Annotated Transcript Q1057-3

(Editor’s note: This tape was transcribed by the late Michael Bellefountaine.)

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(Tape cuts in mid-sentence)

Jones: (ministerial fervor) -speak. I brought my mother [Lynetta Jones] to whatever part of truth she is. I brought her. It matters not who my father or my mother is. I will be true, and I want you to forget what you’ve been. Now I want you to quit doing this. Quit looking at your sisters that have fallen by the wayside, or quick looking at your mother and holding her responsible for some mistakes she made. Quit doing this.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: Quit doing this. It’s an excuse making, because you can be what you want to be, you can do what you want to do.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones (Over congregation): You can learn and go through, if you want to go through.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: (Normal tone) Peace, peace. (Pause) Precious hearts. But be always ready like Jesus was there. Prophets not without honor, it says here, but in his own country, among his own kin, and in his own house (Mark 6:4 “But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.” See also Matthew 13:57, Luke 4:24, John 4:44). Father’s been around here a long now, he’s been here around awhile, best way I could do is make appearances now and then. With my holy mauer [phonetic], uh, uh, uh, excuse the Portuguese, the holy miraculous power that I have. Just make a few appearances, and I could do better but I want you to know me. Because you don’t only need my miracle power, you need my character.

Congregation: (Agrees)

Jones: So I walk amongst you, and I associate – as the sister said, Flossy was saying – I talk with you, I care about you, I get around as much as I can, chat with you, get close to you and let you see me. All of me. (Casual) But as a consequence, I am not without honor, save in my own house, among my own kin, in my own country. (Normal tone) I used to tell my people, I said there’ll be treasons as I- as I get more mature and the years come. There’ll be a treason. You got to be youthful in America and stay youthful and got to stay vibrant and on the ball and move faster than a riveting machine, to keep people content. I told you – all, you know, on the councils and boards and committees – I told you this’d happen.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: I’ve said that one day I will have to make a decision, to put my spirit in another body, if I don’t get you to the Promised Land. I’ll have to make a decision, just like last night they were making me- they were- they were try- trying to dirty me by their actions, d- doing all these things that reflected on me. And I knew if I was out of the way they wouldn’t come after you, and my people can tell you I stood right there and I said (short laugh)- I- I will if it’s so necessary, I’ll order somebody to come up out of the ether and blow my brains all over this wall. That is a slight paraphrasing for the benefit of tru- well behav- well-being of the family. But did I not say it?

Voice in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: And I didn’t quake a moment. I said, they will not get to you. I said, they’ll not be able to get to you through me, because I will remove myself to save you.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Man’s voice: That’s what he said.

Voice in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: And I’da done it, if I hadn’t found the solutions. I look at every angle, ’cause I don’t expect anything from people. I don’t expect anything from people. And don’t you. Do what’s right. Don’t expect people to be uh, rewarding it. And Jesus said, in there he could do no mighty works, save that he had his hands upon few sick folk, and he marveled because their unbelief (Matthew 13:58 , “And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” Also, Mark 6:6, “And he marvelled because of their unbelief. And he went round about the villages, teaching.”). (Laughs) I’m not gonna marvel because of anyone’s unbelief. I’m going to take this life, whatever it brings me. Honey, today we may setting here, tomorrow we may in a courtroom, the next day we may be in a gallows, but sweet, we’re going to swing for as- (Laughs) you know what, if we get on there. It don’t make any difference.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Peace. Friday it was- it’s- it- it- it was- it was a terrible mess. I had to fight with Sister Jones’ job. They tried to get- These enemies were trying to get Sister Jones’s job, just because she was befriending the poor. They had her job. She was fired. Had it.

Marceline Jones: (Unintelligible)

Jones (Aside): And uh- I’m getting ready to tell that. (Back to congregation) So you just got to take it all, and they sis- Marcie said I’ve done all I can do. It’s finished. They said we’re- you’re a wonderful worker, the best we’ve had, but you got the conflict of interest, and they told all kinds of lies. Our enemies can cook up lies, and our enemies (Unintelligible word) those of our own household.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: (Voice climbs) And you say, why is it? Well, I say again, why did Jesus have a Judas? (Gospel accounts of Judas’ betrayal in Matthew 26-27, Mark 14, Luke 22 and John 13) And we need them. We needed this, or I couldn’t tell you last night I want it, but we needed every one of these things, makes us stronger, every one of these things makes us more perfect, everything- every one of these knocks boosts us a little more, everything that ha- happens to us makes us a little wiser, and I hope (normal tone) we’ll let it make us more loving. That’s the hardest part.

Woman in Congregation: Yes.

Jones: That’s the hardest part. Oh, wiser I am, this old fox never looked like he could ever get any wiser, but every day he gets wiser.

Congregation: (Agrees)

Jones: I may not look as young, but child, I’m wiser. (Claps hands once)

Congregation: That’s right.

Jones: And you’d better have wisdom than youth, if you got good sense.

Congregation: That’s right.

Jones: But some don’t have that, and it- that doesn’t matter, so when the time comes that I don’t have enough youth, I- I won’t be around as a paralyzed person to be drug in here. You will. I’d take care of you if you were paralyzed, I’d take care of you if I- you couldn’t move anything but your eyes. I’d hold you here with dignity, but I will never sit here that way. Never. ‘Cause I’ve been a leader, and I have to be kept in that image. If I were paralyzed tomorrow, I will be eliminated. Nobody will eliminate me but me. I would be eliminated. And these people bring my strokes up (Stumbles over words) blood pressure up, my heart wasn’t worth two cents last night. I wouldn’t have wanted anybody to pay two cents for my heart, ’cause it wasn’t worth two cents, but I’ve got an amazing kind of power. If some of you will keep the faith, we’ll go through many more battles, and I know it’ll be battles, and we’ll have a few victories. But on Thursday they was going to take her job, but on Friday they promoted her, the very next day. Now she is the second highest in the field in California.

Congregation: (Applause and cheers)

Jones: Peace.

Marceline Jones: And that’s not through any merit of mine. That’s the kind of miracles we have-

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Marceline: -and we take them for granted. And I- I would like to- Could I say one thing?

Jones: (Unintelligible) You better repeat the whole thing. They didn’t hear it.

Marceline: The thing that happened on Thursday-

Jones: Repeat the whole sentence. You better start over, where you said-

Marceline: Oh-

Jones: -not a merit.

Marceline: I said, it was through no merit of mine. It is only through the miraculous power that sits right here-

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Marceline: -and it’s the kind of miracles that we take for granted.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Marceline: It’s uh, it’s unbelievable. One of the things I wanted to say is, you know we can sit and we can praise our leader for what he is, but the time’s come when we’ve got to become what he is.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Marceline: He had no silver spoon in his mouth, (Pause) and he did it. (Pause) And we must be what he is. The only difference between him and us is, that we’re not willing to live the selfless life to become what he has become.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Marceline: So let’s face it where it is. It’s too easy to sit and praise someone else for giving up his life for us. But the time’s come when we’ve got to start doing what he does.

Congregation: (Extended Applause)

Jones: By the way. (Pause) By the way, it’s interesting to note that we have facts to show you that it isn’t all gravy, that Jim Cobb has arthritis in the knee so bad that while he’s out on these cold nights, that he can hardly move his knee. Terri [Cobb] Pietila had her- had a uh, a cancerous growth here that I took from her breast. It was not serious, I mean, it’s- it was made- she was made free of even losing a breast, but she had [to] increase her pain pills last night to double what she oug- what uh, she should take. So don’t envy people who don’t do right.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: It’s much easier to do right. You’re setting back- some people looking, Father, oh Father, one said so lovingly, oh Father- (Pause) Yes, yes. Some- some sister just handed Sister Jones a- I don’t know these things, I don’t want to get into all these things or not. Well- but this is reliable because it’s been under several witnesses. John [Biddulph] told several people in detail how much he couldn’t stand his wife, Vera [Biddulph], and how she supposedly begged him to marry her. (Pause) Now what kind of all- alliance you gonna have out there on the road with that kind of a mess? There not going to be mess, it’s not going to be much fun out there. That’s why I say, sure, they’ll kill each other, I’m s- I’m terrified. So if they call any one of your phones, you tell them, Father loves you, Father cares for you, Father says, come home. Be peaceful, come home and live peacefully like we do. We know what we are doing, live peacefully. If you can’t come home, be peaceful out there. You understand it? Get it down like I’m saying it. (Pause) You never know which one of you they may contact. Because there’re going to be some anxious people. I can see somebody in my mind’s eye trying to steal away in the middle of the night, and I can see somebody standing over them with a gun. (Pause) Always talking about Temple violence. Don’t you mess with these people talking about Temple violence, ’cause the Temple doesn’t have any violence.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: I’ve never lifted a gun, we’ve never lifted a finger. I have never done anything but just like I did when Wayne [Pietila] wanted to even s- beat his brother. I rebuked him in the sharpest of terms.

Voices in congregation: That’s right, that’s right.

