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Jones: Meteorologist Sando Persaud [phonetic] has reported to his Guyanese (unintelligible word) weather report. Last month particularly was rather windy, which perhaps contributed in transporting desert dust from Africa to the Caribbean, the highest gusts– gusts reaching 32 miles per hour, highest ever known, he said, it was reported in this area. He said although the month was unusually dry (unintelligible word), one point for the average rainfall being experienced, and despite the bright sunshine which lasted for an average of 7.9 hours per day, the midday temperatures were just about 80 degrees. However, the minimum temperature dropped to 72 in the late hours of the night. (unintelligible word) the low temperatures must be attributed to the thin (unintelligible word) of high level clouds, which were formed by condensation of water vapor around numerous dust particles that originated from the dry and dusty Sahara des– desert. Apparently these dust– (pause) these dust-induced clouds intercept in some– from the sunshine before reaching the ground, thus causing low temperatures. Comrade Persaud, meteorologist, also explained in his report, the rather unusual clouds which cover an average of two-thirds of the sky each day, were too thin to produce any significant rainfall. It is because of this, he said, that there were only six rain days in the city, with the highest rainfall being recorded on March 8, when only a twenty-ninth deg– percent of an inch of rainfall was recorded. According to the report, March was very dry and windy month, particularly in the capital, with the rate of evaporation was some five times higher than the rainfall experienced. Berbice experienced less than one inch of rainfall, Deliria [phonetic] between one and two inches, and Essequibo just about one and a quarter inch. In the Georgetown area, a mere 1.7 inches was recorded. There were 22 rainless days throughout Guyana, with hot, sunny weather, ever came more severe during the latter half of the month, thus causing (unintelligible word, sounds like “accident”) increase in heat above the average the very last days of the month.

In reporting on the environmental effects of the weather, Comrade Persaud explained that because there had been very little rainfall since early January, the level of water in the several conservancies has fallen to their very lowest in the history of Guyana. We are fortunate here in Jonestown on this Tuesday morning, to not know what it is to experience shortage of water, one of the few places in the world that has clean water. Out of the States, there had been just washed away in the areas like Nebraska, Midwestern states, Southern California with water, and it’s polluted drinking water by mixing graveyards, sewage and so forth into the drinking streams. We’re one of the few people on earth that has very clean water, and have water in abundance. As I said, the conservancies, the reservoirs have fallen to their very lowest here in Guyana, and as a result of (unintelligible word) shortages of water, both for domestic and irrigation purpose elsewhere in the country, with the exception of our own immediate area. We were the only area not affected, the Northwest District, to a great degree. It has also resulted in water rationing in most areas of Guyana and most areas of the world. (unintelligible word) reduced and salt water creeping upstream into the riverbeds, where there was natural water. The salt has creep– crept into upstream tributaries. This is why our weather was different. In the very hot burning sun, without (unintelligible word) protection, ever since (unintelligible word), we are now getting the water we need by rainfall.

But the Sahara dust blowing in, the rather strange gusts, the upper air currents have been completely altered by man’s foolishness, as we are known, I projected what scientists are saying that, in time, it’s a very short time, the weather of USA will be cold, as an Ice Age is moving again, from all appearances, and you have to be as far down as the state of Florida to even have decent temperature– subfreezing temperature. You’d have to move to this area of the world to find a temperature like northern California. That is the future of mankind, and ice is predicted even before the end of the century – it’s just a matter of years – to cover all of Central America. People like those who live in Philadelphia, (unintelligible word) across Midwest, San Francisco, even down into the South would be covered with nothing but ice. It will end up being an Ice Age like you see now in the northern part of the globe (unintelligible phrase) neither the North or the South Pole would have anything on USA, due to the way wind currents have been altered, have caused such confusion as this, that the Sahara dust has been brought thousands of miles to cause the raincloud covering. It has been corrected in our area, but the gusts had also been blown into other parts of the United States and throughout the rest of the world, desert dust being picked up and carried across the ocean due to more– (tape edit)

–but in Guyana, the Guyantel, the Guyana International Telecommunications Corporation, (unintelligible name) independent clerical (unintelligible word) section of Guyantel, won their demands by a sick-out, and not that they’re receiving the pointed end of a bayonet as would’ve been the case in United States, demanding that they go back to work forthwith. (Pause)

