Edith Roller Journals: November 1976

Transcribed from her handwritten journals by Don Beck (October 2008)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-6 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-6 (159)

The text transcribed here from Edith Roller’s notes has some missing words or lines due to (1) unreadable, poorly xeroxed text or (2) unreadable writing. Blanks are left in the text for these areas.  [?] indicate questionable readings.

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 November – 1976 – Monday

Dor phoned in that she was sick.  Had a temperature and would stay home for a day or so.

I called the Registrar of Voters and explaining when I moved, asked if I would be allowed to vote.  Although the law says anyone who moved before the 4th of October cannot vote in his former precinct, the person I got did not want to discuss it.  Her attitude seemed to be that no one will know when I actually moved.

I worked on the Milan contract all day. It was very difficult, with many changes which presented problems of decipherment.

Marquita was working on a short contract for Galbraith and later was making revision on a litigation report.

I ate lunch outside.

In the afternoon after about 2 hours the telephone line to the central computer dropped.  I spent the rest of the afternoon waiting to get back on line, which didn’t occur until just before closing time.  I couldn’t stay longer as I had to get Gina Severn’s Muni pass to her.  I went to the Temple directly from work and had my dinner.

During the meal hour an announcement was made that people who had moved before October 4, were not to vote in their previous precincts, so I gave up the notation of going back to my former polling place tomorrow.

I cleared up a number of problems and I got a Muni pass from Terry Carter.  I explained to Vera Young that I was not able to continue on my Thursday evening security assignment; she asked me to find a replacement. I told Debbie Blakey about the situation.  She said to let her know tomorrow before the meeting.  They would find a replacement for me; I returned the borrowed Muni pass to Gina.

At home I found Bates.

She made candy again, and it was a hot night. It got too hot for her and some of the candy crystallized.  I cleaned up for her.

I typed in my journal from 9.00 to 11.00.

I read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.00.


2 November – 1976 – Tuesday
Dor phoned in again that she still had a temperature and could not be in.

I spent all day on the Milan contract.  I realized I had it stored but I didn’t try to correct it.  I continue making revisions so as to get them done.

At lunchtime I saw the second film, “People,” in the American Enterprise series. It dealt mainly with immigrants and the opportunity to make a new life for themselves.  A black family, expressing their determination to get ahead, and belief that they could, was shown.

Worked till past 6.00 on the Milan contract in order to finish it.  I was eager to get it stored that, having done that I forgot to order a copy.  I had to sign on again to order it.

I got downstairs and realized I did not have my clipboard and went back for it.

I was entitled to $3.52 for dinner, so I took the bus to Zim’s, a block up from my apartment.  I had a hamburger and a small bowl of chili.

Then took the bus to the Temple.  Has heard there was to be a communal meeting but, probably because of the election, there wasn’t one.

I put my personal needs in.  Bates was not there.  I had a copy of her last week’s needs and I turned them in again.

When I got home I found Bates in.  She hadn’t eaten.  She had stopped at the church and discovered there was no meeting.

I listened to early election returns.

I typed from 9.35 to 11.00.

Read the newspapers and listened to returns.  The result was not clear when I went to bed at 12.00, although Carter seemed to be ahead.


3 November – 1976 – Wednesday
I had set the alarm for 7.00 but woke up before Bates left. I turned on the radio to get the results of the election. Carter had apparently won the presidency.  Hayakawa narrowly defeated Tunney for the California Senator seat, Proposition 14, the Agricultural Relations bill, was defeated as was Proposition 13, the Greyhound racing bill candidates generally favored by the Temple for the State Board were elected, district election of Supervisors was passed.

Worked on journal entries for about an hour.

Walked to Kaiser for my appointment with Dr. Hotchkiss at 10.00.  I felt very well and he thought I was getting along fine.  The muscles in my face seem almost normal except for a twitch under my left eye, which developed when I am under pressure.  I got my shot which he had ordered weekly and also my polio shot.  This is the last of the inoculations I need for Guyana.

I walked to my apartment.  I haven’t been getting enough exercise since moving,  Took the bus to work, arriving about 11.00.

Marquita had picked up the computer print outs.  The Milan documents because of the telephone failure and my not understanding what to do, was “stacked”, that is, there were revised copies.  It was also in the wrong order and pages had been mis-numbered.  I succeeded in assembling one complete copy of the text for Milan, although line numbers were incorrect.  I decided not to try to make corrections.

I saw a number of glum faces resulting from the election.  Mary Cavalina and John Foster were particularly unhappy.  Brenda Hyatt-Barton on the other hand had voted for Carter. Marquita voted for McCarthy.  I told everyone I had voted for McCarthy.  Nora Armstrong was disillusioned with Governor Brown because he had supported the Farm Workers Amendment.

Came with Rocki on the bus to the Temple at 6.15.  Brought with me some old “Defenders of Animals” magazines to give to the children’s program.

Ate my dinner after standing in line for some time.

Went to the Gold Room to write a letter as requested to Jimmy Carter to congratulate him on his election.

Took the note to Debbie Blakey about my security shift and took to the legal office the note written to Tim Stoen and the journal section I finished some time ago.

Took my seat in the auditorium next to Helen Love.  She usually saves me a seat.  I wrote journal entries until the service started.

The first item of business was getting rides home for those needing them,  It was very difficult tonight as few people in the audience have any cars not fully occupied any more.  Brother Keaton was in charge.  The warning I heard last night which I though applied only to children was repeated.  No one is to be alone on the street.  Service will not let any person out the door.  The warning came from Jim because of the prevalence of attacks on the streets including random shootings.

Wesley made announcements.

Debbie made the announcement concerning food for Saturday and Sunday food supplies were ____

Jim on podium at 8.50.  After we  had greeted each other, he spoke of the lack of faith in this group in contrast to the ___ Sunday brought about by his faith and love.

Jim started to take the offering.

We may have a breath of air with the election of Carter but we have a fascist Senator elected.  Carter will not be much help.  It is justified to form certain alliances.  We have connections.  I do not believe in America and I don’t believe the president makes policies.  If they try to follow enlightened policies, they will be killed.  Our allies such as the Philippines are torturing people.  The kind of behavior was taught here by the CIA.  The only safety is where there are mysteries between you and such people.  The American people are a cruel sadistic bunch of people. Violence is glorified with in our society.

You don’t try to deal with a rabid dog, he stated at a meeting of Board of Supervisors.  These same people are capable of murder when it’s all right.  Some of you aren’t bothered by such conditions I can’t stand to be successful and see that look in people’s eyes.  I wonder why I fight so hard for some of you, why I bother caring whether you do or not.  I’d rather be dead than live under this kind of exploitation.  I’d rather be dead.  I will be dead before I submit.

Jim explained about taking more time over offering.  The thing you think of last.

He described the Housing Commission meeting and experience talking to a black woman at the polling place ___ group.

He took up project against homosexuality in their organization. In contrast to those who have lied when they shouldn’t ___ ___ of you who doesn’t want to live in a __ ___ ___ gives the damn bigot.  You can pack up and go back to LA.  Have had more trouble with heterosexuals who molest little children  He spent some time on using the words bitch and shit.  Those who judge people about cussing are more dangerous .  I could out fuck anybody tonight $10,000 to $1.

He manish and she womanish.  You wanted to see Jesus. God damn your ass.  You’re seeing him.  We should not mistreat anyone and be tolerant of everyone.  Invited such bigots to leave.  Go fuck yourself.

God damn Nazi’s overrunning the city. Tear down Third World election announcements. You don’t worry about them.

Don’t write me these letters that you can’t live with people who don’t talk, walk, live like you. You’re a nasty bitch.

He brought up men who wear their shirts unbuttoned with god-damn hairy chest.  He speaks of heifer on back row.  Judging me.  How would you like to die at 3.09?  You better get your ass up.

You god damn miserable Christian.  You wouldn’t say fuck but you’d stand by and let the Nazi’s kill children.  I’m one with all people who are oppressed.

Jim finished the offering.

___ ___ meet Ambassador from Zaire.  Willie Brown and Cecil Williams to be MC for Socialist Workers Party meeting, 1390 Turk, November 12, 7.30.  All then to protest murder of people in South African nations.

Chaikin kept calling names of people on fixed income to come here to see him to arrange for money to be transferred.

Those on Social Security to see our staff first.  Don’t tell of social security or welfare problems yourself.

Jim read names of people who went in their own and told relative about communal living.  Some people are selfish and are in a hurry.

People taking advantage, asking for special diets and then eat communal food too. Seniors who cook their own food too cost us.


Praises: Cornelius Truss, Todd Klingman and Tad Schroeder, Angela and Sophia Casanova working well;  Sharon McCall making good work, being cooperative.

Any child refusing seats on buses to adults will be dealt with.

Students at Opportunity High guilty of cutting classes called up. To have $5.00 each time results will be times the days you cut her school (Golden) you cost her money.

No cuts people read and praised.

One girl has outside relationship.  Another flirts with outsiders.  To be given consultation. one loud and disruptive, some late, arguing in public. All to be called in to Council.  Some people stay after school so as to avoid newspaper distribution or work projects.

Little children who wasted food Sunday have to collect $10.

Danny Beck threw rock and broke windshield on food van.  On floor.  Clark Grubbs throwing rocks. Larry Tupper, Chris Buckley, Anthony Doswell, Joel Cobb.

Jim:  Jewel Johnson should be appointed by Moscone to vacant position on school board.  Asked request to be made.

Patty McCoy, Patricia Houston, Rochelle Kemp, David Goodwin also involved in some throwing.

Complaint that no supervisors of children after school.  Jim appointed committee to work on children’s’ constructive actions.  $10 for those who were up, $10 for those who were late coming up, the girls.

Jim healed some.

He dismissed meeting about 12.00.

Many of the people for 1029 Geary were taken home by Evelyn Bennefield but she had to make three trips.

Bates and I got home about 1.00.

We examined the groceries from the Temple which Rocki had brought up to me yesterday.  These were on an earlier order of Bates.  We got some honey, jam, a big can of pork and beans, two dry onions, dishwashing detergent and t.p.  We had a large bag of grated cheese and we both ate some with crackers or bread.  I also had some grapes.

Bates went to bed.

I read newspapers until 2.00 when I went to bed.


4 November – 1976 – Thursday
Dor phoned that the doctor wanted her to stay home one more day.

Worked on revising of a contract for Johnson.  Marquita has the directions which Dor gave her.  It was adapted from an already existent printed contract with disappearing notes and some changes had to be made in them.  Marquita has had more experience with these than I have and helped me.

Ate lunch at my desk.  Went to the bank and deposited the check from my former landlord, which I finally received.

Finished the Schuman contract.

Marquita left early and I started to work on journal entries.

Then Betty Vasil inquired whether I was free and asked me my opinion on tips for an employee.  It was on some employee practices.

After work I took the bus to the Temple.  Dinner wasn’t served until almost 6.00.  I ate hurriedly.  Plates were being taken to the persons at Geary.

Warnings have been issued that we are not to be out on the street alone at night because of reported sniping at pedestrians.

Jack Beam announced that blacktop for the parking lot has been donated and that work would start immediately after dinner.  All young people were to report and people were asked to move their cars.  The blacktop will not only improve the surface for parking, but give a better place for children to play.

Having heard nothing from Debbie Blakey, I took my security shift at the back door from 6.00 to 8.00. Debbie came by about 7.00, said she had been away but definitely would have someone for me next week.

Personal needs were being distributed and I received a former order Bates put in.

Getting a ride home may become a problem now that we are not allowed to leave alone but tonight Rocki gave me and Edith Cordell a ride.  The two of them talked about some of the seniors in the building. Rocki said Lela Murphy who seems to be out of her mind a good bit of the time, doesn’t bathe herself which much distressed her roommate, so one of the nurses came to give her bath. Rocki had had trouble with one of the seniors in her apartment, in whose drawer she found some of her underwear, though it had her name on in.

Bates was home in bed.

I ate a snack.

Did my laundry.

Did personal chores and washed my hair.

Read newspapers until 12.00.

Went to sleep in my chair and didn’t get up and go to bed until 2.00 o’clock.


5 November – 1976 – Friday
Dor came back.

She helped me straighten out the Milan document which was fairly easy to do.

Ate my lunch on PG&E steps.  The weather was very warm. Then I went to the post office and bought a book of stamps.

Worked on Pitas contract until closing time.  I was almost through and Dor took it over to finish it.

On the bus going home police apprehended that a young man (he looked oriental) had stolen woman’s wallet.  This bus, always crowded during rush hours is a favorite for pick pockets.  The bus was stopped while police were called.  Nancy Sines was on the bus.  After about 15 minutes we got off.  She took another bus and I walked the rest of the way home.

I exercised, then went to the Temple to eat.  I was too late to get very much.

The Temple was registering people for the swine flu shot and starting to give the shots.

I got a ride home with Rocki.

Bates came home.  She has been at the Temple but they wanted her to see the doctor before getting her shot.

I worked on my journal for an hour and a half, did corrections and calendar entries for the ____ [Blank left by Edith] section.

Read Freedom at Midnight [by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins, 1975].

Went to bed about 12.30.


6 November – 1976 – Saturday
Bates got up around 7.00 and left for the temple to get her swine flu shot.  I had decided not to get one.  I stayed in bed until 8.00.

Washed my girdle and stockings.

Defrosted the refrigerator, which was a difficult task.

Pressed clothes for an hour and a half.

Listened to the Temple broadcast at 11.30.  It opened with a strong statement from Jim on the subject of the Cuban plane which was brought down and the terrorist methods being used to prevent nations around the world from having the kind of government they chose.

Had some grape juice, cheese and crackers and a package of corn ships brought by Bates.

Bates returned about 12.30.  She had had to see the doctor but he approved her having the shot.  She told me a number of confused tales about people getting rides or being refused them.  She says Jean [Eugenia] Gernandt always drives off alone (although Bates does not like Jean who succeeded to her job of handling the vitamins, Lossie Lang told me the same thing.

Bates told me Rocki said Rheaviana was moving people into each apartment.  The possibility of being more crowded caused me some anxiety.

Bates told me food was going to be brought to us this afternoon at 4.00 at our residence; nonetheless, she had bought lamb stew meat and vegetables and several kinds of fruits.  She had determined to cook for us today.

She didn’t want me to go to the Coop, said she would be lonesome, but I needed to get some supplies.  I left about 1.30.

I bought whole wheat bread, apple, oranges, lentils and small lima beans.

Bates had borrowed a vacuum cleaner from the manager and was vacuuming the rug.

I went out to buy a Sunday newspaper.  Coming back, I saw Bates returning the vacuum cleaner downstairs.  A woman who refused to ride in the elevator with us attracted my attention.  Bates said she is Kelly X___ [left by Edith to fill in later], daughter of Mom Taylor.  Bates told me of her difficulties with her,  She was, Bates said, the wife of the man who owned the hotel in LA and refused to turn it over to the Temple.  He died suddenly and his wife gave the hotel to the Temple.

We ate the lamb stew. We had just finished when Juanita Bogue came with our dinner trays.  I put the food in a jar and refrigerated it to use for lunches.

Bates and I rested for an hour and a half before getting ready for service.

We went by bus to the service, arriving about 7.15.

I took my check upstairs, saw Terri Buford and talked with her about my recent experiences at work and in communal living.  I mentioned the rumor Bates told me of the possibility of more people being put in our apartments. She said to keep her informed, remarking that “you do extra work.”  She is one of those, Tim told me, who take care of my journal.

At the start of service, rides were taken care of.  Rocki offered to take all to 1029 Geary.

Announcements were made.

Jim entered at 8.20.


