Q767 Transcript

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Jones: Good day. Morning news. (Pause) Major Abdul Salaam Kalude [phonetic], member of the general secretariat of the General Peoples Congress of the Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab (unintelligible name) arrived in the great Soviet Union for an official visit at the invitation of its government. Also accompanying the delegation of those who have taken a pro-Soviet position in the Near East was Syrian President Assad, who was elected for another seven-year term in a referendum held just a few weeks ago. Syrian President Hafez Assad polled more than ninety-nine percent of the vote. Look on your map, have it pointed out to you where Syria and Libya are. Libya in Africa, Syria in the Near East. Syria, more than any other Lebanon– I mean, presence in troubled Lebanon, has brought about a measure of peace and been a buffer, fully equipped by the Soviet Union, they have driven back the forces of Zionist expansionism and contained them from further aggression against the Lebanese people.

The Lebanon rightwing Christian Phalangist prime minister Hoss [Salim al-Hoss], government was forced to resign yesterday. It will likely be replaced by someone of the Muslim left. Whether this will be tolerated by reactionary circles, such as USA, remains to be seen. The Christian Phalangist or fascist party – the Christians are predominantly fascist throughout the world – have constantly been in power for some years, but their government has been unable to keep its coalition in Prime Minister Hoss in Lebanon, next to Israel, where there’s Israelis-Zionist-fascists invaded Lebanon territory and killed, as you know, some 10,000 Palestinians, who were put out of their home, when Israel state– unnatural state was placed in already-trouble and over-crowded Mideast.

President Leonid Brezhnev met both the Syrian and the Libyan representative with all sorts of accolades and congratulations from the Soviet populace. They assured them – the Soviet Union – that, in their service for a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, the friendly Libyan and Syrian people could rely on the invariable support of the Soviet Union.

USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium awarded the Order of Friendship of the Peoples to an artist that has been involved in Red Brigade activities. Very unusual stance. The Soviet Union has pulled away from what many have called revisionism in the past. Revisionism is a doctrine that says that it’s possible to a– achieve socialism through gradualism into social democracy through the plebiscite. Those who are considered to be consistent with Marxist-Leninist philosophy state that only change comes through with a bullet and not the ballot. Apparently, the Soviet Union is taking that position, as it has supported the Red Brigade in Italy financially and its close ally – look on your map for all these countries – the German Democratic Peoples Republic, the Communist government of Germany, East Germany, next to most modern state in the world, has offered haven and asylum to members of the Red Brigade, as also has the Yemen Democratic Republic, a communist government established in a predominantly Muslim area, just beneath Saudi Arabia, the Horn of Africa.

Be sure to know these places on your map for testing , like the back of your hand. Everyone must write a full page about every country, every bit of news that I mention throughout the week. I will grade it personally. I will be evaluating it personally. All high-schoolers must write two pages. And we don’t want too much about any little bit of news, we want something about every bit of the news. Stand by. (Pause)

Incidentally, the Red Brigade has thrown them a turn in Italy. Prime Minister Aldo Moro, who was executed by People’s Court, when the capitalist who had been his benefactors for 24 years, as he’s served five years– five terms, rather, as the best capitalist in Europe, the Prime Minister of Italy, but when it came down to him being in trouble, though he was a young man in his middle fifties, not a finger was lifted to get him out of difficulty, because capitalists will sacrifice members of their own family, as President [Jimmy] Carter did his nephew [William Carter Spann], and his sister [Gloria Carter Spann] did also her son, when they became just a little bit embarrassing to the Carter Administration. There’s no loyalty amongst thieves, and capitalists are thieves, so there’s no loyalty at all among capitalists. It is however greatly revealing – and you would think shocking to other capitalists – to see a man who had served them so well as chief reactionary, almost neo-fascist capitalist, Prime Minister Aldo Moro, not even being worth the exchange of one political prisoner. His body was supposed to’ve been dropped in a lake outside of Rome. The Italians authorities and the FBI and other fascist police agencies of the capitalist world have retrieved a body from that lake, but it is not Aldo Moro’s. In the meantime, the Red Brigade has struck 11 times again, in killings of people involved in torture in capitalist apparatuses throughout Europe or further abductions and arrest. The Red Brigade are giving valor and honor to the forces of Marxist-Leninism. Their position is that something will have to arouse a sleeping community, if it brings about a fascist takeover in the States– the United States or in Italy or in France, at least then the working class people will realize how evil (microphone turns off and on) and how ugly monopoly capitalism is, and then will form some sort of consolidations. This is a little shaky position, in my mind, for personal commentary, in view of the thermonuclear war. But it is on the side of right, and I can see how the Soviet Union feels more and more pressed to do that which is morally right and correct, rather than that which is pragmatically safe to avoid the capitalist from being spoiled children and in that attitude, dropping their nuclear hell upon the rest of the northern hemisphere. Stand by. (Pause)

