Q268 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: –and that they have– and more willing to do violence to destroy us. I want to be sure that we have something on tape that we can review that U.S. citizens would step up with a note and see that we are getting certain questions answered. Anytime Mazor [Joe Mazor], the former conspirator who is now an informer, says anything, we should immediately ask him, is there any way that he has– what he has said could be validated, proven? How do we clearly identify the agents in our project and in Guyana? Because he will know, or might know, he– if he has– at that level. This is so we can tell where he’s going with us. At this point, he should volunteer about the man in immigration here that’s a CIA agent. If he is sincere. We want to know what he knows about Chris Lewis’ death. Why does Mazor hate Timothy O. Stoen so bad? That was one of the reasons he came over to our side. He hated him, because he considered him a sick man and an evil man. What are Stoen’s other activities that don’t involve PT [Peoples Temple]? We want to know what connections he’s had with Wackenhut, a CIA front that’s spelled W-a-c-k-e-n-h-u-t. Roseville. Why was he interested in a little commin– community of Roseville, which we know he was? The Redwood Title Company, just a few days ago, for Tima– Tim– not Tim but uh, Marvin Swinney. What does he have to say about these? What does he know about assassination attempts, mercenaries, and so on that we’ve had al– already? Are any new ones planned? Where is the money coming from? Who is financing this thing? Who is basically orchestrating or calling the shots? Who is Timothy O. Stoen’s immediate supervisor in the CIA? What has he heard from Timothy O. Stoen about our finances? What does John St– How does John Victor [Stoen] fit into the picture? He says he’s just a pawn. We want to probe him as bai– best we can while he’s here. What does he know about INTERPOL, the Nazi police organization that gives information to every police department of the capitalist world, that he says Stoen is a member of and a Nazi? What does he know about INTERPOL’s activity– activities regarding us, past, present and future? Because we do have some records from INTERPOL that this government, in a very great act of trust, showed us, which they’re not supposed to do. But they did. What does he know about Guyana’s destabilization plans, plans to destabilize Guyana, or any other attack on Guyana? Who swung it so that Ma– Mazor could get his investigator’s license, when it was impossible for a man of his background to get one, according to California law? And we have the statement of Governor [Jerry] Brown that he had powerful friends. I mean, the response came back, he had very powerful friends who spoke for him. That is important. He must tell us that. We want to roll– Uh, we want the role and background of the following people: the Swinneys [Marvin and Jackie], Mike Cartmell, Susan Jones [Suzanne Cartmell], Debbie Blakey, Jim Cobb, Deanna Mertle and her husband [Elmer], of course, David Conn, the big oil man who talked openly of killing us, destroying us, just like Stoen has and Deanna Mertle and her husband, as well as another has done. It’s uh, a recent defector. What does he know about Grace Stoen? (Pause) Who are the people that they are worried about, outside of PT, that they uh, feel– that they fe– felt might be friendly to us? We want to know who they’re– what moves they’re afraid of, that we may be doing or anticipating doing, and who our friends are, if they know who our friends are. We won’t tell them, of course, we won’t tell them anything, we want him to do the talking. Who did they think that our friends were? What are their criminal and litigation plans, court and criminal frame-up plans? Who is being prepared to testify, to lie and give state’s evidence if there is anyone? Where are they going with Concerned Relatives? What is Tim’s role? What are Tim– Timothy O. Stoen’s weaknesses there? Who hates who on the other side? Who is someone else that might be interested in a movie contract? The development of an affidavit to file with the State Bar. What is the purpose of the Katsaris [Steven Katsaris] suit? We have our own ideas, but we want him to talk. He’s stepping out of the high ranks of the conspiracy, we want to ask him every question imaginable.

If you have other questions you’d like answered, put it in my suggestion box. Just like I told you to put in suggestion box, uh, what you thought about the four people that I picked (pause) uh, to uh, go in to uh– to go into the uh, (Pause) United States. Now, I didn’t get very many people pass any comments. I want more, because those four represent a lot of responsibility, and a lot of burden will be on their shoulders. Had been Terri Buford, Marceline Jones and uh, Hue Fortson, and Paula Adams. So you can write up any feelings you have about their weaknesses or strengths or what you feel about it.

