Articles, the jonestown report, 2015

  1. dw-16Commentaries on “Drinking the Kool-Aid”
    1. Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid, by Todd Strandberg
    2. Jonestown slang, redux
  2. Communism, Marxism, and Socialism: Radical Politics and Jim Jones, by Catherine Abbott
  3. Atheistic Gods and Divine Leaders of the Religion of Social Justice: The Theology of Father Jehovia, Father Divine and Jim Jones, by E. Black
    1. Addendum 1: The transmutation of the Divine Mind
    2. Addendum 2: The Atheistic Gods of The Cause as Respective Saviors of Humanity
    3. Addendum 3: Bishop St John the Divine, George Hickerson, the Apostate and Dissident
    4. Addendum 4: Normative Christianity, the New Thought Movement, and the Atheistic Gods: A Comparison
    5. Addendum 5: The Three Schools of the Metaphysical New Thought Cult: A Summary
  4. The Message Connection of Jim Jones and William Branham, by John Collins and Peter M. Duyzer
  5. NRM Teaching Challenges: Reflections on Combatting Dehumanization, by David Mihalyfy
    1. New Religious Movements: Myths and Reality
  6. The Stigmatized Deaths In Jonestown: Finding A Locus For Grief, by Rebecca Moore
  7. Nurture Failure: A Psychobiographical Approach to the Childhood of Jim Jones, by James L. Kelley
  8. The Negative Effects of the Social Isolation of Jim Jones in Jonestown, by Bonnie Yates
  9. The Survivors of Jonestown, by Michael Haag, Ph.D.
  10. Sigmund Freud’s Approach to Intergroup Relations Applied to Peoples Temple, by Shailee Dyssell-Pillay
  11. The Cult of Two: Understanding Jonestown, by Loren-Paul Caplin
  12. ‘How Did This Happen, and How Did I Not See It Coming?’, by Justin Rohrlich
  13. A Review of the Photography of Jonestown, by Edward Cromarty
  14. Morbidabilia (aka Plundering Peoples Temple for Profit), by Matthew Thomas Farrell
  15. The Impact of Journalism on Jim Jones and Peoples Temple: Examining New West’s investigative report, by Gabrielle Greenfield
  16. Notes on Official Jonestown 36th Anniversary, by Archie Smith, Jr.