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Jones: –listen to the news, and also take note of this. After inspection, this is the last time I will give any timely warning about the maintenance of your houses, your clothes or your yards, and waste. These matters are to be corrected forthwith, immediately, out of love for the community which is greater than all of us. Love for socialism which supersedes each of us as individuals, because the eyes of the world are upon us, and will soon be upon us from many nations and news. Must– We must see that socialism does– is not hurt in America, because great strains are on the American economy. There’s a chance, even a snowball’s chance, approaching hell, we want to see that socialism– And even though nuclear war seems absolutely going to happen, if people realize the message, then they will come here. We are much talked about, and we will be talked about more in rightwing media throughout the nation.

So, if people, some hundred and so, nearly 200, prisoners have seen through the lies, then others will see, but we have to have a model. We have to understand that tape that was just being played. It will go on under the library, and you must review it. Without passing that, you will be guaranteed five extra days. Those who failed the last test will have extra classes tonight and also tomorrow night, as well as the usual classes on Friday and a class uh, following.

Tonight there will be movie selection by the people. So, put in your request and uh, I will endure whatever. All I require is if I interpret (pause) that I know what the movie is and uh, I’ll accept the wishes of the people. If it’s falderol. But whoever interprets it, ha– you have to closely point out, because some people are just not aware yet.

Well, (sighs) China is carrying on her Doctrine of Three Worlds very well, as she’s moved into a treaty with Britain, which will benefit her and immediately bri– uh, benefit Great Britain to the tune of several hundred millions of pounds. Britain will be helping China (chuckles) of all things, with coal mines and underground shelters. The British will do anything, they’ll protect the Chinese communist, and we have to say, hats off to China in her wisdom there. She will also be the benefactor of certain equipment that she needs, vital equipment.

[Anwar] Sadat and [Menachim] Begin welcome [Jimmy] Carter’s immediate emergency intrusion at a meeting of all parties concerned in his country estate. US now is becoming a full partner, a part of a US new commitment, said the BBC. The commitment is to make its own proposals instead of suggestions. Israel however contradicts itself, even though Begin welcomed it, by saying Egypt and uh, said the Americans will not dictate in any way to Israel as to the giving up of their conquered territories of Gaza Strip, the West Bank and southern Lebanon. So you’re right back where you started from.

The right wing of Palestinian elements that supposedly were supposed to be involved in UN peace-keeping forces, started firing on a group of school children in Beirut. Syria, an ally of the Soviet Union, moved into the scene. Number of casualties has not yet been mentioned.

China and Japanese Foreign Ministers [Huang Hua and Sunao Sonoda] are at loggerheads. There was just about to be signed a friendship peace and treaty of e– eternal accord between China and Japan, who had been historic enemies. However, the Soviet Union got very militant about one clause – anti-hegemony – that they swore the Chinese meant for them. Both parties said it was meant for both the superpowers. However, the Japanese Foreign Minister has now said they will not put this in, nor any statement that the Soviet Union considers hostile. So the Soviet Union must have enough military advantage in the world that the empire of Japan, one of the great capitalists, the more successful ones, its yen certainly always doing better than the dollar, and it’s always the Japanese that are having to buy up the dollar. So Japan and China are at loggerheads in going ahead with this agreement of friendship and peace, unless– and trade, unless the Chinese agree to the dropping of the anti-hegemony clause. Though it does not mention the Soviet Union by name, it is felt most certainly by the Russians that it has them in mind.

Japan wants USA to do more about the exchange rate and the falling US dollar. In a very terse demand from the Exchange Minister of Japan [likely Tatsuo Murayama, Japanese Finance Minister], this was ge– sent to Washington requiring immediate attention on Washington’s part.

China is asking British to negotiate building of, I told you, mines and underground shelters, to continue their complexes that will be into the hundreds of millions of pounds, and there will be also trade with Japan, and they will engage in the helping of China protect its people and develop its resources. China seems to be gaining more from the capitalist, consistent with her doctrine. Remember her doctrine of Three Worlds. She says, to woo the second world closer to China and the under-developed nations. We shall sucee– we shall see with future if she continues to uphold the Third World. She’s been doing a pretty good job of late of helping Third World African nations who’ve stood up to Yankee imperialism.

Riot at the border between Vietnam and China. The Vietnamese republic, reunified communist state where USA poured gases and napalm that destroyed into the hundreds of thousands – into the millions, in fact – of Vietnamese, now we find great conflict about to ensue between those two. Vietnam is of course pro-Soviet. But Vietnam, according to BBC, charges that the Chinese sent 500 hooligans into the area of the– of the people, the 6000 that China says that Vietnam w– didn’t want, but China won’t accept their own Chinese ethnics. China says that they are not uh, being cooperative in living in communal life. That could well be. But China shouldn’t’ve made an issue over it the first place, because Vietnam has said that these elements of the Chinese were the petty bourgeoisie, and used some of the bourgeoisie who refused rehabilitation after the socialist revolution was complete and the Yankees were driven out in the Vietnam war.

So, this 500 tried to instigate a riot for some reason or another, and it did so, in and amidst the 6000, and then even BBC observers observed that the 500 immediately were taken in to– to mainland China, so they were undoubtedly were the instigators.

The body of Pope Paul VI, head of the Catholic Church, the Vatican, the seat of Saint Peter and the heir of Jesus Christ, so they say, is moved to St. Peter’s Cathedral for funeral Saturday. Secret conclave of the card– College of Cardinals must begin within 20 days after the pope’s death to decide who shall inherit the seat of Jesus Christ. I wonder what makes these august gentlemen think that they communicate with Jesus Christ. The pope is supposed to be infallible. I wonder how now, all the College of Cardinals infallible, or are they going to find the will of Jesus Christ, if he is still talking – ha, ha –

Police battle between blacks back-to-nature group, said BBC. Police fired into black neighborhoods in Philadelphia, arrested many, many. Twelve leaders alone of the black community of Philadelphia. One black stepped out before being shot down, and shot a policeman to death. BB say– BBC admitted racism is a severe crisis problem in both USA, Britain and Canada.

