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Jones: Attention. Attention. Attention. News of the day. Those who pass the news of tomorrow night in socialist classes will not have to take the next test. Continue that kind of pattern, after couple or three, there’ll be a much longer period of reprieve. All people must pass the news on Parallax View and the showing, which I think will be after socialist classes tomorrow evening, it’s not that long a movie, and it’s very entertaining and very adventure-oriented and beautifully portrays a practical revolutionary struggle of the Spanish socialists against Nazi Germany backed by USA, For Whom the Bell Tolls. Tonight, there is some other cowboy film that would’ve been another good film, but uh, it has been lost somewhere, between here and Georgetown.

So now we’ll give you the news. As I said, those who must– You must pass test, including the tape of the latter part of the people– or the first part of the Peoples Rally on Tuesday, and uh, Parallax View and to be aware from the next test of – on Saturday and Peoples Rally – of For Whom the Bell Tolls. Very simple, very entertaining. It’s really a privilege to see it, and to– no way an effort.

We are now going– We are now going into the news. President [Jimmy] Carter continues to insist that he will veto the 37 thousand million dollar military defense bill, which is better than 80 percent of the American taxpayer’s money. That’s how much money we have put out. And every time I say it, I make sure I make my heart feel guilt, and you should make your heart feel guilt. Eighty percent of all of our taxes go to war. But Carter is not vetoing the military procurement bill because he wants to reduce expenditures. Stronger lobbying efforts are being made by other corporations, and he’s having trouble holding on to some of his multi-nationals in the lackey nations of NATO. They want more expenditures spent on materials, defense weapons, offensive weapons, to block the Soviets. We’re in a terrible Cold War period with the USSR. Carter is objecting to a small figure of a few million dollars being spent for a military aircraft, a nuclear aircraft, which will be in Southeast Asian waters. Carter does make an interesting point, that we are not able to get involved in the Southeast Asian dispute. We are just not nationally capable of doing so.

Two armed Croatian nation– nationals are holding six hostages in Chicago. For some time, they held out their will to maintain the daughter of the Consul General, of Cro– of the West German Republic. They’re in a West German consul. However, after talking and giving of oranges and sandwiches, they released the daughter of the Consul General, which indeed was of course their best bargaining uh, person, you might say. They have been objecting to the arrest of a Croatian Red Brigade member in West Germany, who has been insisting on independence from non-aligned Yugoslo– Yugoslavia and a closer tie with the Soviet Union. Also, the police talked them into releasing a older senior citizen that was being held hostage in the West German embassy, cutting down their hostages to the number six presently. The problem is that often people who hold deep-seated– (turns head to call out to someone) deep-seated socialist commitments and liberation views are quite sensitive. Even Voice of America said they did not noticed police seeking– uh, sneaking in with lethal weapons and various gases. (turns head to call out to someone)

Chinese premier [Hua Kuo-feng] continues his unprecedented visit to Romania. In spite of comments made by the Romanian government and prime minister [Manea Mănescu] about his veiled uh, snide remark– He did not name the Soviets by name, but spoke of hegemony, and the Chinese were thought, at least, in USSS– USSR’s mind to be considered the na– the people he was speaking of. However, not too long ago, the prime minister of China spoke of hegemony in Korea in reference to the USA, when he called for reunification of Korea, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, it’s been very friendly to us. However, it is not thought that there will be any breach of relations between Romania and China. The prime minister went ahead to say that he would not allow himself to s– get involved with senseless disputes between socialist nations. He praised the Chinese people on their domestic communist achievements, their valiant support of the DPRK in its demands against USA for reunification of North Korea and South Korea, where South Korea’s upheld by USA CIA-backed dictator [Park Chung Hee], and also praised them on their recent African liberation efforts. But the Soviets may be quite correct about China’s intention in Romania. The chief spot that the prime minister of China wants to see is the Black Sea resort area in Communist Romania. It’s known for its resort attractiveness, people from all over the world, including capitalist USA go there for their vacations. USSR charges that China is merely interested in having an outpost– They want embassy status, which they do not now have with Romania, just consular exchange. They want embassy status, which will give them more freedom of movement, says the USSR, the Soviet Union, to monitor the movements of their own fleet, the Soviet fleet, in the beautiful Black Sea.

Representative Congress, head of the Republican Party John Rhodes, said he will fight Carter to the finish to override the veto. Evidently, he is representing the lobbying interest that wants to build a needless, unnecessary aircraft carrier, according to Carter, that has absolutely no military use, and we cannot afford, he said, nationally, we cannot afford economically for USA to get involved in the Southeast Asian dispute at this time. And always qualifies, at this time.

USA says Carter wanted to see China as a peaceful and cooperative nation. And we approach them carefully but hopefully. I suppose he’s referring to the exchange of students that may register in the thousands. Finally USA pressured China to accept exchange students, but the emphasis that Chinese students would come to USA colleges, I guess hoping that they would like the bourgeoisie life. But China demanded an equal number of USA students, as you know, or Peace Corps, to attend China’s colleges. We’ll see who’ll win the sons and daughters of the rich. It usually ends up being the socialists, because the rich children know the emptiness of capitalism better than some of you, who have been on welfare all of your life. Ha ha. Brouhaha. No demeaning of welfare, but some of you on welfare act like you’re Queen Alabaster’s own daughter.

