Q868 Transcript

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(Note: This tape was one of the 53 tapes initially withheld from public disclosure.)

Side 1 is blank

Side 2:

(Movement of microphone for several moments)

Female 1: Um-hmm [yes]. Okay, just a minute. (tape edit) Um, she had some disagreement with the situation of the learning, and she didn’t know how her just, um, dissolving, or, you know, whatever could have any effect on, uh, you meeting Ellie [spelled Eli in FBI notes, but pronounced here as Ellie]. Over.

Jones: (on other end of radio transmission) I disa– I agree with her on that. She must not be in touch. We have all of two in that (unintelligible word) tutorial program now, and they’re under special, special– I agree with her. I have to, I have to agree with her here.

Female 1: (unintelligible)

Male 1: (in room with Female 1, in hushed tone) He has all of two under that program.

Female 1: He has uh– He has all of two under that program right now.

Male 1: And he has to agree with (unintelligible word).

Jones: Ellie understand that, though. We’ve already checked that out. Ellie understands.

Female 1: And Ellie understands the situation.

Male 1: We’ve already checked that out.

Female 1: We’ve already checked that out.

Jones: Not in full detail, but, uh, understand.

Male 1: Not in full detail

Female 1: Yeah, I understand, full detail, but they do understand.

Jones: (same time as Female above) Understand that, you know, of– of the need for a– a good teaching program.

Male 1: Understand there’s a need for a good teaching program.

Female 1: We under– We understand the need for a teaching program. (20 second pause) Hold on. Um, she said she agreed on that too, but under some circumstances it was too involved, like with Laura. Over.

(10 second pause)

Jones: I totally agree.

Female 1: I totally agree.

(10 second pause, lots of jostling of microphone, no other sound)

Unknown female at recording end: (too far from microphone, unintelligible)

Jones: It wasn’t that it was. Then it happens (unintelligible) at that crucial time (unintelligible). Do you copy?

Female 1: It was just that she had done it at that crucial time, and with whom she had done it. Roger.

Jones: Tell her that.

Female 1: It was just at a very crucial time when she had done it, and that was the whole–

Jones: (unintelligible) She is now a supervisor–

Female 1: And she’s now–

Jones: –that shows you to what degree. I thought there was overreaction (unintelligible).

Female 1: (same time as Jones) And she’s now– And she’s now a supervisor, and that’s to what degree he thought there was overreaction.

Jones: –if it would help her to talk to her. I don’t–

Female 1: He said if it would help uh, for you to talk to her, you know, talk–

Male 1: He knows where (unintelligible).

Female 1: Because he knows– (pause) Um-hm. (pause) No, he– th– and that was one– okay, that was one of the things that he did say is he believed in your character. But anyway, hold on, let me– Uh. (Pause) I want to tell him the part that you said you hadn’t (unintelligible phrase). Hold on. (pause) Um, she said she had not said anything to anybody, that she had not changed that much. Over.

Jones: Well, why doesn’t– why don’t she then just come back and have more faith in her dad.

Female 1: He said why don’t you just come back and have more faith in your dad. (10 second pause) Huh?

(5 second pause)

Male 1: (unintelligible)

Female 1: Because, she said, as y– as you said, she’s too paranoid. Over.

Jones: Well, then I don’t know. But I know one thing, down the way, I know her. I did not mistrust Grace’s experience that she had (unintelligible) the experience that she had. She knows the trust, if she’ll stop to think. Do you copy?

Male 1: He places–

Female 1: He said with the places and experiences that you had, you know to trust, and to just stop and think. (50 second pause) She said she knows, she knows, and she just– she said, I’m sorry, but– Uh, she did think it would be better with Ellie, and that, would, uh, Stanley is too isolated, and he cannot communicate to anyone. And uh, she feels that it would be better if uh– If he visited Ellie, at least he would be able to say what he had to say. Over.

