Annotated Transcript Q945

(Editor’s note: This tape was transcribed by Kristian Klippenstein. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.)

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Side I

Jones: (begins in mid-sentence) –and that’s what we’ve got. But you see, this Bible also said some other things King James put in here. You gotta know King James, you gotta know that sneaky devil. He put in there, “Slave, servant, obey your master” [Colossians 3:22, “Servants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh; not with eyeservice, as menpleasers; but in singleness of heart, fearing God;”]Says, “you got a good master, be thankful. If you have a bad master, endure him” [1 Peter 2:18, “Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.”]. Says, (voice rises and falls in ministerial cadence) “Women, keep silent in all the churches. Suffer not a woman to speak” [1 Corinthians 14:34, “Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law.”]. There’s a lot of bad medicine in there, if you don’t have the Spirit.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: If you don’t have the Spirit to guide you, you’re in much trouble. It says in there– It’s got lies put in there in the mouth of the apostles, saying “whatever state you find yourself in, therewith be content. Whether slave or free” [Philippians 4:11, “for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”]. It said, If you’ve got a good master – I’m talking about the book – It said, if you’ve got a goo– a good master, be thankful, but if you’ve got a bad master” who kills your children, rapes your wife, endure him [1 Peter 2:18].

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: (voice moderates) It’s in the book. (raises voice in ministerial cadence) That’s why you’ve got to have the Spiritto lead you and guide you (in full throat) (voice overwhelms tape)

Congregation: (applause)

Jones: (voice moderates) And in the cl– in the closing– in the closing, I’ll offer you this little booklet [The Letter Killeth] so you can read for yourself – and if you can’t pay for it, I’ll give it to you – and I’ll give you just one little quote from it, and if you don’t believe me, you go home and read The Age of Reason by the founder of this country, he told you all the lies of King James. You go home and you get Mark Twain, who was a white man who still had a wonderful field-nigger heart. He told all the truth about the Bible – whole book called The Letter from the Earth, The Letters From the Earth. You better get those truths. ‘Cause you gotta take the truth from a lie. Said, “King James was the one that wrote the Bible” – yes – but he was also the one that sent the Good Ship Jesus to Africa, to bring our first people back in– as slaves. (voice rises, then falls) He owned slaves. He killed slaves. He murdered even his own family. He was a drunk, and he was a child-molester. (voice rises sharply) King James! I’m talkin’ about King James! ‘Cause King James– Some of you thought that was James, the brother of Jesus. It was the King of England! (voice moderates) Now, I know it’s heavy, heavy, heavy. And I wish I didn’t have to tell you. But if I don’t tell you, then you’ll be lost. It was too late when they come (knocks on pulpit) rappin’ on your door some night – like they did the Japanese – and yank you out like I know one precious woman in San Fernando Valley, before my time, they took her out. Her two sons were fighting for the American soldiers, a– the service. (speaks quietly) They jerked her out and she said, “Can I take a picture of my son?” Said “No.” They put her in a truck and locked her in a boxcar and sent her to the desert of Colorado, and she spit her stomach out piece by piece with cancer, and they wouldn’t even give her an aspirin tablet, and her sons fought right through, and got the Purple Heart. But all the farm was taken away, a thousand acres. When he got home, there was no land. So I’m tellin’ you, if you don’t like it, that’s your problem. I am in the truth business. Not in the Cadillac-driving, I’m not in the– I’m not in the church-building, the formal, gaudiness building. I’m not building for churches and havin’ all these churches in every block. All these churches oughta get themselves together, ‘cause each one of ‘em could have a service, if they want– all these preachers have to– they don’t want to get up at seven o’clock in the morning like the rest of us and work, then they could share one building and they could have a (voice rising throughout) seven o’clock service, eight o’clock service, a nine o’clock service, you could put the Baptists and Holiness, all of ‘em in one service. But what do we do? (in full throat) We take all of our money – we made money, we worked hard, but where is our money? Where is black people’s money? Look up and down Broad Street! It’s in these big old churches, that’s where it’s at!

Congregation: (lengthy cheers, applause) That’s right! Wake up!

Jones: (voice moderates) They’re gonna use that Bible against you in the last day, just like they did the Union of South Africa. That’s how they got the black people to go into the deserts at first, they went in and Christianized them (pause) with a form of godliness, the letter that kills, and they then rounded them up (pause) because they said it says (cries out) obey those that rule, (voice quiets) have rule over you [Hebrews 13:17, “Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.”]. Now you know that’s not right. [You] Say, “Oh, Now, now, now, now, now – I saw Roots, I saw–” Let me tell you, you didn’t see nothing, you heard all these people prayin’ and singin’– but Harriet Tubman, that brought us freedom, Harriet Tubman was settin’ in a church meeting, settin’ in a church meeting. I do have to say this. She was sitting in a church meeting and her husband would listen to all this and he was settin’ there, and she’d had her back broken by the slavemaster’s rod. They’d never let her read, they’d never let her write. I’m– Oh, you know who she is, we ought to know who she is. She’s the one that started the freedom train and brought us a– the first freedom. (pause) The old jackleg was standin’ up there, sayin’ (mimics preacherly tone; speaks slowly and sleepily) Obey your husband [1 Peter 3:1. “Likewise, ye wives, be in subjection to your own husbands…” See also Ephesians 5:24]. Be silent in the church. [1 Corinthians 14:34] Obey your master. If you’ve got a good master, be thankful. If you’ve got a bad master, endure him [1 Peter 2:18].Obey those that have rule over you [Hebrews 13:17]. Whatever state you find– [Philippians 4:11] (raises voice) She said “I’m tired of this!”

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: She said “Where are you getting’ this stuff?” Said “What are you doin’, woman? (mimics preacherly tone) Be silent!” (voice returns to normal) Said “I won’t.” Said “Why should I listen to you?” Said “Because the Word of God says it!” Says “I can’t read nor write. Then if it’s the Word of God, anything that’s a word can talk.”

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: So she said “Give me that book!” She took that book, she put it up to the left ear. They don’t put that in your books.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: (speaking quickly) They– You can get a little comic book that they’ll give us– some of the children in some of the black schools or liberation school, but you don’t get this on there. She put this up to her left ear, said “It don’t say nothin’ here.” She took it over here and put it in the right ear and said “[It] Don’t say nothin’ here.” She looked back at Tubman, she said “I’ve listened to this man all I’m going to. You goin’ with me?” Said (voices rises to full throat) “I love you, Tubman, but I love freedom more. I’m leaving tonight! I’m goin’ out, and I’m gonna set my people free.” Tubman said “No, I’m not goin’, woman. You’re out of your place! You should be silent!” She said “I’m not gone do it!” She said “I know what I can use this book for, ‘cause it can’t talk.” But she said “these thin pages, I can know what I can wipe with em’ on a cold winter night!”

