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Jones: Attention. The news of the day. News that was given last night is all that’s required to avoid having to study every night next week. At what time that test will gi– begin is not yet determined. All must sign in at the library between 6:30 and 8 o’clock. It could be tomorrow or partially tonight, if not more interest is shown. Just the news last night that was discussed and the Huey Newton tape. We must understand that. It will be given in a synopsis too at some point by teachers across this medium. Other news that I am now giving will be for bonus. Those who are confident of the material they heard or have studied it, or study it once or twice and feel thorough to understand the news I am now giving, anyone who passes present– current news will be given bonus reports of time off.

Remember one thing. We often misuse the word [unintelligible under radio interference]. All the dictatorship of the proletariat or the working class [unintelligible word] is that the people’s will dictate. I am not a dictator. There might be that misunderstanding, as one good comrade has pointed out. A dictator allows no dissent, a dictator never allows anyone to disagree with him, a dictator uses brutality, torture, and death to exterminate even the slightest opposition, a dictator demands absolute conformity in work and life style. We have nothing of the sort, though the people’s will should dictate more cooperation in work. But don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that the dictatorship of the proletariat means in any way the dictatorship in the sense of tyranny or fascism, because only one time, as Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham said, do you disagree with a dictator. One time, and that’s the last time. And of course you realize in all discussions how we encourage dissent, look for criticisms, try to improve.

Price control abuses are going to bring heavy prison sentences, according to Guyana Broadcasting Network news. Desmond Christian, regional minister in charge of price control, said violations will bring stiff sentences.

Prime Minister Burnham declares that graft and corruption may even go high up in the Peoples National Congress, our ruling party. He said, do not be surprised at the heads that may fall, even high up in state.

Arson by a group of people protesting alleged teaching of communism in the capitalist state of Trinidad.

A stern warning was given on selling above controlled prices– prices. Prison sentences will be meted out stiffer than ever before since the referendum and the new socialist constitution. White-marketing will bring the severest action from those who violate– to those who violate. A 38-year-old woman, wife of a lower government official, was caught in Staebrook selling soap powder above control prices. The government is requesting a two-year sentence, which is very severe by the standards of Guyana.

Seventeen thousand dollars’ worth of plywood was stolen from a government coop. The violators are caught and are being prosecuted to the maximum of two years.

Linden Highway state police are campaigning for safety and consideration in driving. There is a safety campaign for the protection of life and to bring socialist consideration in traffic driving throughout Guyana. Twenty-six teachers three-week course on Linden Highway. Methodology of cooperative activities with schools. Heavy emphasis on agricultural activities. The schools are going to be directing the children towards cooperative living, socialist communes such as ours, and heavy concentration will be on agriculture.

Incidentally, I am now hearing on my telephone the feedback of the Jonestown Express. If it might be– if there’s anything that can be corrected, I hear you loud and clear, and it makes for disconcerting when I’m trying to give the news.

Electricity in New Amsterdam will be corrected pri– promptly by the governmental inquiry commission. Parts are being made available by East Germany and the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea.

Extra charges are being placed against those who are late in paying their rates, and who are overdue. Legal actions are being made to recover outstanding taxes of businesses that have neglected them, the small business sector in New Amsterdam.

Independence Day, December 13, for Namibia, but Guyana says, just like the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, that the constitution that is being shaped and highly influenced by the United States and her imperialist lackey, Britain, under the domination of the United Nations, cannot assure the survival of democracy in Namibia. Guyana and many of the Third World nations are urging that Namibia follow a careful course to see that her freedom is not sold out when she separates from the Union of South Africa.

The Port of Spain school, where teachers were accused of teaching socialism, fire damage has brought over two hundred thousand do– dollars in damage by arsonists.

Havana, the scene of great joy, as 18,000 youth from across the world, have gathered, including the Guyanese delegation. That’s why flights are so difficult coming into this country, this part of the Northwest Region at this time, because of the great Cuban Youth Festival. Eighteen thousand delegates from around the world are converging on Habana, including the largest plane full from Guyana. The reason the socialist government of Guyana took its own plane, it remembered the hoary nightmare experience in which over a dozen of their young barefoot doctors were destroyed in the bombing by the CIA of the Cubana airline in the fall of last– a year ago last. So they are flying their own plane, which has made it difficult for people to get in. Kay [Nelson] and her family will arrive tomorrow. They are arriving in – part of them – today on commercial airlines. They will have to stay overnight and then will come in by train, the free train, tomorrow.

