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Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: –of media objectivity. The myth of objectivity that surrounds the leading news media in the United States, it’s one of the more powerful fictitious in our society, mo– most powerful fiction in our society. USA, Babylon, where we got out.

Remember, we have a guest, very powerful government official who likes us coming any time, to have things ready for their reception. I’m carrying on with my work, and I had quite a night. Quite a night. A physical situation. But I’m here and will be here to protect your interest.

The leading organs of the media have paid a great deal of attention over the years to weaving their veil of objectivity. It is nearly as pervasive – covering, that is – a theme as the neutrality of the government itself, and for the ruling class, capitalist ruling class, it is nearly as important. Like every ruling class, our un– wo– ours understands USA. I keep saying “ours,” but we are not USA any longer. As I started to say, like every ruling class, US also understands the necessity of ideological (Pause) control over the organs of information and persuasion that mold the political opinions of the masses, to keep them in despair, apathy, and robot in their mentality. It should come as no surprise, then, that many of the most respectable pillars of the commercial media enjoyed and (pause) s– still maintain a close relationship with the CIA.

That’s why I want you to understand this, because of the CIA being involved in, not only this man that stepped forward [likely Joe Mazor], big businessman, couldn’t take anymore, liked the appeal I gave him, and the press. The Chronicle was so involved with the conspiracy that Katy Butler, a fine reporter, was told that she did not dare go or print a word that was said, or she would lose her job. That’s how much censorship has come to United States. Only fascist, the last stage of monopoly capitalism, behave in that fashion, where they won’t uh, even let the press print any of the truth.

What may surprise some is that such formal arrangements between the two institutions were deemed necessary. (Speaks off mike momentarily, too low) But with the exposure of those formal relations and the claim that they have been severed, let’s not take our eyes off the informal relations that still exist. CBS and the CIA do not need a written agreement to ensure network coverage of the news in the manner that so– serves the US white ruling capitalist interest. The profound (pause) oh, unity of interest that exist between the owners of the news media – by that, I mean television, radio, newspapers, that’s what media means – and the dangerous– the managers, rather, of government need uh, not be written out explicit. No need for it. It’s understood.

That unity of interest was no– s– no more apparent than when The New York Times suppressed publication of a article describing the impending Bay of Pigs some years ago, an invasion of the cruelest sort, entering the sovereign territory of the beautiful Cuban socialist nation, and they justified it on the grounds that it would endanger national security. The fact was, The New York Times is supposed to be the most liberal paper in USA, but they kept the people from knowing that their sons and daughters’ lives were being risked in the Bay of Pigs.

How many other articles, dangerous to their security, have been suppressed, and how many other advantageous to it have been fabricated? With every horror report – yes, every horror report from a Cambodian refugee, every Angolan’s patrols tell– (Pause) Stand by for just a moment. I have to answer a question.

(off mike, low voice)

The most horrendous reports from a Cambodian refugee, seeking to get away from the Communist revolution that was betrayed by the nationalist elements of the Khmer Rouge. Every Angolian [Angolan] patriot’s tall tale of anti-communist resistance. We should put these questions before the people.

But the most sophisticated defenders of the liberal press will protest, stating that the very exposure of the press, by the press, proves that they suppress nothing. And yet they can only print what the government and the military-industrial complex wants printed. The news media – newspapers, radio, television – itself, report– reported on the relationship with the CIA, and what about Watergate and the Pentagon Papers? And what about what’s happening to us this very minute? And what’s happening with Huey Newton? How the CIA and their dirty tricks have never changed. In fact, the papers are full of CIA (pause) fascist mentality and fascist attitudes and bias in the news.

Let’s examine, if you will– let’s examine these arguments which on the surface may seem convincing. First, let us distinguish– distinguish between types of exposure. The type that appears most frequently, while often sensational, is a limit– is as limited as possible.

Now you better listen closely, because I may call an exam before Friday, and there’s been a terrible drop-off, ‘cept those that did excellent and some of them are not doing your job. You should keep up with the news, whether you take a test or not. Don’t take advantage of the situation. You must be informed, or the plan I’ve worked out for certain people, also for certain people that have high productive skills, supervisors can let me know of the things they do productively, like making a chair or a bucket, and that lovely lampshade last night made by Bruce, and uh, all those things that we saw. I don’t know who made those beautiful Mickey Mouse dolls, but our children will want– not want for toys.