Carter’s find that millions of dollars in huge loans to save New York City from bankruptcy which would’ve come next month. Where’s he gonna get this money? You know, he’s got to hold onto Africa. You’ll know that, if you have any sense. And what will happen when he tries to hold onto Africa? Well, with the Africans abide by it? Will the Soviets abide by it? What will happen when he can’t control the oil anymore? I mean USA. No matter what Carter’s intention, he becomes a victim of the military-industrial class, monopoly capitalism.

The first sessions between China and Japan have been frank this morning, but the disagreement still continues over the fact of what I told you, that Japan will–

(tape edit)

Form of capitalism, a welfare capitalism, some people would call it a social democracy, apparently it now s– is an attempt in Britain to act like social demo– democrats in view of the imperiling threat of the right of–

(tape edit)

–of a 32-year political career. Why would they be h– now be presenting to the whole world through the Voice of America the honorable racist Governor [George] Wallace, who held out a black student, as you remember, at the point of a bayonet, openly has praised the Ku Klux Klan. Well, I’ll tell you what he had to say. He said it was a shame that World War II took place, that the major enemy of Communism in the Near East, Japan was destroyed. He said we should have never engaged in the war with Japan. ‘Course, what he did not admit was that it was an economic war, that the Japanese were under-selling – always better at capitalism apparently, than USA – they were under-selling bicycles and such things. He did not of course in any way indict on this day that is the day of the bombing of Nagasaki, in which the Soviets on Radio Moscow said 280,000 died that very moment in Nagasaki at– in and around the epicenter– center of the bomb. He didn’t condemn any of that. He just said it was a mistake because Japan was so anti-communist, and if they had been allowed to remain with their empire, China would’ve been under their dominion. Not mention, however, the Japanese were as cruel as US fascism has now become in Africa and [Adolf] Hitler‘s Germany were, exterminating Chinese in all of their conquered territories. They felt they were superior to the Koreans, who lived in absolute subjugation to them. But that’s Mr. Wallace’s thinking. He said that we must now realize that the American wa– uh, middle-class will be radicalized, if we let go of Africa. He said in plain terms, any fool could’ve heard him. The industrial diamonds, the copper, the zinc, the cobalt, the uranium, and the gold that is in Rhodesia and South Africa cannot be let go of. He didn’t talk about Africans’ rights to their own properties and minerals, he said, we cannot withstand in USA the radicalization of the middle class who cannot now afford to maintain their homes, or having to move back into inner cities where high crime rates are, even though they’re putting out black people on the streets, and Indians and Asians, and putting up some sort of condominiums, the crime is still all around them, the pollution. He said they can’t afford the cost of living now, so we’ve got to hold on and even get more direct profit, said the good governor, racist governor, from uh, Alabama, who has now become suddenly the issue of great praise by the Voice of America, heralding him in what they call Dateline, which is reserved for the people that expound the propaganda line of USA the best. He said he wants to see a reaction – now, that’s the word he used, that means reactionary – a reaction of rightwing thinking, conservative thinking, on the part of the middle class, and see that the answer is further impositions on the poor. Naturally, that means black and Indians first. He said this inflation is causing loss of b– of incentives to the middle class because they can’t make ends meet with both people working, even, he said, why, people like doctors and dentists are having difficulties. Too bad, in that they are one out of every three surgeries they perform, or better, by admission of the ri– uh, rightwing Readers Digest, were unnecessary, and the hum– much higher than that of the removal of women’s breasts.

Well, anyway, that is an interesting beginning for Voice of America today. They heralded him 30 minutes.

Namibia talks with South African administration– uh, UN administrators, about trying to settle the complaints that Namibia has, that little uneasy feeling they have, that United Nations is just likely to maintain a sort of uh, what shall we say, indirect control over Namibia by the imperialist powers? (Pause)

Joshua Nkomo, in a brave stand from Lusaka in Zambia – that’s– is where China’s aiding, Zambia, and both the Soviet Union and Zambia’s heavily under the pressure of IMF, but they still allow Nkomo to have his sanctuary there, and Robert Mugabe. He said sharply in uh, brilliant statements to the BBC, Voice of America, and whoever else was listening, he said only the force of guns can ride– wipe out racism in Africa. That was his statement, and he’s the nationalist leader of the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, that really represent 97 percent of Rhodesia under the dread control of the fascist white racist supremacist Ian Smith. His other half is the Leninist, Marxist-Leninist, Robert Mugabe.

The UN and the Red Cross halt abduction of Rhodesians. Now we’ve got a great big hue and cry that the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front are picking up youths out of the schools and putting them in slavery. I think I’ve heard that term thrown at us, and same-old scenes. It almost as if they have a file, they pull it out, they use against Panthers, they use against Africa, they use against Cubans, same-old scene. Voice of America charges that uh, the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front are using children to bolster their terrorist armies. Of course, we know what they are. They’re the revolutionary armies. Even the secretary– foreign secretary of Britain [Lord David Owen] is trying to negotiate with them, as the– he said, they’re the only representative government of the people. Strange dichotomy. The– no end to the lies that USA will put out, and no end to the willingness of US people to listen to them, I guess.

