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Jones: Good morning. (unintelligible word) news of the day. Be sure that you do your homework, studying the things that’ve been outlined. With great stress on my voice, in the end of last three gatherings. There are also important phases of the news, the trends that you should consider from yesterday.

However, if you get all the answers exactly right, on how to deal and treat guests when they visit us, you will have no difficulty, I’m sure. You’ll have to know something of the other questions. So just– just– just don’t study that alone. However, you’ll have great chance of success if you know that one part.

News of the day. Portugal’s president appoints prime minister Alfredo Millbrae de Costa. Portuguese president is a socialist government attempting to keep a coalition that it’d been rightly said a social kind of capitalistic welfare state or social democracy. Parliament can dismiss the prime minister any time before 1980, when new elections would come. It is thought this time that the socialists would lose in Portugal after the Marxist-Leninist elements of the army did such a great victory for the people when they overthrew the fascist dictatorship of [António de Oliveira] Salazar, who was an ally of [Francisco] Franco and [Adolf] Hitler. However, International Monetary Fund had much to toy with in that there had not been, like in Guyana, the nationalization, or socialization, of their major industries. The Communist Party, even though it’s considered a Euro-revisionist party, is openly hostile to the appointment, and it is thought that they will bring a great deal of strikes about because the Communist party heads the free trade unions in Portugal.

Airports and traffic controllers have caused all kinds of deadlocks again during the summer season that one rich billionaire said, trying to get back to Texas, this has been the worst hell of my life. Poor, poor rich people. They’ve had to sleep on benches and airlines and so forth.

Pan American strike was settled. Seven thousand five hundred back on job after there was a tentative agreement by Pan Am to provide their salary and safety demands. However, they entered their job without a hesitant suspicion.

[Jimmy] Carter receives setback in his resolution for reduction of taxes, and his appeal for energy control, which is destroying the ecology and using up all the resources of USA. The Congress amended so that the tax burden would be heavier on the poor and the lower middle class, and most of the tax relief would go to the rich. So Carter appears more progressive, or desiring to be more progressive, than the Congress these days. That’s a bad, bad sign.

Washington police walk out at midnight on strike. Memphis police, 1100, at– on strike also a few minutes ago. They did it out of celebration, the anniversary of their hero, Elvis Presley, who as you know has been revealed was involved in FBI finking. He was an informant for the FBI.

Women’s liberation movements of the United States have a little to say about the emancipation of minority women or minorities, but they made it great publicity headline, and all their attention seems to be demanding the release of Patricia Hearst.

Ethiopia. One million people are suffering from starvation and malnutrition, which ought to cause us such pain and guilt. It has been attributed, according to Radio Sweden, to the cloud-seeding, weather modification geophysical warfare that United States carries on, without regard to the w– the welfare of human beings. A plague of locusts, the drought, has caused severe water shortages, but Ethiopia continues to maintain its sovereign territory with the backing of Cuban and Soviets against the Eritrean secessionists and the Somalian reactionaries backed by US and her capitalist lackeys.

South Africa and Rhodesia. Internal settlement in Rhodesia was called illegal and unacceptable by the Foreign Minister [Lord David] Owen. However, officially, the British government and USA continue to go on, even though they say that they want free and fair elections, but no requirement was made for them to end the apartheid system, the separatist system, the horribly fascist, racist system in Rhodesia.

World Council of Churches going to make a year of getting money by various charitable methods to back the liberation, Patrioti– the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe. They too came out against the internal settlement as a sellout to racists that in many ways, said the World Council of Churches, are more severe in their hatred than Hitler was.

Mozambique border attacks again by US planes and South African planes that are US equipped, but the Mozambique Marxist state, not three years old, and already given full medical care, and nearly eliminated li– illiteracy that was almost total, has maintained calm and restraint. It is obvious that US and NATO want an excuse to go into that area. As Governor [George] Wallace said, who was heralded for two days on the Voice of America, [adopts fake Southern accent] it’s all right. People over there just don’t have the same needs that we do, so we’re not only gonna have to keep getting those diamonds, the chrome and the tin and all the other things, the uranium, the copper, the cobalt, but we’re gonna have to get it cheaper than we do because we can’t stand what’s gone take place in USA, the socialization, the radicalization, said the bigot, of the middle class. [resumes normal voice]

Two incidents in Namibia. Government of Union of South Africa have killed two guerilla leaders, after many hours of torture, according to BBC. Certain groups within the South African nation itself are finding it impossible not to speak out, even though many of them are being arrested and will be held indefinitely, as they can in USA also these days, hold you without trial, indefinitely, if you appear to be guilty of doing something against the capitalist state. South African police arrested twelve leaders and uh, owners in the mixed race nightclubs, so the– particularly yesterday, that the Voice of America said, that the dollar would speak more loudly, has come to an end, all in the mixed race nightclubs, the only place where there was any race-mixing at all, and that doesn’t exist in Rhodesia, but no mixed dancing, everyone there, white and black, or as they call it on now the Voice of America, coloreds, were arrested.

Friendly relations between Zaire and Angola, the subject of great concern to Washington. The reopening of the Benguela Railways give a confident future for Zaire, hit world market prices for her minerals that’d been robbed by her colonial masters. It’s one of the most dichotomous and exciting happening that a Marxist state such as Angola, could work out their differences with Zaire, a very rightwing capitalist state under the dictatorship of Mobutu [Sese Seko].

Dakar, Senegal. US confident Africa has resources to resist the domination of Soviet and Cuban influence. Since the secretary of US aid, the large industrial projects owned by the corporate elite, said this has helped his belief the results of Southwest Africa and the Sahara region of western Northwest Africa. I don’t know whether they’re whistling in the dark because of things– things don’t look that promising to a reader or a listener, that they’re going to be able to hold on and exploit the people, uh, they will not tolerate it.

United Nations agricultural organizations have sent food for three months for 150,000 people that’s in the capitalist portion of West Sahara, the only place that’s really dominated, besides Namibia and Southwest– uh, Union of South Africa and Rhodesia. This is UN agricultural organization, correct that, not US.

West German government, who pride themselves on being the inheritors of Hitler’s merciless Third Reich, said Chad, the reactionary government, won’t have to pay back the aid that the rightwing West German government is providing.

President Carter will send delegation to Pope’s [Pope Paul VI] funeral. [Sen. Edward M.] Kennedy will go, as well as others, but not with official sanction of the president, ‘cause he is considered to be – President Carter – most likely opposition on the Democratic candidacy for President in 1980. Senator Kennedy is going on his own, not representing the government.

[Reza Pahlavi]The Shah of Iran comes out strongly for favoring increase in the world oil prices because of the decline in the value of the dollar. It seems that the Arabs are falling right into the prophecy of the crash of 1979, written by the rich banker [Paul Erdman]. Iran had been able to be counted on by USA. Capitalist economist in the European Common na– Market nations meeting in Brussels, Belgium, said this well will have to cause European capitalists to be more independent and look to other alliances, thus fulfilling China’s doctrine of the Second World, where she tries to woo the capitalists of Europe who don’t get quite as much favored treatment as the good big fat capitalists of USA. As you know, China has negotiated several very effective treaties to her advantage. She’s quite industrial. Even in 30 years, she’s [unintelligible word, sounds like “gamuted”] a century to a thousand years, according to different people who estimate. But, in spite of her own mining and underground shelters, she wants to use Britain, and Britain’s building complexes for her, underground shelters and mining cities that will also make her able to jump in to the industrial age full flair within five years.