Congregation: (loud cheers, applause)

Jones: (still speaking loudly) Now that’s what a woman who was called the Moses of her time. (voice moderates) Said, “Aw, she sang spirituals.” She sang spirituals. My friend, you have forgotten your history. What do you think that song, when I said that, “she sang that song to– because she was blessed, she felt a blessing from this unknown god.” No, no, no, no, even your Bible tells you don’t worship an unknown god, apostle Paul said anybody who prays to an unknown god that they can’t see is su– uh, ignorant and too superstitious. Said, you are blasphemers to worship an unknown god [Acts 17:22-23, Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars’ hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, To The Unknown God. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.”]. (pause) No, what was she doing? Now we’re getting the truth, in the last few days. (begins singing “Steal Away”) Steal away, steal away ho, I– God longed to stay here (ceases singing) It wasn’t no song to no uh, ghost or no unknowing god, it was a song (voice rises in intensity) to the slaves to get on board the freedom train that’s comin’ through!

Congregation: (cheers, applause)

Jones: (continues in full ministerial fervor) There weren’t talkin’ about goin’ up to no streets of gold. That’s why you don’t understand the teachings of Jesus. He said, the kingdom comes on earth, amongst men [Luke 17:21, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”]. He said “build the kingdom of heaven on earth as it was in the imaginary heaven.” And John said “I see a new heaven coming down out of the sky, coming down as a bride is going for her husband.” Heaven on earth [Revelation 21, esp. Revelation 21:2, “And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”]. (voice moderates) Jesus said heaven is within you. Heaven is nigh you. As you think in your mind, so is you, so are you [Romans 10:8-9, “…the word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart: that is, the word of faith, which we preach;That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”]. Where the spirit of God is, there’s liberty [2 Corinthians 3:17, “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”].Said, when the spirit of God comes, in the new order, he said you will feed the hungry and clothe the naked and take in the stranger and release the prisoners [Matthew 25:34-46].  (Pause) (Calms) He said that’s the way he was gonna judge you. (begins speaking more quickly) Not whether you talked in tongues or was baptized three times forward or sprinkled or belong to the Baptist church or the Methodist Church or the Church of God. That don’t mean nothing, friend. You better belong to the spirit of God, to have that spirit within you. You’d better become a living epistle [2 Corinthians 3:3, “Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshy tables of the heart.”], because the Bible will kill you, but kill– the killer, the killer, the killer, the Bible, the letter kills! [2 Corinthians 3:6, “Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life.”]

Congregation member: Yeah!

Jones: [It] Says search the scripture (voice slowly rises) for in them you just think you have eternal life but (in full throat) these are they that testify of the living Christ of me and you will not come that you might have life [John 5:39-40, “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life”.].

Congregation: (cheers, applause)

Jones: (voice moderates) You cannot find life in the scriptures. You got to find life in you, Christ in you. Christ in you must be your hope of glory. No Christ in the sky [Colossians 1:27, “God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:”]. But they got us sick today, they got our brains wrapped up, and they’ve even got– they’ve even got white men doin’ it, driving out of our neighborhood, in their big Cadillacs, right here on Broad Street takin’ our money. Takin’ our money and wouldn’t even let us through their back door.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: (In full throat)I know you don’t like this last closing minutes. You won’t like this last closing minute, I’m going to say it anyhow. Takin’ our money, s– rippin’ us off, stealin’ us blind, (voice low and intense) all because we don’t know what the true scripture really means. We don’t have a prophet, and he said, you cannot hear without a prophet [Romans 10:14, “How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?”]. He said, you are saved by the foolishness of preaching [I Corinthians 1:21, “For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe.”]. (voice rising) He didn’t say, you’re saved by Bible-reading, it said “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing (in full throat) by the word of God! [Romans 10:17, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”]

Congregation: (cheers, applause)

Jones: And said, the word of God is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart. This is the word. Not out of a book. He said, the word of God is nigh thee, even in thy mouth (pause), and in thy heart [Romans 10:8-9]. (voice moderates) So the man rips you off, and tells you, you gonna fly away to twelve gates to the city. City foursquare– King James’s taken those Bible verses and made them so ridiculous, any child would know something’s wrong. (Cries out) City foursquare? (Calms) Can you imagine all of us goin’ someplace for the rest of eternity in a city that was only four squares? (pause) Can you imagine all the folks that have ever died in the faith going to a heaven where there’s only twelve gates to the city? [Revelation 21:10-21] (pause) (Voice rises) You have to start thinkin’, because they got your mind wrapped up with poison.

Voice in congregation: That’s right.

Jones: Says, “I don’t need to think.” Okay. One day you’re gonna be callin’ on me. You try to get a hold of me. But you’re gonna have to call overseas, cable.

Voice in congregation: Come on!

Jones: I’ll give you the number, it’s a long distance call.

Voice in congregation: Uh-huh.

Jones: The cable runs under the ocean.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: (voice quickening, rising) If you want to get us, you going to have to get us on the cable line. [You] Say, “Oh, I’ll never!” I’ll bet you, I’ll bet you – I’m not a gambler – but some of you people don’t like me tonight, you hate me and want me to quit preachin’, but one day you’re going to say (in full throat) Jim Jones, will you call?

Congregation: (cheers, sustained applause)

Jones: (voice moderates) Because this is a church. A church has got to get itself together and build its heaven. ‘Cause you can’t count on too much what they tell you. You can’t count on anything that the white man has given you in his book. And I’ll give you this in closing, and show you. And this is it. [Comparison of Matthew 1:1-17 to Luke 3:23-38] It tells you the birth of Jesus in Matthew, in the first chapter in the sixteenth verse. It also tells you the same story, in Luke the third chapter the twenty-third verse through the thirty-fourth verse. But some– something’s wrong. One of them tells it different than the other one. Now if you and I do that, they call one of us a liar. Matthew– Matthew says Jesus’s dad was Joseph. Now, I know some of these churches that want to protect their anniversaries and their preachers, and the only busses you got here tonight if you want to go home with us – if you want to go home, if you want to go to freedom – I don’t know, some of you may end up out to the port to get on to the best home you ever had, but wherever you want to go, we’ll get you to home tonight. If you haven’t got a dime, we’ll put you on that bus. I mean, if you haven’t got a dime, I don’t care what your condition, I don’t care if you’ve got not a dime. I don’t care if you don’t have anything in your pocket. Or if you don’t have any clothes, we’ll get you some clothes.

Congregation: That’s right.

Jones: We’ll take you home because we do it in every city.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: Now say. (Tsks) You better hear this, because you have been lied to and a thing you’ve been depending upon isn’t gonna happen. Matthew says that Jesus’ dad was Joseph. Luke says Jesus’ dad was Joseph. But then Matthew says Jesus’ granddad was Jacob. Now we got trouble, ‘cause Luke says Jesus’ granddad was Heli. Go home and read it. You won’t like what you find, I know, but at least when you get through it, you’ll feel better. ‘Cause we’re the healthiest people and the freest people and I’ve got folk livin’ a hundred and six, I got preachers down there in the Promised Land one hundred and two buildin’ sidewalks. And even got new life. (Short laugh) I– One of them got so much life, his wife had to ask me to meditate to hold him down.

Congregation: (laughs, applauds)

Jones: I won’t go into tha– (chuckles, waits for congregation’s laughter to subside). He was raised from the dead. You know who I’m talkin’ about. Pop Jackson.