Now, interestingly enough, the Voice of America for the first time today is referring to black people as colored. For instance, the– uh, this one instance: three colored men and three Orientals – they used to be Asians, now they’re Orientals and they’re colored – were sentenced by a judge in white Rhodesia because they refused to give service to the army of the Rhodesian racist regime. He said, however – he must had a moment of conscience – he said I am forced to sentence– I guess he means by the dictatorship of Ian Smith, and that’s upheld now, since USA has lifted its ban on arms shipments and aid in both houses of its Congress, and so has Britain. He said, however, it is quite reasonable to assume that these gentlemen of color would not want to serve in an army where they cannot go to the schools, not allowed to attend the theaters, cannot eat in the restaurants, are not receiving the same wages and are segregated on the job, cannot live in certain neighborhoods, he said it’s somewhat reasonable to see, but he said, I must carry out the law. His sentence was not quite as stiff this time only – one year – he said but in the future, take no ease from this light sentence, he said the sentence will be greater to anyone in Salisbury, that’s about the only place they’ve got left where they can draw anybody, because the Patriotic Front, Zimbabwean Patriotic Front’s got 97 percent of the land area of Rhodesia under their control. But he said, the next that comes before my court will receive stiff sentences. What’s that mean? I don’t know. Maybe death.

There are South African troops in Rhodesia, says the Voice of America. They carry this, and uh, without any real indictment of same. So now we have the apartheid racist fascist regime of South African troops in Rhodesia. They have not quite yet admitted that there are US aides, but they have given a prelude with Governor Wallace that we got to keep those industrial diamonds, the copper, the chrome, the zinc. Got to keep it. He named it right down the list. [assumed Southern accent] And we’ve got to make more out of it, so there can be more money we can share, he said, with the middle class, ‘cause we don’t want the middle class to become radicalized socialist. Well, that would be terrible, wouldn’t it, that– by– my good brother Wallace. [regular voice]

All right. The pope again. Bullshit for the pope. I ain’t gonna get into the pope anymore, I’ve said enough about the pope.

United Nations South Africa consultation with Namibian political groups. The United Nations are not happy that Namibian people would be represented by South West African Peoples Organization, SWAPO, are back to war again. Of course, they’ve got a little reason, being that South Africa’s forces are in Rhodesia and are in Namibia, and even invaded Angola last week, until they were driven out by the Cubans and the Angolans. Well, now. Albert [Alfred] Atherton is a special envoy to help with Middle East agreements. [Cyrus] Vancereturns to Washington, said he was a tired and fatigued man, because he just can’t get anywhere, the Israelis don’t trust anybody and we gotta– we gotta distrust nationalism all over the world and then nuclear bombs, so you figure it out. If you think there’s any future for going back to USA, you just don’t want to think, my darling, you don’t want to think. As hellish as it is, I want our people out of there, dammit. We got to move. And some are still moving slower than a damn snail. We’ve got to work and produce and inventively think of ways of saving money and making money.

A bit of important news, I would think that you’d like to hear, that my stance always pays. [Vibert Mingo] The Cabinet minister, minister of home affairs and uh, internal affairs and immigration, head of all the police, met with our people today, and we said we didn’t want to go to court, he said, well, I wished you’d go to court, I said, we don’t want to go to court, we won’t go to court, and he said, I’ll have the matter taken care of. He said you are uh, a very firm people, but he was friendly throughout. He also said that he would– make give right of travel guarantees to me, so I could go wherever I needed uh, for operation and uh, I’m demanding also that they include that I’ll have the right of safe return and so forth if I so decide. Who knows, I may heal myself, if some of you people lay off of me and don’t put stress and strain on each other and don’t hurt each other and are more friendly to each other, I’ll have less tension, because I’ve got all I can do to handle that mess back in USA, which is gonna get more severe, because fascism is looming. If you’da heard Wallace. I didn’t give you all of this shit. It was outrageous. He sounded like Adolf Hitler. And what do you suppose the Voice of America did today? They carried a speech of Adolf Hitler, saying that he had a high degree of nationalism. Now I don’t know what the hell they were beaming it out in fluent German, all of his (calls out) Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil. I guess– I guess Norman [likely Ijames] was quite right. Hitler is all of a sudden become a hero, and then maybe he’s gonna become a hero of the Voice of America. It’s goddamnedest craziness I’ve ever seen. American boys lives were shed all– you all had relatives or loved ones that died in Hitler’s Germany or fighting the Japanese, and all of a sudden, the Japanese were good guys and the Hit– Hitler’s Germany good guys. I would think American people could see through this shit, but they never do, apparently.

September 5, Israelis and the Egyptians will meet at Camp David, Washington with the good President Carter who probably doesn’t even have control over his own zipper, being that uh, monopoly capitalists are telling him what to do, you know, I mean, the– he probably can’t even piss where he wants to.

All right, now we go on to Lebanon, who measures ru– uh, their– for return to stability and security doesn’t look very good. USA is really sending in another delegation in there, uh, and all kinds of hell breaking loose, Lebanon just practically been destroyed. Beirut, there’s all through the city, used to be the most beautiful city in the world where American University was located when it was comfortably under capitalist control, it is now having sniper fire in every damn neighborhood, not safe to walk on the streets, people are living in terrible fear.

State Department reports Israel is supplying US weapons and uh, perhaps even some more dangerous things than that, with the intonation – ‘cause they do have the bomb, you know – to the Christian militia fascists, the Phalangists, as you know them, that are holding on illegally, that were trained in Israel, they don’t even represent Lebanon, but are holding on to Southern Lebanese territory.

The Warren Christopher has– uh, Warren Christopher says it holds out siege for a wider conflict, irreconcilable differences, the spokesperson for the State Department. That means you can’t get together. Irra– ir– irres– reconcilable differences, like some of our folk who fall in love and get married, there ain’t nothing like marriage to sure cause two folk to hate each other.

Robert Dormancondemns human rights situation in Guinea. Now little Guinea. G-u-i-n-e-a. Equatorial Guinea in Africa has become the source of USA Voice of America condemnation. Wonder what the hell they’re doing. We’ll have to look them up and maybe give a little reading on them, I don’t know what the hell they must be doing, there’re only 300,000 in the whole goddamn country, and they say 140,000 have been caused to go into exile.

