Annotated Transcript Q923

(Editor’s note: This tape was transcribed by Georgiana Mamlakah. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

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Jones: Taylor. Taylor. Taylor on Muscat Street. Quickly, quickly respond where–

Announcer: The microphone is being taken to her. She is standing on the far side of the auditorium.

Jones: Sister, you have a bottle of Rain Barrel softener on a ledge in your kitchen?

Taylor: Not as I know about.

Jones: Are you– is your name Taylor?

Taylor: Yes, it is.

Jones: You live on Muscat–

Taylor: Yes, I do.

Jones: Avenue?

Taylor: Yes.

Jones: Fresno?

Taylor: Yes.

Jones: Then you’ve got a bottle of Rain Barrel water softener in your kitchen.

Congregation: Stirs.

Taylor: Mm-mmm [yes]. Soften– yes.

Announcer: (Chuckles) She now re– now– she now remembers.

Jones: And I don’t know you, never been in your home, but I know what I know, because I am what I know I am–

Congregation: Cheers and applause.

Jones: In the dining room, I see a large round decoration with flowers in it–

Taylor: Yes.

Jones: –and two unlitted candelabras on each side of it.

Piano (playing softly)

Taylor: Yes.

Jones: And we’ve got to move that. Have a little child in your home?

Taylor: Yes.

Jones: The one that plays choo choo with the little thing with red wheels.

Taylor: Yes.

Jones: Saved that child’s life, you see. don’t know you, but the Spirit knows you. (Pause) You have a statue of Siamese cats, (Pause) statue of Siamese-looking cats.

Taylor: Yes.

Jones: Another room. I go from room to room. I always do that, so somebody can’t say I’m looking in the window. I just go from (calls out) room to room.

Congregation: Cheers and applause.

Jones: (Voice climbs to ministerial fervor) I go from your toilet into your freezer, like I did up there. I will look in the unlocked uh, places and the locked places. I’ll go in. There’s nothing hid that shall not be revealed, there’s nothing covered

Congregation: Boisterous cheers and applause.

Jones: that shall not be uncovered, for the Spirit of the Lord is upon me [Luke 12:3, “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”].

Congregation: Cries out.

Organ playing

Jones: (Calms) More than that, (Pause) I see a little light brown and white dog.

Taylor: Yes.

Jones: He’s a very friendly little fellow.

Taylor: Yes, he is.

Jones: He’s your life. You’re sick. You’ve had blood pressure problems.

Taylor: Yes, yes.

Jones: Sister, we’ll help you in any way we can. If you come to the valley [Redwood Valley], we’ll make provision, but also more now, we’re gonna give you this that the Spirit might prosper. You’ve got trouble in your back, you’ve got trouble with your blood pressure, you’ve got trouble with your heart. (voice rises) Right?

Taylor: Yes. Yes.

Jones: You’ve got trouble with your eyes.

Taylor: Yes.

Jones: (Calls) Right now, you come and meet me in the aisle, and it’ll all be gone.

Congregation: Applause.

Organ playing

Announcer: The Father jumps from the stage, runs down the aisle to meet her as she runs for him. Now tenderly, tenderly he lays his hands upon her bare head, raises her arms. She bends (pause) up and down.

Congregation: Singing

Jones: Is it gone? Is it gone? See clearly? See clearly? Beautiful? Every finger clear? Every finger clear? My eyes clear? What’s the color inside here? What’s the color here? What’s the color on the glasses? That’s right. What’s the color of this pen? White and what? Green, right. Blessed God.

Announcer: (unintelligible word) her eyesight has been restored.

Tape edit

Jones: Yes, it’s beautiful. Don’t talk about what God can’t do.

Organ playing

Tape edit


Jones: I hear a woman–

Piano playing

Jones: –it seems like the name, I jotted it down a moment ago, and I’m not sure I recognize this– the word that I heard in my mind. But it seemed like Rockland? (Pause) I hear you talking, though I– you’re on a private line, but I hear you talking on the telephone. And I hear you saying to someone something about a mother and a father that’s dead. Something about a mother and father’s dead. Now listen closely, ‘cause you’re going to have to bring healing to someone, then I’ll tell you what’s wrong with you. Hear me closely. (Pause) Then I hear you s– telling them (Pause) that you only have an AM, no FM radio.

