Q663 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Man 1: Test.

General hubbub

Jones: Shh! (Pause) Shh!

Man 2: Okay. E– Everyone should be talking in a soft tone.

Man 3: Quiet!


Jones: –called, Operation Distraction Therapy. Said television can make a person think according to the lines that the state dictate essential to itself and survival. It creates uh, apathy, partic– particularly if the– (pause) uh, what is it, I can’t, uh– particularly at the– if the criminal is always apprehended. It was a presidential commission under [Dwight D.] Eisenhower that decided that television would have as many police stories as possible. (Vocalizes four-note introduction of “Dragnet”] That was the first one. Everyone remembers it, I’m sure. It’s special old music that came on and the dicta– detective had always won in his pursuit against injustice. Themes in the early days were commonly against communism. Then the government became fearful of even using the word “Communism,” so it just showed people involved in criminal activity and the police as the helpful good neighbor, with such things as “Police Woman,” “Police Story,” you all know. FBI ranking supervisor Caprillo [phonetic] revealed in files he’d helped take out and duplicate some 25 years ago, revealed this massive plan. Caprillo is now without family, his wife passed, and he is terminally ill with some kind of disease. He said he had to free his conscience of the horrors that he knew about. He knew there were other dreadful programs pertaining to racial extermination, to the elimination, the rounding-up of all dissenters, their elimination, including all racial minorities, and certainly all with a working class consciousness, socialism, communism. The dramas give T– TV people the outlet for pent-up anger – it’s a long, long dissertation report – which causes them to, after feeling the release of the anger, to be unable to resist further. Some further benefits: it relieves people from stress, allowing them to live longer and work to support the capitalist system, quote unquote. Watching TV gives people an outlet, as I said, for anger, and the worst thing you can do (clears throat) if you have insomnia and start thinking and considering things that are wrong in the system, is to lie in bed awake and worry. This is a threat to the very nature of society. So the late, late night movies open up a new option to control insomniacs. Think how many times you fell into the plan of the fascist FBI, CIA, and even the presidents with various commissions. Millions of dollar– Millions of dollars of the taxpayers were poured in to consider how to make the public apathetic, uncaring, insensitive, fearful and distrustful of groups, so that they would not organize themselves into any group. Various themes– and he suggests that the writer of a book on mass psychology was a paid agent, and his book was actually formulated, the idea was formulated and he was assisted, the next trade union leader that you’ll remember of the west coast, who actually wrote a book trying to show that– the psychology of mass movements, that– that they were dangerous, where in fact, mass movements are the only thing that can overcome the terror of a fascist state that controls all of the means of the technology to destroy human life and control human life. Thus television, another part of it – I’m only skipping – makes a direct contribution to the worker in living longer, thus helping the entrepreneur – meaning, the bosses, the big businessman, the capitalist – it’s a magnificent aid to get people to convalesce quickly from their illness, so there’d be little loss of employment or work time. Television helps people in the hospital and at home to recover from surgery or illness, thus requiring less hospitalization and creating less burden on the large insurance companies. Notice all of the interest has to do with big business, big corporations, big government, the fascist using television all the way down the line. It definitely makes people live longer by relieving them of their worries, of stress, then we can feed to them, that they are secure with the government, and that their interests are being best served by the capitalist system. It’s not working so well today, though, because when people are unemployed, some people are bound to think, no matter what they try, although the people in America are certainly the most apathetic as proven with no labor cooperation, no other trade union cooperation, when the miners went into their prolonged marathon strike. Before the days, you better be prepared to answer these questions and know what I just discussed, this horrifying theme that goes back 25 years, when it was revealed, and longer, back to [Harry S] Truman, before television was invented, or when it was conceived, even in those days. (Pause) Before the days when there was TV set in every home – and it should be the aim (clears throat) instead of the TV, the commercial industry’s advertisers of the TV to make it easy to get a television in every home. That’s why credit was easier on television, prices were brought down on television, as opposed to other commodities rising. Television, in the last da– uh, years in the United States, has dropped to an all-time low. A plan of the state. Television subsidized– television industries such as Westinghouse have received welfare from the government. Actual subsidization was channeled through other governmental agencies, planned by the CIA, to those who would produce television sets on a mass basis and cheaper basis to assure that there was a TV in every home, to quote unquote control the minds of the listeners and– and viewers in their home. Today the interest in life and the desire to go on living in spite of the depressing things in our own society – and this is what the FBI report admits – can be stimulated by the television set. Today the interest in life and the desire to go on living despite the depressing things in our society can be stimulated by the TV set. Television has also brought new hope to many older people, whereas they would have to have therapy, more professional expenses, Medicaid would have to be increased to be able to take them and hospitalize them, television allows them to live even on meager, eager substance. Television, in the idea of the FBI, is a substitute even for food. People will be willing to have meager nourishment, as long as they can divert their mind through the medium. Said it is the most important medium of keeping alive and healthy, the free enterprise system.

