Q606 Transcript

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Jones: – child. I am (unintelligible under microphone movement) neurologist. Take him out of the country.

(tape edit)

Jones: We realize that these are tension-inducing experiences that are to our disdain, but we will never secure our people until they’re prepared to lay down our lives for our people. That’s why always we have more security here every day than you can get in a lifetime in capitalistic, fascistic, racist USA. Please step up production to double so (unintelligible) will give us that kind of report tonight. Get out there and get medals of honor, just socialist badges of courage that will show from your heart, socialist victories of production. Cuba did not know from one day to the next for ten years whether they ever could survive. The invading hordes were constantly penetrating their land. CIA was trying to destroy their weather. They dropped viruses that swept the entire island, to eliminate their pig population, and goodness know how many times they tried to kill (unintelligible word) Castro and many other leaders in their country. It was so bad that Che Guevara said, we have a war psychosis. Cost Cuba forty percent of production for years and years. We cannot afford any loss of production, ‘cause we have a broader prospect than they, I can assure you. When at that time, USA would not tolerate in any way the existence of communism under their nose because of the dreaded Monroe Doctrine. But they changed out of necessity. You must be so bound together in eternal fraternal solidarity, there’ll be no question that they will understand that we will not perish, no matter what comes or goes, with our thousand-plus strong, is a great bargaining tool, guaranteeing the thousand-strong our right to eat, to have our medical care so that no one can come to get any one of you. And that’s a security you’ll never know. Not even sixty seconds, did you have that in the United States. You did not know when one of your loved ones was going to be yanked away by some false charges of the police. You might be a powerful policeman one day like Graham (unintelligible name), young man who now and the next being hunted everywhere. That’s the life of capitalism. Here you know no one will come for you today, take you away from your loved ones. And that security is worth fighting for. We will persist, we shall overcome. Produce gallantly. Produce gallantly, I said.

The earmarks of decay in the USA are there. Much more race riots have broken out due to further unemployment. Now it’s in the auto-related fields and the rubber companies, tire companies. The coal mag– The coal mines are still unsettled. The workers are very disgruntled. Though forced by federal law, they could not strike any longer, and brought to their knees by almost starvation.

We– We have so much. Starvation never need be a problem to us, because of the food surrounding us. Again being up all night, all the live-long night. If I can see that every cloud does have a silver lining, that there is more than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, then you show it, witness it, evidence it, demonstrate it. Significant, highly significant, that we’ve finally got the Tass Russian correspondent, the largest newspaper in the entire world, to come, so let’s beautify this place as we never did before, so (unintelligible word) it done to level that floor in the pavilion, kill flies– everyone kill flies, every minute, have a fly swatter. That’s the only distracting thing. Eliminate the little pools and puddles where insects breed, particularly mosquitoes, shoot them down. And lift up the glorious unity, solidarity, cooperative production that Marxist-Leninism has brought our souls and minds. It’s (unintelligible word) the inspiration and life consistently demonstrated by your leader.

You will not get further news, because we want to pursue goals of production, to step up till seven o’clock this afternoon, to make up for the loss of a day and a half. It had to be, we want other little things, renegotiations on the doctor [Larry Schacht] when they said they wouldn’t move any more opportunities for us to break through. Reassuring conversation call from [Laurence Mann] the ambassador of Guyana to USA. He’s going to our San Francisco Temple. Statements of praise from many of the Guyanese leaders, and apparently the deep opinion in Cuba that there’ll be a continuation of moving in this country towards socialism. The constitution does not represent danger to socialism, just a delay of the elections. The USSR also told us the same, the Russian ambassador, that socialism will go on in this country, but it took a White Night to persevere on the mind of the government cabinet spokesman to us to give us some of the information, vital to our life and survival.

Life is not without obstacles. The road to our victory fraught with difficulties. But we know where we’re going, and we have each other. And the great news that, if we wanted to use it, we could take our boat to Cuba. That is significant, very significant that we could put our people in Cuba. And details can be worked out if that ever became necessary for our own solidarity, because the Cubans would know that assimilation of any people, if you do not speak their language, and come uh– from a different culture. We would prefer to be with a structure that they were familiar with for some time. There is a logic there that can be appealed to (unintelligible word) there was question that we could continue as a group. So we are making that appeal, and we will (unintelligible word) to let you know moment by moment, any information.