“Soldier Blue” with Candice Bergen, a film about an American woman who had lived with the Cheyenes, showed massacre of entire Indian village in Colorado by US Calvary in 1864 [Sand Creek Massacre].

Jim telling the congregation of the crimes still being committed against minorities and the dark people of the world and poor whites as well, began to call upon the young to make a sacrifice.  He denounced many of the teenagers for their selfishness. He asked for a gift of $20 from then.  Few at first responded, but he shamed most of them into standing.  Then he made the same charges and appeals to the adults, with passion and bitterness bringing most of them to their feet for a $20 pledge.

A healing session followed.

The congregation was called to the altar but Jim requested that no one touch him, as the occasion called for a higher relationship.

The service ended about 12.30.

It had been decided to provide a bus for the residents of 1029 Geary.  I heard there are 54.  A number of handicapped people are living there, including Brother and Sister Mercer and Jewel Runnels.  There was some argument about seats in the front row, as Mabel Johnson insisted on her right to one as she is crippled, too.

We were home about 1.15.

I read the newspaper until 2.45.


7 November – 1976 – Sunday
Woke up at 9.00.

I repaired breakfast: fruit left from yesterday, ground turkey, fried egg, toast.

Bates washed the dishes.

The bus came for the building’s residents at 11.00.  There was again an argument about the front seats.

I sat on the other side of the auditorium, today, as the first three rows on my usual side were reserved for guest.

Service began with usual preliminaries.

Jim came on podium at 12.40.

He took a countdown offering.

Jim: Chileans scheduled to come here today.  Warned that if they came here they would visa or Carol Williams ok [makes no sense] or any other mass movement. They are hungry.

Jim warned, that any proposal kept we would not get any benefits.  The system will take over.  People should not keep clothing for which they have no need.  We have to put our money in country where we own land, have black leadership.

When he came to $20, he lingered asking for those $20 which were pledged last night.

Attempt to arrest three of our young men last week on trumped up charges.  Spread-eagled them.  Only mention of Peoples Temple saved them.

We’ll attend to our brothers in Chile later.  We’re not going to let down our brothers in Chile or Africa.  We all have to show up at the rally on Friday.  Chileans let in only a token group, aren’t allowed to get jobs, nor get funds.

Guests came in at 1.00.

Marcy sang: “The Weary Workers of the Earth Shall Reign.”

Jim.  Ed Crenshaw driving Leslie’s car with a white woman stopped by police, wanted to charge him with kidnapping, until he told them of Temple membership.  Then released him.

Choir: Shine on Me.

Jim explained to members of US-China friendship Association about Guyana.

African Dancers

Eunice [Unita] Blackwell-Wright from Mississippi, member of group which challenged election.  Active in Civil Rights movement.  Active in desegregation of schools movement.  Worked on anti-poverty.  One of the first to visit Peoples Republic of China.

Mrs. Wright spoke.  Born in Mississippi from sharecropper background.  1964 Civil Rights worker told us we had right to vote. Their case was one you study when you go to law school,  Shirley McClaine [MacLaine].  Got a chance to go with her to Red China.  No locks. No fears.  They are not afraid of each other.  Children learn sharing.  Cooperative atmosphere in fields.  Didn’t have to rush, scramble, tear each other up.  Most of the people in America are caught up in one of the most insane societies.  Glad for their minorities.  Problems discussed in neighborhood groups.  Different definitions of competitiveness.  Chinese gave me hope.  Our society messes all our minds up.  Her praise for People’s China.

Jim impressed with “China gave you hope.”  We believe that in our time all the socialists of the world will come together.

Two FBI agents accompanied Mrs. Wright to the Temple and stayed outside the entire time she was here.  They monitored the whole meeting she was in.

Jim had Polla Matteras sing, “Stand By Me”.  Tears when she left.  Jim gave her a $300 honorarium which was well worth it, so that she can carry her message around the country.  He knows a fighter when he sees one and she is a fighter.

Jim performed healing and took another offering in the meantime,

Service was dismissed about 3.15.

Dinner service to the seniors was slow and rather scanty.

Left the church at about 4.15.  Dorothy Brewer and I walked part way home.

I ate some more of the lamb soup Bates made yesterday.

Sorted stockings.

Lay down for a quarter of an hour or so.

Took the bus back to the evening service, arriving about 6.30.

Rides were being procured.

Jim was on podium at 6.50.

Jim took offering.

Barbara Walker, young woman, reprimanded by Ronnie James, criticized security and the leadership.  She jerked Ronnie’s face.  She uses people to get her own way.  Anita suggests she wear longer skirts, look after her child better.  Jim ordered boxing.  She resorted to dirty tricks and evasions against numerous sent against her.

Young man who cut Jim off microphone when on microphone crew, was reported to have given Richmond Stahl urine to drink on supposition it was apple juice.  Dispute facts. Probably a mistake.  But didn’t apologize.  He reported to have said he knew how to get off microphone by cutting Jim off.  He involved in another hostile act several years ago.  He’s communal and hasn’t turned any money in.  Went to LA to vote without authorization instead of applying for a job.  Anita said walks around in fine clothes and doesn’t do any work.  He said uncle bought his clothes.  He’s 22.  He’s to go to work for Archie.  Goes to [Redwood] Valley Thursday.  Discussion of his sex activities.  Jim said, “I don’t care about his sperm any more than I do a worm.”  He gets a $200 fine.

Martin Amos has improved.

Mark Rose steals lunches, talks back at adults, threw a fit in front of a policeman.  He is a small boy.  He got 5 swats.

Billy Watkins behaves badly at school; asks teacher for extra food.

Avis [Breidenbach]. A Young woman supposed to marry Wesley.  Registered for classes without clearance. Report was erroneous but she talked about going to school.  Jim: Get to work.  He apologized for having her brought up.

Clarence Klingman. Carrying switchblade to school.  He wrote a note saying he had to have it for protection.  Pointed out to him it was a felony to carry such a weapon.  Reported he was going with an outside girl.  He said he found the knife.  The girl set him up.  Clarence has been doing good work in publications.  Jim warns him and all children from having anything to do with outsiders.  Jim directed counselors to look into school situations; gave him mercy.

Report that there is an appalling amount of apathy on the part of students in newspaper distribution.

Woman working on newspaper distribution had a confrontation with Don Jackson. She said she was proud of not being communal.  She has a child who is very uncooperative.  She complained of effect of the organization with regard to children.  Girl, 14 or so, has a nasty attitude.  Reported she eats here though not communal, but she denies this.  She said she didn’t want to go to LA.  She claims she never got any attention to her needs in LA.  She came to SF hoping to get more help.  Report by Frances Johnson stated she wouldn’t cooperate with Council.  She said Council ain’t worth a shit.

Jim: Some of you talk about talk about communalism, you take it when you want it and leave it when you want to.  Jim says she has missed whole message.  We don’t think of what help we need instead to those who need far more than we do.  She doesn’t want to answer questions.  Her account of church attendance very vague.  Jim started to write, was getting revelations which he occasionally gave.  Said she needs to work on her attitude because of some danger he sees.  Marcy appalled at expression on her face.  Jim says to daughter, dull pains she has in head would turn to grave problem without his protection.

As he ended the meeting at about 9.30, Jim said, “I didn’t need what happened today.”  To the congregation he said,  “Don’t let anyone drain your leader.”

He had LA people file past the altar first, then anyone else with a contribution and communal members.

I was downstairs at 10.15.  Those of us living at 1029 Geary waited sometime for the Temple bus, could not get any definitive word about it, so we obtained other transportation from residents who had vehicles of some sort.  I had not seen Bate and was afraid she wasn’t in one of the cars.

Ate a snack and read newspapers.

Bates arrived in about half an hour.  She said the bus did come, with only 3 passengers.  She was looking for me.

I went to bed at 12.00.


8 November – 1976 – Monday
I spent the day making connections of the print outs of the Schuman and Milan contracts. Had to print out at the machine several pages of Schulman’s work and was late in getting away fro lunch.

I ate at my desk, then when I was through went over to Jefco, a discount store, to look at table radios.  My own is not working satisfactorily at all, particularly with FM stations and I am planning to spend some of my refunded cleaning deposit on a new one.  Jefco had a GE model for _____ [blank in Edith’s notes].

Marquita left shortly after noon to spend the afternoon personal business.

Dor did not give me the Milan job until late.  The Table of Contents needed complete revision and Dor began to push.

I wasn’t able to finish before closing time and she insisted on taking it over, although it could easily have been run off on the machine tomorrow morning.

Got home at 5.15.  Did my exercises.

Went down to the Geary bus to the Temple for dinner at 5 minutes before 6.00.  Just ten the Temple bus drove up and parked.  Rheaviana, Agnes and several nurses had come to take the seniors at 1029 to dinner.  I waited in the bus for about half an hour, but the expected 39 people did not come, only 10 or 12, the others had gone up earlier or did not want to come for some reason.  Agnes was quite upset at the complaining of some of them.  Kaye Rosas was the worst and she was going to start writing them up.  Florine Dyson, sitting beside me was very unhappy at being crowded and at having her belongings misplaced when she moved from the Valley,

After eating I came back with Rocki though the bus would later take the others home.  The bus will take people every day from Geary.  Some want to come at lunch time and fold newspapers or cut up vegetables during the afternoon.  I put in for food supplies for Bates and me.

Bates was home.  She went to bed early.

I finished the 1 to 15 November 75 section of my journal.  Read the 16 to 30 November section, from about 8.30 to 11.30.

Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 12.30.


9 November – 1976 – Tuesday
My weight was 138 this morning.  After having lost some after moving, I have been gaining, whether because of too much starch in the Temple meals or eating too much for snacks at night.

My morning’s routine has not developed to a very efficient point, in that I am able to get up at 6.00 wash, dress, make up a lunch and eat breakfast and have time to wash dishes before leaving for work. I try to leave the apartment at 7.35.  I usually got up a little earlier than I do,  for breakfast didn’t have much except some juice and toast and left by 7.15.  I am sometimes held back.  Knew of Bates’ efforts to exercise.  I have trouble hearing her in another room, as I have the radio on.

Had a light day.  Did a few memos for Maggie in the morning.  In the afternoon at the end of the day I had some small changes to reenter on the computer on a contract on ____.

At lunchtime I saw the third film in the American Enterprise series, “Innovation.”  It dealt with American inventiveness and such discoveries as the interchangeability of machine parts and the assembly line and wound up with the coming of the computers.  I ate my lunch in the assembly room.

Marquita had spent part of her time off putting in applications for another job.  She says she hates this one as much as ever and is still very antagonistic to Dor.  Her brother is leaving to attend Chico State in February and she and Denise Price, a secretary at the office who came about the same time as Marquita, are planning to share an apartment in Walnut Creek in Concord.

I saw Misty Boute at the church on Sunday.  I haven’t noticed her for a long time.  She had begun pre-legal courses in college but said she had to drop out.  Now wants advice on finding a para-legal job.   I spent time going through the want ads in the Sunday paper and listing agencies which might have such positions. Also listing for Marquita those having secretarial [positions, as she wants a second job over the Christmas Holidays.

When I got home I exercised, changed clothes.  I took the Muni to the Temple where I got dinner.  Had expected a communal meeting but one was not held.  Instead all were expected to write letters.  I told one woman I would help her.

I put my needs in , then went to the Gold Room where Barbara Walker was in charge of letter writing.  We had to write a letter to the Civil Aeronautical Board recommending that all smoking be banned on airplanes.  ____ __ __ ___    Eunice [Unita] Blackwell ___ ___ know about that___ ___ ___ was very eager to get home and be prepared to go with Rocki when she was leaving when the woman who had first spoken to me appeared.  She had been packing up her personal needs and now wanted help to write her letter.  I asked several people if they cold help her and was refused, so I stayed and wrote a draft letter for her.

Though the bus should have been available to take Geary people home, nothing definite could be learned about it, so I went home on Muni with Dorothy Brewer, Hazel Dashiell and Love Life.

I had not seen Bates at the Temple and she was not home.  I had an apple and set up my typing when she arrived.  She had arrived late are the Temple, written her letter and picked up her needs.  She went to bed.

I typed from about 9.00 to 11.00, finishing up 4 pages.

Ate some toast and jam.

Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed about 1.00  but I was so tired I didn’t go to sleep for an hour or so.


10 November – 1976 – Wednesday
Had another light day.

Made journal entries.

At noon after eating my lunch, I went to the Bechtel Employees’ Club open house.  The purpose was to acquaint employees with the activities the club sponsors.  Coffee and cookies were offered.

I phoned the Toronto Dominion Bank and changed my address.  I also called the Motor Vehicle Department so as to change my address on my driver’s license but they will send me a form to fill out.

For a long time I have had a $5.09 discrepancy in my bank balance.  I went over old bank statements to see if I could find the source of the error.  It seems to have originated when I lost my check register at the time Beulah and I had our purses stolen last March (check date) I have failed to account for a check which had not been checked for as long time.

In the late afternoon I was given a case argument which was on Mag Card to feed into the ATS. It was work from Mary Cavolina and her secretary.  John Foster wanted to clear his cards, so I was putting the agreement into storage.  I had to add cards on the machine.  I finished except for a page or two.  Turned it over to Dor to finish if she cared to.

I lay down for an hour.

I ate some of the lamb stew Bates had made.

Took Muni to the Temple.

Arrived at Temple at 7.40.

Rides were just being arranged.



Jim on podium at 8.35.

Penny, while somebody paying no attention, she and another woman chased a white man in U-Rental.  Man worked for US Air Force.  Worked under Senator Stennis TDA from Air Force.

___ on borders of Guyana, interested in our radio, contact with our p.l. ____ rep to Pres. from Biloxi to pursue Msr. Wright.  Jim gathered information and will release it.  Probably intended assassinate her .  Means Army and Air Force about to take over.  Tapping radio. 180 men assigned to their division.  Several areas under their jurisdiction. You owe your life to Penny. Jerome Simon rolled reading karate. White man behind our building ought to seem strange.

[Page unreadable]

Nobody coming Friday except Jim. Think of the prep.  Pressure on me not to come  We are against ___ of South Africa and against B of A and others who deal with them.  We are not going to the p.l. with a bunch of cowards.  Jim inveighed against those who couldn’t take a little needle, can’t eat certain things and such.  It’s all in your mind.  Who is your doctor?  Who is the great Physician?  You don’t need codeine for menstruation.   Constipated?  Stick your finger up your ass.  Push it lose.  You’re too damned self-centered  A man going to be shot in Utah on Monday because hes poor and tired of  because he’s poor and tired of ____–___ ___ over a little bit of blood.  Who cant cre for their woman when she’s bleeding.  They’re weird. ___ ___ ___ __ ____ __ ___ ___ ____

Some within church didn’t to talk to woman. If you want to get to the p.l. that badly, you don’t deserve to go.

The same communists group been involved in Brazil. People annihilated. Stennis head of Internal security commission which are responsible only to Senator Stennis and he talks only to  the President now.”  They would have tried __ ___ ___  they wouldn’t have had so many would have ___ ___ her to E. ___ Jim deposited the information with somebody high in case anything happened to me.

Everybody must have a project such as pamphleting (he has said this for several offerings) by revelation.

Jim: I’ll always be in a fight while I’m here.  I have to stand up for what I believe.

Goodlett said: Leave this alone and pray that Stennis will die.  He one of our better friends until it gets too hot.  One socialist author has been pursued by the FBI and everybody pulls out except me.  Goodlett going to print story without names.  Story going to be simultaneously released to news media.

Jim watching for treason.  Didn’t mess with somebody who dies daily.  That’s a mean sucker.  Take particular note of those at back rows.