The world is celebrating. Socialism is converging of different persuasions on Havana for the opening of this eleventh world festival of youth. Fireworks were sh– were demonstrated last night, delegates marched, 18,000 strong, dancing through the streets, said the Guyana Broadcasting Studios, with slogans of anti-colonialism, anti-capitalism, anti-imperialism. [Fidel] Castro dancing forward headed the parade. Guyana was joyously– joyfully participating in the festival. Traditionally organized by Soviet bloc countries, the upcoming festival departs from past gatherings in many respects. It is the first to be held in the Americas, and the first in a Third World country. And in contrast to the relatively-tight control exercised by the Communist Party USA over recent US delegate– delegations, there promises to be broad participation from all socialists U– in the USA and anti-imperialist forces everywhere. For anti-imperialist solidarity, friendship and peace, is the slogan of the festival, the idea of which was first conceived at a 1945 international youth conference in London to mark the defeat of Nazi Germany and fascism in Europe. The first festival was in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1947, attracting 17,000 youth. Twenty thousand attended the last festival in Berlin in 1973. Our people attach great importance to the possibility that has been given us to be host for the next festival, said the Cuban Habana radio, and are fully prepared to offer their best cooperative efforts toward its greater organization and brilliance, said Cuban President Dr. Fidel Castro. Cuba’s national preparatory committee for the festival include– includes 150 professional people, uh, worker union– trade union leaders from all walks of life, including their national heroes in the field of the arts, the science, and athletics. Special monies was raised by the Third World nations, including Guyana, to see that even delegations were allowed to come from such repressive states as South Africa. They were able to get out secretly from South Africa, Brazil, Uruguay and several other fascist countries, including Chile. In the USA, there at least will be one thousand– 1400 persons from that country, comprised of all sorts of socialists, the young, workers, liberation league, youth branch of the Communist Party USA, the Puerto Rican Socialist Party, the Worker’s World, APFC, Third World Coalition, Center for Cuban Studies, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, National Conference of Black Lawyers, National Anti-Imperialist Movement in Solidarity with Southern Africa, the Furier– the Furrier’s Joint Council, and the Cuban Resource Center. Every Third World nation is participating, all socialist nations are participating, except China. For the first time, to the thrill and joy of all, even members will be present from Albania. So it shows that Guyana is indeed not in the pocket of the Peoples Republic of China, as it is participating to a high level in this gigantic youth– world youth festival being held in the beautiful– fantastically beautiful city and resort area around Habana. (Pause)

Appears that the Indian government is forced to bring back Minister [Charan] Singh in the position of Home Affairs. He had been dismissed because of supposed loyalties to Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi’s son [Rajiv] and Indira Gandhi, the great woman, freedom fighter, both are under several indictments to go to jail. But their support is gaining new momentum again.

For the first time in months– in fact, the first time in Carter’s administration, Senator Edward Kennedy has sharply attacked President [Jimmy] Carter’s national health care program. He condemned the plan as totally inadequate. It does not reach the needy people. He said under the devastating effects of the tax cuts in USA, federally and in the states, people will not be able to afford doctors, dentists, optitricians– optomo– opth– ophthalmologists, even major surgery will be denied the– the average person, even of the lower middle class.

Librium, one of the world’s number two drug, the second largest sold drug, is linked to cancer. The UPI reports from Boston that Librium, the second most commonly-prescribed drug in the capitalist world, in the United States and methaprylene, the active ingredient in several non-prescriptive sleeping aids, have been associated with cancer in research done on a number of animals. (Turns from microphone to cough) The drugs are members of the chemical family called amines, and when eaten with nitrates, they form nitrosamine – n-i-t-r-o-s-a-m-i-n-e – one of the deadliest cancer-causing substances known to man, researchers from the Frederick Cancer Research Center told the North East Regional meeting of the American Chemical Societies. When nitrates were fed to test animals, in combination with the drugs, liver and serious system tumors– nervous system tumors resulted in a high percentage, said this scientist at the gathering. Humans have a constant supply of nitrate in their saliva, and ingest nitrate when they eat meats cured with sodium nitrate, such as bacon, sausage and ham, which we don’t have much of those chemicals here, so it wouldn’t have as much effect. We don’t have all those chemical additives which cause cancer in our foods. One of the things we should be grateful for.

Another reason the people cannot come in today is that the road is completely flooded between us and Matthews Ridge, so we have to find ways of getting across the– with our vehicle meeting at one point and a vehicle meeting from Matthews Ridge, in the world, the– the season’s worst rains for many years, the road is flooded out. We are encircled with water, but no danger to us, as we are the highest point. But we will get them through tomorrow with our trucks someway.

Tomorrow must be a work day, says all the coordinators and supervisors, and we can take our day off on Monday. Due to our ship coming in with 250 tons of fertilizer, we will have to work until– a combined community effort to get that job done. And explain to all that visit us that we normally have Sundays off, which we will have. But we will make such plans tomorrow because every day the ship stays in port, it costs us nearly a thousand dollars, so we have to combine in joint effort, in community socialism, to get the boat uh, unloaded– off-loaded.

News has been brought to attention that the highly-celebrated television film, supported strongly by Zionism, called Holocaust, actually used the hired services at extensive prices of several ex-Nazi SS officers who participated in the slaughter of Jews. The gruesome detail provided by the TV’s Holocaust, which was the second most popular television film in USA, seconds only to Roots, was actually masterminded by people who had participated in the gruesome murders under Nazi Germany’s Third Reich. One officer was used as an adviser and the other sold producers a macabre home move he made of the fair– affair, in which he participated, which he filmed personally. Several hundred thousand dollars went out by those who made the film, including many Jewish leaders in the United States, to bring about the film. A strange sort of rationale, it seems. Many have accused the showing of the film Holocaust not to be in sympathy with the murdering of precious working class Jews, but to promote the interest of Zionism. And it seems that Zionism will make marriage with the devil in order to achieve whatever they want. It’s tragic that sufferings and hurt against the Jews have caused the Jewish people to have to lean on Zionism as their only hope, ‘cause this is outrageous. The money was just in– it– almost a million dollars spent out to Nazi advisers, who somehow escaped jails. They were gotten, said the film’s producers, and one of the chief actors, Michael Moriarty, in order to give accuracy, a high degree of accuracy. And as I said, there were numerous members of Germany’s feared SSS [SS] to which the officers who participated in the ma– movie belong and participated in the murder and torture of Jews. How they stayed out of jail is another question, and why any Jews would be involved with them is another question. Scriptwriter [Gerald] Green brought this to public attention, and it was carried in The London Times.

