Searching Edith’s Journal Entries

Edith Roller at Christmas in Redwood Valley circa 1974.
Edith Roller at Christmas in Redwood Valley circa 1974.


All Journals

At the end of each month’s journal is a summary of names, places, groups, activities mentioned in that month. These were then used to make an index of all the journals. Use the index to find the month and then you can search within that month’s text for the reference(s) made.

1. Index to ALL Journals (1975-78) (pdf file):

Use the index to find the name, place, group, activity, etc. This will tell you what month(s) mention was made. Go to that month’s journal and use search to find reference(s).

1978 Journals

Information was taken from Edith Roller’s journal entries and entered into a data base. The following information fields were filled – where data was available – into a record for each day’s entry:

Date, day, get up time, asleep time, sleep late hours, no. of meals, crisis, guests, breakfast menu, dinner menu, treat, Rally (y/n), agricultural report (y/n), entertainment (y/n), confrontation (y/n), persons mentioned, persons confronted, topics in entry.

The .pdf files below were developed from this data base.


2. Index to names in 1978 Journal (pdf file):

Names found in the 1978 Roller journal have been assembled into an index of names (last
or first name depending on what was in the entry that Edith made).

To use the Index:

Open the pdf and use it visually as you would any alphabetical
index, looking through the pages. Find what you want and write down the Journal entry date you wish to look up.

The color of the entry tells you if the person is:
mentioned (black),     confronted (red),    or   praised (blue).

Example 1:

Cary Grant – peruse index to where you find “Grant, Cary.” It shows
he was mentioned in the Wed-Aug 16 entry. He was mentioned once
in a movie discussion!

Grant, Cary

Wed-Aug 16


Example 2:

Kim Fye – peruse to where you find  “Fye, Kim” with 4 listed dates – 3 as being mentioned and one for being confronted.  Go to the Roller entry for which-ever Day/date and see more specifics.

Fye, Kim

Sat-Mar 4

Mon-May 1

Sat-May 20

Wed-Jun 7

3. Searchable Weekly listings (pdf file): weekly overview/summary of activities about: meals, visitors, awake/asleep times, activities, more...

Each “page” covers one week, Sunday to Saturday, for a current total of 31 weeks.

            • Open .pdf file in Acrobat Reader

            • Look through pages to find items or topics of interest.

            • Check that Journal entry in the Roller Journals.