the jtr bulletin, November 2014

Proto credit: Claire Janaro
Photo credit: Claire Janaro
  1. Announcing the jtr bulletin
  2. Peoples Temple in the News 2014
      1. Last of Cremated Remains Returned to Relatives, Interred at Evergreen
        1. Finally Put To Rest, by Dawn Gardfrey
        2. Wanda King Comes Home, by Laura Johnston Kohl
    1. Lawsuit Over Memorial Plaques Dismissed
  3. Personal Reflections 2014
  4. Peoples Temple in the Arts
  5. Articles, the jtr bulletin 2014
  6. Website news
  7. Obituaries
  8. Jonestown: Two Literary Contributions
    1. The Colour of Fire – Part 1, by Robin Boyd
    2. Jonestown Revisited, by Jan Carew
  9. the jonestown report archive

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