The FBI says that it is using persons again who work for news organizations as informers, but will not identify them. Under pressure from certain sectors of the left media, the FBI chief William Webster, member of four racist and sexist clubs, said that the agency solicits information from members of the news media, and does presently still have in operation newsmen working for them in that capacity. This has been brought to light since the network reporter – black reporter – reported that his material all ended up in FBI files and was willingly provided by UPI, but, said the FBI, another head– department head, Edward– Edwin J. Sharp, head of the FBI’s Organized Crime Section, that the informers are not only confined to UPI but they’re in Associated Press, CBS, NBC and ABC. Where in the hell are we going? And they openly flaunt it, and I doubt if anybody is concerned. I doubt it. I hope so, but I doubt it.

Black Panther leader Huey Percy Newton and his hulking bodyguard, Robert Heard, have been charged with assault again – how many more? How many more charges? – n a supposed barroom brawl that ended by gunshots. The 400-pound Heard, however, was further charged with being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm, in connection with an altercation when two shots were allegedly fired during a scuffle with patrons in Santa Barbara. Well, on it goes. I– I– I do– I don’t understand this, uh, what the hell more do they want ? They’ve got enough charges now to destroy the man, put him in jail for a thousand years, or the gas chamber.

The Internal Revenue Service has cancelled its month-old rule that it would have stopped hundreds of tax-exempt organizations from publicizing the views of public officials and candidates. The cancellation announced yesterday in a quick turn of the bureaucratic wheel came partially as a result of complaints from groups that would have been targets of the ruling, which was issued on May 1. The cancellation means the IRS once again will review politically-related activities of tax-exempt, non-profit, educational, religious, and charitable groups. There was a feeling that we needed to clarify the ruling, an IRS spokesman said. We felt in light of the reaction, we needed to be more specific. The agency said that when questions arise, it will deal individually with the cases to determine if prohibited participation or intervention in campaigns has cu– occurred. The new ruling was greeted with collective sigh of relief from the League of Woman [Women] Voters, whose voter education work would have been curtailed sharply by the rule. However, the IRS said, that they will study each case on its merits, so according to one representative, Philip Crane,said that this actually – the announcement of the IRS – means nothing. But anyway, people are more encouraged by (sighs) some pressure was brought on the IRS.

Jogging, according to a AP report, will help depressed patients stay out of the psychiatric cou– couch or the therapist counsel, University of Wisconsin and Michigan psychiatrist report. If you will run or work hard in your manual work 35 to 45 minutes a day, just work as hard or run as hard as you can, shows patients they can change for the better their mental habits. It also brings blood into the cells, which eliminate the chances of strokes, cancer and heart disease. Well, as we said, that’s been proven over and again, that hard work will give you longevity.

Government red tape is a major cause of tens of thousands of cancer deaths yearly. Ten of thousands of US citizens are needlessly dying of cancer every year because they’re not getting the best and most advanced treatment possible, says nation’s top cancer specialist. The reasons? Lack of widespread public education, stringent Food and Drug Administration regulations, and the time-consuming method of scientific investigation, all of which strangle and paralyze drug research. In a society that’s orientated to military preparations, there is little emphasis put upon modern medicine, which could save, according to these chief cancer specialist, tens of thousands from dying needlessly by the dread cancer killer in USA. The FDA has unnecessarily been holding up implementation of many useful and effective new cancer drugs for over three years, charged Dr. R. Lee Clark, president of the prestigious University of Texas medical school, Anderson Hospital, and (unintelligible name, sounds like “Tumor”) Institute. It’s true that precaution is needed if you’re developing a new drug for, say, headaches. You should be absolutely certain that the new drug is going to give somebody something worse than a headache. But cancer patients are very different, because 60 percent of them are dying now. We can’t attempt to cure them unless we get new trials going, and we have some wonder drugs that would help the situation. It is thought by some left and even left-of-center people that cancer is allowed to prevail in the U.S. society because it gives more money to the lustful medical profession, and they will not allow certain cancer cures to be brought on the market. (Pause)

We also need to report for study that there has been a clear study by the British medical departments, the– the medical uh, research society, association of British doctors and the AMA that the consuming of three to four aspirins daily reduces the likelihood of strokes in one (unintelligible word). So this is something to consider by those that are having undue hypertension by our medical department.

The Carter Administration has tried to inch its way back from the abyss of a new world war, a nuclear world war, according to a Washington Post commentary in the last two weeks. But a return to business or détente as usual in the near future seems unlikely and may well be foreclosed by Soviet reaction to the growing US semi-alliance with China. Even attempt to improve the atmospherics of détente through the negotiated release of Am– last week of American businessmen detained in Moscow and two alleged Soviet spies jailed in the USA was complicated by Soviet charges of slander against US correspondents. President Carter gave an upbeat evaluation of relations with the Soviet Union, asserting that the underlying relationship was unstable, that there is indeed a threat to peace, but that the US cannot compromise its good faith with its allies. Whatever in the hell that means. No one knows.