Congregation: (laughs, cheers)

Jones: Pop Jackson. He was arrested because he had– he was a good man, helping poor people, and 97 years of age, they threw him in jail, and his Baptist church would not get him out.I got him out.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: (voice grows more insistent throughout) I said, “I’ll have him out in twenty minutes” ‘cause he was a good man. I got him out. And when I got him out, he was healed, he was raised from the dead later, he had a stroke and raised from the literal dead. Had a broken leg, crippled leg. Now he walks, when I come – I just got back from there – when I– when I step in there, that man is so powerful, he’s got so much life, ‘cause he’s got free from the old dead letter.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: He’s got so much power, he lifts me clear up off the ground and hugs me and holds me in midair. Hundred and two, he’ll be a hundred and three this Christmas. And he’s no way ready to stop. Not only does he build sidewalks, he could build other things too, if you’d let him.

Congregation: (cheers, applauds)

Jones: (voice grows louder) So I know what’s working for me. And I know what’s working for our people. We got people uh– uh– do– they read in all the black papers across the nation, a woman a hundred and ten years of age that was cured of blindness through my ministry.

Man in Congregation: That’s right.

Jones: (voice grows quiet) We got ‘em way up there. But this Bible, without a prophet, will lead you to hell. (pause) And that’s sad, but it’s true. Because Matthew says Jesus’s granddad was Jacob, but Luke says Jesus’s granddad is (cries out) Heli. Now I– You’ll say, oh, oh, one of those preachers wantin’ to protect his Cadillac’ll say “one of ‘em was tracin’ Jesus through Mary.” Now you know better’n that. You know better’n that, ‘cause in both of ‘em said Joseph. And you know the Jews back though, there was prejudice then. They trace everything through the man. And say well, oh well, one of ‘em– one of the preachers try and tell one of the people– people in Chicago not to come back anymore ‘cause he gets a Cadillac and he’s got diamonds and everything else, he’s just ripped the people off, he said (conspiratorial tone) “well,” he said, “that was just a nickname.” You know better’n that. Jews don’t give their people nicknames. Mary Magdalene, Jesus of Nazareth, Joseph, what? Of Aramathea. They name the man one name, and where he came from. What town he came from. You understand what I’m talkin’ about? Jesus, why Jesus of Nazareth? Said, but Jesus had one– two names. No, he didn’t. He had one name. Christ is a name that all of you got. Ohhh. (grows louder throughout) The anointing. That’s Christ, means “the anointing.” He said, “Christ in you, the hope of glory” [Colossians 1:27]. Jesus, the Christ, meant he came into the fullness of godship, he came into the fullness of the hundredfold [five references to hundredfold in Gospel, including Matthew 13:8, 13:28, 19:29; Mark 10:30; and Luke 8:8] and (in full ministerial fervor) manifested all the power of being liberated from the dead letter and all the forms of religion! He was a free man, that’s why he became Christ.

Congregation: (cheers, applauds)

Jones: (Full throat) Jesus Christ. And if you were living where you oughta be tonight, you’d be Mabel Christ. And Harry Christ! And James Christ! And Arnold Christ! And Joan Christ! And Ruth Christ! (voice moderates) Because that means Ruththe anointed.

Congregation: (cheers, calls)

Jones: John the anointed. (Tsks) I know, I know. You won’t hear it, ‘cause preachers want to keep you givin’ those Cadillacs.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: (reasonable, matter-of-fact tone) Now I– Now– All right, now let us just say that it was a nickname, which everybody knows better than that. Matthew says Jesus’s granddad was Jacob, Luke says his granddad was Heli. And I’ll close here. Matthew says Jesus’s great-granddad was Matthan. M-a-t-t-h-a-n. (voice grows louder) Now we really do have trouble, because Luke says it was Matthat– M-a-t-t-h-a-t. One of them spells it one letter different. [You] Say, “that don’t worry me.” It sure does worry me, when I’m countin’ on going someplace by a book.

Congregation: (agrees, claps)

Jones: You know, if– if I– if I took a roadmap and it told me to take [Interstate] 40 and I’d get to Chicago, and I end up in Kansas City, I would put that roadmap away.

Congregation: (cheers, claps)

Jones: What are you saying? I am saying you should do just exactly like Jesus. They came to him and said “it’s written,” and it is, in the old law, Levitical law, said, “Man is made for the Sabbath.” (Unintelligible word) said– One of his disciples come up and plucked him an ear of corn right on the Sabbath, started eatin’ it right there, eatin’ him some– he ate him some fresh popcorn. (Smacks lips) And they come and said (in full throat) “It’s written!” (voice moderates) Jesus said “I don’t care what is written.” Said “It’s written!” The old rabbis, the old Bible scholars said (in full throat) “It’s written! (Claps twice) Man is made for the Sabbath!” Jesus said, “I turn it around.” He said, “The Sabbath is made for man! Everything is made for man [Mark 2:27, “And he said unto them, The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath:”; see also Luke 6:1-5; Matthew 12:1-8].

Congregation: (cheers, applause)

Jones: (voice moderates) Earth was made for man. They want to get you up there in that skycontrol. They want to get you lookin’ up. I remember when I came through Los Angeles, (short laugh) and they told me the first time I was in Los Angeles, I came by a big church, and a man said, “I perceive that you’re a prophet.” I was eatin’ ribs. I don’t know what that had to do with it, but I was eatin’ ribs–

Congregation: (scattered laughter)

Jones: –and he said, “I perceive that you’re a prophet.” He said “you’re preach– you’re a preacher.” I said, “I am.” He said, “I’m havin’ an anniversary tomorrow morning.” I got one of his members in the church here, where’s she at? She’s right here somewhere. Right– there she is. I– She was a– she was the minister’s– the assis– assistant minister’s wife. I took her, I– I mean, I messed that church up.

Congregation: (laughter)

Jones: She was right there. He said, “I– I know you’re a prophet.” And (claps once) he said, (imitates ministerial fervor) “The Lord has told me for you to preach at my anniversary.” I lowered my glasses and I said, “You better be sure.”

Congregation: (laughter)

Jones: He said, “I’m sure.” I got in there, and you know how they do on those anniversaries, ‘cause I hate those things, I don’t believe in those things. I wouldn’t take an anniversary. I’d die  before I’d take one. I wouldn’t take a birthday or a Christmas gift, ‘cause it’s unholy when people (voice grows in intensity) livin’ like most of our people are in these churches, don’t even have enough to heat themselves, don’t have enough decent clothes or food, and then preachers gettin’ anniversaries, pastors’ appreciation day, pastor’s birthday, pastor’s wives’ tea, (in full throat) that’s sin! That’s respect of persons [Romans 2:11, “For there is no respect of persons with God.”].

Congregation: Yeah!