An internal confidence– (microphone turns off and on) An international conference on peace, security and cooperation in the Mediterranean, sponsored by the World Peace Council that for years has been pro-Soviet, took place in Athens last week. It was attended by more than 200 representatives from 38 states and 16 international organizations, including a Soviet delegation headed by Vladimir Bilinov [Terebilov], Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation, declaration of adopted (unintelligible word) as the basis of a just settlement of conflicts and disputes in the region is full respect of the principles of sovereign equality, renunciation of a threat or use of force in viability of frontiers and territorial integrity of states, peaceful settlement of differences, non-interference in internal affairs, and respect for national and personal rights.

You will look at Cyprus. It is not clearly differentiated in the Mediterranean, and should be marked under Greece, between Greece and Turkey. Cypriots in Turkey’s– Turkish regime– Turkish government is a right wing government that is becoming more and more repressive. In fact, for better than half a century, (Pause) Turkey has been outright reactionary. As you know, they committed genocide against two million Armenians. Look it (unintelligible word) on the map. Cypriots have pulled away from the U.S., because U.S. has become more pro-Turkish. Cypriots has been more pro-Soviet, since Egypt attacked their air force base and attempted to invade them with commandos, but the commandos of Egypt were repulsed, as members of the Muslim League, the Palestinian Liberation Front, captured and executed a publisher– a writer’s son, a publisher in Egypt that had been pro-USA. If you remember, those terrorists did not have the stuff that makes for guerilla revolutionary activity. They became fearful that the plane would crash into the sea, and their son subsequently had been executed, because the plane captain, an American or British captain – I believe he’s a British captain – coaxed someone to coming back to Cyprus, when international pressure forced their execution. They were afforded Syria’s refuge asylum, they were af– afforded asylum and sanctuary in Syria, but they refused Syria because they said it was too pro-Soviet Union or pro-Communist. Religion is always an opiate and a deception to the people and brought about the death of these two young men. They were filled with death, fear of sharks, as you remember, and thus would not make a crash landing in the Mediterranean. At least that would’ve been some sort of stand. (Pause)

Soviet-American talks are beginning as of today in Moscow in a very charged atmosphere, as Secretary of State [Cyrus] Vance warned the Soviet Union to withdraw all of its economic and military assistance from Africa. A strange position for the fascist USA to take, in view of the fact that the Soviets have not one organization – not one – developing minerals or any resources of Africa. They work entirely through the fabric of the governments of Africa for liberation and to develop their countries, whereas the United States has all of its oil companies, and its tire, its big auto corporations, continually strangling every part of Africa that it can. Naturally, the Soviet Union paid no heed to the United States’ admonition, but the United States is becoming very apprehensive about Soviet and Cuban results, such as the victory of the brave Ethiopian people – look on your map, at the Horn of Africa – over the Somalian aggressors, who are backed by China and USA and Egypt, and also their victory in Angola last year and their victory– or support of the Mozambique M– Marxist Frelimo Front, I its assistance of lib– assistance of liberation in Zimbabwe. Note these countries– if you don’t know them, you will be held responsible. Young or old, you will be held responsible for knowledge.