Jones: I have been told by Ellie, has she been able– in the traffic, I was told by Ellie not to do that until I got assurances from Oscar. Do you copy?

Female 1: Roger. Stand by. (pause) Okay.

Male 1: (unintelligible)

(30 second pause)

Female 1: Nobody in this whole place knows. (pause) Hm? (pause) Uh-huh. (pause) Oh. Okay. (pause) Okay, is it– ’Cause I have to go over to the radio. I mean– Okay, hold on. Okay, uh, (pause) she said that Nick mentioned (clears throat) that they know about Shirley and Nettie, uh, not the intricate, but just the, uh, evening spent. Over.

Jones: I misun– I didn’t understand what she said there. Negative copy.

Female 1: Nick said that they knew about Shirley and Nettie– not the intricate, but uh, just about the evening spent together. Over.

Jones: Yes, what else? What else did uh, (unintelligible) things that, of Dexter’s, Dexter’s, the things that they say with Dexter. Do you copy?

Male 1: (in hushed tone) (unintelligible) Radio codes. Why did she mention the radio codes?

Female 1: Oh yeah, he said– he said okay, but why did they mention– what was their– I mean, why was there a mention about the, uh, things with Dexter? Did he– Did he say anything about Dexter? (pause) Hm. Okay.

Female 2: (very faint, over telephone, unintelligible)

Female 1: Yeah.

Female 2: Uh– (pause) Anyway. Uh– Whenever– were you there when– when, uh– (pause)

Female 1: Hm? (pause)

Female 2: (unintelligible)

Female 1: Yeah.

Female 2: (unintelligible)

Female 1: Yeah.

Female 2: (unintelligible)

Female 1: We mentioned they thought it was all over town. (pause) Oh, okay, hold on. (pause) Um, she said he didn’t mention anything about that, just that, like when Anne was there one time, and he said something about, uh, he’d seen them all over– all over– all around this area. Um, stand by. (Addressing people in room) I’m not sure I understand. Oh.

Jones: Oh, no, she (unintelligible) changing something. She said they was changing something. That’s what I was interested in. (pause) She musta had a reason for saying that.

Female 1: He said that– He said that he saw that? (10 second pause) He said he saw the thing about Dexter? I’m sorry, I just– Just say it one more time and he’ll understand. Okay. (pause) All right. (unintelligible) (door opens and closes) (microphone jostled) Um-hmm. (pause) Just a minute. Okay (unintelligible) maybe (microphone jostled) (unintelligible). Uh, she said that it came from her– I thought that it came from the guy that reads the paperbacks that Rachel brings to him. Something (unintelligible) Hopalong. Over. (unintelligible) (Addressing people in room) Is Hopalong a name of the thing? (door opens and closes)

Jones: Uh– You mean he’s the one, he’s the one that says about committees– committees?

Female 1: Uh, roger. Stand by. (Addressing people in room) He just– He mentioned something about– Uh– (10 second pause) Okay, but Anne was there when that– that conversation came up? (10 second pause) Yeah. That’s the type of thing that came up. That’s why you mentioned something about Dexter today. Yeah, this morning about, to change the way (unintelligible) with Dexter. (pause) Oh. Oh, okay. Okay. Let me tell him. (unintelligible) (Speaks to Jones on radio) Uh– Negative, negative. Uh– She said that– she just felt– she said that on her own, that, uh, she just felt, because of where she was at right now, that that would be something that we should do. Over.

Jones: What do you mean, where her head’s at, or where, uh, she’s, uh, lo– located?

Female 1: He– He says where you head’s at, or where you’re located physically? (pause) (door opens and closes) (microphone jostled) Uh, she said because of her capacity now, not for any other reason except for– for you. Over.

Jones: Say she’s being uh, narcissistic and not weighing her future, because uh, I don’t think, basically–

Female 1: (same time as Jones above) You’re being narcissistic and not weighing the future.

Male 1: She doesn’t think, basically.