Commendations: Judy Merriam. Flu clinic, etc.  Tommy Ijames (Moore), picking up grapes.  Tony Walker works hard on work crew.  Barbara Farrell, volunteers for phones.  Renee Gieg taking a nursing program, decided not to bring another child into world  Maya Ijames highest in reading in her class.  Pauline Groot working two jobs, one as nurses aide and second in tutorial.

Jim took his protection from someone.  Let them die, crossed the line too often.

Danny Curtain, MaryAnne Cassanova, Jimmy Gill, Greg Watkins, Joe Wilson, Shirley Kelly, Rory Bargeman, Stanley Clayton, Eugenia Gerhardt, Stella Railback.

I hope you detect in me an attitude that I am not playing around.

Betty Jean Gill.  School problems before Council several times.  Stealing. Missed church Sunday night.  With Michael Young.  How far have you related? She throws away panties instead of washing them.  She gave little girl panties with blood on them.  Jim says Betty a willful liar.  Grandmother says she leaves panties for 3 weeks without washing.  Michael looking for sex with her.  He thought she is easy.  She names others with whom she has had sex play.  Don Clayton.  Jim on woman jacking off brothers.  The least he could do is put his tongue there.  Chris Cordell confessed.  She didn’t tell on white brothers.  She admits she likes white brothers best.  Aunt Bessie Johnson told her black brothers would leave her for a fool and white ones wouldn’t.  Bessie denied she said that.  Her mother’s white.  Jim can understand that. Chris said she not very interested in church.  Betty says she is spoiled by so-called family.  Jim asked how many black women think black men more likely to desert the woman than white men.  Jim: that’s a lie.  Betty made some advances in truth telling.  Jim advised them to support each other, trial case with out sex, see how it works.  Betty says she thought Michael liked her but she says she sees he doesn’t.

Jim warns of gonorrhea resistant to penicillin now.

Michael totaled a door with a car the other night.  His mom’s insurance will cover it but her insurance rate will come up.

Punishment given.

Jimmy Gill.  Doesn’t watch his appearance.  Leaves his room a mess.  Wearing a skirt to accompany his heels.  He is a young man who thinks he is a girl.  Vern Gosney says he is a slob.  God has trapped you in a male body.  You carry the weight of transsexual oppressed people.  You many not like to carry that weight any more than I like carrying the freedom of black and Indian people.  Jim wants to change his name to Janey. “Janey it will be and she.”  She gets everything mixed up in kitchen.  Vern reports she’s been cutting her arm, suicide attempt.  Jim counsels her: don’t give honkey the satisfaction you quit fighting.  She’s going to have an operation.

Danny Curtain.  Can’t be counted on for work.  Lee Ingram said he didn’t find him at work nor in service on weekend.  He has a reputation of not finishing a job.

Says he can’t find his wife.  She stayed home.  They don’t get along.  Lee inquires whether his lack of dedication the reason.  Says he’ll give his schedule to Jack [Beam].  Jim: He let Temple know of a plot against socialists.  Must take responsibility.

Joe Wilson. Reported very untouchable. Hard to work with.  There was a spy here on Sunday and Joe told him how to sell food stamps which is illegal.  Jim: we need black responsible leadership.

Stella Railback said she wasn’t going to LA again because she was asked to move back though two other people got her sent though not crippled.  Jim inquired why she went to LA only once.   She in 70’s, daughter Mae retarded.  She is missing a box of clothes.  Jim: the hostess has to have responsibility fro assigning seats.  Jim emphasizes the necessity of having order. She is wrong not to follow instructions.  She is to raise $2 pamphleting.  She is upset over loss of TV set and rocking chair for daughter.

We have 700 people in communes.

Florine Dyson. Her clothes lost.

Jean Gernendt. Refuses ride to others in commune. Husband gives her extra food she doesn’t share.  Report she very sharp with people at vitamin side.   When her purse snatched she made offensive remarks about black people. Someone said she consistently didn’t share a car.  Bates states her selfishness after a remark she made about a black nigger bitch.  Jim says she works hard, turned over property.  She to correct both the project and sharing the car.

MaryAnne Casanova wants privilege to her children and even brags about tit.  Contradictory feeling about doctor.  Clancey says she compared doctor she works far too persons in the cause. Dorothy Brewer says MaryAnne found she was going to be let go and didn’t tell her.  This matter has been counseled.

Greg Watkins.  Jim got him out of jail.  The attorneys of his case when his existence was threatened and got them on Greg’s case.  He not  ___ __ wanted a night off.  Told others ___ until Council got around.  Irra says he very lazy in the kitchen.  Ruby Carroll says he avoids heavy work, doesn’t show up.  Jim perceives he has a relationship with Erin LeRoy.  ___ His girlfriend very passive.  Jim: your passive female destroy your companion. If she won’t stand up to you, she won’t stand up against another man who wants to get into her pants.

LC Mitchell.  Completely  left garage and all responsibility there.  Not scheduled in security any more. ___ ____ Any uncooperative attitude about going communal, about garage or about security ___ perform in all respects…  tell wife.  to be brought up before government body Saturday meeting to see ___ attitude.

Stanley Clayton.  Inexperienced and lazy.  Sleep in daytime. Been up more times. His uncle Huey Newton. Jack says he “fucked us around awful when that ___here.”   He’s been smoking.  Jim says last time up here or else its goodbye.  He says he’ll pamphlet $20 by Wednesday.

Jim Arthur [Jimbo] Jones late to school.  Monday Jim saw him. He’s good, stays with Ray [Jones].

Julie Runnels has tantrums in school.  Wants her own way.  Each child spanked.

DeeDee Lawrence. Attitude in school poor, grades low.  She gets 10 swats.

Paul Pettit.  Sent to principal in school

Sent to see Social Worker. He told Social Worker about Temple.  We don’t know what else he told her about the church. Janet Shular, his house mother, is going receive visit from social worker; his other mother Anita left us.

__ ___ ___  cocky attitude getting unbearable.  He says he copies his mother’s attitude ___ reflected on Council.  ____ what hes done to get a jacket?

Ellie Beam.  She stayed out of service,  made nasty remarks to workers she took money from dish again and again, bought things for herself and friends. Took hundreds of dollars. Got codeine from a doctor  Jack, Rheaviana and Joyce are watching her.  She gives feeble excuses for not helping with ___ ___ she going to be first to jail_ ___ to know what penalty __ ___ gifts from her ___ going to ___ has names taken.,  They will suffer separately.

Dr. Johnson’s watch is missing. Who were in his house    Jim said for Wesley Tell.  So, Jim questioned all adults and children who were there.  He’s a prober.  No one here did it.  But will pay for watch since our people were there.

Karen Carr.  Difficult to deal with in commune.  Want her moved.

David Goodwin won’t follow rules.  Both work all night and all day tomorrow and get 10 whacks.

Barbara Walker missed security shift.  Work all night, sleep an hour, work all day, rest another hour and work again all night.

Rules concerning children in each commune.  All children must be out of central commune by 8.00. Adults will be responsible, not children.  Specific adults will be in charge of children each night in each commune.

Discussion about use of space for children’s program and for candy making which brings in $1500 a month.  Pat Grunnet and Pat Hess primary participants.  35 little children.  They decided to have committee meeting in Gold Room and resolve the problems.

Jimmy Inghram speaking negative attitude. Visiting relatives.  Vera Biddulph.  Took his daughter to relatives.  His brother was warned, didn’t like the warning, is paralyzed.  Eva says she gets presents from them/

Ellen (Martha) Klingman.  Mike Klingman.  Marital difficulties. Jim was mentioned as having commented on his sexual performance.  Jim says: how did you get me in this?  I can go into anything with the universal mind but when it comes to fucking, I stay home.  Jim questioned Martha as to what she wants.  He showed that all men want to fuck and leave.  Claire reprimands Martha for not being content without a sexual relationship, have a working relationship with companion for the cause.  Jim says he’d rather fuck her than tell.

Jim was angry.  I don’t get to do the one thing I do like and have to listen to this.  He spoke of women who had no companion, have to rear their children alone, how do you have the nerve to bring this up tonight?  He chastened her for running down Mike in front of the children.  Claire, Marie Lawrence and others spoke of the way he cares for her children and how well the children are turning out.  Jim: how many sisters out there had to raise their children alone.  How many sisters were deserted by their husbands?

Martha was advised to make herself admired for her work in the accounting department.

After a brief meditation period Jim dismissed the meeting at 3.00.

It had been announced that a bus would be at the front of the Temple to take the residents of 1029 Geary.  But it did not come after some time, so Bates and I went home with Rocki.  We got home at 3.50.

I told Bates I was going to call in sick tomorrow at 8.00 as I didn’t feel well enough to work after two hours of sleep.

I read until 5.00 when I went to bed.


11 November – 1976 – Thursday
I vaguely heard Bates this morning before he left.

I slept until 8.00.  Then I went downstairs and phoned the office, telling Dor I didn’t feel very well and was going to stay home.

I slept until 11.00.

Ate an orange, eggs and toast.  Washed dishes.

At noon food was brought to the residents.  I ate the soup, potatoes, and green beans.  I sent back the sandwich which was made with white bread.

Surplus towels I had I took to Brother and Sister Mercer because I had heard they did not have enough and to Rocki who had told me some of her people needed them.

Walked on Polk Street, en route to Market, then took the Muni to Consumers Distributors, where I bought a Panasonic table radio. Then went to the Emporium to go to the bathroom.  I bought rubber gloves at Woolworth’s.

Bought tomatoes and grapes at the Hyde Street Store.

Went to the Temple for dinner.

I took my security shift on the door as no relief arrived for me.  At 8.00 I sent someone with a note to Ronnie James, the security officers in charge asking for someone to replace me and for a ride home.  Ronnie asked Tyrone Duncan, who was also finishing his shift at the back door, to take me home.

Bates didn’t come home.

I did personal chores and washed my hair.  Did not finish until after 11.00.

Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 12.00.


12 November – 1976 – Friday
Bought some ointment for hemorrhoids which had been bothering me.

Put in my time card.

Finished playing out the Cavolina contract from John’s MagCards, putting it into the computer for storage.  Shortly afterwards, John came in to say the document could be deleted as they had just received notice the agreement had been signed.

Worked in the afternoon on a contract for John Miclu, making revisions on ATS.  Was not quite through at the end of the day and Dor said she would finish it and order

At home I finished packing. about 6.00 I took my suitcase and paper bag of belongings down to Rocki’s apartment hoping she would take them to the Temple but she and all the other residents had gone already. I saw Chris Kice who was going on the bus.

I ate the rest of Bates’ lamb stew.  Made sandwiches for newspapers and Bates washed dishes.  Dressed. My hemorrhoids had been giving me trouble and I was feeling quite badly, but I looked on Jim’s picture and called his name and I felt much better. I was able to get through the whole evening satisfactorily.

Took the Geary bus about 7.00 and transferred to the Fillmore bus, carrying my belongings for the LA trip, as I didn’t have time to stop and leave them at the Temple.

The meeting was in support of South African liberation.  It was sponsored by the Socialist Labor Party and several black organization in addition to Peoples Temple.  Cecil Williams and Willie Brown were not there.  Security was handled by the Temple.  The hall was filled, mostly by Temple people and the walls were also lined.  I finally found a seat by asking a child to get up.

There were several speakers including one from Zimbabwe Guerrilla Army, a well-educated man.

Jim was the last speaker.  He gave a roaring attack on the imperialist rulers of the countries in Southern Africa and their Western backers, who prevented the people from governing themselves.

The meeting ended about 9.30.

We got back to the Temple at 9.50.

I found Bates and gave her the food that I had prepared for her.  She said she had told me she wouldn’t be home last night.

As Bro. Tommy Keaton was getting rides, Jim came in at 10.15.

Jim said enjoy yourselves tonight because you will   ___ ___yourself  tonight and you may not like it.  What he said going out on the air, Chris and Eva taking notes. Saw selfishness in our own children.  You can’t remain silent.  ___ the opportunity. Not going resist saying the _____ damn corporations rule the whole world.  We’ve got some of the most self-centered  people.  We had a threat of bombing.  A threat of shooting.  Cecil Williams wouldn’t be searched and didn’t go in.  Waiting till Cecil Williams, unless you get yourself under control the next time you have a ___ we will be there.

Jim read responses to the ___ ___ ____ ____ …

… Jim said: if they don’ take messages and don’t come to church; take them off list.  ___ with a ____ house says she has no money.  I don’t call her a liar.  I call her a dirty liar.  Some can’t go to LA because they work.  I want to see a statement from your boss that you have to work Saturday and Sunday.  I got so mad if I had a machine gun I could have wiped out half of this church.

He spoke of everybody protecting their own little department.  We don’t have one church.  We have many churches in one building.  They’ll lie to the leader.

Those of you who won’t come to church won’t pay commitment, won’t go communally, won’t share their home, they are draining my blood.  You did it.

On security.  You push yourself, short.  It’s ego.  Don’t you shove my people, don’t do it for me.

Some want one to attain high office.  Carter is a damned source of concern.  He is not going to save our people.  He’s going to lead us to hell.

Someone says in p.l. come when you please. Someone says white children on buses nicer to her than black children.  Another: white people always good to her. Well kiss my ass.

Little town of Mendocino being taken over by rich white man, change whole atmosphere. Some of you won’t go to LA because some of my relatives don’t go.  I got some half-assed relatives, nothing to do with your commitment.

Don’t understand why you’re so preoccupied with your body.  You always have symptoms.

Some of you don’t like Penny.  She chased that man. Didn’t think about he might have a gun, she took his line.  Father’s gift got into action had rental car came all the way from Biloxi.  If it hadn’t been for Penny, this little body from Mississippi would have been used ____ Said lay off; you’re monkeying with too much power.

He vividly portrayed difference between being frightened and not  Can’t keep you alive if you put your husband between yourself and your father and his children.

Jim had distributed pieces of paper, each one to write: (1) their greatest ambition, (2) what you honestly think of your relatives.

Jim took the offering.

Erma Winfrey takes in $100 to $200 every week pamphleting.  Jim said she saw her former leader blown up and was frightened. Had the courage to follow another “leader” like that.

Jim had extension put on telephone so he could call Cecil Williams as he had said he would.  Person who answered phone said he was at Connie’s Restaurant.  Cecil not there but Connie invited him to dinner. Ten of them.  He chose 9 top pamphleters.  She was about to go under and Jim helped her.  She had had black groups there.  No one else helped her. Called the Scene not there.  On way home.  Jim left number.

Number of children called on floor. Names taken for bad behavior at rally. Mar,  McCoy-Dennis [aka Leandra Dennis], Tyrone Cartmell, Jim Arthur [Jimbo] Jones, Hassan Smith, Gerras Brown, McCoy girl [prob Patty McCoy] again, Erin Johnson, Arroya Rodriguez, Jemal Patterson, Wayne McCall, Dana Griffith (got 8 for not coming down)-, Angel Casanova, Darius Wheeler, Geoffrey Smith, Stephanie Swaney, Sophia Casanova, Todd Klingman, Clarence Klingman, older ones got 7 to others, 5.  2 other Smith boys, Krista Smith, Mark Rose, Will Gallie, April Klingman, Tad Schroeder, Clark Grubbs, Wayne McCall (second time–consistently in trouble).

After a brief meditation service, the meeting was dismissed about 12.30.

I went to bus 9 and only got a seat towards the front with Lisa Layton.


