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Jones: Attention. Good morning, to those I love more than life. Oh yes indeed, more than life.

Recapsulization of Moscow news, due to the faulty tape, but then I’ll bring you up to date with the news of this hour.

United Sta– The United Nations Security Council votes against the deep– or decolonization and the efforts of USA to recolonize Africa. Of course, this is never men– mentioned in US press. Call for a full embargo, the Security Council does, particularly immediately an oil embargo. Little likelihood that USA will regard this uh, embargo on oil, when they’ve just lifted the embargoes and bans to aid the fascist regime, racist regime of Ian Smith in Rhodesia. In spite of the recent news that Bishop [Abel] Muzorewa, one of his Uncle Toms, is about prepared to move out of the illegal regime, because of the horribly discriminatory practices against blacks and the use of torture and other forms of physical bruce– abuse, brutality, and murder against the citizens of Rhodesia or Zimbabwe. (Pause) U– U.N. Security Council unanimously registers grave concern over US plans to lift their ban on Rhodesia. World Council of Churches condemned the internal settlement in Rhodesia and the horrible repressions of the Smith regime, the use of torture, and the presence of USA mercenaries, who are really disguised, they are members of the US Armed Forces trained in New Mexico. There is over 4000 present, and with the other fascist West Germans and the French of NATO puppets, over 15,000 mercenaries are now present– presently engaged in conflict with the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front under Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe.

Cuban Prime Minister [Fidel Castro, President] is visiting the world, stopping in Bucharest, (pause) Hungary, and is stopping in Ro– Romania, and stopping in Yugoslavia. He is moving that way to help establish the summit conference of non-aligned nations that historically has been agreed to take place in Cuba the next year in September. In spite of the further restrictions on Cuba the USA has been able to engineer, causing Canada even to stop all trade agreements, including vital medicines, and some limitations, West German capitalists, in spite of the worsening condition, cannot get parts for old cars, they’re replacing them little by little with Soviet new models, but some cars that are in the early 50’s and late 40’s are still functioning well. It has taught the Cuban people great austerity saving methods.
Their cars look like classics, in the sense of how they’ve been taken care of.

Demonstrations from New Hampshire to California and New Jersey have all been arrested who are protesting the closest of nuclear war, the proliferation or spreading nuclear weapons, and the immense amount of US tax dollars that are being used in pro– propaganda campaign in Europe and Japan in support of the neutron bomb.

International Human Rights Commission of the UN meeting in Costa Rica to discuss CIA terror tactics and police state methods and physical destruction of progressive leaders, brutality and torture. The nations of particular interest will be Niagara– Nicaragua, rather, Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. (Pause)

Israel has been given a main strike force which gives them, in some people’s minds, according to Moscow, a first class– first strike preemptory capability in nuclear technology. Why? No one knows, unless it’s whitemail that Israel already has the bomb and there’s a great deal of Zionist support still at high levels of the multinationals that control the world, sixty percent of the world from USA.

Regional conference in reference to the environment, and the destructive aspects the CIA have utilized in geophysical warfare is also being held, the Geographical Union of the United Nations studying what damage has been done in Africa, causing nearly a million to await slow starvation in and about Ethiopia, and several million more in the West Sahara, under the control of the colonial powers that are the lackeys of US imperialism.

Angolan cultural exhibit has many more attending it than anticipated, due to the fact that the Paris flight control officers have gone on strike and stopped all European travel, so rich millionaires from Europe and Canada and USA and Latin America are finding that they have to go to the Soviet Union on Aeroflot, which is half the rates of the capitalist commercial airlines, and they’re expending great deals of money that they never anticipated going to a socialist nation to do so.

Supply ship orbital station, two more months’ supplies. New series of experiments on cheating defense systems. This is not clarified by Mo– Moscow Radio, whether it’s some new form of utilizing the sun, which theoretically can be done at high altitudes, enough to destroy not only a city but a whole state, or some form of laser technology. But anyway, the Soviets admit that they are engaging in such defense mechanisms,

Six percent industrial output in USSR and an increase by doubling of engineers– chemical engineers, radio electronics, medical people, both for USSR, they have been graduated and for Cuba and Ethiopia and the new socialist freed republic, reunified of Vietnam.

In spite of cloud-seeding and other geophysical warfare methods aimed at hurting Russian harvest, it’s having the best harvest that it has had in years. It’s backfiring on USA, in that their temperatures soared as high as 124 degrees near Chicago yesterday.

Olympic Games repudiates USSR– the Oly– Olympic Games are to be scheduled in USSR for the next term, but USSR will not invite certain racist countries or any country practicing torture, or holding political prisoners in a fascist environment. There’s a movement afloat to try to get the Olympic Games moved away from Moscow. The USSR said that if the Olympic Games are to remain in Moscow, they will have to promote peace, understanding, and relaxation of tensions. Otherwise, they can do with them what they will.

