Edith Roller Journals: December 1976

Transcribed from her handwritten journals by Don Beck (October 2008)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-7 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-1-A-7 (146)

The text transcribed here from Edith Roller’s notes has some missing words or lines due to (1) unreadable, poorly xeroxed text or (2) unreadable writing. Blanks are left in the text for these areas.  [?] indicate questionable readings.

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 December – 1976 – Wednesday

Dor didn’t come in.  She said on the phone that she felt better and would probably be in tomorrow.

We didn’t have much to do in the office.  I did some documents for Maggie.

I ate lunch at my desk.

At 3.45 I went to Kaiser to get my shot.

Got home a little early.  Took a nap.

[page C-1-A-7 (3) of Dec notes missing. Next page on C-1-A-7 (4) appears to be continuation of missing page]

… Jack Beam says anybody could come in their building and not be noticed.  People could be raped, stabbed or killed.  Rory Bargeman (Macon).  Golden said she had never been so angry at anyone.  Johnny Brown said she always had a funky attitude.  Father overruled all the rest to let her to come up here.  Jim said: No further discussion, get your things and go on the bus tonight.  You’re out of fellowship, have 6 months and if you’re still alive and well, will be considered for return.

Rory Bargeman, came to Yvonne Golden’s [Principal of Opportunity School in SF, where some of our children attended].  attention twice.  Last time he flushed Cornelius Truss’s ID down the toilet.  Jim decrees boxing. We’ll teach you something.  Jim said he had plastic surgery done for knot on the head,  “Why did you not even say thank you?”  He took a beating.  Jim: No more trouble to Yvonne Golden.  Goes for the rest of you.

Joyce Douglas and Mary Johnson. Poncho [Johnson] hit girl in face after argument about space at school.  Marie says he screwing up our security.  Jim orders him not to raise ever his voice, raise $200 and fight.  His mom, Mary Johnson, says before she got a job, these children had it too damn easy.  Jim says how he reacts to this tonight will determine your fate.  At one point during the fight his mom got into it.  Several fighters sent against Poncho.  Gave him a trouncing.  Poncho said he was compensating for his homosexuality.  Some laughs from the audience.  Jim said he will be sent to the p.l. [promised land = Guyana. Poncho went over 12/16/76].

Andy Silver left several of our sisters stranded until 7.30 after being out since 10.30. Promised to pick them up at 5.00.  Andy says he will raise $200 in one week.

Kim  X  warned against relationship with outsider.  Police likely to pick him up any time.

Jim Alexander wrote note to Jim saying he was hostile because Jim had influenced Vera Young to reject him.  Jim said he had no objection to inter-racial relationship but she explained she advised him to get out and pamphlet to get our black seniors and white seniors and children to a better land.

Barbara Walker. Ruth Ann Willis. Shawn putting slug in coke machine.  She tiny girl daughter of Walker who up before.  Ruth Ann had chance to go to p.l.  Severed from the Temple.  She ran off. Jim said we’ve had to watch her every hour.  She has just given herself a death sentence.

Tyrone Mathis. called Archie [Ijames] an Uncle Tom and Jack Beam a racist.  Very negative about everything.  Bragged about his car.  He came from Detroit.  Two girls he was interested in told him they had no use for him.  But one wasn’t firm enough.  She got some coaching on self-expression.  Several sisters reported unwanted attentions from him, including Janey.  She supposed to fight him.  Jim asked him if he had faced his homosexuality as Janey had not completed her surgery yet.  He denied being homosexual.  Jim said he’d fight.

Jim: Linda Mertle an arch enemy of the truth.  No dealing with her.  As with those named tonight.

Page Street [commune] children made hundreds over the weekend.

Agnes Jones brought up a charge of child molestation 2 years old against Lue Ester [Lewis] involved her daughter Sheila who left the Temple.  Jim said nothing on it.  Agnes has to raise $100 in a week.

Jenny fought a good fight.  Then Marie Lawrence took over.  Then another sister.  He smokes. Recommended he get a job, raise $150 in a week.  Stop fooling around with the sisters.

Several commendations.

Philip Lacy supposed to turn in ___ [Left to fill in later], but got only $12.  Says he’ll get it by end of  the month.

Kaye Gibbs, our precious sister did what she promised.  Mary reports you just stood there, never opened your mouth.  Her mother called over the weekend and she had no trouble talking.  She laughed.  Jim: It’s finished.  Take your flight to Dayton.  Jim said she’s bright and cheerful with her family.  I’m sure that’s where she wants to be.  She does now.

Jim complained about the Berkeley Barb and Bay Guardian sales.  Peter Wotherspoon responded.

Judy Merriam says she prefers not to people-sit at Fireside Lodge more than once a month.  Mary Wotherspoon needs her help.  Mary and Rita Tupper have been able to apprehend some enemies.  Chris Kice says Judy should start thinking through responsibilities instead of shoving them off on someone else who goes to one LA and one SF weekend a month.


Billy Watkins to go to p.l. with Eva.

Cathy Richardson (Purifoy)  went out alone against revelation. Went to see her mother, was late in getting back, has a lot of new clothes.  She said she gets her laundry done better than at the Temple.  Her mother speaks of “niggers”.  She has had no commitment.  Her friends are white, have no time for political activism.  Jim: How can you associate with her and come back and flaunt special privileges that others of us can’t have .  Her impatience with some guests subject of discussion.  Jim says he takes it very seriously when anyone is turned away.  Her mother bought three $30 dresses for her.  She said “You know how things fall apart if you pay less.”  [Nancy] Sines says she manipulates with her statements.  Jim says whole family is disrespectful.  Mother is a terribly self-indulgent woman.  Cathy will raise money, check in with Jean Brown every night.

100,000 newspapers of Chronicle type produced free on Goodlett’s Oakland press; have to have every available person to distribute them Thursday and Friday.

Jim: warning to young women, on becoming pregnant with Smith in withdrawal.

Reported Ruth going tell on us.  Threatened knock our windows out.  Jim: we’ll throw you in jail.  Jim asked: Have you ever had any sexual relations with your dad.  Did your dad give you dope”  Answer: yes.

Orde Dennis was first in pamphleting; Lue Esther Lewis was second.

Which individual went down to collect money at Glide Memorial.  Also one of you at the rotunda when Jim was sworn in.  Write Jim a note.

District Attorney:  anybody shoplifting goes to jail.  Let message go around.

Jim took another offering.

Laveria Doswell stayed home from service tonight.  After Hugh left, she was on floor.  She said she just doesn’t feel like going to church.  Jim asks her if she wants to go back to L.A.  She says she has no one to go to.  She has been in commune with Hugh. She says she’s not going back to him.  She thinks of going to aunt in San Diego.  Jim says only one who can protect her from Hugh is “me.”  Your child would hear about this. You’re taking their lives in your hands.  She says a man living in the house is watching the children, who are at home.  Jim: suggests you’re going to tell the children in front of one of your workers that you are taking them out.  She won’t follow instructions and doesn’t believe in Jim’s protections and knowledge, obviously.  Jim: he’s afraid of me.  Only reason Jim’s bothering about it is that there are babies involved.  She says she’ll stay and rehabilitate herself.  The discussion concerning Hugh’s trustworthiness went on.  She finally made commitment again to stay in and not to take the children out. But she hesitantly agrees to go apostolic.  Jim says if she doesn’t keep her word, there will be no further discussion.

After meditation period and healings. Jim dismissed us at 1.40.

The Geary bus left in about half hour.  I read newspapers.  Went to bed at 3.30.


2 December – 1976 – Thursday
Got up at 6.00 as usual and got to work on time.

Dor phoned in again that she still doesn’t feel like coming to work.

Betty asked me to transcribe some tapes for Robert Joyce, as his secretary was out.  I worked on these all day.  I had no difficulty as his voice is clear and he explained all requirements.  Marquita did some memos for Maggie.  Later in the afternoon she helped me xerox copies of attachments to Joyce’s material. I had given drafts to Joyce, got them back and did final copies on two of them.

Galbreath asked us whether we cold revise a contract for him tomorrow.  So many changes have to be made.  It’s always advisable to retype it as I expect to finish the rest of Joyce’s material, Marquita plans to work on the contract.  Galbreath wants it tomorrow.

Ate my lunch.

Felt extraordinarily well today in spite of the lack of sleep last night. At home exercised.

Dinner was served at 1029 Geary.  I got my plate filled and brought it upstairs to eat. Put my laundry in the machine downstairs.

Household items and food were passed out and I brought upstairs mine and Bates’.  We got items we had not asked for, for instance, margarine, which I turned back and more bacon, which I kept.

Bates came from work. She had a bad cold and went right to bed.  I made her a bacon sandwich.  I did personal chores and washed my hair.  Had two bacon sandwiches and read Freedom at Midnight.  Went to bed at 12.30.


3 December – 1976 – Friday
Dor returned to the office.

I spent the morning on the Galbreath contract, which he had brought in to us.  It was a revision of the Guri Dam (in Venezuela) contract but had so many changes that Dor thought the first half should be entered again.  I started from the first on the original entry and Marquita made revisions starting at the back .  When we reached a meeting point, Dor instructed us how to combine the two documents in one storage.  I worked through my lunch hour to finish.

Then I ate my lunch outside.

In the afternoon none of us had much work to do.

Dor and I had an intense discussion which got into the subjects of racism and fascism, with Marquita taking notes but not listening with interest.  I had success at all making Dor understand what I meant and the only result was in making clear to me how reactionary she is — a typical honky.

When I got home tonight I exercised.

Got my dinner at Geary.  I took a dinner for Bates but when she arrived she went to bed right away.

I went through another box of my books and listed them.  Then I listed my Russian books, translating the titles into English when I could.  Then I sorted my teaching masters, saving those which might be useful and throwing away the duplicates.  I worked from about 8.00 till past midnight.

Read Freedom at Midnight [by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins 1975] for an hour.

Went to bed at 2.00.


4 December – 1976 – Saturday
Got up at 9.00.  Bates was already up.

I vacuumed the rug after putting in a new bag.  Bates had brought back my cleaner, the cord having been repaired.

Drank some cranberry juice.

Went to the Blind Babies Bazaar and to the Salvation Army on Sutter and Polk.  I got three slips and a pair of shoes, then I bought some fruit.

Bates and I listened to the Temple broadcast. Jim opened the panel with  a discussion of racism and increasing Nazism in the city.

Temple workers brought some baked beans and tuna fish for us for lunch.  We had declined white bread sandwiches.  Bates had gone to the grocery store, got food and cooked it for us.  She explained that she gets few hot meals during the week.

I started to press clothes before we ate and finished afterward.

For dinner we had prepared a stew with kidneys, salad and apricot halves.

Bates cleaned up the kitchen and defrosted the refrigerator.

As I wasn’t able to find a girdle this morning, I took the bus up to Haight Street.  I had to walk several blocks as the Van Ness bus did not cross Haight Street and I had difficulty finding the right bus stop.  The St. Vincent de Paul second hand store was closed, but I found 2 girdles and another pair of shoes at the Volunteers of America.  I had spent $5.  Today I got 2 pairs of shoes, 2 girdles and 3 slips.

I went home via the Masonic and Geary bus.  I got off at Larkin and bought a Sunday newspaper.

I got home at 5.30 and had an hour’s nap.  Bates rested too.

Just before leaving for the Temple service, I found that though Bates had put food back in the freezing compartment of the refrigerator, she had not emptied the water and the refrigerator was still defrosting.  It was some time before we got it to working right.

We rode the Muni bus with Wanda King and Juanita Bogue and got in about five minutes before the deadline.

Took my check up to Maria [Katsaris].

Rides were arranged, announcements made, two offerings taken.

Brother Ivy played two numbers on the harmonica.

Dale Parks took a third offering, saying it was not by chance, but on orders from the highest authority, Father.

At the end of a number of choral singings, Jim came to the podium about 9.15.

Dorothy Brewer with others sang and played “Thank Father We’re Alive.”

Jim’s face was very somber when he started to speak he said that he came before us with a heavy heart.  He had been for hours dealing with a most serious matter.  He asked that some close to the office have organized to assassinate him (I thought he inferred that they had conspired with outside enemies).  He gave no names.  He did not give any names. It was foolish of the plotters to think they would succeed.  Numerous times his life had been threatened and he had always survived and he would always survive as long as his people needed him.  He was not sad.  He was very, very angry.  He was filled with righteous indignation.

As he started to take an offering, he continued to speak about and to the conspirators.  He gave orders that the doors should be secured and no one to go out without clearance.  Later he said, “You let one of them leave the building.  Jack Beam has just told me that one left by the back door, but that’s all right.  I’ll get him anyway.”  On the phone he spoke to someone. “If I don’t call you back, go ahead with the action we discussed,” saying he left the microphone on, on purpose.

Jim added at one point that the guilty ones involved a child, a teenager, in their nefarious scheme.

Carol Stahl gave instructions and tests.

Jim gave report on accident involving Jan Wilsey in p.l. – eye ripped out by nail, she called on Father and eye was completely healed.

Jim: Child (teenager) involved in nefarious scheme.

If you are interested in freedom movement, serving in front line, write this on your test paper.

Test questions were handed out with blank paper on which to write the answers.  There were eight questions to be answered.  Essay form. Those who can’t write get help.  Questions were on socialism and capitalism and struggle for liberation.

Mother just returned from the p.l.  She described the beauty of the land and what or people have been able to accomplish under Father’s inspiration, an example of program is Nawabie, Marie Lawrence’s’ child.

As requested I wrote at the end of my paper that I wished to serve the cause of socialism in the way and in the place that was the most helpful.  Perhaps some of my various experiences would prove useful.  For instance I had studied Russian and with a little practice would be fluent.  I also mentioned that I had told Tim Stoen of the cryptography system I had learned in the CIA and that I thought it would be valuable for some of our staff to learn and I would be glad to teach them.

We are going to see what diagnostic procedures should be used on our children here.  Marquitay met with Prime Minister [Reid, Guyana] today before she left. He said to follow advice of our leader and go over as soon as possible.  Our people don’t have to sign a statement that they haven’t been in trouble with the law because of Jim’s previous arrangements.

