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Jones: –Sophia Loren. Little does the world know that she has been in a family that was a strong supporter of Benito– Benito Mussolini, a prominent Fascist who heralded fascism into the world by his murderous invasion of Ethiopia. (Pause) They have been charged with illegallegally– illegally exporting large sums of capital currency from Italy. Public prosecutor (Unintelligible name) also listed thirty people, including bankers, religious leaders and high-ranking government officials on unspecified charges in connection with the case. The prosecutor who has led a yearlong investigation into the couple’s financial affairs issued the arrest order after the early announcement he had put Signore [Carlo] Ponti, (Pause) her husband – he’s much older than she – under indictment for cu– violation of Italian currency laws. Italy has been stricter with its currency laws to balance its economy since Prime Minister [Giulio] Andreotti took in the communist in a coalition government.

Prime Minister [Aldo] Moro is still being held by the Red Brigade, and has not been released, but the Italian police – still strongly fascist, so the battle of Italy has not yet been won by any means – still have refused to give up hostages and the court system has not promised to drop the fraudulent trial of Turin communist– Turin, Italy communist. It is not known whether Prime Minister Moro, who has been kidnapped by the Red Brigade, communist brigade, is alive or dead, though the Red Brigade contend that he is, and say if some of their demands are not met soon, they’ll be sending some part of his body to show the seriousness of their intention to get people out of jail that are being tortured as political prisoner in Europe, and being held hostages themselves for political reasons. (pause)

Venezuela signs treaty with left-leaning Antilles. They agreed to cooperate in exporting resources in the Caribbean Sea waters separating both territories. The territorial waters agreement was signed at the start of a 36-hour visit to the island by Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez, who has been known for his left-of-center position, balancing out the military of Venezuela, moving it more to an independent Third World champion. The treaty recognizes the need to establish adequate measures to preserve and take rational advantage of existing reserves in the waters between the two territories. Prime Minister President Carlos Andres Perez says that there will be no expansionist efforts by the Venezuela government, as long as he is the president of that republic just ten miles west of us. The Prime Minister of Antilles, Sylvios Rosendahl [phonetic], said the treaty signed after four years of negotiations would help boost the island’s economy.

New Yorkers enter into a crippling bus strike. Thirty-five thousand bus and underground railway workers, which may mean chaos for commuters. It appeared that it’d been settled by Mayor [Ed] Koch, but the apparent settlement has broken down, due to some lack of follow-through by Governor Hugh Carey on the guaranteed continuation of 50-cent flat fare in the city through 1979, that the people were demanding, and an increase in wages of some 40-cents an hour as the drivers were demanding. The terms of the agreement are still in the air, and it is expected that if the strike does break out, 35,000 bus and underground railway workers will actually cause chaos to U– New York commuters.

Stand by. (Pause) (Microphone clicks off and on)

Guyana Parliament is now drafting legislation which will end landlordism and transfer of land that’s not beneficially occupied to the small farmer. It will transfer lands to the farmers who live on them, and break up uh– the landlordism, the ownership of property by wealthy people in Guyana, a further step towards democracy society. The assurance was given a delegation from the Guyana Association of Local Authorities gala when they met the Minister of Agriculture Gavin Kennard, who by the way was most friendly, told us how distrustful he is of the United States, how much he loved the speech that I prepared that Marceline [Jones] gave, said how he distrusted USA and the CIA.

Marceline will be meeting with him shortly, she’s minis– meeting this very day with the Minister of Information, who has been most difficult for anyone to see, who controls more or less press releases in government media, which is the primary owner of media in this country and releases throughout the entire world. She also– Minister of Information, Shirley Field-Ridley, attended the successful cultural event of our wonderful entertainers and was highly impressed. As you know, Dr. Hamilton Green also attended, Minister of Health attends, with Minister of Health, Minister of Labor, Minister of Works, Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Culture, high-ranking police and military officials. Cross-section of the most important business people, church leaders and government leaders in the entire nation. Dr. Green is the one that I’m most impressed with. He backed up his raving of support by granting Dr. [Larry] Schacht license which normally requires one year of internship in a hospital in Georgetown as is required by all nations, but was bypassed for us, allowing Dr. Schacht only two weeks of seminar, and then he can do his consultations here, his internship on this project. An unheard-of breakthrough. Those kind of protections you never would have in any other society except Jonestown.

So whatever little complaints you have, they pale by comparison to the tremendous advantages of living in this communist society. The weather’s a little warm for you newcomers, I’m sorry the humidity is higher than as has been noted in eight years, according to meteorologist. But I’m sure we can endure the weather. It’s always a lightful evening. We want to all think us for rain – we need rain – to help make our plants grow. Most of the world is suffering from an intense drought or an overabundance of polluted water.