Female 1: She doesn’t think basically.

Jones: –George left with any ill intentions.

Male 1: George left with any ill intentions.

Female 1: George left with any ill intentions.

Jones: But sometimes other people create conditions that you try and avoid.

Female 1: I know– But sometimes you’ll meet conditions that you cannot avoid. Other people create situations, conditions, that you cannot avoid. Understand? Okay. (15 second pause) Yeah, uh-huh. (10 second pause) He’s just saying, you know, that’s been true with others in the past, that he left with somewhat good intentions. (10 second pause) Someone. (Addressing people in room) She said yes, uh, but David and Jane turned out all right. Over. (pause) David and Jane. She said David and Jane turned out all right. Over.

Jones: (unintelligible) referring to. (unintelligible, lots of microphone jostling) uh, Margaret position. Do you copy?

Female 1: He said that it’s different because you’re in a market position. (pause)

Jones: That’s not what I’m talkin’ about. She’s misunderstanding it entirely.

Female 1: It’s not what– That’s not the way he meant it. (unintelligible word) you’re mis-saying– understanding it entirely, just because– (Pause) You’ve dealt with him. You, you– Okay. (30 second pause)

Female 2: (several sentences unintelligible) I’d rather be dealt with on an up-front level (unintelligible), but then again, I don’t– I don’t think I specifically– I thought that (unintelligible).

Female 1: (unintelligible) (electronic buzz) Uh, she thought that the situations, like with– She said, yes, there’s paranoia was, uh, out of hand, it was great, and that, like the situations with Harry–

Jones: Like who?

Female 1: Harry. Over. What– (unintelligible under Male 1)

Male 1: Doesn’t make any difference at this point.

Female 1: Uh, that he had come back there, but, uh, he wasn’t told why he couldn’t come back here. And, uh, she felt that things were not up front enough, and at the rally–

Male 1: (unintelligible)

Female 1: That things have got– she felt that things had gotten out of hand. Over.

Jones: Well, tell her that indeed she’s not been following, uh, Dr. Baker’s (unintelligible word) very well.

Female 1: Following what?

Male 1: (unintelligible)

Jones: Dr. Baker’s denial. If she (unintelligible) structure, she’ll get plenty of it. Or if she will have to do what she wants. I don’t believe she can do (unintelligible).

Female 1: (same time as Jones above) He said you haven’t been following Dr. Baker’s uh, very well– situation very well.

Male 1: She doesn’t like structure–

Female 1: If you don’t like structure–

Male 1: – you’re gonna get plenty of it.

Female 1: – you’re gonna find you’re gonna get plenty of it.

Male 1: Or she’s gonna have to do–

Female 1: – or you’re gonna have to do–

Male 1: – what she does not want to do.

Female 1: – what you don’t want to do.

Male 1: And live with yourself.

Female 1: And live with yourself. (40 second pause) (unintelligible) Some of the means were too severe. Some of the means were too severe, I can’t stand that.

Male 1: Does she think some (unintelligible)

Female 1: Um, she says that she didn’t dislike structure, that she knew it was necessary, but she felt that some of the things were– there was too much of it, there was just too– it was too severe. Over.

Jones: Well, she’s not following an intelligent lead, to be realistic. I’m talking about Ed’s– Ed’s situation (unintelligible) Sarah (unintelligible).

Male 1: He’s talking about Sarah’s field.

Jones: (unintelligible) Sarah’s uh– Sarah’s field. She is not realistic–

Male 1: (unintelligible)

Female: He says that you’re not being realistic, that you need to think about, like, Sarah’s field, and– Sarah’s field. (pause) Uh, just a minute. (Addresses people in room) She doesn’t understand. She asks what about Sarah’s field? Over.