Jones: We’re not beating anybody. We often blow up, if you don’t blow in your mouth, you’d blow your he- head, I suppose, we’ll even have to stop that. I don’t want us to hear about beating nobody. Let’s check each other. (Pause) Just like I checked him, you just check each other. Let’s just somehow live with our frustrations. Because we are not going to be the beaters. Let the world beat each other to death. I’d rather be beaten like Stephen. I still look with admiration on Stephen who was stoned to death. I’d rather be the one stoned to death than get involved with this mess. I’m not going to live this way. (Pause) I- I would prefer to be stoned to death. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be stoned to death, than to get up into this stone sli- slinging and this murder-threatening and this violence-threatening (Acts 7:59-60, “And they stoned Stephen, calling upon God, and saying, Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. And he kneeled down, and cried with a loud voice, Lord, lay not this sin to their charge. And when he had said this, he fell asleep.”). I could tell you more, but I cannot go into it. (Pause) By the way, as I said, well here, four of them that are in (Pause) my notes, four of them are in physical difficulty right now. (Pause) Also, by the way, they stole books off of uh, (Pause) Mike Cartmell and private things off of the other kids in the college. Stole list, after list, after list, after list, after list. So let’s not be like them, but if they want to come home, let’s remember that Sauls become Pauls (Book of Acts). And Peters that are vacillating become rocks (Peter denies Jesus three times – Matthew 26:75, Mark 14:72, Luke 22:34, 61 – yet in Matthew 16:18, Jesus says, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.”). We can still make something out of them, if they’ll let us. Have you got the message in your mind and your heart?

Woman in Congregation: Yes.

Jones: You understand why we have this message, and- Wake up, dear, back there. Now I don’t care what they do to me, I don’t care what they do to me, but there uh, there are some young idiots out there.

Woman’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Well he’s uh, he’s uh, just gonna- he gonna sleep if he don’t get rid of that weight. He’s going to have a stroke if he don’t get rid of that weight. As young as you are, you’re gonna still have a problem, you better get stripped down. (Pause) Do that too, don’t let’s not have anything else happen. Keep my teachings. And have no strokes, get the weight down. You know it’s a miracle that all these hours these people drain us for, we’re still happier than they. They’re miserable, miserable in hell tonight. We’ve lived through our agony, and it was an agonizing night. It was like the foot of the cross. It was like Golgotha’s brow (References to Golgotha as site of crucifixion at Matthew 27:33, Mark 15:22 and John 19:17-18). I set around and I looked at Wanda and Rheaviana [Beam] and some of them, and I said, this is like a funeral. Well, we’ll have a resurrection. And we’re resurrected here tonight. We’re ready for a new- we’re ready for a new crisis.

Congregation: That’s right, that’s right. (Applause)

Jones: Peace. I know you are, ’cause we want to grow, don’t we?

Congregation: Yeah.

Jones: We don’t grow getting the things we want. (Laughs) We don’t grow getting things handed to us.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: We get grown- we grow when the winds come. When the storms assail, when people falsely accuse us. Jesus Christ, the captain of our salvation, it was said, was made perfect through suffering (Hebrews 2:10, “For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.”), learned obedience through the death of the cross and became the author of eternal salvation (Hebrews 5:8-9, “Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him.”).

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: They that live godly or whatever you want to call it, they that are good, going to suffer persecution (2 Timothy 3:12, “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”).

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: You’re not getting- you’re not living right. You gonna suffer for righteousness, you’ll inherit the kingdom of God. If you suffer persecutions, prosecutions, and they’ll even kill you thinking, they do God a service  (John 16:2, “…[Y]ea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.”).

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: And (Pause) we’ve had some of that. After these past few days, where some of our enemies’ve come out in the open, maybe my glasses will be safer, that I won’t have to watch for poison as close. (Raps pulpit once) So there’s always a- there’s always- What is it, every cloud has a- a silver lining?

Congregation: Silver lining.

Jones: Why would anybody want to kill you, Father? I can’t answer that. I could answer people’s thoughts, like this young man who was new last night, I can answer your thoughts about who you were worrying about, who you didn’t want to leave behind, I can know your diseases and heal you like the sister, wipe out the cancer that has k- killed all of her loved ones. I can do that, but I can’t tell you why anybody would want to do me harm, because I don’t know how to relate to it. Other than that I must be (Pause) light that is uh, shining too brightly that they can’t cope with, or they’ve been hurt and abused so much they can’t- they just don’t want to believe that anything’s possible or try hard to believe that- that nothing good can be. I don’t know what it is. You tell me. Why do they do it? But I’m not going to be like Jesus here, ’cause I am in a greater degree now. Jesus said he marveled because of their unbelief. I’m not going to marvel. Uh-uh. Jesus marveled because of their unbelief, and he left town, it said. He went around about the other villages. I’m going to stay in town, child.

Voices in congregation: Thank you. (Murmurs)

Jones: Jesus got out of town. I’m going to stay in town spi-  in spite of the fact that I got folk sleeping, and s- sawing wood, and I got folk all over this place don’t know what time of day it is. I got folk here couldn’t – if they could – they couldn’t pass a li- a- a- a test on fifteen words what I said if they put a machine gun to their head, they wouldn’t be able to tell you fifteen words I’ve said tonight. But I’m still going to stay in town. I’m not going to do like it was in that day. Jesus (Unintelligible word) he was shocked at their unbelief, it says in the Hebrew. In King James, it says, he marveled because their unbelief and he went around about the other villages teaching. I’m going to stay in town.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: I’m staying in town until I take all of you out of town, at least I can guarantee you that (Matthew 13:58 and Mark 6:6).

Congregation: (Applause and cheers)

Jones: Last night, folk said, well we had better do it, better move, but you don’t know what these kind of people will do. They may hurt each other, they may steal, had it reflect on us. I said, we’re not ready to move, we aren’t ready to move, we gonna to plan our move. And some said, well, you can go to Canada, you got a way to go there. And I said I got a way for fascism. We haven’t got fascism yet. It’s not- it’s not surfaced in the open. I ain’t got to go there and call that Prime Minister [Pierre Trudeau] on his red number on his, on his uh, unlisted number and say I got few uh, dummies running through the hills thinking that they’re revolutionaries. I’m not going to go- I’m not going to run out to Canada (Chuckles) on some- some of my oh, little children that’ve lost their way. Little Bo Peep’s sheep. (Laughs) Penny [Kerns], I tell you, you are a- you’re my- b- I’m gonna watch you. You’re a bad Penny. And isn’t this just like Penny? She says can I go, go and find them and steal our things back and then come home?

Voices in Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: (Laughs)

Marceline: Here’s another note from her. She is so funny.

Jones: You stay- I’m watching her, you watch Penny and keep her close at hand.

Marceline: Don’t let her out of your sight. (Unintelligible)

Jones: Don’t let her- Don’t let her out of our sight, hear?

Marceline: That’s all we need-

Jones: That’s all we need, is Penny to go out and try to steal back what we lost.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones (Laughs): Oh, glory. We will laugh together through our sufferings, child, we will make it.

Congregation: (Laughs, murmurs)

Marceline: (Unintelligible) always check in with us before she does anything.

Jones: Yes, Penny before you do anything, please check. Will you call me on the line, will you?

Congregation: (Laughs)

Marceline: Can you see her (Unintelligible)?

Jones: (Laughs) Someone in the middle of the night last night said, call Penny, and I said, no, I got her on another mission, and I do.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: I can’t get involved in this one because she’s on another one. She can’t get publicized over this one, because she’s liable to be in the court over something else. (Laughs)

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: You don’t know what’s going on, folk, but it’s a funny train and it’s going to be a glorytrain, ’cause it’s going to bring you to perfection.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Peace. But don’t we feel better trying to love them and understand them, than in trying to hate them?

Voices in congregation: Yeah, that’s right.

Jones: I can’t give to hate. (Pause) I just can’t do it. If that’s the way the world’s going to go, let it go that way. We’ll laugh going down, they’ll think we are happiest bunch of nuts that ever walked.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: I am not going to go to hating. Uh-uh. Seen too much hate lately, Muslims killing babies. Wake her up there before she breaks her neck. Why don’t you and Richmond [Stahl] lean on each other’s shoulders? (Laughs)

Congregation: (Murmurs, unintelligible)

Jones: (Laughs) It’s all right. I’m quit if- I’m going to quit trying to fight with these folk that sleep, I’m going to give them props.

Scattered: That’s right. (Laughs)

Jones: Laughs, and the world will laugh with you, but honey, we start crying, we are going to cry all alone.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: Unfortunately uh, we don’t get grip though, uh, that’s one bad factor about me, I’m not self-centered and I never cry. It was sweet tonight uh, Diane was crying for me, crying about what I meant in her- to her in her way, and it got a hold of some of you, and I thought I- it would be better at times if I could cry over myself, ’cause you’d get a hold of the seriousness of where we’re at. But be thankful that I’m above it. And I don- I- she should cry for me. You should cry for me, just like I cry for you.

Voices in congregation: Yeah, that’s right.

Jones: ‘Cause I cry for you. I’m not- I’m not negating crying for me, or me crying for you, but I thought uh, appropriately uh, I felt tears well up in me over her, the touching rendition of her- her feeling, and I thought, I better not cry, because people might think that I am down-hearted, and I’m not. So let’s have it that way, I cry for you and you cry for me. Let’s cry for one another, but let’s don’t cry for ourself. Don’t get up and tell how many aches and pains you’ve had, and hard it’s been, ’cause I can give you a harder story than you got. (Chuckles)

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: I can- I can trump you every time. So if we’re going to get into these moaning stories, you let me have my time, and I’ll moan so much, that you could- you- you’ll be tired of hearing your own moaning.

Voices in congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: Let’s not weep. Let’s not be weary in well-doing. Let’s not talk about our sadnesses or our sorrows or our troubles. But let’s feel enough for each other that we can cry for one another.

Voices in congregation: Yes.