Lowered expectations for Western economies. The leading non-Communist industrial nations have given up hope for a dramatic breakthrough that would put the lingering recession leading to depression or economic collapse of capitalism behind them. At this month’s economic summit in Bonn, West Germany, leaders of the top seven capitalist, imperialist nations have concentrated instead on trying to coordinate a number of small actions which they hope will improve growth prospects somewhat and boost business confidence, but according to Newsweek, this is not possible, because the Congress will not back Carter in his tariff on oil and restrictions of oil import. It will be a stormy year for the economics of Western capitalist economies, says the commentary.

Cubans are not fighting in Eritrea, according to a Washington Post observation. The Carter’s Administration charge of Cuban involvement in the fighting in Zaire has been attributed to nothing less than outright lies by The Washington Post, has obscured an important development in Havana’s African policy. But Cubans are not fighting in Eritrea, they were not in Zaire. Despite a strong desire on the part of Ethiopia’s socialist military leaders for Cuban help in subduing the Eritrean reactionary forces, there is no evidence, said The Washington Post, of any Cuban involvement in either Ethiopia’s current offensive, which has been successful to contain the aggression of Somalia, nor was there the slightest evidence, said The Washington Post, of any Cuban involvement in the question of Zaire.

Israel and Arabs, according to The New York Times foreign edition commentary on BBC, are building arms industries at a frightening and maddening base. Both the Israelis and the Arabs are increasing production of their own weapons, and it is feared high-powered nuclear weapons to gain independence from leverage exerted by their Western arms suppliers, namely the United States. It is felt by The New York foreign Times edition, that this rance– this race for arms self-reliance will succeed, and when it does, USA will be without support for its economy, because oil will be cut off. The only reason the Arabs have continued to depend upon the USA is because it has needed the military hardware that the technology of monopoly capitalism has built up, but the Arab states with their wealth are beginning to move fastly and co-produce advanced weapons, equal to anything that the Western firms ma– make. Israel has already, according to the CIA and even a Senate subcommittee, been able to develop highly-effective nuclear weapons.

Going on with the news. To those, as I said, who want just the benefits of the news, who have already gotten down the news that we gave in synopsis which must be studied heavily and played in the library over and over again at all hours in various parts so that you can be sure that you have last night’s news and the commentary on Huey Newton. To fail that test will mean automatically one week at least of studying every night, because we have to have basics, those basics, to be sensitive, to be loyal and to keep this beautiful socialist community.

Suicide rates, according to The Chicago Sun-Times, as broadcast over ABC, among blacks, particularly between ages 20 and 34, has tripled, as mobility has increased, a North Carolina AT&T State university professor relates in extensive studies. About 47 percent of this three-time increase of black suicide victims are between 20 and 34. Within the 25 to 29 age group, the suicide for blacks for – would you believe – 14.1 percent. (Incredulous tone) This is outrageous. I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I hope that’s correct, but that’s what I heard. (Pause)

Again, Ann Arbor, Michigan reports the suicide rate among blacks has risen three times since the mid-1960s because of an alarming pattern of alienation and self-destructiveness brought about the intense competition that cuts out blacks and Indians, Asians and people of color from the system, according to University of Michigan researchers. Beverly House [phonetic], a clinical psychologist, said suicide rates for non-Caucasians in the Detroit mal– metropolitan area have increased in the last two years 187 percent, with less than 23 percent increase for whites. Similar rises have occurred throughout the country, she said. But for the most part, the nation’s press is suppressing and censoring the news. Somebody must find it hopeless. Not many blacks see the workability of socialism. There’s not unity. And all the major black leaders have been destroyed, and the one that could lead, and the group that could lead, has been forced to be in exile to save its children and its people from being tortured and rotting in American jails. Not so fortunate that we could’ve all been immediately assassinated.

Even according to an AP report, religion is the backbone of white racist rule in Africa. For the Afrikaaner, whose Baptist faith, Calvinist root, was nourished in isolation for more than a century, religion is not the expression of Christian love, but the maintenance of white domination and privilege, and they extract this theory from the Bible itself. Surprising that they would admit it. In South Africa, the Reformed Church, a type of Baptist Church, Calvinist, three denominations attended by 50 percent of the country’s white population are the spiritual justification of the dread fascist practice of apartheid and an all-embracing ideological force of hate. Church laws forbid shops, theater, bars and amusement parks to be open on Sundays. No organized sport may be played. Charges against violators are brought by the church. Also the church brings charges against any member violating the horrible racist laws of Africa, which started with the church, said a young Afrikaaner advertising executive, who describes himself as a detribalized person. His father’s an elder in the Reformed Calvinist or Baptist Church. God is secondary in the church’s scheme of things. The church dictates a code of racist ethics rather than spirituality. Well, that’s nice.