Carter is deeply concerned. In his own voice, he came on Voice of America, saying about the falling US dollar. He said, I’ve done the best I can to try to balance the trade deficit, which is still not in balance, and he said, I am coming against harshly the underlying cause of the loss of the dollar’s good faith in the capitalist world, by cutting down inflation, by stopping federal spending. Yes, federal spending for Medicaid, MediCal, health, education, and welfare. He said he does not know that he can prevent the deterioration of the dollar, but he will continue. He said, I must have the absolute cooperation of Congress, so he passes the buck to Congress, in blaming the terrible condition of the US dollar. How terrible? Well, it’s– it went up half a percent compared to the yen today on the Japanese market. How much has the dollar lost in six months? Compared to the Swiss franc, which is pretty across the board, I won’t bother you with other details, the dollar has lost 38 percent of its value compared to the Swiss franc in six months. That is (draws out word) bad, bad news. The price of gold in USA soars to 221 dollars an ounce– dropped slightly by a few cents, but it’s still edging its way up. In Guyana, if you can get gold, reportedly it cost you 1200 dollars an ounce.

USA now says it will halt plans to stop trade with the Soviet Union. After all the allies, the NATO lackeys in Europe refused to cooperate, Carter had little choice, because they’re going on and trading and picking up the do-re-mi, while Carter’s looking like a fool.

Israeli [Menachim] Begin in his usual doubletalk, aggressive neo-fascist prime minister of Zionist Israel, says he prefers to sign a peace treaty but will propose permanent partial peace – whatever in the hell that means – open borders, bilateral agreements in tourism and trade with Egypt. But no unilateral withdrawal from occupied territories. He will not give up the West Bank, and he will not give up the Gaza Strip he stole from Egypt or South Lebanon. He said there must be an agreement based on reciprocity. Egypt must make concessions. Egypt fired back through their prime minister [Anwar] Sadat, no thank you, Mr. Begin, no concessions will be made. Sadat and Egypt flatly rejects. Carter says, I don’t have much hope for anything permanent coming out of our Camp David talks, that many say US economy and world peace rest upon, but he said, I’m sure it will be helpful. That’s always the pat phrase of the capitalist. I’m sure it will be helpful.

President [Elias] Sarkis of Lebanon accuses Begin and Zionist Israel of a overt aggressive interference with Lebanon’s sovereignty and security, and calls on the United Nations to redress the situation, or Lebanon will protest by removing its Lebanon delegation from the United Nations. Sarkis had not been that anti-Israel, but he said it’s clear that they are aggressors in our territory of Southern Lebanon. It’s clear that the fascist Christian militia they support in the occupation of our conquered territory of Southern Lebanon have never been Lebanese, have been in Israel, trained well by the Zionist aggressors.

Another Embassy official of Iraq has been killed in a embassy in Libya. Libya mounts a strong protest to France and USA. One has been killed in Pakistan and France and England, so it obviously shows that USA is suffering more from the Iraqi stands than the Soviet Union, with whom they’ve had some slight disagreements too. Iraq of course demands the abolition of the state of Israel – contrary to Soviets’ position – and of course USA, they demand the Arab League become independent, make their own weapons and refinery system to ma– to process their own oil, so the capitalists will– in USA will not be able to rip them off. If such happened, there would be an end to USA economy. No wonder they’re so mad at oil-rich Iraqi [Iraq].

I gave you the news of the terrorists, two gunmen, they’re talking with the police right now. That’s what they call them – terrorists – I would call them activists, Croatians. Croatia is a part of Yugoslavia that wants independence from Yugoslavia and closer ties with the Soviet Union. They had better be careful, because they are being tricked by all this sweet talk. It seems like these activists ought not to get started on a program, if they cannot have the will and the good sense to carry it out.

The USA American Medical Association, in further Cold War techniques, calls on all USA members of the medical societies and psychiatric association, and all the lackeys of USA capitalism in Europe, to cut all ties with Soviet medicine and psychiatry. Now that is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Many breakthroughs have come, including the recent breakthrough of sodium nitrate causing cancer to the American population. All who eat bacon are guaranteed it. It was one of the Soviet scientists that helped in the World Health Organization, but you know, anything in the name of anti-socialism.

Computers are temporarily halted by US threats to France, the French government. However, in a shocking move, Honeywell, one of the rich corporations, multinational corporations in Europe, says they will continue to go ahead with their plans to sell to the Soviets. Whatever Carter is up to has no concern to them. They are in the business of making profit. That’s one of the beautiful things that you can count on in capitalism. They will finally go down because of their competitive nature, the contradictions of fighting against each other, they finally look after theirselves and let the devil take the hindmost.

Moscow court ordered New York Times reporter and Baltimore Sun reporter to appear for the third time in court – twice they have ignored prior court orders – for libel, which is strictly enforced in the Soviet Union. You cannot even attack a known criminal, because Soviets are sensitive to the effect it has on the family. Said punishment can be meted out by the courts. It is not the duty of the press to whip up an appetite for those things which are not socially-redeeming. So crime is not covered in the Soviet press, other than statistically, not individually. They deal with social problems, but they refuse to smear, and there’s definite libel laws, slander laws that protect all Soviet citizens under the new amendments to the constitution of this year.

Anyway, it says that the reporters have not decided whether they’ll appear now. Maybe they’re softening, because a Soviet judge says if they do not honor Soviet courts, he will find another solution, and it’s thought that may mean all US capitalist newsmen who are nor– ordinarily spies for the CIA, by the admission of New– Newsweek, all the magazines are involved except US and News– US News & World Report, of all things, a conservative magazine, and I guess, the CIA can’t afford to have their reporters out of the Soviet Union, where they do so much spying.