13 November – 1976 – Saturday
After the rest stop I slept well until the break at Buttonwillow at 10.15 where we had an hour, though I thought we would only have 15 minutes.  I ran, brushed my teeth, ate food I had brought.  The day was lovely.  I missed my watch which I had had on at the last stop.  I may have taken it off when I washed.  Bates let me wear hers.  Bates told me she had gone to the hospital (Fort Meyers) to see the doctor and was late so went back to the laundry to sleep.  She said she had told me but I had not heard her.

I read the Friday paper then slept until we got to LA about 2.00.  Felt very well and the hemorrhoids were giving me no trouble.

Service was in progress when I got in the auditorium about 3.00.

Names of volunteers were taken to attend a City Council meeting on Monday dealing with rehabilitation money in which our district may share.

Hue Fortson took the offering during which Jim came in at 3.30.

Jim reviewed Danny Curtain’s saved from car falling on him.  Stayed out of service.  Only reason he was saved was that he reported Highway Patrol plot.

Glad for those who weren’t said to go to last night’s protest.  Exam report was affirmative. Spoke of radical coalition.  Rev Jones blamed “corporate elite.”  Only person who looked bad was Willie Brown for not showing up.  Three different socialist newspapers writing us up.  Some didn’t want to hear religious leaders, started to go out, came back when they heard him.  He spoke to those who had been afraid to go or opposed his going.  Christ was a revolutionary leader.

Reason for delay.  Tried to poison one of my sons.  Didn’t discourage me. “You cannot deter me, discourage me. The more you try, I’ll go and to build a revolutionary elite.  I have no Achilles heel.  I’m talking about cutting your damned throat.”

He told of plot against a little black woman. Mayor of ____x [blank left by Edith], Mississippi.  Warned the way that he knew all about the plot.  ___ __ spies in and you can’t stop the rest; it has too many tongues.

Jim took another offering. During this he warned the opposition not to fool with him. He reviewed the time when the LA police harassed our congregation and arrested Brothers Jackson Brown, and Prokes and how he released them.


New members admitted.

Asked for people to share their homes tonight.

Meeting was dismissed about 6.00 o’clock.

I had seen Beulah and found her after the meeting.  She wanted me to go home with her and so I told Bates that I wouldn’t be taking advantage of her offer to go with her.

When housing was being sought, the response was so poor that Jim ordered the doors closed until people who needed a place to stay were taken care of.  Beulah had a ride home and we left right away.  I inquired why Earlene Watkins was not going with us.  Beulah told me she finally had had enough from Earlene with her negativity not only do the children hate her, because she’s after them all the time.  But her complaints about communal living had reached some cousins of Beulah who have a good income and were on the verge of coming into a commune.  They told Beulah they had changed their minds.

Beulah said that when Father had expressed himself on the subject of people moving to Oakland, Pittsburg and so on. Instead of San Francisco, she had changed her plans, unpacked and was now hunting for a place to rent in San Francisco.  She had no intention of putting herself beyond Jim’s protection, although the others were moving to Pittsburg had gone ahead with their plans.

I had stood so much during the service that I was again suffering from my hemorrhoids.  I put some salve on and at bedtime asked for a couple of aspirin from Beulah.

We had chicken, canned peas and toast for dinner. I had a banana.

I read American Radicalism for a while, but can’t stay awake very long.  Went to bed about 10.00.


14 November – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 7.30.

We had egg, bacon, and toast for breakfast.

Geneva Harvey took us to the service.  Geneva showed me her passport.

Arrived about 11.30 as offering being taken.  I assigned to another than usual posted.

After a couple of rousing songs, another offering was taken.  Person at post I was occupying came in. So I sat down, glad to be relieved as hemorrhoids giving me trouble.

After another song, another offering was taken, by Rick Cordell, in effort to get what was necessary.

Ministers on platform, besides Rick, were CJ Jackson, Norman Ijames, Johnny Brown, and Harold Cordell.

Jim came on podium at 12.30 while Rick was taking offering.

Choir sang one song.  Jim said effort to get offering intense but not successful.  Plains, Georgia, church voted today to admit all those who worship Jesus Christ.  System established to decide who should.  De Clerk who supported freedom in South Africa manhandled by a movement.  Don’t believe anything good can come out of West Christian capitalist civilization.  97% of blacks supported Carter with out any demands but learn he was Baptist.  Rides to have Cleveland Jackson represent blacks on Housing Commission.  She says: “Why go to their churches when we don’t have our own churches?”  Remind me to do something about her.  Church of Scientology.  Everyone who leaves is fair game.  Their work on Interpol which keeps a pool of all who displease them.  What I try to get over to you that they were threatening system.  Some of you so oppressed you’ll be in the newspapers.  You’re afraid of your shadow.  We’re going to takeover the NAACP in SF.  We’re going on the offensive.  I don’t expect a good press from the capitalist newspapers.  I don’t give a damn what they say about me.

Newspapers threaten him.  If you do something or other, we’ll shoot you, bomb you.  Can’t do that, then they try to poison my children. They say, the people think he’s Christ.  I know I am Christ.  I’m inspired to Christ living within me.  I’m God, socialism.  If you believe in black liberation, in socialism, you’re welcome here but if you want to shout and know you’ll be healed, then recognize that I am the epicenter of your existence.  Don’t let anyone take that away from you.  I have great power, extra-sensory, extra terrestrial, extra dimensional power.  So if they want to say I am God, why shouldn’t they? Each one can tell another three miracles.

The way to be saved is to give your all.  You destroy yourself if you hang on to everything.  One woman refusing to give her child freedom is going to die.  Worrying about house furniture, car, fur coat. You’re dying little by little.  You don’t want to go communal, you will.  In the graveyard you’re going to be equal.  Sell all, if you will be perfect.  You won’t let anyone sleep in your house.  I’m going to let a fire go through your house.

Jim took offering.  Sister Cunningham at top of list for pamphleting.  Dorothy Worley at number 2.  Both were deathly ill.  Those of you who have never pamphleted are under judgment.

In strongest terms Jim asked for $1000 pledges in 60 days.  Predicted burning to cinders, operation for fatal cancers, brains spattered on dashboard.  if you’re unwilling to do all this, you don’t believe I’m your savior.

Frances Williams, actress, spoke on Paul Robeson.  Spent May Day in Angola when they celebrated visit red Angola and other imperialist of the world.  Told reminiscences of Paul Robeson.  Jackie Robinson, whose salary was paid by Robeson, was selected by House Un-American Activities Committee to put the dagger in Robeson. She showed slides of Paul’s life and activities.  She left 3.15.

Jim read the list of top pamphleters Saturday and Sunday.

Jim: passport taken from Robeson, they could refuse passport again and raise the price to $2500.  Rocks can be thrown again through bus windows.  Nobody protesting today.

Ernest Thomas, Raymond Watson and several others.  Outstanding work in security.

One woman invited a young man into an apostolic home, told him all the residents’ names, showed him the house.  Diarrhea of the mouth is the worst disease I know.  Expected you to write about this incident.  Jim warned against telling outsiders anything about the church, your income, how much you give tot he church.

Mrs. Williams has proof that American Corps gave money to mercenaries to fight in Angola, some our own black people.

Jim warned against inviting relatives to the Temple who have diamonds, fancy furniture, Cadlliacs.  Don’t invite them, they won’t accept us.  They have to suffer.  Then these same people will want to come.  You’ll have to have a cross in their front yard to wake up some of our people.

Jim inveighs against sentimentality about relations.  Your mom and dad don’t think a thing about you when they started you. Instead of loving my father, should have killed him.  Unless your mother and father, brothers and sisters, your children have fought in this cause, you shouldn’t recognize them.  I’m not so heartless as to demand this, but at least you don’t need to tell them anything.  On bringing children in, this is a terrible country.  We have more child abuse than all other countries combined.

Vicki Moore is example.  Her son Tommy found her in bed with a little boy, his brother Jimmy, after telling lies about all family members.

Some of you have helped the criminals in your own family.  Any of you whites who have relatives who won’t come in this church, you know why.  They won’t associate with your black brothers and sisters.  You should break all ties.  If you won’t you have my doubts about you.


Contributions at altar requested.

Jim had Lee Ingram make an announcement. He read a letter to people, mostly communal, it seemed to me, but more for Gary who would have faced some danger. He was advised not to go home after arriving at San Francisco.

Meeting ended at 4.45.

As word was  out to us that the bus would leave in half an hour, there was much pushing and shoving in the food line.

I ate quickly, changed my shoes but not my dress.

On the bus I ate some chicken, bread and a pear which Beulah had given me.

Mary Wotherspoon sat next tome and for the first part of the trip held little Mary, who is six now, on her lap.

The bus offering took about 2 hours as response was poor from our bus and in the remaining hours before we reached Buttonwillow, I didn’t sleep much, as little Mary talked to her mother.

We had about 45 minutes at Buttonwillow.  I brushed my teeth and ran.

Rob Christian came on our bus to take another offering, due to the “lateness of the hour,’ Jim’s phrase.

Mary is still at Fireside Lodge, alone there, she’s not able to get to LA for a long time.  Edith Bogue’s care home for girls is closed and she is at Pugh’s small care residence.  Helen Swinney’s care home is being run by the Sneeds.  Janaros are still at the ranch.  McElvane and the Becks [at Ranch actually] are at the other residence on the church grounds.  No children are in the Valley any more.

I slept well until we reached the second stop.  Got off and ran there.  I had taken some aspirin during the service and then some more at Buttonwillow, felt alright.

Our bus had a small fire in the emergency brake just after we started, but after it was put out, we caught up with the other buses.

Jim requested another offering; our bus was lowest of all, so the workers had to come back for more.  I got very little more sleep.

We arrived in SF at 3.30.  Residents at Geary were taken home but we did not arrive until 4.30.

Bates and I went to bed again.


15 November – 1976 – Monday
Marc on time today.  She told Dor she “would try it.”  She told me she still intends to leave in February.

I was quite busy all day.  In the morning I worked on the Litigation Report Dor and the Computer Center had worked in the send sort commands.  These made necessary a change in the format and shortening, paragraphing lines in the afternoon I worked on a letter for computer services called “software.”

I had a great deal of pain from hemorrhoids all day.  Used ointment purchased at the pharmacy and aspirin.

The day was foggy and cool.  I ate inside.

At home I exercised.

Went to the Temple with Dorothy Brewer.  She got a job at Wells Fargo where she used to work.  We had a problem finding a way home.  Dorothy driving a Temple car and took a team of us to their district office for the Temple Project.

I got home about 7.30.  Ate some grapes.  Bates was home making candy.  I told her the rumor I had heard that we were to be moved from 1029 Geary.  Like me, she was upset.

I typed from 8.30 to 11.30, completing 6 pages.  Bates interrupted me once and I asked her not to.

Bates went to bed.

We had a visit from Johnny Brown.  He warned us we might be questioned by snoopers from welfare.  We were not to give any information and were to get in touch with the Temple.

I read Freedom at Midnight for an hour.

Went to bed at 12.30.  I was suffering a good deal of pain.

Judy Merriam came around with a telephone message: some of the faithful had not turned in their money.  Any who had bank accounts and so on were to see Maria at once.


16 November – 1976 – Tuesday
We all had a busy day.  I spent most of the day on Cavalina’s agreement for software.  I printed it out from MagCards on the ATS machine.

I still had pain from the hemorrhoids.  Took some aspirin and felt better in the afternoon.

Dor, Marquita and I met with Betty at 11.00.  We had very little to discuss.  Dor remarked not for the first time, that I was slow on the computer which will probably not help me with Betty.

At lunchtime I saw the next installment in the American Enterprise film series, “Organization.”  Much of it was on the advantages of American business organization.  I was late, as I couldn’t get away from the computer on time.

Dor encouraged by Marquita, is trying to cut down on smoking.  Dor says smoking is against her principles but she really thinks she took up smoking for laudable reasons, in the first instance because the family was so poor she smoked in order to save food for her child, in the second to be companionable to her husband to hold their marriage together.

I called Lor to give her new apartment phone number and let her know that I was doing well in my new residence.  All the girls will be home for Christmas.  She may go to Moss Landing on the Friday after Thanksgiving; if not, I may go over to see her.

At home I exercised, dressed.

Took the bus to the Temple.


Put my needs in.

Bates was there.

House meeting at 7.30.

Arrangements by Jack Beam how to submit needs lists.  Temple won’t pay for traffic tickets.  They come out of your allowance.  All communes must have fire watch all night every night.  Norman Ijames ___ __ __ meeting __ ___ commune must get all prescriptions for everyone ___ take you must ___  ___

Poncho, nickname of Gary Johnson, ___ though asked to be quiet more than once.  ___ ___ of rudeness and laziness.  Didn’t go to LA.  He says he fell asleep in a car.  Laurie Efrein says he walked with her to Sutter Street half an hour before busses pulled out. Penalty: work for Jack 3 months.

Era Moses.  What did you say to the social security when you answered the phone at your commune?  Jim: I know already what you said. She told  ___ ___ tell them to find you better nursing;   too many steps to climb. A whole list of people asked questions on telephone Jim says he’s monitoring phone,  also has people inside social security.

Flora Sanders.  She says she called them.  Played the record of her replies to the inquirer’s questions.  How many people in apartment?  Your own room?  How do you receive your money?  When do you cash your check? Jim says only thing that concerns social security is that People Temple people are getting more than any others can afford after their checks

__ __ their fears that their checks will be cut off. Several other people talking too much to others who talked too much.  DePina, Etta Thompson, Millie Cunningham, Joyce Rozynko among others.  If your family criticizes communal living, they can break relations with us.  (Say good-bye)  Says we not making anything as communalism.

Another young man up for bad attitude.  Lue Ester’s son, 15, Keith. He is insolent.  He got inside with tape recorder.  He told people it was for choir equipment.  Said he wants to live with mother.  Nurse reports of his bad attitude.  Jim says we’re giving too much negative attention to troublesome people; that’s what they want.  Give them their penalty.  He’s to work all night. Hot work.  Clean out buses.

Gabriel Martin.  Shoplifting.  Staying out of school.  Mother backs up that nurse and doctor that he has a sore throat, must stay home from school.  Jim says child who claims to be sick in school will get examined by our nurse.  If you don’t pass our test, you’ll be on the floor and if you’re not sick you will be.

Billy Jones.  Obnoxious; can’t be found to work. TV on.

Two other young brothers on floor for noise in lobby. Jerome Simon was on security wrapped in blanket___ karate when white man was spying on Mrs. Wright.  Discipline. Night work raise $20 by second Wednesday.

The meeting was over at 10.30.

I turned in a report on Tyrone Duncan’s behavior last Thursday.

Residents at 1029 Geary were taken home on a Temple bus.

I read and went to bed at 12.00.


17 November – 1976 – Wednesday
Continued work on one of Litigation Reports, rearranging lines.

Spent a little time on journal entries.

Dor forgot about her non-smoking intention, which came to nothing.  She says such a resolve must depend completely on her own motivation; the urging of other people does no good.  It is obvious she has little motivation.

At lunchtime I saw a video tape fill, “The Age of Contradiction,” on the arts in the 18th and 19th centuries in England, made at Sacramento State University.  I ate my lunch in the assembly room.  I had brought a salami sandwich which Bates brought from LA.

Dor, Marquita and I had an hour’s meeting with Sue Wintersteen of Data Processing.  She has devised a smart command which will enable us to produce the data wanted by management for the Litigation reports.  I understand very little of the technicalities.

I left at 3.30 for my appointment at Kaiser with Dr. Hotchkiss at 4.15.  He was glad the facial twitch had gone, was inclined to give the credit to vitamins.  I still have some infection in my nose and he gave me another prescription for erythromycin.  I got another injection; had forgotten last week’s.

When I got home I slept from 5.30 to 6.30.

Bates came home, went on to the Temple.  I told her to ask Helen to save me a seat.