Food aisles of America’s US shopping senators– centers are full, but the shopping baskets are empty. A specter is stalking the aisles, said the Voice of America, of America’s grocery stores. President Jimmy Carter has declired– declared it enemy number one. Business Week is panicked by it. Newsweek sees it as a corrupter of the national morality which wears away at the social fabric of the future of USA. The culprit spawning this fear and loathing is double digit inflation, with skyrocketing food prices leading the way. Although Carter has tried to reduce the food price phenomena to a temporary aberration, the realities cannot be ignored, said the Voice of America. Overall, wholesale food prices jumped this last month sixteen point four percent. Beef 25 percent. At the present rate, the food buying dollar will be chopped in half by the end of this year. The dollar will buy one half what it does now. And as Jessie Neal said, a little piece of lettuce, no bigger than the palm of your hand, a dollar. Relief seems unlikely. Inflation now must be seen as a constant reality that will stay with us, said the capitalist magazine, Business Week, as so deeply embedded in the foundation of the society, as to make the ability to erase it or eradicate it doubtful and dubious indeed. The finance journal of US capitalism goes on to say that the current inflationary upsurge is destroying the nation’s efforts to achieve economic balance and growth, and is wrecking absolutely the financial markets. Well, that’s interesting, and bears out all I told you. Shortage of food. People– The rich have hoarded it, and there’s not enough to go around, so the shelves are empty in all of the nation’s supermarkets and grocery stores.

US admits finally in the Voice of America Armed Forces, that the growing problem of obsolete nuclear reactors is becoming one that is going to endanger the future of US society. Nobody has yet been able to dismantle a commercial atomic reactor, with literally tens of dozens of nuclear plants reaching obsolescence where they’re no longer useful throughout the capitalist world, and heavily in USA. Scientists and governments have begun facing up to the troubling problems of ridding the landscape of these dangerously radioactive structures, and estimates for the clean-up operations are running into the billions of dollars that the US government frankly says they will not able to pay. Reactors only have a lifetime of between 20 to the most 40 years. Like any other machine, they wear out from use, suffer irreparable damage from accidents, undergo repeated breakdowns that become too expensive to repair or simply be rendered obsolete by new technological breakthroughs. All of them will remain radioactive for hundreds and even thousands of years in some instances. In many cases, these closed nuclear installations pose a greater threat than nuclear accident. Their security systems, the anti-radiation shields, the alarms, the ventilations and detection devices have been largely removed. Even if they are guarded perpetually by security personnel – which they are not – they are bound to deteriorate and eventually leak radioactivity. If one such plant, according to the Vuce– uh, Voice of America, were to leak out near a city, it could destroy the entire population. Even if we entombed, buried these plants, there is no way to be certain that after several years, the protective casing will be physically maintained or guarded. There is great concern by scientists, both in USA, France and West Germany, that much of those wa– nuclear waste that’ve been dropped in the sea are now leaking and making the unhoc– uh, the ocean dangerous to be in, and will finally kill fish life that’s there. Capitalism is built in to destroy, it’s just built in. It’s lustful, and it has no concern for nature, humanity or anything else.

