.  Jim said: arrange for the earliest bus to Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Jimmy Gold was put on the floor.  Jim had a report that he and Von Smith had engaged in sex acts.  He is very effeminate.  He doesn’t do any work and speaks insultingly to seniors.  He talked of having a sex change operation.  He put Kotex on his needs list.  The statement brought much laughter.

Jim said to bring people into the earth with confused sex identity is a cruel hoax, but “I won’t tolerate his saying ‘Kiss my ass’ to my seniors.”  Jim showed sympathy but wants an example and work from him.  5 people were appointed to supervise his work tonight.

The meeting ended at 12.00 after a song and a few healings performed by Jim.

I spoke to Don Jackson about the Med Tech job opening with Dr. Schaupp and sent a note to Thelma by him, asking her to call the office tomorrow.

Rheaviana told me she was going to move Christine Bates in with me.  Bates has been staying at night at the laundry where she works.

I rode home in the van with Rocki.

Went to bed at 2.00. Read newspapers and ate some toast and jam and toast and peanut butter.


20 October – 1976 – Wednesday
Dor, Marquita and I were busy all day on making revisions and getting express print-outs of litigation reports, Dor indicating corrections and Marquita and I on the computers.  Marquita’s computer stopped and was out of order for a good part of the day.  Dor was in a much better humor; she was on her best behavior because we were to meet with Betty this afternoon.

Thelma Jackson phones me this morning as I had requested and I told her of the job possibility in Dr. John Schaupp’s office.  I then phoned Renee LeRoy on Schaupp’s office and told her I had asked Thelma to get in touch with her, that although she was black, I thought she would be satisfactory.  In the afternoon Renee called back and said she was talking with Thelma and she was very pleased with her.

I ate lunch in the office.

Dor inquired whether either of us wanted to work overtime.  Marquita had a class and I didn’t want to miss or be later for the Temple meeting.

At home I changed clothes and washed dishes.  I wanted the kitchen in order on case Rheaviana brought Christine Bates in.

Didn’t get away for dinner until later and then had to go back for my Muni pass.  Crowd at the Temple at about 6.45.  Ate quickly, as Jim’s voice came over the intercom telling of a program at Opportunity school at which the African Dancers were to appear.  Members who were dressed appropriately were allowed to go in the buses.  Jim also announced a rally tomorrow at Civic Center to protest the Supreme Court decision on admitting minority students to educational institutions.

We arrived at the school at 7.30.  Yvonne Golden started the program at 7.45.

Faculty introduced themselves.

Golden says truly very fortunate in having ___ ___ who brought in special group.  She describes Jim’s activities, introduced Jim.  Gave check of $200 for PE equipment.  We chose this school, best principal and teachers, desirable variety of curriculum, practical, open inquiry.

African dancers.

One teacher says changes in curriculum would be implements,  Have students go to various colleges and audit classes; outdoor activities, survival techniques, job training, apprenticeship, students to have input, parental interest.

All the teachers pay and save administrative costs and teacher do clerical work.

A teacher explains cutting and penalties.  After dance important to fulfill our responsibilities.

Golden.  We believe students should be taught all systems of the world, not just capitalism.  Ashe mentions Supreme Court decision that special admissions projects are unconstitutional.  Demonstration tomorrow.

A teacher describes special program for minority students: Upward BoundEOP [Educational Opportunity Program – State University system in financial support of minorities students to college].  Students get financial aid.

Golden says breakdown barrier.  Students call teachers by first name.

Meeting ended at 8.30.  Refreshments served.  We were invited to see the facilities.

I sat beside Patti Chastain on the bus going back.  She gave me some details about Bob Houston’s death.  He had been negative in conversations for sometime.

We returned to the Temple about 9.30.  Jim was going over topics previously discussed; financial and supply needs of the p.l. in effort to raise funds,  Political events such as attempt to kill him on Cuban plane.  Results of that CIA bomb explosion were to bring socialist countries closer.

Some of you here tonight will die before you go.

We have to get all the votes out for Carter because we have connections with democrats.

Jim wanted to stay only his love for us made him come back.  Hard to protect us against enemies who come out when he’s gone.  He mentioned Liz and Bob Houston.  Latter would have helped our enemies.

Jim’s acceptance of Mayor’s appointment on the Housing Commission.

Jim mentioned trouble in China.  We’re meddling over there.

Jim took offering.  Counting down from $10,000 and he got some larger contributions.  One man gave a four family building.

On China again.  Don’t worry about China.  Shall come through all right.  Some countries all go through a nationalistic period.

Young people in a ___ ___ on floor for placing newspapers so that they blew away.

Carrie Langston took charge of care home in Redwood Valley so others could go on trip.

Irra Johnson. Takes responsibility in LA in kitchen and nursing.

Kim Brewster. Good worker on Archie Ijames’ construction crew.

Debbie Evans made a counselor.

Jim passed 47 people of the trip over the recommendations of the medical people,  All came home fine.

Erma Winfrey made $236 pamphleting though once considered crippled.

