Q1053-3 Transcript

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(This tape was transcribed by Georgiana Mamlakah. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Female: So he has– The colored cut me in and take their blood and put an initial beside of it, so it would be put in a different place.

Jones: That’s right and not–

Female: The white–

Jones: It’s not being used.

Female: Yes. It’s being put away.

Jones: I read the same article. England, the entire National Health Service was stopped using. England used to be so much further ahead of us, but England, the entire National Health Service has refused to use Asiatic, Indian or black blood. The head of the National Service.

Female: Well, my question is this: isn’t it possible that– that the same thing is going on right here?

Jones: Quite likely. People st– uh– pe– people– quite likely. Many– many doctors would not give black blood to a white person, but if you get paid for it – and that’s why I would sell my blood – I wouldn’t give my blood except in the case like I sent you to, where I cleared first that they were going to accept our blood. But I would uh– No– uh, no way would I give my blood, ‘less it was to a black brother or one of our white brothers or sisters here that we knew would accept it. No use for us to throw our blood away, but if you’ve got extra blood you can be bled. I have to be bled, I create such blood. My blood is the thickest, richest, darkest blood. I don’t want to say richest. Uh– You might get the wrong impre– pression, but darkest, heaviest blood that you ever saw in your life. I have to be bled every three months. Runs like syrup through me.

Female: Thank you, Father.

Jones: But I– I say, sell it, if you got it to spare. And then, if suckers, they want to pour it down a sink, we don’t care, if we’ve sold it and we got our money.

Congregation: Laughter and applause

Jones: One day we’ll take our blood and use it in our own storage banks. We’re not set up for that now. (Pause) Who’s next in line? (Clears throat) You people have to do that. Go ahead.

Female2: Uh– Father, this question consist of political, so I don’t know if it’s I–

Jones: I don’t care what you ask me today. I’ve thrown out– everything out here, the kitchen sink and the tub.

Female2: (laughs) I want to know what’s the uh, 25th Amendment is all about. I keep hearing about it–

Jones: You hear what– about what–

Female2: Uh– The 25th Amendment– 25th–

Jones: Women’s rights, you talking about?

Female2: Amendment, I don’t know what it is– They keep talking about a sleeping giant.

Jones: Hmm?

Female2: A sleeping giant. They need to revive the 25th Amendment.

Jones: I’m not familiar offhand. Uh, what is the women’s liberation amendment?

Female2: Uh-huh. Well, I– I keep hearing it overnight uh–

Jones: What is the 25th Amendment? Anybody know? That’s the first question ever been asked me that I’m not personally familiar with. I know that the women, they’re trying to get an amendment to give them equal rights, which they were long since deserved.

Female2: It’s a– It’s a talk show.

Jones: The sleeping giant would surely be a woman. (laughs)

Female2: They– They call it a sleeping giant or a Trojan horse.

Jones: (laughs)

Female2: (Laughs)

Jones: (voice rises) What is the 25th Amendment?

Female3: I don’t know exactly, but maybe I can give some background to help your memory. Uh, it has to do with–

Jones: Hmm?

Female3: –the President can step down and get somebody else to come up, or the Vice President can step down because of they think they’re not fit or something. And they said that was why [Spiro] Agnew could step down, was because of the 25th.

Jones: President could step down and step down (stumbles over words) and– and avoid being prosecuted and get immunity. No, I’m not for that. Don’t mess with that. (Clears throat) Any– any rascal’s trying to put more amendments uh, like that uh, (stumbles over words) they just trying to find some out for the money that runs the government. There’s money behind these presidents, and they’re trying to make it easier to get rid of the man that doesn’t suit their purpose.

Female4: Uh, Father–

Jones: Yes.

Female4: This morning I heard over the news where they were making robots, and these robots, they were uh– would have the brains of a man, and they had X-ray eyes, and they would– a certain television would cor– record everything, and they were made purposely to– they said to explore the mountains and the uh, dent–

Jones: Yeah, and the first thing they’ll do– they’re going to get them and they’ve got them practically to that degree now they can wash and clean and do that, and then what they going to need us for anymore?

Congregation: That’s right.