We hire– Who hired [Jeff] Haas, the attorney for Grace, and we might want to remind him what Haas said about Mazor? When he was caught in a corner, he said that Mazor was a crook. So that may help to divide more, because he did say that. And who is paying Haas? Who paid Mazor? US agencies involved, IRS, Treasury, et cetera. We want to know their role, what are they up to, Post Office, et cetera, who are some agents working on our case? Threats in our names, who’s making these false threats that’re supposed to be coming from us? Describe in detail the harassment, if any, that you claim to have received. What do you know about the New West break-in, which was set up– even the front page of the Chronicle admitted we didn’t do it, it was a set-up between a Hearst Examiner reporter and the New West Magazine, both owned by racist, New West by Rupert Murdoch, racist from Australia, and [Randolph] Hearst, the great uh, dynasty of Hearst has always been racist, he’s so racist that his own son won’t work for him. What do you know about the P.R. firm and what it is doing, that the conspiracy paid so much to hire? Do you know anything about the woman from Texas who claims to have tapes? Does– Does he know what INTERPOL is doing or has done about us? Does he know anything about a colonel who came to visit Stoen, an officer who came to visit Stoen from Texas? We know that. If he doesn’t give an answer, he will be lying, because he would surely know it, because we found that from our own investigation. Does he have offices outside of San Francisco? Has he ea– ever had other offices since being in the investigator business? Has he been doing anything in the Mendocino County area in the last month or two? Because we know he has, and if he says no, we will know he’s a liar. (Pause)

Having Mazor’s living arrangements been worked out for a while here. We have Mazor’s living arrangements been worked out for a while while he stays here. It’s gonna have to be done, he’ll be in the second compartment, I guess, from Charles Garry and two very select trusted men to stay it– there with him. That would be my suggestion, and ma– make it very beautiful. Color it up, as you have, the guest house, for Charles Garry, but be sure his place is ve– equally nice, so he won’t be– he’ll see the truth, if he is honest. Watch him at all times. When you see the man come in, and it’ll probably be tomorrow now, or the next day, because I’m not paying a charter for a man until I’ve– know that we’ve got enough information. Uh, please keep a close eye, and make any– anything you see, make any notation, get it to me as fast as you can. Thank you, and much love.


Part 2:

–right. Extra classes will be in the second school pavilion. I don’t know where Professor [Edith] Roller’s class and uh, Professor [Lois] Ponts will be. Uh, instructor Ponts. These also meet three times a day– a week meeting. These are three extra nights. You are in the extra classes also. Shirley Gieg, Mary Lenin [Mary Tupper], Shirley Newell, Stanley Gieg, Shawnterri Jones [Shawnterri Hall], [Detra] Renee uh, Murray, Donna Briggs, Keith Wright, Stanley Wright, Wo– Rashawn Neal, Londa A– Linda Arterberry, Vennie Thompson, Claude Goodspeed– No, they’re up in– Those two are up in Professor Roller’s. Ronnie Berryman, Edward Moore, Mary Ellen Kirk, Isabel Davis, Jerry Wilson, Santiago Rosa, Lucy Miller, Ida Nichols, Henry Co– Cume, Yolanda Brown, Karl Newell, Barbara Kemp, Odesta Buckley, needs to work on handwriting, Marcus Anderson, Chris Burrell, Joe Johnson, Estella Railback, Mary Morton, Mattie Gibson, Annie B. Washington – I’ve named that person twice now – Ricky Corey – some wonderful people here – Samuel uh, Johnson. Incomplete test is Brian Davis. It was good, but it was incomplete. Late test in, Joyce Brown. Have to take– They’ll have to take an extra class. Davis Solomon– What about his? Uh– (Pause, likely listening to someone in room) All right, la– two that was incomplete must uh, respond why you’re incomplete. You’ll have to take tonight, extra class, and I’ll make any– that extra class– one extra class tonight for Brian Davis and Joyce Brown. Davis Solomon has no problem, his was very good, but you better see Professor [Richard] Tropp. Now do you understand? This’ll be read off again with the news, so you’ll understand where you go. You go to the second school pavilion at 7:30 for three classes, tonight, tomorrow night, and the next night. You’ll take classes after the socialist classes on Friday night. And the ones that I named with the stars of excellence, and I said, no test, no test, excellent, no test, uh, y– you people can tell me what you want to do during the test time. Thank you. (Pause)

Anyone that had to have extra help in writing your test, you must go to Professor Roller or Comrade Ponts’ extra classes, ‘cause you’ll end up there, getting that help. Some of you are beautiful people that need that help.