Never in your life have you heard so much ballyhoo, all you hear on NBC, CBS, ABC, NBC, Voice of America, Voice of the Armed Forces, BBC, is what they call the historic event. Three businessmen on a balloon adventure from USA have landed in France in a wheat field, and what did those great US businessmen do? They planted the red, white and blue flag in the French wheat field, and the French left, and even Social Democrats, are outraged. Said you are not going to discover us like you did America, which really means to exploit. Get your goddamned flag off, said one assemblyman from the French legislature. Get your goddamned flag off the wheat field or I’ll shoot it off, said he, when he was at the site.

Chinese are gi– putting wreaths on the Romanian heroes and trying their best to wean Romania a little closer to this Chino– China uh, position. All nations are in the hegemonic period, really, USSR, China and USA. And the dangers of nationalism, I’ve told you, are replete. Over and over again. That’s why I believe there’ll be nuclear war. However, we are grateful that the USSR and China are aiding world liberation. USSR had been a vanguard for years. In spite of differences, as I said, Romania will keep ties with China, and Romanian prime minister did praise China’s role in liberation in various parts of the world.

Well, we shall go on and see what we can hear that is now uh, particularly important. Ah!

An attempt by the CIA to overthrow the Afghanistan government by [Abdul Qadir Dagarwal] the defense minister, no less– Afghanistan has become communist in the eyes of capitalism, they– all their cabinet are pro-Soviet, and they have built the strongest alliance, Afghanistan has, with the Soviet Union. But the coup was thwarted, and the defense minister was arrested. It was a clever ploy, said Radio Moscow. This very same defense minister had tried to prove his loyalty just before the revolution, of the Soviet liberation, of those pro-Soviet elements in Afghanistan, who moved Afghanistan on a socialist course, the defense minister was a high-ranking colonel, and he had tried to prove his loyalty by senselessly killing many members of the former President Daoud’s [Mohammed Daoud Khan] family against the new Soviet– pro-Soviet regime’s policies. They had not approved it, but he had tried to prove how loyal he was to the new regime. Something like the– the movie of one character last night. He certainly will get a breakthrough, an insightfulness into human behavior, From Whom the Bell Tolls.

[Indian] Prime Minister [Morarji] Desai finds a compromise with his opposition party, and he agrees that Indira Gandhi, the great heroine that was so pro-Soviet, will no longer be attacked by the Indian government. This is interpreted sadly by Voice of America to mean that the Indian subcontinent, with 700 to 800 million population, is moving back in close ties with the Soviet Union.

Well, we see now why they have doctored up James Earl Ray and got him into the congressional hearings. No real news of substance has come out of the hearings, and he is not in a good state of physical health, even declares Voice of America. But Congressman [Louis] Stokes for two hours tried to tear down his testimony and make it appear that he was the lone assassin of Martin Luther King. Who is Congressman Stokes? Why, not a white rich man, but an Uncle Tom black congressman, doing the biddings of the ruling class. Stokes attempted to prove the lone assassin theory when it said, even BBC, that it seemed that James Earl Ray would faint from the pressure of the heat of the lamps that were placed upon him, but they were not able to crack his testimony.

Moving on in the news of the day. You have earlier news, remember, the bonus news, people will get– you’re gonna get more rewards than that, those who really know socialism, you keep up with current affairs, you’ll get more than getting out of tests, as time goes on, I’ll tell you that, because I believe that the informed are the only ones that can really be sensitive. You must know socialism to defend this great community, and see its merits and its great rewards, its privileges, its honor, and being– being here, allowed to work for a noble cause, to liberate people, and to see the faces of our happy children and our contented senior citizens.

Geneva: United Nations World Conference on Racin– Racism called for economic total sanctions against South Africa, condemn USA’s participation with South Africa. It also made a condemnation of China for their help to South Africa which they have discontinued in the war against Angola. So China got the first official condemnation by the United Nations, and they were wrong as hell. They were not at all living up to their Doctrine of Three Wars– Three Worlds [Doctrine of Three Worlds] in the conflict in Angola.

Pravda criticizes United States for failure to ratify genocide treaty. Tass and Pravda accuses the United States of a systematic plan to destroy their black and Indian and Asian minorities, and even the poor working class, because, said Pravda, USA must move au– towards automation in order to save its economy. It cannot employ the masses that are unemployed, and there will be double and even Pravda said quadruple the number of unemployed in a matter of months in USA. They’re also criticizing USA for the failure to ratify international agreements on human rights. They make much ado about so-called violations of human rights in the Soviet Union, but will not sign international agreements with all other nations on human rights. Quite schizophrenic, or I would say, hypocritical. They have not signed 30 out of the 40 international agreements. They refuse to abolish genocide. They refuse to sign a treaty guaranteeing political and human rights to all citizens of all nations of the world.

United Nations committee calling for independence in Micronesia. In strong condemnation of treatment of Micronesia, the United Nations commission has said that USA is guilty of genocide. They staged nuclear bomb tests for years, knowing that it was damaging all the population, and are still conducting radiation experiments that will eventually, perhaps as early as 100 years, wipe out the Micronesian population. In strong indicting words, United Nations calls for USA to give up its territory of Micronesia and give it its sovereignty and independence. United Nations is becoming extremely critical of USA imperialism and her lackeys. USA has military bases and all kinds of hardware there, and conducts some kinds of experimentations that have been called grotesque by the United National commission, but there was no further elaboration.

Again the plague of racism by US capitalism supporting the Union of South Africa. Three African youth were arrested and bleat– beaten unmercifully during interrogation today in Johannesburg.