I ate my soft-boiled egg, some leftover corn bread and an apple.

Dressed and gathered together what I was taking to the Temple.

Doreen Greaves came by for me at 7.35.  Chris Kice, who had been going late because she had to study, had decided not to go.  Dorothy and I took the bus.

We came into the meeting at 8.00.  I gave Debbie Schroeder the magazines I had collected at work today for the children.  CJ was taking an offering.

Dale Parks, after a song, took another offering,

Dave Garrison asked for contributions of food for the weekend.

Johnny Brown took another offering, emphasizing that the congregation not wait until Jim came out before they did what they should do.

Frances Johnson made an announcement concerning the penalties expected from those who had been on the floor for discipline.  Few had paid them.

Various persons about various services and meetings made announcements.  Flu shots on Friday, program for children 9 to 14 on Friday, senior captains with general security meeting on Friday, fire security meeting, health group meeting, meeting of workers on flu shots program.

Wesley announced formation of Toyota club.  People who pledge to make $50 a month above commitment for the purchase of a Toyota a month, as Father read we needed 10 or 12 Toyotas in the p.l.  Etta Thompson explained project.

Three-year-old black child held by Julie Cordell to the microphone sang in Spanish and English, “We Shall Overcome.”

After congregation singing, Dale Parks endeavored to get the budget up to what it should be.

Jim came in while Dale was finishing the offering at about 9.50.  Helen told me he had spoken.

Jim spoke on maintaining a tight-knit organization.  You don’t’ appreciate what he can do until you need me to get you out of trouble.

Jim on talking too much on social security.  Still goes on.  Robert Johnson. He said the lady asked him how much rent he paid. He didn’t think.  Jim said some of you are afraid of your shadow. You tremble when you hear a white voice.  God didn’t come to white people, he came to you.  Jim revealed the call to Brother Johnson was a test.  Jim: Social security is upset because I give so many services that other recipients don’t get.  Sister Nichols didn’t give information but she said the situation was too ticklish ___ __ wasn’t real either.

IF entering surgery, don’t tell doctor you have to check with your pastor, but do check.  Don’t let doctor experiment with ou .  Don’t take drugs which do more harm than the disease.  We arrange our diseases.  If you have to listen to those who scream, jog to get rid of your tensions.  The subconscious mind is not very discerning. You need rest, so you get cancer.  You start being sorry for yourself; you’ll have sickness, accidents.  If you just relax and think on father you will go through.

Keep racket down around offices.

Jim entreats Mr. Wright and Mrs. X [Edith’s blank] in LA:  “I turned her off when she said she was going to opera, told Paul Robeson he had to dress for the opera. She goes to church in LA.”

We have to get rid of people who are playing around, won’t work.

Quit bothering Maria after hours.  Jim gave instructions on how to handle any suspicious events.

Only line quoted by Jim “South Africa is a colony of the corporate elite,”  on Friday.

Former CIA man (Philip Agee) being harassed while traveling.

Newspapers not getting out fast enough only way to get the truth out.

Observing housing of seniors. Some are sloppy.  Lisa Layton’s commune shows excellent housekeeping.  He wants members to impress others.  I want you to live in pleasant surroundings.

Jim: on handling money give only to Rose.  Someone stealing.  Better tell if you have stolen anything from a brother or sister in this cause.  Something dreadful.

Scientology legal stuff exposed Interpol  run by ex-Nazis. “Fair game” if you leave their church several their people disappeared. Still functioning so you don’t have to worry.

Jim gave list of people who did well in the test today.

Paulette Jackson.  This man you’re associating with.  Jerry Wilson.  Saying takes you out to dinner.  Jerry is a brother. Reported he said he could get pussy whenever. Her packet of change money came back $40 short.  Man said he bought clothes for her.  Jim spoke on how worthless are men outside.  Some of you fool around with Muslim men.  Muslim woman don’t do this.  You can destroy us; we haven’t come to this, but if you have to do it, come up with some scheme that will pay. Paulette gave him the communal number.  He came three times to church.  “You can’t think what effect you might have had on him if you had represented socialism instead of sex.”  Lee Ingram wanted to know why CJ went to Paulette’s job to bother her when he could have been looking for a job.

Eva Pugh going to take over finances in the p.l.

CJ made a nuisance of himself. He says first he knew of it definitely.  CJ’s ego was involved.  Paulette offered to work tonight, paper every day in free time.  Relations with this man must stop.  Jim’s advice: you can be a good mama and help control.  Don’t let them become too cocksure.

CJ says he a bigger fool.  He wants more penalty.  Jim says the same.

Tyrone Cartmell has changed remarkably.

Tobi Stone was fire-watching, saw a fire down the street, called the fire department and saved lives.

Newanda Darnes gave good service to seniors on bus.  Rubbed their feet every two hours.

A number of young people caused trouble on the bus on LA weekend.  Worse ones got 10, others 5 whacks.  Jim Arthur [Jimbo] Jones got 12 as he was up recently.  Arnita Smith got 3 extra.

Peter Wotherspoon is an excellent tutor.  Terry Carter came to parent teacher conference with 6 children, without clearance.  Penny says children fighting in his room, bring the children to school. Given 30 whacks. You should be perfect in the handling of children in view of your previous record.

Young people, who not deliver newspapers correctly, work the entire night.

Young people out in parking lot while Father meditating.

These young people did not go to LA on weekend.

All spanked.

Wanda Love sleeps during the day, called a sister a white whore, has a smart mouth.  Wanda said by Jack Beam to work hard in the shop.  Nancy Sines the white woman called her a “girl” which is offensive.  He’s been late, both dismissed.

Arrangements for Thanksgiving discussed.

Volunteers to work on Christmas toys. People who have child and don’t pamphlet will be knocked from the Christmas list.

Extremely good work so name not mentioned. Said she didn’t have any use for a person who was white.  Jim: don’t talk in that way to my white niggers.

Ricardo Arterberry showed much improvement.

Lisa Gibson responsible worker but parent not giving the children support.

Ed Crenshaw good when in garage.

Chris Kice good attitude helping others, drives to Santa Rosa doing well in nursing school.

Mike Simon learning medical techniques.

Silversteen Lenard healed of long standing ailment during meditation period.

Jim made another effort to bring the offering to satisfactory point.

Meeting ended about 12.30 with request that people with contribution to give should put it on the altar.

Delivered to Claire for Don Beck the resume I had typed yesterday.

Turned in my prescription to the nurse’s office.

Gave Misty Boute some information on agencies which might help her get a para-legal or legal trainee job and advice on writing a resume.  She had asked my help at a previous meeting.  She attended Nevada State College and ___ [Edith’s blank to fill in later].

A bus took home the residents to 1029 Geary.  There was some confusion while Tom Fitch backed the bus out, as seniors, afraid they’d miss it, ran in front of and around it.  The situation was discussed on the bus and suggestions made.

We got home at 1.30.  I was very tired and my hemorrhoids hurt.  Bates was concerned about me.

Went to bed at 3.00.


18 November – 1976 – Thursday
Spent most of the day on the Litigation Reports, making changes required by the sorting process.

Ate lunch at my desk.

There went to Stacy’s bookstore.  I picked up some children’s books for Dor to take to her grand-children on her vacation.  Ordered a copy of Endgame by Samuel Beckett.  Then went to the bank and closed out my account.  I had a balance of $92.  I went to Shell Pharmacy and bought a new Timex watch to replace the one I lost.  It as $13.95.  I had to buy a new watchband.

I exercised at home.

Went to the Temple to eat.

Did my laundry.

Did personal chores and washed my hair.



19 November – 1976 – Friday
This was Dor’s last day before taking next week off.

We were all so immersed in our work on the Litigation Report that we forgot to do our time cards until Cathy called.  I worked most of the day on revision of the Litigation Report and at the end of the day on putting in information for the sorting commands.

Dor worked with Mag Card on the newly devised sorting system.  She had some differences with it but she experimented and modified the rules Sue Wintersteen had given her until she found something satisfactory.

I ate lunch outside.

I was not quite through with the revisions on the Litigation Report at the end of the day.  I told Dor I would finish them but didn’t expect she would keep me to put in the sort commands.  I didn’t get away until 5.30, as Dor had me order the document with sort commands.

I took the bus directly to the Temple.

Ate dinner.  Few people were there.

Had a hard time finding a ride home.  Saw Bonnie Beck.  She and Pat Grunnet were having a discussion about the reading problems of the children.   Bonnie said Danny, the child she and Don adopted, was deaf when they got him, which I hadn’t known.  I asked Bonnie about arrangements for shipping my books to the p.l.  She had written me a note which I did not receive.  She gets down to SF on Thursday, which is her day off (she is still at Juvenile Hall in Ukiah) and will pick them up and take them to the Valley for shipping.  I am to speak to her on Thanksgiving to make arrangements.

Pat gave me a ride home.

I typed in my journal for almost 3 hours and finished 6 pages.

Bates went to the Temple for the second flu shot for another strain.

Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 12.30.


20 November – 1976 – Saturday
Woke at 8.00.

Borrowed a vacuum cleaner from the office and vacuumed the floor.  It didn’t clean very well.

I left on muni about 7.00,  taking my grocery cart, to go out to the Hayes Street Neighborhood Coop.  I wanted to get some dates and Bates and I were going to have a salad tonight with our fish given to us with our kitchen supplies.  I would try to buy an orange, grapes and I walked on Masonic to Geary before getting the bus back.

Bates has defrosted the refrigerator and was making candy.

We listened to Jim’s broadcast.  The Panel was on the subject of spying.  Jim alluded to the surveillance of Mrs. Wright at our Temple.

I took the bus, again with the shopping cart, to the Northpoint Coop.  Had an ice cream cone.  Bought some dates and kidney beans, which they had been out of two weeks ago at the Basic Foods Store.  Then shopped at the Coop buying, among other foods, some items which Bates wanted for her candy making.  Some special food items for her.

Took the bus home.

It was foggy all day.

When I got home I lay down for about an hour.

Food was not being served at the commune tonight and the bus left early for the Temple.  Bates and I said that we would come later on Muni.

Bates prepared a meal for us and we had broiled fish which Rheaviana had given us (I think it was codfish), baked potatoes and salad.

I washed the dishes.

Bates went to the Temple early.  She wanted to sell candy.

I lay down and napped for half an hour.

Took the bus to the Temple at about 7.15 arriving at 7.45.  The service was just starting and rides were being arranged.

I went upstairs and turned my check into Maria [Katsaris].  Inquired about the reason for the mix-up in my dental bill, was finally referred to Maria McCann of the Accounting Office.  She said what probably happened that they thought I was eligible for Medical or some other insurance, that she paid 20% and told the dentist to bill the balance to my insurance.

An offering was being taken and two others were taken by the workers in an attempt to make the budget.  I put in the check from the Coop Credit Union.

Announcements were made.

Testimonies were heard.  During Jim Pugh’s Jim entered at about 9.15.

The choir sang.

Jim: Conspiracy to remove Yvonne Golden from her office as principal of Opportunity School because she spoke at the Bakke rally on account Jim’s determination, they probably won’t fine her.

Linda Mertle has broken with us on account of disapproval of Lesbian relationship because the other is under age.  There is only one group that fights for little people.  If you in any way try to impede this movement, you will be ground to powder.  When Linda Jones (so-called) joins such as Liz Forman, disaster will come upon her.

Christian churches now calling anything left of Ku Klux Klan forces of the devil.  Barb exposed this.  Jesus said you are to hate all this which are not a part of his teaching. You have never seen more, ever will see such loyalty as to free Marie Lawrence from the fate hanging over her.

No time for any other opportunity than this course.

A former minister of this church went to a Mexican woman and took $5000 from her and is now living high on it.  Jim told her she could send him to jail.  On Monday morning the sister is going to walk in and show the check was not signed by our treasurer.  The law will be looking for them.  Jim: I have never in my life resorted to law, but we need the money.  I feel we must protect the household of the fruit.  Will try to protect the relatives of a young  woman called B. You better have him with us Monday morning before the bank opens.  Reason for last week’s order to give money only to Rose Shelton or Maria Katsaris.

Do you think people who’ve been saved from jail, when I have expended every effort to think every body is going to be a Judas, be a coward, and let me fail.  I hope all have their eyes and ears open.

I could go on for hours on the intrigue of the system that goes on all the times around us.

Jim spoke to visitors present.  You are with us in body of Christ.   Have love one for another.  You must know the truth unless you are in this assembly of God’s actual presence, you have no God.  You are now looking at him.  Jim used scripture to teach the truth of his words and the falsity of other churches and the Bible.

Jim concluded with a spiritual affirmation of his divinity and the congregation responded with enthusiasm.

Robert Johnson was saved from cancer of the rectum. Then Jim took another offering.

Misty (Ann Margaret) Boute gave me a copy of her resume, which I will type for her.

We boarded the bus for Geary in front of the Temple.

Bates told me she thought that Paul Flowers was the minister to whom Jim was referring as having defrauded the Temple of $5000.  I haven’t seen him for some time and I can’t think of any other minister is missing, so it seems logical.

Bates went to bed and I ate some treats and read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.30.


21 November – 1976 – Sunday
Bates works in the kitchen one Sunday a month and had to work today.  When she got up about 7.00, I awoke too and was unable to go back to sleep.  I got up at 8.00 after she had left.

Bathed, dressed, had breakfast: orange, bacon, egg, toast.

Pressed clothes for about an hour.

The Temple bus came for our residents about 10.45.  It had been scheduled for 10.30.

Service began at 11.30, CJ presiding.

CJ took an offering.

Norm Ijames had names taken of those going to LA to help a person jailed in an issue concerning freedom of the press.

Norman respected Jim’s request of last night for sponsors for a child for Christmas.  $20.

Norm took another offering.  At the end Jim entered at 12.00.

Jim spoke of Roy Wilkins, says there will be another campaign, an instance of discrimination at the dinner our people attended at which waiters refused to serve our black people. Our leaders had to serve them.  Dick Tropp was one.  Jim was not there.  I didn’t give them the opportunity to serve me.

Jim took another offering.

Guests came in, were seated in front rows

Anita [Kelley] and choir sang, “I Wish that I Knew What It Is to be Free.”
Diane [Wilkerson] and choir sang “Fill My Cup.”

Reporter from Union of South Africa, a fascist regime who had the courage to stand up and tell the truth about his country.  This country not less than a colony of the American Corporate elite.  Jim told of spying incident concerning Mayor Wright of Meyersville [Mayersville], Mississippi.  Yvonne Golden was to lose her job for supporting X___ Miller,  a Con.  Jim said No, they won’t fire you, I don’t think they want the members of our church down at the school board.  They didn’t want her children exposed to Bakke Rally.  Jim discussed differences between different kinds of socialism.

Bill Anderson, sponsored by Amnesty International and  International Senior Co. born in South Africa, 21 years old. One of first to break story of South African Atrocity.

Anderson, served in Angola, South West Africa (Namibia).  People have been fighting guerrilla army. Divided brutality and torture of South African Army.  Men standing up for his freedom is regarded as crazy.  Armed struggle only way for then to get freedom.  He described life for blacks in South Africa,  We have two choices: support South Africa in the freedom movement.  Exploitation of black labor for benefit of American Capitalist,  US on way to get involved in South Africa as in Viet Nam.  The people in South Africa will get freedom to control their own destiny in a few years.

Jim: he spoke as well as any field nigger could speak.  Asked Choir to sing but don’t sing, “Fill my Cup.” Nobody fills your cup;  he’s going to pledge to this young man will be there anywhere philosophically if anybody bothers him.  Going to tell him we are not a church.  I hate religion.  There’s no difference between churches in South Africa and churches here.