The subject of UN discussions, the Security Council, on decolonization, which is needed immediately, said the Security Council by near-unanimous vote, abstentions of USA, to avoid nuclear war. Mideast tensions, separatism that is working in Lebanon also endangering world peace. China’s aggrandizing policies in Southeast Asia and (Pause) great subject of Moscow Radio is the independence (tape edit?) total freedom of trade union in USSR, which are now aiding patriotic fronts. Through SWAPO, Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, also (unintelligible word) and Polisario movements in Africa. The trade unions have total independent autonomy over their funds, and have a great deal of funds in that the Soviet worker only pays five percent at best for his rent or his tax on his home, and uh, so many things like health care, dental care, provided totally free.

United Nations committee on decolonization comes up with two resolutions, one, to denounce the internal settlement in Rhodesia., the other, to impose severe economic sanctions by the remaining UN signers of the Security Council against South Africa and the white racist regime of Rhodesia. (Pause) (turns head from microphone to cough)

Summit conference at Camp David of emergency nature, where [Jimmy] Carter’s meeting with Israeli’s [Menachem] Begin, who said he– before he’ll give up a dust of the sands that he’s conquered, he’ll go down in the dust of nuclear war, and [Anwar] Sadat. Little is expected to come out of it, because Israel said they will not withdraw from occupied areas, and Sadat says they will give no more. US for some reason is supporting the Tel Aviv government, the capital of Israel. Apparently whitemail, that Israel has great influence still in USA because it’s against their best interests to continue to support Israel against the Arab nations, where it’s infuriating them and causing US already to suffer reprisals in soon-coming oil price increases. The summit is to consolidate the position of the USA, hopefully to talk Sadat into more concessions, said Radio Moscow. Sadat responded to Radio Moscow’s interviewer that he will make no more concessions.

China. World reaction. Policy of Mao’s [Mao Tse Tung], Mr. Chairman in 1959, that nuclear war was inevitable, according to Doctrine of their Three Worlds, said Radio Moscow, and they will resort to any means necessary to bring it about sooner, because they fear that there will be eventual spreading of nuclear weapons, which has not happened now, in that we’re in a zone of peace– in a zone of peace in various parts of this part of the world and other areas of the Southern Hemisphere, such as the Indian Ocean. They feel that nuclear war must be gotten on with.

The Soviet Union warns USA not to think of China as a friend of multinationalistic forces, that they’re not sophisticated enough to deal with China and her plans. Obviously China is wooing away the Second World, to some degree, getting great trade concessions from the NATO members, the European Common Market. She’s being consistent with her Doctrine of the Third World, moreso now in that she’s giving aid to certain beleaguered African nations that have had the bravery, like Tanzania and Zambia and Mozambique, to stand up against US imperialism threat, through Rhodesia with US planes, and South Africa with US planes. China will be getting sophisticated weapons, says Radio Moscow, whereas the USA will gain nothing but a red face.

China and Washington talking about their common interest only for the moment, is expediency, said Radio Moscow. They quote US News and World Report, one of the few magazines that even the US press admits is not under the pay of the CIA, though strangely enough, it is a conservative magazine, which says that China’s sole purpose for getting closer to USA is to promote nuclear war. They’ve even got British helping them build underground shelters, and develop their oil and other mining resources, and US News and World Report calls the Carter Administration foolish for engaging in any kind of coalition with China. The USSR says it’s only a one-sided romance anyway.

This is the principal part of the news. Nothing else that I can see of yesterday’s that was overlooked that was lost in the tape.

Carter, taking a progressive stand, says that the tax compromise bill is too generous on middle and upper ruling class elements, and particularly in their refusal to carry his request to reduce capital gains tax. I mean, to increase the capital gains tax. It will not be lowered even further– it will– it will be lowered, the tap– capital ga– gains tax will be lowered, even further than Carter reluctantly agreed upon. The capital gains tax [is] supposed to be based on those who are making monopoly capitalist profits, which have quadrupled, and even been up as high as ten times. Three times more profits was taken out of Africa by US monopoly capitalists than was put in in all the loans to Africa put together, since US developed this new form of colonialism.

Wholesale prices of non-food items went up, which reflects the economy more accurately than food prices even. The dollar continues to plunge to new lows on the world market.

The Shah of Iran says that he urges OPEC nations, oil nations, Arab nations, including Nigeria and Venezuela, to increase immediately oil prices five percent, because profits are based on US dollar. The US CBS commentary was very snide about the Arabs, said, pity the poor sheiks. If they get any richer, we’ll have real problems, and indeed, they will. But that’s the price they pay for the close tie that they have developed with Zionist, expansionist Israel. Maybe the US is caught between the devil and the deep blue, feeling that Israel will use, as Moscow says, whitemail against them, if they don’t go along with Israel demands to some reasonable degree. ABC editorial by Don Fischer from the New York network, states that uh, this is the case.