Jones: She– I thought she (unintelligible word) understand. Mildred, Margaret, and she–

Male 1: Mildred, Margaret, and she. (unintelligible) why isn’t she taking a stand? Mildred and Margaret–

Female 1: He doesn’t understand why you don’t understand because Mildred, Margaret, and you– (40 second pause) Well, what made you finally (unintelligible). Yeah.

Male 1: (whispers) Don’t say anything.

(someone blows into microphone)

Female 2: –Uh, I don’t think that’s gonna happen (unintelligible) he said (unintelligible).

Female 1: Okay. Just a moment. (jostling of microphone) Okay, she said she understood, but she thought that if there was just a basic distrust of everybody, then what was the point of trying. Over.

Jones: It isn’t ours. It isn’t ours. It isn’t ours. Fuck. If– If– If– Then she doesn’t understand: if our distrust, she would immediately be put to the test. How can she pass that test? How does she know she– what she can do to pass that test. George knows.

Female 1: He says it’s not his distrust. (unintelligible) immediately put to the test, and how can you pass that test? He says that George knows– (20 second pause) (unintelligible) Um, she said that she would write up all her feelings and everything that, you know, if you– if you wanted her to. Over.

Jones: Well, (sighs) I trust her enough to tell her that uh, a lot rests on promptness. Do you copy?

Female 1: (unintelligible word) He says that he trusts you enough to tell you that a lot rests on promptness. Understand? (pause) Are you there? Okay.

Female 2: (unintelligible)

Female 1: Huh?

Female 2: (unintelligible)

Female 1: Um, no, I thought you might. Hold on. (pause)

Female 2: (unintelligible)

Female 1: Okay, wait a minute, I’ll find out, hold on. (pause) Um, she said that, do you mean with Margaret, like with Margaret? She’s not sure. Over.

Jones: (resigned tone of voice) No. No. (Pause) I– She is– She’s young and naïve. I know what this means. No matter what her intentions, I know what this means. (unintelligible) They will uh– They– That’s all– George is in no position to do anything but lie, at the present point. Do you copy?

Female 1: (unintelligible, jostling of microphone) He said (unintelligible word) to do anything but lie at this present point, and you’re young, and he knows what that means.

Male 1: (whispering) She’s young and naïve.

Female 1: And naïve.

Jones: (unintelligible)

Female 1: Hold on.

Jones: (unintelligible) she’ll stop to think.

Female 1: Hmm?

Male 1: Negative copy.

Female 1: Negative copy.

Jones: Mildred did not see Rex uh, lately, when we needed her to see Rex, because of this very thing. Do you copy?

Male 1: (unintelligible)

Female 1: He says no, they did not see Rex, uh, lately when we needed her to see Rex, and– because of this very thing. (10 second pause)

Jones: Now for that fact, neither does Theresa or Karl.

Female 1: Do you understand?

Male 1: And after that fact–

Female 1: And after that fact, nei– neither does Theresa or Karl. (25 second pause) (unintelligible) She said she understood what you’re saying, but she doesn’t have any response to that. Over. (whispers) Oh, God.

Jones: So she’s so unsophisticated about that– the people who were not apostolic. (Clears throat) So unsophisticated. And I– I wish I could count on her now, because everything counts on her.

Female 1: Roger. Stand by. (To Female 2) He said that you are so unsophisticated about the people that are not apostolic, and he wishes that he could count on you, because everything counts on you right now. (10 second pause) He just wants you to hold off and tell Rex.

Female 2: Tell Ellen.

Female 1: Tell Ellen, right. (pause) Huh? (10 second pause) Hang on. Huh? (pause) Stand by. Huh? (Pause) Um, she copied, and I said (microphone jostled, obscuring comment) I just wanted her to hold off until, uh, you could– we could see Ellie, and she said, “Well, that could be for months.” Over.

Jones: My– My copy is fading. What did you say?

Female 1: I– I– She copied– she copied, and then I reiterated that you wanted her to hold off until uh, you could talk to Ellie, and she said that could be months. Over.

Jones: (unintelligible)

End of tape