Bubonic plague. That’s the horrible disease that ravaged Europe and killed so many, many centuries ago. There’s never been known of an incident of it in USA, we’ve never had bubonic plague, even in this developing country. There’s an outbreak of bubonic plague in New Mexico, from a Bible school, the Holiness Bible School, it could be epidemic proportions, and the whole nation has been alerted. Bubonic plague is a great killer, a great killer. It comes about from lack of nutrition, sanitation, pollution. No other nation, right now, having any bubonic plague. The last to have had some was Tanzania, and it was thought to’ve been introduced by the CIA, according to Radio Moscow. It’s interesting that Radio Moscow makes note that the outbreak is in the same area where they’re doing germ warfare testing, and have tested, according to Soviet sources, bubonic plague. But again, the American people count for nothing. It has invaded the public sector, and it could reach epidemic proportions. There’s no way of knowing, said the broadcast, at this time. Bubonic plague, as I said, you ne– you should read something on it, it ravaged Europe in the most horrible way. You can’t– No one can know what it is, unless you’ve read history, to see how desperately people die and how quickly it spreads. BBC said it was inexcusable for a modern state, so advanced as USA, to have this kind of an outbreak.

We shall continue with the news. Sino-Japanese– China-Japanese Peace and Friendship Treaty has been completed, after the Chinese reluctantly agreed to having the resolution taken out that could in any way infer total friendship would be lacking towards the USSR, the anti-hegemony clause that China wanted. But all things came to a halt when Japanese said they would not in any way do anything that would cause the Soviets to feel they were her enemies. So, China will get several commercial benefits as she continues her policy of the Three Worlds, wooing the Second World into the Third World, is her poi– her point of view, you know.

[Valery] Giscard d’Estaing, prime minister of the French imperialist state, strangely enough, is vacationing in Benin, Africa, a Marxist-Leninist country, there where they so remark– remarkably, and miraculously drove out a thousand mercenaries, placed there by USA and her European allies. In spite of Rhodesia having 3300 US troops – the Vietnam War again has already begun at– on African soil – the Patriotic Front under Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe continue to make inroads in the suburban areas of Salisbury, the last place that is really the holdout for the white racist regime, which couldn’t last two more seconds without all of the US military equipment and aid.

India opposition parliament inquires into [Morarji] Desai, prime minister. Charges of nepotism, several counts of fraud, misuse of father’s influence, the inquiry will be carried on, said the government, of Desai – he was the prime minister – to clear the air. He’s been doing everything in his power to discredit Indira Gandhi, the great woman who was pro-Soviet, and very much for peace, co-existence– peaceful co-existence. Though she has all kinds of frame-ups in her family too against them, she continues to gain popularity, and has gotten this kind of a demand, that the government is forced to do an inquiry of its own prime minister.

US State Department study of Strategic Arms Limitation Talks clarify the basic American goals. Said USA, public is expecting too much to come out. In replacing of the interim Soviet-American agreements will at best reduce the spread of nuclear weapons and stop the mass– massive over-production of them. It is not within the vision of uh, Voice of America that the USSR and USA, who are opposed diametrically, will ever at this time even approach disarmament, so the threat of nuclear war continues. The US is demanding that strategic forces must be built up as strong as the USSR.

Young men are not too happy about uh, being drafted. The draft is again being recommended for all people 17 years of age and over. So our youth here should be very, very satisfied that they’re not in USA, because they’re getting ready for military conscription and the elimination of voluntary services. So tell the children, there’s a point of gratitude, to be very grateful. That means white, black, Indian, all. All youth over 17 will have to give a stint of at least a year of military service. It looks like it is very prospect of passing. The first was so harsh, it was the only reason they didn’t pass last week, but they expect it in September or October session, it will go through, according to Voice of America.

A SALT cannot reduce defense spending in these times, cannot usher in a new era of US-Soviet relations, because capitalism, Voice of America said in so many words, is counting too much on the production of arms to maintain profits for the rich and to keep the jobless from getting into revolutionary groups or into antisocial behavior from being on the streets without work.

This seems to be the main thrust of the news. Great concern by Washington over 26 billion dollar– no, 26 billion bottles that are littered over the nation’s highways and parks. Smoking dump– dumps now encircle and surround every ra– uh, they ring– uh, rim every city, rim every city in USA, and the air is more carcinogenic in every major city in USA than those that smoke three packs of cigarettes. It’s costing USA, this plundering, littering, lack of respect for their own country, four billion dollars annually, minimum, because of waste and carelessness.

Congress rejected the part of that– of the taxation pro– program of Carter that was going to help out the low and middle income groups. It favored only the tax measures that will relieve the rich elite rulers of monopoly capitalism in USA. We have a very, very rightwing Senate and House of Representatives.

The AFL-CIO leader George Meany caused Carter to be livid with anger. BBC said it’s the worst outrage of– of anger that’s ever been noted on the– by anyone who is close to President Carter. So confirmed his secretary Jody Powell and all who witnessed it. Meany had uh, said the president’s price wage controls were discriminatory because the wages were very, very tight – wage increases – but there was not tightness against all the loopholes that the capitalists can get through by increasing the prices of their goods and services. So on that end Carter represented reactionary interests. It seems that capitalist politics is nothing but the art of compromising the people all the time. They’re the ones that’re sold out. He has to do a few little things to look progressive, so that the people will not consider him representing the total rich capitalist sector, then he goes and does something reactionary like this, that even George Meany, who was a CIA agent, has always undermined socialism, has to speak out because he’d lose his job, or they’d begin– and they were beginning to wonder what Meany was doing, supporting present practices in US economy.

Voice of America rings with the news that the only thing the Soviet Union understands is force. This is an absolute repeat of the Cold War era that was so dangerous and almost brought nuclear war and concentration camps under the late Joseph McCarthy, Senator McCarthy.

Bolivia and Peru have been– Pe– Peruvian people are called by US psychiatrist who studied them, he categorized them as being a melacholic– melanchonic– uh, melancholic and uh, reserved type of people that will never be aggressive or assertive. Assertive is a better word. It sounded like an apology, an excuse that US corporate’s uh, elite can do and rationalize in denying certain privileges to the Bolivians and the Peruvians. It’ll be a little bit more difficult because Peru has had a coalition of left, Trotskyites, Mao– Maoists and pro-Muscovites in establishing a government. Military thus far has not cracked down on it. Unfortunately, Peru still has many more multinationals, whereas Guyana has so wisely under our Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham eliminated that as a threat.

Ten provinces of Canada, according to Radio Canada, refuse [Pierre] Trudeau’s efforts to establish constitutional reforms that would’ve given him the central [could be “essential”] government power in Ottawa comparable to the dictatorial power that [Anwar] Sadat has taken.

Kampuchea, or Cadia– Cambodia, the communist revolution that’s so highly racist and nationalist there, even if it does provide for its people where they were starving ‘cause of US bombings in Vietnam War, they have stated they want good relations with its neighboring Vietnam. They praised Thailand for its cooperation in the area. It was the least bellicose and the most peaceful sound that has come out of Kampuchea since its existence.