The Roman Catholic Church is raising all kinds of hell about it, and the– the la– Archbishopry of uh– of uh, New– America is uh, putting pressure on Washington for interference and uh, uh, human rights uh, declaration, because the nation is entirely Roman Catholic and the government has outlawed the Roman Catholic church. Well, I expect that upset the shit out of them, because that’s one less place that the pope of Rome gonna have some gold. There’s enough gold and, as I said, silver settin’ under the pope’s ass in Rome, in the Vatican, to feed the hungry world. And the whole world mourning over the (unintelligible under radio interference, could be “pontiff’s”) death. Well, I don’t like anyone’s death, but I certainly do wonder how stupid uh, people could be to still be regarding a church– 700 million people in the world, my babies, are in that Roman Catholic church.

OPEC. Uh– Oh– Oil Petroleum nations that are– uh, you have Saudi Arabia and rich Nigeria of Africa, Nigeria is having its influence, and so is Iraq. They held an extraordinary session and they– their next session in December will implement their five percent increase, and USA is nervous as hell on what the heck it’s gonna do to their economy, but OPEC says they refuse to be dictated to by Washington. They more or less say, uh, get off our backs.

It’s the seventh inniv– anniversary entertainment– I don’t know what the hell that was, uh, without trial. (Musing tone) Seventh anniversary entertainment without trial. (Mumbles) Rhod– Rhodesia got by with its seventh anniversary uh, in uh, the Soviet Uni– in uh, their capital– What’s their– Barely hanging on to, with no– no problems. Well, bravo to them, I’m very glad to hear that.

China– [tape edit] China moving on with her doctrine of Three Worlds, wooing that second world. Now I’d guess you’d say– no, Libya’d be in the Third World, although she’s pretty rich. They signed mutual agreements. And China did not require that she break her agreement with Taiwan. So they are into the millions in trade and economic aid and scientific relations. Libya is very pro-African libe– liberation, because they’re helping Chad and a number of places in Africa, so China could not be adamantly opposed to African liberation, or there’d be no– uh, first time, too, they exchanged ambassadors and a whole uh, number of trade agreements broke out today. China is a wise people. However, if there’s any damn way we can avoid nuclear war, but you heard Daniel Ellsberg, he said no, the whole damn scientific world says no. And I guess China is just gonna go right on with that policy, as you heard yesterday, when US and News World [U.S. News & World Report] reporter, rightwing magazine, you’d had to say, watch out, China is still communist, it’s as communist and more so in many ways than any other nation, and it’s trying to get USSR and USA to fight it out, so they can inherit the world. (Pause) Maybe they want to inherit the world, or maybe they want socialism to inherit the world. Whatever, it’s a hell of a mess in a nuclear age.

Ethiopia. Somalian troops have moved in to Ogaden again, with US backing, of course. No mention of any Chinese backing. Three hundred killed in the attack on the Ethiopians. Of course, we’ll get more background as I go into Moscow news, just why it is that there’s so much hell raised by the imperialist trying to get Ethiopia wiped out. Makes a very– uh, very good sense, when you hear Moscow’s interpretation. Ethiopia and the USSR have worked out firm military agreements, shipping agreements, aviation agreements, they’re putting their best jets in now. Soviets are stepping it up. They’re not going to let Ethiopia go down the drain.

Hundred and nineteen million dollar defense b– uh, billion dollar defense bill passed by USA. Oh, shit. That’s a lot of money that could go into helping a whole lot of people in USA, everybody could live in a mansion. But we’re– defense bill, that’s always– that sweet little capitalist world. What they mean is, napalm for babies in South Africa and in Rhodesia, and bombing our people all over the damn world that won’t let them be l– themselves be robbed and kiss the ass of the robber thieves, the Yankees and their lackeys.

Paris work slowdown at the airports, goddamn visitors to Europe are having one hell of a time, because these– this– uh, these unions are uh, having work slowdowns, you know the army has threatened them with jail, they– they can’t quite prove work slowdowns, the goddamn airports are piling up everywhere, so even the rich US citizens cannot have a good vacation, ‘cause every fucker’s being held up at the wrong place, and some being trapped up in the mounts of– the mountains of Swiz– of– of Switzerland, and their ass is freezing ‘cause of all of a sudden, they had a strange fluke of weather that’s affecting CIA uh, not doing their job very well, they’ve created a drought and then excessive flooding in USA, and some of their shit falls back on them. Well, at least uh– what you reap, you will– what you sow, you will reap.

Rhodesia Nkomo, again uh, blasted out that uh, he will fight to the death before he sees this damn government – he called it just that, this damn government of US imperialism – dominate Rhodesia. UN Special Negotiator for Namibia Mr. Abu Salay [phonetic], with [unintelligible name] agreed to further meetings because of the likelihood that there’s gonna full-scale war in Namibia. Well, how many full-scale damn wars can we take in the damn world? The meeting with all political parties concerned, and they hope– they had hopeful satisfaction, whatever that means, that objectives might be reached in the future. Now that’s very interesting indeed. Indeed, indeed. The generalities of the USA. South Africa is still– is against the resolution, they won’t give up Walvis Bay, and even though the UNN– the UN did say they would get Walvis Bay, and the Russians and the Czechovak– Czechoslovakians stayed home and refused to vote for it because they said it’s a whole damn ci– circus anyway. Probably is. Zimbabwe Times four-man council cannot be trusted. It’ll be uh, closed down too, I’m sure, the Rhodesian Times gonna get their ass busted for that. Said that the uh, Ian Smith council cannot be trusted, but even now, they’re having trouble with their Uncle Toms, (unintelligible word) said it is not honorable, it is not honorable the intentions, there is no intention, he says he feels now, uh, so does [Abel] Muzorewa, the Methodist bishop that the discrimination’s gonna be ended uh, in the schools and the hospitals and the residential areas and in all the other places that I just mentioned. He said the white European population are going to be given special treatment, but the government says they’re not trying to train them slowly to accept people of color. Muzorewa said he– said the whole damn thing is less than nothing, and he wonders why USA, who has been championing human rights – now this is Muzorewa, who’s been an Uncle Tom sell-out – would give aid before Rhodesia cleans its house up.