Well, that’s a little bit of a long, long report, revealed by an agent of the FBI on how you were sucked in by television. He also said movies were used in the same way, to divert, but being that most people could not afford the prices of movies, television was where they specialized their strong emphasis on police stories. Another thing is trying to make the state, the fascist police look like the good guys, although tremendous money was channeled through Disneyland, it is– uh, through Disney, Walt Disney who was funded by the CIA and the FBI to make these movies about nature and comedy, to divert people’s interest. Also, police films of all types, detective stories and movies, and other forms of violent films, to divest– to divest the violence in people and thus make them feel weak, after their anger rage had been relieved, all this was done through the visual me– media. Concepts, said the agent Caprillo, that have never been considered even murderer Adolf Hitler, with his Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment under Dr. [Paul Joseph] Goebbels in the– the Nazi Third Reich in Germany. Frightening and horrifying plans, he said, that he could not ever get his hands personally on, because each of these various plans uh– of fascist nature like this were delegated to different departments that, in spite of him being a high-ranking supervisor, he had access only to his plan. He estimated that there were hundreds of plans by the U.S. government to keep the U.S. population in control and keep them from getting into groups, joining movements such as ourselves, to organize against the terror of the fascist, which the director of the FBI [William Webster] said would finally come down and force isolation and elimination of whole segments of the population. Genocide, mass murder. No wonder the USA won’t sign the genocide treaty. They plan to kill off whole segments of their population. We’ve heard of these plans before by others who have worked in governmental agencies and other inquisitive news, people who’ve been fired from their jobs reveal too much. We’ve heard of ethnic weapons to destroy Indians, blacks and Asians. Uh. We’ve heard of all these things, but this is an official report that was turned over. Unfortunately most of the attention given to the report was not by the US, not even its alternate media, not even its third world media. They found it too dangerous to touch. Its consumption is primarily in socialist nations. (Pause)

US scientists are complaining about a high presidents of– high presence of UFOs. Gordon Cooper, who’s organized – former astronaut – says that the USA is particularly being troubled by a number (Pause) of uh, strange developments in– of a UFO nature. Everyone in Neubiberg Air Base in West Germany, with a high concentration of US atomic stockpile, everyone in that entire base has begun to look at them through binoculars, and even finally wound up chasing them. One pilot spent two days trying to get them. We got to a higher– an altitude as we could, and they were still well above us. Probably twenty or thirty planes at least went up after them, said Air Force Colonel Jick– uh, Dick Johnson, and they were still well above us when we were up as high as we could go– go, 20 or 30 planes, F-84s and F-86 jets, fairly high-speed jets. The UFOs – that means unidentifying [unidentified] flying objects – from some other planet in outer space apparently came over in groups of usually four or 16. Sixteen, let’s hope sixteen’s a good number for a change. They came over regularly at intervals all day long (pause) for days. They came right over the air base, as if doing surveillance. The (Pause) under this uh– (Unintelligible word) I have to think back, what was the name of the base? The Neubiberg – N-e-u-b-i-b-e-r-g – Air Base in West Germany, is one of the most important atomic stockpiles, where pilots, planes are equipped with the most advanced US arsenal of nuclear weapons. So apparently somebody in outer space realizes that the USA must be the most dangerous form of life on the planet. (Pause) We could get– only get to about 45,000 feet, said another captain, Captain Phil Taylor, but we did not get close enough to see what they looked like. They were actually shaped like saucers. But I have no way of knowing how large they were. They were that high up. They moved at varying speeds– (clears throat) at varying speeds, sometimes quickly, sometimes not so quickly, and sometimes they would come to a dead stop. We had no idea whether they looking at us or what they were doing. After two days, they simply disappeared, the last time in the latter part of March. (Pause)

