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[Editor’s note: This tape begins with Jones’ reading of the article “Qaddafi Rebuilds Libya According to His Unique Ideology,” by Thomas W. Leppman, in the August 10, 1978 edition of the Washington Post, and republished in the San Francisco Chronicle. Jones’ own additions and commentary are indicated by green type, although some non-rhetorical additions may be from other versions of the article itself. Minor changes, such as the omission of an adverb, are not noted. In addition, Jones himself spelled the Libyan’s leader’s name differently than the article’s author did.]

Jones: [Guided by the radical and bizarre principles of Col. Moammar] Khadafy’s Green Book, Libya is carrying out a total revolution in its political and economic life with the aim of achieving a noble vision of “the new socialist society.”

Virtually every source of power and wealth in traditional Libyan life – the great tribes, the rich families, the bourgeoisie and the bureaucracy, even the religious leadership has been crushed or taken over by the socialist society as it builds a new system that is uniquely its own.

Unlike Saudi Arabia– Libya is oil rich, but Saudi Arabia, which is trying to develop and modernize within its traditional political and economic fascist capitalist systems, Libya, socialism, has jettisoned the past and is using its wealth to transform the country socially and politically as well as physically.

Compulsory education, compulsory participation in the new political system, compulsory uh, training to defend itself in the stepped-up aciliration– introduction of women into the workforce, are all contributing to the eclipse of Libya’s historic patterns of life. The jobs of tens of thousands of men that depended on the old system – messengers, drivers, tea-boys – have been eliminated. They do not believe in servants, as in the Soviet Union. There are no waiters in the Soviet Union. You self-serve yourself in cafeteria style. And their holders sent off to more productive tasks in a move as much symbolic as economic, that’s also socially redeeming, because the Soviet Union feels that, to have servants, people waiting on others is not– it’s a class kind of consciousness.

Libya’s abundant oil revenues have enabled Khadafy, the young, fearless, to extend his control and impose his ideas on the most remote and primitive oas– oasis.

In 1980, according to Planning Secretary Musa Abu Fraywah, the entire country will be linked by bus service and television, further breaking down the traditional patterns of isolated rural life. These few villages, where economic developments is notten– is not fea– feasible he said, will be cleared, and their populations will be resettled, ending forever the political and social influence of local leaders.

Observers here say that even if Khadafywere removed from power, the country is now irretrievably – that means inevitably, it’s on its course, his leadership has lasted long enough that nothing can change it – in the hands now of a new generation nurtured on his ideas of socialism, equality and justice, and cat– catapulted during the– the ni– nine years in power, from the impoverished ignorance and total illiteracy that existed in the pre-colonialist Libya, that had been held in the grip of Italy at one time, and under the grip of all of the imperialist powers, the lackeys of USA, formerly. Now it’s in a prosperous new era, where everyone has a average salary– Imagine, an average income of benefits of over twelve thousand dollars.

While there is unanimity among Lib– Libyans and foreigners about what kind of system existed here before the revolution, and how Khadafyhas gone about dismantling it, it is not all clear what new system will eventually replace it. That’s a capitalistic feeling, of course. The few capitalists are allowed to maintain their residences, but they cannot transfer their wealth. There is no inheritance allowed. There appears to be a wide gap between Khadafy’soddball utopian theories – and I’m reading the capitalist viewpoint and giving commentary it on, because I never read all, I just give commentary and reading – and the demands of running a modern style.

Publication earlier this year of part two of the Green Book, subst– subtitled “The Solution of the Economic Problem,” touched off a systematic assault on what remain of private property and wealth in this socialist country. Private houses are being confiscated under a law that bans owning more than one dwelling, just as socialist party leaders are required in our own beloved Guyana, and the next step is to be a ban on the eco– accumulation of capital or savings by individuals. Fine, fine, why should there be.

“The final step,” according to the Green Book, is when the new socialist society reaches the stage where profit and money disappear.”

Khadafy has had to defe– defend these ideas as consistent with, and even inspired by the Quran – that’s the Bible of the Muslims – when they stirred opposition in Libya’s religious establishment. How they will work out in practice in a country with Libya’s vast oil wealth is not yet known, but many capitalists fear it will give them one of the greatest bases of power in the world.

Some foreigners here tend to guffaw over what they see as Khadafy’s naive and ill-conceived economic theories. But the implementation of them – that means the carrying-out of them – has well begun.

“They are going to do it. They mean business,” one veteran ambassador here said.

Already the state – or, more properly under Khadafy’s theory, the Libyan people, because he is a people’s man – owns the factories, the farms and most of the import and export companies. Private enterprise is rapidly fading into the past.

But Libyan socialism differs from traditional socialist theory in some ways, and from Marxist-Leninist practice, in some ways also.

The Green Book emphasizes that every Libyan is entitled to ownership of “the material needs of man that are basic, necessary and personal.” These include, it says, “food, housing, clothing and transport,” because a man is not free uh, if anyone else, even the state, controls these essentials to life. Thus the confiscation of private houses applies to multiple ownership, and landlordism, not to the individual in his own home, which he is entitled to keep. Well, the same difference in Marxist-Leninism. It’s only in the ultimate pure stage of communism that there will be no uh, individual ownership of homes. The Soviets can own up to uh, in their wealth standard, fifty thousand dollars’ worth of private property, so that’s ridiculous. There is really no difference at all between Libya’s socialism and uh, Marxist-Leninism in general. The ultimate aim of Marxist-Leninism is to eliminate the individual home, where all property will just be shared. It will be that a person can use it and pass it on to their loved ones in life, but no way can they own the land, just like the great Indian teachings and African teachings, who are more genius than the so-called civilized people of today.

Under the political program laid down in the first part of the Green Book, “The Solution to the Problem of Democracy,” there are no political parties in Libya, Communist or otherwise. There’s just the socialist party, but it’s really communistic in many ways. There is not even any government – the country is run through direct popular democracy, like a vast town meeting, something like Peoples Forum here.