Jones: You see, that’s the– what it’s all about, the push button systems that we live in. We have never had a place ever since they robbed us from our rich country and brought us here. We’ve always been to the white man like a third thumb. He doesn’t know what to do with us. And now with automation, when they can run a whole factory from a computer, or they can get a robot to run around and wash and clean, you know that it fits together that they’re going to eliminate us.

Congregation: Murmurs

Jones: Next in line, who’s next in line? (Clears throat) No other people stand that did not already stand.

Male1: Pastor– Pastor Jones? Uh, I know that you do a lot of reading. I want you to hear what I’m going say and answer my question if you will. There are writers and men that are in authority that–

Jones: (interrupts, unintelligible)

Male1: Caucasian race or a white man, he’s– he has said this–

Jones: Go ahead.

Male1: He has said– He had wrote and said this, that the white race is going out. Now listen good. He’s going to have to get it– the white race is going to have to get in the Negro race or the dark races in order to stand up. Well, how can they refuse the blood of any black person? That’s what I want to know.

Jones: Ohhh! They­– they can refuse the blood,. The white race is going out, because– I’ll tell you why the white race is going out, and so is everybody else going to go out, ‘cause the Chinese, if you– if you breed a white man with a Chinese, you got Chinese. If you breed a black man with Chinese, you got Chinese. If you breed anything with Chinese, you got Chinese. That’s why in a hundred years, we’re all going to be Chinese.

Congregation: Laughter and applause

Jones: (laughs)

Male1: That’s wonderful, but you know it’s been said in– quite a few years back, I guess, when I was small boy, you know, I was one of quite a few years back. If you had one drop of Negro blood in you–

Jones: Yeah, that’s right.

Male1: –you was a Negro.

Jones: That’s why some of them are (unintelligible Male1) our blood.

Male: Well, finally they stopped that. Do you know why, don’t you? They stopped talking that stuff.

Jones: Because they had to use so much of our blood in World War II–

Male1: No, they had– they had so much blood in– in (unintelligible word) that they put (unintelligible word) themself.

Jones: That’s true. I’d like to– I’d like to have a dollar for every one’s crossed the line. We’d be able to buy Manhattan back.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Jones: I’m one. I coulda crossed the line, but I’m one. (Pause) Some folk wouldn’t– Some folk wouldn’t have followed me, at first if they’da known it, so I kept my secret.

Congregation: Laughter

Jones: Some black folk won’t follow somebody, unless they’re white. You know it?

Voice in Crowd: That’s right.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: Know anybody couldn’t think like I do, and feel like I do, and look like I do, ‘less he had something in him that didn’t come from honkey.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Female5: Pastor–

Jones: Yes.

Female5: I– I know that we are– I know that we are living in the– in this constellation in the– in the end time, but I’m wondering, are we in the middle of this constellation or are we at the end of it?

Congregation: Stirs

Jones: You want to answer that, Sister Taylor or Sister Miller? (Pause) We’re in a constellation and you want to know whether we’re in the middle of it or the end of it?

Female5: End time– We’re in the end time–

Jones: It’s the end time constellation.

Female5: But I’m wondering– Well, it’s the end of this– not the end of the world, but it’s the end of this age, and we are– and I was wond– if we are living in the– in the middle of this constellation or the end of it.

Jones: Where did you get all of this language?

Congregation: Laughter

Jones: (Stumbles over words) When did you get to be such– I thought you was a lowly nigger like me, you’re gettin’ talk like an uppity nigger to ask me all of this stuff about constellations–

Congregation: Laughter and applause

Jones: (laughs) Wh– what’s this business about constellations?

Female5: Well, I–

Jones: Last time I heard you talk, you was going to go out and– and as a cripple lady up and down and starting fires. It’s getting close to that time. Does that suit ya? (laughs)

Female5: Fine.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: (clears throat) We’re close to the end, we’re close to the time of settlin’– settling day– Judgment Day. Who shall be able to stand, as the old song said.

Voice in Crowd: That’s right.

Jones: Only those that’re on their feet, please.

Female6: Uh, Father, uh, why is it when a person is working for the state and ain’t holding any government jobs, they have to take a loyalty oath?

