Q204 Transcript

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Prokes: This is Mike Prokes, and I’m here in Jonestown. With me is Arthur Hernandez, who is a farmer. Ermel [phonetic] Jones and her baby, his name is Velma. And Leslie Lowe. They’re all from Port Kaituma, and they came in to see the medical clinic and be examined today. Uh, Arthur, was this your first visit to Jonestown?

Hernandez:  Yes, first visit to Jonestown.

Prokes:  Did you enjoy it?

Hernandez:  Very much.

Prokes:  What uh, sort of impressions do you have of what you saw coming in?

Hernandez:  Well, I saw lots of bananas planted, cassa– the cassava also. And also some uh, chi– uh, (unintelligible word) oranges and (unintelligible word)

Prokes:  Um-hmm. And what about the uh– the medical treatment you received? Is it– What–

Hernandez:  I had no treatment but examination, and uh, doctor [Larry Schacht] asked me to go to Georgetown for another operation with the hands.

Prokes:  I see. (Pause) Good afternoon. This is Mike Prokes. I’m in Jonestown here in our radio facility, and with me is Leslie Lowe, who came in for a medical examination. Leslie, was this your first visit to Jonestown?

Lowe:  No, I– uh, fourth appearance now.

Prokes:  Fourth time you’ve been in? I see. And uh, how did you enjoy your visit?

Lowe:  Oh, it was very nice. Uh, nice treatment, with the doctor and food after, and uh, (unintelligible)

Prokes:  And what sort of uh, impressions do you have of Jonestown after being here four times?

Lowe:  Well, I see a lot of plants– plain– plaintain, bananas, oranges, pine, (unintelligible), cattle, also rice, nuts and (unintelligible word)

Prokes:  Thank you. (Long pause)

Ermel Jones:  Well, I love Jonestown a lot. From since the time the Peoples Temple have opened their production in– in uh, in here, I have seen a lot of progress. There are many things planted, such as feena [phonetic], a lot of sugar cane, that’s nowhere on sight in Port Kaituma. None of these things have never been seen, but I have seen a lot of things planted in Jonestown production. Thank you.

Prokes:  How do you feel about the– the medical clinic that you visited?

Ermel Jones:  I– I like it very well, because all the treatments that I have received for myself, I’m very proud to know that all have assist me a lot. Also my children. They was very ill when I brought them in here, and now they are strong. So I like the clinic very much, and I hope to come here, whenever anyone of my family is sick. (unintelligible word)

Prokes:  Well, you’re more than welcome to come in anytime. Thank you.