Annotated Transcript Q1018

(Editor’s note: This tape was transcribed by Nicole Bissett. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

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Jones: (conversational tone) This is regression, and when I finish, (Pause) I’ll get myself lost here, if you– if I– if I were not careful, I’d get lost from what I have to do. I gotta get three people’s names off this list, they’re still on here. Three people gonna be dead, if things aren’t changed in this atmosphere. That’s a hell of a load to carry. When you know that, and you carry that. then you would– you don’t listen– no, you don’t talk anymore about a loving deity out there. ‘Cause I know who saves you. I know who brings you out of hospital. I know I didn’t put you in the hospital, but I know damn well if you get out of it, I got you out.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Now there is nothing in this universe except, like– l– we have first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, and high school, and college, and Ph.D.s, well, on up in the other planets, there’s a higher planets. They can not intrude here. Only I. I was the greatest on that planet. Only I could get down here. They can’t do it. They can’t make a contact or communicate to get into your body, to help you, and they have no way, uh– If they had it, they’d do it. They have no way to bring all their knowledge t– here. If you raise in a mental consciousness, you can raise out. You could go out, and go on that plane. I could leave this body in ten or fifteen seconds. I could leave this body. In just a will, and I’d be gone. I have to fight it hard, because it’s easiest thing– Now you try very hard to stay awake, cause I’m noticing extremely closely all of you that’re sleeping. And when I make this kind of photostatic awareness– uh, tonight, (Clears throat) I don’t think I’ll forget it. And, even back there, you’re not sitting comfortably enough back there with the– the diving board. I can still see your eyeballs there. (pause) You will get out of this earthbound state when you rise to the sensitivity of that next planet. You go on. How you got down here– uh, it sounds too much like the– you know, uh, Adam and Eve story or some damn thing. You– You– I don’t want to get into it. You thought you were on a good mission, I guess. And you came here, and I came here to get you, and it’s too limited a thing, and it’s too, uh– it’s a– it’s a– it’s a form of uh– uh, deviation, it can get us away from the fundamental of socialism, but it’s a fact, and I know that down deep, intrinsically inside me, I had to come down here to get you folk. ‘Cause you shouldna come to this damn place, I told you not to come anyway. But you did. And you got my ass in it because I love you. (pause) You were all in a better place than this. Well, for nearly all. (pause) But there is no thing out there that’s got control over all these bodies. There’s only about fifty million inhabited planets – fifty million – I’m talkin’ about fifty million inhabited planets that’s got people on them of some sort or another. They don’t look like you. And (Clears throat) some of them are not much higher than you, but uh, this is about as low as you can get. But there’s much higher developments than this. But there no planet out there that’s got dominion over all of these forces in life. And I think some people coming up with so– theories now that I’ve said a long time ago, that lot of the stuff they got in the Bible was just contact with an outer world. But you won’t get contact again, in that uh, mechanical contact, you won’t be lucky enough to get it, because uh, (short laugh) the long time that it takes to get here. Some of the people, for instance, the Ark of the Covenant that uh, that uh, no doubt could have been the uh– just a– a box that people were sp– hearing from outer space. They could’ve heard somebody speaking from outer space, because they died when they touched that box. Coulda been very much just a mechanical instrument of a highly devo– uh, developed civilization, and it kept people in their– in– under a kind of control. More likely, you’re seeing those folk, uh, it took them probably to the closest inhabited star, it took them thirty-five thousand years to get here by time – our time – but time’s relative, so they may be on their, only on their second day of flight back. And that’s too damn complicated to go into, but uh, they haven’t even got home yet, the people that was down here with the Ark of the Covenant. But they don’t age, you don’t age when you get out there, you know, you can be traveling two time– two– two days at the speed of light and get out there with certain forces uh– of nature that we don’t understand, or you don’t understand, and uh, they won’t be aging, but they’ve actually been traveling for several thousands of years, but they still are not home. So it’s– it’s a long time to get here from that nearest star, so you’re gonna have to wait’ll they get home, report on what happened from the Ark of the Covenant before they send somebody else back. (Slight laugh)

Congregation: (Slight laughter)

Jones: It’s a big, big system. I don’t know you’re understanding what I’m saying. You havin’– you followin’ what I’m sayin’ about this space travel?