Boycott of Rhodesia called for, but US and their Western lackeys use South Africa to relay goods from Rhodesia. Six thousand US firms are working in South Africa. United Nations says, all the excesses, the torture that’s going on nightly to tens of thousands are directly at the doorstep of USA, because the Union of South Africa could not be maintained, nor the fascist white regime of Rhodesia, without the cooperation of these 6000 multinational corporations that are US-owned, and even some of them government– US-government subsidized. US government believes in welfare, socialism for the rich, but now cutting off all aid to the poor.

United Nations says it is inconceivable that USA will give up the chrome, the cobalt, and the zinc or the copper, or that they will even agree to a sensible trade allowing dignity to Rhodesians, and that black Africans, South Africans that are not even citizens in their own country. The trade, the military trade with multinationals, the profit that comes is all that sustains United States and enables it to maintain its already staggering economy. This was the United Nations commission against racism.

Salisbury mines. Numerous arrests of striking miners and numerous shootings again today. Again, our tax dollars, how sad, because the Congress two weeks ago lifted the ban– they were already doing it secretly through the CIA, but they publicly said, we don’t care about black peoples’ rights. The House of Representatives of US, the Senate agreed to lift all bans of aid, economic and military aid, to that dread regime of Ian Smith, that only has three percent support in three percent of the territory of Zimbabwe, or what the white man calls, Rhodesia.

Port Elizabeth wound infl– afflicted before the death of one of the great liberation efforts, the wound that was so deep that the brain was exposed. He had been tortured for hours first, before he was forced out the window, that I told you about yesterday, in South Africa.

Frelimo [Mozambique Liberation Movement party] meeting in Mozambique, amendment changes. Mozambique has bravely withstood the US-backed aerial invasion by Rhodesia and South Africa. They have kept their cool and maintained their territory. They have driven all South Africans and Rhodesians from their soil. They’re now giving im– improved measures for industrial development along entirely socialist lines.

Soviets have sent tractors to Madagascar, 5000 tractors, to help that beautiful island just off– It’s a large– small continent really, off of Africa. And oh, how big and how rich Africa is. So Madagascar, which is a Marxist-Leninist state, will have the aid of Soviet tractors, 5000 of them.

Turkey’s economic difficulties are caused by the United States aid, with strings attached, charges the Turkey– Turkish prime minister [Bulent Ecevit]. He’s still threatening to pull away from NATO and get closer to the Soviet alliance, uh, which we know as the Warsaw Pact.

The Palestinian Liberation Front newspaper says the explosion that caused the death of all of those innocent children, over 100, and wives and grandparents of the PLO leaders in Beirut, was caused by Israeli secret police that are far worse than the Gestapo of Nazi Germany, said the PLO newspaper. It’s not an act of vengeance, it’s an act of senseless brutality. The PLO headquarters gave their findings today that they had been helped by Syrians and the Swedes who have come with definite documented evidence that the bombing and explosion was, as I said earlier, an Israeli secret police effort directly responsible to Begin, the lunatic prime minister of Zionist Israeli. The PLO said we will retaliate.

Leningrad. University students in Leningrad from Third World nations have grown two-and-a-half times this term. All phases of education are now available in every university free.

The World Peace Conference and the Republic of Laos in Southeast Asia, which have been sort of na– neutral, have now called for solidarity with Vietnam against Kampuchea. Laos has clearly moved into a pro-Soviet alignment.

United Nations: All violate the Security Council agreements, said the United Nations head, Kurt Waldheim, who continue any form of commerce and trade with the South African fascist racist regime. Those were his words. The 6000 companies that cooperate, that are USA-owned multinationals, should feel shame. The US government, if it had any kind of strength of morality at all, would stop this commerce immediately. Five hundred also US monopoly multinational corporations are oppressing the Namibian people. That’s why the USSR will not vote with UN until those corporations are nationalized, guaranteed that Namibia can nationalize. What are the corporations that are helping the oppression of Namibia, South Africa and Rhodesia? The prime ones are GE, Chrysler, Ford, US Steel, Dupont, and of course, Rockefeller. We remember how much aid Dupont and Rockefeller gave to Adolf Hitler.

Carlton Goodlett, who is coming very shortly, Dr. Goodlett, was hailed on the Radio Moscow for giving documentation through an investigation in his newspaper chain, that over half of the US Senators and US Congressmen hold gold stock in the racist regime of the Union of South Africa. Carlton Goodlett said, it is impossible to consider that we wo– the representatives of our people, the se– the Congress of the United States, will do the just ma– just thing, when half of them have gold stock in this dread rapi– racist and repressive regime, the worst in the world today.

US genocide in Micronesia was also condemned by, of all things, China.

Iceland is in great dispute today in NATO. As you know, Iceland went closer and closer towards the– (pause) so well, it went communist. Its prime minister[ÓlafurJóhannesson]went communist, and NATO’s cutting them off from all secrets. The little nation of Iceland. You should uh, take a look at Iceland. It is an interesting little spot– fairly big, it’s not so small, really. Iceland is about 39,678 square miles, about half the size of Guyana, with a population of only 225,000, but not as much rich fertile farm area as we have in Guyana, which the best place to live on earth, because there’s more room per person in Guyana than anyplace in the world. A large island in the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland, now a republic with a president and a prime minister – that’s a bit late, that’s US almanac, it’s now apparently a socialist communist coalition – was originally settled by Irish hermits in the ninth century. They were followed by peoples of Nordic origin, mostly Norwegians, with a blending of Celtic blood that resulted from raids along the Irish coast. Most of the people live in concrete houses, because every plank of lumber in Iceland has to be imported. Buildings are heated by water from volcanic springs that give them all the natural heat they want. Volcanic eruptions occur on the edge of Iceland every five or six years, and one-third of the total output of lava on the earth since 1500 AD – after the death, so-called, of Jesus – has come from the Icelandic volcani– vol– volcanoes. Volcanoes. Anyway, we find uh, interesting that uh, Iceland has gone communistic. Uh, interesting news indeed. I wonder, I wonder, I wonder what USA is uh, going to do about that, because Iceland is up there in a whole new area, and uh, that represents somewhat of a threat. If any way in particular they become Soviet, and their prime minister, would you know, is pro-Soviet.

