Q255 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: Attention, attention. On request of others, I’ll give the news now. There could be a test any day, if you don’t have more interest. Certainly there will be Tuesday, you can depend on it, over all the material that we’ve covered.

Radio Jerusalem. We’re not complimentary of Be– of [Menachem] Begin, as there seems to be quite a division in the Israeli forces and populace. Radio Tel Aviv, the capital of Jerusalem [Israel], was overly, overly critical of the government of Begin and said he was endangering their nation and the world with a nuclear holocaust. Begin says that Camp David will be the last chance for peace. From then on, we will use and employ every weapon that we have in our arsenal. That was interpreted by United Nations officials to be– to believe that Israel will fl– shoot th– into their enemy territory, wipe out concentration camps with such devices as atomic bombs and neutron bombs. That would be the beginning of the war that would make USA a desert.

Lebanon. Israel will not allow destruction of the Christian fascist fana– fanatics that they have in the south of Lebanon who are indeed contributing to the invasion of Lebanon. Israel supporting the lesser of two evils, Christian fascist militia, in their minds, or the Muslims of Lebanon, which are very socialistically oriented. [Anwar] Sadat says it is also the last change for a peaceful settlement, the– that is, the Camp David summit that is the sixth and seventh of this September.

Hussein. King Hussein of Jordan. Upheavals in govern– of governments in Arab world are moving all of the Arab world, said Radio Tel Aviv, toward socialism and Marxist-Leninism. He calls also – King Hussein– Hussein of Jordan – for the reunification of all Arab nations. No willingness from Begin for territorial concession on the West Bank, said Radio Tel Aviv. The commentator was very sharp and very caustic about the Begin regime. Radio Tel Aviv, now remember, is the capital of Israel. That shows a growing movement in Israel who do not like the dictatorship and the Zionist superiority concept of religion that Begin and his crowd espouse. Christian Scientist Monitor [Christian Science Monitor], one of the leading objective journals of the establishment press, although it lies all the time too, just like them, but it says USSR warns against US troops in the Sinai region. It is now uh, Christian Monitor’s view, as uh, BBC and other Western capitalist European powers in NATO, that USA already has the plans to take the soldiers that have no jobs in USA and put them over in the Sinai to make them gun fodder, while they’re protecting the territory that they hope to find some oil in, in Sinai that Israel attacked aggressively and conquered by the worst fascist methods in our era, except for Adolf Hitler. Israel fascist mentality, charges Radio Tel Aviv, of all things. There’s an Arab ma– majority in their conquered lands and in Israel. The Arab majority is getting stronger, the Ar– Arab minority, I should s– is getting stronger.

Israeli teachers are threatening to strike. Gangs planting bombs in Jerusalem. Crime is out of control in Israel, though it’s a modern state, upheld by our tax dollars which always causes a pain to come to my stomach, in spite of the fact of all of their modernity and money that’s backed them, and military hardware, and special loans, gangs– street gangs are planting bombs in Jerusalem, warring within each other, gangs against gangs, like every city in USA. Our children would’ve certainly been killed or put in jail, because the news says that now the gangs run certain ghettoes in the Soviet– in the USA. Radio Moscow brought that out earlier, that gangs already rule the ghettoes of every city in United States.

Rome. Pope Pa– Pope John Paul installed. I hope the son-of-a-bitch finally does live li– uh– going to be transforming the lives of 48 countries. They must think that tongue-in-cheek, that his few jewels that he’s handing out is going to do anything to save the world.

Nicaragua, says Radio Jerusalem. [Anastasio] Somoza, chambers of Congress says 89 percent business in Managua is– are closed. Even the business people and the only trade unions – all three – are in cooperation in a nationwide general strike, even though they face imprisonment for life or death by Somoza’s secret police, by a firing squad. That shows some bravery. And nobody is capable of being a socialist until they’re not afraid of death. It’s just a quiet rest. We cannot uh– take our lives because as certain as I am talking to you, you just have to come back and face it all over again. But it’s good for people not to be afraid to die for what they believe.

Organization of African States is taking up matter of description– of disruption. The Organization of American States – not African – the Organization of American States, which is the Latin nations such as Venezuela and Brazil and a number of others, Peru, host of them, Suri– Surinam. Guyana has never entered because they more or less have a capitalist platform, so Guyana and Cuba do not interfere. The Organization of African States, they don’t even have membership, Guyana does not even have membership or does Cuba in the Organization of African States. But the situation’s gotten so matter– so much out of hand, disruption in Nicaragua, and the citizens fighting with the military in an open civil war, that they’re calling for the immediate resignation of Nicaragua’s dictator Somoza, who’s been upheld by our tax dollars for forty-some years, one of the bloodiest dictators of all time. Venezuela is upset with unrest in Nicaragua. All of these people in the Organization of Af– American States fear a communist takeover like Cuba.

Right wing Begin speech of Israel was very superficial, restricting arms, the negotiations delayed several months from termina– terminating. (Pause) Now, this is again Jersualem Radio attacking their own prime minister, which is considerable breakthrough, that is a working class consciousness at uh, s– fa– speedy faster rate – fast rate – that they know that the worst enemy is the capitalist exploiter. After all, they were exploited by capitalism in Germany, and the early Zionists– I mean, the early Jews were one of the best buffers that blacks had, they got civil rights legislation passed, and they were the founders of the Communist– first Communist revolution in 1917 by Vladimir– Vladimir Lenin.

All right. Continue with the news. Yugoslavia. Croatian segments of their population have settled in Australia, have taken over the Yugoslav embassy and an Australian building, demanding independence of Croatia from the– what they call the chauvinistic communist state of Yugoslavia. As you know, Yugoslavia is non-aligned under Marshall [Josip Broz] Tito, and came under fire from Moscow recently for giving China encouragement in her nuclear genocide approach to life and for giving certain concessions and praising China and also denouncing the Soviet Union. Yugoslavia has deno– denied this, but Radio Moscow seems to be right on. I’ve not found ro– in any discrepancy yet.

Ethiopia’s been able to succeed most of the Eritrean insurrectionist, they’re backed by the USA and her na– lackeys of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO.

From Sinai, the (stumbles over words)– Well, it’s not clear, I can’t hear what they– what they are saying here on the radio about that. From Sinai– (Pause) From Sinai, the essence of it is, will probably be the Near East, the beginning of a nuclear war. (Pause)

(unintelligible word) Israeli three men meeting of the cabinet to oppose Begin’s policies.