More important than the actual decision, according to students of the Libyan system, is the participita– participation itself, because it makes the local population understand that the old ways of making decisions and the old days of deferring to tribal or religious considerations are gone.

Behind this facade of popular democracy, many ob– observers here say, Khadafy exercises one-man rule on all important policy matters, but it is natural to expect that type of sour grapes, when a man has brought such tremendous change to a country.

The “leader-teacher” is the sole source of ideology. No organized dissent is tolerated against socialism. Well, logically so. But Libya is more complex and less predictable than any other socialist system [Editor’s note: Jones’ words substitute for “other dictatorships.”]

Unlike other revolutionary regimes that try to sweep away the individuals as well as the– the policies of the past, uh, uh, I mean the individual uh, elitism, I should say, Libya does not appear to be vindictive. Many of those who served and profited under the monarchy have found places in the new Libya by cooperating with Khadafy – he believes in rehabilitation, also does all other socialist countries, as far as I can know. China has allowed rehabilitation, so has the Soviet Union.

The country has only about 2.5 million people. When Khadafy – Colonel Khadafy – came to power in 1969, most of them were illiterate, they could not read nor write, nearly 100 percent, and had hardly been– and barely been touched by the benefits of the oil income.

Libyans generally viewed their family and tribal leaders and their village elders and religious leaders as the true source of authority and power. To establish his legitimacy, Khadafy, the prime minister of the great socialist republic of Libya, had to overcome the traditional power structure.

To Khadafy, these traditional leaders were corrupt, self-serving, and compromising by their subservience to European and U.S. imperialist interests.

Khadafy destroyed public confidence in the old leaders. At the same time he cut their power by dividing the country and into new administrative regions that cut across tribal lines.

When this process failed to go fast enough, Khadafy announced a “popular revolution” in 1973, in which all existing laws were suspended and which culminated four years later in a “declaration of the establishment of the people’s authority.”

The document, published in March 1977, said that the people of Libya “declare their adherence to the spiritual values to safeguard morals and human behavior as well as to– they affirm the march of the revolution, under the leadership of the revolutionary thinker and teacher, our leader Col. Moammar – M-o-a-m-m-a-r – Khadafy – K-h-a-d-a-f-y – toward the complete popular authority and the stabilization of an equalitarian society.”

Having thus swept away every form of authority other than his own socialism, Khadafy turned his attention to the country’s economic structure. The principles by which this is to be reshaped are outlined in the second part of his Green Book. This provides for the abolition of the wage system and a kind of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” formula – which is of course, nothing more than Marxist-Len– Marxist-Leninist – formula to compensate individuals for their work.

The country is in middle– is in the middle of a $24 billion development program that is producing roads, schools, hospitals, apartment houses, ports, recreational centers, and most of all farms, at a dizzying rate. It’s just mind-boggling, it said, even the capitalist writers in this uh, this uh, San Francisco Chronicle that I’m bringing you this account, they don’t– they try to put their little barbs in, but anybody with their right mind would see this as beautiful, but oc– occasionally, they throw in the word, “dictator” or something like that, “the dictatorship of socialism,” but sooner or later, if the American people were allowed to survive long enough, and if it were not for the threat of the nuclear war, the division of the races, if it were not for the lack of unity of the trade unions and no strong Communist Party and no strong socialist movement, in USA, they’d wake up, that this is the way to live.

So it’s moving at a dizzying rate, so fast that newly-created farms are standing unused because of shortage of hands to work them. They’re building them that fast.

The flow of development has enabled Colonel Khadafy to deliver on his promises to improve the lot of the Libyans, even as he appeals to the pride by his Arabic-only, damn-the-colonialists nationalism, damn the capitalist USA imperialism.

Stand by for a moment.

(Turns from mike to address someone in room)

Watergate too, to show you there is no longer the president of the United States, that [Jimmy] Carter is only a puppet. As I started to finish it yesterday, [Walter] Mondale could lend a liberal muster to the ticket, to catch it, to make the people feel– uh, be deceived they really had a representative government that would validate his running mate’s candidates in the eyes of labor and the two most influential media voices, the liberal New York Times and Washington Post, which have now become sellouts, really reactionary arms of the ruling monopoly capitalist class. [Zbigniew] Brzezinski then was not willing to change a horserace for the vice presidency. One of his major goals as National Security Advisor would be to oversee, in his words, supra departmental integra– integration of our global policy. It is impossible, he wrote in 1974–

I expect everyone, by the way, to read the blackboards, and I want them kept uh, up for a while till you can embrace that entire study of Brzezinski, and our librarian [Theresa King] has very aptly and appropriately referred to one of his books, this is an insane man, a madman, Brzezinski is a madman. There is no hope for America with him in the grip of power that he has. He has absolutely the most power of anybody in the United States, and you need to study him closely.

It is impossible, he wrote in 1974, to conduct such a policy from the vantage point of the Treasury or the State Department. We need not only a virtuoso in change– or cha– in charge of our foreign policy, we need a conductor who can orchestrate these symphon– symphon– symphonic uh, effort. The logical place to locate such an instrument for integrating our global policy would be the vice presidency.

Having made the decision to bring in the Minnesota Senator abroad, Brzezinski acted as advisor to the presid– presidential campaign Mondale began in early 1974 – all of them just nothing but puppets – along with Trilateral Commission members George Ball, Cyrus Vance, and Paul Warnke. Remember, Andrew Young, Uncle Tom, has also sold out to it.