Weather modification – the last of the news – is a imperialist weapon. Finally, some US press is ma– is– is admitting. According to the foreign edition, again, of New York Times, a popular Third World government – picture this in your mind – has come into power in a Third World country, and begins– moves to extract itself from the stranglehold of multi-national or international finance capitalism. The monopoly capitalists, in other words, that rule from the USA. Suddenly and mysteriously, the seasonal rains in one part of the country are abnormally heavy – as we’re now seeing in the Sudan and in Bangladesh that has not been following US policy – so heavy in fact that there are devastating floods. That’s what’s happening in Ethiopia and Sudan. Elsewhere, meanwhile, the expected rains don’t come at all. There is serious drought. With the resulting food shortages, white-market hoarding and speculation taking hold, people will be starving. That’s what we see in the revolutionary situation in the West Sahara. A CIA-backed political faction takes advantage of the situation– in this situation that The New York Times foreign edition poses, and blames the government. The socialist or Marxist regime will be overthrown in a military coup, because of the devastation of CIA modification of the weapon– of the weather as an imperialist weapon. Some suspect there is something sinister behind the abnormal weather, and it is beginning to be proved. Sound far-fetched? Perhaps. To those who are apathetic. But for years, the US government has been experimenting with weather modification programs. The CIA was proven to be guilty in 1972 with altering Cuba’s rainfall to affect the sugar crop. Rhodesia has used weather warfare against her neighbors, but did not succeed in bringing down the socialist countries of Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. US imperialism’s – it says USA, but I’m calling it what it is – imperialism’s first known use of large-scale weather modification techniques as a weapon of ruthless warfare was during the Vietnam War. Vietnam was the laboratory for final testing of a great many weapons, weather modification coming under the category of geo-physical weapons was perhaps most ominous in its potential. The operation is named Popeye. Its purpose is to increase the level of rainfall in areas where guerilla people – guerilla activists, revolutionaries – were fighting for freedom, such as in South Vietnam. By seeding the clouds between 1967 and 1972, 2602 rain-making sorties were flown, causing flooding, but it did not stop the liberation of Vietnam. In hearings before Senator Claiborne Pell’s, Democrat, Repub– uh, uh, Rhode Island, Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment, the openragon revealed that rainfall– rainfall was increased by 40 percent in Southeast Asia by its weather modification. North Vietnam’s premier, Pham Van Dong, was quoted as saying before North Vietnam and South Vietnam were reunified as a free socialist democracy, that starting in June 1971, the worst disaster since the beginning of the war resulted from flooding. Tens of thousands of our people were killed, and 20 percent of our rice crop, the basic food that people use for living around the world, was destroyed by the CIA’s imperialist weather modification. During hearings of his committee, Senator Pell said it was the work of the Pentagon, unquestionably. Weather modification is just one of an emerging array of horror weapons called geo-physical potentialities. They have such nice words for murder and torture in the CIA, and the US military-industrial fascist state. In turn, there are many different types of weather modification, principally rain-making, but including fog dispersal and hail suppression. Rain augmentation techniques have been used for over 40 years. Moisture-laden, usually cumulus – the towering kind – clouds are seeded with silver iodide particles from airplanes. Water vapor condenses around the particles and latent heat is released in the process, increasing the cloud’s buoyancy so it rises faster. More water vapor cools and condenses at higher elevations. Don’t worry if that’s what’s happening here. We will eat. We will not be defeated by anything of this type of measure. The process continues at an explosive rate until the vertical wind currents begin to collapse. Rain falls, lots of it. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration was able experimentally to increase normal rain by three times, as early as 1971. Robert M. White, while director of the in– the Atmospheric Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said of tropical cumulus clouds – ah, tropical cumulus clouds – we have been able, almost at will, to make them grow explosively. Over-seeding, on the other hand, can stop normal rainfall over a target area, raising the possibility of induced drought – maybe that’s what happened in the seven months we had no rain, but it didn’t– it didn’t kill us, we will survive – as a military option. In the late 1940s, this discovery was made by the Air Force, to the outrage of Arizona and Texas cattle ranchers, who were experimented on. Geophysicist Dr. Gordon J.F. McDonnell, while vice president of the Pentagon, (Pause) the mad military rulers of US monopoly capitalism’s Institute of Defense Analysis, in 1971, did a chilling study of other possible geophysical weapons with military potential. They include release of strain energy instability in rock layers, artificially-induced earthquakes by properly-placed explosives, ocean current modification to deprive an opponent of fishing industry – and Canada is making that claim against USA right now – or to significantly alter its climate, for example, inducing seismic disturbances on the ocean’s floor in the proper place and sequence to shape and direct tidal waves against an opponent. Japan has even suggest[ed] that that was done, the left has, by US CIA, because it had a number of tidal waves. Disproportionate. Blowing a hole in the ozone layer in the earth’s upper atmosphere over an opponent’s country. The ozone layer protects us from excessive ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Without it, all unsheltered life below gets burned. While Dr. Robert McCullough [phonetic], technical adviser in the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, told The New York Times, much of this is still not able to be demonstrated on full-scale, he is disputed by General [Geryld] Christianson, foreign relations staff aide for Senator Pell. Christianson has been deeply involved in exposing geophysical instruments uh, weaponry and trying to get it banned. Don’t worry, he will not stop us here, I predict, I prophesied, will not stop us here. Regarding science fiction aspects of military weather modification, Christianson told The New York Times, a case can be made for it, but that’s irrelevant. Back in 1938, nuclear weapons were considered science fiction too, said The New York Times. The US Senate passed a resolution in July 1973, calling for an international treaty to ban the use of geophysical warfare. This resolution grew out of the efforts of antiwar groups, like the Chicago Science for Vietnam Collective, which uncovered a wealth of information on military weather tampering by US CIA monopoly capitalists all over Indochina and parts of Africa, and Senator Pell’s Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment fought hard for the measure. The Pell subcommittee held hearings on the issue of geophysical weapons in 1972, 1974 and 1976. There was heavyvery heavy – stone-walling. In other words, they wouldn’t let it happen, they wouldn’t let this modification or banning of geophysical weapons take place. Who did it? The Defense Department. The Defense Department and the Nixon Administration. But gradually, the truth began to leak out. In 1977, the United Nations General Assembly approved a treaty called the convention on the prohibition of military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques. The treaty was open for signature on May 18, 1977. Currently, only 40 nations have signed the agreement to prohibit the manipulation of natural processes for hostile purposes, and the USA is not one of them. Well, let’s see if the American people care about that. Probably it’s only something they beaming abroad anyway, and not– the US people are not even reading it.

Thus ends the commentary of the news for the day. Remember, all that’s required to avoid next week having classes nightly is to pass the test over last night and the tape of Huey Newton. Those that want extra hours off and other bonuses, if you keep up with other parts of the news like I’m giving now, then you will get special bonuses.

Thank you, and I love you very much.

End of Part 1


Part 2

Jones:– Czechoslovakia and Habana. For some reason, says Radio Moscow, because of Uganda’s sup– support, Idi Amin support, in one of the most mineral-rich nations of the world, the support that he has given for the Soviet and the Cuban presence in Africa, USA and her capitalist allies have called a total trade embargo. This has not been done since the embargo was placed on Cuba, so even though they accuse us of worshipping Idi Amin, Debbie [Layton Blakey] uh, did, there must be something fine going on in Uganda to get the United States to get the United States to call on a total economic trade boycott, which is being honored by all seven nations – seven s– of the major monopoly capitalist nations. They just came out of a summit meeting in Bonn.

Radio Moscow documented many incidents of torture of the Irish, torture that would equate in every respect, said the commentator, to Nazi Germany. Britain is exploiting the Irish. Irish are becoming more and more pro-Soviet. Their Communist Party of Ireland is the strongest pro -Soviet party outside of the Warsaw Alliance.

[Leonid] Brezhnev is in Hungary, calling on unity of the socialist community. He has condemned attempts by the imperialist to bring about a nuclear war over African liberation. He said that the Soviets are committed to peoples’ freedom. If that means the death of the Soviet nation, they are prepared to go that route. He strongly appealed to China to stop this nonsensical playing with the United States. He said in very appealing tones, China has proven a genuine practice of communism at home. Before it is too late  and she brings nuclear hell upon the world, he appealed to China to stop serving at any time the purposes of the USA. His particular concern is that China is giving military assistance to the Kampucheans, who are highly nationalistic and racistic in their present stage of development of socialism, and increasing hostilities on the Vietnamese border.