Jim healed.

New members were admitted.

Jim said at every meeting he looked down and saw Bob Houston in the section where he used to sit. You cannot escape this movement.  We have told you that there is life after death.  You will return!

People with contributions to come to altar.

Meeting dismissed 12.45.

The bus left at about 1.15 and was home at 1.30.  Jim had asked for everyone to go pamphleting at 8.00 tomorrow but so few Geary residents volunteered it was decided not to send a bus to Geary.

Bates revealed to me that she believed Harold Cordell, whom she had not seen in the service now for several days might be one of those involved in the assassination plot.  It occurred to me that I had not seen Rick Cordell on the podium for some time.

I ate a snack and read newspapers.

Went to bed at 3.00.


5 December – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 9.00.  I had slept rather restlessly, getting up three times.  The possibility that the Cordells were involved in the assassination plot prayed on my mind.

I typed up a letter Bates wrote to Jim about an unpleasant experience she had had, once with the Housing Authority in Oakland.  She was writing it to Jim on account of his appointment to the Housing Authority in San Francisco.

Bates prepared breakfast.  We had cranberry juice, grapefruit and apricots, then broiled fish and toast made from the bread I baked yesterday.

I washed dishes.

The bus came for us at 11.00.

The day was sunny, pleasanter weather tan we have had recently.

For the past several meetings we have not had to sign the “meditation” sheets.  No explanation has been given.

Service started at 12.00.

Johnny Brown took the first offering.

Mother Jones appeared at 1.00 during testimonials and led the congregation in singing a song.

Jim entered about 1.30 as the second offering was being taken and then another, seeking for amounts by sum.  After, he asked for volunteers to distribute newspapers and pamphlet.

Contrasting the murders of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr., threats to Cesar Chavez and himself  in the luxury in which  Reverend Ike lives. Millions of dollars given to him by his devoted followers. He said he wasn’t black any more. He had turned green from the lust for money.  He lives in a house on a mountain top where none of his followers can come.

Under the direction of Frances Johnson, a skit portraying a “Concentration Camp” was given.

Jim reviewed the attack on our people in LA several years ago.  Even then it was too late for talk. Talking did no good.  Tears did no good.  But when I said 2000 of you would be down, that impressed them.

Melvin Johnson sang “Stealing in the Name of the Lord.”

Black Velvet group of young men including Jim Jones Jr. gave a song and dance routine.

Sonny Madison.  Young woman associate of Angela Davis National Alliance Against Racism and Political Repression.

Angela’s imprisonment campaigners that former around this issue Reagan the Governor of California necessary to try to free Angela.  She understands mass movement saved her and only one case.  Have to continue to fight. Her Alliance is a coalition formed in 73.

Wilmington 10.  Ben Chavez serving 34 years in oppressive system.  34 years. were framed,  Organizing entire community to stand up to repressive measures.  Were attacked by Klan open, blatent and free.  After attack on a rally on the alliance,  Held a second organizing meeting  Were attacked again. A Klansman raid.  National Guard with tanks, bayonets, siege of town?  The principals arrested charged with burning a grocery store.  Collectively they got 182 years.  Ben Chavez bond set at $100,000. Alliance appealed.  Superior Court said proper steps not taken through the criminal courts.  Chavez been in jail since 76.  Chavez and others’ safety guaranteed because of public pressure.  72 prisons industry works prisoners for nothing.  May to September 76 he was on hunger strike and Temple came 3000 miles to support Alliance in rally on another issue.

Situation of black people in North Carolina deplorable labor is being exploited.

Leading witness admitted he perjured himself.  North Carolina will not open up the case.

Possible of setting Chavez free on bail.  His freedom will be a step towards getting the other 9 out.

National Board meeting now.  Had succeeded in releasing many of their political prisoners.

Petersons to sign. Confusion over address.

Rory Bargeman was going to lose his leg from a blood clot.  All right now.

Young man X  sent to Redwood Valley sneaked away.  Jim: people in the movement wouldn’t mess with you.  Lazy, uncooperative, constant drain.  Precipitated a fight in Redwood Valley.  Jim: people like you draining us.  His mother asked him why he doesn’t like the cause.  No answer.  Jim says: Where are you going from here?  He says: Air Force.  He wishes to go to Texas.  We’ll help him as far as Nevada, give him some grub on account of his mother.  Jim warned him against any actions that would harm our people.  Keep your mouth off our people.

Alexis Blair.  Jim: on one of your kicks again.  You don’t want to live in our homes.  You want to leave the city, acting and dancing. Wants to go to Japan.  Jim asks whether she is familiar that Japan is second only to fascist America.  She was arrested once there. Jim points out all people with mixed blood in Japan are treated like dogs.  Says she going to work to get to Japan.  Mother said she not willing to work for us.  She says entertainer agent will pay her fare. Criticized for indecent exposure.  Jim asks her if she doesn’t realize Japanese despise all things not pure Japanese.  5,000 half black children cant get a private job.  Jim reminded her that he gave her a prophesy, her breasts wouldn’t remain in an attractive condition.  He asks why she doesn’t go to Northern Carolina?  She says she will.  Jim tells her to get her thing together and go.

Tyrone Mathis from Detroit.  Jim: People are taxing our patience.  Kim X [blank left to fill later]  she has talked to him and said lies were told on him.  He got her sympathy.  She said she told him she hated him, doesn’t appreciate having her name bandied around.  She says she cussed him out about his laziness.  Doesn’t show any concern for other people.  He was asked why she walked out when he was being whipped.  If she had not, this second episode wouldn’t have happened.  Jim ferrets out that she had to save face with boyfriend.  Jim says to Tyrone: so you want to take a trip?  Where? He says he has money coming from his mother.  Jim said he’d like to have heard about this before.  He was seen smoking  He’s secretive about this money.  Jim tired of people who are cowards, won’t admit why they want to get away.  Jim says the car will take him to Nevada, he can thumb his way from there.

Alexis reported as wanting to get her clothes in L.A. She satisfied go to Oakland to get her belongings.  Jim suggested she go to Florida, it’s warm.  Jim: call us before you come back here.  There’s a different leader here today.

All three together.  One thing you have in common: You don’t know who you are.  Going East from Reno?  Make your way you’re all a threat to family.  Like, don’t carry your weight, sponge, will be glad if you (to young women) help our people in North Carolina.  Young man going to Texas, Tyrone to Detroit.  Can come back in 6 months if send money.


Offerings for North Carolina prisoners.  Jim put a great deal of emphasis upon this.

New members admitted.

Service ended at 4.45.

Pamphleters and newspaper distributors were to have priority in getting served at the meals, but this must have been handled very expeditious as the line was short.  I decided not to sit down at the Seniors tables which would probably involve a long wait in the line to get reasonably quick service for many people were out that the atmosphere was quite pleasant.  For dinner we have chicken, rice salad, bread.

Having eaten I joined Paulette Jackson to get through the doors , she took me to the bus stop.  I went home, read newspapers, had some grapes and Sanka until time to get go at 7.30 as the evening service was to begin at 8.00.

I rode on the bus with Chris and asked her advice on getting the leak in our kitchen repaired.

In the evening service after rides were arranged and announcements made, two offerings were taken in quick order.

Little girls sang.
The Apostolic Singers sang.

Jim appeared briefly on the platform, then went downstairs to see off Eva Pugh and Cleve Swinney, going to the p.l.

Polla Materas sang.

Johnny Brown took another offering.

The choir sang.

Jim was on the podium at 9.15.  Took another offering by sum.  Great emphasis. Fill in amount.  No thanks.  Surprised people in Reno.  10 people who didn’t expect to be.

(Little girl) Arterberry [probably Traytease].  She is very uncooperative, won’t pamphlet, screams, won’t participate in school.  Mom called for conference at school, won’t share toys.  “You’re going to pamphlet and get 5 swats” one thing ___ made well, are not drums. Get the drumsticks.”   Raise $10.

Stanley Gieg.  Hasn’t been showing up for work on communal cars.  Has had bad attitude.  He plays favorites with white leaders.  Jim says committee must set priorities.  He fixes cars when he thinks he can get favors.  Jim: last time you set discipline, you didn’t follow through.  This time you’ll walk and I do mean business.  Jack warned him that he was not going to cover up for him.  Told how he had wronged new black mechanic, an older man, Brother Bell.  Jim: You’ve got forms of prejudice, against age and obviously against race.  Jim says he has cocky attitude. “Get the gloves.”  Karen Layton says he’s always out of meetings. Henceforth everyone must get clearance from Jim to be out of meetings.  Stan also refused to do fire watch.  Mark Cordell, about the best fighter, hit him.  Wesley Breidenbach took over from Mark.  Wesley was freer than Mark.

Ronald Campbell and Todd Klingman, Martin Amos, Patricia Pettit, Carol Martin talking back to teacher, was insolent to Brenda Cobb.  Lost three coats.  Condemned to fight Socko [Rochelle Kemp].  Martin said he wasn’t afraid of her.  Had hit her ass.  She bloodied him up, as Jim acted as fight manager.  25 smackeroos.

Ronald Campbell and Todd Klingman.  Won’t sing, clap hands during services. Ronald has been up several times.  Todd not recently. Ronald gets 12 swats, Todd 7. Ronald 15.  Todd’s penalty changed to a fight on receipt of more information on his misdeeds.  Patricia Pettit won’t take instruction, mocked Father in service, won’t do as told.  12 whacks, pamphleting $25.  Cheryl Mitchell, slow on getting going in the morning.  Lisa Wright, bad attitude.  Kim Fye, work good, nasty attitude in commune.  Wouldn’t help seniors.  Another black girl locked in room with young man, wouldn’t open the door.  All, including the young man, received primary penalty and work all night.  Todd fought black boy, was beaten.

Pamphleting for Alex $200, Dorothy Worley $155.78.  Seven over $100.

Kevin Davis went to see mom on Thanksgiving, hasn’t done any projects.  Refused to go pamphleting.  Rooming with Mark Sly, not good combination.  Jim asked his intentions.  He prefers to stay, says he’s just lazy.  He gets work assignment, raise a sum pamphleting.  Mark Sly lazy and hostile.  He gets work and pamphleting penalty.

Robert Perkins and Jerry Ray [Rhea] and several other young men.  Jerry Ray {Rhea] was smoking.  Archie dealing with case.  Others covered for him. His pregnant wife complains about his smoking.  Jim says can harm unborn baby.  Refer to treatment of blacks in North Carolina tobacco industry.

Vern Gosney. Children saw him smoking when pamphleting.  He gets penalty.  Jenny [Cheek] admits doing same.

Rob Gieg admits to smoking.  Renee Gieg had to urge him to talk.  She complains type of people he hangs around with.  Renee complains of Rob’s relationship with Denise Purifoy, who is white.  Jim says we don’t go from black to white.  Another blonde girl called up because of suspected sex relationship.  She says nothing in that but she associated with him for smoking.  Jim censures her for not telling.,  Irvin Perkins begins stream of people who admit they smoke and didn’t confess without pressure.  Call got $250 penalties.  Guy Young says “Rob despicable.  Tired of seeing you on the floor.  You’ve gotten off easy, don’t want to hear of your activities with another woman.”  Mary Wotherspoon, Penny Kerns and then Renee socked him.  Denise got slapped by the women because of Renee’s abortion.  She was mistreated by Paul, is masochistic.  Jim’s description of his reaction to Rob’s sex life. Jim’s advice to Denise: Don’t give any man the chance to be a sadist.  Renee complains of attitude to Jason, neglects him.  Jim tires to get him to admit racial prejudice in reference to son.  Rob has to kneel and kiss Renee’s feet. Denise has to too.

Tommy Moore. Being great problem, was in bed to 1.00 today.  Jim says he’s taking big chance.  Lest there be some connection with mother, sickest personality  “I’ve ever known.”  Has to continue to work on papers, as she ignored our call.  “for purely personal reasons you shouldn’t be here at all,”  shows his love.

Penny Kerns said he was like his mom and he overheard.  Jim said very bad thing to say to a child.  Penny gets discipline.  Jim says he has to have a lot of faith and I’m taking a terrible chance.  Tommy promises to straighten up.

Jim said we must endeavor to get out on Wednesday by 11.00.  We need to spend time on pamphleting and delivering newspapers.  We may have to give wrong-doers some slaps, we haven’t time for so much talk.

He performed some healing and gave out cloths.

The meeting was dismissed at 12.45.  The Geary bus left at 1.15 and we arrived home at 1.30.

Bates told me she wasn’t going to work tonight.  Jim had sent her a cloth and told her to rest.  Her heart would have given out by morning.

I ate my pudding from Saturday and read a little in the newspaper.

Went to bed at 2.15.


6 December – 1976 – Monday
Bates was in a good deal of pain this morning and spent a restless night.  I made sure the nurses would check on her.

Marquita was out for more medical checks.

I worked on revisions for Covalinas’ software agreement.  She wanted a print-out as soon as possible, so I ran it off on the machine.

Ate my lunch outside as the weather is still mild.

Kate Walker came in to get a contract on ATS for Peter Hughes but Dor told her that present policy is that attorneys are to turn over their work to experienced operators in the Word Processing Center. She says the Department has been saving $2000 a month since the secretaries have not been allowed to use the machines.  Kate, who doesn’t like Dor, wanted to argue; Pete came in and wished his own secretary to do the work.  However, Dor insisted. Peter wouldn’t have the documents until late. She said if he got it to her by 4.00, she could finish it.  He did not come with it until 4:30.  When she protested, he said that was the reason he wanted Kate to do it, as he could “make her stay late.” Dor did stay to work on the contract.

When I got home, Bates was still in bed.  The nurses and several others had been in to see her; food had been brought to her.

She had telephoned the doctor, she said he was sending her some medicine.  She hadn’t wanted to go to him, as she said the government won’t pay (she has veterans rights) although she admitted Medical would.

I did my exercises but was not quite through when I was informed dinner was ready.  I went down and got food for Bates and me.  It was vegetable soup with rice and applesauce.  Bates ate some.

