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Jones: [Kenneth David Kaunda] Zambian president is meeting with the presidents of Angola [Agostinho Neto] [and] Tanzania [Julius Nyerere] – and you know the presidents of both Zambia and Tanzania are very personal friends of our prime minister [Forbes Burnham] of our beloved party, the PNC, the Peoples National Congress. Also meeting with Zambia president is (tape edit) (unintelligible word) Rhodesia. As you are well aware, the PNC has been avant garde, it’s been avant garde in every respect in the liberation of Africa. Of course, that– that as much cannot be said for the opposition, but almost daily we see in the organ, The Chronicle, that we have an uncompromising prime minister on the issue of liberation of our people.

The president of Mozambique [Samora Machel] refused to attend because according to BBC, he’s angered at– and– at Zambia– Zam– Zambian decision to reopen its border to Rhodesia. The meeting is– is an attempt to preserve unity of the front line group nation.

In China, the little red book of Chairman Mao [Tse-Tung] sayings have been denounced in the press. Oh, that’s uh– that’s what we’d all heard from China, I guess, now it’s denounced, they changed their mind on what they were saying. This is the most dramatic in a series of moves to reduce the late Chinese leader’s structure and liberate the country from the alleged strait jacket of his ideas. For some months now, the Chinese press has been saying that Mao’s sayings have to be studied in context, and those with– which no longer apply should be discarded. So apparently the little red book that we’ve all read, and many with affection, are now to throw away, according to the leadership of China, even though they have a great form of domestic socialism, in terms of the equality, of opportunity, education, medical attention, they have now said that it is illegal to hold any book of Chairman Mao’s sayings.

In the Philippines, the uh– military authorities have say– that more than 440 secessionists fighting in the south of the country, surrendered to government forces this week and handed over their weapons. The senior military spokesman said the defection of about 3000 activists this month should substantially cripple the secessionist movement, the Moro National Liberation Front. Reports, however, from Peking, China refute this and say that there are great– there’s great activity, in fact, uh, uh, the southern part of the Philippines, Bataan, and some– in that region, is entirely in control of the Moro Liberation Front that opposes the dictatorship of [Ferdinand] Marcos.

The latest violence in Iran comes at the start of a week of solidarity declared by the opponents of the government. Headed by university professors and students, they are pressing for the implementation – that means putting into practice – of a number of political demands. The authorities in re– response have temporarily closed down two universities in Tehran. In– The Tehran University and the National University both are closed. Today was to be a start of a week of political realities– rallies and lectures on the campuses all over the country. Among the demands of the lecturers and students are the lifting of martial law, the power that exists in any so-called republic or democracy. The president of the United States [Jimmy Carter] nearly declared martial law, as you recall, a few days ago when the miners were striking for 115 days, and no one would uh, help the miners by providing food. The big boss of the AFL-CIO [George Meany] gave no ha– aid to the struggling trade union mi– uh, trade union miners, and so they were bent and forced to buckle. And the Army– Even the threat of the Army did not cause them to buckle. It was the threat of their own children, according to New York Times, starving that caused them to have to stop their strike without getting one demand that they made, that they had requested. Anyway, martial law is something that (unintelligible word) practiced at any second, it could happen in any country and turn a democracy into a dictatorship. Also, they’re calling for the uh, lifting of the unconditional release of all political prisoners and unconditional return of all exiles. In response to the closing down of universities, (pause) students evaded– avoided– invaded police guards and joined the 1200 activists occupying the National University. At Tehran University, there’s been a fierce clash between students and a very strong army force. The troops have backed up by uh, Amer– armored vehicles– vehicles that have been rushed to them by US uh, sources, military-industrial complex, including a light tank force that’s a new weapon from the USA, (pause) used (pause) (struggles for words). Stand by, please. Backed– The Tehran troops were backed with armed vehicles new– of a new nature, including a light tank that uses tear gas, and shot into the crowds, the casunal– casualties toll is not known. At a nearby university that was not closed down, approximately 5000 people gather to hear political speeches. Elsewhere in the country, disturbances continue at a serious level. The Shah [Reza Pahlavi] is shaking. For the first time since the fifties, when his uh, the elected republic democrat president [Mohammad Mosaddegh] was slain by the CIA, according to all the historical opinion and even the admission of the US press. Now, since that time the Shah is barely able to hold on. He wouldn’t take foreign policy stance– stances that he used to take with NATO out of fear of the Soviets that– he’s almost surrounded anyway. Syria is strong pro-Soviet, Iraq is pro- strongly Soviet, now Afghanistan has become a communist regime that is strong, uh (stumbles over words) strongly pro-Soviet. Anyway, at a nearby university, as I said, they shot through 5000 people hearing political speeches. Elsewhere in the country, this disturbance began at a serious level. The conflicts between police and civilians. There’re no way to be able to tell how many hundreds on both sides have been injured or killed. In the south of Iran, coun– the– the country disturbances continue at a terrible level. In then– And in Debrom [phonetic name], several thousands demon– demonstrators attacked Army trucks and tanks while the security forces countered with all kinds of heavy equipment recently sent by USA and new devices of uh, tear gas nature, but they were unable to throw off the attackers, and even their firing of new model machine guns that fire so ra– so many guns every second, but they were still unable to stop the citizens demanding their liberty in Debrom. In Hama– Hamadam, the m– army is protecting public buildings following the arson attack of the last few days which has left much of the city burning. It seems that the Iranians are going to be free. It’s also going to have to become a– aware to the United States, that black people, brown people of the world are not for them to be dictated to. The Third World is uh, emerging, and let us hope and let us believe that the Third World will unite, as our own prime minister has suggested, and demand, as he said a week– uh, Sunday paper, that we ha– need a– we need desperately a new social order, a new economic order, and the Third World, if it bands together, it’s far bigger than all the superpowers.