Chicago’s in the wake of the worst snowstorm that it has known since 1919. More snow has fallen in Pennsylvania than in its history. In Indiana in one community, 122 inches– no, in the state average, 122 inches of snow have fallen already this year.

Anyway, this effort to break landlordism pushed through by the Minister of Agriculture who praised us for our communist practices. Also in the church yesterday, Sir Lionel Luckhoo, the lawyer – our lawyer – friend, quote unquote, who represents us in court, stood up publicly in the most prestigious Episcopal Church, and praised our cooperative as a model for the entire nation. Our entertainment group, singers, sang in many churches, too many at this point for me to identify, they’ll be s– on the radio again this afternoon, and then tonight they will be singing, and a program will be rendered at the largest nightclub, we’ll be able to draw a little money to help defray the cost. Right after, they will be leaving and coming home. Marceline will stay in because tomorrow she meets with several important government leaders, including [Vibert Mingo] the Minister of Home Affairs, and Minister of Immigration, Dr. Hamilton Green, Minister of Health. And we’re glad for those opportunities, and also she’s our radio show.

Gala in a release from its secretaria– secretariat in Berbice said that the Minister, Dr. Kennard, who has been so praiseworthy, and his wife actually (laughs) wanted to join our commune. Dr. Kennard is the Minister of Agriculture, a cabinet member of this country, leading government leader, also gave the assurance that the government and the Marxist-Leninist Party, the Peoples National Congress, ruling party of the country, are fully committed to bringing an end to capitalistic landlordism. According to the release, state lands as well as transported lands not beneficially used, will undergo significant changes. Local authorities would be expected to make recommendations with respect to state lands in their respective areas. Special committees, it is understood, will be set up in each region to look into the question of lands. Meanwhile, the release continued, the Ministry of Agriculture has agreed to put in certain infrastructure works in the prized Gi– Gibraltar local authority area to facilitate irrigation of some 2000 acres of land by the Rosignol estate, it is being subdivided and given to the people. Certain difficulties encountered by rice farmers in the deHook [phonetic] Mahaicony area would shortly receive attention, and assistance has been promised in the form of dredging of trenches in the cultivation areas (Unintelligible names) and also for more profitable utilization of the hundreds of acre plot near the Manchester Government Secondary School for rice cultivation. It will be turned into rice cultivation for the government-owned stu– uh, schools, government-operated schools, where now they are seeing cooperative schools like we have in Kaituma, where the children live in the schools and are pro– provided health care and free food, nutritional board and care and so forth, so this large cultivation near the Manchester Government School will be like the Cuban Project and will be run and operated by the students, farmed by the students, and a part of their course training, and the rice will go as a main basic diet in the school. And it has been suggested that the cooperative society in Hopetown, West Berbice, will approach the bank for financial aid of some several millions, to divide property to share with the small farmers and to put lands for beneficial occupation for cooperatives which have become the emphasis of the PNC. Stand by.

(Microphone off for several seconds)

Last night, in the consumers of Guyana, after some months of anxiety, said the Guyana Chronicle, government-owned and operated newspaper, said that they will have to put up with at least another nine months of blackouts and load shedding from the Guyana Electric Corporation. In a forty minute question-and-answer program last night over Guyana Broadcasting Studios, the socialist-owned network, the corporation’s chairman, Comrade Thompson, concluded that the crux of the problem was financial constraints. He blamed the fuel crisis of 1974, which sent prices of equipment up, maintenance problems and outstanding debts going to the GEC by consumers as being the main reason for the continuous disruption of the power supply. Two important factors were made clear. We will not become the tool of imperialist. We not yield to those of an international capital who want to come in and create our hydraulic power. We will do it within our own ranks and file. We will maintain our self-sufficiency and independence as a socialist nation. Thus the blackouts are not due to inadequate fuel, and there is no discrimination among consumers whenever there is load shedding. Venezuela has pledged, when we were the victims of US manipulations, to give us oil at half price, so there is no shortage of oil. The chairman said that if consumers pay up their outstanding bills, which it’s not been characteristic of Guyana to cut off utilities as in the United States, which is estimated over ten million, and took all at least one light every day between the peak hours of seven PM and ten PM, it could greatly help reduce load shedding and necessary blackouts. The article is quite strong and mentions the fact that the people are just not paying their bills, and the government has not come to the point of uh, being willing to cut off utilities as would be characteristic of a capitalist country. One of the difficulties of transition into socialism, is that people don’t always voluntarily cooperate. That’s why [Vladimir Ilich] Lenin said the dictatorship on the proletariat was essential, to see that people did their honest due, just contribution to the society, and also see that the society maintains the essential needs of its people. Stand by.