Many Israeli students and teachers have been arrested and accused of conspiracy to murder Arabs and overthrow the present government, which is reactionary enough. They want to set up a religiously-rigid strict Zionist state, and all people who do not follow the religion would not be allowed membership– or citizenship. You’d think in our times that s– people would have a little more sense, but that’s the way it is.

Call to stop investments in Rhodesia, South Africa. Geneva. The United Nations Economic and Social Council wound up its annual summer session, which created– centered on efforts to give the world’s developing nations a better economic deal. The 54-member council, elected by the General Assembly, (unintelligible word) the work of the UN specialized agencies ended in one-month session, with a resolution attacking the activities of USA multinational corporations in Southwest Africa, Union of South Africa, the racist state, and Rhodesia. Council president Donald Mills of Jamaica– As you know, Jamaica has been fighting IMF influence again, ‘cause they don’t have the position of independence that Guyana has, there’re too many multinationals that own the vast majority of all their land and their industries, whereas Guyana, no major industry is in any other’s hand, they kept the people of Guyana through the government. But anyway, this president Donald Mills, who is the council president, of Jamaica, criticized, in spite of the IMF intimidation, the very slow pace of moves towards a new international economic socialist order. Comrade Mills spoke on the Guyana Broadcasting Studios of a lack of positive response to any of the fundamental proposals put forward by developing countries in the matter of the establishment of a new international socialist economic order after four years of dialogue. He said we have given them time enough. The resolution attacked the continuing collaboration by US transnational and other US multina– lateral corporations with the racist minority regimes that are fascist in South Africa and Rhodesia. It called– the UN agency under the presidency of Donald Mills of socialist Jamaica called on all multinational corporations do– dominating the scene, primarily from Washington and some from her lackeys in Europe, to stop all investments in Rhodesia and South Africa, and to stop supplying them with petroleum and admit that they’ve been lying all the time, that economic aid and military aid has gone on– they’re just now opening up on the surface and doing it in the Congress, but without congressional approval, it’s gone on all lo– all along, said the head of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, Dr. President Donald Mills of socialist Jamaica.

Continuing with some more of the news. More Cuban doctors are coming for a one-year stint. We must all send them letters, be sure of congratulation and appreciation for their coming. (Pause)

Idi Amin the brunt of a CIA attack on his life this morning. Uganda President Idi Amin escaped unhurt. He must have– He must be the proverbial cat with 19 lives, he’s been through so many assassination attempts. He escaped unhurt yesterday when his car suddenly developed technical failure and caused an accident, while being driven by his junior wife, Sarah. Sarah was President Amin’s co-driver to the rally, staged to mark the sixth anniversary of President Amin’s expulsion of European capitalists and Asians from Uganda in 1972. Speaking live over Uganda radio monitored in Nairobi, President Amin said the technical accident planned by the international capitalist conspiracy because of my stand for Cuba happened to his Peugeot 604 car near Mutukula on the Ugandan-Tanzanian border, west of Lake Victoria, in that beautiful land of rich Uganda. President Amin appeared at the finishing point of– of although through this tragic accident that just destroyed the vehicle, he and his wife came out relatively unscathed. I mean without any m– damage that required hos– hospitalization. Perhaps some la– lacerations, I do not know.

Jeremy Thorpe, Prime Minister candidate for the Liberal Party, a capitalist party in England, stood in the English court this morning, accused of plotting to murder an ex-male model who claims to have had a homosexual relationship with him. He was attempting to have him murdered so it would not mar his political career and to get certain damaging tapes and pictures that this gentleman ha– had held. The charge marked the eruption of major political scandal, which has been simmering for two years. Nobody’s politician in modern times has faced so serious a charge, and it could have a dramatic effect on the general elections expected in October. Parliamentarian Thorpe, in the highest office of the land next to the prime minister, who had Britain’s– who had– had Britain’s third largest political party from 1967 to the present date, was charged with three others with conspiring to murder one 37-year-old Norman Scott. The four men made a 21-minute court appeal at Minehead, West England, and were each remanded or uh, l– let out on 5000 Sterling or 10,000 dollars Guyanese bail. Only capitalists could get that done, get out and walk the streets for 10,000 dollars Guyanese bail. Mr. Thorpe, the popular national figure for well over a decade – ten years, that is – has always strenuously denied Mr. Scott’s charges that they had had a homosexual affair in the early 1960s. An ai– ex-airline pilot [Andrew Newton] has claimed in newspaper articles that he was hired by prominent Liberal supporter, capitalist, to kill Mr. Scott to save the party disastrous publicity. See, the Conservative Party is also conservative, rightwing, but capitalists will cut down capitalists, so they can keep in the glory. Margaret Thatcheris a reactionary too, who the polls show leading, and she’s promised to put out all people of color, and even to force the present Labor government not to accept any other people of color as citizens or immigrants. If her plan is carried out, it will mean, literally, tens of thousands of families will be divided forever. Anyway, the Liberal supporter was charged with killing Mr. Scott to save the party disastrous publicity. The scandal has been building up for months as detectives question numerous well-known politicians and stretch their investigations as far as California in the USA. The others charged with Mr. Thorpe were David Holmes, 47, Deputy Treasurer, the Liberal Party, John Le Mesurier – M-e-s-u-r-i-e-r – a 44-year old capitalist, and George Deakin, D-e-a-k-i-n, 35. The four were put out on bail and must appear in court again on September 12. The charges carry a maximum sentence on conviction of life imprisonment. Looking pale and drawn, but it’s not (stumbles over words) likely under the present charge that he’ll get than 10 years, if he gets that. Looking pale and drawn, the blue-suited congressman, parliamentarian, head of the Liberal Party, Mr. Thorpe, was the last of the four accused to climb into the dock of Minehead Magistrate Court. Last night he was scheduled to meet his constituents in North Devon to talk about the latest chapter in a once-brilliant career that has been dogged by personal tragedy.

Apparently [Fred] Wills, Foreign Minister of Justice and Foreign– Former Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs who been very friendly to us, according to GBS, is wanting to return to Guyana after he had a stint of paranoia in which he thought and gave copy to the news, the capitalist news taking advantage that he was in danger from Guyana government officials while he was getting treatment from a very serious illness in a London hospital. But apparently he is back to his own self, and he– he was formerly, you know, Guyana’s High Commissioner to Zambia and the Foreign Minister of Guyana.

Comrade Min– Minister Min– [Vibert] Mingo, Minister of Home Affairs, has demanded discipline from the students. He said our GNS [Guyana National Service] programs now and GDF programs are bringing about cooperation rather than competition, after living together for only a period of six weeks. Comrade Mingo, who’s been our friend, talks to us every week, our liaison with the government, Minister of Immigration and Home Affairs, on [in] charge of all the police, was a– giving out the graduate certificates. He was accompanied by another man, very friendly to us, who dropped all of the cost on GDF emergency flights this fear– this year. He was accompanied by Chief of Staff of the Guyana entire de– defense force, Brigadier Clarence Price, who’s dined with our people in our Georgetown residence headquarters. Very good man. It appears to be no question of that.

This is the primary news, as I said. We cannot see anything else of a major nature. I thought it might be interested [interesting] being that bubonic plague is the subject of the day that we would be– we’d look into that, but I’m not, while giving the news, and looking able to locate just exactly what I want.