Female 1: That’s right.

Jones: Yes. Then you told uh– the person to call you, said you lost my number, (Pause) and you said, I didn’t see you, or one of them said to you, I didn’t see you, at the Full Gospel Breakfast. Remember what I’m talking about?

Female 1: Yes.

Congregation: Murmurs.

Jones: (Loud exhortation) Oh, God Almighty.

Voice in congregation: Hallelujah, hallelujah.

Jones: You live in the uh, Frances Louise Apartments.

Female 1: (voice low key) That’s right.

Jones: (Whispers) Ah, God Almighty. You live in a second floor in apartment two hundred and one.

Scattered voices in congregation: Calls out.

Jones: Now I see you, dear, in a blue dress, not with– not on, because I see things as they are to be taken c– that will take place later, and I have to guard against things that I see. I see you in a blue dress, with a little pink ribbon around the neckline.

Female 1: Yes.

Jones: Yes, I know. And a bow in the center of the front of the dress. You can answer yes, if that’s the case.

Female 1: Yes.

Jones: And I see you have a little flower, looks like change purse in your hands. Not now, but I see a little flower-like change purse in your hand.

Female 1: Yes.

Jones: And I’ve got to– I’ve got to stop what I see, you see.

Female 1: Hm-mmm. Hm-mmm.

Jones: So you’ve got to cooperate with me.

Voices in congregation: Murmurs

Jones: You’re deeply afraid of what’s going to happen in Los Angeles, and you are justified. And uh, if you want to come to a place of safety, we’ll make a place for you in the valley [Redwood Valley].

Female 1: Yes, I want to come out.

Jones: Because you are– you are afraid of earthquakes–

Female 1: Yes.

Jones: –and you’ve got reason to, in this particular zone.

Female 1: Hmm.

Jones: Now, there’s trouble in your stomach.

Female 1: Hmm.

Jones: In your stomach?

Female 1: Yes.

Jones: (Claps once)

Voices in congregation: Murmurs, then builds to celebration

Announcer: (Excited) He spoke the word. He spoke the word. (Balance overcome by celebration)

Congregation: Celebrates.

Piano playing

Jones: It’s done, it’s done, (Pause) it’s done, it’s– Prostrate in the power of God, ‘cause the Spirit took that growth away. It’s wonderful, Jesus.

Congregation: Calms

Voice in congregation: Oh thank you, God, thank you.

Announcer: (unintelligible)

Jones: Why, you oughtta– Some of you are quiet because you don’t know. You thought I was just kidding when I said I’m speaking expressly to the church. But I was given (unintelligible cries overwhelm microphone) voice. Some of you thought, I was playing around. Oh, I’m not playing. (Full throat, sings in ministerial style) I come in the name of Jesus. I’m living in the name of Jesus. I’m drinking the name of Jesus. I’m feasting on the name of Jesus.

Tape edit

Piano playing continuously

Jones: (Calms) Stevens. Stevens. Uh, Hershel Daisy Stevens. Our hands clasped. Do you have a black dog?

Stevens: Yes, I do.

Jones: I see. I’m getting into other things too about your health. Do you use grape gelatin mix?

Stevens: Yes.

Jones: Reallemon Juice?

Stevens: Yes.

Jones: A green bottle you have–

Stevens: Yes.

Jones: –a green bottle of it at home.

Stevens: Yeah.

Jones: I’da– never been in your home in my life. That–

Stevens: (firm) That’s right.

Jones: You’ve told no one here.

Stevens: No one.

Jones: (Clears throat) Do you use Comet cleanser?

Stevens: Yes.

Jones: And now hands cl– uh, hands clasped again. Do you use Del Monte raisins?

Stevens: Yes, I do.