Sath– South Africa apartheid continues, multi-racial nightclubs, however, are given them a little trouble. Some of the youth uh, are (small laugh) comedians in nightclubs in Johannesburg, and the police don’t quite know what to do right now during the tourist season, lot of Americans and other nations of the world are there, and they’re all dancing and jiving at rock music. There’s supposed to be no mixing of the races, but thus far these five nightclubs that’re doing it have not been interfered with. As one South African said, you know the dollar talks. We need European money, and they don’t quite like this racial separatism, and the white owner said of the business, of course the business not owned by blacks, that any black going in when racists are treated like they are in South Africa, they get one-twentieth of the wage and they have to live in reservations, concentration camps, and bear tattoo marks and passes, wouldn’t  get in in the first damn place. But he said uh, uh, there are however the couples that don’t dance with each other, but they’re in the same place. As if that were some breakthrough. Now the Voice of America wanted to think that that was a breakthrough. I don’t see much breakthrough with five nightclubs in one town. Johannesburg has a reputation for tourism, big business, and money. It can’t live without tourism. So naturally they’re gonna– put a little fringes on like they’re not quite as bad as they are. And it is a little more liberal in most cities, it was that Johannesburg Star that praised uh, Mozambique, its reporter, but next thing you knew, he was under house arrest, and uh, the house arrest means in South Africa and now US Supreme Court has upheld the same kind of a thing for USA, means that you can be permanently detained without trial. All right. Non-whites are not allowed on dance floors, however, in the major hotels. Of course. Restaurants desegregation will take place in certain places in Johannesburg, so Johannesburg council says, but not the major restaurants. They said that it is money doing the talking, even Voice of America admitted that.

The Benguela Railway between Angola and Zaire, a subject of mention, it goes 10,000 kilometers, giving Zaire access to the sea through Angola. Norma– Normalization of relations not too good, maybe in one sense because the Katanganese in Angola, the world still be given sanctuary, will not be given support for any venture into Zaire. However, the former rightwing elements of Angola, who have sanctuary in Zaire, are also not going to be given any t– toleration for attacks against Angola. We will see how it– how it works out. It had been closed because of the breakdown, the war, you know, and so forth. It cuts off the amount of uh, time that Zaire didn’t like Rhodesia, in spite of it being a rightwing puppet, and it was having to ship through Rhodesia, giving it profit. So this way the profit goes uh, more mutually to two black nations, one Marxist-Leninist, pro-Soviet, and the other a capitalist, strangely enough, under a strongarm Mobutu [Sese Seko]. The railway has connected all the mining regions to the ports, the minings– areas of Zaire. Zaire woke up, it got a little tired of having all of their minerals taken out at less than w– world market prices. But, Governor Wallace says that’s just fine, because we must not let the middle class go socialist.

Angola. Major (Pause) area of uh, profit to them from this east-west route will be in excess of 138 million dollars a year. Well, that’s good. They got that from Zaire. Zaire, their copper will be gotten to the ports at a higher price than the imperialists were giving them, the lackeys, Belgium and France and USA and the multinational corporations or both. Vital to the economics of both. Angolan nationalist and Zaire uh, there was a bl– they uh, blew up the damn railway, uh, both sides before, but now it’s been continually uh, and t– totally rebuilt. The rebels may continue to attack the railway, however, their fear on the Voice of America, terrible fear that it’s going to work entirely on the behalf of the socialists, and that uh, Zaire is making an unwise move. What they’re really saying is, Zaire is getting a little self-determination. The reopening of the Benguela Railway is however hailed by most other parts of the world, the socialist world, certainly.

The Guinean president [Ahmed Sekou Toure] said (stumbles over words) coming to a growing end to isolation. A– We’re reducing uh, dependence on uh, (small laugh)– Oh, I see what they’re having now, the Guinean president, uh, no wonder they’re after his ass, he’s reducing his dependency upon European nations, he said he was not going to become dependent on the USSR, but believe me, there must be something in that. We’ll get more from Moscow on that in a moment.

OAU uh, summit, they were activated for the first time for the liberation of Africa. They’d been more or less on the part of the western imperialists before.

Monrovia agreed to ba– to buy different uh, things from Senegal and Ivory Coast, uh, and– and– and they’re going to bury their differences. So that’s working out. That would be more of a Western gain, in Monrovia, I– We’ll need to study more about Monrovia, because the Voice of America kind of hails it, so you know what they hail is not in the interest of the working class people.

Relations with the West on a upswing in that particular area. Well, that’s– let’s hope. (unintelligible word) increased US aid. Yeah, I expect so. Then they’re gonna s– give ‘em a little aid, make them think they feel good while they strangle them and rob their damn pants while they think they’re getting a (unintelligible word) for a moment.

South Africa applauded uh, Namibian independence plans, ostensibly, if it does not include Walvis Bay. Well, Walvis Bay, Namibia says, will not be given up.

Robert Dorman condemns human rights violations in Guinea. Oh, uh, well, again we have to find out what the hell’s going on in Guinea.

Vance personal invitations to Washington by Carter. Both uh, accepted– that is, uh, leaders of uh, Israel Egypt, I think we’ve been given that before. They’ll be meeting at the lovely estate outside of Washington, Camp David, where there’s been more sellouts than I’ve got fingers and toes and sperm in my testicles.

