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Jones: Moscow’s Politsburo [Politburo] leading Secretary General of the Communist Party, Comrade Suslov (phonetic), restated the party’s foreign policy, to make community of socialist nations more cohesive, to conduct close economic ties with all socialist nations. This has been exemplified in the Crimea Conference. Prevent thermonuclear war, if at all possible, because of the destructiveness that it will cause in USA and other parts of the world. Mutual cooperation between socialist and capitalist worlds.

China. The doctrine of the Soviet Union on China is that she is undermining socialist community. She interferes with the internal affairs of socialist nations. She seeks a Chinese Communist brand for the entire world, which no individual socialist state has the right to do, says Radio Moscow. She is (unintelligible word) openly against world peace, and supports many times the wrong side of liberation struggles to try to bring about her aim of nuclear war before nuclear weapons have spread throughout the world. This is still a policy of inhumanity, to take it for granted that so many millions– 200 million plus US citizens will die, and an equal number of 200 millions in Europe. Comrade Suslov, Secretary General of the Communist Party, [pronounces “CCCP” in Russian], the Soviet Union, said this is a historical process. The Soviet Union have set for themselves four main goals of Soviet foreign policy. Relax tension [if] at all possible, to avoid the impending gloom of a nuclear war. Stop arms race immediately, before it’s too late. Rebuff imperialist forces wherever they are, in Southeast Asia or Africa. Support all liberation forces in the world, no matter what risk it is to the Soviet Union. A majority of the people of the Soviet Union took a vote on the referendum for foreign policy, and 97 percent supported this policy.

Right wing [Menachem] Begin and his Middle East discussions that are about to begin at the summit conference at Camp David with the Egyptians. The Soviets feel the secrecy is terribly wrong, and meeting is not inclusive of all parties involved, that definitely secret plans are being made for the U.S. imperialist to establish an Air Force base in the Sinai Peninsula. It’s an American idea and even has been admitted, according to Radio Moscow and Voice of America, that this is the plan of the Carter Administration. Jody Powell, [press] secretary to the president of USA, admitted that USA plans a US-staffed military base in the Sinai.

Tanzanian president dismissed as meaningless the meeting between Ian Smith and Joshua Nkomo. The meeting accomplished nothing, and o– only seek to divide the guerrilla leaders, said President [Julius] Nyerere. If there are to be further talks, they will have to be with all the government and the entire Patriotic Front, and not just Mr. Smith. Joshua Nkomo also admitted that nothing had been really achieved. He said he would not seek a separate peace, though he is a nationalist, he would not seek a separate peace from his ally, the Marxist-Leninist Robert Mugabe, leaders of the Patriotic Front, which the white man calls Rhodesia.

A Rhodesian airliner has crashed near the Zambian border. The plane is thought to have gone down in a mountainous area thought to be infiltrated with guerrillas. All passengers were white Rhodesians. It is suspected that Zambian freedom fighters aiding the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe may have brought it down. Salisbury, capital of Zimbabwe, or what the white man refers to as Rhodesia. Salisbury forces says that 16 civilians and eight other blacks were killed, Uncle Toms supporting the Salisbury– the Salisbury regime.

Mass to install the pope. Outside a demonstration to protest the attendance of the Argentine leader [Jorge Rafael Videla]. There were thousands of secret police in Rome for the inauguration of the new moderate pope, John Paul. Masses had to be kept– several flanks of the army to keep the masses of the Red Army and other socialist groups from causing interference. They were demonstrating against the attendance of the Argentine and Chilean dictator [Augusto Pinochet].

Prime Minister Begin has arrived in United States at Camp David. The Zionist Prime Minister Begin says Israel is on a mission of peace. Wants to preserve the prestige of President [Jimmy] Carter. Both went to church on Sunday and at the same Baptist Church. My, my, what the Jewish Begin seems to be willing to do, to get the backing he wants from U.S. imperialism. [Anwar] Sadat – Prime Minister of Egypt – will arrive on Tuesday.

Beirut, formerly a beautiful capital of Lebanon before U.S. imperialism destroyed it by backing the rightwing Phalangist fascist forces and Christian militias under the authorization of Israel, there is great trouble, heavy shell and rocket fire on rightist militia camps by the Syrian forces which are pro-Soviet. The Syrians definitely gained some ground, s– recaptured some of the captured territory that Israel took from the Lebanese. Several people of the rightwing Christian militia, the fascist Christian militia, were killed. The Lebanon situation. No group in Lebanon– Lebanon wants the protection Israel will offer. Syria has reinforced its strength in Lebanon,

Managua, Nicaragua. Busy arresting uh– forces of the [Anastasio] Somoza regime in five outlying cities. A number were members of the Democratic Union of coalition. The number of political arrests there now exceeds ten thousand. That means, the Somoza regime was arresting people in five outlying cities. But still the Somoza government barely holds on by the skin of their teeth. The Soviet Union has not responded to Nicaragua request for aid. They said they would not support any reactionary regime.

French controllers. Flights– flights delays of up to six hours, due to strikes, general strikes of French controllers brought sympathy of other flight controllers around Europe.