Jim Alexander has been writing notes to Vera Young, flips out if she’s kind to him and flips out if she’s not.  She says that he can read a person’s thoughts.  He says he can’t read thoughts, reads gestures.  He talked of suicide.  Jim says suicide is caused by hostility and he won’t be intimidated by it.  He goes on to explain reincarnation.  Sexual love is bullshit.  Vera says she’s uninterested in him except as a comrade in the movement.  Jim had told her to be kind to run 3 years ago because he was suicidal.  Jim indignant because of his narcissism.  Asks Vera to tell how she feels.  She wonders why he pays no commitment.  __ so she avoids him. “I’d rather ___ ___ and than him.”  Jim asked again how she felt.  She ___ ____ he still thinks she actually ___ __ and really wants a relationship with him.  He wants her to talk to him.  Jim says he wants nothing of people he loves except their happiness.  Jim reiterates that women cannot possibly like men.  No one can like the oppressor.  Women just want you to be nice,  Jim complimented Jim Alexander because he could bring him up and let him hear the truth because many men out there couldn’t take it.

John Gardener on floor.  Molested a little girl.  Jim says he’s going to cure him.  He’s going to the p.l. and be on a work crew. Jim allowed the child’s mother to beat on him and some of the men to inflict pain on him so that he will connect child molestation with pain.  John’s going to the p.l. because his mother is communal.

Garnett Johnson.  Ronny Dennis numerous instances of sexual play with little girls.  Also they are lazy, run away from newspaper distribution.  Mothers of the girls are cleared to hit them. Tom [Thomas] Kice going to p.l. ____ ___ “We have been looking for someone to cut the wood for the p.l.  Tonight we have solved the problem.

Jim turned to discuss the legal details with his attorneys while he had Wesley Johnson take another offering, as there would be more expense involved in sending the young men to the p.l.  [John Gardener, Ronnie Dennis, Garnett Johnson, Thomas Kice are listed as arriving in Guyana on Oct, 24, 1976]

It was now 1.00 and I decided that I had to get home and to bed, as I was late last night and faced a hard day tomorrow.

I took the bus home.

Read the newspaper and ate some toast and peanut butter and toast and jam before I went to bed at 2.10.


21 October – 1976 – Thursday
I was on ATS with a Litigation Report most of the morning.  The other machine is still out.

The annual seminar of the legal and insurance department began today.  Carol is here and I talked with her a brief while.  She has accepted a transfer to Bechtel’s Washington, DC, office and nothing was said about her earlier decision to resign.  I had heard, however, that she had personal problems with Charlie Schwaub, her supervisor in Gaithersburg.  Andras has a job in Washington and Carol will commute with him.  She says they are remembering their house

The entire legal and insurance staff was invited to the opening luncheon of the seminar.  I sat at a table including John Stewart, Mike Fletcher, Marie Crivello, X and X.   We had a quiche with ham, a salad, sherbet and cookies.  Many people did not get enough to eat.  Cap Weinberger presided.  Mayor Moscone was a guest, spoke briefly and left.  Willis Slussan spoke.  He particularly noted the acquisition of large coal interests from the Kennicott Copper Company.  Bechtel is forming a holding company with four other firms called, “The Peabody Coal Company.”  Two guests who had worked on the organization gave more details.  The luncheon lasted until 1.30.

I had a 3-page memo requiring many citations and much underlining wanted by one of the legislative assets by morning.  As I couldn’t stay late tonight, I decided to come in early tomorrow morning.

I went to the Temple on the bus from work,  I ate my dinner early.

I had a security shift from 6.00 to 8.00, the first I have ever done.  Michaeleen Brady, who was my partner, and I examined people at the back door, checking their bodies and possessions.  It was not very hard, as the traffic was not very heavy at this hour and there were no strangers.  Michaeleen is in one of the communes, works on lunch-making for the Temple, is not able to handle a regular job yet.

Household supplies and food items were distributed by Rheaviana and workers.  I asked Rocki, who had the van, to take mine home.  I was given hot and cold cereal, Sanka packets, sugar packet and dried non-fat milk.

Tyrone Duncan relieved us on the security shift.

I went home on the bus.

I washed clothes.

Did personal chores, cleaned the bathroom.

Washed and put up my hair. Read newspapers. Went to bed at 12.30.


22 October – 1976 – Friday
I got up at 5.00.

Left the apartment at 6.35.  Arrived at the office at 7.10 to work on the item for the legal assistant.

Made out my time card.  Put down an hour of overtime for Thursday to cover the above job.

I spent the rest of the day on the Litigation Report, the only one not finished.

At lunch time I went to a program on prevention of heart disease, a video tape dramatized the most common causes of diseases of the heart and circulatory system and members of the auditorium were requested to take a Heart Health Exam.  I got a better than average but not excellent score.

Dor, Marquita and I met with Betty at 2.00.  No one had much to say.  We agreed that relations had improved.  I suggested morale would be raised if each of us knew what the workload status was at the beginning of a day, so that we would have more flexibility in planning our workday, that Dor and Betty thought the nature of our office and its requirements to respond immediately to requests would make this aim difficult to achieve.  Betty suggested we meet at 2.00 on the third Wednesday of the month.