Jones: That’s a part of the creeping fascism. Fascism means where the rich control all the workers as slaves. It’s creeping fascism, crees– creeping dictatorship. The horrible fact is that now the galleries, the death chambers are being filled. (Pause) What did they call it? Uh, it’s not the death chambers, the place where we put all of our precious people waiting to die.

Male2: Death row.

Jones: Death row. Thank you. (Clears throat) The death rows are being filled again with people. Sister Angela’s [Angela Davis] been talking about so many of them that are due to die in South Carolina. Fifty. (Pause) We got two spared in North Carolina, you know, that– three spared in North Carolina, ourselves, as our church alone. Nobody in this whole country would help us. Us.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Jones: Peace. Let’s not clap for ourselves. There’s too much yet to be done. It’s a drop in the bucket. They now have adopted a law in the State of California that it is a death sentence if you’re disloyal to the State of California. (Pause) Our people are so busy wasting their time on religion, skygods that don’t exist and Bibles that have no meaning, unless they have the savior to interpret it, because this– It’s told you right in the Bible, II Corinthians 3:6 that this Bible kills. The letter kills. Letter to Corinthians, letter to Romans, letter kills, but the spirit, and the spirit of the revolution is love. Love, nonviolence, maketh alive. Love, truth makes alive. So our people are caught up in religion bad, and they don’t read anything, they don’t know what’s going on. Fifty percent of the people in this church don’t know what’s going on. And they passed that law right this past summer, that if you commit– if you’re disloyal to the State of California, you’ll die in the gas chamber. Who decides it? It’s not defined. The governor? (Pause) That’s why they’re getting you to sign all of these oaths, and then if somebody determines you’re not loyal to whatever the complex language of those oaths, you better see what you’re signing, you better have an attorney to see what you’re signing, ‘cause you might be signing your life away. That’s why I say, don’t let anything be signed unless myself or my attorneys have seen it.

Voice in Crowd: That’s right.

Female6: I ask you because my daughter uh, she used to work for the police department, and each time I called her, she told me to be careful what I said because they would tape it. And she quit the job and they want to know why did she quit the gov– The reason why she quit because both of my sons was set up and she didn’t like– because she knew how the system work and she quit, but they didn’t want her to leave, but she did quit.

Jones: Well, yes, you– you had a son that was set up who was an officer, didn’t you? One of the– Yes, I know, the son we got free was an officer. Set up. They don’t care who they set up. You can’t work for the system. Black man can’t be safe. Thought it was ironic, the first woman policeman that got killed the other day was a black woman. [Gail A.] Cobb was her name. She got shot down chasing some black person down, and trying to corner them and arrest them. People were sad about it. (Pause) Some people were sad about it. Then some other silly black lady on the street corner, and they said she was– police officer said, well, what are you going to do, keep on doing your job? Said, yes, I’m proud of my work. Well, she’s proud of her work, she deserves what she gets.

Congregation: Scattered applause.

Jones: Anybody that black skin that would want to be an officer under the present conditions of injustice on a police force, or any of my people that want to be an officer, (Pause) I suspect them. I’m suspicious of ‘em. How could anybody want to be an officer when they’ve read Sonny Carson or seen the movie, and it’s a ca– case all over this nation. And I told you, you ought to see it, when they beat the penises off, and beat the balls, and beat women’s breast till they’re black and blue. How could anybody with any racial pride want to be an officer in the part of that kind of system? Until they straighten that mess up and give us some black people to tar– charge of that departments here in Detroit– white police. All Detroit’s practically black. We get a mamby-pamby mayor [Coleman Young] in, but that doesn’t mean anything. We got a m– black mayor here [Tom Bradley], but we still got the crookedest police department in the United States.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: Yeah, the black mayor tried to get the police chief [Ed Davis] to resign, he wouldn’t resign. Yeah, they’re just puppets. (unintelligible sentence) Yeah. (tape edit) Does that include that special gift? (tsks) Our people. Hey now, there goes a sister, and you let her go, and you don’t even find out where she’s going. That’s what worco– workers and counselors are supposed to be for. When you mention certain things, and you talkin’ about police and such and that and some people move, you ought to know, you don’t know exactly why. Know what they’re doing. (Pause) Some people love the police better than they love God.