Of course, constant praise for the World Youth festival in Cuba, which I gave you earlier from other broadcast. Soviet cosmonauts sent greetings by satellite to all the delegations. The whole mass of some 18,000 of the youth of the world, including the lar– largest planeload in Guyana and some other smaller charters were there to see on uh, a large television screen the Soviet cosmonauts walking from the platform in space and were showed– shown many, many activities that they were doing, expose materials to space environment and showed the effect. The station is in absolute proper condition. 1965 was the first walk in space, and this was the longest space walk. They actually were walking in space for 20 minutes.

Belgrade. Non-aligned nations. Algerian forn– foreign minister said USA and her imperialist aides are trying to revert the influence of the Third World and divide it and impede the progress of liberation in Africa. The foreign minister of Algeria, which all of you need to see, the new people must see The Battle of Algiers for your pleasure. It may be shown tonight. I think that would be wisdom, rather than having something of a light side that will uh, drag away from the concentration of news. So The Battle of Algiers, which is fantastic, must be seen by all new people. Algeria allied itself positively today on the side of the Soviet Union, and is even considering being a part of the first Muslim nation to do so besides– well, there no other Muslim nation, no. Ethiopia’s Christian, one of the few places where the Christians are– are decent and uh, now we have another Muslim nation taking– first Mus– Muslim nation taking an uh, a actual call to be a part of the Soviet Warsaw Pact.

Algerian foreign minister and Libyan foreign minister called for Israeli withdrawal, or war.

Guinea. Step up liberation movements in South Africa. The Republic of Guinea called for stepped up support for liberation efforts in So– South Africa, condemn the imperialist USA and her allies. Yemen uh, pledged full support to the USSR and Cuba, and gave public praise and gratitude for what Cuba and the Soviet Union were doing in Africa.

The so-called Pan African force, that USA and certain rightwing African nations are trying to establish, represents a serious threat to the liberation of Africa. Many of the African nations present at the Belgrade conference were critical of Western interference, US interference in Africa, but the strongest of all was Nigeria, which continues to be an enigma, being that it’s capitalist.

Dutch European Security Conference critical of NATO build-up of arms race and Cold War methods. We never hear that on Voice of America. Holland is a me– member of NATO, but it’s the Eu– European Security Conference meeting, an adjunct of NATO is critical of its build-up of arms race and the Cold War methods it’s using.

Washington Post, according to Moscow, criticized US press for criticizing the Soviet Union so much about human rights to the point that it’s imperiling world peace. The Washington Post is schizophrenic. You never know– (Pause) (short laugh) You never know where it’s at. It reminded the American people that the Soviets have not subjected any of their so-called political prisoners to the kind of unjust treatment that has been given in modern times to the black and the Indian.

Fifty US businessmen in Moscow signed a protocol protest, protesting Carter’s curtailment of trade with USSR. That’s another thing that’s been done. A– A trade embargo has been placed with USA on most vital things with USR [USSR]– uh, with the Soviet Union, with Russia. The 50 prominent US businessmen said it could have nothing but a negative effect on the stability of the US economy, and called it madness. The 50 prominent business leaders from USA in Moscow said that Carter was not equipped to lead a nation. He did not have the awareness of economics, he was unaware of the dangers of nuclear technology, he was a danger to world peace. Now we never hear that kind of thing on Voice of America.

US Senate lifted embargo, as you know, on Rhodesia. Open show, says Moscow and Habana, of USA’s heart, that it’s really with white fascists. As you know, Ian Smith in Rhodesia only has three percent of the people– uh, three percent of the country under his control.

Vo– Voting coincided with the date for holding genuine elections. Elections are a farce, said Moscow. The Patriotic Front, made up of both nationalists, Joshua Nkomo, and uh, Marxist-Leninist Robert Mugabe, are the only people that are capable of administering the government, and both were carried on Moscow Radio, saying they will carry on armed struggle until Rhodesia’s liberated, and then they will pledge their support to the liberation of all of South Africa.

Lebanon armed struggle again. Christians fascist are seeking to keep control of the area. Danger of split of the country being brought about to help the Zionist state of Israel, because Israel is appealing to the Christian minority that has ruled Lebanon for so long and have been oppressive of the Muslim community. Moscow strongly indicts USA plans that they say she will be bringing out shortly to cause a separation of the nation of Lebanon like they did in Germany and in Korea and Vietnam, and, the Soviet Union says, it will lead to the same kind of thing that happened in Southeast Asia: a war.

British troops torture, according to Radio– (Pause) Radio uh, uh, Habana, British troops torture includes arms twi– twisting, kicking until the person is absolute dysfunctional sexually, beating of Irish women in the breast until they have to be surgically removed. This is the great England that is supposed to be the father of religious Christianity, Puritanism, whereas we w– realize, when we studied England that the history showed that even the days of the week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were named after heathen idols, to which people made blood sacrifices.

One hundred thousand workers (sighs) are building a railway from Siberia to– to the coast of the Black Sea in USSR. It’ll be the sec– third intercontinental railway to carry trains at the speed of 150 to 180 miles an hour. Mass demands for all workers to expand production and maintain full employment, which the Soviet Union has done and will continue to do. There is no unemployment.