This is the last day of the Legal and Insurance Department seminar and at 3.45 the non-professional employees were invited to come down and hear Steve Bechtel give the closing speech.  An attorney, Bob Bridges, who had been a close colleague of Mr. Bechtel since the founding of the firm, gave a year by year account of events in its history.  He went past closing time and then Mr. Bechtel gave his remarks until 5.15.

I had not finished the Litigation Report and so signed up again and worked for an other hour.

I was later in getting home.  Got cleaning up, instead of going to the Temple for dinner, I ate Chinese food __ the store in the ___ ___.  I had shrimp, rice and vegetables.

I pressed clothes.

Read newspapers. Went to bed at 12.30.  I had trouble getting to sleep.


23 October – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 8.00.

I intended to work on my journal for 2 hours, then to listen to the Temple broadcast, then to go to the Coop.  Later in the day I intended to clean the apartment and find places for items I had not yet unpacked.

I made notes for current entries, on which I have fallen behind during the past week.  I finished reading the 1 to 15 November items.

Prepared some leftovers to east and ate while the broadcast was on.

Jim started the forum program with a discussion of the Cuban plane which went down from a bomb explosion believed by the South American nations to have been caused by the CIA. He and various speakers wondered why the US so often supports dictatorships instead of democratic countries.

As I was finishing my meal, the door rang.  Christine Bates had arrived.  I had begun to think plans had been changed and that perhaps Council had countermanded Rheaviana’s decision.  Christine had her personal supplies with her and 2 men from the Temple brought her bed and mattress.  She had to have a block to raise her up.  I decided to get out of the bedroom, so the men put my bed in the living room.  Christine took the couch in with her.

Washed the dishes.

Christine gave me a list of things she wanted and I left for the Coop at about 2.00.  It’s got newspapers.

I bought an ice cream cone.

Bought some grocery items and also what Christine wanted.  She had given me $10.00.  Among other tings she wanted materials to make candy to sell.  I bought most of my fruit at the Hyde Street market as their price and quality are very good.

Rheaviana had come and helped Christine to finish rearranging the furniture.  They had prepared the living room as my bedroom and straightened up everything.

I lay down to rest for a little.  Took an hour and dozed off.

Christine and I got ready for the service.

Christine and I took the bus to the Temple at about 6.30.  She took with her blankets for a woman who had expected to stay with her.  The bus was as crowded as on week days.

We were late for dinner and not much was left.

Turned in my check to Maria Katsaris.

Service started at 7.30, Wesley presiding.

Mom Taylor’s seniors group has taken on the job of making 200 bibs for our toddlers.  She recruited people to make them.

Brother Christian handled rides.

CJ Jackson leading the congregation singing, called upon Polla Matteras to sing “How Great Thou Art.”  She lifted the audience mood to a high point, when ____ __  maintained through several other numbers.

Jim came on podium at 8.45.

Dale Parks started offering.  Jim took over.

Film, “The Klansman” with Richard Burton [1974].

Jim took another offering after a reel and another after the film.

Several healings were performed.

Service dismissed about 12.30.

Christine Bates, Lela Murphy and I had a ride with a woman going to San Jose.

Christine went to bed.  I read newspapers and had some toast, peanut butter and toast and jam and Sanka.

Went to bed at 2.30.


24 October – 1976 – Sunday
Christine got up early and left about 7.30 to help with the breakfast at the church.

I was awakened and got up at 8.00 wanting to get some work done on journal entries.

Bathed, dressed, had breakfast and washed dishes.

Baked a loaf of frozen bread.

Didn’t have any time to spare, as it seems to so long to get anything done.  I thought it was late, as I couldn’t ___ ___ ___ announcement list might not __ ___ __ at 12.00.

Sat beside a woman who has moved up from LA who wants a live in job caring for an elderly person.  I told her to bring the want ad section from the Sunday paper.

Guy Young opened the service.

Wesley gave announcements.

The Apostolic Singers gave 2 numbers.

Testimonials.  Among them Marie Lawrence said her son, Nawab Lawrence [arrived Guyana October 24, 1976] had been sent to the p.l.  Jim on the podium during testimonials at 1.15.

Norman Ijames took offering.

Much singing, rejoicing, dancing.

Jim said there was much energy with this.

He went directly into healings during which he took another offering.

He ended the meeting about 3.30.

I ate downstairs.  No chairs were available so I sat on the stair rails.

Bought some concentrated orange juice at the vitamin stand.

____ was extremely tired and inefficient which was frustrating as I wanted to go home.

Left at 4.30 and got the bus.

Ate some salted peanuts ____ ____ with Sanka.

Got some items which members had wanted: information from Want Ads section on a job caring for the elderly and some laundry detergent.

Returned on a bus caught about 6.00 and the evening service at 6.30.

Karen Layton’s mother Lea Tow ___ ____ “Just a Closer Walk With Thee”  ___ ___ a tribute to Jim, saying it was ___ ____ who was in that bus and ___ ___her face shattered and who was saved from having cancer.  She was grateful for what this man “has done for her family.  But he is just a man.”