Jones: (voice moderates) Peace. (Pause) I got him, he was settin’ up there, settin’ in his little old chair, and I lowered the boom. I was preachin’ there, I had a little old man, I never shall forget. Little old man had his little white gloves on, ready to take up the offering, ready for the anniversary. He was eighty, I don’t know what he was that time, Minnie, maybe– ‘member, maybe eighty, I judge he’s 80. Now, wait– wait. He was 70, but he’s way up in his eighties now ‘cause he’s free, we got him out of it. I kept on preachin’, I preachin’ about the dead letter, and I was preachin’ about the letter that kills and I was preachin’ about respect a person’s anniversary. He just finally (voice drops) took off his gloves. (pause) Never will forget that little old precious black man. And he stood right there over that offering plate and throwed them in. (Tsks) And he said, “Yes, I wish I’da heard this little nigger long time ago.” He said, “For forty years,” he said, “I’ve been taking up anniversaries for preachers.” And he said, “I’ve been singin’ that song ‘Take the whole world and give me Jesus’.” And he said, “They done taken the whole world and given me nothing but Jesus!”

Congregation: (applause)

Jones: (voice rising in volume and intensity) And you see, we’re not– we’re not deprecating Christ. No, no, no, no, no, we’re not deprecating Christ, we’re not speaking against Christ. You’re not to know any man after the flesh, not even Jesus [2 Corinthians 5:16, “Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.”]. Forget those things which are behind you, you’re to know the Christ in you! [Colossians 1:27] You’re not to know any more about me than the– what I can quicken of the Christ in you. The truth! I’m only being used for the truth. You’ll only be used for the truth. (voice moderates) But that man got the truth, and he’s still alive, but he ain’t takin’ any more offerings. He’s taking no more offerings for jacklegs. And that preacher, before I got through with that anniversary – that was one of the happiest moments of my life, because there’s a lot of suffering and coming into the hundredfold to be crucified – but I look back often on that day and I think of Minnie and her precious family because I split that church wide open (makes splitting sound). He thought I– he– he said the Lord sent me. Well, (Short laugh) if the Lord sent me, the Lord tore the place up.

Congregation: (calls, applause)

Jones: Peace. (Pause) Anyway. He slid down through that chair, you couldn’t even see his head when I was through. (Short laugh) They didn’t even take the plate. There wasn’t no money there. (laughs)

Congregation: (laughs)

Jones: The truth will set you free! [John 8:32, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”] (ministerial fervor) So you hear what Harriet Tubman said. Nobody gonna tell me some lie, obey my master! Nobody gonna tell me that I’m to be silent in the church! Nobody’s for me, I’m supposed to appreciate a good master or a bad master or be content (speaks quietly) in whatever state I find myself. “Naw,” she said, “That’s not– I’m not listenin’ to that. I’m leavin’.” And that’s what you better do. You better see that your preacher gives you a little bit more than what you been gettin’. You better see that there’s some apostolic sharing, some Pentecostal socialism. You’d better see that there’s some communication, real sharing, like you can see seniors here. You can do it. Yes. I’m not– I’m not good-looking, I’m not bright, I’m just an ordinary field nigger. What do I do? We share. We share. That’s why our seniors can travel all over the United States in Greyhound busses that they own. And every church could own them, but the reason they don’t own them is because there’s too much money being siphoned off for the preachers. The only time most of us get in busses – unless we get in a church that’s really living socialism, like this is – the only time you ever get in that bus is to go across town. He’ll rent a bus to take you across town so he can preach and hold an anniversary service there, so those poor folks – six months later – can be bussed back to hold an anniversary for him. (full throat) You know all about it, honey, (voice moderates) you know all about it.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: So now will you shift yourself? I know some of you’ve endured as much as you can take tonight. (pause)

(Tape edit)

Jones: Get healed. (pause) But you gotta have the truth first. (pause) Just put your hand on your neighbor. I’ll write down any revelation that is private. I won’t speak out things that’ll embarrass you. And I’m telling you, you can have life. Uh– Lots of you could have a great deal more, if you just come and go with us, ‘cause it’s hard for you to know, you know you have to try the Spirit. I can say a lot of things here tonight, but you come out and see how I live, you’ll see I practice what I preach. [You say,] I can’t go out there. I told you to get on there tonight. We’ll hold up the bus long enough you to go home and get your little bit of things. You can take your wraps and put ‘em in a gunny sack and come on with us.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: (Cries out) Sure do need the truth now! We need to build heaven on earth. We’d better do something about this earth. And I want you to look, ‘cause you’ll go out and see a little bit of heaven. How many– how much heaven? Not foursquare. Twenty-seven thousand acres. Big beautiful homes. Apostolic community. Great big dining room. Two hundred different crops. Mineral streams is growing, no– no impure air. Never gets cold. Never gets too hot. Ahh. I’m talkin’ about a little bit of heaven on earth. Say, “I’m waitin’ on– I’m gonna die to go to heaven.” Okay. Each to their own. If you wanna think you’re gonna die, you’ll die. But I believe it said, “As a man thinketh in his mind, so is he” [Proverbs 23:7, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.”].

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: I’d like to encourage you to think about living. As our hands are clasped, neighbor to neighbor, (music and singing of “If We Ever Needed the Lord Before (We Sure Do Need Him Now)” begins) may the spirit of revelation move upon the people’s minds. More important than anything, not their healing – that’s important – but if you don’t get your mind healed, all the healings in the body won’t do one ounce of good. Our hands are clasped. That means to change them ‘til you feel love, love sufficient. Sure do need him now

Female Singer: (singing, with Congregation in background)

Sure do need him now, sure do need him now,
If you ever, ever needed a savior before,
Sure do need him now,
Need him every day and every hour,
Mmm, if you ever, ever needed a savior before,
Sure do need him now, whoa,
You sure do need him now, ohhh,
Sure do need him now.

(singing fades out, then returns)

Jones: (speaking over singing) Yes–

Female Singer:

If you ever ever needed a Father before,
Sure do need him now,
You s– sure do need him now,
Sure do need him now
If you ever, ever needed a savior before,
Sure do need him now,
Need him every day and every hour.

Jones: (music continues in background; singer hums) As our hands are clasped again. I’m waiting on hearing things that can be spoken publicly. I’ll only speak things publicly. The nurses or the medical people will take them to you. Some things will not be spoken publicly, because there’s no embarrassment in the presence of God. (pause) Yes, yes.

Congregation: (continues singing)

Jones: I’m beginning to hear a revelation now. Just keep on singing.

Female Singer: (singing)

Sure do need him now
Sure do need him now
If you ever, ever needed a savior before
Sure do need him now
Need him every day, and every hour.

Jones: Who is Katherine Sawyer here in Philadelphia? Katherine Sawyer. Who is this? (pause) Katherine Sawyer. (lengthy pause, music continues in background) Hands clasped. (lengthy pause) Did you have a doctor sometime tell you that there’s something wrong with your stomach?

Katherine Sawyer: Yeah. Yes, they did.

Jones: Yes.

Katherine Sawyer: Yes.

Jones: Keep our hands clasped. A stumor– a tumorous sort of thing.

Katherine Sawyer: Well, they said I had a fibrous tumor.

Jones: Yes.

Katherine Sawyer: Yes.

Jones: And see– I don’t know you, you haven’t– you haven’t talked to me tonight or told anyone here–

Katherine Sawyer: No.

Jones: –anything about your life, is that correct?

Katherine Sawyer: That’s right.

Jones: Keep our hands clasped. (pause, music continues in background)

Female Singer: (singing) Sure do need him now.

Jones: Keep our hands clasped, please. (lengthy pause, singing continues) Wayne– who is Wayne?