Solar storm over the atmosphere is affecting our radio communications, so Paula [Adams] again will go into Kaituma and wait for the landline, so that we can get the information and answers that we need. And we will let you know all there is the very first thing. Bad news or good news, I can give you a peace, to pacify our understanding, because there’s no elitism, no sexism, no racism, no special privilege, no class division. You participate in all the process of your own life. You know our obstacles, you know our victories, and if you don’t know my love, it’s because you don’t want to see it. I love you so deeply and push my very tired and worn fatigued body, day after day and night after night without rest. I do love you.

There is no particular change in the world news events. Liberation struggle continues in Africa. Keep yourself highly informed for tests on socialism in the socialist classes on Saturday. There’ll also be a great talent night then, and tonight with the movies and special advanced class for teachers to coordinate our pro-Soviet teaching in every class. All are to greet me with Comrade Jim, Comrade Jim, and Comrade Marceline [Jones], Comrade Marceline, Comrade Marceline. I just repeated it twice to get you to see, as you say, hello. Or you can say certainly I love you, or smile graciously and say hi, Comrade Jim, hi, Comrade Marcy. We will greet each other with a salute, our fist leftward– our left hand lifted and greet with a smile as you go by, so that people can tell how deeply committed to communism on the road to socialism, leading to the destiny and certain consummation of communism, where all traces and vestiges of discrimination, every form of special privilege is totally dead. It is now institutionally dead, but some try to take advantage and use position. We shall persist until not only the institutions of class division are dead, and that’s the last – elitism ­– because sexism, ageism, racism is dead, as an institution, as it said in Cuba, may hang over in Cuba in seven year old, middle class, but the institutions and the laws that safeguard racism are– are completely abolished.

Here racism is dead, not only as institution, but in the hearts and minds of the mass of this great collective. So you have no fear from racism, ageism, sexism is no problem, being the most emancipated of all women in the world, and the most knowledgeable. That I can assure you. So let us work that elitism dies its own natural death. Then we can begin to talk about being out of socialism and entering into communism, which point some day our conscience can be sensitized, like your Father’s is sensitized, like your comrade leader Jim and Marcy, to do good for good’s sake, to be there because you’re counted on, to push your body, though you’re tired, because of deepest and most abiding peace that comes in life is from being true to those that need you and look to you for your guidance and strength.

I love you, and I’m thus a pure communist, because no one makes me be good. I don’t need goodies, laws or incentives or rewards. In fact, I have learned of death ever since my childhood dying daily, tortured daily, to love others, to fight for them, to win their battles, ‘cause I could have only my problem, but I took on all of yours, over a thousands of you. That means I won’t have a thousand times more than my own individual problems, ‘cause I’m concerned about everything that happens to you, every problem of yours is mine, any touch on you is a touch on me.

But you have much more to gain by being in that kind of a movement. You don’t have all the responsibilities that I do, and even so, if you did, it’s so rich and rewarding to know that your life has meaning and that you’re not just living for your own selfish ambition. You have a thousand buffers that no one can take your food from you, your shelter, your children, or good medical care. You have a million evidences and demonstrations of Father’s love to stop you from going to jail, to even put his own life in jail to save yours, to see that you get the best medical care by shipping you around the world, if necessary, to the most competent surgeons. Your Father cares. He is a communist, and his ideal towers above us, his model highly exalted, proven in consciousness, full and practice. Look to him. Look to that hill, that mountain of communist example from whence cometh your strength. We shall demonstrate that out of the church, a great instrument of revolutionary institution can come. We will show by our uplifted salute and our hello comrades and our socialist classes and our socialist singing and entertainment and our socialist condact– conduct, our socialist medicine, our socialist housing, our socialist food, equality, Central Supply equality, our communist conduct. Oh yes. We shall prove by every phase our communist educational system, our communist caring and sharing, our communist fraternity. Some already show. You work without supervision. That’s what it means to be a communist.

The final stage shall be no police, no rules, because every conscience will guide. People will be a communist because they know it’s right, and that it offers more protection to everyone. Oh, how your children and seniors are protected and buffered these days. Every baby has come in here, healthy and cared for, when every baby that was in the mother’s womb was a miracle, because in the States they would’ve died. We’ve run into problems with every baby that was born, that would’ve been unsurmountable without Father’s keen protection and tremendous medical staff, his miraculous overly– his miraculous overview that never fails, has never failed you yet, when you open your channels and don’t lie, and are honest with him, and don’t break any community rule.

Remember the laws against stealing. Amnesty has passed. Anyone caught with things that do not belong to you will be punished and disciplined severely. All are to put a list of your goods into Central Supply. That must be persisted by Central Committee. Inspection– Inspection Committee. That must be persisted until every person’s file of goods are in Central Supply so we can protect the things you have. And there will be instant inspections throughout the community. Be sure you do not have anything that doesn’t belong to you.