President Carter, philosophically against wage and price controls, warned that in fighting inflation, the nation must fight against moves that would increase unemployment.

U.S. union leaders celebrating Labor Day, concerned over rising prices. [George] Meany, former CIA agent and capitalist boss of American labor, head of the AFL-CIOU– CIO, the American labor movement, the largest in the world of capitalism, is under serious attack this year. Meany is under serious attack this year.

Davis Fitzmorris warned against big business (pause) and its growing im– impact on US economy. Others criticize the growing tax cut movement across the United States which i– is only benefiting the rich. U.S. dangerous to American labor movement, said this Davis Fitzmorris, who seems to be a contender for Meany’s job. Said USA government is dangerous to the American labor movement. There’s a push for full employment by labor and civic groups.

Camp David began using the retreat with [Franklin D.] Roosevelt. [Nikita] Khrushchev met there with [Dwight] Eisenhower. Also Charles de Gaulle, premier of France, met there, and the Yugoslav President, [Josip Broz] Tito. Sadat met there last February to confer with President Carter.

Nicaraguan government spokesperson says Somoza left National Guard compound, but did not disclose his whereabouts. Said he has not left the country, though there are rumors that he is preparing to flee with his millions that he has accrued. Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, had a quiet Sunday. Not any cars out because of pending gasoline shortage and business strikes and union strikes. Newspapers owned by the Somoza regime quotes President Carter (pause) and General Somoza– It– It quotes President Carter, that General Somoza’s suffering a change of relationships with the U.S. government, and it also said, the newspaper said, quoted Carter, President Carter, as the so-called rebellion, liberation force of the people, the Sandinistas, are being run by leftists and communists. Also Carter blames the Cubans, says Nicaraguans have killed many Cubans– Cubans, the new Simon Bolivar, with the right to interfere with their own internal affairs. This is denied categorically by Cuba that they have any involvement. It’s another one of the Cold War ruses– one of the Cold War ruses of Carter.

Iceland. New coalition government. Two months long government. Crisis before this. Liberal progressive communist peoples alliance and Socialist Democrats formed a coalition for the first time in that nation above England in the Atlantic. New Prime Minister [Ólafur Jóhannesson] and group first official act– s– action will be to devalue the currency fifteen to twenty percent.

French air controllers work slowdown. Even though they were threatened with arrest and imprisonment for years, they are six hours behind, flights getting the rich to their vacation spots or out of Europe. It’s been one hell of a vacation period for the bourgeoisie, because of cheaper Soviet and Warsaw Pact airline charges, most of the Eu– capitalists have spent their vacations and give their dollars to the communist nations that have some beautiful seashell– seaside resorts, because those were the only planes flying. Eleven days off the job action. Thousands of French vacationers are returning home, but many private operators substituted rail and auto transportation.

Carter is in trouble with the energy. The natural gas bill, in which he sought to give the multinational gas companies unlimited profits by deregulating their prices, taking off all regulations, according to The Los Angeles Times, says there’s a worldwide recession. A depression is soon coming, said The Los Angeles Times, as bad, if not worse, than the crash of 1929, and some of you children, you ought to be damn glad you don’t remember it. You were lucky to have mush, greens and spinach. You were lucky. That’s what we ate, if we were lucky. Compromise version of Carter’s bill is still facing strong opposition.

Begin, Prime Minister of Zionist Israel, they will do all they can to make it a success at Camp summit– Camp David summit. Israel on a mission of peace for Israeli and Egyptian people, said his propaganda minister. Both prayed for peace, Sadat to Allah and Begin to Jehovah. They view the summit as the l– last chance for peace, the last chance for peace and the only chance to avoid nuclear war in the Near East. King Hussein of Jordan will not participate in the summit decision. September 20 meeting in Damascus with other Arab League nations, that Carter has cut out.

The Soviets say Camp David conference is an Arab uh, rightwing plot which will frustrate a just settlement in the Middle East. Charged Begin with bringing the same plan and ultimatum as he did 10 months ago, which represented no change at all, according to Radio Moscow.

Beirut, Lebanon. Heavy violence. Shooting in every area of the town. The Christian fascists received heavy shell fire from the pro-Soviet Muslim Syrians.

Lebanon. Prime Minister Sarkis [President Elias Sarkis] says no group in Lebanon wants the protection the Israeli fascists will provide. Syrians have reinforced strength– and strengthened the backbone of Lebanon to resist the expansionist and aggressious– and aggressive tactics of Begin. They say the rightists (pause) are not going to be able to hold their territory much longer. If they continue to fight, it is a precedent to war.

Pope invested, walked instead of being carried, and did not wear a crown, as popes have in the past. My, my, my. He’s such a man of the people.

Explosion at the entrance of central Catholic Church of Rome. Protested Arvidela [Jorge Rafael Videla], Argentina’s dictator at the investure of the new pope.