In an experiment written up in Radio Moscow on the sane and the insane places, an American psychiatrist at Stanford University and eight associates – three women and five men – voluntarily entered 12 US mental institutions. They complained to staff psychiatrists of hearing voices which said hollow empty, which they said were hollow, empty or thud. They reported no other symptoms. The patients were all healthy and had been cleared by 15 psychiatrists as being in perfect health. The patients– patients were chosen for the experiment on the basis of being normal everyday people, and they represented a wide range of occupations from housewife to artist to pediatricians. After being admitted to the US mental hospitals, all just uh, acting, pseudo-patients, false patients, they weren’t mentally ill at all, told the staff that their symptoms had disappeared, and all acted normally. In trials in 12 different hospitals, it took those patients a minimum of 52 days to be released. In all cases, they were discharged with diagnosises of schizophrenia in remission. Not once were they discharged as being sane. So much for US psychiatry that’s criticizing the Soviet Union so much these days.

The World Conference Against Racism is coming out with one indictment after another. (Scoffs) It is really strong. Hundred and twenty-one nations now, keeping condemning every day, in the Geneva World Conference Against Racism, sponsored by the United Nations, condemns USA and Israel for not being present because they got so much to hide. The 1975 UN resolution against Zionism as racism, has now been implemented, but USA is the most racist society in the world. Except why not South Africa. They said they’re inseparable. South Africa is USA. With 6000 corporations, Union of South Africa is merely an extension of Washington. Washington continues to ignore these grossly strong indictments. They said racism is an integral part of US life, all 121 nations. That there’s actually now genocide being conducted against the Indians, and that there is genocide against blacks, Indians, Puerto Ricans, in the American jails, and all black and Puerto Ricans live in colonies that are ready-made for extermination by the neutron bomb. Here’s 121 nations saying this, and USA thinks they’ll get by with ignoring it. US allies with Israel and all racist regimes of South Africa. Racism. Four wars, USA has backed in Mideast, was racist. Every conflict in Africa, they back the racist, Rhodesia, South Africa, Namibia, and in the Mideast, Zionist Israel. The objective of the conference is to rid racism, and we will continue daily to remind the world that USA is the greatest perpetuate– perpetuator of racism and denial of human rights. Strange, isn’t it, USA makes so much about human rights in the USSR, but the conference has not once cited USSR, the Soviet Union, for any violations of human rights. In fact, they were praised for their constitutions that give all nationalities, some 100 ethnic different– different ethnic groups, total freedom, and there is a complete abolition of racism in the Soviet Union.

Muhammad Ali has been indicted, says Radio Moscow, for nothing more, for tax evasion, than that he insisted on praising the Soviet Union as the most beautiful model of peace, the only place, he said, he and his wife Veronica [Porche Ali], where he felt safe. The cleanest, the most pollution free, and the most peace-loving people and friendly I’ve ever seen. His wife Veronica, even in Chicago news today, said I wish USA was only one-tenth as peaceful, only one-tenth as nonviolent, I only wish that the US citizens could respect each other’s race and religion like the Soviet Union does. Well, it’s giving him trouble, just as I said.

Anyway, US and Micronesia, you need to study that in the library. In the closing of the news, it’s been a trusteeship of USA since 1947. Independence has been said by the United Nations Commission Against Racism should be encouraged, the right to self-determination, the popuda– population is denied right to vote, economic and social conditions are that of the most blatant poverty, there’s actual hunger, testing grounds for various experimentation, the UN Commission in Geneva suggests that they’re even chemically and biologically experimenting with germ warfare on Micronesians, and as you know, they said there will be no Micronesians with the present US policy of ge– genocide, there’ll be no Micronesia in the Pacific in 100 years. They tested atomic and hydrogen weapons on their territory, and still radiation, never once seeking the approval of the population of Micronesia. That ought to give you an example, Aunt Jane and Uncle Tom, the few that we have left, what they’ll do to our neighborhoods. Micronesia people are Polynesians, light-skinned. That ought to tell us who are black what’s in store for us. A strategic area, USA has refused to bow to the United Nations pressure. Its future (pause) uh, for decolonization, will probably not be brought about, says Radio Moscow, except by liberation of outside sources. They did not elaborate. Must not, said the United Nations, be handled arbitrarily by the United Nations– by the United States. It should be UN territory immediately, and given the right to exercise its own vote to independence. A poll showed that 100 percent – not one exception – of the Micronesian population, which is a slave territory of USA, wanted their independence from fascist USA.

