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(This tape was transcribed by Kathryn Barbour. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

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Woman: Okay.

Jones: Attention. Attention. Midday news. Primary (tape edit) congressman. The Congress Subcommittee on African Affairs, his attorney, according to Senate Bill 1437, any counsel that he receives, those counselors will be guilty of crimes of conspiracy for association with a criminal.

This is how U.S. democracy works and West German democracy work, that is patterned after U.S. imperialism, which is democratic in name only. It’s true that the vast majority of Germans are hostile to these terrorists, but who could believe that lawyers would be necessarily supporting the crimes of revolution that they’re charged with, which we do not consider crime. Revolutionary action is the only hope for people oppressed. It’s the only thing that brought results to the people of Watts, and in Newark, when they resisted. Black unity and solidarity and resistance brought some changes. Passivity brings nothing. The more you turn the other cheek, you run out of cheeks, you can turn both cheeks of your anterior and your posterior, and still the honkey would beat you into the ground. A lawyer should defend a man or woman against the crowd without constraint. When this freedom is obstructed, democracy as a whole is threatened in United States and Germany, even if a majority of my compatriots don’t understand this yet. True indeed.

The Namibian officials of the foreign ministry are meeting in Washington to get guarantees of their independence and security from any further designs of the Union of South Africa.

French forces have been sent to Chad – C-H-A-D, look it up on your map – because the Marxist and socialist liberation forces of Chad are about to bring about a liberation of that country, and indeed, that is not about to be tolerated. Amazing how U.S. can send its puppets like France into Chad and then have the hypocrisy to complain about the Soviets and Cubans assisting the Ethiopians in their defense.

Now U.S.A. is trying to trouble Eritrea. Eritrean guerilla– guerilla activities have been attempted against Ethiopia, and U.S. aid is being poured into Eritrea. Nonetheless, Cuban assistance and Soviet assistance is increasing in Ethiopia, and Ethiopian government warns that if this condition continues, they will invade Eritrea and annex it, as well as they will Somalia, if the aggression by U.S. imperialism and Egypt continues. Stand by. (tape edit) (pause)

We are encouraged, as I said, by the developments in Afghanistan, that have overthrown the military dictatorship. Soviet MIGs helped bring the downfall of the military regime. The air force united with the socialist and communist forces in the liberation of Afghanistan from the fascist dictatorship that had controlled Afghanistan for the last several years.

In Zimbabwe, the Patriotic Front has made new gains. Twenty new miles of territory belonging to the people that the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front under Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist leader, and Joshua Nkomo, the true representatives of Zimbabwe, or Rhodesia as [it’s] known on your map, have gained that much territory.

Nigeria is in a state of unrest, as students are rioting in the streets, demanding rights of participitation– democratic participation in the government of Nigeria, the oil-rich nation of Nigeria.

Morocco is having a great deal of student unrest in its cities and all of its universities. Threats by the dictator, the King of Morocco, to close down the universities is imminent.

Western Sahara: The maneuvering in the Middle East has become so intricate that countries far removed find themselves drawn into the whirlpool. When President [Jimmy] Carter met with King Kha– halid, K-H-A-A-L-I-D [Khalid bin Abdulaziz al Saud], in Saudi Arabia, one topic under discussion was the Western Sahara, where Moroccan troops are fighting the Algerian socialist-supported Polisario, P-O-L-I-S-A-R-I-O, independence movement with Saudi subsidies and American weapons. When Algerian president [Houari] Boumedienne, B-O-U-M-E-D-I-E-N-N-E, arrived in Moscow following a Mideast tour to strengthen the front of intransigence against a Sadat-Begin agreement, he also suggested it was time the Soviet Union supported the Polisario front. Algeria’s now joining the Soviet Union in the Warsaw Pact. (Pause) Frozen out of the Middle East peace negotiations, the Soviet leaders decided to show they could not be ignored with impunity, and decided to Boumedienne’s request by declaring for the first time their support for a rapid negotiated settlement of the problem of the Western Sahara by the exercise of the right of self-determination of the people. As always, the Soviet Union, the avante-garde of liberation – indeed, the avante-garde, the vanguard of Marxist-Leninism – are always on the right side of liberation of black people and poor people the world over. Within two weeks the United States government, monopoly capitalism, neofascism, responded by feeling out members of Congress on the possibility of new arms shipments to the dictatorship in Morocco and a revision of the treaty which bars the use of American arms outside Moroccan territory. USA is always accustomed to violating its own laws when it suits the interest of big business.

The king of Morocco, a murderous dictator, currently honors this treaty with all the respect Presidents [Lyndon] Johnson and [Richard] Nixon gave to the Constitution as they made their war plans for Southeast Asia. But the anticipated change in official U.S. fascist policy will be seen as a reward for Moroccan support of the Sadat-Begi– Begin talks.