Beyond détente. That means peace. An article which appeared over Mondale’s byline in the Fall issue of Foreign Affairs, is said to have been ghosted for him by Brzezinski, that he actually wrote it, and Mondale, having no soul or mind or independence, allowed Brzezinski to write something under his– under Mondale’s name. Thus in the event that Mondale’s presidential candidacy took off, the Commission could be in the position of having given early support to a winner, if not the name, of a suitable vice presidential candidate, would at least have been brought to the national attention. As it happened, Mondale’s campaign generated little public enthusiasm, and he withdrew in the late 1974 to a chorus of praise for a willingness to abandon lost causes. Several other presidential possibilities were appointed to the Commission by the select– select panel of David Rockefeller. Fortunately, he’s killed now, as a young man, decided to commit suicide, as I told you, by running over on the– his side of the lane and killing him in his special Cadillac limousine. Brzezinski and Washington Attorney General [Gerald] C. Smith, now Ambassador at Large for nuclear power and negotiations. Elliot Richardson would be a strong contender in the event that Watergate so thoroughly discreditated– discredited Richard Nixon, that he lost his ability to influence the selection of the 1976 Republican nominee, a situation that in the end did not come to pass. If possible, however, Brzezinski had every intention of supporting both the Republican and the Democratic candidate so that he would– that whoever won the election would be beholden to himself, Rockefeller, and the Trilateral Commission, the dreaded fascist commission that controls the capitalist world, and most of it is American.

James Ca– Earl Carter, Jr. was appointed to the Trilateral Commission by Brzezinski in May 1973. David Rockefeller had become acquainted with Carter in November 1971, when he had lunch–­ uh, uh, lunch with him in the Chase headquarters, the Chase Manhattan Bank. It’s worth noting that David Rockefeller’s uh, personal investments are mostly in real estate, and that Atlanta is a major focus of the port– portfolio. Atlanta is Rockefeller Center South. David Horowitz, co-author of The Rockefellers, told me, Rockefeller began investing there in 1967, when he and Greek (pause) strongman Stavros (struggles over name) N-i– N-i-a-r-c-h-o-s – put together interstate north, a 50 million dollar, 240 acre commercial and residential development 10 miles from Atlanta. Six months later Rockefeller obtained a 50 percent interest in Farrington, a (stumbles over numbers) ninety hundred million, seven hundred acre community of apartments and townhouses 13 miles from downtown. You see how little chance there is for the little man in the United States. It’s impossible, this kind of wealth in the hands of a few.

On November 4, 1972, Hamilton Jordan had presented Jimmy Carter, who looked like the populist, now we see the hypocrite that he was, with a special memorandum, settling– setting forth a plan for obtaining the 1976 presidential nomination. Jordan’s final recommendation was that, while still governor, Carter could establish Georgia’s trade missions abroad for the purpose of traveling to each in the con– continents of the world. Carter, in other words, was to use the taxpayers money to take trips whose sole purpose was to advance his campaign.

Brzezinski, Rockefeller, and Smith decided to back up– to pick up a Southern candidate governor as a possible Trilateral candidate, such as a– a candidate with no ties of his own to the North. (Pause) Eastern Establishment would be heavily indebted to the Commission if he became president. It was to their advantage to choose an outsider, says one observer, who had ex– an extensive contact with the Rockefeller family. Carter was perfect, because once he got to Washington, he wouldn’t be able to find his way to the bathroom without their help. And that’s pretty much accurate. It was a close th– thing between Carter and Ruben Askew– this is both a Harper and a uh– Playboy review, and boy, they’re going to catch it. You watch it, they’ll– they’ll– they’ll break this magazine. They won’t allow this kind of truth to continue.

As I said, Brzezinski told London Sunday Times reporter Peter Pringle in an interview that was not picked up by any of the US media, of course, newspaper– no– no newspaper or TV in the US picked it up. But we were impressed that Carter had opened up trade offices for the state of Georgia in Brussels and Tokyo. That seemed to fit perfectly into the concept of the Trilateral Commission, Brzezinski’s optimal failsafe scenario. His uh, scene, his play was a Democratic team of either Carter for President and Mondale for Vice President, or Mondale for President, and for Carter for Vice Pres– (tape distorts). –meeting Mondale at– along with the mayor in San Francisco [George Moscone]. He was such a s– uh, a really deceptive person. It’s amazing how these people can be so deceptively friendly and outwardly warm, but absolutely– absolutely soulless. So they would have Mondale for president and Carter for vice president versus a Republican ticket headed by Elliot Richardson? Brzezinski would assist both tickets, and whoever won, would appoint him National Security Advisor. So, we have no choice anymore in USA, Republican or Democrat, it’s the Trilateral Commission and Brzezinski, fascist, from Poland.

After the lack of responsible– the response to Mondale’s presidential bid took the Minnesota Senter– Senator out of the running in 1974, and the nation’s abdication and the accession of the politically uh, clean Gerald Ford made improbable that an Elliot Richardson could displace an incumbent president, uh, for the Republican nomination, Brzezinski put all his chips on Jimmy Carter. He became Professor Henry Higgins to Carter’s Eliza Doolittle, with Columbia international law professor Richard Gardener playing the part of (pause, tape edit) Professor Henry Higgins to Carter’s Eliza Doolittle, with Columbia’s international law professor Richard Gardener playing the part of Colonel Pickering. They spent a great deal of time with Jimmy, with others– wh– which others uh, were not prepared to give at that point.

Carter advise [advisor] Dr. Peter Bourne, told Washington Post reporter Laurence Stern, Brzezinski took the occasion of the Trilateral Commission’s first meeting at the end of May 1975 in Kyoto – K-Y-O-T-O – Japan to promote Carter’s candidacy to the Commission’s full membership. He was discussing his presi– presidential candidacy with a group of American newspapermen. New– Brzezinski said later, there were hostile and sardonic questions. It struck me that there– uh, here was an intelligent guy and a cool guy who could not be provoked. He also had a clear scheme for how he would proceed to the nomination. One reporter who was admitted to the meeting on the condition that he wouldn’t publish who said what, told me that during one of the (pause) sessions, Brzezinski made a point of praising Carter from the rostrum. It’s good to see, said Brzezinski, that there’sone political leader with the courage to speak forthrightly on the issues. During the campaign for the nomination of the Ca– of all of Carter’s foreign policy speeches, were written by Brzezinski, Carter never wrote one of his speeches. Brzezinski wrote them all. Remember, his name is B-r-z-e-z-i-n-s-k-i, who was an admirer of Adolf Hitler. The candidate drew attention to the involvement– he’s also a person who believe in the doctrine of the superman, who also believe in genocide – as you uh, saw the librarian write clearly on the blackboard yesterday – the elimination of poor people, white, black, brown, Asian, when they’re not usable to the workforce.