Jimmy Carter returns from his vacation, as you know. He planned two weeks but he only got barely over a week, to watch the natural– uh, the deregulation of natural gases. He is for big business. As he– you heard yesterday, how the psychometric PSE psychological stress (pause) machine or device can prove when someone’s lying, and most prestigious one in America that’s acceptable for the defense of anyone accused of a crime, says that Jimmy Carter lies on all points. He lied on the point that he was interested in the working class. They studied his speech, stresses and so forth, and it reveals whether or not you are telling the truth. It’s down to a very precise sci– science. He also (pause) lied when he said he was going to help the little man and give jobs and homes. It clearly sho– showed, said the capitalist Psychological Stress Center, that he is only going to do the biddings of the big businesses and give them the special assistance.

September 12 (pause) has Americans who can go in to help the Soviet Union– (Pause) They’ll be exchanging again with the Soviet Union.

Supreme Court last year, no more attitude against it than– (pause) Stand by. Interruption. (off mike) (unintelligible word) mother-fucking goddamn shit. (Pause) September 12 has Americans who can go in to help Russians. What the hell’s that mean? The Supreme Court lost–

Voice: unintelligible

Jones: Okay, okay, okay. (back to mike) Continue with the news. Hello? Hello? (Pause) They are sure that (unintelligible word) will be upheld by the U.S. reactionary Supreme Court, appointed by the imperialist president [Richard] Nixon for the most part.

So there we are, being set back. There’ll be no more– No more special opportunities for blacks to learn or mi– minorities. They’ll be confined to cheap, dirty schools in the neighborhood, and will not be sent to the more advanced schools, where they have the best science programs, math and other of the liberal arts. So here we go, set back now, to what the Supreme Court decided in the early fifties were unconstitutional under [Dwight] Eisenhower, that there cannot be justice under the co-called doctrine of separate but equal. It is a prelude, said the Voice of the Radio Canada, to a fascist takeover and building apartheid system in USA, where blacks, Asians and Indians will re– be placed in concentration camps and will do the bidding of the government or the military.

Pope John surprising choice. It freaks out many progressives, particularly in German– the German progressives and English. He wants to visit South America as soon as possible, that is, the new, double-talking, hypocritical pope.

Rising criticism of census ethnic focus. Plans for the 198– 90– 1980 census are meeting growing opposition from population concerns and experts, the charge that the Census Bureau has succumbed to pressure from ethnic groups, black, Indian and Asian, and cluttered the new questionnaire with items designate– designated m– main– mainly to enhance, that is, to help, the political power of mi– minority leaders. Even the San Francisco Chronicle co– could not deny this truth brought out by the European press. Under current plans, all 73 million households in the United States will receive a form asting [asking] one of 14 races, among them Samoan, Eskimo, what type of Indian you are, what Asian, and naturally black. It is said that this questionnaire, according to BBC, is only devoted to those who will be put in concentration camp or exterminated in later times. There also seems to be a heavily harassing nature by the United States against the Hispanic or the Chicano, native– uh, uh, native Mexican in USA. So they’re trying to get, as the FBI and the CIA, they’re trying to get all Chicanos removed from United States soil. FBI director [J. Edgar Hoover] approved a secret 1964 proposal suggesting that the Bureau, groomed by well-known New York lawyer, to replace Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., because he said, “We’ll get the bastard.” The FBI director Hoover said, “We’ll get the bastard. There’s no need for any further proof.” The movement was­ the out– effort and intention to try and to get a right wing Uncle Tom black civil rights leader in the place of King. The story was covered by the foreign edition of The New York Times. Naturally. They wouldn’t want the average citizen to know their dirty work. (Pause)

Students exiled, then audit– ostracized. Rob– Roberto Mander, the kidnapped packed– kid–with his– with his knapsack packed with books by Lenin, earned his one-way ricket– r– uh, ticket to L– Legosa [Linosa], a stark island between Silly– Sicily, rather – I haven’t had any sleep for days, so overlook it – and Tunisia, which has to bring in the water by ferry, water by boat, because police found his phone number in the wrong person’s possession. Mander, a 25-year-old language expert at Rome University, became the latest Italian to be exiled (struggles to read) with his own country– within his own country under a 100-year-old false law that allows police in any division to simply arrest citizens, simply on the suspicion of their being a danger to society. [Senate Bill] 1437 has given the USA the same possibility.

FBI files show how Bureau black– plotted against Martin Luther King. Newly-released uh, FBI files reveal the FBI in– authorize forms and orders that came directly from the FBI head and perhaps even the president to groom a unidentified black activist, to work together with them in an effort that– in an effort, quote unquote, from the FBI memo that they got, in an effort to absolutely eliminate Dr. Martin Luther King. That was several years before the civil rights leader was murdered, according to Radio Netherlands, with the assistance of the US government. Again, our tax dollars. How much, how much we have done.

Terrorizing Chilean conspiracy alleged. Three more accused in envoy slaying. Three anti-Castro fascist Cuban exiles were charged yesterday in the U.S. court in the plot to kill former Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier. He’s the man that I prophetically told him to stay in our church in San Francisco. He left, and only a matter of days thereafter, he was murdered on Embassy Row, with an explosion that killed a white young activist [Ronni Moffit], mother, and left her husband [Michael Moffit] alone to rear the children. The FBI said that Lu– Lunacio– Stand by. (Pause) (under breath) Damn this thing. (Pause) (Tape edit)

(tape cuts in) –ing with the news again. The FBI said Ignacio Novo Sampo [Sampoli], 39, a naturalized citizen, has been arrested in Newark– Newark, New Jersey, late Thursday, as the FBI is feeling the pinch, having to show some consistency with m– so-called human rights– hypocritical human rights policy of Carter. The FBI la– last month alone charged a fourth man, Michael V. Townley, one of the low bums that were used in the murder and the conspiracy to murder. Letelier– Townley and me– American who had lived in many years in Chile is reportedly cooperating with authorities who have been charged– (pause) who have charged he was– (Pause) No, who have charged that he was an agent of the Chilean dreaded secret police DINA. However, authorities in BBC say this mock trial is going on because USA is about to be caught in close alliance with the most dreaded dictatorship in South America, Pincho– [Augusto] Pinochet’s Chile.