Several of the officers in Somalia that attempted to bring about an aborted coup d’etat and caused the government to come to peace with Ethiopia, establish a firm socialist base in the economy and the military of Somalia, several of the officers of the officers involved, beyond the 17, have escaped to the sanctuary of Ethiopia. Others of the 17 at this time, it has not released by the news, though relieved of the danger of dying by firing squad by a brave commando, joint commando operation between the Cubans and the Ethiopians, and managed to get to the officers and release them. Thus a victory for the people has taken place. Even though the Somalian armed forces, who are socialist and wanted to lead to a cooperative government between black Ethiopia and the Arabian government of Somalia, could not succeed this time in overthrowing the reactionary government that has been established and now being used miserably to oppress the people and to incite aggression against the black Ethiopian people, and to appoint their advantage to take over the Horn of Africa. although they did not succeed this time to take over the Somalian government and get it back into the hands of a socialist democracy for the people, it is good to note that those who attempted this heroic effort did not end up dead, as I ended up being last night, interjected. I thought something would happen, I just felt something would, as I was talking to some (unintelligible word). Furthermore, Ethiopia has resisted all attempts at expansionism through the brave assistance of the Cuban and Soviet revolutionary elements, there are thousands strong in Ethiopia, that have resisted all efforts to take over Ethiopian territory, the Ogaden. You should look on your map constantly, to all who can pass on that test, for the map will be a requirement for all. So be sure you have passed your knowledge of the map.

As of this morning early, Transkei region province of South Africa, the dreaded fascist, racist concentration camp regime, upheld by US corporate ruling class elite, has still successfully maintained its independence and strengthened its position. A number of parachuting attempts have been successful in laying food supplies and military equipment at the time of this commentary, even though South Africa has not even responded in any way to the Transkei development, which is an encouraging breakthrough for black liberation, that this state, oppressed and supposedly well in the control of the orbit of Union of South Africa, because the Union of South Africa’s dictator [Johannes] Vorster, pro-Nazi, open sympathizer with Adolf Hitler, who was jailed in the World War II era for being a protégé– protégé of Adolf Hitler, it is in spite of the fact of Vorster and US corporate interest have placed in the hand-picked puppet for Transkei’s prime minister [Kaiser Daliwonga Matanzima] or governorship, he turned against them, and the entire administration of their so-called puppet regime turned against them and demanded independence and sued for separation from the dreaded fascist regime of the Union of South Africa that you should take clear note of on your map, because the test that will be given in the future will be tests that are extensive, thorough, and will be perceptibly aware of what you do or you do not know. So take heed.

There’s a (unintelligible phrase) for (unintelligible phrase). We yesterday find a total of 1500 dollars, our principal magistrate, Prem Persaud– Actually they were guilty of black-marketing, or white-marketing, Bristol cigarettes. They did not receive a jail sentence. Guyana is not one to believe strongly in jails as sources of rehabilitation, that apparently is an emphasis (microphone clicks off and on) in this present governmental administration of the Peoples National Congress, the ruling party. As you know, the opposition party is the PPP, the Peoples Progressive Party, and the WPA, the Working Peoples Alliance, under Dr. Walter Rodney, that had– even though he is opposition, had kind words to say about Peoples Temple.

It has been the report from Georgetown over the telephone how people receive when they went in yesterday, last evening, that we have been praised at all levels of government, by officials of every walk of life, for our entertainment. We’ve been asked to involve ourselves in all kinds of cultural performances, May Day celebrations, international socialist workers day celebration in May, one even in a couple of weeks, in the large Labor Day festivities which are the most important in Guyana, we’ve been asked to participate in Independence Day. The requests are coming from everywhere for our participation culturally and entertainment-wise. We of course will be glad to honor Guyana. We do demand that our entertainment receive proper culture– cultural coverage, that it be given its prominence that it deserves. This is the demand of the leader, not to have him mentioned, or other phases necessarily of our program, but we want it known that it was a socialist, Marxist-Leninist practices of Jonestown that contributed to this entertainment, and that they must be given the honor due, that they are going to get, or we will not be performing for certain governmental-related meetings and organizations. We will just entertain privately in hotels and other types of community festivities, and will not limit ourselves to being used. If people who want our association don’t want to give recognition to that association, then there are powerful influences contradictory enough, even some of the biggest business elements of the country, that would be more than glad to see us perform and give recognition.

