Edith Roller Journals: January 1977

Transcribed from her handwritten notes by Don Beck (September 2008)

RYMUR-89-4286-C-2-A-5 (1) through RYMUR-89-4286-C-2-A-5 (148)

The text transcribed here from Edith Roller’s notes has some missing words or lines due to (1) unreadable, poorly xeroxed text or (2) unreadable writing. Blanks are left in the text for these areas.  [?] indicate questionable readings.

List of people and groups mentioned in this Journal


1 January – 1977 Saturday

Woke at 7.45.  Got up at 8.30, as I was unable to got to sleep again.  Bates got up too.

I was a little concerned how Jim’s statement about cutting back expenses would affect us, particularly whether out needs money would be cut back as had been mentioned earlier, yesterday.  I don’t know what people will do about their laundry and in my case I doubt whether newspaper purchases will be approved.  Another Bates, it is likely that we won’t be receiving more vegetables in our diet.  I advised her however to tell Chris Kice about the diet prescribed by her doctor.

I prepared the beans finished yesterday and then made breakfast.  We had grapefruit, toast and sausage.  Gave Bates an egg and I ate some of the beans.  I pressed clothes for the next two weeks. We went down for dinner.  The menu was the same as yesterday.  I went out to buy a Sunday newspaper.

I had intended to work in my journal, but didn’t feel very well, so I took a nap until time to take the bus to the Temple, as did Bates. The bus left for the temple around 4.00.

Service started at 5.00.  The ministers had offering.  Confusion. Children and adults. (more)  [probably meant to add “more” when Edith made typed draft]

“Up Tight” film. Jim’s commented on fighting.
[ “Up Tight” was a Jules Dassin movie. 1968 based on the novel “The Informer.”  Dublin was changed to Cleveland of April, 1968, in the hours following Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassination in Memphis. The betrayed Irish patriot became a black militant, and the British occupation became the white Establishment.]

Jim said: You have to be sure your cause is just; for many years we avoided any type of violence.  We have seen countries establish new societies based upon these glorious principles of socialism. Watching Mrs. Allende carrying on, she has found the peace of great principles.  It’s not very difficult to ask for it.

Don’t be dissuaded from resistance that it might result in more repression.  Nothing can be worse than the point in which we live today.  Have nothing to lose but our chains.

Jim started the offering.  Jim spoke about getting to place to use as a base for training to help us in the Third World.

Word of a hate telephone call from Nazis, who threaten to kill all niggers and Jews, not leave any body.  Jim finished offering.

Some groups performed:
The Soul Steppers – dancers.
The Apostles Epistle.
Children sing in Swahili “ I’m a Socialist” and “We shall Not Be Moved”
Little Girls – “Oreo Cookies” and “Get Away”
Dance of young women — a dance parody.
Channel ASS News — Hue Fortson.
Jack Beam — “Geraldine”
Group of young men – Mechanical dancing
A revolutionary play — Frances Johnson, directs
Another revolutionary play — Carol Kerns, Dick Tropp, Jim McElvane and others.

Jim conducts test on meaning of movie seen tonight.  Different important aspects brought out from questioning by Jim.  He wound up with benefits of group organization.

Playing of tape from Nazis tonight. [telephone message — note written in margin of Roller note page: For hate message — 387-6784]

Announcement to all connected with kitchen and food.  Council meeting on kitchen staff is changed to a hearing now: food purchased in quantities and eaten endlessly; uneven purchases; some bread given to pigeons; children washing expensive china.

Points brought out. Pies, etc. saved for special people. Jim: Must be equal to all, even if very small amount for each.  Waste of bread bothers Jim.  Several complaints are about white bread and too much starch.  Jim favors centralized feeding system.  Juices will have to be obtained through central planning.  Jim wants much more food to be obtained by donation.  He called for more to volunteer to go after them. Reports of what received.

Maxine Betz as knowledgeable in nutrition but heard report she is uneconomical.   Jim appoints committee to scout wholesalers and produce markets.  Also, make additions to kitchen staff.  Rheavianna brings up needs for more work on housing, as there is difficulty in keeping up to date.  Jim asked for volunteers.

Jim asked for volunteers to move properties in Redwood Valley.  Wanted those experienced in real estate.

Rev Ivy told a few days ago he had a bad heart and should be in every service.  Did not obey.  Had a massive heart attack.

During revelations Libee Reeves, 88 yr old, from Chicago saved from fatal heart attack.  Jim had appeared to her in a vision “near the moon” on a date and at a time he told her.  She thought it was Christ.  “It  was, it was Christ and it was I.” She had been mentioning to me earlier in the day about “the Lord” so I realized she didn’t know who Jim is.

Service ended about 2.00 with congregation coming to altar.  Service will be at 12.00 tomorrow.  Anyone who doesn’t come tomorrow because of the lateness of the hour tonight, will be under judgment.

Children went down the front steps to the lobby and gifts would be distributed to them in alphabetical order from the Green Room.  Traffic was consequently jammed on the second floor stairs.

Tom Finch also had difficulty getting the bus out of the lot, so we didn’t get home for another hour.  Bates and I talked about the decisions concerning food servers.  In my opinion we should get a more balanced diet.  I don’t know what arrangements will be made for breakfast.

I went to bed at 4.00 after reading newspapers for a while.


2 January – 1977 Sunday
Got up at 10.00.  Bates and I each prepared a simple breakfast.  Took Temple bus at 11.00.  Service started at 12.00.

Rob Christian took one offering.

Norman Ijames started an offering by sums, during which Jim came on the podium at 12.15.  He finished the offering, evoking a good response when he said $110 was needed to get us through difficulties as told by revelation.

Guests, mostly Chilean refugees, entered at 1.00.
Choir sang.

Jim encouraged because South African government thought no help coming from western capitalist world, have to do their own fighting.

Since we have been in Guyana, we have seen great changes, moving towards an alignment with Soviet Russia.  Also there are two parties coming closer together.  Dynamically attack them if they were not afraid to stand up against US and other capitalist nations.  They could have made decision long ago, better to die on your feet than live a year on your knees.

Shanti war chant and dance.
Jimmie Cordell sang “Jingle Bells” and  “We Shall Overcome” in Spanish.
Peter [Wotherspoon], Gloria [Rodriguez], Joan [Pursely] sing a song
dedicated to Che Guevarra.

Jim spoke to Chileans thanking them for being friendly with us, inspiring us, showing that people can resist tortures of concentration camps, for bringing us Orlando Letelier [Chilean activist in US] who wasn’t afraid to die for socialism.  Call America for what it is: fascist, sending CIA abroad to torture and kill. Touched by working with Congress– Congresswoman [Laura] Allende who stood before us tortured by cancer.  The unbowed head also determined to resist fascism will inspire me no matter what tortures.  Hard for us to believe in Saint Mary; but Saints Guevarra and Allende keep us marching on.

x___ Davis, rendition on Bicentennial Year.  Chilean interpreter translated.
“The End of The Bicentennial Year,” skit with Dick Tropp, Carol Kerns,
and Jim McElvane.

Jim talked on change from pacifism to self-defense.  We learned from Chile that capitalists don’t approve democratically elected socialist government.  To spies, which are always present, we say: go back and tell them that there are several thousand people over here who will fight to the death in self-defense.

Jim introduced Charles Garry, summarizing his career, a fellow worker in socialist and economic justice.   Charles Garry, between 200 and 300 million people are suffering from, malnutrition.  16-17 million Americans go to bed hungry.  No plans for solving problems of hungry.  Only answer to violence, their solution is more prisons and death penalty.  We remember Joe Hill, Sacco-Vanzetti, the Rosenbergs, Malcolm X was executed because he began to talk about socialism.  M.L.King killed when he started talking about the workers.  Black Panther Party picked up heritage of Malcolm X.  Its leaders executed and imprisoned.  Huey Newton run out of country, intends to return.  We’re going to get Yankee Doodle type of society, US leading capitalist country has declared war against colored people of the world.  Used colored people against colored countries, bombed with atom bomb, yellow people, not white people of Germany.  He tells juries the minor people want economy equal. People themselves want take over the means of production.

Johnson, Larry Spain, close to George Jackson, his client. San Quentin 6.  Showed that Jackson was murdered by evidence not refuted. His story the story of American Facism.  He read statement given by Jackson in court.  Quotation: “I have as much respect for tradition as it has for me — none.”


Garry: We still have some democratic rights.  In some countries the people cannot do this: speak of events in Chile.  75 cartels run the country.  We have the same government that assassinated Allende.  Introduced Economic Minister of Chile recently released from prison.  Name not given [publicly], Fernando Flores spoke on Allende:

“Allende said he knew what is going to happen.  The bullet is already in the gun that will be aimed at me.  He promised to defend the constitution because he was a socialist, that is a real democrat.  His experiences in prison: he owes his life and that he wasn’t tortured, because of internal solidarity.  He was known in this country.”

Traditionally religion has been used to halt revolutionary consciousness to give false hope.  Church struggles for people in Chile, only force that can legally work for the people. Church tries to be consistent with what it teaches.  Not only in Chile.  Force born throughout masses of the world. National Council of Churches but some bishops play traditional role.  They teach that Marxists are animals.   Blacks have been the object of this attitude; in South Africa the church supports repressive government.

Current situation.  Fascist regime.  Clear economic  ___ in interests of  international capitalism.  Sell cheap labor to produce wealth capitalist enterprises.  System requires repression, torture, freeing prisoners merely a façade. Fear that American government may force change. “Disappeared” people better than prisoners.  “Prisoners” die.  Family of “disappeared” doesn’t see dead body.  Economic situation.  22% unemployment.  Prostitution growing; he predicts united socialists and democrats in Chile, with help of people throughout the world — people of Africa also — will overcome.

Jim: we are helping every liberation movement in the world.  Asked congregation to  stand for mission and Flores.  Gave personal and Temple donation.

Another offering.  Jim said with our funds we even were able to get Chileans being persecuted to a place of safety in Guyana.  New Members admitted.

Meeting closed.  4.00  Jim dismissed those going to pamphlet, go to eat first.

Children were dismissed in sections.  Rest of congregation went to eat in order.  First were those who gave something at altar.  I went down at 4.00, was served right away at head of line.  We had an excellent dinner: ham, green beans, salad, corn bread, and cake.

Went home on Muni with Ray Jones.  Slept for an hour.

Returned to the Temple on Muni.  I was 10 minutes late as I had it in my head that service was to start at 7.30.

“Up Tight” was being shown again.  The service began at 7.40.

Hue Fortson took an offering by sum.  Mother was present.  Jim came on podium at 8.30.

Jim:  I love you, but am terribly distressed at those who manipulate.  You just don’t realize the burden I bear constantly with a job I despise, the bullshit I have to read every day, hypoglycemia.

Someone says he will take his car to a private garage.  No one can do it. Don’t think you can bargain with me.  I would tear this church up before ignoring you.

Barbara Walker.  Last time she was up for scratching Ronnie James.  Now writing love letters to him.  He read portions of her letters. Jim suggests Jim x____ get together with her.  “You’d make a hell of a couple.”  Joyce Parks: She doesn’t stay around long enough to take care of your child.  She spread tales about Father’s attitude. Dresses improperly and tries to entice Ronnie.  He consulted counselors on situation.  She physically touched his genitals.  She struck a questioner, a woman.  She was subdued and then she erupted again and had again to be controlled.  Jim asked for suggestions on how to handle this matter before murder takes place. She has gone to his family.

Jim sent out early bus to LA, asking passengers to file past with offering.

Barbara broke out again.  Jim gave order to restrain her.

A woman brought up for objecting to discipline.  She said that all she complained about was everyone hitting her.  Marcy said she’d like to hit her for just neglecting her children, asks if she loves them.  She says, I don’t know.”   Marcy: “If you do love them give them to someone who can take care of them.”

Another woman on LA bus was brought up for saying, “This is too much for me.”  Jim says what she did wrong was leave.  We can’t leave our post.  Jim: Whatever happens here is under Father’s jurisdiction and our enemies needed to know what we do with someone who starts something.  You don’t treat somebody like this with words.  Jim said she has a bad heart and he named his solution to her.  Mother gave her benefit of doubt; she may not know how to care for her child.  Father divined that she had had experience of violence from police, has had a Black Panther referral.  Why doesn’t she understand our need for tight structure?  She says Ronnie started the situation.

Jim stopped to give a revelation for someone on the bus. He read top pamphleteer Lorraine Smith.

Jim had revelation. Her mother tried to stab her grandson in the eye.  Jim says she is very hostile, why does she hit somebody in a crowd knowing they are going to jump you.  Jim revelation told of pregnant woman put in burlap bag and thrown out.  She was around at time 18 attached (not sure).  Jim probed her narcissism.  Jim proposed people to take care of her child.  She demurs.  He says, why object?  Were not legally removing them, just taking care of them.  You should be concerned about your child, in case anything happens to you.  He persuades her, “Children need love. All ought to have assigned people to be godfathers and godmothers.”  Barbara wants to go to LA.  Jim says she was burned at 5 years of age.  How would you like to be burned by flame throwers? (predicting hell breaking loose in LA).  Jim: you are not afraid; you don’t like routine.  Stay around and endure the routine so you can be one of our better fighters.

Lee Ingram: we shouldn’t be so admiring of Charles Garry.  He goes around with younger women, pays much attention to appearances.  Enjoys luxury.  Wants Father to intercede on behalf of Huey Newton to get him off manual labor.  The only persons who stand for principle are Father and Mother.

Jim: Can’t trust anyone who thinks young women can be in love with him.  Don’t give your full respect to people who enjoy luxury, good clothes, and penthouses, doesn’t gamble (refers to Newton).  Anybody in Daly City can be bumped off if he hasn’t sold out.  Can’t trust them.  They love too much of capitalism.

Stephanie Jones up.  She lied about reputation of the Davis twins.  Marcy says she indulged her, for which she apologizes.  She is to live with Mother.  She manipulated to go to Davis house and then lied about counseling situation.  Could have hurt reputation of Davis girls and Lorraine Smith, could have damaged them by losing them the protection of the church. Her roommate, Carol Kerns, says she doesn’t do her work in the room, careless of her appearance.  Marcy thinks she recognizes she’s not too good in working one to one with children; she’s easily manipulated.  Will help Pat Grunnett in group work.

Penalty for Stephanie $3.00 by end of January. Help Ruby Carroll, work all night 3 nights, get up 6.00 o’clock.

Bea Morton’s report on conversation with a Chilean about smoking.