(Microphone turns off several seconds)

The New Nation, official party organ of the Peoples National Congress, the ruling party of Guyana, this weekend has described U.S. President Jimmy Carter’s visit to Latin America and Africa as hopefully highlighting a basic policy emphasis of the administration, that is to keep in close association with Third World states, thereby demonstrating hopefully a new US appreciation of the problems of under-development. (Pause) In Venezuela, Mr. Carter did not of course miss the opportunity to pronounce on his favorite theme, human rights, this time, praising President Perez for his commitment to the guarantee of such rights. And many observers view as more than coincidental the announcement of the huge fund aid Venezuela is making available for international Third World projects. In Brazil, the US president had a very warm reception, which fooled no one really, that all was well between the two countries, later on being proved when he was ignored at a public reception by all government and military leaders in Brazil, practically. During the Kissinger era, Brazil was urged to take on the task of being the arm of the United States to watchdog against the spread of socialism in Latin America. She was officially upgraded to superpower status by the US administration at that time. Promise of sophisticated military aid was given and regular timetable was announced for the exchange of visits by top US and Brazilian leaders. In the meanwhile, the harsh reality is that Brazil has suffered tremendous economic reversal, and has openly clashed with the Carter Administration on its hypocritical human rights and the supply of advanced nuclear technology from West Germany, which Carter is trying to resist happening. It is widely believed that the role of not only Latin America but also Caribbean watchdog has been passed on to Chile, as Brazil is moving more moderate and more to the Third World position, which is comforting to us, in that Brazil is twice– is much larger the size of the United States plus the sate– state– twice the state of the size of Texas. So now the United States has moved to Chile, the fascist regime that it put into power, according to the New Nation, the actual party organ of the Peoples National Congress, and have placed the role of dirty watchdog to fascist Chile. And we all know the zeal with which the latter has been carrying out this task, e.g., it’s suspiciously warmly (unintelligible word) with Grenada in the Caribbean, said the Guyana Chronicle, quoting the New Nation.

With respect to the US chief executive’s visit to Brazil, the New Nation said it was not yet (sighs) known if it– as happened after [Henry] Kissinger’s visit there, there would be a sudden emergence of hostility between Brazil and Guyana. This is doubtful, however, since not only has the alleged threat of Guyana been discredited, but also Brazil observer status in the Third World, conjoined with the economic difficulties she faces, has made her much more appreciative of Third World causes, and in no position to be a threat to Guyana. As you may know from previous news, Brazilian military have not even been able to penetrate as far north as the Guyanese border, because of internal problems, economic problems. Not following United States puppet image, Brazil does have its economic woes, and the United States is not as close, and there was a lot of clash between Carter and the leaders of Brazil, all again to our advantage, so there’d be no coalition between US, Venezuela, in a concerted effort to destroy Guyana.

But we have the greatest protection on earth, our own strength, our own solidarity, great miracle, as we saw yesterday, the youngster, willingness of our Father, our commune to provide 25,000 dollars if necessary. Right now he’s being looked at by the best neurologist, even though, as I told you, he will be fine. I told you when he was blind, I would give him his sight back. I said I have to do that. I told several of you publicly and privately. And I named some names earlier this morning that heard me say, the lad would be fine, in spite of the fact that two major fractures– one right across the main artery, causing bleeding into the brain. No way should this child be fine. But Isaac Edwards is doing well. What a marvelous protection we have. And we should be grateful, we should show that appreciation in gratitudes constantly. We’ve had three miracles like that this week. Another one uh, impossible, Rose Shelton, paralyzed, blind, healed. Not to mention the thousand-strong protection guarantees you have that you will eat, because of this being a society of an extended family. Where else would an entire community be concerned, cooperate, carefully transport a little boy for several miles to the airstrip, the doctor come in, our doctor, at my expense, and the airplane at our expense, carry him back carefully, stay by his side through every x-ray, as I instructed, get all the best neurologists in this part of the world– I mean, the best surgeons and doctors, to study the x-rays. And make demands, even in spite of a power failure, that x-ray– that some kind of substitute power be provided to get him x-rays early. And that’s the kind of force a community that is a cooperative extends to you. Capitalists have no protection, they’re shot down, like [Richard] Nixon even, culprits, even though he did get off for stealing a lot, his wife [Pat Nixon] has suffered three heart attacks, and he, a major embolism, and in failing health, because of loss of power and face, suffering public ridicule. All the time, people of national importance, like Bert Vance [Lance], Carter’s second man, his top dog, on the way to jail, though he’s a big banker capitalist. There’s no security in capitalism, and every security in socialism. In a vast jungle, no matter what kind of changes took place, if the worst came to worst, which we could hide ourselves in, no one on earth could find us, 5000 miles of unexplored jungle. But as long as you have the power of the people united, people united cannot be defeated, and when you’re united, changes can come and go in government, but our solidarity has released our people when they were arrested, has stopped court orders, jail orders, arrest orders, from the United States all the way down here. And the power of socialist unity, even if you’re selfish, provides you more protection than you ever, ever could dream of having, trying to do it on your own, doing it your way, doing your own thing. Stand by.