I love you very, very deeply. We’ll give you news later on in the day. Keep on pushin’. Keep on strugglin’, because it’s worth it all. We have proven that you can live above the animal, the raging senseless aggressive animal, and that we can be a high dimensional person, a communist at the end. I proved it, being born and spawned in poverty, being brutalized by a parent, being held down, till I shoulda been the most aggressive, the most unkind, the most uncooperative, the most sensitive capitalist – sensitive to money – and I am indeed the most sensitive human being to caring, the most sensitive humanitarian, the most sensitive uh, Father that the world has ever seen. I reversed the role. I took my suffering and used it for your goodness and for your help. So that can be done. If I could come through such pain and give up a millionaire role and all the luxuries of America, and take on such immense pain. You don’t have that, but you have immense protection.

Thank you that carry on the burden with me, and if everyone would do their job, and must, as Dr. [Forbes] Burnham says, from each according to his ability to each according to his work, and so did Fidel Castro, so let us all see that we work in honor today. Go after the flies, beautify every phase of our productivity, increase it today, beautify our property better than it’s ever been, and we’ll give special acknowledgements, awards and rewards.

I love you. Produce for socialism, for the ones we love back there, let them see this land and enjoy and have the privilege of meeting destiny shoulder to shoulder with the people they care for, not having to be lonely in that vacuum, that hell out there.

Great victories from this White Night two days. We shall continue. We’ve won them all before. That gives great courage to go on and face the future, for our children and our beloved seniors, and many in between. What a shelter we have. Our own land, means of protecting our land, thirty miles round. The beautiful air and the scenery, we don’t take it in, uh, appreciation enough, the lovely temperature, what it does for the blood pressure, what it’s done for arthritis and the heart and other diseases. We just don’t appreciate this air, this climate, the beauty, the birds, where children commune with animals and nature and lovely, lovely scenes that we can just look up around us, even in the warmest part of the day. There’s nothing like the sunrise this morning, the sunset last night.

So fill your heart with gratitude when you pass your neighbor, say something to build gratitude, ‘cause you’ve got the best possible world. Capitalists with all their billions don’t have one day of feeling this kind of security, a thousand strong, and a Father unmatched in his devotion and loyalty to all of you. They’d give their eye, they’d give their body to know it. And so appreciate it. I love you very much.


(Part 2)

[fake French accent] Attention. Attention. [normal voice] Attention. Attention. Attention. (Pause) Another breakthrough. Another breakthrough. Another breakthrough. (Pause) The article that was also a part of the concessions that we got – that we demanded, that we demanded, as you know, in the White Night – the article praising our entertainment revue, in the news article in the largest newspaper in Guyana, the organ of the Peoples National Congress, The Guyana Chronicle, praised us today. They carried our article after all these days. After all these days, we were praised in The Guyana Chronicle in a very good article that we wrote, that I dictated, rewrote ourselves. That was a part of our White Night demand, which I forgot to tell you yesterday, was granted. It didn’t seem to me that that was life or death, but I should’ve for– not forgotten, but I also wanted to see that it was there, because we had been promised four times b– before, and we talked kindly and did not make demands, and we talked four times before kindly and did not make demands, they promised it would be in the next day. They promised it would be in on two Sundays, and it was never there. This time, the publisher and editor intervened, and the article was in the newspaper today. So that circulates all through Guyana. The article praising our cultural show and our project was in The Guyana Chronicle, a very large, good article was in the Chronicle today. After persisting and demanding, the publisher said that he would move all obstacles out of the way. We got the breakthrough that we can go directly to the publisher, Carl Blackman, who’s also the representative for the Associated Press International, which is helpful. We had had– Since our one enemy, the CIA enemy, in the government, had done some restrictions on us, we had had to go through the Ministry of Information, but the Minister of Information approved this article and we hope we can depend upon their word, Shirley Field-Ridley, on the surface at least, that we would now be able to go directly to the publisher and editor, another exception that is not usually granted, we will be able to go directly to the minis– the publication and the publisher/editor to submit our articles. Our article was printed in full, praising our cultural entertainment program. I demanded that we be able to write it, dictate it, and it was done so. So that is one breakthrough. I primarily did not tell you as I look at my mind now, was because even though it was the strongest promise we had gotten yesterday, I wanted to see it before I praised or told you the good news. Although the publisher Carl Blackman w– Blacken and the editor said that we would be– would definitely get around the– the obstacles, all obstacles in his way, and it would be there today.

So all of our demands have been met, except the doctor. They are now meeting this afternoon about that, renegotiating. They promised they would renegotiate, otherwise we would not have stopped our White Night, and gone to production.