But this is horrendous, horrifying, that the bubonic plague – they call it the Black Death in Europe that wiped out better th– better than half of Europe – it’s amazing that in USA, there’s so little care for its citizenry that it could get loose from experimental places and be allowed to grow and spread because of the lack of hygiene and malnutrition that exist in USA that is supposed to be, as you know, so– so far advanced. But obviously not far enough advanced or this would never have happened. It’s a dreadful, dreadful experience. These children, if they survive, will likely be paralyzed for life. That’s how dreadful bubonic plague is. Or they’ll have brain damage. It is frightening, but in a modern state that’s so developed, it’s had 200 years of exploiting the people successfully, no interference. Two hundred years of it, that they could not uh, offer better health care, uh, better health protection to its people. The only place right now on earth where bubonic plague is uh, being witnessed.

You need to know a little bit about the bubonic plague, I suspect. As I said, the Black Death, the scourge of the fourteenth century, the Black Death, the bubonic plague took a far greater toll of human lives than the plague of Peric– Pericles, P-e-r-i-c-l-e-s, of Marcus Arelius, and the massacres of the Hooligo and Tamberlane. From central Asia, the mysterious malady spread around the globe to eliminate half of all of mankind in the fourteenth century. When did it begin? 1347. Lasted through 1351. Four years, and it eliminated half of the population of the world in those four years’ time. Where? Asia, Europe, Africa, Egypt, Iceland and Greenland. The loss was at that time, 75 million people died of it in those four year time. The whole world was only 150 million at that time. The disaster earlier reports– but actually 140 million, so it– more than half the people died of the world, due to this horrible bubonic plague. B-u-e– b-u-b-o-n-i-c, called Black Death, always anything that’s evil’s called black, you know. We should call it the White Death. That’s where it’s breaking out, in New Mexico.

The disaster earlier reports of the so-called Black Death say it entered Genoa from the Crimea on a Genoese ship, and it began in China, following a tremendous storm that caused unusual atmospheric changes. History records its origin as Central Asia. From there it spread through the civilized world. Since then, medical knowledge has lifted the veil of mystery to uncover the culprit. Bubonic plague, or Black Death as it is called, is endemic to rodents and transmitted by humans by the common flea. In humans, the disease invades the blood. And by the way, the cities of US have more rodents than Hong Kong, the major cities. That was another report of BBC. And there’s a lot of fleas, as we remember in San Francisco. In humans, the disease invades the blood, the glands under the arms, and in the groin – your pubic area – and causes dark splotches to appear on the skin. Lack of sanitation and sound medical knowledge in the fourteenth century accounts for repeated epidemics of bubonic plague, cholera and other diseases. John Richard Green, 1837 through 1883, an English historian, had this to say: “Its ravages were fiercest in the greater towns, where filthy and undrained streets afforded a constant haunt to leprosy and fever.” (tape break-up for few words) In five centuries, USA hasn’t cleaned up its cities or learned anything about protecting the health of its people, with all of its modern science.

The island of Cyprus was first to fall, to succumb to the Black Death, in the latter part of 1347. England was hit is early 1348. Two-thirds of the students at Oxford died. That’s the major university of the world. One-quarter to one-half of the population of England perished. In Bristol, victims died faster than the living could bury them. In the Latin Chronicle, Carmelite friar Jean de Venette wrote of the Black Death in France, the morality was so great at the Hotel-Dieu – D-i-e-u – in Paris that for a long time, more than 500 dead were carried daily on wagons to be buried at the cemetery in mass graves of St. Innocent of Paris. Half the population of Italy died. There were but few funeral services, and even fewer single graves. That’s when religious doubts begin to prevail, too. They doubted their merciful God. Most of the dead were buried without ceremony in deep trenches, a layer of corpses, a light covering of earth, then another layer of corpses. When one trench was filled, another was dug.

The plague stuck– struck in a (Pause) in uh– two forms. Pulmonary victims exhibited high fever and spitting of blood, which resulted in death within three days. Bubonic victims with the high temperatures, abscesses and carbuncles, died in five days. In hisDecameron, [Giovanni] Boccaccio– B-o-c-c-a-c-c-i-o – wrote, this tribulation struck such terror to the hearts of all that brother forsook brother, uncle, nephew oftentimes, wife, husband, nay, what is yet more extraordinary and well nigh incredible, some fathers and mothers refused to visit or tend their very children, as though they had not been theirs at all. It made the human race into animals, he said. When the Black Death – or White Death – abated in 1351, at least– ov– over one-half of the million, uh, uh, millions, 140 millions of the earth, 75 million, had perished. Certainly the largest death count of any catastrophe in history.

Aftermath. Outbreaks of bubonic plague, or what we would say, White Death, continued long after 1351. Though it is believed that the domestic cat played a major role in lessening occurrences by ridding towns and villages of rodents– That’s what we want here, is lots of cats, they are most effective. We’ve got to get that done, folks, ‘cause you never know what in the hell with USA, you never know. The disease still exists but is known by other names, such as the Avant or Oriental Plague, and it is no stranger to Asia Minor, though it hasn’t been manifest for several years. Or Turkey and Egypt, its last remaining places. Tomorrow, twentieth-century lifestyles take for granted the sanitary disposal of trash, garbage and human waste, but should these systems cease to function for any reason – and they have done, right now in the garbage strike in one major city – what happened in 1347 could happen all over again. There is no protection– adequate protection against the disease.

Well, I thought this would be of interest to us, hearing that we have this bubonic epidemic, White Death, in New Mexico, coming out of a Bible school, near the testing ground where US government has tested various bacteriological and chemical warfare materials in their horror of geophysical war that no other nation thinks about.

Thus ends the giving of the news and commentary, and hope that you will do all you can to produce, knowing what our people face there. Let’s give them a chance at freedom. That’s the least we can do, is give them that opportunity to be free, because they have been certainly a loyal people to endure their hardships and heavy pressures, so I’m urging you to think of ways of making money. I still have so few that bring them in, do things like we’ve had done with the brooms, Ken [Ken Norton, aka Richard Grubbs] and others have made lovely little things that can be sold, the quilts, and ideas that (unintelligible word)– the pictures, but there’re more ideas still that could be at work. No one’s happy in USA. I was remembering when I was younger how Marceline’s folks [Walter and Charlotte Baldwin], who were very, very well-to-do, in terms of success, popularity, he was the president of the city council, mayor of Richmond, but then, their home was always upset. Tension, disturbance. He’s had cancer a couple of times, strokes, she had them, stroke, their daughter had– one of the daughters had uh, rheumatic heart disease, and then she got pregnant, and their image of themselves, so controlled as it is by those who live in USA, required her to give the baby up, and I remember every so-called successful family I even knew, being empty, never having any joy, we’re beginning to feel the joy in the intense way of seeing our youth saved from the savagery of this conspiracy, that even tries to manipulate DA’s offices to get a charge against [Jim] McElvane and others of our black people against a– a lunatic, John Head, who tried suicide uh, in hospitals, over and over again, never was a member of our church, wouldn’t associate with us, because he was afraid of socialism, he’d been brainwashed. And it was a matter of record, when he called his folks and they wouldn’t have anything to do with him, they were Mormons, because he’d been mingling with blacks, not only in our church but elsewhere, he took his life in a Salvation Army building. But we knew nothing about it till after the fact. But this conspiracy is evil. That’s why you should note also the Huey Newton affair and see just how insidious your enemy is. There would be no safety as well, no life, if you were in USA. No future. No future. And to sell out doesn’t do any good, because we saw in our movies this last night, they always get the fake in the end. In The Valachi Papers, they didn’t protect the man that helped them break the gangsters of that– into the gangster racket of that time. In fact, they set him up to go into dope business. Forced his hand to have to go into transporting dope. ‘Cause even the Valachi Hollywood movie said– uh, Valachi Papers, that US federal government, FBI, was far more evil than the Mafia.

