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Michael Prokes: –who operates the ration store in Port Kaituma. Henry came in today for medical treatment and he went on a tour of Jonestown. This is the first time he’s has a chance to see it. Henry, what is your reaction to what you saw here today?

Henry: First of all, I was very much impressed with the (unintelligible word). I’ve seen the children there. Uh– They have screen (unintelligible word) for the children so that uh, flies cannot bother them, and the place is very clean. Secondly, I was very much impressed with the workshop, where they have uh, young children being trained in different fields. Thirdly, uh, I was given a very thorough medical check-up in all different– entirely, uh, uh, I –it was the very first time I was given such a thorough medical check-up.

Prokes: Did you see anything you didn’t expect to see, or anything that surprised you particularly?

Henry: One of the most surprising things that I’ve seen really, was in the kitchen, where after the food is being cooked, they have a– a–a– a dryer, where clothes are being dried, uh, while– while the meals– meals are being prepared.

Prokes: That must be back uh, in the kitchen area where they use the– the heat from the ovens, it’s channeled through a duct into the uh– uh, a large rotating machine that dries the clothes. That was something that uh, was an idea that was thought up by a youngster in our school, he’s only sixteen years old. He put it on paper, and then the uh, crew in our machine shop uh, went ahead with the design, and– and built it, and it’s worked out very effectively. Did it seem to you that the– the people enjoy their life in Jonestown, Henry?

Henry: Yes, from what I’ve seen, everybody have a upbeat looks, and everybody goes about their way businesslike, like they know what they’re about.

Prokes: What would you say– What– How would you, uh– What do you think accounts for that?

Henry: What I think accounts for that is really a kind of socialist feeling, as far as I can see, you know, uh, they’re working towards a cause.

Prokes: Is there anything– constructive criticism that you would offer?

Henry: No, no, no, not at this stage, not at this stage. Maybe on my next visit, then– I mean, seeing tthat his is my first, I cannot offer any criticism, but on my next visit, then I will see if any progress is being made on these different– (pause)

Prokes: Well, we want you to know that uh, you’re welcome back anytime, and we hope that you can stay longer next time, and enjoy some of the uh, entertainment, either our movies or uh, our cultural shows or dances with uh, our band. Thank you for coming in today, Henry, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Henry: Yes, I will (unintelligible word), I will do this in a short period of time, say within about six weeks.

Prokes: Very good.

End of tape

Tape originally posted June 2016