Returning to Jonestown 2016

jt aerialIn March 2016, a number of Jonestown survivors, former members of People Temple, and relatives will return to Jonestown on a trip sponsored by a documentary film production company.

The following stories describe what some of the people who will make the trip anticipate during their journey.

The final story is an account of a trip to Jonestown recently taken by travel writer John Gimlette for his book, Wild Coast: Travels on South America’s Untamed Edge (New York: Vintage Departures, 2012).

  1. Documentary Team to Accompany Survivors to Jonestown, by Melissa Thrasher
  2. Plans for Return Trip to Guyana Solidify, by Laura Johnston Kohl
  3. My Final Trip to Guyana, by Hue Fortson Jr.
  4. Going back to it all, by Dawn Gardfrey
  5. The Love You Have For Your Mother, by Herbert Newell
  6. A Trip I Thought I Would Never Take, by Jordan Vilchez
  7. The Town of Jones, by John Gimlette