The assembly of the republic, the Soviet Union, (unintelligible word) its debate on the program o– of the new Portuguese coalition government, and approved it by a majority vote (pause) last week, and the opposition parties– Scratch that, it was not in the Soviet Union, but the Republic Parliament of Portugal. The opposition parties, including the communist party, voted against it. The communiqué on the plenary meeting of the Communist Party Central Committee held on the eve, said the composition of the government and its program did not meet the requirements of the present political, economic, financial, and social situation in Portugal. As you know, Portugal had a very strong socialist, pro-Soviet leaning military that was brought down by pressures from the International Monetary Fund, an agent of financial manipulation that the US has tried to use, even on this country, by getting demands from them before any monies are given. Thus far, Guyana has resisted all such aid, save that they want economic assistance with no strings attached. Such a government in Portugal could not resolve the highly complicated problems confronting Portugal after overthrowing the dictatorship of [António de Oliveira] Salazar, who ruled with a fascist hand. Look where Portugal is, next to Spain on the east coast of Europe– west coast of Europe, rather. As you know, Portugal was under the hard-handed dictatorship of a fascist, Salazar, for over 40 years, nearly 50, as well as [Francisco] Franco ruled Spain with the same fascist domination. And Spain still has a reactionary form of government, with only modified liberalization of its laws to allow dissent for left-leaning people and members of the socialist and communist organizations.

A session of the liberation committee of the Organization of African Unity opened in Tripoli in Libya. Look on your map. It is attended by OAU Secretary General William Eteki Mboumoa, foreign minister of– foreign ministers also of many African countries and leaders of all of the African liberation movements. The Soviet Union has funded this organizational affair, as US– as USSR has consistently been, not only the vanguard of Marxist-Leninism, in theory but in practice when it comes to liberation of all oppressed peoples, it is indeed the avant-garde of freedom-loving people everywhere. The Soviet Union has been consistent in her foreign policy, as we saw from the movies last night, consistent also in following collectives in the major industrial centers and agricultural centers, and return to collectivization or communal living is being evidenced in the Soviet Union. (Pause)

Indian organizations in the United States have been disrupted constantly in their march of protest across the United States against the authorities’ discriminate– uh, discriminatory policies. A column of marchers that set out from San Francisco for Washington with the aim of drawing the attention of the American and world public opinion to the fact that the Indian civil rights are suppressed, has drawn very little attention in the media, except in the Soviet Union. (tape edit)

The representatives of the United Mine Workers of America, negotiating with the employers of a new bargaining agreement, have turned down the preliminary agreement on the settlement of the dispute which was drawn up a few days earlier by UMWA President Arnold Miller and the mine owners. The strike, which lasted 115 days, has been stopped, but there have been troubles, work stoppages, absenteeism involving more than 160,000 miners, that should’ve begun a true labor protest against the injustice of monopoly capitalism, but it was sold out by the AFL – American Federation of Labor – and the CIO head George Meany, some 86 years [of] age, renegade of capitalist, who has actually been proven to be funded by the CIA. He refused to give any of the slush funds, emergency funds to help feed the starving miners, and they were forced to their knees, as their children were in need of food and medical care. With very little of their demands being met, none on safety, they work every day with only three foot of room on their knees or on their back. They live in conditions that cause – from the pollution in the air – their death at the average age of 44 to 45 years of silicosis black lung disease. Tragedy of tragedies, that only the garment union workers, uh, one communist union, the Soviet– in the USSA– the USA is pro-Soviet, funded them, and now have been charged with conspiracy, as they tried to aid them directly with food.

President Valéry Giscard des– d’Estaing of France, reactionary regime of France, rightwing leader that made it in by manipulations of the polls to be the next president. Many workers were not allowed off during the last elections, because they feared a communist-socialist takeover in France. A meeting of the president of France and Chancellor Schmidt– Helmut Schmidt of the fascist Federal Republic of Germany, that now called itself the inheritors of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, met in Paris last week. They discussed a number of international issues, notably the situation in Africa. Economic problems loomed large in the talks. Beside the question of balancing French foreign trade, the two leaders discussed certain bilateral projects. As you remember, France, in violation of President Carter’s word, supposedly speaking for all the NATO allies that there would be no experimentation and production of the dread, criminal, barbaric neutron bomb, France yesterday exploded a neutron bomb in the Pacific isle, and now they’ve started another stage, escalated another step in the nuclear madman’s race that will undoubtedly lead to nuclear war, and that’s why we must produce with absolute intensity, to get our people out of there. More people are coming in every day, but we’ve got to get them out in mass numbers and free them before the hell breaks loose that is inevitable to come. Madmen cannot possibly keep peace, when nuclear weapons are everywhere in everyone’s hands.

