How many Guyanese died in Jonestown? Did any other non-Americans die?

Of the 918 people who died on November 18, 1978 in Guyana, 886 were born in the United States, and another 15 children were born to American parents in Jonestown.

Of the remaining 17 people, eight were native-born Guyanese. All of them were children, the oldest being 16. Half the number of these children had already been adopted or were in the process of being adopted by Jonestown residents. They were:

  • Dereck Dawson, 15
  • David George, 17
  • Gabrielle George, 11
  • Philip George, 9
  • Jimmy Gill, 16
  • Marchelle Jacole Jones, 9 months (twin)
  • Monyelle Maylene Jones, 9 months (twin)
  • Neal Shaun Welcome, 3

The nine others who died in Jonestown and who were not born in the United States included:

  • Two young adults from South Korea adopted as children by Temple families: Lew Jones, by Jim and Marceline Jones; and Betty Jean Tschetter, by Mary and Alfred Tschetter;
  • Deirdre McMurry, a teenager born in Germany (although it is almost certain she was born on a U.S. military base and thus would be considered American-born);
  • Dov Lundquist, an 11-year old child whose American mother gave birth to him in Mexico so he would have dual citizenship;
  • Avis Breidenbach and Cleveland Garcia, two siblings from British Honduras (now known as Belize);
  • Santiago Rosa, a young adult from Honduras;
  • Peter Wotherspoon, an adult from Chile; and
  • Ethel Belle, an elderly woman from Montserrat in the British West Indies.