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: They’re not aging that rapidly, but they’ve been travelin’ for several thousands of years by your time, but it’s not like that when they get out there a– away from the earth. The time span doesn’t seem like that, maybe two or three days of time in their life of the aging. (Pauses, moves microphone) It’s a big stu– a big subject. But it’s too damn big to say there’s a loving lil– little creature up there that sees all, knows all, and can do some about everything. Because if he can, he should do something about it. ‘Cause there’s a hell of a lot of things that need treatment. So uh, nobody– if he did– if he did exist, he’s gone. He died. Got too much for him. He created too much. I saw one time, a mother cat had 21 kittens. She looked at ‘em and died.

Congregation: (laughs)

Jones: She did. She said, it’s too much, it’s too much. They was all tryin’ to get– get at her, and I was just a lil– little– little fella, and she died. They said she had too many cats. I– I don’t know, it’s just vague in my mind whether I saw her die, but that’s what happened, they brought her up, and said she died because she looked at the cats, she just looked at the cats and died. Well that– Maybe that’s what happened to him, he created too much for himself, and he just died. I still got three people on the list, now I’m tryin’ to get ‘em all off. (Pause) But I’m saying that no one as loving as I could have created this universe.

Congregation: (quietly affirms)

Jones: And I don’t think anybody as loving as most of you could’ve done it, because you wouldn’t have done it. Now some of you would, some of you get awfully lonely for people. I can see some of you just goin’– I believe you’d go stir crazy if you didn’t have people.

Congregation: (murmurs)

Jones: I could spend about forty thousand years and– (Exhales) Well, I won’t– I don’t want to make anybody frightened by my feeling. But some of you gotta have people someplace along, and there’s some of you don’t need people, you could go several years, you think– But some of you’d make some folk, yeah, sure as hell, because you get too lonely. And maybe that’s what he did. He knew better, but he got lonely. He was just too selfish. But it didn’t happen that way. There wasn’t any being that created this universe. It’s a law of perpetual energy and change that uh– Nothing be served by going into it, but maybe one day I will, if we can ever get some of the nonsense out of the way.

But don’t confuse yourself by saying that a loving being could created all this suffering. And if as– as– as– sister, Professor [Edith] Roller said, if he did, why didn’t he have enough intelligence to see what he was creating? If he turned it over to man, and man made such a mess of it, he should’ve known that and not made man. Or to make a devil, who’s supposed to have influenced man. It all goes back to the first cause. The mistake. The mistake. If you have babies, if you bring children into this world – you – if you bring children into this world, and they go wrong, it’s your fault. (Pause) Yeah, it’s your fault, ‘cause you brought ‘em here.

Congregation: (quiet response)

Jones: Now don’t feel badly about that, ‘cause some of you didn’t know any better. You didn’t have anybody to teach you. That’s the very dilemma about me. Bringing natural children, I always had that dilemma, I knew, whatever you do, you bring ‘em in, it’s your fault. You say, well, I didn’t cause my children to do what they did, but you brought them here.

Congregation: (responds quietly)

Jones: So in that way, you’re a little bit like God. So be careful before you bring folk around. ‘Cause if they go wrong, you did it. ‘Cause they couldn’t’ve done it, if you hadna brought ‘em there.

Congregation: (Quiet response)

Jones: Say, ol’ love brought ‘em here. Don’t give me no shit now, honey, I know what brought ‘em here.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: I know some of you women wanted a– a baby. You said I wanted a baby when I did it. But most of the men wasn’t thinkin’ ‘bout doin’ nothin’ but foolin’ around. But even so, when you wanted a baby, did you want it for the baby, or for you? Did you ask the baby?

Congregation: (quietly responds)

Jones: No, you wanted it for you.

Voice in Congregation: That’s right.

Jones: You want something to hold, somethin’ to love uh, somethin’ to need you. ‘Cause if you really wanted to love it, you’da left it where it was. You know, if you want to love somethin’, you don’t create it in such pain. (Pause) But it’s a little too heavy, and I think sometimes I get too heavy for folk, ‘cause they want to keep on havin’ babies. And then they get mad, they won’t go out and say well, I– I just wanna be selfish and have a baby, they– they go out and say Father’s an– this or that or the other. They have to tell a lie on Father, they have to tell some lie onto the church, rather than say I just wanted to have a baby, and I wanna be selfish. If you do, I won’t fight with you. We’ve had a whole lot of people done a lot worse things than have babies, so I’ll let you have your baby, if that’s what you want. But I’m tellin’ you, it sure ain’t the way to go. If we could possibly adopt babies, that’s the way to– to go. The only we should bring children in– and it’s a perfectly selfish thing then, maintaining a group to try to keep that group alive, for the greatest good the greatest number is to have more babies to more population to keep the group alive. A survival kind of tactic. I hope it never comes to that. (Pause) Now how many– There was a sister back there that asked, uh, wanted to say something, way back behind the pool.