Jim: police agents went with such groups.  Jim uncovered one.  One out of four might be plants.  US lets in only Trotskyites who were opposed to Soviet Union.  They go to start violence too soon, who might provoke repression.

Pentecostals held conference in Chile and had Pinochet, dictator of Chile, as guest speaker.

Dee Dee Smith, Shantiki Leroy. Left last edition of the Forum because their route had been covered.  They wasted papers.

Dee Dee Smith and several other teenagers living with Pat Hess.  Pat Hess seen sweeping floors.  Pat wants to get schedule of all living in home so they can do proper share of work.  Each will raise $2.00 and work all night tonight.  McIntyre girl brought the papers in.  She was given stiff penalty.

All children 10 -18 to meet on platform about going to a meeting at Nourse Auditorium tomorrow at 3.15.  Not all will be chosen, only those who are responsible.

Revelations were given by Jim.

Meeting dismissed about 11.00. All were requested to come to the altar with what they would have given in last two offerings, if they have nothing, they are to come to the altar and give the salute, but only if they have no money.

I had been trying since New Years’ morning to have a talk with Francine Mason, who had given me trouble while taking the offering.  I could not find her when I arrived at meetings and she would not wait for me after meetings.  Tonight I tried to talk with her but the music made it difficult to hear.  It was she who suggested we meet with counselors and I arranged with Ava Brown to do so.  A meeting will be set up for  Wednesday night.

Rain had fallen all day.  When we got home I read two newspapers.  I went to sleep after 1.00.


3 January – 1977 Monday
I worked all day on the cover letter for the Litigation report.  There were many difficulties: much underlining which had to be done manually; a paragraph, different for each addressee, which had to be inserted manually; and a tabulation in which one column of figures had to be changed for each addressee.

Rain persisted throughout the day.  I ate my lunch inside.

Marquitahas been writing to a prisoner in a correctional institution near San Luis Obispo.  She had been put in touch with him by Deb X, who has been corresponding with one of the prisoners and intends to marry him.  The two girls spent the weekend with them.  Marquita, who had made definitive plans to retire to Arkansas to be with her parents, has now decided to stay in the Bay Area.  She admitted that she was interested emotionally with the young prisoner she had visited.  She telephoned her parents and went to confer with Betty Vasil about canceling her resignation.  Betty agreed to Betty agreed to put through the resignation documentation and will even restore her raise.

Denise Price had organized a party of ten to take Marquitato lunch tomorrow and I found her writing invitations.  I told her confidentially not to send them out until she got more info, as the latter might stay.

Dor did not appear to disapprove of Marquita’s interest in the prisoner but she told me she was skeptical about her plans.  She thinks Marquitais very unstable.

Butler authorized overtime and I worked until 7.00.  Dor was working on an ATS document for the same project and she also stayed.

When I got home, I inquired what had been saved for me from dinner and was annoyed to find, although Millie Cunningham said she was having chicken and would put a plate for me in the refrigerator, that vegetable soup in it except 13 small potatoes and several stale tuna fish sandwiches, was the extent of what had been saved for Bates and me.

I went to the Chinese restaurant across from our residence and had dinner.  Bechtel will pay $3.50 of the $4.  I typed in my journal for two hours, finishing 4 pages.   Bates had gone to bed.  I read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.00


4 January – 1977 Tuesday
I told the two women who were preparing meals this morning of my feelings regarding the neglect Bates and I suffered concerning meals.  I asked them to save me a plate tonight.

Three “Limited” buses went by me this morning and a regular one never came.  I finally took a bus to Van Ness and transferred on Market.  I was about 45 minutes late to work.

No one had done any more work on the Legal Report memo but when I arrived, Dor had me give half of the memos to Marquita.  Marquitamade her own Mag Cards.  She and I worked on the memos all morning and a good part of the afternoon.

Dor was in a very bad mood partly only because she was very tired.  She several times made references to my slowness, lack of skills, etc., so that I felt she wanted to be rid of me. However, Marquita was convinced that Dor had wanted her to leave.  Dor said once that I could have had time to read the Mag Card instruction book.  She told Marquita I spent too much time writing letters.

Betty Vasil and Debbie Schroeder have been moved near our office.  They have space formerly occupied by Gen. Petty and Marie Crivella.

At lunchtime I saw the film on the employee series, “The Bougainville Copper Project” — beautiful scenery [Bougainville Copper Project was a Bechtel construction project–70’s on Bougainville Island off New Guinea].

After finishing the cover letter to the Litigation Report and turning it in to Steve Butler, I took a break and went out to a little grocery store on Market Street to get some soap flakes but they didn’t have any.  Took a little dictation from Jon Bramen, as Betty Barclay was ill and typed up the memo.

I bought some soap flakes, for which I had received money for my needs, on the way home.  Turned my needs envelope in.  The women working in the kitchen had saved me food from the normal dinner and it was very good.

The Temple bus took us to the communal meeting.  Chris Kice announced that starting tomorrow all meals would be served at the Temple, including breakfast and lunch.  If anyone is handicapped to the extent that they cannot go on Muni, they are to speak to Chris.  Nothing is to be said in public or private in opposition to this policy as it was put into effect by Father.

[Note in margin: 16-28 January – Trip to Washington, etc.]

Meeting began at 8.00.

Dick Tropp made announcements: Volunteers to help seniors on and off the buses the coming weekend were recruited.  Volunteers solicited to help process food which comes in, on a regular basis.  Many, both brothers and sisters, volunteered.  People must be out of the church by 9.00 a.m. tomorrow.  Names of those going on the January trip who had not already signed up were taken.  Andy Silver sought car drivers to take pamphleteers outside San Francisco.

Jim: Newspapermen will be here tomorrow.  Certain people will be assigned to particular departments to answer questions; no one else is to answer questions.

Jim & Lee Ingram: push to get newspaper out by end of week to regular routes.

Jim: [Mildred] Callahan, name mentioned the other night.

Lee: new form for household needs to be filled out by heads of homes.  Adults to fill out personal needs forms.

Jim: Dealt with 5 different news media in one day as we become known as leaders of the left.  Capitalist press will attack us eventually.  You can’t possibly be treated well if you are socialists.  Be courteous but careful about telephone calls and injuries.

If you are picked up by a group, they’ll help you a few days, but be sure Father will get you. Don’t tell them anything.  If by the police, give name and address. Get hold of church attorney.  These days must be ready for anything.

Question:  Why fascists use name socialism?   Jim: because many workers who become unhappy over economic deprivation, the same gives some hope of sharing.  In this country Jim believes FBI money behind Nazis.  Want to discredit real socialists.  Appeal to people with a little socialism, divert then to race hate.  He emphasized that Hitler has no belief in socialism.  His backers were big capitalists and landowners.  Nationalism and socialism do not go together.  Judges people by the way they live.  He pointed out how simply he lives, doesn’t associate with ruling class.  All kinds of so-called socialist groups exist.  Chile let in Trotskyites and they created havoc.  China has good domestic services but bad international system.  Jim backs Soviet Union who supported Cuba, Angola, every socialist movement.  We  are most involved in all liberation causes.  Every true socialist would be here if they are sincere.  Media keeps them confused.  He spoke derisively of people who talk about his miracles to advertise him.  Also people who worried about material comforts he got started on people who kill mice.  Doesn’t trust people who blithely let animals suffer.  I regard all life as pretty damn sacred.  “Get rid of the mice. Shit, I want to get rid of the fuckin’ people.”

On requested purchases of coats, etc., for the trip, “I ain’t going to bring any coats. Stay home.”  For withstanding cold; it’s all in the mind.  “The only rubbers you need to wear is a rubber on your dick.”

Jim: on leadership. Don’t get caught up in it because I know people.  I’m a leader out of necessity.

Jack Beam: tells of someone who carrying around instructions on how to make some items.  Marie Lawrence confessed. Jim said let me lead.  Don’t fool around with such things.

Let me know about bombs.  It’s not the time for bombs.  If it were, I’d have made one.

Jim on magazines like Time, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest: don’t trust them.  Jim agrees. Read socialist literature.  Asked procurement people to work on it.

Talk about getting coats for trip just for those who don’t have them.  Jim says we’ll get them from non-communal people on Wednesday, make them feel guilty.

Keep yourself filled with guilt.  It makes you do good.  Think of the Chilean who saw his wife and children tortured and killed in front of his eyes.  Think of Mrs. Allende.  You can bet she doesn’t want to talk any more.  Some of you never practiced feeling guilt.  Jim doesn’t trust people who are always so sweet.  I know my meanness.  You don’t know how mean you are, so you can’t keep it under control.  I know myself, know what I feel.

We were dismissed at about 11.00.  The bus took us home.

Bates had eaten a dinner which had been saved for her also.  Then she came to the house meeting on Muni.  I told her that meals were not going to be served any more at 1029 Geary.

Mary Black is organizing an exercising class for seniors.  Mother Taylor is getting fourteen of them by tomorrow to come to the Temple for a demonstration for visiting newspapermen

I read Freedom at Midnight [(1975) by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins].  Fell asleep in my chair so I didn’t get to bed until after 1.00.


5 January – 1977 Wednesday
I started to get ready for work this morning, had my lunch packed, when I decided not to go.  Last night I seemed to feel something was scratching my left eye.  I thought a sty was scratching my left eye.  As Dr. Winn had cautioned me, as had Dr. X to get attention immediately, if I had any unusual symptoms in that eye.  I believed I should get an appointment at Kaiser.

I made myself some breakfast.

Went downstairs about 8.00 to the nurse’s quarter and phoned Dor that I was going to Kaiser about my eye.

Came downstairs again and got to phone Kaiser.  Had some difficulty in convincing them that I needed to see a doctor but finally got an appointment at 10.00

Dressed and went up to Kaiser on Muni.

A Dr. Horn examined me.  He could not find anything in the eye.  He said there cold be a number of causes for a scratching sensation.  He told me to use hot compresses on the eye several times a day and he gave me some eye drops to use.

I got my inoculation also.  This is the last shot I have to give.

I walked home.  Went to Hyde Street and bought some oranges.  Both Bates and I eat them everyday and we may not have enough for the LA weekend and for next week.

I phoned Dor that I was staying out this afternoon.  I ate my lunch.  Slept for 2 hours.  Worked on journal entries.  Dressed for the Temple service.

The Temple bus left shortly after 5.00.  Edith Cordell said she was called from the Temple to attend the demonstration for the newspaperman, probably because she was needed to integrate the gathering.  She partook of an excellent dinner which was provided.  She said some sons and some children were present.

Last night Jim had referred to a Sister Callahan who had disregarded one of his flash insights and was stabbed.  A message had been sent to her to be in services.

Mandatory classes the next SF weekend on Friday night and Saturday for all Temple communal children.  Children and parents must attend.  Later changed to Friday 14 January only, because of Martin Luther King memorial.

Several offerings were taken by assistant ministers.  Mother was on podium.

Letter from Joseph E. Hall, president of NAACP, thanked Peoples Temple young people who helped count election ballots.  Unusual to find a group of young people as well organized and willing to help.

Several young people helped over long hours on Christmas gifts for children.

Suggested that trash be handled differently.  Boxes should be broken down as otherwise they take too much room.  Discussion on recycling reclaimable items.  Jack says all available trucks are in use.  Correct receptacle must be used for each type of refuse.  Security will be responsible for citing those who don’t follow instructions.

Ziti Cannon went to LA with clearance over Christmas.  She called Temple for transportation to come on bus to SF.  After Christmas tried to go again.  She created a big scene.  Mother issued instructions no one was to go to LA during vacation.  She created a scene.  She hid on the bus. She apparently wanted to be with her natural father in LA.  Reported that she doesn’t do any work.  Mother says “If you don’t think your real father is the father you here, call upon your father in LA when you want food, clothing, shelter, healing and protection.” Mother says she must start taking the discipline.  She’s 15.  Sister is ok.

Jim had come on platform about 9.30.  Said mother wasn’t here.  You would go if you haven’t done what is assigned by Sunday, you’d have to leave for 6 months.  Raise $50 a day; work 2 nights in laundry.  Jim was not hopeful.

Security examiners reported she had an ice pick in her purse.  Got it from a “friend” outside.

Elihue [Ellihue] Dennis went home probably to change clothes.  Jim recollects the trouble he went to get him out of jail.  He wasn’t framed but found innocent because of Jim Jones.  Probably his sex life not all he wants.

Some of you seem to be threatened with other people’s relationships.  They should know they’re lucky.  No one is happy with these relationships.  Only I keep these relationships together.  They’re not married yet.  When one gets physical it’ll probably be the woman, would find out. Neither does any work and went on in this vein.

Pauline Groot caught asleep on security shift her first time.  Lost her job at Post Street Convalescent Hospital for bad-mouthing her supervisor, because of sleeping on a fire duty, she to be taken to see burn patients  by Annie Moore.  She has to raise $500. Write relatives, get it however you can. She deserves severe treatment for those on fire watch.

Jim talks of warning to Mildred Callahan, one of the top poignant flashes he gets at end of meeting.  Jim  saw  stabbing. Tell her to get in her quickly.  Message given to her .  She stayed with her boyfriend.  He stabbed her through her neck. She will be a vegetable for the rest of her life.  Can he do anything?  No.

Jewel Wilson says Ted Holliday tries to screw her all the time.  She says they agreed not to bug each other.  She’s still hostile.  Jim draws out details of his visit to her on Geary.  He says she “teased” him.  She says she fought him off.  Boils down to her position.  She says she sitting up looking at papers, Ted says she lying down.  Jim says events of next few days in life of another will reveal which one telling the truth.  Jewel now says she not sure whether she sitting all the time.  Jim says what is trouble now?  Jewel says he keeps bugging her.  He admits it.  Jim advises her, she should have reported the matter immediately.  He tells Ted he should be above this kind of thing.  They both took heavy pamphleting penalties.

Elihue Dennis. Reported saying he doesn’t know why he’s here.

Elihue worried about children outside the cause.  Jim tells story of Goldie’s adopted daughter, who propositioned him, mother couldn’t control her.  He let her go.  We cant give primary consideration to children  outside the cause.  Jim says he got a tangible benefit wouldn’t have any, wouldn’t see any of children if in jail.

Jim telling of miserable day,  reporters, Chicago Gains and black commission, Housing Commission.

You ought not to give me any trouble.  You ought to be the most grateful.  Lee says he never testifies, doesn’t want to testify.  Jim says they who were saved from jail ought to be testifying in every service to save kids from trouble.  Why are you hostile?