Therefore (microphone clicks off and on), the news is encouraging. We will tell you all news, whether it’s encouraging or not encouraging. Bad, good, or indifferent, you will know. In order for people to be free, they must be informed. In order for people to all grow to be revolutionaries, if they want to be, and emulate the goodness of their Father, their leader, they must know how he thinks, what he goes through, what the movement is facing, its stresses and its victories.

Looking out from the radio room, we’re not doing what we were told about picking up things, we’re not using the fly swatters, a review out through the radio room, we must see you using your fly swatters and out in the cottage areas and dormitories, more cleaning up, uh, getting the weeds all down, cutting grass, you ought to be planting in that plowed up area betwe– right behind the cottages, that ought to’ve been plowed and planted with something, right be– just west– no, rather, east of the ball diamond, which of course is to remain for the y– youth, but there’s a plowed-up area that should be planted in something there. That should be planted in something, and maybe short term if later, it’s wanted– wanted for something else, but that should show– be shown to the Soviets as something planted, planted, planted. (microphone clicks off and on) I urge you again, to step up your production. Observer reports will be held very vital this time in determining what takes place, so be please be sure– (more emphatic) please be sure that you are doing your utmost at this time. At this time, be sure you’re doing your utmost to be working in your department and not sluggish.

I note earlier that I looked over the project, that people were walking around slowly, milling about. This is treasonous, in view of our victories, in the battle potential again, ‘cause success and the push-up that now has to come to get our people here, ‘cause this is the best place to defend. We have sovereign law, in thirty miles round of beauty, to expand, abundant wildlife and fish life. Georgetown is still under one (unintelligible word) economic trials, apparently to curb any chances of revolution. The power failures are not as great now as the prime minister is going, and has already left to the Soviet Union and the great country of Communist North Korea. The Communist North Koreans, as you know, are very friendly to us, their embassy in terms of visit, communist Cuban embassy, very friendly and even offered us asylum if fascism were to take over. Communist government of Yugoslavia embassy also going to come to see us, and we want to think of more that should be told when we call in, more friendly nations, black nations, should take a look at this great demonstration of multi-racial living, elimination of class elitism, racism, sexism, ageism.

I do want more step-up in production, I want more fly swatters, every fly swatter is to be on your person and being used. We oughta get busy with that now. I want every person that has time, that’s off their work, not their shift, to get ‘em out and swat flies. I want a whole brigade to get at it. Children– young children should be trained how to do it, not too young, they can break the swatter. But we want the teachers, send them through and swat these flies mercilessly. This is the way other communists have destroyed them in other countries, only by the fly swatter. So let us move fastly, step up our pace immediately, show our appreciation for what we have.

You have ten thousand times more protection than any people on earth. Capitalists are killed and executed, prime ministers are kidnapped in their country, as in Italy [Aldo Moro], doing nothing to save them. Heads of cabinets and millionaires in Philippines, capitalists threatened the paranoid dictator capitalist [Ferdinand Marcos] of the Philippine islands, and they’ve been executed, though they were millionaires. The millionaire prime minister dictator powerful of Pakistan [Zulfikar Ali Bhutto], somebody managed to get the army to get him, and he waits in a cold jail cell, to be hung on June first. This is the plight of capitalist. Capitalists are brought down constantly like Bert Lance, the chief adviser to [Jimmy Carter] the president of the United States, banker, rich, but somebody else wanted his position. A Republican was threatened because he was a Democrat, or some Democrat wanted his position.

There is no safety in capitalism. There’s no safety in doing your own thing, in individualism. But when you collectively organize and stand behind each other, and refuse to criticize each other, other than to our faces, and bring constructive points for change to me here in the radio office, then and then alone, you have safety. Thousand times more guarantees here that you will eat, because they know we mean business. You could starve alone in any place in the United States, or be shot down, killed– It’s easy to get you killed, make it look like it’s an accident, and you can get killed just by accident, because of the hate, the streets, the traffic, the driving. There’s eleven people that could’ve been here, chose to stay there, are now dead, not to mention those that’ve been in accidents and hurt, not to mention those that’ve been in accidents and came through them because they intend to come here, like a man crushed in our truck that I told you about. Steve Jolly.