David Brinkley of ABC [NBC] Network says some presidents are better at polls than as president. [Dwight] Eisenhower, for instance, did nothing for the people, but maintained a good image. Carter does poorly, said David Brinkley, the network chief news spokesperson. Seventy-three percent rate his performance as poor. Fifty-three percent of the American public don’t want to see him run again. Inflation, said David Brinkley, is destroying our money and driving our standard of living out of our control, so people cannot afford to live, even the upper middle class. US Congress deserves, said Brinkley, more anger, and it is fastly getting it too, as it deserves, because they have been much more to spend money and to unregulate– I mean, to not vote for regulation of taxes on the capitalists but putting greater burdens on the poor and the middle class.

California Supreme Court has taken under submission Proposition 13 to consider whether it’s constitutional or not. Attorney General [Evelle] Younger has defended Proposition 13, but educational department of California says that it– it denies equal protection before the law, which is supposed to be a constitutional guarantee. The poor are not going to be as protected as the well-to-do. Obvious violation. Whether the courts will decide it, and either the California Supreme Court decides it, it is thought by NBC that the Supreme Court will uphold Proposition 13.

Sodium nitrate has definitely been linked directly to cancer in all fish, poultry, and US meats. Urging by the Health and Wel– Education and Welfare and the Food and Drug Administration for immediate curbing on the use of sodium nitrate. However, it is not expected that Congress will take immediate action. For years, they have had evidence that silver nitrate– sodium nitrate rather, used in all fish, poultry, and all US meats was causing a horrible, unprecedented amount of cancer, but the corporations speak louder than the health of the people. More cancers? More money for doctors, more money for hospitals, more money for the big pharmaceutical multinational corporations.

They’ve isolated [a] new outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease that has killed several people at Indiana University in Bloomington.

Planted bomb– the man– the gen– the– the gentleman [Michael Townley] that planted the bomb that killed the chap that I warned prophetically not to go to Washington, former foreign minister [Orlando] Letelier of Ch– Dr. [Salvador] Allende’s Chile, for our tax dollars overthrew that wonderful government, elected by the people, has been returned by Chile under pressure. He has pled guilty, contrary to his agreement with the Chilean junta, for a promise – which had been no more than that – of only serving three years and six months. He has pled guilty that he was one of those who planted the bomb in the car that killed Foreign Minister Letelier of Chile and some American aides, US aides [Ronni Moffitt died, Michael Moffitt survived], right on Embassy Woe– Row in Washington near the Chilean Embassy. He claims that it was under the direct or– orders of DINA [Dirección de Inteligenia Nacional], the secret police that is modeled and was planned by CIA agents to serve as it does. It’s changed its name  since, but this is the situation. Whether anything will be done or not remains a mystery. Thus far, he has named no names for his so-called immunity, which will be broken later after being promised three years and four months for his participating in the planting of the bomb that later killed Letelier.

Rosalynn Carter will lead US delegation to pontiff– the pope’s funeral. Said– The pope said supposedly that all his papers be burned. At least that’s what’s happening. Every note and paper of Pope Paul VI is being burned, in a (unintelligible word) act. Perhaps he had something that was too ra– revealing, but the College of Cardinals have ordered the burning of every scrap of paper, all of his notes and papers, private papers. He ordered that all of his assets accordingly, that is supposedly by his last request, be given to his family, because all pope Pius’ are to die poor. Well, bravo, pope, you died poor, while the Vatican sits on enough gold, the seat of St. Peter, the pope, the pontiff sets on enough gold and silver to feed the world’s hungry.

Memphis 1100 police force remains on strike, in spite of temporary court order. The National Guard has been called into the city of Memphis, and this morning, there will be another court hearing where the police union will have to defend itself against a permanent court order. The governor of Tennessee [Ray Blanton] says the National Guard or the US Army will not be called to fire on police or criminal looters, unless it gets out of hand. I’m sure if this were black people or any other poor white class union, already, they would’ve had to follow the temporary court order.

With the assassination of Prime Minister Murdo– uh, Mearl– What was his name now? Aldo Moroin mind when he was executed, and the capitalists would not trade his life after being a servant, uh, doing the bidding of US capitalism for even one political prisoner– With that in mind, Italy calls out 7000 special secret police and have equipped them with each electronic surveillance and all sort of riot control chemicals. It is said by BBC that the city of Rome has turned into a military state, a police state, during this time of the funeral, commemoration of the death of Pope Paul. It’ll be the first outdoor funeral ceremony ever held for a pope. As if that is of any interest to you or me, but I’ll pass on what I hear on the news.