Bonn of West Germany, n– neo-fascist capitalist West Germany, that it prides itself in being the inheritor of [Adolf] Hitler’s Third Reich. Statement requested by Social Democrats to pull out of NATO for protection of Warsaw Pact. This is a strong division in West Germany. They want to pull out of the War– uh, of the NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, so they will not be in danger of the Warsaw Pact, because, the West Germans fear, that the Soviet alliance has much more, superior military might and much more, superior ability to defend herself from a nuclear holocaust.

Romanian defector is accusing Bonn government of Communist infiltration at the highest levels. Somehow the twofen– two events are connected, because they find this kind– they found out some information through this Communist infiltrator that they have not named yet, that the Soviet Union would be able to be clear to the coast of France in a matter of two days, with the superior power that she has.

American envoy in Cyprus to see if talks can resume over the Cyprus dispute. Cyprus has been moving more and more towards the Comecon Warsaw Pact economic group and the Warsaw Pact Soviet alliance.

Rhodesian airliner, now just reported, 56 white passengers lost en route to Salisbury. Two engines went out over the mountains. It is not sure whether they were fired upon by Zambian guerrillas friendly to the Patriotic Front.

Rumanian party newspapers incomprehensible, that Communist press has not made a realistic analysis of Chairman Hua’s [Hua Kuo-feng] visit to Yugoslavia. This directed at Moscow, who accused Chinese leader of trying to divide the West. Rumania is somewhat independent in its view.

The American labor movement under concerted attack this year, but they can change things through the democratic process, said Meany. David Morris warned the influence of capitalist monopoly business thinking which has influenced all of American life and has been helped along by the labor boss, George Meany. David Morris is a working class fighter, head of the Electrical Union USA.

Nicaragua. National Guard. Two hundred arrested just a moment ago in Managua. A number of prominent doctors and lawyers have been arrested there by the Somoza dictatorship. Military aid is still coming in from USA – and our tax dollars – to uphold the dread fascist regime of Somoza.

Investiture of Pope John Paul in Rome. Appeared to be enjoying himself enormously. Took out much of the pomp. He walked instead of being carried and was not crowned. The cardinal proclaimed him, Blessed be God, who has chosen you to be the shepherd of the Universal Church.

Smoke from blazing cars set by demonstrators all around the mass of the new pope, protesting the presence of fascist and Chilean– fascist Chilean and Argentine dictatorships.

Begin. Israel wants peace more than any nation on earth, says he, wants a success for the international prestige of President Carter, which is important in preserving peace in the free capitalist world. That’s a cu– pat phrase for capitalist. Hopes for agreement for continuing serious negotiations for an end to the 30-year war. Unpreceden– Unprecedented event in view of American officials, but no one knows the outcome. Three main issues under discussion. The nature of peace, peaceful relations, Israeli withdrawal of occupied areas, and security of this withdrawal. U.N. Security Council Resolution 242 is the agreed-on solution. It remains sacred. Carter certain ideas on how to deal with some of the issues, but they’re all unsuitable to the Arab nations.

Joshua Nkomo, the uh– Rhodesian Patriotic Front, and Ian Smith, dictator of Rhodesia, or Zimbabwe, confirmed that they met secretly. Smith offered to turn over power to the guerrillas. Smith denied all this and described the talks as exploratory and inclusive. Smith asked if Patriotic Front could do something to insure stability and him getting out of the country with his wealth. They claimed to keep the meeting secret, and both say the other side set up the meeting. It was disclosed by Joshua Nkomo of the Patriotic Front of Rhodesia. (Pause) Scheduled for further talks next week. Robert N– Mu– Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist ally of Joshua Nkomo, both heads of the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, was not included in the discussion. Cause paranoia by Mugabe’s group, that they would make a separate deal, but n– Joshua Nkomo has surfaced with it and said that nothing will divide them. (moves microphone) The Patriotic Front wants meeting of all parties. Conservatives say this will undermine the settlement, but the settlement is not presently working anyway.

[Francis Jay] Crawford, high official in International Harvester, one of the big capitalists that was given up, turned over to the Soviets, as capitalists always betray capitalists, as the US Ambassador [Malcolm Toon] turned him over out of the sanctuary of the Russian-USA Embassy. He turned him over to the US of– U– the USSSR, (repeats initials of Soviet Union in Russian) authorities, Soviet authorities for currency violations. He claims he is completely innocent. Charge carries eight years minimum for imprisonment.

Two UN employee Soviets arrested in New Jersey for spying in retaliation. Crawford was arrested at the same time as they. The two st– two spies due for trial September 12 in New Jersey. Crawford plus three Soviets have been found guilty by witnesses and documented evidence of selling under the control price. He claims he gave small gifts. He will be represented by a Soviet lawyer in court. He sells tractors in USSR and is b– one of the big monopoly captist– b– capitalist businessman. But he wasn’t worth the US government putting their ar– their neck out trying to save him.

New Soviet arms accord. Carter wants to go slow on US-Soviet arms control. He doesn’t want a strategic arms limitation agreement, and the world desperately needs one to avoid nuclear hell. [Andrei] Gromyko and [Cyrus] Vance, Secretary Gromyko, comparable to Secretary of State Vance, need more negotiations. They think the agreements must be reached by the end of this year, if nuclear war is to be avoided. Why do they want to control the process?