Thus ends the news and commentary. You can replay the morning news until the beginning of the movie. What a beautiful sunset. Look around you at the beauty, and give your gratitudes now to people. That’s what keeps the faith high. That’s what makes the miracle of Bob Stroud, that was not supposed to be able to walk, that should’ve died, he should’ve had brain damage. And all the other little children, we need to think of them constantly. You forget so easily, the Evans child, and all– the Rhodes child, those children that were in coma, the– you– you– you just don’t wa– don’t want to remember, the Wilson child, on and on. Rose that would’ve been in a coma. Two Roses, Rose Peterson and Rose Shelton, Rose Shelton woulda been a vegetable the rest of her life, from the paralytic stroke and was blind, Rose Peterson in Georgetown, given up to die with cancer, and then the beauty of the clean air, and the foods that have no sodium nitrate or anything else that causes cancer, you’ve only seen the top of the iceberg. They were forced to admit about sodium nitrate but– so said the United Nations, US products contain a thousand other harmful ingredients, just to preserve or give coloring to the foods so that the US citizens will be tricked into buying.

Much love, and let’s have much gratitude.


Side II

President Carter and his Wage and Hour Council, United States Postal Service, USPS, have beaten back opposition to a contract for 600,000 postal workers that cannot meet the cost of living. They have done it by firing thousands of strikers in Richmond, Los Angeles, and New York, who walked off bulk mail centers jobs protesting the weak settlement that did not even meet a cost-of-living increase. Leaders of the job walkouts were hauled into federal court in San Francisco and were given exactly 10 minutes to stop picketing or face five years in jail. US Marshals patrolled the streets around the buck– uh, bulk mail center in such places as Richmond, California, and arrest anyone they can for violating the injunction. It seems that USA is showing its true colors these days.

A war to defend affirmative action. The Supreme Court’s Bakke decision has produced a civil rights crisis which requires a unified defense of affirmative action, according to Benjamin Hooks, Executive Director, once mild-mannered and modest speaking director of the NAACP, former FCC commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, that has been harassing us so much, trying to keeping– trying to keep us, along with the conspiracy, from even communicating. It can’t mention any medical thing at all. The end of a three-day top level negotiations of black leaders to consider the effects of the ruling, Hooks announced a Detroit Manifesto which declares war on all attempts to weaken or destroy affirmative action and civil rights enforcement. He was there championing Congressman [Charles] Diggs in his bid for re-election, though Congressman Diggs, black congressman, founder of the Black Caucus, chairman of the House of Representatives committee subcommittee on African Affairs, faces 175 years in the federal penitentiary on 37 felony counts, but through the help of a few brave blacks, like Benjamin Hooks, he won the primary, in spite of the newspaper smears on his personal character, his life, his conduct, his sexual habits, and accused him of fraud in every area of his life. They had done similarly to his father [Rep. Charles Diggs, Sr.], two or three decades before him, when he faced jail because he was black and a congressman. But it’s worse these days. Fascism is taking a very overt kind of policy.

In shocking news to the Western world, US imperialism led, Iceland, officially a member of NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, appears to be gearing– going to have its first communist prime minister. A left coalition government is forming, and NATO high level officials are meeting to see what can be done to keep Iceland away from any confidential secrets of the military designs and aggression of USA and her NATO puppets. Bravo for Iceland. It was a shock to all. They had thought that there would be even a reactionary mood in Iceland, but the voters clearly spoke, and it seems that they will have a communist prime minister, the first in history in Iceland. It’s a nation– Look it up so you can know more about such nations.

Bread lines are forming in Seattle five blocks long. Neighbors in Need food bank has had to be set up, distributing food to the needy by various charities cooperating. Washington State’s poor have become the target of a massive attack by a open neo-fascist reactionary woman governor by the name of Dixie Lee Ray. She was named after Dixie, she’s Southern, conservative, and racist, but the governor nonetheless of the northern state of Washington on the West Coast above California. She has ordered almost total cuts in welfare. This is something. I would think people would begin to get mightily excited.

For some reason, the news about James Earl Ray is a bit garbled. Protest of Congress demanded his release. He has been released, and will appear for testimony. He’s out of a coma, if indeed he was in one, there is some doubt about that now, Soviets are casting aspersions on Radio Moscow that it was just an attempt to keep him away so something could be done to him. I’ll give you more news on that as it comes in.

In Romania, China’s Prime Minister took a sideswipe at USSR without naming her, by attacking hin– hegemony that has threatened nuclear war in the Near East. Obviously referring to the policies of the Soviets in supporting Ethiopia and backing Syria in Lebanon. The Soviet Union on Radio Moscow this morning sharply criticizes the trip of the Chinese, again praising her, lauding her for her domestic communist achievements, says can China possibly conceive of what nuclear war will mean to the innocents of Europe and USA and Canada that are not prepared by their capitalist governments for such a holocaust.

USSR charged that China is keeping firm course with her doctrine of Three Worlds in this obvious attempt to gain influence for the People’s Republic of China, particularly in Southeast Europe. She accused China, who is now seeking embassy status with Romania, which is an ally of the Soviet Union, and presently embassy status has not been granted, it is quoted by the Soviet Tass that the only reason China wants embassy status in Romania is that she can be in Bucharest to be able to monitor through her spy work– her spy network the movements of the Soviet fleet in the beautiful Black Sea, which is the resort area of the Soviet Union.

USA monopoly capitalism that has long dictated to the European Common Market, NATO, her puppet allies, is running into great difficulties. President Carter has called on massive trade sanctions, boycotts of computers and other vital technology that would help Soviets in the development of a space scheme that’s already far in advance of Western civilization. However, today, the government of neo-fascist West Germany said they will not use trade sanctions to protest any policy of the Soviet Union. The kick is– the catch, might I say, is that they have computers to sell to the Soviets. So all the US has achieved is making more US citizens jobless, and the Germans, opportunists as they are – all capitalists are – are looking after their own interest. Capitalist West Germany has entered into several trade agreements this morning with the Soviet Union, contrary to Carter sputtering and spouting about the need for Western survival, for absolute unity amongst the capitalist nations. But it did not seem to impress the prime minister of his lackey – it’s always been an ass-kissing ally, West Germany – because the government of West Germany says we disapprove heartily of any trade sanctions in retaliation for Soviet policy.