Senator Herman Talmadge has been increasingly taking an independent stand for more states’ rights and less federal bureaucracy, evidently has crossed some toes, because he’s being indicted or– on charges that he has taken bribes and ordered an aide to deposit them in his bank account. He denies this flatly. Senator from Georgia. He does admit that he had 35,000 dollars that he withdrew from the Senate account temporarily, but does intend to pay it back.

A federal grand jury has indicted Continental Oil. Not one of the richest tri-national oil companies, but rich indeed it is. It’s indicted, the Continental Oil Company, for failure to comply with price– federal price regulation. It bought oil at a higher price and sold it at higher prices than the market that the– the federal law allowed. It falsified its records fraudulently in 1973 on.

More restrictions are been announced against civil service employees by the uh, high– Supreme Court in a new landmark decision.

The apparent reason for a federal grand jury indictment, according to BBC, of the Tennessee federal grand jury, was because that the district attorneys and the attorney generals of Tennessee were afraid to take on the oil interest. Little is thought will come out of it, however. They always get by with murder.

NBC: Senator Bennett Johnson [Johnston] refuses to help enact President Carter’s gas deregulation bill. This time, instead of as in the last case, where Carter was more liberal on taxes and wanted the rich to carry their– at least a modest share, he takes a rightist, pro-capitalist position, and Congress a more liberal position. Congress is hesitant about letting gas companies establish their own prices, the big gas corporate utilities. Carter takes [a] pro-capitalist position on one case, and a more pro-labor position on the other, in reference to taxes.

Senator [James] Abourezk, a– an– an Arabian, or Lebanese from– who represents South Dakota, and Minzenboss– Senator– Senator [Howard] Metzenbaum promises to filibuster if this law goes through the Senate, allowing these big corporations to regulate their own prices. The bo–

(tape edit)

–two hours, then he will hopefully be buried. US Congress, doubtful if they will ban sodium nitrate, said the Chief Whip of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

(tape edit)

Momentary interruption, but necessary, to answer some radio traffic, as I’m up every night, for so many nights and days, I don’t remember. I don’t know what it feels like to lay (unintelligible word) on a bed. I still have my temperature, but I’m carrying on with energy, ‘cause I have a will to serve you a long, long energy level, be around a long time, protecting you, my loves.

Anyway, as I said. US Congress said they doubtful if they will ban sodium nitrate.

Continental Oil agrees to pay civil charges of only 85,000 dollars, has now fixed uh, in a maximum. The lady judge (tape edit) ordered two million, which would be nothing for a great multinational oil company. As you know, they sold oil above regulated prices and defrauded on their taxes and on their books. If any small business person do that or average worker, he’d be in jail for 20 years.

Voters go to Cleveland, in what is the first Sunday election in US history, to recall their young mayor [Dennis Kucinich], who has been a bit too radical to suit them, though he’s anything but a socialist. He has come up against some of the establishment interests of the city of Cleveland, and he has been– he’s being considered for recall. Youngest mayor in uh, office today in USA.

US Congress having great difficulties in getting a compromise bill passed on the tax matter and the regulation of gas.

CBS, most of the uh, 1100 police went on strike 28 hours– uh, 29 hours ago. Other cities that were on strike obeyed the court order, temporary nature, but not Memphis. They say city bus drivers make more than police sergeants and lieutenants, and they’re going to continue to defy, even though the National Guard is now assembled, ready to force them at the point of gun, back to work or to jail. Federal court considering a permanent restraint against the strike in just a couple of hours. If they then continue to violate– and anybody else would already have been ordered arrested or– and forced back to work by the army, as was the United Mine Workers– this will allow, if the federal court upholds a permanent restraint against the strike, the Army to force them back to work or to jail.

The funeral of Pope Paul will just be about two hours away, hopefully.

Dr. David Fraser of the government Disease Control Center [Centers for Disease Control], Atlanta, Georgia, says they have found Legionnaire bacteria in the IU [Indiana University] air conditioning system. Nineteen lay close to death, three already dead. Says it is possibly environmental caused. Refused to clarify whether this was another part of the CIA experimentation gone amok, or whether come new kind of combination of pollutants in the air have created a disease in which there is little known how to combat it. They’ve identified it, but don’t know how to combat it.

Marathon swims to begin from Cuba, though Cuban press giving little publicity for it. Some woman who – I didn’t bother to get her name [Diana Nyad] – is going to swim 130 miles, she hopes, in 60 hours in a shark cage. She will lose twenty pounds in the process, and she’ll be fed intermittently as she swims along, glucose and yoghurt. She will average two miles per hour. It’ll be the longest swim in history, if she’s successful. What all US narcissistic capitalists will do for notoriety. Anything. And what the US press will do to give notoriety to everything except goodness. If you’re going to get any positive press, you’ve got to be doing something very sensational, and if you’re doing good work or approaching civil libertarian causes – or socialism, certainly – you can expect to be destroyed, if they can, by the good willing arm of the monopoly class rulers of US.