A lot of information has been coming out of the control of moon– the moon on the water. We noticed that effect on people last evening. For many years, it’s been noted, its effect on the menstrual cycle of women, on pregnancies, (unintelligible word) moon– the full moon, period of the full moon, certain types of babies being born. It has been a tha– theory that, being that we are 98 percent water, that we are affected by the moon as the moon affects the gravitational pull on the tides, and thus man is affected by this strange act of the full moon, its effects and course in our universe. And everyone with su– such disorientation last evening, being affected, we as communists must recognize such extraneous or outside forces of nature that can affect our balanced judgments, and keep our minds geared. Some have thought hostilely of looking back. You should write about that. You should write about your conflict of being in a country– in a project that has helped, not only liberation forces here, but last week, helped the liberation forces in Central America directly from our home base. You should feel proud to be here. If you have criticisms, quit being sullen and arrogant when you pass your leader, and try to hide it, quit forming close family accords and special alliances that we are taking note of, and unify yourself with the principle, and get your mind out of your self-pity and morass and paranoia, which is a class-consciousness enemy, narcissism, because when you are truly a zero, or trying to reach it, you don’t worry about paranoia. Let’s get our mind on what is going on, and be proud that we have taken a decisive communist stance, a pro-Soviet stance. We’ve informed the government of our internal [eternal] bond of friendship and fraternity with the Soviet Union. We told Dr. [Vibert] Mingo that, who was our representative from the government of Guyana, and he seemed pleased at our courage. He could appreciate our courage in taking a stand firmly behind the Soviet Union, who’s worthy of all praise and honor, for she has risked again a war that could decimate her people, unless she indeed has laser technology, as Secretary of State Vance, USA, says she has, that can kill all satellites, they call her– having killer uh, satellite potential– killer satellite platform potential and killer messi– missile po– potential, which could only come through some type of laser beam technology. Nonetheless, the Soviet Union before this breakthrough has taken a consistent stand of brinkmanship, if necessary, to defend the liberation efforts. It’s a brave act for a people that lost 20 million people in World War II, when Nazism and Fascism were set up under Adolf Hitler by US corporate interests and monopoly capitalist interests in Britain, to destroy the bolshevik or the majority rule of communist liberation in the Soviet Union. They were in feudalism when the revolution came. There was no organization, not unified by language, they were back almost to the Stone Ages, but they bravely brought themselves together by many five-year plans, and it made them the most modern state, the cleanest state, the greatest provisions of social services for their people, the greatest form of representative democracy in the Supreme Soviet that governs them, free health care, free medical care, free dental care, free educational care, free utilities, almost free rent universally, no cost for telephones, free allowances for milk, high standard of health and hygiene, beautiful recreation resort areas for all members of the trade unions, all workers in the Soviet Union have guaranteed vacations, all pregnant mothers have same, the humanity of the Soviet Union has proved itself in its domestic policies, and more so, it has proved to be the friend of an international liberation consistently. And you have the opportunity to stand here and be allied and work towards that end. History will record our conflict and our contribution. In death or in life, we will make a significant contribution for world liberation. And you should come out of your morass and your paranoia, your self-indulgence and thoughts of looking backward. I would like for you to confess them to me in the office, because I have a very special reader– reason. My intuition, my prophetic intuition and high intelligence reveals to us if some have put themselves in a white mentality. Not getting involved with black people, nor black children. You should make yourself get involved fully with the suffering of the oppressed, you should feel not only in a general way, but take on personal responsibilities that will assure that you have a black Third World consciousness.

A joint communiqué was published in Tripoli on February 9 and again just last week on the visit paid to Libya by an official Sudanese delegation led by First Vice-President Abdu al-Kassim Mohammed Ibraim [phonetic], Secretary General of the Sudanese Socialist Union, a pro-Soviet government. The communiqué says that Sudan and Libya have decided to resume diplomatic relations which were suspended in 1977, a breakthrough for world peace and détente, and expressed the wish to build friendly, fraternal and good neighborly relations on a new basis. Stand by. (Pause)