Continuing with the news. (Pause) Russian missinal– missile superiority already, said BBC. Ye– The USA has given incorrect information yesterday. The Soviet Union’s new super accurate missiles are far advanced beyond that of the US and her NATO a– lackey allies. They developed the concept (pause) that blast holes in Carter’s concept of nuclear deterrence, the author– authority British aerospace magazine Flight reported yesterday. It’s easy for USA to put our allies on the altar of human sacrifice, said England would sink in the sea in a nuclear war, and the USA and NATO are trying to bring about just that, and China also, according to the BBC L– Labor news spokesman, is trying to provoke World War III. The Soviet Union now has NATO pinned against the wall, the weekly said. For years, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has counted on its technological lead, the fascists have, to outweigh the numerical superiority of the Soviet-led Warsaw Pact, but it is not successful, and BBC said as much, that Carter was nothing more or less than a liar. Pretty strong language, but that’s what they say. Carter is no– really no different than a liar.

Continuing with the news. A new health era in care for the aged. Canadian tragedies are unfolding in the care that the world’s most affluent nations, USA and Canada, given to elderly– the care that’s supposed to be given to the elderly of USA and Canada is absolutely deplorable. Families and governments are spending s– segments– are spending billions on the well-being of the growing segment of the United States’ population, making care of the aged one of the nation’s fastest growing and most profitable services. But that is the catch, says AP. The owners of these corporate nursing homes– big business has taken over the nursing home, and they will not be any concern by those bureaucrats, as Marceline [Jones] can tell you, who investigated all senior citizen hospitals and facility, they will never change because they’re only interested in one damn thing, that’s profit. (Pause)

Three thousand job hunters. This is a sport– part of the crowd. Only a part. Three thousand. Fat storm police, barricades, on 136th Street in the South Bronx yesterday morning, Consolidated Industries of America– (fake Russian accent) America, as the Russians would say, which is un– uh, which is building there and offering a few jobs with salaries ranging from two dollars an hour for an unskilled laborer to a minimum of eight dollars – Well, isn’t that nice of them – for supervisors. Some of the job seekers had showed up at 9:30 P.M. on Thursday, and then, when a tumor– rumor started (pause) that all the job applications had been given out, that for– the force– this forced (stumbles over words) Stand by. Trying to listen.

(Tape edit)

Male: Okay, you’re on.

(Tape edit)

Jones: The forms started sa– appearing– The forms started selling, rather, for as much as fifteen dollars in the crowd. So masses of hungry people in the East Coast, forget jobs. They were packed like mackerels. The estimation goes up to 12,000. (Pause) Voice of America itself agreed that there were 3000 who’d run out of welfare, no means of support, in the South Bronx alone. That’s one little neighborhood of New York City. Don’t tell me things are getting bad, and most of the crowd were white even. The working class in general are being destroyed or attempting to be destroyed by US monopoly capitalism. Remember, review Harlan County. You might ask for that this afternoon. Children don’t watch too many news items, it should be pointed out by someone that can after hours, like Jack Beam and others who know something of the South, that how much solidarity of the poor can take place, though it’s too late for USA, according to all scientists, to avoid nuclear war.

Attorneys for Watergate figure John Mitchell yesterday sought his early parole, following a similar effort to further lighten the prison sentences of Nixon White House advisor H.R. Haldeman. Attorney General, highest law enforcement in United States official, who went to jail, Mitchell is on medical furlough from the prison camp to Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, and in recovering in Columbia President [Presbyterian] Hospital in New York City from his surgery. He will be eligible for parole on June 21, one day after Haldeman, former White House Chief of Staff, becomes eligible. At least by next June, they’re going to let one of the most despicable of criminals. Very good. Nothing that surprises us.

The Food and Drug Administration in United States allows filth in all of our loved ones’ food. Horrible, sickening filth including decomposed insects and human excrement – or shit – and other nauseous garbage is allowed in the food of all senior citizen homes, rest homes and convalescents. (Pause) Isn’t this horrible, in thre– They’re– They’re supposed to be their care enthrusted to big capitalin– capitalist monopolies that control unfortunately all nursing homes. Originally set up to guard Americans from rotten infested food, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Public health Service now has a legal allowance for how much filth a manufacturer or processor can out– (Pause) into the food you eat– can put it in the food you eat. They’ve got bribes and kickbacks coming to the FDI– uh, FDA. No wonder they won’t ban sodium nitrate that causes cancer in the mill– in the meals– if the regular meat protein meals every day of U.S. citizens. Chocolate can have 60 insects (Pause) fragments per 100 grams in three-and-a-half ounces. Frozen fish– that’s enough, the chocolate candy in U.S. is enough to cause you death or serious crippling disability. A frozen fish– frozen fish can be decomposed more than 25 percent per pound, or completely decomposed, and already dread bacteria that causes disease are in the fish in the United States. One-fourth of all the fish have these terrible bacteria and food that has turned into shit, completely decomposed. (Slow speech) Popcorn can have one rodent hair or a pallet– Uh, I can’t– Stand by. (Pause) (off mike) (unintelligible phrase) this word.

Voice: Pellet.

Jones: Huh? (Tape edit) –and again, unfortunately. Popca– Popcorn can have rodent hairs, as I said, or a pellet in every ten ounces of 20 rat-gnawed grains s– kept in storage, per pound. In other words, 20 percent of the wheat and the flour you get in USA have rat shit mixed in it. And rats, you know, are the bearers of bubonic plague that is already rising in United States, with a new disease – it’s almost out of control – anthrax. Look that up in your dictionary. You will be required to know what “anthrax” is in the next test. Twenty percent of any coffee beans can be infested by insects, mold or dirt. Hops to make beer– Hops to make beer, all the beer, USA, can have two hundred– two thousand five hundred aphids, small insects, in every ten percent of their beer solution. Those can cause stomach poisoning and other diseases that they don’t even know how serious this time. Big business– all they want to do is sell things in USA, they give uh, not a damn, not a continental on how many people they kill. The tomato sauce paste, or pizza sauce– all tomato sauce paste or pizza sauce, will have 30 percent fly eggs or 15 eggs and one larva. Maybe a fly. Or two larva, four– now hold onto your hats with this – one-tenth of the pound of all these things that go out. One-tenth of the tomato sauce, one-tenth of the pizza sauce, are filled– there’s– In other words, every ten percent– there’s ten times the 30, in other words. That would be 300 fly eggs, and 20 percent– or fif– yes, fifteen eggs per one-tenth, that’s be 150 eggs in every bottle of toma– tomato sauce and pizza sauce. And one larva, baby fly, for every one tenth. That means there’s ten baby flies ground up in the tomato sauce and the pizza sauce. Thousands of food items on the federal government’s– federal drug administration list carry such ridiculous, arbitrary filth allowances, because big business monopoly capitalism rules USA. Everything you eat is allowed to be contaminated by the law that favors the rich. What am I reading from? The New York Times. What am I commenting from? New York TimesNew York Times foreign edition. One angry consumer blast, if those allowances are legal, I’d like to know how much more filth is in our food that they’re not telling us about, without the government ever finding out or trying to, or even paying any attention. They want us older people over 60 dead, said this spokesperson. Worse, we pay expensive prices for the filth, and again for the fancy packaging that gives us the false illusion that there are no poisons and larva and insects and rodent shit or pellet manure in them. Quite a horrible revelation of what our people are having to endure.