All right. Now we continue with the news, because it’s important that you understand.

Let’s examine again these arguments which on the su– surface the capitalists try to make convincing. First, let us distingur– distinguish between types of exposure. The type that appears most frequently, while often sensational, is as limited as possible, except for those who represent a threat, by having a following like Jim Jones. They are limited to an individual, a particular exceptional case or situation. In exposing Bert Lance, for instance, the public remained largely ignorant of the web of power relations that allowed his indiscretions. However, that was not what concerned the US press. He was just having unlimited power, and some other capitalists cut him down as they did, so that they could get the same unlimited power. Likewise, the exposures around Watergate focused, as you know (Pause) mainly on the personality of its chief– its chief characters.

I’ve been up all night, I had a very severe attack. It’s a miracle that I survived. I must say, to take closest precautions of my foods, I don’t think it was food, but I– I would prefer that when Joyce [Touchette] is doing it, or whoever, that nobody gets around my food. This has been one hell of a night of vomitous, and it may have been a heart attack, but my will brought me through. The medical person attending me thought it was a very severe heart attack. But I’m on the ball, and continue to be on the ball, and all you who wish me dead, don’t like me, I’ll outlive you. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, as I’m saying. The exposures around Watergate focused mainly on the personality of its chief characters, Richard Nixon and his aides. As long as exposure is limited to individuals and not systematic corruption, the individuals are easily replaced. The system won’t expose itself. What is really astonishing about the fascist system in USA, that’s a last stance of capitalism before it goes into concentration camps and extermination of socialist, minority, black, East Asian, East Indian, Chinese, Asiatics, in other words, people of color, and socialists. That the astonishing thing about the Watergate scandal is how little we truly know about it. From the original break-in at Democratic Party headquarters, to the pardon of Nixon, much of the affair remains shrouded in mystery and would never have been brought out in the first place if socialist nations of the Warsaw Pact – pro-Soviet – had not revealed the corruption. They would’ve covered it. They did not want an exposure. Even when the press conducts a comprehensive exposure, like publication of the Pentagon Papers, it is in keeping with the time-tested policy of giving a little to save a lot. And such an exposure was possible only when a section of the ruling class itself opposed the war for its own reasons, that they were not making enough money from South Esia– Southeast Asia, and needed a turn to Africa. And by the way, we know the price of Dr. Daniel Ellsberg giving those Pentagon Papers, the arrest and what he faces now, he’s a great Pentagon expert that is facing a 15 jai– year jail term presently, and said tearfully, this great land, USA, will look nothing more than a wasteland and a desert. Every form of life will have– will die in USA. He suggested people would have to come this way and other places. He said civilization would rebuild, but not in USA. He’d given up, and he’s uh, infernal [eternal] optimist. So that oughta tell us something. (Pause)

Even when the press conducts a comprehensive exposure, like I said, the publication of the Pentagon Papers, it is keeping– in keeping with a time-tested policy of giving a little to save a lot. I repeat that because I want you to get it. And such an exposure was possible only when a section of the fascist ruling class of capitalism that in– that is destroying USA, itself opposed the war for its own reasons, that the big military-industrial complex personnel and alliances did not have any more profit to be gained from Vietnam. The task of progressives is to take every limited exposure that the press provides and make it truly comprehensive. While it may expose an individual or even a policy, the press will never expose the system. They never revealed that the CIA are experimenting on welfare mothers and babies who are black and Indian, and experiment on them when there’re institutions in every state, and it’s now even upheld by federal Congress, a statute that is not even been appealed to the Supreme Court. (Pause)

So you must recognize how the system works. The task of progressives is that– wo– to take every limited exposure that the press provides and make it truly comprehensive. While it may expose an individual or even a policy, the press will never expose the system. Again, I have written down notes and I’m giving you things I want you to remember and test for yourself.