All right. Rescue operations styled are going to take different. Now they’re gonna do some rescue operations in Rhodesia. I wonder what the hell they’re talking about now. they’re gonna be talking about same or similar rescue operations in other nations that are being threatened. Now, are they talking about Rhodesia, or what they mean by rescue operations, I can be assured is more mercenaries are being trained, as I brought out in the news earlier in the week.

Now we go to uh, Radio Moscow.

Geneva talks between the Soviet Union and USA and Britain, there is in view of the frightening danger of nuclear war, even a little agreement progress today on the ending of nuclear test. Won’t make much difference in that China won’t agree to it, neither will France, so anyway, it’s some progress, says Radio Moscow. Delegations from the three countries uh, had initial exchange of seismic data. Oh, they’re going to be some help to each other between those three on earthquakes that will becoming uh, more pronounced. Radio Moscow said there is question as to what the reason for this is. I would say the intonation was that maybe CIA had been doing some fucking with harassment that way.

Thirty-third anniversary of Nagasaki, 280,000 were murdered by USA, because they didn’t want the Soviets to get in there and help liberate uh, the Japanese people from the empire of Japan, and then they’d had partial control– (tape edit)

Uh– seven, eight times more population. Same amount of area, not uh, too many mountains, too many deserts. And the coast region is swampy and full of tiny islands with crocodiles and hippopotamus in the jungle rivers. Independence was gained October 2, 1958. It didn’t become Marxist till later. When Guinea voted massively against [Charles] de Gaulle’s dictatorial proposed constitution, under US auspices, the French withdrew from the former territory overnight. They’d been backed militarily by USA, but they couldn’t hold on. Not only did all French aid cease immediately, but within days, all French administrators, technicians, doctors, officers, teachers, and judges disappeared. They took all their records, uh, destroyed all the equipment that was there, unhooked the electricity and telephones in their offices, and sabotaged everything that they could. That’s the way US imperialism works, and uh, Britain did here. They sabotaged every plant before they left, and even removed the furniture and file cabinets. Guinean leaders moved into offices without a scrap of paper in them, and had to rebuild the country’s records from scratch, establishing a new democracy upon no foundations at all. Well, that’s what the hell’s troubling the US, of course, always, they always act– When they start hollering human rights, you can know damn well that they’re up to something, because if they were so concerned about human rights, they said they were so concerned about [Natan] Sharansky, as I said, then why in the hell didn’t they give Sharansky– they exchange Sharansky and [Yuri] Orlov and uh, all that other, [Alexander] Ginzburg, who’d been uh, convicted criminals in the Soviet Union for the Wilmington 10, or anybody else. China– they had– uh, the Soviet Union got very, very agreeable.

A beautiful story in uh, the uh, New Nation about Chinese peasants in the ages, how– aged, how they’re provided for in China. Chinese peasants need not have to worry. It shows a beautiful, uh, lovely, lovely center, and a pagoda, uh, typical peaceful surroundings, elder peasants, relax, there is the right to leisure after having carried out for years their own duty to work, their own communes are self-governed by themselves, they’re provided for by the five guarantees of the communist system of China, the rural communes instituted to give them food, shelter, clothing, and medical care, plus burial expenses when they die. They– if those too weak to look after themselves choose to spend their sunset years– sunset years free from worries and cares and commune-r– run homes managed by themselves, they can go into city areas, but they don’t have to.

The home operated by the Nanyuam – A– N-a-n-y-u-a-m – commune is located in the quiet surroundings set amid vegetable gardens that are teeming in a Peking suburb. Here 71 elderly men and women live in several rows of brick and tile homes with porches, and beautified by potted flowers, the cost in running the homes are met by the commune’s welfare fund.

Most of the men in the home were penniless farmers– farmhands who could not afford to marry in the days before the founding of the Communist People’s Republic. Some managed to marry late in life, but failed to have any children– any children. Having a house to themselves, are a 68-year-old man named Sun Wing Pei [phonetic] and his wife, now 74, whom he married just a decade or so ago. For many years, the old man had worked as a stableman in the production team until he retired because of old age. We came here when we had difficulty even in cooking meals, said the old man, as do the other inmates. Sun and his wife receive a little pocket money every month, though they have a bank savings of 5000– 500 yuan, which they have no need to spe– spend, I guess, yu– yuan. Y-u-a-n, it’s a form of money in China.

Living next door to the Suns is a 78-year-old [unintelligible name], a talkative woman with a ready-ma– uh, smile always and silvery hair. An activist during the agrarian revolution movement in the early 50s, she was in charge of the daycare center in her production team before she came to the home six years ago. We aged people can now live in comfort under socialism, she said.

Half a dozen workers have been assigned to do the cooking, washing and tailoring for the elderly people, they keep a vegetable garden and a small [unintelligible word] yard, the produce of which goes to supplement the diets of the– of the aged. They keep active because they want to, and it’s good for their health.

[You] Don’t see any crippling people around. Three wholesome meals are served daily in a dining hall where the old– old people gather to– gather to watch television in the evenings in one common communal hall, like we have here. To make life more interesting, school children come to give performances from time to time.

[unintelligible phrase] barefoot doctors they’re called in China who devote themselves to the people, look after the health of the older people whose most common complaints are hypertension, arterial sclerosis, and heart ailment. The barefoot doctors [are] quite competent in the use of Western drugs. We’re in a better zone of living for hypertensions, that’s one of the things, because of the heat brings down that tension, and of course, there’s somebody else that’s got a little power, and uh, they use tra– also traditional herbal medicines. Complicated cases are referred to the big, very modern hospital in Peking.

China takes care of their seniors in diverse ways. In the urban areas, old age pensions are provided for all people working in industry, government organizations, service trades, and schools. Childless pensioners who lose the ability to look after themselves can go to homes set up either by the government or factories. In the old days, thousands of old people without children, they died of starvation. A few made it by begging, but uh, just millions died by– of starvation. The elderly had no future before communism in China. New China has put on uh, an end to uh– a great end to that phenomenon. There is no hunger anywhere in China.