I washed dishes and cleaned out the refrigerator.  There were many jars in which food had been saved and I threw out anything I was doubtful about.  I found 4 containers of yoghurt partially eaten by Bates.  She is very clean and neat. But she saves food obsessively.

I took the dishes back to the nurses quarters, talked with Chris Kice who told me Bates canceled her appointment with the doctor. Doreen Greaves as to be on duty during the night and could be called in if Bates’ condition gets worse.

Bates didn’t even want me to wash her.  She went to sleep after eating.

I started work on my journal at 8.30 on more calendar entries and corrections, finishing 16 to 30 November 1975 section.

I listed the number of pages completed in each half-month sections.  Starting with June 1975. The average page number is about 24.  I started to read the 1 to 15 December section.  Worked until 11.30

Read newspapers for an hour.

Went to bed at 12.00..


7 December  – 1976 – Tuesday
Bates was about the same.  She is still in pain.

At work I made final revisions on the Avelina contract and ran off a signature copy on the machine.

Maggie brought in some notarization and certification documents,  Dor divided the between Marquita and me.  I finished one and started another.

At lunchtime I saw the film in the employee series, “Seven Chinese Festivals,” which was made in Taiwan for the Nationalist government of China.  It showed the most important annual holidays.  I ate my lunch in the assembly room.

One of the nurses, I believe Doreen Greaves, had come to check on Bates and she had had various visitors.  Her hair is matted and she hasn’t even had her face and hands washed as far as I know.  I offered to do that although I don’t feel competent to bathe her in bed, but she said she didn’t feel well enough.

I learned that there was not to be a house meeting at the Temple, and so we didn’t have to go up to up to eat, as our list of desired items called “needs” are taken care of by house workers.  We were served at Geary Street.  The food was uninteresting as we had no vegetables.

I did my exercises.

Bates son and his wife came to see her.  They brought her some groceries.

I worked on my journal from 8.30 to 11.30.  I finished reading the 1-15 December section, typed 6 pages.

Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 1.00


8 December –1976 – Wednesday
I got up in plenty of time to get to work on time but when I was preparing my lunch Bates got up and told me she was going downstairs to arrange to go to the hospital.  In addition to her side her throat hurt her, she said.  I went to the nurses quarters myself, woke up Chris Kice and talked to her.  She probably was resentful because of the time that Bates had chosen, said she was “playing a game.”  She came up and talked to Bates, called the Veteran’s hospital and arranged transportation with Rocki.  Rocki and Chris got Bates dressed and ready before I left.  Rocki told me she would call me.

Already late, I had to wait a long time for a bus, so didn’t get to work until about 8.30.

I worked all morning, on the notarization and certificates started yesterday for Maggie.  Marquita finished hers before she left for her MagCard class, but it proved to have several errors init.  I couldn’t find her cards, so had to do it over again.  I had much trouble with the format of these documents.

Dor was working on a Litigation Report.

Rocki phoned.  She said Bates had the flu.  She was sent home and was to stay in bed, drink fruit juice and water, as far as Rocki knew, her heart was all right.

I ate my lunch outside.

Fred Abbott’s secretary was out and he had some tapes on the Patamine litigation which were urgent.  Marquita and I both worked on them.  We merely made drafts.  I had almost finished mine when I had to leave at 3.45 for Kaiser.

I got my shot very quickly and took the bus home, where I arrived at 5.15.

Bates was still complaining of pain.

Chris Kice brought her some soup and gave her fruit juice, said she was going to stay with her during service.  She had studying to do.

I lay down for an hour but didn’t go to sleep.  Chris put hot wet towels on Bates.

Chris gave me some of the soup she had brought up.  It was very thin.  I didn’t have time to eat more.

Took the Muni bus to the Temple just after 7.00.  Jann Gurvich was on the bus too.  She is studying law at Golden Gate University.  She had exams this week.

We arrived at the Temple at 7.15.

Received a plate and ate.  Menu was Polish sausage, yams, greens and cornbread.

Service got underway at 7.30.

Rides were arranged.

Johnny Brown asked for offering envelopes to be distributed for the offering.

After announcements and congregational singing, Norman Ijames took an offering by sum.

Dale Parks took charge of the meeting, another song was sung and he took another offering.

Jim was on the podium at 8.45.

One of our people framed and in jail tonight because her didn’t listen.  He is framed on a very serious charge.  His mother very devoted and keeps all the rules and he has a baby.  We much bail him out and tonight we’ll deal with him.  If the sister and brother had been doing what they were supposed to, they wouldn’t have framed him.  Played hookey from school.  Police grabbed and accused him of armed robbery.  I’d told him to live in SF.  I’d like to have him right now. Stupid people keep me up night and day, any more, if you’re guilty, don’t bother us.  We’ll never get to the p.l. if people keep draining us.  $5000 bail which we’ll get back.  Will cost us something to get lawyers.  In the future if  you haven’t followed instructions or do something illegal, don’t expect us to help you.  I’m just sick of it.  Sister Beatrice Bell.

I told you to stay away from him.  He’s married.  Paul McCann caught out there to meet you.  Said he had pneumonia.  Jim said she was to help him raise the money.  Sylvia Grubbs said father saved her life.  A few weeks ago Jim saved him from committing suicide. Great big baby.  I don’t see why you women don’t get a real baby.  It’s immoral.

Somebody sent something to Washington thinking he’d get some of us in trouble.  They sent it right back to me.  Call name of Angelo which didn’t fool me a minute.

Like going to bed with a baby.  He was as weak as water.  He lied.  You both have wonderful parents. His wife didn’t ask anything.  Took it very well.  I said no divorce for the baby’s sake.  She didn’t get something important to me.  Neither of you spend any time with your child.  She’s Italian, another minority. Report that she lies around in mom’s room and watching 8:20 PM.  His sister Eileen contributed to his weakness.  Jim: “no nigger would even go to a military base to spoon.” He has a record as a juvenile.  Beatrice lives in Sylvia Grubbs apartment home offers to watch her, had her children make a schedule and turn it in Jim: Beatrice a message by Tish: she close to going to jail with him.

Jim: If you live where I have told you I have no connections, if anything happens to you don’t call on me.

Jim took last offering much emphasis on money lost to the cause.  Aave  little babies. Have to deal with a big baby.  Neither of you pull your weight .

Jim got info that LA sheriff looking for him Beatrice knew but didn’t tell you she said she thought LA counselors knew but you just trying to protect him.  Jim: Very hard for me to have faith in you unless you give me more reason to have faith,  He is committed to informing to the police.

Some people going out of here repart one man, I told him I’d do something for your child.  Never would let me do anything for his child until I threatened him.  People don’t respond to love, only to fear and authority.

Jim wants to see $50 a day from Beatrice, do it to save your ass.  Her mother complains she didn’t tell but told her father.  Jim says they good people but should have told him how she lolled around, watching TV,  she didn’t appreciate indulgence, respect you for firmness.

Irene Mason.  Social Security called her  Jim asks what did you tell her?  She evades answering.  Jim says you told her people in PT would steal.  She gives money out of check to check.  She was very sweet.  You told her everything .  Jim Jones is a millionaire, saves the money for children.  Sells vitamins. Has healing power. Raises people from the dead.  Told her children were spanked with a board and thrashed in boxing in the US.  Women said things, against USA.  You agreed. Living communally..  How good I was and how bad the people are.  She says she can’t hear very well, didn’t know what to say.  In future don’t answer phone nor door. She’s in 80’s  She cried uncontrolably, though he tried to convince her he wasn’t mad at her.  His final conclusion people get attention in strangest ways.

Don Fitch. Reported threatening Rick Schroeder.  Rick said he’d call police.  Rick has a car he wants back.  He could be charged with assault to cause bodily harm.  He told Klingman  to document any threats he makes.  He’s involved with the traitors.  He’s very nasty.  We have meeting in DA’s office now.  Cartmell’s been moved here.  Renee Gieg reports he is following Rick and stealing tail lights.  Jim: what burns me is that some of you wouldn’t steal to feed babies, but you’d steal a reflector for your car.  Discussion on outstanding tickets.  Jim asks how many have [outstanding tickets]? Names taken. Get absolution now.  Henceforth violations to have unpaid tickets, asks now what he is going to do?  Going to throw you out if you get a ticket driving another car or church car and not report it.  Throw you out.  He is smoking and didn’t stand up with them the other night.  His companion knew it.  Jim said that if you know someone is doing something illegal or immoral, tell or you’ll be thrown out with them.  He’s going to raise $50 indefinitely.

Jim Arthur [Bishop Jones] suspended from school.  Larry Tupper, discipline problem in school, bad attitude in home.  Kicked off school bus.  He hit Mark for calling him names.  Jim and Rita asked why he’s acting out.  Has access to Father, not responsive.  Jim: each one work all night tonight and all night Saturday in LA.  Mark Rose get spanked, been up before.  All pamphlet for $20 this weekend. Mark stole from Mom Taylor.  Robert Paul left his mother in New Orleans. She will have baby in 2-1/2 months.   Take a licking, if doesn’t behave, talk to mom.

Wayne McCall. His brother has been calling us from Reno.  Throws temper tantrums. At beach wasn’t okay.  Bad manipulator, liar, will go back to Texas.

List of young people to work all night read.

(Hour of meeting ended and hour got home, went to bed not known) [Edith’s note]


9 December – 1976 – Thursday
Had a difficult day on the computer, working on revisions tone of the Litigation Reports.  These are to be updated monthly.  We put in the sort command before ordering.

I then had to make corrections on two of Maggie’s documents.  In the mid afternoon I had to start work on another Litigation Report.  Ate my lunch outside.  The day was sunny, windy but not too cold.

After work I stopped at a grocery store on Geary, bought whole wheat bread.

Bates was still in bed.  I did my exercises.  Bates’ dinner was brought up. I had to give her much service, preparing special food.  She wanted me to get a nurse to rub her. I had a pile of dishes. Went to get my own dinner.

Bates started to vomit.  I believe it was an attention getting device.  She is behaving like a baby, (complains about pain all the time.

I put my laundry in the machine.  Did personal chores and washed my hair.  Washed my girdle and stockings by hand.  Packed for the LA trip.  Finished about 12.30.  Read Freedom at Midnight.  Went to bed at 2.00.


10 December – 1976 — Friday
Rheaviana told the nurses about my problem in getting a lunch for work and was told Doreen Greaves would have a lunch for me in the morning.  I went over to get it.  Didn’t take it with me as the sandwich was made with white bread.  The elevator door wouldn’t work for a short while so I lost more time until I got out. Had to walk up; I was late to work.

After I turned in my time card I spent almost 6 hours on the next Litigation Report on the computer.

Ate lunch at my desk.  I was in a hurry to finish with my computer work because I wanted to write to my sisters but I never succeeded.  Betty Vasil came in to inquire whether I could help Virginia Duncan‘s secretary transcribe the seminar procedures which have still not been finished in spite of her working on one tape.

Got a ride at 7.00 to the Temple with Rocki.  Others who were in the car were Chris Kice, Wanda King, and Doreen Greaves.  Rocki had the flu and isn’t going to LA but did get to the service.

I ate the Temple dinner, an announcement came through from Father that everyone must go to LA unless permission to stay behind has been obtained from the office.

The assistant minister tried as usual to get people to give their offerings before Jim came out.  Johnny Brown seems to be the best at this.  He told the congregation that if they waited for Father so as to give to him “You are draining him.”  This remark got response and it seemed a heavier offering than usual

Jim appeared briefly on Podium at end of third offering taken by Norm but did not stay.  Came back at 9.00 while choir and congregation were singing.

Paul McCann called on floor.  Jim: You have got a high and mighty attitude.  Didn’t follow my advice.  No use for wife as somehow she got pregnant and was a little too fat for you.  Have a good mother who lives communally, beautiful baby.  Stepped off your apostolic guardian duties.  He lied.  Jim said by lying he makes defense impossible for lawyers.  Would have made me doubt any of his story if it had not been for my faculty.  Jim questioned him as a lawyer would.  Gene Chaikin said he was most annoyed because Paul lied to him.  Your sister is the worst enemy you’ve got because she goes along with your shit.  All of you who go along with their shit (mother and sisters) you should go to jail with them.  He’s supposed to wake up people for security shifts and make some of them late.  Jim devoted much time to details concerning the thief for whom Paul was mistaken.  He was trying to escape but was looking for somebody.  Paul described how he was arrested.  A witness said he was the guilty person. 

Jim says he can’t collect money out of stone, must work around here.  No less than 17 hours a day.  He asked for several young men who had same general description as he so as to confuse the witness.

Jim: Will get through this but it’s going to be a pain.  But we don’t have anything better to do than stand by each other.

Frances Johnson asked why Beatrice hadn’t come in with the $50 she was supposed to raise.  Supposed to be out there no less than 12 hours.  His wife, [Maria] McCann, spoke of the hours she had taken from the Temple to make love.  Her attendance on security was criticized.  Dorothy Worley whose son was put on the road after work in three days 1/10 of the sum you have to collect.  Jim says this was as much your problem as his and if you don’t, you can be brought into it.

Jim ordered that a legal promissory note be drawn up for the debt you owe.  “If you let down, I’m going to drop the case.”

I face business people all day long by getting supplies free for these people.  “This afternoon I got a roomful of detergents.  I pan handle all the time.”

Jim: There better be no shit about nervous breakdown.  If you are a principled person, you’ll never have a nervous breakdown.

Jim read list of top pamphleteers.  Dorothy Worley got $660 in past 3 days. Those who owed discipline money read.  If they had nothing, amount was doubled.  He read those who had paid, those who had not.

Janey X  [left blank to fill in later] and Vern Gosney given permission to marry because Jim believes in rights of all minorities.  She and Vern causing trouble, won’t follow instructions. Her pamphleting penalty raised.  Vern got money by Sunday.  Next inquisition will mean separation for them.