Your brother doing well in p.l. [promised land] very happy. He needs electrical guitar.  Someone volunteered.  Frances Johnson says council kept insisting on seeing her son whether or not it was approved.  He didn’t want to be in service with son, wanted to be outside somewhere.  Carol McCoy says he been dissatisfied since he returned.  He says his past will always be thrown up to him.  He said he didn’t give a fish whether Father approved of football watching or not.  Almost broke a hand.

Jim: I don’t know how to handle this.  The more I do for people, the more they resent it.  I’m never been more You’re taking from my energy. If I die you’re theones who have caused it.  Some on platform stopped Dennis.

Jim says he can’t take it anymore. Has to get the case resolved.

The mother says she feels guilty especially with all Jim has done for her family. Counselors remind her of some of her past actions.

Jim stated his attitude to professional sports.  Racial discrimination, System diverts our energies.

I don’t want you to get a chance to leave.  You owe us a debt.  Not me, but these people. You’re so painful to me.  I can hardly stand it tonight. Asks him what he’s going to do.

Go back to work. Raise $250 in 2 weeks.

Washington Sanders, elderly black man, nearly blind, to whom I used to give a ride home, now living in our commune started to cry.  I went to soothe him.  He was sobbing “… a good person like that”

I was informed Francine and I were scheduled for counseling on Thursday at 8.00.  I was very disappointed said it would be very inconvenient as I had to make preparation for LA weekend and also would have the problem of getting a ride home.  However counseling cold not be rescheduled for Wednesday night.

Jim took another offering, asking first if anyone had any property to turnover.  Several donations of varied items were made.  Then he called out sums in order and made a special effort for $3.33.

Jim then gave revelations, including some of the flash insights which are often so unusual.

The meeting was out at about 12.10.

On the bus after we got home, a slight altercation occurred.  People in seats are supposed to wait until those in the aisle have filed off, but a few — Mabel Johnson is always one — rush to get up. I have been threatening to report these people and repeated this tonight, much to the annoyance of the guilty ones.  They were muttering such remarks as, “Some people have writing fever,” and “Writing up everything little thing.”

I had something to eat and read newspapers.  Went to bed at about 2.00.


6 January – 1977 Thursday
Felt well this morning.  The eye is giving me no trouble.

Dor and Marquita had a hard day yesterday.   I was given little work to do and did a couple of items for Maggie.   Dor and Marquita were on ATS.  Dor persists in giving ATS work to Marquita and doing the rest herself, although as far as I know, the pressure on the office is over.

I brought journal entries up to date.  I ate lunch inside. The weather was clear and cold.

In the afternoon I took some dictation from Philippe Lamy He was giving personal advice to Willis Turner on some agricultural land he owns in France.

Went straight to the Temple from work to eat. Had to hurry as I had to do Thursday night cores and get ready for the LA weekend, as well as come back to the temple for counseling at 8.00.  The dinner was very good and a special low calorie menu was provided for residents of the Geary commune.

Went home on Muni.  Did my laundry and personal chores.

Returned to the Temple for my counseling sessions.  Found it was cancelled. Theresa King told me everybody had been sent out to distribute newspapers because guests are coming in tomorrow. (I believe Diane Feinstein, one of the Supervisors, is among them.)  The Temple had to be cleaned up and this may have been one factor.

Johnny Mae Yates offered to take me home.  I had lost 45 minutes.

Bates has said she was going to see Mildred Crenshaw, who is in a hospital in the East Bay.  She didn’t come home tonight.  I finished my laundry.  Washed my hair.  Packed for the LA trip. Read newspapers.

Didn’t go to bed until 2.00.


7 January – 1977 Friday
I have been making my own breakfast this week.  I have had vegetable juice and hot cereal.  This week I have been making my lunch with tofu, vegetables and canned tomatoes.

The pressure in the office relaxed.  However Dor and Marquita spent most of their time at ATS and I again had little to do.  I was afraid Dor was taking me permanently off ATS, on the belief that I am not fast enough.  I had a revision of the memo drafted yesterday for Larry to do on Mag Card.

I made journal entries, wrote a memo to Dick Tropp on what I had learned about Marshall Windmiller’s schedule.  That he is not teaching the “Film and Media in International Relations” course and also that he is responsible for “World Press” a KQED TV program.  Then typed card.

Called Lor and told her my latest news.  Roger and Carol left the university; Beth had gone earlier.  As the University is not yet in session, none of her roomers is in the house.

I ate my lunch inside.  Marquita did not feel well today.  She may be suffering from nervous exhaustion because of recent decisions she has had to make or she may have the flu.  She left early.

Dor was writing an evaluation of Marquita in connection with her raise.  Dor said she was recommending her but was struggling to get the right words to describe her shortcomings.  These she lumped under the “work habits” section.  She talked over the matter with Betty Vasil.  She doesn’t have to evaluate me at present.  I took the opportunity to venture a remark concerning my desire not to lose my ATS skills.  She said she intended to give me ATS work but in past days she has been under time pressures.

After getting home from work I spent about an hour finishing my packing.  I took my suitcase to the bus which at 6.00 o’clock was taking the residents to the Temple.  I then made sandwiches and packed lunches for Bates and me.  I dressed, cleaning up the kitchen and washing dishes. I rinsed out my thermos.  The filler which I was holding in my hands exploded and glass went in all corners.  I expected my hands to be cut and bleeding but I didn’t get a scratch.

I took Muni to the Temple.  Ate dinner.  Had wieners, a big salad and grapes.  Under the new “hustling” push, we are getting crates of food, such as bananas, grapes, onions, tomatoes, yams and onions.

Service was late in getting started.  A number of other activities seemed to be going on.

Dale Parks opened the service and after a congregational song took the first offering.  Frances Johnson will coordinate the warm clothing.

Jim was on the podium at about 8.20.  Chief of Police Gain and Supervisor Feinstein were here today.  Feinstein, no flaming radical, knows that a fascist a takeover is inevitable.

Jim took offering by sum.  As he has been doing lately, he made a strong appeal for revelation, number 7.77 on grounds of security from peril, citing what happened to Millie Cunningham and Wesley Robinson who is in hospital for disobeying.

Question from audience: (1) What skill to learn?

Prokes is in the P.L. (promised land).  Primary is to build up Jonestown provisional housing and food.  Afterwards we can reach out to other nations.  Other job opportunities in outside, including teaching.

Question from Hazel Dashiell: Fate of Rockefeller in Venezuela.  Jim: Rockefeller will be driven out of Venezuela.  Venezuela is a very nationalist country.  Guyana and Venezuela are cooperating on hydroelectric power.

Helen Sneed wanted to know if there are any cleaning factories in the promised land.  Jim didn’t understand why she wanted cleaning.  Everybody wears simple shirts, no suits.  Have no intention of having cleaning.

Child says he wants to go to the promised land.  Jim:  That’s a smart kid what the black people need.

Feinstein on provocations.  Some people ready to declare martial law.

I asked about US Labor party, demonstrating in front of Bechtel’s.

National Socialist Party.  Gain says big threat in this city.  As unemployment increases and social renewal getting power, the factory owners will choose fascism.  They said we had no choice; it was either Hitler or communism.  They’ll do the same again.  Bell?? is as bad a fascist, a racist bigot as there is.  People are ignorant.  They’ll destroy minorities that is last bastion of monopoly capitalist so, naturally they’ll fight to the death.

Question on International Hotel. People were right to protest.  Communists?? purposely sabotaged the decision that had been made.  Some of our people were there but we didn’t march.  We march only under instruction.

Some of you worry about going to the jungle.  He mentioned some of the racist events.  Jesus Christ, you’re living in a jungle.  I don’t worry about anything where there ain’t no honkies.

Jim says 80 top Nazis in this city admitted under suspects of CIA.  They are murderers, their neighbors like them.  Why? because they agree with what they did to minorities.

Where are the Muslims?  They’re all gone.  The faces I once knew I don’t see anymore.  The movement has been sold out by its leaders.  A movement should be carried on by those who have the spirit, not because they are the children of the leaders.

On his power: I’m shocked and frightened by it.  It’s not the reason for following me.  I can’t stand religious people.  If you can there’s something wrong with you.

Child asks: What is left-wing, right-wing?  Interesting that violence, dictatorship id called right.  “Good.”  And he explains meaning of the terms.

Jim: problem when messages are given to communal homes.  Don’t say you’ve heard it before.  Write the message and see that everyone sees it.

Jim:  Rosenberg was murdered because he had information that Rockefeller had property in both Germany and US.  Also that insurance on war goods places in both US and Germany, so that Germany had advance information on shipments and could blow them up.  Roosevelt could have had every Jew saved for 7¢ apiece; later on, all of them for 500 trucks.

Extra food has been obtained.  Since we won’t be able to use it, people not going to LA can take it.  But do not waste it.  Not for communes.  Some of you are pack rats.

Benediction.  Congregation came to altar.   Meeting was out at 10.45.

A new plan is to take the 1029 Geary people in bus number 12 and then it can take them directly home on arrival in SF.  Overflow was to get on Bus 11 which was to take people from some of the other communes.  As I had not taken Bus 12 from home, I tried Bus10, observed some argument, tried another bus, was evicted as I was sitting in seats reserved for seniors, went back to Bus12 where there were seats available in the back. I had just missed an argument here. There were still a few sharp words between Bates and Mabel Johnson and I overheard a few more during the course of the journey.  The contentious nature of many seniors makes me avid their gatherings as much as possible.

I ate what I had brought with me.  Bates didn’t eat the sandwich I brought, as she’s not supposed to eat salami.  I did however sleep well.  I was sitting next to Irene Eddins, who shared a quilt with me, as I had nothing but a coat.  It was very cold.

We went by route 101 as route 5 was closed on account of snow.  I got to sleep before the bus left at about 1.30.


8 January – 1977 Saturday
We had a bathroom stop at 5.30. Past San Luis Obispo, I figured.

The breakfast stop was about 9.00.  I jogged and washed my face but it was too cold to eat outside so I ate my food on the bus.

I read the Friday paper, then slept again. We arrived about 12.00 in LA.  The weather was clear, sunny but cool.  I changed clothes on the bus.  The service started at 2.00.

During announcements members of Triple A were asked to bring up their cards so that they could be used on the eastern trip for travel kits.

Donations of food were requested for the workers on the apartment house construction.  Norman Ijames took the first offering.

Jim came in at the end of it at 3.15.  The choir sang. Jim led the congregation in a number.

Jim: Nothing more important than getting your Father’s thoughts in you, his choice implanted in you.  Any questions that can be answered to help you.

(1) prev  [unclear what Edith meant]

(2) Reactions to our project from visitors. Answer:  very positive to our project.  Politicians are unpredictable.  But told of hundreds of people to bring down democartic government, bring on police torture.   Tons of explosives to be used to inaugurate, martial law.  We hear but we don’t identify with the experiences of others like the Chileans.  People in high places trying to destroy country in a matter of months told on confessions, sworn to secrecy .

(3) Why do people come into service who are at different levels of consciousness?  Answer: Something to do with karma, life experience.  People have to have a start of niggerization.  Intelligent smugness will lead to overt or covert action of participation Individuals who feel they don’t need an organization. People who realize you can’t make it alone.  Anyone who requires to give impression to the enemy is an enemy of ours.

(4) Ultimate goal of our school system.  Answer: All efforts of system to destroy working class.  Muslims have been almost completely destroyed.  What was needed was for minorities to be united  A renegade is running organization with destruction, gone back  into dregs of the world. All of you would teach black pride that we must unite.  When you follow leaders, don’t be too good to follow the right one unless he’s saying the same thing.  No other successor now.  My son or my daughter will be determined by just and spiritual ideals.  I didn’t bring the movement this far to have it sold out to those who refuse to fight  I have pushed several times and changed my mind, looking for those who know what is the socialist problem of blackness.  I’m not going to deliver my program over to one who doesn’t have a black mentality.  I don’t intend to deliver you over to Judas in my last days.

It’s not true the family members will be more loyal.  Principle is the determining factor  Some of you made a relationship for your child,  They’re always right.  That’s why they’re headed straight for jail. ___ [looks to be 2 lines of shorthand notation] __   no weakling or sniveling coward.  There will be opportunities unimaginable if you’re in my spirit.  See that people are not using this movement to get power.  I believe it’s possible to develop pure motivation.  I have no ambitions to be anything under capitalism.  I should be president of this country.  I’d rescue it and save it.  Very difficult to keep ego from taking over.

(5) Brown won’t sign bill for capital punishment.  Answer: Brown is a schizophrenic. He’s a socialist at heart and at moments it will break out, This is one of those times. Who you have to watch is LA police Chief Davis of LA.  He may be governor but he’ll be your governor,  I won’t be here to can see bad signs everywhere,  Klan and Nazism is growing. You’ll see how mean this place is going to get. You would rather float in shit rather than be there.  Mark my words.  Told of Mildred Callahan.

Give your name to Fortson today if you’re planning to move to SF.  What you need to worry about is the earthquake that’s coming here.  5 earthquakes in SF after we left.

(6) Problem in the Temple. Handling of his property, Medlocks.  Complains they didn’t get it ready for sale.  Blames Hue Fortson.  Jim says it was an independent gift,  It has been a source of controversy.  I don’t want to receive anything that’s not given whole heartedly.  I’ll wait until there won’t be division. Perhaps death will have to take over.

(7)  What is political awareness?  To know what is socialism.  To know what is going on as, for instance, Why did Wallace withdraw in favor of Carter?  The deal that the Attorney General would be one of his men, Bell.  This is an example.

(8)  Child: What is capitalism?

Pamphleteers leave marching by altar with gifts

Answer: Rich own everything.  Rich own banks, trains, airplanes, houses your mom and daddy live in, They get all the profits.  Asked teachers to explain to him in his language.

Pamphleteers file out.  Jim stopped persons going wrong way.  Firm order.

(9) Joyce Rozynko: Why is liberty of newspapers and books printed by the organization?  Why hasn’t book burning taken place?  Answer:  Frightful commentary on the state of consciousness.  No one cares.  No one’s thinking.  No one resisting.  What kind of letters do we get back from People’s Forum?  Hate letters.  At first Hitler didn’t burn books.  Took over on ground he’d help people. Overnight he arrested all the Communists.  Jews ignored that although Mein Kampf told of his hate of them.  Political unawareness of American people is dreadful.  Not one American mother laid her body on tracks to prevent bombs going to Vietnam.  300,000 newspapers can go out and you won’t get a letter, except hate letters. Does some good though.  Our enemies are afraid of it.  Don’t want to read on first page what they’ve done.  Yes, it’s a contradiction.  In Germany they cared; in America, they don’t care.