The candidate drew attention to the uh, involvement with the Commission where he thought it would help his candidacy, and downplayed it everywhere else before the Chicago Council of Foreign Relations on March 15, 1976. He said, in the last few days, I have traveled in foreign lands, and met with many of their leaders. I have served on international bodies such as the Trilateral Commission, and which– uh, which make recommendations on the problems of the world, I have given thought to the structure of what our foreign policy should be. But in his speech accepting the Democratic nomination, Carter denounced unholy self-perpetuating alliances that have been formed between money and policies– politics. Oh, how hypocritical politicians in US capitalism can be. He laced into a political and economic elite who have shaped decisions, and never had to account for mistakes, nor to suffer from injustice. When unemployment prevails, they never stand in line looking for a job. When (pause) deprivation results from a confused welfare system, they never go without food or a place to sleep. When the public schools are inferior, or torn by s– strife, the children go to exclusive private schools. By the way, Hitler gave this same kind of line. They’re practiced in being hypocrites, and if– Hitler was a good hypocrite, you can imagine how, fif– forty, fifty years later, are the hypocrites of the day are masters, and when the bureaucracy is bloated and confused, the powerful always manage to discover and occupy niches of special influence and privilege, said Carter in his speech written by Brzezinski. No one has ever given a more eloquent de– description of the membership of the Trilateral Commission. The Georgia mafia, who first brought– broached– (Pause) Stand by, just for a second, please. (tape edit)

–of Carter, and who were on the phones for him in 1972, deeply distrusted his involvement with Brzezinski, Vance, Rock– Rockefeller and so forth, and this rest of this vicious Trilateral fascist Commission, their plan was for Carter to appeal directly to the public over the heads of all established constituencies and institu– and institutions. They recognized the usefulness– the usefulness of the Commission, in getting Carter’s candidacy taken sensiti– sensi– seriously (Pause) at the highest corporate, financial, academic, and media management levels during the early stages of the campaign, but they also believe that Carter wants his string of primary victories coupled with the blind eye the press turned to his more numerous losses, and his own vicious, hypocritical plans had propelled him to national awareness, would ditch the Commission and all it stood for, stop talking call– stop talking– uh, taking calls, rather, from Zbigniew Brzezinski, and put together the administrative uh– administration capable of fulfilling the campaign promises they had put in– in his– his mouth.

Remember, we want to give to this our Soviet friends when they visit. Within weeks– By the way, I would like uh, Professor [Richard] Tropp, if you would start letters now, uh, uh, to be delivered, hand-delivered to the Libyan, uh, uh, Embassy, there ought to be letters from all of our–

Anyway, they thought that he would– he would stop talking, and taking calls from (stumbles over first name) Zbigniew Brzezinski and put together an administration capable of fulfilling the campaign promises they had put in his mouth. Within weeks of the election, it was clear that they had failed, as the author reported in Penthouse and in Harper last month, for in taking of office, Jimmy Carter appointed members of the Trilateral Commission to posts at the highest level of the federal government. Hamilton Jordan, supposedly Carter’s closest ad– closest adviser in the Georgia mafia, began falling all over himself apologizing for bad-mouthing Brzezinski and Vance several month later– uh, several months earlier. Jordan had been quoted as saying, if after the inauguration, you find a Cy Vance as Secretary of State and Zbigniew Brzezinski as head of National Security, then I would say we had failed, and I’d quit. Of course, when Carter made exactly those two appointments, Jordan did not quit. Instead, he said, he had chosen poor examples in making his earlier statement.

People have no soul. That’s the pity of life. Only socialism gives one sense of pride and dignity. Human beings are so damn weak that they will sell out anything to survive or keep a job or to live. Within months– That is, every human being except socialist human beings, like Khadafy, who braved all kinds of assassinations. There were some 30 assassination attempts of Khadafy before he got Libya on its way.

Within months of taking office, the Carter Administration implemented such key elements of Brzezinski’s Trilateral plan as supporting restraints on freedom of the press, raising the price of new natural gas. Yes, yes. Giving the big utilities uh, all the money they wanted. Recognizing the National Security Council to create a policy review committee to include the security– secretary of the Treasury, who previously had been excluded from NSC deliberations, refusing to place import controls on shoes, inserting a growth clause in the import regulations for textiles, permitting clothing imports to rise by six percent annually– (Pause) Stand by for a moment.

Momentary interruption for questions. Inserting a growth clause in the import in– regulations of textiles, permitting clothing imports to rise by six percent annually to make the big capitalist fatter and fatter with their riches, allowing the dollar to be devalued against foreign currencies as a step toward its replacement in international trade with Bancor, B-a-n-c-o-r, uh– a worldwide paper money to be created in unlimited amounts by the International Monetary Fund, which is the great m– monetary system of the capitalist world, pushing through the House and Senate the largest contribution in history to the World Bank and other international lending institutions, to be disbursed as foreign aid loans without country-by-country review by Congress, to enable the less-developed countries to repay 70 billion dollars owed to private banks in the United States, supporting the creation of a common fund to keep world co– co– commodity prices high enough for the less developed conu– countries to repay their debt to US banks, def– defeating congressional attempts to require the United States to vote no on loans to less-developed– (Pause) to less-developed countries that systematically torture and imprison their citizens without trial. Such de– legislation would here endangered uh, flow of dollars to regime– to these regimes that owe billions to the banks in the United States, attempting to impose a settlement of the Middle East crisis that would endanger the security of Israel – Zionist Israel – by creating a mini-state controlled by Palestine Liberation Organization terrorists.