Mother before singing “All the Weary Mothers of the Earth” said about young Bill Anderson, “We’re all too comfortable.  When I get tired I’m going to think of this young man.  Remember that he didn’t have to do this.”

Yvonne Golden.  Take heart that there are such people as Bill Anderson who are just as dedicated to freedom as I am.  She describes letter to Superintendent of blacks about her.  Said children in this school not have background to weigh things; this angered her.

Jim: Young Anderson will be executed for high treason if he returns to South Africa.  He was touched by this congregation.  I was ever more touched by him.

Dr. Albert Kahn some Steve working in Parks and Recreation Department trying to get jobs for young people.  With brothers and sisters from Chile. Jim extends an invitation to them to come immediately.  They are 2 who late on background of overthrow of Allende in Chile.  He was with Allende in World Peace Movement. (WPM).  There are always representatives from Chile in the WPM. He was destroyed by agents of this country.  Philip Agee’s book  Inside the Company. It will not be very long for those who occupy power in Chile. Speaking of law and order, the greatest criminals are those in the government and the heads of large corporations.  What justice means to him laid for insolent  barbarism and disintegrating society also saw destruction of fascism and Nazism.  Prospects of fascism getting less and less everyday.  Although lonely, we have tens of thousands of people rising and winning every day.  Every corner of globes friends of man getting stronger, enemies getting weaker.

Brothers and Sisters from Chile come from among the 400 admitted generously (ironically) on account they don’t get welfare.  100,000 from Vietnam mostly criminals.  We will live to see things in their own country and they will see great changes here.  Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, poem on Toussaint Louverture

Oscar Bourges spoke with aid of interpreter. Called for the workers of the world to unite and defeat fascism.

Jim: We have written letters to the present Chilean government and have probably played a part in the release of Chilean prisoners. We got a pledge from Mrs. Carter that aid would be cut off from Chile.  We must write again an insist on this $100 a month for your support if you want to live with us, you are welcome.  And give us size of clothes, we will supply you.  We will have an article on what you said in our newspaper.

Jim said Soviet Russia, second country helped Chilean refugees.  Took them in Chinese closed its country, didn’t admit any. That they have a revisionist regime in  China and __ society.  There can be no such thing as a constructivist international presence.  I am an international socialist.

Jim considering imprisonment again of Wm Farr.  Spoke of demonstration we’ll make in LA on Tuesday, taking our students form Opportunity High.  Time for the closet socialists to come out of the closet.

In the midst of the healing period, Jim took another offering to makeup the expenses we had incurred in helping with the Chileans.   He inaugurated ___ ___ something of them now ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ____ ___ a turn coat.  Too __ ___ help stop what __ __ __ and children murdered.

The meeting was dismissed at 4.00.

The crowd was as large as any I remember for a long time.  And I didn’t get a seat and had to wait half an hour to get a plate.  The dinner however was good with a big piece of chicken, vegetables, salad and even cake.

I took Muni home.

I typed Misty’s resume.

Finished my pressing.  Have enough clothes for two weeks.

Got a ride back to the Temple with Rocki.

Service had just started at 7.00.

Brother Keaton arranged rides.

An announcement was made that all seniors living in apostolic homes must go on the trip to LA on Monday night.  Those who weren’t going had to stand and give reason, as services in the homes will be cut off so those staying will be moved elsewhere.

Wesley made announcements.

Johnny Brown and Rob Christian took 2 offerings in quick succession.  CJ [Jackson] promptly had the bucket passed again as the offering was still deficient.

Three numbers were sung by the congregation after which Jim appeared at 9.00.

He got on the telephone and conducted business at the podium on an emergency.  He inquired about flights to London on Mexican airlines.

Vern Gosney reported staying out all night and drinking in bars.  He admitted this.  IT was a gay bar.  He said he had difficulty dealing with people in communal relationship.  I was entering a relationship with Jerry and and felt same pattern developing, using person.  Said he isn’t honest with any one (Jim carrying on discussion on phone meanwhile he was talking to the p.l.) Counselors had tone lowered so as not to interfere with Jim’s conversation.  Don Jackson inquired how he felt about putting himself in position to commit treason.

Jim: are you aware the man who to us today was castrated?  All he wants to do is get back to fight.  Another young man is certain to die as a snowflake in the summertime when he gets American citizenship. He’ll be sent back to South Africa and he’ll be killed.  Asked congregation felt about his being white.  Some caught up with “I can’t trust whitey.”

Tyrone Naphis running through Temple downstairs Friday.  Made a scene in grocery store where police and an outsider friend noticed him. Made cause look bad.  Jim asked him whether he wished to go back to Detroit.  He said yes. Joyce Rozynko reported he said he liked military life.  Tobi covered for him.  Tyrone guilty of another episode with young boy.  Tobi sympathized with Bertha Ford but Jim accepted her explanation.  She permitted Tyrone to bad mouth Council.  Jim: to remember what some people are paying for us.  If not the many risks he had seen,  felt this South African who saw his wife tortured, was castrated, lost his child.  All the Chileans had their wives tortured. Jim asks some help against his past life. If you knew that, then ou wouldn’t want to go to Detroit.  If he asks for another chance.  Jim said yes, find new associations.  Jim said he had taken risks for Tobi’s children.  Tobi says she will pamphlet and work harder in publications.  She sets $200 as a sum, promises to work all night.  Jim instructs follow up on discipline, get help if needed.

People on newspaper bus today got special commendation.

Back to Vern:  says he’ll get back to his areas of responsibility, raise $200, work all night.

Numerous young people on floor doing poor work on newspaper distribution.  Melanie Breidenbach and Ellie Beam were two who put papers on steps rather than on doorknobs.  Ellie admits she tries to get out of work.  One girl said she helped; she got lazy.  She talked through the service today and became insolent when corrected by a counselor.  Jim said she is going to pay (through his gift).  Jim asked her if she ever saw anyone drop dead.  She had.  Mother trying to manipulate Jim, get him to lessen the punishment.  He says she won’t fall here, because then he’d have to raise her.  She is to attempt to make amends, Melanie trying to manipulate to go with Ellie to the p.l.  Melanie tries to stay out of service. She showed no respect for Father, talking when he’s preaching his heart out.  Decision on Melanie:  schedule her work so that she is in service, penalty: self-imposed on all. One young man stole cup cakes from the kitchen and ate them.  Clark Grubbs hid papers below him when he got on the bus so as to conceal that he hadn’t distributed them.

Jim said $1000 could be saved if LA people could stay over and go back on buses tomorrow night. 6 people said they had to work.  Jim insisted calls being made to people’s work and children’s parents.

Lonnie Lue  and Willie Mae Gentry excellent job selling rummage for the cause.

Numerous commendations for children and young people, including good newspaper distribution, high grades in school.

Patricia Pettit wouldn’t clap in a song. Called her mother a bitch and has been sassy lately. She volunteers to work all night.

After a meditation and healing period, Jim dismissed the congregation at 12.00.

The bus took us home.

Bates went to bed.

I ate some grapes and toast and jam.  Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00.


22 November – 1976 – Monday
I picked up the print-out of the Litigation Report this morning and checked it.  I found three errors which I corrected and and ran off the corrected pages.  Delivered the document to Lynn Schoembs for Butler.

Marquita and I didn’t have any more work the rest of the day.  We spent a good deal of time on conversation about love and marriage.  Marquita was interested in hearing about my experience with Tej.

I did some work on journal entries.

After work I took the Muni directly to the Temple so as to eat and put my needs in, as they have to go in today this week.

The Temple was full of LA people who stayed over and were waiting for dinner.  I managed to get a chair and sat with Helen Love.  Read my newspaper. Later Jim Pugh came in and I let him see the paper.

I got in time for food early.  Some had to wait in long lines.  I put my needs in,  Vernell was not there and I explained to the girls in charge that I had not received the correct amount of money last week and wrote an explanation.  I put in again for last week’s needs with this week’s.

Bates had arrived.  Someone had brought her and was waiting for her.  Helen and I planned to go with her.  But in the confusion I lost both of them.

I think took the Muni with Edith Cordell and Hazel Dashiell.  Bates was home getting ready for the LA trip.  She was leaving right away though the hour set for leaving at the Temple was 12.00.  She wanted to get on a bus and sleep.  I helped her put up a lunch.

I typed in my journal from 8.30 to 11.30.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.00.


23 November – 1976 – Tuesday
I had forgotten to turn in our household needs to Rheaviana last night, had asked Bates to take it to her when she went tot he Temple but she forgot.  I gave it to Rocki this morning.

Marquita had some material for my entry for Mary Cavalina.  She got a printout on the computer.

I spent most of the day transcribing a tape from the Legal Department seminar.  The portion I was working on was the speech by George Schultz on the national and international economic situation.  I missed an occasional passage because he mumbles some words.  Several of the secretaries have been transcribing their tapes.  It is a slow process.

Got nothing done on journal entries.

At noon saw the last film, “Government” in the American Enterprise series.  Ate my lunch in the assembly room.

Marquita left early for a doctor’s appointment.  She has a history of problems with her reproductive system and has recently been bleeding from her uterus.

Betty learned Marquita was out and phoned me to ask if she had gone home and what time.  Said she would talk to her tonight.

Betty came down later to let me know I was getting a raise, from $830 to $890.  She praised my dedication to duty, said no doubt I could find a place to put the extra money.

When I got home I exercised, changed clothes.

Took the Muni to the Temple at 6.00.  Very few people were there.  At dinner, talked with Dick Tropp about transferring my Independent films to video tape during Christmas vacation.

Saw Kaye Gibbs at dinner.  I haven’t talked to Kaye in a long time.  I asked her if she was working, as that would have been the only allowable reason for her not to have gone to LA.  She said no.  I asked why she hadn’t gone to LA.  She said, “Maybe I should have gone.”  A young woman moved to the table and conversed with Kaye for a while.  After Kaye had left, to get in line for food, the young woman Kaye seemed retarded to her, “she talked funny.”

Dorothy Brewer, Mom Taylor, another senior and I were take home by Chris Kice.

I cleaned up two tables in the apartment, arranging on then Jim’s pictures and my Indian statues.

Ate some grapes.

Went through the books I had packed for the p.l., listing them by name and author.  I have made lists before but was not sure they indicated accurately in which box they were.  I finished inventorying 2 boxes.

Read newspapers.  Washed dishes.

Went to bed at 1.00.


24 November – 1976 – Wednesday
Bates didn’t come last night, so I didn’t know whether the buses got back or not.

I made good time this morning.

Marc told me the doctor gave her numerous tests and she has to go back for more.  The doctor said she might have cancer of the uterus, for irregular menstrual cycle she had for several years taken a pill later found to cause cancer, Marc was told by Kathy.

Through John Stewart’s office we were told Carol Emory wanted some contracts transmitted to an office in Gaithersburg.  The contracts I obtained from Galbraith’s Office. I had to get the key to Dor’s desk in order to look for the storage reports, as I didn’t know where one was stored.  I can’t find it.  Marie gave me advice on transmitting the contracts.  One contract was not in our storage and I had to phone someone outside our department.  He didn’t want the document transmitted as he said the draft was not ready yet.  I transmitted two contracts and phoned Carol, also I phoned the ATS person to expect the transmitted contracts.

[Next page — Abrupt shift from work to evening meeting – no missing page numbering]

Brother Keaton arranged rides.

Johnny Brown taking offerings mentioned that this year San Francisco got its share of revenue coming, $3 million and immediately took thousands of dollars off the top to pay SF _ ____ instead of giving jobs to solve the cause of crime.  ___ ___ ___ what we have ___ ___ __ crime to get the assistance of life.

Wesley [Johnson] made some comments.

Rob Christian took another offering.

CJ led some congregation singing. CJ took another offering.

Dale Parks led the congregation in singing.

Congregation several musical numbers.  Jim came on the podium at 9.40.

Carol McCoy doing excellent work in p.l.
___ ___ ___
__ ___ ___ __ ___ new skills.

Margery Davis cooperative worker.  Hazel Dashiell, Gina Severns, Joyce Rozynko,  employ workers.  9 hour shifts (security?) [Edith’s question] every day.

Greg Watkins did good work in kitchen.

Andrea Martin.

Todd Klingman, better in school.
A number of young people worked in garage last week, did so well that they can come back any time.

Have to be sure to maintain well all properties in Redwood Valley.

It’s time for Cleve Swinney to go to the p.l.   Have to pick up the difference.

Now we seem to be getting praise but after awhile rich owners of newspapers will come down on us.  That’s good.  Because then though weak are strong will prevail.  The weak will drop off, so we’ll have only the strong in the p.l.

Man and his son who used to attend stabbed each other.

Sister Thelma Black, out of 70 services she attended only 40.  She passed.  She was one named as having to do something about their weight.  She didn’t listen.

Beverley Livingston and Diane Lundquist running antique store, need more things.

Ricky Johnson, Orde Dennis.  Johnny checking on back door security.  Ricky Johnson stayed at home waiting for his companion.  Back door left uncovered.

Terry Carter says Orde Dennis didn’t follow up on what she told him to do.  Jim says Dennis family has turned in exactly $66 since September although communal.  Beverly Livingston says he gave checks to unknown sister.

Jim talked about: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Paul said: if you don’t work, you don’t eat.

On Thanksgiving.  Jim:  Ain’t going to thank nobody for that freedom ship.  We aren’t thanking nobody for nothing.

Jim says checks will be gone into. If anybody signed who shouldn’t, the bank will handle it, will get our money.   Jim:  if ___ __ with Sister Dennis’ child of relations.  For son  Ronnie Dennis should be sent to p.l.  The issue was causing police on Ronnie. Jim: You have a bad attitude and your kids are outrageous.  Ronnie was so aggravating; Jim had to use his power. Your discipline is erratic; want to call police on your own child.  I don’t fuck with police.  A nigger won’t ever fink on another.  Why did you resent doing what Terry told you to do?  Because she’s white?   They put 2 white police right in the middle of Watts.  Want you to quit giving us hard way to go.  She offered to raise $200 and work all night.

Jim explained of cause of sniping on street police agent, so they can spreadeagle blacks.

Back to Ricky Johnson, 2 hours late for security. Lied. Hiding behind his wife.  Jim asked her attitude.  She gave namby-pamby answer.  Jim: have to stand up.  Many a son and husband has gone to jail because of women.  Bible is responsible for men thinking they’re superior.  Women are treated the way white men treat blacks. Ricky been using credit card for phone calls.

J: They’re after you, they set you up.  Frances Johnson his mother. She denounced him.  Jim: can get 5 years in jail for using false credit card.  Jim asked for volunteers to check out phone calls in communal homes.  Ricky volunteered $400 in a month, suggested 8 or 9 hours of service.  Last enough, he changed it to 9 hours every night.  Jim: did you not know it’s dishonest to use the peoples’ credit card?  He apologized for risking Jim’s freedom. His wife says she helped find and gave him card.  She going to make $200 and work too.  Jim: call from from Fresno.  Cautions their family against saying anything and threatening to keep him out of church.  Jim gave instructions to Fresno secretary what to tell her.

After some healings, Jim dismissed the meeting about 12.30.

I saw Misty Boute and got from her some additional information for her resume.  Gave to Pat Grunnet some more magazines for the children.

The bus took us home.

Bates said she couldn’t get to the first bus to LA because she didn’t come on it to the Temple.  After they had traveled all night, they went to the Temple, left there about 11.00 and marched around the courthouse.  Someone else told me she saw the demonstration on TV.  It was reported we had 3,000 people there.  The hearing for William Farr was postponed until a later date.  In the meantime there was a meeting at the church in the evening.  Those who had to get back for school or work left on an early bus.  The busses got in to SF about 7.00. She had gone straight to work.