The reactionary elements in the United States, Zionist fascist representatives of the Israeli aggressive regime, have tried to pull off a hoax on the American people in a film series copying Roots, called Operation Holocaust, to try to create sympathies for Zionism. (unintelligible word) Israel is losing its support amongst the American people, because of some of its aggressive demands. World opinion and our own conscience is horrified by the treatment the Jews received in Germany. We do not like to be manipulated, however, buy media to try to get the American people manipulated in to staking [taking] a stance behind the reactionary and aggressive Israeli regime that has proved its barbaric and inhumane actions against the oppressed people, such as the Palestinian Liberation Front, around them, and their support and military assistance to Union of South Africa – look it up on your map, in the southern part of Africa, southernmost tip – where concentration camps are formed by US corporations, maintained by US banking interests, where blacks have to be in by sundown and have a tattooed number on their arm and their leg. They live in virtual slave labor. So we are not very fond of Israel’s foreign policy. Look it up, please look it up. (Pause)

The recent visit of Australian [Austrian] (unintelligible word) Chancellor– Chancellor Bruno Kreisky to Moscow evoked considerable public interest everywhere. In the course of his working visit, a wide range of questions was discussed and guidelines set for extending and improving (unintelligible word, sounds like “multi-foreign” or –“farm”) and mutual beneficial ties between the two great countries. The Soviet Union voluntarily, for the interest of world peace, freed Austria from her alliance as a buffer state between the aggressive interest of US capital and their nate– National [North] Atlantic Treaty Organization allies, which include France, Norway, Britain, (pause) the Netherlands, Belgium, and so forth. There’s a crack in NATO, however. More and more we find disagreements above the NATO alliance which is uh– about the NATO alliance which is a– nothing more than a puppet for the US monopoly capitalist. The culminating point was Dr. Kreisky’s meeting with Leonid Brezhnev, Secretary General of the Communist Party, President of the Soviet Union and Prime Minister of the great Soviet USSR, during which both sides reaffirmed their intention to continue expanding cooperation in the political, trade, economic and other fields on the firm foundation of the state treaty which restored the independence of a social democratic Austria. Similar accords have been reached between the Soviet Union and Finland, as Finland – look on your map, above Leningrad – has become a close ally of the Soviet Union. It’s just to the north of the great vanguard of Marxist-Leninist liberation for all oppressed peoples of the world, the Soviet Union. (Pause)

Strange interpretations. Relations with Japan–

(end of side 1)


(side 2)

Jones: (speech increasingly slurs as tape progresses) –the Soviet and Japanese statesmen have become a regular practice and an opposite (stumbles over words, unintelligible) visit of Foreign Minister Sunao Sonoda to the Soviet Union. The sides confirm that considerable possibilities exist for further development of cooperation. Encouraging indeed. This was the keynote of the talks in Moscow, capital of the Soviet Union.

At the same time, some people are deliberately laying the emphasis on aspects of the relations between the two countries on which community of views has not yet been achieved. The question of reaching an accommodation with the Soviet Union– as you know, the Soviet Union is three times the size of the United States, it has over one-half of the coal, so the future’s with the Soviet Union, and it has forty-some percent of all the world’s oil. The future is bright and indeed on the side of the brave Soviet peoples. Anyway, the question of reaching an accommodation with the Soviet Union through a treaty is raised particularly often in this connection.

How do matters really stand? For a number of the years, the USSR – Russia – and Japan have been negotiating the terms of peace treaty. However, it has not yet been concluded, and not because of the falsely-intransigent position of the Soviet Union, but because of Japanese side has made the conclusion of a treaty conditional on utterly groundless, and therefore obviously unacceptable territorial claims. The Soviet Union’s stand is clear: no so-called unsettled territory issues exist in its relations with Japan. The question has been settled and recorded in the relevant international agreements, which must naturally be observed. It is also clear that the placing the Soviet U– Japanese relations on a firm treaty basis would be in the interest of both countries. In the Soviet Union view, real prerequisites, initial conditions necessary for bringing about the peace exist for this da– today. The Soviet Union proposes that the two countries of Japan and the USSR conclude a treaty of good neighborlishiness– good neighborship and a cooperation embracing those areas in the relations which could already be placed on a treaty basis. The importance of concluding such a treaty is evident as President Leonid Brezhnev, brave leader of the Soviet Union, noted in an interview with the (unintelligible name, sounds like Assa) editor. This would constitute a sharp turn towards overcoming the remaining distrust and promoting reliable and mutually-beneficial cooperation in all spheres. Japanese ruling class circles have a fear of anti-communism because of their highly religious position in worshipping their own premier, their own emperor, the Sun God. It goes without saying that such a treaty would not affect the interest of other countries or prejudice the relations the Soviet Union and Japan maintain with them. Moreover, the Soviet proposal for a treaty of good neighborliness and cooperation does not remove the agenda, the question of peaceful treaty, the talks on which could be continued.