We uh, have such an infernal lack of political knowledge here, like the mother, who I love, Mrs. [Mary] Baldwin, worrying about her children. I’m telling you, your children will apply to come here or wherever we are, and I have told you, I will bring them all. (Stumbles over words) Be no problem at all when we get our people here, or if we went to Soviet Union, it’d be less of a problem. You wouldn’t have to watch people who are not socialistically-inclined or sensitively-inclined. Of course, I’m not going to forget your loved ones. But I do think it’s high times that you regard other members of this community as your loved ones also, and regard that the– the– your dad and your mother has more love for you than any relative ever had. And a lot of our other close staff and administrators. You’ve got to recognize that relatives used you most of your life. You just didn’t have the knowledge to see it. So, uh– as former CIA agent Philip Agee, who by the way is being subpoenaed on some kind of a charge, states in closing his book-length expose of the CIA, the question is to pass (pause) defense of its system of exploitation. In particular, the incident should underscore the constant danger of USA’s fascist, imperialist aggre– aggression (pause) in the– Stand by. (unintelligible word) another question. (moves mike)

(tape edit)

–told the dirty work that was being done, that has turned them to socialism, for the most part, because they have all said, to the last woman and man, that the CIA does more torture, more horrible things than the human mind could really comprehend. The que– key questions for us is to pass beyond the facts of the CIA’s operation, to the reasons they were established, which will (has trouble pronouncing) inexorably lead to political questions. Perseva– Preservation of the property relations – yes, always, USA puts property above human rights – and other institutions on which the rest of the interests of the wealthy, bloodthirsty vultures of the ruling class of monopoly capitalism have been draining all of our brothers, sisters in the Third World nations, and in particular, the great continent of Africa.

I could understand no one here that would not want to produce to their very best ability so that we can send our youth to the land of our origins. I don’t understand that at all. You’ve been brainwashed. What in the hell did you leave in United States? Nothing but your goddamn chains. You know where your future was going. If you have any brains, too many white people have said it, right on the radio and TV: genocide. They printed it. Ethnic wea– Eth– Ethnic weapons. Do you forget so easily? Dr. Richard Hammerschlag said that no one in the entire country thanked him except for Jim Jones and his followers. No one give a goddamn. Not the Uncle Toms and Aunt Janes that some of you still think care. Nobody give a goddamn, but he gave documentary proof, and now can’t get a job, and in fact, took a job in Scandinavia, in Sweden social democracy, because there was no way he could live, and he was an unsafe man wanted for revealing that he was doing actual food chemical studies, where a piece of meat served in a black neighborhood, or a piece of candy would wipe out that black neighborhood, or would wipe out the Indian neighborhood. And that was years ago. They’ve got a better one now. It’s called the nigger bomb. They jokingly call it their nigger bomb. It doesn’t kill any of their property, it doesn’t destroy a piece of paper or a pen. But everybody can be murdered in the ghettoes they have built for us, then they can come in and take the property. That’s what you ought to realize. Yes, everything is being done for the wealthy and privileged minority. This, not the CIA, is the critical issue. We need to recognize that the media uh– the newspapers are enemies of the people because they represent the ruling class. (Pause) Stand by for just a moment. (covers mike, voice too low)

BBC. Smoking, people over 65. What’s happening to them, if they’ve been smoking for 25 years? They are surely to die with cancer, according to BBC studies. The whole British Commonwealth is trying to reduce the use and dependency upon tobacco.

Radio Australia. Wide area of India is flooding. Delhi and– New Delhi and the Ganges and tributaries expected to rise. Suburbs flooded. Over one half million uh, look that they will die. Another half million is being evacuated. No way to tally the deaths. Thousands and thousands are dying. West Bengal villages, every house, all their furniture, everything, their babies, swept away in the floods.

Then some of you– Attention? Then some of you have the audacity to think that USA is a great nation, when the only people that are helping the Indians with this terrible loss is USSR, the Soviet Union. Also you that hold on to your goddamn religious God shit, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Why is it that those lovely people of color have to drownd [drown] every year? What kind of an excuse can you give? Are they worse than we? Are we more deserved than they are? I think not. Only socialism brings order. And I’m the only person that has a paranormal faculty that helps us get through, and that means certainly I do not like God. If He existed, he is not a discriminator, he is worse than that. He’s a criminal sadist.

Summit at Camp David retreat. Talks may last up to ten days. USSR – Soviet Union, spiritual motherland, the avant garde, avant garde, as the Russians would say – accuses USA of using the talks to establish an extensive military power base to get rid of the unemployed soldiers that they’re having to take out of Japan and the ones that uh– that were dislocated from Vietnam.