Jones: Jack-o-Lantern yams?

Stevens: Yes, I do.

Congregation: Stirs.

Jones: Lucerne low fat yogurt.

Stevens: Yes, I do.

Jones: I’m just telling the nurse, what to continue, what to discontinue. By the way, do you feed your cat Friskies fish flavors–

Stevens: (Laughs)

Jones: –cat food?

Stevens: (Joyfully) Yes, I do.

Congregation: Stirs.

Jones: (glossolalia) [You’d] Be surprised at the things in our environment that affect– do you– do you use Zee – something I’ve never heard of in my life – Z-E-E toilet paper?

Stevens: Yes, I do.

Congregation: Stirs.

Stevens: Thank you.

Jones: Yes, God Almighty.

Stevens: Thank you, thank you. (Groans) Thank you.

Jones: God Almighty.

Voice in congregation: Hallelujah.

Stevens: Thank you.

Jones: A kind of a hair dye, at times, which is quite, (stumbles over words), Olive, that’s a cheap way to keep young. I’m not objecting to that, but I’m concerned about the way it’s being da– used, from the breathing, ‘cause you’ve had some difficulty in your chest.

Stevens: Yes, I use Clairol.

Jones: In a– Yes. Have you ever used anything else, though, an N-A-G-O-N.

Stevens: (Pause) Yes, yes, (unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: A Chinese kind of thing, it looks to me– it looks like a Chinese symbol in it.

Stevens: Yes, it is.

Jones: (glossolalia)

Stevens: (whispers, unintelligible)


Jones: See, I’m telling her what to place in– the use of some things and what to remove from your diet and what you can keep. (Pause) (Hums) Do you use CoffeeMate?

Stevens: Yes, I do.

Jones: You usually buy eleven ounces, eighty-nine cents.

Stevens: That’s right. (Laughs)

Congregation: Laughs

Stevens: What a– (whispers) My God.

Jones: (glossolalia) Cold Brook ol– oleo margarine.

Stevens: That’s right.


Jones: Pillsbury– I’m hearing something, Pillsbury Rootin’ Tootin’ raspberry mix?

Stevens: (Firmly) That’s right.

Congregation: Laughs

Stevens: (Under breath) Thank you, Jesus. Yes, Lord.

Jones: (unintelligible word) God. I want this (Pause) one to touch the cat. Now put the cat on it. ‘Cause God loves every little thing.

Stevens: Yes.

Jones: One to be placed in your car. It’ll save you from an accident. Another to place you on– on your chest.

Stevens: Thank you.

Jones: Able to save you from a heart attack, which would’ve happened Wednesday, but now, it’s been cured.

Stevens: Thank you. (Cries out) Thank you. Thank you.

Congregation: Celebrates

Jones: (Cries out) Oh God Almighty. (calls away from microphone, unintelligible)

(Tape edit)

Jones: Elva. (Pause) Everett. Who is that?

Elva: My brother.

Jones: I wish to reach out to him, though, you are (Pause) stranger to me. I do not know you, but the mind that I give myself over to today, the Christ mind does know. Fourteen South Street? Is this a loved one of yours?

Elva: (Quiet) Yes.

Jones: (Sighs) Yes. Spirit of God. And I’m concerned about the things that have happened to you in the past year that’ve caused your health to diminish.

Elva: Yes.

Jones: You’ve lost your loved one, did you, in the year– year ago, approximately?

Elva: Yes. Year ago.

Jones: (Sighs) I’m touched with your feeling of your infirmity. (Pause)

Elva: (Whispers) Thank you, Jesus.

Jones: You’ve been operated on. (Pause) Tumors. This woman’s a stranger to me, and yet I know what problems she’s had. I know her loved ones and where they live, and you’ve told no one here.

Elva: Yes.

Jones: I know that the weakness that’s in your body, so– to the point of exhaustion.

Elva: Yes.

Jones: And you have to work– You– You work in a factory?

Elva: That’s right.