Anyway, for an extensive white-mailing or black-mailing operation, the owner of the City Hotel in Guyana were only fined 1500 dollars. Mohammed Hakkim Kahn [phonetic] and (unintelligible name), who was jointly with of– others for the offense was freed after the court found that he had nothing to do with the transactions. They were all charged jointly for selling the cigarettes far above the fixed prices. It is alleged that on March 12, that Marja– Maraja sold a pa– several packets of Bristol cigarettes to police decoy. Each packet for over one dollar was charged. She was fined 500 dollars, while her employer was fined one thousand dollars, but no jail sentence was given.

Owen Williams, who was found by police with an envelope containing a large quantity of marijuana, cannabis sativa– (Pause) marijuana in his possession, was yesterday fined 500 dollars by Principal Magistrate Prim– Prem Persaud after he pleaded guilty to the charge. He was given three months to pay the fine, and will be released in the meantime. This is unheard of in any place with humanitarian administration such as a socialist government. He’s required to take some educational courses about the dangers of a drug culture, and how it can be brought in innocently through cannabis sativa or a marijuana cigarette. Nonetheless, he was not put in jail for lack of money, which is the custom of the capitalist system. He was given three months to pay the fine. Court prosecutor Lionel Stuart [phonetic] disclosed that Williams was held at the corner of Main and Holmes Streets with the cannabis or marijuana. He was at the– uh, at that time in the company with two other men. The others were not charged. Williams told the court that he was given the envelope by friends to take up to the Essequibo. Nonetheless, for a– a crime that would’ve brought serious charges, particularly of conspiracy to sell, was given some consideration and thoughtfulness.

Robert Reisner [phonetic] was yesterday fined 500 dollars after he pleaded guilty to having marijuana cigarettes in his possession. Reisner told the magistrate that he searched the entire town for cigarettes but was unable to ob– obtain any, so he purchased marijuana cigarettes for fifty cents, because he really wanted to smoke. Police acting on information held the defendant in a downtown store. Meanwhile, Jennifer Dawson, one of the four women who along with nine men were charged of being in possession of a quantity of cannabis sativa – marijuana – was still at large, but yesterday the police informed the court that they have information as to their whereabouts, and they are expected to be arrested shortly. Principal Magistrate Prem Persaud on an earlier occasion issued a warrant for the arrest (Pause) of Robert Weizel [phonetic] (Pause) after she– after he failed to attend court. The matter will come up for trial on April 28. The defendants in this case are Joyelyn Pile, Marvin Sandy, Keith McGibbon, Rudolph Hayward, Angela Corbin, Adolphius Peters, Errol Williamson, Charles Adams, Lennox Bristol, Patricia Barnwell, Carol Eastman, Jennifer Dawson and Donna Dempster [phonetic], all of whom are jointly charged with being in possession of a quantity of cannabis sativa in a house at Tiger Bay. Pile and Peters went on two thousand bail each, while the others are on one thousand dollars bail each, given three months to comply, three months in other– in other words, three months again to pay the cost. There’s not a great drug problem here, in spite of the lighter sentences and the considerate handling of those who have offended this law. I named the defendants to take note that they were of African-English heritage, and not East Indian, as some have expected. There is bigotry based on race. But not so. All of those so charged on marijuana, apparently, most of them are of black African heritage, in spite of the courts and the government being predominantly black. (microphone clicks off and on)

The ceremony of the unveiling of a plaque of the (unintelligible name) housing scheme, the Mahaiconey Aber [phonetic] rice development scheme on the East Coast Demerara, takes places on Thursday, April 16. Two government ministers, Comrade Dr. Hamilton Green, a very good friend of ours, Minister of Health, Labor (pause) and Comrade Vibert Mingo, Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, are listed to participate in the proceedings. Comrade Mingo will deliver the address, while Comrade Green will unveil the plaque. Our radio people should suggest, being that they are both our good friends and have been good to intervene, give us information, assistance and license our doctor, that we should indeed have some of our people there on East Coast Demerara on Thursday, April 16 to participate and show our support for them.