Katherine Sawyer: My son.

Jones: And I– I– I– uh, I had a– a deal something with a female problem I (stumbles over words) Rochelle, is that a daughter?

Katherine Sawyer: Yes, I have a daughter, Rochelle. Yes.

Jones: And you have lots of relatives, I could go on and on.

Katherine Sawyer: Yes.

Jones: Marilyn.

Katherine Sawyer: Marilyn, yes.

Jones: And Lewis?

Katherine Sawyer: Lewis. Oh yes.

Jones: And Kenneth?

Katherine Sawyer: Kenneth. Oh, yes.

Jones: Some condition, very–

Katherine Sawyer: Oh Lord.

Jones: Fibrillation and a nervous problem–

Katherine Sawyer: Yes.

Jones: –nervous, affecting his nerves.

Katherine Sawyer: That’s right.

Jones: (Calls out) I said God is–

Katherine Sawyer: Yes.

Jones: (voice growing to ministerial fervor) That’s why you (unintelligible word) and said how can you hear without a preacher? How can he preach unless he’s sent?

Congregation: (cheers, applause)

Katherine Sawyer: Yes, Lord!

Jones: And if he hasn’t got the power to–

Katherine Sawyer: Yes!

Jones: –discern and to heal and to establish a church government, to do miracles, then he’s not sent [Romans 10:14].

Katherine Sawyer: Yes, Lord.

Jones: Keep our hands clasped.

Katherine Sawyer: Yes. Yes, Lord.

Jones: I wanna reach out.

Katherine Sawyer: Yes, Lord.

Jones: I wanna reach out to someone named Olive.

Katherine Sawyer: Yes, that’s my older sister.

Jones: Yes, yes.

Katherine Sawyer: Yes.

Jones: Yes, yes.

Katherine Sawyer: That’s right. That’s her.

Jones: And a condition that– You’ve had also a condition that goes around in the– ‘round into the nose.

Katherine Sawyer: She has asthma.

Jones: Mighty God.

Katherine Sawyer: Yes. That’s right.

Jones: But I’m gonna tell you, right now, I want to take care of every one of those loved ones, and they’ll speak, I healed the uh– The one of nerves, the nervous condition, the nervous disease that nobody could heal, Kenneth, I reached out to Wayne that would have been killed on Friday night.

Congregation: (cheering)

Jones: (voice grows to ministerial fervor). I’m reaching out to you. You go to the bathroom. and you’ll pass that growth, and it’ll never, never, never come back again!

Congregation/Sawyer/Jones: (cheering, shouting, singing)

(tape edit)

Jones: (voice moderates) Susie, Susie something on York Street here in Philadelphia, it seems. Susie. Who is this? (Pause) Susie. Yes, if you ever needed him, I want to tell you, if every– any of you wanted to come, the offer’s open. Say, “I don’t need to hear that.” Yes, you will. ‘Cause the same God that spoke all those things that woman gonna cut that growth away that no man could cut away, they’ll carry it right back in here, she’ll carry it right back in here and be healed from it, what doctors can’t cut away. I– uh, I have a spirit in me that can cut away–

Congregation: (cheers)

Jones: It can do it (voice rising in volume) a precision incision, and it can bring about anything but fail.

Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: Mighty God.

Man in Congregation: Mighty God!

Jones: You got a loved one that has– uh, a daughter it seems like, uh, trouble, with gastritis.

Susie: Yes.

Jones: Mighty God. (Pause) You’ve not told me anything about your life. Again, I don’t know you or anyone here. You haven’t spoken to anyone about it, is that correct?

Susie: No.

Jones: Mighty God. (pause) Been a lot of– there been a lot of, uh, um, uh, (stumbles over words) witchcraft and negative, because mind is what it is. Said– Jesus said “Let this mind be in you” – not the Bible, said “Let the mind be in you.” [Philippians 2:5, “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:”]“Be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind.” [Romans 12:2, “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.”] Her husband who– they had lots of trouble and that was brought about through some of the white magic– not black magic, ‘cause black magic is beautiful. I’m talking about black is beautiful, and we don’t want to get caught up in their words, ‘cause they got a lot of words that they try to make us look down on ourselves. If you look down at the origins of witchcraft, it didn’t start with no black people. All right, all right, here, uh– Her husband had trouble too with a stomach, with his stomach–

Susie: Yes.

Jones: He lost a lot of his stomach. Operations, different operations. He lost most of his stomach.

Susie: Her husband?

Jones: Keep our hands clasped. (glossolia) She– She separated from him, didn’t she, back in 1970? The first– (pause)

Susie: Yes.

Jones: Our hands clasped. (Pause) The– The man would always drink and come home and wake her up and fuss at her.

Susie: Yes, I think–

Jones: She said–

Susie: –she told me that.

Jones: Yes, yes. But I don’t know her.

Congregation member: Mighty God. Mighty God.

Jones: Now he– (Small laugh) Well, I don’t need to go into that. That’s all right. I just want to help build some things in your– your life, but I gotta do some work for you, now, because you have helped others. You’ve, uh, (glossolia) Aah, keep our hands clasped. (pause) Does, uh– your children have– one of your children have four children?

Susie: Mmm-hmm. Yes.

Jones: That’s beautiful. You had three brothers and two sisters?

Susie: Yes.

Jones: Although one sister–

Susie: Two, two brothers.

Jones: –died.

Susie: Yes.

Jones: That was your baby sister.

Susie: Yes.

Jones: You were born and reared in Georgia?

Susie: Yes.

Jones: And by the way, never say “raised.” The white man got a thing down there for the South, he always tells us we raise. You raise hogs. We’re reared. You understand what I’m saying? I’m not talking to her, I’m talking to– (stumbles over words) I thought of this, I just wanted to change a word that we would use, you know? She’d use that word, lot of people would use that word, you understand what I’m saying? (voice grows louder, more insistent) Always say, you’re reared. You know how they used to tell us we got a little pride, bless our hearts. We need to get that all through us. We won’t say we got an aunt (pronounces like “ant”), ‘cause we ain’t come from no ants.

Voices in Congregation: (Calls)

Jones: We’ve got an aunt. White folks used to look at us and say, “Well, what are you talkin’ about, your aunt?” Well, we got an aunt, not an ant!

Congregation: (cheers)

Jones: (Calls out) And we weren’t raised, we were reared! (Voice moderates) ‘Cause you raise hogs and you raise dogs and you raise cows, but you don’t raise us, honey, we rise up!

Voices in Congregation: (shouting)

Jones: Mighty God! (Pause) I reach out in the name of Christ. (pause) Have you ever using epsa– epso– epso tabs for your bowels?

Susie: Yes.

Jones: Some time in your life?

Susie: Yes.

Jones: Mighty God. (Pause) Keep our hands clasped. (pause) Do you have a green leather coat someplace?

Susie: Yes.

Jones: I got two things I gotta do for you. ‘Cause– Don’t ever use Epson salts – uh, you hear me – or espo tabs, hear me? How many hear me.