However, it is encouraging to note that Egypt’s Prime Minister Sadat [President Anwar Sadat], is very greatly disillusioned, as the Congress, under the influence of Zionist fascist Israel, is trying to hold back on Carter’s agreements to send ship– uh, ships, planes, and other materiel of a military nature, to Saudi Arabia and other Arab League nations that– that have been reasonably supportive to U.S. imperialism, including Egypt. It looks like there’ll be no aid. This is causing [Israeli Prime Minister Menachem] Begin difficulty. Israel now is having great difficulty with Egypt because Egypt feels betrayed by the U.S.A. Glory, hallelujah. It would also indicate publicly for the first time, that the United States is opposed to a western Sahara state. That is, western Sahara being free from the colonialism of the Spanish– (Pause) the f– domination of fascist Spain. The Congress of the Soviet position, which is a position of liberation. This is admitted by Time Magazine, that the Soviet Union finds itself always on the side of liberation. When Time Magazine can admit it, then you know the value of So– Soviet Union to peoples liberation the world over. “We haven’t made any decisions yet,” Theodore Wilkinson of the State Department U.S. Morocco’s desk, told the Times. “We would like to help the Moroccan regime, but this does not mean we are taking sides in dispute.” Like hell it doesn’t. Despite this assurance of neutrality, there are no signs that the Carter administration has considered arming the Polisario movement as well. The Algerian– the Algerian peoples government that overthrew the domination of capitalist, neofascist France, is unlikely to retaliate against the American decision to support its Moroccan fascist enemy, since the billions of dollars it has invested in liquid natural gas plants will be worthless if the Carter administration continues to hold up permits requested by the American gas importers, which they’re doing now, trying to ba– bring Algeria to their knees. Stand by. (tape edit) (pause)

Newsweek ran a little ahead of reality last issue in saying that the Argentine government won a victory before the World Court in its dispute with the Chilean fascist junta that was put into power by [Henry] Kissinger and the CIA. U.S. planes that openly murdered the great doctor, medical doctor president elected by the people of Chile, Dr. [Salvador] Allende, whose sister, Laura, spoke in our San Francisco Temple, a gracious woman that had cancer and was only given weeks to live, but is still going strong, and you know who prophesied that would be the case. Anyway, Newsweek was a little premature in saying that the Argentine government won a victory in its dispute with the Chilean fascist junta over three southern islands. Argentina’s military regime would like to bring it up before the court, but the [Augusto] Pinochet fascist government of Chile is happy to accept the international arbitration decision of last May which awarded all three islands to fascist Chile. The Argentine leaders have rejected the arbitration award, and mobilized their navy to encourage Chilean flexibility.

Even capitalist, fascist military dictatorships like Argentina and Chile cannot get along together. That is the contradiction that is beautiful for international liberation movements, socialist and Marxist-Leninist. Capitalists lust after each other, just as Japan upholds its import tariff barriers and its protectionist policies, which is weakening the dollar every day. There’s even talk in the economic circles of U.S. capitalism, their assistance, their aids to the 24-member capitalist nations of OECD, that there will have to be a new currency to replace the dollar because of the dollar’s falling in value and the high degree of inflation that makes U.S. workers’ life almost impossible to endure. Capitalists do not uh, look after one another. They cut down each others’ throats, as without any exception we see.

As with Aldo Moro, prime minister of Italy, the government is still absolute. It will not release any prisons– prisoners. Not one prisoner will be released for the safety of Aldo Moro, prime minister, fascist, capitalist, big money man representative who served big money well for five terms. But his life, though he’s only in his fifties, is not worth the release of one black liberationist or socialist in the world. By the way, the Red Brigade today shot down the owner of Fiat Motors, one of the big capitalist corporations of Europe. They shot them in the legs. This is their policy. The deputy prime minister was also shot yesterday. Their owner, executive of Fiat, large automobile corporation and supporter of fascist causes everywhere, legs were shot out from under him by the Red Brigade. He will likely not walk again. Yesterday, the dep– deputy prime minister of capitalist, neofascist Italy, was shot in the same manner in Milan, and the executive owner of Fiat was shot in Turin, Italy. The Red Brigade continues its campaign of guerilla activity against the entrenchments of monopoly capitalism.

Anyway, the Argentine leaders have rejected the arbitration award and mobilized their navy to persuade Chilean flexibility. In response, a Chilean flotilla– flotilla was dis– wa– was dispatched to the area. United States officials are working frantically behind the scenes to cool out this dispute over their two puppet fascist regimes who are fighting amongst themselves when they set them up to try to kill off black liberationists, socialists, and people working for working-class solidarity. So the United States imperialists are working behind the scenes to try to cool this dispute over three frigid little islands in lower Patagonia that don’t have any value at all, fearing that any war which disturbs access to the Straits of Magellan, an important trade route, would cause wavering senators to decide that U.S. should hold on to all of its possessions, like the Panama Canal. On the advice of Israeli advisors, Chilean military strategists have been orienting– I mean directing their military forces towards short, fierce wars. Even so their forces are unlikely to prove a match for fascist Argentina. Fascist Chile and Argentina should be exactly alike, because they’re both puppets of U.S. monopoly capitalism, but they’re warring amongst themselves. Bravo for the working-class people. In a longer conflict, both dictatorships might be the losers, since their internal opposition would certainly use the opportunity to rise up against them. Stand by. (tape edit) (pause)

This has given you some idea of a brief news commentary and where we stand at this particular moment in time in current news.

There’s still a team of investigators studying the Himalayas to see how much radiation will pour down on India, which could affect– endanger two-thirds of the entire Indian population of nearly one billion, 900 million Indians, because it is suspected that U.S. nuclear sensors that had an accident will actually drain the radiation into the Ganges River, the so-called holy river of India. Beautiful. That’s the kind of thing we have. Constantly. Going on. Constantly going on. No thought for the people. There wasn’t even consultation with the people. No consultation at all, no consultation with the government. The United States seems to be able to feel that it can do what it wishes with people of color all over the world.