The police are investigating the shooting to death of a 30-year-old man on Holmes Street, Georgetown over the last weekend. He was described as one Mike Henry, North American, pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown hospital, with a gunshot wound in his back. The criminal investigations department reported there were– there were conflicting reports as to how Henry met his death. Henry is reported to have told a friend who took him to the hospital that he was shot in Curtis Street, Albertstown [phonetic], but the friend said he had learnt from other sources that he was shot in Banglestown [phonetic], East Bank Demerara. The police are investigating. The young man, North American, black, had fled from the law– did not say whether there was any efforts by US law enforcement officials to reach out to get him, and he had of course received sanctuary in Guyana that has no extradition treaties with USA. USA, Guyana have no laws which they will exchange prisoners, which is of course the proper thing, that no socialist country should have such a law with a capitalist country, even though it does work hardships on Guyanese, that they cannot reach to USA and get elements of conspiracies against themselves. But someone reached out to this North American, and it pays our people to be extremely cautious and careful, to not lend themselves to be away from their jobs or their– other members of the colleague– the cooperatives, comrades that are working towards certain goals and ideals in Guyana. Those who are procuring should take care and maybe don’t connect too with anything other than the young man was in very bad neighborhood and a late, late hour. Nonetheless, we want to take extra precautions. Our people should be advised to take extra precautions.

US Steel Corp– The US steel companies forced to change mind about price hikes. Two US steel companies, including the gigantic US Steel Corporation, have agreed to reduce planned price increases under pressure from the Carter Administration, which has pledged to fight inflation (microphone clicks off and on) which tends to wreck an economy, said President [Jimmy] Carter. US Steel, the country’s largest producer, announced that it had planned an increase of ten dollars and a half a ton, and now it will be modified to be competitive in the market on a product-by-product basis. He gave no other details. An hour later, Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Corporation, which had planned the same rise as US Steel, made a similar statement. The measures were intended to recover costs connected with the new coal miners’ agreement, reached two weeks ago to end a 115-day strike, (stumbles over words) that failed to receive the backing that it should from the head of all labor, AFL-CIO head, [George] Meany. No funds were allotted to them, to help them in their near-starvation like existence in resisting the slave-class property owners that run the mines inadequately, without proper safety measures, not even giving proper ventilation, thus assuring the average miner in the USA dies at 44 years of age, with silicosis, black lung disease, spitting out their lungs, piece by piece. The administration of the US Steel corporations, however, contended that the new management would have to have a four-dollar a ton increase to steel cost, or it would break the back entirely of US Steel. At this time, they have not be able to get a four dollar increase, as the president and other members of Congress are using firm measures of pressure on them to stop them from increasing their prices.

New news has been brought to light that the Soviet Union, by their own confirmation of Tass new agencies, do have the capability within their reach of destroying all play, uh– space platforms, all spy satellites, any (unintelligible word) weapon that the USA or any other enemy of the people might put into outer space. The Soviet Union, Tass News Agency, would not comment on Secretary of State [Cyrus] Vance’s charges that they possess such weapons that defied the imagination, even though they said it is true. We have been forced to develop things that we are not fond of, out of concern about the inhumanitarian system of capitalism. Said capitalism has no hesitation in developing bombs of the most barbaric proportions, bombs such as the neutron, that destroys all people, living things, without touching the precious possession of property, which is the capitalist god. So the Soviet Union has unheralded and escalated no doubt in the era in the arms race out of necessity by breakthrough in some laser technology, some beam technology, that can destroy all orbiting satellites or missiles coming in. So the rumor has now been given documentation, that the Soviet Union possesses the capability of marching them out in outer space, not only just 400 miles before they reach Soviet territory and the missiles come back into the atmosphere, but they can now actually stop the missiles the moment they get into orbit, just minutes after they leave the United States or some enemy capitalist submarine from fascist USA, they can be stopped by satellite laser. Soviets are now orbiting space platforms and killer satellites– killer satellites that can destroy any orbiting weapon, missile or bomb headed for the Soviet Union. Details were not given, but it was confirmed by Tass news agencies from Moscow that the Soviet Union had had this breakthrough. Stand by. (microphone clicks off and on)

Remember the important news of yesterday, that due to a vast intelligence network in Nigeria, the president of Nigeria [likely Olusegun Obasanjo, head of military government of Nigeria], under– uncovered through his undercover people in the Hilton Hotel–


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–of Nigeria to control OPEC oil prices and benefit US capitalism. This was discovered– the president of Nigeria, which you need to look at, in the upper western regions, northwest regions of Africa, to see the beautiful country of Nigeria, oil-rich– one of the oil-rich nations of the world, and black, the president of black Nigeria stated that all agreements reached by President Carter were null and void. He did not trust the Carter regime, as you recall.

