Q274 Transcript

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Jose Simon: [speaks in Native tongue] (tape edit) I was just telling the people about the white people– how white people treated us, how bad they done to us. And when I was a little boy, that the white people was good, when I was a little fella. And when I got a little bigger, and the white person didn’t– didn’t bad. (unintelligible word) like that. And then I got a little older, and then I see this coming, like this. And then I got a little older, now I see this, uh, worse coming. That’s what I was telling about, in my language. And that’s all they did. That’s all for a while (unintelligible, perhaps speaking in Native tongue). (Pause) (Speaks in Native tongue). I’m glad I come to this place. This place is a better place, and (unintelligible) I feel better. I’m happy. I walk better. Okay, that’s all.