Nonetheless, we have a thousand times more guarantees in medicine, we have thousand times plus Father which is incalculable, he’s ten thousand times ten thousand a guarantee, and no one can tell him and take you on some arrest warrant, and many of you are wanted, have been ordered for arrest in the United States, but nobody can come in here, and they tried it, and we’ve proved through many White Nights that they didn’t get it done. We will all go down in sweet, joyous victory first. No way. You have ten thousand times minimum more protection than any capitalist, the richest banker on earth, the richest oil magnet [magnate] in the world, the sheiks, the shahs, the terrible, terrible Saudis of the reactionary world, they’re all eventually killed. One was murdered by his own nephew just not but weeks ago, because there is no protection in capitalism. It’s a dog-eat-dog, wolf-eat-wolf society. You have communism, you have a communist principle in your Father. Let us be grateful by– and I want it shown now by work. Get the children organized, inspection people, to clean– it– People organize in Learning, all of the students to swat flies mercilessly all day long.

The boat is slightly delayed, so tomorrow, schedule is not for certain, we may have to have socialist classes on Sunday and agricultural meeting uh, of some be– brevity tomorrow and rehearsal. Tonight is just socialist teachers classes. The boat will get in sometime tomorrow night, so it may be a– a late started meeting, a meeting that starts late, so that we can deal with the problematical situation that might arrive by one young man [likely Chris O’Neal], and so there will be a meeting of sorts to deal with that, to correct the situation and harmonize the individual who has been recalcitrant, difficult, obstinate, heady, and not face his blessings, and some of you need to take note (tape edit) [of] that so you don’t re– make the same mistakes and go through the same pain. The boat is being slightly delayed today, we do not know exactly its time of arrival tomorrow. We will let you know.

The victory is complete and total in the newspaper. We got the article praising the project, and particularly the cultural show, as I dictated and demanded. I did not tell you, and think as I reflect on its victory promise yesterday, because we’d been promised four times without success, but this promise was carried through, and new lines guaranteeing further coverage were guaranteed that we could go to the editor and publisher directly by the Minister of Information.

Thus is the news of the days. Any further developments, you will be kept posted. Get after the flies and clean up this place, miraculously now. I love you.


(Part 3)

–fective on the facts that there may or may not be sexual consummation in all the women’s area is not tolerated. And certainly when the Jonestown security come around and say, lights out at eleven, that is what we mean. And guys (unintelligible phrase) reporting people come in at one, two o’clock, makes no difference, and turn the lights and begin conversing. You have people there who are older. I give you a warning on that matter. We should not have men in a unit where women live. We will all have to undress and go to bed in small spaces. Now this is now being said for the last time. (Pause) The last weekend in [Cottage] 48, they obtained sheets, and with the help of friends, contrary to my rules on this, erected rods and put up curtains around and into the cottage. I have given no clearance for such to be done. And it was in that area the bed of a young lady, that a rape occurred. We are not and will not tolerate the use of our sheets without personal clearance from me. So this was in the Cottage of Shirley Ann Edwards and others, and we wish this stopped immediately. We wish you to make uh, written restitution, write up who gave you the approval for these sheets. These sheets are worth fifty dollars, in terms of food or gold, life substance to our people, and a sheet separating sections of a building must get my personal approval – again, coordinators, I tell you – must get my personal approval. (Pause) Now we are not going to say anymore about this. No men are to be in women’s areas. You must go through approved relationships, and we mean that. No further warnings will be said to anyone. (Pause) No more will be said to anyone about it. You are not to be in a bed area, private living area, with anyone you are not in companionship with or approved to live with. That is the rule. If you have received an approved sexual relationship, then you must live together, or work out arrangements suitable to both, but we will not allow women in men’s units, or men in women’s units, nor male or female in units after the eleven o’clock hour, and then again, no relationship, whatever the sexual preference, homo- or hetero-, will be allowed unless it goes through committee. We are not censorious. We are easy people to deal with. But we do demand cooperation with our rules, and you can tell in the tone in my voice that I do mean business. Stand by.

(tape turns off several moments)


(Part 4)

Inez Wagner has brought up a need for security of the crossbows. This is essential, to be worked out immediately by security. (unintelligible word) depository. I want security to arrange them locked up, and I do mean forthwith now. Not waiting another night. (Pause) (same unintelligible word) depository must be closed at the agreed-upon times with things that need to be secured. No one must ignore these rules. We have to be very careful. You do not realize the potential of the human psyche. Apparently we’re not aware of where some people’s evolution are. We wish these rules to be established, ‘cause clear and present danger, certain equipment in certain areas, anything having to do with our security must be secured absolutely. So let’s make arrangement for crossbows immediately. Also with depository, there is possibility of theft and vandalism and (unintelligible word) so forth. This is the second memo that has been brought to the attention of coordinators, the first that I have seen. So I am now responding publicly. The condition in the (same unintelligible word) depository is not to be neglected one moment. All are to agree with the rules set up for security, and secondly, a place now must be determined for security for the crossbows. They are lethal. They are lethal. Thank you very much. Stand by.