In addition, a key element of Brzezinski’s Trilateral plan was the signing of a treaty that would relingui– that would relinquish, give up, US control over the Panama Canal – apparently giving up control, not real – while greatly increasing American foreign aid to Panama. Apart from political considerations, wrote naval correspondent Desmond Wa– Watnam, W-a-t-t-m– in the London Daily Telegraph, the Carter Administration is also believed to be under pressure from American banking interests to hand the canal over to Panama. American and international banks, including the London branch of Chase Manhattan, are believed to have lent the leftwing regime of predis– President [Omar] Torrijos of Pa– Panama large sums and are anxious to obtain interest on their loans. It is felt that interest payments will be possible only if Panama has access to profits from canal duties– and canal dues. By the way, President Torrijos has certainly been taking them for a ride. He’s moving further and further to the left. He’s the one that gave uh, hostage to a– he gave uh, asylum to all those hostages from US imperialism’s backed Nicaragua. Torrijos is spelled T-o-r-r-i-j-o-s.

British banks believed to have been provided loans included the Orion bank, William Bance– Brance and Sons, Lloyd’s and Bolsa, international David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank, reported to own 20 percent of Orion Bank, Trilateral Commission member senior Frank K. Roberts,his advisor on international affairs to Lloyd’s of London, parent of Lloyd’s Bank International Ltd., US– co-negotiator of the Finale– Panama Canal Treaty, is yet another Trilateral Commission member.

During the presidential campaign, Jimmy Carter’s speaking words written by Zbigniew Brzezinski accused Henry Kissinger of conducting a Lone Ranger foreign policy. If Henry Kissinger was a Lone Ranger, Brzezinski is the hired gun of the man who owns the town, David Rockefeller. With the advent of the foreign policy gunslinger, the post of National Security Adviser has come to be one that allows men who, for one reason or another, could never be elected president to operate at the highest level of American power in the United States, called upon to cooperate, in an unprecedentedly– unprecedentedly fascist complex world arena, in which its responsibilities have increased at it– the very moment wo– that its power has uh, diminished. The unelected special assistant for national security affairs has assumed a paramount importance overshadowing the selected president– the elected president who is only theoretically superior. David Rockefeller perceived this, he realized that because the national security adviser does nothave to stand for election, it would be possible to place in that office a man whose primary allegiance is not to the national interest of USA, but to the transnational interest of the multinational corporations, the Trilateral Co– Commission, the fascist monetary– International Monetary Fund that rules the world and is predominantly ruled by USA and banking community. The Concord– The Concord set, to whom dotted lines on maps are so many petty annoyances, since, as Brzezinski noted it, in between two ages, the majority of humanity still neither shares nor is prepared to support this new global consciousness. The American public would be decoyed by a presidential candidate who could present himself as a small-town peanut farmer. In other words, they were tricked, purposefully tricked.

It was precisely the non-elective status of the post of National Security Advisor that gave Rockefeller and Brzezinski their opening for staging this de facto coup d’etat, which means there’s already been a– a real takeover of– a fascist takeover in the United States in fact. (Pause)

It is a travesty within the American system of government that the vice presidency should be voted on every four years, but not the National Security Advisor, whose fingers on the man– whose finger is on the nuclear button. Actually, it is Brzezinski who has the finger on the nuclear button. We can vote for the country– the county sewer commissioner, but not for the man who has the power to formulate the interwoven national and international policies that will determine the future, not only of America but also of the most of humanity. And you remember, Brzezinski feels nuclear war is inevitable. He feels that it’s egocentric of people to worry about nuclear war, and he’s ignorant – even used the word, he should’ve said “ethnocentric” – he thinks that nuclear war is quite feasible, quite feasible to use b– as a US policy. That’s insanity. Let’s put the job of National Security Advisor up to a vote, let the man and his views, his origins and his goals, hi– his right to the best table at the (mispronounces) Sans Souci restaurant, his ability to sell his memoirs for two million dollars, come before the voting public at the same time that the people are choosing the president. Would you pull a level marked Zbigniew Brzezinski to help you decide? A future issue of Penthouse or Harper will feature this author’s, “The Wit and Wisdom of Zbigniew Brzezinski,” in which you will discover how our government is going to be run from now on through, if Mr. Brzezinski has his way, to 1984. To the end. That’s when [George] Orwell saw the end.

That is the most frightening bit of news, and IK wanted you to get it. In fact, I want you to study it in classes, I’d like the teachers to impress this in the– their own classroom situations, because it really is– is an awesome thing, that our government has been taken over, and the presidents actually have no meaning, and they’re not even picked by the people. People just think they’re picking them. (Pause)

News of the day. Not so long, so don’t worry.

Voice of America. Cyrus Vance has concluded more than four hours of talks in Damascus with Syrian President Ka– Kafir Desai [phonetic] on the Camp David Mideast accord and uh, is now on his way back to Washington. Syria was one of the hardline st– Arab states which condemned the accords, and rightfully so. Mr. Vance went to Damascus to urge President [Hafez al-] Assad to keep his options open, but Syria is adamantly opposed to the Camp David sellout.

Rhodesia’s military command says its troops destroyed 25 black nationalist (pause) bases during a four-day strike – that means villages again, my dears – during a four-day strike with US planes into Mozambique, and military community. Our tax dollars again, our planes. God damn, how God damn mad I feel at what we do with our dollars, and that some peoples would like to be back in USA buying there and eating the things and going to the movies and s– letting their money pay for such terrible acts of war. In four days, 25 villages.

Released Sunday in Salisbury, capital of what the white man calls Rhodesia or what we as black people know as Zimbabwe. (unintelligible) Rhodesian for– said Rhodesian forces battle with Mozambiquen regulars near Cha– Chahawar [phonetic], some 64 kilometers inside the border. It’s said the target of the attacks were occupied by the Zimbabwean National Liberation Army, led by the Patriotic Front, Robert Mugabe, the Marxist-Leninist leader. As you know, Joshua Nkomois the nationalist leader. Know all these for our guests, and rehearse them constantly. Be sure you’re doing your test at every meal, so that people have to pass a test on something when they come to eat.

