Podcasts on Jonestown

Transmissions from Jonestown (2017-2018) (Article by Shannon Howard, podcast creator)

The Last Podcast on the Left (2018)

The After Midnight Podcast (2017)

Casefile True Crime (2017) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Jonestown (Part 1) (83 minutes)
Jonestown (Part 2) (59 minutes)
Jonestown (Part 3) (58 minutes)

Dark History Podcast (2017) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

History Untold (2017)

Jonestown Massacre (13 minutes)

Jim Harold’s Crime Scene (2017)

Secret Transmission Podcast (2017)

Killers, Cults & Nutjobs (2016) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Unpopular Culture (2016)

Ask Historians (2015) (Reviews by Jason Dikes and Ailsa Lung)

Liar City (2015) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

The Podcast of Doom (2015)

Sword and Scale (2015)

Episode 50 (108 minutes)

Thinking Sideways Podcast (2015)

The Mills Family (70 minutes)

Those Conspiracy Guys (2015) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Timesuck (2015) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Eavesdrop (2015) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

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