(pause of several seconds)

If there had been a request, be sure to take note, Johnny Jones – my son, John Jones Sr. – and coordinator Ingram, Lee. Minister Carmichael [Fitz Uriel Alexander Carmichael, Guyana Ministry of Forestry] was asking about the use of one of our tractors. We need to discuss that. But he asked for bananas. Let us be sure that those bananas get to him, he’s the minister of the region. We want to keep matters harmonious as possible, as harmonious as possible. We can discuss what his plans are in reference to use of a tractor and how long a time. Stand by. (pause)

–(unintelligible beginning) personal excuse from myself. Those who have done so have a warning. Any meeting called by myself must be in attendance by all, or be personally excused by myself. The office. To do otherwise will be Learning Crew. (microphone clicks off and on) Stand by. (Pause) Don James’ ideas of making money are appreciated very much. (pause) –having coffee cake and cookies, et cetera to Matthews Ridge and Port Kaituma. Right now there’s a money problem, due to the economy, the attempts of capitalists to try to boycott oil and parts, has even cut down on the money, liquid money, monetary fund the government has to pay their wages. Though we appreciate all (unintelligible word) ideas. And harvesting of vegetables from small gardens to sell in Matthews Ridge and Port Kaituma is an excellent idea. Stand by. (Pause) Those who come with divisive talk, there’ve been reports of people making divisive talk.

(End of Side 1)


(Side 2)

–someone feel bad, or to sow division or ask questions that could pose an attitude that they’re being discriminated against, or in some way being neglected, is counter-revolutionary. And we wish to know why, and it will be stopped. This is the last warning on the subject of divisiveness. Stand by. (pause)

(unintelligible name) made comments to (unintelligible name) laboratory that the doctor had ticked her off because she had flirted with the doctor. That is not so. Mickey Firestone with no one. We wonder (pause) why this is made, and we’ve heard no such thing. Larry [Schacht] never made any such complaint to me. That Becky Flowers was removed because of flirting. It was her choice. There was not any such reason for this, and I do want to know why this kind of foolishness is even suggested. Do not make fun at anyone else’s expense. It is a socialist eccentricity of mine on the part of the angels. I do not like people made fun of about their love life, in terms of– in derogatory sense, where they’ve had some failure or apparent failure or rejection. In any relationship, you’re joking friendly about it when you’re– obviously two people are together, if there are such things as good relations. But no jokes at people’s personal expense about appearance or anything else. This will not be tolerated, unless the person encourages us to do that for the humor of the entire collective. You better be sure that you hear me right on this.

Remember, all those that are to get your file of personal people’s property, your own personal effects, in to the Central Supply immediately. This is to be done no later than noon tomorrow, or you will go to Learning. We have to have means of controlling theft. The worst crime in a collective, next to violence, to taking one’s life, is sta– is taking things from someone else in a poli– people’s communist system. That is unforgivable, criminal. It’s one thing to steal, you may say in your mind, from the propertied bourgeoisie, the ruling circles, the big stores and corporations. It’s absolutely opposite, evil, to steal from one another in a collective, for all are to share equally. This will stop now. You are criminals of the worst sort. It’s not the badge of courage to steal from people in a family. It’s already looked down upon by all of us when we lived in the ghetto. To steal from your own family was the worst kind of dummy criminal act you could do. When you steal from anyone in the people’s collective, in the socialist community, you’re stealing from your own family. It’s bloody dirty, and we will not tolerate it, it’s criminal, and you will be dealt with. Stand by. (Pause)

I do think our people with laboratory abilities such as Becky and now that we have John, a pathologist, we (unintelligible word) look at every potential in this regard. We have off– ordered new microscopes, as heavy as we’re having all the burdens financially upon us. But all people who have such talents should find in their spare time, room for research, dissecting and learning from humans, we have certainly rules against some dissecting, we’ll find out what those are in case of death, but animals we can do, setting up funguses, diseases. We need all we can do in that area. Stand by. (Pause)

(unintelligible word) about a dentist, time will be acknowledged the next time the dentist comes through, and he’s due in a few weeks. Make it to the attention of Shanda James. (Pause)

Stand by. (Pause)

(unintelligible word) bit of good news, as reported one services, one of the services when our group was in attendance in the Queenstown Moravian Church, where Sir Lionel Luckhoo, world famous attorney, the most famous attorney in the world who’s never lost a murder case, for instance, though he’s tried 214. (Pause) The pastor, Reverend George Richmond– and the Moravian Church is a church of great repute in this area.