Helsinki Agreements, critical of Soviet intervention in Ethiopia and Angola.

The USA is– Institute for Strategic Studies points out Soviet naval superior to– superioro– superiority, says USA. Confirms the dramatic improvement in Soviet strategic arms and new methods of technological warfare.

New SALT agreement equal limitations on both sides, means US needs some other delivery vehicles, because they are now behind the Soviets in military capability, said BBC.

President Carter denies linkage diplomacy slowing down peace talks in recrimination for USSS– for USSR, the Soviet Union, involvement in Africa, but BBC even admits that he has been slowing down peace talks and negotiations on the arms race, just to get back at the Soviets. That’s a cheap way of doing business.

Following the violent repression unleashed against the trade union movement and other sectors of the labor movement in Tunisia, the WFTU Secretariat decided to instruct a lawyer to take in hand a cooperation with other barristers, or lawyers, the defense of UGIT leaders, including Secretary General Habib Akur (phonetic) and the hundreds of trade unionists and workers in prison since the general strike that is still going on since January 26. The lawyer appointed by the WFTU, Marxist, Mr. Jay Gillimut (phonetic) went to Tunis– Tunis from February 8 to 11, 1978. In the next commentary of the V– Voice of Moscow, news flashes, we will give an account of Mr. Gillimut’s press conference in Paris at which WFTU General Secretary Pareer Kinsauce (phonetic), was also present. The aim of the WFTU in Tunisia is to organize a broad campaign of coordinated socialist joint protest action against the re– fascist repression and effective solidarity with the Tunisian people and all the working class, for the independence of the trade union organizations, the release of all political prisoners, and respect for trade union and democratic liberties and conventions adopted by international organizations such as the United Nations and the International Labor Organization. (Pause)

Continuing on with the news. For the most part we have covered it. (Clears throat) Perhaps there are just a few other items.

Zambia faces a financial crisis because she continues to speak out against US imperialism. Italy’s AGIP oil company, which supplies Zambia through a pipeline from Dar es-Salaam, Tanzania, has threatened to cut off supplies unless bills are paid, according to a report in the Times of Zambia last week. Sales of Zambia’s chief foreign exchange earner, copper, meanwhile have dropped from seventy and a half million per month to only one million per month, and yet Zambia bravely held up against the fascists in Rhodesia and Union of South Africa. And over 100,000 tons of copper are stockpiled, awaiting transport through the clogged Dar es-Salaam port.

Black robby– black lobby to challenge US policy. Trans-Africa, a new black lobby on Africa and the Caribbean that opened in– its offices in Washington early this month, is striking a theme which is out of favor in official circles these days. A draft of the group’s position paper criticizes American capitalist preoccupation with geopolitical Russian roulette between the major powers in Africa. Trans-Africa’s executive director, Randall Robinson, says that the group is also pushing for much stronger actions against South Africa than the weak-kneed Carter Administration has been willing to adopt. A group of prominent black Americans, including Robinson, an attorney and former aide of Represenator Charles Diggs, who faces a hundred and seventy-five years for being black in US jail, has been organizing Trans-Africa since a Congressional Black Caucus conference endorsed this idea in 1976.

Tanzania’s president, Julius Nyerere, earlier this week, ordered the trading and mining firm known as Lonrho to leave that country within three months. President Nyerere accused the London-based company of breaking United Nations sanctions against Rhodesia while posing as a friend of free Africa. Brave, socialist President Nyerere and close friend of our own Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham of our beloved Peoples National Congress, also said Lonrho – L-o-n-r-h-o – had undermined the freedom struggle in southern Africa through its activities elsewhere. Longrho’s holdings in Tanzania, which the firm has b– been ordered to sell at a fair price acceptable to the government, include farm machinery, office supplies, and all other equipment and cotton farms. In response to the Tanzanian socialist order, Lonrho said it was proud of its record in Africa and had been unfairly accused by the brave socialist President Nyerere.

This is apparently the high points of the news. At least it seems to be. (Pause) I don’t see anything else that would be particularly interesting, except one thing I’m hearing.

The Israeli government’s close ties to South Africa have come under sharp attack from organized labor in fascist Israel, and – what would you know – and even from the World Zionist Congress, which met in Jerusalem on the twenty-first of the month. Histadrut – H-i-s-t-a-d-r-u-t – the Israeli labor federation, has decided to dis– to dissolve its partnership with South African interest in two investment companies, one in metals, the other in chemicals. The decision was reportedly made in order to preserve the federation’s good relations with Third World countries. Histadrut owns Koor and a huge holding company with interest in some 16,000 enterprises in Israel and abroad. Koor – K-o-o-r – had previously been reported as associated through the South African subsidiary, Iskoor Steel Services, with Iskoor, the government-controlled steel company. Koor Chemicals was reported to be associated with Sentrachem – S-e-n-t-r-a-c-h-e-m – of South Africa in the chemical industry there. It’s interesting to note that even the World Zionist Congress has had to step away from the dread racist– white racist regime of South Africa that’s kept in power solely by US tax dollars which should cause us to feel enough guilt to do our work.