Jones: And I care. And how do I know these things? The Destroyer never, never heals anybody. He never cared. (Pause) How can a uh, devil cast out a devil? All good and perfect gifts, all good and perfect gifts come down from the Father of Lights, in whom there is no shadow, or variableness of turnings [James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.”]. And close your eyes. (Pause) (Off microphone) I want you to drink something, one of the uh– one of the people there? Do you have a glass of water? Just– just the water (claps once), let’s see what’s happening to water? (Claps)

Congregation: Scattered cries

Jones: Bring her– bring her– bring her the water. I want you to drink of that.

Unknown female voice: (soft voice) Wine.

Congregation: Scattered cries, leads to general outcry, applause and cries

Jones: What is it, brother, it’s in your hands. It turned in your hands. It turned in your hands, what are you drinking?

Elva: Wine.

Jones: Wine! Wine!

Congregation: Celebrates

Jones: (Excitedly) Bring her and give her that wine, and I will dissolve the heart trouble in your body. And I will heal the cancer in your body. I do not touch that glass, I do not touch that water. I gave it to the first one in the aisle. And sitting in their lap, it turned.

Congregation: Celebrates

Jones: Well, I can turn many things, if you’ll just but believe. Come and give a sister– Come and give the sister the wine. Come and give her the wine. The wine of life. The life– The resurrection. Let her drink. And that blood– cancer will be resolved [dissolved] from your body. And you shall have newness of strength when you drink.

Congregation: Scattered cries

Jones: Sister? What are you drinking?

Low voices

Jones: What are you drinking?

Unknown female voice: (Low voice) He asked you what (unintelligible)

Jones: (Calmer) What did it taste like to you?

Elva: Wine. Sour wine.

Jones: Sour wine.

Elva: Yes.

Jones: Yes. (voice rises) That’s what it is. The wine of the Holy Spirit.

Congregation: Celebrates

Jones: But when I lift my hand, and I gave it to the brother and the sister, and they held it, it was water. You saw it, when it left my hand, it was water. (Pause) All things are possible. (Pause) Keep it. There’ll be more of it. There’ll be more of it today. There’ll even be more that’s in that pitcher. For I can produce it without even having to touch it. (Pause) I want you to continue, as I minister today to give them the wine of life. And we shall seeif we run out.

Tape edit

Jones: (Calm) I hear a name, Maude Fields. Who is this? Maude Fields. Hmm? Is it Roosevelt? Is your name Roosevelt Fields? Hands clasped. In the last few hours, I sense some real difficulty here across the chest.

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: But you’re well aware that you have heart trouble.

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: Incurable heart trouble. But there’s nothing incurable. Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. But we have just– just a few minutes here to stop an impending attack. Hands clasped. ‘Cause by quarter of four, just thirteen minutes before quarter of four, you would be having a seizure that you’re not going to have now, so you relax. You relax. You relax. You’ve not spoken to me? Spirit of God. Spirit of God. (Pause) Is there a wooden rocker in your house, a child’s wooden rocker?

Roosevelt Fields: Wooden rock–

Jones: A child’s wooden rocker.

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: You have children– uh, young children, don’t you?

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: Two daughters?

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: This’ll also save them and your wife from an accident in a car. Take this. (Pause) God, God, God, God, God. (Pause) Do you have some loved one, some brothers, is it, uh, something in uh, Mississippi?

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: Send this. This will save him. Now I– I have exactly four minutes. Rub this on your chest, immediately, one of them.

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: Rub it on the chest, and I want to see that every pain, every symptom has left your chest, when it gets down.

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: Spirit of God– You’ve not told me anything here, have you?

Roosevelt Fields: No.

Jones: Or no one else. Thus, only the word of God, only the word of God could know these things, isn’t it true?

Roosevelt Fields: (Mumbles)

Jones: Isn’t it true, you’ve not told anyone about how you feel in your chest?

Roosevelt Fields: It’s true. Yeah–

Jones: –or anything about your loved one. Is that true?

Roosevelt Fields: That’s true.

Jones: But the Spirit knows.