Some Japanese newspapers charge that the Soviet Union has changed its stand on the proposed Japanese-Soviet trease– treaty of peace and friendship. What can be said on this score? The Soviet position in this matter has been expounded more than once and is well known to Tokyo. It [Its] inclusion of the treaty of the anti-hegemony clause would draw Japan into the channel of Peking’s hostile policies towards the Soviet Union and towards peace and the security of the peoples of the world around. The world seriously undermined confidence in Japan’s foreign policy and would hardly help to strengthen Asian security. In whatever form, even the more abstract, the hegemony claims is worded– (Pause)

Uh, I think so. (Pause) I was just answering a question about what we should do in a development to aid world liberation in another part of the world. (Pause)

Anyway, the world seriously undermined confidence in Japan’s foreign policy– its protectionist policies that insist on exporting more products than it imports, creating a real danger of economic global collapse in the capitalist community, and the dollar falling to a position of being worth no more than toilet paper. (reads beginning of sentence slowly) And, world hardly helped to strength Asian security. In whatever form, even the more abstract of the hegemony clause, is worded by the substance and tenor of Sino-Soviet-Japanese treaty will not change. Therefore the union of the Soviet Union’s, vanguard of Marxist-Leninism, principal attitude to the study and treaty, cannot change either. This was one made clear– quite clear during Mr. Sunado’s visit to Moscow.

The above-mentioned charges by some reactionary Japanese newspapers were doublelessly [doubtlessly] inspired by those who seek to distort the facts for their own ends. The object is to muffle opposition in Japan to a hasty conclusion of a treaty with China and to weaken the decision of those who justly believe with all their hearts to include it in a clause directed against the Soviet Union will seriously jeopardize Soviet-Japanese relations and (pause) the national interests of Japan.

The Soviet Union has never, never intereared– never interfered in the affairs of any state. This is alien to its foreign policy. It is– (pause, seems to have lost place in text) It is for the Japanese to decide whether to conclude a treaty with China or not, and in what form. However, other countries have a right to reduce and define their attitudes to this emotion, taking into account a course– (deliberate) of course, to the wha– what extent Japan’s declared course (stumbles over words) intention to develop peaceful (unintelligible word) services, and friendly relations with all– (pause, seems to have lost place in text) Stand by. (pause)

An official communiqué on the offensive operation in the Ogaden area, part of which was re-seized by Somalia troops, was released in Addis Ababa on– last week. It says that the troops and people’s militias of Ethiopia have scored a major victories. (Pause)

Thus ends the reading and commentary of the news for the time being. Remember the troubled Vietnamese border, where they’ve invaded China, and China has been willing to negotiate the removal of her assistance to try to create an aggressive Cambodia or Zimbabwe. Uh– no, no, Cambodia– Kampuchea. But the Chinese have promised to withdraw. Time will tell what will take place in the troubled nation. (Pause)

Anyway, that is enough out of the news for the day, midday news. Digest it well.

Nata– NATO, US puppet military alliance in Europe, (unintelligible word) rendering by now classical area about the Soviet Union preparing to attack Western Europe are a regular feature of the propaganda session on the Atlantic political stage. The repertoire is the same year after year, but for all that, there’s no death [dearth] (Pause) of performers eager to defeat their stuff on militaristic boards. The other day, several soloists appeared practically simultaneously, with warnings of a great threat from the east. In Berlin, conservative MP Minister [Winston] Churchill declared that the USSR was outstripping the United States in the build-up of military potential. In Rome, (unintelligible word)–

(Lengthy pause)

–mentary of the news. Arms are being shipped by the USA into Zaire and other reactionary regimes, but li– with little effect, as the Soviet Union, since its brave relo– revolution of 1917 in October, has freed the German Democratic Republic and has freed 75 million square miles of territory, they have a million population of roughly 600 million. The great October Revolution shook the colonial world to the foundations and rejection– (tape turns off abruptly)