European news agency services in England have brought out that CIA are still using mind-control experiments, causing people to commit murder and forgetting that they have been used. This has been proved in their ultra-mind control experiments that are still being conducted, according to the London Times.

It is brought out that less than one percent of the population, according to the London Observer, owns United States. What makes capitalism practically synonymous with democracy, according to the ninth-grade civics text, is that corporate ownership is spread out among millions of ordinary people, so-called. The stockholders, so-called. Stockholders vote on corporate policy, just as citizens vote on government policy. In corporate mythology, the stockholders were usually described as widows, orphans and retired shipping clerks, all fascist propaganda. Lies. In a modern variation of the same theme, management expert Peter Drucker made a name for himself by pinpointing unions, who invest their pension funds in stock, as the real owners of corporate America. Fascist monopoly capitalism U.S.A. A recent report from the Senate Subcommittee on Reports, Accounting and Management lays to rest these myths of economic democracy. According to the study initiated by the late Senator Lee Metcalf, Democrat (stumbles over words) Montana– Montana, power to vote in U.S. corporations rests not with unions, not with scattered individuals, but with banks. A few banks holding power over 122 of the nation’s largest corporations, is concentrated in 21 bank executives, less than one percent of the United States population, and other types of investment institutions led by Morgan Guaranty Trust Company and Citibank. Morgan itself is a major stockholder in 27 large corporations and is among the top five voters in 56 leading corporations. According to Metcalf, who died under rather mysterious circumstances, Senator Metcalf, his subcommittee, the power of the top investment institutions is steadily increasing because of the rapid growth of the pension funds they manage. Currently 140 billion dollars worth of stock is owned by pension funds, a figure which is expected to double in five years and again by 1986, if U.S. capitalism can continue to last and get through a nuclear war or a total economic collapse. It was the enormous growth in stock ownership by pension funds that gave Drucker, author of The Unseen Revolution, the idea that United States was evolving towards pension fund socialism. He argued that through their union pension funds, the workers were gradually buying up the means of production from the capitalists. But it is erroneous, thus carrying out the first completely legal and bloodless socialist revolution, which is ridiculous. What Drucker left out, and the Senate report makes very clear, is that though the pension funds may be owned by the unions, they are managed by the big banks of monopoly capitalism and investment institutions of this conglomerate of multinationals that have brought terror and bloodshed from South Africa to Vietnam. When a union turns its pension fund over to a bank, and that bank in turn invests the money in stock, it is the bank, not the union, that controls the stock votes. The unions are not getting more power over the corporations. Michael Locker, president of Corporate Data Exchange, according to Time Magazine, a non-profit research organization which did much of the analysis of the subcommittee study told Times, “It is– It’s the other way around. What we are seeing is an– a re-accumulation of capital by the banks in the worst form of neofascist monopoly capitalism ever seen in USA.

Already, a few unions are taking measures to turn their pension funds into political clout. Leon Davis, head of District 1199, the National Hospital Workers’ Union, announced last week that his union’s pension fund could no longer be invested in any manner that can financially assist, aid or support the present fascist regime that’s upheld by the United States government and the big corporations in the Union of South Africa. Banks who handle the union’s money will have to comply, or the union will take its 236 million pension fund elsewhere and 1199’s spokesman told this in a news conference in U.S. in Washington, today. The Machinists Union, headed by progressive labor leader Bill Wingspin– singer [Winpisinger] wants to see unions exercise their stockvoting power on a variety of issues. “We could be pressuring companies to get out of South Africa,” a spokesman for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers told Times, “or using our votes to bring companies like J.P. Stevens into the twentieth century of reality of liberation of oppressed peoples.” These are small unions and no way represent solidarity of the working class, but encouraging signs at least that some people are thinking.

One of the big 21 investment institutions, Citibank, has voluntarily given up most of its stockvoting power to the real owners of the stock, though it retains the power to advise the owners on how to vote. But uh, Dick Linnemeyer, staff director of the subcommittee which prepared the report, was not optimistic that other banks would follow suit. “You can’t expect someone who has some power to just give it away,” he told Time Magazine, “but we are going to restore any semblance of economic democracy in this country,” and he is doubtful that fascism can be avoided in USA, we will have to have legislation to force the banks to pass control of their votes to the actual stockowners.

But the information in the subcommittee’s report suggests that even the semblance of economic democracy will require much more than a fair system of stock voting. There are extensive board interlocks between banks and the capitalist corporations whose stock they own in fascist monopoly USA, and these interlocks give those banks considerable influence independent of stockvoting power. For example, Morgan Guaranty is the top stockholder of General Electric, and two members of the Morgan Board of Directors sit on GE’s board. Citibank, that has its tentacles in all of Africa, resisting liberation and bringing about tortures with their money, in conjunction with the U.S. CIA that our tax dollars supported, is the second-largest stockholder in GE, and the chief executive officer of Citibank sits on the board of General Electric. Cozier yet are the interlocks among the top 21 banks and investment institutions themselves in USA fascist monopoly capitalism. According to the subcommittee’s staff, Morgan Guaranty is stockvoter number one in four of its New York sister banks: Citicorp, Manufacturers Hanover Corporation, Chemical New York Corporation, and Bankers Trust New York Corporation, as well as BankAmerica, and the Bank of America Corporation. In turn the top stockvoters in Morgan’s parent holding company, J.P. Morgan and Company, are Citicorp, Chase Manhattan, Manufacturers Hanover, Bankers Trust, and Rockefeller, Incorporated America’s so-called economic democracy bears an unmistakable resemblance to old fascist– fashioned– old-fashioned fascist oligarchy, the rule of the rich. So that is what Time Magazine has to admit really owns America.

