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Tom Adams: Hi, Sue.

Suzanne Jones Cartmell: Yeah.

Tom: Yeah, [this is] Tom. I tried to reach you yesterday, but I guess you moved your office. Uh, I wanted to call you about your radio patch.

Suzanne: Yeah.

Tom: Uh, Jim’s upriver right now. He’ll be home in about three or four days, I guess, so I can give it to you then. (Pause) And–

Suzanne: He’s what?

Tom: Jim’s upriver right now–

Suzanne: Okay.

Tom: –and he’ll be back in about three or four days, and I can give it to you then. By the way, that source– You know, you wanted to know the source. Well, that was– came– like, you know–

Suzanne: Well–

Tom: Wanted to discuss it right then, but if– if you want to know, it came from Tim, and–

Suzanne: Tim who.

Tom: Stoen. And it– And we got it through a person that he told in the Examiner that he thought was his friend, and I didn’t want to throw the guy’s name out.

Suzanne: Well, I know that’s not true, because I recall where the source was before, when I had talked to Dad about it.

Tom: Well, I don’t know–

Suzanne: Anyway. I’ll ask him the questions.

Tom: Okay, great.

Suzanne: And I want to talk to him directly.

Tom: That’s fine.

Suzanne: Okay. Do you have his number?

Tom: Uh, your number here? Uh, I have– I don’t– I don’t have a number–

Suzanne: No.

Tom: –where I can– See the band comes up late at night or early morning, and I don’t have a number.

Suzanne: Do you have a number– Do you have the number to Georgetown?

Tom: (Reluctant) Yeah.

Suzanne: Okay. Can you give it to me?

Tom: May– yeah, it’s– but I don’t– I don’t think that’s where he’s at.

Suzanne: Well–

Tom: He doesn’t go to Georgetown.

Suzanne: Okay, well, give me both numbers then, because I’d rather talk to him directly, instead of, you know, trying to have uh, information passed back and forth.

Tom: Well, you’re not gonna– you’re not gonna get him in– you’re not gonna get him in Georgetown.

Suzanne: Well, give me the both numbers anyway.

Tom: Hold on. (Long pause) Got a pencil and paper?

Suzanne: Yeah.

Tom: 68787.

Suzanne: 68- What?

Tom: 68787. You have to go through the overseas operator.

Suzanne: 6878–

Tom: Seven.

Suzanne: Seven. Okay, which one is that for?

Tom: That’s– they’re both Georgetown.


Suzanne: 68787. Okay.

Tom: Yeah. (Pause) And you just get hold of the operator and– and tell her you want uh, Georgetown, Guyana, and she’ll switch you to an overseas operator, and then you give that overseas operator that number. (Pause) But you ain’t gonna– George– He’s not going to be in Georgetown.

Suzanne: Okay.

[Two talk over each other briefly, both unintelligible]

Suzanne: What’s the number for the uh, other one?

Tom: That’s 71924.

Suzanne: 71924. Okay, and that’s for (Pause) Jonestown.

Tom: Yeah, there– No, no, uh-uh [no], there is no number to George– Jonestown, those are both Georgetown numbers. (Pause)

Suzanne: Okay, who usually answers down there? Who’s manning the phone down there?

Tom: Uh– Whoever’s– you– you know, just whoever’s in the house.

Suzanne: Oh. (Pause) Okay. And you’re saying that–

Tom: I’m saying–

Suzanne: –Tim talked to who?

Tom: Say– uh, a guy who works in the Examiner that he thought is his friend, and this guy in the Examiner told us what he said.

Suzanne: Tim talked to his friend? (unintelligible under Tom)

Tom: Somebody he thought was a friend in the Examiner.

Suzanne: Okay, and what’s his name?

Tom: I’m not going to throw that out.

(Long pause)

Suzanne: Okay. Where’s Tim now?

Tom: Tim?

Suzanne: Mm-hmm.

Tom: I don’t know.

Suzanne: When did he do this, (unintelligible word)?

Tom: Well, I got it a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to get it– a hold of you for a week before I finally got a hold of you.

Suzanne: You were trying to get hold– a hold of me for a week before you got hold of me? That doesn’t make sense.

Tom: Yeah, they said you were sick. When I– When I called you– you– the switchboard, the number that I had there, they said you were sick. (Pause) So whenever it was that I started calling you, that was when I had (unintelligible word), I think it was about two weeks ago.

Suzanne: Okay. Tim talked to his friend in the Examiner co– uh, building–

Tom: Yeah.

Suzanne: –who in turned told it to you?

Tom: Right.

Suzanne: Directly?

Tom: Right. Not to me directly. To people here.

Suzanne: This guy just called you guys up and said Tim’s doing this. (unintelligible under Tom)

Tom: Yeah. Yeah, he talks to us. He doesn’t like Tim that much.

Suzanne: Okay. Okay. Okay, now what did he say, that Tim said.

Tom: That you were saying that your dad is crazy.

Suzanne: Who is “you”?

Tom: You. Suzanne.


Suzanne: He said Suzanne.

Tom: Yeah.