Congregation: Stirs, then scattered applause

Jones: We’ve treated the police very fairly. If they’re– We don’t believe in hurting anybody. And I– I tell you, no (unintelligible word) person with black pride would work in these departments, as crooked as they are. And I know that’s steppin’ on some of your toes, ‘cause you got relatives in it, but that’s just exactly the way I feel about it.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Jones: No, they wouldn’t. (Pause) I saw how they treated us out here. I’m not going to forget it, even if they come– Chiefs can come over here and apologize all they want to, but I saw how they beat on black people and beat on Sister [Marceline] Jones, and put her in chains, put her in a tight room with no air. I saw what they did to black Brother Jackson, Brother Brown. And I hadn’t done anything. I go down to get them to sleep. I was kind and humble, and they put chains on me, just because I went down to get my people. That’s where they made the mistake. I said you can keep me. You can keep me. I said I’m staying. Oh, no, you’re a reverend, you got a lot of– you got thousands of people. All you have to do is put up bond. I said that’s– only poor people– if only poor people could do it, that’d be fine, but rich people [are] the only ones that can pay bond, so I said, I’m staying here. Why, your court– your trial won’t be for six, eight weeks. I said that’s your problem, you’re going to feed me. I’m going to sleep. (Clears throat)

Congregation: Laughter and then applause

Jones: So I slid down– and they had blood all around trying to impress me. And m– my idea trying to impress Jim Jones who’s not afraid to be beat or hit or knifed or shot, they thought they’d impress me. Had a pool of blood. Let me slide down in that, thought that’d bother me. I just slid right down and laid.

Congregation: Laughter

Jones: They didn’t let me sleep three minutes, saying Reverend, Reverend, Reverend, here’s another man wants to talk to you. He was the captain. I said– I told him the same thing, I said I’m here, brothers, you’re going to pay for it. I said, I don’t know what my people gonna think about it, I said they– they– that– that’s the problem uh, they’ll have to deal with, and I said they make their own minds. Said, “Where are your people?” I said, Oh, there’re several thousands of them waitin’ down in Peoples Temple at Alvarado and Hoover right now, think– waiting on me to bring my people back. (Pause) He said, they are? I said, Yeah, they are.

Congregation: Stirs

Jones: So back come the commander– the assistant commander. He said the same thing. They’re so afraid of me, they had me chained to the bars inside of the bars in a lone cell and then chained me to the bars.

Congregation: Laughter

Jones: And I just taking in all, and they pushin’ me and shovin’ me, hit– and one guy took his foot and kicked me. White, all white, all these little old weaklings. And everybody had to have these guns. Most of them come from Alabama, that’s where they get most of these people. They got their guns, ‘cause they uh– they can’t get the– the other– the other gun between their legs won’t work, so they get uh, two on both sides, you know. That’s why– that’s why they get in that business. Anybody gotta have a gun hanging around is because he’s lost his other gun.

Congregation: Laughter

Jones: That’s true. That’s what all the doctors say, they lost their other gun. They don’t mess with guns, ‘cause they’re worried about their gun, the penis. It’s a penis symbol when you gotta fool around with guns. Well, anyway, they finally sent back the commander, the chief. I said, I’ve told you folk the last time, I’m not going out of here. I’m not going out of here, because I didn’t do anything, you people’ve wronged us. It was a murderous riot you started out here. You remember the woman I raised from the dead? They kicked her, ‘cause somebody got an ambulance against my wishes. As a brother told you, I prophesied, don’t go on in the streets, but people so many times don’t listen to me, so they got the ambulance, put her on the ambulance after I had her raised from the dead. She’s still– Sister Ha– [Pinkey] Hansberry, very alive and able, well after all those years. She had a stroke and I healed her. They put her in that– they kicked her in that ambulance, called her nigger bitch. We said we want her off. They said, no. They called the helicopters and the police and the riot squad and (unintelligible word) uh, whatever it is– SWAT and all SWAT, I guess it is, SWAT now. That’s the worse one. That’s the Gestapo agency. Had machine guns lowered on us, beating our people, knocking them down. How many remember that terrible day?