Vivian Gainous sang, “I Hear Thee Every Hour.”  She has a new baby, a girl which I saw at the meal break and again at the beginning of the service.

Norm took offering with Jim on the podium.

Renee Gieg.  Report she beats her child.  She is constantly sullen and cross, says, “Top it, (blank),”  all the time.  Wakes up Laurie Efrein who works full time job and writes letters to all hours.  Renee says she only occasionally spanks Jason.  Jim says she doesn’t give much affection. She’s expecting another; Jim asks why.  Lee Ingram said she used to smother him, wouldn’t allow him in children’s program.  Bob gives instance of throwing child in back seat,  He says relationship practically terminated.  Carolyn Looman gives an instance of affection between Renee and child.  Jim says sometimes more harmful than continuing hostility.

Jim on lack of participation of son ___ ___ ___ ___ by such lack of enthusiasm, you may be condemning your child to death.  Those who think their intellect is so great that they are scornful of people who believe in something, are guilty of class consciousness.  He doesn’t want any more ironic laughter when somebody shouts or runs up and down they aisles.  You don’t understand how a movement has been built which was able to get the Fresno Bee Four out of prison and which powerful politicians respect.

Diane Lundquist loved so much that she let Dov go to the p.l. to save him.  Discrepancy between reports of others.  Jim says she has lied previously before this body.  Jim says she dislikes the point of the child which is ___ new husband. [????makes no sense at all]

Jim rebukes those who ignore this process as if it was none of your concern.  Jim said child was doing well when being taken care of  by the collective, changed drastically for the world when you came the scene.  People do better when they understand themselves.  He’d like to see someone give a child up out of love.  Can’t call on you to do what others haven’t done.  If you love someone, you will free them.  Renee and Rob Gieg both say they can’t do it.  Jim says we must all work on this.  He did it and would have been successful if other people had not interfered.  Marcy says she has never understood the hostility of Renee and Rob.  Jim didn’t want past difficulties to be reviewed.

Renee has made decision not to have the baby. Jim says show more affection to Jason, allow him to develop creativity.  Jim asks if she didn’t use children to get out of collective work, she admitted, Jim said.  No ___ ___ government don’t do this ___ any more.  Renee asks if Rob can quit smoking, she thinks bad for Jason. Jim: also bad for Rob. Prevents him from being able to defend socialism on our home ground.  Rob says he’ll give it up.

Florine Dyson brought up.  In coma.  Jim says don’t worry, she’s supposed to be communal, but she’s not, reason this happened.

Letter from Jim Pugh on Eva’s leaving for p.l. Wants to work in ___ but in any case will do his job. (Wednesday, ask him)

Alexei Blair.  Wants to leave cause.  Asked for consultation with Jim. Have to be ____.  She not in auditorium tonight.  Sent delegate for her.

Dyson walked back to seat with a nurse.

Clarence Klingman very unruly.  Willie [?? No such person – perhaps Tad] Jensen insulted by him.  Martha writes.  Mike doesn’t show authority.  He admits the charges.  Martha thinks working in publications was good for him.  He left because when tried to correct him, he didn’t like it.  Todd says mother doesn’t show concern.  Both parents have more time for each other.  Todd thinks she likes if I ____.   Jim recommends that time is spent with whole family.  Debbie Blakey says as counselor she thinks Mike and Martha ___ ____ sex.  Jim agrees.  Mike ___ says Clarence came back to publications.  Jim speaks in ___ of Mike who took the whole family, doesn’t talk about April at all,  Barb Farrell says Martha called children “motherfuckers.”  Jim never calls any child names, not even stupid.  Jim asks everyone in family to do their part.

Alexei Blair.  She says she not happy here, can’t contribute. “What makes you think you’re worth being happy?”  Jim asked.  She intends to remain in San Francisco.  Jim saved her life as a child.  She had infection in her lymph system.  Mother confirms.  Jim says great difference between being in and out.  Nothing that can’t be resolved when you’re in.  When you are out, there are many pitfalls.  She was prostitute in Japan.

Jack Beam says we all brought here for this day.  She interested in dancing.  Jim says breast dismemberment in her future.  Polla Materas describes what men do to girls out there.

Jim: America is going into dictatorship, our people will be destroyed.  In the p.l. we’ll have companionship.

Mexican woman speaks disparagingly of blacks.  They fight all the time, shove on the bus, compares them to Mexican and Indians to their discredit ____ Jim says Indians who came for the [Dennis] Banks demonstration the most selfish he has ever seen. All people too selfish. She says very hard to find responsible persons in charge of anything. Jim says: why don’t you come over here and help organize?  Anita gives partial catalog of what we can do.  Jim: a lot gets done.  She thinks highly of our leader but observes that the members don’t obey him.  Anita says think of effect words have on this sister planning to go out.  Jim says she made mistake.  Took deal in racial generalizations.  Jim described demonstrations on Supreme Court decision.  Other groups wanted to perform.

Jim asks Alexei whether she has made up her mind to stay?  She says Yes.  Jim: talk to Council.