I had a snack. I read newspapers. I washed dishes and went to bed at 3.00.


25 November – 1976 – Thursday
I hadn’t set the alarm.

Bates woke me at 10.00.  She had taken a bath.  It takes her a long time to perform her morning chores.

I dressed and made some breakfast: orange juice, toast and bacon.

Judy Merriam came by at 11.00 to tell us the bus was downstairs.  We told her we weren’t quite ready and we came on Muni.  Bates cleaned up the kitchen.

I was ready in about 5 minutes.  Bates asked me to save her a seat.  The people who usually sit in front were asked to sit in back and those in back were asked to go to the front by Father.

I took Mildred Mercer upstairs.  It wasn’t hard to find seats and I got one for myself and Bates just below the front passage way.

The meeting opened about 12.00 with Wesley Johnson making a strong appeal for order.

Norman Ijames led the congregation in song.  He took an offering.


Johnny Brown took another offering by sum.  Jim came in at 1.20.

Dymally.  Telephones interlocked. [only names, perhaps Edith meant to add more later.]

Play. “Esau’s’ Seesaw.” Richard Janaro, Patty Cartmell,
Don Casanova [Scheid], Jack Beam.
“Keep your mitts off my tits.”
Geraldine Bailey.  Variation from play as first given.

Jim:  “To think all that stupidity came right out of the Bible.

Noah’s Ark – Bill Cosby’s record with pantomime.
Some of the young people did 2 song and dance numbers.
An African War Dance by two young women.
Children’s bands led by Sue Ellen Williams (Gallie)
Skit, “Black in a White World” on persecution of the Klan.
Frances Johnson sang “A Place for Us”

Vera Talley began to shout hysterically.  Jim began to cry.  Half the auditorium was moved to tears.  The congregation sang, “Nobody knows the Trouble I’ve Seen. Nobody Cares But Father” Jim appreciated those of you who were moved.  It was more than I could take to hear the sister who dropped her babies in the cotton fields.  I had to make sure she doesn’t suffer any more.  Look and see those who are indifferent, those who have gone out.  Some of our children don’t know the agony.

Moving demonstration today in offering taken by Mother asked for property donation and pamphleting. Condemned the young who will not respond or understand.

Two communes not here in church came up, want those that came filty cleaned up.

Pamphleting tonight at 8.00.  Meeting at 7.00.  Everyday you must pamphlet.

Jim speaks of some who did things which could send him to jail for convering for you.  Those who steal from the cause.

People pestering Jim with notes pleading to go to the p.l.  What takes priority?  To get our children out of jail.

Thanks the artistic works that made presentations today.

Very healing for him the crying.  People won’t be quiet outside my door; they shout and scream no matter what I say.

___ ___ ___ ___ Griffith, Gloria, Cynthia and others (breaking with Commune over her __ , Linda) the moment her estranged relationship was broken up she lent herself to evil, even contemplated kidnapping..  Teddy McMurray went in girls’ room.  Beverley Livingston requested they be quiet.  Cynthia bad-mouthed Beverley.  Linda is with Deanna.  She says she let herself be divided from socialist principle. Really indulging selfishly. She tried to give Deanna information to use against us.

Emmett Griffith being trained as bulldozer operator.  ___ ___ __ he’s in girls rooms.  Jim worried about pregnancies.  Birth Control measures not taken.  Neighbors comment on comings and goings of teenagers.  Teddy McMurray relationship with Chris Talley.  He threatened quit security, nasty attitude, he admits.  He complained about the way counselling carried on.  He complained about too many bosses.  Chris Talley criticizes Teddy for not accepting authority.  Jim advised sisters to be firm with brothers, otherwise they get a big head, think their shit doesn’t stink.

Darrell Devers made nasty comments about girl he had made pregnant.  She had an abortion.  She slapped him on platform. Darrell read material sent with him.  He a messenger for McElvane.  Recommendation he be suspended as a messenger.  He is lazy.  He admits he doesn’t carry load, will change his attitude.  He offered to raise $200 by end of December, work 2 nights. Changed it to 4 days and 4 nights.  She nearly died.  Father had to intervene.  We knew this.   He left her unattended. Jim would have been wrong to let you get away with this behavior so long.

Word from kitchen.  Food ready and going to get cold.  Jim angry at being manipulated. Ordered food served up here.  Not giving house cold food on Thanksgiving.  Served at 5.30.

Back to Darrell.  He admitted he liked the girls of his male friends because he really desired the men.  He recognized his homosexuality. He spoke sometime on homosexuality, came to understand that most of them admit they liked the looks of their own penis.  Women admired their own breasts.  The woman he needed, helped scorn on him, needed no man.  _____ 2 nights now, 2 later.

Billy Jones. Missed school after being disciplined.  Again slept after staying up, playing around.  Was hostile, arrogant. Why does he think you’re special.  Penny says continually leaves security and goes back to room. Calls adults by nicknames.  Guy: bad attitude, goofing off.   Jim says he’s going over on the hard working team. Says he’ll raise $100 and work all night.

Brenda Warren and others time first up.  All given hours and work commitments. up; Brenda offers to put in time on security meetings 10 to 12 hours sufficient, but she can step up to P.R. People who are honest and know themselves.

Jim felt distress of a baby crying more than usual.  Asked someone to check it.

David Goodwin.  Can’t send him to p.l. Grandmother has no papers.  Bad-mouthed everybody.  Playing during service.  Always late in school.  School wanted to transfer him.  Falls asleep in class.  Talks back.  You’ll go to authorities.  Jim says he has high IQ.  He will try to get papers, but if he doesn’t straighten up, will have to send you back.  He is about 10 or 12.  He is to work all night one more time.  Jim told of his dad trying to drown him.  Was never nice to him,  Jim said he been acting out because he thinks  mother rejected him going to show faith in you, don’t let me down.

Billy Watkins.  Started to cry. Larry says you look at him and he started to cry.  He loses clothes, banged as loud as he could on a piano at 5.30 in the morning. Camped out under stairway.  He lied.  Ricardo included in banging.  His mom beat him, his mother had him stab her companion.  Jim said his mother went out, got beaten up and put on drugs.  She’s in hospital.  Ricardo 8. If you do real well, you’ll go to p.l.  Debbie Layton taking both Ricardo and Billy under supervision, Jim asked for report on grandmother of David Goodwin.  His great aunt, Sister Saderoyd who turned over check before she joined commune.  She will go to p.l. as food attendant, also has nursing skills.  Instructions to groom her up. Send her with child to p.l.


[Edith’s notes on Thanksgiving day end there.
Next page C-1-A-6 (129) has  25 Nov.-Th-4 in Edith’s writing, but is otherwise blank.]


26 November – 1976 – Friday
I was awake when Bates left about 7.00.  Went back to sleep.  Judy Merriam came by at 8.00 to ask whether I wanted lunch today.  I presumed the bus had left earlier with the people who were going pamphleting.

I had some orange juice.

I changed my sheets by hand.

Washed underwear by hand.  Put it in the dryer. Am going to use the machine only every 2 weeks for sheets and towels to save money. Borrowed the vacuum cleaner at the office and cleaned the rugs in our apartment.

About 10.45, I left for Park Merced to visit Lor [Edith’s colleague from when she worked at SF State University].  I took with me my mending, which I have not been able to get at and 2 little stone beads from Mexico for Lor to ascertain the value of at SFSU archeology department.  Took the Van Ness bus and transferred on to an “M” car on Market; walked to her apartment from 19th and Holloway. The day was sunny but cool. It was a little before noon.

Dorothy Carnie came to the door with Lor.  She and Dor had finished breakfast but Lor prepared some lunch from her Thanksgiving dinner: some white meat of turkey, excellent stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, celery, pumpkin pie with ice cream.

I mended clothes while talking with Lor and Dor.

Dor took Lor to get groceries.  While they were gone Andrea Siebert arrived.  She is a niece of Bill’s and is one of the few relatives of Bill when Lor is fond of.  I talked with her until Lor and Dor came.  She works in a nursery school in Chinatown.  She enjoys the children but the assignment of elementary and secondary teachers to their program to avoid letting them go is detrimental and she is unhappy with the deteriorating atmosphere.

Lor gave me to take home a package of leftovers for the Thanksgiving dinner.

Dor left about 4.00 and I started back on the bus at 4.50, arrived home about 5.30.

I dressed and packed, as we had to be prepared for going to LA.  Put up a lunch for Bates and me.  Using some of the turkey Lor had given me.

Left at 7.00 on the bus with my suitcase, shopping bag with what I needed on the Temple bus and a pillow.  The Geary bus was very crowded.

Arrived at the Temple at 7.20.

Riders and announcements were taken care of.

Brother Christian, talking about Jim’s grief yesterday, took the offering.

After the congregation had sung, CJ took a second offering.

Jim came on the podium at 9.10.  He had appeared several times before but had turned away to handle business.

Jim gave a capsulation of the news.  Carter announced that he was going to be as conservative as Goldwater. the FBI shot their own man who had infiltrated a group; Oswald told of plans to kill Kennedy; info which the CIA and FBI had before the assassination.  Treachery and infamy are around us everywhere.  People close to us have been framed.

Jim said the pamphleting results were not high enough.  He took an offering.

Jim said we have an alliance with Delancey Street.

He was sing strong language, noticed a couple with shocked looks on their faces.  He told the greeters they had not done a very good job advising visitors what to expect.  As for his cussing, Jesus cussed and whipped the money changers out of the Temple.  He said that those who came after him would do these things and greater.  He used only whips.  He didn’t go far enough. Jim added: without a parable spoke he not.

A musical and dramatic program was presented.

A young man played a guitar and sang.
Frances Johnson narrated while others danced “Ship Ahoy”
A pantomime, “Black in a White World,” was presented.

A security guard was called on the floor.  He was rough with a visitor, Dave Whitaker, who has a radio program and asked Jim to be a guest on it.  Whitaker wanted to go to the men’s room.  The guard was fearful of the security risk, gripped him by the wrists.  He said Johnny Brown had told him to watch him.”  Since he had received those instructions, Jim did not discipline him.  Jim said Whitaker did not hold the incident against us.  He is a white man married to a black woman and has been very faithful to her.  He drinks too much. Jim asked that candy be sent to Whitaker Jim decided that we would not go to LA this week, provided that we got out tomorrow and pamphleted.

The service after a meditation period was out at 11.30.

We had to wait an hour and a half for the bus to take us to Geary.  We were told the driver couldn’t get the bus out from behind the others.  The night had turned cold and I got chilled waiting out on the street and then waiting in the lobby with people opening the door all the time.  Probably many seniors who might have planned to go pamphleting were deterred because of the rest they missed.

We got home at 1.30.

I read newspapers.  Went to bed at 3.00.


27 November – 1976 – Sunday
Woke at 9.00.

I prepared a meal from the food I brought from Lor for Bates work.  Hadn’t had a hot meal yesterday.  She spent the whole day at Fort Miley, waiting for medical treatment.  Bates also told me of the time she had on the buses last night.  She went to the back and boarded a bus, was moved to two other buses.  We had thought the reason for the delay last night was that the driver could not get his bus out from behind the other buses, but this does not seem to have been the reason for the delay.

I had some orange juice, dressing and a piece of pie.

We listened to Jim’s broadcast at 11.30.  He spent time on the built-in prejudice in our language, implying that “black” is evil.

We were served lunch at 12.00.  We had tomato soup, a tuna sandwich and apple sauce.

I took the bus to the Coop.  I pamphleted in the parking lot of the Akron Building from 2.45 to 3.45.  I got $7.67 in an hour.

Shopped at the Coop.  Bought frozen orange juice, carrots, oranges, frozen bread dough, eggs.  When I got home I found that Vera Talley had been up to help Bates make candy for Dave Whitaker, the man who was insulted by the security man.  I went out again to buy fruit and a Sunday Paper.

Bates had also gone downtown and bought some groceries.  She had a strong aversion to going to the Temple for dinner and had bought food which she prepared.  We had boiled chicken wings, baked potatoes, broccoli and a salad.

I washed the dishes.

I lay down for half an hour.

I dressed for the service and Bates and I left with Judy Merriam on Muni at 7.00.

The food line was long when we arrived as the LA people were still here.

The service began at 7.30.

When announcements were given, CJ [Jackson] carried on the effort to get contributions of $20 for children, who have no parents so that all children can have an equal Christmas. This must follow an on non-communal people and the response was not great.

Testimonials were heard.  Mother Taylor told of operations on both eyes which were successful in spite of her age, 89.  Furthermore, her insurance won’t cover the operations and the Temple made up the difference.

Norman took an offering.

Jim came in, as he was finishing at about 9.00.  He now had a telephone on the podium and he conducts business on it while the service is in progress.

A group of young women did a musical number.
Another group did a musical number synchronized with a record.
The Hicks sisters did a rendition to music
“The Marketplace” a dance directed by Frances Johnson.
The choir, which now has many young members, did a number.

“God in Chile” — “Deep, Deep in My Heart” two of four numbers which the congregation danced and sang.  Jim danced also and great enthusiasm was evoked.

Jim took an offering starting with request for property to be turned over.  Two people have already died, there will be a third. Jim discussed a number of topics tonight.  Many people not have because they think we are in LA.  Many people going to be disappointed tomorrow because they expect Mother and they are going to get me.  They don’t want to see me they feel safe.  With Mother because they say I can see right through them.  Mother took several young people to p.l. This week.  One child has been manipulated, would have given evidence against parents.  Grandmother communal.  Jim did it for her as parents followed afar.  NAACP meeting biggest black event in SF in hotel ballroom, in second basement.  Why don’t black people wakeup?

Jim had broadcast played, same as the one on this morning.

Jim just before making the broadcast had been administered a poison which would have killed anyone else.  Had not yet overcome all the effects.  Sounded as if he had a cold.

Penny now centurion at the gate.  Nobody is to get smart with her.  She will write you up.


Several pamphleters explain how they do it. Annie McGowan, Dorothy Worley, Sister Taylor, Jim Pugh, young girl, Erma Winfrey, Sister McCall.

Our money is in Whitest African helping the people’s liberation.

Ruth Willis, hellish attitude, had taken dope on street you would have died.  Jim took it upon himself to bring you back.  Took you out of the group destroying you.  Girl is going to p.l. to save her.  Has a precious mother.  Save your life.  What makes you want to go back to LA?  Others say you didn’t like SF, didn’t like the rules of the communal home.  Jim says her dad bribes her, but behind her back wants to put her in mental institution.  He warns her against suicide.  You will come back.  She agrees to go.  She showed hostility to her mother and to Jim.  She’s going to get plastic surgery but Jim says it won’t do any good until she has a sweet heart. She lost a child and nearly bled to death.  You’re dealing with someone who can open every door or close the door on your life.  If you don’t follow me, you’ll go blind.

Couple of girls pamphleting invited 2 young men, black and white, asked girls for “pussy.”  White man bragged he was in KKK and black man lived with him, Jim: “I know the carnal mind.” parable of shoes.

Linda Mertle has asked back in.  Ban still exists until can review.

Following acted outrageously when pamphleting.  4 of them, each to work all night.  Jim insisted to his mother that he be allowed to come.  Each to raise $15 except one for which Jim intervened pay $25.  Martin Amos called up.  Caused those with him to retire early.  Missed chance to go to p.l. next week.

Davina Evans.  Behavior problem.  Stayed away all night without clearance.  Stayed away from LA and from the LA demonstration Martha Evans grandmother.  She says she had cramps.  Jim: you have the nerve to bitch about cramps when 50-year-old mothers go.  Has leather panties and high heels.  Goes shopping with dad’s girlfriend.  Baby-sits for them and Temple doesn’t get a thing for it.