BBC even is suspicious about US intentions in the Near East, and do not feel that the US soldier is going to be willing to fight, even if it is a brown skin,. They’re sure that they cannot send their troops into Zaire, according to BBC, because there’re too many black people in these armor– the arms uh, related fields, the Navy, Marines, Na– uh, and naval units, that they are not going to be able to get them to fight an African war. So they’re going to try to set up a new Vietnam in the Near East, so that they find an excuse to rob some of the oil that belongs to those poor people that USA capitalism has exploited for hu– hundreds of years, (Pause) or her European lackeys before.

The Soviet Union accuses USA of using the talks to establish a base, as I said, from which they can take over the Near East. The Soviet Union assures the rest of the world that that will not be allowed to happen.

Indicated intentions of [James] Callaghan, the British prime minister, are that the racist regime headed by Margaret Thatcher, that calls herself a Tory or a Conservative, will now win the next election, particularly due to the fact that the Liberal Party’s head was conveniently framed and charged with crimes against children, homosexual crimes, and they know that the Liberal Party will move over to support the Conservatives, thus meaning that Margaret Thatcher, who said she would kick out to the sea and send back all people of color to wherever they came from. When asked, some people have been here for 200 years. Where would they go? She said, that’s their problem. Because the white English culture just does not uh, know how or want to know how to deal with black and Indian cultures. (Moves away from mike, voice too low)

Bangkok visited by the– Thailand’s Prime Minister [Kriangsak Chomanan]. Talks aimed at strengthening friendship.

Japanese fishing association, Solomon Islands, will pay the Solomons for fish. Decided– They’ve decided what is to be caught and where it will go, because USA has been infringing on their fishing rights, and Japan still has some determined independence. (Pause)

Easy identification for cargo left in the area. [It] Has been announced by US Customs, that they’re going to be looking into every ship, because of fear of the Weathermen and other radical elements coming into the United States, and they expect them anytime, because they’ve received numerous instances of such an attack. Two members of the Red Brigade got, you know, as far as Boston, but they were apprehended by someone questioning their papers.

Departments of Works will make detection much easier in reference to the shipments of arms. USA is also concerned that there are elements – pro-Soviet, Third World liberation (unintelligible word) – that are smuggling guns in so that the citizens will be able to fight. I’m sure you’d like to do that, but they don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. A rifle or a machine gun is no match for a neutron bomb.

Forty men are killed, ten civilians, in Indonesia by the dictator that our CIA put in. Suharto. A dread, merciless dictator, who has murdered two million people with our tax dollars, which ought to cause us agonizing guilt, (stumbles over words) It upsets me every time I think of it. We ought to be out producing with all of our might and show how we care. Every day, it’s something like this. They were tortured first, and then murdered, by Suharto, who was put into power when the CIA removed [Sukarno] their first prime minister, prime minister, uh, the first to lead them in independence.

NBC has come out with a fiery commentary that fireman and police are not to be allowed to go to jail– to allowed to strike, and they should go to jail, just like everyone else, because there are too many firemen and police striking across the nation. Maybe the police will realize for once, as they are pushed by the gun, like the gunslingers– the– the gun thugs against Harlan County. And be sure you ask to see that. The test will definitely include Harlan County. ‘Cause some of you people got race poison in your brain, and we are not concerned about race. We’re concerned about working class solidarity. Do you hear me? And no one could deny, after seeing Harlan County, that it’s not a black-white thing, it’s the working class against the ruling capitalist class.

Jimmy Carter going all out at Camp David. BBC said if he doesn’t make it there, he is done. He will have no other political career in USA. Prime Minister [Menachem] Begin met with Carter last night and separately again just an hour ago. This has infuriated Egypt. Egypt will not give any information that will tell about what strategic weapons that she has or other Arab nations have. Carter must be a fool to think that they’re going to reveal that sort of thing. He said– Begin said Prime Minister [Anwar] Sadat, so it looks like it’s a loser from the beginning. Sadat said Begin is a uh– only coming here to get a media blitz to try to recapture some of the loss of support of Jewish citizens in USA. He said I been had– I– I’ve been taken advantage of. And he said it’s only a move by rightwing Begin of Israel to try to get the American public that’s turning more and more against Jews – and we’re hearing that every day on the news, too, that more and more Jews’ businesses are being broken their windows, Jewish people are attacked in their own neighborhoods, because there’s a strong revival of all the hates that USA was based on, when it killed the Indians off to take the land and then killed the blacks off in cultivating it and building up their wealth.