Remember, if you have problems, if you don’t keep the rules, you’ll automatically go to council and can automatically go to Public Services Union, because we want our time in People’s Rallies for agriculture and the study of the Russian language.

Thank you, and I love you very much. This is not too much news for you, less than a half an hour, that you should be able to concentrate easily upon and be prepared for test on tomorrow night People’s Rally. I love you very much.

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– the various areas of our beautiful community that many people would literally die to be able to have this kind of peace. I want the fly swatters in use, please. I want the insecticide people to go against these mosquitoes in every area. You’ve done a very good job, but there’s a few more mosquitoes than normal, as I look around. Watch the– all the puddles and see that they’re corrected.

I want to thank Mary Rodgers very much in way of praise, how kind she is to John [Victor Stoen] when some people do not– well, let us say they’re unkind to the Office’s children, and I really appreciate it, Mary Rodgers. Naturally, I’ll give you a treat, but that doesn’t mean anything to Mary Rodgers. I’m very touched, and it helps me so much.

Plant every space of ground. We will have guests anytime, and I’m telling you, the prime minister will drop in, as he said, un– without announcement, because he is so busy. He’s moving quite a long way on the socialist course by pledging support to Belize and Nicaragua. So they are busy. So this place oughta be clear all the time. Where the mud is when they come up past the pump, uh, I’d like planting all along there, except for spaces for the truck and the tractor. We– There’s a lot we can do, and I’m asking you, those that I named for inspection, to do so. Stand by. (Pause)

Attention, attention. I was speaking of Mary J. Rodgers, being that we have two. The one that is the mother of Irra [Johnson] and Poncho [Garry Dartez Johnson]. And I’m touched to the depth of my soul.

Not enough people looking at news, requesting to listen to it. You should ask for an early Harlan County showing, because it will be on the test. Remember, I need desperately, desperately, to protect [Jim] McElvane and Vee Hollins and Florida [Johnson] from being framed by those white bigots of the notorious Red Squad in Los Angeles. Anybody, but anybody – friend, whoever – by some method you could get them to write. We’re counting on everyone coming up with some names. They won’t have to be in Los Angeles, but people you are sure would write. We know how relatives are, but they may want this place in the back of their mind sometime and thus would do it. Please bring it into the radio room. I don’t want to have to bring you up on the floor. Some of the best intellects have not yet written a letter to the District Attorney [John Van de Camp]. Some of you are born writers and don’t know it. Everyone– All leadership should set the example, as I’m sure they’re doing so. Everyone else, try your style of writing. Some of you folk, you really don’t know how much writing skill you really have. Bring them in immediately.

And all tape recorders, be sure in the library, because there’s some going to be broke– uh, brought up if you don’t deliver it. And the tapes. We’re gonna keep them back, even though they’re very expensive, they bring 500, even some of them, two thousand dollars on the market. But we’re keeping five sets so that people can check out music. And I don’t think that could be– any way, could I be more loving, when we have such need.

That devil [Tim] Stoen and all the other archenemies have become class enemies. They have eaten up hundreds of thousands of dollars in protecting my people from the very schemes that they’ve tried, like court costs for Mona [Ramona Young], a retarded child they did not want, but they did not want us to have her, thinking it would break Christine’s [Christine Cobb Young] heart. That’s a wicked people. And never forget that all of them are class enemies, because every one that’s went out is now involved in it.

Thank you, and I love you very much.

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Attention. Late news of the evening. Lester Kinsolving, who was one of the first reporters to attack us– in fact, was the first. He also attacked us because we had given assistance to Angela Davis for a few thousand dollars for her defense trial, without which she could not’ve afforded to have had a trial. It is reported that Bishop C. Kilmer– Bishop C. Kilmer Myers of the Episcopal Diocese of California has initiated a process that could result in defrocking the syndicated columnist, priest, Lester Kinsolving. Terming the action a massive hypocrisy, the controversial rightwing Kinsolving said he just wanted to withdraw peacefully to another ministry, that he would go to court, if necessary, to protest the defrocking, he added.

Myers suspended Kinsolving from any and all priestly functions on the twenty-first of this month. The more sanctioned– The move sanctioned by the Standing Committee of the dio– diocese forbids him to officiate in any Episcopal (unintelligible word, sound like “Truth”) Center or church official capacity, anywhere. He cannot get on a pulpit in any Episcopal Church, and could lead to his defrocking, this move, in six months, according to canon law. Kinsolving was caught taking bribes from the dread fascist regime of South Africa. So at least there are times some mercy along the line. He was the first priest that ever attacked us, the first person that ever wrote negatively ever about us and lied on us.

The Reverend George Hunt, diocese executive officer, said the panel’s decision was based on Kinsolving’s resigning from the church to take leadership of an independent congregation in Silver Spring, Maryland. After receiving his resignation by letter about four weeks ago, the committee certified that Kinsolving had abandoned the communion of the church and had reflected on the morality of the church by telling lies for corporations in Union of South Africa.