Loretta Wilkinson and a group attended the third anniverdsary celebration for the Sophia Center and Institution to cater for the re-education and rehabilitation of our less fortunate youths in the Georgetown area. When we arrived – Rhonda Fortson, Marthea Hicks, Loretta Wilkinson, Patricia Houston, Linda Mitchell, Karen Carr, Ava Ingraham – the service had already begun, and some of the youth choir was singing, “Try a Little Kindness” and “Kumbaya.” About one-fourth of the congregation were young people. Reverend Richmond announced that from time to time, the Peoples Temple Agricultural Mission visited with them, and we understood– and he understood that in our group today, that we had a performer who was a part of the entertainment Saturday night in the cultural center, which he was sorry he could not attend. Anyway, he told how we were a church that– group that led the scriptures, and were truly clothing the naked, feeding the hungry and visiting those in prison. When Loretta started playing the organ, the organist moved completely off stage and acted rather surprised and very impressed. Then when Marthea started singing, “Going Over Yonder,” the dead-looking audience suddenly came alive. The young people began smiling, looking at each other, and clapping. Seniors smiled, shook their heads in approval, and sat up listening.

The address speech was given by Sir Lionel Luckhoo, who each Sunday has a very esteemed article in The Guyana Chronicle and is our own personal attorney. He said the theme of his message was production through education and creativity. He spoke of how youth should use their talents, what talents they have, to go out into the fields and produce, and the fact is, for the benefit of all people. He said people talk about production, but the young lady who sang today didn’t come 5000 miles just to be here. She’s using her talent God gave her. And as you can see, they’re a group of all races living together doing their work like it should be. After the services, we made sure we told him his message was beautiful, and how much we enjoyed Sir Lionel Luckhoo. His message. I did not know till we arrived back at the house that this guy who spoke was our attorney and a very educated and prominent author, as well as having a regular half-page article every Sunday in The Guyana Chronicle, the organ of the Peoples National Congress, the main newspaper that carried our article today, another one of our breakthrough demands being granted in the White Night. Diane [Wilkinson] uh– and Loretta Wilkinson reports rather I’m glad everything went okay. We even took communion with them and sang their songs, and that’s what one does. We become all things to all me– people, that by any means you might win them more to socialism. Stand by. (Pause)

Christine Young reports something of interest to us about the climate of racism in
USA. She lived next door, Christine Young, Christine Cobb Young, lived next door to San Francisco State University, and Angela Davis, who has written several letters on our behalf, was teaching there. She’d accepted over the number of students that was the maximum allowed for class. There were 45 students, and only three were black. The blacks acted like they were afraid of being associated with her in any way. Isn’t that nice – our Aunt Janes and Uncle Toms – and many of them claimed they did not know she was teaching the class there, and even some of them pretended they did not know her. Christine could not understand what was going on. Angela Davis was red-eyed and looked as though she was on drugs, which frequently happens to people in USA who try to kid themselves that there can be victory for socialism in USA without a nuclear war, and going through the horrors of concentration camps and fascism, which serves no purpose, unless there is a will to resist, which does not exist in USA at all. No solidarity.

The necessary ingredients, as you know, for a working class triumph: strong communist party, strong socialist party, independently strong trade unions. Obviously there are no communist parties, obviously no socialist parties, and obviously the trade unions are not independent, as they are connected with management, and they have bosses placed (unintelligible word) circles, such as George Meany, who refused to give any funds from the AFL-CIO, millions of the (unintelligible word) to assist the starving miners, as they held out for 115 days in a vigil to get better help– better health conditions, safety standards – not even wages – ‘cause they have to literally crawl on their bellies to do their work, they cannot even get on their knees in many areas of the mining work. (Pause) No one backed them except the communist garment union, as you remember, and they were forced to go back to work by the Taft-Hartley law, makes striking illegal, and the president threatened to bring in the army. And so children were hungry, and near starvation, without medical care, and the miners had to go back to work, though many went back reluctantly and grumbling. There was no working class solidarity, so people like Angela Davis, who once said to me, socialism had to win, she was almost like one when I approached her that we might lose, but it was right to be socialist in USA, we had to stand for socialism, whether we won or lost. Her reaction was one like I’ve often seen in the faces of those when I told them there was no Jesus coming out of the sky in a second coming to save them. It shocked her. You could tell, it was totally a mythology with her. She couldn’t accept the thoughts of defeat. This does not make for good revolutionary commitment or total dedication to socialism, through life or death.