Thus ends the news and commentary and some food for thought for this Thursday afternoon about the ruling class of monopoly capitalism that spreads its ugly tentacles around the world attempting to stifle liberty. But we are glad that at this moment, Afghanistan has had a successful revolution and that the government of the people has won and become pro-Warsaw Pact and pro-Soviet. Thank you, and all my love.

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(begins in middle of an earlier new broadcast)

Jones: –of its members and the public. We belong – and I am a member of the Guyana Council of Churches – and the Council has called on member churches to study the proposals in the bill. When the bill was put to the vote, it received support from all 34 peace– PNC, Peoples National Congress members, that are in the Parliament. Now, it’s interesting to note that only do we see the positive side on the front page. We get Dr. [Cheddi] Jagan’s position on page 11, (Pause) and it received, as I said all, 34 parliamentarians’ support, and the two in the United Force parliamentarians voted against it. Dr. Jagan had an hour before he staged a walkout after a 100-minute speech in which he waxed worn and appeared frenzied at times. It may be the classic tool of propaganda for an organ of the PNC, which the Guyana Chronicle is a paper of the government, to print things on a back page, knowing that people do not read long– they be– read only the front page, and don’t continue a long, heavy article. We will not be guilty of that vulnerability. We will think, and we must think, and you may even find other motives. It is a strange situation. Nonetheless, in a troubled Guyana where the PNC is not the majority, but a minority, where East Indians do outnumber, and the PPP ostensibly outnumbers the potential of the PNC in vote-getting, it is strange that the Guyana Chronicle has decided to print any of the opposition’s position, as you will see as I continue.

Dr. Jagan accused the PNC of wanting to rape the Constitution, and said the PPP will not be a party to this confounded damn nonsense. This is a travesty of the rights of the people. According to Dr. Jagan, the ruling party was planning to postpone elections and/or reconstitute Parliament by nomination of representatives from various organizations so it would be weighted in favor of the Peoples National Congress. He said– Stand by. (tape edit) (pause) Dr. Jagan said he was challenging the Peoples National Congress, ruling party of the government, to give any instance where the existing constitution has been a check on anything it wanted to do. All this talk about the constitutional change being necessary for a socialist Guyana is a lot of poppycock. I challenge them to say, said the Guyana Chronicle, in what way with the amendments they have already made is the constitution an obstruction? Dr. Jagan said. The opposition leader of the PPP, People’s Progressive Party, Dr. Jagan said, the PNC’s record did not warrant it being given the carte blanche power which it was seeking under the bill. The ruling party had further given several undertakings in the past and had not honored them. We say– Stand by (pause) that now is the time for the people of this country to understand that this PNC regime is interested in perpetuating itself in power, he said. Remember this was said– this speech and his performance was made the exact day that uh, Dr. [Forbes] Burnham was leaving for the Soviet Union.

United Force leader, Fielden Singh, which is a moderate capitalist group, very small, doesn’t represent even two percent of the population, said his party was clearly opposed to the bill since, according to him, it was a departure from the understanding at the 1965 constitutional talks and was against the Constitution. He denied what he said were slanderous suggestions that the heavily-entrenched provisions in the Constitution had been inserted to please the United Force, claiming that the draft by former attorney general Sony [Shridath] Ramphal had taken– and taken by the PNC to the conference. He charged the ruling party was evading the taking of specific issues to the people. Now this is opposition from the right wing, United Force.

Charges by the opposition were, however, firmly denied by government ministers who spoke on the bill on behalf of the PNC. Energy and Natural Resources minister Hubert Jack – who’s visited here, black man married to a white woman, very friendly to us, ostensibly, he’s now in the Soviet Union and North Korea with Dr. Burnham – declared that the opposition was aware that a society in the throes of transition, change from socialis– capitalism to socialism, found it necessary to change the Constitution, and in each case the constitutional changes reflected a new stage of development. According to him, the PPP was making all sorts of fantastic suggestions about the rulings– ruling party’s doorstep meetings, (tape edit) such as that the PNC was soliciting proxy voting and that the Constitution was being framed for 10 years and would be backdated for five years. Now this PNC doorstep meetings that the opposition are making accusations about are not in any way soliciting proxy voting, because our people are involved in the PNC in Georgetown, and they’re not doing it for that purpose. They’re just acquainting them with the goals of the government and the need for uh, strong and vigilant efforts to avoid waste and for just general support of PNC goals. “How much more fantasy can we get?” said Dr. Jacks [Jack], Hubert Jacks, the Natural Resources minister. “Is this the thing that is going to be told to the man in the street to confuse him?” he said.

The government did not expect that the opposition would give it carte blanche – the word is C-A-R-T-E and second word B-L-A-N-C-H-E, that means a full clearing to anything the administration did – but onlmost every occasion, Dr. Hubert Jack said, when the government was about to take some serious step, instead of sitting down and discussing calmly (tape edit) with each other and looking for some method of accommodation, the opposition took the opportunity to create confusion, he said. Instead of slinging match– of a slinging match, the people should keep in mind the advantage of the nation from what was to take place. With his two-thirds majority in Parliament since 1973, the PNC government coulda changed several of the entrenched positions in the Constitution but did not, he said. That shows the PNC, is he– either principled or concerned that it does not have popular people’s support. Anyway, we have nothing to [be] concerned about. We are our support, but we have been loyal to the PNC.