Jones: But more than that. That we can live and act, as Sister Jones says, that we can do what Father does. Live what Father lives. Care like Father cares. Some went by here last night and uh- you wanted to get- and if you feel you want to stop by, stop by, you’re all one family, we don’t mind if you stop by, when we’re going through our pain. We just try to keep some of it from you. One came by and said, well, I didn’t think I was wanted. I said, tell the dear soul I just didn’t want to put her through it. But you’re welcome to come and cry with us any night you want to. I mean cry for us, because I wasn’t crying for myself. And that’s the greatest miracle, that tonight after last night, when oxygen and everything else they wanted to give me, and nitroglycerin went in me, and it didn’t even touch my heart, didn’t even faze it.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: Didn’t even give me a headache, my blood pressure was in such a shape. I didn’t even feel that nitroglycerin, it was just like taking a sugar-coated candy, but somehow tonight I’m here and I can do like old Brother Williams, I can jump up and down. (Sounds of Jones jumping up and down numerous times, over loud applause and cheers from the congregation)

(Tape edits)


(Tape slurs)

Jones: (Unintelligible) if I can get Lee Ethel [Young] jumping, that’s a miracle.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: (Laughs, out of breath) And we don’t dig up all these hearsays or what you heard or what even seems to be absolute fact. Don’t do it. If they call, let them know we love them. But more than anything, don’t say that we love them-

Woman’s voice: Father loves you-

Jones: -say Father loves you-

Voices in congregation: Yeah.

Jones: Father said so. Father said that this experience can make you greater. This experience can make you the greatest of leaders, if you come home. It’ll take a new look on the part of some of you to do that, and if you can give them that kind of hope, I’m telling you one thing: you can save somebody out there. Now remember, get it down in your heart. As Father said, this can be the turning point in your life, this can be a great experience for you. He loves you. Sure, he had a heart attack, he went through pain for you, ’cause he cares for you, but he’s all right now. Come home. He’s not going to die. You’re not going to go to concentration camps. In fact, there’s something very beautiful ahead of us. So get home in this peaceful community, (fervent tone) ’cause Father knows the way. Father knows the way. And if you don’t go home, if you can’t came home, if you don’t feel like you can come home yet – ’cause sometimes people are too proud – say at least, live peacefully out there together. Don’t hurt any little children that Father has given his life for. You got that message?

Congregation: Yes.

Jones: Say, why’d we have to gather for it? We got to get it this way. Can’t get this kind of stuff straight from one telephone to another, ’cause it gets confused.

Voices in congregation: Right.

Jones: I wanted it to come directly from my mouth to yours. It’s always going to be the case here, we aren’t going to hide anything. Sure, don’t talk about it to our enemies. You shouldn’t. But somebody will. But if I have to risk it being talked all over town, I will always tell you the truth. Now they have told the story to us that they’re going on a Mexican missionary tour. They’ve told uh, John’s mother (Pause) that they’re on a Mexican missionary tour. Well, let it be. We’re not going to deny that to that mother. No reason to break her heart, is it?

Voices in congregation: No, no.

Jones: If you’ve got love, that’s what you’ll do. Let them be on a Mexican missionary tour. Leave it alone. They didn’t leave little Tawney [phonetic], they- with us, they didn’t take her either, that shows where their love is. They dropped her off at the woman who’s been- in the past, that mother’s been a racist. Left her in Ukiah. But the mother called me today. She’s even softening up, but let’s don’t tell her all this mess. If you do, you’ll hurt Tawney. Don’t tell Tawney. You’ll hurt Tawney. If you do, it’ll come back to you.

Woman’s voice: That’s right, sure will.

Jones: If you do, it’ll do- you’ll get hurt someplace. You can’t hurt little children without it coming back to you. So you just say, well, that’s what they say, they’re on a missionary tour, that’s where they’re at. Far as they know, that’s what they’re doing. It may be the strangest missionary tour we’ve ever seen, but that’s what they announced to her, they said to John’s mother when they dropped the little baby off. Now you know, that’s not Father’s spirit.

Woman: No.

Jones: Father wouldn’t drop one of his children. Not one of you would he drop off.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: They left the children, went on doing their thing on their tour, but they said they went to a missionary tour, so that’s what they’re- uh, that’s what we are saying. All right?

Voices in congregation: Right.

Jones: We have no way to deny it. We don’t know where they’re at. So? They’re on the missionary tour, you understand? When you’re dealing with Mrs. whatever her name is. It’s not important. You know who she is. Outside that’s way- that’s the way it is. They said they’re on a-their own missionary tour. They’re going to do their own missionary tour in Mexico. They’ll be on a tour, all right. (Pause) And some of them’ll want to get off that tour. And pride may keep them, some maybe get destroyed, but we want to make it sure that we don’t put any stumbling block in their way to get home, if they want to. Say, well, I can’t stand it, Father, the way you keep taking people back. Well, I’m telling you, some of my best people here, it’s their children, and that’s the way I feel about it. If I didn’t love them even better than every parent loves their child, I would do it, because some of the parents here- because some of the best people’s children’s out there tonight, and I want you to feel like they were yours. And a lot of you do, and I love you for it. Now we got to save Wanda’s job, Wanda from going to jail. We got to save sister- two Wandas, Sister Johnson and Wanda Swinney. We gonna do it?

Congregation: Yes!

Jones: Well, whether we raise it tonight or not, we’re going to do it. (tape distortion) One hundred (tape slurs) my body can’t be sold- (Claps hands)

Scattered in congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: Oh hallelujah, always something to be grateful for, isn’t there?

Scattered in congregation: Yes, sure is. (Laughs)

Jones: (Unintelligible word) understand the mystery, but I understand it.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones (Laughs): Won’t be many days, many years before my body won’t be able to be sold any more. But I’d sell it tonight. Anything I got, I’d sell to save you. You bet your life I’d do it, because that’s no greater love of any man than to lay down his life for his brothers, sisters. Anyone else with one hundred? I don’t even know where we k- stand so bring it up here, let me know where we’re at. Run it up here, runners. Before Lee Ethel gets out there and runs for you, come on, run it up here. One hundred, ninety. (Tape edit) Her checks are good but just remind me with checks, one of you are so sweet, you always want to give me uh, the money to help the cause – not me, but the cause – you’re so sweet, but you don’t know anything about your checkbook and you make us- they make our people feel like we got more money than we have. Will you get your checkbook in order before you give us any more checks? (Laughs)

Congregation: (Murmurs, unintelligible)

Jones: It’s not yours. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, but we got one dear heart that’s means well, we got a lot of folk don’t mean well, too, but we g- we got one dear heart thatmeans well, but be sure you know what you’re doing with this money, because people think we got the money and then we don’t have it. We got a rubber check.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: Fifteen? They stoled after- out of petty cash (Laughs) but they didn’t take the church money they had in the house.

Congregation: (Numerous questions at once, unintelligible)

Jones: That’s a m- They didn’t do it. Wayne Pietila didn’t take it, he- he- he conned momma but he didn’t con the church (Laughs) (Away from the mike) (unintelligible word) always be something to be thankful for.

Voices in congregation: Yeah, right!

Jones: He was- He was one of the treasurers, of- not of our big money, but of the youth money, and they coulda walked off with several hundred dollars, they didn’t do it. So we give them credit where credit’s due.

Man’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: ‘Cause they could have drawn it out without any trouble. Always tell all sides of the story. (Taps mike)

Man’s voice: That’s right.

Jones: Thank you, Brother Johnson. Ten. (Edit) (Tape Slur) I told him, I said, you need to be in church. Told Wayne. When you don’t get in church, you think you don’t need this church, you don’t need this fellowship, but when you don’t a- assemble yourself together under the aura and the anointing and the honesty and the healing balm that I represent, you get in trouble.

Voices in congregation: That’s right!

Jones: John Biddulph would’ve never done this. I mean g- I’m certain if he’da stayed under me and around me, it wouldna happened.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: But he was always working, taking care of the man’s store.

Woman’s voice: Yeah.

Jones: Always missing meetings. Don’t do it. Watch who’s not present. Encourage the council to, so that we’ll know and get them in, because when you get away from the anointing, get away from the Body of God, you’re in trouble.

Voices in congregation: That’s right, yeah.

Jones: It’s happened over and over and over and over and over and over. (Pause) Ten, the last time. We love those kids too, ’cause we want to save them, because they coulda got in trouble. We’ve had an airplane up today. We had to spend out several uh, money, we were up in the airplane, going around over the mountains and the hills, trying to take care of their (Pause) problems. See that they weren’t in any wrong place at the wrong time. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Five, stand please will you? Thank you. And I want to thank you sweet people that were in the buses last night, I got- I got so tickled that Mother [Marceline LeTourneau] Kleiniest [phonetic]- I didn’t hear it, but they said that Mother LeTourneau Kleiniest, she (Laughs)- She got her off the bus, she says I thought uh, this was a- (laughs) said I thought this was the driver’s change.

Congregation: (Laughs and scattered applause)

Jones: (Laughs) ‘Cause this crisis hit us, and they were all setting on the bus for about six hours. (Laughs) Folk got off the bus and thought they were in Los Angeles, they were in Redwood Valley.

Congregation: (Laughs and applause)

Jones: ‘Cause it was warmer in the bus- I checked, it was warmer in the bus than in the church, so I left them on the bus asleep. And when they got on again, Mother LeTourneau, she said, well, I thought this is the driver’s change.

Congregation: (Laughs and applause)

Man’s voice: (Unintelligible) Annie McGowan said, I haven’t felt a bump all night.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: (Clears throat) Annie McGowan says, I never felt a bump all night.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones (Laughs): Those are the things to look back on the fun, and everybody was sweet about it. All you that were on that bus, there were nobody mean. You were sweet, because (Laughs) one sister got on, said it’s not Los Angeles.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Man’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: That’s something, to h- travel all night and end up in Redwood Valley.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: (Laughs) And there’s a thousand people, and they’re getting healed in Los Angeles tonight, ’cause I sent my word down there. Mike Cartmell and John Brown’s there carrying on my words right there, give a revelation and light. So while we’re here, we’re keeping the ship, the old ship’s still afloat.