Imperialism infiltrates the non-aligned movement. Then I shall close, this is the editorial of the uh, main paper of the PNC, our ruling party, the Peoples National Congress. It says the recently-concluded non-aligned foreign ministers conference in Belgrade was a clear reflection of the US imperialism’s somewhat significant infiltration into the non-aligned movement. It is now left to be seen how the bitterness engrained– engendered will affect this year’s summit in Havana. Against the background of embittered spoutings at the conference in Belgrade, the progressive countries skillfully outmaneuvered the divisive elements and emerged somewhat fairly united in resolve to tackle problems of the Third World in conformity with the declaration of the inaugural non-aligned conference held in Belgrade in 1961. This important news today. Take note of it. The issue that elicited widespread controversy was the assistance being rendered by Cuba to countries in Africa. Sone forces within the movement described such assistance as intervention and suggested that the venue of next year’s summit will– will be switched to uh– for– should uh, be switched from Havana. However, that was voted down.

By the way, we have interesting news that came also in from the government. We will not have to take any outside people into our schools. That was a breakthrough. No school in the in the history of Guyana has ever gotten through with that. We just need to have more time so we can integrate as we will. We have integrated Guyanese already, and we will look forward to it beautifully. But right now, we can’t take in loud– lodging more outside uh, community members until we got our people to freedom.

Particular attention was paid to the military assistance that Cuba is giving to Ethiopia, Angola and Mozambique. Apparently those– and now to Uganda. Who were opposed to the role Cuba is playing in those countries were completely oblivious or didn’t want to be made aware of the fact of the 1961 Belgrade Declaration which stated inter alia, whichever that means, i-n-t-e-r a-l-i-a, uh, that– that means uh, without exception, that support must be given to the people fighting for the right to self-determination and concerted effort to end all varieties of neo-colonialism and imperialist domination by capitalism. Well, that’s pretty clear. That was the mandate, so Cuba’s carrying on the mandate of the non-aligned conference. Paradoxically, however, said the Chronicle editorial of The Guyana Chronicle of our beloved Guy– Guyana and uh, PNC, our party, the Peoples National Congress under Dr. [Forbes] Burnham, all of the countries, paradoxically, that are opposed to Cuba’s assistance to Africa and which are claiming that Cuba is not worthy of its membership in the non-aligned movement are in some way or the other contra– contravening non-aligned policies. Take Somalia, for instance. During the OAU, the Organization of African Unity conference, Somali’s Siad Barre – B-a-r-r-e – told the gathering that serious collective measures should be considered to contain the Cuban threat to Africa. Siad Barre probably forgot the movement’s policy – uh, that’s his name, Siad, uh, S-a-i-d, uh, I’ll call him Siad [two syllables] so you won’t get it confused – Barre probably forgot the movement’s policy of peaceful co-existence, which has declared since 1961. Had he remembered, he would not have s– blatantly invaded Ethiopia, a sovereign socialist state and a member of the non-aligned movement. Imperialist opposition led by USA to help bring uh, uh– to help being rendered by Cuba is an understandable development. They– Obviously imperialism wants to stop this, especially if one should scrutinize the situation in Ethiopia. And The Guyana Chronicle does it bravely.

There is a narrow strait which connects the Gulf of Aden – A-d-e-n – with the Red Sea in the Horn of Africa. Ethiopia and others, you remember the Horn of Africa. Oil traffic from the Persian Gulf through the Suez Canal to Europe must pass through that strait. Strategists see control of these shipping lanes as a major goal of Western imperialism, led by USA. Cuba’s military assistance to Ethiopia, coupled with Ethiopia’s reve– revolutionary socialist policies pose a direct threat to any imperialist instigative attack taking over the Horn of Africa. Cuban troops will have to remain, because according to reports, hundreds and hundreds of US military advisers and thousands of civilians are at present in Saudi Arabia, a country that supported the rightwing Somalian invasion of Ethiopia. Saudi Arabia has already negotiated the sale of 60 F-15 jets from the USA. These jets are capable of flying without a stop for refueling up to 900 miles from their homes bases and back, thus able– enabling bombing and attempt to destroy Ethiopia. Military analysts see the sale of these jets as a result of a concerted plan to hold back the process of revolution in Africa and in Ethiopia particularly. This apart from policy interest in the Middle– Middle East. Imperialism is totally against socialism in Africa, said the editorial ofThe Guyana Chronicle. Socialism in Africa immediately bars further exploitive investments in that continent. It also transfers the means of production from the hands of the capitalist into the hands of the people. Opposition to the so-called Cuban threat is tantamount – that means equal to – opposition to the peoples of the respective states. The only Cuban threat is the threat to US imperialism and its lackeys. Third World countries should not allow narrow emotional attitudes to influence their position within the non-aligned movement. At this period of world history, in the article written in The Chronicle by Roy Alexander Cush, whoever he is, C-u-s-h, we should try to find out. At this period of world history, when revolutionary forces are coming together and creating a solid front against imperialism, it is necessary for the non-aligned movement to develop into a vanguard, a front line, of the world revolutionary forces. Sanctions should be leveled against all anti-progressive forces within the movement, because unless this is done, imperialism– uh, Western imperialism, that means US and its allies, as strong as it is, would succeed in destroying a movement that is very much needed in the struggle for Third World countries to achieve a just world economic order.

Guyana made an important breakthrough, by the way, by s– uh, si– signing a Amazoni– A– Amazonian treaty that involves Surinam, and uh, Brazil and Venezuela, all of her border states, uh, for economic development, mutual economic trade. At the same time, she’s cleverly protected herself from any intrusions from those who have made uh, claims on her territory, if you know what I mean. So this is a pretty wise country. Let us hope it keeps on its course. It’s certainly speaking in sharpest terms that are favorable to socialism that I just gave you.