Voices in Congregation: (acknowledge and agree)

Jones: You had difficulty in your bowels, and I’ve got to do something in there because now there’s a coming together, uh, an adhesion that would’ve caused you to have to have an operation where they’d bring it out through your whole side. That’s not gonna happen now, and thisblue cloth, when I give you that, that’s gonna save you from a terrible tragedy. And the blue cloth, the smaller, for your daughter, is gonna save her from that witchcraft that was done. And now I (voice rises to a shout) speak “Lord!” (voice moderates slightly) and you’re healed.

Congregation: (cheers)

Susie: Thank you!

Jones: (in full throat) I take it from your bowels. I move it by the power of the living Christ! I healed her daughter, I take that curse of witchcraft and send it back to the one that brought it!

Female Singer: I sure do need him now, yes, sure do need him now.

(sound fades away, tape edit)

Jones: (begins in mid-sentence) –the cancer. There it is, out there, going around. She’s thanking me, she’s thanking the Christ in me. She thanked me, but it’s the Christ in me that’s taken away what the doctor could not take away, so let’s clap and rejoice for her, because it may be you sometime.

Female Singer: (with Jones, both singing)

(sound fades away, tape edit)

Jones: (voice moderate, conversational) I saw the miracles last night, and so, so precious, as you gave. And I never will – when I preach the truth – I never will take an offering until I preach it. You never seen me do it in all the days in your life. When I get ready to give you the whole truth, I’ll never take an offering, ever though I don’t get a dime. Because I think you need to know the truth. Now we’ve got babies that we’re adopting– Take a look at that woman carrying that cancer. The woman that’s carrying the cancer that just was passed. Take a look at it. That same woman was a Catholic sister when I came to her. She was paralyzed on her side with a stroke. And when I came to her, she’d been healed ever since and travels all over the world. Been over to the Promised Land, travels all over America, and she’s way up there in her years– That’s none of your business, ‘cause you’re as old as you think you are (chuckles).

Congregation: (laughs, claps)

Jones: (Laughs) Well, I just wanted to point it out to you. She was paralyzed entirely by a stroke, and now she’s carrying that cancer that woman just passed, (voice rises to a shout) and yet nobody on earth today but the Christ of the hundredfold that can take a cancer out like that!

Congregation: (cheers, applauds; music begins)

Jones: Praises God, praises God. Now if we will give as we receive. There’s only one offering, one chance–

(tape edit)

Jones: (speaking slowly, moderately) not go home, (unintelligible word, could be “Meredith”) Chris. (Pause) Now let’s see the woman holding up the (stumbles over words) “The Letter Killeth.” She gets a disability you wouldn’t believe, how many hundred dollars every month. But she’s healed, ‘cause I spoke the word to her. And I want you to look, I want you to look, because it can happen to you, if you’ll believe. But some of you are worried about the truth. It’s bothering you so, that you can’t get your mind open to receive the healing now. Now try to show your faith, show your faith by your works.

(tape edit)

Male: (music playing) –will do for you–

(tape edit)

Jones: Pamela Jo Keller, who’s got someone– loved one down here? Pamela Jo? Pamela Jo. Right down here. The second row. Keep our hands clasped. (Pause) Don’t have any– not giving anything, but you’ve got your big heart and giving all. You’re prepared to give all. It doesn’t matter what you give. You wouldn’t be barred from healing, but it’ll be what you give, as long as you’ve given if you’ve been blessed. Uh– You’ve not mentioned this person to anyone?

Pamela: No.

Jones: I don’t know anything about your loved ones, that, uh, a niece is it or something, a loved– uh, loved one? Keep our hands clasped.

Pamela: Little granddaughter.

Jones: Yeah. Granddaughter. I was thinking about something else, I’ll get right back to it. Just a minute. Keep our hands clasped. (pause while organ music plays; singer humming) There’s a reverend, uh, by the name of Jacob, sometime that you’ve had contact with.

Pamela: That was my former pastor before I come here.

Jones: I see. Hands clasped. I don’t know him, but I know some of the effect on your body. Keep your hands clasped. Keep your hands clasped (pause; organ music continues playing). Laurie? Who’s Laurie?

Pamela: That’s me.

Jones: Keep our hands clasped. You– you used to take care of Garrett’s uh, sons, or something?

Pamela: Yes.

Jones: Keep our hands clasped. Mighty God.

Man in Congregation: Mighty God. Mighty God.

Jones: That’s right, mighty God.

Voices in Congregation: Yeah! Mighty God! (humming continues, organ music throughout) Mighty, mighty God. Yes. Mighty God. (long pause)

Jones: You’ve had every kind of person bombard you – all kinds of vibrations – but you came out of that mess.

Pamela: Sure did.

Jones: Keep our hands clasped.

Man in Congregation: Mighty God. Mighty God.

Jones: Old James Rector.

Pamela: Yes.

Jones: Yeah. Don, over there in Phoenix.

Pamela: Stewart.

Jones: Yeah, I know. Eppley.

Pamela: Yes!

Jones: A parrot in Miami, Florida.

Congregation: (beginning to cheer)

Pamela: Yes!

Jones: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Now, I– I want to tell you something in your mind. Keep our hands clasped. Keep our hands clasped.

Voice in Congregation: Mighty God.

Jones: Let me just keep– (pause) keep feeling the love towards your neighbor, like it was your (draws out word) own child, someone dear to you. You’re a good person to think about other people. And–

Pamela: Yes.

Jones: –because you’re thinking about other people, something’s going to happen to you tonight.

Pamela: Thank you.

Jones: Mighty God.

Man in Congregation: Mighty God. Mighty God.

Jones: In your– your heart of hearts, deep in your hearts, you’re more than a pastor, you say. You are a living Christ.

Pamela: Right.

Jones: Now it’s your thought. You’ve got trouble in your back, and you’ve been having an oppressive heaviness in your chest.

Pamela: That’s right.

Jones: (voice rises slightly) Lift up your bine. Lift up your mind. Bend your back. Move it back and forth. Now, I just broke loose a growth that was in the back. I just took out a clot in the heart. (loudly) You’ve been saved from two things by the power of the living Christ.

Congregation: loud cheers

Jones: Because as you see me, I see in you. The things you visualize in me, I have reproduced in you. As you think in your mind, so am I [Proverbs 23:7].

(singerbegins singing)

Jones: You’d better dance and shout with her, because the way you get the victory is to see God!

(Organ music and singing fades, then tape edit)

Jones: (begins in middle of sentence; growing into a ministerial fervor) –you said you see me that me that way? Who can know the thoughts of your mind? It said only the Word can know the thoughts of your mind. Said the Word is sharper than a two-edged sword, it discerns the thoughts, it knows the intents of the heart, it cuts away the bones from the marrow, and it quickens the body. (pause; singer hums) Separates the soul from the spirit [Hebrews 4:12, “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”]. If somebody knows your thoughts, friend, you’d better take into account that they’re sent.

Female Voice: Oh yes.

Jones: (ministerial fervor) And how can you hear without a preacher, and how can he preach lest he’s sent? [Romans 10:14] Mighty God, mighty God. Mighty God, (unintelligible under singer)

(music fades, tape edit)

Jones: (normal tone) Essa (or S.A.?) Stevens. Who’s Essa Stevens? Essa Stevens. Good God.