The point was emphasized by Attorney General and Justice Minister, Dr. Mohammed Shahabadeen, who accused the opposition of hysteria and irrational fear which he said prevented them from noticing it. By the way, Justice Minister Dr. Mohammed Shahabeen [Shahabadeen] is also in the Soviet delegation. Such provisions constitute in a real sense the kernel of the Constitution and could have been exercised, but were not, he said. (rape edit)

I find it strange, by way of commentary, that if the nation is really as troubled as people say, if there isn’t some kind of understanding with the opposition, that is, on the part of Dr. Burnham, the PNC and the PPP, and with the Soviet Union, it would be a dangerous time for him to leave the nation. Or indeed, does he have assurances from other quarters? It should provoke your thinking. That’s why we’re here.

Under such turbulent opposition, with all the opposition walking out, and the head of the opposition, main opposition, upsetting the Parliament chair, table and desk, throwing his papers around, it’s a very difficult time for a prime minister to leave. And he has cancelled in the past other visits, intended visits, to not only uh, nonsocialist countries, but to socialist countries alike in the last minute. The issue should be, said the prime minister, whether the bill constituted a legal, acceptable method of changing the Constitution, and it could not be faulted on that issue, he said. Dr. Shahabadeen focused on whether or not there should be a referendum procedure for the changing of entrenched provisions in the Constitution, reminding that what the bill was seeking essentially was to remove such a procedure and replacing instead the two-thirds parliamentary majority. This is what the people are upset about. They want the people to decide changes in their constitution, which is healthy, unless you have, indeed, a strong, one-party, Marxist-Leninist uh, party that is open to self-criticism, that does have interaction and opposing views within a Marxist framework. This is my commentary.

According to Dr. Shahabadeen, the ref– referendum procedure imposed a too-rigid constraint and the two-thirds majority struck just the correct balance. The referendum requirement was not in the constitution of Ireland, India, Trinidad and Tobago, or Barbados, said he. It would’ve been technically competent for the government to introduce a new constitution outside of the procedures set out in the existing constitution, he argued. This has been done in Ireland, where the Parliament resolved itself into a constituent assembly and adopted a new constitution. If the intention of the government was to be as vicious as the Peoples Progressive Party opposition make it out, it would’ve put in a new constitution in a different way without being hamstrung by the existing procedures. They could have put one in, technically now, because the PNC has two-thirds majority in the Parliament, whether there by rigged elections, as accused by many people throughout the world, or not. They could have done it. They have the actual power to change the Constitution, because they have more than two-thirds membership of the Parliament. But the PNC did not. Maybe it’s all a ruse. Maybe they didn’t even intend to do it.

At least it’s been tabled, because the Prime Minister did not – Dr. Burnham, before he went to Moscow – did not decide to even talk on the subject and said it was tabled for the time being. But there was suggestion that there would have to be [an] election if there was anything to be done about it between June 10 and September 10, as I said, and we were approached the next day as to how our vote would be. And then we said our support would certainly be forthcoming, that we did want certain matters resolved once and for all. Anyway, if the intention of the government was to be as vicious as they – the opposition – make out, according to the Guyana Chronicle, remember this is a Guyanese PNC view, because the Guyana Chronicle is the organ of the government. It would have put in a new Constitution in a different way without being hamstrung by the existing procedures. The government does not seek to wrest power from the electorate – that is the people – by popular vote, but is going directly to the electorate, the people for a popular vote to put the bill to them, confident that it will prevail, he said. Well, we shall see. If they were very confident, or totally confident, they would probably not have come to us asking us to vote, which is not in a one sense, legal to do so.

One jailed, one freed, in arms cases. One of two accused in the Aboray [phonetic] firearms and ammunition case suspected to be the uh, starting of some counter-insurgency or revolutionary activity, has been freed. It’s strange that they do not deal very severely with people who have arms in this country. Course, our arms are licensed. The second, who was found guilty of having u– unlicensed firearms and ammunition and in possession of firearms, was sent to prison for one month to one year. Justice Rudolph Harper imposed the penalty on Naipaul Motalal [phonetic] East Indian, 19, and Justice Harper is black. They’re not even coming down on East Indian opposition with arms. It shows that there (sighs) great concern about dissent in this country and not to anger the dissent too much, it would seem to me, and I’m open to your input, you can bring to me in the radio office any views you have. Moreover, it shows a need to keep solidarity and a great room of freedom which they have allowed the opposition leader to commit a violation of the law by tearing up the Parliament desk and table and throwing it over on the floor.

Anyway, (unintelligible name), 45, who was charged jointly with the offense, was found not guilty, in keeping with the jury’s recommendation for mercy. And of course the jury here may go one way and the government another. The government takes strong positions by assuring us things that uh, they technically cannot do except by referendum, but they have given us special concessions, they’ve bypassed their laws, they have guaranteed the return of people who attempt to leave our community to cause destruction or disturbances. They have guaranteed to increase their force to protect our people (tape edit) from outside attack. Nonetheless, the people in general, when they’re brought to trial these days, do not face heavy sentences on matters of the most serious crime, such as having arms and ammiz– and ammunizition unlawfully. State Prosecuting Counsel Wilton Edwards [phonetic], had urged the jury to accept the story that the two men were arrested and charged with the offense on February 14, 1974, as a result of a police raid. It’s taken that long, and they’ve been out on bail since, for it to come to trial. (tape edit) Stand by. (pause)

