Commentary and Opinion

commentary_logoHistorical accounts of life in Peoples Temple, and especially of the events in Jonestown, elicit strong opinion and analysis of what the Temple was, why people joined and stayed, where it succeeded and where it failed, and what went wrong at the end. This page serves as our newspaper op-ed page featuring essays which have a point of view.

  1. Stacking Of Arms After Fighting The Good Fight, by Tom Kinsolving
  2. The “C” Word, by Ken Musen
  3. Jonestown & Humanity, by Steven Van Neste
  4. Religious Dedication In Modern Life, by Manca Gartnar
  5. Peoples Temple seen through the eyes of Asperger’s, by Esben Lykke Gadgaard, Elg
  6. Reflections on Jonestown, 37th Anniversary, November 18, 2015, by Archie Smith, Jr.