(10) Statement that CIA had to do these things to protect national security. Brother Mercer.  No comment from Jim.

Jim took an offering by sum. When on sum of $7.77 he spoke of a Templeton who had drawn the pictures of Jim and Harriet Tubman had obtained some money.  He should have given to the Temple, he bought a house instead and strayed from the Temple.  Head severed in accident, near death, wife asking for help.  Can’t help now protection diverted from you, who have been faithful.

Healings include man involved in house episode.  If get matter cleared up, he and his wife will be healed. He asked leadership to meet with man after service.

Come to altar with offering.

Details on trip. 16 to 28 January. Service ended 6.00.

Beulah was taking home Pauline Simon as well as me.  Eunice Stanford was giving us a ride but she had to take another load home first.  Beulah suggested I get a plate downstairs while I waited, which I did.  As it turned out, Eunice had to attend security meeting.

Beulah and I sat through the meeting, which started shortly after 7.00.  Jim McElvane conducted it.  The first point was a discussion of the arrangements for the M.L.King memorial service.  The Temple had to agree that no searching procedures would be followed.  The measures of coping with diversionary tactics were discussed and practiced.  The Temple had been cold all day and I kept my coat on,  Tonight even with my coat on my feet and hands were cold.

The security meeting ended about 10.10 and Eunice took us home.  Pauline and some of the children had come earlier.

I had some chicken wings, peas and an apple.  I read a little of Radicalism in America. [by Sidney Lens 1966]  Went to sleep about 12.00.


9 January – 1977 Sunday
Got up at 8.00.  Had for breakfast: egg, bacon, toast and banana.

Pauline [Simon] told me the details concerning herself and her family.  She herself suffers from numerous physical problems.  She has been interested in dramatic productions at the Temple.  She has recently moved to SF but is not living in a commune, though she says she wants to.  She has three sons: Anthony [Simon] in Guyana, Michael and Jerome.  The latter two live at the Temple in SF, a daughter Alisa, also in SF.  Jerome is married to Melanie who has a baby girl.  Alisa just had a baby girl.

Geneva took us to the service.  She and Beulah had had a falling out but this problem seems to have blown over.  We were about half an hour late.

Norm took an offering by sum.  Jim was on the podium about 12.00.

Choir sang.

Jim read excerpts form an article in Guyanese about Jim’s visit there (more detail).  Another article on Jonestown settlement called “People Temple Agricultural Mission.”  “Considering the situation today, it is remarkable that Americans have been allowed to live so close to Guyana’s borders they trust us and we do not intend to violate that trust.”

Cecil Templeton who drew the pictures.  Wife begged us for meditation .  He was in car wreck.  Neck severed.  Cleve Ivy had massive heart attack, warned to be in services.  Mildred Callahan, her companion put a knife through her head.

Jim took another offering by sum.

Quiz period:
(1) Meaning of swastika.  Jim: Emblem of Indians meaning power, but taken over by Hitler to symbolize Nazis.  He described National Socialism. Then another strength in America.  Disintegration of the groups, particularly Muslims.  Elijah Mohammed in spite of non-sensical religion that white power stressed.

(2) Will hospital be built in Jonestown before we get there?  Jim: Probably one of the last things because there is one hospital down the river.  We will have clinic at first.  We will have a hospital and you and many others will be welcome to work in it.  Food is our first priority.  We are going to store food.  You can’t survive here if there is a food shortage as wild life has been destroyed, now new ice age coming.  We have wild cows, wild boars there.  Bible says church must take care first of household of the faith. Have to provide against nuclear threat, earthquake.  I can take care of the supernatural, as well as the physical natural  I can provide against every contingency.  What is your church doing?  Medical specialist, lawyers?  We do.  We are the only church to do so don’t talk about souls?  Saved your soul long ago And now I am saving your ass.  The first moment my people looked in my face, their souls were saved.  Emanuel is here.  No man can dissolve cancer, no man can stop rain. No man can straighten broken bones.

(3) Talking to people. Lisa.  Can we ever say we are socialists?  No.  Don’t cast pearls before swine.  99% of the time that’s what you’d be doing.  You can tell them of our services.  Any person in his right mind will know.  Ask them questions.  We are against every form of injustice, that we stand for freedom of speech.

(4) Personal problem.  Ill sister Nettie Jones.  Sent her all possible help.  She called me saying Temple collected money for her.  Supposed to give it to her.  Not true.  Nettie Jones here. She must speak.  She says Bernie Hicks rang offering taken up and she didn’t get it.  Jim:  people love to stir up mischief.  Jim has option for them both.  Glad to see Nettie back. The two embrace.

(5) Why do they want to kill black liberation movement? Child.  Answer:  They know they owe us a debt.  People avoid someone they owe.  White America owes us 300 years of liberation.  We make them feel guilty.  They want us dead.  We may go away but we’ll be back.  People of color are going to rule the whole world.  They’re afraid of black unity because if we get together we’re going to.

Letter from people on question of giving house.  Do you mean what you say?  I know what your husband whispers to you and what you say to me?

(6) Meaning of  Bitterbergs [Bilderbergers Members of Bilderberg Club founded 1954 see Wickpedia]. Got answer from talks show.  Organized during Eisenhower administration.  Named from hotel [Hotel de Bilderberg, Arnhem, Netherlands],  Netherlands.  Prince Bernard of Netherlands mixed up in Lockheed scandal [Lockheed Affair] big businessmen secret, made sure no newspapermen present.  Heavily armed.  No one knows what they believe in, Ford had resigned in 1974.  Is this where all our rulers come from.  Jim: there are such gatherings composed of big corporations, banking institutions have plans for their own survival, don’t know the name (Bitterburgs) [Bilderbergers]

(7) Petition on slave?.  More (add) Mrs. Alex?
Jim on what husband whispered. answer from you on your proposal,  But you didn’t tell me your husband’s question.  More explanation of situation.  Something about son defrauded him. [margin note “rewrite” for all of #7]

(11) Little girl.  Why do Nazis send notes that we’re against them.  Jim: because they know that I’m out to get every one of them,  It’s either them or me.  If they get in my way, I’ll kill them all.  They killed one good man.  We’re pacifists no longer.

Important for us to realize that we have no change in administration. Community made up of West Europe, Japan and US, Carter a member, they’re joined together to be sure capitalism maintain its power.

Healings. One woman. Father and mother both suffered violence.  She cured of blood clot which would have paralyzed her.

New members admitted.  Congregation came to altar with commitments.

Meeting dismissed at 3.10.  Jim announced the buses would be loaded in 40 minutes.

I found that the general line moved faster than the senior line.  Even so, I had trouble getting through in time and did not change clothes before boarding the bus.

My seat was occupied on bus 12. As Irene Mason, a senior who is blind, had gotten on the wrong bus, I was changed to bus 10.  I specified that I not sit in one of the seats against the wall, as the backs do not let down and I explained I need to sleep for work tomorrow.

The buses left at about 4.00.

I read American Radicalism. as long as there was light.  We went by Route 5.  There was snow on the Grapevine, quite heavy on the northern side.

The bus offering was taken with a good deal of earnestness.  One of the Hicks sisters was hostess.  This bus carried a mixed crowd of seniors and others, including children, and they are as cantankerous as those on bus 12.

At the stop I helped Irene Mason to the bathroom, as no one else was assigned or volunteered, Viola Godshalk was being helped by Ray.  She always gets permission from Council to stay behind if Ray is not going.  We agreed that people should be assigned to help the handicapped.  Probably the nurses are so busy that they have not had time to take care of all the details.

As my seat can not be fixed I was changed to another seat towards the back.  Behind me was a young man who was ill and was vomiting.  The woman next to me resented having seats changed so often.  She was fat and sprawled into my area. However I slept well until the next stop, which was at 11.30.

Then I ran. The night was not as cold as Friday night was though.  I got a little chilly, not having anything but my coat to cover me.  I couldn’t sleep on the rest of the journey.

We arrived in SF at 1.30.  Bus 10 dropped people at 2 communes and at the Temple.  People from 1029 Geary came of other buses and we were taken to our building.  Bates had just got in, My suitcase had been unloaded.  Bates and I talked about the disagreeableness of many of the seniors. She told me of the argument which had occurred just before I boarded bus 12.

I went to bed at 3.00 but it was sometime before I fell asleep.


10 January – 1977 Monday
I bought a filler for my thermos in the drugstore near the East Bay Terminal. I obtained hot water from the Bechtel cafeteria and made my Sanka morning and afternoon.

At 8.30 there was a meeting of the secretarial and clerical staff of the Legal and Insurance Department.  Chief purpose was to introduce the staff to the new personnel evaluation forms which have to be filled out by supervisors on each employee yearly.  They are to be discussed and seen by the employee.  Most of the staff were very new about the procedure.  Another issue causing hard feeling was access to the Mag Card A to who in the insurance section.  A few other matters came up.

Marquita hurt a finger playing football with her brother; it may be broken and she left for an appointment with the doctor at 4.30.

In spite of her injured finger, Marquita continued to work on ATS, as did Dor and I had little to do. Later in the day I revised two equal opportunity cost items to put on Mag Card for Butler’s office.

Took lunch inside.

Went directly to the Temple after work.  Dinner was good.  We had fried fish, green beans, salad, yams and banana bread.  Went home on the bus with Hazel Dashiell.

Did my exercises.  Bates got home about 7.00.  She had been to see Millie Cunningham, who is doing well and could talk to her.  Vera Talley was with Bates and worked on her hair.  I worked on my journal form 7.30 to 10.30.

Sewed a button on my coat and some other mending.  Finished the newspaper and looked back over Freedom at Midnight.  Had some toast with margarine and apricot-pineapple preserve.

Went to bed at 1.00.

[note in margin: write this as finished]


11 January – 1977 Tuesday
Neither Marquita nor I had any work to do this morning, while Dor worked on the ATS.  The doctor said Marquita’s finger was not broken but he advised her not to use her hand for a few days.  She saw Betty who said she could take sick leave in advance or work could be found for he which should not require her to use her hand.

I did some work on my journal.

Then Marquita started to tell me about her sister who behaves in a deranged manner.  She really seemed to need a more experienced person to listen to her and proffer a little advice.

Dor came over, obviously irritated, but instead of saying our talking interfered with her work or telling us she now had assignments for us she seemed to blame us for not working.

I reacted angrily as I had not been given any work to do and had not done anything on ATS since before Christmas.  I had last Friday quietly and tactfully asked for assignment to the ATS.  She repeated what she had said before, that all the work was urgent and I was slow.  This made me even angrier as my production would be satisfactory if I got some practice.  She thought I exaggerated. I told her if my work was so poor, I thought she shouldn’t have me in the office.  As I was not making any progress with her I maintained I was going to talk to Betty Vasil.  This remark made her more conciliatory. I thought I got an agreement that she would let know what work comes into the office so that I won’t have the feeling I am just a flunky.

Dor went to talk to Betty and Marquita saw Betty also.  Dor said another meeting of the three of us with Betty would be arranged.

During the argument with Dor I was late going to lunch and missed the first part of a film called “Shi the Volcano” made at Mt. Hood, Oregon.  I ate my lunch while looking at the rest of the film.

Dor gave me an ATS assignment of a report on secrecy agreements for Maggie.  Dor gives directions badly, furnishing too much detail instead of a view of the project as a whole.

Went to the Temple on Muni directly after work for dinner and went home on Muni.

Exercised. Bates was home rather early.  Versa Talley came in to see her, talked to her while she made candy.  I worked on my journal.  Finished the 16-31 December section.

Read the newspaper.  Went to bed at 12.30.


12 January – 1977 Wednesday
Dor told us what work was to be done in the office early in the day, although she did not keep us informed as new items came in,  I worked most of the day on the Secrecy Agreement report and did fairly well as the routine became established.  Dor showed a poorly disguised hostility to me when I asked questions.  She is warmer to Marquita.  She gave Marquita some work on the reports she herself is supposed to do, as Marquitai could work on them without hurting her hand.  Dor herself appeared to be typing a report on a letter, the subject of which she did not tells.

At lunchtime I took my lunch to the assembly room where  I saw a videotape on the Pinto Valley project, a copper processing plant in Arizona.

I finished the first secrecy agreement report about 3.30, talked to a few people around the department and prepared pencils and paper for note-taking tonight, before coming to the computer and starting on the second series.  There’s one concerned with agreements binding on Bechtel and are in much more detail and parts more numerous than the first group.

Got home at 5.15.  Changed my shoes and washed my face and took the Temple bus, which loaded at 5.30, to the Temple.

Ate dinner,

Wrote journal entries in my seat until the service started.
Service at 7.30.  Tommy X handled ride.

Johnny Brown said Emporium needed people on Saturday at 6.00 to take inventory.  Church would be paid.  Volunteers recruited.  Young people especially needed.

Johnny asked for cars to use in getting out the newspaper at 8.30 and 1.00 p.m. tomorrow.

CJ [Jackson] announced that those in charge of the fire project at apostolic homes must turn in a report on how fire watch was kept for each hour, also a list of residents needing any special care in case of an emergency.

Two offerings were taken.  In the second Jim’s voice came over the loud speaker.

Jim was on the podium at 8.15.

Jim took another offering.

Young man representing the Committee on Assassinations showed slides on assassination of John Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Concentrated on 3 troops? photographs at Dallas, one E. Howard Hunt. Pictures show they also involved in cases of M.L.King as well as Watergate. Their theory, CIA did it.  Very short presentation.

Jim told of plans for M.L.King, Jr. memorial service

Report from Promised Land.  New housing unit completed.

Jim was back.

Elihue Dennis doing better in garage since confronted . Richmond Stahl performing well in Redwood Valley. Does laundry,  always available to drive a bus..  Martha Klingman will be working full time in accounting.  Jann Gurvich good helping in law offices. Judy Merriam excellent at 1029 Geary.  Pam Moten [Moton] good worker.  Bob Stroud has positive attitude.

Jerome Simon only works with supervision. Archie sent him back to SF.  Jack Beam says he does things sporadically.  Lost job.  Okayed for courses but we don’t want anybody who doesn’t work on mundane jobs.  Jim:  We’ve educated our last bourgeois.  Jack says from 13 to 20 we have only about a dozen people who hunt up work.  We don’t want people who act smart.

Jim has heard enough about people who complain about no t.p. [toilet paper].  Doesn’t have much respect for anyone who goes up and down highway 5 without finding a place to put some t.p. in their pocket.