This is the elimination of the news for this hour. There may be more from the Soviets later on in the day. So study your news as regularly and thoroughly as you can.

(Voice slurs) I’d like the medical staff to check anyone that’s had a history of cancer. Reed, order us some apricot seed, and we need to get immedia– immediate information about the anti-cancer vermin– venom, rather, in the ordinary mosquito, so we can use it. Furthermore, sta– Stand by. What was I going to talk (voice fades) (Tape edit)

So of importance to you, is that we’ve been given the full school licensing. No one else has been tolerated as foreigners to run their own school. Also, be able to talk to anyone I bring you up to, senior or youth. What is the PNC? Peoples National Congress. What is the avant garde? That means “advance guard.” That means people that are brave enough to go on the front lines and fight for liberation. That’s what avant garde– avant garde– garde– avant garde means. Again, I urge to keep the places clean. Around the vegetable stand, I found food wasted earlier. Please stop this. We can’t afford one bit of waste. Some of you try so hard. You (unintelligible word, sounds like “Ken”) and the others– was making others– were making things we could mass produce. Please keep on it. You’ve done a remarkable job. (Pause) Someone else also. (Off mike) Who’s the white man that involved himself in his (unintelligible word) (Back to mike) Stand by. (Off mike) Who is that–

(Tape edit)

Attention, attention. What we need is some mil– real expertise in Georgetown to do some motor repair, so we won’t have to buy any more than our two trucks and our two vans. Charlie’s [Charlie Touchette] going to be delegating his authority to his son, Al Touchette. He is quite capable, and you listen to him in that department. Again, attorneys have the proper forms for Charlie to begin the process for Neal [Shaun Welcome Touchette], because Neal would die without him. It’s obvious how much he loves him and how close he is to him.

Now, I– I had some other thought. Stand by. (off mike) What the hell (voice fades) (Pause)

Another member of Peoples Temple who is involved in conspiracy, Mary Richter [phonetic]. We were told by telephone information that she is paralyzed from her neck down. She coulda stayed here and been safe, but she was struck over by a racist mom [mob] of young people, they never even stopped to look at what damage she’d [they’d] done.

Don’t forget Johnny [likely Johnny Moss Brown]. His mother-in-law, he loved. She came to the church. Didn’t– couldn’t theologically get out of the Baptist bend, and so, what happened to her? She went to a hospital and became paralyzed, or rather, of the stomach fluid was not pumped. That was all that’d be required. So toxicity formed, and this young woman of 50 years died. It happens every day. I don’t bother you with it. For God’s sakes, get grateful for what you have, a medical team that studies you from the top to the bottom, one that Dr. [Carlton] Goodlett said was the best and most brilliant doctor he’d seen. The psytologist should be written, by the way. The psytologist stressed that he – Dr. [Laurence] Schacht – was the best doctor, he identified every cancer cell. And he said he was the best in 5000 doctors he had trained. He’s a cancer expert who worked with Dr. Papp [Georgios Papanikolaou] that invented the pap smear for women to find out what conditions they were in, whether or not they were fertile. Anyway, I wanted to say that again, I don’t want to mince my words. I want the parsonage beautified with things that’ll eat– be eaten, I want that kept up urgently. I’m appreciative of the ones that made the basketball court under my son Jo– Stephan [Jones], because it means a good place where children can work off energy, and I know that fair play will be there, and– because the nursery must by necessity be one of the last priorities. We’ve got to get supplies, and that’s what Kay [Nelson] and Charlie are going into, and negotiate on some income-producing properties. (Pause)

I can’t think of anything else I need to say to you. Much love. Much love. (repeats in Russian) (Pause) (repeats Russian)

I want close supervision under Dr. [James] Edwards’ supervisor of enlightenment, to get every person that goes up to the table to sign a paper, by the way, to help Flo [likely Florence Heath, could be Florence Sanders or Florine Dyson] and– (Pause) What’s the other? Who else have they got in, besides [Jim] McElvane? (Pause) Vee Hollins, Flo and McElvane. We’re going to use all of our might and are, but any of you – again – that have relatives or friends that would do something for you by writing against, or telling how good a people we were and never capable of en– threatening anyone. I sent out a voice print about four o’clock this morning and challenged them to study it, because voice print can be entered into a court. Voice print, as I told you with Carter, can reveal whether you’re lying or telling the truth. And I told them to take my voice, that I had never, once in my life threatened anybody’s life. So let’s get letters out to Walt Thain, let’s get that good white doctor that came and visited and loved it so much. In spite of the conspiracy pouring all the dirty press on him, he’s still stolidly behind us. So we shall overcome. That is determination. We shall overcome. But be prepared for visits from government officials all week long, and Charles Garry our attorney. So have everything spick and span order, weeds cut down round fences, no weeds growing. Thank you and much love. (Tape edit)

Attention, attention. I thought it might be fascination to you (tape breaks up) and the Deputy Foreign Minister– Not Deputy Foreign Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Ptolemy Reid, a true Marxist, is going to Moscow to negotiate mutual agreements, perhaps some for self-defense, but certainly some to save the faltering economy. (Pause)

Guyana Chronicle is taking a very sharp attack on the CIA in Guyana and the Caribbean, accusing them of trying to destabilize. So that’s good news that they are beginning to see the light, the ones that did– Stand by. (Pause) (Off mike) What about it?