Woman: (barely audible) Ah, Father, I wanted to say, I raised my hand, I wanted to ask a question, I wanted you to clarify– (Unintelligible)

Jones: There’s enough energy that I could uh– (pause) (slight chuckle) give you a glorified body, if people had the attention. I could– I can do that now, if people will give me enough faith. But people don’t give me very much faith. Some of you do, but then some of you don’t, and some folk don’t hardly ever give me any faith at all. But I’ve got a lot of creative potential, and my energy field– uh– I get my energy from your faith to do– I don’t have to get uh, any faith from you to achieve some things, I achieve some things all alone. Other people, there’s not a one to help me, not one. But there are areas– there are areas that we could achieve, such as no dying, if people would keep my teachings about diet. Hell, they won’t do it. Eat too much, they won’t eat the right things, they won’t uh, follow my procedures. Simple thing like uh, one thing I’ve said, a key to life, it came to me by the most astounding revelation was, to witness to twenty people a day with genuine love and concern about this truth. How many do it? (Pause) Twenty people a day, consistently, you’ve done it every day. (Pause) No, so? See what I’m saying? (Clears throat) It’s not important enough, or someway we get busy, or we get carried away with our other responsibilities. But if everyone took me literally and followed me completely and one hundred percent wholeheartedly, we’d see some more dramatic things than we’ve seen, and we’ve really seen some tremendous things.

The fact that we function, we’ve just got to quit it because (moves microphone) uh, people don’t follow my teachings that close. I’m drawing too much on me. I’m not getting any help, I’m drawing on me. But the fact that we go so much without sleep is a miracle in itself. On the roads, it’s got to stop to some degree. We’re– I’ll get these meetings down, when I have the full intuitive release that I know the channel of which way I’m to go. And I’m in the– And I’m in the probing stage. I’m ‘bout to make some conclusions. This night’ll be a very significant night. It needs to be weighed by every leader. Even though it’s late, and it’s hard to test– test a thing out this late, but I’m so directed to do so tonight.

Anybody have any other question, because I’ve got two names still here on this list. Quick question. Nothing else but a quick question, I don’t want any– any comments or testimonies. So help me, Hannah, you got to learn when I ask for a question, I mean question, not a testimony, and when I want a testimony, (moves microphone) to be sure to give me that. Just give me exactly what I’m asking for. I’m not reflecting on any of you that standing, but so often I ask for a question, I get everything but a question. Yes, uh, Sister Shakeschneider, you had some thought.

Woman in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: Go ahead now, la– that’s a good point. You felt enough for your mother. There nothin’– you know, a lot of people don’t even feel enough to get the message with their own mother. Now what’d you say about your mother?

Woman in congregation: I was only nine years old, but I know how she suffered, and she didn’t get any love or help from– from upstairs.

Jones: No.

Woman in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: No, it doesn’t come from upstairs. Yes, any other question? Now you’re not gonna have to change your belief to be here. ‘Cause what is the– you say God is love, so if you believe in love, you can be here. You can have perfect fellowship with us. Said– Jesus said, by this shall all men know that you’re my disciples, ‘cause you have love one for another, so you’ve got no problem (John 13:35, “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”). Love, yes? Mm-hmm [Yes]?

Woman in congregation: (Inaudible)

Teenager: When I read your book, it seems that you’re saying the same thing, but yet when I come here, it seems that you’re saying something different. I don’t understand. And I– I’ve, you know, spoken to you, and uh, you know, you say, well, you know, the– the experiences that I’ve had, you say, well, that was me.

Jones: Um-hmm [Yes].

Teenager: You know, but– yet when I– I read the book, I– you know, I understand it, you know, according to the– you know, the way I understand it, and then when you talk, you know, it’s di– to me, it– it’s– to me it sounds different. However, I ma– make this statement. Uh–

Jones: (interrupts) Well this– the spoken words are a little higher consciousness on– on anything written. When I’m speaking directly, it’s a higher consciousness than something written. Written’ll be in parables, but when I’m speaking, if you ask me pretty clearly, you’ll get it.

Teenager: Uh, on Sunday, the question, I don’t– don’t remember the lady, you know, that said it, but I got a lot from it, I have on my mind– I mean, I forget real fast, and uh, I don’t remember it, uh, your answer–

Jones: Um-hmm [Yes].