Tommy Moore. Ted Holliday reports he won’t wake up and is nasty.  Jim says get ice to wake him up. Norm says Tommy does just enough to look good.  His mother won’t let him go to the p.l.  Jim believes if he had been doing what he should, she could have given consent.  His mother living a dissolute life.  Told lies about her blood relative.  Estelle McCall let her son go out.  She had advocated mercy for Tommy.  Must go back to his mother and make him so obnoxious she will let him go.

Jim had some of the best pamphleteers explain how they appealed to people for contributions.

Jim went through Delancey Street today.  Leader wants to keep alliance with us.  Wants places kept in p.l. for him.  Many white people saying that we gave to help you out for they know what’s coming.

In the meditation period Jim healed both publicly and by sending cloths.

The congregation started out at 12.30 and some were downstairs, some on the stairs when Jim started to speak revelations which he said come to him in flashes.  They were fragmentary, as he was tired.  He said for the past two days he had been receiving these revelations for two days since he had meditated deeply in order to get needed information concerning the traitorous attempt against the family.  The revelations concerned the welfare of the cause and individuals in it.  He warned strongly about a broken pitchfork or hoe, said he saw someone with a horrible gash.  He had been ashen, “Why not live in this realm all the time?”  If he remained in it for 2 hours, his body would disintegrate.  He was the only one who could tap this channel, look into the future and dissolve physical substances.  We were cautioned to b e sure that at 6.11 Pacific time in the afternoon we were doing something for the cause.  He could not tell for how long he would endeavor to get more details but at present he would say until Wednesday.

I was late in getting outside.  Rocki was just backing out of the lot.  I got my belongings and looked for a seat on the bus.  The buses were crowded as usual but on bus #10 the host removed a small boy from a seat in the second row. I was beside Ida Albuddy with whom I had been seated before.  She was very outspoken in her advice to others, particularly children.

I took all of my belongings in my small suitcase and this time put it under my seat.  I ate my food.

We had a long wait on the bus.  I slept for an hour, went into the Temple to go to the bathroom and slept another hour before the bus left at 4.00.

Got up at the first rest stop and ran.


11 December – 1976 – Sunday
Woke a little before we got into Buttonwillow at about 9.00.  Had slept well as usual, except that my neck was a little stiff.

I ran, washed, ate my food, brushed my teeth.

Talked to Rosie Ijames who is living in the Valley in a cabin in back of the Ijames former care home, of which Helen Ingraham is now manager.  She has been conducting a yard sale of the equipment and furniture form the Valley.  She says she is gaining weight on the communal food which contains too much white food and too few vegetables.  She doesn’t have any time for exercise.  The Chaikin and Purifoy properties have been sold.

We left Buttonwillow about 10.30.  I read Friday’s newspapers, then slept.

We arrived in LA at about 1.00.  Ida had not moved even to go to the bathroom since boarding the bus last night.  She also did not change her clothes on arrival. I dressed on the bus.

Service started at 2.00.  Brother Keaton arranged rides.  Brother Christian took an offering.

Testimonials were begun and in the midst of them, Norman took a second offering by sum.

Testimonials were continued.

Jim entered on podium at 3.25.

The choir sang.
The African Dancers performed.

Jim: Symbol of decadent Western civilization.  Socio-biological theory that man can not change their make-up.  Some destined to be the advantaged, the others in lower positions, is in the genes and no not even social charismatic leader like Hitler. Cultured geneticism.  Dark races inferior, male dominance.

Denounced people too stupid to listen shouldn’t have babies.  You are not victim of your genes, you’re the victim of your own laziness unless you get some brains, you should not be the one to train our babies.  Those of us in the front line battle make the decisions to neglect our children. We are most fitted to rear children. Some of you play with children like stupid dolls.  Children are not dolls.  They are our future.

Jim spoke on fighting off enemies.  As the crucified one he knew every evil to expect from others.  There is nothing so satisfying as truth.  Free from all fear, fear of jail.  Some of you are afraid of losng a girl friend, a boy friend to use you so you can use them. Disgusting to blame upon what socialism has not been allowed to.   We’re not afraid of losing car, house, your fingers, your eyes.  Socialism only thing alive in a mean destructive world.  I’m glad I’m in the revolutionary church, the only church in America.

People are making excuses, listening to twisted music, by everything you see on TV.  On TV everything regarded to lust and materialism.  Nothing but buy, eat, sell.  I’ve looked at facist [fascist], racist America with its racism, its buying and selling, its sex.  I’m not going to search  in a cesspool.  You’re going to smell disembowelment of capitalist Amrica.

You sleep, you eat, you get so many credit cards you cant find them, you buy a home and furniture.  You don’t own the bank or run it.  Some of your relatives going to get your home. I’m glad they’re going to mess it up, you old bastard.  You never helped us.  Your wife in 5 weeks will bring in a new man underneath your bed clothes. Some night your wife will shit or piss on you.

I’m free. Nothing I want to go back to SF for. Nothing as sure as hell I want in RV. Just want to free churches in LA.

Fight with our people  on socialism is the only happiness. Mentioned elitism.  And Delancey.

Jim took an offering by sums.

Come to the altar with contribution.

Meeting out about 5.30.

Jim had told us police were harassing people on the streets near the church.  Told us to leave by the back door and we would be alright.

I spoke to Vernetta Christian concerning Chris Johnson, a young white girl who is moving up to SF, wants help in finding a job.  She has nursing and typing experience.  Vernetta said her firm, Fireman’s Insurance Fund, hired both typing and nursing personnel.  Vernetta, as a greeter, was talking to a white woman with a little girl, who wanted to attend the church.  She’s married to a black man, said her mother had gotten the courts to take her child away.  Eventually the child was assigned to a foster home and it had taken her seven years to get her back.

I went home with Beulah [Pendleton].  We stopped at the house of Beulah’s husband, O.D., who was in jail again on a drink driving charge.  The house had been broken into.  She brought out a dog who was going to have puppies and was hungry.  Two other dogs had died.  Some of O.D.’s friends were going to pledge the property to get him out of jail.  Beulah went back with them to board up a broken window.

I ate roast chicken wings, bread and peas and an orange and a banana.  Read Radicalism in America for a short while but Beulah has no bed lamp and I couldn’t see well.

Went to sleep about 11.00.


12 December – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 9.00

Breakfast consisted of bacon, toast, and an orange. Made a lunch of chicken and an orange.

Beulah and I discussed recent events in the Temple.   I told of the conspiracy and assassination attempt but did not tell her of what I suspected.

Beulah had difficulty getting rides this morning and we were late getting to service.

An offering by sum was being taken.

After testimonials including Mother Taylor’s, who told of glaucoma operation, how Temple paid for expensive doctors and treatment of special glaucoma, how she suffered no pain, released from hospital on Thursday and in service on Friday.  Hue Fortson took another offering by sum.

Jim came in at end of offering at 12.20.

African Dancers performed.
A new group of young Temple performers an amusing dance.
The Black Velvet group did a number.
The choir  sang “He Is So Precious To Me”.

Jim made 2 commendations for LA and Bakersfield workers.

Jim: On Friday an agent attempted to infiltrate our organization and to plant drugs on Joe Wilson.  Attempt to break in to the Temple by white people with no good intention today.  All those with no membership cards help enemy, slow down admission.  News today Ku-Klux-Klan involved with Nazis.  He read letter from a Nazi.  Nigger-hating, keep the white race pure. Next time there will be no niggers left.

You’re not safe in LA.  In SF we have some controls.  Jim: Are examples of such hate jokes told in District attorney’s office in Mendocino County.  Our own people divided, as ignorant as they can be.  We have so much talent in our group we could sweep the nation.  Some of you holding back.  50% chance your child or grandchild will be in jail.  1 out of 20 between 6 and 20 kill themselves.  Why do you hang on? “I like the comforts.”  You must be very selfish.  What is it about the TV, the furniture and the cars that makes you willing to destroy tour children.  If you’re willing to stay in this Babylon, you have not love.

Strikes, unemployment coming.  Hate groups will win recruits by thousands.  Hitler has come back to power.  The demon is dead but his demonology is rampant throughout the earth.  We’re headed for a famine.  Another ice age is coming.  Food not to be growing perhaps in 5 years.  No mixing between races and nationalities in America, all vying with each other.

Supernaturalism is enemy of people.  Religion is opiate of the people. We are here to abolish religion.

Incidence of oppression is prec? heritage.  We will not tolerate expansion of intention to exterminate entire races.  After the demon of Nazism was destroyed, it rises again in America.  This is a sick generation.

The Klan has almost taken over the Marine Corps.  Other racist groups all of them Christian of course, the Bible teaches racism.

Danger to children, survival, jail, syphilis, pollution, anonymous danger, not safe, strangers, when you get old there is no place for you.  Just like Jesus, Jerusalem, etc. I could have gathered you into the p.l. but you would not.  We are still slaves, inferior schools, medical treatment.  A dog in an animal hospital treated better than a black person in a hospital today.  We must be getting ourselves up we must go out into a strange city, like Abraham We must press on to the mark of the high calling of socialism  choose this day life or death.

Harriet Tubman as an example.   Leave city, slave master, hurt, took people to Canada.

Across the sea I have prepared a place for them.   With every abundance.  All they need is a leader who says its all right to burn down black houses, schools and churches.  President elect has a list for power has a delusional narcissism, has never had to work.  Carter got the black votes but will give the black people the shaft.   I know some of you came to hear about the Holy Ghost, but a ghost won’t keep you warm in the wintertime.  We want some holy food, more holy houses, some holy cars, some holy education.  Your preacher, when he takes the offering, he don’t trust no Holy Ghost, he’s looking at you, watching.

He went into teachings of Bible on slaves and masters, husbands, race.  All that Bible is poison.  You’ve got to get it out of your system.  I know that some of you will never come back.  In Bible and throughout our language everything black is bad.  Went over article in paper.  We have been white washed; we need to be black washed.  You white people are dying and I’m glad you’re gone you rascal you.

The best thing that can ever happen is you to hear the truth.

Congregation singing “Father is the Black, the PL of the World” and “Black all Over”.

Offering taken by Jim by sum.  Healings and protections. New members were admitted. I noticed a Debra Malone among them saying she should renew her membership.  I wondered whether she were one of Beulah’s grandchildren.

People with contributions were asked to come to the altar. Jim dismissed the meeting at about 3.00 o’clock, very early.

I got dinner in the seniors’ line.

Changed my clothes

On the bus I took the window seat where Ida Albudy had been sitting as she was not coming back until the next weekend on Jim’s bus. A young girl by me was holding Betty Fitch’s baby who was waiting for his mother and was hungry.  The bus moved out to the rendezvous point.  The baby howled.  I held him for a while until Betty came .

The bus left at 4.00

I read American Idealism until dark, then slept for 2 hours.  The bus offering was taken.

We had a short stop at Buttonwillow.  I ran.

My return companion was Frances Johnson.  She used to be a civil rights worker in New York.  She decided to go to LA and try a career in the entertainment business, helped with some contracts in the black theater.  It was as if something were driving her, she said, against all logic.  She found few opportunities in Hollywood.  One of her friends was a relative of Beulah Broch, the woman who was a prominent costume designer for the movies, whom Jim cured from a brain tumor.  Her friend brought her to one of Jim’s services and she was overwhelmed.  She joined the Temple immediately and has been a dedicated worker.  Frances said she had never been married.

I slept well again after we left Buttonwillow.

Got up and ran at the next rest sop.  On leaving that stop, we were requested to take  another offering and to get firm commitments “from everybody” as to when this week they cold pass out newspapers, on orders directly from Jim.  He said we were under stack and were going to respond aggressively.  Frances went through the bus.

I slept again before we reached SF.  I have seldom if ever succeeded in sleeping quite so well as on the return journey from LA.

We arrived in SF about 2.30.

A bus was scheduled to take the Geary residents home but rather than wait for it, some of us decided to take Muni. However, we got a ride and were home by 3.00.


13 December – 1976 – Monday
I spent all day transcribing the tape from the Legal Seminar.  This one was concerned with Bechtel financial arrangements.

I ate lunch outside.

Exercised when I got home.  Wrote in my journal before dinner.

Bates had baked some dinner for me.  There was far too much food.  She had cooked a large quantity of kidney beans, which I had purchased at a special price at the Coop, with pork fat and a number of sweet potatoes, which I don’t care for,  I scolded her for this, as I had lentils already cooked for my lunches.

Although I thought the workers were going to come around every Monday to inquire about our various types of needs, they did not come tonight.

I typed from 8.00 to 11.00 on my journal.

Read Freedom at Midnight.  Went to bed at 1.00


14 December –1976 – Tuesday
Dor and I are both to attend MagCard-A class this week for half a day the remaining days of this week. Dor in the morning and I in the afternoon.  Dor was late going over.

I did a Power of Attorney document for Maggie.  I put it on MagCard.  I was supposed to work on a Litigation Document but didn’t get at it.

Marquita says she has plans to take a job with the federal government in the Department of Urban Affairs in the Embarcadero.  They will give her a better salary than she gets here from Bechtel, although Dor did tell her she was getting a raise of $40 a month.

I wrote a letter to my sisters.  I wanted to write before Christmas, as I suggested they could send me some money for fruit and other special foods.

Marquita worked on the Saudi Arabian contract for John Stewart.

I ate my lunch at my desk.  I forgot to see the employees film which was on gold mining.

After lunch Dor and Marquita decorated the office for Christmas.  Dor had a number of office supplies at home.

I went to MagCard class at 1.30 to 4.30.  This is a self- help course in which the students proceed at their own pace.

When I got home Bates was still complaining about how she felt.

I did my exercises.

I went to the Temple with Barbara and had dinner there.

An announcement was made by Jim over the loud speaker that there would be no house meeting.  He spoke of the reaction to our anti-Nazi statements which we are getting, hate mails and phone calls.  Members are to spend the evening distributing newspapers, cleaning of the church and writing letters.

I went home with Vera on Muni, as I knew if I stayed to write letters I would get involved helping others and would never have a chance to work on my journal.  Vera Talley came in to talk with Bates and sympathized with her and rubbed her back.