(Microphone off for several seconds)

(Unintelligible word, sounds like “Bureauization”), insisted by Comrade Vincent Teekah, who visited here and praised us, enough that the educational ministry’s granting us our own school. Another first, no private schools are allowed. All must be governmental schools and all children must be transported by law of Guyana to live in cooperative schools for several weeks at a time, except for holidays. But we’ve been allowed our own public school. Quite a breakthrough. But now the efforts of the government, as voiced by the cabinet Minister of Education, Vincent Teekah, who visited our project among many of the government leaders who have, demanded that people must begin to settle the wonderful interior, with particular emphasis upon the Essequibo region, and uh, in the interior Lupanini, Lupanina [phonetic], and in the Mayakwoni [phonetic] district, and the Mahaica. This is certainly a correct procedure in this agriculture, mineral-rich nation, to see that people do not continue just to settle around its narrow coastline and its little beautiful capital, but to get out into the hinterland and produce. The government has been putting great emphasis, as you know, upon communes, and we were praised in several churches yesterday, even by the eminent uh, uh– eminent attorney and journalist [Lionel Luckhoo] who writes every Sunday a major article, half-page, for the Guyana Chronicle, and such a famous lawyer that he’s never lost a case. And he’s tried over 200, I think, twelve or 14 murder cases, and never lost one. He’s our lawyer, though we’ve done our own legal defense work, we’ve been our own lawyers by standing up and saying, one for all and all for one. You come for one, you damn well better be prepared to come for all. (Pause) Stand by.

Minister of Information said that 3000 cases of Palmolive soap have arrived in the country, and will be distributed in the next few days. And the radio should take note of that, to be sure that we are getting our part of that 3000 cases, because there’s a shortage of soap in the world. And those businessmen who are prepared to deal fairly and squarely with consumers will be provided them. Otherwise, the government will allocate the soap in districts itself under the auspices of the Young Socialist League, and the Woman– the uh, the women’s organization which, uh, is the dus– WSMR, the Woman’s Society uh, Mothers of the Revolution, or something of that sort. Anyway, the Woman’s Revolutionary Society. And that’s a proper and honest course, to see that there will be no white marketing of soap, which is becoming a rare commodity in the earth. We’ve got to press ahead here to manufacture our own soap, to get those bricks. New incentives for housing– housing are being provided. Check with coordinator [Charley] Touchette or coordinator Lee Ingram, who is working with– instead of my son, while he is in town. Some people are beginning their own building of houses, which’ve been provided for you, a challenge, if you’ll build after hours, you can build your own housing, and we will provide times of pick-ups if you– if you will coordinate with co– the coordination, we will provide pick-ups and saw facilities to be used. We do want as much work done by hand, to save fuel. This is an order that came out of our meeting last night. We want more axes used, more handsaws, the long handsaws, less power equipment, so we are not dependent upon the fuel crisis manipulated by the reactionary capitalist, who even at times go in the Arab nations, contrary to what the USA wants. The USA is in a terrible fuel crisis, due to the winter blitz that hit over the Easter holidays. In Chicago, 22 people froze to death. (More deliberate) In Chicago, 22 people froze to death. (Pause)

Cloning aims to create exact copies of living things, right down to brains, habits, prints, thoughts. Horrifying, but it has now happened. Dr. Robert Shinsheimer, chairman of the Biology Department of California Institute of Technology, says cloning would permit the preservation and perpetuation of the finest type of the human species. However, socialist scientists say, it is a manipulation–

End of side one

Side two

It dawns on you that this is essentially a Muslim community, which is by the way demanding that Prime Minister Buko– [Zulfikar Ali] Bhutto, who is due to die very shortly in Pakistan, be released. He is now laying on a cold barren floor, the former powerful Muslim li– leader of Pakistan, being sentenced to death. He was a capitalist of a capitalist nation, but it does not conserve one to have power or even be a military dictatorship. There is no protection except in cooperation with others, losing yourself and becoming a zero personality in the collective consciousness of communism.