Teenager: –you said, well, let me do the preachin’. That particular person that I’m speaking about. I got a lot from, you know, what was said to you. Meantime I’d like to ask–

Jones: (interrupts) She was tryin’ to make me God, I think, uh, too publicly.

Teenager: Uh, meantime, I’d like to ask this: Uh– uh– I– Is there uh– you know, like sixtyfold and thirtyfold–

Jones: That’s thirtyfold, uh, sixtyfold, uh, sixty percent, thirty percent, a hundred percent? Uh, yeah, a hundred percent love, a hundred percent se– uh, sen– sensitivity? Yeah, that’s– that’s me (Matthew 13:8, “But other fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, some thirtyfold.” See also, Matthew 13:23; Matthew 19:29; Mark 4:8; Mark 4:20; Mark 10:30; and Luke 8:8). And then everybody else falls in some line down there, somewhere.

Teenager: Well, I– that’s what I’m trying to find out, where?

Jones: Well, uh– You want me to pull out a percentage for you?

Teenager: No, not in that sense. I–

Jones: I don’t think so, and I wouldn’t want to do so.

Teenager: No, I mean, not to say that– in this (unintelligible under Jones) the other.

Jones: It wouldn’t be fair. Be a class system. (Pause) Go ahead.

Teenager: Uh, there is, or is there such?

Jones: Is there is what?

Teenager: Uh, sixty percent, you know–

Jones: Yeah. Sixty percent of somethin’.

Teenager: I mean, for instance–

Jones: There’s sixty percent. It would depend what you’re looking for.

Teenager: For an example, uh, uh, in Los Angeles, when you called the gentleman out–

Jones: Yeah.

Teenager: –and uh, you dealt with him. Uh– As I understand it, I’ve seen, you know, similar, and I think that– this is what I would call a sixty percent. Coming into this place, maybe I haven’t reach the place, you know, that, uh, one hundred percent of perfection like you have, but I would, you know, call this a sixty percent or forty percent, is this true?

Jones: You said, based on calling out someone?

Teenager: Your mind, the mind, you know, we have the, you know, like, from what I understand, you have the mind of God, the perfect mind of God.

Jones: I have a perfect uh, loving mind.

Teenager: Well, per– mmm, loving mind. (Chuckles)

Jones: Loving mind. “God” is a word that I’d like to get away from, because it’s something that has been used so much by the church age and it represents a false concept. Represents something false. God goes back to all this notion of somebody out there with uh, dominion over everything. (pause) Love is God. God is love, so love is God. So we ought to turn it just around. We’ve said God is love, so let’s just turn around and make love, God. I’m one hundred percent loving. I’m one hundred percent sensitive to get you to the only heaven there is, a planet out there. Or to bring it about here. So I’m one hundred percent that which you need to develop. If you’ll become as sensitive as I am, you’ll go as high as you can go.

Teenager: If this is a state of mind, right?

Jones: More than a state of mind, it’s a state of feeling and love. It uh– Yes, it’s more than mind power. The mind power comes because I’m so loving. But the mind power isn’t the– isn’t the way you judge me. It’s the love that’s the hundred percent. I’m one hundred percent love. (Pause) One hundred percent love. It’s not because I got these gifts. Because I’m loving, I happen to have some faculties, but that isn’t– doesn’t prove that I’m a hun– one hundred percent, because I can heal the sick and raise the dead. I’m the most loving person there is, unfortunately. Here– what’s your trouble (unintelligible under teenager)

Teenager: (unintelligible lead-in) clear what I was asking about, but I–

Jones: Okay, well, go ahead, as– and ask, till you get clear.

Teenager: Uh, the statement– what I was asking about, you know, the way you were dealing with, uh, the man in Los Angeles, you know, you– you were sending your mind– his mind was becoming your mind, uh, you know–

Jones: Um-hmm.

Teenager: – and why?

Jones: Yeah, when I spoke through him.

Teenager: Yes. Well I say, you know, you don’t have sixty percent of people, you know, maturing to this state. Or do you?

Jones: Well, he didn’t do a thing, I did it.

Teenager: Yes, surely. Surely.

Jones: You see, I– I sent my mind through him.

Teenager: Right, I mean, I– this I understand.

Jones: But don’t– don’t– don’t make an– a– I don’t– the judgment of sixty percent wouldn’t be based on whether he could do that. That’s been a whole mistaken ballgame. We’ve judged by the f– gifts, and you’ve got to get the fruits.