Voice in Crowd: Stirs.

Jones: (Clears throat) Terrible day. Some of you want to get out there so bad, you could taste it, but you were sweet, you stayed put. ‘Cause if you had, we had– we would’ve left a beautiful memory. (chuckles) ‘Cause if I’d had you all on the street, it’da been too much. Uh– When I said I’m not going out, they let us all out. (Pause) Dropped the charges, let us out. I told you, Bea, didn’t I? When I said it, I prophesied it. At first they weren’t going to– They let them all out without bail. Then they said, well, we’re going to prosecute the two black brothers. I said, you are not. Attorney said, you won’t be able to get those charges dropped. I did.

Voice in Crowd: Yes, he did. Amen.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: I’ll do my best to keep us in peace, ‘cause we’re a peaceful community. (unintelligible word) Say peaceful, but if it comes too much and they push too much on us, we don’t care if we all go to jail, do we, we could make a nice time (unintelligible word).

Congregation: Applause

Jones: Last questions.

Ramona: Fa– Father– Father, you know, uh, the– the forms that were sent out by the state about the people that lived in California for a certain length of time to get so much money back from the antibiotics they had taken.

Jones: Yeah, the money for there– that drug.

Ramona: Yes, because the deadline is in October, and I just wanted to make the mention that I talked with several people about it. They knew nothing about the forms, didn’t know how to fill them out, they haven’t brought them yet to the Temple, and Maxine Bates and myself are here on Wednesday nights, and we’ll be glad to help them fill them out so that– because they can get up to one hundred fifty dollars without–

Jones: Of course don’t even have to prove it, get up to one hundred fifty dollars, don’t even have to prove it. (Clears throat)

Ramona: –without proving that they took the medicine.

Jones: But you don’t want to go over one hundred fifty dollars and uh, the Attorney General’s [Evelle Younger] begging people to take it, and you can go to the Post Office to get the forms, I think they said, or you said you’ll get the forms, did you?

Ramona: Well, I can go by and see if I can get some. Where shall I get them, from the Post Office?

Jones: Uh, I don’t think you can get too many, but I think it’s the Post Office, I believe they said.

Voices in Crowd: (inaudible)

Jones: Well, you and–

Ramona: ‘Cause a lot of people threw their forms away, I understand. They didn’t know what they were for.

Jones: Well, I don’t know what’s the matter with people’d throw away some uh, a hundred and fifty dollars you can get for nothing. The Attorney General, you can write, but in Ukiah you’re not to do that unless you have a clearance from me. You’re not to write. Huh? The Attorney General of the State of California. (clears throat) (Pause) If you used those drugs. You can find out if they are, said in Ukiah they don’t have them, but in Ukiah I said– I– Anyway, anyway, get what’s coming to you, but if you go over that, you gotta prove it. You take under a hundred and fifty dollars, they said you’ll never have to prove it. That leaves it up to you.

Voice in Crowd: (inaudible)

Jones: Yeah, well, some of you bought 135 dollars, 140 dollars worth.

Voice in Crowd: (inaudible)

Jones: Huh?

Voice in Crowd: (inaudible)

Jones: She’s got her slip. Yeah, everybody got one through the mail. Twenty million dollars out there waitin’ on you, for some crooked druggist, or drug firms that overcharged you, twenty million dollars (clears throat) waitin’ on folk that want to get it. (Pause) And almost every one of you used those antibiotics, so you don’t have to feel you’re lying. Most every one of you used one of those antibiotics, and all you have to do is to send in something less than a hundred and fifty dollars, and they will not bother to even– And it says so in writing, so that’s proof clear. People– what they say there in writing, you don’t have to prove it.

Voice in Crowd: (Inaudible)

Jones: Yes, and those that live at 1340 and 1360 Westlake in our church apartments here, you don’t send them either without checking with me. (Pause) Nothing wrong with it. I just don’t want nobody to get in any kind of a news story, you know, all of us getting it in one spot.

Voice in Crowd: (inaudible)

Jones: Don’t expect people to be grateful.