Crimea. The motto is internationalism and the struggle for peace. They’re esta– uh, they’re establishing some very modern and innovative schools for children, where children will be able to go and govern their own communities in collectives in the summer.

Security Council, two resolutions. Plan worked out, but– (Pause, tape edit) I stopped because I want to understand the news before I give it, and I didn’t have clear understanding. The Soviet Union voted against the measure in the Security Council to support elections in Namibia. They were two of the votes against it. It was 13 to two. USA supported– no, USA’s allies supported it, and this plan, so-called, called for free elections in December, December 6, and while (unintelligible word) to be included in a free, independent black Namibia. However, the Soviet Union over Radio Moscow says, that there is no guarantees against illegal occupation after the so-called elections. There are no assurances that there will be elections that won’t be meddled with, as USA has done clandestinely throughout all of its areas that it influences, like Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Egypt referendums. There are no assurances that South African troops won’t decide to use violence, because South Africa was not required to make any commitments t– and did not. And if UN troops help, they are under the control primarily of USA capitalist influences, said Radio Moscow, and there will be no guarantee than Namibia will be free. Prime Minister of South Africa [Johannes Vorster] rejected the resolution, even uh– as watered down as it is, because South Africa b– says they will not give up Walvis Bay, and so the Soviet Union called the whole thing a farce, because without agreement from the Union of South Africa, there is no binding power on the fascist regime of US– US– Union of South Africa, which is upheld, Moscow says, now entirely by the US monopoly capitalists through the I– International Monetary Fund.

Jamaica faces bankruptcy. The International Monetary Fund picked the– Radio Moscow picked up a UPI report that was never printed in USA, that the UPI found that the International Monetary Fund had crippled Jamaica, crippled it by forcing devaluation of the money, making prices free on an open, capitalist market. One can of beans in Jamaica cost one dollar and fifty cents. (Pause) Even the UPI, a US press agency that’s been infiltrated with the CIA, did not carry this news, said Radio Moscow. They documented the date it was given, but it was not carried by any of the USA press, for the reason that it showed that the International Monetary Fund was actually bringing about the destruction of the government of Jamaica under Prime Minister [Michael] Manley, who is socialist. We must be sure to see that that is sent in, to uh, maybe all the government leaders here need to see the dangers of IMF. ‘Course, they’ve been careful not to agree to IMF’s demands here, and–

Cuban Youth Festival, uh, the most festive occasion, said the ambassador from the Soviet Union that he has ever seen since what he’d heard from the times of the Russian Revolution. Solidarity of Third World nations, socialist nations. It was obvious that the younger generation is going to defeat colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism. There is a peaceful future for mankind, according to Dr. Castro, in spite of all US attempts to threaten nuclear war. Dr. Castro feels that they do not want to face nuclear annihilation for their children. I’m not sure that Dr. Castro’s right on that, because anybody that will face going in to bomb shelters and leaving their wives and their children sure as hell wouldn’t mind bringing around nuclear war. But Castro went on to say that even in the case of a nuclear war, capitalism will be defeated, and socialism will emerge victoriously over all the world.

Cyrus Vance is required to come on an emergency visit – remember, Patty [Cartmell], you gotta go into the– that meeting tonight – in August. It’s a diplomatic war between Cairo and Tel Aviv, Israel and Egypt. Israelis are ignoring the Palestinian rights, and Egypt is being forced to retreat under the threat, as I said last night, of nuclear whitemail by Israel. Egypt is losing prestige in the Arab world, because it is continuously backing off, and the Arab League, as I told you earlier, is refining its own methods of war weaponry and learning how to refine oil rapidly, and USA is gonna be cut out of the process, and that will be the end of the US economy.

[Menachim] Begin won’t give one grain of sand, he said today, Radio Moscow quoted him, he won’t give one grain of sand in Sinai or the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. This man is a lunatic, said Radio Moscow, and he endangers world peace as no single leader has in this generation. Egypt will resume talks if Israel makes concessions. Washington wants Israeli and reactionary Arabs in an alliance, but Radio Moscow said, even the Arab oil reactionaries are suspiciously feeling that USA is selling them out. So maybe like Zaire, they’ll get tired of being used by the white capitalist, and like Nigeria.

So that’s the end of Radio Moscow and Radio Habana’s reporting of the news. This news will be replayed publicly, but the other news that you must learn will be under the library. The news of last night, which all must pass or take courses all night uh– I mean, every night next week, or after the test. In the meantime, you do not have to study this news. We advise you to listen, because you can learn. Those who pass news that I give until this test over last night’s news  will be bonus. Anybody that passes this news will get bonuses. If you’re able to pass parts of it, and you’re called for a question, you’ll be able to pass bonuses that will get you time off or other things that you may choose, if we can meet it, if it’s within a reasonable demand.

Again we remind you, do not have a negative self-image because you have test difficulties. Some of the best people here who contribute most to socialism have difficulty writing and speaking or passing tests. That’s why we tried to put an atmosphere last night of rewards. It is necessary that all learn the fundamentals, and that’s not much to ask. There’re three hours in there, and all of it’s not news, but the student gives it to you, and I give it to you. If you get that, you will not fail and you will not have to take the additional classes. But the additional classes are not punishment. They’re to help you. That, and know the gist of Huey Newton. That’s all that’s required. This news is entirely bonus.

Thank you, and I love you.

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