So, 86 percent of the people got fair or better. Fifty-two percent got very good or excellent. That’s pretty good. Thank you. (Pause)

This is an example of a request. Bob Davis during the next test, he’ll give the area to uh, Jim Jones, Jr., se– security of Tim Jones, or Johnny Jones Jr. Just tell where you’ll be working. During the next test, he would like to work on a news [new] design of folding chair in the woodshop. That’s good. That’s approved. Bob Davis. That’s what I want to– those kinds of requests.

Attention. The movie– The movie tonight is a entertainment movie, uh, Getaway, it’s with what actors? I’m giving you a light-hearted movie because it makes the uh– it make the crooks look good, and I like the crooks to look good when they’re fightin’ capitalism. Who– Faye Dunaway and who else is in it? Who– Robert Redford, I don’t know, who all is in that thing? Steve McQueen. But first there’s a new Soviet film that no one has seen, just a few minutes. I want all of you to see it, the new Soviet film, and then the television will be–
Ruby Carroll, please come right here to the radio. (Pause)


Part 3:

–for special tr– treats, special treats every place. Wherever we are, these questions that are posed on the tape, which will begin at five and be replayed until the– just free entertaining movie that there’re more request for, Getaway, it’s an action film movie of a group of people taking on criminal elements in the police, and someone needs to interpret parts of it. It doesn’t glorify at least white collar crime, it uh, glorifies in a sense two people who fought the system and– and made it. Uh, very rare that that’s shown, and that type of ending is not shown anymore in Hollywood. Before we have s– a new film on Soviet Union that no one has seen, so we want you to see that. Remember, you have to know one sentence in uh, Russian and one sentence in Chinese. You have to know various questions that you’ll hear on the tapes. Be sure to rehearse, because if you don’t, when you come up through the line, you’ll be sent back to the end of the line. That’s essential to note. And all those that were called off for extra classes will begin them tonight in the rice pavilion– in the second– I don’t like that word. Second school pavilion, in the second school pavilion. Professor Roller’s and uh, Instructor Lois Ponts’ classes will be announced too, they’re required now, I’ve shortened them out of consideration, to three extra classes a week. That means three extra hours each class. Three extra cla– That means nine hours a week of study, so we can bring ourselves up to the common knowledge that impressed our new regional minister [likely Leonard Duvant Brant] more than words can say, the knowledge that we did have. But it was a falling [failing] that we have the ignorance that we had. So if we associate it with eating, I’m sure that we will have what the People’s National Congress is, our party, and the PPP is the opposition, the People’s Progressive Party, that’s what Dr. [Cheddi] Jagan is, the head of the opposition, and our own beloved prime minister, Dr. Far– Forbes Burnham. We’ll have down the Doctrine of Three Worlds, and we’ll have down about Zimbabwe, the alliance between Zaire and Angola, and those who lead the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, Joshua Nkomo, nationalist, and Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist, against the white prime minister, racist, who has no legal title to be prime minister of Rhodesia, what the white man calls Rhodesia, we call Zimbabwe. And that white fraud prime minister is Ian Smith. We have a Chinese phrase that says we wish you peace, we have the Soviet phrase wishing the same. Soviet language and Chinese. Chinese classes will be announced also. We’re going to learn both Chinese and Russian. We owe that to the revolution, ‘cause in commentary on the news tonight, we’ll see how China may even still be working within a rationale that would help bring about weakening of power of the USA, though it seems to be– appear that there’s a constant uh, conflict between her and USSR, but if you’ll notice in my commentary tonight, it doesn’t really reveal that. USA is the one that’s losing most in the deal these days. Much love, and thank you.

End of tape.

Tape originally posted May 2016