UPI. China is preparing to send 100– or rather, no, correction, I misheard that, hundreds of students to the USA. USA had made this as a demand for lessening of tensions between mainland China, communist China, and USA. China reluctantly declined in the past, knowing that it was threatening good will and relations, but they have now bowed to US pressure. Reluctantly, they will exchange Chinese Communist students in the hundreds to go to universities in USA. However, there must be an equal number of USA students or Peace Corps professionals to study also in the People’s Republic of China. It will be interesting to see who converts who.

In a rash of leftward turn on the part of youth of the upper rich set, like [Stephen] Bingham, lawyer Bingham of the prominent Connecticut family, newspaper owner, his dad a congressman [uncle was Rep. Jonathan Bingham (D-NY)], now a Marxist-Leninist in the underground of Canada, charged with the murder of six in a clear frame-up because of legal assistance he’d given to George Jackson, I doubt if too many Communist Chinese will be influenced by USA. If I were USA, I would be wary of China’s doctrine of the Third World, that a lot of communist college students from USA will come back from China Marxist-Leninist rather than capitalist.

In Memphis, Tennessee, all hell’s a-poppin’. The teachers union, though tomorrow is the beginning of the school day– the school year, Memphis begins early, the teachers union has ordered that no teachers cross any police or fire picketers’ line in Memphis, in spite of court orders. Firemen and the police of Memphis, in spite of the National Guard standing at bayonet point in the streets, in spite of the readiness of the governor of Tennessee [Ray Blanton] to call the US Army, and Carter, reluctantly, willing to cooperate, into the fourth day goes the police and fireman’s strike, clearly illegal. President of the Memphis police is cited for contempt of court, and he will have to go into court this morning to give reason, to show cause why he should not be put in jail. There are no particulars as to whether he will make the appearance.

The United States House of Representatives committee studying pharmaceutical excesses of the big multinational pharmacy corporations, drug corporations, who have been charging fraudulent prices because of having brand names, they have been charging upwards of 30 to 40 times higher than the same drug bearing a common generic name, can get. The small pharmacies– in other words, they can’t make much competition with the big multinational pharmaceutical corporations, but they can make the same pills – it’s been proven – for 40 times less than they’re being charged and still make a profit, that is, the public, with Social Security cutbacks and welfare cutbacks and MediCal cutbacks, the public’s making vast protest, so the House of Representatives ordered Secretary [Joseph] Califano of the Health, Education and Welfare Department, to show the information, the records of these pharmaceutical companies that he has in his possession that clearly show that they are over-charging the American public. However, in a strange act, the Attorney General [Griffin Bell] and President Carter have ordered Secretary Califano not to comply with the House of Representatives. The House of Repratives– House of Representatives committee investigating pharmaceutical excesses and exploitation of the American public, have said they will find him in contempt. And they cannot imagine how the Attorney General would dare to fight the law-making body of the land. But Attorney General, as you know, whatever his name is, the racist, I know more about him than I know his name, he used to be in the Ku Klux Klan. Anyway, the Attorney General of the United States faces a contempt order himself because he won’t turn over records showing that the FBI did illegal acts to socialist workers in USA, even though it’s a 40 million dollar suit. He’s not followed the contempt order of the courts. Califano is really under fire.

He doesn’t know what to do. But he said he thinks he had better abide by the Attorney General rather than the Congress, which represents the will of the people. Also, he’s going to get into new fire. He’s going to be cited by another investigative agency, demand that they get information that he has showing that all Social Security records are available to a number of spying networks in US government, and even business opportunists. He says he will not be able to comply with that. Why? Carter and Attorney General of Carter, the highest law enforcement officer of USA, says no. I guess Congress doesn’t have any influence anymore. The dictatorship of the multinationals, finance capital, have turned USA into an open fascist practice.

Sodium nitrate has been found to be so strong, particularly in bacon, that anyone that has eaten bacon from a child through his middle years is almost certain to develop one form of cancer or another. We should be glad that we’re not eating bacon anymore. We’re reversing the process. In spite on lobbying efforts of the part of the richest corporations in the USA, who have put sodium nitrate in all meats– that’s pork, beef, poultry, chicken, fish, everything has it, it preserves it, you see, so they can make a longer profit. By the time it gets to you, some of the meats, if you were in USA, are known to be two, three weeks old, and even worse. Anyway, it appears that the USA is going to be forced in the light of the publicity coming around the world, the World Health Organization, consumer groups, that they’ll have to put a total ban within a matter of days, on sodium nitrate. What this will do to the poultry industry is not known. It can be ignored, and it is speculated that it well may be. We’ll see who holds the power. Health departments, the FDA, Food Drug and– the food drug uh, agency that’s supposed to control things that endanger the public health, or will the corporations speak the loudest? I think you may find that there’ll be years of appeals, and people will go right on eating sodium nitrate, and if they eat it from their childhood to their middle years, there’s not taking a ten percent chance, but nearly a hundred percent chance, that they will have cancer in one form or another.