Tommy Moore had to be followed around.  Has been in contact with mother, etc.  Jim explained to deal with devious woman to get paper for you and pay $1000 for you to go to p.l.  Work all night and bring in $20 a week as long as he is here.

Meditation and healing.

New members admitted.

Service out 1.15. Bus was prompt tonight.

When we got home, I read, ate dome dates. Went to bed at 3.00


28 November – 1976 – Sunday
Jim was being interviewed on KGO this morning, but Bates and I had decided not to set the alarm so early.

I barely heard Bates around 8.30 but did not awaken until 9.00 when we were given messages that the nurses would give us a pancake breakfast.

I bathed and dressed.
Pancakes and syrup and bananas were brought to us.

The Temple bus came at 11.05. Bates and I thought we had missed it and took Muni to the Temple.

Service started at 12.00. Brother Garrison opened the service.
Wesley made announcements.
Norman took another offering by sum

Jim on podium at 1.00 o’clock.

Sue Ellen Williams (Gallie)  played a saxophone solo.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ joining.

A group danced, praised by Jim because all ages were represented.
Don Sly read a poem handwritten about a recent serice when Jim tells
us of his life’s suffering.
“Market Place” again, improved from last night.
“People Get Ready” inspired by our 13 buses which have crossed the
country year after year taking all those who want to come.
A choir number.

Commendation for pamphleters.  Robert Handrel made over $70.  Henry Mercer came in with around $30.

“California Reich” –Film documentary on Nazi Party in California.  Promoted eradication of all minorities. Appeals to seemingly rational working class.  Show creeping paralysis that is rapidly engulfing the nation.

Jim recalls newspaper article on general in army who seeing a black man, he says in fun, but the black man barely escaped death. [doesn’t say what general did]

Senator HL Richardson’s group [Gun Owners of California] has collected 4 million dollars for white people to buy arms to “protect themselves.’  He’s a California Senator.

Jim: showed film criticizing SF State University students for protecting a Nazi supporter.  I don’t think the angels will forget the Fort Ord sergeant who wants to roll in the dirt at Ausworld and kiss it in gratitude.

We are presented from saying we will protect ourselves.  I don’t think anyone has a right to say he will offensively kill any group you do have a right to kill to defend yourself.

Jim tells of homosexuals attacking right wing who were tearing down socialist election posters.  They were the only ones who had the courage.  I don’t care what people do in the bedroom.  Tell any homosexuals you know that we believe in their freedom.

Jim: started offering.  Speaking of peril we face, our newspaper, new edition.

How many listened to this morning’s broadcast?  Quite a many, six people, offered to tape it.  Not one had it.  Turned out one sister had it.

Young girl smiling at friend.  Jim called her friend to platform.  One six years a member, the other a year and comes to every service.  Neither knows what socialism is or a Nazi or a concentration camp.  Jim says get out of my face. They are hustled off.

Discussion on lack of knowledge.  I deplored what capitalism has done to our people, especially our young people.

Offering finished very seriously.

List of people late.  Bring in $10 unless on pamphleting bus.

Hugh Doswell on floor, for confrontation with Chris Rozynko on happening in P.C. Jim calls it treason.  Chris not there.  Jim reviews Hugh’s past misdemeanors.  Drops in and out as he pleases.  Three times he has dropped dead.  Hugh claims he was misunderstood.  He isn’t working steadily.  Hasn’t turned any money over.  Got credit union loan and is 4 payments behind.  He calls the white receptionist because she won’t let him use the phones a “white bitch.”  Jim McElvane says he never feels guilt, never says he’s sorry about anything.  Wife Laveria doesn’t speak up to him today.  Jim says he not talking to him any more.  Just talk about what we’re going to do with your family not living communally now.  Hugh Jr. goes to school on bus.  Laveria says she is responsible for moving out.  Hugh told her children going to be taken away from her.  Jim says unloving act to remove the child from our structure.

Jim says he’s written his name down, you’re not going to feel well, it’ll worry you.  You’re as evil as anybody who ever stood here.  Laveria won’t commit herself to get back in communal structure.  Chris says they live like dogs.  Marie says they live like dope fiends and you claim to be straight.  Jim revealed health conditions of Laveria.  Not safe your living out there.  You’re talking to someone who knows the future.  If you knew what I know you’d be extremely fearful. She says she wants to break off with Hugh.  Jim: I’ve got a proposition ready, meant for you Hugh.  Because of what you did to Archie. You put him through hell.  Jim told him to go to New Orleans, Louisiana.  Better send money to the church if you want to come out alive.  Jim orders transportation to New Orleans by bus tonight.  Jim: “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God,” who has a lot of angels.

Jim praised the children who sell the Bay Guardian and the Berkeley Barb.

All those who will pamphlet during break, stand and have names taken.  Act first

Lilian Smith $93, pamphleting today.


New members admitted.

People with special donation to altar.

Meeting dismissed 4.00

There was a meeting after services of ushers and offertory workers.  The two chief topics discussed were better handling of the offering buckets and improvements in the handling of the movement after services.  Workers must come on time. After Talley’s incident, when it was discovered how little some of out young people know about our purposes, we must insist on good behavior.  We are to take names of disorderly individuals and give them to the ministers to handle.  Jim Randolph and Brenda Jones will meet with security heads on crowd handling problems.  The meeting ended at 5.15.

As some seniors seated at the tables had not been served yet, I sat down there and had to visit an hour before we ogt food. Turkey, rice, cranberry sauce and green beans.

After eating I went to the auditorium and wrote journal entries until the service started at 7.30.

A greater effort was made to keep order and names were taken of those who were talking.

Wesley [Johnson] made announcements.

On Monday night all guardians of children under 18 are to meet and have the medical and dental history of their children written.

Norman Ijames took an offering.  The atmosphere was notably quieter.

Jim entered at 8.35 and took offering.

The Apostolic Singers sang “The Peace That I Have, the World Didn’t
Give It To Me.”

All nurses are to take part in clinic and get a schedule so that they carry a fair share.  Chris Kice has been doing most.

Recording of Jim’s broadcast over KGO. A little bit is missing at the beginning.

Poem written by Lorraine Smith, “Slave Child.”

Jim issued a warning: socialism must mean cooperation not competition in apostolic enterprises.  There must be no vying for personal glory, but the common good must be the consideration.  I don’t want to have a counseling confrontation on the subject but I will if I have to.

Children’s band: In that Sweet Bye and Bye. (parody)
Shirley Hicks played and sang: “Don’t Worry.”

Child who wouldn’t cooperate and wouldn’t come down was carried down and spanked 12 times.  It was after she scratched and fought yesterday.

Lue Ester Lewis who was sitting beside me was called up. Very nasty attitude in Fillmore commune.  She wouldn’t stand and clap.  She wouldn’t clean her bedroom in commune.  Marie says she won’t do any work and demands everything.  Shows nasty attitude to new people.  Bodily punched Lorenzo.  Taken out of her room. Jim says ___ ___ why your daughter no longer in the Temple.  Jim: ___ off from you , you’ll be like a ship without a sail, as you have a pain in the spine.  We are not going to have this ___ of bourgeois whiteness What’s eating you?  Jim says she think you’re better than anyone else.

Michael had told Mary Walker that when he spent the night with Lue Ester with his clothes off and took her own clothes off and they went to bed.  Michael was questioned. HE cried was spanked. The truth finally came out.  She bathed him . It felt good to him; he watched her undress and fantacized.  Her reputation is clear; she didn’t do anything with the children.  She is still leaving by first of the year.

Called on floor for misbehavior: Billy Bush.  Jim counseled Beverley Livingston: don’t let him have more money than others, has to get used to living in communal situation.  Won’t work, talks back to adults.  Other boys’ derlection gone into.  Loretta Cordell says Jimmy Joe doesn’t clean up his room and comes to church sloppily dressed.

Eileen Jackson and 3 other young women in front of Safeway fooling around, bothering customers.  Store manager knew they were from Peoples Temple.  Boys throwing rocks in the parking lot.

Philip Lacey never does his household chores. 17.  Stanley Clayton, Billy Mitchell, Bruce Morris.  Lazy won’t work, bad attitude.

Work and pamphleting penalties expected from all.

Joe McCall slept in car during morning service.  Didn’t work for Archie.  Says he didn’t want to go back to Valley.  His dad kicked him out because he wouldn’t work.  Temple took him in, this father will never put you down like your so-called-dad.  Jim says he will go back.  His mother  confronted him firmly.  Jim said “she’s pushing him out of the nest.  She’s strong, a good worker.

Danny Beck stole $200, said he found it in order to credit for turning it in and getting some back.

Jim Arthur [Jimbo] Jones,  Chris Buckley and Hugh Doswell. Throwing rocks.  Brenda Jones says Chris Buckley causes more trouble than anyone.  Minnie Buckley says he has bad attitude.

All above miscreants received penalties of work, mostly all nights and raising money on pamphleting. Jim was taking another offering while Joe McCall was still on the floor Kaye Gibbs was called up.  She has been out of the service, doesn’t work.  Thelma Jackson has been looking after her, trying to assure her that she is loved. She stayed away from service, doesn’t work.  Had to be taken to Mt. Zion for psychiatric exam.  Jim stated about mental illness, “I don’t believe in that bullshit.”

A rumpus erupted, with security workers bringing back Joe McCall.  He had tried to sneak out. He refused to go to Redwood Valley.  Jim said he doesn’t want him up there. Somebody will kill him.  His mother gave him hell for leather.  Jim said, like Marvin he doesn’t believe anything except the barrel of a gun.  Jim made Kaye take off her red wig.  She was trying to be white, whoever heard of a red-headed nigger?  She is a honky, other people waiting on her.  She’s studying Chinese.  Hasn’t she heard him tell how the Chinese have turned against the revolution.  She’s worrying about the death of some relative years ago.  Thelma dressed and fed her. Jim suggested that Kaye fuck Joe to death.  How many would pay to see it?

Jim said to Kaye:   Give us a commitment tonight or you have to go.   Someone told him she had been reading a book on how to commit suicide which angered him.  “You either act like the rest of us crazy niggers or if you want to be crazy, go crazy in Dayton.  The CIA ought to put you on their payroll.  You’ve been doing this for seven fuckin’ years.  We don’t need the CIA.  We’ve got too many lazy-ass mother fuckers inside.”

Kaye was refusing to answer.

Jim called up Gene Chaikin to advise him what methods of procedure would be legal.

Pauline Groot told Kaye she was so full of hatred that she didn’t know whom to hate first. Jim yelled:  “I do.” and lunged at Kaye.  “Get her out of my sight.”  The workers carried Kaye out.

Joe was still on the platform.  Jim asked him what he was going to do.  Joe had decided to go to the Valley.

Jim issued orders that Kaye was to be given “a spare bed back there.”  “I’m not going to pay for any expensive room.  Do everything but kill her.”

“What the CIA and FBI have not been able to do to us you fuckin’ asses do to us.”

Kaye said she’d rather go than stay here feeling so much hatred.

Jim’s temper was ignited at that.  “You won’t put the guilt on me.  You’re the bitch that hates us.  You never worried about me, nobody but your fucking self.

Kaye said she never wanted to be white.  Jim: Why wear a red wig?  Why don’t you come in here and help us against those who are trying to kill us off forever.  I think of the people who work night and day and never even get to take my hand.   I live in this mother-fuckin’ zoo.  Jim described what he wanted for his older people, for whom he had a special love.  He’d like to buy a hotel where they would not be crowded.  But we deprive ourselves of everything so as to get to the p.l.

Some of the people here are dangerous, with the piles of trash around; some sick people could burn the place down.

He asked Kay what she was going to do?  Was she willing to spend 2 days on the street with a woman who had volunteered to take her out?  The plane to Dayton has been reserved in 2 days we can see how she is doing.

Jim asked for contribution for the plane fare and received them.

His day had been made hard, not only with these last two cases, but with the 2 young girls who don’t know what socialism is, don’t know what a Nazi is.

In the final minutes, Jim healed and sent cloths out.

The meeting was dismissed at 1.30.

The bus took us to Geary.

I read for a while.

Went to bed at 3.30.


29 November – 1976 – Monday
Got up at 6.00, dressed ate, and was at work before Dor came in.

She was back from her trip to Arizona to visit her sister and family.

Marc had to see the doctor again and didn’t come in.

I sent most of the day on an agreement for computer services for Mary Cavalina.  It was a revision to be put on ATS.  She had put in some contract clauses and she made mistakes in monitoring.

I ate lunch inside as the weather had become cold.

I was late in getting out and decided to sign in again and order a copy of the dictation that I was working on.  Then when I had forgotten my clip board with receipts for expenditures, I had the idea that tonight we had to submit our needs.

Since I was a little late I didn’t stop at the apartment and exercise but went straight on to the Temple.

Quickly ate dinner.

Then went home on the Muni with some of the sisters.

Ate some grapes.

Bates came home.  She had stopped at the Temple and looked for me. She went to the kitchen and got dinners to take home for both of us: a chicken leg, liver, vegetable and rice and a carrot salad.

Bates was exhausted and went to bed early.

I spent about an hour going through accumulated papers, putting them away in appropriate folders.  I particularly was looking for receipts for putting in my needs and accounting for the money I received last week. But I couldn’t find them all.

Three Temple workers, Vicky [Dover], Juanita Bogue and Dorothy Brewer came in separately to get our needs lists, carrying out a new system which has been worked out.  The needs came in 3 categories: personal, food and household supplies.  The list of food allowed is extremely limited.  We discussed with Dorothy the possibility of talking with Rheaviana about food for instance for those of us who work.  Dorothy said that she would talk with Rheaviana about some cheese.  I mostly cook beans which I buy myself.

I typed in my journal about 2 hours and finished off  4 pages typed.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.30.


30 November – 1976 – Tuesday
Dor had her son call us to say that she had a bad cold and would not be in.

I worked again most of the day on Cavalina’s agreement, which was unusually difficult.  Ran it off on the machine.  Didn’t finish it until after 2.00

Marc did not have much to do except for some memos for Maggie.  She was in a depressed mood all day because of her physical condition doctor thinks it very likely she has uterine cancer.  She also learned that her daughter in Arkansas died.

New push-button phones have been installed and one of ours which is used for computer linkage, we have had trouble with for several days.  Telephone men were in and out at different hours of the day.  One, new at Bechtel’s remarked on the cold atmosphere, unappealing decor.

At lunch time I saw a film in the employee series, “Challenge of the Alps.” concerning the installation of an oil pipeline across the Alps from Italy through Austria to West Germany.  Scenic shots were beautiful.

At home tonight I exercised.

Dressed for the Temple and brought with me my clipboard in case we had a communication meeting.

There were again very long lines for dinner.  I was talking with Jim Pugh who is now occupying a trailer in the Temple parking lot.  Eva is leaving in a few days for the p.l. where she will take over the finances.

We were informed there would not be a house meeting. A number of other meetings were called.

I got my Muni pass for December.

I saw Vernell Henderson at the needs table and returned to her $2 for Kaiser fee which they did not collect on my last visit.

People from 1029 Geary who wanted to take Muni home already left and I couldn’t find anyone to go home with.  Had to wait for transportation.  Tom Fitch took the rest of us home in the bus.

Bates was home.  She had stopped at the Temple but didn’t see me.  She was already in bed.

Worked on my journal from 9.00 to 11.00.  Finished typing the 16-30 November section and proofread it.

Ate some grapes and read the paper.

Went to bed, after a bath, at 12.20.


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