Desperation responsible for a Congressman [Daniel J.] Flood. Congressman Flood had been noted for liberal charges. He was one hundred percent in the progressive camp. Again. Three charges have come down against him, indictments. He’s under investigation– he’s been under investigation for months. But the voters have confidence in him at this point. It does not look that even though he faces going to jail, just like Congressman [Charles] Diggs, people are getting so accustomed to newspapers being liars, that actually I think in some instances, you are made stronger and your support is stronger when the goddamn fascist press attacks you. CBS railed and railed. Why is it with all this uh, smear that’s been brought out, all these stories of his criminal activities, that the voters of Pennsylvania give him more votes this time than they did before. It’s too bad we didn’t have five years. Then we could’ve done something, but it’s too late. People will wake too late, because all the experts say that nuclear war is just a matter of months away from us.

Dictator [Anastasio] Somoza of Nicaragua said strikes can stay– the strikers can stay out until they go broke. Eighty-five percent effective in the general strike. I mean everybody. Businessmen, doctors, lawyers, all the trade union movement, everybody. And Moscow has let him know that they will not deal with a fascist dictatorship. That’s one of the beauties about the Soviet Union. They’re a principled people.

After the US ambassador [Malcolm Toom, U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union] willingly gave up one of the chief uh, exponents of capitalism, high bigwig in International Harvester [Francis Jay Crawford]. They did not have to let him go. But as I told you, capitalists let capitalists down. They kill off their finks, just like this thing with Mike Cartmell.

Someone uh, trying to get to him, and it’s not us. They’re trying to do him harm. He isn’t of value to them. He’s– His usefulness has obviously worn out. And that’s why this shit is going on. But they’ll never be able to connect us with killing, because we do not kill. We believe in peace and justice.

Moscow trial now for Crawford is on. This big capitalist, the US Ambassador was ordered by the government to turn him over, because no one can come in to anyone’s embassy and give a– uh, take someone out. Every embassy has sanctuary. That’s why the Chinese should’ve opened their doors in Chile. The Russians did. Sweden did. But China, again, following a very confusing foreign policy, in spite of all the good she does domestically– uh, I shall never forget that cruel nightmare, when the Japane– when the Chinese slammed the doors in the face of those that were seeking refuge, and several of them were murdered in the streets right out in front of the Chinese emissary.

[Kathleen Sullivan Alioto] The wife of former Mayor [Joseph] Alioto of San Francisco is uh, divorced now in Massachusetts, running for Senator on a progressive slate. But I’d have to see that to believe (unintelligible word)– believe that she’s progressive.

King Hussein is eager but almost in despair about the likelihood of avoiding nuclear war.

Palestine issue is the most important issue in the world, said the United Nations Secretary [Kurt] Waldheim.

I think I’ve given you enough for you to do some study of, uh, I can’t give you all the news that you need. And we are certainly aware that (pause) you uh, have only such much time. We recognize that. I would like to mention this.

The Grand Dragon of the Mississippi Knights of Ku Klux Klan is going to be in Houston in the fall in a convention (Pause) uh– uh, in a– in the convention of the International Woman’s Year. IWY. (Pause) (tape edit)

(tape silence for several moments)

– of hours, and we’ve got to make it up, because our people might have to flee in a minute, and leave monies that we need so desperately, so desperately to protect this entire community. (Pause)

Amerila– Maria Torres and Carlo Alberto Torres, federal arrest warrants have been issued for the arrest of the Puerto Rican activitists, Marie– Marie Haydee Ann Beltran Torres, in connection with an August 3 bombing of a New York City building. On the same day, a Chicago grand jury indicate– indicted her husband, Carlo Alberto Torres, 25, and activist Oswald [Oscar] Lopez Rivera– and an activist Oswald Lopez Rivera, 34, for conspiring to manufacture bombs, possession of dynamite, and other charges in correction– in connection with the FALN. According to the lying FBI, Carlo Alberto Torres – T-o-r-r-e-s – is the leader of the FALN, Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional, a clandestine secret organization demanding Puerto Rican independence and the release of five Puerto Rican nationalists jailed by the USA since the 1950s. The police say the FALN has taken credit for 60 bombings in the USA in the past three months.