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: Knows even as far away as Mississippi. (tape edit) (glossolalia). Now, brother. Now feel.

Roosevelt Fields: Yeah.

Jones: No problem there, is there now?

Roosevelt Fields: It’s all right.

Jones: It’s all right now, thank God.

Congregation: Cheers

Jones: (Calls out) See? You don’t have to pull on me. You don’t have to pull on me. You don’t have to pull on me. He didn’t ask me to call him out. He didn’t ask me for anything. But I went out and saved him from a heart attack, at 13 minutes before a quarter of four. I saved him, because the Spirit, the Spirit can do it. You don’t have to pull on my coat, you don’t have to pull on my jacket. Just get the Spirit and you’ll know what’s right.

Congregation: Celebrates

Jones: (Sings) (unintelligible line, maybe glossalia) God is here. Beauty for (unintelligible word) God is here. Beauty for (unintelligible word), God is here. Beauty for family. God is here. Oh, don’t you know, God is here. Can’t you see, God is here. Oh won’t you see, God is here. Beautiful valley, God is here. Beautiful skies, God is here.. Beautiful sky–

(Tape edit)

Jones: Remember in these healing services, no one is ever embarrassed. If there is something of an embarrassing nature to be called out, it will be told to you privately. This has been our intent for these twenty-some, three or four years that I’ve been ministering. I will jot down the private things, and not speak them publicly. (Pause) I hear the name Dolly L. Brown. If you will just uh, make yourself known. I need something, Sister, inside your purse. There’s a speckled plastic bag. There’s a brown leather case which you carry your hair brush in it. Would you open your purse, and– open that bag and get me that brush, which you’ve not had open here tonight. Open it, and uh, let me touch it.

Congregation: Calls.

Tape edit

Jones: I’m not finished, I need to touch this for the headaches uh, that’re in your head. You understand what I’m speaking?

Brown: Yes, yes.

Jones: Now, you’ve had a back injury–

Brown: Yes.

Jones: –that has left you crippled from an automobile accident–

Brown: Yes.

Jones: –some years ago. It’s destroyed or de– seven vertebrae.

Brown: Yes.

Jones: And you have some pain in your back.

Brown: Yes.

Jones: In another spot.

Brown: (Breathless) Yes.

Jones: Besides the back.

Brown: (Whispers, unintelligible)

Jones: You’ve been losing some weight.

Brown: Yes.

Jones: (Pause) (Clears throat) You lost a son as a child.

Brown: Yes, I did.

Jones: There’s cancer in your body, and when you go to the bathroom, you’ll pass the growth from your bowels and be made every (unintelligible word) while. In the name of truth.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: Though you’re a stranger to me– Though you’re a stranger to me, you’re no stranger to the Spirit of which I am. (Pause) It’s wonderful.

Congregation: Calls and light applause

Jones: This will take care of your head problem, it’s also in your head. I wish to stop the tumor in your brain. The pain gone now? Pain all gone? Pain all gone? All pain gone? (Pause) That’s wonderful. Go on, wonderful, wonderful. It’s wonderful. (Pause) Thank you. Thank you. (Sings) Faith in God (speaks) There’s only one Spirit. There’s only one hope for mankind today. (Sings) Faith in God, for your healing, have faith in your God. (Speaks) Oh, some of you know what I’m speaking about. (Sings) Have faith in your God. (Speaks) It’s the only hope for mankind. (Sings) Have faith in God. You can have faith in God, for deliverance, have faith in God. (Speaks) Needless to say, the cancer’s come, and no more pain in the back. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Congregation: Light applause, then calls and commotion. (Sings) He’s so real, to be–

Jones: Pain’s all gone, the wonderful power of God. And the cancer is there for you to see and to smell, the enormity of that awful growth that’s left the body. (Tsks) It’s wonderful. (Sings) Oh. (Speaks) I– (Sings) It’s all– He’s a joy that I feel, he’s a re– Whoa, so real to me.

(Tape edit)

Jones: (Quiet) Jackie Fields. Two Jackie Fields? I’m speaking to someone, Jackie Fields. Are you related?