Bangladesh has no alcohol and no tobacco. Travel on bus into the country area, a– and you see hardly another vehicle. At dusk, only one or two pedestrians are out in the open on the country roads. These roads are asphalted, but bordered by dusty strips. The dust blows as the vehicle speeds along, and it becomes a little uncomfortable for conversation, particularly in the summer weather. Bangladesh seems like a sprawling giant waiting to be aroused, where formerly it was under the direst of poverty, and one million died in, you know, a famine, and then later, another million in a horrible, horrible monsoon that led to tidal waves. Typhoons.

Universities are turning out energetic young men in fu– and a good number of women. The Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology was cosponsor of the Commonwealth Regional Workshop on Rural Technology. The Cooperative Peoples Republic of Bangladesh has moved very close to the Soviet Union, and is encouraging development of its people in every sphere of its life. The country is becoming a beehive of activity. Hospitals are meeting the needs of the people by training many female paramedics, who ride bicycles all over the country and carry medicine, even to the most remote parts. Salaries in Bangladesh are modest, even for young doctors, whose income does make their necessities but does not leave for margins, ‘cause the emphasis is on socialism in the emerging republic of Ba– Bangladesh, which has a strong alliance with the Soviet Union. But there are outlets, and doctors and engineers are recruited in Bangladesh, also for countries like Iran, Malaya, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Nigeria, as Bangladesh is actually training more doctors than any country its proportionate size.

This is one way to earn foreign exchange. In 1973, incentives were given for workers, mostly in hotels and restaurants in Great Britain to remit foreign currency through banks. Now England is trying to get the brown people, the black people to repatriate and get out of the country, and Bangladesh is offering to take members of the minority community in their new emerging and successfully socialistically building nation. The Peoples Re– Republic of Bangladesh emerged in ni– in December ’71, after civil strife in Pakistan. Two years later, the government introduced (Unintelligible word) of money from abroad, higher rates that the official rate. This was not too successful, and the wage earners’ scheme was the answer. Bangladesh can now boost– boast that a substantial portion of the imports of consumer goods and industrial raw materials are met out of foreign exchange, remitted by its wage earners in foreign countries through banks and in the form of goods. Complete freedom from administrative control is said to account for the success of the scheme. Details of that scheme were not available at the time when Lu– Luckhoo was there, and it’s impossible to say whether such a scheme would be equally beneficial in Guyana. For my part, I should like to see the introduction of a consumers scheme to help meet our foreign exchange problem, and further, I say not. (Pause)

Well, we shall see what it does have uh, to offer. Seems that Guyana is looking more and more towards Third World nations as guide for its solutions. And uh, the news general[ly] shows a definite looking towards the Third World nations and the socialist nations, high article of praise for the Soviet economy, entitled “The Political System of the Soviet Democratic Society and the Working Class Dictatorship.” Covers two pages. A strong indictment of US capital, falling dollar, how it hits the world and threatens the economic– total economic depression in the capitalist states, and even hurts Third World states. Number of articles of that nature. Strong comment by Chief Justice on a political trial case, who’s become a good friend of us, Justice [Harold] Bollers, who seems to be anxious to draw closer to Peoples Temple. The Catholic Standard – (Unintelligible phrase) – refuses to accept the new Rhodesian settlement and called the religious leaders sell-outs, suggest The Catholic Standard of Guyana to build Christian life in communist countries and are doing so successfully in South Vietnam and Cuba, and suggest that the church can easily work with communist, because communism takes its basis, in fact, from the New Testament. The Catholic Church here does not hold a lot of central wealth, and as a consequence, is one of the more revolutionary, uh, in terms of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is also quite revolutionary in parts of Central America, particularly Nicaragua, and resisting the Guatemalan fascist [reference likely to Kjell Laugerud], and it’s known for its liberalism in uh, Chile now, resisting the junta, just to name a few.

Thus ends the commentary of the news. Time to go back to work. Let’s be sure to produce to show our concern, let’s produce to have high work reports in by the Peoples Rally this week, because we’re gonna give more rewards and more discipline to those who do not produce. We should be concerned to produce the people’s property that benefits all, more than we did for ourselves when we were working just for your four and no more. It is not so. So let’s step up our pace, though some of the ministers, supervisors of agriculture are in the city, we want to see the crews show that you can do the job, even though they’re there entertaining for you, to help our public image.