I typed in my journal from 8.30 to 10.30.  Read newspapers.  Went to bed at 1.00.


15 December – 1976 – Wednesday
Before leaving this morning, a messenger says to go to the service tonight.

After Dor went to her MagCard-A class training, I took some dictation from Ron Hartsough and transcribed it.  Helped Marquita with the table of contents for the contract she was entering on ATS for Galbraith.

I finished my letter to my sisters, ran it off and xeroxed a copy for each sister, prepared them for mailing.

Went to hear a videotape  of the Energy Forum on energy planning.  It was a tape of a previous speech and consisted mainly of slides of typed material.  I was late and didn’t get the speaker’s name.  From the material presented it seems certain that the US will face a serious cutback in the use of energy, as the recommended measures to improve the situation are not being taken.  I ate my lunch in the assembly room.

At 1.30 I went to the MagCard-A class.

We were let out at 4.30 but I had to wait 15 minutes for my bus.

Bates was not intending to go to the service although she seemed well enough to me.  I decided that I have had enough about her pains and am not going to listen any more.  She is not getting any exercise nor the right kind of food and does not show any interest in what the Temple is doing.

I rested for an hour but did not sleep.  I dressed, ate some food Bates had had brought up for me, cold meats and a fruit salad.  Took Muni to the Temple.

Arrived while Youth Group was meeting on stage.  Mike Cartmell was leading them in discussions of capitalist-socialist economics.

Lou Ester [Lewis] and Dorothy Worley, good pamphleters, described their method.

Rob Christian arranged rides.  Wesley Johnson made announcements.

Communications meeting at 7.00 Friday, such as used to be held in the Valley, for new people who wish to improve themselves.  Sharon Amos explained.

Laurie Efrein said several hundred people signed up for membership in NAACP to vote for Jim and others to the board election Sunday.  Sample ballots prepared.  Use address given on card. Non-communal people asked to pay $4.00 for membership.

Three offerings taken, last two by Dale Parks.

Dale asked for three testimonials.  Magnolia Harris gave the first during which Jim entered at 9.20.

Jim: on duties as Housing Commissioner.  Even the best senior citizens’ residents. Cockroaches, steal you blind, no protection, no utilities. Bureaucrats get big money.

Sam, 86 year old, got on Amtrak and came from Chicago.

Judge decided yesterday to evict all the seniors from the International Hotel (some 60).  Threatened to put Sheriff Hongisto in jail.  I shall write not to evict them.  Some say this is illegal.  May be put in jail himself.  Enemy tried to break into LA temple.  We may spend Christmas here throw our enemies off as they expect us in LA.  Judge’s concern protection of property putting seniors on strike. Doubt whether we’ll see old people out on strike.

On violence in strike, don’t approve of violence but don’t approve of old people living where wall, thick with cockroaches, children hungry.  You better get ready to go to p.l. because any day I may get up and read out some of these authors.  Look like pigs with robe on, fat jowls.  He was a fascist.  Never one mention of human rights.  Law, law. the law made by the ruling class, not by the working class.  Law is not sacred, human beings are sacred.  Four Seas Corporation owns the hotel.  Foreign corporation set up by your tax money to be sent to Taiwan.  Are we going to honor Four Seas Corporation?  No! This is first battle. They’re not going to move those people out without us marching around that hotel

Jim spoke on necessity of pamphleting as never before.  Must get to the p.l.

Jim took another offering by sum.  Asking first for house, furniture, jewels.  Responses sparse.

He got reports of pamphleteers getting pictures taken.  Also pictures in KRON-TV office took pictures from window of people waiting for bus at Geary.  Jim heard each report.  Not a coincidence, do you think?  Starts now.

Jim: 6 million dollars for police in SF. Human welfare projects will be at back?.

Jim read report from Sharon Amos.  Aunt Jane in Columbus school let white child take Christmas parts while black and other minority children sat watching.  Jim going to do something about it.

Another child subject to fundamentalist racist teacher.  Jim said take her out of the school.

Film on Cuba.  This showed Cuba the first year after the revolution.  A happy look on the faces of a mixed population, with many young people was the predominant impression.

Jim emphasized the needs of having so many people as possible attend the Housing Commission meeting with him tomorrow.

After a healing and meditation period during which Henry Mercer was saved from dying in his sleep tonight.  Jim dismissed the congregation at 12.00.

Chris told us that starting Monday, I believe, 3 meals a day will be served at Geary every day.  Buses will take people to the Temple and private cars will be used.  The delivery of household supplies and food will not take place tomorrow.

The bus did not load and leave until late, one of the delaying causes was finding the new member from Chico, who had not known what to do,  I didn’t get home until 12.50.

Bates did not appear to wake up.

I read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00.


16 December – 1976 – Thursday
I am having as little communication with Bates as possible,  I don’t want to hear any more  about her ills.  I save considerable time by not having to listen to her.

Had some margins to do on MagCard for Maggie.  Then I went to another but left to prepare it for printing. They’re not in until noon.

Dor had a meeting of a supervision course she is taking but I had instructions from Betty Vasil to get out of it.  Some reports for F & A were urgently needed.

Marquita had a doctor’s appointment and was gone most of the morning.  The doctor had not gotten to her and she had go back at 4.00.  She was very depressed, she said because her brother is leaving for Chico State College in two weeks and she is now talking of moving back with her parents in Arkansas.

I ate my lunch at my desk.  Walked up to the Shell Pharmacy and bought some face powder for $2.00

Had MagCard-A class this afternoon.  Ate at the Temple. Washed my clothes.  Did personal chores and washed my hair.  Read newspapers.  Went to bed at 1.00.


17 December – 1976 – Friday
Turned my time cards in.

Dor went to class, though she was late.

I continued work on the Litigation Report for P&PS, preparing it for insertion of the sort instructions.  Marquita kept jumping up, making telephone calls and running out of the room, which caused me some distraction.

Marc seems to have definitely decided to move back with her parents.  She says she can get a job working on computers at the University of Arkansas, live at home for a year and save rent, using her salary to pay off her debts.

Dor returned from class before noon.  She indicated to me that I should not leave for lunch, as I had suspected, Marquita had prepared an  observance of my birthday.  She, Denise Price, Kate Walker and Brenda Barton. Hyatt brought in a lemon meringue pie with one candle (some time ago I had told Marquita I preferred pie to cake) and 2 packages of dates and nuts.  Dor gave me a music box with two porcelain birds on top.

I ate my lunch.

Went to Mag Card A class.  The monitor indicated to us that we had to stay only as long as we pleased.  Although it was evident she wanted to get away herself. I stayed until 4.30, as I wanted to work on some of the points on which I had difficulty, mainly in making revisions,

Exercised.  Went up to the Temple to eat.  Typed in my journal from 8.00 to 11.00.  Read newspapers.  Went to bed at 1.00.

18 December – 1976 – Saturday
I was awakened shortly before 9.00 by Bates’ going out and slamming the door.  Didn’t know where she was going.  Rocki came by later, following up on peoples’ welfare checks, and told me Bates was ill again, that she (Rocki) had been asked to take her to the hospital.  She was serving breakfast and couldn’t so someone else took her.  Rocki told me Bates gave Vera Talley soft drinks and food and in return Vera did favors for her.

I vacuumed the floors and straightened up.

Started to press clothes.  Bates was brought in. Vera Talley was with her and Agnes, who had taken her to the hospital, came in.  Agnes said she was suffering from hernia near the heart and it was very painful.  Bates sat up on the sofa and didn’t get back up all afternoon and evening.

Listened to the Metropolitan Opera performance of “Die Meistersinga” by Richard Wagner.

Turned on the Temple broadcast at 11:30.  Jim did not appear at all.  Mike Prokes interviewed John Maher of Delancey Street.  Maher had some very challenging views concerning society and the handling of criminals.

Lunch was served downstairs at noon.  Chris Kice spoke to me concerning my attitude towards Bates.  Probably Bates had complained as Chris assumed I had mistreated her.  I took Bates a plate of food but she didn’t want it.

After lunch I finished my pressing. I had defrosted the refrigerator.  Went to the Coop on the bus.  Bought some items for snacks and lunches.   I had an ice cream cone.  Went to the fruit stand on Hyde Street. And bought some grapes.

I intended to see Gerald Syvar today about selling my statue of Mataraja but it was late and I was tired.  Vera was with Bates and was easting a baked potato, no doubt prepared by Vera.  I lay down from 4.30 to 5.30 but didn’t go to sleep.  Someone rang the bell, probably a nurse to see Bates.  I ate downstairs.  Soup and a sandwich.  Dressed for the service.

The bus took us to the Temple at 6.30.

Service started at 7.30 with the usual preliminaries, including two offerings before Jim was on the podium at about 9.00, when Norman was taking a third.

Jim continued the offering but preached first on the situation in the city.  His main theme was “the truth shall make you free.”  The Klan is meeting tonight in several places all around SF.  The Bible is racist and sexist.  He talked with Nathan Hare and his wife and the president of Howard University who agreed that the black race could be destroyed.  If you had a neighbor who was a murderer, you’d move but you have a murderer on your night stand.  The letter, the Bible kills.  If the Jews were God’s chosen people and their skins are now lampshades, I’m not going to count too much on an unknown god.  Talking to you frankly for some of you have tried for the first time and I don’t want your blood on my hands.  If you want to go back to your church tonight, you’re traveling on your own.’

They wanted to close the Housing Commission meeting and the poor people would be put out on the street but you see that I didn’t let then close the meeting.

There can be no love without absolute equality and also equality is called socialism.  The apostles were pure communists.

When you have the chance to learn the truth and don’t want to learn it, you’re worse than the oppressor.

What do I live by? “Every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”

Stay around here to and you’ll here some words come out of the mouth of God.

Or preachers who tell the lies in the Bible to get your tithes.  He spoke of the good feeling you have in telling the truth.

The city now wants 6 million dollars worth of new police.  We don’t need more police; we need jobs, housing. They want to take black jobs away and hire white policemen.  One of the supervisors called me today, wanted me to speak on the TV about violence.  He and Cecil Williams are going but they are going to talk about a difference kind of violence.  The violence done to black people.  It will be the last time they ask me to talk about violence.

“Know no man after the flesh, not even Jesus.”  He went on to show the discrepancy in Matthew and Luke concerning the ancestry of Jesus.

He spoke of living on a dream.  That Jesus is coming again.  We have instead a real p.l., 27,000 acres.

Blackness in our language, everything bad is called black.  No wonder our children have no pride.  Everything good, baby in the womb, plants from the ground is black.  In the dark.  Harriett Tubman freed the slaves.  Nation of Islam has essential teachings of Elijah Muhammed.  As long as I am alive somebody is going to preach black is beautiful.

Jim led congregation singing “I’m Black Today and I’m Glad,” then “I’m Socialist Today and I’m Glad.”

Jim continued offering by sums after a healing.

Service tomorrow at 9.00 to hear sister of Allende.  Jim surprised that some faces showed displeasure to the early hour.

Among them Stella Railback.

Jim asked people with contributions to come to the altar.

Meeting ended 11.20.  We didn’t get home until 12.10.  The bus was crowded, as a number of new people were moving into 1029 [Geary – Edith’s commune].

I had decided to take a step to restoring good relations with Bates.  I mean at a convenient moment to explain to her how she put a strain upon my patience and also mention  how some of her habits may hurt her health and her diet for example.  I told her about the service tonight.

I had a snack and read the Sunday newspaper.  Went to bed at 1.40.


19 December – 1976– Sunday
I got up to go to bathroom at 5.00 and hadn’t gotten back to sleep when Vera rang the bell.  She had potatoes fro Bates.  I didn’t get back to sleep before 6.00 when I had to get up.

Bates dressed and said she was going to church today.

I had apricots, bacon, fried eggs and toast for breakfast.  Bates ate her potatoes and some of the bacon.

The bus loaded in back at 8 .00

We were in our seats at 9.00 and service started at 9.05.

Two offerings were taken.

The first two rows were reserved for the guests.

Norman Ijames presiding.  After a long introduction about benefits received from PT and Jim Jones and the ominous conditions of the city, he started to take an offering by sum.  Response almost nil.

Jim came out on podium at about 10.00 o’clock.  HE was shocked by paucity of offering, barely enough to keep Temple open. He asked for more donations from those who had fine houses, clothing, denied themselves no luxury. Called for everyone to pamphlet today when service out.  Expressed dismay because few pledged themselves to do it.  He told of Laura Allende, sister of President Allende of Chile.  Though she is dying of cancer, she travels constantly trying to arouse support for the people of Chile in their fight against the oppressive government of the military clique.  She lost all the members of her family and saw the leaders of the socialist movement tortured.  She was in jail with other women and children, relatives of the socialist leaders.

The choir sang a number.
The congregation sang.

Laura Allende entered.  She had an interpreter seated at a table on the platform below Jim’s pulpit.

X  Hicks gave a reading which was interpreted into Spanish.
Congregation sang “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.”

Jim introduced Mrs. Allende.