Terror later came– became to one of America’s top pilots. As you know, Gordon Cooper is uh, America’s pioneer astronaut in Project Mercury, and now vice president in research and development for Walter E. Disney Enterprises. While on the Mercury Project, he said I will write to (Unintelligible word) these things, he confessed, but I never have the opportunity. I believe that there is intelligent life out there that has already visited this planet, and are keeping it under surveillance for some reason. I know of several very qualified people who had some very real encounters. That includes the NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, astronomers of all sorts, as well as personal acquaintances of mine, said Gordon Cooper, ex-astronaut, president of Disney Enterprises. Some have had contact with the creatures, been in touch with them. They’ve come closer than I have. I think someone should do a good scientific program analyzing who they are and seeing if they’re friendly to our sys– Aw, shit. See if they’re friendly to our system, to know whether we should attempt to defend ourselves. That means destroy them, if they happen to be socialist on another planet, destroy them. (Pause) (clears throat)

Sammy Davis, losing his mind because, after entering male menopause, he has become sexually dysfunctional. (Pause) I’m sorry, Sammy. He shouldn’t have gone and supported Richard Nixon, when he was about to destroy the nation, and kiss him on the cheek. The least it could happen to middle-aged Sammy, sell-out Uncle Tom Sam– Sammy Davis is that he become sex– sexually dysfunctional in a premature menopause. I could give a shit less what happened to him. (Pause)

Terrifying ordeal as sharks seem to be organizing around Au– Australia, and attacking everything that they see except children. Well, interesting. Not much given, just a brief on it. I hope the sharks are evolving a little bit of formal life. That would be interesting. Maybe they can do something with this me– miserable son-of-a-bitching planet. They seem to be highly organized. (Pause)

Estimated that the US government working through South Korea gave over 80 million dollars of our tax money, US tax money, to congressmen. At the same time that Americans are blasting South Korea for winning– for wining and dining US congressmen, and it’s estimated that half the congressmen of the United States, according to BBC, received payoffs by the dictatorship of South Korea through the K– through the CIA, uh– is now laying out still more than 80 million dollars a year to wine and dine and woo influential foreigners, some of them from Korea. Soviet Radio correspondent Valashevev Rovanchief [phonetic] for instance spent 56 days touring America last year. And you picked up the tab. That’s the great concern of USA. The U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs paid (Unintelligible name) travel expenses, handed him 45 dollars a day for spending money and saw that he was given red carpet treatment across the USA. Sixteen others were on the tour from places such as Hungary, Poland, Yugoslavia, and then– then it mentions a host of black nations, Nigeria, and Asian, to prejudice people. Communism, socialism, black, and Asian. And Indonesia, Indian. (Unintelligible word) the cost was some 80 million dollars. Approximately two thousand foreign visitors got taxpayer financed, all-expense paid trips to the US last year. And this has been going on for about 20 years at a cost of millions, under the International Visitor Program. It is done to try to woo people into the United States uh, orbit, to pacify and to get some reasonable cooperation with the Soviet Union that they fear when they bring a correspondent through. Such mutual exchanges are quite common. These mutual agreements to entertain are quite common to all nations, and to bring correspondents in both nations to uh– to visit each other. Meanwhile, the United States is criticizing South Korea for providing all-expense paid trips and payoffs to Korea, uh– from Korea, from members of Congress, the press and other distinguished Americans. Our program is really twofold and hypocritical. They’re trying to save uh– the– the essence of this article and commentary is trying to justify all of those son-of-a-bitching congressmen, better than half of the congressmen, over 250, who accepted payoffs from the KCIA, the fascist South Korea.

Most Americans now face retirement with nothing but Social Security and an inadequate Social Security to even maintain their basic needs of food, clothing and housing. That’s the headlines of the Cleveland paper.

As you know what’s interesting, that half of the US white congressmen can take off payoffs and bribes, and yet a black congressman like Congressman [Charles] Diggs faces 175 years in the federal penitentiary. The founder of the Black Caucus and chairman of the subcommittee in Congress on African Affairs, all because he’s black, and a white man who gives some support to progressive co– causes, Congressman Miller, can be charged uh, soliciting boys for sex, for homosexual purposes, and can be if they caught in the act by federal officials. Very, very smelly. Very stinky.

