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Jones: You are insane. You don’t understand the dire danger of the jungle. You’d be better lost in a proverbial hell than in a jungle. It’s the source of wildlife, the source of food, that all of our people could always eat, if you were led by a guide that knows what they’re doing. But again I remind you and I urge upon you, even if you were to get out, the Guyana Defense Force, the police will return you, to face our structure and discipline. And again, if you got to Georgetown, you have all kinds of barriers from Guyana authorities releasing you, and you cannot just be released by a passport, you must pass Guyanese release of tax clearance and other clearances, you must have release of the Embassy, and now that the Embassy is red-faced over someone stealing money off of us, they will report to us also. There is no way you can try to commit treason against this group, to try to betray by leaving this group, until our people are here to safety. The least you can do is to show the respect for that. We want our people to safety, and goddamn the likes of you that take any risk– cause us any risk [tape distortion for one word, likely “to”] the contrary. Now, back to work and back to production. Step it up, please, step it up, please. All units are back their usual points of surveillance. And again, anyone knowing anything critical, that any negative action or talk of anyone going on the bend or any person going for other reason to Georgetown, report it to this office so that they will not go at the midnight time, this time until they’ve improved their behavior, or have been confirmed about their behavior before they get on board at midnight. Report any negative criticism you hear of any kind, because you are cutting off your own nose to spite your face. It’s yourthroat they’re cutting when they’re cutting down this place, so keep in mind that it is proper to report in a socialist community. Cuba– Free Cuba has committees of defense of the revolution that report all activities of their neighbors, relatives in every block. We are under the same state of emergency. We’re threatened by mercenaries and by the evil machinations of class enemy number one, [Tim] Stoen and his fascist conspirators, CIA-backed, and oil-backed. We will not tolerate anyone else listening to gossip. We will step up our committees of the defense of the revolution. I’m asking coordinators Ava [Cobb Jones], Joyce, so forth to assign special task force of the committee of the defense of the revolution, working with Tim S– [Tupper]

Now, I cannot emphasize this enough, that it must be implemented immediately, so that there will be reporting listening posts in every unit, housing unit, dormitory, because of this kind of foolishness.

We were warned by [likely former minister Fred Wills, could be Rashleigh E. Jackson] the Foreign Mini– Minister, we have infiltration. The only way they could hurt us is from within. So now the security measures must be taken, and taken immediately, implemented immediately. No questions about it. Immediately. Thank you very much. I love you, but I must be stern in the defense of the lives of our children and the safety and protection of getting our people out of that hell of racism that’s going to lead to genocide, extermination, concentration camps of our black people, if not earlier by nuclear war that will murder 212 million of our people in 20 minutes of the nuclear war. For Christ’s sakes, don’t repeat this kind of mistake again.

Again, I remind you, anyone hearing anything negative or knowing or observing anything negative about those going into Georgetown or anyone else in this community, in leadership or any other place in this socialist, egalitarian, equality of this community, report it to the radio office immediately.

You cannot leave this area. It’s impossible. Security– It’s impossible for you to break that security. You could not survive in the jungle if you were to get there. There’re snakes that can make your leg nothing but a mass of open ulceration. Check it in the medical office. And your eyes go blind, and to be paralyzed. Snakes that kill within three hours, or 20 minutes. Crocodiles that devour you in one gulp. Quicksand that swallows you up over your head, just beyond East House. You have no business going in the jungle without a guide like myself that has intuition, or Stephan [Jones], someone that has that kind of direction. I can take you miles in the jungle, but you dare not venture into the jungle. If you are on your work assignment, you are protected. No snake or tiger has ever ventured here, no one has ever been bitten. Tiger will stand off the edge of the community and look at us. That’s a marvelous miracle in itself.

And if you were to make it, by some slim chance, the authorities, the Guyana Defense Force, the head of the whole armed navy– (tape edit) and army. Commander [Clarence] Price is a personal friend who gave up a seat for one of our people, and Dr. [Larry] Schacht, so they could have emergency treatment in Georgetown. They will report. The police will report. Then when you get into Georgetown, the Guyana authorities will report when you have to get your papers, because you can’t travel just on a passport alone, and then the embassy will report, after this defector who stole thousands of dollars [Debby Blakey], which we may well retrieve. But we will have no more of this. Anyone not reporting now, you will be held responsible and will go to the New Brigade. No question about it, no ifs or ands or buts. All crews will be responsible, the supervisors of all crews are to be notified immediately by security, they are responsible for the exact time of the reporting back to work of their people, or they will face the discipline of the entire democracy of this town forum.