Mrs. Allende spoke.  Remember clenched fist of people after election of socialist and of the women saying goodbye to her.  North America government and multi national corporations for years stole wealth of Chile.  People understood only way to get freedom and justice was to have a government of their own in charge/control of their resources. Those corporations had taken much more wealth than their investment.  Then our country rich manipulated  were without resources and said we are changing institutions and the capitalists wouldn’t allow us to do this.  They needed to have us oppressed.   Corporations paid small gang of traitors to carry out fascist coup which overthrew government.  Want us to believe Chileans did this.  We know that foreign interests did it.  Government of people who wanted change has turned into brutal dictatorship, brutal fascist government torturing and killing people.  I stayed in Chile because it was my duty to be where the people are. She put in prison several times trying to force me out of country.  Then he put me in concentration camp where I could heard tortures wanting to force me to tell press, “It’s all right, no need to struggle.”  I would not be a traitor.  Duty to country to struggle so the people can become free.  Put in with all women who had been tortured.  Wanted these women to reveal location of loved ones active in movement.  Tortured them by electric shock until they fainted.  Admit more for where and who  helped each other.  One woman’s face is deformed.  Tortured babies too.  All people crowded in a little room., They expelled me.  One woman with small baby left back, nutrition poor. They gave their food to the children and women coming back from torture.  Courage conviction that these women have . Conviction that people of Chile going to regain their freedom.  give us courage to go outside and tell you about their resistances.  Carter told Ford that junta only kept in power only with  our money.  We believe duty of Carter to fulfill his promise, make sure not a penny goes to military junta.  People of Chile not cowards, are struggling with persistence.  Throughout the world, people will give us a hand so that Chile will be free.  Write to your Congressmen, saying people of this country would not allow this racist government to remain in power.  Demand information about kidnapped people, at least 3,000.  You people can do this here, demand that.  Make sure investigation takes place.  Junta has a lot of respect for its boss, North American interests. Send material to children of Chile for feeding.  You can help.  Sending contributions for underground papers.  Help unemployed find work.  Persistent little sacrifice would make tremendous difference.  People can’t forget government which ensured nutrition for children, material help was a right.  We have to show and say the truth. Have to do more for people waiting.  Like to stay longer, show you we are very joyous.  Allende’s last word:  Chile was sowing a seed which cannot die.  Thank you for you have so close to ours.  Thank you for your courage to demand justice, stand up against exploitation.  Can’t allow human beings become beast to other human beings.

Jim gave her a contribution . People’s forum with 600,000 circulation will carry your message.  Jim: she says juntas release of prisoners only her purpose of getting loan from World Bank.

Congregation sang “Go Down Moses.”

Chilean group sang “Uncle Alligator” and “Winds of the People” by Victor Jara, traditional song of Chile dedicated to workers.

After a short healing period Jim took another offering, again deploring the extravagance of some.  He referred to the “painted” woman who had spoken to us.

New members were admitted.

The meeting was dismissed at about 1.30.

All members who had obtained membership in NAACP were asked to come to the platform for instructions.  Laurie Efrein was in charge and no one could hear her until a system was devised.,  We were able to sit in the auditorium and were divided into four alphabetical groups.  We exchanged sample ballots for new one which had been prepared.  Monitors were assigned to help members, some 250 or 300,  go over to Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church where the NAACP election to be held.  A bus took handicapped seniors.  Others walked.  I thought we were to leave in groups throughout the afternoon but if that had been planned, the arrangements broke down and we all arrived at about the same time. We had a long wait in line.  Almost everyone voting was from PT.  I saw almost no one other than our members.

There was however, no delay in getting food at the seniors table,  I finished eating at about 4.15.

I took Muni home.  I had not seen Bates and thought she might have gone home, but she wasn’t there.  I slept an hour and a half.  Then dressed for the evening service.

Took Muni back to the evening service.

Meeting started at 7.00.

First offering taken and before it was finished Jim came on podium about 7.15.

Volunteers for attendance at Supervisor’s Meeting tomorrow at 4.00 taken.  Jim said they were going to consider appropriation of $3 million for police, money which would be better taken from peoples’ program.

Norm took the second offering.

Jim: Going throw somebody out of church tonight.

He referred to condition of Isabel Allende.

Massadama Brown.  Mother died.  Grandmother took care of her. Changed schools without permission.  Called father in LA.  without permission.  Jim called attention to her hippie attire.  Didn’t know answer to one question on son, her dad has negative attitude towards Temple.  Undermined grandmother by calling him. Made church look bad by changing school.  Jim asked her questions on politics.  She knew nothing though she has been coached.  Jim says he sick of this ignorance of the young.  She told several people she didn’t have to learn anything. Grandmother: she is very selfish, wants money for clothes, calls dad every chance she gets.  Jim says she was playing when our hearts were breaking in hearing of concentration camps.

Jim tells of doctor who gives inferior treatment to black patients.  He segregates patients. Jim switching our people to another doctor, brother Irvin Wagner.

Jim said Massadama would go to dad tonight unless someone had something else to say.  Her grandmother said after trip she said she’d kill herself, rather than live with her.  Jim said she not appreciated.  If she had shown some emotion she might have had a chance.

Martin Amos.  Kicked out of school.  What problem is.  He says he’s hostile,  Says he doesn’t like his teacher.  Shows hostile attitude to seniors.  Joyce Parks says reported he kicked Annie McGowan, bit child in line.  Jim says he thinks Sharon, his mom says his behavior totally capitalistic, has not learned anything from being here.  Jim says he has had too much.  Has complained of last years Christmas presents.  Agrees he should not get  thing this year. He is to work every night.,  Jim would take him to p.l. They will change him.  Hassan to fight him.

Jim read a letter from p.l., idyllic picture. Vincent Lopez, Davis Solomon wrote.

Hassan,  2 years younger, did well,  Ricardo [prob Arterberry] his own age, took him and gave him a licking.

Jim evacuation plan of communes must be ready Wednesday.  He emphasized importance of fire watch.

Jim: relationships to be examined.  Jim will meet with counselors with couples. do something with them or get out of here.

Paul McCann said he would confess to the crime of which he innocent and says a traitor made him do it.  He had been working hard.  Shows growth.

Films. “Children of the Field” on migratory Mexican workers in Arizona, New Mexico, and California.  Child Labor, whole families have to work to eke out an existence.  Another film showed prison life and made into experimental farm colony, the latter had been shown to us before.

Jim took another offering.

Jim told us of an attempt of an enemy agent to get into the LA Temple.  He and other workers took the agent down, got into his office to make them call in early morning (21¢ a minute) to the present government of Chile which otherwise would be approved on 21st Many agreed to call.  They are to give the name of the city and state from which they come.  I volunteered to make a call on the WATS line.  Jim sent instructions to say I was calling for the Macedonia Baptist Church, a congregation of some 350.

Results of the NAACP election  Vern Gosney elected overwhelmingly Secretary.  Norman Ijames, Johnny Brown, Jim Jones elected to the Executive Board.  Jim got huge number of votes.

After a healing, Jim read some commendations.

Meeting dismissed at 11.00

We were home by 11.45.

I read newspapers and ate a snack.

Went to bed at 1.00.


20 December –1976 – Monday
Bates went back to work today.

At work I finished the Litigation Report I was working on and ordered our express print-out.   Then worked on a letter concerning a charge of discrimination in laying off a worker. Several pages which I put on Mag Card.

I used the telephone available in Covalinas’ unit (both John Foster and Bob O’Neill were out) to make the phone call to the World Bank.  I as told the World Bank had no directors in New York, was given a Washington number which I called.  I said I was speaking from the Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in SF, of which George Bedford is pastor.  I recommended that the Bank not give as loan to the present government of Chile on account of imprisoning political prisoners and torturing them.

I called on Bechtel’s WATS line, on which I probably incurred  no charges and at any rate the call would be charged to another number than the number of our office.

After lunchtime, I  went  to the meeting of the Bechtel Women for Affirmative Action.  Steve Bechtel, Jr. spoke on “How Bechtel is Organized and Managed.,” The room was full. Mr. Bechtel answered questions after his speech.

We got the printout of the Litigation Report, which had a few format errors corrected those.  Did for Gain a one page form letter which he wanted right away.  I did not use Mag Card for it.  Stayed 15 minutes late.

Bates was not home when I got there.  I ate dinner which was just a light snack.  At 6.00 the residents at 1029 Geary were taken to the Temple for a house meeting, as no room in our building was large enough.  We sat on the platform.

Chris Kice was in charge of the meeting.  Some of the important topics: a bus will take us to the Temple if there is a meeting at 6.30 on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday and on Sunday one hour before meeting time. Six seats in the front will be saved for  handicapped people.  We have no cars except Rocki’s.  Make doctors appointments for Mondays and Tuesday if you need a ride and Rocki will take people then.  Ride Muni if you can but don’t come home late at night on it. Meal hours were announced.  Three meals a day will be served except for Sunday.  The main meal will be served at 12.30.  Meals will be eaten in the nurses’ quarters except those of handicapped people.

The building has a new manager who is German, doesn’t understand English and is not particularly cooperative.  Don’t deal with him.  Report everything to the nurses office.  Rheavianna will deal directly with the owner.

A good deal of time was spent discussing the inadequacy of the dryers.

Household needs will be given out once a month.

Vernell Henderson will be moving into the building.

It is planned to have a box in which personal needs lists can be left by Tuesday.  Put in last week’s slip with your new list and any change.

A box will be made for prescriptions so they won’t have to be taken to church.

The three nurses will have organized schedule.  See the nurses in the evenings e3xcept in an emergency in which case Millie can reach the nurse in charge. All the nurses have regular jobs.

If you can’t come to service , let the nurses know.

Laurie spoke on Social Security problems.

Vicki Dover, Juanita Bogue and Rocki Breidenbach have jobs as attendants are assigned to specific people.

Wanda is in charge of delivering vitamins.

Johnny Brown made an announcement through the loudspeaker.  Tonight Sheriff Richard Hongisto goes before the court because he refused to evict the tenants of International Hotel – charged with contempt of court.  Everyone is to go who isn’t working.

CJ Jackson was supposed to be at the Geary meeting to talk about fire safety but he didn’t come.  Mom Taylor who has been working with him, gave important instruction, which must be followed.

Rheaviana arrived and interpreted the rules regarding meals.  There is no excuse for food in the apartments.  Much heated discussion was heard on this subject. The staff insisted that all food be turned over to the central storehouse and that nothing be eaten in the rooms.  Special snacks can be obtained but must be eaten in the nurses’ quarters. An exception, apparently, is food brought with one’s allowance.

Cooking and other work in the kitchen must be planned.  People were reluctant to volunteer but at length a cook and 4 or 5 helpers were obtained for each day in the week.

Several new people have come in to the home  They were introduced. The meeting broke up about 10.00.  We were back at Geary by 11.00

Bates was in bed as she went home about 8.00.  She said had not known the meting was at the church. I told her the morning after.   I had something to eat and then I read newspapers.  Went to bed at 12.00.


21 December – 1976 – Tuesday
Ate breakfast downstairs.  Most of the Geary people were going to Richard Hongisto’s trial.

We turned in time cards today. So that we will be paid before Christmas.  I worked on a revision in Covalina’s software agreement.

The Legal and Insurance Department had its Christmas party on our floor.  It has formerly been held in one of the rooms downstairs, food being furnished by the Bechtel food service. This year although some food was catered, each person brought food in.  9 kinds of crackers of crackers for a dip, which Marquita made.  Punch was served.

In the afternoon Dor worked on a Litigation Report.

I wrote journal entries.

Went home and rested and hour because there was to be a meeting of people living in communal homes at 8.00.  I didn’t get any dinner.

Took a bath ending with cold water.  I was waiting for the Muni bus when the temple bus picked me up.  Our people had been at the Hongisto hearing all day.  I turned in my needs list.

Left the building about 7.10 and was picked up by the bus at the corner.  Mom Taylor told me the people attending Hongisto’s trial had got home at 5.00 after being in court from 9.00, with only a break to comeback to the Temple for some soup.

I turned in my needs to Vernell Henderson who said she had just moved into 1029 Geary.

House meeting started at 7.40.

Dick Tropp presided. Circulated a petition for all to sign to oppose elimination of Senate Committee on Aging.

Newspaper distribution is doing better, but we must reach every single door in SF.  Have to be ingenious in getting into apartment buildings because we are missing thousands of people by missing apartment house residents.

Vera Young to parents: See that your child is on the list for Christmas toys.

Tropp: Going to be junior youth group composed of all children, kindergarten to 6th grade.  Meet every Thursday after dinner at 7.00.

My message read by Anita Kelly [Kelley]: Safeway stores out of bounds for pamphleteers.  Adults carry pencil and paper, write down any suspicious event.  Children must be at home by 8.00 in room if they have.  Tuesday, unless excuse for tutoring or counseling.  Parents are responsible and will be dealt with if children are running around the building.

An interview with Jim on “NewsTalk” radio KGO

The meeting ended at 9.00

Bates was in bed when I got home.  I worked on my journal from 9.30 to 12.00. Read newspapers and had a snack.  Went to bed at 1.00.


22 December – 1976 – Wednesday
Bates told me she talked to the nurse last night.  Told them she didn’t feel like going to the communal meeting.  She said she didn’t feel like eating.  Went to bed.

I ate downstairs: grits, toast and tea.  I arrived at work well ahead of both Dor and Marc. Dor and her son had run into auto wrecks at the Bayshore.

I didn’t have any work all day.  Marquita was doing a job on a Litigation Report and thought it was faster to do it herself than to mark the revisions and have me do it.  She should know that by now I can make the revisions without her marking them.

Dor gave presents to Marquita and me.  I got a cameo locket with perfume in it. I finished all past journal entries.

At 11:30 those under the supervision of Betty Vasil left for lunch to which she had invited us.  We went on the bus to Bardelli’s.

I had fillet of sole. Brenda’s birthday is tomorrow and I got a little gift for her, as she is a gracious receptionist who puts out candy for all of us by her desk, decorated a Christmas terr for the entrance lobby and so on.

Betty said that about 2.00 o’clock Steve Bechtel was going to go through the offices and let people go home.  I don’t think he had come to our floor by 3.00; Betty checked with Cap. Weinberger, who let us go home.  Very few people were working anyway.

I got home about 3.30.

Got letter from Edna [Edith’s sister] She sent a check for $25, renting a room to this other teacher is working out well.  Miranda and Tajore were with her overnight.  Miranda was attending a class on building solar green-houses for a week.  She said Miranda has a real job “providing for Tajore with all his problems”  Apparently he needs special vitamins.

Slept from 3.45 to 5.45.  Went downstairs for the evening meal.  The elevator wasn’t running.  It is out of order a good part of the time.  I couldn’t get ready in time to go to service on the Temple bus, which left at 6.30 and so took the Muni bus.  It was jammed with Christmas shoppers.

I delivered the latest journal section I had finished.  Had arranged with Dick Tropp to work on my independent movies tonight and I checked with him as to the time.  He said to plan on 1.00.