Congregation: That’s right! (Applause)

Jones: (Over applause) The old ship’s still afloat.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: And like our little sister down there that was healed, she had such a bad heart and she jumps up and down. If you don’t believe in miracles, watch that one little sister that jumps up and down.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: Know that one? That I- she always- she always sits in the left aisle. What’s her name?

Congregation: (Unintelligible)

Jones: And- ah, that woman’s heart was so bad in Los Angeles, she’s got her handkerchief off. (Unintelligible word) You know who I’m talking about-

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: Ever watch how long she can do that?

Voices in congregation: Yep, a long time, long time.

Jones: You’ll believe in miracles, you watch her do it. (Laughs)

Voices in congregation: (Unintelligible)

Jones: You better be rested when you watch her, ’cause you’ll get tired just watching her. (Laughs) She was dead. She had such a horrible heart attack. She’s a black woman but she looked white. I swear on my children, she looked white, she was so dead. And she dances, and I say, if anybody didn’t know my power, they’d just need to look at that woman. What is her name? (Snaps finger)

Voices in congregation: Pearl.

Jones: Pearl.

Male’s Voice: Pearl Walton.

Jones: Pearl what?

Congregation (Various people respond): Walton.

Jones: Walton?

Male: Walton.

Jones: Yeah, yeah, Pearl Walton. She sings (Mimics) “The old ship of Zion.”

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: (Singing) She’s the old ship of Zion. (Normal tone) I just love to hear her sing. We got a beautiful family. All- Who- who can say they had a family that stretched from one end of California to the other?

Voices in congregation: Yeah, yeah.

Jones: Shh- We’re taking an offering, (laughs) five dollars. Magnolia [probably Magnolia Harris] (Tape slurs) It was your face. For- This plus everything. She had an operation, you know, also on her breast, and it’s all right, so she wanted to thank us for the lovely cards, said that when she looked up, the doctor’s face was my face, and she came through.

One man: Yeah.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: One dollar, one dollar. One dollar. Hmm? Yeah- (Tape slurs) (Tape edit?)

Lily: Three knots in my breast. And it was really large, and when I went in, if it wouldna been for Father, I wouldna went. (Crying) When he told all the young ladies to go in the back, so I went back there, and I was afraid, so that next morning I got up, and I went to the doctor-

Jones: Remember when I sent them all back?

Voices in congregation: Yeah, yeah.

Jones: You know how many people’ve been saved because of that?

Lily: -and-

Jones: Seventeen, thus far.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones (Over applause): You what woulda happened? Do you know- You don’t cut on a young girl unless it’s cancer that they’re trying to keep from spreading throughout her body. So just by following that instruction to go back there. That’s why I want us- to tell you to all follow the test that I said with Sister Spriggs, and look at that film, and see that film’s gotten. Just think of that, saving a young woman because of cancer- if she’da gone much longer with those three knots, she wouldna had a chance. Now she’s not in any trouble at all.

Scattered in congregation: That’s right. (Applause)

Lily: This is what I want to say. It was a lady in this bed aside of me, and um, she had the same thing I had, and when they went to cut on her, she coul- she was weak, and I had three lumps in my breast and- but what really got me was, when I went up to surgery, it wasn’t Doctor Young’s face, it was Father’s face- (Crying)

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Lily: -and, and his face just completely changed. It was Jim’s face that I seen when I went up to surgery-

Woman’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Lily: -and he said, Lily, why are you smiling? I said I can’t tell you, I’m just happy. He says, Lily, you know this is Doctor Young. I just said (Laughs)

Congregation: (Laughs and applause)

Lily: Thank you, Father. And he said that it wasn’t- it wasn’t cancer like you said, and I looked at the lady beside me and- where her and I ran into one another at the hospital, and she’s suffering so bad, she had the same thing, and it was really funny, then I’m- I’m- I’m gonna go sit down. My mother said, Lily, you ought to not go. I said, Mother, I’m fine, I can make it. And a voice said, Lily, I know you can make it. My mother said, Lily, you had surgery, you know they just took-Doctor Young just took the stitches out yester- day before yesterday. I said, Mother, I can make it. Don’t worry about me. And she said, Lily, I- I- you know, I want you to stay home tonight. I said, Mother, I’m not going to stay home, I’m not going to stay home, because I want to thank Father for everything that he did for me. So thank you, Father.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Peace. See the difference. Now she had the operation the same time that Terri [Cobb] who’s temporarily lost her way, and Terri’s having to take two times the normal dosage of ahorribly strong painkiller. And she’s able to be here, because she’s doing right.

Woman: Yes!

Jones: Look too. Think of where she came, the mistakes she made, and how she’s learned and the sweetness she’s given us since then.

Lily: (From back of room – off mike – unintelligible)

Jones: Little louder if you’re back there, hon.

Lily: Another thing that I would like to say is that I- (Unintelligible away from mike)

Jones: Now see that’s wonderful.

Lily: (Unintelligible)

Jones: That’s wonderful.

Congregation: (Applause)


Jones: Uh, for you, the secretaries who were in San Francisco, the reason I did not let you know, I don’t talk about stuff like this – as you know – over the telephone. So (Stumbles over words) Ukiah outfit, you got everybody on your line, even when they come through my line, when you come through my line, uh, then we may still have spies. So that’s why I didn’t burden you with it. And what can you do about it? You know, I don’t- I don’t give you pain unless you can do something with it.

Woman: Thank you, Father.

Jones: And it’s beautiful. I want to say too, that uh, you should know- Lily made this mistake with a thousand dollars, but she’s been paying on that regularly, and see what it pays when one goes- turns around and makes a straight turn. It- it- you are stronger because of it.

Voices in congregation: That’s right, that’s right.

Jones: So, anybody can pick themselves up and can find their way. Anybody can.

Voices in congregation: That’s right, that’s right. Amen.

Jones: Anybody can. (Taps mike)

Woman’s Voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: So let’s make a way. Let’s make a way for all those children that are- have lost their way. And that’s the way I prefer to say it.

Woman’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: (Calls out) Oh, I didn’t get the change.

Congregation: (Scattered laughter)

Jones: You wouldn’t want me to be inconsistent, would you? (Laughs) Come on in here now, get your change out. (Tape slur, unintelligible) -such a nightmare as this and be so cheerful as we are at the end of the day.

Congregation: (Stirs)


Jones: ‘Cause I’m glad we have these experiences, because only Jesuses have Judases (Gospel accounts of Judas’ betrayal in Matthew 26-27, Mark 14, Luke 22 and John 13)

Man: So true.

Jones: Only Jesuses have crosses. So you are one of that Jesus company, and- and we’ll use Jesus in the good sense. You are that good gang company. We’re going to have some suffering. (Long pause) Yeah, I s- I don’t think she is. I don’t think she did. I don’t think she did. (Louder) Yes, [Sister] Shakeschneider. I like that name. I wish we had an a- s Shake on every name. Shake Jones and Shake Smith and Shake Brown.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: Shake Schneider. That’s always gives me a good feeling, that Shakeschneider. (Calls out) Hey, Shakeschneider, come on, shake.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Marceline: Did you read this last part, Jim?

Jones: Oh yes, I did. I don’t want to tell any more gossip on these people.

Woman 1: I wanted to say that this (Unintelligible)

Jones: Shhh-

Woman 1: This morning when- and when I got home from- from church last night uh, Harry told me, said your doctor called from Kaiser and said they want you there at nine o’clock in the morning. Well, I had went on Friday to get my uh, physical check-up, so I said, well, I wasn’t concerned, because I knew Father was with me, and I- I wasn’t concerned at all. So when I got to the hospital, the doctor said, well, you know, he said, your cardiogram shows that you had a palpitation on Friday when you were here taking your test, so he said, well, we want to check and make sure that you’re all right. And when he checked this morning, my pressure and my heart was just fine. And I want to thank Father, because I know that it was because of you, Father, that I was all right this morning.

Jones: Isn’t that beautiful? Beautiful.

Woman 1: Thank you.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: You know it’s- and last night we had that- that marvelous- I uh- I need to speak to Brother [Archie] Ijames before the end of the day. Be sure to ask me a special question. Just say a special question, and I’ll know what- what it means. Last night, Sister Newman [could be Darlene Newman] who has the convalescent hospital – you that didn’t hear her testimony, most of you did – year ago, you know, she went and the doctor said her heart was damaged with a constant murmur. And she had an eardrum that was gone. She went to the doctor like I told her, (Clears throat) and last night she was rejoicing in her praise that the murmur was gone and theeardrum was restored.

One voice: Hallelujah

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

Jones: Beautiful. (Pause) ‘Tis so sweet.

Voices in congregation: Yeah.

Jones: I wish to say too, that do not tell- if any of those children call, (Clears throat) do not tell them any pain that we’ve had or any suffering that we’ve had or any difficulties that we’ve had uh, I think it might be in their minds sometime that they might try to restore themselves by trying to, you know, act out against our enemies. So never tell them anything that’s ever happened. Because sometime they’re going- they’re going to want to make it up to us. And we don’t want them to do anything wrong. You understand what I’m saying?

Few voices in congregation: Yes.

Jones: You understand what I’m saying?

More voices in congregation: Yes.

Jones: Never tell them anything, any threats that’ve happened, any dangers that’ve happened, any problems. If they burn all three down- three of the churches down, if they happen to be calling, say, well, we’re just fine. We had a warm fire and we had a wiener roast.

Scattered in congregation: Yeah. (laughter)

Jones: You know don’t do- don’t- don’t do it, because they’ll- they’ll want to- I think sometimes they’ll- something’ll get a hold of some of them. Some passed some more notes up here of things that they’d done wrong, I don’t want to go into all this. ‘Cause I said that, (Clears throat) we don’t want to hear any more about it. We just wanted you to know, and we’ll leave it there. We’re grateful that (Pause) when they came to our tres- our church treasurers for money, the student treasury, they didn’t get it. We’re grateful for the things that checked them. Annie Moore that was handling the college funds, one, one, what was it? 450 they wanted from you? Another wanted 400, wasn’t it?

