X. Small Shops

Assembled from lists and records found in the FBI documents, the jobs and workers listed in the Small Shops department are in this pdf file:

. Small Shops Department Jobs and Personnel Listing

Peoples Temple businesses in Jonestown fell under the responsibility of two departments: II. Business & Industry and X. Small Shops. The distinction is not clearly specified but it appears that Business & Industry has to do with business external to the Temple; whereas Small Shops has to do with business internal to Temple, though some of the businesses developed were planned for eventual commercial sales.

. Small Shops Department Organization Chart

Small Shops

Assist. Chief Administrative Officer

Lee Ingram


Amondo Griffith

Graphics Shop

Nancy Sines – Supervisor

Rosie Ruggiero – Assistant

  Signs, Special Paint Jobs, Banners & General Beautifications.

Ron Sines, Clifford Gieg, Peter Wotherspoon

Haircut Shop

Nancy Sines, Frances Stevenson, Edith Cordell

Shoe Repair

Glen Moton, Chuck Beikman, Eugene Smith, Tom Grubbs

  Mend things, shoes, boots. Special Projects: harnesses, belts,

  leather bound books. Maintain machines.

Typewriter/Watch Repair

Michael Lund (Rozynko) – Typewriters

Bruce Oliver – Watch repair


Small Appliances

Ray Jones – Supervisor

  Freezers, Laundry Machinery, Electric motors

Jeff Carey – Apprentice

Ruby Carroll – Assistant

  Repair sewing machines

PA Crew, Electronics

Mike Carter & Don Casanova (Scheid) – Supervisors

  Show films, video tapes, Main on machine.

Wesley Breidenbach -Asst Supervisor

  Repairs and QS0’s

Scott Thomas – Asst Supervisor

  Overhauling PA equipment & taping, maintain tapes.

Maria Katsaris, Paula Adams – Radio

Brick Factory

Jack Barron – Project Coordinator

Willie Sneed, Ray McKnight – Supervisors

Jair Baker – Raw materials

Chris O’Neal – Asst Brick Maker

Tim Swinney – Brick Layer


Jack Barron

Soap Factory

Etta Thomas (Thompson) – Supervisor

Roosevelt Turner – Co-Supervisor

Lavana James – Helper

Pauline Scott


Alaskan Sawmill, Shakemill

Jim Morrell (Bogue) – Supervisor

  Gathers materials

Charlie Touchette – Supervisor, Alaskan Sawmill

Jose Simon – Assistant

  Construction & Gather materials

Al Simon – Construction and Cat Operator

The Graphics Shop made all the signs for Jonestown, at the entrance, over the podium, on buildings, etc.

Some of the shops such as shoe repair and Typewriter/Watch Repair sometimes took in work from outside Jonestown.

The soap factory was looked to as a vital project. In Guyana there was no soap manufacture, so all soap in the country had to be imported. Jonestown hoped to develop soap manufacture as a money-making enterprise.

– Don Beck