The Israelis believe that the issue of the expansion and the settlement of the West Bank is of far less concern to Egypt than is to the United States. The Foreign Minister, Moshe De– Moshe Dayan, interviewed over Radio Israel, from ro– uh, Washington has said that uh, the way his country sees things, (pause) often contradicted (pause) the American view (pause) and that was no reason for the United States to exting– to expect Israel to keep quiet. Mr. Dayan said that Israel did not in– intend to negotiate the evacuation of Judea and the West Bank, nor did Israel intend to negotiate a freeze on settlements there. Mr. Dayan said Israel wanted to negotiate a form of coexistence with the Jews and the Arabs on the West Bank. Much of this is considered (pause) rhetoric, propaganda by many of the Arab nations.

Soviet Foreign Minister [Andrei] Gromyko has called on more major countries– the major countries with nuclear arms to be brought into talks immediately, between the US and the Soviet Union, out of fear that the world is in such a tension, that uphe– of upheaval and such a tension and apprehensiveness about uh, what’s developing in the world that it could trigger an unwanted nuclear war. He made the statement at news conference in peace– in Paris, France, marking the end of four-day visit there. Foreign Minister Gromyko of the USSR, the Soviet Union, said the Soviet Union is indifferent to whether the solutions come from Vienna– Vienna or Geneva conferences. He does not care who gets the credit, but we must move quickly, said Foreign Minister Gromyko or the (stumbles over words) greater part of the United States, like Dr. Daniel Ellsberg wept a few weeks ago, tearfully saying he hated to think of his country being a wasteland and a desert from the great Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, but he said he now believed, and he’s a great scientist that worked in the State Department and worked in Rand Corporation, he says, now he believes there’s no way that nuclear war can be stopped. It’s gone too far, and paranoia is too deep. Anyway, Gromyko said he doesn’t care where the uh– the success is coming. She is seeking concrete measures to ending the arms race immediately. Soviet is making an all-out call. He also concurred with the idea that there should be a meeting of experts to consider the proposition of reducing conventional arms in Washington– in Europe. Unfortunately, the Congress and the mood of the United States, according to BBC, is one of a rightward turn and is making Car– Carter much less able to move than he would be otherwise. And then are those who say that USA, such as Newsweek that made the account that US– that the Tri– the Trilateral Commission is the commission that runs the United States, that actually [Zbigniew] Brzezinski, the chief aide, had already picked out, according to several different magazines, uh, that he had– that he had already– in the last– I’ve forgotten was what– what the name of the magazine was– uh, Penthouse, I believe, said that uh, the Trilateral Commission actually controls the capitalist world and it– the major leader of it is Brzezinski. He has been pa– particular chosen for the directorship, and that they had already gotten behind the scenes and voted who would be the presidential candidates for the election last between the Republicans and Democrats. They backed [Gerald] Ford and they backed uh, Carter. They uh– This is the kind of situation that is utterly horrifying, to think that we have that type of situation, where a nation doesn’t even– the president doesn’t even rule and lives in fear of his life. Where Andrew Young wa– spoke not rec– not long ago, that we had tens of thousands of political prisoners in USA. When asked by one minister that I know personally, why did he make the statement, he said na–

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