Voice in Crowd: (inaudible)

Jones: I do want to see if I see Barbara Hendrix, I want to have– I– I– I have a word to say for her.

Voice in Crowd: (inaudible)

Jones: One of the brothers we’ve helped to– has been kind of uh, influenced by a Jezebel. (Pause) Next question.

Female7: Father, I would like to know why there’re so many black people nowadays getting cancer?

Jones: (clears throat) Cancer and blood pressure problems increasing. Maybe they’re doing something in our diets. Who knows? But who– I’m not worried about their cancer– the cancer they’re giving us, ‘cause they’re gonna get a bigger cancer. But uh, who knows what they’re up to? Amazing– it said an amazing increase in cancer amongst black people. Yes. Maybe they know how to cure cancer. Some say they do. Some doctors in jail that I know we’ve helped say they know how to cure cancer. One of them worked for the National Cancer Research Society. Said they have the cure in laetrile, and they don’t want it to be known because there’d be so much money lost to the drug industries and to doctors who cut when they don’t need to cut. So maybe if they know how to cure it, they also know how to give it. They know how to give it to mice. Hmmm?

Voice in Crowd: Right.

Jones: She’s right. That wasn’t a dumb question. It was a very intelligent question. Lot of health factors are increasing– Disease factors are increasing rapidly amongst the black race for some unexplained reason. (Pause) Is that the last question? There’s no one else stand. And I– I had people gettin’ up on me that were not on the floor. (Clears throat) And all right, now, that’s it. Nobody else stand.

Female8: One of– one of my questions is already answered, because I told Ramona that I was going to bring the paper for her to help me fill it and uh, I didn’t see her that Wednesday at all, and of course, I couldn’t find the paper, and I wanted to know where to get the paper. That was one of my questions. And the next question I wanted to a little advice on the–

Jones: You better hear the first one first, honey. (Pause) Uh, anything you want answered, you better– ‘cause she’s got that lovely little Caribbean accent that comes through this microphone somewhat gushy.

Voice in Crowd: (inaudible)

Jones: (Clears throat) We won’t have many more long sessions of questions. I think we said enough. If you heard this sermon– this sermon should be saved under close custody. This sermon and (unintelligible word)– this sermon. If you had no other sermon but this one, this sermon would save you.

Congregation: Delayed applause

Jones: What was it?

Voice in Crowd: (inaudible)

Jones: Thank you. You told her. (Clears throat) Next question? Last two. (Pause)

Female9: Uh, Father, my– my question was regarding the six o’clock meditation period. I wanted to know, should we all be meditating on the same thing at this time, or should it be for personal meditation?

Jones: (Pause) (sighs) (pause) You always think before you speak, I’m talking to myself, sweet. (clears throat) (pause) I always do that, ‘cause I love you very, very much and I want to be sure that I say, thank you for your questions and give you a feeling of warmth that I love you in spite of points when I don’t agree with where your head’s at. I’ve been talking about giving our lives. As Jesus said, no man takes my life, but I lay down my life on my own terms. And you are now interested in meditations. At another sermon, it might be more appropriate for us to deal with meditations, but after being– trying to get across the suffering today, by being struck several healthy blows, I somehow feel that the question– anything to do with meditations and health and gettin’ ourselves well, is on a lesser plane than we ought to be today. I’m sure that you’re a very honorable woman, and many here would speak much more selfishly, you’re just more honest. What is it you’re concerned about meditating for, hon?

Female9: No, it wasn’t uh, more or less of a– a personal meditation, but I uh– I just never did understand that point of meditation cleary, like what we were supposed to be– I know what we were meditating for, but like, I was speaking–

Jones: What are we meditating for, sweetheart?

Female9: We are meditating for this uh– this new movement for equality and justice and freedom–

Jones: Yes.

Female9: – and that– and that I know.

Jones: That’s good– that’s a good answer.

Female9: Thank you, Father.