New York Times reporter [M.A. Farber] being in jail has disturbed some right wing senators, conservative senators, perhaps more aptly put. The question is, should there be a federal shield to protect the US arm of oppression, that is, the willing arm of the US press that always goes out by the government, first to crush the person, dirty their name, and then set the mood for their assassination or frame-ups in jails. Senator Pat [Daniel Patrick] Moynihan, right wing senator from New York, says indeed at times there may be duties when– when it’s a duty to protect the public, sources must be given. Newspapers behave, however, like a secular priesthood, said other senators. Judge [John] Sirica, a federal judge, was required to give his papers by the court. What makes the press feel it’s above the law. Criminals will not be protected, unless sources remain confidential, says the network ABC. US is in a nasty mood, admits CBS network, against the press, because of such irresponsibility, the press of late to smear and attack anyone it wants. Dirty tactics have caused the mood, said CBS, NBC, and ABC, to turn away from the US press. But NBC says yes, to press sources being a kingdom inviolate. They must not be able to deal with sources. We can see some advantage, but we also see terrible abuse by this, because we saw how Huey Newton was assassinated by the press, just saying, a source said this and a source said that. When they are doing these kind of smear and personality character campaigns of destruction, assassination, they should be required to give their sources.

Unions will argue against the court order about police today. Police of the nation are looking upon this court order that they hope won’t come down of a permanent nature, as test case, because many unions– police unions across the nation plan to strike.

Leslie Van Houten had a federal judge reject that eight years she’s already served in prison had changed her since the charge against her of participation in two murders with Charles Manson. He in fact sentenced her to life after she’d gotten a retrial, he sentenced her to life imprisonment, because he said, on no basis of whether she changed or not, he said it inflamed– your crime was so inflamed on the public mind, I would have to give you a life sentence. That’s a poor reason to sentence someone to life.

Sodium nitrate now proven alone causes cancer. It had been argumented [argued] by the meat producers in USA for years that it took combinations of other chemicals. Now it produce– it shows that sodium nitrate will cause cancer in every living being after so much ingestion after years of time, and sodium nitrate is in all US poultry, fish, and every kind of US meat.

Ford Pinto became funeral pyre in Indiana last night because of unsafe gas tank exploded. The first time, the car was ordered impounded by the law authorities and the court. Nothing has been done to recall Pintos, even though thousands of deaths have been reported because of these faulty fuel tanks made by Ford Motor Company, just to cut cost. Ford now talks after the death of these three women burned alive that they may recall Pinto soon. No given date promised, however. And of course, nothing will be done to them for openly making– agreeing that they made something unsafe to make more profit, even though it’s caused thousands of accidents, deaths, in fiery infernos.

Demonstrations to demand by Puerto Ricans veterans for hospital care. Indefinite discriminatory practices, Puerto Rican war veterans of US armed forces are not granted the usual hospital care that all other veterans are gi– are granted. M– Many demonstrations are taking place in Puerto Rico at this present time, and promise to take place in the Puerto Rican sections of Philadelphia and New York tomorrow, even some marching to Washington. They’ll probably be arrested before they get there.

Mutual Broadcasting Corporation wants the issue of endangered species, (unintelligible word) nonsense, to be settled once and for all. All life, said MBC – which was mighty nice of them to concede – is potentially valuable. That means there’s some life that isn’t. That’s a strange reasoning for a humane– so-called humane US democracy. Federal government says you cannot develop land where rare animal is threatened or exist, it is about to become extinct. So there’s a big folderol by big US corporate farmers over the Houston toad, because some of their lands cannot be utilized because the Houston toad, which (unintelligible word) capitalists are arguing has not been seen for ten years, may be being endangered. Said the NBC, this is for the benefit of bleeding hearts who wants to protect the Indians fishing rights, I guess. A real snide remark to Native Americans. The Houston toad, as I said, has not been seen, according to the news media, which lie all the time, like [Adolf] Hitler’s propaganda ministry, says the CBS, they think that it has become a hybrid of– mixed with the Gulf toad. The abuse of the law against property – notice how they always say that? – by restricting uh– restricted species, protecting certain species– endangered species that are about to become extinct and disappear from the earth, is endangering the right of property. Utah Power plants are being held up, Colorado re-use utilization programs. If they continue to do these protections, says CBS, farmers– the corporate farmers and the corporate utilities will suffer. Brown pelican is being endangered and the gray whales by smudge. And thus far, nothing’s been done about it, because of the powerful lobbyists, the oil lobbyist. The main power programs held up in Maine, says the NBC commentary snidely, just to preserve a weed. Poking fun, the NBC editorial commentary said, give a few seeds to his wife and she’d plant them in her garden to appease the federal government.