[Cyrus] Vance defends Carter’s arms policy. Secretary of De– of uh, State Mr. Vance in critical talks with Moscow that don’t seem to be yielding anything as of the news of this moment, is stating that uh, the arms race will lead to nuclear war unless there is some agreements through mutual and balanced restraints, and this is the central element of the U.S. policy, he says, under seven presidents, Democratic and Republican. State Department officials said Mr. Vance’s speech was aimed at countering domestic criticism that the administration was focusing on arms control at the expense of giving up adequate defense, as an increasing right-wing mentality amongst the U.S. popular– popularity, I mean amongst U.S. populace. It also attempts to counterbalance a speech by President Carter in North Carolina, which was very hawkish or warlock– warlike, which sharply criticized uh, the Soviet Union and was sharply rebutted and criticized in Moscow for its warlike tone and stress on aggressive military arms. There are clear limits to what we should expect from arms control, said Secretary of State Vance, but it is equally clear that arms control, pursued in a deliberate and measured way, will contribute significantly to reducing the prospect of nuclear war, which hangs over us ominously, Mr. Vance said. This is why I believe so strongly that our security is best protected by policies of strength in our national defense and by practical arms control agreements that limit the dangers of nuclear war, which we must respond to urgently, as there’s grave danger of nuclear war on so many– uh, so many, uh instances of world confrontation. I’m cutting it short. Stand by. (pause)

We should be testing our water. We should boil water if there’s any question at all. We should be testing our water. Medical team, this must be a part of the routine standard. Now again, I want to remind you that it’s important that we have the most advanced and intense security. We have a guest arriving tomorrow, thus necessitating a People’s Rally, Agricultural meeting tonight. We’ve fallen back in agricultural production, and we have to have one anyway. Occasionally, you actually were in a– a brief White Night this week, though it was won. White Nights don’t necessarily mean that they were as serious – not by any means – as the magnitude of our seven-day war. But it’s important that you realize that any guest that comes in, you do not speak to them, you do not try to get them anything, because nothing will get out anyway. We will be very closely observing that. But you do not try to undertake discussions unless asked to.

It’s also important again to realize that we are asked to participate by both the opposition and the PNC, the trade union council, the head of all unions in Guyana. In fact they have helped our cause by purchasing shirts through us which aided our cause some thirteen thousand dollars, which we needed desperately, because we need to look to every way of making money and every means of saving. Anyway, we will be marching and we will perform, and we must have a float, so you need to be working on that now, those who have artistic talent.

We also have an invitation to make a few hundred dollars the night before at the Pegasus. It is a limited number. No one can go in who has any danger of police record that could be kidnapped and taken back to a trial that c– could clearly be proven against them. Guilty of any past crimes. Anyone of course can be framed, so that will mean that all of you will have to stick very, very close together if you are selected to go in. We have checked on the matter and it appears that in the actual confederacy of the conspiracy, where they talked mercenary hiring, we do not have the family– although they’re no doubt in the background, because they were quite willing to do what [Tim] Stoen wanted done, to have Brian Bouquet put under court order, they were quite willing to do what Stoen and (unintelligible name) personally asked them to do. But I know you say you have to have him. You can’t have John, because John– for two reasons, he cannot go because Stoen made he and Ken Norton, a particular victim, in that they had some past situations that he attempted to utilize, and we will not forget them. Secondly, John, the doctor and all lab people must spend the time, which will go along concurrently with this famous researcher into cancer, Dr. Walt [Thain], who worked with Dr. Papp for many years and is bringing us all kinds of uh, medical equipment, if it will be able to get through customs, as we are now– we must negotiate by the way over the radio, that he would be here showing us how to test for every kind of cancer and to know how to do these biopsies and pathology and so forth. So, you’re going to have to look through your musical group and see if there are any others. I don’t remember if– or any of you that have anything that could be picked up in legal records and used against you, but that will have to be gleaned by our legal department. Thus requested though uh, so far are Marthea [Hicks] and Dianne. That’s all that’s been requested, as well as the band. We do not know if there’ll be any more or not, we will let you know. If you are picked to be in the march, you must be sure that you at all times stay with the group, because Billy Oliver Jackson can tell you how many close attempts he had, they actually came into our yard and looked over him, they stopped a vehicle on the road to the airport and decided against it, though one of them had a gun, went through the entire vehicle. It would’ve been easier to have abducted him, taken him a quarter of a mile and taken him out by sea. So you have to realize the severity of these possibilities. We are up against mercenaries, who, by the admission of the press, and by a (unintelligible word) statement of George Hunter publisher of the Ukiah Journal, we know that the person– the front person for the hiring is Lois Ponts’ husband [Don Ponts]. We know however that all the rest of them – Stoen, Mertles [Elmer and Deanna Mertle, aka Al and Jeannie Mills], Neva [Sly], a whole mess, Maria’s dad [Steven Katsaris], the whole of them–

(end of SIDE 1)


Jones: Don’t wander without direct permission. You have nothing to fear. You shouldn’t wander anyway, because of the snakes and the tigers that’re out in the adjacent surrounding area. But you have no fear. We are quite able to protect ourself. But there should be planned rehearsals, because as of now, unless I change it from some emergency, some elements of the musical group and entertainment group will be going in for what is called Labor Day, the communist international labor day, it was started by the Soviet Union, and been honored by all socialist nations the world over. (tape edit)