Jack says Jerome doesn’t have a real grasp of what we’re about, Jim says he need some sun, doesn’t get a chance to look at the sun.  Asks how he manages to sit around when other people are working.  He admits he’s been over-indulged.  His brother X  says he’s a manipulator.  Penny reminds him that he was reading a book, wrapped in a blanket, when she found the agent outside the building.  Debbie says he fouls up security matters.  He put under strict supervisor, raise $200.

Elsie Belle says Penny Kerns bugs people all night and then sleeps all day when other people are pamphleting.  She says she is just joking. She said it to Bea Orsot.  Jim says Elsie going to have plastic surgery on her face for paralytic condition.  Jim tells her to pamphlet for 3 hours.

Jim speaks to somebody out of jail without naming them.  We don’t see any work from you.  Volunteer for something before you are addressed publicly.

Jim gives instructions on close scrutiny of visitors at gates,  Don’t admit anyone without checking with front desk.  Don’t accept any packages.

No one will ever be dealt with so harshly as someone who doesn’t cooperate with fire watch.

Jim wants volunteers to go on Housing Committee tonight with him.  After that, bus will go to LA.  “I’m looking forward to the day I can pee on L.A.”

Jim took another offering, giving some healings and other revelation in the midst of  them. For instance we are to get rid of any broken watch we might have, not sleep in the room with one and he asked as a precaution that they be brought to him.

Jim recalled to us that he had denounced the film, “The Omen,” which had portrayed a little child as the anti-Christ and dogs as “devils.”  All of the people responsible for the film will suffer and some already had injuries and fatalities.

Meeting was dismissed at 11.00.

Helen Love and Rose of Sharon have moved into our apartment building.  They are temporarily, Helen thinks, on our floor.  Ever will not be moving and Helen will no longer take care of her.  The doctor ordered complete rest for her, as her heart is in poor condition.  I came in to look at their apartment.

I read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.30.


13 January – 1977 Thursday
I finished the first secrecy agreement. Worked all morning on the second.  These were arranged alphabetically, with separate sections for each letter.

Dor was in a better mood but made some nasty remarks,

Marquita did not have anything to do.

I ate inside.

At 1.00 I went to my appointment with Dr. Winn for an eye exam.  I was supposed to arrive at 1.30 to have drops put in my eyes but had to wait a long time for my bus.  Arrived at the medical building half an hour late but the doctor saw me only five minutes late.  My eyes were in good condition and barring an emergency I don’t have to have my eyes checked for two years.  However, I will soon have a requisition for a possible change of prescription.  I got my last inoculation.

I wore dark glasses on my way home and could not see well for the rest of the afternoon.

Got my shopping cart and plastic bags and went back on the Geary bus to Masonic and walked to the neighborhood Coop to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.  Spent about $8.00.  Then took the shopping cart on the bus.

After putting away my purchases, I went to the Temple to eat.  It was announced that all meetings were cancelled, as newspapers had to be delivered by all available workers.  I inquired of Jack Beam if counseling was cancelled and he thought so.  However, Phyllis Houston, before the temple bus left for 1029 Geary, got on and announced that counseling would be held.

I did my laundry and personal chores.

Went back to the Temple on Muni as the counseling meeting with Francine had been rescheduled for 8.45 tonight.  However when I got there I was told Francine was not coming.  She was being seen on another issue on Saturday, I was told, and I did not have to come but could write a memo giving counselors the details of my complaint.

Don Bower and I got a ride with Harry Williams.

Washed my hair and did my hand laundry.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 1.00.


14 January – 1977 Friday
Turned in my time card.

Dor and Marquita had finished most of the secrecy agreements but I worked on a few more.  I had a letter for Philippe Lamy which had to be ready at 1.00 o’clock. I took dictation from him and put the letter on Mag Card, staying into my lunch hour to finish it.

I ate inside.

Went to the post office to inquire about the postage for sending a copy of the current Temple newspaper to my sisters.  I wrote a short letter with a carbon copy for each and mailed it with a newspaper to each of them.

In the afternoon Dor had me continue work on the secretarial manual on Mag Card.

After work I went to the Temple to eat. Went home on the Muni.

Vitamins had been distributed to us.  Wanda King put them up. Vacuumed the rug.  I was finishing when Bates came home with her daughter-in-law.  She had packed up some of her belongings for the trip east.  She definitely intends to go, although I thought she might be refused on account of her health.

Pressed clothes. I wrote the memo on Francine for Council.  Had hoped to work on my journal tonight but didn’t have time. Read newspaper.

Went to bed at 1.30.


15 January – 1977 Saturday
We got up at 8.00

The staff brought breakfast to us.

Temple bus brought us to Temple at 9.30.

We were seated downstairs in Green room while ushers organized us.  Our people given identification tags and brought upstairs row by row.  Some of seniors put in front rows on one side. Children in balcony except for some on the platform.

A video tape with scenes from M.L.King movement shown.

At 12.00 Jim with others on program filed on to platform

Opening number: “I Dream of Life” to tune of “We Shall Not Be Moved”
Master of Ceremonies- Booker T Anderson
James B. Flynn – Catholic
Margie Bohen- Song To God Almighty
Rev. Glenda Hope- Prayer on women’s rights
Gov. Jerry Brown
Black National Anthem- “Lift Up Every Voice And Sing”
Senator Milton Marks
(Our people being moved from front rows to give seats to guests…)
Speaker of House- Leo McCarthy sends regrets
Willie Brown, Assemblyman.- Couldn’t be here as he is doing same job in LA
young men meeting him.
Mayor George Moscone
Rev Amos Brown, Third Baptist Ch. Introduce.
Rev. A.R.Robinson, Baptist Ministerial Alliance

He alludes to untrue things about black preachers.  He represents the highest and best.  Cites Nat Turner, Haren X,  X,  Booker T. Washington studied in seminary, Adam Clayton Powell, Douglas Hanes?, first Blackman to run for public office in SF, Dr. M.L.King, Ebenezer Baptist Church, Atlanta , GA.

Robinson —  a rousing statement.
Dr. Tony Abelde- Bethany United Methodist Church.  recently appointed to
Housing Authority.  Referred to International Hotel, introduced
Rev. Jim Jones.

Jim Jones: Out of this meeting a sense of unity.  M.L.K spoke as a prophet, leader of the world, system could tolerate him as a civil rights leader in his last days began attacking system of exploitation and militarism impossible to believe he was killed by lone assassin.  We feel that all assassins connected.  Power elite will resort to any measure public tribute to Cecil Williams.  Unity should come out of this meeting. Not to let something like method of baptism.  Malcolm X shot down when he went  beyond black against white.  King saw end of system.  Commended Rev. Anderson for speaking up to government.  winds of change.  King was betrayed, deserted when he went beyond civil rights.  When you tell to working class they’re all niggers.  FBI attempted to discredit M.L.King.  If they went that far, what else did they do?  Senator Stennis behind threats to black mayors of Mississippi.

Peoples temple has got out its shell today.  M.L.King made a dead god. Spoke on Jesus chasing the money changers out of the temple in Jerusalem.  You shall do better.  Be doers of the word.  Not havers only.  Lets get together, let nothing divide us, International Hotel, during riot. “They’d like to see a blood bath.  Infiltrators.  we don’t believe in NWLF.  We want to have good people who don’t believe in non-violence  Sheriff has done more for us than some of our people.  Talk to those who own Cadillacs.

I know I am a nigger.  I know who I am.  Need for working class people to unite.  Reminded of Joe Hill  “Don’t mourn my death but organize.”  I won’t speak against that ___ Baptist Church pastor any more.  Infamy that responsibility for Chile, downing plane with Guyanese young people.  Conspiring against people.  We’re going to write and fight that conspiracy.

Johnny Brown introduced African Dancers.
An offering was taken, proceeds to the SF Council of Churches.
Choir- Anita Kelly [Kelley]
Solo by Maggie Becker
Joe Hall introduced guest speaker. the president of SF NAACP.
Introduced speaker
Ben Brown. Georgia legislator, former follower of M.L.K. and member of
President Elect Carter’s transitional Team.  Called for documentation
and finding positive alternatives to what has gone before  We put
Carter where he is. All we need is a government, decent health care.
Among announcements Jim Jones had to leave.
Wanted to thank Rev. Isbalde for support to previous people on
Housing Commission,
Mrs. Donneta Lane, President SF CC.
Refugees from Chile Present
Dr. Hannibel Williams, New Liberation Church, gave Benediction.

Meeting over at 3.00.

Jim asked Temple people to let guests go first

A meal was to be served at the break but I decided to go home on Muni.

I prepared and ate a macaroni and cheese disk which I had in a package at home and some cauliflower I bought Thursday.  Washed the dishes. Went to buy a Saturday and Sunday newspaper.

Tried to call Lor [Edith’s friend from SFState]. Finally someone else answered, probably a new tenant.  She couldn’t hear very well and all I could learn was that Lor was away and wouldn’t be back till tomorrow.

I cut out some food coupons from the newspaper to turn over to Rheavianna. Returned to the Temple on Muni at 6.30 for service at 7.00 I turned in my check. Put in Tim Stoen’s box the latest version of my journal.

Service was started, the offering was taken.  After some congregational singing another was taken. Tim Carter asked for a final count of who is going on the trip.  This will be the last chance to get your name in. Pam Moton doing good work on paper work in garage.

Soul Steppers dance group previous section.
The Soul Sisters. Little girls dance routine.
One Sister- “A New Realization” poem.
Jimmy Cordell- “I love My Daddy Jim” and “We Shall Overcome”

Jim:  Demonstration today of what can when ego is left behind,  Preachers talking about Angola and South Africa today.  Some fists raised.  Be humble and win souls.  77 preachers here and no talk of God and heaven.

Valor St. John refused to repay Amanda Fair. Fell ill. No one could be found to care for her.  No relatives came. Died?

Wesley Johnson.  Some going around saying he died.  He didn’t die. He failed to follow some of Father’s instruction.  That he didn’t need the Good Samaritans.  In the hospital the attendants dropped him.  He’s been moved now.

More Jim took another offering by sum.  By starting be talked more about humility.  the other ministers had been jealous because he had succeeded in getting Governor Brown to come.  He had mollified them, praising them, had enlisted them in the cause of liberation and human rights.  He had unified the black congregations in San Francisco, the last bastion of freedom in the US.

Carter is going to be as ruthless as Nixon.

Jim announced that Sheriff Hongisto was required to visit the tenants of the International Hotel tomorrow, He believed that Sunday had been purposely chosen, so that large numbers of opponents would be available to protest.  As there were probably police provocations among the pickets, an attempt might be made to incite violence, causing the authors to improve repression measures, finally resulting in martial law, we should be therein a mass to prevent it.,  Jim feels that if the sheriff were confronted with such numbers, no court could blame him for not enforcing the eviction order.

Jim was called to telephone, talked to Hongisto. When he returned he said he had a feeling that if all of us went to the hotel, we’d fill the block and the sheriff may not even come, won’t be expected to come.  Some of the people making it hard for him may get off his back.

The healing service was long. Albertha Smith, mother of Preston Wade, sitting near me was healed of cancer which had recurred.

Jim said everyone would be expected to go on the buses to the International Hotel.  He predicted that no one would be arrested.  We would return to the Temple afterwards and the buses would leave on the trip in plenty of time to arrive on schedule.

Jim took a final offering instead of calling people to tell after.

The service was dismissed about 11.00.

Bates had asked Rheavianna if we could bring guests home to the communal apartments.  Rheavianna said it was disposition of agreement between the occupants of each apartment.  Bates was taking a friend, X home and I asked Beulah, but she had made other plans.

I had had a pain in my stomach for 2 or 3 hours.  Probably caused by the large crowd in the morning and the general excitement.  It would not go away though Jim had ended the service. With a mass healing and in an exuberant mood.  I went right to bed when I go home, borrowing a quilt from Bates to keep warm.  X slept on the floor in the hall.  It was some time before I could get to sleep.


16 January – 1977 Sunday
Woke about 6.30.  Bates was up preparing for the trip. I felt all right, had slept well.  Bates and  X started talking so I turned the radio on and eventually went to sleep again.

Woke up again about 8.30.  Bates and guest X left on the Temple bus to get breakfast.  They were going at 10.30 to Glide Memorial to be present when Jim receives an award, the Fourth Annual M.L.King Award.

I had for breakfast grapefruit and corn flakes. Dressed for the service. Wrote a note to Tim. I lay down for a half hour before taking Muni to the service which was at 12.00.

The congregation, especially the children, was unusually noisy at the beginning of the service.

Usual problems.

Jim and Mother came in at 1.00.  Mother read the wording of the award.

Cleo Ivy returned to service.

A period of enthusiastic congregational singing followed.
The Soul Strutters danced.
A woman recited previous…
Another song of Harriet Tubman.

Mother took an offering.  Speaking of gratitude to Father.  Said if he didn’t hole up in a bus or upstairs in the Temple working on our problems, never tells what plans he’s working on.  He wouldn’t be with us, if you say one who heals everything and brings the dead back to life can surely save himself, don’t count on it.  You may nave to do without hum to teach you to stand on your own feet.

Cleo Ivy played the harmonica.
Little girls singe, “Get away” and “We Don’t Hesitate”
Dance — Go down Moses
Jimmy Cordell sang “We Shall Overcome”

Jim: Glide Memorial is in trouble.  Only 80 people present.  He’s getting closer to teaching of black identity.  His people not behind him.  If 2 or 3 groups would just stand up together we cold shake this city.  Argentine woman with Goodlett says fascist have taken over though there were left elements in government and military.  Look to working class unity.  we need the Communists.  We need the Radical fringes.  We will teach anyone who will speak out against what is going on in Washington.  When the spirit of Freedom is, there is liberty.  We are going to march with those elderly Chinese and Filipino people At the International Hotel.  Jim raised the determination to participate in the march.

Jim said the rest of the healings would be done privately. The ushers would take another offering.  We need to raise at least $1000. Sharon Amos called the names of people invited to join the church.

Jim left to attend a press conference.

Norman took the offering by countdown.  He persisted obtaining the $1000 though he was under pressure to let the congregation go to the International Hotel.

The meeting was dismissed about 3.30.  At first we were told food would be served at the buses, but it was not. I had a banana.

We picketed from about 4.00 to 6.00.  A number of other organizations had pickets out but as our people gradually arrived we fanned out.  Numbered them.  Soon some of the pickets were moved across the street. After the sun set, it became quite cold.