Suzanne: Does he know my full name?

Tom: He said Suzanne, Jim’s daughter. (Pause) I tell you– See, Tim thinks this guy is his friend.


Suzanne: Well, so, if Tim thinks that’s his friend, why can’t you give me his name? ‘Cause I’m not Tim’s friend.

Tom: Because I’m not going to divulge the source, that’s why.


Suzanne: Well, where’s Tim?

Tom: I do not know where Tim is.

Suzanne: I’d like to know why he’s (unintelligible under Tom)– I’d like to know why he did that.

Tom: So would I. (Pause) The fact is, the guy just uh, sows his trouble wherever he can.

Suzanne: Well, where is he now?

Tom: (Gust of air) I don’t know where Tim is.

Suzanne: Well, okay, you’re saying that he told this to the Examiner a couple of weeks ago.

Tom: He didn’t tell it to the Examiner, he told it to a guy that he thinks is his friend in the Examiner.

Suzanne: Okay, and that was a couple of weeks ago–

Tom: The guy is in fact our friend. Hmm?

Suzanne: And that was a couple of weeks ago.

Tom: (Drawls first word) Yeah, I think it was about two weeks ago.

Suzanne: Okay. So, he must’ve been in town then.

Tom: I guess he was. Unless it was a telephone call.

Suzanne: And you don’t know where Tim is now.

Tom: No.


Suzanne: Okay, did you– Okay, I’m sure you’ve had a chance to talk to Dad. Did you tell him what I said?

Tom: Hmm?

Suzanne: Did you tell him what I said?

Tom: No, he’s upriver. I haven’t talked to him.


Suzanne: You haven’t talked to him since I last talked to you.

Tom: Hmm-hmm [no].

Suzanne: Okay, well, when I call, I want to make sure, uh– You told me that you took it upon yourself to call me, and he did not know anything about your calling me and harassing me, right?

Tom: Right. I did not harass you. I asked you what– what the source–

Suzanne: Well, I did not appreciate the way you did it. Okay?

Tom: All right. All right.

Suzanne: And if– you know, if you do that on your own, then I think, you know, he sh– needs to know about it.

Tom: Okay, that’s fine. Now, do you want– you want a phone patch, right?

Suzanne: Yes, I do.

Tom: Okay, now– I– It will be either late at night or early morning, and I don’t have a number where I can reach him.

Suzanne: Well, then, I’ll just do the call directly myself.

Tom: Okay, you can do that, but I don’t think you’ll get him in Georgetown. Go ahead and try it.

Suzanne: Well, then, I’ll wait– I’ll do it every day until I do reach him, until they let him know in Jonestown that I’m trying to reach him.

Tom: Okay, that’s fine.

Suzanne: And he’ll have to make a trip there so he can catch it or whatever. If he wants to talk to me. If he doesn’t, then that’s fine.

Tom: Okay, well, I think–

Suzanne: I’ll try to get hold of Tim and see what his source is.

Tom: That’s fine. Do whatever you want to do.

Suzanne: Okay?

Tom: You know where to reach me.


Suzanne: Well, I don’t have to talk to you anymore–

Tom: No, you don’t.

Suzanne: –because you just keep passing everything around, and you don’t do what you say you’re going to do.

Tom: What did I say I was going to do?

Suzanne: I told you I wanted to be connected directly to Dad–

Tom: And I told you that I would–

Suzanne: –and you took it on yourself to make– you know, c– to cause trouble that’s gonna hurt Dad, then, you know, you’re not helping him at all. And I don’t like that one bit.

Tom: Look. If you want your phone patch in three or four days, you’ll just have to give me a number where I can reach you. All right? I will– Before I passed any–

Suzanne: Well, in three or four days, I’ll call you.

Tom: Fine. Okay, good. It’ll have to late night or early morning. And I don’t guarantee that it’ll happen, but that’s all right if you want to do that.

Suzanne: Are you– You don’t guarantee?

Tom: No, I don’t– Don’t– I don’t determine when the radio signal’s gonna come up. (Pause) In other words, I don’t have any control over whether the ra– whether the band is up at uh, three in the afternoon or three in the morning.

Suzanne: Well, I know you talk to him almost every day.

Tom: Yeah, but it’s cyc– it’s cyclic, you know what I mean? And what I’m saying, is the band comes up at different times during the month. (unintelligible under Suzanne)

Suzanne: That doesn’t matter. It’s every day. And you tried to tell me you haven’t been able to make a patch for two weeks. I think that’s inexcusable, and I think that is not the truth, and I don’t like it.

Tom: Okay. Okay. I’m not going to argue with you. I really don’t– I really–

Suzanne: Okay, you can just tell me if he doesn’t want to talk to me or not–

Tom: That’s fine. I really don’t care if you believe anything. If you want to phone patch–

Suzanne: I don’t believe anything you say–

Tom: Okay.

Suzanne: –especially if you do it without his authority.

Tom: That’s fine. Okay. If you don’t want to believe that, that’s all right. If you want a patch, you know where to reach me. Okay?

End of Tape

Tape originally posted March 2017