New French government that’d been named, uh, French Prime Minister Raymond Barre, has had to bring communist each day into more and more consultations, as labor and student unrest is reflected throughout Flance– France. Mr. Barre’s, Prime Minister of France’s new team, rightist center regime, has not announced his cabinet support to this date. He has not immediately made full of cabinet appointments, because of deep-rooted hostilities for his regime by the left, that almost won with a candidate– a Communist candidate, [Francois] Mitterrand, and a coalition of socialist and Communist forces. At the last minute, the media played some tricks to divide socialist and communist, and employers refused to allow people off to go to vote, and he even suggested that there was military interference, gendarmes interference, with the ballot boxes, thus bringing about a right-of-center government under Prime Minister Raymond Barre. However, the left in such form of strong coalition that they have never witnessed in France before, have stopped Prime Minister Barre of France from appointing cabinet ministers without consultation with the communist and socialist and all Marxist elements of his country. Stand by. (microphone clicks off for several moments)

The taxi drivers who are complaining about the low increases they got in the revised fare structure (microphone clicks off and on) have been instructed by Minister of Works and Transport officials to put their proposals in writing and submit them for consideration. It was disclosed yesterday by Comrade (unintelligible name), principal assistant secretary of the ministry, that despite several discussions with representatives of the taxi men in Guyana, he had not yet received any written proposals from them. Last Saturday, taxi men plying in and around the city with (unintelligible word under tape break-up) from the traveling public, after complaining that the increases given them were not reasonable in the light of their additional expenses they had to pay due to the rise in costs of licenses and (unintelligible word) certificates, and vehicle parts and maintenance that has caused a rise of prices of parts due to others thought by many to be a kind of economic boycott of capitalism and a manipulation on the balance of payments, the debt that Guyana has burdening upon itself in spite of the brave efforts of Guyanese officials to not buy any products from abroad, to not export anything from any other area of the world, and to consume only what we can produce in Guyana. Following a meeting on Sunday, the (unintelligible name) taximen decided to resume at the former fare of fifty cents until nego– negotiations with the ministry were completed. Yesterday, representatives of the (same unintelligible name) and the Hospital Hire Car Drivers and Owners Road Safety Association also raised a number of other complaints at a meeting with the officers responsible for traffic, Deputy Commissioner (unintelligible name) at police headquarters (unintelligible word). Also present at the meeting were Traffic Chief Gilbert Temmet [phonetic] and Comrade Singh, and also the Works and Transport Ministry. One of the complaints by the association was that the car park on (unintelligible name) Street set aside for their use was also being used by other cars, and as a result, they were seeking a special parking area from the government for their members. But the association was informed by the traffic officials that the area was not designated for their exclusive use. They were advised to organize a better system of parking while waiting for passengers. A proposal for an area by the Bourdeu [phonetic] Market to be made available for members of the Taximen’s Association, (pause) a trade union here in Guyana to discharge and pick up passengers is however being considered by the governmental traffic authorities. Other complaints made by the association are also being looked into with promise that they’ll be resolved, Comrade Rag– Ragavere [phonetic] stated. Stand by. (microphone clicks off for several moments)

Prime Minister Robert Bradshaw, black (pause) Basseterre, St. Kitts, uh, was back home after three weeks of extensive surgery in Britain. He is still unable to resume official duties, according to a medical bulletin issued here. The bulletin said Prime Minister Bradshaw was continuing to receive medical treatment at his Basseterre residence in St. Kitts, where a party of Dutch (unintelligible phrase) officials, along with acting premier Paul Southwell, visited him Monday. St. Kitts-Nevis prime minister retome– returned home from London last week after undergoing what has been described as a major double operation to his chest. It is suspected it was cancer. Prime Minister Bradshaw was discharged from the London hospital, but according to an earlier release, had to be readmitted and taken back. After his first release in January 31, he had to be taken back to London again for a specialized surgery in England that is known to be very, very exceptional for cancer surgery on the lungular [lumbar] region [Editor’s note: Bradshaw died of prostate cancer about six weeks after this tape was made]. He was re-introduced to the hospital surgical department on the twenty-first of February, at which time he spent some three weeks after resting up, three weeks of surgery off and on. Reliable sources say that the prime minister will be away from office for some time yet, but the medical bulletins followed weekend criticisms in the opposition democratic newspaper, and what it is said was the long silence about the prime minister’s health. The paper described the lack of information on Prime Minister Bradshaw’s health as a gross insult to the people who pick up the bills, which it claims have amounted to some 23,000 dollars last year alone, for (unintelligible name) hospitalization, a reference to Prime Minister Bradshaw’s two months in the local hospital earlier in 1977. The democrat socialist-leaning newspaper opposition added, some people are quite ready to cast blame, because the whole population has not gone into sackcloth and ashes to do penance on Mr. Bradshaw’s behalf, but in all honesty, (unintelligible phrase) our people know about the condition of the prime minister. Stand by. (microphone clicks off and on)