Kinsolving, in a phone interview, said, “I am not going to deter– they’re not going to scare me.” The former Examiner– [Randolph] Hearst Examiner that attacked us, columnist, took issue with the characterizations of his letter as a notice of resignation. He said he had notified the diocese that “I was withdrawn in order to be rector of St. Thomas,” which he described as a independent, but others call a reactionary middle-of-the-road Anglican parish which still uses the 1828 Book of Common Prayer. Grace Cathedral in San Francisco uses that and the reviser version [in the revised version?].

Kinsolving said he had been officiating at the Silver Springs parish for five weeks. It– it– it intends to affiliate with the Anglican Church of North America, a split that has come between the Church of England under that foul founder, King Henry VIII, who m– had his wives murdered on a very good movie that we have that you want to see, before it goes back to town. Anyway, the parish uh– Anglican parish earlier this year split from the Episcopalian Church over such matters as liturgical changes and ordination of women, which Kinsolving up– up­por– supports. He supports to the final degree that women should not have any voice in the church. (Moves microphone) He indicated he will protest the defrocking process in the secular courts, if he has time. “I– I’m pretty busy,” he said. “I edit a paper cover– I edit a paper, cover the White House and the State Department, write three syndicated columnas– columns a week, and I’m going back to the air twice a day.” Washington columnists say he reminds them of [Father Charles Edward Coughlin] the rightwing Nazi B– Catholic bishop that was so famous in Detroit years ago.

Hunt said the bishop could lift suspension if Kinsolving offered uh– mitigating cir– circumstances by the first of January ’79, six months after the date of inadmission, the canoc– canocal term for suspension. Kinsolving responded in anger to news of his suspension, voicing complaints about b– present church practice, as well as the bishop, giving as example, “There is no way I can worship in a church that solemnizes women in any capacity.” He said, “Women are not in any way capable of carrying on priestly duties.” He c– said he would not go along with a church that had ensolemnized Elizabeth Taylor’s seventh marriage. At his office– independent church office, we rejoice in being able to worship from a prayer book which does not sound like [William] Shakespeare rewritten by committee, headed by Mickey Spillane.

It is the first time in ecclesiastical history a bishop has suspended a priest while driving out in an alcoholing– while drying out in an alcoholic ward. In April, Myers was reported undergoing treatment for five weeks for alcoholism in St. Mary’s Hospital, Minnesota. Guess they’re all a bunch of dingbats. The 62-year-old bishop wrote a letter to the clergy, 400 members of his diocese, 400 priests uh– in his dis– diocese telling them the reason for his hospitalization. He said the doctors at St. Mary’s had helped him understand how he had moved into this disease through the years, and added, “It is my hope to return soon a much healthier and whole human being. I will need strong support system and friends, and I have them in California.” Myers returned to the diocese after seven weeks at the hospital. Hunt said the bishop’s progress had been phenomenally successful.

“Say, I’m leaving the Episcopal priesthood? All right,” Kinsolving said. “But just let me withdraw peacefully and minister to people.” Kinsolving, 50 years of age, has tangled before with Bishop Myers, who fired him from the diocese staff in 1967 over conflicts between the priest writings and ecclesiastical loyalties, and Kinsolving being caught in the night by a– a guard stealing things out of the file on Episcopal priests to use against them. Church of England, Anglican and Episcopalian, all means the same. Rarely one to shrink from controversy, Kinsolving once became embroiled in a dispute with former San Francisco sheriff Richard Hongisto, complaining that the sheriff barred him from attending a jail’s church service. Recently he was expelled from the State Department Correspondents Association for receiving two thousand five hundred dollars in stock from a fascist, racist South African lobbyist in order to– Kinsolving– uh, in order to– Uh, it’s not clear. (Pause) He anyway received number of bribes. Kinsolving, in– in order to attend, Kinsolving– (Pause) had the stockholders meeting– (Pause) Stand by.

End of side 1


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State Department Correspondents Association for receiving two thousand five hundred dollars in stock from a South African lobbyist in order to, Kinsolving said, attend st– stockholders meetings, said the expulsion was to determine by a nine-five vote, although the association has 350 members. He was the– one of the first to be kicked out of the Washington press corps for being dishonorable by taking money from the fascist and racist regime in Union of South Africa. He, as I told you, is the first reporter that attacked us. The priest-columnist comes from a long line of Episcopal clergymen. His grandfather, Ovid Americus Kinsolving, was a virgin– and Virginian pastor – whatever in the hell virgin pastor is – and spy for the Confederacy. His– The– His grandfather spied for the racist South, the Confederacy. Lucine Lee Kinsolving, a missionary bishop in Brazil, and his late father, Arthur B. Kinsolving II, a West Point rightwing chaplain and later bishop of Arizona. That’s the news on one devil, at least, that attacked us.