Teenager: (Laughs)

Jones: It’s a mixture, maybe. If a person that had a sixtyfold understanding might have some talents. He might have no talent to heal in that sense, or any talent to see the thoughts of someone. It’s a state of love, love. And you could be very well, though you don’t have any overt calling out, you could be in the 90 percent. There’s a– a lot of love and concern in you. I wouldn’t want to make any categories here, because then you got a class system. But there’s some people here who think they’re gifted to heal.

Teenager: Mm-hmm [Yes].

Jones: Or gifted to– uh, to uh, prophesy, or to preach, and they’re ten percent.

Congregation: (affirms)

Jones: They say they laid hands on somebody some time, and they got healed. Well, it was the faith of the person that got healed. They didn’t even do it. Uh– So this thing that I’m working for is a hundred percent, so– (Stumbles over words) to make it this, it’s uh, are you– how much socialist are you? I’m a hundred percent socialistic, a hundred percent caring, a hundred percent fatherly– Maybe that’s a bad word, maybe it should be motherly. Don’t want to be chauvinistic. But I’m a hundred percent caring, a hundred percent loving, a hundred percent socialistic. Then we have to decide in each of our consciousness, how much are we socialist? Are we a hundred percent? You can’t be me, because we only need one head in this tri– in this growth movement. We only need one leader at this stage, till we all come into a perfect society, then you don’t need any leaders. But right now, don’t try to be me, but don’t think that I’m so much higher – now, I’m not talking to you, ‘cause you’re not trying to be me. Uh, I– I’m not so much higher than you because of my faculty, because of my ability to raise the dead, that doesn’t make me higher than you. Nor is my love that much higher than some of you. It’s much more sensitive than most, though, to be– And I’m probably being too humble. I don’t see anybody that feels like I do.

Congregation: That’s right.

Jones: In– In a general sense, I don’t– they don’t– they– they do it on a limited basis, they do it on a sh– a short term basis, but on the total, in the total, they don’t– they don’t hold up. Maybe they can’t hold up. Maybe my body’s even able to take more than others. But my body suffers grossly. I got under the weight of somebody today, and my body was just– I felt their anxiety, what they’d been through, what I coulda done that maybe would change some of it, and it– my body just got wrenching with pain. I didn’t do a thing that uh, I consciously knew, uh, but what was right. But still, when you know you’re responsible, and you affect people’s lives, and then what you do– it’s a hell of a thing! That’s why most leaders can’t be chan– uh, trusted, because they don’t even weigh that. Most leaders never worry about how they affect people’s lives, or who’s in the palm of their hand, or what– the effect of one– a statement to one member of a family will have on a whole family. I weigh all that, all the time, till I wanna get clear away from it. I’d like to withdraw from it entirely. It’s so heavy. (More emphatic) It is so heavy.

It’s– it’s– it’s– but uh, don’t worry whether we understand the term “God” or something. We understand a hundredfold, we are working towards one hundred percent pure giving of yourself for others. Socialism means you’ve lost your life. You’ve laid it down. In that way it correlates to the Christian concept you’re crucified. You don’t– longer want anything for yourself. I don’t want a thing for myself. Not one damnedable thing. That’s what I– I’ve come to. All I can think now is in terms of you, and that becomes overwhelming to me. I almost want to be obliviated, uh, be completely destroyed, because I can’t be enough for all of you. But I want nothing for me. I don’t want food, anything, I drink this food, in this se– sequence, because it keeps my body in balance. I wouldn’t eat a damn thing for me. The only way that sometimes I’ll get into a food problem is– it’s– it– it– it uh, keeps the mind from thinking. And some of you got the same problem. You’re that sensitive. You press in to keep your mind from thinking. If I did it (Short laugh) to the degree that I feel, I’d be– I’d be Mr. Fats by Saturday, I would be, five– three hundred pounds in a month. Because food can get your mind off of what uh– My mind is just boondoggled, it’s overwhelmed with all the things that I have, all the cares that I have. I’d be a glutton for food and a glutton for drink and everything else, I suppose, in that sense, but I don’t want drink, and I don’t want food, and I don’t want a bed, and I don’t want, uh, sex for me, none of it. Still have those n– I still have the need, that doesn’t mean you don’t have the need, it means you don’t want to fulfill those needs. It means you’ve conquered those needs. The needs are there, but you’ve conquered them. You don’t let them guide you, you don’t let them direct you. They don’t lead you, you never get led around by your ass when you’re a hundredfold.

Congregation: (quietly affirms).