Next an analysis of an important item in the news. Soviet party chief Bre– L. Brzezinski [Leonid Brezhnev] has criticized the Camp David agreement and com– commented on other world issues in his address in the regional capital of Baku. BOA news– BOA news analyst William Wade discussed the Soviet leader’s remarks. (Pause) Mr. Brzezinski– Mr. Bre– Bre– Brezhnev, rather, let’s not confuse them. Mr. Brezhnev is the president of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party. Brzezinski is the hidden ruler of fascist USA. Mr. Brezhnev’s view of the world as reflected in his Baku speech is very different from prevailing views. Both official and unofficial, here in Washington, and because the differences there on several negotiations, it seems good to examine them in some detail. He has left out some facts. He says, for instance, that he wants to end the arms race. Only hard-headed imperialist circles, Mr. Brezhnev said, would possibly oppose disarmament as Brzezinski is now opposing it, by what he calls their clamor about the mythical military danger from the Soviet Union. What Mr. Brezhnev fails to acknowledge, says the capitalist world, is Neto– Agostinho Neto’s serious concern for the Warsaw Pact, near 301 superior– I don’t know what– NATO, that must be NATO– acknowledge is NATO’s serious concern for the Warsaw Pact – that’s the Soviet alliance – near 301 superiority. Three hundred-to-one, or 30-to-one superiority in tanks. My, my, my. (Pause) –guns and planes in Central Europe. Now– Nor is there anything mythical about the growing Soviet navy, as 100 new SS-20 missiles with multiple nuclear warheads – they damn wellought to have them, because the USA has got far more than they’re admitted to in this news article – targeted on West European cities. The Soviet leader says differences between Washington and Moscow on a new strategic arms limitation agreement are quite resolvable, given good will. He attributes the lack of good will to what he calls loud propaganda about the persecution– the prosecution of Soviet dissidents, which– Soviet dissidents. Such prosecution, he charges, constitutes interference in internal Soviet affairs and is therefore a flagrant violation of the 1975 agreement Act of Helsinki, the Peace Act of Hel– Helsinki, Finland. That– what the Soviet leader admits is a fact that some of the dissidents have confined their activities to sleeking [seeking] compliance with the human rights provisions of the same Helsinki agreement. He also leaves out recent harassment of Western journalists – this is all capitalist bullshit, but I’m putting it in anyway – and genuine difference about integration and travel. On the Middle East, Mr. Brzezinski sees the Camp David agreement as a separate (Pause) situation, limited to Egypt, Israel, and the United States. He argues that only the participation of all interested parties can bring about an all-embracing Middle East settlement. Indeed, that’s sensible. What is left out is President Carter’s invitation to other Arab leaders to join– And that’s a lie, Carter did not invite other Arab leaders to uh– in Camp David’s uh, decision, so I won’t even bother to uh, to give it. It’s a lie.

End of Side 1


Side 2

–are a step towards peace, says the Voice of America, not peace itself, as Mr. Carter has clearly explained. Perhaps Mr. Brez– Brzezinski’s [Brezhnev’s] differences with Washington are not startling, because of– (Pause) Perhaps they are even more moderate than divergencies of the past, but the cause of East-West peace should be better served, if all of the pertinent facts, not just a one-sided selection were taken into consideration. This is William Wade, and a liar he is, ‘cause the Soviets have gone all the way out for disarmament, to have on-the-spot check of nuclear weapons and nuclear silos, and USA resists it. Every step has been made for nuclear disarmament by the Soviet Union, and not one inch has been given by USA, because of this madman Brzezinski. We really do have a madman, like that show they once showed, I’ve forgotten what the name of it was, when they had some madman as president, Brzezinski sure fits the bill. (Unintelligible word) his arm kept flying up in a “Sieg Heil” motion, if you remember– (pause)

And this has been news and comment from the Voice of America, Ron Kennedy. Brzezinski’s speech has had very extensive comment abroad. Participations– Participants from Arab countries re– decided to break off relations with Egypt. Rhodesian co– authorities have introduced martial law in a number of areas in the country, killing and murdering, massacring– (pause) Brezhnev, I’m speaking of. Brezhnev’s speech has had very extensive uh– and again, uh, the martial law, that means dictatorship, has been established in Rho– Rhodesia, thousands and thousands and thousands of black children, mothers and women have been put in concentration camps, tortured and killed. Not understandable, not understandable at all, those are the headlines. Now the news.

Political figures in the press are widely commenting on the speech made by Brezhnev in Baku. The General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, Leonid Brezhnev, presented the order of Lenin to the city in Czechoslovakia, one of the leaders of the Peace Committee, Josef Rizzo, said Leono Bre– Leonid Brezhnev’s speech demonstrated the Soviet Union’s desire for deepening the peace of the world and easing the tensions and ending the arms race. In– In France, the Le Mond– Le Monde newspaper, more left of center, said that the Soviet leader has criticized the United States rightfully and other NATO countries for their extensive military expansionism to intensify the arms race. In the meantime, the Japanese press quotes Lenid– Leonid Brezhnev, head of the Communist Party, USSR, [makes several attempts to pronounce name of nation in Russian language] can be overcome with goodwill and statesmanship. American newspapers singled out– out the part of Brezhnev’s speech where he said that the Soviet Union and the United States are not too far apart at the talks on limited strategic arms. Now that’s not very sure of that, not very sure at all. It would be wonderful if we could say they were close, but it doesn’t seem to be that there’s too much closeness at this time on avoiding nuclear war, ‘cause everyone’s preparing for it like mad. The Soviets uh, had avoided building any new nuclear weapons, but they’ve had to build them by the hundreds lately, as USA has stepped them up by the thousands, all kinds of devices like the nuclear neutron bomb.