The interesting thing is that when these two young people were offered immunity if they would tell who all was in their cell, they refused, even though it meant that they can be sentenced to die. And then I hear people stand up here, young people griping about their problems or young people won’t participate in lining us up. We are the best people, but some of them are seniors and a few of them are youth. And we have the best community, and we certainly have more to be grateful for than any, but think of people like that. Though I am doing something along the line of helping the Puerto Ricans, you can be assured of that. Nonetheless, we ought to take concern about two people. People say they miss their life. What the fuck is your life, when people are being bled to death, being tortured in jails wherever capitalism is, openly having babies and old people experimented on by even US law now. What the fuck problem do you think you have? You’ve got no pro– uh, you have no problem, and you should get a little humble. These are beautiful people. I’ve seen pictures of them. Very handsome, young people. But they prefer to die with honor rather than to tell one thing about the liberation struggle of Puerto Rico, to get out from under capitalism. They want no part of USA, much less, I would think, no mo– not less could be expected from any socialist. But I know some people here, that you are a coward, and you gotta overcome that. We’ve got some of the most heroic people here, but some of you are so cowardly, you won’t even take on your friends or your companions, when they’re doing clearly wrong things. I do hope that you’ll wake up before it’s too late for you, because too many young people like this have been willing to go to the gas chamber and to the gallows, or to be gassed to death. Too many of them for us to be so self-centered, as some have shown themselves to be. And I’m not speaking about last night, I’m speaking about every night. I want these things taken care of, Council, because after Friday’s test, we’re going right into Russian, and I want everybody [to] do it. And on Saturday, we’re going right into Russian, ‘cause we’re gonna learn that language. That will make a door for us that no other people have had.

Much love. Much love to you all.

(tape edit)

–way of leaking things out. The letter-writing committee gonna have to be extremely listened to. You’re going to have to listen to them, I’m going to tell you, you’re gonna write what they tell you to do, by God, you’re gonna cooperate, ‘cause we’re on the verge of the best opportunity in the world. They’d put us in a comparable climate to what we have here, and we’d have all of our needs the rest of our lives, and we’d be a model for the whole world, and they want us together, and that’s quite amazing. That shows they’re not afraid of us, that they want us as an example. So please keep this to heart, and I do damn well mean that everybody in their dormitories, every supervisor, every cottage person go over this with their people. They don’t talk about Soviet Russia, they don’t talk about any plans to go there, and they don’t talk to [Joe] Mazor other than to say hi, and if you’re asked how well do you like it here, I love it, I wouldn’t be anyplace else. You better get that tape out and go over that son-of-a-bitch, on what you’re to say to strangers, because we don’t want to be fuckin’ with a double agent. It’s not probable that he is, but we have got to get certain goods down, and my damned attorney [Charles Garry] moves too slow. He moves like molasses. And I’m gettin’ somebody else if necessary, because he’s gonna sign those damn affidavits before he ever steps inside this door. He’s put it on tape – that’s fine – but I want affidavits. We can use the tapes, it’s already very helpful about all these people being CIA, but we want this crap on paper. Then we’ll protect the man like we’ve always protected any human being.

But double agents have been known si– since time immemorial, since history began, so be careful of everything while he’s here, what’s on the blackboards, whe– uh, what– when he see– everybody’ll have to be on guard for him. We’ll point him out, you’ll use the blackboards for education. But we want to be damn sure – damn sure – that we know what this man’s up to. And we’ll watch him like a hawk, and nobody better be wandering up to him, or settin’ down like some of you, uh, bullheads have done and start chatterin’ away. Damn it, I mean you will know this man, and you better do what I’m telling you, or all hell to pay.

And this wonderful opportunity of going to Russia, I mean, I don’t want anybody to screw it up. They’ll take us as an entire community – that’s the way they’re talking – if we want to go. We may not need to – we love our land – but by God, it sounds pretty good to me. And the fact that they want me and you to be a community is extraordinary. They said we’d be a model to the world.

Okay. I hate to be firm, but you have to be firm with some people around here, ‘cause you got wax in your damned ears. I mean, don’t talk anything to that man, other than that you’re happy here, you love it here, don’t talk socialism, politics or anything else to that man. I’ll tell you by the way I behave when it’s safe for you to talk socialism. [If] I get Mark Lane alone, that’s fine, the prominent author [Don Freed] uh, who’s coming with him, to guard him. Uh, I’ll– I’ll make the difference, and you’ll know the difference, but when that other man is around– Everybody gots a– gets a picture, we’ll try to get a picture– By the way, radio, I’m going to ask the radio way– operator right here to send a picture of this sucker with him, and send one of Mark Lane, so people can look at that thing over and over and over, and not make a fool of yourself.