Fourteen have been hurt seriously in a vicious mob attack on the Ku Klux Klan in Oxnard. A mob of about 300 organized and led by the columnist [communist] group dedicated to violence stormed a Ku Klux Klan benefit showing A Birth of a Nation yesterday. Hurting (pause) the innocent people – you can sure tell where Hearst’s sympathies lie, he said hurting the in– in– innocent people with iron bars and other weapons in a series of battles with police. Four demonstrators and 10 policemen were injured seriously. Three officers may have broken or chipped hips and legs. Thirteen demonstrators were arrested, nine men, two women, and two teenagers, and the next day, it was followed up with 34 more arrests, as Oxnard has fallen under the control of the Ku Klux Klan.

Police estimated damage to the city Oxnard Community Center at five thousand dollars, mostly destruction of large plate glass windows. Demonstrators trapped one Klansman outside briefly and beat him with pipes, but he was not seriously injured, said the Klan spokesman. Most of the fighting was between the demonstrators and police trying to protect the besieged group of about 40 Klansmen inside the center. It was a vicious attack, said Hearst, on a decent law-abiding people. Well, Mr. Hearst, we are so glad that you consider the Ku Klux– Ku Klux Klan a via– a ve– a very good and acceptable citizenry.

The protest was organized and led by a Red pro– Progressive Labor Party, a Marxist Communist group, said Hearst. The PLP newspaper’s masthead describes the party’s aim as to violently overthrow the bosses and instill– install a dictatorship of the people, proletariat, adding this cannot be achieved peacefully. They shouted, “Kill the cops and the Ku Klux Klan,” and “Death to the Klan.”

The demonstrators charged a small group of police outside the center. Driving them back, the police called for help, and the force grew to about 100. Some 60– no, some 80 Oxnard city officers and 40 reinforcements from the Port Hueneme police California Highway Patrol, and Ventura and Los Angeles County Sheriff Department assisted. Our police officers were hospitalized with a possible– one– one was, at least– with a possible broken hip, another with a broken leg, uh, and another yet with a br– possible crushed kneecap, and another with a chipped wrist bone. Seven others were treated for cuts and br– and bruises by these vicious Communists. Oh yeah? They’re the vicious? I thought the Klan were the vicious. Four demonstrators, all men, were taken to Ventura County Hospital for treatment, and two were held overnight.

Police said the Ku Klux Klan membership inside the hall were very orderly, they were the hardcore of the Klan (clears throat) business group – And that’s nice, I would– They’re getting all sorts of respectable descriptions – who set up barricades and prepared to defend their children from the vicious Communist mob. Well, that shows where the press’ sympathies are. There would’ve been dead people in here, if those Communists got inside, said Metzger– Officer Metzger. He said the Klansmen were very careful not to carry any weapons. We could be arrested for having any kind of weapon, but fashioned clubs from the furniture, and then– then they had attack dogs and also, this report said, they did have heavy d– duty guns and rifles. Metzger claimed victory for the Klan, Officer Metzger did, saying the Progressive Labor Party had public– publicly stated (Pause) that its aim was to prevent the Klan from showing Birth of a Nation, which shows that blacks are not human beings. A classic film made in 1915, it has been the target of protest by black groups all over the nation (stumbles over words) as it has now had a revival in every city of America, it’s being shown, and portraying the Klan as indeed the heroic protectors of the whites– Southern whites and all pure white people in the years after the Civil War.

(tries to pronounce few Russian words) orbital station in Russia– (Pause) over Russia, I should say, held a news conference on results of a weeklong work in building what the capitalist world fear is a defensive platform from which they can launch an attack against US imperialism and stop US imperialist missiles before they hardly get in the atmosphere.

Camp David meeting. An anti-Arab move. US direct military aid to Israel will bring war, said Radio Moscow. American aid to Pretoria, the fascist white regime of the Union of South Africa, has built up a powerful nuclear potential. This is what has happened by USA’s stupidity. It still will not mean the destruction of the Southern hemisphere, but it means that the Union of the South Africa will remain in power for some time. Our tax dollars has now made us feel so guilty that they have gone into nuclear weapons for that racist regime, and there’ll be no way that the poor black people will be able to fight back, because they have what they call the neutron or the nigger bomb and other types of nuclear weapons that’ve been handed over to them, against US law, but they did it anyway.

Nicaragua. Arrested a large group of leaders demanding resignation of Somoza. Many killed or wounded. Washington now considering the possibility of armed intervention. They’re going to enter Mi– Nicaragua again, like they did many times before, to put in it– to embolden and brace up a dictatorship. You know the last time they went in, I told you about the news, last week, well, the US Marines are getting ready to intervene militarily, said BBC in Nicaragua. What a damn mess.

Hanoi. Talks with Chinese, who refuse to let in refugees at the border.

Conference in Africa on ways of resisting US imperialism and her lackeys from interfering with the African process of freedom and liberation.

Woman’s participation in national development is taking place in Zaire and Angola, as they build closer ties to be prepared for any government that would be attempting to undermine them. (Clears throat)

BBC has had to drown out the Moscow radio s– stations, because too many people are finding Moscow’s radio popular. Also it was charged by Radio Sweden that Radio Moscow is jammed so that no one in USA can hear it, because now, the US public would hear the truth and would know how truthful Moscow’s words were and her news and her commentary, and so there’s total jamming of Radio Moscow into United States.