Problem to individual property is the theme of all the networks on this subject. That’s why US’ environment is in such a hellish mess, and its nation a wasteland, with 26 billion bottles discarded every year, because nothing is really ever done that restricts big business.

All US citizens are urged by the Health, Education and Welfare Department to immediately see the heart doctor of their choice, as if they could afford one. To get an examination by a heart doctor cost about 200 dollars these days for one thorough examination. It’s said that they are noting arterial sclerosis, hardening of the arteries, and heart damage in youngsters nine years of age. Said it does correct itself when people move to other countries having less food colorings and preservatives and fatty diets, which we are fortunate, we’ve saved a lot of our people from early strokes. They’re no– noticing the build-up of arterial sclerosis, hardening of the arteries that leads (incredulous tone) to strokes in nine-year-old children.

Most serious breach yet of ceasefire in Lebanon between the rightist Christians and the Syrian peace-keeping force. The Syrian peace-keeping force was appointed by the United Nations, but Israel, backing rightwing Christians, who do not represent Lebanon, has continuously defied the UN– the United Nations, even though it’s supposed to be the international law-keeping– law enforcement agency of the world.

China’s insistence on an anti-hegemony treaty, which Japan thought it solely was to take its aim at them, has been dropped. Chinese have made phenomenal concessions to a peace and treaty– peace and friendship treaty between Japan and China that will in no way be even remotely hostile to the Soviet Union.

BBC says China’s opening up to world for the first time in– in terms of trade.

Power struggle in the interim regime continues at this moment, did I hear over the news, in Rhodesia, as Bishop Muzorewa, head of the United African Commission, UNAC, is hanging on by a thread, and appears to be withdrawing from the government this morning.

Major security proposals in Rome against Red Brigade activity. There’s great fear, because Rosalynn– Rosalynn Carter, wife of the president, will lead US delegation to the open air funeral ceremony.

Little optimism that ceasefire can keep from breaking down altogether now in the Near East, said BBC.

Socialists and Communists have now refused to participate in the newly-formed government of Portugal, because the new prime minister [Mario Soares] has be found to be a friendly tool of US imperialists. So it looks like that the government of Portugal will not last more than three weeks.

Last news. British nuclear bomber has crashed just outside of Chi– of Chicago, killing four British and US airmen. What is the problem? It took off from Chicago Naval Air Base, as always, uh, Strategic Air Command planes are constantly flying, carrying nuclear bombs, and yes, you thought right, it has fallen to earth with its bomb cargo on it. The whole area of the crash near Chicago has been cordoned off by the government, the FBI, the elements of the Army, to see if there is any radioactive leaking from the bombs. An investigation is being looked into for possible sabotage or the suicide of one of the pilots. That shows you how dangerous it can be to toy with nuclear weapons, how utterly insane it is to toy with nuclear weapons, because some time, somebody will have an accident and it’ll be too late, there’ll be nothing anyone can do to remedy the consequences, particularly if it’s suicide.

Let’s produce mightily today, get our flyswatters out, we have guests coming this weekend, we’ve got much to do, we’ve got important people, high-ranking people, friends of ours of various sorts, so all plant heavily through the landscape areas, get the area around the pavilion all under those beautiful banana plants. Each produce much more effectively. We have complaints on the part of some who are new and ask to work, that some in their crews don’t set a proper example before them. If there is– this is true, observers will be taking note today for Peoples Rally tonight at 7:30 promptly. Let’s change our style. Otherwise, we don’t care about the blood of innocents that will be on our hands. I’m counting on your participation at the fullest.

I love you. I’ve given myself always to you, I ask, if you will, please hear the call from my heart. Let’s work, let’s clean up the place, let’s use our flyswatters, let’s fix up all the areas that are eyesores, and everyone take note of things that are– that can be reported to the– the three administrators, the Triumvirate. Thank you, and much, much love.


Part II:

Attention, attention. Moscow late news. Remember, let us be inside, listening and reviewing news for the test tonight. There’re a number of things that you could be doing under the library, for weak spots. One thing you most certainly must know, is how to answer guests. We have other matters to take care of, so we must with punctuality be listening to the news. This is the update of the news, from the Moscow, Czechoslovakian and Havana and Voice of Sweden point of view.

Soviet leaders have congratulated the Peoples Republic of Congo leaders on their fifteenth anniversary of their revolution, and the staggering achievements that they have a– accomplished. It was through the Peoples Republic of the Congo that Zaire and Angola normalized relations. They have provided wonderful standards of health care, housing, and food care to all their populace in the fifteenth year of their Marxist-Leninist revolution.