Jones: You answered your own question. (Clears throat)

Congregation: Applause

Jones: Meditations are important. The Synchronicity Law– You should look that word up. When you synchronize– and I am an energy field center– (clears throat). It’s a fact that you can meditate on me and get health. If you’re not getting that health – and I was glad your questions showed a nobler cause than health – (Pause) if you’re meditating just for your own health, though it’ll work for you and you’ll get results, it’s a lesser plane. Best thing is to not concern yourself with that. We propagate our candles to synchronize meditations for protection for the total group, for the leadership, for the movement. And we propagate the candles and pictures to raise funds for the cause. And they’re very essential to have a visual contact, because what you visualize, you will tend to materialize. However, you can make a mental and spiritual contact without any contact with any physical item with me. And if it works for you, you– No one could deny it, no one could take it from you, ‘cause once it’s worked for you, you know what I’m talking about. (clears throat).

Congregation: Applause

Jones: Thank you. That’s the last? Uh, no, one brother there I– uh, I see he’s still standing.

Male: Father–

Jones: What is it?

Male: –when the coun– uh, when the city council of Los Angeles, ‘cause they’ll put chlorine in the water, is– is that going to be a forerunner of bad or worser things to come?

Jones: I wouldn’t say that chlorine is (clears throat) other than that they maybe wanting to kill off everybody a little bit. That’s what they did before they found out how– how to kill off people more specifically. There is question about fluoridation in the water, that it does great damage to humans, and at first they didn’t care who they killed. After all, the rich can afford mineral spring water, you know, and get it. Many people in Los Angeles buy water, even moderately well to do. (Pause) But now they’ve found a more specific way of extermination, and they will use that, and I’m sure they’ll not be trying to kill us through a general chemical that would apply to all races equally. (Voice rises) I don’t know if or when they going to do it, I’m sure they will do it (clears throat) and no doubt, as you say, it could be a forerunner. Is that the last question? (clears throat)

End of Part I

Long Tape silence


Part II

Jones: –brave as we are to name what they are, and there no point to belaboring, uh, this kind of thing and then perhaps bring a severance between people, but people get nervous. That’s why the country is in dangerous shape. That’s why we have a plan. Peace. (Voice rises) That’s why we have a plan.

Congregation: Yes.

Jones: Peace. I don’t want any clapping now. We have a plan called Operation Hope, because indeed, you see, most people are willing to talk in these glittering generalities. Now there’s no use to talk about having a c– a situation where there will be no experimentation on human bodies, until you take the power out of the rich class. Now, no clapping. There is no need to talk. We are being foolish. That’s why I said they are horsing– horse-assing around when we discuss this problem apart from an ideological point of view. Now, as he said, if you give the people– you give the people the kind of government that they want. Well, what was he saying? If the people had the facts, what would they choose? Socialism, of course. When the people recognize that the c– the conditions as they are, if the people of America knew what was happening, if the press wasn’t under the control of the rich capitalist – one newspaper in every town under the control of the dominant class – if the people knew the facts that the reason they don’t have free medicine, the reason they don’t have good schools, the reason they don’t have freedom from war and poverty is because the capitalist hold on to riches like J. Paul Getty, fourteen million four hundred thousand dollars a day he makes on interest of his money alone. Now if they knew those facts, anybody – even chimpanzees – would choose socialism.

Voice in Crowd: That’s right.

Congregation: Scattered applause

Jones: Anybody would. It’s only logical. So the question, you see, he– he– But he wants to be safe, and say let the people have the government that they want. Well, of course that’s what we say, but he– who did he model? I– He wasn’t able to answer me. I said, where is good medicine known? He grinned. It’s only known in socialist countries. Good medicine, the mortality rate amongst babies has only been corrected in socialist countries. Life expectancy has been increased only in socialist countries. Capitalist countries, the life expectancy is still very low, and infant mortality is very high, and the prominence I would like to got on further. Now for instance in China, no one – according to your newspapers – no one has to lock a hotel door, no one has to lock an automobile door, no one has to lock up a locker in a school, no one has been known to steal anything off of anyone so long in Peiping hotels, that every hotel room is open and free so people can come in and out of the Peiping hotels. They can come in and out of all the places of public use. And anyone can uh, touch freely the relics of the museums. They can go up and look at priceless jewels and not one of them is stolen. Now–

End of Tape

Tape originally posted March 2017