Jones: That’s– that’s a common language, somebody’ll wake up and hear that, they’ll understand it, your ass never leads you around. Your– you won’t let it do that. Everything you’ve got will be saving. Anything you’ve got, you’ll be using to save somebody. And that’s got me in a lot of trouble around here. I could avoid a lot of trouble if I’da said to women, that, ha-ha, you can turn me on, baby! I’da had– I’d avoid a lot of trouble. I would’ve avoided some treason that I’ve got. I would’ve avoided some treason. All I ever had to say was, well, (short laugh) stay around here awhile, you may get– uh, I may get with you. Or you can– you might turn me on. But when I tell you there ain’t a damn chance you turn me on, because I’m too turned on to you

Congregation: (affirms)

Jones: –already. You can’t turn me on. And I could never be turned on to the individual that much to get– lose side of the collective. But that gives me a lot of trouble, because some women and some men want to be turned on (quiet) special. (Normal tone) They want me to turn on to everybody, but they want to be turned on a little bit more special. (Pause) And I don’t know how to do that anymore. I want to be turned on to all of you equally, I’d like to be turned out. I’d like the light to be on for everyone or for none. That’s the feeling that I have. I want to love everybody the same. Now you can’t respect everybody the same, but you can love everybody the same. You can’t respect people who don’t try, when they can. But I want to be so loving, I don’t make easy judgments on who’s trying even. I want to be so loving that I don’t uh, (Clears throat) I don’t quickly judge because if I quickly judge, I’d quickly die. ‘Cause I get too– I see too much. I see too much. (Pause) What is– what is the question?

Older man: I uh– I know how they uh, live and cooperate on eight different systems, in our polar [solar] system.

Jones: Marvelous.

Man: And I’m ready to turn it over to you whenever you want it. I’ve got it on tapes and I’ve got it on the literature. I’ve been– I’ve been to a good many places, but I’m not capable of getting’ up and talkin’ to all of you. (Unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: You know how they cooperate on eight different systems uh–

Man: –whenever you want it, I’ll bring it in. Think I can give you the proof.

Jones: You bring it– (laughs) You bring it in, darlin’.

Man: You just name me, whenever you want it.

Jones: Thank you, that’s sweet of you. That’s sweet of you. (Pause) (Organ plays) I didn’t take it, uh, didn’t take any offense in it at all, over the weekend, you understand? (pause) Okay. No offense at all. (Pause) Try to get all of your offerings in maybe one Wednesday that we won’t have a meeting and to– to get– take rest, as uh, I’m at liberty to do so. I won’t do that unless I have liberty to do so. But I cance– cancelled some meetings this week, and it’s possible that I’ll get a liberty to cancel something. Try to get your commitment and offerings in the first of the week, next couple, three weeks, even if you send it on down here by check. (Pause) They’ve turned in the offering report, and I’m so uh, reluctant to mention anything about it tonight, but I’m caught between a– uh, a conflict. I’m afraid not to. So I wonder– (Tape edit) might be in danger. (Tape edit) No Concord from coconut. But you better not get no public telephone and make a call to Concord. (Pause) Hear me? (Pause) I’d like to stay until I get full awareness, but that’ll– I’ll get into some other problems if I do, and that’ll take care of the emergency, if you’ll listen to it.

Woman: (Inaudible)

Jones: To Concord?

Woman: (Inaudible)

Jones: Hmm. (Pause) I’d be interested in seeing your phone bill, if I can. Again, five dollars, who’ll help us to save– (Tape edit) –of some loved one JLM that uh, wanted to kill their companion, or their– their girlfriend, some time ago, maybe a year ago. (Pause) Wake up. I don’t like this business to have to try to get protection at this hour. It’s rough to get through to people at this hour. Do you hear what I’m saying? (Pause) I wouldn’t get a thing like that, they’re not here. (Pause) Hmmm? (Pause) I’ll move onto another thing for just a moment, but I’m asking you one more time– (Pause) (Tape edit)

Jones: Malone– Malone. Malone. Who is Malone?

Voice in crowd: (Inaudible)

Jones: What is it?

Voice in crowd: (Inaudible)

Jones: All right, hands. You have anyone, any loved one born in June?

Voice in crowd: (Inaudible)

Jones: What?

Voice in crowd: (Inaudible)

Jones: All right, (clears throat) now do you uh– (Pause) Do you know someone who works for Standard Oil, or has worked for Standard Oil? Now, do you know anything about someone who– any loved one, JL, what’d I say? JLM.

Voice in crowd: (Inaudible)

Jones: All right. Did he want to kill, or attempt to kill, someone, a year ago? Got drunk.