Carter and Congress still fighting over a nuclear carrier that was torpedoed. Special interest that Senator [John] Stennis wanted to get done, so we have them at heads-on. (Pause)

Unions and safety. Will money follow promises? The AFL-CIO established a new department, Occupational Safety and Health, last month, largely in recognition of growing rank-and-file concern with job health. As to whether it will be carried out and put into effect remains to be seen, but there is a growing class– working class consciousness. (Pause)

Tupelo, Mississippi is rising up in perhaps more un– unison than any other city against the racism of the police and the city. The number of killings that’ve been done by the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis, even more resistance has been shown there uh, than has been against the killings in Oxford, Ohio, or in other places in Illinois, and even as far as Detroit, and North– points North, even in New England and New Hampshire. As you know by now, perhaps no blacks are even hardly allowed to live in New Hampshire. That’s how bad the condition of racism in America has grown. But Tupelo, Mississippi, of all things, strangely enough, are (short laugh) uniting and fighting back.

Benjamin Spock has been arrested at Seabrook, New Hampshire. Famed pedia– pe– pediatrician, Seabrook protesters arrested. Eleven anti-nuclear protesters entered the main gate at the Seabrook nuclear station September 19 and were arrested on criminal trespass charges. The demonstrators were taken by state police to Hamilton jail and released after pa– posting bail. Among the demonstrators– The different thing that they ought to do, though, is not to take the bail. Only if you that– Only for you would I take bail, because bail is a part of the capitalist system. Most poor people cannot afford to buy their way out of jail. Among the demonstrators was Dr. Benjamin Spock, pediatrician, who’s been in all, uh– a great fighter against nuclear war. Observers said three of the de– protesters refused to walk to police vans and were then dragged into the vans and beaten, including Dr. Spock. The demonstrators were protesting the construction of the nuclear facility which re– resumed August 14. A spokesperson for Clamshell Alliance in Boston said the protest was consistent with the group’s call for decentralized action against the plant. When they start beating up a man like Dr. Benjamin Spock, the most famous pediatrician in the world, you can believe it’s getting pretty bad in the world. USA isn’t getting– is in grave danger when a man of his prominence and power can be beaten, beaten by police, right in front of the public. You can bet, you can bet that we’re headed for trouble.

A black ninth grader from Washington DC lies critically injured in a local hospital after a police officer shot him in the side. September 18. Officer Curtis Hill, who is also a police officer on special duty, in plainclothes, when he came across the 16-year-old Maurice Bloomer Lucas, who was playing with a toy BB gun in an alley. According to eyewitnesses, white and black, Lucas was casually explaining that the gun was a toy, when Hill shot him in (Pause) midsentence [mid-section]. It was a cold thing to do, to watch, recalled Carlton Green, white man. Everything happened just like that, real fast, then this little dude, this little boy is sprawled out in the alley, crying for his daddy, and this cop comes over and steps on his wrist to keep him from going for the gun. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about it, Lucas’ father Richard bitter– Richard bitterly denounced the shooting, insisting that he refused to move from the family home in the heart of red light district which is becoming extremely unsafe because of police brutality in Washington, DC. But, noting that the local spectators had offered large sums of money to buy us out, Richard told– told his oldest son Caesar, you don’t understand, son, how can– how hard I work to build this house so all you and your mama and your brothers would have something if I passed away. We got something now, boy. Yeah, yeah. Foolish black people who think they have. We’ve got pride, yeah, what kind of pride? Just because we live in this red light district don’t mean we have to be like junkies and pimps, and it sure don’t mean we have to be treated like them. I’m not leaving, not until I’m dead. A BB gun, he said, how could they do this to my boy over a BB gun? The boy is dying, and will undoubtedly die. The horror of the fact is, the policeman– special duty policeman who killed him was also black, an Uncle Tom.

Thus ends the reading of the news, and I could give you all over these uh, news reports that’ve come in, I could give you dozens and dozens of black people being killed, Indians being mistreated, reservations maltreatment, beatings, all kinds of harassment, jailings, I would bore you to death, or, if you’ve got any sensitivity, and many of you have, I could pain you to death. There’s no need to pain you anymore today.

Thus ends the commentary of the news for the day. Remember there could be a called test. We uh, are going to be testing those– except those that did not, uh, fail, those that passed are free, and those names were read off, as I recall, and you will be exempt from the test. If you passed uh, test two times back, you must now take the– the– the test when it comes. Anyone who passes this test will then be free from the next test. Remember that’s how it works, and when people uh, during tests want to do something else, you must tell me exactly what you’re doing, what creative work you’re in, where you are going to be, so we can see the results, the productive results. And I– my– some com– comply with that, but a few never do. A few never bother to tell me what they’re going to do. I know some consistently who have done so are Norton [Ken Norton, aka Richard Grubbs] and [Tom] Grubbs and uh, [Ronald] Talley, but some of you never do. And we’re gonna put you on Public s\Services. You do not have the right to step out of the public rally or a meeting without telling us what you’re going to do. Meetings are called right now, till the Soviets come, we will have a little Soviet language, Russian language, every evening, 7:30, 7:30. We’ll be teaching a little bit of Russian tonight.

Thank you very much. And I love you deeply.

(Tape edit)

–supervisorial reports, supervision reports from each crew manager. I’m seeing too much people wandering about, uncontrolled, undisciplined, unstructured. I want the old report system to be put back in effect, to go to the Administrator, the analyst, but also to me. I want to see that supervisors are not CYA, covering their own. I want you to be sure to be reporting on the work production of your people. We have too many people depending for their freedom on our lives, our work, our energies, our productivity, and if you don’t have conscience to respond to it, then we will have structure that will require it. There are hard-working people back there, seniors, still laboring, at an intensively hard label– hard labor to try to make this place go, while some idle about, just find them everywhere. I– When I’m out, I see everywhere, and I want it stopped, and I want the crew reports from every supervisor, and they better be honest. Don’t cover yourself. You be a good worker, so that your sup– those that you supervise will– that you also supervise will also be good workers. I’m counting on you. We don’t want– or I don’t want, and I know that many in here don’t want, the blood of people on our hands. With a man like Brzezinski, a madman who talks about, “Excuse me, gentlemen, I must leave you reporters to go in to talk about genocide plans.” To joke about killing masses of people, murdering races, genocide means murdering races, and he made the damn quote, it’s in Harpers, it’s in uh, Playboy, uh– I– I don’t understand how we can be so hapless and unconcerned about those good people back there. So by God, please. I‘m demanding it, and if not, I’m gone take strict mac– measures to see that we step up the situation and quit fooling around. Thank you and much love.