When we came back to the Temple, the lines for food were long and the space limited as the provisions for the trip occupied much of it.  However, Bates got me a plate of food and I was through eating fairly early.  In the auditorium some of the little boys were practicing the dance routines of the Soul Strutters.

The evening meeting didn’t start until 8.00.  After rides were arranged and some announcements made, Johnny Brown started the offering.  Jim came on podium at 9.00.

Question period.
(1) Did you read about Roberto Gonzales being arrested?  Answer: Yes I am heartsick,  Arrested for drunken driving; now he’ll be prosecuted.

(2) Opinion of Governor Brown.  Jim reviewed his bad and good points.  I don’t have much faith.  Politician.  They’d go to bed with anything for votes.

(3) Will America ever have a surplus? Answer:  Yes, whom us niggers come back and kill all the honkies. A nigger is anyone who doesn’t have what he’s supposed to have.

(4) How is International Hotel going to end? Answer: Don’t want to get into fighting.  But it won’t be their Waterloo or ours. The tenants won’t be left without housing.  The matter is far from ended.

(5) To next question concerning a daughter.  Jim spoke of people who let their children manipulate them.  This in regard to Alexis. as long as they think they can go through you to get around me, they’ll never learn that they have to go through the door.

(6) What was McCarthy era?  Answer: Going back to the three million or so votes Wallace got because he was pro-soviet, pro socialist, the investigative committee of Congress set up to question people as to Communist background and opinions.  McCarthy got out of control, was throwing Republicans and Democrats in jail.  His sudden death at 44 ended the era.  Can happen again. Happens in time of joblessness.  Always have a war on high unemployment.  They were not the poor colored people using our poor colored sons.  The voluntary army doesn’t affect the average person.  We don’t have a big army any more.  Lost in Angola.  No way to kill off minorities but through drugs, that won’t be =enough.

Getting the International Hotel is not going to be a history won’t solve the problems of the working class.

(7) Child- how did Martin Luther King die?  Because he was socialist and started to tell how the poor black were exploited in Vietnam, he as shot down.

(8) Child- What is Third World?  Its us all black, brown, red and yellow people,  and they’re going to take over the whole world.

(9) Jean Newsom asked a philosophical question about how we get here.  Jim said there were other worlds in which there were intelligent beings much more highly advanced than we are.  He believed he came from such a world.  It was more important to think about how to get you out of this world than how you got here in the first place.  That was what he came to do.

Jim spoke with disapproval of bringing children into the world.  Planned parenthood was worse than accidental as more misery was brought into the world intentionally.

(10) Child- Why are honkies so stupid? They’re not stupid, just ugly.  Don’t underestimate the honkies.  They have a little fat on their brains because they haven’t had to work so hard as we have.

(11) What do you think if Governor Brown staying in the Pink Palace?  Answer:  Don’t think much of it.  Just gets him publicity Why doesn’t he stay in a black home?  Politicians are a strange breed.

(12) Why did Hitler want a dictatorship?  Answer: Power over people.  I don’t know why anyone would want it.  They got you in the end.  I’m happy when I make other people happy.

(13) Child–When are we going to the PL [promised land] when all the grown-ups get passports and get passports for all the children, get guardianships for all the children they want to take with them.  I can’t take the same child unless I take all the children.  Unless an emergency.  Then I’ll take then, passport or no passport.

(14) Child- Why do capitalists kill black people?  Not just black people, all people because they are selfish.  They’re mean.

(15) Child- Why did Kennedy get killed.  Answer: because he wanted to be a little more to us than others.

Jim took a final offering.  During this he spoke of Valor St. John who had cheated Mabel Johnson and Amanda Fair.  She had flown to Hawaii, wanted to see Honolulu.  Had a stroke before she landed.  Never would see Honolulu.  Someone asked if he were going to meditate for her and take away energy which should go to you.  She had money and never paid us what she owed us.

Those going east were dismissed first.  I left the podium and Dale Parks was in charge.  When Jim returned he said he had to leave immediately for the International Hotel and act as a negotiator.  He asked as many as possible to come to the Hotel at 6.00 on Tuesday morning.

He then dismissed us at about 10.30.  However we had a long wait for a bus to take us home and didn’t get home until nearly midnight.

I read newspapers.  Went to bed at 1.30.


17 January – 1977 Monday
The weather has been quite cold, down to about  38º at night, 40º or 50º high for a day.

Checked over F’s work.  Made revisions in a document for Maggie, a list of Bechtel Powers of Attorney.  Stayed late to finish it during the lunch hour.

Dor was in a fairly good humor and the office work went smoothly.  She has been trying to cut down on her smoking with the help of a cigarette holder sleeve.  Seems to be succeeding.

We had a discussion in the office about the International Hotel.  Marquita was interested in the background of the dispute.  Then in talking about the execution of Gary Gilmore which took place today, I find that Marquita as well as Dor favored capital punishment  I stopped discussing the matter.

I spent a good deal of time bringing journal entries up to date.


I phoned Lor. She spent the weekend with Mike and Patty in Santa Rosa.  Their new baby Ian is 6 weeks old.

I took lunch outside.

At the pharmacy I bought some boric acid which has been recommended for controlling the roaches with which we live.  There was a supply in the nurse’s office, but it cannot be located now.  Bates and I decided to buy some ourselves.

Went to the Temple after work for dinner but the guards were admitting no one. Guests were in the building.   Took the Muni home.  The nurses told me food was being brought to us from the Temple.

I did my exercises. Put the boric acid around the walls in the kitchen and bathroom.

On the radio I heard that the eviction from the International Hotel had been stayed until Marquitah and the Housing Commission would have time to use eminent domain procedures to buy the property and arrange for the tenants to take it over.  Police Chief Gain said he had information that there was real danger of weapons and fire bombs being used by people of the commune.

We went down to get our dinner at 7.00.

I asked Edith Cordell if she would cut my hair this week.  She offered to do it tonight.  I went to her apartment which she shares with Mark [Gosney] and a member from L.A.

Typed from 8.30 to 11.00 finishing 5 pages.  Made out my money needs list. Had a snack and read newspapers. Went to bed at 1.00.


18 January – 1977 Tuesday
I made some corrections in the Power of Attorney documents. Dor worked on a rush job for Mary Carolina, a contract for computer services.  Marquita and I also did some work on it.

I ate lunch inside.

Did some work on the Mag Card on the Secretarial Manual.

I spent a limited time typing cards for my journal.

I went directly home tonight.  Learned the bus was coming to take 1029 residents to the temple at 5.30 but we had a long wait.  When the bus did come we had another long wait.  Some of the residents did not want to come, probably because it was so cold.

During dinner Jack made an announcement over the intercom to the church demanding that they keep the Temple clean as it had just been cleaned up.  Jim came on the intercom repeating the admonition,  He said tomorrow afternoon was going to be a meeting of police officials at the Temple,  They were talking with him because he has influence with the left.  He was willing to talk about measures to fight crimes but not about putting more police on the street.

I didn’t exercise tonight.  It was late and I had other tasks to do.  I wanted to spend as much time as possible on my journal.

I cooked beans for lunches and baked a loaf of frozen bread.

I started to work on my journals at 8.30 had trouble with my typewriter ribbon and feared that I had broken a part but after experimenting, it turned out to be all right.  I was able to finish only 4 pages.

Read newspapers.  Went to bed at 1.00.


19 January – 1977 Wednesday
Marquita out today, as she is moving.  A friend is renting her a detached studio apartment on the friends property in Richmond.

Did some corrections or ATS on Cochina material on which Dor has been working.  Then worked on ATS on the Galbraith unit report and made some correction on a Schuman pro forms contract which Dor had made the original entry.

Ate lunch inside.

In the afternoon Dor and I both typed some material, for Weinberger.  It was to be used for an audio visual presentation to engineers on increasing problems Bechtel has with litigation  At last to be typed in a special form and as it was taken from tapes it was often ungrammatical and disconnected, therefore difficult to type.  I was not quite through with my portion at the close of the working day.

When I got home, Chris told me the bus had already gone.  I washed prepared for the evening service.  The Muni arrived about 6.00.

Food was not being served at the Temple yet. I was told most people had gone to a rally.  The seniors from 1029 Geary were not to the Temple and probably were at the rally.

Dinner was served before people at the rally had returned.

Albertha Smith told me she heard the weather was so bad in the East that our buses cold not go through and turned back.  Harry Williams, who seemed to be the only minister present, opened the meeting at about 8.00.  He got rides for those needing them.

There were some musical numbers.Two offerings were taken.

Jim entered at about 8.45.

Jim:   Said he had been at the Police Conference.  Remark from someone, “Jim seems to be everywhere championing the causes of the people.  Are there lots of you?”  Jim: “Lots of us.  One day they’ll learn how many of us there are.”

(1) Child.  Would like to get a job in the P.L. Jim:  We’ll go soon.  Have to stay here for a while, earn money.  But you’ll get there.  You have the rest of your young life.  and Big life too.  I’ll keep your request in mind.

Jim on food for those coming from the P.C.

(2) Highway Patrol- approve – Jim said he had conveyed the message that any police imported into city should be representative of population remember not to participate in a political meeting.  Approach people with diplomacy.  He has always been sympathetic to black  He is limited by Charter? surrounded by bigoted police.  Won’t get as good a police chief as Gain.  We want to see a black officer moved up as his assistant.  They must remember Rodney Williams.  Don’t make people defensive by attacking them in public.  If we were completely sincere we would refuse to pay income tax as our money goes to overthrow governments.

Jim commented on District Attorney of LA.  Some of these people squeeze out of tough questions.  He wouldn’t say he was against capital punishment.

Some people are having babies so they can get out of working.  They stop working at 3 months. The way to have healthy baby is to keep up normal activity.

Sex in jail.  Every thing in prison is ok. Normal. Can’t promise anything but masochists, sadists, some of you approve of capital punishment.  You must be some kind of a god-damn idiot.  poor people. black people.  society created these criminals.  Some of you aren’t concerned about some white people were g0ing discriminated against.  Jim said they must have a hearing, Some of you aren’t ready to die.  But anyone who comes to me who has been oppressed I am going to help them they need my help and you need me.  I may attach the wrong pens. You better raise money so we can get to the P.L. if it were not for our child and our city Id be a principled person and I might last a week.  We’ll defend ourselves if attacked  but don’t get into a fight outside by yourself.  Get yourself away because you’ll suck us all in.

Jim spoke on verses of clapping for him and clapping when he claps.  ‘
Hongisto told Jim Judge Brown postponed eviction when told PT would be at International Hotel on Tuesday morning.

Jim took offering by sum.

Chris Cordell was up for slacking on security.  Missed his shift several times, was rude to Joe Beam.  He claimed he was student at Alameda College but questioning revealed he wasn’t .  He stayed back from trip.  Jim says because he believed himself better than other people.  Jim had his police record sealed.  Jim appointed counselors to meet with him and decide what he is to do.

B.C.Mann confessed to taking a pill today.  Got it in his commune.  He cant or didn’t answer questions.  Jim says we have to help this lad before he destroys himself.  He is to talk to Council.

Before you criticize, you try to lead for a while.  Explaining again.  “I won’t turn away from people’s critical needs.   I’m living as bad as any of you, but I still don’t get up and send the god-damn saint. He’s referring to those who criticized him for not splashing strongly to Gain and others.

Bill Hall as had to go to bathroom and took off.  After questioning him Jim concluded that the situation was not as clear cut as it had been presented.  As he had to leave, Jim asked council to talk to him.

Jim gave some revelations. He dismissed the meeting at 10.40.

The bus which was taking home not only 1029 Geary people, but these from the Divisadero St. commune, was very late. I got some indication that Tom Finch, the driver, had been under pressure and resented it.  Phyllis Houston drove us home.’
It was about midnight.

I read the newspaper.  Went to bed about 1.30.


20 January – 1977 Thursday
Marquita was back today, having moved yesterday..  She had to do it by herself, as her brother left for Chino the day before and she was very tried.

I made corrections and additions to yesterday’s work on ATS for Schuman and Galbraith. Did a memo for Maggie on Mag Card.

Dor was in a relatively good humor, though we exchanged a few harsh words on the pardon of Tokyo Rose.

Dor was working on the Cochina contract, a major effort which came in piecework and which was needed as soon as possible.

Tim phoned me in response to my note left for him the other night.  He will come by tonight at 9.00.

During my lunch hour I walked up to the firm where I bought my typewriter and bought a typewriter ribbon.  The Temple gave me money for it. The sun was out and the temperature was much warmer. I ate inside.

Marquita told me of sorting on Tuesday with Betty Vasil and Dor on her personnel evaluations.  Most comments were favorable, but Dor had indicated her “work habits” needed improvement.  Marquita was pleased but said she had no intention of changing her habits in the way indicated.  Nevertheless she is getting along with Dor better than I at the present time.

I typed more of the Weinberger materials.  Betty Barclay has been doing some of it for us.

I had little time to do any personal work.  Barely managed to finish yesterday’s journal entry.

Had a phone conversation with Lor.  I will spend Friday night at her apartment.  Received a call from the Public Relations Office at San Francisco State.  Jean Arnesen, Dr. Arnesen’s wife, wanted to get in touch with me.

Tonight I went directly to the Temple to eat and left with Edith Cordell on Muni before 6.00. I did my laundry.  Had to wait for Brother Jeffery to finish his first. Did personal chores.

Tim came at 9.00 and stayed a little over an hour.  He is working so hard on his job that he rarely sees Jim. He is head of a unit which prosecutes organized crime cases, so he does not have to be involved with those of “poor people.”  He has a room at Leona Collier’s and gets his meals there.  Tim said the Temple was having a problem with some members who wanted to take notes during meetings and complained that I was allowed to do so.  Tim asked me to stop taking notes during meetings until the matter can be cleared up.  I told Tim all that disturbed me about communal life was the time I wasted while waiting and described some of my experiences this week.  Tim was interested in how I was getting along on my job.

After Tim left I washed my hair. Did my hand laundry. Had something to eat and read newspapers. Went to bed at 1.30.


21 January – 1977 Friday
The weather continued mild today and w=even a little rain was predicted, though I didn’t encounter any.

Got my time card in.

Did some more work on Weinberger’s documentation for the audio-visual presentation on litigation.  Marquita did not have much to do.  Dor finished the contract for Cochina, even working through the lunch hour.  She had told me Betty Vasil warned her that unless she turned in the required office reports, her own personal evaluation would suffer  She admitted she hated to do them.  She cold have worked on them today and let Marquita or me do the Cochina contract, but she doesn’t like to give s complicated or rush jobs.