Woman’s voice: (too soft) (taped edit)

Jones: Attention, attention. Ni– Nicaragua has also been sharply condemned by Guyana, as you know, and a pledge of mutual support to the Nicaraguan people, along with Cuba. So we’re glad for that kind of information. Study your Russian well. I insist. You could put on the film, as I said, the band quits at four, you could put on the film about Harlan County, which you will be tested over, to show that the working class struggle is not one of black against white, but the poor working class against the oppressive capitalist, neo-fascist imperialist that govern USA and her lackeys. I just wanted to add that bit of good news, we were well received by the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea, and they’ll be coming out soon. They’re showing fascinating assistance and interest to us. Thank you so much, and I love you very dearly. (Tape edit)

Attention. It is imperative that you go in the library of the second school pavilion and sign up with Professor [Richard] Tropp about this clear harassment of our members, and point out the Trotskyite mentality. They were disappointed when we put them out of the church, because we would not get involved in any physical violent activity. We deplore violence. No one can be trusted with power and violence. Social change must come in many countries, but there must always be peaceful cooperation. (Off mike) What was the other? (Back to mike) Stand by. (Pause)

Tell Don Fitch to repair the phone in Georgetown so nobody can make outgoing calls. Four hundred dollars. And I want to hear from you that did it. We’ll find it out, because we have a high powerful friend in the telephone company that informs us of the numbers. Tell it now, and you’ll have no difficulty at all. Maybe some of you didn’t realize how much it cost, but that phone is never to be used except by emergency needs by the coordinator. That’s to be understood. (clears throat) (Pause) Please understand that clearly.

And remember, there’ll be a list by Dr. Tropp as you go by to die– to dine, which you sign before you eat, as well as you’ll answer our good Reb Edwards, supervisor of political enlightenment, we’ve got to keep ourself informed. That will impress the Russian ambassador and delegation of doctors that are coming to check me and others, me particular, though I can assure you, I have a feeling I did with Marceline, what I did there and Dr. Garry, became a convinced believer after seeing her x-rays showing splots all over and cancer cells. She went on to the next hospital, Doct– Reed Memorial Hospital, and they found no cancer cells. I had the same feeling the night before, that I would have to take care of my health for the safety of the people. I still have other problems from lack of sleep, people putting pressure, but I shall go through. I wanted to give you that assurance. Make creative things that could be sold. Everything you can think of, bring to my suggestion box. It’s highly essential. Much love. (Mike moves)

Woman: Off, off. Off.

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Jones: Important for you to know that some of the leading Guyanese of– government officials see that USA is trying a crude attempt to destabilize Guyana. This article is in response to a statement issued in New York by Lyndon Larouche. He is a presidential candidate for the right wing U.S. Labor Party. It’s really neo-Nazi, and it’s joined openly with the fascist government of New Hampshire in trying to impeach our black ambassador [to the United Nations] who is a– Andrew Young. Anyway, The Guyana Chronicle goes on to say, (pause) he is a prefer– presidential candidate for the United States Labor Party, the man that did this article. The article said that ever since Guyana decided to take a socialist course, that there have been elements to trying to destabilize the socie– the society. They (Pause) are trying anything to have– these have been elements– these elements trying to destabilize the country. They are trying to do– to use the left and the right to do this. The article that appeared in a New York Times headline was “Life of Ex-Minister Fred Wills in Imminent Danger.” Larouche’s quote in the paper is, Fred Wills (Pause) ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guyana, is being held de facto prisoner in London by agents of the communist conspiracy and the Guyana My– Marxist government, acting to concert with certain intelligence agencies of the communist world – clear Cold War uh, rhetoric – (Pause) uh, and as parts of a plan– it’s part of a planned operation to eliminate surely– shortly (Pause) through the assistance of Minister Wills member, his mental state. In s– members of cominity, sh–

Oh, dear God. People, will you write up things clear? I’m– Disregard all this. Just disregard it. Start over.

Whoever wrote this report, you do not have your English, you don’t have any sentences, and I cannot give this shit. I cannot give it, this– uh, this manure all over the air. We have to be sure of our news. We have to be sure.

Clearing the air on détente. A historical perspective. Unlike the United States, the Soviets have no illusions about the meaning of peaceful co– coexistence. The author [Foy Kohler] was appointed by U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union in 1962, by President John F. Kennedy, serving until ’66, he is now associated with the Advance International Studies Institute, Bethesda, Maryland, and with the University of Maryland. Or Miami rather. As the fog of détente – peaceful coexigten– coexistence gradually has dissipated – that means is losing ground fully – the world finally has become aware of the recent and unprecedented Soviet military build-up, and of the increasing assertiveness of the Soviet leadership, both at home and abroad. Consider these three developments. Uh– Ideals, the trials of the Soviet CIA agents, Anatole– Anatolya– Anatoly Shcharansky and A– Ale– Alexander Ginzburg drew worldwide present– protest, including sharp denunciation from the French and even the Euro-Italian Communist Parties. The trials als– also threw a chill on the most recent Strateams Arms Limitation Talks– Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, the only means of averting this horrible Third World War, nuclear war that’s looming over our heads. Other Soviet dissidents have been expelled or imprisoned, in defiance of the human rights pledges to which the Soviet Union subscribed in Helsinki in 1975. Western representatives were unable to get any mention of human rights into the final communiqué. Obviously not, in that there’s more violations of human rights in USA than anywhere on earth. Soviet troop and weapons deployments in Central Europe have gone far beyond any defense needs against NATO forces to a clearly offensive picture.

By the way, while I’m thinking of it, you must sign that petition as you go by picking up your lovely dinner meals and see Professor Tropp also about letters, Carolyn Looman a– for affidavits about the conspiracy. Everyone must step forward and participate in that which we agreed on in community forum last night.

Anyway, they’re appealing to the Cold War tactics, same ones that attacked us in Guyana, [Randolph] Hearst, Rupart– Rupert Murdoch– (Pause) They say Soviet troop and weapons deployments in Central Europe have gone far beyond any defense needs against US– Western US imperialism and our NATO forces to clearly offensive posture. Ready for war, says USA. BBC does not doubt that, but they say it’s out of necessity, because of the Cold War build-up by USA.