In the meditation period, among other protections and healing, there was a “cycle” revelation in which Jim asked for everyone who had an Aunt Minnie.  He had difficulty in getting them all to respond.  He emphasized the importance.

The meeting was dismissed at 10.30.

I picked up a lunch for tomorrow, but decided I didn’t want it, as white bread was used for the sandwiches.  I gave it to Lela Murphy.  Brother and Sister XX took Lela, Christine and me home.

Christine saved me a plate of food from the kitchen which she said was for my lunch.

Christine went right to bed.

I read newspapers, had some toast, made from the bread I had baked and cheese.

Went to bed at about 1.00.


25 October – 1976 – Monday
Did a document on MagCard for Maggie.

Had very little work. I didn’t feel well all day.  Marquita was the first to notice my facial symptoms.  I told her and Dor that I had had a hard weekend.  In addition to the heavy load in the office last week, and working from 7.00 to 6.15 on Friday, I had been under pressure at home, with the strain of moving and adjusting to new people.  Marquita and Dor, as well as others, such as Kate Walker urged me to got to a doctor or go home.

I was afraid, first of all, that I might have a reoccurrence of my eye trouble or might have had a slight stroke.  I decided to see Dr. Tournande at Kaiser.  I had difficulty in getting through to his office, finally called the general Kaiser information number and told them I had an emergency involving my eyes.  I was put through right away to the Eye Clinic.  They wanted me to come in right away.

I took the bus about 3.45.

Dr. Tournande isn’t at Kaiser any more.  Dr. W.E.Winn saw me. Although rather abrupt, he seemed thorough and efficient.  He told me I wasn’t in any danger of a detached retina.  He consulted the Ear, Nose and Throat office and sent me to see Dr. John E Hotchkiss, Jr.  After examining me, Doctor Hotchkiss said I had Bell’s Palsy, a quite common complain.  The cause is not known and the cure not ___; but most patients recovered.  He said he did check the things others did.  In addition I was concerned that the discharge in my nasal passages.  He took some material from my left nose__ and try analysis.  Then he gave me an inoculation in my nose.  He gave me several prescriptions and told me to come in once a week for two months for an injection.  He wants to see me next week. I am to see Dr. Wiss in 3 or 4 months.

I took the material to the laboratory but was too late to get my injection.

I went home with Bates.  We cleared up the apartment a little and rearranged some furniture.  We vacuumed the rugs.  One person cannot run the cleaner, alone, the reason it has to be held in the electric outlet.  Typed in my journal for 2 hours.  I had a good it of difficulty concentrating because Bates talked to me now and then but she tried to be cooperative.  She was concerned about me and wanted me to go to bed.

I read newspapers until 12.00 then went to bed.


26 October – 1976 – Tuesday
As I had to go back to Kaiser to get my injection, I slept until 8.00.

I intended to call my office at that time.  I had forgotten I didn’t have a telephone.  I had some breakfast and dressed.  Then on my way to Kaiser I telephoned work from the corner phone.  Dor was quite worried as she didn’t know whether I was in the hospital or what had happened to me.

After getting my shot, which was in my hip, I took the bus to the office arriving about 11.00.

At noon I went to see a film in the employees series called “Land,” which is the first in a series about the history of American economics. It recreated the early American settler’s life.  The photography was well done.  The film was done with the production of leading economists and issued by Philips Petroleum Company.  It was laudatory about American skill.  I ate my lunch in the assembly room.

I took some dictation from Steve Butler.  Some had already been drafted.  It was a report on the litigation reports and included some updating and reports already done.

I exercised tonight when I reached home.

Then went to the Temple to eat.  We had been told there was going to be a communal meeting but were informed there would not be one.

I saw Vernell in the auditorium and put in my needs.  Bates arrived and put in for our food needs.  Prescriptions we put in the nurses’ box at the clinic and ordinarily should be ready the next day.

Bates got a ride for us with Barbara Hoyer, who has moved down from the Valley.  She is driving a bus in the Alameda Contra Costa system.  She likes it better than her jobs in the Welfare Department in Ukiah.  She gets much more time, but taxes take a good bit of the extra money.

I typed for about an hour and a half in my journal.

I went to bed at 12.00.


27 October – 1976 – Wednesday
Most of the day I spent on Butler Litigation Report summary.  He had revised the first draft and dictated some more material.

Although I felt better this morning, I got very tired and my left eye was giving me some trouble, so I had a hard time doing work.

I ate my lunch at the office.

I decided to go home about 2.00 as I wanted to sleep before tonight’s meeting.

I had a 2 hour nap.

Went to eat at the Temple late. Went up to the nurses’ office to get my prescriptions but they weren’t there yet.

CJ Jackson started the meeting.  Brother Keaton took care of the rides. Wesley Johnson made announcements.


Jim on podium at 8.50.

Jim met Ralph Nader.  Has totally given up on America.  He thought wisest thing any people could do is have a refuse in Southern Hemisphere.  Dupont owns Delaware.  General Motors could buy out several states with one hour of its earnings.