Male Voice: (unintelligible)

Jones: Mighty God. (Pause) Your daughter’s been oppressed by someone–

Essa: Yes

Jones: –that wanted to design something to get something away from her.

Essa: Yeah. Thank you Jesus!

JonesYes, I know. Thank you, Christ. You’ve thought in your mind that the devil is destroying her mind–

Essa: Yes!

Jones: –and her home and her little one.

Essa: Yes.

JonesAnd I wanna go on down now to show you. I don’t know a thing about you. You have relatives in Florida?

Essa: Yes.

Jones: You’ve visited there–

Essa: Yes.

Jones: –but you don’t like Florida, I see in your mind.

Essa: No, no, no.

Jones: You have daughters in Philadelphia?

Essa: Yes.

Jones: Mighty God, mighty God, mighty God, mighty God.

Essa: Jesus.

Jones: I wanna go way back. Somebody caused you to have a phone bill way back in the month of, let me say, May– May 1972. You go back and you check, you’ll remember a little bit about it. You had a phone bill of $521.62!

Essa: Yes.

Jones: You remember that big phone bill?

Essa: Yes.

Jones: Well, let’s keep our hands up, let’s keep our hands up. Mighty God. (voice rising) I come against that condition–

Essa: Jesus.

Jones: –I come against that condition that is oppressing that young woman–

Essa: Mighty God!

Jones: –by the power and the– (Claps hands once) It’s gone.

Essa: Thank you!

Jones: And I send it back to the woman that tried to destroy her home!

Essa: Thanks!

Jones: I send it back by the power! (organ and singing begins)

End Side 1


Side 2

(organ and singer, then tape edit)

Jones: Brown, Eva. Eva Thora Brown. Uh, Camden, New Jersey. Mighty God. Mighty God. Keep our hands clasped. Hey? (long pause) Who’s Leah?

Thora: My little niece.

Jones: You’ve not told me or anyone–

Thora: No.

Jones: –about her–

Thora: No.

Jones: –You– you accept the truth tonight, though. You’re open to the truth–

Thora: Oh, I– I believe everything you say–

Jones: Oh, yes, I can see it.

Congregation, Thora Eva laugh; music playing in background

Jones: I can see it. Mighty God. There is, uh– Who is uh, Eva? You are Eva?

Thora: That’s my mother. That’s my–

Jones: Thora. You’re Thora?

Thora: Yes.

Jones: And then there’s uh, Carlo–

Thora: That’s my brother. He was here last night–

Jones: Uh, yeah

Thora: –but he didn’t come tonight.

Jones: I know, I know. I– I know. But I’m doing work for him whether he did or not.

Thora: Okay.

Jones: You know, whether he came – I don’t know him any more than I– Who’s born in December?

Thora: Me. And my brother Carlo.

Jones: Uh-huh.

Thora: And my father.

Jones: All right.

Man in Congregation: Mighty God.

Jones: Keep our hands clasped. Carlo has a couple of blue rings–

Thora: Uh-huh.

Jones: –and a green ring.

Thora: Uh-huh.

Jones: And he has a– adid, A-D-A-D-I-A-S tennis shoes.

Thora: Uh-huh. You right.

Jones: Yeah. And he sure didn’t wear ‘em to church, did he?

Thora: (loud, happy voice) No!

Jones: No, no, no. (ministerial fervor) But I’m seeing over in Camden, New Jersey!

Thora and Congregation: (cheers, applause)

Jones: Mighty God. Keep our hands clasped.

Thora: Whoo!

Jones: Mighty God.

Thora: Whoo! (laughing) Thank you. (catches her breath)

Jones: (voice moderates) You once knew– You brought a friend, uh, and she was afraid of me, and the friend– or your– your mother, your mother brought a friend

Thora: My bro– My ma– my mother brought my brother.

Jones: Okay. Well no, no, no, no–

Thora: My –

Jones: Sometime– but she musta told some friend about me. A fire, (stumbles over words) she caught fire from a– a candle.

Thora: (Quizzical) Hmm.

Jones: And she started to run–

Thora: Uh-huh.

Jones: But she thought about my face–

Thora: Uh-huh.

Jones: And the heat went out of the flame, and she did not receive a mark–

Thora: Wow!

Jones: Mighty God, now, mighty God.

Congregation: (cheers, applause)

Jones: Mighty God. Mighty God.

Thora: Thanks.

Jones: (voice rising in volume and intensity throughout) Well, this brother that I see – and I’m looking up after his situation, if you’ll just clasp your hands across the way – I see a truck running over you, would run over you, on the morrow? No, the day after tomorrow, and it would’ve injured you for life. I’m reaching out to your brother, who has a kidney problem that’s going to develop in his body, that would’ve destroyed him and he would’ve been on dialysis. Your mother has a blood pressure problem–

Thora: Right–

Jones: (voice still rising) I’m gonna stop that from a stroke that would’ve taken place tomorrow afternoon, five minutes after four, (in full ministerial fervor) by the power of the name of Christ!

Congregation: (loud cheers, applause)

Jones: (still in ministerial fervor) And Leah, Leah, a little child, a little child would’ve died of a terrible sickle cell anemia, but that is cured too, just because you believe the truth! Just because you accept the word I preach about the Bible! Because of that, I (unintelligible word under tape distortion) every one of your loved ones–

(music and singing begins)