Woman’s voice (Annie Moore?): That’s right.

Jones: They didn’t get- they didn’t get it. She did- She felt checked and didn’t give it. So it’sgood. But, as I say, in spite of all the times they tried to do these things, Wayne had a check- a cash- a uh, passbook that he could’ve used, and he didn’t. So. Give everybody their benefits of their doubts and give them the opportunities to grow. Any questions? (Pause) No questions? You’re a wise people, you got no questions. (Pause) We ought to be able to outmatch Jesus, I didn’t read two more verses there. And he commanded them that they should take nothing for their journey, save a staff only, no scrip- no scripture, no bread, no money in their purse. But be shod with sandals and not put on two coats. And he said unto them in what place so ever you enter the house thereby, till you depart from that place (Mark 6:8-10, “And commanded them that they should take nothing for their journey, save a staff only; no scrip, no bread, no money in their purse: But be shod with sandals; and not put on two coats. And he said unto them, In what place soever ye enter into an house, there abide till ye depart from that place.”). Boy, that’s a wild kind of zeal. We ought to get that kind of zeal for apostolic justice. (Pause) Be able to go out from place to place without a purse or a script or money in our pocket. Hmmm? (taps mike) We’ll bring back people, and we’ll restore those that’re lost, and we’ll bring more people in, and we’ll move forward and do what we’re supposed to do.

Valerie: A hundred for one.

Jones: Um-hmm, well, that’s good faith. Valerie says a hundred for one. Well, whatever, I’ll tell you, each of you’ll account for a thousand to one, ’cause you are people who- upon whom the ends of the world have come. Wherever you are at, you’re going to make history. And that ought to give you sense of, of- of good feeling, of depth of character, because we’re going to make history. It’s destined to be. Now you may not like the kind of history we make- we may be swinging through the sky (Laughs) on a rope but we-

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: We’re going to make- we’re going to make history. But I would rather go down as a John Brown than a- who was that fella that sold out? Nathan Hale?

Various members of the congregation: Benedict Arnold-

Jones: Benedict Arnold? I don’t know. Nathan Hale? I don’t know these- I don’t know one of these American characters from another.

Congregation: (Unintelligible)

Man 1: Nathan Hale said (unintelligible)

Jones: What’s that?

Man 1: Nathan Hale was the one who said I am sorry I only have one-

Jones: Yeah, yeah, I got- I got him mixed up. One of the one- I want to do right by Nathan. He said he’s sorry he only had one life to give to the country. But who was the other fella?

Congregation: Benedict Arnold.

Jones: Benedict Arnold. Now of course, if the British had won, he’da been a hero.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Male’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Oh yeah, that’s a quote I had here. It’s important. It’s very good from John Brown: “Now if it is deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, and mingle my blood further with the blood of millions in this slave country, whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel and unjust enactments, I say, let it be done.” John Brown, as he was on the scaffold, ready to be hung after the raid on Harper’s Ferry, the federal arsenal, Virginia on October sixteenth, October sixteenth, 1859. Those sixteenths do stick around, don’t they?

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: His demeanor prompted one conservative New Yorker to confide in his newspaper journal, “One’s faith in anything is terribly shaken by anybody who is ready to go to the gallows condemning and denouncing it.” And we can do that- we can- we can shake people’s faith in the love of money and racism. We can shake their faith in it. Dramatically and tre- tremendously, if we will be willing to go to the gallows for what we believe. I don’t think we’re going to the gallows, but I’m ready, aren’t you?

Congregation: (Extended cheers and applause)

(Long Pause) (Background nose, coughing)

Jones: (Off mike- unintelligible) I would prefer-

Woman’s voice: (Unintelligible)

(Tape Edit)


Jones: I’d rather not have anything brought public. If there’re some matters that are of concern, (Clears throat) we need to uh, bring them up privately at- in with council. Any announcements that need to be mentioned before we retire? We got tomorrow- we got the supervisors coming, and on Sunday a hundred dignitaries. Oooh- we love dignitaries, don’t we?

Scattered voices in congregation: Yes, yes.

Jones: Well, I don’t know how many’ll be there, but that’s how many (Stumbles over words) that could be there. What was it?

Woman’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Okay.

Man 2: Who can- who can take uh, Sister Lee Ethel Young to Oakland tonight?

Don Sly: (From the back of the room): I can take her over. I’ll be going to uh, Los Angeles and can drop her off.

Man 2: Thank you, Don.

Jones: Going to Los Angeles? Gonna get a whole bus- now that’s pretty good, Lee Ethel, you can stretch out on the whole bus.

Scattered in congregation: (Laughs)

Voices: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Don, yeah-

Don: Hey, honey, don’t snore!

Congregation: (Laughs)

Woman’s voice: Well, I can (unintelligible)

Jones: You do? That’s good. (Off mike) Thank you. (Unintelligible word)

Woman 2: We have the veterinarian from Willets, Dr. Schwartzman, coming out to the ranch again on uh, Tuesday. However, I don’t want you to come unless you see Richard first. He’ll be in the back there, and take a list of what you have- need done, and we’ll try to set up times, because last time, many of you had to wait a long time. We’ll try to schedule appointments if we know how many of you are coming. Uh, he will be giving rabies shots, so we need to know how many need rabies shots, so that he can order the vaccine ahead of time. I think they’ll be five dollars a shot. Um, there is another- (Pause) There’s another vet that is working with the children’s commune that is going to also be giving rabies shots, and I think they’re less expensive, but I don’t know if that’s been arranged yet or not. Uh- Or if you talked to council on that- but see us or uh, Wanda? (Pause) I can’t hear you.

Wanda (probably Swinney): I can’t make (unintelligible) but the rabies shots were four dollars.

Woman 2: Okay.

Richard: Well, he didn’t specify a price.

Woman 2: I thought you told me five, Richard.

Richard: (Unintelligible) He did.

Jones (Talking over conversation): (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: Okay. I’m sorry, then it’ll probably be less then- Because he’s been very good on his prices, but you can let us know uh, how much- Wanda says she can arrange them for fourthrough Shugart. Uh, anyhow, he will be at the ranch, and perhaps if you’re coming out for something else, uh, and you need a rabies shot, you can let us know.

Jones: What’s this now? (Stumbles over words), the rabies shots, he charges how much?

Woman 2: He- I thought Richard told me five dollars, but Richard said no, there was no specification of amount. Um, he’s been very reasonable on his prices, so I imagine that he uh-

Jones: Seemed to be, from what I saw the last time. I don’t know. Uh, Wanda should- (Clears throat) I mean people ought to compare to see exactly, which is the most reasonable. We certainly don’t want to quit Shugart altogether either. He’s been a very good doctor, but if we can make some savings for the family, I think we’re entitled to do that.

Woman 2: That’s right. Also uh, Dr. Schwartzman is working for Shugart Monday Wedne- Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays-

Numerous voices: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Woman 2: Oh, I’m sorry, I’m really confused tonight. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So there is that connection there, uh, and many of you may have met him so uh, we’ll try. We certainly have enough animals that we can use both veterinarians and take advantage of it. Heenjoyed meeting the people, he enjoyed talking to the children. Feel free if you want to bring the children to ask questions about the dogs. I- I was very pleased at the way he dealt with the animals and with the children and with all of our questions about what happened. It was an interesting experience. Um, so that’s something you might want to consider, and see how you like him, and then I’d like some feedback to see whether we want to continue or what. But do see Richard about uh, signing up for appointments please.

Man 3: Remember that every dog is to have rabies shots. Prophecy has been given that someone will die unless we heed this warning. If you haven’t had your dog’s rabies shots, get it taken care of right away. I don’t think cats were included, were they, in this, uh, prophecy?

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Woman 2: Oh-

Man 3: Just dogs? (Pause) All animals?

Jones: Who took a check from Deborah Daughtery [phonetic]? Deborah Daughtery?

Man 3: Better check- better check that out.

Jones: There- there- there it is. Right there’s your problem.

Woman: Where?

Jones: No problem, there’s no problem, darling, about, it’s just a matter of signature. Right there.

Woman: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Right there. (Stumbles over words) I wanted to find out who took the check, because they put their initials, and they don’t have your name on it.

Woman’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: Wanda brought up a very good point, is not to run down other vets, don’t talknegatively about other veterinarians to Dr. Schwartzman or to any other veterinarian.

Jones: Eva [probably Eva Pugh], Eva, Eva, uh- Just get- just a moment, don’t, don’t discuss that. Go ahead. It’s not- not- (Clears throat) Get the check uh- (Pause) It wasn’t anything about you, dear, it was something that she was said that might’ve uh, been taking wrongly. Not by you. (Pause)

Woman 2: Wanda is ready to take some dogs in to be spayed to Dr. Shugart. We get a group rate on this, it’s much less expensive. Uh, he- she needs four female dogs, so are there any? Let me see here- One, two, three- You’ve got it right now. Okay- See Wanda so she’ll set it up. Uh-

Jones: What’s that? (Unintelligible word) what?

Woman 2: Are you going to set up on (unintelligible)

Jones: Did you get a hold of that dog pound?

Woman’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Man’s voice: (Unintelligible) Well uh, no, the man wasn’t in, Earl wasn’t there, I didn’t call (unintelligible) –

Jones: Get it in the morning, will you, (Unintelligible word)?

Woman 2: Uh- Mom Taylor and Julia need about two hours help Friday moving things around. Uh, can anybody help? That’s tomorrow.

Jones: What- What’re they moving around? I’ve heard of moving in, moving out. What’re they moving around?