(Tape edit)

[Speech slowed] –tovarish [Russian for friend]. I am intending to have at least three reports from supervisors. You’ll re– give those reports also to the administrator, my son, Johnny Jones Senior. And the analysts. There are too many people who are not giving account of their time. I am observing, walking around, watching the movement of people. They’re moving like sloths, like snails. I want a personal report from every supervisor at every level, to me, three times a week, on the performance of the workers. It is not right when our people’s lives rest in the hands of a madman. He is loctor– Dr. Strangelove, he is crazy, Brzezinski, believes nuclear war is necessity, an absolute necessity, and we’ve got to get our people out of there, damn it, and you’ve got to work. If you don’t have conscience, then we’ll create structure for your conscience. Now I want those reports by the supervisors three times a week to me on how their workers are working. We’ve got to structure this place, see that people do not walk around irresponsibly, sluggishly, like they have nothing to do. It is important. It ismurderous. It is absolutely inhumane to allow people to continue to be dilatory and careless about their work, when so many people– The line has grown, it’s over 200 now, of people who’ve never heard of Peoples Temple who want to come here to be free. Please, for God’s sakes, have some conscience. If you don’t– The ones of you that do have conscience, report on the ones that are playing around, not working. Look around and see and report those that are not working and doing their job. It is bloody, it is inhumane, it’s absolutely cruel not to work, when we have so many people depend upon us for freedom. We have seniors still working, eighteen hours a day, even though we demand that they don’t, to see that there’s money for this project. I want this taped, I want this repeated so that we will have this message reiterated and repeated and implemented – that means put into practice – immediately. We want to produce in the highest fashion possible. Planting areas, beautifying areas, making this production go to the best. I have only had three real creative ideas on how to make money, others have minds, you could think of things, if you cared. Get your mind to work, and think of things like Norton have thought, and Grubbs have thought, and other people like [Don] Fitch and a number of people, that I could on and on down the list, that’ve thought about how to make money for this cause, this collective cause. And Ruby [Carroll]’s doll idea. We need your assistance immediately. I’ve missed some names, but we have 1200, 1300 people. Out of this place, you ought to be able to think. Use your damn mind for some way to make money, and I want to hear reports immediately. Report them into my suggestion box, which will be picked up today.

I would like to ask that some of you get to the point. You write the letters so damn long that you could say in one-tenth the time, what you say in ten times, the letter-writing. Please say exactly what you have, that you criticize about the program, the suggestions to me, self-criticism, and group criticisms– group criticisms of me and the other workers. Please do this. We need it badly. We need to do everything in our power to make money, to make this place expand, so we can get our people to freedom. It was pitiful to see Frances Johnson cry about having to go back, but knowing that she needed to do so, for the welfare of this group. Please, I beg of you, I urge from my heart, don’t let them down, don’t let them down. I love you very much.

(Tape edit)

Attention. [Russian for ”Hello, friend.”] You have been told repeatedly that we must have this kind of work productivity. We have a lot of cost, we spent out 300,000 dollars this week in defense, getting ready for the onslaught that will show that [Tim] Stoen and all the– that were involved in plans of murder through the CIA. I asked, as I said, that you bring in the report. I want three reports from every worker about their supervisor also, not just one side of team. Now, supervisors, I picked you by choice, that you would be responsible. See that your workers are putting in the best of all possible reports.

Again around the cottages, they’re not what they oughta be. Plants and things. Ask Gene [Chaikin], he’ll tell you to plant things that make beautifying, because the next visit, they will obviously want to come over to the cottage area. Have the porches filled with plants. Much could be done that’s not being done. Much damn waste, and believe me, when I speak of a hundred and four and a hundred and five temperature, and all I think about is your welfare, I would appreciate deeply if you would give us that concern. Remember Peoples Rally this evening, primarily to study Russian. It’s necessary because we’ve got some powerful guests coming. I love you very much.

(Tape edit)

Woman: Just a minute, please.

Jones: Attention, attention, attention. [Russian for ”Hello, friend.”] Just a little use of the word that you may know in different languages, like that from one to one. We should have perhaps days where we insist on nothing but. That’s what US colleges do, and other places learning language, they will have you speak the language all day as a requirement.

Now, my urgency is this. (Tape edit) Stand by. (Tape edit) It’s about this. Rita Lenin [Rita Tupper] and her community have the most important work in the world. Now I have assigned that certain letters be written by every member of this community. That doesn’t mean one of you exempt. We have letters welcoming Muhammad Ali. You are to write them just as she dictates them, saying that we appreciate what you’ve done for world peace, and how you spoke out on the fact that the Soviet Union wasn’t an ogre, wasn’t some kind of a (unintelligible word, sounds like “evil pit”), but I would avoid that more than just say, what you’ve done for world peace and bravo for your victory, and invite him here. It’s already strongly likely that he will come, because he’s very close friends of several that we are, namely Lang [Mark Lane] and [Donald] Freed.

Secondly, there should be cards written and reported for people locally who have deaths or have some other situations in which we owe gratitude. When Rita calls you for your letter to your family, or to whoever, I don’t any lip. I insist, I want no lip. There still could be more moving about with some rapidity and I would appreciate it, ‘cause I’ve gone some time, as is evisiously– obviously see, I’ve gone some time without sleep. Stand by. (tape edit)

Rita Lenin will be asking you about letters to (stumbles over words)– to Greg– Dick Gregory, outstanding friend of Mark Lane who was with us here, Professor Mark Lane and Dr. Freed. You’ll be asked to write those letters. They’ll be brief, but it is not too much to be called, and I don’t want difficulty given. That’s a part of the world we have. We’re on the top. We’re definitely moving on the top by getting some of these influential people. But even children–

[Remaining 40 seconds is a backwards track of Jones speaking]