Jim: denounced some who talked to apartment managers about conditions in their apartments.  Don’t ever go to authorities about dispute between members.  Don’t call police on a member if they’re black.  They may spend their life in jail.  Bring them up to the church. You must not bring on problems before the carnal mind, before the system.  Jim described 2 events in Indianapolis.  One when a black man was set up to stab him; one when racists attacked and police didn’t come for over 2 months.

Jim took offering by countdown.

Jim spoke on those who have overdrawn the account they have in his bank.  Be sure you put all you can in the trust account with Father.  Can’t draw out more than you put in and some of you haven’t put in much.

Films of the p.l. taken on last trip.  Some scenes of Georgetown and bauxite mine. Much new timber clearance, new crops put in, new buildings put up.

Jon Stoen in p.l. permanently.

Jim:  Some people (probably seniors who talked to apartment manager) this time get private counsel, but this is the last time.

Jim asked if anyone had a complaint of any kind, bring it up.

Mexican woman says son should be here but isn’t. Problems with him.  He’s 18.  Jim recommends private counsel.

David Goodwin. Told teacher he was a member of Peoples Temple.  Talked about Jim Jones.  Teased other children about going with persons of different color.  Had fights with Mike Daniels.  Urinated on gym wall.  Frances Buckley had fight with another girl.  Assigned 4 hours of work, plus special work on buses.

Question of guardianship came up.  Jim asked everyone who caring for children. Write a letter explaining whether you have legal guardianship, adoption, court order.  We have to know to get your child to freedom.

Jim tells of meeting attended with Ralph Nader.  Said the country was going to have more murders than Nazi Germany.

Jim asked attorneys to get list of people not sure of custody of children they have.

David called Kelly Grubbs, a honky and a fag because her carried Odesta Buckley’s flute and helped her with studies.  Jim angry.  Anybody who calls someone a fag has a problem with himself.  He has a reputation of trouble.  Jim spoke with approbation of white brothers who marry black sisters. New word “hench” for henchman or flunky. Unpopular to do anything for anybody.  Jim: Going to get spanked if he doesn’t show remarkable improvement.

Jim spoke of situation in country.  Criticized for working for doing something for someone.  Standards of the world different than ours.  Thinks system trying  to make animals of our children.  So they can round up our people.  Country not interested in education, won’t pay money for schools.  Rich will turn out  to vote.  We must do all we can to get people out to vote.

Jim asked how many willing to use cars on election day.  All hell going to break loose after election day.  Ford coming out for segregation.  Saying he could stop segregated schools and welfare over bussing but he won’t do it.

None of the newspapers told a word Nader said.  He told how the crops are poisoning the rivers.  Wallash present.   Cecil Williams couldn’t get more tan 2 people to come to my testimonial.

Jim made reference to persons who didn’t want to live with anyone.  She’s going to share.  She can go back to LA.

Jim took another offering.

Jim: I will mot live here.  I’ve been in it.  I don’t want it.  I can’t stand phony damn sell outs.  Not going to stay here and eat their shit.  If you make it impossible for us to get out, get ready for the biggest fight in your life.

Roosevelt Turner got his ass in jail.  Raised a fist to a sister.  Police pressed charges though she didn’t.

Explaining need for station wagon.  Some of you so lazy you won’t walk two feet to piss.  Lt. Governor Dymally knows they’re going to get him.  He’s rich.  You haven’t a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out.

Jim: attack on people who want to take all their belongings.  One woman said: “Father, how you going to get my house trailer on your boat?”

Avis Garcia [Breidenbach] called on floor.  Last name not mentioned. He saving her from jail.  Doesn’t like white man she is going to marry.  Who the hell are you to say?  Wesley Breidenbach will to do it.  Sharon Amos says she objects to men we chose for her.  Romance out of the question.

Jim says last two days he doesn’t want shave, bathe or eat.  Only living for you so many people displaying ingratitude.  I’m a born fighter, can’t stand dealing with people who are fussing and griping all the time.

Doesn’t trust Russia, China or US.  Only one socialism is Jim ones.  China and Russia will come through but it’s a long process.  Madam Mao arrested.  She said there had to be a constant purge.  Best socialist leaders in the world in the little country, Guyana, Russia and China have too much nationalism. But some of them will survive nuclear war and come together in the end.

Several people were healed in the meditation period.

Vernell brought around the money for my needs but the nurses brought my prescriptions back to me, telling me to fill them at Kaiser.  They thought I could get them for a minimum fee.

The meeting didn’t end until 1.30.

Bates got some one to take us home.

I decided to stay home tonight. Read for a while.  Went to bed around 2.30.


28 October – 1976 – Thursday
Bates woke me up before she left.  I gave her my laundry (sheets, towels, home dresses) which she will have done at her son’s laundry.

I stayed in bed until 8, got a few clothes on and went out to phone Dor that I had decided to stay home.  Got a newspaper.

Left about 9.00 to go to Kaiser.  Got my prescriptions filled. Decided to walk.  The day was sunny but brisk.  Stopped at a little second-hand store near Fillmore and bought a pair of gloves for 25¢.  It took me about 25 minutes to get to Kaiser Medical Building.