Scattered in congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: I’m just teasing.

Woman 2: Can we have a strong hand here that can volunteer? That’s all you need is about one- one person, Mom?

Jones: Who’ll help them? That’s important. I was just teasing. We need to help there, for good sweethearts. (Clears throat)

Woman 2: Is it- I don’t see any hands. Okay- Jim McElvane?

Jones: I smell- I smell fire!

Voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Hmmm? No. Good. I just wanted to know. We might- The building might be burning. (Laughs)

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: That’s about how excited I’d get, if I smelled it.

Man: (Laughs)

Woman 2: Um, also, um, Darren Purifoy needs someone to watch him.

Jones: Did you get- did you get someone to volunteer there?

Woman 2: Yes, and I was told there were volunteers yesterday. I’m not sure about that.

Man: David Gannis [phonetic].

Woman 2: David Gannis volunteered. Is David here? Well, Jim McElvane, perhaps you can contact David on that and check.

Jones: Where’s David? (Pause) Hmmm? (Pause) Did David get the message? (Pause) Bea, uh, uh, Edith, would you set up when you’re here? And probably be- because you’re here longer, you b- earthbound here to uh, Redwood Valley. Would you (Clears throat) set up a tight ship of counselors to see who doesn’t get in, in a meeting like this too? So that each counselor will know their people and look for them. I think that’s going to be the idea. We can save people from some agony. Another thing too, I’d asked the council to you know, report on these communes. If I’da got a financial report from the commune, I could’ve saved the Biddulphs. And this is a good test, a further lesson to be derived, that this is what happens when a commune gets too inbred.

Scattered in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: I appreciate all the rest of you that moved. Changed- You know, we broke up the uh, communes and re- uh, dis- distributed our precious people to get new acquaintances. If you get a commune that is too inbred, it gets stale.

Woman’s voice: That’s right.

Jones: And uh, it can create problems like this. But if I’d had a- if I’d had a financial report on where they were, I’da been in safe ground. I want all the communes- never let it be, another commune that doesn’t go through you and Maxine.

Woman’s voice: That’s right. (Unintelligible)

Jones: But- Let no communes. If there’s any commune that’s practicing here- Each of you inquire, is it going through Sister Maxine and Sister Helen? If it’s not going through there, it’s not a commune. We’re breaking it up right now, (snaps finger, baby crying in background) ’cause that’s the only commune that didn’t go through, and look at where we’re in. (Pause) People say we don’t need discipline, every time you look around, you can see we need discipline.

Scattered in congregation: Yeah, that’s right.

Jones: Yeah.

Man’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Hmmm?

Man’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Oh, it might be just that she hands it on over to us, yeah, that’d be consistent. That’d be consistent. I’m not worr- I wasn’t worried about your operation, ’cause I watch it. It’s meticulously written up, and you report- work sheets are thorough, but just to make it s- make it consistent, let’s just do it that way. ‘Cause somebody’ll say, yeah, they don’t do it, so let’s just have- what’s good for the goose, good for the gander. (Snaps finger) Okay.

Woman 2: Okay. We have a little dog to give away tonight. Uh, he’s a sweet puppy and he’s a male. It’s integrated, black and white.

Congregation: (Scattered Laughs)

Woman 2: How old is he? Where’d he come from?

Voice: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: He was found?

Voice: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: Oh- ma- walking down the middle of the road, and so it’s another stray that’s rescued. I’m sure he would’ve been hit if he kept walking along so- Because of Father’s teachings, we got a lovely little pup here.

Jones: Boy, San Francisco- don’t dump any more dog- dogs, if you ever have. Don’t put any dogs out, because that’s bad. Don’t let your dogs run loose. (Clears throat) ‘Cause then they complain, your good Baptist neighbors complain here, that the dogs came from us. Don’t do that. Look after your animals. I don’t know that it ever did but- but if one dog gets loose, they’ll blame it’s Peoples Temple’s dog. (Pause)

Woman 2: That was-

Jones: Who’ll take this little fella? (Pause)

Woman 2: There’s a hand back there, but I can’t see who it is.

Woman’s Voice: (Unintelligible) I saw him the other day and he run away from me.

Woman 2: Eddie, before you take uh, a dog, you have to check with- You’re in a commune so you have to see how many they have. Is there any other members here? Have they okayed that?

Voice: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: Is- Is that a yes or a no? Because you can’t- When- Most of our communes have alarge amount of dogs and uh, that’s one thing that you have to learn when you’re functioning in one, to check and see if that’s all right.

Jones: Well, he, he doesn’t- he doesn’t realize-

Woman 2: Right.

Jones: And we appreciate everyone’s need for a dog, and what about the commune situation? Uh, the dog situation in his commune? Peter, Peter, where art thou?

Woman 2: Who’s here from-

Jones: Peter’s sleeping. Mother, Peter’s sleeping.

Woman 2: Klingmans, are you here?

Various voices: (Unintelligible)

Jones: (Laughs)

Woman 2: Can you take this one too? Fine, thank you.

Various voices: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: Give it to Eddie.

Jones: Peter, you’re the gatekeeper. Watch it there. You sleep, and somebody’ll slip by you.

Congregation: (Scattered laughter)

Jones: (Laughs)

Woman 2: Wha- what’s this?

Woman 4: (unintelligible)

Jones: We’re just teasing, Peter. Don’t- we’re just having good time tonight.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: Tell him, Don, I don’t think he knows what’s going on back there.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones (Laughs): Any other complaints or ca- c- announcements?

Woman 4: Uh, I- I have my rummage sale, it’ll be this Thursday and Friday, and I need somebody to come and work it-

Jones: She’s been doing good work for the cause with that ru- that rummage sale, so let’s help her, huh?

Woman 4: I’m working. I’m going to school, so I can’t do it, so I need someone in the morning from eight forty-five, and please get on time, because I have to be on school- at school on time, and to stay till three until I get out of school. I’m glad to do it afterwards, but I need two people, one in the morning tomorrow, and one the next day. Uh-huh. I need one more person for Friday.

Voices: You already got Friday.

Woman 4: Oh, I’m sorry. (Laughs) Well, that’s all right.

Jones: Is it now?

Woman 4: One person will be enough. Thank you.

Woman’s voice: (Unintelligible word)

Woman 4: Hmm?

Jones: One thi- One thing when you have such a crisis-

Woman 4: I’d like to have one more.

Jones: It seems like a year from Monday, from one Friday to the next. (Pause)

Woman 4: Okay. Is there any other person to-

Jones: Shh. Help her, will you? Can we get another? That’s- that’s a great help to the cause. Move on.

Woman 4: And if anybody needs clothes, we have some really nice clothes there for your children or for adults or seniors.

Jones: (Off mike, unintelligible) for other people-

Voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones (Off mike): -they have to be heard after or before (unintelligible)

Woman 2: Uh, I don’t know where that was dispersed. It was laying here for two weeks, so I guess we figured those of you who couldn’t pick it up in two weeks time. We don’t know where it went, but it was around all over the church. Yes, Mike, you know where it is?

Mike: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: Well, let’s not worry about lost and found here. The rummage was here and there was plenty of ample time. I think it was even here for three weeks, not just two weeks so-

Voices: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: (Unintelligible word) Her things aren’t from there. I- did- You never got another person, did you?

Woman 4: No, (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: She needs one more person to work the rummage sale tomorrow. Someone who’s done it before preferably, and who knows how they work. We- (Pause) We like- We like to be integrated. We have one new black sister who volunteered, it would be good to have it integrated. (Going out into the crowd) Is there anybody who’s not working tomorrow, who can work the rummage sale with Becky?

Voices: (Unintelligible) I’m so sorry (unintelligible)

Woman 2: Well, it’s nice to hear from you. Just the morning?

(Jones speaks over conversation, both conversations unintelligible)

Jones (In background): -too many questions (unintelligible)

Woman 2: Until three. Fine.

Man’s voice (In background talking with Jones): (Unintelligible) They can transcribe it for you-

Woman 2: We needed to get someone to watch Darren Purifoy. He’s a nine-year-old uh, boy, uh, this weekend. Uh, who can take charge of Darren this weekend in San Francisco? He’s an easy fella. He’s really neat. Okay, I see a hand. Sylvia Grubbs, thank you.

Jones (In background): (Unintelligible) -get somebody from behind-

Woman 5: I’d just like to thank Father, uh- Pastor Jim and his family for saving me the crisis that I found myself in tonight. Never more have I really appreciated the family and- and Jim than I have tonight when I uh, faced what was about to come to me and then my son. I just want to say thank you. (Pause)

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: Please. I have said for your safety, do not have crescent wrenches under the uh, driver’s seat of the car or any spark plugs. Move them, if you will. (Pause) A moved wrench can mean a saving from broken bones.

Man 4: (Pause) I am surely appreciative for the cooperation I’ve had out of some of you in the- on the construction crew in the last few days. We certainly got a good momentum, and we want to keep it going. There’s so much to be done.

Jones: Oh my, isn’t there. Isn’t there, though?

Man 4: Ahhh- Now tomorrow we want all the construction crew to show up here. We’ll be working out here on this house uh, in the back of where Joyce [Parks] and uh, Dale [Parks] are living in that apartment we had the addition making on there. Everyone that you have signed the list that can’t possibly be here, why, be here tomorrow morning at no later than eight thirty. Now we’ve had uh, sort of a bad policy on that, some showing up anywhere from nine to eleven or twelve o’clock. And let’s improve on that, would ya? (Unintelligible under Jones) And I want to say it. We appreciate the cooperation we’ve been given, and if we get started earlier (Unintelligible word), we don’t have to make it up in the, you know, in the wee hours of the morning. (chuckles) You know, tomorrow night. Thank you.