Jackie Fields 2: No.

Jones: Both of– Both of your names Jackie Fields.

Jackie Fields 2: Yes.

Jones: Your name is Jackie Fields also?

Jackie Fields 1: Oh, yes, I’m– I have a Bonnie Jones, that’s my name, but my nickname is Jackie Fields, and I just (unintelligible word under Jones) Jackie.

Jones: Your nick– your nickname is uh– is Jackie, hmm?

Jackie Fields 1: Yes.

(Jones and Jackie Fields 1 talk over each other)

Jones: Now let’s get down. Well now, there’s not three poodles at your house, is there? But there’s– what?

Jackie Fields 2: No.

Jackie Fields 1: There is at my house.

Jones: Hmm.

Jackie Fields 1: Three at my house.

Jones: Yes.

Congregation: Cheers.

(tape edit)

Jones: Bless your heart. Now, hands clasped back there by you, Sister. Do you– Have you ever felt like you’d committed blasphemy against God?

Jackie Fields 1:Y es.

Jones: Um-hmm. It’s an oppressive atmosphere. I don’t know you, but I do know you, you know, in the Spirit, but I don’t know– I– You’re also a stranger to me, correct?

Jackie Fields 1: Umm-hmm.

Jones: I don’t know you, is– is that correct?

Jackie Fields 1: That’s right.

Jones: You’ve committed blasphemy. Well, you haven’t. Blasphemy is when you don’t think it anymore, you see.

Jackie Fields 1: Um-hmm.

Jones: The unpardonable sin is, that one just doesn’t have any conscious– ness, no seeking after God. That’s when you quench the Holy Spirit, you see. When you commit the unpardonable sin, and speak against the Holy Ghost, it’s a place where you just uh– you– you– you’ve gotten to a point where you don’t know right, or don’t want to know right. The people who have committed the unpardonable sin never, never think they have. You understand what I’m saying? Person who’d committed an unpardonable sin would never think they had. So you haven’t. But you have allowed through fear, things to enter into your life. Now as we clasp our hands– (glossolalia). Oh, God, God, God within, God within, God within. (glossolalia) (Pause) (glossolalia) Do you have any slippers, maroon-like knitted slippers?

Jackie Fields 1: Yes, I have.

Jones: With pom-poms on them.

Jackie Fields 1: Yes, I have.

Jones: One is the slippers, does it slide around on your foot?

Jackie Fields 1: It– it does.

Congregation: (Stirs)

Jones: Now, Sister. (Pause) I wish this placed, which represents the blood, the life of Christ, I want this placed on the statue that’s white by the fireplace. And I want this to be taped on it. Do you understand?

Jackie Fields 1: All right.

Jones: This’ll break the hold that’s over the– over you. You’ve been having difficulty in your throat.

Jackie Fields 1: (Whispers) Yes.

Jones: And the Spirit wants to heal this also. Place your hands on your– on your throat. This’ll save you from a– a fall, and this will heal the condition that’s in your throat. Your chest has been your weak point. During the winter, you’ve had several uh, s– tabl– battles with your– with– with respiratory problem. Correct?

Jackie Fields 1: Yes.

Jones: Well, this’ll stop it now. When I reach out to you in the name of Christ, in the name of Christ, (claps once) in the name of Christ, (claps once) in the name of Christ, I’ll stop it.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: God. God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God. (glossolalia)

Congregation: Applause and calls

Jones: Tape that to the large white statue with gold on it. And that will bring Christ, that will be his mantle, his covering over the entire house. And Christ will be in that house–

Congregation: Applause.

Jones: –‘cause I have transmitted him into that house. Praise God, praise God.

Voice in congregation: Hallelujah.

Organ playing

Long Pause

Jones: Do I hear a name Catherine Anderson? She’s crippled, huh? Hands clasped. Bless you, darling. You have generally– genuinely suffered, haven’t you? And you’ve been in an automobile accident?


Anderson: Yes.