Shipping has been slowed down through the Panama Canal due to great unrest that is taking place amongst the Panamanian people. Radio Czechoslovakia has said that Panama should look with a wary eye to U.S.A., because already they have changed their minds several times on this Panamanian treaty, and even though the crazy nigger tactic of President [Omar] Torrijos of Panama won the passage of the treaty, the United States has nothing but a series of broken treaties with the Indians and black people, as well as socialist nations of the world. Any nation that will not side– not sign a treaty against mass murder, genocide, is a nation of murderers, a government capable of anything. And U.S.A. is the only big nation in the world to refuse to sign a treaty guaranteeing that they will not do what Adolf Hitler did, killing seven million of his people in gas chambers. That’s all it is. Simply that. And United States– you would think it would be psychological advantage to sign it. But they will not, even for psychological purposes, sign the Genocide Treaty.

Several prison guards were shot today in Turin, Italy. Three members of the Red Brigade shot their way attempting to get 15 members of the Red Brigade out of prison. They did not get the urban guerillas released who are being held on a trial for subversion against the state of capitalism, but one of the gunmen did succeed in killing five. He was later arrested, but at a medical clinic before they were able to interrogate him, he took poison and died. His capture could have given the police a breakthrough in their hunt for the Red Brigades. But these people mean business. They are truly communist and Marxist-Leninist in the highest fashion. We salute that young man, only 19, who was revolutionary, who was not only willing to live for revolution, but to die for it, and was not willing to take the chances of undergoing– he was taken to a medical clinic, obviously with the t– uh, the interest of interrogating and putting him through various chemicals to get him to speak, like you saw on The Day of [the] Jackal, just some bit of information that might’ve led to the Red Brigades who have kidnapped former Italian– the Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro, who is still being held, although there are only hours left.

However, the Christian Democratic Party, the capitalist segment, are now getting nervous, as more and more people are getting killed and kidnapped. They have no concern for Moro, or they would’ve raised their hands when his first death notice came. He was to be executed, you know, and they did a diversion, and killed a member of the secret police and dropped him in the lake outside of Rome, a 45-year-old member of the secret police, so that they could get Prime Minister Moro out of the country. They’re a highly organized and disciplined group. They shot their way through five bodyguards, killing them all, to get this renegade of capitalism, who had served capitalism so well as prime minister, five times elected in Italy, and had been one of the best exponents of capitalism and neofascism in the world. But nothing was done to lift their hand to protect him now. But now the capitalist– his party is calling for an extension of 24 hours as they consider the release of socialists and communists and are wanting to know precisely where the socialists and communists are that he want– that the Red Brigade want released, and how many. So perhaps the Red Brigade will give them an additional 24 hours, and maybe it’s a trick to try to capture more of the Red Brigades. You never know what capitalists are capable of. I’m sure the Red Brigades have no illusions about the infamy and the deception and the meanness of capitalist pigs who work under the guise of free enterprise but are actually neofascist. The Red Brigade, as you know, is funded by the USSR. It promised haven and sanctuary in the German Democratic Republic, communist East Germany, and the Yemen Republic, the PDR, Peoples Democratic Republic, communist. On the map you’ll notice it near the Horn of Africa. The Red Brigades have not (Pause) yet told who they want released, but they have claimed responsibility in the past three weeks for the gunning down of some 88 members of the national police and the secret police, as well as eleven who have been kidnapped and are held now in hostage, demanding money to help with revolutionary activities throughout Europe and release of all political prisoners, not necessarily those who believe with their guerilla activities, but all socialists and communists. The Red Brigade cannot help but gain admiration from true Marxist-Leninists everywhere. Stand by. (tape edit) (pause)

Again, gastroenteritis is very curable, but is a waterborne disease, and I do wish that we test our wells. We have never had any problem, but I want to keep a constant test on our waters, and as I said, I want a constant test so that a medical physical is able to be done within a matter of a month on all people here. I want this to be done. We can do this to help our doctor, certain surface sorts of things can be done, high degree of organization can take place. I want to be sure that we have – and that we have indeed up till now – had the best medical care in the entire world. Even the Soviet Union, with all of its advancements that we see and take note of, if we were in the Soviet Union, we have all the health problems that come from the cold, heat is much better for seniors. Anyone over 55, they estimated that it’s a risk to their health, their very life, for temperatures to drop below 60 degrees. Now 60 degrees. And in times of night, 65. Well, that’s something, when people complain of heat, you are taking out all the impurities that kill. That’s why we’ve had but such little problems of health or death here, even amongst those who violated principle and law. We’ve got people, as you know, in their hundreds, it’s the heat that takes out the impurities, that keep the body warm, and it’s noted by all medical authorities that heat is better. And we don’t have that cost of fuel, anybody can live. It’s a remarkable place to be in the world. You think you miss certain modernization and foods, so forth, but you stop to think about it, you can live without even shelter, just simple –the leaves, like the toolie huts. You can cut down a tree, you can eat some fruits, you can hunt, in warm climates. Uh– But in the Soviet Union, they have to worry about the very high cost of fuel, and uh, you have to worry about clothing. We could actually n– not even have to worry about clothing, we could adapt so much in the weather here.