All my love.

(Microphone clicks off)

(Pause for moment)


Part II

-(Unintelligible first word) until 14 years of age, charged with a federal crime, which can carry death and no less than 20 years. He said he had some sick loved one in New York. Well, there’s a lot of sickness, a lot of unhappy people in US, as the job situation continues to get more bleak. Unemployment grew by two percent last month.

United construction mineworkers continue to strike in the state of Indiana and Ohio, In most states, they’ve gone back to work, as well as the United Mine Workers, who have gone back deep in the mineshafts across the nation’s, a hundred thousand strong in USA. In spite of not getting their health demands, their wage increases, they ate humble pie when being betrayed by the AFL-CIO labor union head, George Meany, who long has been under the pay of the CIA, and was openly mentioned in CIA minutes as being instrumental in funneling CIA funds to overthrow governments in South America. Historically he’s known as a capitalist labor boss. Anyway, without support, the mine workers were forced back to work, as well as the construction workers connected with the mines, who build the shafts and the tunnels, except for the state of Indiana and Ohio, in which they’re still resisting.

Sophia Loren has been arrested, since the communist brought into the coalition government in Italy of Prime Minister Andreotti. She has been arrested for trafficking in currency, a serious charge in any socialist country, taking currency out of Italy, and trying to deposit it in Swiss banks. The morning news, 6:30 morning news, this Sunday said that they face several federal crimes, her and her producer-husband, as well as a host of bankers and other wealthy people in Italy, who have been charged by the coalition government of Prime Minister Andreotti of Italy, the boot that hangs out from Europe into the Mediterranean. We must have our map up soon, so we can all appreciate the world developments and know, to work hard quickly and prepare our p– people for freedom, because this business is getting heavy, when a President of the United States is called before an FBI investigative hearing, when nuclear war clouds gather, because US military insists on placing the neutron bomb in Europe. It is getting very dis– uh, di– very difficult.

The Soviet and Chinese troops had border clashes today. The Soviet Union was asked by the Chinese Congress to withdraw its troops. The Soviet Union refused, saying that China has gone into the ranks of the imperialist, and that her troops no longer represent Marxist-Leninism, but the dangerous road of nationalism. But Prime Minister of the Soviet Union [likely Premier Alexei Kosygin] did however offer to meet in special session with the Prime Minister Hua [Kuo-feng] of China. China said on the Voice of Peiping that it did desire closer accords with Ru– Soviet Union, but did demand that the Soviet Union remove the troops from the Mongolian and Chinese border. According to BBC even, the Chinese have attempted excursions into Soviet territory, and the Soviet Union refuses adamantly – adamantly – to remove their troops.

More unrest in the Palestine/Lebanon situation, as Israelis continue to trouble the waters. United Nations troops have had to’ve been called by the Nigerian general who is in charge of United Nations forces in Lebanon [Emmanuel Erskine, Ghanaian general].

Syria, receiving Soviet support, promises to drive the Israelis back into Israel, if they don’t start– if they don’t cease from their altercations.

Nuclear power leak springs in New Hampshire.

Chlorine chemical tragedy in California, requiring the evacuation of several counties.

Homosexual rights are being knocked down in state after state, because of a rising campaign of fundamentalist under the banner of Anita Bryant, who has been brought back as the advertiser, receive a hundred thousand dollars a year, for orange juice in Florida, and they say that they have to pass buckets in meetings to receive her offerings in her new vigilant campaign, based on Save the American Children from the Homosexual. Racism, bigotry, is not dead.

Wilmington 10 denied a new hearing by [Griffin Bell] the Attorney General of the United States.

The Machape Indian claim denied by federal jury, consistent with the Senate trend to ignore Indian rights and to break all treaties. Stand by. (Pause)

To begin this day, that I have been (Unintelligible word) all night, building up friends, for you, and it’s essential that we also have thousands of contacts with amateur radio stations, and we have, continuing to build friendship, because their lonely, empty lives (microphone clicks off and on). This is the only way we’ve saved ourselves from being cut off in San Francisco. We have violated many so-called rules of the fascist controls of amateur radio, by the Federal– the FCC. However, the FCC seems to be reluctant, at least as of now, to move against us, because they no doubt monitor through their police-state security and see that lots of people find us popular here, because they’re empty businessmen, again tonight, professional people, doctors, ABC commentator even, on the most widely listened to television station, WABC, in New York. Sit back and yearn to talk, beg to talk, all night long, lonely, empty lives. How much we have, purpose, collective support of our extended family in this communist cooperative. Let’s show our work production today of appreciation, our people are begging to be free, living more harassed more every day, by violent threats and intimidations. Really, genuine violent threats and intimidations. This system is getting increasingly weaked– wicked, weakened in its purpose, but dangerous, because it lacks leadership. An internal struggle, vying for power holds by various capitalist elements, and fascist elements like heads the Armed Services Committee and the CIA, who started the conspiracy against us, Senator Stennis [John Stennis (D-Mississippi)].