All people, coordinators, Ava and Joyce, Johnny [Moss Brown Jones], Charlie [Touchette], are to form committees – or the women, at least – to form committees with the head of security. Tim Jones Day– they are to head committees of defense of the revolution. People in every block, every cottage, every dormitory, so that we can be aware of these renegades of anarchism who have not died out to self-centeredness and ego-centricism that could cause us loss of production, pain and further strain on your father’s health, who is only worried about the loss of this sister, and what it could mean, slow tortuous death in a jungle. My God Socialism, don’t let this happen anymore. And immediately now, implement immediately now, do what I say. Get this done. Every supervisor of every department is immediately responsible to know where all of their workers are immediately and make reports (emphatic) the second anyone disappears. Thank you, and much love.

This is to be repeated repeatedly throughout the entire day, and then it’s to be taken by security to every– this very message. If you have to write it out from my tape, it should be taken to every work supervisor, all crews members of the crew, and indeed, to every committee member of the defense of the revolution, to all SAT security, so that this does not happen again. I could not afford this. I’ve not had rest, no sleep for nearly five dates. Appreciably no sleep for nearly five days, and I cannot stand this, and I beg you, if you care about the one that loves more than anyone who’s ever loved on earth, who has put his life on the line for every one of you, when they were coming for us in those days until we built up our protection, I demand that you show more love, and if you don’t, if you in the security and coordination don’t do it, then you are not thinking as you should of your leader and the protection of this community. Implement, carry out these plans immediately, and give these warnings to people immediately, that it is stupid to try to go through a jungle. It is stupid in Georgetown to try a escape, and anyone that’s heard anything negative of any comment– negative behavior, anything questionable, report it to the radio office immediately, or you will be held responsible. Particularly now. We need it for those that are leaving at midnight for Joe– for Georgetown, so we can question them about the behavior, and if it is questionable beyond a degree, they won’t go this time until they’ve proven themselves. It is for your security that we don’t have to worry about trying to deal with such insane behavior. I thank you, and I love you. (tape edit)

This time, we’ve apprehended someone who has tried this kind of foolish maneuver, and always– we’ve been notified an hour and a half or two hours after they were late for work. This will be dealt with in the most severest fashion possible by the town forum democracy in the future. I want to remind you again, that there are there, within a half mile of the East House, s– quicksand. I’da gone up to my head, hadn’t been for a miracle. Stephan can verify. We were out there, scouting about. Now I can’t imply to you what a tiger can do with one blow of his leg. He can– One blow, and break your whole spine and neck. Not to mention, of course, he can eat you. Caiman, larger than crocodile, the most fierce in the world, can swallow you with a gulp. Spiders, all sorts that never come into Jonestown, and will not bother you if you are in work crew in the jungle under supervision. But here we were notified two and a half hours, found the person in the jungle, but it’s a miracle. Two and a half hours after lunch to be notified. This is horrifying unconcern for the total community. Horrifying lack of sensitivity for the welfare of your leader, who has been nearly five days now without any goddamn sleep. This is stupid, ridiculous. I have to fight to defend our people that are trying to frame some of our people. Carol Stahl now faces some kind of a frame-up in the United States by Stoen. New maneuver, a new maneuver against Stoen a– against Carol Stahl, another worker. This is going on all the time. I have to fight these battles. I’ve been reading encyclopedias of reports from Georgetown and San Francisco and Los Angeles. Fighting battles, reading letters, going through mail, answering it, you have no idea. I don’t need this shit. And the one time in five days I thought would take something to relax again, here we face this kind of bullshit. So, all coordinators are immediately to get with security and we’re to set up intensified– to further intensify the committee of the defense of the revolution, because the Foreign Minister said we should have tight security within. We can’t be hurt, only from within. What could I– my health stood, someone being lost, languishing, dying in the jungle of thirst, for three, four, five days. She was in the jungle. My God, how idiotic. How stupid and how utterly idiotic. And then two people hearing her make reference to train in her mental state of confusion, and not only was she going to run away three days before. This, from now on, will be dealt with most severely by this town forum democracy.

Again, I remind you, all security are to notify, not only through announcement of the P.A., some do not listen. You’re to go to each person in each dorm and cottage tonight. We are to interview closely everyone getting on that boat. Anyone knowing anything negative in this entire Jonestown community, negative behavior, strange behavior, negative conversation, critical conversation, you need for the protection of yourself– I don’t mind. Anything’s easier than loving a thousand people as intensely as I love you, with all my soul, and protect you. I don’t give a goddamn. Torture, jail, or death. That’s easier than this, by a million light-years.