Tass warns USA in the gravest terminology. Says that as of September, they have available through their own intelligence forces that the United States will be putting troops in the Middle East, because they are unable to control the situation between Israel and Egypt. USA is also attempting to form a separate treaty, just considering the Arab League of oil-rich nations who are becoming increasingly intransigent and hostile to USA, because of her support of the Zionist state of Israel. Commentary of the Moscow Radio still feels that much of it is because of high-level Zionist influence in the media and government in Washington, and coupled with the fact that there is whitemailing going on by the Israeli government because they possess nuclear arms, which the Soviets blame USA for in the beginning, so they could never have had it, had they not supplied them with the reactors.

Soviet delegation to the Geneva United Nations conference where anti-discrimination and racism is being discussed. USA and Israel has banned their boycott of the meeting because of the UN voting unanimously that Zionism was a form of racism. Zionism was condemned by the United Nations as being a racist practice. USSR recommends boycotts of regimes that are racist, again they insist if the Olympic Game–

End of side one

Side two

–is practiced.

United Nations has condemned Zionism again in stern terms, as racist as Union of South Africa. Andrew Young, again opening his mouth, has said that USA has not ratified any documents which condemns racism or genocide, and that should be a warning to the minority people in USA and people of color the world over, that USA has not given up genocide as a solution of– as Hitler used the final solution of exterminating all people of color and the Jews. Andrew Young, says Radio Moscow, has given the strong suggestion, that US, by not ratifying the Genocide Treaty and any other documents, United Nations or through the World Court, which condemns discrimination or genocide, means that they reserve the right to use genocide, mass murder, against their minorities.

Mozambique. Plane shot down over Mozambique. Again, a US plane, bombing villages in senseless cruelty, says Radio Moscow.

Uganda criticized. A hundred and fifty British companies that are interlocked with USA in Rhodesia, particularly British Shell Oil and US Gulf. Said the petroleum companies are the ones that are doing the most to stand in the way of a peaceful settlement.

USSR and the German Democratic Republic, East Germany, which we should take on new meaning after the movie of last night, and you should review it, if you did not understand the bombing of Dresden, which carried some very horrifying messages, maybe too much for some idealists in our ranks, which showed the terror of the fact that USA was not bombing any of the industrial sectors, nor the railways, only bombing people into crisp dust where seven to nine people would fit in a wash basin, hundred thousand died in one night of bombing, but no bombing of industrial sectors, because USA capitalism, such as Rockefeller, had interest on both sides. It also was a clear indication, history has brought to light, how USA withheld its troops, hoping that at the last minute, Hitler’s crack troops that were still doing fairly well around Berlin, would eliminate many Russians, and it even mentioned on that Channel 2 television program, showing how little people listen. It was on Channel 2 in Oakland, that we copied that film, that indeed, there was a wire came from President [Franklin D.] Rooseveltassuring Hitler in the last moments of the Third Reich, just days before he committed suicide, that if they turned back the Germans, they would negotiate a peace settlement with him and allow him to remain as the chancellor of the Third Reich that had killed seven million Jews. The horror of it all is incredible to conceive. In the first place, Hitler’s Germany was allowed to be established, encouraged and financed, hoping he would take care of the Communist first revolution in the USSR in October 1917, that he would crush that, which he nearly did. But unfortunately, as all capitalists do, they had their inner conflicts and contradictions. He became suspicious of US capitalism and British capitalism, because as he said of high-ranking Zionist influence in capitalist ranks. They became too hungry for land and power, Lebensraum himself. And thus USA was forced to have to contain him. So all the US boys, all the European young people, s– innocent civilians, all the 22 million dead in Russia, all the seven million that perished, of people of color, minorities in concentration camps were all because of the corporate monopoly capitalist practices of our US government, which is a military-industrial complex, backed unfortunately by our tax dollars, and it should cause guilt. Our guilt goes a long way back, if we’re honest.

Pravda. Attack of– of human rights in USSR is interference with international problems and internal problems – causing international problems, rather – says Radio Sweden, and also is an intrusion into internal problems. Sweden said that some of the test case– cases are absolutely hypocritical, in that they were convicted of spying against the Soviet government, and with proof. Said no government will allow spies to be treated as dissidents.

Tass warns of the dangerous consequences of sending US troops into the Mideast, which is planned for September, according to their intelligence. It will be discussed in a September meeting for the actual date between Egypt, Israel, and USA, trying to get a separate deal, as I said, from the Arabs.