Much love to you. Much production. We’re changing our schedule, one half hour’s off for lunches, so we’ll be off each day one half hour earlier. This has been suggested to be a trial basis. I may have to ask that we forego treats and just take extra things for this weekend, because we’re getting into thousands of dollars of cost in treats until we can reappraise the merit system, because people are saying they’re getting rewards, but they don’t tally, and we’re using vital, vital cans of milk that we need to hold back in supply, uh, to cake– case after case, just to make one batch. So we’re going to have to hold back until we can find a merit system that is foolproof. Also, the bakery can’t even handle the tremendous demand, and people are being impossible and difficult. We won’t discontinue treats, but we’re going to have to discuss it at Peoples Rally.

Remember, your interest in student activity, studying what you’re supposed to know will determine whether you have the written test tonight or tomorrow night at Peoples Rally. Unless told otherwise, you will all meet in your individual socialist classes. But that does not mean that you won’t have a test. By no means. It’s easier controlled when the classes are individual in many respects.

Much love. Take care.


Part II

I’ve been up all night, and I’m still going on, carrying on, with a fever, and uh, I’ve had uh, clots in my arms, cause it to be swollen up, but I’m happy to report that’s greatly changed in just a matter of a couple of hours of thinking about your needs. And even as sleepy as I am, I continue to function, and I know that you’ll do your best, having had your rest. Much love. (tape edit, recorded several seconds at low level) Because otherwise, you’ll have the blood of somebody on your hands. Maybe one of your loved ones, and I know none of us want to feel that. This is the only land of promise left on earth, a real Shangri-La. Thank you.


Part III

(tape edit, recorded several seconds at low level) –take funds away from his mother-in-law, so Medicaid could pay her (unintelligible word) bills. Through it all, the senator’s aide maintain that voters should’ve not been snowed by his personal problems. (unintelligible phrase) institution, said they, we’re not burying institutions, surely with a bucket of blood. Little do they know about the US climate of hate, he’s being attacked in every magazine and newspaper. When one high-ranking Democrat conger– con– congressional leader claimed that [Edward] Brooke was now a gone pigeon. And in Massachusetts, his troubles could draw new challengers to both the Democratic and Republican primaries.

Bitter? His problems began just over a year ago, when Brooke, hoping to avoid the political embarrassment of a nasty divorce trial, agreed to an out-of-court settlement with his wife [Remigia Ferrari-Scacco] that granted her most of the couple’s assets, including homes in Newton, Massachusetts and St. Martin.

As part of that proceeding, Brooke told his wife’s lawyers that he owed 29,000 dollars to a Raymond Tye, a Boston businessman. However, after obtaining some of the financial statements that investigators turned up with, Brooke submitted to the Senate, The Boston Globe questioned him about the loan. Naturally. All the papers are all over after somebody that’s black, and he looks very white, but the only black Senator. He eventually admitted that he called his misstate– what he called a misstatement, and said he actually owed two thousand dollars less, and the remainder to the estate of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Theresa Ferrari-Sca–Scacco.

Last week, after Brooke gave an hour-long interview to radio station WBEZ, even his daughter, Remy, called the station and said she had been the one who gave The Globe her father’s financial statements. See the loyalty of people? There is no loyalty or sensitivity in capitalism. His own daughter played along with the forces of racism to destroy him, because it’s a minor thing in capitalist nation like the USA where people are taking money, bribes from the KCIA [Korean CIA], from the fascist South Korea, from the Union of South Africa. Many of the (unintelligible word) who accused are just statements in divorce or domestic divorce action, but she helped– she helped crucify him. She also accused Brooke of cutting off her mother’s 18,000 dollar-a-year alimony payments. Yeah, she probably couldn’t live a (unintelligible word) bourgeoise life and get her drugs and so forth. A charge Senator Brooke denies. I wish it hadn’t happened, she said. I love my dad. I feel but– bitter that I’ve had to peddle anything for my mother to get a fair trial. And I’m sure she feels very sad about (unintelligible phrase). Malicious.

Brooke had first said he made up the story about Raymond Tye because he had promised his mother [Helen Seldon Brooke] to keep family finances out of the divorce proceedings, but in a vague statement last week, he said he had hushed up the loan because I had been receiving all sorts of threats and exposure and the destroy– that would destroy my political life, and I was threatened on every hand. Scandalous, scurrilous and malicious statements made about me and my family. Racism erupted at me.

Brooke then admitted that the amount of his debt, whether to Tye or to his mother-in-law estate, was exaggerated by up to 20,000 dollars, effectively reducing his assets for the divorce settlement. Brooke called it an honest error in bookkeeping, and cited his bookkeeping firm, but Brooke’s wife’s lawyer, George Forbes, said the taint of misrepresentation, non-disclosure and lies stretches credibility beyond a reasonable point. What people will do. They’ll tear up black solidarity for their own personal lust for money. His own wife.

Brooke himself admits that he had handled his mother-in-law’s mother– money rather informally. She received 100,000 dollars in 1972 as a settlement from an auto accident that left her quadriplegic, paralyzing all of her limbs and arms. Partly because she and Brooke were close, there was never an unkind word between them. I still get filled up when I talk about it, Brooke testified last week. She asked him to manage the money. He merged it with his personal account, the First National Bank of Hou– Boston, so the allegations go, and it appears he may have used it for a personal expenses as well. All these little innuendoes to tear a man apart. And how do you know any of it’s true? Likely not.

A 1977 dis– deposition, Brooke said the bulk of the 36,000 dollar down payment on his Watergate – it underlines, Watergate condominium, as if there was some crime about living in Watergate apartments – came from his mother-in-law’s money, which she had said was to be spent among her three children and him at her death. Massachusetts Welfare Department now wants to investigate and know why, given Mrs. Scacco’s insurance money, Medicaid paid her claim [of] thousands of dollars, which is also denied by Senator Brooke, for her nursing home care until she died last summer. Brooke has testified he did not know she was receiving any welfare and denies it– (Pause) denies that she did receive any more, at best eight hundred dollars, and said his wife signed the papers arranging for the payments.

Brooke has other questions to answer from the Senate Ethics Committee, chief among them whether he broke Senate rules by not reporting loans in excess of 2500 [dollars]. All this is bound to destroy Brooke’s image, said Newsweek. Just before his troubles broke, First Monday, the magazine published by the Republican’s National Committee, printed a cover story billing him as a man of independence. But now he’s portrayed as a moan of corruptibility. Jump in. Brooke may have to sit through a new divorce trial this summer that will bare the details of his family life. Democrats are competing for his seat. And the Senator’s troubles will encourage Paul (unintelligible name), it looks, uh– it ap– as it appears a popular–

(Tape edit) –of experimentation. No parent has been consulted, and the experiments fif– fifty to seventy-five thousand that are involved. And there is a bill that has passed the Senate that only needs now the passage of the House of Representatives that will make it official federal law, retarded, feeble-minded institutions, to be used as human guinea pigs–

(Tape edit) charged earlier in the day. Sixty thousand force strong of the Communist Vietnamese government invade Kampuchea. (Pause) Backed by aircraft and artillery, 60,000 shock troops struck (unintelligible name) south east of Phnom Penh. Kampucheans have given no evidence of battle fatalities, but the Vietnamese have reported 800 have been killed. No Vietnamese loss of life. USA CIA and Thai intelligence says the purpose of the Vietnamese attack was to get back at the aggressive acts of the Cambodians or the Kampucheans, who have been attacking Vietnam repeac– repeatedly. They have wiped out two bases, conquered one city, and it appears from the world ness that they will wipe out all of Kampuchea’s military bases.