The service began at 7.30.  The usual routine was followed.  Two offerings had been taken by the assistant ministers. Jack Beam took one by sums.

Jim on podium at 9.20.

News media opposed to all we’re trying to do.  Instructions to watch TV program  he said, to see how he handled questions.  Certain remarks were edited out.   NewsTalk. [KGO radio SF]

Jim: What were some of the trap questions she gives?  Answer: She asked if you were god, sent and anointed. Advice. Play yourself down, keep it cool. Don’t be rude. Keep away from elegantly dressed whites except in tourist areas. Better to get out of SF, as they are getting jealous of you.  Stay off  Martin Luther King birthday celebration.  Our Temple chosen as site.  Pack the church.

Polk street for time being,  Safeway gave permissions for 2 or 3 persons at their stores.  But they don’t want 30 persons at one place.  Andy Silver will work out areas for pamphleters.  Reported that children run wild.  Jim: best use of children is for passing newspapers and then under supervision.  Don’t spell out which particular church. Not a time for preaching, time for collecting money.  Jim: People who use Temple to get money for personal needs better not or great will be your disaster.

Sister Jeffrey put picture on her which bled.

Housing Commission meeting tomorrow.

Jim said when people start screaming at the supervisors, get yourself out.  So many fascist provocateurs trying to get us involved in something.

Chaikin.  Meeting at 10.00.  Very crowded.  Have to be there 9.15.  Norse Auditorium.  Jim wants lunches for our people because it could go overtime.  Give discrete waves and nods but no clapping for Jim.  Don’t do this for anyone else,  Touchy situation.  Jim prevented trouble between Asiatic and blacks.  Dress well,  Jim described certain attire people have worn.  No obligation to sign.  Don’t say you’re from PT.

Jim: 9 out of 600 Congressmen, Senators and Representatives votes against money for Chile.

Germ warfare used on several American cities.  Killed some.  Even Hitler didn’t experiment on his own people.

Jim took offering by sum.

Teenage boy and girls fighting on bus.  Jim took serious view of inflicting physical attack on each other.  Drastic work and money penalty exacted.

Chris Buckley and Clark Grubbs fighting on bus.  Started with shooting rubber bands. Jim ordered all those on bus up to take punishment.  Then truth started to come out.  Danny Beck especially guilty because he lied and was willing to let others be punished.  Clark tried to take toys from child outside of Temple.  Alfonso Evans shot new girl with rubber bands.  Those guilty of shooting rubber bands assigned to work at night.

Long list read of young people who to come before Lee Ingram for discipline.  Met with him after service.  Work all night.

Michaeleen Brady didn’t pass out papers.  Work all night and $20.  Another long list same infraction, same penalty.

Praises were read, people who were on this list who had been disciplined had their discipline reduced.

Jim met with Jewish leaders today.  Praising us for articles on concentration camps.

Doxie Swaney: lives in Redwood Valley, report you are extremely moody. Some workers say they don’t like to be around you, you are so bitchy.  Doxie says she lets pressures on job.  She takes it out on members, some of the best.  Jim says no problem with her before, set yourself a discipline.  She says $50. Accepted.

Lisa Layton put on Council.  Works hard on passports.  Stayed up all night to get work caught up.

Julie Runnels.  Continues to steal.  Stole from friends.  She is given discipline.

Rose of Sharon.  Time to retire.  They increased her wages $50, cut her hours.

Report on dinner to which Jim had taken the top pamphleters at Commission.  They had eggnog and ham.  Though we are forbidden alcoholic beverages and pork.  Jim said a little won’t hurt you.  On Christmas Eve we all will get some egg nog with a little spirit in it, spirit put in it by him, he said jokingly.

After meditation, the service was dismissed at about 12.00.

I read newspapers for an hour. Went to bed about 2.00.


23 December  – 1976 – Thursday
Bates left for an appointment with her doctor at 7.30.

I slept until 10.00

Temple members went to attend the Housing Commission meeting.

I called Lor.  Told her I couldn’t come on Friday night because we were going to have a Temple service.  I arranged to come Friday afternoon and leave early enough to get to the Temple.

I vacuumed on the rug.  I counted papers.  Got lunch.  We had soup.

Phoned Dick Tropp to find out whether I should come at 1.00 as prepared. He was expecting me. So I took the bus to the Temple.  Arrived a little late.  Dick had to deliver some postage stamps to San Bruno prison but he found somebody else to take them.

He projected my film.  He wanted to see if it was useful to the Temple, some were upside down.  Some were so disarranged that Dick did not have time to put it in order.  After seeing all of the film except that one reel, Dick seemed to believe that the film would be valuable to show to Temple groups and he would like to take it to the p.l.  We have thought of putting the film on videotape but the Temple does not have color equipment and we agreed that that the pictures would lose much if in black and white. We discussed possible courses: rent color equipment which may not be possible, or get a duplicate set made, which would probably be too expensive.  I am going to explore the possibility of selling the film for educational purposes.

I told Dick about Marshall Windmiller’s course in “Film and the Media in International Relations,” and he thinks some of the Temple students should take it, asked me to get the details.  I will try to find out from Windmiller about the possibility of selling my Indian film.

When I returned to 1029 Geary, I heard a report form our members who had gone to the Housing Commission meeting, the Commission voted that the city should take over the International Hotel and sell it to the tenants.  This victory was due to Jim and the PT demonstrators.

I ate dinner.  We had soup again. Bates did not come.  I phoned her son and find that she was staying there.

I typed in my journal from 8.00 to 12.00, (finishing the 1st to 15th sections) read the next section, 16 to 31 December and started typing it.  I read newspapers.  Went to bed at 1.30.


24 December – 1976 – Friday
I slept until 9.00.  Did not go down for breakfast.

Cleaned out the shelves in the kitchen.  Took downstairs surplus food we had.  I saved beans and cereal and a few other items we can use for breakfast, lunches and snacks.  I sorted papers.  Had lunch downstairs.

Left about 1.00 for Lorraine’s. Took with me a little toy I bought in the pharmacy as a gift for the family.  Wanted to buy a bottle of wine for them, walked down Van Ness and couldn’t find a liquor store.  I had to walk 2 blocks down Market.

I had forgotten my Muni pass.  Took the “M” car through the tunnel, transferred to the Park Merced bus.

All the girls were home.  Beth in January will start on a new job as county librarian.  She will have varied jobs including running a Bookmobile and using an information retrieval system.  Carol is in her last year of forestry at the  University of  BC [British Columbia?].  She is additionally taking soils.  Beth’s children are with their father for the holiday.  Beth said Rondell is moving to California, taking an educational job on the Mendocino coast.  Dylon is in third grade, Eryn in first.

Barbara Peas was there.  She doesn’t look well after her recent mental collapse.  She is living in a hotel where she gets no meals but she likes the atmosphere.  Dorothy Carnie phoned that she was leaving for SF but she didn’t arrive soon enough for me to see her.  Sister Manning came in for a visit.  We all had a hot buttered rum.

Lorraine gave me dinner before the family ate so that I could get to the temple in time.  She had roast beef, peas and Harvard beets.

I was given a present from Lorraine and each of the girls.

I took the Park Merced bus, transferred to another bus going through the tunnel.  Had a long walk on Van Ness for my next bus.  I couldn’t find my transfer. The trip then cost me 75¢.

I got home at 7.00.  Stopped in my apartment to go to the bathroom,  I had decided not to go to the service if I was going to be later as I couldn’t pay the $10 fine.  Bates was just coming home from work. Vicki Dover was just leaving for the Temple and we were given a ride by Bate’s son.

The hour for service had been set at 7.00, which I had not heard, so I was late.  However, my name wasn’t put on the list.

Offering was being taken when I came in.

Rob Christian, Norman Ijames spoke of Jim Jone’s success in saving the International Hotel, for its tenants.

After the congregation sang, Johnny Brown took another offering. Norm was taking another when Mother, then Jim came on the platform at 8.00.

Jim on International Hotel episode, had to work on two of the housing commissioners who were cold, indifferent of other radicals.  Would make Jim realize how essential it is to keep this organization going.

Eggnog passed and Jim hoped we enjoyed it,  It was expensive enough.  He liked to do us small favors as we go along the road “Be sure and drink it.  It will do you good.  It may even wash your sins away.”

Some foul up on passing the eggnog w/brandy.

Choir and congregation sang.

Johnny Brown: some people haven’t had any and some have taken 2 or 3.  you are not needy, but some of you are greedy.

Jim has gone to collect an award from a high level in the government.  Marcy took charge,  She recalled actions of Jim when he was young.

Johnny took another offering.

After one more song, Mother announced that Father would be back soon, in a few days.  He went to take care of business.  It is New Years when the children have Christmas.

Tape of a former sermon heard.

Norm took another offering, in effort to make the budget, helped by Mother, who said she would keep coming back until she got what was necessary.  She had until Monday morning at 9.00.

Marcy said she starts on 3 January working in this area.  She thought at first she would live in a senior citizen’s commune, but I’m not  Because I think you’re all spoiled rotten.  She told of complaints about petty matters.  I see such horrifying conditions that I am afraid I wouldn’t have patience to hear about your little problems.

We sang “Count Your Blessings.”

Marcy said the last offering brought in $40.  We need $2000.  She started to get through the auditorium.  After count Johnny Brown said we are still short $1700.  Offering, when tried once again, got a little more.

Service dismissed 11.30.  We didn’t get home until 12.30.

Bates went to bed.  I had hot bath, took extra vitamin C, drank hot lemonade. I read newspapers.  Went to bed at 2.00.


25 December – 1976 – Saturday
Woke at 8.00.  Dressed and went down for breakfast.  Had grits, toast and sweet rolls.  We’ve been getting so much starch.  There was no protein, no fruit. Perhaps we will have better fares in the new month.  Bates didn’t feel like going down. I brought her up a plate.

I made notes for the last few days’ journal entries.

Bus left at 11.00.  Bates was late and had to take Muni. The day was bright and sunny and not very cold.

At 11.30 the temple broadcast was turned on.  It featured an interview with Cecil Williams.

Service started at 12.00.

Rob Christian spoke of the real meaning of Christmas, which Jim Jones had taught us.  Norman Ijames led the congregation singing.  Then took the first offering.

Dale Parks started another offering.  Mother came in at 1.00 and helped finishing the offering.

Mother spoke on recognizing children’s good image, report instances of bad handling of children.

-Children’s band played “The Churches One Foundation” introduced by
Dorothy Buckley, who has been elected president of afternoon school.
-African Dancers: a little boy joined them for the first part.
-Skit: “Preacher, Please”, a wild farce depicting a Mission Baptist Church
-Young men and women did a skillful acrobatic dance
-Small girls’ choir sang. After one number they were joined by smaller
children both sexes, who did another number.

Mother spoke of acceptance of her as a white person, by blacks who don’t realize that she is black at heart.

-Skit: “The Road to Freedom” a parody of a Temple bus trip.
-Guitar and drum number
-Skit: “Our text for Today.” Take off on a black preacher.
-“Yes I Can” Marthea Hicks, recitation.
-The other Hicks [Shirley] sister sang accompanying her on guitar.
-Ever Rejoicing led congregation singing “What a Sweet Loving Father We Have”

Norman Ijames took another offering.

Jimmy Cordell (12 years old) sang “Jingle Bells”

Marcy announced food would be served at our seats.

Marcy spoke of her early inclination to “suicide out” of this mess.  How her concern for her minor child brought her out of her depression.  She sang “Black Baby”

Poem set to music. “Fathers train”, Shirley Hicks
Ricky Cordell. Harmonica solo, Eternal Merry Christmas and an
Eternal Happy New Year.
Penny Kerns told of her first Christmas at PT.
Choir sang, “Stealing in the Name of the Lord” – soloist Melvin Johnson.

I didn’t get a plate because my row was being served while offering was being taken.

Musical numbers played by choir.

I was brought a plate of food about 5.00 after a brief pause because they had run out of food.

Tape of Jim’s sermon.

Johnny Brown tried to raise $1400 we needed to make the budget.  By various ruses he got some $300.

After a congregation song, Mother gave revelations from Jim. Gina Severns was given several details from her past, which she acknowledged, then was saved from a collision in which a broken windshield would have disfigured her face.

The congregation was asked to come to the altar and most did.

The meeting was over about 7.00.

At Geary, each apartment was given as a gift, some cookies and some mixed nuts for snack.

Took a bath.  Bates went to bed.  Typed in my journal from 8.30 to 12.00.  Went to bed about 1.15.


26 December – 1976 – Sunday
Got up at 8.20.

Bates and I had decided not to eat downstairs.  I prepared whole wheat biscuits from box mix.  We had also, grape nuts, juice, bacon and egg.  We didn’t have time to do the dishes.

Temple bus left at 10.00

Got a table downstairs where Joyce Rozynko was working.  Pictures were being taken for various purposes. Joyce told me Father wanted a new meditation picture.  One had not been made in the past 6 months.

Service started at 11.00.

Usual routine.  First offering taken.  Rejoicing period.

Marcie on podium, 11.45.  Second offering.

Congregational singing.
Little girls dance “Oriole Cookies” numbers and “Get Away”
Mother and one of Hicks sisters did a song and dance.
Choir sang several numbers.

Dale Parks took an offering by sum.

Skit: “Missionary Lordoon”
Solo of young woman “You Never Walk Alone”
Skit:  “I Done Got Religion”
Curtis Winters:  “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”

Norm took the offering by sum.

The dance troupe of yesterday’s fame did another routine and had
to come back for an encore.
Lu Scott: Song on Harriet Tubman
Dorothy Brewer: Poem, “Capitalism-South Africa”
Dance: “Go Down Moses”
Ujara [Don] Sly: Poem. “I Didn’t Know Until You Told Me So”

Johnny Brown led an offering requiring everyone to take an envelope “If you have nothing, write on it, you have nothing.”

Tape of a former sermon by Jim.

Mother took another offering very quickly.