Tape Edit

Jones: (voice calm and insistent; music and signing continues throughout) –should step forward. There’s many ways to receive healing and protection. You’ll never know how many times I’ll be protecting you through the spirit. It’s– be important that you be on our mailing list, it’s important that you get the oil, and the pictures– we’ve had thousands of pictures turn to blood, literally. How many have seen them, over and over, and have them, over and over? Turned to blood. And all kinds of miracles. Last week a woman breast close right up, and the picture turned to blood, and the blood on the backside of the picture, as well on the front side of the picture. Keep our hands clasped again. If I speak your name, step forward. If I speak your name, step forward, ‘cause you need to have a passport to life. Say, “I don’t understand that.” You will understand it. Now hands are clasped. [All names phonetic] If your name is Ross, I’ll give different names that’ll apply to you. Come, when you hear it. Kimball. I’m talking about the same person. 2134. Same person. Bertha-Lee Niles, Elizabeth Jackson. When you hear your name, step forward. From Salem. Staying with Elizabeth. Mighty God. Trying to take of somebody else that’s sick. You’re saving yourself from a heart attack by stepping forward here. Baptist– Don’t make any difference what church you are. This is the church of the great baptizer! Roundtree. 103. Uh– That number will mean something to you. Keep our hands clasped. If you are called, step forward. David LeVine. Joseph Winfield. Geneva Wilson. Geneva Wilson. As I– Keep on clasping our hands and praising the living God. Annabelle Glass. Ha ha, ha ha, ha. You don’t understand everything about the Bible, but you came and you stood, and because you stead, and in that stead you stood, Lucille told me about me, Lucille Grady. And as you come, you’ll be healed of cancer in your body that was bothering you in your back and your side. Thomas Hall. Oh, praise his name! Shedric on Redfield. Praise your precious Pentecostal, come up into Pentecostal socialism. Vita Hyde. Church of God in Christ, a good church. Marilyn Conway Saturn, step forward. Debbie Broadrodder, Camden, step forward. You’ll be also protected from that accident. Step forward. Busbee. Busbee. Busbee. (Pause) Katherine Sawyer. Katherine Sawyer. Beverly Sawyer. Manfield, 32nd Street. I’m callin’, I’m callin’. (pause) Member of the AME church, and by so coming, you’re also saving yourself of a heart attack on Friday afternoon. Margaret McCown. Lucille Grady. Covington (tape edit) Hutchinson, 2626. Beatrice Williams. It is sweet just to know. Eileen Hudson. Condé Blackman. Mary Glenn. Vincent Wilson. Theresa Wilson. Grace Wilson. Keep on praising God. Nita White. Nita White. Mary Redeford. Helen Clark. Yolanda Lane. Evelyn Grant. John’s– John’s– Dennis’ brother, your boyfriend. Step forward, step forward. Bertil. Bertha. 963, 1294. Mary Sherman. Nelly Turner. Bill Limehouse. Have a hearing problem, so (in full throat) Bill Limehouse. (returns to normal voice) Praise his name. Butler, Butler. Also blood pressure problems, saving you from a stroke. James Mitchell of Colorado. Ida May Miller. George Turner. Betty Turner. Carolyn Turner. Venable, Venable, on 31st Street. Ora-Lee Powell, that’s responsible for you being here. Praise God. Michael Sawyer. Praise God socialism. Annie Wilson. Clap your hands and sing! (unintelligible) (singing continues) We’re apostolic, and this is the true apostolic church. Dorothy Brooks, Dorothy Brooks. Rose Poo, Rosa Poo. Myrtle Jenkins. May Gordon. Mazy Jordan, Mamie Jordan. Martha Stewart – Keep on praising God! Evangelists you are. Moore, Aida Moore. God has come. Booker Cooper. Booker Cooper, Baptist – problem in your lungs, (in loud voice) come on now! God’ll take care of that muscular (unintelligible word) (voice moderates) Gertrude Dunlap. Elma Tobert. Elma Tobert. Eliza Tobert. Louise Wilson. Adams– Adam– Praise God, praise God. Let’s clap our hands and praise God. (long pause, singing continues, then recedes into background) There’s someone that’s been concerned in the past years about someone by the name of Phyllis Graham, who had a bowel instruction [obstruction]. You’re concerned. I saved you from the same fate. Who is this? It’s Pearl Jackson, is the name. Pearl Jackson– [I] Want to be sure I’ve reached every one. Pearl Jackson, who is this? Pearl Jackson. All right, all right, all right. (long pause, music and singing quietly in background) Your birthday– your birthday June? June 7.

Pearl: Yes uh, yes it is.

Jones: June 7.

Pearl: That’s right.

Jones: Mighty God.

Pearl: Thank God. Thank God.

Jones: (Pause) (unintelligble word) you live on 62nd?

Pearl: I do.

Jones: And you have had some connection with an address at 1618 Edgewood.

Pearl: That’s right.

Jones: Mighty God. Who is it can know all your addresses? I just wanted to be sure that I reached you, because your heart has been bothering you–

Pearl: That’s right.

Jones: And now, before 11 o’clock tomorrow morning, you would’ve been in a hospital, you never would’ve been the same, but because you had faith–

Pearl: Thank you. Thank– Thank you.

Jones: –I’m sending this cloth to you. You haven’t made much to do tonight, you just stood there and listened, you just sit and listen, but you kept an open mind, and because of that, it’s healed you.

Pearl: Thank God.

Jones: Mighty God. (singer’s voice grows loud) And you’d had a bowel obstruction in August, but you won’t have it now. That’s also taken care of. (pause) (singing continues)

(Tape edit)

Jones: –address of our New York meeting. We’re going to be in the first time ever healing services conducted in the greatest cathedral in New York. 110 Amsterdam. You hear what I’m saying? What’s the name of that cathedral? St.– St. John’s Divine. You’ve heard of that great cathedral? I’m a friend of the bishop of the Episcopalian church [Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Jr., Bishop of New York]. I’ve reached out to people in various levels. So how many will tell your loved ones up in New York? You need to give them the truth, ‘cause we’re gonna have shakin ’of truth over there. ‘Cause God is shaking up everything that can be shaken, so that (voice grows loud) that which cannot be shaken will remain! [Hebrews 12:27, “And this word, Yet once more, signifieth the removing of those things that are shaken, as of things that are made, that those things which cannot be shaken may remain.] Praise his name. (voice moderates) How many will tell your loved ones? Some of you oughta come on over with us. We’re gonna be in New York for two nights. Tomorrow night, and the next night. I’m gonna be speaking to the Council of Churches, and then tomorrow night at seven-thirty at one-one-ten, is it? 110 Amsterdam, St. John the Divine, the great big cathedral, worldwide-known, one that’s supposed to be the world’s largest temple. So be there, be there, and tell your loved ones. Put your hand on your neighbor and tell them of three miracles. That’s what we call agreement – two, three, greeting together. Tell ‘em of three miracles that you’ve seen God do here, in the land of the living. The sister tonight got healed, that was crippled in her back, because she said, “I perceive you’re more than a pastor.” You’ve heard what I told, I’m not gonna repeat it. You are the living. What do you see tonight? Because as you think, so is it [Proverbs 23:7]. As you think, so is it. Put out your hand, by the faith and by the power of the hundredfold (singing becomes louder; Jones’s voice grows to ministerial fervor) I am, so art thou! What thou seeth in me I see in you! (voice quiets) I see Christ in you. What do you see in me? What do you see in me? Blessed be the name. Blessed be the name. Blessed be the name. Blessed be the name. Put your hand on the– your neighbor. (voice rising in intensity) I don’t care if you’ve not been called out yet, keep on writing me. You’ll get what you’re looking for. Be sure you look at all those pictures of the Promised Land. The apartment buildings were not built then, but you can still see the beautiful food – two hundred different crops – and we got an ocean-going vessel. You don’t know about Noah’s Ark, but we got one. We got a boat to– Marcus Garvey. The ole’ Marcus Garvey vision, because that was a prophet. You remember Marcus Garvey. We’ve got the Marcus Garvey express. Praise the name of Christ. Praise the name of Christ. I love you. I love you. Be sure you have our address. What is it? Peoples Temple, Post Office Box 15023, isn’t it? San Francisco, California. And get in touch with us, keep in touch with us. If you need a way home, you need a home? We’llgive you a home tonight. You hear what I said. One going home with us, you’d better come on, come on, ‘cause we’ve got plenty. In our Father’s house (voice rises to full throat) there are many mansions, hallelujah! [John 14:2, “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”]

Congregation: Yeah! (cheers)

Jones: (voice moderates) If it were not so I would’ve told you. Glory to his name. Let’s just love our neighbor, love them good. Love them good. Love them good. (Jones’s voice grows quieter in recording) Be sure to get “The Letter Killeth,” get the oil and the healing pictures – Praise the name – and the record and the music. Thousands and tens of thousands of healings have been done by all those objects. Keep studying what I said, until that truth gets in you. Evangelists, you should step forward. (singing grows louder)

End of tape