Now please take this to heart. One of the greatest blessings today, the Soviet Unions have a– has asked us to remain as a entire community, to do right here, and they’ll help us get started. No matter how much we put in here, I may lose in the process. They just want us to keep this place in apple pie order, so there won’t be any– any issue with uh, Guyana if we chose to, that we wouldn’t be reflecting on Guyana, that we would say our– bid our fourwe– farewells in the proper attitude.

So let us be sure that there’s no talk about the Soviet Union, or damn your ass, you’re gonna regret it. I love you, but there no sense in some of the diarrhea of the mouth that we got around here. You don’t talk about that, period. You never tell anybody that we’re pro-Soviet, or pro-Chinese, when they– even tomorrow, when these delegations come through here, and trampin’ through here because there’s such a model, they want to see. You talk about PNC and Forbes Burnham. Our party is the Peoples National Congress. And keep that testing up heavier at the dining room. It’s not severe enough. So you know your Russian. When those Russians come in here, we’ll let you know. Hell, they may come in about the same time as all this other, it’s gone be– it’s gonna be quite a– an assembly here, with the ex-CIA agent who’d– and Mark Lane and a bunch of Soviets at the same time. So you study your language well.

Uh, Comrade Librarian [likely Teresa King], put some of the basic characters on the board, because Tom had some beautiful things there, uh, that projected on the screen. We have an extra class, and so maybe tomorrow, we’ll take some Soviet classes. I think we’ll just have to take some Soviet classes. Because we can’t afford not to know something. And I know that some of you still can’t say (stumbles over Russian phrase) (laughs) (stumbles over same phrase three time). And then, Lenin avant garde. Lenin avant garde. Lenin avant garde. (“Russian” in Russian twice), rather, (“Russian” in Russian three times), Russian, avant garde, avant garde, avant garde, (“Russian” in Russian), avant garde, (“Russian” in Russian), avant garde. Let’s practice talking Russian to each other, ‘cause that’s gonna impress them when they hear it. And some you haven’t learned anything for 84 years, so now let’s t– really try to do something about this, because they are fascinated with the possibility of us going to the Soviet Union. And believe me, you’ve never seen such theaters, never seen such ballets, never seen such swimming resorts, you’ve never seen the development, the Soviet Union is far, far in advance in medicine. We’ll never have to worry about anything, we won’t have to wait in line.

Now next week, by the way, the dentist is coming, or the ophthalmologist. I believe it’s the dentist. And then the f– week following, I’m paying for the ophthalmologist to study your eyes. A– And so that shows how much I care. But there, the– right around every corner, you’ve got free medicine.

Much love to you, and take this s– seriously to heart. I thank you. I love you.

(tape edit)

Attention, attention, attention. The Soviet Union is very, very interested in us. A blanket invitation has been made. We will decide that ourselves. The decision to go will be ours, and it’s good to know that that alternative exists. The Soviet Union warned us, the ambassador [likely Feodor Timofeyev], that this man, Mazor, may well be a double agent. They’ve had much experience with espionage. So they want us to be extremely careful. So I thought maybe if I told you who has said this to us– It’s the Russian Ambassador. He wants us to be very careful. No talk to anyone about Russia whatsoever, or it could mess up your future, if we should decide to go there. Anything that is to be dealt with with the Russians is to be hand-delivered. That’s what he requires. He said there some of your people probably are naïve and don’t realize what killers the CIA are. They are murderers. He said there is nothing like them on earth. They do anything, eliminate anybody they choose, and he said you’ll have to be extremely careful. He begged us to be very careful. He’s honored– he said, we have more of a socialist knowledge, we have more loyalty to what the Soviet Union is doing, their teachings, their avant garde movements, their principles, their worldview, than many, many Soviet citizens, and even ranking people in the Communist Party. He said the difference there is, we have strong institutions, the teachers, the Politburo, the army, is very, very committed to socialism, but he said we would be the greatest asset in the world. But again I remind you, no talking to Mazor, other than to tell him, you know, how happy you are, do you want to go home, no, I wouldn’t dream of going home. And if you do otherwise, you won’t be going anywhere. I’m gonna tell you, you won’t be going anywhere. If you mess this up. I mean it, I’m telling you from the depths of my soul, and I don’t feel too well, but I certainly got enough strength in my body to take care of any situation, when people want to mess over a beautiful thing. It’d be the first time a community’s been invited. They have watched our work, and they– the Tass correspondents that were here for a few days said they would– we would be an asset as our own community. They might well name it Jonestown. Who knows. Because they talk that way. They kept referring to us being a community and a collective, and it would be an inspiration to other Soviets, uh, who some of them have developed a little bit of a pattern that they like the city, which they want to reduce. They say that a good socialist is prepared to die, a good socialist is not caught up with the city and dances and all that crap that you were talking about yesterday, some of you, that’s available in the Soviet Union. He said the good s– Communist, and we would no doubt be mu– come members of the party, because we’re better than some of the members of the party. We don’t live high on the hog, we’re humble, we have all we need, but we don’t worship things. We don’t look to materiali– material things, material goods for our concern. And he said some beautiful things that I shan’t say. Now if we have the proper protection–