Massive quantities of Soviet arms are being supplied to friendly leftist forces in the Middle East and Africa, accompanied by thousands of Soviet advisers and tens of thousands of Soviet-supported Cuban soldiers. A leftist turnover has been encouraged in Afghanistan and have called national liberation movements through the world the only hope for peace. Meanwhile, the Soviet Union’s military build-up has been masked by over 75 disarmament proposals to– So you can see a little bit of the jest. Said we must stop the Soviet Union now, and even two Senators, not surprisingly, Senator Tenadi– uh, [John] Stennis called for a first strike, before the Soviets had a chance to get any more power. Because of their naval amarda– armada, they are quite successful in the terms of the navy build-up, they’re very, very, very clever and very advanced in that regard.

So, we shall see as news comes in what can be given to you. Films about blacks banned in N– Boston. The makers of the film, Britani– Britannica, have charged Boston’s educational TV stations with outright fascist censorship. They claim that the re-editing of the film distorted its meaning, and so the court – typical – servant of the uh, ruling class, has outlawed this beautiful film with some very good actors across the world, but it will not be heard in any city. They feel that this is only a prelude of what is to come.

Pressman pound newshounds leashed. Old strikebreakers, the gunslingers are out trying to stop the strike for (unintelligible word) lasted now nearly three weeks– over three weeks, and it would– the strike of about three weeks would be nice, a young reporter said wistfully on August 9, I could use the vacation. A few hours later, 1550 pressmen walked off their jobs in a dispute over manning and precipitated the first simultaneous shutdown on New York City’s three major daily newspapers in uh, 15 years. They are Daily News, New York Times, New York Post, owned by the racist Murdoch. That’ll help Professor Tropp, because he wanted to know for certain strategies. And the rightwing paper that’s gaining by the grounds is something about the world written by Sun Moon [Rev. Sun Myung Moon]. (Pause)

Continuing with other things that would be high points. Admitted gay activist Elaine Noble in Sub– Sua– Sudbury in a candidate’s night rally, Elaine Mobile– Noble, the female candidate for Senator against Brookes [Edward Brooke], an open g– open about her lesbianism, made a Freudian slip in a talk about her race against Republican Senator Edward Brooke. Brooke has since come back from his difficulties where he was being framed, has been the most outspoken about getting Cuba and Soviet Union out of Africa, and coming down with strong condemnations on leftward movements everywhere– everywhere. But she was astounding, senator hopeful-to-be Elaine Noble was astounding. Her campaign theme that Senator Brooke had forgotten about Massachusetts and was concerning and concentrating his energies instead on the pleasures of the ruling class and the membership in the Senate, which represent the military-industrial complex. Would she call one of– the Senate one of the most exclusive clubs in the country, adding significantly, showed really what she felt about her own chances. She says a s– it’s uh, a body, one in which there are no women serving, and in which there won’t ever be any women serving. It was also a stray phrase in a five-minute speech, but it stuck out like a white flag, said the New York Times foreign edition, which is still being printed above a hopelessly-beleaguered fortress. Normally Elaine Noble is a gain [game] and dogged campaigner, but her prospects in the September 19 Democratic primary have become bleak, in the new r– hate against homophiles, uh, those who are lesbians and homosexual. Several polls taken rate– late last month showed her running a poor fourth, behind Secretary of State Paul Guzzi, Fifth District Congressional person Paul T– Tsongas, and Boston racist school committee chairman Kathleen Sul– Sullivan Alioto. If she’s elected, blacks will be sent out of the city. She is a horrible racist. The effect of these glooming– gloomy numbers are readily apparent in the contrasting atmosphere of her campaign, and all progressive and liberal force campaigners across the United States.

The right wing is deciding now what films you can see, and there’s a new hate homophile attitude, where she went– won the congressional seat in liberal Massachusetts readily, now five people are ahead of her as they try to make complete farce out of her campaign.

Anyway, we’ve tried to give you a little bit of the news.

US opposition may sink Law of the Sea Conference. In another reactionary move, with (unintelligible word) ocean metal supplied by politically-unreliable countries, the US wants to preserve free enterprise, capitalism, on the ocean floor, and they said they would do so at the point of putting their naval ships and Coast Guard, submarines, whatever, to stop– to stop any chance that the Third World would be able to use the seas around them for oil developments, like we have just now learned that Mexico– Mexico has more oil in the s– sea coasts around them than all the Arab League. So that shows how well they take care of their neighbors, their capitalist lackeys. Mexico’s always been close to USA, but USA does not want her to get any part of the rich a– economic pie of oil.

Myth and reality play in Youngstown, Ohio. It showed the actual shutdown that took place in (unintelligible word) Corporation, Yo– the Youngstown Sheet and Tubal– Tube Cample– Cample– Campbell, rather, Steelworks last September, idling 5000 workers and the frustrated attempts since then by workers and community people to reopen the plant. But it shows in what they expect to take place, arrest and eventually the elimination of certain members of the working class, because in automated society, they are no longer useful. That is true, and that comes from a very moderate voice, New Times, which is also severe, terribly severe on Huey Newton, as you remember. (Clears throat)

Socialism confronts cult of individualism. The notion that the individual may exist as a physical and psychological entity independent of history, culture, and accidents of birth, that her or his actions may be analyzed, judged and rewarded in isolation from those of others, have been the catalyst for much that has passed for lies, for progress, in the past so-called 100 years. American heroes from [Thomas] Edison, Teddy Roosevelt, [Charles] Lindbergh – who was a friend of Hitler – right down to James Dean, Spiderman and Evel Knievel, have ridden to fame on the backs of our nation, uh, fetish of so-called individualism. That today so many of our prominent individual heroes are either in film, comic books or circuses, is testimony to the– to the degree to which the dream of individualism– individualism is now but a strong memory. There is no individualism. You can’t conduct your own businesses, corporations own everything. You can’t express your feelings without being in violation of some law. You do not have the basic liberties of court– fair court trials when you’re framed. You can’t get the best lawyers, so indeed, this perspective of what is called in these times on socialist individualism is indeed of interest, because they are a moderate social welfare uh, kind of consciousness. They are not purely socialist in the Marxist sense– in the Marxist sense, they are not.

People in small New York towns are having radiation problems that are coming vastly out of the rivers of New York. Obviously leak or carelessness. Many dairy farmers have found their kill– their cattle killed, and the gentle hills and thick country and attractive place to vacation has an unsafe degree of radiation already. This is the way it goes, this is the way it goes.