USA has another setback. The prime minister of France [probably Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, President of France]and the leaders of their legislative assemblies, have also refused to go along with the ban, the economic sanctions, the refusal to trade, with the Soviet Union. So they’ve picked up several orders themselves, so USA has red face, britches down, many, many unemployed, the Soviets get just exactly what they need, and the Chinese are seeing a great rift between (short laugh) the– the second world, which are the European capitalists, and the First World. China wins, Soviet wins, and it looks like, USA capitalism is losing badly.

(Soft mocking tone) And what is heralded by Voice of America as the top news of the day? Why, it’s a terribly significant event. Double Eagle, a big balloon, has come for the first time from USA and is about to fall down in Paris, France. Half of the news of Voice of America is about this great event. it’s soon going to land, and the wives and the families of the Americans who have braved the Atlantic – for whatever reason – in a balloon will welcome them in Paris. They said it was like another [Charles] Lindbergh. I also remember Lindbergh supported Adolf Hitler. He made the first flight across the Atlantic in a plane, but he also was saying Sieg Heil to Adolf Hitler, until it got a little embarrassing after World War II began. He was one of the leaders of a German-American Bund.

It does not yet appears whether the Scientology leaders – all of them in USA have been jailed, cited on one federal count after another, totaling 5000 years – it does not appear whether they’re going to get bail. They revealed that there’re too many Nazis in the USA, being hidden with the cooperation of US Customs and Immigration. Well, Customs have been after us, you know. Treasury Department’s been our big foe. We also were revealing Nazis. Just before the hit came on us, the smear in the press and the lies, and all the harassment by the government and the conspirators that have left. There’s nothing like a conspirator who goes away from socialism, as you saw in that remarkable movie last night, For Whom the Bell Tolls. It will be required for all to see. We will perhaps show it this evening. I’ll interpret it again. But I want all to see it, and I don’t want to make it a required night. But you will find it most remarkable. Because with just only slight changes of names to avoid US propaganda, point out to you that the Republicans are indeed the socialists who won in Spain, until USA capitalism, backing Hitler, bombed them in three years into surrender. And then if you see that the Nationalists are indeed the Nazis of Hitler’s Germany, the Falangists of [Francisco] Franco, who was just as much a– a buddy of Hitler as anybody, but USA spared him because he was wanted– they wanted Spain to be a base for NATO and to be a member of NATO, so they forgot all the tens of thousands that Franco and Hitler had put in concentration camps, Franco had helped round up Jews even for Hitler, to put in gas ovens and other minorities. But USA forgets all that. But if– anyway, For Whom the Bell Tolls with some of the ba– best actors, I’ve forgotten the name, first name, Ingram [Ingrid Bergman]. Anyway, she was a great actress. And Gary Cooper. You will find it most revealing and very exciting.

Anyway, I don’t know what the point was about that, but I did want to say that during that era of American life, a number of US socialists went to Spain, trade union members, to help the Spanish people defend their own democracy, which is called in the movie, conveniently, a Republican government. It was really a– a very democratic socialist type of government. And pro-socialist, despite all of [Josef] Stalin’s help and other social welfare states, and uh, social democracies and communist and socialist around the world, USA capitalism, British capitalism, backing Nazi Germany’s hordes of military might, tanks, airplanes, it finally fell to Franco, who was another fascist dictator, who ruled from 1939 until his death a few years ago. About three, in fact. Now Spain is in conflict between the socialist and communist, and still, shocking as it is, Spain filled with dungeons full of people under Franco, his fascist dictatorship, people who had never had trials, there’s still a strong fascist party in Spain.

Nonetheless, it was Lindbergh, who I was talking about. He led the German-American Bund, and he became the great hero of USA. The kidnapping of his child [Charles Lindbergh Jr.] that was said to be probably a set-up for publicity. Anyway, the Germans are still alive, the Nazis are still alive in USA and healthy. Anyone who takes them on gets these kinds of attacks. Every leader of every church of Scientology– That’s all they’ve ever done, is just expose Nazis and INTERPOL and those hid– hiding in USA like we did, the head of the Orthodox Church who’d killed several children and stamped kosher meat on their buttocks as he hung them up like beef that’d been slaughtered in a warehouse. He still lives in a comfortable 38-room mansion near Detroit. The Nazis are unbothered, written off– written off as a bunch of kooks that nobody’s listening to. It’s amazing that they’re having such campaigns in every city. It’s also amazing that this morning, we find the American Civil Liberties Union charged with receiving bribes from Nazis. (Softly mocking) It’s also strange that ACLU has done nothing but defend Nazis for the last year. Probably a coincidence, you know, just a coincidence. There are no Nazis in America, everybody knows there are no people in USA that like Adolf Hitler, but our pilot Norman [Ijames] says that they open talk– openly talk about him every place he goes, even though he’s black. They’ll talk about how Adolf Hitler should’ve won. (softly mocking) And Governor [George] Wallace was just saying he shouldn’t have lost over Voice of America. I think it was just two days ago. And that Japan and Hitler– Hitler’s Germany were our best defenses against communism. Oh, there’s no Nazis. Hitler wasn’t a Nazi. No, no, he was a Sunday school teacher.

Anyway, we proceed with this murky thing called news. Former President [Gerald] Ford it was said pardoned [Richard] Nixon, and he was the greatest criminal of all times. So the four Miami men [Virgilio Gonzalez, Bernard Barker, Eugenio Martinez, Frank Sturgis], the former US aides, high-level aides of President Nixon, thought Carter should do that for them, ‘cause they didn’t even know what was going on. They pled that they had been told, and had witnesses – several – in a hearing that they were told that they were on a– an official US CIA–