I ate inside.  Bought some niacinamide at the pharmacy downstairs as one brand was sold at 50% off.

In the afternoon I did some more work on the Secretarial Manual.

When I got home I packed a few overnight items and left on the bus for Lor’s.  I put a note on my door where I could be reached,  I transferred on Muni to a street car going through the tunnel, then took the Park Merced bus.  Arrived at Lor’s about 7.00.

Lor has two tenants.  One, a man, was away.  The other is a young Japanese woman who is studying English at SF State. Her fiancé, a Japanese psychiatrist, is visiting her and Lor spent a good part of the evening explaining to them how to go to the Monterey peninsula where they are going to stay with Dor Carnie.

For dinner we had fish, baked potatoes, salad and ice cream. After dinner, Lor showed us the slides she took in the Santa Rosa area, many of Patty and Mike’s baby.

I read a little in Radicalism in America.  Lor and I went to bed about 11.00


22 January – 1977 Saturday
Lor and I got up about 8.00.

We had some grapefruit and toast and talked a little.  We talked about needing other people.  Lor thinks I am happy since I have been in the temple.

The Japanese girl came down and asked a question about the trip to Monterey.

I read more in Radicalism in America.

Lor prepared breakfast for the four of us: orange juice, pancakes with jam or honey and applesauce.  I left on the bus at about 11.00, arrived home by 12.00.  I saw no one from the Temple but the slip I had put on the door yesterday giving Lor’s phone number had been taken down.

I took the bus to the Coop.  Deposited my ballot for the Coop election.  I voted for the progressive slate.  I purchased a number of items for breakfasts and lunches: oats, cracked wheat, orange juice, tofu, frozen bread dough, canned tuna, oranges, and 2 jars of decaffeinated coffee for which I had coupons.  I bought an ice cream cone.

When I got to off the bus, I went to the store and bought a Sunday paper and some grapefruit at the fruit stand. I swept the kitchen floor and vacuumed the rugs.

I lay down and dozed for an hour. Dressed and left for the Temple at 5.40.

The weather had been foggy at Park Merced but the sun came out for a while in my district.  This evening was mild.

Ate dinner. Few people from 1029 Geary were there.

I talked to Lucille Payney.  She said members had gone at Mother’s request to meeting of blacks held at Aden Hall to discuss district election of supervisors.  The buses at 10.30 took the 1029 people to the Temple where they waited until about 12.00.  The meeting at Aden Hall started at 1.00 and lasted until abbot 5.00.  Lucille said there were harsh arguments among those present.  She was very tired and got a headache.  Mom Taylor was near people who smoked which distressed her.  Willie Brown.  Lucille had no lunch.  She thought many of our people were too tired to come tonight.

Harry Williams opened the meeting at 7.30.

Mildred Mercer has been giving much trouble lately.  She has a nasty temper and has at times struck another person during service.  Father has said she was jealous of Henry, they she could have been healed herself if she had a better disposition.  Brother Mercer went on a trip and managing her has been a problem.  She gets up on in the middle of the night, not knowing what time it is and wanders outside if not watched,  The nurses had to decide on someone to stay with her as Hyacinth is on the trip.

Tonight she wouldn’t be seated and several workers were following her, unable to control her.  A nurse and several other people failed to.  She is ready to fight if stopped.  Finally Johnny Brown had to be called to control her.

Jean Brown led the congregation in singing.  Ava Brown took an offering,

Guy Young took a second offering.

Jack Beam on the power of Jim Jones who can sweep you up in kindness or trample you and destroy .  When we are truly amazed by the power it shows in every action we make,  There is a strength of commitment behind that body.  The enemy sizes us up.  You don’t mess with some people or you gotta mess with then all preparatory to taking another offering.

While it was being taken, Marquitay entered about 9.00.  She spoke of today’s events.  The situation looked bad at first but Father prevailed and we were admitted.  She valued it as a teaching experience because by such events she understands what it means to be excluded. The second thing we learned is to be grateful for the tight ship.  The arguments and hassle.

Marcy said she was thinking of darkening her hair to make it more acceptable.  The congregation in general likes her the way she is.  She wasn’t thinking if doing it for us, but because she might begetter able to help us with others.  It world be no sacrifice to do anything that would benefit the cause.

Marcy had the children sing.

Starting to take another offering Mother spoke of the injustice of Wendy Yoshimura’s conviction while the right wingers in Southern California who gathered tons of explosives were released on their own recognizance.  The jury in the Yoshimura case was a hung jury but the judge kept sending them back and the one black juror who had held out was harassed, called stupid, told she shouldn’t be on the jury.

Mother added that in the ordeal this afternoon the black leaders of the church stood by her and didn’t forget she was their mother.

Skit- “Ghetto U.S.A.” – showing some of the perils encountered in the
ghetto directed by Frances Johnson.

Johnny Brown took another offering.

Tape of Jim’s sermon.

Marcy set tomorrow’s service at 10.00 so that we can get though earlier and LA people can be on their way and avoid some of the fog.

We were dismissed at 11.00.  Father’s picture was held up at each door for us to touch. The bus took home Divisadero as well as 1029 Geary communal people. I read the Sunday newspaper. Went to bed at 12.30.


23 January – 1977 Sunday
Got up at 7.30.  Bathed, dressed ate breakfast. I had grapefruit and rolled oats.  Washed the dishes. The bus took us to the temple at 9.00.

I conversed with some people.  Sue Ellen Gallie [Williams] is working at a sawmill in the valley. With overtime, she says she makes over $7.00 a month.

Though the service was scheduled for 10.00, it was not called to order until 10.20 by Harry Williams.

Jean Brown led the congregation in singing as she did last night.

Those who weren’t going to LA this next weekend were asked to stand.  Names were taken.

Henry took the offering.  He was very talkative.  Mother came in at about 11.00 and he became effusive.  The offering was confused.  We wound up passing the bucket twice.

After a congregational song, Mother took another offering.

Testimonials were heard.

Mother says Jane Mutschmann will be back in about 2 weeks.  She instructed security to admit her and the congregation to accept her fondly.

Leona Collier said that Father told her he was grieved because no offering taken while he’s been gone has met the budget.  She pleaded for taking the disappointment away by giving liberally in another offering.

Three little girls presented a skit taking place in a cotton field.
Children who had to work in the fields: Maya Ijames, Patricia Pettit,
Tobianna Stone.

Tim Stoen spoke, making a moving appeal to the congregation to give more funds.  Marcy joined with a request that everyone write on an envelope whether or not they had anything to give.

Marcy had succeeded in getting only one person to go to the Valley to do security.  Carol Stahl applied for help to guard thousands of dollars worth of property.

Christa Amos recited a poem she wrote.
Ollie Smith, daughter of a young girl, sang a song.
The Gospel Singers sang
Tape of one of Jim Jones sermons

Johnny Brown took another offering, asking people to stand up with contributions.  He asked people to stand with whatever they could give.  As far as I could tell, though, even children, responded loyally.  I could not see that he got any large contributions.

Francine Mason and Rochelle Halkman have not been giving me any trouble.  It is possible some one on Council spoke to them.  Francine is noticeably pregnant and spends a good part of the time during services languishing.  Helen Love made disparaging remarks about those who became pregnant to get out and work.  She said they were “making feet for stockings,” that they hunted for a man to lie under to keep warm and the men hunted for a “hole for their dick.”

Marcy dismissed the meeting at 2:10.  The plan was to start the evening service early and to end early so that we could get out in time to see the first of the TV series, “Roots.”

Mother gave revelations from Jim.  Willie Mae Gentry was saved from being raped by a man who world have come through her fire escape.

There were pictures of Jim at the door to touch.

I stood in line for 45 minutes without making much progress and finally through the kindness of Helen Love and Ray Godshalk, I got my dinner which contained 3 kinds of starch.

At 4.00 Helen Love and I went home.  She has been ill during the past week and wasn’t coming back.  I intended to press clothes but decided to lie down and rest for a hour instead for assistant of the offering and dinner ordeal.

Took Muni back for service at 5:30.

After 2 offerings were taken, a number of young girls sang, “This little Light of Mine, Let It Shine.”  And “I’m So Grateful”

Little girls sang: A new routine asked “Check Me Out,” “Jack Leg Preacher,” “Get Away,” and another new one.

Jim McElvane took another offering.

Julius Evans sang.
Tape of one of Jim’s sermons

Jack Beam: described what he had seen Jim do but the greatest was “to make a compassionate individual out of me” and “stop black people from believing in a sky god.”  Marcy went down to collect from the audience.  Despite all pleadings, she got little but small change.

Mother gave revelations from Jim.  One was for Vernetta Christian, who was healed of a blood disease from which her mother had died.  Jim said that as she played the piano and sang she would be healed

The meeting was dismissed at 8.10

The Redwood Valley people were going to look at “Roots” on the TV in the Gold Room at 9.00 o’clock before going up to the Valley.  Nothing  more was said abbot the program to other members of the congregation.

We arrived at 1029 shortly before 9.00.  I ate some grapes and read a while.  Then I put the hem in a dress given to me by a woman in the church.

Pressed the dress and other clothes for a week because our Temple schedule has been changed and we will be in LA next weekend.

Read the newspaper.  Went to bed at 12.00


24 January – 1977 Monday
Marquita was out all morning waiting for her telephone to be installed.  She then learned that it could not be done today.  She was in a very depressed mood.

I worked all day on the file list for the secretarial manual. I scarcely had time to finish yesterday’s journal entry and fill in material in a few old ones.

Ate lunch inside.

Went directly to the church tonight and ate dinner,  All the children were eating early.

Saw Washington Sanders who had had his dinner after pamphleting.  Didn’t know how he was going to get home.  I took him with me on Muni, on which he can ride because he has a cane showing that he is blind.  He had some vision.  When I went to take him home to Oak Street, I didn’t realize he was blind.

I washed my new dress, 2 skirts and tops in Wool Foam and hung them over the bathtub. Exercised.  Typed in my journal from 8.30 to 11.00, finishing 5 pages. Read newspapers. Went to bed at 1.00.


25 January – 1977 Tuesday
The department resumed its regular meetings this morning with a program devoted to a discussion of Alyesha.  William Sanders of the Pipeline Division showed some magnificent slide and described the project which is almost completed.  Emphasis was put upon the litigation which has resulted involving Bechtel, particularly the charges of taking x-raying of the pipe welding.  Coffee and doughnuts were served.  The meeting was from 8.30 to 10.00.

I finished the Mag Card work I had been doing on the Secretarial Manuals.

Marquita had a rush contract to do for Besnel but the system kept going down, so she and Mara spent most of the day talking.  Dor continued to give her news about “Root,” obviously uneasy because it portrays whites in such a bad light.  Marquita has been very conciliatory since she got her raise and said nothing contradictory.  She has not been watching the program.  Dor cold have been working on her records but didn’t.

At lunch a film on a cruise around South Africa was to be shown in the employee film series but it turned out to be South America, because of a typographical error.  It was called “Leisure Cruise” and devoted a good deal of film to shipboard luxuries but there were interesting shots of many South American countries. I ate my lunch in the assembly room.

I ran off a clean copy of the Secretarial Manual materials and delivered it to Betty Vasil. Typed up index cards the rest of the day. Dor and Marquita had further conversation on the history of slavery, much of it enormous.  I took no part.

Found that I have lost my Muni pass.  Must have dropped it on the bus this morning.  Had to pay a quarter tonight.

Went to the temple and ate.

I intended to walk home but one of our members insisted I should not.  She lent me a quarter but I got on the bus without paying.  I sorted old newspapers and threw those of the last few days to Sister Jeffrey who likes to read them.

I exercised. Typed in my journal from 7.30 to 10.30 finishing 6 pages. Read newspapers.  Went to bed at 12.20.


26 January – 1977 Wednesday
Dor was in a good mood.  She had been much mollified by reading the story of “Roots” was fictional.  She obviously did not wish to consider as fact that the black slaves may have had a cultured background.  She said no race had a monopoly on cruelty, suggested that I give my opinion.  So I presented my ideas concerning the conquest by northern barbarians of more civilized dark people.  She heard my ideas fairly calmly, or at least seemed to.

I managed to do only yesterday’s journal entry.  Betty Vasil brought back the work I had done on the Secretarial Manual with some additions she wanted made.  With Dor’s help I figured out how to put them in.  Then Maggie brought me back a document I had put on Mag Card on which she wanted changes.  I started on this.

At lunchtime the Bechtel Women for Affirmative Action presented Dorothy Kulvin of Western Women’s Bank for a return visit speaking on “Finance for Women.”  I had not heard her before.  She spoke briefly and then answered questions.

After lunch Maggie dictated to me a few memos and made some changes in a document I had done for her previously.  I worked on these until closing time and was not able to finish.

Marquita had nothing to do all day.  Two new pieces of work came in but Dor worked on them herself, probably because she thought they presented particular difficulties.  Marquita was very gloomy.  Several of her relatives have serious health problems.

I got on the bus tonight with out a pass.  I went home and took the Temple bus with other residents to dinner and service.

Took up my W-2 form and income tax forms and spoke to Ellen (formerly Martha) Klingman.

Talked with Helen Love. She was telling Inez Connedy and me of her coming to the Temple.  She was living in Philadelphia and was very ill.

Dale Parks returned after having been in LA conducting services over the weekend.

I was asked to go upstairs to the nurses quarters to speak to Joyce Parks.  She needs some help in a four week course she is taking for her Master’s degree.  Among other requirements she must write for short papers on a topic in the field of bioethics.  She is trying to get four people to write a paper each.  The papers are due on 28 February.  She outlined the topics.  I told her I would try to write one on the legalization of laetrile.

Marcy gave a message from Father to the children.  Be good to your teachers.  Be helpful and cooperative.  Set an example of socialism.  Treat each other kindly.  In the end everyone is responsible for their own activities.  Macy asked the adults for consideration of children who are trying to improve, instead of reacting negatively to children who have become labeled as trouble makers.

A group of young people did a routine.

Third offering taken with special emphasis.

Mother read a commendation of Agnes Jones for visiting people in the hospital.  Agnes spoke of her gratitude for Mom and Dad their love and discipline for her.

There was a skit showing the various presidents of recent years and their wives.

We saw the night’s installment of “Roots” from 10.00 to 11.00.

Dale took a final offering. He announced that we would have service tomorrow night.

Dale and Johnny Brown asked for volunteers to go to the Housing Commission meeting tomorrow at 10.00, at which Jim will be present.  Very few responded.  After considerable pressure was exerted, more were obtained.  Drivers had to be recruited as a bus drive may not be available.