Our musical and entertainment program in Georgetown was a raving success. Newsmen said it was on the par of the best and even excelled the TV that they’d watched in the United States. Cross-section of Guyanese attended, business people, professional people, government leaders, all raved on Marceline’s speech that I had made for her, and it was a very biting speech against US imperialism and racism. In attendance was Dr. Green, Hamilton Green, Minister of Housing, Health and Labor, Minister Shirley Fields-Ridley [Field-Ridley], Minister of Information that controls what goes in the press and what goes out in the terms of PR. Minister Kennard, Minister of Agriculture, and several other important dignitaries. Ambassador of North Korea, communist North Korea, Ambassador to the Soviet Union, and all said that they were very well pleased, in fact, overwhelmed by our performances. Peoples came from upriver, Morawhanna, because of Patty [Cartmell], Tommy, and Rheavianna [Beam]. They took boats. One had to paddle a canoe from her farm residence to get to the main steamer to go into Georgetown, just to see our tremendous performance. All called it professional. The li– The Minister of Culture for Guyana said we had the best band in the Caribbean. Opportunities were opened up right on the spot. We help socialism through music, as we can also help it through sports. We want to develop some of our wood for a basketball floor court so we can show them some socialist action on the court. We have found a weapon of bringing socialism non-violently through music and acting. We can also do so through sports.

This gives you a brief summation of the news. South Africa in a state of turmoil, because of the assassination of the Namibian leader, but even now because of the organization, a coalition of African states, Carter forced to call for majority rule in Zimbabwe, Rhodesia, that is, and South Africa. He said the time has come, (unintelligible word) soon passing, when peaceful change will be possible, for the transition of majority black rule. Even though he’s politicking and taking stabs at the Soviet Union as being called on and the brave Cuban people all over Africa for assistance, it got him into trouble, but US efforts to bring an FBI investigation of him, the president itself, for his dismissal of the district attorney, the federal district attorney of Philadelphia [David Marston]. Unprecedented. One never knows next what to expect.

The Vietnamese have settled the Cambodian question. With Soviet aid, Cambodians have been driven back from another effort to intrude into Vietnamese territory. North and South Vietnam are now one communist country. Even though they border China, they are in the hoviet [Soviet] alliance. Their allegiance is with the Soviet Union.

The demand for the pardon for Charlotte– the Charlotte Three had been denied by governor– Governor Jim Hunt.

Other jurists are joining the bandwagon of the Supreme Court justice Carolina, who called for a lynching, as a truly Christian solution to crime. Quick and efficient. Interesting, the accolades, praises, and no criticisms across the nation. (Pause) This gives you some idea, as I said, to– Again, we should review that. You’ve forgotten it. The Supreme Court justice– chief Supreme Court justice startled the lawyers’ gathering, but brought about complete ovations with his speech praising law enforcement by lynch mobs, as you remember. In his speech in the annual Buck Harris dinner in Lumberton, the Chief Justice, Beverly Lake of the Supreme Court blamed delays in punishing offenders caused by the decline of lynching for a rise in vicious crimes. He said crime would be– be controlled if you’d give the good American people the right to lynch, bring justice on the spot. In past years, the chief justice of the Supreme Court told the assembled lawyers, justice was sometimes rendered within hours of the commission of a crime. A community frequently rose up in a body and dealt summarly– summarily and effectively with the offender. Chief Justice Lake emendly– evidently endorsed the shift of justice to the court system. Not so because of an infrequent miscarriage of justice but because of what type of direct community response to crime did to those who participated in it. He said it’s truly a Christian method, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, it gives the offended the right to punish the offender. The title of his speech was– the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court speech title was, “Let’s Go Back to Lynching,” and he used a lynching recently of a 15-year-old Augusta, Georgian boy, a black young man, as a basis for calling for it. The high court judge blamed the change for the increase in vicious crimes, that people could no longer lynch, as I said. He suggested lynching for gays, blacks, browns, and anyone else that offended the public norms. The public norms? Who is to decide? Who is to decide what the public norm is? Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, thirteen year veteran of the highest court, received standing ovation. Even newsmen dropped their cameras, and lawyers, though startled at first, joined in the throng for his speech in full support of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court’s speech, “Let’s Go Back to Lynching.”