So it’s possible, as Christine said, that her red-eyed appearance came from the usage of drugs. Perhaps she was not. She told Christine Young she was overworked, flying from city to city, giving lectures et cetera. Christine Young was going to be in her class, but left to come to Guyana. She talked to Christine Young like they were the best of friends, and she told Angela Davis, she was coming to Guyana. Christine was going to visit her again, but she left for Guyana before she could talk to her. They had to move her from room to room, ‘cause the system did not want her to be available to anyone, even though that– not that many people– 45 people, certainly, is a very small attendance. And finally, they put her on the top floor of the building, where she was not posted, where she could not be easily found. She had to have security, and she kept her (unintelligible word) out of the class, and she knows she has a good m– as you know, she has a good mind and is full of knowledge and a good teacher, but unfortunately, Christine Young knows, as we all do, Angela Davis is a dreamer in that she thinks the revolution will be successful in the United States, short of the nuclear holocaust, short of fascism. Angela actually is so much under the illusion that there will be a revolution in the United States of black and white working together without going through fascism and concentration camps or nuclear war. This is unrealistic, it’s one who’s not studied the facts. There are no scientists, not one, that thinks we will make it socialist – or non-socialist – that thinks we will make it through the nuclear age without a nuclear war in North America and Europe. So, that bit of news about Angela Davis from Christine Young, and we’re grateful. Thank you. Stand by. (Pause)

The radio QSLing [HAM radio] has been (pause) very little of late because of the crisis that we just underwent. However, when it is that we do have QSL contact, it is to be advised by security that Bea Orsot be called whatever the hour, and we begin radio QSL-ing. Stand by. (Pause)

Again take all seriousness the admonitions that I gave, admonitions that you must be able to get in your list of personal goods, particularly those who’ve had any history of stealing, immediately. But all members of the Jonestown community must have your list of personal goods so we can file, and that way, we can stop thievery. Spontaneous, unannounced investigations must be done throughout the week to all homes, so that we can eliminate the great scourge of criminality in a socialist community. The opposite of a capitalist community. This scourge, to steal from one’s own family. You’d be cut, you’d be killed, you’d be done away with, you’da be– you’d be wasted in a jail if they were to know you stole from fellow prisoners. Even the prisons of US have some sense of loyalty to each other in the ghettoes, and the horrible oppressed conditions from which we who are black and brown and poor white came. So we will tolerate no thievery. Do keep that in your mind. Do keep it there very, very thoroughly, because we do mean business.

All security must give your reports in, of how you feel about death and other questions that were asked. In fact, I would like such a response from every person in socialist class. Anyone that has fear of death should write it. You will not be brought up for any discussion. (Pause) We just simply wish to help you, because death, when it is done through revolutionary means, for a cause, a principle, no problem. No problem at all. And it can be help for you to see that death can be used as a great conqueror. When you eliminate that, all worries, the bulk of your worries, will be lifted from you, and you’ll good health and be free from a lot of the aggravations physically that you now have. (Pause) So, keep that in mind, as I said. If you have any problem with fear of death–

Those of you that suggested Cuba, we’d like for you to write up your reasoning, because often the minority has very good thinking. We like all options, we never want to close an option, and will not, but we want to thoroughly look at every option, so we decide which is the most acceptable option to take in the time of need.

Things are looking up as all of our demands – save one – have been granted in terms of the White Night that we underwent, some 27 hours long, of discussions. I know it was unpleasant to sit, but imagine how unpleasant it was for me to have to talk, and even talk now, with such enormous pain as I always bear in my throat. We want every option. Write up any plan you have always. Even though things are looking up, as I said, they’re now negotiating, the only thing that has not been resolved is our doctor being given license (unintelligible word) demands. He is not going anywhere, that’s already resolved. Nor is our pharmacist [Don Fields]. But we want to bypass their laws, and the opposition apparently is not coming from government, from– but from the American-trained doctors and British-trained doctors who are s– capitalistic still in their taste, and there’s never been an exception made for them, and they don’t want any exception made for a young man, even though he is making not one penny (Pause) and does not have any interest in anything but socialism, and will always be doing socialist work. Stand by. (Pause)

Clara Johnson perhaps ought to consider a phone patch to her brothers so we’ll have no difficulty in that area, can be gone over by the councils in the radio room thoroughly, time arranged for that, being that Wade Me– Medlock, class enemy, to be remembered, is constantly trying to sow difficulties and division, and uh, Comrade Clara Johnson can resolve that problem. So let’s consider a phone patch tonight, as well as a phone patch that I suggested that Marceline make. That should be considered.

Thank you. Stand by. (Pause)