Had to wait about half an hour for my prescriptions.  There were 4 items which cost $7.60.  I do not know whether there was a reduced price or not.

Walked back home.

Prepared lunch: leftover bamboo strips, noodles, fresh tomatoes, and some ….
[page  C-1-A-5 (108) was totally unreadable.  Some “dots “ on the page]

Out of sympathy Rocki Breidenbach insisted on finishing my security assignment.

I took the bus home.

To my surprise, I did not see Bates at church and she wasn’t home either.  She had got her keys yesterday but possibly they wouldn’t work.  She had told me that she might stay at the Laundry sometimes so that I wouldn’t worry.

I did personal and household chores and washed my hair.

Washed my underwear by hand to save a fee for the laundry machines, since I had my underwear.

Read newspapers and ate some grapes and salami sandwiches. Went to bed about 12.30.


29 October – 1976 – Friday
I felt much better today.  The muscles in my mouth have much improved.  At first my eye was still itching but that stopped later.  However by the end of the day, I was very tired.

I had little work to do.  About 11.00, Dor gave me some material for MagCard to be fed into the ATS computer for storage purposes.  Titles had to be underlined in the computer.

Marquita was working on another draft of the material for Butler which I did Wednesday.

Butler saw Dor about his plans for updating the Litigation Reports once a month.  Many changes in the order, in addition to revisions in the text, would have to be made and at first it seemed an impossible task.  However, Dor called the Data Center and they explained how it could be done by use of the “sort” command.  Dor was praised for the way in which the reports had been set up, which much pleased her.

When I got my check from Betty, we talked about Kaiser Medical Care, as she had been there when I was there Tuesday.  She isn’t very happy about the service at Kaiser and told me of some of the problems she has had.  I said I thought they were overcrowded and were neglecting many needs.

Dor had an appointment for lunch at 12.00.  Marquita and Denise always go out for lunch on Friday (on other days they are dieting), so I stayed in the office until 1.00.  I ate at my desk.  Walked up to the bank and cashed a check.

Marquita and Brenda brought some items which they displayed at the reception desk for the celebration of Halloween and I had some fun wearing a mask around.

When I got home, I prepared to go to the Friday service.  I put up a lunch for Bates with a salami sandwich.

I had heard Jim say the other night that Tim Tupper Jones had married a black girl and they were going to have a baby and that he was adopting Larry Tupper, her youngest child.  I saw Rita Tupper tonight and she said Tim had married Lisa [Sandy] Cobb.  Tim is 17 and Lisa [Sandy] she thinks is 19.  ____ ___ never been interested in anyone else.  ____ is living in his quarters now with his other sons.

At the beginning of service, CJ Jackson tried to keep people quiet(perhaps because Jim may have been trying to sleep).

Brother Tom handled rides and had a good deal of difficulty, as volunteers were few.

Wesley made announcements.

Robin Tschetter gave out Muni passes and I tried to get one but she didn’t know whether she had enough, although Vernell told me I would get one tonight.

Gene Chaikin asked to see all the people who are getting social security or any kind of pension or retirement in the Gold Room, unless they had been with Temple workers to the bank (probably to make arrangements for getting checks overseas).

Jim came in during testimonials at about 8.50.

After congregational singing, Jim announced that there was a ___ ___ ___ ___ wanted to nip ___ ___ __of young black woman who died.

Jim got out of jail the man who was in a fight with a woman as he had _____ told him not to do it again next time he would die.  Brother Turner, Roosevelt.

People were recruited for attending Third World Rally this weekend, also some to canvas for a political candidates.  Those not going to LA.

Ron sought for Examiner reporter who wrote article on Sister Duckett.  His wife left him, he drinks too, is afraid of suicide, doesn’t want to be alone.  He has feeling unusual for a white man.  Cried when Jim got Banks free.

Tom Kice got to p.l..  He said he won’t be back.  He didn’t believe before, said he wished he had gone sooner. Took a number of conniving youngsters, barely got them there, are now digging the well in ___ ___ they tried to run away.

Praise the Lord, to make mosquitoes to bite you.

We have been at this date rehabilitated.

15 or 20 young people.  If you’re communal or committing 33 1/3 of your income, you can’t lose.  We have put $2,000,000 into the p.l. 12 miles long, 7 miles wide, 27,000 acres.  Jim started offering.

No minority can survive ___ ___  Nader says “comparing stories” rating the 25 big companies paying workers in food. Appeal for turning over property tonight. Don’t have to move out.  Tonight is a warning.  I see, 3 in terrible tragedy.  One woman who just arrived said she wanted to turn over property.  Roosevelt Turner has 2 pieces of property he wants to give.  Jim counted to 10 for people to sand.  Viola Moton owns home with husband, will give her share.  Jim asked for any jewelry to be turned in.  Protection won’t be given to those who won’t protect themselves.  Turning over what you have of worldly goods is the place to start.

Mark Rose has been ___ ____ ____  Ricardo Arterberry minded little. [?]

Jim gave voting recommendations, how he was going to vote.