We had better recognize where we’re at. Mayor Kenneth Gibson under attack in Newark, New Jersey. Gibson, the first black mayor of a major Eastern city, was the first elected to his post in 1966, defeating Mayor Anolzini [Hugh Addonozio], the corrupt, racist machine politician. Gibson was put into his post with the widespread backing of the city’s progressive forces, including member of the Congress of African People, since abolished by pressures brought about by Mayor Kenneth Gibson, black man of Newark, New Jersey, who has since forgotten his supporters. But since then, Gibson has been widely criticized for upholding patronage jobs and abandoning the black community entirely. As former head of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, he has become a national spokesperson for even moderate urban politicians, advocating more federal aid to control crime – that is, control blacks – in the large metropolitan areas. Nonetheless, all of his appeasement of black Mayor Kenneth Gibson selling out his supporters in the black community, according to the New York Times, has gotten him very little, as he’s under indictment, knowing in– investigation for federal income tax evasion. You can’t be black and a mayor, even if you’re corrupt. You can’t be black and a leader, no matter what corruption you may represent. Why don’t people see the light? Let’s see the light, beginning with this morning, and free our people. Work hard, please. Work hard. In the afternoon, plant every piece of ground, clean up the area, paint, but plant most of all, work the soil, so there’ll be enough for all of our people (Unintelligible word).

OECD, the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, states that the capitalist world is very near a total economic collapse. It said the only way it can be avoided, that is to prevent this politically-explosive situation, that the capitalist governments of Japan and West Germany stimulate their economies to increase growth rates by five percent. This would not be enough to reduce joblessness, but the OECD admits that an attempt to achieve five percent would trigger inflation that could wreck the economy, so they’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. While these governments are theoretically agreed to expand, they have not yet done so because of fear of inflation and the heightened international competitiveness. Stressing the need to put international cooperation before national interest, the OECD, the second time in a week, has called and appealed and cited the growing US balance of trade deficit and the resulting decline of the dollar, and called upon the surplus countries that are having more advantages of capitalism, though latecomers in the game, primarily Japan and the fascist West German government, to share the surplus with other countries before it’s too late. So far the tendency is in the other direction. Capitalism breeds competition, naturally. So Japan and West Germany and the capitalist countries are moving towards protectionism rather than sharing their trade surplus and cutting down trade barriers.

Thus gives you an idea of the state of the nation, the state of the world. Things are going well for us in Georgetown. All sorts of public appearances last night. The major beautiful– most beautiful cultural center auditorium of any nation I’ve ever seen in the world, the Guyana Cultural Center. All kinds of leaders, the ambassador of North Korea, communist Corth– North Korea was astounded, he said, by our talent. The Soviet delegation and Ambassador was overwhelmed by our performance. Government leaders of Guyana, Minister of Health was there, Minister of Labor, Minister of Works, Dr. Hamilton Green, and as you know, a miracle has broken through for Dr. Larry Schacht. Normally, all nations require one solid year of internship with a hospital in one of their major city areas. Dr. Schacht will be given full license after two weeks of orientation with one consultant in Guyana, and then he will be allowed to finish his internship here on the project, miraculously enough, and will be given credits for all the consultations done through amateur radio. Whatever the course, that is a first, a (emphasizes word) breakthrough. No doctor in the history of Guyana has been granted full licensing without serving one year of internship. Dr. Schacht has not served one day. So my White Night, wild nigger, completely dedicated communist stands, saying we will not give up our doctor, appears to have paid off indeed, as he has been granted license with only– full license with only two weeks with his consultant, then he will be able to finish his internship here serving our people on the project. We will give you the good news with the bad news.

We are informed by the Foreign Minister, that is a positive sign, the government has said that none of our children, including John [Victor Stoen], Dana [Truss], will be allowed to leave this country legally or illegally, even if the court were to decide against us. There’s an order, according to Foreign Minister past, now Chancellor of the Elections, soon to be sent to Great Britain on a special mission for Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid, he says that he was in court when he gets this– this is his opinion, time will tell – that not one of our people, including John, would be allowed to get on an airplane, even if they had a legal custody grant. Well, these are encouraging things. United States Embassy also came, and were impressed, they said at the end of the show– and I had given them all socialist messages, very strong indeed. I named the conspirators, up to Senator Stennis–

End of tape.