Public opinion, after demanding that police use kinder methods, has been successfully implemented by the government of the socialist leader, Prime Minister [Michael] Manley of Jamaica. Now, another public opinion poll on the use of force by the Jamaican police has shown that the majority of people now feel that the law uh, of Jamaica used just enough force and not too much in dealing with suspects. This poll was conducted by universities of the West Indies, lecturer Dr. Carl Carstone [phonetic] showed that some 61 percent of the sample in Kingston and four– 37% in rural areas felt that the police used just enough force. That’s a strong indication that there’s been improvement in Jamaica’s approach to law enforcement.

Two Italians whose yacht sank after colliding with a whale near Guyana have been rescued, according to radio reports. (unintelligible name) and Anselmo Monsigni [phonetic] were picked up on Sunday by a Guyanese ship after drifting in a lifeboat– lifeboat– a lifeboat for some 73 days after colliding with a whale.

A large Venu– Venezuelan drug ring has been jailed. Venezuelans in a conspiracy to transport drugs have been sentenced to nine months in prison by the Port au Spain magistrate in Trinidad on drug charges, just days after government forces announced plans to expand Trinidad’s 3000-strong police force to cope with narcotics trafficking. Police said the men, reported to be from Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, which is ten miles just to our– due west, the nate– great nation of Venezuela, oil-rich nation that is taking a strong independent course from USA, by the way. Its foreign minister [Simón Alberto Consalvi] struck out again at attempts by the corporate interest of the USA to dominate third world nations, and by US collusion in assisting the dreaded dictatorship of [Anastasio] Somoza in Nicaragua and the Guatemalan dictatorship [led by President Kjell Laugerud] in its efforts to intrude into the sovereign territory of the black nation of Belize, known on your map as British Honduras. You’re to study all these matters. Anyway, the Venezuelan government had been taking a very protective role for the third world and for the emerging independent nations and their cry for total liberation. Police said the men, reported to be from Caracas, Venezuela, involved in drug traffic, were found in possession of cocaine, which the– wi– the court prosecutor estimated to be valued at over 500,000 US dollars. Yet they were only sentenced to nine months imprisonment by a Port au Spain magistrate. It seems that drug charges in this part of the world do not carry the heavy sentencing that com– comparable drug charges would carry in the USA. The prosecutor told the court that the Venezuelans were held in the suburban district of St. James, Port au Spain, with the illegal drug on March 23. Through interpreters, the men denied having the drugs on them, even though witnesses gave clear proof otherwise. We are opposed to all drugs. We believe that drugs is a part of the opiate of capitalism to destroy the minds and oppress the minds of the working class. That’s why we use no drugs or hard liquor or tobacco, for health reasons and socialist discipline. We are glad that no hard-line drugs such as cocaine are noted in this part of the world to affect and disease the minds of the Guyanese people. We shall hope that that always remains the same, ‘cause nothing needs to be more firmly opposed than drug usage, because it is an evil, an unacceptable social practice, an anti-socialist practice in a socialist country, such as beautiful Guyana.

Prime Minister Brezhnev, president also of the Soviet– Supreme Soviet, Leonid Brezhnev, will visit West Germany, which had been moving more and more towards fascism, in early May, in response to a four-year-old invitation, the government said Monday night. It was rather surprising that President Leonid Brezhnev from the Soviet Union, the vanguard of Marxist-Leninist liberation forces assisting people throwing off the shackles of colonialism in Africa such as Ethiopia – note it on your map – Zambia, Mozambique, Angola, and now the Patriotic Front, backing the Patriotic Front faithfully, in the Zimbabwean struggle, or what the white man shows on the map as Rhodesia. Gave no exact date for Prime Minister Brezhnev’s arrival, but informed sources spoke of the end of the first week in May. The invitation was first issued by Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in 1974, and was to have been taken up by 1976, in that it has been postponed several times, most recently in February this year, when Prime Minister Brezhnev fell ill with influenza, reportedly, and declined to go to Germany, that is the fascist segment of Germany.