I believe that’s about the essence of the last minute news that I thought I should give you. On that score, let’s see there’s something else here that I may hear that would be of some interest to you.

House has finally decided that only the rich need a tax break. In an unprecedented vote, Robin Hood in reverse – that’s how a lobbyist from Ralph Naber’s– Nader’s Tax Reform Research Group described the 16.3 billion tax cut passed by the House August 10. The measure– measure which now goes to the Senate and also faces the president – and he has said he will not veto it – gives large income tax breaks to the wealthiest ruling class elite in US imperialism, and citizens of the ordinary nature, middle class workers, have actually no benefit from the tax decreases. (Pause)

Pentagon. House rides Cold War bend– bandwagon. Opponents of ever-rising Pentagon spending have taken a beating in Congress this session, as the legislator– uh, legislature move steadily to the right. After three days of debate, the House last week issued 339 to 60 in favor of the largest military appropriations measure ever, 119.2 billion defense spending bill for fiscal 1979. Over 80 percent of that – makes our heart ache for the time we put tax money in that system – will go to war, the destruction of children and innocent villagers in the Indian nations, in the black nations of South Africa, Moza– Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and wherever else that they’re trying to stir up difficulties, like in uh, Ethiopia.

Recession is definitely going to be in your future. There is no way, said one leading– a capitalist economist– a cap– capitalist economist, he said recent polls and government reports pointed out the American people are worried about their economic situation, and they better. It’s going to get worse. The leading economist noted for his moderate stands, for the most part– (Pause) I didn’t get his name down, he served as the Ambassador to India, he’s quite a uh, prominent individual, says that capitalism i– is weakening. It’s almost to the stress of breaking. I can’t think of his name, someone could– Teresa [King] can probably get it and put it on the board. (Pause)

Moving forward. Black women are being denied jobs throughout the United States, and unfortunately, black families cannot live without both black and white working at the same time. Not only is black unemployment at its highest level, but the jobless gap between whites and blacks is the widest that it has ever been, and is growing weekly – not monthly, but weekly – according to the National Urban League. Report just yesterday. The dismal finding along with many other findings included in two recently-released key studies demolishes the argument that the living and working conditions of Third World people and women have substantially improved in the last two decades.

Chicago News, black paper, states that genocide is what will take place. That means the elimination of minorities because there’s no place for them in the workforce of USA, and the black army st– will so– soldiers will be reluctant to fight their own brothers and sisters in Africa, and indeed, what else could you expect?

[Ronald] Reagan – Governor Reagan, formerly of California – dust off running gear. New Right, neo-fascism virtually dominates the Republican machinery now. The signs are unmistakable. Ronald Reagan is running for president. Written off by reason of age after he nearly took the presidential nomination away from President Gerald Ford in 1976, the ex-Californian government– governor is today the commanding figure in the party whose internal machinery has been virtually taken over by the right wing, neo-na– fascist forces of the New Right. President Carter’s inability to stop the crisis in US capitalism at home and abroad has made a Reagan n– nomination far more acceptable. What is Reagan’s suggestions if he’s going to be governor? That might be interesting. All immigrants of Ch– Mexico will be removed. Blacks will be placed in work camps. Welfare will be eliminated. People will have to make it on their own. Panama Canal Treaty will be broken. Favors the lifting of economic– it’s outrageous. Fa– the faces– he wants the lifting of economic sanctions against the racist regime of Rhodesia and Union of South Africa. He also is– opposes any strateems– strategic arms limitation treaty to control nuclear weapons, and advocates a horribly-tough stand against the Soviet Union, that undoubtedly, according to the commentator of the Manchester Guardian in England, will lead to nothing but nuclear hell. Reagan thus speaks on behalf of that section of US mona– monopoly capital, which is the most jingoist, chauvinistic and militaristic in pursuit of its strategic aims, and, said the commentator in West– West Manchester Guardian, he does not have the brains that even Carter does to keep the world from a nuclear h– confrontation. This is bad news. Let us hope for the sake of the people that he doesn’t become the next president.

School budget slashes in the Bay Area will now make it impossible for the blacks to get any of the science needs that they need, biology uh, laboratories. Nothing but just babysitting will continue, because black schools, Indian and Asian schools finances have been cut back. No, not the poor, just the black, Indian and the Asian. Uh–

Indians protect threatened burial site. The bulldozers stand silently on the vast grassy plain here at Conception, California. Here at the edge of the continent at this place, the Chumash people – C-h-u-m-a-s-h – call– (pause) Huma– Hum– They call this place Humkak – H-u-m-k-a-k – Wind runs through the large machines, caressing the stillness with a blow, uh, with a low, low sigh. Wonsock [phonetic], war chief of the Chumash tribe, sits on of the yellow earthmovers and uh, listens to the wind. His eyes wander and wistfully cry. West, as he looks over the ocean towards the horizon. We can’t go any further, he says. This is it. There’s nowhere to go. We might as well commit suicide. And if it takes my life to stop this thing or try to fight it, though I think there’s little chance for minorities in USA, then I’m going to offer my life. I refuse to live in this racist society anymore. Well, that shows you another.

Cops uh, raid Pen– uh, Panther headquarters and CORE headquarters in Philadelphia. In more systematic attacks by Frank Rizzo, mayor, former chief commissioner who’s in– a fascist openly with his own Red Squad, the Philadelphia cops known nationwide for their brutality, had, in Rizzo’s words, done an amazing job, as they came in, strafing these two headquarters and killing some of the children therein.

Racism rocks Boston again. White racism is once again erupting in Boston. It has come to such a degree that there have been 37 young black children mutilated, girls’ breasts mutilated and the boys were castrated. Rock-throwing goes against blacks and bottle-throwing, even in their own neighborhoom– neighborhoods, where white mobs will come in at dar– dusk, in the numbers of 200 to 300, and try to get them out, and they even fired shotguns through their doors. That’s racism in the place you miss, some of you.

Cars– Cancer-causing agents are abundant in US drinking water. Good we have our own drells– wells. The rusty cans and the rotted drums have seeped to the surface, turning a chemical graveyard into a lethal nightmare. As a result, the New York State Health Department recently ordered all pregnant women and young children to abandon their homes in the Love Canal neighborhood, the site of the chemical dump in Niagara Falls, where all of the waterfalls have radiation and cancer-causing agents, if anyone drinks the water. Unfortunately, it’s been a little late. They’ve been drinking it for 20 years. Proven cancer-causing agents that are known as carcinogens, have oozed into backyards and infested the can– canal. Recent tests show that 92 chemicals, dumped in accordance with existing capitalist practices between 1930 and ’73– It’s even worse than I told you. My God. Forty-three years now permeate the waterways and make life in the area unsafe. That’s black, white and Asian life. Bad, bad, bad situation. Bad situation. No way you can get around that, it’s a bad situation. Seems like the dollar talks and the people suffer. No way around it, I guess. That’s the way it goes.