Voice in crowd: (Inaudible)

Jones: Um-hmm [Yes]. (Pause) Well, yeah, it’s been a year ago. About so, anyway, hands clasped. (Tape edit) Here in the abdominal area. Right in here. All right, put the– put the– take the– (Pause) (Tape edit) (tape distortion) –we’ve got, uh, I think, we’re safe now. That is the beginning of uh, something quite serious, the nature of a heart, that lingering feeling that you’ve got there. But we’re gonna get a release from that now. Keep the cloth– well, he’ll tell you. Hands clasped.

Voice in crowd: (Inaudible)

Jones: Hands clasped, please. (Tape edit) (tape distortion) –feel release, now? All right, you’re safe.

Congregation: (Applause) (organ music plays quietly)

Jones: And your son’s life has been saved in a matter of the next few hours.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Bless you, stand up. (Sings without accompaniment) It ain’t necessarily so, mmm– (Talks) You start, hon. (Organ plays) (Sings) It ain’t necessarily so. (Talks) I think it’s a little too high, you know? You know? You know? Yeah? (Sings) It ain’t necessarily (tape edit)  Because if a man lived nine hundred years, no woman would want him. She wouldn’t give in to him. That’s what he’s singing. But it’s important, it’s a strange kind of patchwork I have to deal with. I don’t claim to be the creator, but I’m a savior. And I take the strange variables of human life, and make something out of the crazy quilt, that saves hundreds of lives. Sing it one more time. (Tape edit) –in public meetings (Pause) (sings, then stops) Tonight I’m led, it’s me that’s being led to ask you these questions. You’re not– you’re not binding my hand. I want your opinion. I’m not saying what I will or will not do. I always follow what uh, my highest intuition tells me to do, but I have a feeling to ask you tonight.

Male in congregation: I don’t feel like we can explain that to you, I think you should be led by–

Jones: (interrupts) I– I’m feel led to ask you this tonight. I would understand that ordinarily you’d be very right, but I feel led to ask. You couldn’t explain what I should do, no, that’s true. But I don’t want anyone to curtail this vote. This vote is very important, maybe not in the terms of what I do as much as what– how people come up. I’m looking for– To be frank, I’m looking for five people to see how they vote, and I’m– I’m doing that. I’m looking for five people to see how they vote on these various questions. And it has nothing to do with them, in the terms of judging them. It’s a pattern I’ve got to get. Again I want to ask the question again: how many believe that I should uh, withhold (Clears throat) the truth that I know about politics in these public healing meetings. (Pause, organ plays in the background) How many believe that I– Now, don’t sit down, you may lose your ass.

Congregation: (Faint laughter)

Jones: ‘Cause if I don’t see it tonight– This is a very strange night. Now, how many believe that I should withhold what I know about the non-existence of a supreme being?

Woman in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: I don’t want a word, I don’t want a word, vo– vo– vo– vocal voice. I want to see hands so I can identify. (Pause) How many believe that I should not uh, (Pause) preach about the errors of the Bible in these public meetings? (Pause) Go on, the public meetings, I’m not talkin’ ‘bout tonight, family night, I’m talkin’ ‘bout public meetings. (Pause) How many did this because you’re concerned that something might happen to me? (Pause) I’ll be very, very honest, I’m lacking here somethin’, somethin’ not fittin’. How many are doing it because you’re just concerned about the persecution it brings to the family in general, (Pause) rather than me, the persecution it brings to the family in general. This vote is very important. Somebody doesn’t fit– (Pause) You’re not gonna be thrown out of this church for a vote tonight. It has nothing to do with your feelings, what I’m trying to do. Again I’ll ask uh, how many want me to change some of these things for the sake of me, just me? (Pause) And how many want it for the sake of the– of the family?

Man in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: What is it?

Man in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: That’s the family, uh, (Stumbles over words) the persecution that I might get? The first question was, how many don’t want– want me to change these preaching approaches for the sake of me, only?

Woman in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: Well, that’s all right, but I want you to know what your motive is here. It’s important, I’ve gotta– all I want you to be is– honesty. Five people gotta be very honest with themself on these questions tonight. Can I make it clear? It’s a– It’s just– just a change, just an introspective thought, will change the di– will make the difference between the turn of a steering wheel. Hell, you don’t know where I’m at. You couldn’t possibly know where I’m at. It’s too damned awesome. I wouldn’t even try to get it across, because that’s not the most important part of my evolution, whether we live or die, or whether we avoid accidents, it’s whether we build socialism. But to you, it’s important. You don’t want accidents. Again, I ask the question, how many honestly want me to change some of these things that I mentioned – I don’t want to go through it again about the Bible and God – to hold back some of the things I know in public healing meetings. You want me to do it because of me. (Pause) How many – honestly – say it, (Clears throat) not just for me only, but for you, or for the group, for the fa– for the family?