We love Guyana, and we are not uh, questioning about moving, we’re just simply saying it’s an alternative, and it’s clearly an open door on their part. And goddamnit to hell, I mean, I don’t want any idiot talking about it, and I want everybody report any idiot that starts a conversation on it, and Mazor, you are to say to him– smile, everybody to smile tomorrow, I’m waking you up, I know I hate to, but I’ve got a temperature of 104, it’s all right, we’ve got it isolated, I’m gonna be alive a long, long while. But I’m telling you this. And hear me– hear me loud and clear. You are to give the right answers, if you have to get you ass up at wee hours of the morning before breakfast, and play that tape over, as to what you say when guests are here. Tomorrow you’ll be praising the PNC, Peoples National Congress, our party. Our prime minister, Forber Burnham. M– Maybe some encouraging things anyway, that– ‘cause Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid, who’s our very good friend and the chairman of the entire PNC is on his way to Moscow. So who uh– who in the hell knows what’s coming? Maybe some very good developments. Maybe a closer alliance. Maybe the Soviet Union’s going to put missile protections over their head. But we want no damn talk about it.

And anybody that comes in here tomorrow, you– when I come up to you and I ask you a question about PNC, you wake these kids up, when they start to– morning, they’d have the damn answers. And the Doctrine of Three Worlds, and all this, they’re supposed to know the major enemies of communism. Revisionism. Socialism, that is. The major enemies of socialism is revisionism, anarchism. You know what I’m talking about. Trotskyism, and social democracy. You’ve got to know those things.

And then the major elements of revisionism? Stand by. (Pause) We need to know what revisionism is. The m– the major enemies of revisionism. Those who believe that things come through gradual change, and those– (Pause) those who believe that democratic uh, elections can bring about a socialist revolution. (Pause) And that it can happen through nonviolence and gradual change. That is a basic enemy– that’s the four basic enemies that’re in the package, revisionism. The enemies of socialism is revisionism, anarchism, Trotskyism, and social democracy.

Now we’ve got to know what side the Soviet Union’s on when we talk to the Soviets. So tomorrow, we don’t talk pro-Soviet, we just talk pro-PNC, about racism. We talk about how bad it is in USA. That’s fine.

But when we’re talking to the Soviets, we want to know who they support. They support Angola. They’ve been on the right side of every liberation movement. Ethiopia. They were on the right side of the struggle in Zaire. They were on the right side of the struggle in Mozambique. They’re always on the ride side of liberation causes, in spite of whatever good the Chinese have achieved in their domestic relations. He was very thrilled in our– We have the open door. If we don’t want to take it, that’s fine.

But don’t screw it up, don’t shit in your nest. Again I remind you, when the man– anybody comes by, you tell ‘em how much you love it here, how you wouldn’t go anywhere else, and you better smile, you damn well better smile. There’d better be no issues, no fights breaking out, because I’ll be there tomorrow, uh, when it– when it starts. They may be in here as early as eight o’clock in the morning. So take it to heart. Believe me. Take it to heart. I want no shit tomorrow. I mean, I want no shit. I’ve given you the opportunity of the lifetime, I’ve given you opportunities where we– uh, with our work can bring your loved ones to S– the Soviet Union or here, because of our work record, to get them out of that death that’s going to take place, that absolute death that’s going to take place in USA. So when I offer you so much, the least you can do is follow rules. Now please get this down in your head very seriously, and some of you better get in there and study the news, ‘cause I’m gonna ask, I’m gonna come up to you and ask–

End of tape

Tape originally posted February 2016