The news of the world is that Somalia has in– has tightened their grip upon their people by martial law and denial of constitutional privilege.

As you know, there is a move on in Guyana at this point to make a new constitution. It’s very difficult to determine what is behind it. We have been told by the Soviet Union that Guyana will be moving left. In a highly confidential meeting with the Soviet Union, that’s what we were told by the prime minister [Forbes Burnham]. We were also told that elements of the cong– uh, prime minister’s party have resisted the merger of the PNC – Peoples National Congress, ruling party – with the PPP, the Peoples Proess– the Peoples Progressive Party under Dr. Cheddi Jagan, Marxist-Leninist who just received the highest award of the Soviet Union, Supreme Soviet. It is our understanding that it is possible that Prime Minister Burnham and Dr. Cheddi Jagan made a secret deal. The reason Dr. Cheddi Jagan did an– an unusual thing yesterday, by scattering his papers and overturning his desk, was staging, to try to divert re– reactionaries and uh– of his own race of East Indians, though his party is all Marxist, and the definite reactionary right wing of the PNC, from knowing what is really happening. The visit to the Soviet Union makes little sense, if indeed Dr. Burnham is moving to the far right, if his country is moving towards more US domination. The Cubans say that they believe that the USA will give them aid, but did not elaborate as whether that would mean more control. The Soviet ambassador told us confidentially that we need not worry, we have nothing to worry, that was some days ago. Meetings are going on now, demands are being carried that I gave that we conveyed all through the night on the radio, and all through the day in planning, reviewing reports, making preparations for our defensive attacks. And I have to be honest and call them defensive attacks, most in the United States, where we’re under attack by the vicious enemies of Eileen Doff [phonetic] that we shall not forget, and in Georgetown, where we’re trying to find out through the help of Dr. [Vibert] Mingo and other government leaders as to actually who is trying to conspear– conspire against us. It is Dr. Mingo’s feeling, on Home Affairs, that the conspiracy has certainly friendly elements– the CIA has certain friendly elements in various branches, trying to do us harm. He is on the case, the Foreign Minister [Fred Wills] had been on the case, but as you know, he’s very, very gravely ill and unable to communicate too much, though he meets with us as regularly as his health will permit. Nonetheless, we have the will and solidarity to survive. We have the will and solidarity to find solutions, so that we can live with dignity and if necessary, make the transition with dignity, never compromising the only purpose to life, the only purpose to existence, to try to be a good socialist and ultimately as pure a communist as possible. (Pause)

John Wayne, in his last trying moments of terminal illness from open heart surgery of five hours, has been converted by President [Jimmy] Carter’s sister [Ruth Carter Stapleton], renegade for religious revivalism and Pentecostalism, he had a spiritual feeling, and now he said he believes in Jesus Christ as his personal savior, and wants the Bible read to him every day of his life. The old fa– uh, fucky– funky son-of-a-bitching fascist racist, who has known– been known for supporting every racist cause, is now to prepared– he is prepared to get to know Jesus, because he is a coward, as it comes time for him to leave this world and die. He is hoping probably, in my opinion, my commentary, your Father’s commentary, he’s probably hoping that he will be put in the theatrical group in heaven and be one of Jesus’ prime actors to be shown on Jesus’ prime TV time. These motherfuckers are too much. It’s awful to live all your life and be afraid of dying. Act like a tough cowboy, and a great hero, and he finds Jesus in his last moments, and calls all across the world, where Mrs. Carter– uh, President Carter’s sick sister was converting people in England, along with some racist elements, she came to his bedside to convert him to Jesus Christ. And he felt that strange feeling that Jesus had come into his heart. I thought his heart was pretty sick, hardly able to function with blood, I didn’t know there was any room for something as full of shit and big as Jesus. Stand by. (Clears throat)

(Microphone turns off for several seconds)