She gave revelations from Father.  Curtis Winters saved from a stroke.  Marthea Hicks was saved from a sniper’s bullet. We are all to have something red in each room of our houses.  Not need to by something expensive.  A piece of red yarn will do.  All with white angels on Christmas tree or with 2 Christmas trees in home to get a cloth.  Numerous people had one or the other, much to Mothers consternation.

Meeting dismissed at 4.00 o’clock.

Helen Love made a remark indicating that Rick Cordell was the traitor referred to last week by Jim.  I think it must have been he.  I have seen all the others in the family and Ricky has even played his harmonica for the congregation.

Mob scene on senior’s line for dinner, but I got mine.  Ate and left on Muni for home.

Slept an hour. Back on Muni.

A crowd at Temple.

During announcements CJ took first offering.

Mother on podium at 7.50.

After rewarding 2 children who found money and turned it in.  Mother gave instructions on proper handling of children who stutter and stammer.  Advice of speech therapist.

Children sang “Shine on me.”
Three young people did “Noah’s ark” pantomime.
Three little girls sang “Walk with Me” and “My Father’s in Command”
Poem, “Black, Father, Black” by Marthea Hicks.
Claudia Norris, “I Thank You, Jim”

Mother directed that a final offering be taken, although results disappointing, she decided to dismiss the meeting at 9.00 when LA and Fresno people had to leave.

All sang, “We’re on a Socialist Journey” and touched the altar on leaving.

We got home about 10.00.

I cooked some lentils for lunches and washed dishes.  Bates went to bed.  Read Freedom at Midnight and ate some of the dates my office mates gave me for my birthday.  Went to bed at 12.00.


27 December – 1976 – Monday
Arrived at work before either Dor or Marc.  When Dor came she inquired whether Marquita had said anything about telling Betty Vasil she was leaving.  Marquita overslept, came 2 hours late.

She asked me whether she should speak to Betty now or wait to give 2 weeks notice.  I thought she has nothing to lose by giving notice now and she did so.  Betty thought her decision is wise.

Dor and Marquita working on Litigation Report and contract for Galbraith.  I got a rush job for Butler, putting on MagCard a cover memo for the Litigation Reports.  I spent all morning on it.  It involved stop codes for underlining and had to be run off in Adjust, as some material to be added and contained a tabulation

I ate a late lunch at an empty desk.

Most of the afternoon I had nothing to do.  I worked on cards and names in my journal.  They will help to write and work with spelling.

Went down to dinner on getting home at 5.15.  Millie Cunningham, who is apparently in charge in the kitchen, has been saving me dinner, because the main meal is served at noon and at night only a light lunch is provided.  Today however for some reason, the main meal was at night.  I asked for one for Bates but what they had was mostly rice and gravy.

I received a letter from Dor.  She sent me a $2 money order which she had bought. She didn’t seem too sympathetic about my needs.

I put sat down to read the newspaper.  Started to do my exercises when Bates arrived early.  She didn’t want the dinner.  Says she’s under doctor’s order to lose weight.  We used the large quantity of starch we are getting.

I finished my exercises.

Bates went to bed.

I typed on my journal from 8.00 until 11.30 finishing 6 pages.

Read Freedom at Midnight.

Went to bed at 12.30.


28 December –1976 – Tuesday
Had to make some revisions on the cover letter to the Litigation Report and run it off again which took me about 2 hours.  After that, although much work was coming into the office, I wasn’t given any more to do until late in the afternoon.  Several ATS jobs were done by Dor and Marquita at the 2 terminals.

I brought journal entries up to date and then did more cards for the journal.

I tried to get Lor but she was out.

Called Edna, got no answer, then called Dor whom I did get, thanking her for the $2, then we talked about politics and details on my daily life.

Ate a little early at my desk.

Saw the film in the employee series, “Challenge of the Earth,” which was about mining.  It was mainly an advertisement for the American Smelting and Refining Company, though it showed some beautiful scenery in mining localities.

About an hour before closing, Fannie Olson brought in a letter from Jackson Stromberg which was to be put on MagCard.  20 or so copies had to be run off and addressed to various Saudi Arabian notables by 8.30 tonight.    I typed the letter and Marquita addressed envelopes.  I told her I could stay late only if I got 2 hours credit so that I would get a meal, as otherwise I would miss dinner.  Dor did it although she had much else to finish.  The letter seemed to indicate that the anti-trust  case of the U.S. against Bechtel in the matter of the Arab boycott of Israel had been settled.

On getting home I went down for my food.  Millie had saved me a plate from noon-time.  I warmed up the food and ate.

I cleaned out the refrigerator, throwing out food we had not eaten.  I am going to stop putting food in the refrigerator unless I know that one of us is going to eat it.

Bates came home while I was washing the empty jars.  She said she was in pain, was going to make some tea for us later.  She however went to bed and to sleep.

I put a loaf of frozen bread to rise.  I baked it when it had risen.  Read the newspaper and had some Sanka.  Typed in my journal from 8.30 to 10.30, finishing 5 pages.  Took a bath.  Read newspapers and a Time magazine while Bates bought.  Went to bed at 12.30.


29 December – 1976 – Wednesday
Bates had apparently been bothered because I did not give the kitchen over to her immediately when she came home last night.

She has also been increasingly unhappy because she cannot get food required by her diet and necessary to lose weight.  She asked Millie this morning for a lunch to take with her but received a rude refusal she said.  Though I don’t get a balanced diet either, Millie usually treats me kindly, perhaps because I am white.

Dor worked till nearly 8.00 last night.  She was very nervous and cross all day.

I left for Kaiser at 3.45 and got my injection.

Got a plate of food which Millie saved for me. Ate.  Rested for an hour before getting ready for service.

Took Muni to the Temple.

Mother was on the podium about 8.15.

One offering had been taken and another was taken.

Mother praised all in every department who continued to work while Father is away.

Ann Freeman, mother of Joe Wilson, is visiting.  Was here Sunday.  She has a masters’ degree in psychology.  Marcy asked her to convey her thoughts on conducting our children’s program.

An entertainment program was presented.  The African Dancers performed, then the Freedom Soldiers.  Next was a skit on pamphleting, which illustrated common mistakes that are made.

Mother read the list of high pamphleteers.

A group which was on discipline, after working all night, stayed in the kitchen and helped with breakfast.

Some young people sang, “Strong, Gifted and Black.”
Diane Wilkinson sang and played “Summertime.”

A call from Father was received.  He has been in Guyana.  Went with Lieutenant Governor Mervin Dymally.  The latter spoke on the radio.  Government leaders gave a dinner in honor of Father. All important leaders of the city were there.

C.J. Jackson took another offering.

A tape of one of Jim’s sermons was played.


Mother spoke of the foresight Jim showed in getting a place in a foreign city for his people, a place where a black man is president.

Another offering was taken.

(Hour of dismissal was not recorded nor any subsequent details.) [Edith’s note]


30 December – 1976 – Thursday
There was rain today.

I had little work.

I learned that yesterday after I left Marquitaand Dor had an intense argument. I think it started after Dor had been disagreeable to Maggie Fleming and Barbara Vas.  Barbara is Galbraith’s secretary and Maggie works in the same unit.  Dor had made changes in a Galbraith contract after they had proofread it.  Dor was also unable to produce the work fast enough to suit them.  When she complained about the heavy load she had, refused to put their work first, they went to Betty Vasil on the matter.  Marquitagot involved by confiding in Maggie and Barbara that she had little work to do and they repeated this to Betty.  Dor also insulted Kate Walker and Cathy Costello told me she had to restrain herself not to get in an argument with Dor, so Dor seems to have made a number of enemies.  Many of the secretaries were aware of the situation.  Marquita went to Betty and complained about Dor’s habit of not passing the work along to her and me.

We were permitted to leave the office between 2.30 and 3.00 today.

(I did not keep notes for the remainder of the day.) [Edith’s note]


31 December – 1976 – Friday
Though I woke about 7.30 and turned the news on, I went back to sleep again and slept until 9.40.

I took the Geary and Masonic buses to the Hayes St. Neighborhood Coop. I got some fruit and a few vegetables.  After talking to Chris the other night I have decided not to fuss about the starch.  Heavy food and just supplement it now and then with a few vegetables which I can get cheap at this Coop.  I also bought whole wheat bread and cheese.

I vacuumed the rug.  Ate downstairs.  They didn’t serve until 1.00.  We had chili beans, boiled yams, squash and small piece of berry pie.

Went to Gerald Syvar’s antique shop and consulted him about selling my Nataraja bronze statue; though difficult for me to give up, I had promised the proceeds to the Temple.  I also took a so-called ivory toilet set which Etta Thompson wants to sell.  I had to wait some time for Syvar. He advised me to have the curator at the Asian Art Museum look at it to establish the date and comparative value, which would largely determine what I could get for it.  He wasn’t interested in the toilet set but thought she might sell it to those caught up in the fad of the 20’s.

I brought the statue and toilet set back to the apartment and went on the bus too the Northpoint Coop, where I bought several more items.

When I got back it was nearly 5.00.  I washed the dishes.  I ate downstairs, a light lunch but tasty.  Got ready for the service.  The Temple bus took us at 6.30 to the service.

The service started at 7.30.

The first offering was being taken when Marcy came in at 8.00.  She said Father was at the airport and would be with us to see the New Year in.

Testimonials were given, some by tiny children.

Marcy said Bessie Johnson who was 75 years old and had taken thiazine during early pregnancy, gave birth by Caesarian section to a perfect little girl (check identity of woman whom Jim had saved) [Edith’s note to herself]

After offering taken by sum during which congregation seemed rather sluggish, choir sang.

Two Chilean folk songs by Peter Wotherspoon, Joan Pursley, Gloria Rodriguez.
First written by Victor Jara, second dedicated to Che Guevara, but they
dedicated it to a greater leader, Jim Jones.  Accompanied on drum by
X Darnes (a Darnes boy).
Four young women did a dance  – “Winter Sadness”
The End of the Bicentennial Year-  Geneva Davis.
Solo by Marthea Hicks, “He’ll Never Grow Old”
At Mother’s request, choir sand, “I Found a Friend”

Mother answered questions from congregation.

Jim came in at 11.00.  Went away for a few minutes.  Came back with a hat on.  Congregation sang several songs in his honor.

Jim received honorary dinner form Guyanese government.  All government leaders were present, was on all broadcasting media in all papers.  Had dinner with leaders; Tim Stoen, and Mike Prokes. were with him.  Bookers, private company, owned half of the city, government took over a mansion from them and made it a communal house where dinner was held.  Dr. Reid pronounced Jim the official ambassador there, did not receive the American ambassador, on account of blowing up the Cuban airline.  United countries in that part of the world, socialists won election in Jamaica by a landslide.

Touchette stationed in Georgetown because we have so much to do.

Spoke on attitude of Guyana on religion.   Religion is an oppressive force.  Jesus came to destroy religion.

A large newspaper meant to attack us in the South.  Jim had intuition.  Jim said he turned one devil against another. Article written but never printed.  Will win more adherents when facts come out about us.  I have given you an aura of respectability. On January 15 commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr. with distinguished guests, then I don’t see what they print. This is a psychic age and will get more followers, most materialistic, most Marxist, yet God himself.  They’re going to have a hard time explaining . Explain him into oblivion.  Bessie Johnson.  Jim visited her.  She had normal child.  Only God can do such things.

Hold up in your mind that I am God.  Put your love and devotion on what I am.  Without rest, crises, traitors.  I am talking to you, could talk all night.

Eva Pugh came back to coordinate finances.

Rest. Some may want to do something else. Other country around us they are not free. Some of you may want to do something else.

Prokes: Lt. Governor Dymnally looked in amazement at Jonestown.  Couldn’t believe what we had. People had all red uniforms. Big dinner served.  All products of ou land.  Our workers integrated with us.  Environment of love. Deputy Minister Marin? Thanked Jim for giving Guyana Jonestown.

Eva Pugh. Confirmed all reports about our treasure for you and yours.  Not being done just as it should be.  Needed her here.

Larry Schacht: the beauty, the contrast in attitude of people  Jim: says Larry Schacht worked night and day.  Jim had attack when he left here.  2 days and another. Nerly fatal, resulting from hypoglycemia.  Savd his own life.  Larry spoke of how he counseled for 6 hours with one person.  Jim said he had no medication.  Stay away from sugar. Out of sugar. Should turn away from it entirely.

Tim Stoen: On difference between trip 3 years ago when we picked out the site.   Jim:  13 months all the work. He was moved by change in in some like Mary Griffith.  Tim watched him with people, from little children to Prime Minister.  Takes command of situation like electricity.

Jim asked him from comment that no people will be sentv back.  No man who but no people will be sent back.  No matter what indication is.  He gave word no extradition.

Marcy. Every need of every person taken care of. School program, every child flourishing.

Jim: Should be building a building a week.  We are making a mistake to procrastinate.  The decline of America, the demoralization of the people.  This country rotting at the very seams.  No one let in by the government except us.  Tell American worker have
Malaria there.  Not even a mosquito there. Apprehensive about slowness and building program.  Nothing can be bought unless I approve it. (needs).

For shoving never meet a people like American.  The people can never just get on an airplane seat and they’re already got their number.

Jim took another offering by sum. Expressed sorrow about smallness of offerings (fell off 1/3) and pamphleting, always has to rush back.  Can’t take a swim, can’t take a bath because people let down when I’m not here. Thousands of dollars we lost.  Jim offered a special blessing given for donations of $5 and the money poured in.

Distributed newspapers to all.  All children below 10 distributed newspapers.  All children, 10 and above, pamphleted.  Took names of all going pamphleting.

Invited to inauguration, taking bus will be in Washington, Philadelphia, Detroit and Chicago, asked to give names of relatives so Temple can send information.  Children to take out of school.  (Opportunity High?) [Edith’s question]

Meditation periods, healing and protections.

Meeting dismissed at 1.45.

After we got home, I told Bates I had bought tomatoes for her, green beans at a special price, cooking oil.  She offered to pay her share.

I read Freedom at Midnight and had some toast and peanut butter.

Went to bed at 4.00.


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p.l. = promised land = Jonestown


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Bookers store, Georgetown, Guyana