West Germany, as you know, is a capitalist country that has bordered on fascism these days in its handling of dissent and its racist policies, demanding expulsion of immigrant labor and its renewed campaign against people of color and its oppressive treatment of Jews. The East German nation, the GDR, German Democratic Republic, on the other hand, is a communist nation that has compensated Jews. There is not a Jew in that country that still does not get at least 600 dollars monthly, just because of them being Jews and treated horribly under the hard, dreaded brutal regime of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, before East Germany and West Germany were separated. East Germany is communist, one of the most prosperous nations on earth, even according to capitalist opinion. West Germany is capitalist and one of the most oppressive, racist regimes on earth. East Germany does not ever suggest anything derogatory about its immigrants and encourages them, by giving them all benefits of their state. East Germany has full employment, West Germany has 16 percent unemployment in real fact, and is attempting to get all of its immigrant labor expelled, and racism is running rampant.

But a news conference last Friday, government spokesman Klaus Bolling [phonetic] said despite the delays in the Soviet Communist Party chief’s arrival, both Bonn and Moscow consider the visit to be necessary because of its great political significance. The full import of this meeting is not known. But it is said that West Germany has had to impress and strongly appeal to the Soviet Communist leader to come because of the conditions of the capitalist world market. An emergency meeting will be held in July in Bonn at the USA’s request, to try to do something against Japanese protectionist policies and West German protectionist policies, as well as their high tariffs and surplus, that’s causing USA to have to buy more than it sells, and the reverse true with West Germany. There is some sentiment that West Germany may be trying to break away from the economic dependence upon the capitalist OECD. This is only rumor. President Brezhnev of the great Soviet Union, the mother of all revolution, and the beginning of the heroic revolution under Lenin, Vladimir Lenin, in October 1917, Comrade Brezhnev was last in West Germany in May 1973, when he and Herr Schmidt, prime minister of Germany then, West Germany, capitalist, fascist West Germany, signed a communiqué, saying the ties between West Berlin and West Germany would be respected in pertuity [perpetuity]. That means forever.

Former President Gerald Ford has today hinted he might try for the presidency in 1980, but he refused to declare directly that he would be a candidate. He has received much more industrial support, even small businesses that had formerly been supporting Carter, due to Carter’s stand about South Africa, even though it’s just public posturing, as president of Nigeria said, it was hypocritical posturing to try to hoodwink the Nigerian people. Apparently business interest in USA is taking him serious when he says that black majority rule must be the law of the day in Africa, even in South Africa, Union of South Africa, in the dreaded apartheid regime– apartheid meaning racist separation, terrible racial separation, total segregation that requires black people to have numbers on them, and that they must be into their concentration camp-like existence by sundown. Anyway, Ford is encouraged by the defectors, even from the Democratic administration of Carter, and he told a photo industry convention here, “Let me assure you, I’m healthy, I’m active, and I’ll be around in 1980 for another try at it.” Later when asked whether he would be a candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination in 1980, he said, “I thought I’d answered that at the outset, by saying I’ll be around in 1980.” Mr. Ford, under whose administration Guyanese and US relationship went to an all-time low, when Guyanese Prime Minister Dr. [Forbes] Burnham, head of our Peoples National Congress, prime minister of our socialist Guyana, at that time demanded the recall of the US ambassador and brought back his own ambassador from Washington, D.C. It was a dark, eerie period– eerie period– eerie period. Stand by. (Microphone clicks off and on) It was a very dark and eerie era and period during that awesome time in which Ford and [Henry] Kissinger attempted to dictate Guyana’s policies about the way vanguard liberators from Cuba that were flying troops through Georgetown, having their planes refueled on their way to Angola, which was subsequently liberated from the colonialist rule of fascist Portugal. Note Angola on your map on the west coast of Africa. At that time, the prime minister told Kissinger, who demanded to see Prime Minister Burnham, to fly on over from Brazil, and not stop. Mr. Ford took over the presidency in August 1974, when his colleague, Richard Nixon, resigned in disgrace over the Watergate scandals, ‘cause the system after utilizing Nixon, and he being one of their chief agents, tried to bring about imperialist domination, it still did not move at the pace that suited them, and being that there’s no protection in capitalism, he was forced to resign in disgrace, which caused his wife [Pat Nixon] three he– heart attacks and himself two strokes. Even though he never went to jail, he lives with that burden. Capitalism never backs you up. Capitalism backs no one up. It thinks only of the particular more powerful elements of the ruling class, and even they will war amongst themselves in the final death throes of capitalism, they’ll be cutting each other’s jugular.