That will end the uh– ending the news. There was another beautiful article on ju– how beautiful Soviet justice and the right of defense works, as well as they carried this lovely article on the uh, communes in China. Young Socialist Movement of Guyana sh– ha– is hailed for new discipline and new work demands. The editor of Young Socialist Movement organ calls for unity in struggle of all socialists in the world against US imperialism. [It] Talks about socialization, education in the uh, schools that will be implemented this year. More about the non-alignment brigade and how they res– must stand up to condemnation of NATO and its movement’s interventions in Africa, in the Zairian province of Shaba, where French and Belgian paratroopers backed by USA killed Africans, as in the days of [Rudyard] Kipling, intrigues against the two Yemens and the uh, [unintelligible name] add to the picture of increasingly aggressive imperialism in the developing world. That’s another article in The Guyana Chronicle. Today’s critics of Cuba have in one way or another joined in these ventures of the Western bloc led by USA, whose purpose is to extend the sphere of its influence. Understandably at the Belgrade Conference, they could not lay hand on any other method of self-rehabilitation than an attack on the true adherents of the policy of non-alignment in its genuine anti-imperialist sense. The pro-Western lobby inside the movement, as well as lobby sponsors in Washington and Bonn – they are really getting sharp – all of a sudden become greatly concerned for the ideological purity of the movement. This found expression in such actions as, for example, the demand that the sixth summit conference should be held, not in Havana but elsewhere. Bravely, the Third World non-aligned nations refused to be intimidated. The overwhelming majority of the Belgrade meeting saw in the attack on Cuba an attempt to disrupt traditional links between the non-aligned movement and the socialist world, but such cooperation, it was pointed out at the conference, has long proved beneficial to the sovereignty of the members. It has been socialism that has protected the sovereignty of Third World nations and non-aligned nations. And it’s also been socialist movements, says the Guyana article, that has aided in the social and economic progress of developing nations. We cannot allow worn Afghan minister – you w– know they recently had a revolution that went pro-Soviet – Afghan minister H. [Hafizullah] Amin at Belgrade non-alignment to be turned into a closed bloc opposed to the socialist countries, and will not.

So, Con– uh, and then Korea hails, uh, (stumbles over words) the North Korean government hailed the referendum as a move towards socialism, in that they– it carries a article of Kim Il-sungpraising it. It also carries a beautiful article on the bloody struggle for survival in the Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea, how USA had– and Ja– uh, Japan and all the imperialists had just simply tortured that nation nearly out of existence, but they have now built one of the most modern socialist states in the world.

Uh, I cannot uh, see uh, anything else of any interest. It’s very, very pro-socialist this time, this late– the last news we have, brought in yesterday, uh, bought from the paper. So I think that will end the news of the days. The commentary taken to interest, the Guyana history, the Mozambique history and the uh, Guinea history that is uh, important that I just gave you, and the history of Korea.

I think I would like to give you one last thing, and that would be about Guadaloupe. I’d like to find out where in the hell Guadaloupe is, uh, in term– I wonder if it got anything about that, it’s so small, uh, and try to find in the almanac. Be sure that you uh, spend your time studying tonight, that one tape that’s being given, it’s uh– you must pass it, you pass it, you will not have five extra days. Arrange for the extra class for those– (tape edit) If there’s an educational TV that’s decided, you may give them part credit for that. Tomorrow we may have a special television, or, if people studying properly, Friday, I may give a special uh, television study, because we learn through the visual and the spoken. I uh, don’t seem to be able to find Guadaloupe, but let’s look up and see if we can’t learn more about that brave little island that spoke out so strongly and has its major city, uh, uh, communist mayor, that is uh, a bit much, that– but encouraging, would you not say. I would say so. Anyway. (Pause) I know they must be some mention of it somewhere, and I’ll find it in time, I gather. I hope that we have ideas for progressive change in our community, how to make money, how to uh, save, I hope that people will try to listen, acquaint your ear to listen, it’s not easy for me to talk, you know, it’s not easier uh, for m– for me to talk these days. So I hope that you will be respectful to try to listen.

I would imagine I will find Guadaloupe, and I did. It’s only just a paragraph. Size is 687 square miles. My, my, what a brave people. Lord Jesus, that’s uh, about a hun– a hundred sixty times smaller than Guyana. Population, though, is half that of Guyana. Shows how much we should be thankful for having such rich, fertile land. They have 350,000. Two main islands and several small islands between the British Leewards and the Windwards in the eastern Caribbean. Guadaloupe became a French overseas department in 1946, theoretically equal in status to mainland French departments, once (tape fades for several seconds) states that Guadaloupe has come under criticism from islanders who maintain that they are still considered second-class citizens. Economic troubles and racial unrest have been dealt with only gingerly by France. When Algerian independence was achieved, many of the officers most involved in the North African repression were then transferred to the French West Indies, another cause for complaint. Now this is older. They must’ve gained their independence someplace along the line. I can’t imagine the French imperialist allowing a communist mayor to speak out as boldly as that one did in the Guadaloupe delegation to Cuba.

Thus ends the reading of the news. Let’s work while we uh, go to classes now, and uh, if you can sew, you can quilt, [unintelligible word] members need to take class, some of the better people in the world just need a little help with the extra classes. Name them off, and uh, remember movies will be shown according to your taste tonight. It’s a free night. But I would advise you to use it productively, as all of the socialists are being advised in Guyana. That’s what they’re advising. Prime Minister Burnham said we ought to work 16 hours a day gladly, to be sure that we keep our freedom from imperialism.

Thus ends the reading of the news and commentary, and I love you very, very deeply, dearly, I wouldn’t try to educate you with my painful chest and voice. Thank you so much. Much love.