A revelation from Jim concerning Blanchard Washington was given by Dale, though Blanchard had left the meeting earlier, Jim told many details from her past and saved her from a stroke. Dale said he would get the message to her.

The meeting was dismissed at 12.10.  The bus took home the people from Divisidero as well as Geary and we didn’t arrive home until nearly 1.00.

As we will have a meeting tomorrow and leave for LA after the meeting Friday, I decided to do my laundry tonight, so I put the clothes in the washer and dryer while I read the paper.  After sorting them I did not get to bed until 3.00.


27 January – 1977 Thursday
Finished the 2 items for Maggie which I had on Mag Card.

Then I made the desired changes in the Secretarial Manual materials and printed out a copy for Betty Vasil.  Filled in on Dor’s copy the line numbers of the cards so they can be fed into the computer.

Marquita phoned in sick as she said she was going to last night.  Her wisdom tooth is giving her trouble.  She is also expecting the telephone installer to come.

Weinberger office brought some more of the seminar materials for retyping.  It had been corrected by the original speaker but was still full of grammatical and typographical errors. Dor worked on it complaining constantly of the state of the material.  She finally decided to make substantial changes to make the text conform to standard English.

I ate lunch inside.

Went to the stationery store and bought a card for Dorothy’s (my sister) birthday and for Marquita’s.  Both were born on the 3rd of February.

I wrote a note on Dor’s card and addressed it.

I finished some journal entries from December which had not been done.

I telephoned a man (Ken White?) in Public Relations who is in charge of video tape.  I inquired about the possibility of renting a machine to transfer my individual films to videotape.  He gave me the names of 2 firms which could either make videotapes or make a copy of the film.

I worked on journal cards for some time.

Took the Temple bus to the Temple tonight and had dinner. Jim had retired and gone to the Housing Commission meeting, which many of our people attended. Patti Chastain who came back by air with Jim gave us an account of the meeting.  My complaints were heard from tenants of government housing.  The other Commissioners who always went to represent the matter for investigation or defer for a later hearing.  Jim insisted on dealing with it now.

Judy X, Lola Pikes opened the meeting. I didn’t learn where the assistant ministers were.  Mother arrived later. Attendance was very sparse.

Two offerings were taken.

Jim entered at 8.25.  He chided those who had not gone on the trip because of their fear of cold weather.  Nobody had been sick except one woman who didn’t follow instructions to jog.  The buses had got through when vehicles call around were stranded.

The buses went on to Houston while Jim and those who had to work returned to San Francisco by air.  Jim was leaving tonight for Houston to hold services here.  Mother would be in LA over the weekend.

Patti Chastain came back to work on the newspapers.

Jim told how bad the racism is in the East.  For instance, the black newscasters had have disappeared from the TV programs.  In Chicago black children are let out of the school an hour early so they can get home before the whites who might harm them are out. A book called The Hoax of the 20th Century, which denies that Jews were killed in the concentration caps, is selling like wildfire in the east.

Jim spoke on the enthusiasm of blacks for “Roots.”  We can’t expect anything helpful to come out of a big TV network.  The series will end as an appreciation of the black experience in America, just wait and see.  It will be shown how foolish it is to revolt.  The author, Alex Haley, is a sell out.  It took money to go back to Africa to learn about his ancestors.  Jim isn’t interested in where he came from.  Haley refused to commit himself after Malcolm X was killed, he wanted t be impartial.  The slave cabins look like luxury housing.

Jim spoke on the difference between the sentences received by those who steal bread to feed their families and the sentences given to violators of anti-trust regulations and wealthy evaders of income tax.

Jim described the Housing Commission meeting.

He expressed much disapproval of some of the interests of our young members, rock records and so on.  “All you talk about is shit.  Socialism doesn’t come out of your mouths.”  The day of retribution is coming for those who take special privileges.

At 10.00 the screen was set up and the installment of “Roots” was shown. In this episode the young daughter of Kinta Kintay was punished for learning to read.  Then for using a faked pass given to her by her white mistress she was sold t another owner who raped her.  In the meantime her slave fiancé had tried to escape, was dragged back and beaten.  The only comment Jim made was that the audience did not see the beating.

Jim took an offering, making special appeals.

He healed some and distributed cloths.

The meeting was out at about 12.15.

When I got home I put my laundry in the washer and dryer, ate a snack while reading newspapers.

Went to bed at 4.00.


28 January – 1977 Friday
I went back to sleep after the alarm rang and didn’t get p until past 7.00.  Phoned Dor at 8.15 that I would be late. Arrived at the office at 9.10.

Marquita was in.  She was still having trouble with her tooth but she got her appointment straightened around and her telephone installed.

I made out my time card.

Told Dor I had seen last night’s installment of “Roots.”  She had started to look at it but went to sleep.  I told her what had happened but she didn’t pay much attention.  Marquita and she had a discussion about the series.  Marquita thought they shouldn’t be shown as they might inspire hatred.

Bob O’Neill is ill and Garb had brought his shorthand notes to Betty Vasil to find someone to decipher them (Garb doesn’t deal directly with Dor; she is aware of his unfriendly feeling and reciprocates them.  There is no love lost between them).  She inquired whether I cold do it.  Though it took me some time I transcribed them, except for a few words which Garb filled in though I took a long time.  There were two memos, fortunately rather short.

Dor and Marquita worked on more notes from the seminar.

At lunch time I heard a lecture by Harold Wong, a Bechtel engineer, on “Industrial Progress in the Peoples republic of China.”  He showed slides of an exchange mission he had been on.  He interspersed scenic views with shots of machinery and factories.  Even the latter were interesting.  I was a little late and I had to stand against the wall.

In the afternoon I had to type on the workload for Garb’s unit.  Dor had done part of it.

Marquita was transcribing notes of telephone conversations, which Jim Hertts records on labor relations cases and she fond them very different.  Dor and I both felt we had had some “oddball” assignments today.

I did not have any time for any personal work at all.

On the way home I stopped and bought some chicken backs.  If I had had my pass I probably would have gone to the Temple to eat, then come home, as I didn’t want to go to the service.  Instead I broiled the chicken backs and cooked some zucchini.

I first did personal chores and washed my hair.

Typed in my journal from 10.00 to 12.00.  Finished typing the 1 to 15 January 1976 section.  Proofed it. Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 2.00


29 January – 1977 Saturday
Got up at 9.00.

Ate a piece of grapefruit.

I borrowed a senior pass from Margaret Jeffery.  She has a foot she can’t walk on so I thought she would not be going any where.

Took the bus to Masonic and walked to the Hayes Street neighborhood coop and brought fruits, vegetables and bread. Pulled my cart back to Masonic and took the bus home.

Went to the nurse’s quarters where lunch was given to us to take upstairs tomato soup and a bologna sandwich, whole wheat bread is being used now.

I defrosted the refrigerator.

“The Prophet” by Giacomo Meyerbeer was being given from the Metropolitan Opera by KKHI.  I listened to while completing the journal entry for Thursday night and yesterday’s entry.

Went to Hyde Street and bought the Sunday paper  The weather had been rather nice when I came back from shopping today but had now turned cold.

Took an hour’s nap. At 5.00 dressed and prepared for the Temple service.

The Temple bus came for us at 5:30. We had dinner.

The service started at 7.00 tonight..  Guy Young called the meeting to order.

Johnny Brown.  Dave Harrison helped to conduct to the service.

Ever Rejoicing sang, “He’s the One Who Comes to Set Us Free.”
Little girls did “Car Wash.”
Mr. Ford and the Peanut Freak – William Klingman and Jim Arthur Jones
Women song: “Somebody Bigger Than You and I”
Ricky Cordell: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.
Apostolic Singers- “A Storm is Passing Over.”
Julius Evans: “I’m Your Friend”

Three offerings had been taken.

Tape of Jim’s.

Dale Parks took a third offering.

We watched an hour’s installment of “Roots”

Soloist (woman): “Over the Hill”

Johnny said we had to raise $300 and he did it by countdown.

He gave revelations from Jim.  A young white woman named Liz Ruggiero was saved from female cancer.  Jim praised her for exchanging her way of life.

Jim reported enthusiastic crowds in Houston.

Johnny Brown said because of depressed morale during Jim’s absence, especially as Council in the offerings.  Jim wanted each of us to receive a blue cloth and touch the altar with it at the end of each service.

The meeting ended after the procession passed the altar at abbot 12.15.

I made some toast with raisin bread bought at the neighborhood coop and read newspapers.  Went to bed at 2.00.


30 January – 1977 Sunday
Got up at 8.00.

For breakfast I had a chicken back with shirataki noodles.

The Temple bus came at 9.45 for service at 10.45.  The service at first was a little disorganized.  Guy Young  and Dave Garrison were conducting the service.

Three offerings taken.


Several routines.  Of them, Outstanding were the little girls
and one boy doing “Car Wash.”
Young man : Rendition Let Me Give you Some Advice

Leona Collier took another offering. Note once have we come up to our budget since Father has been away.  She asked everyone to write, “I have nothing.” on an envelope if that is the case.

Johnny read a message from Father.  Very distressed because we not more alert.  Any inquiries at door or gate, say you know nothing about anyone’s school.  Take name and number and say person will be get in touch with.  Trip on east of assassination attempts and bombings.

Tape of Jim’s

Johnny conducted a cont down for $330 needed to make  up the budget and finally succeed.

He gave revelations from Jim.

Everyone was to come up and touch the blue cloth received last night to the altar.  Those who didn’t get a blue cloth were to get one now.

The meeting was over at 3: 15.

I intended to go home directly, so as not to have the trouble I had last week, but I let Helen Love persuade me to stay and eat.  She was going home afterwards and not returning as she doesn’t want to see Roots. We got seats at the seniors table but space was extremely limited.  I gave my seat to Lucille Payney.  There was no indication of when we might be served so I decided to go home after all.

I was delayed further because Verdella Duncan said her husband was coming for her and world give me a ride.  However, something was wrong and he didn’t come.   Verdella told me Mom Taylor said food was being served to seniors in the Gold room  I went to check on this but no one was there.  Yet most of the seniors were certainly not downstairs.

I went home on the Muni.

For food I opened a can of bonita and made a salad of cauliflower and onions.  Also ate a sweet roll given to me this morning at the kitchen.

Helen when she got home came over to see me.  She and Rose of Sharon have no closet nor dresser.  She said Rhavianna had no satisfactory alternative for them, she had 40 people needing rooms.  Helen said she was unpleasant.  Helen said Rose got food for the 3 of us soon after I left.

I washed dishes.

It was then time to get to the Temple as it happened, my clock was slow and I was   late, but the workers weren’t listing peoples names.

The service had not started yet.

Harry Williams opened it.

After the offering, and a number of minimal selections were given, individual ones by Vernetta Christian, “Healing Me Softly With His Words” to the tune of a pop song which referred to Jim’s revelation the other night concerning her.

Left the second offering, there were musical solos and poems.

Tape of Jim’s.

Marcy entered during the tape at 8.00.  She said when she arrived at LA a woman who had threatened her life before, is a sick woman and is the kind of person who has been used in assassination plots was threatening her again.  Marcy had to be smuggled into the Temple at midnight for services the next day.

Marcy spoke of the desire to close the LA Temple, held back by some of the LA people who don’t want to give p their luxurious existence.

Marcy took a quick offering.  She gave Jim’s revelations.

All came to the altar to touch it with their blue cloths.  The congregation was let out early at 8.15 so that we could go home and see the concluding installation of “Roots.”

However, I decided to spend the time getting my income tax records in order, to turn over to the Temple accounting office.  I worked an hour on these and found everything I need except that the Coop has not sent me a statement of interest on my certificate.

I borrowed Margaret Jeffery’s Muni pass to use tomorrow.

Read newspapers.

Went to bed at 12.15.


31 January – 1977 Monday
None of us had much work to do today.  Dor was finishing up the editing of the transcripts from the seminar.  I proofread a couple for her and retyped a page or two.  Dor and Marquita spent part of the day doing a mag?? questionnaire.

I typed some more index cards for my journal use.

Weinberger sent in an announcement making some new appointments.  Galbraith was appointed over Butler as Litigation and Legislative Counsel and Virginia Duncan who was brought in by Weinberger, was made Administrator and Management Officer of the department. There was much disappointment expressed by Butler’s staff, plus the unhappiness of many of the secretaries on account of the crowding resulting from the remodeling.  I wondered if Betty Vasil’s position was affected by Virginia’s assignment.  I believe Dor talked this over with Betty, but did not let us have the information.

I ate inside.

I left at 2.45, taking sick leave for my eye exam, although my appointment was not until evening.  I wanted to make up the time I would lose.

I typed from 3.30 to 5.30 on my journal.  Finished the corrections for 1 to 15 January 1976 section and made calendar entries.

I waited for some time for the Temple bus, finally took the Muni.

At the Temple one bus had arrived carrying people who had to get  back to work.  Jim was with another bus which stayed in LA as a meeting was to be held tonight.  The other buses were on their way from Houston.

The bus had arrived about an hour previously and people were in line for dinner.  Everyone I spoke to said the trip was wonderful except that they hadn’t had baths for two weeks.  They hadn’t minded the cold, but they saw plenty of snow.

At length I was served my dinner.  It was then 7.00 o’clock so I decided to go directly to Kaiser for my appointment at 7.40.  If I could have left the building alone I would have gone on Muni, but x___ McMann [Probably Betty McCann], Paul [probably McCann, s] took me to Kaiser.  She also has a daughter, Eleanor [Probably Eileen McCann, who was an African dancer] who dances with the African Dancers.

Dr. Uno examined my eyes.  He recommended no change in prescription.

Took the Muni home.  Arrived about 9.00.

Worked another hour on my journal.   Read the 16 – 31 January section. I cut out coupons to turnover to Rheavianna.

Went to bed at 12.40.

End of January Journal
[page C-2-A-5 (2)  of Roller notes — Her note: “15 Jan p4- misplaced?”]

15 January – 1977 – Saturday
Worry about hour of starting. Jim says they can make it but doesn’t care if they don’t get to inauguration, but will make it.

Jane Mutschmann was raped.  She wants to come back.  Of course she can come back.  Warning: don’t go out.

One woman said she couldn’t go, had no warm coat.  Jim said we got plenty of extra coats.  One was found for her.

Woman with white coat wants to exchange it for black one.  She says others told her Father doesn’t want her to wear white. “I want you to wear it out.  Don’t give it away to anybody. I hope they live the life as much as they who tell you what to do.”

Talk on criticism of strategy today.


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