So it’s you that you’re hurting when you don’t report behavior. You’re carrying over a mentality from capitalism that to think is contrary. It was, when you were dealing with fascist law enforcement. But here you’re dealing with law enforcement of the people. The people’s security. SAT is the people’s security to protect your well-being. No crime, no rape, no muggings. By God, think of Steiner Street in the Fillmore. Not only could you not grow any food, you’da starved to death in the upcoming days of food shortages and economic fa– failure and nuclear war, but you could never– There was nothing you could grow, you– nothing could live, you couldn’t protect yourself from crime, your children’s castration, racism, muggings, rape, murder. We have protection here.

And when you report something, it is the honorable duty, and I cannot get that through, and I say to every teacher to get that through to the students now, that is what was practiced by the great socialist people in Cuba and throughout Ethiopia and Nigeria, that’s how they found out what [Jimmy] Carter was trying to do to destroy that whole black nation. By a committee of the defense of the revolution in the Hilton– the– the Nigerian Hilton, where they reported what he was doing with meeting with high-level bankers and oil interest people. Elevator people worked for the committee of defense of revolution. Su– uh, the waiters and waitresses. You must have some responsibility to grow up.

And a lot of education must be done in each cottage. Every cottage supervisor, every cottage must have a supervisor immediately– every cottage must have a member of the committee of the defense of revolution report, every behavior that is strange or negative. All SAT must be much more alert than they are. All coordinators must immediately set up this machinery, that the supervisor is responsible to note where every one of their workers are, and so are the workers. It’s a miracle that we found this person in the jungle. They can be lost, a tiger could’ve gotten her, she– uh, down on her back, even before she got any distance, she was down on her back. So my dears, a tiger could’ve gotten her, or a snake could’ve gotten her, and not reported missing from her crew for one hour and a half. This has been the case, the last that tried to run away, there was three hours. And one other time, two hours. It doesn’t work, you’ve seen it does not work, you can’t get through the jungle, the quicksand, the crocodiles, the snakes, the spiders, you cannot, even if you penetrated, get out, if you got out to the road or the train, the authorities, the Guyana Defense Force, the head of all the army, the air force, the navy and the army is a personal friend who’s come to our headquarters for dinner and gave up his seat for one of our patients and Dr. Schacht. And the police will report you back to us, bring you back, and if you got to Georgetown, which is of course ridiculous, only those leaving on the boat, there are now protections, security measures, there’ll be people that are protected to defend and will defend with their lives you not doing anything to betray this revolution by trying to cause any difficulty, straying away or starting any type of thing counter-revolutionary. Not only that, the Embassy, knowing they participated, they’re embarrassed in someone who had stolen money from us, will report to us and give us a chance to confront, and we’re always at the airport and can do anything we choose if we choose. We consider you as a vital security risk to the entire survival of Jonestown freedom. Now take this to heart now. Take it to heart and consciousness now. We demand that you do so. And may this be implemented immediately, carried out immediately by Ava, Joyce, and perhaps Marceline [Jones], your mother, your wonderful true, loyal mother, as well as Ava and Joyce have been faithful to their jobs and posts, and the head of security SAT, this is to be done now. And I mean I’m holding you responsible and all supervisors  of every department responsible, that we have no more bullshit like this. This person was in the jungle, and could have been eaten alive or b– bitten by a snake that can make an open sore, you look at the pictures in the medical library, where legs are nothing but m– open massively because of snake bites. Some die paralyzed, some die blinded, some die slowly, there’re all kinds of things. And quicksand. You don’t know what the hell you’re doing. If you got somebody, you thought would pay you across the way, to the border of Venezuela, we have a accident just in the– purposeful murder just a few weeks ago, where one of the guides cut the arm off of the person to get a ring or a watch. Stupid, you are stupid. And we cannot stand this strain on our efforts, our loss of production and the pain in my heart worrying about my children. I cannot live this way. And you want me to survive to serve you, you surely need me, when you get all the people here and the systems fall, you’re away from racist genocide, concentrations camps and the hate, the police brutality USA, and nuclear war, then you will have all the freedom. Now you have freedom, entertainment, the best movies, best culture, best music, best food, all this 30 miles around our territory, free territory of s– Jonestown socialism, Christ socialism. Get wise. Now I– I demand that these rules be put into practice immediately. Thank you very much.

(Part II)

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