Jones: I could be wrong.

Woman’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Is this not- am I not right that- that the- the people look at the podium chair in LA. I think it’s larger than any podium chair I have. Taller. (Unintelligible word) You’re right, this is taller, this is taller, it’s too tall. But the uh, podium chair is a high one there and I like that, and I like it, it’s much, much better for me. I don’t have to have pillows. And I just despise fooling with these pillows. And I can better serve you if you didn’t- would get me podium chairs like that. If you can find out where they got that podium chair. I think Dave [probably David Wise] bought that, didn’t he?

Woman 6: I bought that in (Unintelligible word).

Jones: You did? Well, it’s the best one.

Woman 6: Thank you.

Jones: It is the best. But you’re right, that this uh, pulpit- This- Walter made this for the outside. By the way, he’s done such nice things down there with the cages and the duck pond, and you ought to see some of the things that’s back there. (Clears throat) Very well. Go right on, quickly.

Penny: Uh, I would like to request if- when we’re in the city or we’re having- and we’re having testimonies, if you’ll please follow just the simple li- little instructions like, uh, to not call Jim God publicly.

Jones: Yeah, I’ve- I’ve asked her to do that, so don’t get mad at her.

Penny: And uh, please not call him Father publicly, because you really put him on the spot, and also we can’t use these testimonies on the radio. And uh-

Jones: It’s true, and you’ve got some beautiful testimonies, but the word “Father” becomes a barrier to some people who don’t understand the original scripture.

Penny: So please, it’s like- He is our Father but uh, we’re not proving anything by going against his wishes. We’re only hurting and- So please don’t do that anymore.

Jones: Say pastor, God, uh, God in Jim.

Penny: And- Don’t say socialism.

Jones: No, no, no, no, no, no-

Penny: In- In these things, please

Jones: ‘Cause people dirty that word until it’s not even a proper word to use. “Apostolic.” We’ll- We’ll use that until somebody dirties it.

Penny: -and the reason I moved some of you around is because we- so we can be thoroughly integrated. That’s why I s- put some in the back and some forward and uh, I try to, you know, like, have older and younger, and I just am trying to be fair. Uh, but I’m not always fair.

Jones: All but the seniors, uh, give them preference. And it is good to get in a line of uh, black and white. That’s a good point. Explain this to others, ’cause people give Penny a lot of uh, guff, Penny isn’t the most diplomatic person in the world – we all know that – but she’s carrying out instructions.

Penny: And also-

Jones: I don’t know how you can be diplomatic with people when they- you tell them “short” and they talk for (laughs) fifteen minutes.

Penny: Right and pl-

Jones: When you- When you want to say short, you have to say “short two” or “short one.” That “brief” don’t mean anything any more. Some people think, when you say “brief,” that means a briefcase.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Penny: Another thing on testimonies, if- when you reach a high, you know, in your testimony, everybody’s going rah rah, and you are feeling real great, why don’t you just stop right then?

Jones: When you got the glory to the people. That’s true. When you’ve seen your high point don’t s- don’t overdo it. If you’re singing one verse and you got the glory, don’t sing that second when you are liable to lose the glory.

Voices: (Unintelligible)

Penny: Oh, and also-

Jones: Build faith, in other words, is what she saying. Build it up and keep it up there. Keep it high, keep that faith high. We’re not here to build our ego, but to build the glory for this cause.

Penny: Also I think uh- If you’ve said something, don’t come running back up to add on to it. And- I think if you’ll come up with one thing, I think I’m just going to ask you to tell one thing. And I’m going to start taking a list of people that break this rule, or won’t follow instructions, and I just won’t let you go up anymore because it’s just cause- causes- It causes jealousy for others, and I don’t blame ’em, you know, and I- Another thing too, I’m also making a list – I said before, I threatened – but I’m going to make a list of people that refuse to testify, because if you’ve been in this work- As long as we’ve been in this work, and you can’t testify, it’s just too bad. And I am turning it in.

Jones: That’s true, that’s true. We- One thing to remember. I’d rather have some people who uh- Sometimes you know, (Stumbles over words) it’s very difficult for people who haven’t had the training that you may have had to know just how to testify and if you give them words in the background, they get mighty, mighty nervous. So if you can get this beforehand, uh, some people can’t- they- they do beautifully, they speak but they’re not as uh, trained in speaking. They don’t feel as confident in speaking, although some who don’t feel confident do so much better job. And some of you who’ve never had a day of high school education speak with m- I enjoy you more than I do some people who have all kinds of degrees, but (Clears throat) if we could get this beforehand, then we wouldn’t have to go through this. Get yours down to one or two uh, quick points of dynamic healing. When- When you go tell fifteen, twenty different things, the major thing is lost. Save it, get it around- and we appreciate your testifying. You thatdo testify, don’t think that that’s a criticism, ’cause we appreciate those of you that get up, ’cause some don’t and you should. And she’s right, we should notice those who don’t get up, and anyone who refuses should be brought up. (Tape edit) My God, when you don’t testify about what we’ve seen, we lower the- we lower the- the healing power.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Penny: Uh, I’m instructing the uh, microphone crew from now on, that when the point’s made, to remove the microphone discreetly, and when they do, you can discreetly walk away. And that’s going to be the new rule, because we’re not going to stand and have you fight- These children, they’re doing a good job, and also the little children that get-

Jones (Interrupting): I’m going to tell you- I’m going to tell you. (Clears throat) If you’re dealing with some folk, you better not start that publicly, because you’ll have a fight, they- uh, one, one gets up in a- once a month, I can think of one- uh, Grace Loveberry. If she gets up, better let her alone- ’cause you’ll have such a fight and row that it’ll kill the spirit. There’s only one way-

Penny: That’s true.

Jones: The only one way to change Grace, and that’s to kill her, and we don’t believe in that.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Penny: Well, it’s hard to know at times- (Pause) All right, well, sometimes-

Jones: And there’re some others- When you get up to the seventies and eighties, you want to be careful who you dealing with.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Penny: Well, anyway, some of these people that really talk a long time, you’ll just have to forgive me or them or somebody. I don’t know, um uh-

Jones: Well, we’ll forgive you, but we just don’t want any violence up on the pulpit, you know.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: And if you start something with Grace, Grace gets to swinging and hollering, and- I- (Clears throat)

Penny: I know.

Jones: I can tell Grace was troubled- I was in the back office in uh, Los Angeles, and I knew Grace was upset.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Penny: I know it. Gosh, Grace and I are a poor combination.

Jones: (Clears throat) Well, Grace has-

Penny: I know.

Jones: -poor combinations, but if you leave her to do her solo, she doesn’t do bad.

Congregation: (Laughs)

Penny: I know it. Okay, well, thank you very much, everybody, and I appreciate your helping me and just please- just follow our little instructions. Thank you.

Jones: There is a truth, though, you know, uh, it’s the fact of life. You don’t teach- I don’t like to use it that way, because older people are so precious, but this fact you don’t teach some old dogs new tricks. And- and if you try to teach an old dog a new trick up in front, you gonna have a- quite of a- quite a little growl.

Woman’s voice from the back: (Unintelligible)

Jones: I know you should try it. I just give up on it. I figure, if they’re not supposed to die they won’t, and if they stay’d alive, they’re meant for our perfection, so we just leave ’em-

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones: And undoubtedly Grace is uh, she’s a thorn that’s helped us grow (Pause) and she can- but when she sings, she can sing so beautifully and inspire you- she can give testimony that’s just perfectly humorous, it’ll just lifts you on the third heaven sometimes. Then she can put you on the lower third hell too, if you’ll- (Unintelligible under laughter)

Congregation: (Laughs)

Jones (Laughs): If you leave her alone, you’ll end up closer to the first heaven. That’s the best way.

Woman 2: Also, on the testimonies um, sometimes some of you uh, have complained because uh, you’ve gone up and wanted to testify and Penny says no, not this time, or some of you try to get up all the time, and she’ll say not to. Please listen to her and uh, don’t pester her then. Talk to her maybe after the meeting or another time. But it’s very difficult, like, if she’s right up there in line. (Unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: You need a black assistant uh, to help you too. You need to pick one. (Clears throat) And see that they can- so it’s not always just you having to give the- the word- Because uh, some people don’t know and don’t understand it, but what you can hardly do is behind people who are not ea- at ease talking. You can’t give them too many instructions, ’cause they get nervous and they won’t come up anymore. (Clears throat) But if we’d all listen, and you’ll help keep the rules, she wouldn’t have to be talking behind people, you see. They’ll- they’ll have the knowledge before they get up there. And I must admit that we- Don’t you enjoying hearing fifteen people more than you enjoy hearing one?

Voices in congregation: Right.

Jones: When they’ve got fifteen inspirational- inspirational testimonies, it means so much more. But when one preaches a sermon, then the rest there- there’s a letdown, and the rest are- their spirits are hindered.

Voices in congregation: That’s right.

Voice: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: Yeah. Children are fantastic. One thing, on some of the testimonies of uh, some of our sisters and brothers, you’ll give very long details uh, getting up to the point of the testimony, which are totally irrelevant and not- unnecessary, and you lose the people trying to get through these things, which seem so important to you, about how the table was set and the kitchen chair, and what you said to your sister and what your brother said to you, and how you wha- uh, what the morning conversation was, before you get to what actually happened. So if you can have that in mind that- that it really isn’t necessary uh, to the testimony itself. Try to think of that, because some of these testimonies could be cut way down and- and you don’t lose, because you often lose the point of the testimony, a long, long dialogue like I’m going on now. (Chuckles)

Penny: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: Yes, and some people refuse to tell Penny what they- what they’re going to say, and she is in a position, and if you cannot cooperate, then it’s no use trying to testify.