I would suggest that all of you that have any problem at all, when you question the leadership, my principled leadership, or any area of principle here, or for any reason you would consider not wanting to be here, that you get the problem worked out. Because we are together. And we might as well understand each other so you can enjoy your opportunities. There’re some great things ahead. For travel, we’re helping revolutionary elements in other places of the world. Education abroad. But you’d better get the problems worked out, because we’re together. It’s like marriage, till death do us part. You will not be able to get away from us. If you were by the remotest chance able to do something that would succeed in bringing down this group, you would be brought down also, because we have intricate designs for just such operations. People already assigned to every person that has ever once been inside this movement, that’s caused any difficulty whatsoever. So it’d be good of you, if you would, to try to work out any problems in an open manner. We welcome uh, constructive criticism, there’s some of you who are hostile. We know it. We have witnesses to conversations. We’re just watching you, taking note of your activities.

Now, please. Let it be that you can be in a position of trust, because you certainly see the forgiveness that Father demonstrates, as with Peter [Wotherspoon]. In a few days, he’ll be teaching, under controlled circumstances. ‘Cause all teachers and students ought to recognize that he is a good teacher. He will not be allowed to be in a place of temptation with any child on a one-to-one basis other than in council, in the open daylight, in the public school forum. This does not take away from his teaching ability. He will not again, uh, till we see total change, which would take a considerable time, be allowed alone in quarters. He will not live alone with any children. He will be in the structured environment with some of our best leaders. Live in and have come out of. But we do believe in redemption, and certainly we have shown that we believe totally in the evolution prospects. Father has always lived on the side– your office of socialism has lived on the side of trust and growth, though I trust nothing but the principles in me, and look constantly, cynically, at everything. I love you so much that I give you opportunities for trust. Though I trust nothing perfectly but me, and then I don’t trust my own consultations. I always, before making decisions, consult. But I know my principles. I know my integrity. I know that I would go through torture, interrogation, for years and years, and not in any way give up my principle or give one bit of information that could hurt one of you. I would do anything at all times or any time for your welfare. I believe in me. I know me. But it’s important that you know me, because it’ll make your life here that you must live with us by necessity, it will make it easier for you. And you can also help to improve your community, because if anything comes that brings it down, you go down. And if you are an infiltrator or a coward, you will not go down in the way you would like to go down. There are those that are assigned to those that do treason to see that they go down in a very slow, (emphatically) very, very slow, deliberate process. We want you to understand that. It’s matters of reason. Just because we talk of plans in public forum, what you would do. Long before I got here, the plans were already laid. We have absolutely detailed codes for every emergency. There’s nothing that we have not thought of for your protection. We welcome any further ideas on how to implement the security against murderous capitalist mercenaries. We do not like having to live uh, with intelligence, but we do have intelligence-gathering. We do not like to have to live in an atmosphere where you do not know who had the means to defend the community, but it’s necessary. Cuba did it, and have developed now a great and free democracy, where many of the restraints are completely removed. So so, in Czechoslovakia. Also, in North Korea. And we will always give opportunity for freedom when the time comes, because I love for you to be free. But when our fascist enemies are planning to kill their own relatives, I’m sure you understand the necessity for all safeguards.

Transkei in the lower part of Union of South Africa – it’s right on the Atlantic Ocean bordering the Indian Ocean – continues to be independent of the Republic of Africa, with supplies being brought to it by sea and airborne. Union of South Africa is in a grave desperate last plight. Botswana has rebelled and taken in 25,000 refugees, and giving open assistance to those fighting for liberation. Namibia, with 60 percent of its white population pro-German and Nazi, as you know there’ve been attempts to resettle them by U.S. imperialists and German imperialists, in Uruguay, which we’ll be writing protests to, to the Guyanese government, that ought to be something being done by educational department now to have us all sign a petition saying we protest the importing of those who propagate apartheid and have lived under racist systems in Zimbabwe and Namibia and Union of South Africa being allowed in the South American continent. We should give that, that would give the government backing, because the Guyanese government has taken strong stands against apartheid. We’re glad to note that Brazil, a nation though to the right of center to our– immediate uh, beneath our map to the south, nation much larger than the United States plus another state the size of Texas, though it’s predominantly black, will not welcome these people. Nor will our neighbor, Venezuela. But they are being welcomed in Costa Rica and Uruguay, and we must resist this vi– vicious and dangerous element of apartheid, racism, bigotry, fascism, that’s being attempted to be exported into this part of the world. There were plans to settle 250,000 of them in Bolivia, near Santa Cruz, by the dictator [Jun Pereda]. But the six brave women that went on the hunger strike have thwarted his plans. So we must keep an active interest in what’s going on in the world. You will be responsible now for everything that I say.

Warnings. Admonitions. Again, as I said, all guests, you are responsible to not discuss anything of our defenses. Not to talk about it. Our licensed weapons. Not to talk about anything at all. You’re not to go into any matter of education. I will take care of that. Anyone who does violate that will be dealt with severely by the people. Thank you. All my love.

Remember, People’s Rally tonight. We hope to make it short, but it’s necessary with our guests arriving by boat tomorrow. For your information, there’s 5,000 pineapple, 2,000 oranges, and 2,000 something else, a type of fruit, uh, something like a mango, uh, but it’s a– you ought to have a lot of delicious fruit that will help keep our food balanced, I had them search all over because it’s not the fruit season, I had them search all over Guyana to get that pineapple. That’s how much I love you, and I’m concerned that you have the best of what you need.

Much love. If you don’t understand that love, don’t understand my principles, contact me, so we can live together in peace, because we will, if we have war, die together. Thank you.

(Long pause, followed by two recorded songs by Stevie Wonder.)