Podcasts on Jonestown: A Compendium

The Worldview Clash Clash (February & March 2021) NEW

A six-part series that looks at “the Peoples Temple Movement from a biblical Worldview,” by Jason Burger (22 minutes)

Paranoid Planet (March & April 2021) NEW

Episode 3.4: “The Cultic Culture Club” (part 4), an interview with Jonestown Institute co-director Fielding McGehee by Michel Gagne (111 minutes)

BBC Heart & Soul: Jonestown: From Socialism to Slaughter (December 2020) NEW

Part 1, 12/4, 2020 (27 minutes)) & Part 2, 12/11 2020 (27 minutes), by Erin Martin
Originally broadcast on BBC World Service, this two-part program explores “intimate questions of faith and spirituality” from around the world. The basic Peoples Temple story is presented along with warning signs, which are paired with segments of interviews with Tim Carter, Leslie Wagner-Wilson, Jordan Vilchez, Stephan Jones, Vera Washington, and Fielding McGehee, and recordings from the Peoples Temple archives.

Silent Command (November 2020) NEW

Hurry, My Children: A Jonestown and Peoples Temple Audio History, by Mike Appelstein (114 minutes)
The podcaster’s discussion of the program and his listing of sources appears here.

Vice Extremes (February 27, 2020) NEW

Escaping a Cult, an interview with Vernon Gosney (45 minutes)

Oversight: Jonestown (November-December 2019)

Introducing Oversight: Jonestown (2 minutes)
24 Hours (31 minutes)
Descent Into Madness (30 minutes)
The Cover Up (19 minutes)
Final Warnings (36 minutes)
Who’s To Blame (34 minutes)
Epilogue: Shattered Lives (30 minutes)

Additional online articles from CQ Roll Call Magazine appear at https://www.rollcall.com/jonestown/

Historic.ly (October 18, 2019)

Necromipod (April 2019)

The Truth about True Crime with Amanda Knox (2018-2019)

Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle
Part 1: Making a Monster (25 minutes)
Part 2: Rainbow Family (21 minutes)
Part 3: California Dreaming (27 minutes)
Part 4: Losing Control (25 minutes)
Part 5: Promised Land (26 minutes)
Part 6: No Escape (34 minutes)
Part 7: Life After Jonestown (25 minutes)

AllOutAttack (February 14, 2019)

Transmissions from Jonestown (2017-2018) (Article by Shannon Howard, podcast creator)

Bloody Classic (January 7, 2019)

Criminal Broads: The Podcast (November 14, 2018)

Open Minds on Air (July 28, 2018)

Murder Made Me Famous (July 27, 2018)

Jim Jones (49 minutes)

RadioJustice.org (March 2018)

The Breakdown (59 minutes)
An interview with Jonestown survivor Leslie Wagner Wilson and writer Sikivu Hutchinson

The Last Podcast on the Left (2018)

Cults (2017 – 2018)

The After Midnight Podcast (2017)

Casefile True Crime (2017) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Jonestown (Part 1) (83 minutes)
Jonestown (Part 2) (59 minutes)
Jonestown (Part 3) (58 minutes)

Dark History Podcast (2017) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Episode 05: The Rise of Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple (Part 1) (91 minutes)
Episode 06: The Jonestown Massacre (Part 2) (88 minutes) [Editor’s note: The URL for this podcast edition is defunct.]
Minisode 01: Jonestown Conspiracy Theories (Part 3) (40 minutes) [Editor’s note: The URL for this podcast edition is defunct.]

History Untold (2017)

Jonestown Massacre (13 minutes)

Jim Harold’s Crime Scene (2017)

Secret Transmission Podcast (2017)

Killers, Cults & Nutjobs (2016) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Unpopular Culture (2016)

Ask Historians (2015) (Reviews by Jason Dikes and Ailsa Lung)

Liar City (2015) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

The Podcast of Doom (2015)

Sword and Scale (2015)

Episode 50 (108 minutes)

Thinking Sideways Podcast (2015)

The Mills Family (also here) (70 minutes)

Those Conspiracy Guys (2015) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Timesuck (2015) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Eavesdrop (2015) (Reviewed by Jason Dikes)

Originally posted on February 9th, 2018.

Last modified on December 30th, 2021.
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