Vietname– Vietnamese government officials charge mainland China with not really being interested in picking up the ethnic Chinese, but just provoking an excuse to invade the sovereign territory of communist-reunified Vietnam. The Vietnamese still hold two major Chinese cruisers outside of Haiphong harbor and off of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, refusing to allow them to enter port and accusing the Chinese of aggressive military act– actions, trying to provoke war with the Vietnamese.

A North Korean – Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea – patrol boat has been sunk by the fascist puppet regime of US imperialism South Korea. Two more North Korean patrol boats ventured into South Korean waters, trying to pursue the destroyer that had destroyed the Democratic Peoples Republic Communist North Korea patrol boat, but the patrol boats were beaten back by a force of US naval and South Korean dictatorship naval support.

A group of seven Soviet citizens have occupied the US Embassy. Strict sect of the most rigid type of Pentecostals who believe that they are the only ones destined to be saved are occupying a section of the US Embassy, demanding asylum in the USA. The Soviet Union said that they are welcome to [unintelligible word, could be “discuss”] fanatical religious dissident elements, and they said it was the USA’s problem to get them out of their embassy. They are gen– genuinely fanatical.

The historical change that represents the Cold War renewed in its worst. Slander charges have been placed against two prominent USA journalists for slandering the Soviet court system and charging that a person had been coerced as a witness to give a confession on Soviet network TV.

Allegedly a low-level Soviet diplomat and his wife have been given asylum in Britain. Rumor has it, even by BBC, they were paid off to defect to give information to NATO, although the Soviet Union says their information will in no way affect the Warsaw Pact security.

The energy bill has suffered a setback. As you know, President Carter is requiring a ban on oil imports, restriction of two gallons of gasoline per driver, but a massive reaction in US public life has caused the Senate to oppose Carter’s major bill. Carter says this is a dangerous blow to the economic stability of US capitalism.

The CoMEcon [Council for Mutual Economic Assistance] nine nations of the Communist Warsaw Pact have agreed to the si– singular Soviet economic idea, as opposed moderately by Romania, but Romania went ahead.

General [John K.] Singlaub was ousted last year from his job – S-i-n-g-l-a-u-b – as Chief of Staff in South Korea’s dictatorship, because he said that President Carter, his planned withdrawal of US imperialist troops from South Korea might precipitate another North Korean evas– invasion. Even the State Department subsequently corroborated this likelihood, screams the US press, calling for more Cold War military stances. Reporting that the Communist Pyongyang – P-y-o-n-g-y-a-n-g – the capital of the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Korea, continues to threaten the stability of the region, The New York Times says the threat it poses to the ROK – which is the fascist Republic of Korea – is of a serious emergency. In fact, the proposed withdrawal from the dictatorship of South Korea, the puppet of US imperialism, has since been delayed because it has become clear to everyone, said The New York Times, that General Singlaub was right.

Now John Singlaub is again a Carter ta– target. This time being forced to retire, says The New York Post, because in response to a question from the ROTC students at an off-the-record session near Atlanta, Georgia, General Singlaub expressed his view that the Carter delay of the enhanced speeded-up radiation weapon called the neutron bomb is like throwing your trump cards away in a game of bridge. I think it’s ridiculous, said General John K. Singlaub. So do our European allies, the puppets of NATO, as you know. And most of America’s defense experts. But for answering the question truthfully, charges The New York Times, The Washington Post, in criticisms of President Carter for being too liberal – can you imagine, with his rightwing stance of late over Africa – so charges the US media, representatives of the ruling class, General Singlaub’s 35-year career as a deco– much-decorated soldier in World War II, the French Resistance, the Chinese Civil War, Korea and Vietnam, has been terminated under a cloud. (Pause)

Dr. Lagolev [phonetic] has been asked, have you any suggestions as to how the communist policy of expansionism of promoting dictorship– dictatorships can be blocked in The New York Times. It says the editorial, the screaming Cold War technique, yes it is urgent, the people of the West – that means capitalist imperialism – unite to create an informed public opinion that can make their governments respond to this challenge of communism. It is not too late. We have great opportunities, but we must start immediately, said The New York Times, to crush communism.


(tape edit)

Woman: (unintelligible)

Jones: How long have I been taped?

Woman: Ninety percent of the time.

(tape edit)

Jones: Is it Soviet policy of encouraging US groups and journalists to make attacks on American policies first before the Soviet news media picked them up in order to increase the credibility of the attack? Said The Washington Post editorial, yes, we think this is being done very often. For instance, some US newspapers attacked practically every major weapon of US defense, sometimes even before the Soviet Union has time to attack such weapons. Just enumerate the new major weapons of defense under consideration, said The Post, willing slave of the ruling elite. The Trident, the MX program, the B-1 bomber, the neutron bomb, every one of these weapons is being actively attacked by certain American journalist comsymps – that word used in the old neo-McCarthy Era, the old McCarthy era – yes, these Communist sympathizers systematically attack and successfully attack these weapons of US defense. We would say US imperialism. The production of some of these weapons has already been stopped, and other programs have been delayed. At the same time, Russia continues to produce the same or more powerful weapons at a growing rate. Cold War hysteria. (Pause)

Another article in a leading rightwing paper, The Indianapolis Star, there is of course a Soviet scenario in Africa that’s taken over. Can you imagine. When the Soviets don’t have a piece of property in Africa, nor a dime invested. And on goes The Star’s editorial, the Soviet sce– scenario that is explained quite openly in Pravda and other Russian publications. They speak of their agents coming to power in all these countries. Rhodesia, Namibia, and South Africa. They speak openly about their armies of invasion. These are gross lies. However, said The Indianapolis Star, we think democratic elements are growing stronger and stronger. For in– instance, important black leaders in Rhodesia decided to organize the multi-racial government. These were all Uncle Tom minister sell-outs. One can hope that the pro-Communist terrorist will have trouble in these countries because they will encounter strong resistance from the majority of the population– population that hates communism.

Britain is being chided by the press, public reaction to the government, for not backing the CIA base of Eagle School mission, where 14 white Pentecostal missionaries were killed after Rhodesia had invaded Mozambique, and it was called by the British press a Mozambique retaliation. However, other news has it that the Rhodesian white fascist regime of Ian Smith actually brought about the murder to whip up a frenzy of race hate against the Patriotic Front fighting for the liberation of Zimbabwe or Rhodesia under Joshua Nkomo, nationalist, allied with Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist.