Rhodesian airline crash, ten people survived, and– (Pause) and others were killed by guerrillas, who or– had been the victims of this vicious white Rhodesian regime. They feel it was Joshua Nkomo military force that killed the rest. Ten people wors– did survive and were killed by, as I said, the guerrillas. So none– none survived. All of them were leading members of the powerful fascist government and the security police of the white regime of Ian Smith in Zimbabwe, which does have no right to even reco– represent the people. Plane could have been shot down by ground fire. They have surface-to-air missiles, now that the Soviet Union provided. Anyway, it shot down some of the worst Rhodesian whites in the entire country. Many Rhodesian whites cannot accept black rule of any kind, but they’ll be forced to, said Radio Moscow. Some whites fed up with war and are moving out to other fascist countries like Chile. Joshua Nkomo has a reputation of being a pragmatist, and Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Lenin– Leninist has a reputation of being a Communist.

Smith: Internal settlement is not working. Nkomo and Smith probably infuriated Robert Mi– Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist uh, by having their meeting, but they’re back together again, that is, Mugabe and Nkomo.

By the way, never use the word “pragmatist” to the Soviets. It’s a word they do not like. It’s “opportunist” to them.

India. Flooding. Two thousand being evacuated there. Two hundred thousand will have to be airlifted out of the area. The fear people– They– They fear people will refuse to leave. West Bengal. Food dropped by helicopter by the Soviet Union inadequate supplies. People in ch– in trees and on roofs of houses. No international help. This happens in India every year. India has a large stock of food, just a problem of distribution. The only people coming to their rescue are the Soviet Union. One hundred and fifty thousand washed away by the flood. Another 150,000 people. Yet floods will mean a record harvest at the same time. What a dreadful thing, that locustses are also on the scene that will promise to destroy their harvest.

Rhodesia. Smith and Nkomo met with knowledge of Mugabe, said Robert Mugabe. According to BBC, he was not disturbed by the meeting at all. Second meeting, August nineteen twentieth in Zambia. First meeting was August 14. Southeast of Lusaka. Mugabe came also, but left in disgust with Ian Smith.

Nairobi. Eritrea effected heavy casualties on one border guard of Ethiopia. Ethiopia, now (pause) faced with more difficulty, are calling in Soviet and Cuban troops, because USA imperialist continue to back Eritrea – that’s a state of Ethiopia – and trying to encourage them to break away from the b– black socialist regime of Ethiopia.

USSR. [Leonid] Brezhnev. Six-week vacation. Discussion of successor. May be the head of the KGB, who is known to be following a tough line and does not trust the United States at all.

Rome. Financial position of France improves. Repayment of loans, whereas USA continues to get deeper and deeper in debt.

NATO. Ten nations, 200 ships, 10,000 men doing military maneuvers. Troops have to train together to be effective, have to show the world we know how to prepare for war and operate together. Emphasis on sea power. Reserves must ca– come from US and Canada, if Europe– (pause) it comes to war. Takes 6000 ships to resupply Europe. Tremendous growth in Soviet naval capacity. Second biggest naval power in the world. (Pause) This sounds bad. They’re talking about the number of large naval carriers and the might of the Soviets and the closeness of war in Europe, that is, the capitalist uh, USA and her lackeys.

By the way, we have evidence that people are trying to send out codes in their letters. If you would like to speak to me about it before we speak to you in People’s Rally, we will be very thankful. This is a note of attention to all. You can set up whatever movie you want to. I’m telling you this. We know positively, you’re trying to send out codes by the way you handle your letters. We know what you’re up to, and we are good breakers of cryptic codes. So you better tell me now and explain why you did it. Because I know who did it. I have it right before my eyes.

USSR, biggest submarine fleet in the world. Soviet navy very modern. Normal life of ship– ships in Soviet Union is much longer than USA, over 35 years. Very concentrated, their ships– their fleets are, around the various trouble spots in the world. NATO much more spread out.

Matthew Nimetz from USA is in Cyprus for talks with Cypriot president [Spyros Kyprianou]. No US plans for settlement. Anxious to keep the visit low key. President Carter lifting arms embargo to Turkey, another fascist state. More of our tax dollars to cause us guilt, going to a murderous dictatorship in Turkey. Has to report to Congress every 60 days on any settlement progress. Nimitz will report to Carter and the United Nations. Large gap between the two sides.

Rhodesians nationalists shot eight– ten of the 18 survivors, white racist survivors, of the plane crash.

Joshua Nkomo does not rely– or uh, does not rule out future talks with Ian Smith, if Robert Mugabe, his ally in the Patriotic Front, is acceptable to the idea. And both of them said they would shoot out uh, any white elements over their territory, they’d shoot them down with hand gun fire and missiles provided by the Soviet Union, and they would not give any apologies for it.

End of the comments of the news. And all of my love to my precious family that I love beyond all ways of describing. Bye bye.

End of tape.

Tape originally posted February 2016