Telly Savalas, the chrome-dome star of CBS TV’s Kojak is on Skid Row, drinking, using drugs, and has tried suicide five times, according to Hollywood publicist Mike McConnell’s, one of Savalas’ closest pals. Telly Savalas has committed su– tried to commit suicide five times in the last three weeks, five different times. He’s on Skid Row, and yet just a short time ago, you can remember (Unintelligible word) in the States, the bald-headed (Unintelligible phrase) chat– chat with his little black hat and his glasses, and no matter how Jewish you may be or how high you may be in the capitalist se– uh, se– capitalistic system, how popular on the television media, (pause) because now Kojak, the famous Kojak, is on Skid Row, as his television, lollipop-sucking supercop– this was a television, you remember lollipop-suck– sucking supercop, has come to the end of the row, as all of them do. And even if you’re Jewish, and even if you’re powerful, even if you’re the most important actor, and he was one of the most important actors, when your time comes that they can no longer use you, you don’t have all the charm, you don’t have quite the wit to move fast enough or have the good looks, they let you down. Why do people trust in capitalism? Just as I gave you the FBI report, television brainwashes you. So stupid, so ignorant. Everyone can see that there’s no future. (Pause)

Mae West in serious physical condition because of attempting a breast lift, and she has in– developed a serious type of a rather rare infection, and is some question as to her future. We’re all grieving, our hearts are deeply pined at poor Mae West, trying to lift her boobs. Stupid bitch. She oughta– she’s old enough now for fertilizer. (Pause) And the article goes on to list how many of the famous actors are now on the road, has-beens that are on the way to the garbage heap.

(End of side one)


(Side 2)

Your youthfulness is only good as long as you have youth, vigor, can keep up, and then they work you till you have no peace. When you lose your looks, somebody else outcompetes you, and what’s what you’ve got in property, you go down. The worst jungle of all is capitalism, because everybody’s after each other’s throats, even relatives after each other.

Kidney transplants, somebody decided by HEW, according to one who has left the HEW, to be saved for those who are contributing in some significant way to the society, in other words, the rich, the powerful, the scientists that make weapons of warfare to destroy innocent people, poor people, common people, even middle class white, black or brown, are not to receive kidney transplants. Well, that’s very nice. They’re so openly brazen about their inhumanity. (Pause) Well, we’ll see.

Doctor charged by AMA going through (Unintelligible name), hounded by various law officials. Dr. Olivia Emery, still trying to make her house calls, but charges twice her offices’ uh, rate of two dollar– uh, fif– which is two dollars. She charges one dollar for ho– office rates. But she is being hounded and pressured by AMA, and is now facing some charge for illegal practice of medicine in Oregon. The 68-year-old physician couldn’t– doesn’t even drive a car. It’s not a bad kind of life, if you’re useless, said Dr. Emery, who serves the town of Yoncalla, Oregon, population of seven hundred and seventy. It’s also interesting and stimulating to be able to give people medicine that they can afford. Dr. Emery’s fee schedule hasn’t changed since 1949, when she started her practice, one dollar for an office visit, and two dollars for a house call. I had at one time considered raising my fees, with all these legal pressures and harassment, but I didn’t want to make anybody feel bad. It’ll be interesting to see if the good citizens of Yoncalla who’ve been getting her services will give her the assistance she needs, now that she’s in trouble at 68 years of age, almost ready to die herself, can’t possibly be a threat to capitalistic, fascist, brutal American Medical Association medicine and the good doctors, but they have bound together to boycott her. She is not allowed into the hospital, she’s given no specialized assistance at any other clinic, no doctor will consult with her, other Yoncalla area doctors charge fe– anywhere from fifteen to twenty dollars for the average office visit, according to Dr. James K. Gray, director of the Douglas County health department, who added, the local medi– medical practice thinks Dr. Emery’s a well-trained doctor, but she is a saboteur to American medicine. Whatever that means. Anyway, she’s being hounded to death by the elements of capitalism. You can’t help the poor in USA, even if you’re white like she in a small white community. You can’t do it. They don’t allow it. (Pause)

TV violence numbing viewers to the effects of brutality, is another article. Fits in well with released news that I gave you about the FBI actually utilizing TV to make robots out of the American population. TV violence (Pause) is numbing American viewers to the effects of brutality, and making brutality– brutality by their government or their police acceptable, and to themselves. Television is making viewers think it’s acceptable to have and use deadly weapons or use any deadly means to kill one’s enemy, declared John J. Gunther, executive director of US Conference off– of Mayors, which conducted the study. We found that weapons appear excessively on TV, but viewers are desensitized to violence because little blood-letting or suffering results. The mayors’ conference is concerned of course about the little people are getting handguns and doing some robberies uh, against the middle class. That’s one of the windfalls they did not cat– uh, con– contemplate or expect when they planned to do the appalling thing of making robots out of the people. Some little people decided to use a gun to steal something that they want from the local store, or one of the uh– break into one of the upper class homes in the rich neighborhoods, so now there’s a big conference about that. So they’ll be saying they’re gonna have to make brutality in the form to release the tensions – oh, yes, yes, here we go – to release the tensions by not g– glorifying people with small weapons. I guess they’ll now show police with uh, machine guns and things that no one can get their hand on, there’ll be no Saturday nine– night specials in the TV movies, because somebody might the idea that they can use a Saturday night special, a handgun to get some food that they need. (Microphone clicks off and on)