Does a small and illegal South African Communist Party play much of a role in the development of communist propaganda, the Atlanta, Georgia principal newspaper says. Yes, it plays an important role. We met personally with its secretary, said Atlanta editorials, who worked in London and conveyed the instructions of a central committee of the Communist Party of South Africa, to their agents, as well as Negro and white. The Commies are racial– use racial hatred very widely in South Africa. They deceive, said The Atlanta Journal, the black population so that some of its members think they are struggling for the interest of black people, but in reality, said the capitalist press, USA, many of them are supporting the interest of the white leadership of the Soviet Communist Party. Racism in reverse to suit the good interest – yes, the good interest – of capitalism. They will use anything. (Pause)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Russian leaders are trying to use the members of the Communist Party in United States and the other democratic countries as their agents. The leadership of the Communist Party of the United States is subversive and is directly subordinated to the international department of the central committee of the Communist Party of Russia. However, sometimes they have some difficulties, and sometimes the Russian leadership works through the socialist parties and liberals, not through the Communist parties in certain countries to subvert capitalism. You can tell the rightwing and racist and fascist tone.

Thus ends end the brief news, commentary of this morning, Wednesday. Let us produce mightily and vigorously. Our bus leaves soon with the first third of our people that are coming over that remain. The buses leave with the first third of the people very shortly. We must work hard, we must think of ways of saving and making money. Let’s not have to have Comrade Coordinator Lee Ingram scream at you again, as was necessitated today, that plates were being left here and there. Anyone seen with plates, wasting things, throwing them in garbage pails or barrels, will automatically go to Public Services Union. If you care and don’t want the blood of innocents on your hands, you will work thoroughly and effectively.

Much love.

(tape edit) (Long pause)

(several seconds of reversed tape)

– of Chinese Communist domination of the world by its Doctrine of Three Worlds, that nuclear war wa– would happen sooner or later. Now China talks about it happening within a year at least, and they resort, says Radio Moscow, to any means to implement this doctrine. USSR again hails them for assisting certain African nations’ liberation and also for their domestic practices of a pure form of communism, but question their policies that could lead any moment – any moment was the exact quote by Moscow – to World War III. Said China is an ally now with the multinational forces of NA– Tha– NATO and obviously trying to put a wedge between NATO and USA. Frequented– They are frequentedly– frequently visited by Western leaders who are not sophisticated enough to deal with the pragmaticism, says Radio Moscow, of the Chinese. They have been giving sophisticated weapons, (unintelligible word) even perhaps of a nuclear China, which it again said will not hurt the USSR but endangers the USA, said Radio Moscow, who have no means of shelter protection for their people. Radio Moscow said China and Washington are talking about their common interest, but it’s China that’s gaining every step of the way, getting the only good end of the bargain.US News & World Report, as has been brought out even by New York Times, the only magazine contradictory enough, paradoxically enough, that has not got the backing of the CIA, a conservative magazine. We should tell them that we want it because now Radio Moscow says it’s true also, and said US News & World Report in a screaming editorial this last week, the sole purpose of China is to provoke a nuclear war between China and the Soviet Union so that they can pick up the pieces and build communism worldwide.

The USA thinks they need to ally with China to hold back the liberation movements in Africa, but even the USSR credits China– that China will not go along with policies of keeping Africa under economic domination by capitalism. China, USSR have strong feelings against each other, as all nations do in their nationalistic stage, ‘cause China once invaded Russia before the revolution, and Russians – White Russians – fleeing the czar, raped and murdered uh, untold millions of Chinese and robbed them of their property. So there’s a distrust, sharing such a long border of over 3000 miles. That you don’t change about the human species. Ethnic uh, uh, identity, racist identity, national identity. Unfortunately, it would be time for it, and they would all come back to international socialism, if it were not for the nuclear age.

Obviously both s– the socialist system of China and USSR are superior to the capitalist system of USA, which daily, police are shooting down innocent black people. I wouldn’t want to give you the gruesome details, it gets me too ill. I’m too tired from being up too many nights, and burdening [burning] with this temperature. Don’t worry, I’m still holding on very, very well, carrying on vitally. But I just don’t want to rehash all the pain of it. Then it’s obvious the superiority of the Soviet Union and China in the fact that it has underground shelters, underground cities, for its people, and the capitalist world has none except the socialist democracy, the social democracy of Sweden.

Hundred and twenty million men and women now are active – very active – in all phases of trade union activity in the Soviet Warsaw bloc. That’s Czechoslovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, so forth and so on, East Germany, Communist Republic of East Germany. They have total freedom to support their own candidates and total organizational control of their own monies, even many trade unions are sending their monies directly to Africa for liberation efforts. You might be interested that we made some help to the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front just two days ago. That might give you a sense of pride.

We can’t afford anything, we need to save our people, we need to work much more diligently than we are, volunteer our services, and learn well. Testing tonight, unless proper interest is being shown. Tapes should be being called for right now under the library. I’d ask for Lisa Layton to have opportunity to have news played for her at certain times of the day, when and if she feels up to it. She’s improving steadily. So we would say that all will gather under the pavilion to be prepared for testing tonight, or, depending upon what you do, some form of television dissection of interest, but depends upon more interest. There’s not enough listening, too much talking, people have to shout at you in the dining areas and other where, to be quiet. Please. It takes great effort for me to speak to you, and I don’t want to impose upon you, I’m just trying to give news. People say – the majority – give more news, because some things are not interesting, then other things catch their ear. So it’s quite a burden. Deputies, I want more on the profiles of the people all at work that Comrade [Tom] Grubbs– or rather, that’s changed, there’s Principal Grubbs prepared, we want this type of information, so we can decide who needs more news, more classes, more instruction in basic skills. Some of the best people here have difficulty with test.

Anyway, the unions of the Soviet Union and her allies have complete independence now to make resolutions, to send their support to wherever they wish to, in the underdeveloped Third World, fighting for liberation and so forth, and they are active participants after hours in greater degree than ever in social and economic reform programs.

I believe that is the essence of the news from Radio Moscow, which has to be read for clarification are given, because it’s terrible, it’s like living in fascist Germany under the Minister of Propaganda Enlightenment [Joseph] Goebbels, who said, tell the big lie, and the people will believe it. Little lies, they won’t. USA’s telling some damn big lies and not even telling anything about certain happenings. It’s obvious in their broadcasting that fascism is lowering the curtain on freedom in USA.

Thousands of foreign dignitaries arrive in Rome for Pope Paul’s death [funeral]. I will be glad when they finally get him buried, for Christ sake. Carter’s wife [Rosalynn] said in a great speech, that we need to celebrate his life and not mourn his death. My s– My sentiments. If there’s something that he did good for socialism which has escaped me, then let’s celebrate it, but for Christ’s sakes, I’m tired of hearing nothing in the news but Vo– Voice of America, uh, we’re now going on with nine days more of mourning.

King Hussein in Jordan and Prince [Saud bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz al] Saud, Saudi Arabia, said USA is going to have to bring peace in the Near East, orwe can cut their economic jugular vein. What are they talking about? Oil.

Armenian woman with two sons took refugee– took refuge, said Voice of America, in the US Embassy because she’s Pentecostal fanatic that believes Jesus is coming this year before the Christmas. The US Embassy though got more on their hands than they want. They could not help her, and turned her out. They like to use people, propaganda wise, like [Natan] Sharansky and the so-called Soviet dissidents, which were Soviet criminals, but then when USSR – Soviet Union – offers to trade them for blacks who are political prisoners – as Andrew Young said, that there are thousands of political prisoners in US jails of color, black, Indian, Asian, poor white – they wouldn’t trade. So again their big concern about human rights, they throwed the woman out with her two sons. And they’ve got a lot of religious kooks like her over in USA, why not have a few more kooks. Everybody’s looking for Jesus to come every day. I’ve heard him coming ever since I was a child. As I said, any son of a bitch that’s been gone as long as he shoulda stayed gone. Nobody’d be looking for a husband or father that had deserted their family, only to kill him if he came back after being gone away so long, if he had all power to stay, which the Good Book says he did.