Voice in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: Oh yes, you can. Tonight you better. Somebody’s ass is at stake. (chuckles) So we better go back over this until you do. Even if it is seventeen minutes of three. Again, I make the question in all seriousness: how many want me to not speak so bravely and forwardly about the Bible and God, and uh, me being the only God there is, for me to avoid persecution for me, or death for me, or sickness for me only? (Pause) Good, be honest, you’re not gonna be judged by this, I’m not at all interested in who voted how, I want to see that those five did the introspection that they’re supposed to, that did the s– searching out. How many are concerned about – not only me – but the group, the family, yourself? (Pause) I mean, you want to avoid persecutions for yourself, the family, the group, not just me alone. (Pause) That’s good, that’s good. (Claps hands once) That’s good. Hmm? Well I know some of you’d take it and some of you will– just trying to be very honest with you, (Clears throat) of– of a hyper– uh, sigmomonometer, uh, hypertension, a blood pressure apparatus here? Any one of the nurses?

Voice in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: Well, would you get it? (Pause) (Clears throat) Hmm? And J– Joyce [likely Touchette]? (Tape edit) Would you go to the uh, office? (Tape edit) –our vote, and it’s to be taken seriously. You know that we’d all have to cooperate with a lot of different things. You’d have to learn– well (sighs) that– that is not– was not the purpose of it. Tonight we won’t discuss that. (Pause) That means, leave me do the preaching, whatever– whatever stand I take, let me do the preaching. Okay?

Congregation: Right.

Jones: You do the loving of your fellow man, and you give a lot of encouragement in song, and you testify to my healings, ‘cause there’s no healer on earth like me.

Congregation: Right.

Jones: They’ll find his blood pressure very bad, but then it’ll get straightened out. It’ll get straightened out here tonight.

Congregation: (murmurs, words of thanks)

Jones: Hands clasped again, draw yourself close to your neighbor. Anyone that can needs to– feels too sleepy to get behind the wheel, I absolutely insist – I don’t ask, I demand – that you uh, lay down here somewhere or lay in our houses somewhere to sleep. All right? I had to take a risk in one area, to get safety in another. That’s the toughness of being who I am. It’s the horror of being who I am. It’s the damn tightrope that I walk all the time. And I wish s– anybody had it, but I love you all too much to give it to you. Yes.

Woman in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: Hmm? (Pause) Mm-hmm [yes], can anybody drive for her that doesn’t have to be to work at seven am, San Francisco? She’s a registered nurse that’s gotta be at work at seven o’clock? Who can manage it that’s not so sleepy?

Voice in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: You could trade off and on with her. That’s sweet of you. I think you could handle it. That’d be better. Anybody else that has any nervousness about driving or any concern about your state of rest, don’t hesitate. I’m your father, and I want to be your keeper, so damn much. (Pause) Don’t bother about the cussing, the cussing will probably leave just as quickly as it came, when it serves its purpose. You shouldn’t be bothered about it. By– by whose authority was anyone ever told not to cuss?

Congregation: Right.

Jones: Yeah, you see, by whose authority? Whoever told you that a savior couldn’t do what he felt to do? Yes?

Woman in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: Anyone else can go with her. Okay son, you– you– you help her, will you? My dear brothers and sisters. (Sings) Closer, closer– (Speaks) No unnecessary questions, I don’t want to hold up the San Francisco bus any further than I have to. What a heckish, heckish night. (Pause) Hmm?

Woman in congregation: Trial tomorrow in Pittsburg– (unintelligible)

Jones:  Trial tomorrow, Pittsburg, eleven o’clock. What court?

Woman in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: What? Louis Jordan [phonetic], what a– what court, uh–

Woman in congregation: (Inaudible)

Jones: Pittsburg, what is it, Jane?

Congregation: (Stirs)

Jones: Take care of that on the bus? Okay. How many’ll be here Friday night? It’s important, I mean, in San Francisco with us. Benjamin Franklin. It’s important. How many’ll be going on with us to Los Angeles? Get close, assemble yourselves closely this week. Get around me close, whenever you can. (Pause) I love you. You may leave.

End of tape

Tape originally posted December 2009