The Japanese have finally, due to US pressure, bowed to the Chinese requiring the anti-hegemony clause in their peace treaty resolution. Last night, China had even become conciliatory, but USA has got Japan to put in that clause that is aggravating the Soviet Union and considered [an] aggressive act by the USSR. The surrender to Peking in Washington by the signing of the treaty said– means that you are making yourself a part of the adventurous policies of China that have one purpose in mind: causing division within your ranks, so that nuclear war can take place early. Said USSR, Moscow Radio, China is obsessed with getting the nuclear war over with, and you are stupid pawns to not realize it. Japan was warned in a note from the Foreign Ministry of the Soviet Union that she will now be targeted for her own nuclear react– retaliation, because of signing this treaty with China, that Japan will become an enemy in case of World War III. The threat– the effect of the treaty is to surrender Japan to China’s and USA pressure for a hegemony clause. Japan now is drawn into military adventurism that will bring down the full might of the Soviet Union in case of a third world war.

Letelier’s death, murdered in Washington September 76, Foreign Minister of Chile, when he was given a direct prophecy by me not to go there, because I sensed danger to him when I met with him in San Francisco in a private home. Orders came to him– to kill him through this gentleman who has confessed, from the head of DINA [Manuel Contreras], incited, according to relatives, to this action, DINA was, by a direct order by [Augusto] Pinochet himself. The man, when leaving Chile, the agreement was that he would not involve the Pinochet fascist military rule in the direct killing. The man who killed Letelier, or helped kill hillit– kill him by planting the bomb, was promised three years and seven months, if he would give testimony for the state. But he said the death was ordered by the head of the police, but Radio Moscow said, it was clearly ordered by Pinochet, and USA is only trying to keep Pinochet out of it. However, much news is being brought to light, and the man is telling more, apparently not understanding the signals, than USA is counting on. It’s involving the whole military regime that was put in power by our tax dollars again, and I always feel a pang of pain clear to my st– my heart when I say it.

Cosmonauts in the USSR are now moving their platforms by computers, moving fuel and food about by the use of some new advanced computer scheme. (Turns heads away for microphone to cough)

Progress of harvesting. Already, 4,350,000 tons of grain have been harvested from the coop farms in the Soviet Union.

Child labor. Youngest age for employment in the Soviet Union permitted, and then only part time, is 16 years. Cannot work at night, at laborious work at that. They are not permitted heavy, laborious work.

US, according to Radio Moscow, is stepping up the arms race, and we see no way, said Tass and Pravda, chief news agencies of the Soviet Union, to avoid an so– a soon-coming nuclear conflict and conflagration, as Dr. Daniel Ellsberg warned us was coming, that the neutron bomb would be the match that set off the whole conflagration.

US arms race. The US House of Representatives have approcha– appropriated 119 billion dollars for military offenses, stepping up of the arms race, while US cities rot, minorities suffer from malnutrition, cannot receive health care, and what little benefits they had, have been removed by such propositions as Proposition 13.

1976 presidential election, Carter promised to reduce military and to aid the burden upon the working class and provide guaranteed health care, but none of his promises have been kept, said Radio Moscow, as is to be expected. He has become a dupe or a puppet of the reactionary military-industrial ruling class, the multinationals, finance capitalists, Trilateral Commission that rules USA and the capitalist world.

The Pentagon is already, though, actually spending 128 and a half billion dollars. It is an absolute return to Cold War times, says the Soviet Union. Without question, USA has followed this insane policy, and it will end up in nothing but nuclear devastation.

No limit on new weapons of mass destruction, like the neutron bomb. No sight of it, says Radio Moscow. Approvals of military budgets are interpreted as threats to the Soviet Union. Reviving the old myth of the Soviet threat is indeed an easy way out, an easy way out, to whip up hysteria of the Red Scare, because the US economy can only maintain itself by a war economy and quick obsolescence. Nothing more quick planned obsolescence than weaponry. Goes fast. That enables the capitalists to keep high profits.

Soviet housings. Now apartments are made free of charge in the major cities. Wherever rent still exist, it’s now only three percent of the monthly income. It’s been reduced.

Carter says measure– massive oil imports responsible for the decline in the dollar. And USA finds no way, because the US public will not restrict its dependency upon gasoline and oil. I guess they did in old people’s apartment buildings and tenements, where they froze to death last winter.

Most European airpot– airports work slowdowns by air traffic controllers, air traffic jamming all over Europe except in the Soviet Union, where a number of Soviet (short laugh) citizens are getting a last laugh out of the number of rich capitalists from USA, Canada, Latin America, and Europe that are forced to vacation there. Radio Moscow said it was not planned, but capitalists will always have their fun, no matter how it much it uh, happens to uh, compromise their political beliefs.

European plan of Peking increasing contacts, according to its Doctrine of Peoples– the Peoples Communist– Peoples Re– no, Peoples Republic of China, its Doctrine of Three Worlds, reason for increasing contacts with Europe, West should forget old myths on China. (Pause) China is playing a divide-and-conquer (tape edit) role–

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