Henry Fonda has completely sold out the cause of American liberalism, and has received a special award from one of the rightist– most right wing people in Hollywood, Jimmy Stewart. The Star shows that Henry’s able to give up his ideals to become the Wonda Fonda, is the title. The whole Fonda family, including Jane now, according to Charles Garry, Jane Fonda will not have anything to do with her former liberal friends, having at one time in her highest moments, gave her body for some fifty thousand dollars to help the Panthers, she’s now playing it safe, and on a quest in her middle years to be popular and acceptable, and hopes to see her husband [Tom Hayden] become president. This is a comment of People Magazine, a moderate magazine. Well, interesting enough. Why is it, that when people get old, they sell out, and when they’re young, they have a quest. I’m one of the only exceptions I know, that as you get older, (Unintelligible word) prepare to sell out. It always seems very strange to me that when life is over, why then does one try to seek fame and glory. Jane Fonda’s over the hill. When she (Unintelligible word) about me, I saw that she not a young woman anymore, just like me, just like so many of us, and now she wants to sell out for fame and glory, and that stupid sick punk of a husband of hers could no more make president, he’s too stupid to match wits with the capitalist, even though he’s willing to become a capitalist.

Thus ends the commentary of the state of the nation and the world. At this time, Somalia’s under the tightest grips of a stranglehold dictatorship, with people not able to be out even after dusk. Nonetheless, the Ethiopian revolution is containing itself, the brave forces of the Patriotic Front – and you better know your maps for testing during the rally that begins in just about twenty minutes under the town forum – the brave forces of Zimbabwe continue to hold ground and gain new territory in spite of torturous things done to children by the CIA and other elements, mercenaries from the US Army that’re supporting the dreaded fascist Ian Smith regime, that is the hypocritical, false illegal regime trying to control Rhodesia as the white man calls it, or Zimbabwe as the black man calls it. No more news on Transkei’s development, it must be holding its own. The province in Union of South Africa. No more news on the killer satellite. News is that the SAC Air Command has withdrawn from Somalia, so the threat of nuclear war at the particular moment in the Horn of Africa in Somalia and Ethiopia is not as intense. But at any time and any moment, it can be brought aback– brought back to reality. Let’s hope our people can get free, let’s for Christ’s sakes try to get our minds together to work through the morass, to see if we can get our demands met within the framework of liberty that we have to have for survival so we can get back to production, and when we do get back to production, if we’re fortunate to get through this White Night, let us be sure that we produce doubly, for Christ’s sakes, some of you work like you care, to get our people to freedom. The more people we have, the more we are able to resist, the more we could do, if you understand, to survive to expand, and so forth. I love you very, very much. Be sure that we’re all alert, ready. I’ve been up all night again with not– but just a few winks of sleep, sitting in a chair, so please, come alert and prepared. I spent 13 hours talking to you and directing the knowledge of the truth, orchestrating understanding and introspection, and attempting at self-analyses and instruction. So please help me today, please, for Christ’s sakes, for communism’s sake, participate and help me. My fro– my throat is like 80 boils today, and my head feels like thunderclouds on every sphere, are booming in my brain. Thank you. Much love.

(Microphone turns off)

Unidentified male: (Unintelligible snatch of conversation)

Music and blank tape for about 20 minutes

Jones: – to destroy the American people in their ability to resist. The FBI director [J. Edgar] Hoover stated that he feared that there would be pandemonium with the rising joblessness that was bound to happen to even, as he called it, the free enterprise system. And, as nuclear war approached as a reality, which FBI director said would be the case, he felt the American people would not accept it acquiescently. He also said that if it became necessary to isolate– isolate, meaning exterminate whole segments of the US population, particularly quote unquote USA’s troublesome minorities, that means black, Indiana, Chicano, Asian, then he said, diversion is necessary.