Mexican woman asks about Peter Conejo.  Jim not sure, skeptical, one theory is that they are CIA plans.  We’re only interested in saving ourselves.  Don’t throw weight around.

Vote for David Harris instead of McCloskey.

I raised spirits by my voting in the precinct since I moved.  Mike got answer if I moved prior or after ___ no. [?]

Jim emphasized importance of getting out the votes for Tuesday.  We need supervisors reflecting us from our districts.

Michael Hastings worth  __ __ with children’s program.  Nat Walker good behavior.  Ricky Cordell drew very good picture of Frederick Douglas.

Clark Grubbs and Chris Buckley were smoking.  Jim sent Harry Ellis for a black mean cigar in a car.

Betty Gill ___ ____ ___   ___ her fine watch.  ___ ___ ____ ___ Jim assigned her to work all night on the bus.

Bill came back with 1 cigar , administered them to the 2 boys.  Congregation hilarious.

Jim took another offering.

Liane Harris makes suggestion about rewarding children for good homework and distributing newspapers.  Older children to supervise.

Alysha Williams served food generously and competently on Bus No. 9.

Women overheard saying Bertha Ford probably told truth though Jim said she not telling truth.  Woman not brought up this time, must write apology and raise $2,000.00

Martin Amos continues losing clothes. He smart talks to all of his supervisors.  He doesn’t respond to teaching.  Says black girl should make his bed.  Jim said any more trouble, you get to make a well in the p.l..  He is difficult with teacher.

Vickie Dover and Juanita Bogue late to plumbing class.  Jim: 21 days to collect $20.  Their instructor likes us and gave them those jobs.  You are spoiling our reputation.  Martin Amos suggests he miss the Halloween party in LA.  Jim add pamphleting.

(I had no further notes for this day. Edith)


30 October – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 8.00.

Wrote some journal entries.

Walked up to the Temple to look for my laundry which Bates brought back and I think I left at the Temple last night.  Most people were gone to the Third World election rally and I couldn’t find out anything.  Walked home.  It wakes about 15 minutes each way.

Had some lunch from leftovers.

I scrubbed the kitchen and bathroom and sorted and pout away a few items.  I have everything fairly well arranged now from moving.

Went down to Hyde Street and bought tomatoes and fruit.

Went to Lor’s [friend from SF State]  on the bus.  I took the Geary bus to the terminal and then an “M” car, for which I had to wait a long time.  Arrived at Lor’s about 6.00.

We had dinner.  She served some red wine and I had 2 glasses.  Told Lor of my nervous problem.  She thinks I should avoid strain or taking on any extra work.

Lor was interested in Jim’s recommendations for the election on the propositions and some minor candidates.  She is going to write-in Eugene McCarthy or President.

She told me of her daughters’ actions at the moment.  Beth is helping in Dylan’s school and waiting for a librarian job to open up.  Ryn is teaching at the University of Oregon on a fellowship and has an apartment of her own near Beth and Carol is back at the  University of British Columbia.

Lor said Barbara Pease was back in the mental hospital again, but she expected her to be out sooner.  She inquired whether I thought Barbara might benefit from People’s Temple.  She is lonely and needs people.  She loves children.  She believed Barbara was a Christian Scientist, now adheres to a vague mysticism.  She thought Barbara’s biggest handicap might be her dependency on men.  She did not think she had any racial dislikes.   I told her to have Barbara get in touch with me when she gets back.

After having a glass of sherry, we went to bed about 11.00.  Both of us read in bed for a while,  I was reading Freedom at Midnight and read aloud a few funny excerpts to Lor.

Perhaps because of the wine, I woke up during the night and couldn’t go back to sleep.  Lor was awake too and she went downstairs and made some hot chocolate and a piece of toast.


31 October – 1976 – Sunday
I slept until 8.00.  Lor gave me breakfast of toast and 2 eggs.

Lor was going to go to get as swine flu shot this morning and afterwards visit one of Bill’s sisters who is in the hospital, but it would have taken me out of my way to go with her.

I left about 10.00 by bus.

Worked on journal entries.

I thought Ingmar Bergman’s film, “The Magic Flute,” was showing at the Richeleiu a theater half a block up on Geary.  Lor had praised it highly and at 3.30 I went to see the matinee.  However, I had mistaken the date.  It closed yesterday.

I walked down to Post Street to Union Square and then up Sutter.  Coming back along Post, I saw the first of the revelers who gather on Polk on Halloween.  Here is the transvestite gathering place of San Francisco and many of those parading were men dressed up as women.

I prepared a meal of macaroni and cheese and canned tomatoes and ate and washed dishes.

About 9.00 I took down to Rocki a few more items for her to sell.  I knew she had stayed back from LA in order to go to the flea market.

I went out for an hour to see the festivities on Polk Street.  A huge crowd of both participants and spectators jammed several blocks on Polk.  Police were letting traffic through on cross streets.  The most interesting sight was a young man in tights who expertly juggled a wand.  At one place two dressed as gorillas were standing. I teased them and one asked me to dance, which I did.

When I returned I typed in my journal for about 2 hours.

Read newspapers. Went to bed at 12.00.


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