Jones: Twelve– twelve and a half years ago? Oh, my God. And you have a– your– your hip’s never healed?

Anderson: That’s right.

Jones: Pi– pin in your hip joint?

Anderson: (crying) Yes.

Jones: And arthritis is wracked through your body, and unbelievable pain that you’re having in your back now? You have a real bad severe pain in your back.

Anderson: Yes.

Jones: And I want to build your faith now, Sister, to get what miracle– Now you just– when it triggers your faith, don’t want anyone to get in between me now. Don’t walk, please. Don’t get up and go to (unintelligible word) meeting. You lost your only daughter. I hear the Spirit say, Melody.

Anderson: Yeah.

Jones: Melody?

Anderson: (crying) Yes.

Jones: And– and the three little girl eight years ago. You lost them all?

Anderson: (crying) Yes.

Jones: In a fire? (glossolalia) Your grandchildren’s name were Louise, Margaret, Cheryl.

Anderson: (crying) Oh, yes. Yes. Yes.

Jones: They were all taken at once in this horrible fire.

Congregation: Stirs.

Jones: Louise would’ve been fourteen– What is today? She woulda been fourteen tomorrow. Tomorrow. April thirtieth.

Anderson: Yes. Yes. (crying)

Jones: How you have suffered. (glossolalia)

Anderson: Oh, my God.

Jones: You’re here on your crutches, but the Spirit of God– on your crutches, Spirit of God says, just as sure that inside your chest, that I don’t know you, I’ve never met you. Is that correct?

Anderson: (crying) That’s right.

Jones: Inside your old chest–

Anderson: Yes, yes.

Jones: – that you have at home given to you by your grandmother, is a pink comb. There are five teeth missing from the comb, and you were thinking about that just this morning.

Anderson: That’s right. (crying) Yes. Yes.

Jones: Then (emphatic) take your healing now. Take it.

Congregation: Cheers and applause.

Jones: Take it, (Voice climbs) take it. Come out of there, come out of there, come out of there, in the name of Jesus.

Announcer: She is coming forward.

Jones: Come out.

Announcer: She is coming down the aisle.

Jones: Come out.

Announcer: She is coming down the aisle.

Jones: Come out.

Congregation: Applause

Jones: Come out, come out.

Announcer: (unintelligible)

Jones: Let God have his way.

Organ playing

Announcer: Her crutch is now in the air.

Jones: Just let her walk. In the name of Jesus, Sister, (Calls out) stand all the way up. Come on, sister.

Organ playing

Congregation: Stirs.

Announcer: The Father’s come down from the stage. He’s running now to meet her as she comes down the aisle. (Pause) And meets her as she comes forward. As she arrives up front, he is there to meet her.

Congregation: Singing

Announcer: Extends his hands to take hers, as they come down to the center of the stage area down on the main floor. Pastor is (unintelligible) ministering to her. (Pause) He made her go upright movement (unintelligible) She is now running. (excited) She is now running, (unintelligible word) and is running and now running just cross– across the front of the auditorium, (unintelligible word) they’re coming back this direction, she is running now, (unintelligible word) running. Running up the aisle to the back of the auditorium. Running freely toward the back of the auditorium.

Voice in congregation: Thank you, Father.

Jones: (Excitedly) Now just like that sister–

Voice in congregation: Thank you, Father.

Jones: Just like that sister took her healing, she’s running down the aisles. Let her run back down the aisles. She’s running. Her hip– I don’t remember but her hip was– her hip was (calls out) broken for twelve and a half years. (cries) Twelve and a half years, and she ran. Oh, yes there she is. Blessed God. There she is again.

Announcer: Hallelujah.

Jones: (Excited) There she goes.

Announcer: (unintelligible under crowd) The woman is going around the auditorium.

Jones: There she goes God Almighty. God Almighty.

Announcer: She’s running in the auditorium.

Jones: Praise God almighty.

Announcer: –running around. Giving testimony to the healing power, the healing power that has never failed here.

Jones and congregation: (Singing)

End of Tape