He lost, as you know, Ford did narrowly to Carter, in the November 1976 presidential elections, after winning the Republican nomination in a hard battle with former California Governor Ronald Reagan, who has moved sharply to the far, far right. It is suspected that Governor Reagan very well may likely get the nomination of the Republican Party that Ford could not make it, because Governor Ronald Reagan has become the darling of the Republican Central Committee and most elements of the Republican Party. Ford left Washington in January 1977, when Mr. Carter took over the White House.

President Carter appeals to the Panamanians to please accept the Panamanian Treaty with all of its amendments, some 60. The Panamanian prime minister [likely reference to Omar Torrijos] said, there is little room for the dignity of the Panamanian people in this masquerade treaty that is supposed to give sovereignty by the end of this century over the canal and other properties that’ve been dominated by US capital, back to the Panamanian people. Carter threatened that such elements as Governor Reagan and other rightist fascist elements in US society, have made such pressure for a very compromised Panamanian treaty, that if the Panamanian government does not accept the treaty that has come before the Senate now, even with all of its amendments and compromises, that there will be no treaty at all. The Panamanian president– prime minister retaliated in kind and said there’ll probably be civil strife, community reaction by violence against the properties of USA in Panama, if a fair and just treaty is not negotiated for the Panamanian people and their right to own their own canal. Unheard of, that they would even have to sign a treaty and be disgraced to sign a treaty that would not give them control of their Panamanian canal– uh, own people of Panama that control their right for property until the end of the century or in the year 2000. As you know, (unintelligible word) we’re doing that dark period, the White Night period, while all the government leaders of Guyana were out signing that treaty also, to give sovereignty to the Panamoni– Panama Canal, to the people, that [Kit Nascimento] one leader left here who turned to be a representative of the CIA, attempted to actually destroy this nation, and to take us on by force– if necessary by force of arms. But we won our right and our liberties. We maintained our freedom vigilantly in a six-day– six-night, seven-day stand, we overcame, and never had anything like that to contend with since that time.

Well, I’ve given you some of the news, general coverages that ought you to inspire you to look at your map. Be sure you study the world map, as I said. Be sure that the rules that I gave about stealing are posted in the warehouse, the Central Supply. Be moreover certain that those– all residents of Jonestown write up a small paper of your possessions and particularly those who have had any pattern of thievery must be displayed wide– uh, widely, to see that we will have no more thievery. You still have about approximately eight hours– eight-and-a-half hours to turn in anything that you’ve stolen, get it in now. There’s an amnesty, no questions will be asked. If, after eight-and-a-half hours tonight, by tonight for the movies, Steering Committee, and the Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement, if by that time you have not turned in the items you’ve stolen, and made confession of same, you will be receiving the most difficult kind of punishment and discipline, because a socialist society cannot, will not, must not tolerate people stealing from the people. In capitalism, when you stole from big department stores, you could rationalize that you’re stealing from the propertied and bourgeoisie capitalist elements. Here when you steal, you are stealing from a fellow laborer, from the people, from a socialist comrade, and it’s the gravest form of crime, it’s the gravest criminal act against the people. We will not tolerate it.

Know I love you, know that rules will be maintained. I will not be predictable, because I’m a gentle person, and loving, caring. I’d go to the end of the world to be compassionate and gentle with the people. But I will not be predicted [predictable] in terms of rule of law, so that no one will attempt to destroy the sovereign peace and protection that you have, more guarantees of life, more guarantees, prospects of life, liberty and happiness, and future guarantees of medical care and food, here, we’re getting six months of food supplies in, you have more guarantees than any peoples on earth. So we are urgently asking you to comply, because the law of Jonestown is just but not predictable. Thank you, and I do love you very much.

End of tape