Some of you gettin’ back into that religious shit, by the way. Want to make just a brief announcement on the subject. The Bible is still a book of lies and fairy tales. The story of Adam and Eve, you need to remind them of it, comrades, when you hear them talking about that bullshit, how it don’t make any sense, Adam and Eve having two kids, two boys, one kills the other, after God gets everything straight, the devil tells them that they can’t– that God tells them they must not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, ‘cause God don’t want ‘em have any sense, or have the knowledge, to have their eyes open like him. And the devil tells them, don’t believe it, ‘cause God’s a liar, and who was a liar? God was a liar, because they ate the tree, and their eyes did get open, and they got more understanding at least of how to have kids, and it– they brought up two kids, one of them killed the other, Cain slew Abel, uh, hit him in the ass with a jawbone, I’m just gettin’ at some of you screwballs that want to go back to religion. Then the interesting part, the first chapter’s filled with nothing but lies. Interesting part is that after Cain killed Abel, where did Abel– where did Cain go to get his wife? In the Land of Nod. Where is the hell is that from? Did he take a spacecraft and go up there and get her? No, it was on earth, someplace. But there could not be anybody else. No way. Adam’s wife was too old to screw with. And he didn’t– and the Bible woulda said that. They didn’t say that Cain screwed with his mother. She’s the only female around. It’d be probably a– a deformed child, if she had.

Oh, you people believe any kind of bullshit that comes your way. And that Bible– remember, was a– the author of it sent the first slave ship to Africa, the Good Ship Jesus, to bring our people back in chains. And let’s not forget that. We talk about socialism that Jesus taught, even though he wasn’t– h– his parents weren’t uh, married. That’s fine and dandy, so we can relate to people, that socialism’s right in the New Testament. But also in the New Testament is, Slave, obey your master. Husband has rule over the wife. Woman are to keep silent, never to speak in public, have to go home and ask their husbands. That’s why we have chauvinism. Male chauvinism. Racism. That’s why we had slavery. Said, slave, whatever state you find yourself therein, be content. If you got a good master, be thankful, that means a slave master. And if you got a bad master, just endure him. Don’t question, don’t resist. Uh– That’s why the white man justified his racism and filled our ears after killing off our best, one out of ten, fifty million died, in slave shipping, they killed off our best, thinking people the leaders, and the rest of the brilliant minds that were left, they kept programming from infant time on that this was the will of the Lord. Their history was cut off from them, and they could know no better. But we know better, I thought. I thought we did. But I’ve heard some chitter-chatter round here. You drop your Jesus shit, or we’ll drop you in the shit.

Okay. (Pause) The uh, European traffic, as you know, is snagged. People going to Moscow to have their vacations, some that wo– wouldn’t’ve been caught dead in Moscow.

China’s Prime Minister [Chairman Hua Kuo-feng] will make his first official visit to Romania in over two decades, and will visit Yugoslavia. Romania’s a close ally of the Soviet Union, and it seems to meet with Soviet approval. So there may be more mystery, really. Maybe USSR and China have something going on here that they’re not letting USA in on, and there– USA is so narcissistic that they would fall for anything, ‘cause capitalism is self-love. Self-worship. The right t– of your own lust to prevail over everybody else. It’s total narcissism. Anyway, USA is using– losing ground. USSR hasn’t lost anything in this shuffle, but USA is losing every day.

Prime Minister [Mário Alberto Nobre Lopes]Soaressays the socialists must be allowed freely to govern, or he will start protests and dissent in Portugal.

Church of England, first to have their ten-year meeting called Lambrenth– Lambeth Conferences of all the bishops of the Church of England that was formed because King Henry VIII wanted to commit adultery without having to kill another one of his wives, and the Roman Catholic Church wouldn’t approve, so he started his own religion, now called Church of England or Anglican or Episcopalian. Sixty-five million came out of that bullshit. What’ve they been talking about all these days, world peace, Africa? No. Whether or not women will be allowed to be priests. Spent days fighting over it, and finally they decided they’ll have to leave it up to the independent church. Each church will decide its own policies, on women alone. The rest of the policies are strictly controlled by demagoguery at the top of the Church of England, centered in the British Empire, which has dwindled to nothing but a little group of islands. They’ve also said they have a desire to work closely with the Roman Catholic churches, but they can’t quite make it. Three Roman Catholic observers there were s– disappointed. It’s too bad, they worship the same Jesus, the same Virgin Mary. Don’t know what keeps them apart. I guess it’s maybe a little bit of power, maybe somebody feels he’d have to give up a little bit of his power, little money, if they had some unity.

First event in 400 years that the uh, cardinal of Poland, Cardinal [Stefan] Wyszynski, St. Johns Cathedral, in Warsaw, holding a reverence for the death of Pope Paul, then he’s on his way to Rome. There’s a large delegation. Poland is a very progressive Communist state, but it’s always been strongly, strongly Catholic, 95 percent Catholic. Although the church must not interfere with the state there. They seem to have one of the better relationships in the world. Poland wanted (sighs) public statements of support from the government of backing on their delegation’s trip, but Warsaw, capital of Communist Poland, (turns away from mike to cough) declined to do so. But the pope– the new college of cardinals are receiving demands from the Catholic Church of Poland under Cardinal Wyszynski, who’s reported to be socialist, that they want change in confessions so people don’t have to confess all their life to one man, less censorship of public statements on world political events, and because Poland Catholic Church intends to speak out for Third World liberation, and this is uh, the major interest of the news.

How is USA getting by without its New York newspapers? Uh, well, people don’t seem to be missing them, said uh, Voice of America, too much.

Polls show Carter’s continuing to lose in popularity. Carter blames it on his Congress that votes down all tax benefits and health measures and restriction of military weapons, and he says it’s really a reaction to the Congress. Who knows? Congress usually pretty well gets the pulse of their own constituents, because they want to be re-elected.

Carter says the aircraft missile carrier that they are sending into South Vietnam waters is a provocative military act, and it’s going to allegedly counteract a Soviet massive build-up, but it is dangerous and provocative, and Carter says I must insist on going on world record that the aircraft is also not safe. I did not have any elaboration on that.

This seems to be the end of the news. Uh– Nothing more that I can see that you need to hear. I wish I did not have to bother you with so much news, and as I say, when we get people broken down into their categories of work dedication and uh, what they’re doing with their time, and how they’re contributing after hours productively, then we will be able to uh, avoid news of the same type for everyone, but I’m waiting on uh, those profiles, which I have to have before I can do anything.

All will meet under the pavilion 7:30 promptly for testing. Be ready for testing. (Pause) Or, as I said, if there’s enough study of the news now, sitting down, listening to replay, then we will consider a brief dissection of good television program to show a lot of truth in an interesting part of World War II, and they’re very short.

Thus ends the commentary and uh, giving you the news just as it is given to me, without any of my own personal feelings in it, other than what I tell you, and today I didn’t have any of that to do, I just gave you the views of the various nations directly as they were given over the air.

Thank you, and I do love you very, very much.