Golden dies in New York. Long time left wing activist Morris Golden died in New York City at a young age, August 15, after a lengthy illness. Golden was a militant trade unionist and state organist– organizer for the American Labor Party in New York State during the 1950s. For many years, he has been a member also of the Communist Party. Over the past 15 years, his principal activity was with the Lower East Side Mobilization for Peace Action, LEAMPA, one of the bellwe– one of the bellwether local organizations of the anti-e– imperialism– anti-US imperialism stand in Vietnam. He was one of the greatest exponents in opposition for the Vietnam War, and was arrested several times. A memorial meeting will be held b– today, at the Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Center, Local 1199, of the Hospital and Health Care Employees Unions, 310 West 43– 43rd Street, New York, New York. For additional information, call GR 5-7918. We should send– He was a great man. We should send condolences to him.

Brown threatens Peoples Korea. The Carter Administration is rattling the saber again, against the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. By the way, they’ve offered us five posts in their society in S– South America, and we’re accepting it. They’re the truly representative government of Korea. The capitalists divided South Korea off arbitrarily against the people’s will and established a bloody dictator. At the conclusion of the two-day eleventh annual security consultive meeting between US and South Korean officials, just ended last week at a Navy base near San Diego, California, Defense Secretary Harold Brown and Seoul Communist Defense Minister Ro Jai Hyam– Hyam [phonetic], termed the military threat to South Korea as serious and leading to a new confrontation and war with USA and Japan. Brown said that the US would carry out its commitment to South Korea and provide prompt and effective support to the Park Chung-hee regime, if the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea kept insisting on reunification. The will of the people means nothing, nothing, nothing. That’s obvious to see. Nothing does it mean.

Martial law is again established in Iran, as [Reza Pahlavi] the Shah of Iran declared martial law because of protests-filled cities last week after the second outbreak of mass action. Within three weeks, Iran’s third largest city, Isfahan, as well as (unintelligible name) and (unintelligible name)– I can’t hardly hear that (same unintelligible name), were prac– were placed under military administration last week, and simultaneous or– happening at the same time, the radio and television broadcast Isfahan district military commander uh, uh, administration presumably until the military commander– (pause) And I want to see if I got that right now. (Pause) Stand by. (Clears throat)–

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–is an important US citizen currently based for their multinational exploitation of Iran, and they’re engaged in industrial and military US construction projects, even admitted by BBC. Following the martial law re– uh, ruling, the Shah also vowed to crush any rebellion, while other officials were warn– warned that martial law would be declared in any city or town with similar rebellions. The Isfahan revolt erupted two weeks ago, and in the southeastern city of Shiraz.

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–and whatsoever. The Prime Minister of China [Chairman Hua Kuo-feng] who has a do– good domestic form of socialism, left without any means of a– manipulating the Shah of Iran’s underdeveloped nation into her Third World. Remember the Doctrine of the Three Worlds. You will be questioned (unintelligible for several seconds, under second track with backward running tape)

Guatemala protest against the fascist regime upheld by US monop– nopoly capital and the 27 slain Guatemala labor leaders, gathered in spite of a government warning that anyone that came. Labor, church, student and peasant groups agreed, the newly-installed government of General Romeo Lucas [Garcia] is on the offensive. The target they say is Guatemala’s growing popular socialist movements. And he shows no hesitation, as he fired into the brave 35,000 people that gathered in Guatemala City, in spite of the risks that they would be put in jail or shot on the scene for subversion. I hope all socialists have that kind of courage.

We’re about finished with the news. (Pause)

The hundred and forty-se– seven nations at the Youth Festival in Habana expose the CIA plots to assassinate a number of prominent left wing and (Pause) non-aligned nations. The CIA is still up to its same old tricks. Leading member of the PNC who are in the government said the CIA was behind every effort to destabilize Guyana, and they had strong Marxist-Leninist philosophy. I thought you would really appreciate that. (Pause)

That seems to be the most important thing in the news. We’ll give you something later if we hear from other stations.

News strike hang together or perish. This is the last word. There are a few strikes which have been more clear cut than the current newspaper walkout-lockout in New York. In a display of monopoly solidarity, New York three daily m– newspapers put the issue squarely to its thir– 1500 press operators. Our profits are too low. We want to boost them by cutting labor costs. So half of you must be eliminated. See, that’s the way they do. White or black. The pressmen has always been closed to blacks, but even whites (unintelligible word) go also. There were no cries of excessive union demands. In fact, the union has demanded only that it retain what it has had for 55 years, whereas the postal industry wants to cut back on the gains they’ve made through these horrible 55 years. No talks of co– company poverty, The New York Times alone made 15.3 million dollars in profits so far in this year. That’s a lot of money. Who needs more. Up 24 percent over last year. And little about automation, allowing the fewer jobs. The presses are the same ones the publishers have had for 30 years, but that doesn’t mean anything. They’re bringing scabs in, and they will not be able to go back to their jobs. There is no strong socialist movement in US or free trade union movement that stick together. In other socialist nations, all labor unions, teachers, medical, industrial, stick together, and when one goes out on strike, they all do. But you don’t have a strong trade union in the United States, and all historian will shay– say to you, that without a socialist movement, Marxist-Leninist strong movement, independent socialist movement, and indeed, free trade unions, there cannot be any way that you can avoid a m– military fascist dictatorship and concentration camps.

That is finally the ending of the other news. I love you very much. Beautify your homes, do all you can to plant foo– food, because you’ll be saving – I can’t make it clear enough – you will be saving many lives. I’ve been working now five days and nights without rest. You know how urgent I see the situation. We need to get our people to this beautiful land of Guyana, and to think of ways of making more money, so we can give more free medical care. Medicines are so costly, and we never intend to charge our Guyanese brothers and sisters that we love so much. We are Guyanese, and we are good neighbors to all of our Guyanese about us. Much love.

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Tape originally posted February 2016