The Ballad of the Jim Jones Movement

From his early childhood he looked in the sky
and decided there’s nothing there to hear me when I cry.
Because he accepted the truth, and was not deceived
He declared it’s only in me will I ever believe.

He took note of the oppressed, their pain and sorrow,
And longed for the day when they would have a brighter tomorrow.
He knew that the racism and injustice they endured mustn’t always be.
These were his people and they would be free!

Many had tasted of that bitter cup – racism, injustice and poverty.
But never enough to have the courage to be lifted up.
He bowed his head filled with sorrow
Because he knew it would take much suffering before there would be a brighter tomorrow
But he lifted up his head in the socialist sign,
And shouted give me the burden and the victory shall be mine.
Yes here’s one, I’ll go, send me.
So he came alone, nobody but he.

He cared for all people, but nobody wanted to understand,
But his chosen people were the poor oppressed man.
They were so helpless, tired and alone
Because nobody seemed to care how much they were being wronged.

So he came to them with a plan.
He ministered to them in ways they could understand.
He showed them that he really cared, and that his love and power, couldn’t be compared.
He let them know that he too had drunk from that bitter cup,
And that his body had been crucified, that he had been lifted up.
That is lifelong fight had been for justice and equality, and strongly united, his people would be free.

He dealt with every problem, and he met every need,
And his people declared, he’s God a Savior indeed.
It wasn’t always this way you see.
So you all can be gods, just like me.
When you’ve had enough from the bitter cup
Then you will be willingly crucified to be lifted up.

He let his people know that he couldn’t be bought and he couldn’t be used.
That he had paid the price and owed no dues.
He called no man his friend and considered no place his
That his hand was on freedom and he would not be moved.

But his enemies have decided that his people shouldn’t be free.
That they were never going to know the joy of having equality.
So the enemy crept in the night
Hoping to destroy their dream, to take their lives.
But their protective was on the scene.
He jumped on the front line and shouted, no, take me.
But from the corners of the earth a united people gathered
Together greatly in battle readiness and declared, this can never be.
We have come this far in unity and united we’ll stand to meet our enemy.

He turned to them with a haughty salute
For then he knew they had grasped the truth.
They were strongly united in the knowledge of socialism divine.
The enemy then realized that the victory was already lost, and in fighting there was no use.
These people have had enough from that bitter cup.
They were willing and ready to be lifted up!

Lynetta Jones (1975)

Originally posted on November 30th, 2015.

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