Jones: Shh. (Pause) I am trying to do some revelations- Well, who has a loved one named Clifton? (Clears throat) (Pause) Okay. I just wanted to get that pinned down. (Pause) Go on, go on, I’m- I’m taking care of it, it’s not bothering me, right now. (Pause) (Tape edit?) I’m not seeking glory, but that was a great ounce of prevention I just did. So don’t make me have to explain what I do in family nights. I’ve done some great miracles. I’ve saved lives and never said a word. We only mention it to get people to respect it, you see. I shouldn’t have to give any details out to get people to respect the power that I have on family nights.

Eva (Wanda?): Uh, Jim, I just feel that I want to apologize for the pain that Wayne has caused you.

Jones: Eva, now why do you- why should you pay- apologize for- because he’s not your son anymore than my Jim [Jimmie Jones] is your son. We’re all parents of the same children, and uh, I’m not going to stand up here and apologize for Jim Jones my dad. Uh, you- you’ve been agood member of this Temple and you can- you cannot uh, be blamed for the fact that his father passed. You know? He- he didn’t have the father that he needed. So you can’t be blamed for that. You don’t need to apologize for, for, for Wayne.

Eva: I- I do want to thank you for uh, the money that will keep me out of jail, I think they would put me in jail because-

Jones: No, they’re not going to put you in jail, honey, ’cause they gonna have to put Daddy and all of his little darlings in jail too-

Congregation: (Cheers and applause) (Pause)

Jones: It’s hard too. If you can raise- ‘Cause this is hard, uh, we needed to put out a thousand dollars right now like we needed a hole in the head, so any of you that can take on any other projects, sell anything, rummage sales, we need it. (Deliberate tone) We sure do need the money now, but we’ll never get so busy trying to keep our budget that we will fail our people. But we surely didn’t need an extra thousand dollars to go out right now. So please know that, will you? How many’ll try to think up ways of making money? Get your head working. You may- You’ll be surprised what you wander into. One sister has wo- uh, got uh- making uh, what do you- pot uh- she turned in twenty-five dollars in Los Angeles last week, uh, what do you- what do you call ’em, uh- what do you call it? Pot holders. Little- all kinds of things. Uh, Chr- Christine?

Christine: (Unintelligible word) And- and some uh, pears and can ’em and sell ’em. Would that be okay if we go out there and get some?

Jones: Sure-

Christine: I won’t be able to do it, but I will try to get some younger boys to- to do it.

Jones: I know. Well, you’ve done a good job when you’ve been on- up and at them, honey. Don’t worry about it but uh, that’s very sweet. Some of these grapes- You can always get enough grapes, even back there behind us if you don’t take too much. You can take grapes there. Those grapes are getting tasty, and you could sell some of those probably. (Pause) She said [if] some child will help her, she’d make up fruit uh, arrangements and sell them. Anybody want to help Christine? She’s got a- uh, that’s sweet of you. Thank you.

Voice: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: How old a child?

Voice: (Unintelligible)

Woman 2: Also, Penny would like someone to help her with the nametags. A teenager would be fine or a young- young person. Uh, she’s making a lot of money and needs some help, because she is busy during uh, services. Uh, Zippy [Zipporah Edwards] brought to my attention that apparently several of you have been going out into the pear orchards and picking pears and breaking branches, and she said it’s a mess, that after last week, it was just a mess out there, and she’s concerned, because apparently it’s not all our property where we pick the pears, uh, that this privilege is going to be taken away from us and that we’ll get a bad name. So how- how many of you here go out into the- the pear orchards here? (Pause) Well?

Jones: Oh, my Lord. (Unintelligible under Penny) Better send somebody after them. Shh.

Woman 2: You must be extremely careful, extremely careful and uh, pick up any debris, uh, clean it up. In fact, if it’s- if it’s- if you see it messy out there. If you’re going to take the pears, you be sure you leave it in better shape, you know, than when you came. Don’t eat pears and leave things lying or break branches or anything like that, or we won’t be able to let you out there.

Jones: Um-hum.

Man’s voice: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Where’s that?

Woman 6: (Unintelligible) It’s just ridiculous. It looked as though the limbs, great big limbs just broke all through there, and I was in just a small area, and it just looked like a storm went through it.

Jones: Well, I hope it wasn’t our people. I hope it wasn’t our people.

Woman 6: (Unintelligible under Jones) That’s what I hope so. I know I sees other- I-

Jones: Sometimes the pickers are careless, but we uh- They don’t usually have that many broken limbs. I mean the, you know, the regular hired pickers. Can we get some men out there to- to pick up some of those limbs and straighten that up? We’ll lose a very good source of uh- That’s a young boy, that’s sweet, but we need a couple of men to go out there and pick up some of that debris. We’ll lose a good source of pears. If we can’t get men, I guess we get some women. We better do it. We better do it. You’re gonna lose- lose something. We got any women that can go over there tomorrow? Go in there and kind of, where something is hanging, get it free from the point and clean it up? Anyone- anybody going to go and do this?

Voices: (Unintelligible)

Jones: It’s right out here, out here, in the pear- Huh? Right behind-back of Zi- uh, Zippy’s house. You know where she lives? (Clears throat) Thank you so much. You’re sweet, sweet. (Whispers unintelligible)

Woman 2: What- Okay. There- There will be a brief security meeting behind the pool immediately after this meeting, and attendance will be taken.

Jones: Yeah, we need security right now. (Pause) We got to be more careful. Gotta be more careful. Someone got up nearly to my house. (Pause) They said there were five of them. From behind. They got up with the rifle, but something stopped them. Let’s not depend on something having to stop them, ’cause we didn’t have a gun. It wasn’t a gun that stopped them. (Pause) We need more people in security. We need to be here. And if you care now, you’ll be there. It’s just one- we got a little rabble-rouser here, and if we- we put them to flight, and we’ll be all right. (Pause) Newspaper hasn’t got their home yet, that’ll help too. Newspaper’s slow getting out. Many of you got your newspaper in the mail yet? None of you got your Temple Reporter in the mail? That’s what I thought. (Clears throat) So, how many will volunteer for security that’ve not been in security? Same car that’s been deviling the people. It’s only one car, we could easily isolate them, one Volkswagen been causing some trouble. Bunch of red necks drunks. Men- Men making smart remarks about Mexicans, Indians and blacks. So we need to just be alertedthough, we don’t want- ’cause they get drunk and want to try something foolish. And we want to show them that, drunk or sober, you don’t do anything foolish around here.

Voices in congregation: That’s right (unintelligible).

Woman 7: (Unintelligible) San Francisco, I will bring them in my car and pick them up, so they don’t have no excuse, if they want to be on security.

Jones: That’s good. That’s sweet of you. Tell that Bea’s (Unintelligible word), will you announce to that secretary, Bea, will you see that’s gotten across? All right, can we get these announcements fast and furious? Through?

Man 5: This isn’t uh, an ice cream cone. And most people that pick it up to try to use it, particularly staff- some of the staff workers that don’t have a mike handler uh, try to talk at it like it was a mike- like an ice cream cone, and then I have to boost the volume so high that we run feedback. Uh, also the staff workers, if they’d please turn it off when you’re not using it, then I don’t have to turn everything off at the control board, and then when someone wants to use it, it’s off, and they try to get a hold of me so that I know they need to have to turn it up. Just pop it off when you are finished with it. Okay?

Woman 2: Pho- Phone callers, even if you have your message, please meet Edith Bogue in back by the pool. So we’ve got security, uh, callers, and people interested in the vet meeting right after service. Uh, Carolyn Walls would like a show of hands of people who would give her orders for homemade health food bread? She’ll do it as a project, turn in all the proceeds, but she does uh, want to see-

Jones: It’s good bread too.

Woman 2: Yes. Father likes it very much. If you would be- How many would be interested in giving her orders for this? Sponsoring- She needs the money to do it. Uh, we need a bigger response. If you are interested in it, talk to Carolyn afterwards and she’ll be-

Jones: Come on, can’t we get some help with this bread? Uh, it’s good healthy bread.

Woman 2: I don’t- I saw about- Raise the hands high. We just can’t tell. You stuck them up and stuck them down. Okay, if you would uh, begin and talk to her in back about it, and then spread the word and then maybe she could (Unintelligible word under Jones) a really good project.

Jones: Come up here to the front, come up in the front and meet with her right at the end of the meeting.

Woman 2: Fine. That’s all now. No more announcements.

Jones: Folk, we are so far short of our goal, and we had to pay one of our ladies rent because somebody had held up her check since she’s moved. How many can give us an extra five dollars?

(Tape edit)

Jones: Put your name down. Just write it on a piece of paper and give it to me. Both of you. I must meditate on it. (Pause) Did your mother have some mental disturbance? (Pause) Fine. Don’t underestimate these quiet times, ’cause it takes respect. Even though I don’t bring it out, because I have no need to get any ego gratification or any praise from it. You’ve got to have the right climate for me to do the best work, so be just as respectful, when I’m not going into details, please. (Pause) Um-hmm. (Pause) Who had erythro- erythromycin? Is that it? Erythromycin lately, who’s been having it- have you been having that. Your mother’s (Unintelligible word) Erythmo- Erythromycin. (Pause) Hmm. Um-hmm. I think that is the way it is. It be e-r-y-t-h-r-o-m-y-c-i-n. Cloths for that. Please hold the hands up. (Clears throat) I may take it- we took it four times today. (Pause) Take it four times a day out of this cloth- out of this. It’s important. This is three times or different uh, t- times than four out of here-

Voices: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Umm-hmm. Three’s in your right hand, four’s in your left. (Clears throat) Hands clasped while they do this, let’s move quickly.

Tape Edit


Tape originally posted April 2004